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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 25, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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never miss an episode of mar-a-lago come alive at 9:00 p.m. eastern. our friend sean hannity is up next. >> bret: the clock is ticking on the possibility of another government shutdown. what president trump wants and what he can do about it. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington for the second hour of "special report." i'm bret baier. it's become conventional wisdom that fair or not, if the u.s. government funding is not approved and is forced to shut down, many services, republicans will be blamed. republicans say it's ridiculous but concede it's true. it has happened many times before. with a little more than four days left, both the g.o.p. and democrats are throwing out the first punches in what could be a
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brutal fight between now and friday nights. we have fox team coverage. brit hume has some analysis on the situation. mike emanuel on capitol hill. we start off this hour with kevin corke at the white house. >> good evening to you. it's become a rite of spring, an annual passage in the nation's capital. the battle to keep open the government. as you pointed out, white house and congress have until the end of the week to come to a solution to keep the government funded. of course they're going to try to figure it out or some departments may simply run out of cash. if they are worried about a shut down this week, the trump white house isn't showing it. >> they are negotiating. we feel confident they understand the president's priorities and will come to an agreement by friday. >> an agreement with congressional democrats to at least temporarily from the government and avoid a shut down. with 52 republicans and a need
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for 60 senators to send a bill to the president's desk, both sides appear willing to cut a deal to avoid a fiscal calamity. president george h.w. bush sent home government workers over the columbus day holiday weekend in 1990. under president clinton, there was a five day shutdown in 1995 and a three week shutdown in 1996. in 2013, the obama administration endured a 60 day shutdown. this time, the budget battle has four major sticking points. tax cuts, how to supplement obamacare, how to fund a border wall with mexico, and how much of an increase in defense spending is needed to keep america safe. it is funding for the border wall that has democrats up in arms. and prepared to shutdown the government if they don't get their way. >> i hope the president will back off, to think he would consider shutting down the government of the united states
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of america over this outlandish proposal of a border wall. >> i can't imagine the democrats would shut down the government over an objection to a building a payment on a wall that can end the lawlessness. thicker as for the president, he took to twitter to emphasize the need for the multibillion-dollar project, writing "the wall it's a very important tool in stopping drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth. if the wall is not built, which it will become of the drug situation will never be fixed the way it should be." #buildawall. >> we want the priorities funde funded. one of our biggest priorities was border security. part of that was a border wall. >> asked by the associated press that he would sign a budget bill that didn't include the wall, the president said simply don't want to comment. i just don't know yet. perhaps a bit of wiggle room in the comments. i think this is important to point out, even if they come up
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with a solution, it won't buy them a great deal of time. a bill would only fund the federal government until the end of fiscal 2017. that is coming up in a few months on september 30. see one kevin corke, thank you. the long to-do list congress faces will put a sharper focus on speaker ryan and leader mcconnell's ability to merge their agendas with the president's. let's check in with mike emanuel on capitol hill. good evening. what is the senate majority leader's approach as lawmakers returned to town for this critical week? >> majority leader mitch mcconnell can be a man of few words in public when he believes that's the best approach. he recognizes he's going to need at least some democrats support to get a funding extension by the end of the week. this afternoon, mcconnell chose his words carefully. >> i would like to welcome back my colleagues as we head into
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what is sure to be a busy work period. as we all know, by patterson talks continue -- bipartisan talks continue. those discussions continue this week so we can complete our work on the issue. >> sources close to mcconnell predict they will find a way to figure it out, cut a deal and avoid a shutdown. here we go again with a deadline approaching and tension on capitol hill starting to build. >> bret: the likelihood is that there will be a continuing resolution for another punt. >> democrats are holding firm in terms of the border wall. they are saying republicans are in the majority. if republicans want the border wall, they have to pass this government funding extension by themselves. when the sand it gaveled -- send it gaveled, the issue this
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warning. >> the administration insists on extraneous funding requests that are talks could get sidetracked. particularly if the administration demands funding for border wall. democrats have been long clear that the border wall is a nonstarter. >> most on capitol hill expect there will be funding for border security, but democrats appear to be digging in their heels at this point on the border wall. >> bret: mike emanuel, thanks. what's really at stake in this latest down to the wire fight, and what about president trump's first 100 days? senior political analyst brit hume has thoughts. good evening. let's start with this battle. why is it that republicans get blamed? >> well, i think it's because republicans are most assuredly not known as the party of government. they are the party that wants to cut taxes.
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they want to reduce spending. they are the party that talks from time to time about the abolition of whole departments. they are always about cutting the government down. and that has widespread approval, as a general matter. cutting it down is one thing. shutting it down is another, and when there is a shutdown, the suspicion is that republicans who would like to see the government cut down, responsible for the shutdown. it's always been that way as long as i've been covering this for decades. i don't that gets going to be different this time. stu and let me get your thoughts on president trump's first 100 days. people say it's an arbitrary thing but 100 days as a marker for a lot of presidents, even candidate trump remarked on the website about what he wanted to get done in 100 days. your thoughts about what's been done. >> i think the 100 days is a
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arbitrary moment but it's unmistakably, by tradition, going to be a time of evaluation in which you look back and say this is how far, everyone's going to be talking about how the president is doing and now he's done. not to mention the fact he set a bunch of markers for himself by rolling out a 100 day agenda come out much of which remains unfilled. based on my expectations, i think he has done quite well. i did not expect he would appoint a cabinet of this remarkable caliber. i think the influence on him is evident in the shifts you have seen in foreign policy prove we have an activist in education, an activist at the epa. they are making a difference. the president himself is taking advantage of some of the low-hanging fruit president obama left him with the executive orders the president has canceled or rescinded, not to mention the congressional review act, regulations to be rescinded as well. the total number of bills he's gotten past, and of course the
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supreme court nomination of neil gorsuch, which turned out to be a sterling choice and a successful one. on those counts, he's done well. on larger legislation he's not done so well. the failure of the health care reform and health insurance reform bill was pretty spectacular. if it isn't rectified, it will stand as a mark against him and the aerobic and leadership. >> bret: we have talked about the funding of government. we've got the health care bill, repeal and replace part two and then tax reform. >> tax reform and health care reform measures i think for him to claim, by the time we get around the congressional midterm. he will have to have achieved those things. those were significant promises. it's important for the substantive reasons that health care is in crisis. health insurance is in crisis and i think for the economy to boom the way a lot of investors expected it will come of the tax
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reform plan is very important as well. for political and substantive reasons, those are important achievements. if they are not reached, it will be a problem. he has a good chance in both areas but it's not going to be easy. remember, and we have talked about this before. even if they get the health insurance reform bill through the house, there's a long way to go. they have to get it through the senate and compose the differences between the versions and get it to final passage. that's a tall order. hills to climb but i think he's off to a pretty good start. it >> bret: how the sausage is made here in washington. as always, thank you. this week, we will be bringing you a five-part series on president trump's 100 days. the segments debut in the first hour every day this week and will be available on the "special report" homepage. tonight segment by chief white house correspondent john roberts is already posted.
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how would you grade president trump's 100 days? let me know on twitter. use the hashtag #specialreport. or on facebook. president trump has taken the rarest step of calling in u.s. senators or at least inviting them for a classified briefing on north korea. what does this mean. let's find out from jennifer griffin at the pentagon. >> u.s. defense officials say there are signs north korea is preparing for a fire power demonstration at an airbase on its east coast that could include the launch of a ballistic missile in the coming hours. the uss michigan, a nuclear powered ohio class submarine with 150 tomahawk missiles on board, is slated to pull into the south korean port of busan in the coming hours. the uss carl vinson will enter
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the sea of japan in the coming days. it conducted a two day military exercise at sea with two japanese destroyers and is near the korean street. all eyes are on pyongyang tonight. april 25 is the anniversary of north korea's army in kim jong-un often use the anniversary to test missiles. the white house announced today will hold a classified briefing on north korea for all senators at the white house wednesday. this is a highly unusual meeting. defense secretary mattis will be present, as will the chairman of the joint chiefs. vice president mike pence is cutting short his trip to hawaii in order to get back to washington. president trump hosted the u.n. security council memberstheir se today after speaking by phone again with the chinese president
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and japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the head of the u.s. pacific command will be on capitol hill this week testifying to congress about the north korean threat. >> bret: jennifer, thank you. new sanctions tonight against syria over its use of chemical weapons. president trump is calling for penalties against 271 employees of serious scientific and research center, the government agency for developing, producing nonconventional weapons. this is one of the largest sanctions in u.s. history. thousands of people today participated in a 2-mile march from the site of the nazi death camp at auschwitz to a larger camp. it is called the march of the living. it pays homage to the millions who perished in the holocaust. many of the marchers carried wooden plaques with messages of remembrance that they placed on
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the railway tracks. top iranian officials are rejecting allegations we told you about on friday. a dissident group said its advancing its nuclear weapons program. this comes as iranian nuclear negotiators are preparing to come face-to-face with their american counterparts in vienna. first time in the trump administration. rich edson is at the state department. sticker secretary of state rex tillerson claims the iran nuclear deal will ultimately fail to prevent iran from producing a nuclear weapon. and now after that substantial change in u.s. position from the previous administration, u.s. representatives will meet tomorrow with the other signatories of the nuclear agreement. western allies china, russia, and iran. >> my hope is that the united states lays down a marker and says this deal is going to be more strictly enforced. conditions or going to be more strictly interpreted, and iran is no longer going to get away with pushing the envelope and
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committing minor violations without consequences. stick with the obama administration viewed the iran nuclear deal as a separate agreement to address only iran's nuclear program. the trump administration says the deal should also consider iran's other aggressive behavior. it's ballistic missile program, international support of terrorist organizations, and imprisoning u.s. citizens. though the specifics of how the u.s. will further confront iran are still unknown. >> once we have finalized conclusions, then we will be ready, we believe, to better meet the challenges iran poses to the region. >> until the review is completed
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completed, we will ensure iran is held accountable to its requirements. stick with is a report political released entitled "obama's hidden iran deal giveaway." it claims the previous administration is part of the iran deal drop charges against 14 iranians suspected of arms related charges. downplayed it, and there by infuriated justice department officials and undermined efforts to prevent weapons proliferation sprayed >> get the proliferatiot back on track. disrupted by the obama administration's decision to emphasize getting the deal at all costs and the trump administration is going to have to fix the problems they cause. >> in january of 2016, a u.s. official said the charges were dismissed as a "it was assessed extradition requests were unlikely to be successful." the administration considers its options. there are challenges, primarily that the agreement allowed iran to receive billions of dollars in unfrozen assets and relief from international thinking. stephen rich edson of the state department. thank you. in a throwback to the cold war, defense secretary jim matta suggesting russia is providing the taliban with weapons to use against american backed forces in afghanistan. this comes as president trump
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mulls requests for more troops in what is already america's longest war. >> secretary of defense mattis arrived on monday in kabul. >> i would say we are under no illusions about the challenges associated with this mission. 2017 is going to be another tough year. >> afghan soldiers continue to do the bulk of the fighting but despite billions of dollars in american support, the afghan army is far from a capable military. the taliban are gaining ground three days ago, they carried out the deadliest attack on afghan troops since the start of the war. killing more than 140 as they prayed at a mosque. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general john nicholson, has requested a substantial increase in the number of american troops on top of the 9,000 already there. but it isn't clear if u.s.
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troops would rejoin afghan forces on the battlefield or accelerate the current u.s. training mission. both options appear to be on the table. however, the fight in afghanistan isn't just against the taliban. u.s. conducting counterterror operations against al qaeda and isis. u.s. forces recently targeted an underground isis tunnel compound along the afghanistan-pakistan border with its largest nonnuclear weapons. >> we are sending a clear message to isis, not only here in afghanistan but isis main. if they come here to afghanistan, they will be destroyed. >> afghan president is pressing the u.s. to do more to force pakistan to end its longtime support for the taliban. so far, the trump administration hasn't indicated whether or not it will. stephen conor powell, thank you. up next, back in the public eye.
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president obama takes center stage. one thing was noticeably absent in his remarks. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox a-train in new orleans. workers begin removing confederate-era monuments from the city. first to go, the liberty monument sprayed the city's mayor because of the most offensive of four targeted structures. the monuments are to be put in storage and eventually placed in a museum or other facility. fox 4 in dallas, a lawyer for the man dragged off at united airlines flight last week says he will represent a woman who was involved in an incident over the weekend on an american airlines jet. the attorney says what happened to the identified -- unidentified woman, the flight attendant stole a stroller, no word from american. this is a live look from fox 35. one of the big stories,
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president trump calls to congratulate an astronaut on a huge accomplishment. international space station commander peggy whitson has spent more time and space than any other american. she surpassed the previous record. president trump says he is more impressed by astronauts and any politicians he deals with. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report" paired we will be right
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>> bret: the u.s. supreme court has turned away an appeal from general motors seeking to block dozens of lawsuits over faulty ignition switches. gm contends it's no longer responsible for those damages
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since they occurred before it emerge from bankruptcy. an appeals court overturned it and said hundreds of claims could go forward. today the supreme court justices left the ruling in place without comment. the dow was up 260 points today. s&p 500 finished i had 25. nasdaq jumped 73. headline tonight out of former president barack obama's return to public life. >> president obama has had about three months to think about where the country so polarized and he is blaming pundits instead of policies for discouraging democrats and republicans from working together. the 44th president thinks congressional districts have been drawn and we were one party is likely to keep winning over and over, and that's coming that reduces the possibility of contrary and ideas were candidates. now he is trying to rebuild a
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national dialogue beginning at the community level. without naming his successor, president trump, he is gently trying to address one of the biggest issues from the campaign to replace him, immigration. >> i think it's important for those who support, as i do, immigration reform and pathways to citizenship for folks who are here, not to assume that everybody who has trouble with the current immigration system is automatically racist. that's an example of us being able to listen. >> now the former president's party is trying to win back the white house but struggling internally to unite around a message, because one of the leading voices in their postelection repair isn't even a member of the party. it is senator bernie sanders, they self-described independent, democratic socialist who is long complained the system is rigged. >> i think what's clear to
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anyone who looks at where the democratic party today is, that their model of the democratic party is failing. clearly the democratic party has got to change, and in my view, what's got to become is a grassroots party, a party which makes decisions from the bottom up. stick with the new dnc chair, tom perez, has been on a road show with sanders to show the so-called establishment sympathizes with sanders' supporters. talk about a new platform this weekend was derailed by a dirty word. >> he called it a skinny budget. i call it something else that begins with s. my mama taught me you shouldn't do potty talk but i hope you don't mind because this is a [bleep] budget. >> not uncommon for parties to have internal trouble but it's unclear how a four letter word helps democrats win four more years. >> bret: the u.s. senate has
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just confirmed sonny perdue as agriculture secretary. purdue was the 20th from cabinet member confirmed. that leaves two to go. labor secretary and trade representative. perdue is the cousin of senator david perdue. our container reports on the opioid crisis. on how treating the scene of the overdose might help prevent another one to basically loved being outside. he loved singing loud place to the goat dakota kilborn was 23 years old when a dose of heroin claimed his life. >> he said until you do it, you will never understand. it gets you and hold on to you and all you want to do is want it. as to coat the father was found unresponsive on november 18, 2015. >> he enjoyed life. >> police, intent on finding his supplier, follow the clues to new hampshire where two men were charged under a statute that aims to hold -- 25-year-old
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francis mealy, childhood friend, was sentenced to a year in prison. daniel fogg, who sold the fatal drug got 6.5 years. >> they are selling poison, killing people. they need to face a punishment. >> the previously little used charged is being used more in new hampshire. >> we were dealing with an influx of overdoses, overdose deaths. >> the special agent of the dea teamed with the attorney general's office and law enforcement to launch a collaborative program that trains officers and prosecutors. >> the syringe has become the murder weapon. >> a strike force was created. >> the homicide detective looks at things differently.
1:29 am
maybe would observe things of the crime scene. >> a database helps connect the dots. critics say. >> it is going to result in millions or tens of millions dollars spent on locking up drug dealers who will simply be replaced by other drug dealers. >> the program is getting attention, emerging as a model for other states. >> the abilities we have two investigate and hold people accountable are tremendous. >> this father wants dealers to know they will face consequences great >> too many of them are let go too easily or with a slan the wrist. >> investigators say they've heard that traffickers are keenly aware of the efforts here are and are trying to avoid coming to the granite state. >> bret: molly line in new hampshire. two arkansas death row inmates are scheduled to die tonight. state request for the two
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inmates have been rejected. they admit they are guilty of their crimes with their medical conditions, which include diabetes, high blood pressure, could complicate their executions. they are among the eight who sentences were to be carried out before the end of the month. so far, just one has been put to death. overseas, venezuelans are conducting a sit in today. their latest form of opposition to nicolas maduro. protesters shut down roads in caracas. sunday, the 21st person died as a result of the unrest. maduro says he will not give it to his opponents and is urging them to rejoin negotiations broken off in december. big changes coming to france. the question is how big. 2 out of the mainstream candidates have advanced in the presidential election. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot
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reports. >> the french people are finding they made some interesting choices on their way president. choosing between 11 candidates, the two top vote getters are advancing to a runoff in two weeks. for the first time in modern french history, candidates from neither of the two major parties are involved. the french are angry over politics of the past. >> it's about security, jobs, we have a huge unemployment in france. crippling the political and social system. >> the leading vote getter, emmanuelle macron. the investment banker is never held elected office. he is calling for reform and change in france. >> since yesterday, the right and the left are two old concepts. >> also firebrand populist
1:32 am
right-wing candidate marie le pen. the nationalist would like to ditch the euro currency and renegotiate france's membership in the new. >> translator: mr. macron doesn't offend trace of patriotism. he is hysterical and radical. >> le pen wants to tighten borders, kick out terror suspects, and control immigration. macron acknowledges that france has been hit by terror but sounds more inclusive. the french electorate has two choices for change. >> you are happy for macron? >> translator: we know nothing about him. >> it is trump versus hillary clinton? you escaped the worst. >> and an interview, marine le
1:33 am
pen said she was stepping down temporarily as the head of her party. they senior -- it's mostly apolitical gesture. in a tv address, francois hollande backed rival candidate emmanuel macron. >> bret: greg palkot in paris. thank you. it's your money. obamacare, the border wall. it's all in the table as we count toward what could be another government shutdown at the end of the week. we will talk about the negotiations are ongoing with the panel after a
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stay out front with tempur-pedic. our proprietary material automatically adjusts to your weight, shape and temperature. so you sleep deeply, and wake up feeling powerful. find your exclusive retailer at >> whenever the government shutdown, people blame the republicans. let me tell you. it will be the democrats were shut this government down.
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>> the republicans have the votes in the house and senate and white house to keep government open. the burden to keep it open is on the republicans prayed >> the president is working hard to keep the government open and adg various issues. stick with the president is very determined that we can get to sd economic growth of 3%. >> tax reform, health care, tax form, trade. with been hugely successful. >> bret: it's monday. busy week ahead. as you take a look at the campaign promises from canada trump. out of 55 individual promises, candidate trump made or committed himself to action within the first 100 days of his presidency. he's completed 18, made progress on 11, failed to produce on 26. look at at the latest abc news-"washington post" poll.
1:38 am
100 day accomplishments. compare that to president clinton, for example. 37, 63. in this poll, president trump is doing better than that. let's bring in the panel. mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." mara liasson, national political correspondent, national public radio and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. the focus right now is the government funding towards the end of the week. seems like the border wall is going to be the issue as we close in on friday. >> democrats have done a great job with obstruction. they don't have a lot of power for they've done a good job using whatever power they have to cause problems for president trump. this is a curious issue for them to obstruct on because i think in general while people might want a literal wall, they definitely care about border security and enforcement. these are areas where there
1:39 am
should be some negotiation. >> the wall as a metaphor. if donald trump can get something in the government funding bill about border security, he can claim victory in the democrats can say they didn't vote to fund the wall. he is already said he doesn't want a government shutdown period he's already backed up the final negotiating position. if he wanted the democrats would do something, has to be willing to shut the government down in order to get up but he's not. i think this is going to be worked out in some way. >> bret: here is the attorney general and the house minority leader over the weekend. >> democrats are fighting a desperate rearguard effort to stop this barrier. they will talk about fixing the border again and again and again but when the chips are down, they back off. let me tell you peer we are this close. >> the president talking about the wall is expressing a sign of weakness. he is saying i can't control our
1:40 am
borders. i have to build a wall. >> bret: charles. >> if you noticed in the sound bites, sessions used the word barrier. pelosi used the word wall. i think the democrats have cleverly tried to label it a wall. trump himself had called it a wall. as a candidate, which i think doesn't help. people have a visceral reaction to a wall. looks ugly, looks like a prison. people accept the notion of a barrier. we have a triple redundancy barrier, wires in san diego. has something like a 90% reduction in illegal immigration. the israelis have what is part wall, part triple wire fence. people accept the barrier idea, but if you look at the polling on the wall, i think the democrats have the advantage great i don't particularly understand why anybody would
1:41 am
object to a barrier of any sort at the border, even if it is marginally effective. nonetheless, as a political issue, i don't think it's going to work very well, particularly since trump has offered a $1 for $1 deal. every dollar that the democrats allowed to go to the wall, he will contribute to keeping obamacare alive. obamacare has risen in the polls by about 10%. the wall remains unpopular. it's not a good deal. i think in the end, particularly because trump said again and again, absurdly, again and again but he said it's great that it wouldn't cost us a penny. the mexicans were going to pay for it. here he is, he's going to shutdown the government, or at least that's how it will be portrayed over something he said the mexicans would pay for. i think in the end, if he wants to prevent a shutdown, he's going to have to give in on it. >> bret: short-term, mara, the
1:42 am
likelihood is we are going to get another continuing resolution. >> very possible they are not going to get it together by friday night. they will give themselves another week but everything a party in this negotiation is that they do not want a government shutdown period that means nobody is willing to go to the wall, so to speak, for the wall. and that's not going to happen. >> bret: let's turn to health care. everything we are hearing is that it's just not going to come together again for part two this week. but still, soon. >> there was some progress over the weekend as people got more information about the text of the legislation we have learned they are not going to go public with a vote until they have the vote, which seems like a wise course of action. i think there is no pressure to do it soon, just not this week. >> bret: what do you make of this characterization of this 100 days and what we will see from monday until the weekend? >> i think people want to see a legislative victory. if you look at things other than
1:43 am
legislation, it's been a successful first 100 days. he used executive orders wisely. putting forth his own ideas and rescinding some ideas that were unpopular with president obama. the igor sechin nomination was everything and it may be the only thing many of his voters cared about. you saw some interesting moves in terms of foreign policy. there remains to be seen whether they can be legislative action, whether this president could use his bully pulpit effectively. that's why we will have to see how things go. >> bret: he is going to push health care first before tax reform because he said he needs the $900 billion. >> he says he's going to come out with some kind of parameters, guidelines, principles on wednesday about tax reform. we have heard he wants a 15% rate for corporations, doesn't
1:44 am
care if it adds to the deficit. he has fallen for it and is desperate to get good reviews about the first 100 days. >> bret: we heard from the treasury secretary today about tax reform. >> middle income tax cuts, a priority of the president, simplification. the average american should be able to do their taxes on a large postcard. business tax reform had we need to make business taxes competitive. we expect with doing that we will bring back trillions of dollars from offshore. the tax plan will pay for itself with economic growth. >> bret: this is the holy grail when you talk to business leaders, this kind of equation, with more specifics, is what they are looking for. >> this is the single most important initiative, legislate legislative admission see -- tre
1:45 am
one who ran on it. he ran as a businessman and this is his one chance, and i think it will be a good chance, to stimulate the economy, get the 3% or near 3%. that would make his presidency. i think the whole 100 day thing is absurd. does anybody remember what obama accomplished in 100 days, or george w or clinton. all that matters is in your first term, and the key is going to be tax reform. if trump has to answer on the first term, i think he says gorsuch, keystone, dakota access, deregulation, and around the world he's put the world on notice that america is back. it's willing to act. those are major achievements. >> bret: will talk about the foreign policy aspect of this and all the things coming up. north korea, iran, and what's going on in france
1:46 am on in france ..
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wants to bring this into a conflict, given the instability, the mental in ststability of no korea. >> bret: we talk about china all the time, and they haven't been motivated to act on this front. >> they like the status quo. they like the buffer between
1:52 am
them and south korea. they don't really want the korean peninsula reunion identify. on the other hand, they don't want them to use a nuclear weapon. north korea doesn't want to give up his nuclear weapons. they see it to the key to the survival. all options sound terrible. a preemptive strike means hundreds of south koreaians probably die instantly. so it sounds like maybe the chinese are doing a little bit more, but i don't know how much they would have do to change the north koreans minds. >> bret: it is clear he is changing his approach when talking about the united nations. he has these u.n. ambassadors, rex tillerson will head up the security council, liking for pushing for resolution, that comes with the world half behind it. >> i think that's the symbolic element here. i think this is a full-court press. we do have a plan. i think it is a mistake to say
1:53 am
we're going into this blind. what general kelly what we just saw was a declaration that we're threw kicking the can down the road. we did that for 25 years, thinking this is open-ended we'll deal with it as it comes. this is the administration announcing the united states is saying we know this is coming within several years. if they acquire a ballistic missile that could hit the u.s., it is a new world and we're not going to allow it. that's an amazing staptement. all of this is a united kim jong- jong-un. china has had the benefit of having a thorn in our side, and no real crisis as the can is kicked. we tell the chinese we're acting within three or four years, whatever, the fuse is lit. i think that this is all aimed at china. that's the first step in our plan and china understands it is
1:54 am
not going to be the instrument of shutting or freezing the north korean program, the u.s. will act unilaterally. >> what is it that the u.s. is going to do? >> bret: first of all, they could shoot down a missile before it starts. >> that's the best thing, but short of that, if we make i preemptive strike. >> if we compton to te to the f point, yes, a preemptive strike. we can't live in a world like that. that's what you just heard general kelly say. that's a policy that means if the chinese have to calculate, it could be a bluff. but the chinese and the north korea is going to have to calculate that that is a plausible threat and what will they do. i think what could happen at a minu minimum, which would put a damper on the crisis, the chinese imposing a freeze on the program. it could be that they won't be able to get them to dis mantle
1:55 am
it, but a freeze might be acceptable as a minimum. >> bret: you have u.s. senators heading to the white house tomorrow. a big dustup that the white house is hosting this, the senators weren't called there. they invited all of the senators to get a classified briefing on north korea, molly. >> that is a rare occurrence. i don't remember how often that has happened. typically it is something you hear about before major war action, which is not to say that's what is taking place here. but that's clearly an indication of how implement a threat this is. >> 100 senators, it will be unclassified pretty fast. >> isn't that the whole point? that's the point, you know it won't be kept secret. it will leak and it is another mess sa message to the chinese that we're serious and you better do something. >> bret: we'll cover all the angles. when we come back, a major historical find.
1:56 am
1:57 am
.. >> bret: finally tonight, a real national treasure. discovered, a major piece of american history found in all of places, great britain. a copy of the declaration of independence was discovered, written on the same size parchmeant, not ground by
1:58 am
states. researchers believed the declaration originally belonged to the third duke of richmond, known as the radical duke, because he supported the american revolution. there you see it there. what's not clear, how the document made it to great brittain in the first place and whether it will come back to the u.s. it is like that movie "national treasure." who knows. thanks for inviting us into your home. two hours today. how did it go? fair, balanced, unafraid. we'll be back tomorrow, 5:00 p.m. eastern time to 7:00 p.m. the first 100 days hosted by martha maccallum, tha change it is tuesday, april 25th. another act of defiance by north korea as the rogue nation want to they live fire drill to mark
1:59 am
its anniversary, the us not backing down, nuclear their shores. >> donald trump races to day 100. >> the tax plan will pay for itself with economic growth. >> what is inside the plan? a big meeting plans for today. >> dirty jeans off the rack. why work hard? >> this is a world defined by fake everything. >> department store under fire for selling bloodstained jeans. "fox and friends" first starts right now. ♪ kick them when they are down
2:00 am
♪ kick them when they are down ♪ >> bloodstained jeans. got to get to that story. >> the wife thinks i was busy in the yard. >> you are watching "fox and friends" first tuesday morning. chris back donald trump going full speed ahead into the 100 day mark with a meeting on tax reform. jon: mike pence raising him to tackle potential budget crisis. chris jenkins live in washington with what to expect. >> steve mnuchin and other top officials head to capitol hill today to meet with mitch mcconnell, and speaker paul ryan ahead of the scheduled announcement, dropped by


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