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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 23, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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arthel: ... respite will be a 4:00 eastern. eric: we are back at 6:00 eastern, too. the french presidential election could impact nato and the e.u. see you later. >> france enters its final hour of voting and its hard-fought presidential election. the outcome will have a major impact on the future of the european union. the fight against terror and nato. we are live in paris. elizabeth: plus, as president trump uses 110100 not this time he plans a week filled with major budget battles in a major announcement on tax reform. leland: new threats from north korea against the united state in a new warning to its leader from vice president mike pence. ♪
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hope you are having a great sunday at home. i am leland vittert. welcome to "america's news hq" from washington. elizabeth: thanks for joining us this sunday. i am elizabeth prann. the last polls will close in an hour close in on our entrance through the whole world is watching and waiting to see which two presidential candidates let fans to a runoff on may 7th. police are patrolling the streets and security just days after an isis inspired shooter killed a french policeman in paris. greg talcott is watching the polls live from the french capital. hi, greg. >> we are watching the polls than we are getting breaking information just as you're speaking now. we've been talking to or services that may tell us about a very tight race, which we will explain to you in a moment. first, take a look at what we saw today. >> turnout was expected to be late for the first round of the presidential elections.
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here in the city hall, but that didn't area of paris, it is anything but you're the vote has been called on predict low and important. the people are treating it like that. >> the turnout is turning out to be stronger than expect it. if it keeps up, it will be around 80%. again, the voters are choosing among 11 different candidate. the two top vote getters will go on for a runoff in two weeks. one of the top contenders populist marine lepen. a common currency of the euro as a stagnant economy. she's also going for big crack down on immigration. a muslim population here to do with insecurity. the other than a candidate according to all the polls here. moderate, centrist. his big appeal as he is running as an independent apart from the
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other scandal ridden parties here in this country. all this in very high security appeared 50,000 police officers. 10,000 soldiers. last thursday the attack on police here in the heart of the city as well as a lot of deadly terror attacks that have occurred here in the past couple of years. very high-stakes election again from our own sources inside the election can't. they are telling us at a very tight race with one hour yet to go. exit polls firmly at the end of that hour, but all indications are the surveys that have been talking about a manual and marine lepen nasdaq and the former prime minister third. they should be holding out. this is what surveys are saying again it is not definite. it is not time out, but then the top two vote getters again will go on to a runoff right now, but
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in this topsy-turvy election time, election period, nothing is for certain. stay tuned. leland: we will. all eyes on france. thank you, greg. elizabeth: the president has to did about the french election this morning calling it very interest in. but as the white house looks over to the week ahead, they are facing some tough headlines including the front page of today's "washington post" with the headline trump polls at record lows. kristin fisher in the white house or they are planning a barnstorming week to close out the president's first 100 days in office. hi, chris didn't. >> k., leland. the spending bill has the most immediate consequences negotiations hinge on one thing. president trump possibly refusing to sign it unless it is a $1 billion down payment on his border wall.
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democrats say that right there is a dealbreaker. but will the president do? backup business campaign promise when he needs to win the most of the 100 day mark refused to sign the bill that would keep the government helping. the answer according to budget director nick mulvaney is we don't know but the white house is open to negotiations. >> he saw his answer in your lead-in, which is we don't know yet. we are asking for our priorities. reporter: another sunday show, homeland security secretary took a harder line than he believes this is an issue where the president will not budge. the same. >> i think it goes without saying that the president has been pretty straightforward about his desire and the need for a border wall. i would suspect he'll do the right thing for sure, but i would suspect he will be insisted on the funding. >> that hardline as both democrats and republicans nervous about the possibility of
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the government actually shutting down. something that marco rubio said would have a catastrophic impact on the u.s. abroad. here's his take on the border wall in spending bill. >> i think that's a fight worth having and a conversation debate worth having for 2018. we can do that now, that would be great. we cannot shut down the government now. reporter: president trump is also pressuring house republicans on health care, even though speaker ryan has said he doesn't have the vote for the time to pass some kind of meaningful health care reform or some kind of replacement to obama cared. next week, president trump poised to unveil his big tax reform plan so it's very clear that this white house is really trying to score some kind of big legislative win before his first 100 days there a period leland: kristin fisher at the white house. kristin, thanks. liz has more. elizabeth: "wall street journal" white house reporter peter niklas joins us now. thank you so much.
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we go do often wonder how these complex weeks ahead. >> i hope i can deliver. speed back first and foremost what is going on behind the scenes of the white house. we got sort of a relaxed on for the president when it comes to health care. they seemed optimistic about the 28th. what are you getting the scenes? >> the big surprises of the president said late last week where he will release his tax reform plan. we have been talking to senior white house officials saying that actually was not the way that we might not even see broad outlines. we might not even see broad outlines until mid-night for late may. this is a surprise in what is happening is the president may be trying to light a fire, trying to have some deliverables come as something to show voter constituents before the first 100 day milestone that is making milestones on the promise. elizabeth: is to put a note too much on the plate?
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a "washington post" has a 42-53 approval rating and approving his performance. the 100 day benchmark as every president puts a lot of weight on it. but at the same time come as a counterproductive to look at three big issues in one week? even a proposal is just another issue that we are talking about. >> that's exactly right. health care is also making progress on health care. a lot of speculation. the white house has said there might even be a breakthrough in a deal ended up happening this week. also trying to avoid a budget shutdown. there's a lot happening this week. it's a lot of pressure. what happens if he fails? what happens at the tax reform plan proves to be less than meets the eye? what happens if there is no health care vote or is the health care vote and not fails, too. there's a government shutdown by the 100 day milestone, that is
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not the narrative the president wants. that is going to look like he wants to put points on the board, show some progress in victories and he has a lot on his plate. it's not clear if he can deliver. elizabeth: do you get the sense this administration that let's say we see the budget proposal that doesn't have all the things he wants. the wallace in the mirror some of the things we know democrats are going to balk out. let's say there's an increase in military spending that gets approved. that's not a sale. that's a compromise. >> it is all how you define it. you just laid out a path where the president can describe some of the victories achieved. he has now said that his staff saying publicly they want border while funding. this is a priority for the president. he's going to deliver on it. they were planning for the wall. that's a negotiated point is taken and if they have to make concessions and yield on that point, that could be perceived as a retreat on his part. it is looking like the budget negotiation stakes are high. it's not quite sure how he will clear the threshold.
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elizabeth: one can argue democrats are concerned about their image of the government shutdown. republicans were so. what about the administration? are they putting weight in the fact that if there is a shutdown if a mayor? >> government shutdowns have always traditionally backfired on congress. so to some degree the president has that going for him. i think what is different here is president trump has said order while funding is important to him -- he got members of congress, particularly democrats are signing they are not going to yield on that point. they are setting up something that no-space-off is not clear how well positioned the president has. they have to back down from that point. >> a face-off is a good way to describe it. >> that's why i'm here. elizabeth: will probably have to back up regardless of the outcome is a big week ahead. republicans need to do that again. thank you so much. all eyes on washington.
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>> thank you on the list. great to be with you. leland: let's bring in our fair and balanced panel to debate mark levine and larry o'connor. mark is a friend of a show which friend of a show which should tell you is a member of the virginia house of delegates in case anybody was wondering. larry coming to you first as we kick off this sunday discussion. we have heard now that the white house is trying to make border while funding a hill to die on. at least they said they are willing to. is that what the government shutdown? >> first of all let's declare the government does not shut down. every government employee gets paid. that's how it always works. your prior guest said it always bad virus on congress. the last government shutdown that wasn't a government shutdown, republicans were the majority and took over leadership. it's not always a bad gain. most american voters when they watch this thing, they know that
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it's the drama that may be less to get involved with. that said, -- >> you even have paul ryan, speaker of the house all but acknowledging yesterday in a conference call, look, the government shuts down with a republican house, republican senate and republican in the white house come in it just doesn't look so good. >> i don't doubt paul brandt said that. paul ryan has not played the best political cards in the world. he's a smart guy, nice guy, but he doesn't understand the politics of what was i not in this town, but every other town across the country. that said, the president will die on how common they could be about funding the wall for crying out loud. he can stand up there and say understand something here. democrats don't want to protect the border. they are willing to shut the government down so that our border is not protect it. he wins that. >> a visit by u.n. to take on? >> i seem to recall a candidate
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say mexico was going to pay for that while. i'm not sure what he needs any funding anyway. whatever happened with that deal? >> i can explain that if you like. >> tell me why backed out on his promise that he said 100 times mexico would pay for this wallet now he's willing to say i'll shutdown the government to veto them to do what i promised america he wouldn't do. >> thank you are a match. before even explain to my border crossing is down 67% because of any president and attorney general say we're going to prosecute was that of reward you. that said -- >> -- after george w. bush. >> i'll answer your question. >> you're an elected official select explain how the government works. congress pays for something. they are the ones who pay for it. they'll have to pay for the wildly get reimbursed. the mexican government actually can pay directly. how the mexican government pays
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for it by putting my base on top of all a the u.s. currency that is being sent back to mexican officials are mexican citizens from those who are in this country illegally. someone wants across the border. >> sound like you want all their money now. >> great to hear a democrat being concerned about taking all of our money. >> why do we wait until mexico -- >> i think we figured out they would be a lively debate on whether or not to fund the border while. i want to get your thoughts on the poll numbers that show the president's approval numbers and record low. take a listen to members of the administration defending the first 100 days. >> we are reducing the role of government in your life and we are doing so i'm truly historic he says. add just days gonul tol. no president -- assert
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accomplishments by this administration in the first hundred days, but all anybody wants to talk about his health care. >> we've got about 15 seconds. first to you. so many liberals now in the media are touting these poll numbers as proof of some. only 2% of people who voted for donald trump said they regret that decision. too early to claim victory? >> the majority of people voted to reject him a shot. more than 3 million doses very hard for minority president to run and win it do anything without reaching to majority of americans and is not doing that. leland: larry, i'm guessing you're in the group that approves of donald trump so far. >> you are brave. this is a devastating blow for trump. bush as president taylor clinton how she feels about that. that's right, the polls are meaningless because she had all the great polls. >> 3 million votes more than donald trump. >> it didn't for sure. gentlemen, great conversation.
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always good to have you guys. thank you for answering the bell on sunday morning. >> my pleasure. transfer the budget on health care debate continues on "fox news sunday." chris wallace did down for an exclusive interview with oklahoma senator james langford. don't want to mess very, very busy interview following is an eye here at 2:00 p.m. eastern. elizabeth: especially u.s. citizen has been detained in north korea. south korean news agency is reporting the men participating in a program's inside the kingdom and he was detained trying to leave pyongyang. this comes as the government threatens the force against the carl vinson carrier group sailing in the korean peninsula. caroline shively is standing by with the very latest. >> a lot going on. the americans snatched up this weekend not to be held by the north koreans. tony kim todd accounted there
10:17 am
for the last month. he was detained at the airport in pyongyang before his flight i was no explanation why. today the state department said the protection of u.s. citizens is one of the department's highest priority. the u.s. doesn't have an embassy in north korea. we were the sweetest air. how to handle it is a tough call for u.s. officials who don't want to bargain of kidnapped or detain citizens can detain citizens, potentially making other americans at target. they bought the uniform policy and how to handle u.s. prisoners abroad. >> we've got to have clear guidelines again and again. north korea for no reason is holding another american trying to have some bargaining chip and they show what an international player they really are. >> north korea threatened to sink the account you start with the sale to waters off the korean peninsula in response to the north's threat. two japanese navy ships. some u.s. officials care to
10:18 am
raise the thread says empty. >> so long as they're on the other side of the world without a missile in a nuclear weapon to deliver against the united states. not much there right now except in the world of cyber. >> the 85th anniversary. the pass important dates have been marked with weapons. they want to make up for the last missile test which exploded after four seconds. >> a lot going on over there. carolyn, thank you so much. leland: later in the show come a journalist played and author of the great leader in the fighter pilot. one of the great books about north korea for his insights on the tensions that we are seeing right now. up next, major wildfires running through florida. now residents are returning to see if they were one of the lucky ones to have a house to come home to. do comment stadium funding the
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find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. leland: well, finally some folks in south florida have the okay to return home. if there is a home last. massive lab virus forced out the evacuate that investors believe the fire in polk county, florida first started friday evening and now finally as you can see coming people are returning to assess the damage. >> you can go down the block. possibility that it will get here in time. it's amazing what they can do. is it bad to replacing everything they own. kind of mind-boggling. >> the blaze scorched nearly 30,000 acres of the sunshine state. recent rain showers are helping
10:24 am
either fighters, but officials are warning people that the threat of brush fires during the spring there in florida is not over. >> homeland security chief john kelley and jeff sessions have a tough message for sanctuary cities as they defend white house policy during their visit to the border. joining me now with more is in need of vocal. hi, any data. reporter: hi there, elizabeth. both subjects at the border here in the golden state but now there are big bucks on the line. jeff sessions and homeland security chief john kelley were at the border in san diego to announce plans to combat sanctuary cities. the justice department has sent letters to nine jurisdictions that could be in violation of federal law. sessions says they have to prove in writing they are complying with the law or risk millions of
10:25 am
dollars. just today, secretary kelley said the border wall is alive and well. >> sanctuary put them back on the streets. they help to refill their ranks include innocent life, including the lives countless abiding immigrants by refusing to share vital information with federal law and worsen it. >> i really think the border wall is essential as to almost everyone who lives along the border. so yes, it is way worth negotiation over. we have tremendous stress whether it's drugs, people, potential terrorists and some type of effective barrier and their effect of men and women at dhs i believe is essential. >> esteves didn't go over well with california lawmakers who mostly backed sanctuary city
10:26 am
policies to state senate leader kevin daly on essentially: the trump administration saying it has become abundantly clear that attorney general sessions in the trump administration are basing their line or his policies on white supremacy not american values. attorney general sessions called those remarks despicable and also some republican members of the california legislature agreed with one republican calling extreme language ridiculous. in california alone, $20 million is at stake for crime-fighting programs and the other a cities and counties also have until june 30th to prove in writing that they are complying with federal law. elizabeth, back to you. elizabeth: thank you so much. anita vogel reporting live. leland: one of the stars of the 1970s sitcom happy days has died. erin moran who played ron howard's sister joanie was found unresponsive at her home
10:27 am
saturday afternoon. i'm not topsy ascending to determine the cause of death. she started her acting career when she was five years old and became a household name by 12. as you might remember, happy days lasted a decade on tv. her character became so popular that she got her own spinoff show called joanie loves joshi. the show lasted just 17 episodes. should well-publicized battles with alcohol and oppression as well. she considered her costars family and many are now sharing memories of her this weekend and looting ron howard who treats such sad, sad news. rest in peace, aaron. i'll always just remember you on our show making things better, getting maps and lighting a tv screens. erin moran died at 56. mies. they're delicious... and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmm. these are good.
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train to house speaker paul braniff comp and to cover what will not shut down. lawmakers will have a spending bill on the president desk by friday, the deadline. how realistic is the possibility that shut down? steve bell, former budget committee staff director is here to in. thank you are joining us. >> glad to be here. elizabeth: i want to start every two tweets to you and to our viewers from the president about an hour ago if not shorter. the democrats don't want money from budget go into the border while despite the fact they will stop drugs in very bad ms-13 gang members so we can get started early. mexico will be paying in some warm for the badly needed border wall. a lot of talks about the border wall and we know that is one of the many things that he wants. we know the budget deadline is coming up here but if he doesn't get it? >> i think something is going on here, which is on orchard here
10:33 am
democrats want to build a state of their base and chuck schumer said something in dick durbin and number two person in the senate. the democrats that it would be a shame if we close down the government over the wall. what is a victory from the president? they can take a lot of things out of the supplemental. one thing he can say to the people who voted for him, i got this sick during. elizabeth: do think that they take out planned parenthood, defense spending cut defense spending, you think this'll be a sticking point? i pose this question to you in a commercial break yet they don't really have much to lose of a government shutdown. am i right? >> you're absolutely right. they would almost welcome it. i look at the republican leadership in the house and senate. they don't want another guy on top of the affordable care acting. i think the president coming in now, i am mighty reading here, so by definition i could be 90%
10:34 am
wrong. to have a bit during some form in the supplemental in this bill. he wouldn't mind fighting over i didn't get the wall. his democrats want to let pakistan. traded this is a continuing resolution from five months ago. are we going to see another continuing resolution and for how long? how long would it take to work this outcome is actually considering we've been talking about health care. we are learning to not necessarily planning anything about tax reform, but something discussed this week. given to us obviously by the president. there is a lot going on. if they say we push it back another week, why? at that point help them? >> i i think it really will go back another week. most of the underlying 11 individual hills were passed. the other 11 are in various stages ready to go. fact, four or five of them have argued reached agreement between the house conferees on the
10:35 am
senate can't breathe. so you could, you could figure out what to do about the wall. i think you could get something inside me be in a week or two. so i don't think an extra week is wasted. i think it's necessary. elizabeth: it's got everything going things going on behind the scenes. can you give us an indication of the month of negotiations taking place because you have to have some consensus on a comeback if they do only have four days to make you said or days plus another week. >> first of all, what you want to do about the supplemental? they are going to work that out between 10 and 15 billion. the president wanted a budget cut in the so-called nondefense spending bills. probably won't get any of that. the wall, we know what that situation exists. tree into what i give democrats to get the wall, anything?
10:36 am
>> i think so. it is not to put the appropriation bills subsidies under the present aca comes out called cautionary, i think he will get the democrats are not. i also think there's some smaller things. >> that's going to keep health care lives. >> for a bit. he said something very interesting in that sweet. maybe not outcome of a later day. i think he's making a point here. a lot of these things, maybe not now, but at a later date. elizabeth: we need to read between the lines, not just between us, but between the lines. thank you are trying to work this out on camera. >> thank you. have a good day. leland: strong transfer and kim jong un against the u.s. air carrier in the region. how to deal with rising tensions with the hermit kingdom will break down. how to get inside kim jong un mind. >> the united states the united states announced it continues to
10:37 am
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but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". leland: north korea appears undeterred, doubling down in the past 24 hours they had detained yet another u.s. citizen. that now hold up is three. officials from the hermit kingdom are threatening to attack and sank the uss carl vinson and carrier strike were stationed nearby an american show of force. for insight, blaine harden, north korean expert and author of the great leader and a fighter pilot. thanks for being with us. as i told you at the break, one of the great books to help understand what is going on in north korea. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> office unpack the rhetoric of north korea we have heard over
10:42 am
the past couple of months for what they might actually do. >> well, the rhetoric of the past couple months is similar to the rhetoric of the past six decades. when north korea wants to do what it wants to have an enemy. the canon family machine, the totalitarian regime needs a big scary enemy. it is like a fish needs water. it needs a certain amount of external threat to justify life in north korea, which is unpleasant. transfer a unpleasant it may be the understatement of the century. the mac right, right. people live there, though. and there's a certain amount of dye used to with the machine believes. the way to get that diane and stay in that diane is to have a constant existential threat. the kim regime chooses the united states for historical
10:43 am
reasons is this big bad enemy. having conflict with the united days helps kim jog un solidify his power going forward. leland: executed has relatives hopes and solidify his power as well. i'm interested in this concept of the three generations of of the kim family who have run this country. you can call them crazy, call them that, make fun of them, but they've survived. gadhafi is gone, saddam is gone. so many evil dictators of the world have met their end through the air of spring are other ways, but somehow these guys have gone on. likely because of nuclear weapons. >> well, they have survived because they are not great day. they have a strategy for keeping their country, a totalitarian system going and that is to seal their borders and restrict the amount of information that
10:44 am
people have been tell those people that there's a big scary world out there that will come again like in the 1950s during the korean war and bomb them and burn them unless they support the kim regime. some people don't die that. some people leave the country. only 30,000 people have ever fled to korea to south korea in the past 50 years. most people do by the regime's propaganda. leland: stunning numbers with a think about how awful life is inside north korea. you does reporting on that. i was talking to greg talcott yesterday in north korea for the big parade we are watching video of a couple weeks ago or last weekend i say. he said that was so amazing is what you are talking about that do matter who you talk to, they repeated the exact same lines about the evil united states and how they were so thankful to the kim family, to kim jong un in particular for protecting them
10:45 am
against the big bad imperialist enemy. >> it is true. the propaganda is effective. even people who decide to many of them find their to south korea, when they are asked about the kim family, they are free to talk about it, even though the threat no longer exists. it's really sort of bread into the bone. also his hatred of american. leland: one defect or sent he defected solely to tell the world about how great the kim family was. he thought they were venerated enough. he then figured out the world was a big plays. quickly, i want to get to this idea what the united states is doing. videos might have done making a station to her. every stop it seems to be tougher and tougher rhetoric about north korea. very quickly, is that the right way to do it or do you go after the kim family tour information and try to start a inserted into
10:46 am
north korea populace has been so brainwashed for so long? >> tough rhetoric ensign big airplanes airplanes and sending ships around north korea only reinforces the narrative that they want to ring in floors, the north korean state is at risk from the united states. there is no good option. leland: think you summed it up best at the very end. we appreciate your insights and your work on the books as well. all the best. elizabeth: has been nearly 100 days since the changing of the guard. how is president trump doing when it comes to the hefty checklist he started with? the benchmarks and why it matters. >> to all americans in every city, near and far, solemn march, mountain to mountain, ocean to ocean, hear these words. you will never be ignored again.
10:47 am
so, kinda like your second husband. kinda. it's good to be in (good hands).
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>> those 100 days ago. president trump said a very
10:51 am
ambitious agenda for his first 100 days in office but republicans in control of both chambers of commerce. that milestone saturday with a rally in pennsylvania or perspective on how is doing and significance to the first 100 days employer brown, associate professor and interim director of george washington university graduate school of political management. thank you for joining us. we have to thank or not and probably fdr for the first 100 day benchmark. it's really become a staple of every minute ration that obviously with this one being almost 100 days we've heard about it quite a bit. your opinion as a professor is perhaps that it could be a little bit of a trap for a president. >> what it does as it sets up the expectation that you can move all of government much more quickly than was designed to move. i think that while it allows for these great campaign promises, what it really does is put too much pressure into the system, you know, to create these
10:52 am
accomplishments and what usually ends up happening is there's just a lot of activity. if presidents don't know how to essentially set a clear agenda and then expand out the timeline and sort of change the expectation focus to really more of ian about the first year, they end up with all of these kind of india report that say they are failing. elizabeth: that's what i was going to ask you. does it become a weapon in defense someone is winning in someone is losing. on the other side of the party, you can see what you're going to be again. you are automatically against it even if it something perhaps they would negotiate on. a weapon not just for the media, but the other side of the aisle in this particular case. >> yes. i think what we've seen with the partisan polarization is there is this assumption from the opposition party that if they can just abstract for those 100 days, then in fact they've
10:53 am
derailed the entire presidency. that is a really unhelpful kind of assumption because what it means is that really no legislations moving forward and helping the american people. elizabeth: this is exclusive to the trump administration. >> no, it's not. we saw this ramped up after the a bomb administration, there would in 2008. you actually saw this with president bush in 2004 in his second sort of first 100 days. he came in with this head of steam and a lot ended up getting railed around social security reform because they didn't know the coalition necessary and they said they could do it all with little capital. elizabeth: so can the tone be shifted? this week maybe not everything goes exactly with the trump administration wants it to go. can it be shifted in the sense
10:54 am
that it is very different before office and actually getting in office, like you mentioned governing. not a presidency that they have a political background really grasp once you get an office or doing without is the congress. it's a lot to handle. a lot to juggle. >> it is. and the presidents who have been most successful have been most presidents who understood sort of where the levers of power were. the most difficult part about where we are is that when you start on a very partisan note, it is difficult if you will to drink the water wants to poison the well. so there is this problem where we saw president barack obama essentially initially poking back on eric cantor has been the majority leader, i'm sorry, minority leader in fact. you now see this sort of with president trump. they start down this very partisan nose. so how do you then go get the opposition party to be with you? i don't think president trump
10:55 am
started demands about the border wall are helpful to move forward on this idea that maybe there can be some bipartisan tax reform eventually down the road. elizabeth: this environment is different from a clinical background. very interesting as we approach this huge deadline for this administration. we'll have you back. leland: up next from schmoozing with international leaders to cuddling with koalas, a look at the vice president's trip to the land down under. ♪ [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her mobile wedding business. she travels far and wide to officiate i do's. and quickbooks automatically tracks those miles.
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leland: vice president mike pence enjoyed some down time in australia, he's been on the road for a while. pence and his wife lingered on the steps of sydney's opera house, taking in the harbor view. the family took a brief tour of the iconic performing arts hall, then it was on to a zoo. what else do you do in australia, but come face to face with a koala who was hanging out in a eucalyptus tree. he leaves australia tomorrow for hawaii where he's going to tour pearl harbor. you'd think perhaps in hawaii he could get some down time. elizabeth: that was a he was think trip. we've been -- hefty trip. leland: north korea has been sort of this major thing all week that he's been talking about. they're going to break that down
11:00 am
and also look ahead to next week coming up on "fox news sunday," chris wallace has some great guests that you will not want to miss. elizabeth: we'll be back next weekend. have a nice rest of your weekend. ♪ ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. as president trump races toward the first 100-day mark, he looks for a big win on obamacare and the keep the government running. >> the plan gets better and better and better, and it's gotten really, really good. i think we want the keep the government open, don't you agree? chris: could demands for border wall funding and other trump priorities derail talks with democrats and force a government shutdown? we'll talk with white house budget director mick mulvaney about the budget deadline and a new push for repeal and replace. it's a " fox news sunday" exclusive.


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