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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 24, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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disrespecting the queen of england. blasting the singer for posting herself with the monarch head photo shopped on like that. like this one in a sequin body suit. heather: there's that. we hope you have a great rest of the day. clayton: "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> what i think folks don't realize is we have signed more legislation into law into the first 100 days in the last 50 years. >> the people of france are spoken. centrist emanuel macron and marine le pen have advanced to the presidential runoff. >> i can't imagine shut down the government over the law that could end the lawlessness. >> north korea is now threatening to sink a u.s. aircraft carrier. >> they are not going to shoot at that aircraft carrier that would mean the destruction of the north korean regime. >> the instant they get a missile that can reach the united states, we are at grave risk. >> secretary of defense james mattis making a surprise visit to afghanistan overnight.
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working to come up with a strategy to take out the taliban. >> donald trump is the most dangerous president in american history. he calls it a skinny budget. this is a [bleep] budget. [cheers] ♪ i want to scream and shout ♪ and let it all out ♪ and scream and shout ♪ and let it out ♪ we say. steve: we're just waiting for that man to go like that. and then we start the week. welcome aboard, folks. "fox & friends" live from studio e. ainsley: joel, you kick off our week right here in america. brian: first he rounds us up as we are walking around the walls aimlessly. steve: we're walking, we're walking, now we're talking, we're talking. brian: you could allergy we start every week like this. this could be as tense a week as can you imagine in washington and north korea and of course if u. happen to be watching the french elections which has everything to do with our elections. ainsley: it does effect the stock market. we're going to have what's his name?
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we will have stuart varney on our show who is an expert on this to talk about how it's affecting 401(k). steve: future are up 2 points e day 95. president trump in the past has read to the first 100 days as artificial marker and, yet, it looks like they are going to end these first 100 days on a high note. the white house has packed his schedule. is he going to sign executive orders on energy and rural politics. the president is going to go to atlanta and national rifle association event. the president of argentina in. he is going to, on wednesday, outline an ambitious tax cutallf people talking. brian: so far so he has a big agenda. make sure the government doesn't shout down. he also wants to get a repeal and replace out front and center. he also wants to get funding for his wall. the thing that democrats seem to be focused on is making sure that president trump does not get one of the major things during his campaign that got him elected and that's this wall.
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this is all about politics and if you don't believe me, look back at what george bush got in 2006. he got 64 democrats in the house and even more in the senate to back a 2.5 billion-dollar investment in to fencing a barrier and in some places a wall. now, all of a sudden, democrats say we can't build this wall. it's all about hurting donald trump, which hurts the country. ainsley: they need to get on board. this is why people went to the polls to vote for him. they want to keep our country safe. democrats are voting against it and america is screaming saying we want to stay safe. especially after what we are seeing happening. brian: democrats don't want this wall built because it would give donald trump a win. ainsley: tweeted over of the weekend to say why it's important. going to stop drugs and very big ms-13 gang members. steve: absolutely. when you look at the democrats who back in 2006 voted yes and now suddenly they are against it, look who voted yes for the
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border call fence that is to say in 2006. you have barack obama who is back in politics officially today down in washington, d.c. have you got joe biden, hillary clinton and chuck schumer. ainsley: they just don't want the president to succeed. this is why they are against it now. brian: this is what he ran on. if you want to hurt this president? remember, how did you hurt bush 41. make him go back on his statement read my lips no new taxes. he cut the deal with the democrats i will raise taxes temporarily for this exchange. over the head he loses to bill clinton because it looks like he went back on his word. now, listen to nancy pelosi try to come out with a coherent sentence on why we should not build this wall. >> the president talks about how tall it is, who is going to pay for it and all the rest of that. but you have to come -- you have to understand this party of the country. there is a community with the border going through it. the president, i think, talking about this wall is expressing a sign of weakness.
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he is saying i can't control our borders. i have to build a wall. brian: building a wall is weakness? the israelis weak trying to build a wall over there that stop the suicide bomber the day the wall was completed? steve: it's all about national sovereignty. if you don't have border protections, you don't have your own sovereign nation. look, if president trump has an alamo, this is it. this is what he is going to fight for. this is what helped get him elected. however, when you talk to people, you realize, first, i was talking to my friend todd the car guy the other day. i said so how do you think president trump is doing so far? he said well, he is doing what he said he is going to do. he is showing the world we are not going to let anybody walk all over us. you know, he is trying to get something out of congress but congress simply won't cooperate. as donald trump goes out there and says look, i'm not asking for all the money for the wall. i'm just asking for a billion dollars. if congress is not going to help him with a billion dollars that says more about
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congress than it does about donald trump. ainsley: you hit the nail on the head when you said they are just doing this to hurt the president. they need to stop thinking about hurting the president and helping the american people, what's best for the american people there is a recent poll out abc -- was it "the washington post" poll, and this is what they asked. they said are democrats in touch or out of touch with people's concerns? according to this poll 67%, the majority said the democrats are out of touch. 28 percent said they are in touch. brian: just keep in mind, the president does have something going against him. he does not want on his 100th day to shut down. what are democrats going to do? they are requesting to say if you are going to insist on that wall we are not going to approve any spending bill. therefore, you will get blamed for shutting down the government. the president come back and said and even chuck todd brought it out on meet the press sitting with nancy pelosi do some hoght trading. you want to fund obamacare, fund my wall. no, i'm not going to do that. doesn't know why.
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that's called politics. steve: it is politics. so that is one of the reasons why tom perez, who is now the dnc chair, he is using very colorful language these days that has many republicans up in arms that it certainly is not language becoming of the chairman of the great party of the democrats. listen. here he is. >> right now, we have existential threats around this country. donald trump is the most dangerous president in american history. i will tell you what i would call it. i don't care because he doesn't give a [bleep] about healthcare. when we have the skinny budgets of this president, he calls it a skinny budget. i call it something else that begins with s. and my momma taught me shouldn't do potty talk but i hope you don't mind because this is a [bleep] budget. [cheers] brian: it's amaze aamazing.
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backed by president obama. steve: thoble barack obama? brian: tom perez. why we back somebody with this type of crass messaging. ainsley: here is what i noticed this little girl on the right is he can you saying in front of her and her reaction is like oh my gosh as a mother i thought i don't want children to hear that message. is he supposed to be the leader of the democratic party? steve: look, tom perez is going to end up being a lightning rod for the republicans to rally against him. he wants to go further to the left which is not going to help his party. in fact, if you look at the same poll that ainsley was talking about a little while ago, you look at trump's core support, you look at hillary's support, which apparently has eroded. if the election were held today, would you vote for hillary clinton or donald trump? donald trump wins. this essential solid a do-over of the 2016 election. also, another one of the questions was do you -- if you voted for donald trump, do you regret it?
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96 percent said no. i would do it again. only 2%. meanwhile 85% of those who voted for hillary clinton said they would do it again. so, about, what, 10, 11 points lower than donald trump. people who voted for donald trump like trump. brian: his approval rating is about how he got elected just a little bit lower. if he can focus on building that up. what i find is almost comical is everybody knows is he a new candidate. he is trying to hold approval rating to other standards to other presidents with a honeymoon. he didn't get a honeymoon. you can't judge him by a honeymoon decreasing. look at the end ever the year, end of two years and see what he has accomplished and then you can look at approval ratings. i don't think you can look over this and say, for example, when george bush had 90% approval rating after 9/11, he took action in afghanistan. you don't hold the next president to say well, one
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year in, george bush had 90% approval rating. it's with the circumstances on the ground. steve: today does mark 95 days. by the end of the week they say he will probably have signed 3 32 executive orders which is the most in the first 100 days of any administration since world war ii. so, for a guy who has never been in politics he has gotten a lot done in 100 days. brian: for democrats the most popular democrat is bernie sanders. the only problem is he says i'm not a democrat. so don't look. ainsley: is he a socialist. half the party sr. cheering for him. we saw that last week. brian: most popular politician in the country is bernie sanders. steve: elizabeth warren is the presidential candidate. where is the party? straight to the left he. ainsley: hand over to heather childers. brian: who is on our right. heather: talking about politics going to france talking about the election over there. fox news alert violent riot
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look in france after this historic presidential election rocks the country. voters rejecting mainstream party candidates in favor of two outsiders. a far right candidate marine le pen and centrist emanuel macron claiming victory in the stunning first round. that means le pen, who supports tighter border control and talked about leaving the eu and macron who supports staying in. the two go head to head in a presidential runoff on may 7th. also breaking right now, brand new video, take a look, at u.s. secretary of defense james mattis making a surprise visit to afghanistan overnight. the nation's top military commander meeting with government officials, including afghanistan's president ghani. working to come up with a strategy to take out the taliban. this of course comes just days after the terrorists killed more than 100 afghan soldiers. and new overnight the nation's first double execution in
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nearly two decades gets the green light. a federal judge is denying the appeals of inmates set to be executed today for sexual assault and murder charges. jack jones and marcel williams arguing, listen to this, that they are too unhealthy and overweight to die by lethal injection. the judge didn't buy that and killers were part of an effort in arkansas to execute 8 inmates in 11 days before lethal injection drugs expire. and those are a look at your headlines so far. lots going on. steve: indeed. thank you, heather. heather: you are welcome. steve: since the start of his campaign president trump has made this promise to isis. >> i have a message for the terrorists trying to kill our people, our citizens. we will find you. we will destroy you, and we will win. steve: just about a week away from the 100 day mark. is the president making the grade? we'll kick off our week long series with security analysts
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♪ >> i have a message for the terrorists trying to kill our people, our citizens. we will find you, we will destroy you, and we will win. believe me, we're going to knock the hell out of isis. we have no choice. we're going to knock the hell out of isis. steve: out on the campaign trail then candidate donald trump slammed the foreign policy of president obama and vowed to destroy isis once and for all if elected. now nearly 100 days in to office how has the president done? here to kick off our week long 100 day series is executive vice president of the center for security policy jim hanson. jim, good to have you. >> good to be here. steve: first up, taking the fight to the terrorists. what sort of grade would you give the president? >> have you got to give him an a for that you heard the speech. he said he is going to kick the hell out of isis. i'm sure those guys that returned to afghanistan would
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admit they got the hell kicked out of them. that's a good start. steve: standing up for our adversaries. we have seen a little bit of that in 95 days. >> that's a complicated one. you've got a lot going on. i think i would give him a good solid b. leaning the right direction. i didn't like the congratulations to erdogan on his leadership. he is going to overlook the iran deal. tough meeting with the chinese leader going well. steve: backing chinese leaders we have had many. >> nice we can treat friends like friends again. prime minister of netanyahu got the welcome he deserves. the special relationship with the brits. that's back in effect. they are our best ally and always have been. i think we need to stick with that. steve: 95 days in, jim, the overall grade you are giving president trump? >> i'm giving him an a. more importantly i'm giving him a plus for action. we spent 8 years of cringing capitulation and kowtowing submission.
3:19 am
we're back to america first. he walked in the saloon, kicked the doors open and started eyeballing the bad guys. the first one that drew he put to in the chest. that matters. steve: before we got started we were talking. i said a year ago who were you back on the republican side it wasn't donald trump. it's not like you are, you know, a donald trump fan from way back. >> i'm an america first kind of guy. he is the american president. and the second he became the nominee, i got behind him. i'm behind him now. i like what he's doing and i hope he does more of it. steve: when you look at -- and we were just discussing, this jim, in his first 95 days he has gotten so much done. signed more executive orders since anybody in world war ii. when you look at legislative accomplishments, congress is not helping him. >> chong is not helping him. he needs them to kind of union my. he also needs to get his team in place and all the executive agencies there are way too many obama holdovers and deep state saboteurs. they need to go. the ones leaking classified info they need to go to jail.
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steve: what do you mean by deep state saboteurs. >> entire group of people who put their politics above their patriotism. right now they are trying to stop the 39 from governorring from inside the government. that's wrong. that's not what it's about. steve: theist are people who work in the different agencies within the federal government. they are not political appointees. they are actually federal employees? >> they are long-time employees. steve: work president to pet. >> they think their political leaning and politics are more important than doing their job that they have sworn an oath to do. steve: jim hanson thank you very much for joining us live today to give the president a report card 95 days in. >> all right. thanks. steve: all right. come up, liberal mayor of new york city, bill de blasio blasting attorney general jeff sessions for cracking down on sanctuary cities, including new york city. but what do the officers think? coming up the head of the sessions is right. and is this what you're tuition money is paying for? brand new push to put birth
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♪ ♪ ainsley: here is some quick headlines for you. first of four confederate. claims honors supremacy group. getting death threats from people who want those statues to stay. the other three are going to be taken down in the coming days. liberal students across the country want birth control at their finger tips. the wellness to go vending machines at uc davis in california now selling condoms, pregnancy tests and the morning after pill. the student who pushed to get
3:25 am
the machine now helping other schools do the same. brian in. brian: all right. thanks, ainsley. attorney general jeff sessions taking aim at sanctuary cities charging them with being soft on crime. he is going to be joining us by the way in an hour and a half. one of those city mayors, new york city mayor bill de blasio had this response to the attorney general. >> it is unacceptable statement that den greats the people of new york city and the men and women of the nypd. if you believe this statement is accurate. come here to new york city. look our police officers in the eye and tell them that you believe they are soft on crime. brian: now the new york city police union chief is slamming mayor de blasio for lashing out at the attorney general. what the heck is going on? ed mullins is the president of the nypd sergeant benevolent organization and joins us now. where do you stand on this. >> there is no reason for jeff sessions to come and speak with the nypd. the rank and file members agree with him.
3:26 am
brian: got to go around his mayor -- not his mayor. got to go around the city's mayor. >> when federal money is handed out to these cities there is generally esome type of compliance they have to agree to certain terms. i vice president read the fine print on these things. it seems to me that in order to get the funding from federal government, you have to comply with what they are asking for. this is one of the things that they're asking for. brian: what they are saying is listen, if i arrest you and there is a detainer request because you don't belong here and you don't fit the dreamer category, ice needs to be alerted. mayor de blasio is saying i'm not telling ice. what are you going to do about it. >> we're not telling ice on child prostitution arrests where we have someone patron nice egg a child prostitute. sexual abuse, sexual misconduct. this isn't about attacks on illegal immigrants. this is about enforcement of law. most of theist criminals who are illegal immigrants live in immigrant communities. who is protecting those people. and that has to be recognized. brian: so the cops are in the middle of this.
3:27 am
they are trained to enforce law and order. and now politics is inflicting how they are doing their job. they are going to look at ice agent, he or she and say i'm not calling you or i'm not cooperating with you. this is like a family flight. >> directly conflicted. first of all, we are sworn to uphold the constitution of the united states and new york state. we also stand a chance of should someone be released and goes out and commits a horrific crime we will read all about it in the newspapers and media then there will be civil litigation to which the police officer is subject to. so it's not fair to put the police in this particular situation. brian: it isn't. now the pressure is on you and people in other key leadership positions to speak for those police have ho have to keep their jobs by following what the politicians and their police chief who is appointed by a politician tells them to do. in terms of money. there is a lot at stake for new york city if they don't comply, right? >> there is millions. in the end the people who are vernon dyeing the safety for new york city will be the mayor and the police commissioner by not complying
3:28 am
with the federal government requests. brian: he claims he is standing up for immigrant rights. he forgets the world illegal immigrant rights. and is he making a choice. illegals matter more than people that belong here. >> no doubt. if you are standing up for immigrant rights, then you should be protecting the immigrants in their communities by arresting and deporting the people who are committing those crimes in those communities provided they are illegal. if you want to take the illegal criminal and get rid of them at that point. brian: even though it bothers some conservatives. the president can s. not looking and the attorney general is not looking to throw out people just here illegally even though he could. is he looking to do it for those criminals first and deal with the second phase of that in years down the line. >> no doubt. even with law enforcement. we understand. this people trying to pursue the american dream and we support those people. we want to see people succeed and have a good life the way we do here in this country. it's not about that. it's about protecting all people. and if you commit a crime, and you are illegal, you have to go.
3:29 am
brian: ed mullins thanks so much. you are the president of the nypd sergeant benevolent association speaking out. thanks, ed. >> thank you. brian: two minutes before the bottom of the hour. video tore risk, a toddler tumbling out of a moving school bus on a busy highway. this morning a brand new warning for the firefighter who saved her. president trump is set to release his huge tax whoever haul on wednesday. what's inside? a lot of people on capitol hill don't know that are even in the president's party. but stuart varney does just by the look on his face. ♪ i' when i'm a billionaire ♪ when i'm a billionaire ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ i'll be playing basketball with the president ♪ when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates
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in france. protests erupting after historic election rocks the country. ainsley: sound familiar? brian: we don't have a winner yet. steve: french elite humiliated after voters pick two outsiders over the mainstream candidate. ainsley: griff jenkins in washington with more on the stunning results. good morning, griff. >> good morning, steve, ainsley, and brian. humiliated in spectacular fashion, voters in france sending a loud and strong message to the country's mainstream elites rejecting the far left candidates sending the election into a runoff may 7th between populist ha reason le pen and manual macron. shift in the country's politics. >> it is time to free the french people from arrogant elites who want to dictate their behavior because, yes, i am the candidate of the people. >> your duty to continue to pursue this vibrant commitment until the end and beyond.
3:34 am
never forget those months which have you changed the course of our country. >> in the final results macron just had over 23% while le pen had 21% and the reaction from french voters suggest this was not only welcomed but long overdue. >> we need a change in leadership. after five years we have not -- make sure that -- >> reform and we need to make sure that is done well and rapidly. >> this as angry protesters clashed with the police and took to the streets rioting, setting bonfires and burning cars. some 29 protesters arrested and some folks waking up to these events and results noting the similarities between the french election and our own election. guys, it seems we have seen this story before. brian: absolutely. donald trump election riots in the streets. they don't know people actually voted for them. ainsley: still happening.
3:35 am
look at berkeley. steve: bring in the host of varney and company stuart varney. when people say there are parallels in france. runoff going to be in two weeks. explain who these candidates are like. we have all heard by now oh, she is so much like donald trump. she's not. >> no, she is not like donald trump. she is a great supporter of putin. she is intense nationalist. she does not stand for tax cuts. she doesn't want freer trade. she is very, very different from donald trump. steve: but big on security and big on the border. >> yes. steve: big on immigrants. ainsley: wants to lower the retirement age. >> the stock market is going to go straight up. you will see a gain of maybe 200, 220 points for the dow industrials. investors think that the pro-european candidate in the french election, macron is going to win the presidency, marine le pen is not. ainsley: which one is better for the united states?
3:36 am
>> i would say macron, quite frankly. steve: the centrist. >> look just from a financial point of view for a start. if le pen were to win, the euro is destroyed. the euro goes straight down. the u.s. dollar goes straight up. and our stock market comes straight down. financial chaos if le pen were to win. from a strictly financial standpoint, american investors want macron to win. now, he is favored to win by about 20 points at the moment. these polls and these opinions that advance, they have been wrong before. so you can't guarantee that macron wins, but investors there that he will. brian: a couple of things, number one after brexit imimmediately the stock market tanked and came back. britain feels like this has been a great thing for them. could le pen victory be an immediate -- could be a dip and a come back right afterwards? >> it could be. that would assume that the same thing happens in france has happened in britain and in america after trump won and the brexit vote won.
3:37 am
but that's assuming an awful lot. you're assuming that le pen wins. and you're assuming that the market would, indeed, greet that with enthusiasm. steve: sure. >> i'm not sure it could go either way. brian: her adherence to vladimir putin is scary. >> yes, it is. ainsley: president trump wants to unveil massive tax cut plan on wednesday. what does that mean? >> that's another reason why the stock market here is going straight up this monday morning. he will reveal his tax cut/tax reform proposal on wednesday. i think i sent a message to the republican party. get it done. you couldn't do it on obamacare. get it done on tax cuts. because that is the essence of my presidency. get it done. >> we have heard insiders from the white house complex. we are not even close to doing that what's he doing? trying to put their feet to the fire. brian: didn't tell them ahead of time. >> here is what i think we might see this. is my pure conjecture. i think it will be a narrowly focused tax cut.
3:38 am
cut corporate tax rates. cut the repatrioted profits overseas and use that money to build infrastructure. that is doable. brian: i think democrats might be for that. >> some would. brian: maybe it's the number that they will negotiate on. >> some. we what president trump was looking for is something that is doable. that he can say i got this done. ainsley: how important is it for the republicans in congress to get on board with him when it comes to tax cuts? >> i think it's extremely important. ainsley: because they didn't on obamacare. >> they have to get together and support this president in the key -- in the essence of his presidency. brian: someone has got to write it it's all a theory. someone has to put it on paper. steve: they will. they have people to do that. >> all true. if it was narrowly focused and doable. have you a much better shot at getting something through this year. steve: the worry is at the end of the week if they are at loggerheads over the wall and whatnot, there could be a government shutdown. wall street thinks that's even a possibility? >> no.
3:39 am
i'm not going to say no. wall street doesn't think anything. no, wall street this morning is focused on the possibility of a tax cut from the president and a firm announcement. and the likelihood that the pro-european candidate wins the french presidency. brian: stuart, have you a show from 9 to noon. are you going to do a repeat or live one? >> we tend to go live. yes, we do. brian: good. ainsley: never good to do a repeat when you are talking about stocks. brian: you never know. he makes his own decisions. varney and company. steve: stuart, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. they her has medicine lines. heather: we begin with video you have to see. a toddler, look, remains hospitalized after falling out of a moving church bus and then tumbling into traffic. this incredible video showing her fall onto the pavement. this happened in arkansas. an off duty firefighter was able to rush in and help. but the little girl has a broken jaw, is expected though to recover. is still unclear how that bus
3:40 am
door opened. the hero firefighter now encouraging everyone to take a first responder class just in case of emergencies like this. so lucky. well a liberal lawmaker is starving herself. hoping not eating will protect illegal immigrants. texas representative victoria on a hunger strike over the state's anti-sanctuary bill. the proposal banning cities, counties and universities from preventing law enforcement from helping ice. she started fasting yesterday and is not eating until the house begins debating the bill on wednesday. angry student threatening to take uc berkeley to court. the college republican group says that they will take legal action if the school does not find a proper time and place for conservative commentator ann coulter to speak next week. now, the students claim that the university is violating their right to free speech. the school says they cancelled the original event for safety concerns. they are offering a new time
3:41 am
slot for court in may, right before finals. and finally the consequences of liberal outrage now being felt at drexler university. that's where students and donors are running for the hills. it's all thanks to one college professor's disgusting tweets. look at this. george mar is under investigation after tweeting all i want for christmas is white genocide. look at that and then in another tweet he says man giving up first class plane seat made him want to vomit. drexel says the tweets are turning away progressive students and at least two significant donors. so probably going to have to do a little dance to take those back. steve: one things if students decide not to come because they always have more who want to come than actually wind up but the donors that's a problem. ainsley: all abou heather: all about the money. ainsley: most parents are paying for the education.
3:42 am
they will not send them to schools where they are learning those kind of politics. brian: safe space. not going to happen. i want my kids emotionally unsafe. that's what four years of college going to do. suppose to be happy and sad and make your own decisions. you should not be emotionally safe. ainsley: okay. did you all see this video about the airline. another airline video? airline outrage is boiling over this morning. this time for an incident that left a mom bawling on an american airline flight. >> come on, bring it on. >> you try that, i'll knock you out. [bleep] ainsley: are passengers partly to blame for the so-called air rage? steve: plus, even democrats think their party leaders could be out of touch. >> maybe you came because you are curious about the new dnc chairman and the future of the democratic. [crowd boos] brian: what a rousing welcome.
3:43 am
steve: keil shares her thoughts on that next. ♪ i was born to love her ♪ and i will never be free ♪ you'll always be a part of me ♪ there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah.
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♪ steve: all right. we have got some quick monday morning headlines for you. before you eat, three major food weres. first up, frozen hash browns may have pieces of golf balls in them. ainsley: whether a? steve: that's right. mccain foods u.s.a. recalling two pound bags of the harris teeter brand southern style hash browns due to the potential choking hazard of golf balls, apparently. and a label mixup is forcing campbells to recall more than 4,000 cans of chicken noodle soup. the home style healthy request
3:47 am
chicken and whole grain pasta may have wedding soup in the can instead. oops. and finallifully toe lay recalling jalapeno flavored potato chips for salmonella contamination. so far no illnesses reported. all right, ainsley. ainsley: thank you so much. american airlines under fire today after a crew member allegedly hit a mother who was holding a baby and a stroller. now the association of professional flight attendants is defending his actions. issuing a statement that says we don't know all of the facts related to a passenger who became distraught while boarding a plane and, therefore, neither the company mornor the public should rush to judgment. 'appears the passenger may have threatened the flight attendant with violence, violation of federal law. air rage has become a serious issue on our flights. heather morris is the chief of staff at the association of flight attendants. and she joins us now with her reaction. while i'm reading that statement you are shaking your head yes.
3:48 am
tell us about air rage. you are experiencing this more and more from passengers? >> yes. it's usually between passengers that we see these issues arise. and, you know, american airlines incident was an unfortunate incident. and it's definitely not representative of how flight attendants generally handle situations. we usually deescalate situations. we do that every day on the aircraft. ainsley: a lady once told me you can say anything it's all how you say it a mom wanted to bring her stroller onto the airplane. it's not legal and not allowed to do that apparently. did he handle it properly. another guy stands up in first class few that to me i would punch you in the face or something to that degree. and the flight attendant says stay out of this mister, sit down. did he have to react that way as the -- someone representing the airline, can't he say it and say it in a nicer way so that it doesn't result in this? >> absolutely. you know, by the time that people had their phones out and cameras are rolling, generally the situation is already escalated. that's what we are seeing in this situation. we are seeing at the highest point we don't know what
3:49 am
happened before this. so i think it's important to remember that. ainsley: y'all have to be prepared for that. now is the age everyone is recording you. >> absolutely. that's also another issue. i mean, generally, most airlines actually have policies against photographing and videotaping a flight attendant. i think it's important for the airlines to start enforcing and educating about that. ainsley: you watched this video and we all have a heart for a mother who is traveling with a baby and crying. it is the most stressful time. >> absolutely. ainsley: what you flight attendant who says you can't do this. you can't do that you are also stressed and brought her to tears. the american public already has sympathy. >> and even i. watching this video i wanted to jump in and help her. we had sympathy for what happened. i think this should never happen. ainsley: were you happy with what they did as a result? i know american bumped her up to first class. she sat in first class with her baby to say i'm sorry. >> i'm happy she was accommodated and i hope there is a full investigation to see what happened and help avoid things like this from happening from a standpoint. >> average american is happy
3:50 am
that some of this is coming out. it's unfortunate this happened to some of these individuals lately. i think it just allows the american public and we are already so stressed out and we a flight attendant -- most flight attendants are so nice. occasionally you get that one that makes you feel like you are scared to open your mouth on the plane because you are scared to get thrown off. >> opposite as well. we have reports of flight attendants and tell us they are worried about generally just doing their job and having a video taken of them and having it taken out of context and end up on the news. ainsley: you are right. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: great job. even democrats think their party leaders are out of touch. listen. >> maybe you came because you are curious about the new dnc chairman and the future of the democratic policies. [crowd boos] >> taya kyle the wife of "american sniper" chris kyle is going to share her thoughts on what the average american wants and why the dems are out of touch ♪ i am every day people ♪ yeah, yeah ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
brian: all right, as the democratic party struggles to rally around a unifying message, more bad news. ainsley: a new poll reveals more than two thirds of americans think the party sought of touch with the american people. steve: well, that's not good. what can democrats do to unite and change their sinking reputation with the american voter? here to weigh in is wife of "american sniper" chris kyle, taya kyle, good morning, taya brian brian is a fox news contributor. steve: what do you make of that? two thirds say democrats are out of touch with their concerns. >> speak things into existence but the american public isn't buying it. with obamacare i didn't have experience with it personally but i know a number of people who did. they are all furious. their healthcare rates went through the roof. they couldn't see the doctors
3:55 am
they wanted to say. democrats were saying how great it was and how horrible it would be if they repealed it they lost trust there. nothing happens when they say that. steve: sure. people watch on television, the democrats are fighting so hard to keep the affordable care act in place and it's like w5eu789, i have got it and it's terrible. they are wondering what are they fighting for? >> right. they say it as if it's not. they are saying something that's on sift the truth that most average americans are living. ainsley: do most americans need to do to get back in snuch. >> they need to start speaking the truth more, right? just admit that some things aren't perfect. start telling people that they will work together. they are not just here for themselves and for their party and they will stop everything that doesn't agree with them. say we are here to work for solutions and maybe get some real people out there talking about it instead of them saying it. brian: most popular person on the democratic party is bernie sanders who says the party is out of touch. and by the way i'm not a democrat. >> right. brian: he is out there getting
3:56 am
big crowds. the dnc chair is getting booed his message is way to the left. so the democrat wants to step forward like a harold ford and get back into it he is in the middle. he has nowhere to go. >> i think also they are kind of bullying each other, right? everybody is afraid and republicans are doing the same thing. brian: abortion is the latest example. >> they have to be really careful politically. they are sort of worried about what happens in the media more than what happens with their constituents in the public. so i think there are a lot of things going on. brian: over the weekend mayor's race ended up going into fisticuffs when a democrat says i'm pro pro-life they basically said you are out of the party. those issues get you kicked out of the party you would rather not have that seat? >> sometimes republicans are guilty of the same thing. instead of saying we are people first and we're parties second, right? so we are allowed to have things that don't line up 100 percent with our party and still believe overall that the party is the one we want to align with. steve: all right. taya, thank you very much for dropping by. have a good week.
3:57 am
>> thanks. ainsley: we have a huge show still ahead. attorney general jeff sessions, newt gingrich, tucker carlson whose show is at 8:00 interviewing caitlin general tonight. you will have to stay tuned for that. ♪ virtual reality of business communications. no, it's reality. intuitive one touch video conferencing is a reality. and now it's included at no additional cost with vonage business. call now and see why 3,000 companies a month are switching to vonage. business grade. people friendly.
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mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles.
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again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. >> what i think folks don't realize is we signed more legislation into law in the first 100 days than anybody in the last 50 years. >> the people of france have spoken. centrist emanuel la krohn and nationalist leader marine le pen have advanced to the presidential runoff. >> investors think that the pro-european candidate french election macron is going to win the presidency. >> the first of four confederate monuments taken down in new orleans year night. complain it represents a white supremacist group in the 1900s. >> threatening to sink aircraft carrier. >> the minute they get a missile that can reach the united states we're at grave
4:01 am
risk. >> clear anybody looks where the democratic party today is. the mold of the democratic party is failing. >> nearl near 100 days into offe how has american done. >> we are back into america first. he kicked in the saloon and bad guys. the first one that drew he put to in the chest ♪ bad to the bone ♪ bad ♪ bad ♪ brian: sometimes bad means good, right? they is an example. steve: jim hanson was talking about the president kicked the doors in to the sliewn and took care of business. ainsley: like phat which is good. steve: coming up this hour, janice dean who has been missing from your tv screen. brian: always good. steve: there she is. ainsley: she looks like she is in time-out? why did we put you over there? steve: janice is here to share a cautionary tale because had
4:02 am
you a cosmetic thing go haywire. >> complication from cot mess particular procedure i wasn't going to tell anybody now now i'm telling the world about. we have that coming up with ainsley, my love. ainsley: you just want to prevent other women from going through what you went through and telling your story which i think is very good. steve: read the fine print. it's been a pain in the neck. ainsley: minor procedure causing major problems. we're glad you are back. brian: describe it now a second. meanwhile, there are some reasons to pay attention this week. one of which to look back at 100 days of president trump in office. the other is everything that president trump plans on doing this week even took his party by surprise. steve: well, today marks day 95 of the 100 day marker which the president has referred to as an artificial marker anyway. but he is going to wind up this week on high note. you know, when he nominated justice gorsuch, that invigorated the
4:03 am
conservative -- conservatives in the republican party. he has had so many pro-business executive orders. apparently he by the end of the week will have signed 32 executive orders, the most in the first 100 days in any administration since world war ii. and then, of course, on wednesday, we have heard, and this was the electrifying news, the president is going to outline an ambitious tax cut plan, which surprised a lot of people. wait a minute. they are ready for that? apparently he is going to unveil parts of it this week. ainsley: great. most people are in favor of it. on friday congress has to pass a spending bill to avoid a shutdown. could use spending bill to pay for the wall. brian: healthcare huge letdown. the 6 to 7 nation ban put out twice was not done in efficient way and certainly there are judges. ainsley: did that back fire from congress? brian: we will see with the
4:04 am
six nation ban it seems like a good thing to stop. so things he clearly wanted backed and wanted obamacare done. repeal and replace has not gone through. maybe this week. other thing if you talk about president trump, right away if you say what did he run on? building the wall. he wants to build a wall on the southern border. he says i can get it done. we already had a bidding process. we already had cutting edge designs. going to come in under budget, i'm sure, judging by everything else he has done. however, democrats also realize that they are going out of their way to make sure this doesn't get done. their explanations are comical and pure politics. for example, here is nancy pelosi explaining why the president wants the wall being built. it's because he is weak. listen to this. >> what's wrong with giving the president his money for a border wall in exchange for a priority that is not his, keeping obamacare fully functional and funded as a priority that's important to you?
4:05 am
what's wrong with that kind of horse trading in washington? >> what is wrong with it, that scenario, is the wall. the president talks about how tall it is, who is going to pay for it. and all the rest of that. but you have to understand this part of the country. there is a community with the border going through it the president, i think, talking about thi this is expressing a sign of weakness. he is saying i can't control our borders. i have to build a wall. ainsley: a community with a border going through it. brian: there are people who say i don't want this part of the wall going on my property. people going to be worked with at, dealt with on some way shape or form. some give because for the most part in certain areas of the country where it's on private property. that doesn't mean you don't build the whole thing and deal with sections one at a time. weakness building a wall. how about in 2006 when most democrats voted to build the wall for george bush. $2.4 billion forward. look at these democrats.
4:06 am
steve: sure, barack obama, joe biden, hillary clinton, chuck schumer, all voted yes for the border fence back in 2006. brian: is that weakness? steve: apparently this wasn't then but perhaps it is now because it's all about politics. look, i thought chuck todd framed the question absolutely perfectly because it's like what about some horse trading? okay, mr. president, the border wall is going to cost, what, 12, $20 billion? they don't know exactly how much. he only wants 1 billion. meanwhile he goes listen, you want to fund obamacare, you're going to have to do some horse trading. i will give you this if you give me that. look, the president has not gotten a honeymoon from the media, nor the democrats. they were squarely against him from day one. ainsley: no matter what he did. steve: into the surprising. ainsley: no matter what he did they are against it almost like they agreed to come together and have talking points no matter what he does be against it even though they are for it a few years ago. that's why the party is out of touch they are not listening to what the american people
4:07 am
want. they just want compromise. steve: when he was running for president he said if i'm elected i will be able to work with the democrats along with the republicans. so far the democrats have not shown any willingness. and then hav have you got tom perez the new dnc chair. he has taken a page out of a blue playbook where he uses a lot of profanity out there. ainsley: watch this video there is a little girl behind him as he is doing this. >> right now we have existential threats around this country. donald trump is the most dangerous president in american history. i will tell you what i would call it i don't care. because he doesn't give a [bleep] about healthcare. when we have the skinny budget of this president, he calls it a skinny budget. i call it something else that begins with s. and my momma taught me you shouldn't do potty talk. but i hope you don't mind because this is a [bleep] budget.
4:08 am
[cheers] steve: you know what? the democrats are printing up t-shirts. they are using this as a rally cry. they feel, the people in charge feel that is a good sound bite and he will continue to use it. brian: i never thought debbie wasserman schultz would be longed for. compare to his moderation the last four times what a nightmare. steve: can you imagine if reince priebus before he was chief of staff would have used that language out on the stump of course the press would have been apoplectic about it. ainsley: candidates love bernie. everyone chanting bernie. bernie, bernie. she says the future of the democratic party and then the crowd boos. bernie did not even want this guy to be head of the dnc. he wanted keith ellison. totally a divided party. when i talk to my friends that are democrats, who is the next up and coming leader? even nancy pelosi was asked that and she said hillary clinton is the face of the democratic party or. brian: barack obama. ainsley: there has got to be
4:09 am
somebody that comes up in the democratic party that is compromising. brian: i have a young face for you. remember this guy? >> what is clear to anyone who looks at where the democratic party today is that the model of the democratic party is failing. clearly the democratic party has got to change. and, in my view, what it has got to become is a grassroots party. a party which makes decisions from the bottom on up. a party which is more dependent on small donations than large donations. and when we do that, you will see voter turnout swell. you will see people coming in and running for office. you will see democrats regain control of the united states congress. brian: here is what i like about bernie sanders. is he real. he is a socialist. he is an independent. he is not a democrat. even stuck up for ann coulter over the weekend. he says you have got to be able to let people speak. democrat be afraid to do that. person also insulted by this new dnc leader is terry mcauliff. terry mcauliff was a uniter. even if you don't agree with him.
4:10 am
he raised money, brought democrats together. gave them a message. that was a smiling face. ainsley: isn't it refreshing to hear a democrat admit that. steve: he is not a democrat. is he cerebralist. ainsley: speaking for the liberal party. refreshing to say yes, our party halls a problem. and this is how we fix it versus nancy pelosi voting for one thing in 2006 and voting the opposite way now. so obvious. steve: the democrats missed the boat in the last election and they know it. is this the direction they should go in? we have had a number of people on, that fellow who was running from ohio to be speaker. he had a great he. brian: tim ryan. steve: he had great message. we said we have to go back we're the party of jobs. brian: working class. steve: hats off to donald trump. donald trump did that effectively. nau the democrats have got to figure a way to say we are on your side blue collar worker because they missed the boat last time. brian: they still could take the house. if they get the act together there is still time to take the house in 2018. steve: with this recipe, i
4:11 am
don't know. brian: if they had the right paprika and thyme that could happen. ainsley: i leave whether you have that great moments. brian: i love talking about spices. ainsley: let's hand it over to heather childers. heather: we do have stories we are following. we will take you back to france. some brand new video of the u.s. secretary of defense james mattis actually this story is in afghanistanful. making a surprise visit overnight there. the nation's top military commander meeting with government officials, including afghanistan's president ghani, working to come up with a strategy to take out the taliban. well it comes just days after the terrorists killed more than 100 afghan soldiers. moments ago vice president pence arriving in hawaii for the last leg of 10-day asian park tour. some brand new video showing the vice president landing at joint base pearl harbor hicken in honolulu. that's where he will have lunch with troops today. and while you were sleeping,
4:12 am
the vice president making a stop in american samoa to refuel his plane and address 200 soldiers there. he heads home to d.c. this afternoon. and brand new overnight, u.s. astronaut peggy whitson breaking the american space flight record. marking 535 cumulative days in space. by the time that she returns to earth in september, she will have spent 666 days orbiting the planet. and in just a few hours, president trump and his daughter ivanka will make a very special long distance call, very long to congratulate the astronaut. and those are a look at your headlines so far. steve: beat an endurance record that's great. ainsley: amazing. thanks, heather. steve: she is friends with terrorists and believes in sharia law. she will be a commencement speaker. i wonder if anyone will try to silence her at that? that's our topic coming up. brian: yep. we will focus on that.
4:13 am
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has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. ♪ brian: all right, yesterday's presidential election marking a major political shakeup in france. the conservative candidate marine le pen defying the odds and the critics. now she heads to a may 7th faceoff with the centrist candidate without any party affiliation, emanuel macron. so, could a le pen win signal
4:17 am
the end of the european union? joining us right now to talk about this author and political commentator mark steyn who happens to also be a great singer. although this will not be a musical version of your insight. mark, how significant is this runoff? >> oh bs it's pretty significant. for the first time in the history of the fifth republic, neither of the main left wing or right wing parties made it in to the second round of the election. marine le pen from the national front party basically won the entire eastern half of the country from the belgium border all the way down to the mediterranean. that would have astonished any french commentator 20 years ago. and the socialist president, not only could he not even run again, he was so unpopular mishollande. toxic his party got 7%. he was forced to put up this stealth candidate which is
4:18 am
what mr. macron is basically. he is the establishment guy disguising himself as centrist independent. centrist independent, centrist independent. brian: le pen distancing herself from radical dad said they are not speaking anymore. she did take contributions from the russian government or russian company that somehow affiliated with vladimir putin. that doesn't make me comfortable. however, the people of france are rallying around the independent candidate who no one really knows much about and no experience at 3 years old. all we know is that he married his teacher. >> yeah. that's right. it's like the man tourian candidate if the angela lansburyy character was actually married to her son, the lawrence harvey character. that's what's going on there. i mean, he has invented this movement called al mash which is more vapid than hope and change. basically means forward, on ward, over the cliff. deeper into the swamp. he doesn't have a party.
4:19 am
so, we don't even know whether he will be a lame duck guy from the word go. we have no idea what the parliamentary elections are going to give him to work with. but everybody in the establishment, within 90 seconds of the poll closing, everybody from this absurd mr. yonkers, the guy who purports to be president of europe all congratulated him. so the so-called radical centrist is, in fact, backed by all euro establishment who have helped get france into this mess. brian: mark, what's consistent with brexit, donald trump and the emerger of le pen? i'm not saying they are going to be great leaders and great moves. these are people defying the polls and what the experts tell them they should be doing. >> right. and what you should always look at, brian, is the trend. and the trend in the u.k., the u.s., and now france is that the divide is increasingly
4:20 am
between all clever people who need dabble in the international summits every year and figure they have got it sorted out if only the grunting masts would go along with it an evergreater proportion of the masses who basically, whether they are french or british or american disagree with this one size fits all globalism. and that trend did better than it's ever done in france yesterday. brian: i will really simplify it. it's the cool guys and the cool people in the world think they know more and for the first time the masses say we don't care what you think, we don't want to be your friend. we're going to call our own shots and the cool people can't handle it thanks so much, mark. >> thanks a lot, brian. brian: meanwhile 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour. pc police plan to ban dodge ball sidelined. tom perez on profanity laced
4:21 am
tear is this how to bring the party together in the woodhouse brothers are here. they promise not to curse ♪ does that make me crazy ♪ does that make me crazy ♪ does that make me crazy ♪ sfx: engine revving ♪ (silence) ♪
4:22 am
4:23 am
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that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ♪ ♪ brian: time now for news by the numbers. first start with 43%. new poll putting president trump ahead of hillary clinton. and now with the popular vote if the election election were held today nearly 100 days in the trump presidency clinton supporters are the ones regretting their votes. next two, that's how many lottle chains eric and donald trump are looking to open in the united states. looking to expand the trump organization in areas where their father did well during the election. finally 86.9%.
4:25 am
that's how long it took a new bowler to earn a perfect score of 300. it's believed to be the fastest time ever. the bowler running across 12 lanes throwing strikes in every one of them. steve, now for something different. steve: i should just bowl faster. meanwhile dnc chair tom perez using profanity to slander president trump on his so-called unity tour. >> in 2018 you're not just going to say heck no, you're gonna say hell no. i don't care because he doesn't give a [bleep] about healthcare. he calls it a skinny budget. i call it something else that begins with s. my momma taught me you shouldn't do potty talk. but i hope you don't mind because this is a [bleep] budget. [cheers and applause] steve: okay. so is this the democrats' version of unity? here for family debate former dnc communications director and democratic strategist brad woodhouse along with his
4:26 am
brother executive director of the north carolina republican party dallas woodhouse. brothers, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: i should point out to the folks at home i did remind both of the woodhouse brothers not to use profanity during this segment on profanity. >> auction, shoot. steve: although that's not what you said during the commercial. brad, 125r9 with you. tom perez is working blue. is he working out of the blue playbook. no doubt the new president of the united states has also used language out on the campaign trail. but is this the message democrats want going forward? >> well, look, i don't think the curse words are the message. i think the message is what tom perez is saying and i'm completely supportive of him. when he says that republicans don't care about people, the evidence is there. i mean, this goes back to mitt romney five years ago saying corporations are people. and that's what we need to take care of. look, the curse words isn't the message. the message is the longer
4:27 am
discussion of what democrats want to do and how they are opposing donald trump. but, frankly, i think democrats do need to meet people where their frustrations are. and i think politicians who speak to people in the way that they -- many people talk on the factory floor and around the water cooler, i think is perfectly fine. steve: okay. >> i think it was fine when trump did it. steve: okay. well, dallas, what do you think? because when you look at how the democrats performed in the last election, i think even your brother would admit they missed the boat but going forward they have got to fix it, don't they? >> yeah, i have got to tell you i have a lot of sympathy for tom perez here because if i had to work with some of these crazy democrats i would be cussing a lot, too. you would be going like beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. [laughter] so i understand that. i think if you think about this, he is out there doing a unity tour where the main star of the tour, bernie sanders, won't even join in unity with
4:28 am
the democrat party. he came out and said he is not a democrat. this has been a massive failure that the democrats have done this week with this unity tour that has highlighted the non-unity of the bernie sanders wing by his own accord. >> you know, dallas, that is absolutely not true. you haven't been paying any attention to what's going on. >> he said he is not a democrat. steve: he is not a democrat he is a socialist. >> how can have you a democrat tour with a non-democrat. >> he is aligning the democratic party and bringing supporters in. keith ellison is chair of the democratic party. we would rather have obviously people like bernie sanders inside the tent rather than outside the tent. the fact that he is even doing thitour great thing and very smart of tom perez. steve: how about keith ellison who said this past week that barack obama did not do much for the democrats. his legacy not so good?
4:29 am
>> i mean, you won't be surprised that i disagree with that. steve: i'm just talking about the guy who in the party hierarchy is above you and that's what he is saying out loud. >> well, look. i think there are two things here. one, i think barack obama did a great deal. i think he did a great deal for the country. i think that was his more important role as president. i think every one of us could have done more to support the party and the party infrastructure. steve: brad, let me ask you this, it sounds like barack obama is going to come off of his vacation and get back into politics according to the papers in washington, d.c. who today is the leader of the democratic party? because the most popular democrat is bernie sanders and probably elizabeth warren is right up there, too. and that's not good if you want to get a bunch of people reelected or elected going forward. >> well, i don't know that it's not good. i mean, look, you saw the reception that bernie sanders had out on the campaign trail. and elizabeth warren. >> he pass a core audience no doubt.
4:30 am
>> elizabeth warren is extremely extremely popular. in terms of young people coming along. chris van hole alan elect to the senate from holland. one from california. adam schiff doing a tremendous job holding trump's feet to the fire on the russian investigation in the house there are a are a ton of democrats coming along. >> steve, live my brother saying that the unity tour is because bernie sanders aligns himself with the democrat party. i align myself last night with the nba by watching some playoff games and it doesn't make me one of them. [laughter] steve: good point. >> you're nuts. steve: there they are the brothers woodhouse in four minutes no inappropriate language used that was successful. brad, and dallas. >> beep beep beep beep. steve: thank you for joining us live. let us know what you think about that. what threat is so urgent keeping our homeland security secretary awake at night?
4:31 am
>> that would be the super bowl for the terrorists. steve: so what is that super bowl of terror he is talking about? we will discuss it next. a lot of people have asked hey, where is janice dean? she is back today. ainsley is going to sit down in the studio with her to discuss why it is crucial to read the fine print when it comes to cosmetic procedures. ♪ ♪ do it naturally ♪ poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: many people have asked where is janice dean? well, here she is. she is sharing her story about where she has been and you wrote about it in an op-ed that's on i highly encourage everyone to go read it. for the folks at home that don't know your story. where have you been, janice? >> i have been gone for two months. it's been two months. believe me, i did not mean to take a vacation. ainsley: you got your dream job and where did you go. >> i got my dream job in november and i took two months
4:35 am
off so that was odd. i went and got a cosmetic procedure done. i'm 46 years old. i have always had an issue with my neck since i was little. this is not a new thing. i had these weird lines around my neck that i have never liked about myself. now that i'm getting older i have also noticed that i'm getting these little creases on my neck, too. you know, listen, i have asked to so many women and men what you don't like about yourself. i had though this procedure done. fairly routine in and out of the doctor's office. no cutting -- it's lasers. here's the thing. there is a lot of new procedures out there. there is botox. there is fillers. there is lasers. there is things that freeze your fat. they seem really easy. in and out no. down time whatsoever. they are expensive. but there is more -- and more of them out there. there are risks. there are the possibility of complications. and that's what happened to me. i was so excited to get rid of
4:36 am
this neck that i signed and didn't really read the possibilities. ainsley: the fine print. >> the complingzs. yescomplications, it wasall the. ainsley: what are the complications. >> the laser i had done on my neck supposed to help produce collagen. your body is reacting and supposed to naturally make you look younger. and so what had happened was i guess the laser heated up part of my facial nerve and i had temporary paralysis right here. and who knew that a procedure on your neck could affect your face. so part of my mouth, my lip was almost gone. i had problems talking. i had problems chewing. and, you know, i looked at the internet. what the possibilities were. it was very much like bells palsy. so i feel for the people that have had bells palsy. you are looking at your mouth some -- like when is it going to get better? ainsley: experienced depression through this time? >> everything from depression
4:37 am
to shame, why did i do this? embarrassment, obviously, because it was a procedure going to get done on thursday and come back to work on monday or tuesday, maybe wear a turtle neck or scarf so no one noticed. i was off for two months because i couldn't speak properly. it's almost back to normal: it will come back 100 percent, my doctor tells me. but my message is this: we all have things that we don't like about ourselves, right? but, what i have focused on is that there are things about myself that my kids see more and that is my smile and my smile is everything. you know, they say the eyes are the window to the soul for me. it's my smile. and to get my smile back has been everything to me. and i kind of don't care about my neck. ainsley: what did your kids and husband say? >> my husband has been very against any kind of procedures. i have gotten botox the last couple of years. it's a relatively easy. ainsley: there is sean. >> there is my beautiful husband. he didn't want me to get this done. i convinced him.
4:38 am
i said this is natural. it's not cutting. we are not pulling anything back. this is sort of state of the art stuff. i will be a pioneer in this kind of technology. and he kind of said to me well, it seems like you are a bit of a guinea pig. ainsley: after all of this do you like your neck better now. >> right now it still feels like the old neck. in six months i'm told it's going to rejuvenate. you know what? i don't care anymore. when i see my kids and they come home. they see this smile they don't care about this. ainsley: you know what's refreshing you're not on here saying suing my doctor. it's in the fine print. you said your age. you are talking about a surgery that you didn't have to come on and talk about. why are you doing this? >> i think we need more of this. i think we're part of it this business. you know, this looking young. and why can't we age a little bit gracefully? i'm all for, you know, we have great hair and makeup people here at fox. the lighting here is fantastic. it takes years off of you. but let's focus on the things that make us shine.
4:39 am
ainsley: that really matter. >> as oppose to the things that we worry about as flaws. my kids don't care about this. ainsley: a lot of people have been asking too about your ms. was your ms affected or caused by the ms? >> you know, 10 years ago i came on "fox & friends" and told everyone that i was diagnosed with multiple scler row sis. that's the first thing i thought of because my immune system brought this on and i talked to my neurologist and she said it's completely non-related. so i'm thankful for that and thank you for the love, the love and support from you guys. and the family, the fox family out there. you know, i never thought i would be having this discussion. but i'm glad we're having this discussion. ainsley: i'm really glad. your smile is beautiful. i just love you. >> i love you, too. ainsley: we support you and we're glad you're back. >> thank you, i'm back. ainsley: mornings are truly better with friends because we have a friend that is back. we love you on the show. you are amazing and a great mother. ainsley: attorney general jeff
4:40 am
sessions, newt gingrich and tucker carlson will join us live straight ahead. first the mainstream media afraid of what president trump is doing with his free time. we're going to dive in next. ♪ that i can talk to ♪ i want you just the way you are ♪ you need to know that you will a plan that turns your ordinary lawn into an extraordinary one. so start your trugreen lawn plan today for only $29.95.
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4:43 am
>> welcom welcome back to "fox & friends." the trump promise to keep americans safe. john kelly revealing that he loses sleep over the thought of another september 11th terrorist attack. >> the other thing, john, that has me -- keeps me literally awake at night is the threat against aviation. you know, we know that would be the super bowl for the terrorists to knock down an airplane in flight.
4:44 am
particularly if it was full of americans. heather: this is really scary. right now dhs is watching a number of commercial plane plots. kelly says that he checks on them several times a day. and one state's plan to ban dodge ball sidelined for good. >> somebody, please, tell me what is supposed to be fun about this. >> we just let ourselves get hit and then we can sit down. heather: well, education officials in louisiana had proposed banning the game because they said kids could be targeted and bull idea. but supporters say students love playing. and the ban was part of the states' proposed new physical education requirement. but it is staying. how do you ban dodge ball? back to you. brian: how else are you going to get hit in the face during the day? you have to hit yourself. steve: i can think of a couple of ways. brian: a recent report from politico raising concerns
4:45 am
about the president's oval office schedule and his daily unsupervised time fearing he could do something crazy if he is left in the room by himself. steve: according to an unnamed white house official quoted in the article, quote: aids said trump's free time poses a concern. there may be a block of time, two hours of staff time. who knows what's going on during that time. anything could happen. brian: if he goes upstairs all bets are off. let's ask white house correspondent from cbs news david brody. this is a little bit condescending. >> just a tad bit. it's funny they quote nine unnamed west wing aides. they say half of them have a problem. let me do the math. that's four and a half aids which is kind of strange to begin with. four and a half aides have a problem. so what is that? if you go later in the article, it talks about barack obama had flex time. george w. bush had flex time. here is donald trump oh, no, donald trump has flex time. the free world better watch out. steve: it's as if he needs to
4:46 am
be managed. what's interesting though and i'm sure you read the book "the art of the deal." page 1 he talked about about how one of his keys to success is he he would not overschedule himself. he would leave his door open. there would be time when you wander around and figure out what everybody is doing. >> it's a major theme, you are right, steve, of that book. it's interesting how the media hasn't done that story as it relates toe flexibility. business management 101 is keep your schedule a bit influx, free enough to be able to think through a few issues once in a while. that's a big deal for sure. brian: they bring up the fact that he likes to watch television, cable news as if that's a problem. is that a problem? >> no. if he is watching "fox & friends" that's not a problem. no, obviously, no, it's not a problem at all. look, donald trump, this is the way he has done things for, let me check 70 years or at least when he started watching tv. no, this isn't a problem. look, the media had this wrong with ronald reagan back in the day. remember, ronald reagan was a
4:47 am
big buffoon, he didn't know anything. by the way, historical note, is he going down as one of the best presidents in united states history ronald reagan is. i think they have gotten the same thing wrong with donald trump here. they tried to pigeon hole him a certain way. steve: look historically, david at jimmy carter. for a while he didn't have a chief of staff. he was his own chief of staff so he ran everything, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. he was in charge of everything and ultimately as you look back at the ark of his presidency, not so much. >> that's right. once again, donald trump likes to put people in these positions to, in essence, allow for different thoughts coming in and out of that oval office. look, yeah, after 7:00, he is upstairs in the bedroom. turns on the television. it's not the end of the world, folks. everybody needs to take a deep breath. brian: david, lastly, in the big picture, there is some talk in washington that maybe he is going to be shaking up his staff sometime this week or next week. have you heard that? >> i have heard folks that
4:48 am
have told me privately, once again, they are being unnamed at this point that there is some sort of shakeup potentially in the works. that's the key. potentially. how big it is, how wide it is remains to be seen. steve: absolutely. ed henry was talking about that to us last week. today marks day 95 out of the artificial measure of 100 days. how is he doing? >> well, look, i mean i think so far so good with the base for sure. look, the media all right wrote the narrative about three weeks ago. quite frankly they may have written that narrative about two weeks into the administration. let's remember, i think with donald trump he has done very well with the executive order pen. now he has to work out the legislative art of the deal. but look he is an outsider it will come or at least they hope he comes. brian: if he doesn't get a legislative part of the deal done. that house could be in jeopardy in 2018. so there is a lot going on there. >> yep. brian: all right. david, thank you. coming up straight ahead at 12 minutes before the top of the hour. border security is a top
4:49 am
priority for trump presidency. nancy pelosi says it's only because he's weak. >> the president, i think, talking about this wall is expressing a sign of weakness. brian: exactly. attorney general jeff sessions will answer the questions does that make sense to him? he has seen the crisis at the border firsthand. he is coming up next. steve: that's great. and jamie colby winging it on tonight's episode on "strange inheritance." >> all right. are you ready to take the controls, jamie? >> are you ready for me to take the controls? >> you bitter do it because we are headed -- steve: she is about to land and talk about her show tonight coming up next. ♪ i want to get away ♪ i want to fly away ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ i want to get away ♪ i want to fly roller derby. ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
♪ ainsley: tonight is the season finale of the hit tv series called "strange inheritance" on the fox business network. brian: this host jamie colby this year is she going to wing it? >> all right. are you ready to take the controls, jamie? >> are you ready for me to take the controls? >> you better do it because we are heading towards the water. >> that's not good. steve: that's not good. here with a preview is jamie colby. tell us about the airplane you were actually piloting which has got to be against the law. >> the flying fortress b-17 bomber. you guys wing it a lot. i had no idea that they were going to let me take the controls. but i met a family from oregon who inherited a b-17 bomber. this woman punky, her father bottom it on a $5 bet at a bar on his 27th birthday. and after the war, the military was -- they had a lot of salvage and a lot of planes.
4:54 am
the first one, wait until you see what happened. he got a second one and put it on top of his gas station so you could see it there. if you are driving down the highway where are you going to stop for gas? you are going to stop and see the b-17. it was out in the weather for decades. it's being restored by the family. they want veterans as much as i do to know how much we appreciate their service and sacrifice. i got the opportunity through the calling foundation who gave us our tank episode. steve: that's right. >> season one. we just wrapped season three. that's what you will see tonight. we are already shooting season four. more and more viewer submissions to jamie at strange you were asking about the second one. steve: second one he would have the list of the worst dressed people in hollywood. so best dressed inel. >> you never made the worse dressed. ha a lot of people did. madonna, britfully. he dressed mansfield in the glory of hollywood.
4:55 am
his publicist got not inheritance but final assignment from mr. blackwell so we invited tippy head deron and other actions to come and check out some of these gowns and i got to try them on, too. i think have you some sound maybe from the show. steve: let's play it. >> a little tease, please. >> jamie colby off to try to be on the yes list. ♪ ♪ >> okay. not the way blackwell wanted his dresses to look. >> oh my gosh, feels so exciting to wear it. >> look at this. >> can you believe this is my job? i'm getting paid today. steve: in dresses. >> i didn't get to keep the dress. mr. blackwell was born in brooklyn. his last name was felter. not only did he change it to blackwell because he thought it was more glamorous. he legally changed his first name to mister. women cold fronted being on the worst dressed list. i guess it's true any publicity is good publicity. i appreciate that you guys gave me a little sneak peek.
4:56 am
it's a big night on fox news channel tonight with the new lineup. we're doing our thing at fox business. and that's where you will find strange inheritance. if you miss it tonight you can dvr or wednesday night we will be back on. i would love to come to your neighborhood, too, at the end of season four we'll be at 100 episodes. so many viewers writing us. then i show u up at their house, so far so good. brian: totally viewer driven. >> going well. we love meeting great families who have these historically significant or totally wacky and bizarre strange inheritances. steve: if anybody watching has a bomber on a gas station call you. >> apparent live1 i can fly a plane. who knew? ainsley: do they need to email you. >> jamie at strange i get all of them and you will hear back. ainsley: jamie. >> 5:00 p.m. on fox business. brian: coming up straight ahead a lot more show to go. attorney general jeff sessions, newt gingrich will follow that and tucker carlson.
4:57 am
will he keep his part on the same size as he goes to 8:00? steve: i hope so. brian: i'm going to ask him that question ♪ our house in the middle of our street ♪ our house ♪ in the middle of our -- ♪ our house at lincoln financial, we get there are some responsibilities of love you gotta do on your own. and some you shouldn't have to shoulder alone. like ensuring he's well-taken care of. even as you build your own plans for retirement. ask a financial advisor how lincoln can help protect your savings from the impact of long-term care expenses. bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. ♪
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5:00 am
. >> what i think folks don't that realize we've signed more nomination law in place than in the last 150 years. >> leader marine le pen have now made it to the run off. neither of the parties made it to the second round of the election. >> north korea is now threatening to sink a u.s. aircraft carrier. >> they're not shoot at that aircraft carrier. that would mean a destruction to the north korean regime. >> secretary of defense mattis making a surprise visit to afghanistan overnight to come up with a strategy to take out
5:01 am
the taliban. >> i can't imagine they would shut out the government. >> the president i think talking about this wall is expressing a sign. ♪ ♪ steve: i don't know if was actually talking about nancy pelosi. brian: i watched behind the music, and they do are reveal that on vh1. ainsley: nancy pelosi, you're out of touch because she thinks building the wall is a sign of weakness. steve: that makes total sense. first, we're going to introduce our guest, we've got the attorney general jeff sessions. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. steve: hey, we all know that when donald trump was running for president because several times you were right there
5:02 am
with him, he made it very clear we're going to build a wall and mexico's going to pay for it. well, apparently mexico not ready to pay for it, so you have to get congress to do it. you were a senator for a very long time. what's the president got to do this week to get a billion dollars to build part of the wall? >> well, we need to do is remind congress and the american people that this president promised this. they voted for it in large numbers. it was one of the great strengths in his campaign. it was certainly one of the reasons i believe that he should be elected president, and i supported him. so congress can find a host of ways to pay for this wall. it can be done through people who pay to our country from mexico, fees and costs and even a tax abuse situation that i believe would make a lot of payment toward fixing it. so there's no problem with getting this done, and it's
5:03 am
going to save a huge amount of money because we're going to it be to see this rapid decline in the number of people that come into our country illegally, housing, deportation cost, all kinds of costs will be reduced when we reduce that flow. brian: i mean, especially because you have to pay less border patrol to do that. so when you were senator, jeff sessions, you know in 2006, 64 democrats approved a bill to build a fence, a barrier. you know 80 of 100 senators approved the bill to have a border fence. now he wants to do a wall. what changed? >> well, let me tell you. be frank with you, steve. throughout this whole process, i've been saying that whenever you come up with anything that actually fixes the problems, that's what doesn't pass. they'll pass anything as long as it doesn't work. they'll talk about fixing the border again and again and again. but when the chips are down,
5:04 am
they back off. let me tell you, we are this close. we've already changed the whole mentality at the border, president trump has. you know last month was the lowest month of illegal entries in 17 years. we get this barrier fixed, we get this, it will save us so much money. it will reduce the amount of drugs and criminals that come into the country. it will make us more secure and safe from terrorist. it's going to be the end of illegality. and, you know, we admit a million one people each year lawfully in america. so we're not just ending immigration, we're ending illegal immigration. the american people have asked for it for 30 years. it's time for the politicians to deliver once and for all, and we can do it. ainsley: it's time for the politicians to start listening to the president and to the people. the people voted him in office. he tried to get that six-country ban, that didn't had a happen. he tried to repeal and replace
5:05 am
obamacare, congress isn't letting him doting, and now he wants to build the wall. is it going to happen? is congress going to get onboard and finance this? >> they've got to do this. i'm amazed we're seeing some of the resistance wither. but's determined. american people need to speak out. we've got to get this done. brian: well, listen, senator, this is about politics. just when they told george bush 41, no new taxes, they cut a deal with him, they beat him over the head with it in the next election and bill clinton became president. she said building the wall actually reveals this about. listen. >> what's wrong with giving the president his money for a border wall in exchange for a priority that is not his, keeping obamacare fully functional and funded as a party that's important to you. what's wrong with that kind of
5:06 am
horse trading in washington? >> what wrong with that scenario is the wall. the president talks about how tall it is, who's going to pay for it, and all the rest of that. but you have to come -- you have to understand this part of the country. there's a community with a border going through it. the president i think talking about this wall is expressing a sign of weakness. he's saying i can't control our borders, i have to build a wall. brian: do you understand that louisa hodge? >> i dlogic? >> i do not. to stop the barrier and the illegality. i've made trips to texas, arizona, and california in the last two weeks. i've seen the border. we have millions of people crossing the border constantly on a regular basis. all kinds of produce and items are moved back and forth. that's not going to end.
5:07 am
we're not going to make it impossible, but we're going to end this illegality. we're not going to stop until we get it done. this is the closest we'll ever get to getting it done, so we need to make sure we're getting to the finish line. it has already been reduced as much as 70% this illegality, and we're going to get it to zero and keep it there, and we'll be proud of a new system that we have. steve: well, mr. attorney general, is it something worth shutting the government down for? i mean, if they don't get the billion dollars, should she shut the government down to make a point to the democrats? >> well, the way the system works is that whenever the government is shut down, people blame the republicans. but let me tell you. it will be the democrats that shut this government down to block the funding of the wall. that's what the question is. are they going to shut the government down? we'll have a bill moving forward with some money and therefore the wall, and it will be up to congress to pass it.
5:08 am
and if the democrats filibuster that, they're the ones shutting the whole government down just to keep the wall from being built. no doubt about it. ainsley: where is the rest of the money coming from? if you're only asking for 1 billion. >> well, that will be prepared for the next year's budget, the 2018 budget that will have to be done by september 30th. so there are a lot of ways it can be paid for. it can be paid for over time. but as i indicated, we're going to save billions of dollars by ending this illegality. brian: and homeland security said he wants to start this summer, and you know the places that need to be addressed quickly. he did the tour over the last few days. meanwhile, let's talk about sanctuary cities. you're cracking down. you say you have to hold back federal money if you don't. someone coming back to you calling you a racist saying this. it has become abundantly clear the attorney general jeff
5:09 am
sessions are bashing law enforcement policies principles on white supremacy, not american values. their constant systematic goes beyond constitutional norms and will be challenged at every level. that's state senator kevin de leon. >> well, we're not going to do anything in this department of justice any way hostile to civil rights of people, and we're going to treat everybody lawfully. but overwhelmingly all people want to see lawfulness return, i believe, to the immigration system, and we're not targeting anybody. and we're never going to target anybody. but we -- the law says that any person who enters the country unlawfully and then is convicted of a crime should be deported and shall be deported. so that's all we're asking overwhelmingly most cities and counties in america support that policy and cooperate
5:10 am
every day. i urge these cities to reevaluate. why do you want to release convicted criminals back into your city and your count deportd according to law? well, that's just a last gasparingasp who are losing this battle. people want this law enforced. they want people who come on our pleasure, we allow them to come on certain conditions and one of them is that they behave themselves and not act criminally. and if they act criminally, they should be deported. of course. steve: mr. sessions, at what point does the department of justice start with holding federal grant money to some of the sanctuary cities? >> well, last year, the obama administration sent out noises that people had to comply with this cavort language in the law that was passed several years ago. and we sent out a letter today to ten cities that the
5:11 am
inspector general's office said last year that were potentially in violation of the law involving deportation in sanctuary cities. we expect them to respond. if they don't respond, they should not receive the grants because the grants were issued on condition of cooperation. steve: so are you giving them 30 days, 60 days, 90 days to prove that they're not breaking the law to keep the money? >> we ask them first to certify they're not in violation of the law by june of this year. so we'll be validating that. there are other cities and counties that also appear to be in violation. they said they are in violation, but the grant -- the inspector general under president obama's attorney general has found ten cities that they say were probably in violation or potentially in violation.
5:12 am
we've written those ten a letter. only one has responded. brian: right and one is suing you back; right? >> yes. they've gotten on the offensive. they're worried about this, so they're suing us. we're giving them money, and they're not happy that we might actually hold them to the agreements they made. steve: mr. attorney general, today marks 95 days of the first 100 days of the trump administration. what is the high point of the department of justice? >> well, we have done a lot of things. we have reestablished a great relationship with our state and local law enforcement officers. that's critical. we've seen this dramatic improvement at the border and illegality to the lowest month in 17 years last month, and we're going to continue to attack violent crimes. we're creating an organization and a organization, a team, a task force to focus on prescription drugs and opioids that are causing so many overdose deaths. so i'm really excited about what we are doing here in the department. we're making progress every
5:13 am
day. morale is high, and this is really the key to it is coordinated work with our state and local -- brian: right but the six slash seven-nation ban. >> it's still blocked in the courts. we have several judges who approved it. other judges have blocked it. so it's a disappointment that we're being blocked at this point, but i totally believe we will win that on appeal. the president's order is rational, it's common sense, it focuses on only six countries. three of them are state sponsors of terrorism. three of them are failed states for substantial violent terrorist in them, and we have no way to vet those people. soprano said we're going to have a 90-day pause until we figure out what's going on in those countries and to ensure we have a good vetting system. that's all he's saying. ainsley: trying to keep us safe. brian: all right.
5:14 am
mr. attorney general. thank you. ainsley: thank you so much. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile president trump promised more winning this week. we're live at the white house with a preview. next allergy symptoms distracting you?
5:15 am
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5:18 am
ainsley: the road to president trump's 100th day in office will be very -- will be a very busy one. steve: indeed. several big issues on taft today ranging from the united nations all the way to outer space. brian: christian fisher at the white house with a look at's agenda. chris of course grew up knowing all about space; right? steve: grew up in space. >> i did not grow up in space. sorry. brian: that's what i meant to say. >> yes. my mom actually knows the astronauts quite well that president trump will be calling today. but before president trump makes this big call up to outer space, first he's going to talk to german chancellor angela merkel. no guidance exactly on what this call is going to be about, though, i would imagine the election in france and its potential question of fact on the european union likely going to come up. then president trump is going to call astronaut peggy onboard the international space station to congratulate her for breaking a very big record. the record to the longest time
5:19 am
spent in space by a u.s. astronaut. and then the rest of the day is going to be spent in meetings, the chairman of the joint chief of staff and ambassadors from countries on the un security counsel. now, later this week, president trump will sign four more executive orders that will improve whistle-blower protection at the va, implement an american first offshore energy strategy, create an agriculture and rural america task force, and lands previously dedicated to be national monuments. so what we're seeing is a lot of executive action in the real meaningful legislative accomplishments. there's only one way left for president trump to score a big legislative win before its first 100 days are up, and that is convince republicans to include funding for the border wall in a bill that would keep the government open. the white house says he won the election, therefore he won the rights to get his most famous campaign promise funded, though, democrats and even some republicans on capitol hill continue to say that that's a deal breaker.
5:20 am
brian, ainsley, and steve. steve: all right. christian fisher live at the white house. we thank you very much. by the way, he's also having lunch today with united nation security counsel ambassadors, which i would love to be a fly on the wall because all the things he has said about the united nations over the last years should be great. ainsley: wouldn't that be great. steve: no kidding. brian: meanwhile ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. steve: have you heard it's the democrats new strategy to win back washington? >> you're going to say hell no. he doesn't give a (bleep) about health care. this is a (bleep) budget. steve: so what does newt gingrich think about that approach? he's next on deck. brian: and he'll keep it g rated and meet the lawmaker who would rather starve herself than deport an antisanctuary bill. she wants to starve herself for two days. talk about commitment. take that, gandhi.
5:21 am
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we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ainsley: welcome back. how about some quick headlines for you? a toddler is expected to be released from the hospital, that's the good news after this: falling out of a moving church bus then tumbling into traffic. look at that. one off duty firefighter rushing to help in arkansas as she has a broken jaw but is expected to recover. still unclear how in the world that bus door opened. poor little thing. and a liberal lawmaker starving herself hoping not eating will protect illegal immigrants. texas representative victoria on a hunger strike over the state's antisanctuary bill. now, the proposal banning
5:25 am
cities, counties, and universities from preventing law enforcement from helping ice. started asking yesterday and will not eat, she says, until the house begins debating on the bill until wednesday. and liberal students across the country, they want birth control at their fingertips. the wellness to go vending machine, that's what it's called at uc davis in california. and it now sells condoms, pregnancy tests, and the morning-after pill. the student who pushed to get the machine is now helping other schools do the same. and those are a look at the headlines. brian: meanwhile closing in on president trump's first 100 days in office. so how was he fair? steve: let's talk to newt gingrich, former speaker of the house joins us from our nation's capital. so, newt, what do you think? we're at day 95, he hasn't had much help from congress, so how do you grade him? >> oh, i think he's done pretty well overall. he got a conservative supreme court justice, he's reestablished america's role in the world, he will have had
5:26 am
i think 29 or 30 executive orders, the most since world war ii, the truth is they've passed about 28 bills in congress that he signed. they didn't pass the one big one in health care, but he has gotten a lot of things done that people aren't aware of. he has a very strong cabinet in place, and the meetings he's having today are a sign of that. so overall, i would think you would have to give him pretty good grades of a direction that's very different for the country. brian: in business, you just make decisions. he says in all of these decisions, you have to have a heart, he told the ap over the weekend and there's no -- a lot of times there's just no clear right way to go. >> look, i think that's a sign of his own growth. you know, he came into office having never held public office, having never run for office before. this was a brand-new job, and he's learning it very rapidly. he'll keep learning, and i think he's probably got a year, year and a half learning curve involved because it's such a big complicated job.
5:27 am
but overall, he's done very well. i liked what he said about the dreamers yesterday, the young people who came here when they were very, very young distinguishing them from, say, ms13, a gang that we should hunt down and get rid of. and i think that kind of sophistication is going to go very, very well. and he has picked a head of homeland security who is absolutely world class. remember, this is the most divisive president since abraham lincoln. he wants to drain the swamp. well, the alligators aren't happy, and you have to understand that and, you know, whether it's the cbs alligator or its the civil service alligator or the liberal alligator or the stuff you had on a minute ago cursing and using bad language because they're getting frant so that i can how do you grade republicans in congress? because when he won, republicans were so excited because they had the house,
5:28 am
they had the senate, they had the executive office, obviously. but congress has prevented him from repealing and replace obamacare, and tried to get the ban of all the middle eastern countries, and that didn't happen. so how do you grade congress and what do they need to do differently? >> well, first of all, the ban problem was with left wing judges, and i think oregon and hawaii. i would give mitch mcconnell a plus. he has done an extraordinary job of mastering the senate. he has got virtually the entire cabinet through. he got a supreme court justice through, he has done very, very well. i would say that paul ryan said it correctly when he said that they're moving from being a majority in opposition, which they did for six years, to being a majority that's governing and frankly it's hard. but i would make one other point that, you know, i wish frankly somebody had asked me about before they went off on these deadlines. it took reagan until august to pass a tax cut giving away
5:29 am
money. i was there. i was a sophomore. it took me as arizona speaker 18 months to welfare reform when the country favored the bill. simply wasn't going to happen. they're going to get health reform done. they're going to get taxes done. they're going to get infrastructure done. i think they'll get all three done before the end of the year, but it would have been helpful to look at what does it take to actually do this in our constitution, rather than set artificial deadlines that people then cite as failures. they're fine. they're not failing. they're moving forward. they're going to get these things. it's just not going to be an artificial schedule. steve: okay. and people forget -- i think taxes were up 60, 70%, and they all came down, which we're very thankful, ultimately. before you go, though, the president's trying to figure out how to get at least a billion dollars out of congress doing some horse trading. and right now, it looks like that's really going to tough
5:30 am
for him. do you have some advice for him? >> are you talking about for the wall? >> for the wall. yeah, i left that part out. >> yeah. look, my advice to the president is very simple. get out of the way, and general kelly to take charge, he used to be the marine core liaison to congress, he's one of the smartest i've ever worked with. let the left debate kelly. let kelly explain that ms13 kills people. let kelly explain the dangers of open border in terms of murders, rapists. brian: but mr. speaker, he did over the weekend, and it didn't matter. nancy pelosi and company, shuman, they're not going to give him a wall. >> doesn't matter. ainsley: i interviewed him about that last week, and i said general kelly, he said if you get a dui, you're out. if you're an illegal immigrant, and i asked the president and he said i'm letting him make the decisions because that's his job. >> right. but i think kelly is the lead -- will eventually
5:31 am
to congress and, again, it may get him through this week, and you're not going to get nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. they're the opposition. you go to a place like ohio where the heroin epidemic is a disaster, and you say to ohioans, you really want senator brown voting against protecting you from the heroin ep dep epidemic? i think in a few months you can get all the funding because back home, once people make the connection that this is about safety in their neighborhood, safety in their town and that the southern border is a danger, and i think general kelly could make that case vastly more convincingly than the president or vice president. steve: well, we'll see what happens this week. newt, thank you very much for joining us from our nation's capitol. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, students fighting back at university of california berkeley tries to silence another conservative speaker. the latest on their fight for free see. of. tucker carlson will react, and he is live next.
5:32 am
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>> throughout this whole process, i've been saying that whenever you come up with anything that actually fixes the problem, that is what does not pass. they'll pass anything, as long as it doesn't work. they'll talk about fixing the border again and again and again. but when the chips are down, they back off. let me tell you, we are this close. we get this barrier fixed, we get this, it will save us so much money. it will reduce the amount of drugs and criminals that come into the country, it will make us more secure and safe from terrorists. it's going to be the end of illegality. american people have asked for it for 30 years. it's time for the politicians to deliver once and for all,
5:36 am
and we can do it. brian: and that is some of the news that's been breaking over this morning. we just talked to the attorney general and joining us right now is a man who is going to have a busy and long night. it's very excited for us and for you. tucker carlson is with us. your night starts now at 8:00 p.m. >> oh, yes. brian: you're pumped up? >> oh, yeah. i can't wait. yeah, it's going to be fun. brian: i guess one of the big topics this week is going to be the border wall. will the president say shut down the government if he doesn't get the money? and, man, they have to make their case, are they doing it effectively? >> well, they've made the case so effectively as the attorney general just said, nobody wants to pass it. he's right. the main problem with the border wall is that it works. they're not offering up any kind of substantive or to it. it costs too much? really? people don't care what anything lost the. this will stop cheap labor and democratic voters into the country. brian: i think the bigger
5:37 am
story is they want to stop president trump. they do not want to give him a victory on something that means so much to him. >> but why do they dislike trump so much in the first place is interesting. there are things to criticize about donald trump but if you're a democrat, trump is the most politically modern in the country. that's the immigration is what drives them insane because it's a threat to their power. every immigrant that stays here long enough will become a voter, that's why their backs are up against the wall. steve: you have to wonder, though, who's going to make the argument, look, ever since president trump has been president trump, illegal immigration in this country on our southern border has gone down what? 40, 50, 60, 70%. why do we need the wall? >> it's a very complicated argument for democrats to make. but if we can just agree on the principle, we would be a lot better and the principle is united states, its people,
5:38 am
its government has a right to determine who comes here and who does not. they can't agree on that. they are very, very close, the democratic leadership to making an explicit argument in favor of open borders. wow. i mean, think -- what would happen to the country, to its labor markets, to its environment, to its culture. steve: security. >> to its security. exactly right. if that happened? and yet they're arguing for it. ainsley: yeah. >> it's an amazing moment. ainsley: the attorney general said they're arguing that we can't afford it. he said we can't not afford it because we're going to save so much money in the long run if we just fork it out and build that wall. what about the democratic strategy? tom who is the dnc chair is attacking president trump using profanity. watch this and we'll get your reaction. >> right now, we have threats around this country. donald trump is the most dangerous president in american history. i tell you what i call it. i don't care because he doesn't give a (bleep) about
5:39 am
health care. when we have -- this president, he calls it a skinny budget. i call it something else that begins with s. and my mama taught me you shouldn't do potty talk, but i hope you don't mind because this is a (bleep) budget. ainsley: tucker, what board me about that is that little girl in the background and also his mama tried to teach him a lesson, and he did not what his mama told him to do. but if this were president trump, though, he is profanity on the campaign trail. >> yeah, sneering and everyone loved it. so what is your message? how do you feel biology at about? >> i spent 25 years in the newsroom. profanity doesn't shock me, but i think you shouldn't use it in public. we don't use it on television because it takes the place of words that explain more. first of all, it does lower the conversation when anyone does it, the president does it or the head of the dnc does it. but it's just -- it's in place
5:40 am
of actually making an argument, and that's what i was really struck by in listening to perez talk. he's not actually saying anything. he doesn't care about you, he doesn't like you, he's a bigot. okay. but why don't we make policies. tell us why it would work and make us more prosperous and safer. because they're not sure what the answer is. brian: they think the answer is make people angrier. for example, you might not agree with terry, but he was a happy guy. he would make his case, he would be a positive interview and a challenging interview. but comey is screaming at people. i don't think that helps the democratic party, it doesn't help because of dialogue. >> well, it doesn't help. i think your first point is really wise. there's enough anger in the country and anyone on either side who seeks to turn up the temperature is doing all of this a disservice. where do you think this ends, by the way? when you have millions of people who are mad about politics all the time, you know, you can kind of see where that's going.
5:41 am
it's not good. slow down. calm down. you know what i mean? into ann coulter is going to be speaking on thursday at uc berkeley. you know what has happened there. the school tried to shut her down, they've invited her back. your thoughts? >> well, look, you have an absolute right to say what you think. that's the whole point of america and our universities are ruling class more broadly doesn't believe that anymore. they don't believe in free speech. they believe in something called hate speech, which is anything they disagree with. ainsley: well, republican students are saying we might sue if you don't allow. >> and they ought to. by the way, one of the reasons the left controls every major cultural institution in america is because they've been so wildly aggressive in using the courts and using the media and using education to get their message across. and if the one thing conservatives can do and push back against that is say free speech is absolute. they ought to be the champions have free speech above all. so i hope -- i'm never for lawsuits. in this case, i am.
5:42 am
steve: and will she speak on the 27th? stay tuned for that. meanwhile, stay tuned tonight 1 11 hours and 19 minutes from now, you've got a big cable exclusive, don't you? >> i don't know if it's an exclusive. we have caitlyn jenner on. if you have any questions to ask, text me. steve: there are a million questions. ainsley: where do we begin? >> send me the good ones. ainsley: you're going to stay at 8:00; right? you've done 7:00, 9:00, you've done fox and friends. >> you know the truth about life, ainsley, which is it's never really up to you. but i'm happy to be at 8:00. ainsley: well, you've done a great job, and that's why you're getting subpoena of a big spot. we're proud of you. we'll all be watching tonight and be supporting you. brian: and between the three of us, at 8:00, you still choose ainsley. >> you know that that's true. but i love you all sincerely. thank you. ainsley: you need to promo it,
5:43 am
by the way, on your twitter page. i was going to retweet it because i thought surely he's talking about caitlyn. you've got to put it on your twitter page. >> i'm afraid toking on twitter. i don't have the requisite self control. ainsley: i'm a lot younger than you. i know all about social media. brian: your self-esteem is a little high, just go on the mention section. that's what i do when i'm getting too big for my britches. ainsley: don't read any of it, tucker. steve: we'll be watching you tonight. meanwhile on our rub down, remember the professor who said he wanted a white genocide for christmas? well, there's an update for his story, and it's not good news for him or drexil. you always pay
5:44 am
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5:47 am
ainsley: the consequences of liberal outrage now being felt at university where students and donors are running for the hills all thanks to one college professor's disgusting tweets. here with that and the days top trending story fox news headline reporter carly. >> hey, so this professor is now under investigation at drex i will university. last year and then he recently sent out this tweet saying some guy gave up his first class seat for a uniformed soldier. people are thanking him. i'm trying not to vomit or yell about mosul. so that story went viral about a month ago, at least. well, new fall out today, the provost at drex i will university said your behavior
5:48 am
has left me with no choice but an appropriate review is to be conducted in order to deal with this serious distraction to the important academic mission of the university. steve: is that because some of the big donors have said, hey, what is this guy talking about? >> bingo. at least two big supporters said we cannot support this kind of conduct. you need to do something about this. also reportedly students are also pulling away from the university saying i don't want to go to a school that doesn't punish a professor for saying violent things. brian: you don't even know the students who aren't going to dre that shows. ainsley: parents are paying for. >> exactly right. i think the parents are saying i'm not going to spend, you know, thousands of dollars -- yes, oh, my gosh. so now they are responding. ainsley: carly, more importantly. >> you're wondering what kenny g was up to, we finally have the answer.
5:49 am
take a listen. ♪ ♪ ainsley: hasn't changed a bit. >> can we get some back story on this? steve: on a airplane? >> according to tmz on a delta flight, they announced they were doing a relay for life fundraiser. so he said if all of these passengers donate 2,000 dollars, i'll give an performance. brian: the best christmas out, and that is fantastic. >> christmas in april, baby. i love. brian: $2,000. >> he raised 2,000. a lot of people are reacting. let's get some quick tweets. said all of those other airlines having issues but delta got kenny g to donate to charity. guess who wins? so many airlines for the
5:50 am
dr. american. hit it, kenny g. brian: christmas in april. >> i love it. hey, we're rocking red today. ainsley: listen, i have a feeling we're going to walk in like duane reed or cbs coming up soon. >> all right. absolutely. all right. carly. ainsley: all right. coming up next, run down a texas cop skips lunch, literally. remember this video? playing hopscotch with that little girl and guess what? you're going to meet them both live. brian: but first, let's check in with bill who also plays hopscotch in the hall. >> absolutely. we sure do. ainsley: and kenny. >> he's your guy. bulk up, we're going to move 100 miles an hour for the first 100 days. how do americans feel about the outcome of the election three months later? you might be surprised on the
5:51 am
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ainsley: look how cute. we showed you this video last week. a texas police officer skipping lunch, literally, to play hopscotch with that little girl. detective likely was on his lunch break when he spotted that 4-year-old playing by herself, so he decided to stop and join in. and that video has gone varil. joining me now is detective from the police department, which is between fort worth
5:55 am
and dallas, along with little claire and her mother don clay. good morning. great to see you all. >> good morning. ainsley: claire, we saw that video, and you were just so cute. i understand you're shy, so you're okay to jump in at any time. how did you feel when he played hopscotch with you? mama, you want to answer? >> yeah. he waived, so he would stop and play with her. she loves hopscotch, she plays it in the kitchen, outside, so i had drawn it on the sidewalk to jump on that day. ainsley: now, detective, why did you do this? why did you pull and over play with her? >> well, it was almost an obligation. i was on my way home and saw her playing and when i turned around after i went home, she was sitting there waiving, and she's just a very charismatic, adorable girl. however, shy at this moment, i felt i had to pull over and teach her how to play.
5:56 am
ainsley: it's so refreshing. everything that's going on with the anticop protests, i'm just so glad to see video like this. it shows your heart and what kind of person you are. >> yeah. this isn't just me. this is law enforcement from west coast to east coast, in my eyes. we do this a lot. it's just by chance that this specific time someone had a camera rolling, and it worked out to benefit us and show what cops really are in the nation today. ainsley: yeah, well, we appreciate that. don, how did you get that on camera? >> through a cell phone. recording through the camera option on the cell phone i think what most people do today. ainsley: so you were standing, like, in the window, and you saw what was going on outside? >> in the driveway on the side, yes. ainsley: okay. what is your message to the detective? >> well, just thank you. thank you for all you do every day. i think people don't realize that police officers are mothers and fathers, sons and what they do. ainsley: detective don, claire, thank you so much for being with us. sweet story.
5:57 am
something positive to share with the videos. thank you. more fox and friends straight ad when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... you realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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6:00 am
>> big talk with janice dean this afternoon. >> have a good day, bye. >> bill: good morning, everybody. we've got a very big week now for president trump and the country as we near the first milestone of his young administration, healthcare, government spending, tax reform all on the agenda this week. so we'll be cooking with gas. i'm bill hemmer. >> shannon: the weekends go so quickly. we're back in business. i'm shannon bream. president trump will mark 100 days on saturday. his administration says it's pushing forward with a bold agenda. newt gingrich dismissing critics. >> i think he's done very


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