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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 25, 2017 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier. in washington for this special to our edition of "special report." just blocked an order from president trump seeking to cut off funding for so-called sanctuary cities that limit cooperation with federal authorities over immigration enforcement. preliminary nationwide injunction has now been imposed. it will stay in place while the pending lawsuits from several cities move forward. this is, as you may remember, the second time a judge has blocked an executive order from president trump over his immigration policy. we'll follow this breaking story and bring you live updates and reaction as it comes in during
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our two hour show. this judge is judge william orrick. but first, an argument among friends. it is a trade war brewing with our neighbors to the north, and what the latest moves between u.s. and canada potentially mean for you and for the u.s. economy. president trump is imposing a major tax on canadian lumber and threatening that tariffs on dairy products could be next page when it comes to protecting u.s. companies dealing with global competition, this president is signaling he is not playing around, adding this happen to reporters, "we don't want to be taken advantage of by other countries, and that is stopping. that is stop and fast." thinking that president trump is being unfair and punitive. here to tell us what the tariff tussle is all about from sheboygan, wisconsin. >> calling it a bad week for
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u.s. canada relations as he outlined a new tariff on lumber imported from canada to the u.s. the duty ranges, costing canada $1 billion as estimated by the department of commerce. >> not a question of president trump messing with canadians. we believe canadians violated legitimate practice to the degree we are correcting what should be correcting. >> president trump did not hide that the latest shot was in response to pricing by canadian dairy farmers. he tweeted, "canada has made business for our dairy farmers in wisconsin under the border states very difficult. we will not stand for this. watch." >> canada, what they have done to our workers is a disgrace. >> dependent on what is called ultra filtered milk that was sold into canada, but canadian dairy farmers drove the price down and the u.s. out of competition. 75 days in new york and wisconsin were notified on aprio
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longer have a fire for their milk on may the first. after seven generations, this farm, looking at the potential of shutting down. >> we would have to have an auction, we would have to sell the cows. there is -- yeah, that would be her only option. >> lost revenue to u.s. firms is estimated at $150 million. at the end of the month, u.s. dairy farmers will be faced with the problem of too much milk, not enough buyers. >> if you dump your milk, no way to pay for it, can't pay your bills. >> not canadian protectionist pricing. >> the challenges that they dairy industry faces in the united states and canada is a global market issue, not one that is caused by canada. >> the canadian minister of foreign affairs as well as the minister of foreign resources issued a sharp rebuke to the u.s. tariff on wood, calling it unfair and punitive, also stating that it will increase the price of new homes, putting
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them out of reach for tens of thousands of american home buyers. >> canada depends on the united states. 75% of their experts are bought in the u.s. it is only 18% u.s. to canada. the president said he does not fear a trade war because canada has a surplus, the u.s., a deficit. >> bret: thank you. let's talk about this canadian trade situation and the state of the u.s. economy. fox business networks trish re. 20% tariff on canadian lumber, how much does that matter to the u.s. economy? >> in the scheme of things, it's not a ton of tax revenue. we are talking about a billion dollars. and then there is some concern about the housing market and whether it would drive housing prices up via higher costs for number, but that is on the margin. it's not expected that it would have a huge effect because lumber is not the most important are most expensive part of building a home.
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really what it comes down to here is that president trump is sending a message great his administration is sending a message to canada, to mexico, to china in that we are taking it very seriously. if you think that you can bring your goods to the u.s., goods that are subsidized, and sell them here in the u.s., we are not going to allow it. this is what wilbur ross is saying, they get a subsidy up there in canada, and those lumber builders are then bringing that number to the u.s. and they are able to sell it more cheaply because they have this subsidy from the government. were not going to allow it. it is saying something to china and mexico, don't forget, this president wants to renegotiate nafta. >> bret: it is all interconnected. we will put it up on the board, a great day on the markets, yesterday a great day too, it seemed like they reacted positively to the french
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elections, the talk of tax reform, also some good news from companies, right? >> earnings have been looking good and there is a lot of optimism. i told you before, wall street wants these tax cuts, they expect to get these tax cuts, it is important that they do. they don't even necessarily care about when just so long as they actually happen. the expectation is that they will come through. look, there are some good things out there. i would say one should feel heartened by the fact that this is not all induced, not about money printing, the fed's interest able to the opposites. this is about substantive economic policy, which is what we need, tax reform, looking at these trade policies, a lot of people are uncertain about it, how that actually hurt our trade balances. but overall, there is a sense that it was businessman and office and with the cabinet
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around him like wilbur ross that understand the economy, hopefully we are moving in the right direction. >> bret: we will see and follow it here. as always, trish, thank you. we are a little more than three days from the midnight friday deadline to come up with money to keep the government running. everybody says no one wants a shut down, so are all sides making any progress. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is watching the action tonight. >> republicans dropped money for a border wall in the latest offer but are demanding increases in defense spending and border security. later today, president trump city is not giving up on the border wall permanently. >> the ball is going to get built and the wall is going to stop drugs and it is going to stop a lot of people from coming in that shouldn't be here. >> taking the portable off the table for now seemed to ease tension and detox, and the hope is that a deal can be struck. >> i don't want to start talking about a short-term cr on a
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tuesday. we are hoping to reach an agreement in the next few days. on how to process the entire bill through september 30th. >> the senate democratic leader took credit for setting that promises side. >> senator mcconnell wanted me to negotiate the wall with president trump. i said to them two things. first, it's not a negotiation. no wall. second i said, only you can persuade him that he should do the wall because it will cause a government shutdown. >> some republicans are pressing schumer and other democrats from voting in 2013 to commit about $40 billion to border enforcement measures as part of comprehensive enforcement reform including 700 miles of fencing, but now they are resistant to president trump's call for a ball at the border. >> because they don't want the president to have a victory on this, which is petty, peevish, partisan. >> in reality, a combination of
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drones and fencing and other more sophisticated means would be a much more effective way to secure the border. >> this morning, the senate majority leader spoke cautiously with talks on funding still taking president. >> i look forward to conversations with our colleagues in the white house we can get this important work done. quite soon. >> the house majority leader expressed confidence about the outcome. >> a shut down is not productive, there is no need for a shut down, we will not shut down the government, we will continue to fund the government. they shut down in communication and targets are by democrats. >> rounding up democratic votes in the house that lawmakers are cutting it close. >> it is absurd that we are 72 hours before shutting down the government and we haven't reached an agreement because we keep trying to leverage issues that don't have support. >> hoyer is relevant because it is expected they will need democratic voids and senate to
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pass it. other unresolved issues including health benefits for minors, sources suggest kentucky's own mitch mcconnell is committed to getting that done. bret? spohn mike emanuel live on the hill pro will hear from the white house a little later on in the show. same form a security advisor michael flynn right face criminal prosecution. the panel is getting its first look at classified military documents showing the retired general did not ask for permission or inform anyone that he was taking payments from russia and turkey. >> as a former military officer, you simply cannot take money from russia, turkey, or anybody else, and it is appears as if he did take that money. it was inappropriate, and there are repercussions for the violation of law. >> despite all of these very troubling developments, last wednesday, on april 19th, we
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received a response from the white house refusing to provide any of the documents we requested. >> bret: flynn's attorneys told the agency would be traveling to moscow to attend a gala for a russian- flynn served as president trump's national security advisor for less than a month. he was asked to resign after lying to the vice president about his conversations with russia's ambassador to the u.s. in the 6:00 p.m. opera, catherine herridge has this story in depth and reaction from the hill and the white house. an official with homeland security says there is no imminent plan to expand the list of devices that are not allowed as carry a mortgage on flights to the u.s. from certain foreign airports. right now, laptop computers are prohibited. the official also said there is no timeline for adding other airports to those under restriction. three former new york city police officers and a former
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prosecutor are facing conspiracy charges tonight in a bribery scheme involving gun permits. court papers stated officers traded speedy handling of permit applications for vacations, jewelry, cash, and visits to strip clubs. the former prosecutor is accused of funneling broadway and sports tickets to the officers along with cash. the nypd police commissioner says more than 100 gun licenses have been revoked so far. when we come back, our series on president trump's first 100 days looks at how he picked his team and how that team is doing. t to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist. wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you
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>> bretaking an in-depth look at president trump's first 100 days in office. he hit that milestone saturday. and by the president and his aides called and arbitrate guideline, it is when he has been pointing to and one that has been used before. tonight can achieve white house correspondent james rosen looks at the people around the president and how the president chose his closest advisors and how they are doing overall. >> i would like to introduce a man who i truly believe will be outstanding in every way and will be the next vice president
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of the united states, governor mike pence. thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you. >> donald trump's first choice he made six months before inauguration day, by many accounts, is smartest. >> i want to thank you, vice president pence for your wonderful introduction, but maybe more importantly, for your incredible service to our country. you have done an incredible job. >> across the first 100 days, mike pence has served multiple roles, as a bridge to conservatives, . >> the shield stands guard, and the sword stands ready. >> and a reassuring presence on trips to europe and asia, two allies overseas. >> i did think that vice presidents mike pence is probably his greatest asset and that should certainly be kind of engaged at every level. >> in an interview with
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fox news, the only member of the trump team who cannot be fired says he speaks to the president's nearly every day. >> to be around president trump is to be around someone who is constantly generating ideas into tasks and giving direction. >> this is washington's favorite parlor game. who is up, who is down, who is in, who is out. >> the reports continued to swirl about steve bannon feuding with the president's son-in-law. >> it has been full of tension as he aides jockeying for position and power. >> we know from the campaign, he is ruthless. you come and you go, and the people who are wise about him realize that they may be here now, but maybe not tomorrow. >> that was certainly the case for general michael flynn, the former head of the national defense agency who served only 24 days as white house national security advisor before being fired for having allegedly
2:19 pm
misled vice president pence about the substance of flynn's discussions with a russian ambassador. >> mike flynn is a fine person, and i asked for his resignation. he respectfully gave it. >> flynn was succeeded by army general rachel mcmaster, a decorated commander in iraq and afghanistan who was also the author of "dereliction of duty." shortly after president trump ordered his only military action in the first 100 days, targeting a syrian air base from which a chemical weapons attack had been launched days earlier. mcmaster told fox news the national security team was now so well integrated they were conducting the strike while china's president was visiting my logo posed no stress. >> nobody even really broke a sweat over it. >> members of the team have sometimes sung from different songbooks paid at him money was invested nikki haley was bluntly predicting regime change in syria, second of state
2:20 pm
rex tillerson was saying we syrian people would decide the fate of bashar al-assad, and shortly after tillerson certified iran is combined with the nuclear deal, the white house press secretary suggested otherwise. >> is the president concerned that iran may be cheating? >> that is why he is asking for this review. i think if he didn't, if he thought everything was fine, he would have allowed this to move forward. >> i think we are setting a record or close to a record in the time of approval of a cabinet. i mean, the numbers are crazy. >> as of midnight monday according to figures a release, of nearly 1100 political appointees requiring senate confirmation, president trump had nominated only 58 and has secured confirmation for only 25. his immediate predecessor, barack obama, by this point, had nominated more than three times as many and secured confirmation for more than twice as many as mr. trump has. some analysts see the new chief executive adjusting slowly to the transition from the private sector. >> there is an of corroborating evidence to suggest there is some dysfunction in the
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white house, and i'm frankly concerned about it. you have to member the president ran a campaign with an extremely streamlined staff, but this is an enormous undertaking. the u.s. federal government has a budget that is 12 times as large as the largest private sector organization, so you can't really run it as lean, perhaps, as the president thinks he can. >> interviewed by the associated press' julie pace on friday, president trump said he thinks his white house team doesn't get the respected needs. he said they entered a very tough environment, adding, it's not easy for white house staff to realize you're going into a situation where you're going to get no democratic votes in congress. >> bret: what about the right has chief of staff reince priebus? >> clearly the critical job and a learning curve of sorts, but by the accounts of many white house staffers, he has gotten his arms around this. that is evidenced in the streamlining of the process for executive orders that he attended to write after the first travel ban was rolled out. he mastered the timetable for
2:22 pm
the gorsuch nomination, such that gorsuch would be seated on the supreme court in time for some very important cases. lastly, was reince priebus who chaired the famous bannon-kushner meeting, seen as evidence that he has the primacy that a white house chief of staff needs. >> bret: thank you. we will be talking to the secretary of state, rex tillerson, be interviewing him on thursday here on "special report." joining us now from "the five" which began airing at 9:00 p.m. eastern, bob beckel and kimberly guilfoyle. congratulations on that, guys. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> bret: i want to talk to you about the people surrounding president trump. kimberly, your thoughts about how he has put together this staff and the perception of them? >> you know, i think some excellent points were made in terms of this being a bit of a transition from president trump coming from the private sector and now going into government. i think he is putting people around him that he trusts and he
2:23 pm
values their opinion. that he wants to make certain going forward the people that he chooses that our people that can be long-term, that he can really have in his inner circle. i think it's better to around the side of caution in terms of who you bring around. i think so far, he is happy with the people that he has, been able to work through some conflicts and some initial growing pains. that being said, he hasn't had the easiest time from the democrats in terms of getting his cabinet filled and he also has a number of deputy positions that he needs to fill as well. so i would like to see the pace picked up there, but i understand the process and also the political obstacles that have fallen his way. >> bret: bob? >> that's what it is, one of the big problems. this is a guy that comes in out of the business sector and has a certain way of running his business, which is very much executive centers with a few people he is loyalty.
2:24 pm
you can't run the federal government like that. it is too big as it is. the other thing is, i think this inside the white house, chief of staff situation, is far from over. and the idea that somehow these people are on the same page, all you had to do was look at what the press secretary spicy said in contrast rex tillerson said about the iranian sanctions. iranian nuclear program. i don't think they are on the same page at all. >> bret: let's talk but it is development and this deadline coming up about funding the government. this is about the wall. here is the president and the senate minority leader. take a listen. >> we remain optimistic that we can reach an agreement quickly with our republican colleagues on the hill. we are committed to doing exactly that. the fact that the wall is now off the table, americans should breathe a huge sigh of relief,
2:25 pm
negotiations can resume and move for pete >> the wall will get built, folks. in case anybody has a question. the wall is going to get bailed. >> we are already preparing, redoing plans, redoing specifications. >> in your first term? >> sure. plenty of time. got a lot of time. >> bret: all indications, kimberly, that the funding bill is going forward without the specific border wall in end. what does that mean for this administration? >> i think there's a lot of discussion behind the scenes, obviously a lot of people playing this out on television in terms of the positioning and you don't want to have something to be completely intractable to begin with. nobody wants the government to shut down and certainly don't think the new president wants to have that, inherited that kind of problem as well. so i think the new wall is going to be built? yes, i do. and i think he is going to find a way to look for it -- pay for it. this is probably something that is going to take some time.
2:26 pm
the indicators are that it is going to get done in terms of the number of bids it he is currently reviewing and these thousand designs of the wealthy has been talking about as well. >> bret: bob, if he doesn't get the bricks and motor in this funding, is that okay? >> no, it's not okay. i think they are going to get to mars before they get this wall builds. here is the reality. every time that trump has gone up against the congress when he needs the congress 'help on whatever it is, except for gorsuch, and they had to change the rules to get that done, everything has low-hanging fruit. this guy. >> president obama, the predecessor, is the executive order too, let's not kid around. >> bret: see, that is what "the five" is all about. not 9:00 p.m. congrats on the first night. still ahead, first daughter ivanka trump food today in
2:27 pm
germany. we'll show you why and what she said after that. first, the u.s. and iran -- and we talk to an investigative reporter who has been working the story for a while about how far president obama went to get it all done. (vo) gentlemen, beggin' skinny strips or beggin' black label? there's two?! now this is a delicious dilemma! introducing new beggin' strips premium edition. twwwoooooo?!?! with real meat as ingredient one. everything to your liking? mmm mmmmm... new beggin' strips premium. becaussssseeee beggin'!
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♪ >> bret: u.s. and iranian nuclear negotiators are face-to-face tonight in vienna. it is their first meeting since president trump took over. and he has been highly critical of the iran nuclear deal set up between the iran and the west, adding to that new revelations about president obama's efforts to get that deal done. the latest from the state department, correspondent rich edson is there tonight. good evening, rich. >> good evening, . the first official meeting of the iran nuclear deal and the countries who signed that agreement and the quest for the united states under this administration's shift in policy. the previous administration
2:32 pm
negotiated the deal. the current administration says it represents a failed approach. iranian state media reports that commanding deputy minister for legal and foreign affairs says that as the entire world knolls and repeated reports have confirmed, iran has always been committed to its obligations and carefully implemented the jcpoa, also known as the iran nuclear deal. he then claims the other side cannot recently feed the united states, has not fully compliant with its obligation. the u.s. denies that. a just-released statement, saying all of the countries represented at the vienna union today noted their continued adherence to the commitment. announce the united states is reviewing the steel visteon weapons expert says the new administration can and should continue to pressure iran. >> the trump administration is taking much more holistic look based on that iran is our adversary and is doing things to harm our interests, certainly
2:33 pm
has gotten the upper hand. it has been a stronger position than the u.s., and i think you're going to see across-the-board increased pressure brought to bear on iran. >> the state department claims iran continue developing its missile program and funding terrorism internationally. officials say part of the administration's review will examine how the u.s. can confront all of iran's behavior and potentially use the new clear agreements to address it. the state department says all is going to be looked at in terms of where the u.s. can apply pressure. the meeting in vienna comes one day after political publish the results of an investigation that detail how the previous administration, as part of the iran deal, dropped charges against 14 iranians suspected of arming terrorists. downplayed edge command and undermined efforts, they say, to prevent weapons proliferation. a state department spokesperson says that only the u.s. remains committed to nonproliferation
2:34 pm
and export controls paid >> bret: rich edson with the state department. joining us now is the author of that political report, josh myers, senior investigative reporter. thanks for being here. tell us why people should look at this as important, this revelation about what you found out in your report. >> that is the first time i've heard the state department's response, so i will be curious to get my take on that from them. i think it is important for several reasons. one of them is that, when they did they very well choreographed rollout of the iranian deal and ally mentioned sevenhey iranians that were either freed from prison or freed from vail, awaiting charges. the official rollout of it did not include any of the details about 14 other fugitives. they were mentioned in passing in a statement, but nothing about 14 fugitives, some of whom are very high on the list of
2:35 pm
targets of u.s. counter proliferation efforts in terms of iran's nuclear program, ballistic missiles programs, so these are some pretty dangerous people. >> bret: there are some doj sources who wanted to get reaction to your peace. they said that none of the iranian individuals named in the swap, whether it is the seven that were up for clemency or the 14 against whom charges were dropped, had american blood on their hands, and they are pushing back that the deal hampered the justice department counter proliferation efforts saying there are 90 cases being investigated by the doj. i will tell you they went provide any details of any of those cases, saying they are under seal. what do you say to that? >> i mean, all of that was in my story. it was back-and-forth with the justice department for many weeks on this. so that is a little bit off target. i mean, the 90 that they mention is individuals and entities. often one of these cases will have five or six people and ten or 12 companies and so forth, so to say that is a lot of people,
2:36 pm
no context to that at all. i have talked to dozens of people for the story, current and former officials, fbi homeland security people, justice department, you name it, they all said that in the run-up to the deal, the iran indio and the prisoner swap, body 14 to 18 month. enactment somethings were delayed, undermined, we are talking about investigations, prosecutions, efforts to lure them to third country so they could be arrested, efforts to extradite people. today we are writing a story, it should be up now but the senate foreign affairs committee -- excuse me, the house foreign affairs committee wants a lot of answers to this defendant specifics. >> bret: the bottom line here, josh, is that the amazing lengths that the obama administration went to get this deal across the finish line, not on the specifics of the deal but kind of the side deals that were just learning about and some i'm sure we don't know about yet.
2:37 pm
>> yeah. i think once the deal was implemented in january of 2016, you know, slowly the system kicked back. in a year there were more prosecutions, including some that appeared to be on hold for many, many months, if not years, one dated back to 2008 that we mentioned in the story. there are people that think this whole effort to sort of keep the counter proliferation efforts in check, the law enforcement effort of it, while they got the deal done, has harmed the process going forward, you know, perhaps indefinitely. david albright, we just had on the show, he said that we basically, you know, dismantled the infrastructure that we had put in place to go after iran and its nuclear network in the united states. it's going to be hard to pick up the pieces and get that going again. >> it is a fantastic story. thanks for being on. speak up my pleasure. >> bret: a rocky start for ivanka trump, visitors were not
2:38 pm
too kind during a panel discussion, but the german leader may be trying to win ivanka over. we'll get into all that when we come back. bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart.
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♪ >> bret: what could be a political minefield that over efforts to fight isis in syria. an air strike from turkish jets has killed about 30 u.s.-backed iraqi and syrian kurds. there were no american troops among the casualties but there were some u.s. troops about 6 miles away. while the u.s. views the kurds as allies, turkey sees them as enemies, namely the pkk. both tried and failed to get turkey to call it off. south korean media reports north korea's military has conducted a huge live fire drill involving more than 400 pieces of artillery. today is the 85th anniversary of the founding of north korea's
2:43 pm
army. experts had expected some kind of military display today. meanwhile, the american nuclear powered submarine, the uss michigan, is said to be on its way to the region. american aircraft carrier strike group, the uss carl vinson, is already headed there. they took a finalist in the press prejudicial election attended a memorial for the police officer slain in last week's terror attack in paris. isis claimed responsibility for the attack on the champs-elysees that left two officers and a tourist injured. the gunman was killed. centrist candidate emmanuel macron and anti-immigration proponent marine le pen where the top finishers in sunday's voting. they face off for the presidency next month. ivanka trump says her dad, the president, is committed to positive change for women in the american economy. the first starter made the comments in germany during her first official international outing as a white house advisor. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg is in
2:44 pm
berlin tonight. hello, amy. >> hi, bret. ivanka trump came here on the invitation of uncle americo. this was to discuss women's entrepreneurship and developing it, but in the end, ivanka trump really ivanka trump had to defend her rather unusual role and her father's attitude toward women. now, merkel and trump had met a month ago, cohosting a meeting on the subject of vocational training. there had been some questioning of that arrangement, the seating of a political neophyte next to a political european leader. the press here is called ivanka trump the first whisperer. the panel press today pressed her on her position. >> who are you representing, your father as the president of the united states? the american people? or your business?
2:45 pm
>> well, certainly not the latter. and i'm rather unfamiliar with this role as well as it is quite new to me. it has been a little under 100 days, but it has just been a remarkable and incredible journey. >> then, when trump touted her father's support of family, some in the audience hissed audibly. >> you have he has been a trems champion of supporting family and enabling them to thrive. >> you hear the reaction from the audience. >> but ivanka kept her poison went on to show that she is well briefed on women and jobs alongside high-powered panelists including christine lagarde. she went on to the technical academy, trump calling germany "a trailblazer." then it was on to the holocaust memorial. now, ivanka said the panel now
2:46 pm
actually, bret, and added some concrete results, the announcement of an international fund to provide cash for women starting small and medium businesses, that is something that she plans to take home with her. also, she had an opportunity to burnish our foreign policy credentials, and asked angela merkel, she certainly had a chance to further hone a very important relationship and conduit to the president of the united states. bret. >> bret: that is key for germany. amy kellogg just before midnight in berlin. thank you. up next, we'll talk with the panel about the budget battle at home head of this possible government shutdown and the possibility of a trade war with canada. but when family members forget,
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trust angie's list to help. [ barks ] visit today.
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♪ >> and we don't want to be taken advantage of by other countries, and that is stopping. >> do you fear a trade war with canada? >> not at all. >> why not? >> they have a tremendous surplus with the united states. >> the wall is going to get built, folks. in case anybody has any questio question. >> when will they will get built? in your first term?
2:51 pm
>> got plenty of time. got a lot of time. >> bret: president trump talking about canada and what he is doing as far as tariffs and in lamenting them. also talking about the border wall and what that means going forward with the funding deadline at the end of this week. bring in our panel, stephen hayes, mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist" ," mollie, let's start with canada. you had president trump tweeting this morning, canada has made business for our dairy farmers in wisconsin and other border states very difficult. we will not stand for this. watch. and you have a now 20% tariff on softwood lumber coming from canada, and the administration saying they are not going to put up with what canada has been bringing in. what do you make of that? >> the trump administration is trying to make this seem like a trade for when that actually is not exactly right.
2:52 pm
these types of duties on lumber have been in the works for month, part of an issue going back 30 years with canada. you saw this type of duty under the reagan administration, under the bush administration. and it is true that canada has a cartel that fixes prices on dairy. it is also true that we have a very messed up system with their own dairy market. we have subsidies and protectionism that have really made our market inefficient to market forces. so we can point to what they are doing incorrectly but we have a lot to clean up as well. these are unrelated issues. sport also signaling, had the commerce secretary out today, that they are wanting to renegotiate nafta. >> if ever there were a reason to start a trade war, it would be in protection of wisconsin dairy farmers, probably consume more wisconsin derry, wisconsin she is -- >> bret: if you just stopped, that would be a trade war.
2:53 pm
but as a general rule, molly is right about the context, this happens, hundreds of these kind of advance, little back and forth as countries try to negotiate for their own industries. >> bret: so why are they doing it? >> i think he wants to send a message, say we're not going to be mistreated anymore. consistent with what he said during the campaign about the tpp, with respect to china, this is who donald trump is. i do think it is a perilous path to travel, one thing to make an argument to make a point, quite another to follow through on policy after policy after policy. if you ratchet up this kind of rhetoric and you start to implement these policies one after another after another you do risk trade wars, and free trade is better than highly restricted. >> one of the interesting things about the trans-pacific partnership, that had something in it that would have helped
2:54 pm
deal with canada's price-fixing system. this is something trump ran against but would've helped with precisely this issue. >> bret: but it also sends a message to china as they are negotiating on another front, north korea. i want to turn to the border issue and to funding. republicans dealing with democrats for funding without funding for a wall. >> there is not going to be funding for a wall in this build. they might just get a short-term agreement, friday, late friday, even republicans openly saying today, not going to be funding in this appropriation paid sean spicer was sort of pushed to the brink at the press briefing. he said, this does not mean a delay, taking it down the road, they want to show forward progress. four days away from the 100th day. another can kick down the road just like the obamacare repeal, just like tax reform, and i think that is something the
2:55 pm
administration is going to have to answer with -- answer for on the 100th day. >> bret: if the government doesn't shut down, they get a deal but it doesn't include a border wall funding, is that somehow a loss for the president trump and his administration? >> he has been explicit that he meant the wall literally and it was something he would achieve. people have tried to reinterpret that he was talking about border security which would have been a wise thing for him to focus on. i don't see how it can be interpreted otherwise. >> if we were to name three things that donald trump said repeatedly during the campaign that will identified with his candidacy, this would be one of them. we are going to build a wall. mexico is going to pay for it. i think it is an open question. most people say we will not, certainly not across the entire expanse of the border. the question is whether mexico is going to pay for it or will they be sort of creative math to come up with ways to make it look like mexico paid for it.
2:56 pm
the administration is smart to back down on this in particular because it would have been odd if president trump's white house were fighting to make u.s. taxpayers fund a ball that he said mexico was going to pay for. sleeper issue for friday, if obamacare subsidies are in this bill. obamacare still exists. are republicans going to fund it? that could be a sleeper fight that could come down to the brink on friday. >> bret: we will follow it. that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a brand-new hour of "special report." two hours nowadays until the end of the week. latest government funding news, the media's treatment of president trump, and how construction in one state is being delayed. everything you want to see on "special report" after this quick break. ♪
2:57 pm
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comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made even the kiwi an enjoyable experience try super poligrip free >> bret: breaking news from a federal judge that may slow some of the precedents policy plans. this is "special report" ." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington come on bret baier in the second hour of "special report" tonight. a federal judge in san francisco has just come up with in the past couple of hours, imposed an injunction on president trump's executive hour designed to cut funding from sanctuary cities, cities that disregard in some way federal immigration law. that comes on a date when a battle over the border wall continues, democrats have insisted they will shut down the governments this weekend rather than give president trump money
3:01 pm
page tonight commits praise the president and his administration have backed down, at least this time. that is not, however, the way he sees it. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off. >> it was the centerpiece of president trump's election campaign. his supporters knew it so well that he could, at campaign rallies, engage in a call and response over who would get pay for his vaunted border wall. today it became clear, for the moment, no one is going to pay for it. >> we love our farmers. >> at a roundtable with american farmers. >> i don't know what people are talking. i watch these shows and the pundits in the morning don't know what they are talking about. the wall gets built. >> despite the president's admonition that the pundits don't know what they're talking about, the white house off its
3:02 pm
demand that money for the wall be included in the spending bill. instead, the president is asking for money to repair and replace some existing border fences and building a make a few new sections. the broader fight will wait until the fall budget battle. >> our priorities are clear going into fy 17, and we will continue to ask for more in fy 18. >> an american barrier may not be a wall at all. officials say the border patrol want something it can see through. parts of the border may be covered by an electronic wall. >> in the interim you see other smart technology and other resources and tools being used toward border security. >> the white house is confident it avoid another government shutdown, although it now looks medicare will be a continuing resolution to keep it running while working out the details of a longer plan in the next couple of weeks. the president also likely won't get his promise to repeal and replace obamacare within his
3:03 pm
first 100 days. the earliest a vote could take place is now looking like next week. tomorrow, the president will unveil his next big agenda item, tax reform. the plan includes a massive cut in tax credits. >> we've got to do everything we can to get economic growth going. >> it is possible the president could get buy-in from some democrats as long as he pledges tax relief for small businesses too. >> i am ready to act, but we got to see the details, and it's got to be something that is fair for small businesses as well as large and for working people. >> significantly increasing the amount of lower income workers. the president is also moving to protect jobs in the timber industries, taking aim at our closest training partner, canada, for what he calls unfair subsidies for milk and softwood lumber. canada has made business for our dairy farmers in wisconsin and other border states.
3:04 pm
difficult, the president tweeted today. we will not stand for this. a 20% tariff on canadian forest products. >> not a question of president trump messing with the canadians. we believe they violated the legitimate practice, and to the decree. correcting that, it should be corrected. >> the retaliation drew bipartisan support, senator charles schumer, who opposes the border wall, today tweeted at his support for the president, saying, "fighting for new york dairy farmers on this. glad city president of united states join our fight, and undercut a policy that joins our farmers. praising the lumber tariff, a statement saying that today's announcement sends the message that help is on the way. >> bret: john, what can you tell us about the breaking news about the latest setback for one of the president's executive
3:05 pm
orders. >> judge william orrick of san francisco issued a temporary injunction against enforcement of the january 25th executive order that the president took in which the president took aim at sanctuary cities, aiming to deny federal funds to certain sanctuary cities who did not enforce the immigration laws. judge orrick said that the law is unconstitutional and that he is blocking its enforcement until a number of court cases that have been filed against that executive order make their way through the courts. spoke with the folks at the justice department late this afternoon. they are still reviewing judge orrick's order before they determine how they are going to respond. >> bret: quickly, john, the second time a federal judge has stepped in to really throw a wrench into what the president is hoping to do with immigration policy. >> third time, in fact create your number that first executive order was blocked and then be rewritten one was blocked, and now this. the president is 0 for 3 on his
3:06 pm
immigration orders. >> we'll see what they do to fight it. about 30 kurds are dead, bombed in an air strike by turkish forces. these are u.s. backed forces killed by turkish military. both sides are supposed to be on the same side as the u.s. in the campaign against #specialreport. correspondent doug mckelway is at the pentagon tonight with this story. >> good evening, bret. last night, the attack happened about 8:30 p.m. east coast time, and wild turkey to give one hour's advance notice to the united states and to russia, it made no attempt to seek approval from its nato allies nor to coordinate their attacks with coalition partners, so there was no time to make for the u.s. to alert its kurdish allies. the turkish warplanes struck at three different targets in northern syria and iraq. the closest u.s. troops were
3:07 pm
6 miles away. turkey's attack prompted a swift condemnation here at the pentagon for one official characterized it as very serious, and in a written statement, noted, "these strikes were not approved by the counter coalition that led to the unfortunate loss of life of our partner forces in the fight against isis, including the kurdish patient ." >> the point were made to turkey, and i am making now is that turkey cannot pursue that fight at the expense of our common fight against the terrorists that threaten us all. >> it was just last monday that president trump called a president erdogan to congratulate him on his election victory, gave him expanded powers. the first western leader to do so. his report, the syria fight just got more complex. that complexity is derived from the u.s. need for both kurdish and turkish support the fight
3:08 pm
against isis, but turkey considers some of our kurdish allies, like the ipg, to be terrorists. at the same time, the u.s. can't afford to alienate turkey, a nato partner, using the air force to launch strikes. all sorts of nuclear bombs positioned. the bottom line, bret, that old adage "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is being put to the test as two of our alleys to make allies go at it tooth and nail. back to you. >> bret: doug mckelway live at the pentagon. thank you. iran and the u.s. don't like each other. that is clear. they don't trust each other, either. it is against that backdrop that negotiators from the two countries met in vienna to talk about their agreement over iran's nuclear program. correspondent rich edson tells us what happened in the state department tonight. good evening, rich.
3:09 pm
>> the european union has just released a recap, noting their continued adherence to the iran nuclear deal. the situation is much more complicated than that. >> the signatories are meeting in vienna, and for the first time in the united states under the trump administration has joined them. one weapons expert says they have convinced allies to strongly administer the agreement. >> there is a lot of room for better enforcing this deal and making iran accept that, first, it is not going to get away with this kind of low-level cheating, and at the same time, getting rewards for things that should be reported about. >> secretary of state rex tillerson has announced the united states is reviewing the iran deal as he says it represents a failed approach. the administration says it wants to connect the nuclear agreement
3:10 pm
to other destabilizing behavior. missile launches and supporting terrorism. the administration says it plans to adhere to the agreement during its ongoing 90 day review. one republican senator and member of the foreign relations committee says the u.s. and its allies should focus on how to constrain iran after provisions of the nuclear agreement expire. >> in just a few short years, they have a pathway to a nuclear bomb. what happens, we have to work with our allies around the globe once again to address what happens when this deal expires. >> in announcing its review of the iran nuclear agreement, secretary tillerson also pointed out iran continues to imprison citizens on false charges. two of them are father and son, like the iran nuclear representatives, the araghchi family also traveled to vienna. i urge the iranian government to step back before my father or brother or both of them die
3:11 pm
under custody. >> the attorney telling fox news the senior administration official in the u.s. delegation confirmed just before getting of the tax that the united states would press iran hard to release the namazis, and political published a piece resulting from its investigation into the iran nuclear deal. it claims the obama administration agreed to drop charges against 14 iranians suspected of helping armed terrorist groups, infuriating prosecutors and damaging u.s. efforts to prevent weapons from spreading. >> their people to think this will effort to sort of keep the counter proliferation effort in check, the law enforcement effort, while they got the deal done, has harmed the process going forward, perhaps indefinitely. >> within the last hour, bret, the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee has sent a letter to the secretary of state and attorney general jeff sessions asking for a briefing on what had transpired in any investigations or prosecutions that were trapped
3:12 pm
under the iran nuclear agreement in the last administration and to provide them as well-paid >> rich edson live at the state department. from support of terrorists to threats from israel, the u.s. has plenty of reasons not to trust the iranians. good evening, james rosen. you covered the story about the dissident group that had new information, they said, from satellite photos in iran about efforts at a military facility in iran. he saw the political peace. you have seen more anecdotal evidence that the iranians are not living up to the deal. what do think the policy will be. >> not just one particular different reviews underway with different timelines. one is focused on the jcp away, the joint conference of plan of action, that is the actual deal, expected to be wrapped up within 90 days because within 90 days, secretary tillerson is going toe
3:13 pm
a decision about whether he wants to certify that iran is living up to the terms of the jcp oh eight , a separate view about the facets of iranian behavior that are troubling to the u.s., the ballistic missiles, the support for terrorist groups, so on, so forth. there is no timetable on that review. bottom line is that from both of these reviews, we can expect the trump administration is going to get tougher. what they really want is a change in behavior from the iranian regime and they seek getting tougher as the most direct avenue. >> new mexico in the administrn decouple those two things. the trump administration is fusing them back together and come up once, calling for new sanctions as a result? >> it was what gwyneth paltrow would call a conscious uncoupling. yes, the trump administration, no longer inclined to see these as disparate issues. a senior administration official told me a short time ago that the obama administration had an
3:14 pm
incentive because they were so committed to getting this done to excuse that behavior. those days, i'm told, are over, and there will be a tougher line drawn on ballistic missile tests and support for terrorism and so forth. what they can actually do about it is tough to say right now because iran is a regional power. >> bret: you covered some of the inner workings during that obama administration may state affirmative point of view -- from a state department point of view. >> things that were explicitly left out of the terms of nuclear deal such as access to the dollar for transactions for iran within basically, after the deal was finalized, agreed to anyways, and recess secretary of state john kerry drawing up business, been a little reluctant to dive back into iran. >> bret: i knew it would be only you who click aquinas paltrow into a discussion about iran. >> we just juiced the numbers. sport [laughs]
3:15 pm
this week will be bringing you a five-part series of president trump's first 100 days. the segments debut in our 5:00 hour. hopefully you are here to see that. they will be available on the "special report" homepage. tonight's segment by james rosen about the people of the president has hired until they are doing will be posted there shortly. might be there already. you can find last night story about by john roberts there now. today, the president participated in a capitol hill ceremony marking holocaust remembrance day. he says that people that deny that 6 million jews were killed in the holocaust are accomplices to horrible evil and purveyors of anti-semitism. >> it has been on display in the most sinister manner when terrorists attack jewish communities or when aggressors threaten israel with total and complete destruction. this is my pledge to you.
3:16 pm
we will confront anti-semitism. >> bret: the president promised to always stand with the jewish people and the state of israel. the u.s. is moving a guided missile submarine into the waters near north korea. this latest muscle flexing an intense stare down between the communist nation and the u.s. correspondent benjamin hall on the developments tonight. >> moving ever closer to the peninsula. today, the uss michigan, a guided missile simmering, arrived armed with ballistic missiles and up to 124 tomahawk cruise missiles like those used in syria. in a few days, the uss carl vinson strike group will also arrive, giving president trump plenty of options. >> north korea is a big world problem and it is a problem we have to resolve.
3:17 pm
>> the president, who will host all 100 senators at the white house tomorrow for a special briefing on north korea north korea, received praise for his briefing. >> i am impressed with his commander in chief skills. he is not going to that this nut job develop a missile with a nuclear weapon on top. he doesn't want a more anymore than i do but he is not going to the them get a missile. >> today, north korea celebrated the 85th anniversary of the founding of its military. analysts had feared the day would be marked with the testing of a nuclear device or ballistic missile, but so far, nothing. the north koreans to carry out major live fire drills said to involve 300 to 400 pieces. from a diplomatic front, the u.s. envoys in north korea today met his counterpoint from japan, south korea, appointed again with a lack of engagement from the north. >> we really don't believe that north korea is ready to engage
3:18 pm
as towards denuclearization. >> changes also in china, today sending an envoy to the same meeting, another sign of their growing engagement on the issue. >> there are more and more people in the top chinese leadership, i think, who understand they divided korea is not in china's best interest. >> with the uss michigan waiting patiently in south korea, pressure continues to grow on the north. >> so tensions continue to rise, continue to simmer. all eyes on that meeting at the white house. it is very rare for a president to invite all 100 senators to the white house in this way. eyes around the world looking to see what comes out of that meeting tomorrow. bret? spunk benjamin hall live in london. up next, why some landowners in washington state say a gofer has more property rights than they do. just to be clear, that is a gopher, not a golfer. fox 46 in charlotte,
3:19 pm
north carolina, announces his impending retirement of dale earnhardt jr. has been named nascar's most popular driver a record 14 times. his late father, dale sr., one of the greatest drivers of all time. dale earnhardt jr. is just 42 but he has been plagued by concussions. he is newly married and says he wants to start a family. box 25 in boston where sheriffs are urging state lawmakers to consider increasing the tax on retail marijuana sales. they want the revenue to be used for substance abuse prevention and treatment. and this is a live look at chicago from affiliate box 32, one of the big stories there tonight, the officer who dragged a passenger of united airlines flight last week and tells his side of the story. james long says in this just-released report, dr. david dao was verbally and physically abusive when asked to relinquish his seat. a video of funk dragging the 69 euros man down the aisle
3:20 pm
resulted in a public relations nightmare for the airline along with an expected lawsuit. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. with ugly bare spots. but scotts ez seed changes everything. our finest grass seed plus quick-start fertilizer and natural super- absorbent mulch grow grass anywhere. guaranteed. this is a scotts yard. mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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>> bret: take a look at the markets. the dow searched 442 points, the nasdaq was up nearly 42. as we said, the french elections, tax reform, also some good earnings factoring in. tonight, another tale of how good intentions can end up being very bad for a lot of people. it has to do with the possibly endangered animal and how the effort to save it as causing real problems for humans.
3:24 pm
correspondent dan springer tells us about it from olympia washington. >> a property owner's worst nightmare in thurston county, washington, a single mound of dirt has the potential to stop any and all development in its tracks, just ask steve and deborah mclean. they have been trying over year to get a permit to build a house on their land. >> the gopher has been able to enjoy our property this entire time, and they have more rights to our property than we do. >> the mazama pocket gopher themselves over the u.s., but the u.s. wildlife service listed three as being threatened, even though the agency can't guess how many left. >> it is not based on number, it is based on area and threats paid >> the area is prairie land and the threat is any construct. >> had to give up 64% of the property were built the house, a little over an acre of ground, and 64% had to be fenced off as gopher habitats. >> getting it building permit
3:25 pm
can take years. hundreds languish on a list waiting for gopher inspectors to visit their property three times, but only over a five month window in which golfers are most active. a small private college sitting right next to the fish and wildlife service has also learned a hard lesson about property rights and they protected gopher. plans to build a new science lab in this open field got rejected after they found evidence of a gopher. now they have to cut down all those trees. ironically, fish and wildlife has gopher is next to its backdoor. it building that would never be approved today. but something over territory are paving the way through the red tape. kaufman real estate got the okay by building $3 million on 77 million acres somewhere else for permanent gopher habitats. patrick dunn wants to manage the conservation banquet which could operate like a cap and trade gopher tax paid >> gophers are fantastic animals, really critie
3:26 pm
ecosystem. >> many property owners who have never actually seen a pocket gopher may disagree. in olympia, washington, dan springer, fox news. >> bret: california has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and they are about to get even more strict. gun rights advocates are trying to draw a line in the proverbial sand out there. correspondent william la jeunesse explains tonight. >> california is the capital of gun control come up lawmakers last year passing a sweeping set of restrictions. >> we in the legislature will act with the appropriate level of urgency in response to the growing scourge of gun violence in our streets. >> monday, gun advocates fired back. >> they are coming at gun ownership from every angle. it is all completely inappropriate. >> the california rifle and pistol association plans to pay her six lawsuits the first challenges the ban on assault-style weapons including the popular ar-15 with a
3:27 pm
detachable magazine. >> guns that are chosen by people, by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes, those kind of guns are protected by the second amendment. >> the group also claims california's ban on high-capacity magazines, those with more than ten rounds, violates with the supreme court considers a reasonable restriction. >> making it more difficult for me to reload my gun when i'm out shooting isn't going to help you when you are mugged in an alleyway paid >> large capacity magazines, the ability to rapidly reload, correlated with higher body counts paid >> gun control groups defend california statewide gun database and its law prohibiting assault rifle owners from selling or giving their guns away. >> background checks to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people are not only responsible in common sense law but they certainly don't violate
3:28 pm
anyone's constitutional rights. >> another restriction being challenged, the law requiring ammunition buyers to pass a background check. police like it, gun advocates don't. saying these are only meant to fire up those attending this week's nra meeting, where the group will likely celebrate the selection of justice neil gorsuch who could make a difference could should any ofe and in the supreme court. bret? >> bret: thank you. a new secret service director, retired marine major general randolph falls. 35-year-old veteran -- a 35-year veteran, i should say, he inherits a secret service that has been headstrong by a series of security issues. the news not good tonight for the man who was briefly president trump's national security advisor. two members of congress say
3:29 pm
michael flynn probably broke the law in his dealings with foreign entities. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. >> the chairman and ranking member spent an hour this morning in a secure facility reviewing certain numeric classified records, and both concluded that mike flynn likely violated four-line on his security clearance. >> personally, i see no information or no data to support the notion that general flynn complied with the law. he was supposed to seek permission and received permission from both the secretary of state and the secretary of the army prior to traveling to russia to not only accept that payment but to engage in that activity. i see no evidence that he actually did that. >> i agree with the chairman. i mean, he was supposed to get permission, supposed to report it, and he didn't. there is no evidence of it.
3:30 pm
>> the congressman said the national security advisor did not declare the december 2015 trip to nasco where he got $45,000 for a paid speech and stand with the russian president to celebrate the anniversary today, in a statement, flynn's attorneys deputed the order saying general fund briefed the agency extensively regarding the trip with before and after the trip, and he answered any questions that were posed by dia concerning the trip. flocked to the request for flynn's records covering his hiring and firing as national security advisor as well as his contact with foreign governments paid >> to semimonthly national security advisor, whose job it is to talk with foreign counterparts, to document every call that he may or may not have made, is not a requestl be filled. but every document they have asked for is my understanding that he has gone.
3:31 pm
>> bret? >> bret: more on this with the panel. we are nearing the completion of president trump's first 100 days in office. you may have heard that in a couple of places. howard kurtz takes a look at how the media are covering the milestone. >> president trump has both dismissed the 100 day mark and raised to meet it. >> president trump calls it a break. ridiculous standard. but today, touting the 100 days of stark accomplishments, top -- not shy about making the case. >> when you think about what he started, moving forward on tax or from, health care, trade, it has been a hugely successful first 100 days. >> we see that this president has done a lot in 100 days, 12 or 13 rollbacks of congressional review act, 28 or so executive orders. >> in a "wall street journal"
3:32 pm
nbc's charlie commencing the president is off to a bad start. a poll mike poll with the numbers at record those. the president is scoffing at those surveys on twitter. the two fake news polls released yesterday, while containing some very positive info, were totally wrong. also found only 28% saying democrats are in touch with most americans concerns. fdr's fast start created the arbitrary benchmark and trump has talked it up before. >> today i would like to provide the american people with an update on the white house transition and our policy plans for the first 100 days. >> he pushed his budget yesterday at the white house with conservative voices as laura ingraham, breitbart, daily color, and christian broadcasting. the president for market, telling the ap that his last appearance on, "we face the
3:33 pm
nation," then a rally in pennsylvania which happens to coincide with the white house correspondents dinner that he had already decided to snub. >> donald trump not only a counterpunch or, a good counter programmer, he will draw live tv coverage away from the glitzy gathering of journalists he is constantly criticizing. >> bret: the president gives a little on the counter of all in order to keep the government open. blocking his sanctuary city plans for the time being, and a standoff with canada. we'll talk about it all with the panel after the break. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love.
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in the lexus gs 350 and gs turbo. experience amazing.
3:36 pm
>> this has been going on for a while, and we are not going to put up with that. i love canada, but they have outsmarted our politicians for many years. agriculture and rural prosperity in america, that is what we want.
3:37 pm
and we don't want to be taken advantage of by other countries, and that is stopping, and that is topping fast. >> do you fear a trade war with canada? >> not at all. they have a tremendous surplus with united states. whenever they have a surplus, i have no fear paid virtually every country has a surplus with the u.s. we have massive trade deficits. we have no fear. >> bret: president trump talking camera and trade. has to do with softwood lumber but also dealing with milk and affecting our dairy farmers. just moments ago, the canadian minister of national resources responded. >> our government disagree strongly with this decision. it is unfounded, and we will vigorously fight for the interests of the canadian softwood lumber industry, its workers, and their communities. these unfair and punitive duties
3:38 pm
will negatively affect people's jobs on both sides of the border and will ultimately increase costs for american families who want to build or renovate homes. >> bret: so obviously we are dealing with u.s.-north korea, we are dealing with u.s.-northi, but also when it comes to trade, u.s.-canada. editor in chief -- laura ingraham and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. laura, i guess he is sending a signal that they are serious about trade. >> he campaigned on this. this is one of his core issues, wildly popular in states like wisconsin. big dairy farms they are. cheese production. also pennsylvania, ohio. we haven't heard a u.s. president speak about the dumping of cheap products into the united states and obscenely
3:39 pm
low prices that has devastated american industries, and that is why so many turned out in the old rust belt states, and this will be very popular among rural americans and i think other americans. it's not surprising that canada responds -- candidate should respond that way. they are going to fight for their workers command we are going to fight for our rookeries and our industries. that's way it should be. there should be an efficient marketplace where both sides have a chance to represent their workers and their industries. vigorously. and once they get probably taser actually confirmed, which, i hope mitch mcconnell gets that done, we are going to see if a grace argument at the world trade court for american workers. that is what president trump campaigned on. >> and second of commerce ross was out making that case today, priebus. ron wyden put out a statement about this, today's announcement sends a
3:40 pm
message that it is on the way, but tough trading enforcements, old american lumber businesses from fully realizing their potential. this does cross party lines. >> that is very true. i was going to bring that up. it is striking to me. usually you see in these fights that democrats are unified, here is ron wyden, a pretty liberal guy from the state of oregon, but given the presence of so many who are in the lumber industry standing up and saying, this actually is a problem, particularly call attention to his language. he said it distorts the trade relationship given the premiums that canada puts on its products. >> bret: what does this mean for china, for example, when they see this. did they say, look out? >> the real question is, how it plays out here. we haven't talked about u.s. consumers, u.s. home buyers, and
3:41 pm
the like. and there are a lot of and ciliary industries that would be touched by this, and i think that is what the canadians count on, going to be squeamish attitudes coming from, let's say, real estate people. if they are suddenly saying, we are short, can't do this, then it has broader impact than just the lumber and dairy businesses. >> bret: trails? >> that is the problem with protectionism. if we were to prevail upon the chinese to stop big steel, and we would raise tariffs on steels, this has happened in the past, great for steelworkers but not so good if you are making autos or other stuff out of steel. the costs are passed down and they become less competitive. juan is right. he put a tariff on the lumber, homes are going to be a little more expensive. i think after having insulted australia, south korea, japan, mexico, just about every one of
3:42 pm
our fans, it is about time we hit canada. i still haven't gotten over -- i have a personal animosity. i think this is trump proclaiming a principle that we are going to be really tough on trade because the tariffs are our dairy products. going to be outrageous. but he is doing, he is bargaining. here is my opening bid. i threaten you with tariffs on lumber. you show us some give on theory. i think it will likely get this done. i can't imagine we are going to start this administration with a trade war with canada. i could understand china, but this is our closest ally in the world, and in a way, it is gratuitous. >> the word protectionism as i was thrown around. anyone who stands up for american workers and american companies. >> some workers, not all workers. >> what donald trump campaigned on his on issues like cold
3:43 pm
rolled steel. barack obama, george w. bush, ronald reagan, most presidents invoked some type of temporary tariff to make the market marke efficient. it is distorted now. we had a 20% dumping in cheap steel in the united states. i think we had 18 out of the top 20 steel manufacturers in the world were american. now i think it is about three. there are ancillary effects. we tried globalization and let et al. ride on the wto, and we got donald trump as the preside. >> the ancillary effects are in every industry that uses the products. if you raise the price -- >> we also have american workers who have jobs and the beauty parlor and the shopping center and all the people who can spend money instead of being on government welfare. >> and people and construction are going to lose jobs if the
3:44 pm
price of lumber rises. that is very simple. >> bret: obviously this is going to be a battle back and forth between canada and the u.s. i want to turn to another issue with the administration today, and that is michael flynn, the congress investigating him. take a listen to it jason chaffetz and also sean spicer. >> as a former military officer, you simply cannot take money from russia, turkey, or anybody else, and it is appears as if he did take that money. it was inappropriate. there are repercussions. >> the white house has refused to provide this committee with a single piece of paper in response to our bipartisan request, and that is simply unacceptable. >> everything being discussed prior to his employment at the white house occurred as a consultant. whatever he did, as long as he dated in compliance with the la law, everyone of us has a right.
3:45 pm
>> bret: michael flynn was there less than a month. juan, your thoughts on this? >> two thoughts on this. on the one hand, michael flynn has been in the intelligence agency, not like, chi, who is michael flynn, but does michael flynn understand that once you leave the intelligence communite forthcoming, especially -- and i think this is especially, he may have thought, i'm just doing my thing, but when it comes to your security clearance, if you are not properly disclosing all of your payments, connections, that is illegal. you can't do that. okay. what is it intentional, and was flynn trying to cover up a relationship? i think that is out there. >> bret: talking now but his contract work with turkey and money he received from russia. >> he should have revealed it. it asked the question on the form, it is the government, we know they are going to watch him and told him to the highest
3:46 pm
standards, and he should have been held to a high standard. he should have revealed it. he didn't reveal it. i'm not sure how it's relevant. he is no longer working in the administration. the left wants to tie this to the administration and the fantasy they will stay with as long as possible. >> bret: senator schumer saying it was the tip of the iceberg. >> there is no iceberg. this could be the reason my friend has been asking for immunity in return for testimon. it has nothing to do with the administration. it is a mistake on his part, doesn't involve secrets or collusion. i think it is irrelevant to that. it reflects badly on him from what we know today. >> bret: next step, foreign policy, a host of issues the administration is dealing with, plus ivanka trump heads oversea overseas. my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis.
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>> that is something i'm very, very proud of my father's advocacy long before he came into the presidency, he's been a tremendous champion of supporting families. and enabling them to thrive in a new reality of you here the reaction from the audience. >> i certainly heard the criticisms from the media and that's been perpetuated. but i know from personal experience the thousands of women who've worked with and for my father for decades when he was in the private sector are testament to his belief and solid conviction in the potential of women in their ability to do the job as well as any man.
3:51 pm
>> ivanka trump in berlin at the invitation of the german chancellor angela merkel. a group of 20 countries talking about women's entrepreneurship and there you heard the boos and hisses around supporting families that president trump is that. were back with the panel. that is probably what's going to get the headlines, but the fact that she was invited over there in the fact that she wants this is a big part of the story. >> she traveled to europe before her father. she made the first trip for the trump family to this event for women. she's taking the lead on women's issues, but it doesn't surprise me that they booed her. letting a lot of people on the left initially thought ivanka trump is going to moderate donald trump work be this moderating calming influence and i think a lot of conservatives thought what are we going to do? i think in the end, she's his daughter and she's going to support what he does. he has employed thousands of women over the years.
3:52 pm
yet she is going to get booed when she says that because they don't like what he represents. i hope she understands that. they don't like him. they don't want him to succeed as a conservative populist or protecting american sovereignty. they like the globalist president. so doesn't matter how well ivanka does on the stage, those euro elites are not going to like donald trump. it's a literal dislike of him and shall probably learn that it fully. >> it's a different role for a first daughter to also be a senior advisor. >> i was going to say if you wanted a testament to trump and his attitude towards women, he could say look at ivanka. he has trusted her in. the boys are given responsibilities but i don't think it's any higher than the trust that's been put in ivanka, his daughter. but to me, i disagree with what laura said because i think this is about women's issues and it's very hard for me to understand why you wouldn't say that he would get mention of him as a great supporter of women and
3:53 pm
families, why people wouldn't be blowing him given what happened during the campaign and the liabilities that he had. >> versus bill clinton? >> supporting health care that works for women, women's self-care. >> if you want to talk about health care, there's a lot of disappointment there. >> if you want to talk about abortion, we can do that but what i'm saying to you as with the women's bar chair, large major march. i think lots of people including conservative women who were antiabortion who eventually got pushed out wanted to participate in that march. i think there are major issues. >> name five. >> charles. >> i think i'll stay out of tha that. i do think it's interesting. we really haven't had an intimate family member exerting a lot of influence since johnny kennedy and bobby kennedy. i think her role is far more ceremonial, she's acting like a
3:54 pm
first lady. she was abroad who, cutting a lot of ribbons, has a lot of advice that she gives in private. but i think she's kind of like a vice president representing her father and the country that's perfectly okay. but we really haven't seen this in almost 60 years and remember, the kennedy ended up sort of like the royal family of the united states. there were expectations of the offspring of the cousins of the brother. i'm not sure it's going to happen here but it's a fairly rare occurrence here. that's why her role is such an odd one and in fact, it's never been delegated to a daughter or son, it's always been a spouse of the brother or sister. >> in the meantime, the backdrop for all of this, the international trip, the vice president is just back from asia. you have a rom that there reconsidering on the iran nuclear deal and north korea is
3:55 pm
obviously a dominating audience attention throughout the world. >> you really see donald trump hoping that china steps in to help on north korea. it is a big question about whether you can approach china from this position of not relative weakness. you go to china and say we need help on north korea we go to china with a position of strength and say you want to deal with this on the position of trade. were going to be strong on those issues. but we need your help on this because this is just the right thing to do. it's a tricky deal with china on this. so that's hard and the iran deal, he came painted all this as well. he's going to stick to campaign promises. >> the is they have to say that iran has been compliant with the deal. it they're not happy with the spirit and what we saw on the reporting today is that president trump actually pulled a document back and pulled to commentary to make it clear that he's not happy with iran. he doesn't like the iran deal. in terms of complying with what's written on the paper, i
3:56 pm
think it galls him to have to be the administration, get their playing by the rules. >> just getting some breaking news from the persian gulf. we'll bring you an update right after the break. at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. z2bjgz zvpz y2bjgy yvpy you know win control? be this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached.
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>> fox news alert developing at this hour. a u.s. navy destroyer had another close encounter with an iranian revolutionary guard, fast attack craft in the persian gulf today. two u.s. officials telling fox news the guided missile destroyer uss mayhem actually happened monday, altered course to avoid the iranian worship. it is getting details about that that this hour. a danger signal, fired players, manned the weapons when the iranian ship sped towards the u.s. worship. they close to 2,000 yards but
4:00 pm
did not come closer. this time, no warning shots fired. this is another close encounter in the persian gulf. we'll keep you covered here on fox news channel. two hours today and all week, fair, balanced, and unafraid. see you tomorrow. [cheers and applause] >> martha: good evening everybody. welcome to "the first 100 days" town hall. tonight we are live in canton, ohio. the white house is pushing hard to put some points on the board on day 96. today, they were slamming canada on an unfair trade deal and huddling over these major tax cuts that we expect are going to roll out sometime tomorrow. while insisting that this campaign promise will happen. watch. >> were going to have the wall built. the wall gets billed 100%. so while fielding questions about th


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