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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  April 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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eric: spend time with us. have a nice week. take care.. >> fox news alert, first it was brexit. then the election of president trump. now france is facing its own surge of populism, one that could affect all of europe. for the first time in modern history, france shunning major political party, and sending two outsider candidates into a presidential runoff. the choice is two opposites, far right candidate marie le pen and centrist emmanuel macron. le pen wants to leave the european union like the british did. a frexit, if you will, while her opponent has commitments to
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the eu, it is the country's first election during a state of emergency because of a series of deadly terror attacks including one a few days ago which you know from our reporting. the trump administration reportedly is keeping a close eye on this, as the president gears up for a busy week of his own. next saturday will mark 100 days of presidency. take note, that's the date the government could shut down unless a budget deal is reached. we have fox team coverage on this sunday "fox report". kristin fisher live with the news in washington. let's begin with greg palkot in paris. greg, two outsiders going head-to-head. >> reporter: amazing, harris. french voters made up their choice for a stark choice who will be the next president. they were deciding between 11 different candidates in this first round of the presidential elections and they turned their backs on the mainstream. they went with two figures as
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one analyst put it who took completely opposite tacks facing france right now. set to go to the runoff election in two weeks' time, national front candidate populist marie le pen, speaking to reporters sunday night and supporters sunday night. she blasted the european union and called for tighter borders to in her words stop the flow of terrorists and she will be facing the moderate want in emmanuel macron who edged her slightly in sunday, he carries the hopes of france and europe against the threat of nationalists. here's a bit more what they both have to say. >> french people must seize this historical opportunity that is open to them, because what is at stake in this election is savage globalization which jeopardizes our civilization. >> the people of france have spoken. while our country is going through a unique time in
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history, marked by terrorism, economic challenges, social suffering and ecological urgency. >> reporter: on the streets of paris, late today, another sign of trouble in the bastille area. left-wing supporters upset about the le pen victory, clashing with police. in the past couple of days, more violence of a terror nature in the streets of paris with that attack on police officers on the champs-elysees. again, the runoff is coming in two weeks' time. there is a late poll tonight showing that the face-off between macron and le pen, macron winning with 62% to 38%, i think we all know in this season of election unpredictability, anything could happen. back to you, harris. >> before i let you go, tonight talk about what's going on behind the scenes there. we kind of saw some of this previous to brexit what's going on. i nicknamed it frexit.
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i'm sure i'm not the only one doing this. there is a lot of energy going on inside of france? >> reporter: absolutely. her call is for possibly leaving the european union. possibly leaving the euro, or if not that, then renegotiating the terms that france has with brussels right now. that is touching a chord with a lot of people in france, even though harris, i think our viewers know france is one of the founding members of the european union. but the stagnant economy, the high unemployment has got a lot of people upset and people looking for alternatives, whatever they are, harris. >> and one of the issues for the british that was tied to the economy had to do with immigrants coming into their country, refugees if you will coming into the country and feeling about crime as opposed to some of that movement inside their country. and being tied to the eu and decisions that are made by other countries and letting others in, like germany, that played a role, too.
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we'll have to see moving ahead. greg palkot, thank you very much. to our nation's capitol, and busy week for the white house and for congress. on wednesday, the president says he'll make a major announcement on tax reform, and the trump administration is also suggesting we'll see progress on health care in the coming days. but house speaker paul ryan says the focus this week will be on reaching a deal on the spending bill to avoid a government shutdown, a sticking point is money for the wall along the border with mexico. republicans say the deal will happen. if it doesn't, the government would shut down on the same day the president holds a rally, 100th day in office. the white house plans to tout the progress made so far. here's the president's budget director, mick mulvaney. >> what i think folks don't realize is that we've signed more legislation into law in the first 100 days than anybody in the last 50 years. we put out more executive orders than any previous administration in the last 50 years.
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>> kristin fisher has more from the white house. what are officials saying more about the likelihood of the government shutting down at this point? >> reporter: harris, they say they hope it won't come to that and confident that it won't. president trump will insist that funding for the border wall be included in the bill. here is mick mulvaney on "fox news sunday." >> shut down is not a desired end. not a tool, not something we want to have. we want our priorities funded in one of the biggest priorities during the campaign was border security. keeping americans safe, and part of that was a border wall. >> reporter: democrats say that any funding for a border wall is a deal breaker and republicans argue it's not worth a government shutdown to fulfill a campaign promise. >> it's a fight worth having and a debate worth having for 2018. if we can do some of that now, it would be great. we cannot shut down the government right now.
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>> i hope the president would back off to. think he would consider shutting down the government of the united states of america over this outlandish proposal of a border wall, which we can't pay for at this point, and is opposed by democrats and republicans all along the border, that could be the height of irresponsibility. >> reporter: so what we're seeing is really a high-stakes game of chicken. who will swerve first? the president on his most famous campaign promise, right when he needs a deal the most, or congress as it tries to prove it's capable of completing one of the most basic tax of governing. harris? >> i want to talk about the president's approval ratings as we head into the 100 days, and i've been looking at the "washington post"-abc polling that you're going to talk about. one of the things that stuck out, the most people in 15 years think the economy is getting better. >> reporter: yeah, that's one of the reasons, one of the things president trump campaigned on, one of the
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things his supporters liked about him the most and something the white house has taken credit for. so if we dig into the polls a little bit more, the bad news for president trump is that his approval rating overall is at a record low. but what you're looking at right there. yeah, his approval rating at a record low, just 42%, that's actually the lowest approval rating at the 100 day mark since the days of president eisenhowerer. however, this is the good news for president trump, his approval rating among supporters is huge. 94%. only 2% say that they regret voting for him. president trump is still enjoying strong support among his bay, not a lot of love from everyone else. as president trump pointing out on twitter, the polls are the same polls that did not predict his victory last november. harris? >> interesting point. it talks about democrats, 28% of democrats are in touch with
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a huge drop among self-identifying dems. so they say only 28% think that democrats are in touch with what they're going through. there's a little bit for everybody to feast off of, but as you saw, it's all ahead of the 100 day mark which the president said is not hugely important, it's his focus, that is. kristin, good to see you. "watters' world," jesse will sit down with twitter guru, here's a preview. >> when you're with the president, how does he tweet? with his own fingers or dictate it? how does that work? >> it's top secret information, and it's funny, everybody does ask the question, and president trump does tweet on his own. >> his own phone? >> his own fingers and sends it. he'll dictate to me when we're on the road or traveling. verbatim, they're his words. everything you see on his twitter account is all him.
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>> catch the full interview at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. developing right now, north korea issued a threat on this sunday. to take out a u.s. aircraft carrier. the carl vinson. they have another one of our people, north korea has taken an american trying to help out that country's starving citizens. also, have you seen this tearful video? another airline is under fire after a flight attendant allegedly hit a mom with a baby in her arms. but now a group is coming to the flight attendant's defense. story coming up, i'm harris faulkner. you're watching the most trusted, fox news.
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. harris: this is what's come together on this sunday. north korea is now threatening to sink a u.s. aircraft carrier to show off military might. here's what they said on state-run television. >> now that we possess mighty nuclear power to protect ourselves from u.s. nuclear threat, we will respond without the slightest hesitation to fullout war. with fullout war and nuclear war with our style of nuclear strike and we'll emerge victor in the final battle with the united states. harris: north korea has also now detained a u.s. citizen reportedly involved in aid and relief programs in that country, and that brings the number of americans detained there to at least three that we know of. caroline shively joins us from washington, d.c., and caroline, what is the president now doing
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to contain the dictator there, kim jong il. >> he's calling allies to make sure the u.s. isn't fighting this battle alone. a few hours from now he'll make separate calls to chinese president xi jinping and japan's foreign minister shinzo abe, they make up 80% of trade deals. two japanese navy ships joined the carl vinson strike group for exercises in the pacific. to sail to waters off the korean peninsula, president trump said all optionsort table with the country, two days before the 85th anniversary of their army. important dates there often marked with weapons testing. kim's last test launched with a missile exploding after four seconds. >> the minute north korea gets a missile that can reach the united states and put a weapon on the missile, a nuclear weapon, the instant that
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happens, this country is at grave risk. >> reporter: this week u.s. senators, all 100 are supposed to head to the white house for a briefing on north korea. it is so top secret, no congressional staff members are allowed, harris. harris: i misspoke, it's kim jong-un, and i know that. i want to get to the point with the american, there are two others and the third who has been taken at the airport there. >> reporter: that's right, as on he was trying to leave for china in pyongyang, tony kim taught accounting at a university in pyongyang for last month. he was detained just before his flight out of the country. the state department said the protection of u.s. citizen says one of the department's highest priorities but the u.s. doesn't have an embassy in north korea. >> north korea, for no reason is holding another american trying to have a bargaining chip, and they show what an irrational international player they are. >> reporter: we don't know much about how the other americans
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detained are doing. one man is doing ten years hard labor accuse said of espionage. the other is sentenced to 15 years hard labor for moving a political sign from hotel walls. harris: that's the most recent we remember that got a lot of attention because of his age because he's so young. we've been working with the swedes and through the swedish intaeshgs just the last word with you, any word from them on how this latest american is doing, or do we know yet? >> reporter: we don't know yet, we have his name, his age, we don't know why they detained him. it's possible they could give him up in a few days. as of now, the north korean officials have him, it is very hard to get any information out of there, especially because we have no diplomatic relations. harris: you know, it's interesting, an update on the two phone calls that president trump is expected to make in about 90 minutes or so, talking with both the japanese and the chinese leaders on one right behind the other.
10:18 pm
the first phone call will happen during the 9:00 p.m. hour during east coast time. undoubtedly, the u.s.s. vinson will come up. we'll have to see from the printout if we get any word whether or not this person who was taken comes up in the phone call as well. thank you. >> reporter: you bet. harris: my guest who is coming up, general jack keane has thoughts on dealing with north korea. i'll ask him about that, stay tuned. new developments on the american airlines drama. the video i was telling you about. a flight attendant suspended accused of hitting a passenger holding a stroller and a baby. we'll tell you who is defending that flight attendant now. and then there's this -- >> did not honestly think it was going to be here, the way it was coming. harris: evacuees shocked and and excited as they return to homes after a raging wildfire. but the threat we're told now may not be over. constipated? trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax.
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. harris: update now, hundreds of people forced to evacuate due to a wildfire are now going back home. florida firefighters reached this neighborhood in pope county just in time potentially saving dozens of homes. >> there was a possibility there wasn't going to get here in time, but they did, and as i say, it's amazing what they can do. what you see is the thought of replacing every single thing you owned, it's mind-boggling. harris: wow, they were blessed. the wildfire is continuing to burn elsewhere. 700 acres now charred. no homes have been lost. 700 acres chard. fire started friday and only partially contained yet. no word what sparked the flames you see there.
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american airlines is under fire after a crew member allegedly hit a mom who is holding a baby in a stroller. association of professional flight attendants is defending his actions. bryan llenas is here with more. who does the flight attendant union blame? >> reporter: naturally defending the flight attendant. flight attendant's union is seemingly blaming the airlines and passengers in defense of this american airlines flight attendant. all of this started when a passenger on board that american airlines flight from san francisco to dallas-ft. worth posted a nearly three minute video showing a mother crying on board and a flight attendant getting into a verbal fight with a male passenger. according to the social media post, the flight attendant took a stroller from the woman, hitting her and just missing the baby. the video does not show this part, but it does show a male passenger standing up in defense of the woman and getting into verbal altercation with the male flight attendant. the flight attendant was suspended by american and the flight attendant's union is
10:24 pm
pinning the blame on the airlines for making it harder for flight attendants to do their jobs, thanks to overcrowded planes and shrinking seats and in a statement, the union urges the public to not jump to conclusions, pointing the finger at passenger air rage saying we don't know all the facts related to a passenger who became distraught boarding a plane, neither the public nor the company should rush to judgment. second it appears a violation of federal law and no small matter. air rage has become a serious issue on our flights. finger-pointing. the union doing what unions do, protecting their members. harris: two things i'm thinking, so the union is paid dues. so it's their part to defend the people who pay the dues. i would check that off. but also say this, from watching the video, you see this woman crying, the passenger stand up.
10:25 pm
another woman pulls him back, maybe a girlfriend or wife trying to keep him out of conversation, what we would do to come to somebody's defense. we don't know the facts, the video doesn't start at the top of the altercation. one thing that's a constant, video. some regard. you hear the man who's jawing with the flight attendant. i hope this is caught on all of everything for tv. what's american airlines saying? >> reporter: american airlines to their credit responded right away given what happened with united. they came out with a statement, they are deeply sorry, gave a first class ticket to the woman for remainder of international flight. they did say, regardless what the video showed, they were disappointed how the flight attendant showed no empathy or patience, that is why he is suspended while they gather the facts. we'll see what happens. harris: and we understand everybody is okay, the mom, the baby. >> that's right. harris: bryan, thank you very much. a potential showdown, talking about it on capitol
10:26 pm
hill. lawmakers working to avoid a government shutdown that happens potentially next saturday. funding the government is a top priority. the president is focused on tax reform can, republicans get it all done? throw in obamacare this week, too. we're approaching 100 days. maybe that matters, maybe it
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the president is promising a big announcement on tax reform. that will come we understand by hump day this week. but the director of office and budget management says the actual plan may not be released until june. allison barber with more. >> reporter: the administration is saying wait and see when it comes to tax reform, trump's top budget man is also dampening expectations. >> what you see wednesday is specific governing principles, guidance, also some indication what the rates are going to be. i don't think you're going to see something and i don't think anybody expects us to roll out bill language on wednesday. in fact, we don't want to do that. >> reporter: that's mick mulvaney on "fox news sunday". he talked about the balance they're trying find. >> you need to have a small tax cut that's fundamental or a large tax cut that is short-term, i don't think we decided yet, you will know more wednesday. >> reporter: grover norquist says the key parts are already
10:31 pm
decided, even if it seems like the administration is staying mum. >> look at the agreement that you have between the trump campaign, the trump administration and the republicans in the house and senate. the big items, the big lines in the sand on tax reform are all agreed to. >> reporter: tax reform was a big campaign promise of president trump's. he said we'll see significant cuts for a long time but his most recent promise is that a big announcement will come on wednesday. >> the process has begun long ago, but it really formally begins on wednesday, so we'll do it. >> reporter: a lot of what happens with tax reform depends what happens with another big campaign promise this week, health care. there are a lot of taxes tied to obamacare, that's something most see as needing to be handled first. harris? harris: allison, thank you. the president backing off ambitious timeline for a second crack at health care reform.
10:32 pm
he previously said he was hoping for a vote to come this week, now there is, quote, no particular rush, he's focused on other things right now. jessica tarlov is a democratic strategist and senior director of research at evan siegfried author of "gop gps". i finished it, i know you sent it to me. start off with obamacare, how it all fits in, i understood the president to say not long ago, you needed to get that done before you got to tax reform and before you could talk about spending, your thoughts. >> in defense of the president. what we're talking about the american health care act 2.0 talking about doing before tax reform. they're saying tax reform in june. last week he was saying he wanted to do the ahda 2.0 very soon. they are working on a deal and get it before congress and have different members on the gop side and the democratic side if
10:33 pm
they want to work with us, give their input and make it a better bill. >> i want to go to mick mulvaney who talks about obamacare, maybe they are farther along than what we suspect. can we watch that together? >> there is bill language, in fact, we know i believe senate budget committee helping us write this language delivered language to the house last night, detailed. these are tweeks to the bill taken up four weeks ago and scored by the cbo, i don't think it's entirely fair to say all we have is that piece of paper. harris: it's important to start there tonight, the american public has been waiting to see what happened happen. enrollment period coming up and it is still very much on the white house's pallet. obviously they can hold two thoughts in their head at once? >> absolutely can. steve mnuchin said we won't get tax reform until the end of the year. while other republicans were
10:34 pm
saying this summer, he's gone further. it's higher risk to continue to put off health care. the issue is what actually is going to be in the bill that's going to get enough votes there. because there are concerning items going after the medicaid expansion, going after preexisting conditions which is something donald trump promised over and over on the campaign trail. >> it leaves it to the states and -- >> yeah, that's not -- yes, they do have the right to opt out. and for people in republican-controlled states, the threat is they will opt out of it, and there are going to be millions of americans left without coverage when they have preexisting conditions. that's what you're seeing at the town hall. harris: and the next box to check in all of this is the midterm elections so the town halls may tick up in speed. >> yes. harris: and attendance, zeal to see. okay, so i wanted to start there, but the more, i would say pressing deadline is next saturday. that is the potential for government shutdown.
10:35 pm
speaker paul ryan and others, the president himself said, don't anticipate that happening, but on friday, they started ordering some government agencies to kind of get ready for the potential for that to happen, but that's a cautionary bit. harris: right, better than not being prepared. >> absolutely. but the president tweeted this, and i'm wondering if democrats jump on board. this is a national security issue. pop up one of the tweets -- and then he went onto tweet -- this is about national security. >> to donald trump, it is. harris: are democrats willing not to get on board with some form of at least starting something with regard to building a wall to keep the government going? >> i'm not sure it's going to be that cut and dry that it's another wall or bust. donald trump we heard all through the campaign.
10:36 pm
harris: what do you think it would be? >> what do i think the negotiation will be? if the republicans want to beef up the number of border agents something within the gang of 8 that had more border agents than what donald trump wants, i think democrats can deal on that. i think it's important for both sides here to avoid a shutdown at any costs. and republicans will end up being blamed no matter what roles democrats play in this. the way it goes since 2013 and that shut down. harris: senator chuck schumer said democrats might have been on board if they hadn't come tough with the incendiary talk, i'm paraphrasing, the tough talk in the end about the wall. your quick thought. >> senator schumer, i can't respond to him. he says a lot of things. [ laughter ] >> kind of the face of the democrats right now. he does talk a lot. >> one of many faces vying to be credible. democrats have a messaging problem and people see chuck schumer and the cure to
10:37 pm
insomnia. harris: we saw the president say, not that that wasn't funny but we're running out of time. >> we'll laugh later. harris: maybe 100 days was a ridiculous point and other presidents agreed 100 days you need more than that to see what's going on. polling has come via "washington post" and abc news, some of it is distressing, some of it is good for the president. the most people in 15 years think the economy is getting better. that sort of thing. trump voters are behind him, 94%, evan? >> trump voters of that poll, i would be happy for donald trump. his supporters, only 2% regret voting for him. they're very happy. i'd be distressed if i were a democrat. only 28% of the country believe that democrats understand concerns and when you see that, even though republicans might have a low number as well, not that low, you see that you're turning -- people are turned off by democrats and republicans and democrats can't get the people to vote for them. harris: you know what it sounds
10:38 pm
like? france. the major party is thrown out. >> we know donald trump is following that election closely. my last thought is i see another positive number for trump that he would have beaten hillary clinton in a head-to-head. harris: you caught that? >> even as a democrat, i can read that. that approval rating getting him, and can you tell from his tweeting. it's the lowest i think in polling history for any president in the first 100 days or since eisenhower. and that burns him. the 100 days is an invented thing and matters when people say obama got the health care, bush got the tax cuts. it burns at him. you can see it through his tweeting. harris: executive orders come friday. we'll talk about that when we see you again. happy sunday. the secretary of defense is visiting a small african country with a pivotal role in the fight against extremism.
10:39 pm
>> i underscore our presence in djibouti respects their national sovereignty and contributes to t contributes to the djiboutian people. and north korea threatening to blow up a u.s. carrier right out of the water. reaction from retired four-star general jack keane. he's coming up. you stay put. this is "fox report."
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harris: defense secretary james mattis is paying a visit to the small african country djibouti, home to the only u.s. permanent base on the continent as well as 4,000 american service members. it is a strategic link in the fight against terror. base can serve as a launch pad for operations in yemen and somalia. paul tilsley is reporting live from johannesburg south africa. what prompted the trip at this time? >> reporter: well, harris, it's all about president trump's war on terror. secretary of defense mattis is showing himself to be a man on a mission. he's on a two-pronged attack, diplomacy with djibouti officials and get up and go get them pep talk at the camp lemmonier base. 4,000 u.s. personnel are mounting raids on al qaeda groups in yemen to the northeast and immediately to the southeast in the isis linked al-shabaab in somalia.
10:44 pm
they are used to take out al qaeda operatives in yemen. in somalia the rules have been changed from self-defense under the obama administration to what the pentagon calls additional precision fires. the u.s. wishes to stop terrorists in both countries from planning attacks on the u.s. and american interests, harris. harris: well, i know we understand that the united states is also concerned about the chinese naval base that's being actually just across town in djibouti. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, harris. this is the first base china is building outside the chinese mainland, and it's highly strategic. the chinese base is just nine miles from the u.s. compound. the two superpowers have never, ever been so operationally close before. institute for security studies division head annette leijennar with the forces investing heavily, the u.s. will keep a close eye what china is doing,
10:45 pm
and vice versa. >> having china and the u.s. in djibouti is important because they are two major strategic powers, and having them both in africa and the chinese expanding in africa, they can keep one another in balance. that's why it's important for africa. >> reporter: leijennar also says that while mattis is talking about pumping up military operations in the war against terror in africa, the u.s. is saying it will crack down america's peacekeeping missions for the u.n. harris? harris: more tensions in north korea and interesting day. pyongyang is threatening to sink a u.s. aircraft carrier. let's bring in retired general jack keane, former army vice chief of staff and fox news contributor and friend of "fox report". good to have you here.
10:46 pm
>> good to be with you, harris. harris: start with north korea's threats and the latest on carl vinson. >> first of all, they're not going to shoot at the aircraft carrier, that could mean a destruction of the north korean regime, the reason his father and grandfather got nuclear weapons is one thing only, that is to preserve the regime. now he would shoot at an aircraft carrier, i think if we conduct some kind of an unprovoked attack on him from the ships. that's not the issue. this is the belligerence that comes out of kim jong-un's mouth, he's going to continue to do that. we shouldn't be swayed by that rhetoric that comes out of his mouth as capabilities that we're most interested in. harris: i don't want to concentrate too much on him. i misspoke earlier and called him kim jong il. he's not at all like his father. he's in his own brand of leadership, and i heard craziness and unpredictability.
10:47 pm
talk to me what it contain kim jong il for our current president. >> i think there are three major pieces, one is to reassure our allies. they have gone out of the way to do that. have mattis within days of taking office, tillerson a couple of weeks later. president trump meeting with the allies in the white house, vice president pence, obviously, you've been reporting on it, making a trip as well. this is not to be ta south korea is politically unstable, having a new election and we don't want the south koreans to be intimidated by north korea so it weakens the defense in south korea. this is very important what we're doing. they're believing in us with. we say we got their backs, they believe it. they have not believed it for years. the second piece of it is president trump put the military option back on the table. they also believe that's on the table, and that was rhetoric that was used early on in the obama administration and
10:48 pm
everyone got to understand that was not on the table, and what military option offers you if it's credible is the opportunity to make diplomatic progress, and that's the third thing that's happening here. the president has made diplomatic progress with china. first time in 20 years anything like that has happened. and they're talking to each other and chinese admitted they're going to try to leverage north korea to denuclearize and bring this crisis down. now, they can be gaming us, harris, that's for sure. harris: right. >> but the fact the diplomatic breakthrough is happening is because of those other actions that the president has taken. harris: so interesting to hear you bring up the chinese leadership because undoubtedly you know, in less than a couple of hours, the president is set to talk with the leaders of china and japan. you say because we've had diplomatic success backed up by the muscle that we've shown in other parts of the world militarily that it's making a
10:49 pm
difference. tonight bring up something that the president has talked about, military authorizing a. can we go to that right now? i'm going to ask the team to pop up that for us. >> greatest military in the world and we have given them total authorization, that's what they're doing. frankly, that's why they've been so successful lately. harris: with the seconds we have left, i want to ask you about your thoughts on that. the president giving more power to the military. >> well, president obama took power away from the military that was used to having. micromanaged airstrikes out of the white house, other tactical operations out of the white house, three secretaries of defense were totally frustrated by it. what president trump has done, if you're an operational commander in iraq, in afghanistan, running forces in syria, conducting operations out of djibouti. i've given that you authority, so go out and do it, you don't ask for permission from us.
10:50 pm
what that means is that military is considerably more responsive as a result of this, therefore more effective against the enemy. harris: general keane, always a pleasure to have you. good to see you. >> good talking to you, harris. harris: the trump administration will cut funding to sanctuary cities. now the democrats say they have a strategy to combat that. what will that look like?
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
. harris: live to a place that wants to become an entire sanctuary state. top democratic lawmakers from sanctuary cities are fighting back against a new federal immigration policy from the trump administration. attorney general jeff sessions sent letters to several jurisdictions requiring them to prove they are cooperating with federal authorities about illegal immigrants or risk losing federal funding. anita vogel is in california where they want to become a
10:54 pm
state of sanctuary cities, she's at our l.a. bureau. >> reporter: talking about california and eight other cities and counties around the county originally identified by the obama administration. the attorney general is asking to send in legal justifications in writing to the justice department explaining why they are not in violation of federal law by harboring illegal immigrants and they have to do so or have until june 30th to do so. just today the attorney general added this about the battle to curb illegal immigration. >> i do believe this wall, this barrier is going to be essential and end in the illegality. will save us billions of dollars, because the number of people that are coming will be reduced dramatically. >> reporter: as it turns out, according to federal statistics, apprehensions of illegals on the southern border are already down more than 60% over this time last year, but jeff sessions says that wall will get built and it will be even more of a deterrent. harris? >> i know california's attorney
10:55 pm
general is speaking out about sessions' comments. what's he saying? reporter: as you mentioned, most california lawmakers are supportive of sanctuary cities. there is an effort to make the entire state a sanctuary state. the author of that bill in the senate, kevin deleone accused the trump administration of pushing policies based on white supremacy, in his words. now the attorney general of the state, xavier becerra responding to incinsituations that california is in violation of federal law. take a listen. >> abiding by federal law for quite some time before jeff sessions became attorney general. we will continue to abide by federal law the u.s. constitution and hoping the federal government abide by the u.s. constitution which gives my state the right to decide public safety. >> reporter: in california
10:56 pm
alone, $20 million, and as much as $4 billion for cities and counties across the country, all funds earmarked for programs to fight crime. back to you. harris: and the answer back on that from some has been private organizations if they choose to make the areas sanctuary cities can buck up and fill in the gap. it will be whoa, this thing is crazy. i just had to push one button to join. it's like i'm in the office with you, even though i'm here. it's almost like the virtual reality of business communications. no, it's reality. intuitive one touch video conferencing is a reality. and now it's included at no additional cost with vonage business. see why 3,000 companies a month are switching to vonage. business grade. people friendly.
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briathe customer app willw if be live monday. can we at least analyze customer traffic?
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can we push the offer online? brian, i just had a quick question. brian? brian... legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday?! yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes. . . . . >> a lot to look forward to this week. thank you for watching fox report on the sunday kicking off your week. i will be back with you tomorrow at noon eastern for, outnumbered. waters world is now. ♪
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♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. as president trump races toward the first 100-day mark, he looks for a big win on obamacare and the keep the government running. >> the plan gets better and better and better, and it's gotten really, really good. i think we want the keep the government open, don't you agree? chris: could demands for border wall funding and other trump priorities derail talks with democrats and force a government shutdown? we'll talk with white house budget director mick mulvaney about the budget deadline and a new push for repeal and replace. it's a " fox news sunday" exclusive. then,


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