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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 26, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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o is for out of this world. l is for loving the seasonal cuisine. abby: some thought the ad was too soon after worldwide outrage for violently dragging a passenger off the plane. heather: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> bret: federal judge in san francisco blocked an executive order from president trump, seeking to cut off funding for sanctuary cities. >> san francisco is the city kate steinle's murderer found refuge. >> i love canada but they have outsmarted our politicians for many years. so we did institute a very big tariff. >> our government disagrees strongly with this decision. >> canada should respond that way. they are going to fight for they're workers and we are going to fight for our workers and industry. >> entire senate converging on the white house today as tensions continue to rise with north korea. >> appears that north korea is now closing than ever to
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putting together a nuclear weapon. >> 15% attacks on the corporate side. lower income earners there is going to be a big tax credit. >> i was actually during the obama administration laid off three times. it's stifle ling to be from ohio and watch a president come in that gives you so much hope. ♪ never stop ♪ start me up. brian: is that music coming from the white house? ainsley: president trump's favorite group. steve: any time you invite 100 u.s. senators over you naturally start with the british invasion. ainsley: in january the president said if you are a sanctuary city you are not getting federal funds well what happened yesterday a liberal judge in the san francisco area said that is unconstitutional and he has blocked that executive order. we are going to be talking about that today. first we will collect in with
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pete who is live at pete's restaurant. you have your own restaurant in ohio? >> that's right. that music was actually coming from pete's restaurant. 6:00 a.m. already. brian: starting you up. pete: we are all fired up. they don't open until 7:00 but they are opening early at 6:30. i have three joe's. help decide the fate of this election. breakfast with friends day 97 with president trump. asking them questions all morning long. the chicken scramble i hear is fantastic which is what i will be having. brian: also they is a dimmer. not make it too bright in there. that's fine. little by little open up your iris. steve: pete at pete's restaurant. ainsley: pete is like what are you talking about? brian: that's all right. steve: critical day ahead for president trump. is he set to sign two more executive orders in his 100 day mark dash. brian: that's not all.
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in just hours, we're going to get our first look at the white house's plan for tax reform. ainsley: griff jenkins is live in d.c. with those details. griff, a lot of people excited about those details. >> a lot of voters want to hear about the taxes they are cranking start me up because it's going to be a very busy day for the president as he signs two more executive orders. first and foremost president trump will unveil the broad outline proposing tax cuts for individuals and businesses that could mean much needed relief, something that white house press secretary sean spicer says is exactly the goal. >> got to do everything we can to get economic growth going and job creation going. i think the more we can do to make our country, our businesses, our manufacturers in particular more competitive, that's good for american workers u. >> one thing we will hear a lot about is the corporate tax rate with the plan expected to slash the rate from 35% to 15%. but democrats, like debbie stable now is wary of it.
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>> the devil is in the details. if they're only talking about the corporate rate and not helping small business, i think that would for me be a nonstarter. >> the president will also sign those two executive orders. one of which will direct the department of interior to direct national monuments predecessors one sparked controversy. what you see there is the bear's ears in utah 1.23-million-dollar. some are suggesting a more limited size and scope. this will put things to a legislative test. and finally, the president will invite all 100 senators to the white house, not being summoned. just having a meeting but all heading there in this rare meeting to be briefed on north korea by secretary of state tillerson. secretary of defense mattis, director of national intelligence dan coyotes and the joint chiefs chairman joe dunford. guys. steve: busy day. griff, thank you very much.
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if you were watching yesterday you saw the that the nasdaq ended at 6,000. never been that high before. obviously wall street is excited about the president's tax plan. everybody loves the idea they would cut the corporate rate down to 15%. when it comes to individual rates according to the "wall street journal" today. they are trying to figure out how to reduce the number of brackets. they are still debating where to set the guidelines. the rates. president trump said out on the campaign he would like to see that 33%. but steve mnuchin his treasury secretary says he would like to see it at 37. currently it's almost at 40%. so whatever they wind up with is going to be lower than it is. ainsley: when means more money in your pocketbook which means you are going to spend more money and grow the economy. brian: early on i think it's significant that the border adjustment tax that speaker ryan wants is not in. this is a time unlike which healthcare the speaker of the house actually has expertise in the area is not taking the lead and maybe they feel as though last time they let him
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take the lead it didn't go through so he is not taking it now. when they want to make this deficit neutral so far the only thing will be deficit neutral if it brings in that extra money back and repatriots some of the funds that will be the supply side things theory as opposed to i'm taking from this pile and putting it into this pile. steve: will it be bipartisan? they hope. so because it sounds like they are going to include two things. one, a tax break for child care, which was ivanka's idea. number two a big from a structure thing for the democrats. stay tuned. you will see it live right here towards the fox news channel as the president announces his plan a little later on today. ainsley: all right. in other news, lit's talk about the sanctuary city deal because when president trump was running for office, he said if you are a sanctuary city and not arresting people who are criminals and making excuses for them and turning a blind eye then we are not going to give your city any federal funds. the doj agreed with them. doj tried to implement this on friday.
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a judge in san francisco, that same ninth circuit judge that liberal judge this one judge has said that is unconstitutional and he has he blocked the president's executive order. brian: who is that judge in by the way, here is their statement from sean spicer when this came down. obviously very disappointed. again disappointed by the courts. spicer said in this decision occurred in the sam sanctuary city released the five time deported illegal immigrant who did yogunned down innocent kate steinle in her parents arms. putting criminal aliens before the safety of ou citizens. those city officials who offered those policies have the blood of dead americans on their hands. if you look at the judge that ruled against the administration, it really should not be a surprise, even though what your political leanings are should have nothing to do with your judgment. it's hard to separate the two. steve: look, he was a bundler. he raised over $200,000 for president obama. he personally donated $30,000
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to groups supporting president obama. he issued a restraining order against the group that uncovered those planned parenthood videos which were horrific. so it sounds like is he partisan? look at that right there. just the fact that the white house said the blood of dead americans is on their hands, this is a gift to the gangs. that is harsh rhetoric but at the same time, the white house feels that it is important to go ahead and withhold the money from three grants. it's not all the money that the federal government gives these sanctuary cities it's three simple grants. what's interesting is those particular grants were dolled out during the obama administration. so, i was reading some analysis today on hot and it said that the order blocked that we're talking about the executive order stops things from that point of view. however, the attorney general of the united states, jeff
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sessions still, by statute can withhold those three grants. he can still do it. so effectively it's a big headline where, look, donald trump loses in the ninth circuit again, but nonetheless, if it only affected those three grants to start with and jeff sessions can still stop the money for three grants what does it do? ainsley: it violates the constitution. you might wonder why he is doing this. it violates the constitution because you are trying to punish local governments by depriving them of funds without notice or opportunity to be heard. so my question is why doesn't the president give them notice and why doesn't he give them an opportunity to be heard. then if he is still not pleased with their answers after they have been heard then he can stop the funds. brian: judge napolitano is going to come on next hour and go over this in detail. essentially says this. here's the money local and state governments. these are the criteria for getting this money, then have you legal standing. but if you just got the money and then come in later and say these are some of the criteria
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for keeping it, that's the legal argument against it. i'm not saying i agree with it. they also say this judge orrick congress divest spending power not in the president. give you legal argument. not the logic. if you don't adhere to the law. that's the only thing the attorney general can do. making progress even with democratic mayors about cracking down on those living illegally amongst them and contacting them. ainsley: bottom line is, just like you heard in the montage at the beginning of the show the lady was so excited and so hopeful when the president was elected and now she feels so stifled. all these executive orders are getting blocked by liberal judges. many people feel like they are not being heard. steve: the way it works it's blocked right now and goes up the court system. where's it going to land? we will keep you posted. 6:10 here in new york city. jacque ibañez joining us today with a road trip for the senate. >> good morning. jack jack good morning to everyone at home on this
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wednesday. entire senate converging on the white house today as tensions continue to rise with north korea. of the president will be there for at least part of the briefing with top defense leaders. right now u.s. warships are locked and loaded in south korea. today in a show of force, the air force will test intercontinental ballistic missile off the coast of california. tensions mounting as a u.s. destroyer has another close encounter with an iranian ship. u.s. officials say the iranian vessel came within 1,000 yards of the uss. the destroyer flier ago flare as a warning but the iranian ship caused forward causing it to change course. in january the same u.s. ship fired warning shots at different iranian warship in a different situation. newest member of the house is sworn. in republican ron estes placing hi his on the bible in washington. speaker ryan performing the secretary. first congressional election
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in kansas since president trump was elect you the. of the president reporting a last-minute telephone pitch for him. and remember when former president obama said this about wall street? >> did i not run for office to be helping out a bunch of, you know, fat cat bankers on wall street. jackie: so we all remember that. now he is out of office. well, he is cashing in, folks. obama will get 400,000 bucks to speak to a wall street firm. he will be the keynote speaker at fitzgerald healthcare conference in september. that's a lot of cash there back to you guys. what do you think about that? steve: i bet you a dollar he does not refer to the crowd as fat cat bankers. jackie: probably a safe bet he should not do that. >> lots of controversy over that border wall. seems to resonate with a lot of people. make the cartels pay. in particular, make el chapo pay. brian: i believe that is his nickname and not his birth
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name. the media has been taking shots at trump since day one. >> the victory astonishes on many levels. >> in one of the most showing u.s. elections in modern political history. >> billionaire now facing the daunting task of unite ago country that he helped to divide. brian: does he make the grade for dealing with the most dishonest media in the first 100 days? mercedes schlapp will weigh in and actually bring her red pen and offer a grade, i believe. ♪ i don't know what it is about that little gal's loving ♪ i like it ♪ i love it ♪ i wants some more of it ♪ ♪
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and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and. ♪ ♪ steve: the dishonest media, which has published one false story after another. >> i've never seen more dishonest media than frankly the political media. >> i'm changing it from fake news though, very fake news. [laughter] steve: that was funny. meanwhile as we continue our week long first 100 day series we focus on the biggest battle the president has faced including the media so how has he done? here with her grade is republican strategist and fox news contributor mercedes schlapp. good morning to you. >> it's so great to be here in person. steve: great to have you as
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well. >> great to seat gang. steve: let's talk about the media, a year ago donald trump had enjoyed great media attention for decades in new york city. a lot of tabloid. once he became a politician suddenly the long knives are out. >> i don't think the media could understand the enormous impact or as donald trump would say the huge impact he would have not only on the media but to the american people itself. his rallies became the must-see television. steve: every channel. >> every channel would cover it the networks. they were fascinated by this new phenomenon in politics. of the nonpolitician. well, then you've had the issue when he actually won, the shock and awe. the fact that so many political pundits were wrong. the fact that the liberal media could not accept the results as much as the democrats couldn't accept the results. what did they do? they shifted towards let's talk about president trump's
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team ties to russia. steve: the russia thing. >> let's focus on russia. what president trump has done is exposed this liberal agenda. of the bias of the media. steve: mercedes, when it comes to dealing with the media what grade do you give him? >> i gave him an a. 100 days what is he doing rally in pennsylvania. not hanging out with the elite media at washington correspondence dinner. steve: on you gave him a b, why? >> you saw speaker paul ryan take the lead on healthcare reform. bringing along donald trump. he wanted to be the team player. president trump at that time it became challenging. why? we didn't see the lerk we form bill pass the house. they met with the conservatives, with the freedom caucus members. trying to bring them along and getting these votes in order. but it didn't happen. so it was a legislative set back.i think there is still that
3:20 am
gridlock happening in congress where the republicans need to come together and president trump is the leader of the party. steve: real quickly, when it comes to there have been a number of white house leaks, you give him a c. why is that? >> well, i have to tell you very disappointed on the white house leaks. reason being is when the story becomes about the process. when it comes about the infighting in the white house you lose focus on the white house agenda. tax reform and healthcare reform. steve: overall grade you give president trump in first 100 days? >> a minus. very strong on foreign policy. i think he has shown very much the sense of strength of american leadership abroad that we are going to be tough and i think that really works and have you seen these presidents and foreign ministers very impressed with the meeting with the presidents and chinese president for instance. very focused on economic security. on border security on economic security creating jobs number one. tax reform. healthcare reform. i think don't look at 100
3:21 am
days. let's look at 1,000 days down the line and we'll see a lot more accomplishments coming from the president. steve: mercedes thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: one ceo refused to back down when obama went against his face.. hobby lobby share their story. e. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. brian: all right. some quick headlines now. there is a new ally in the fight against isis. get this. abortion. i love wild abortion now. at least three terrorists have been killed by these. stock video. iraqi officials say fighters were preparing an attack when they were disturbed by a nearby heard of wild boars. they are very aggressive and killed all the terrorists.
3:25 am
good job boars, we salute you. two more lawmakers want terrorists to get life insurance payouts. one of those reps somali woman touted as the first female muslim lawmaker. she voted against a bill that would deny life insurance benefits to radical policy holders behind deadly attacks. it now moves onto the state senate. now to ainsley. ainsley: thank you, brian. it's been nearly three years landmark case when hobby lobby sued the government over obamacare mandate. the company refusing to back down over requirement to provide employees with specific types of contraceptives. the supreme court ruling in the company's favor and now that victory and hobby lobby's legacy are the main themes of the ceo's new book. the book can is called "giving it all away and getting it all back again. dave " adavid green along with lauren green mcafee. thank you for being here. i love the title.
3:26 am
david, you give it all away and you get it all back. what do you mean by that? >> wealth is more than just money. it has to do more with all of our beliefs in our faith. and so this is what we want to get across in the book is that it's about values. and so we want to hand down values to have a legacy in our family to our grandchildren and our great grandchildren. ainsley: you are a billionaire. you started out with $600 loan. >> yes. ainsley: you were building wooden picture frames in your garage. now have you more money than you know what to do with. what duo that too? is it god? >> we try to do things according to our faith and scripture as far as raising our family and our marriage and our business. we think going along with scripture is important in our life and our values. ainsley: how has it affected your life, lauren. >> it's been a great example to me to get to watch my grandfather live how the his values and faith in every
3:27 am
aspect of life. not just something that effects us on sunday but seeing the gospel of jesus christ lived out in every area of his life including business and how he invests in his family has been great example for me. ainsley: david, taking on the federal government, that's a challenge. >> yes. ainsley: how did you decide to do that? >> it was fairly easy because the government was basically saying you are going to provide for drugs that's going to take life or the alternative is to pay $1.3 million a day fine. because of the number of employees we h we really had no choice but to sue the government because we knew we couldn't do this. ainsley: lauren, you all got together as a family. it was a family decision, right? >> yes. yes. ainsley: i love that you say you have five five life goals. great marriage. success in business. children and great grand kids to know the lord and know about christ. did he walk the walk when you were growing up no. >> yes, he did. i think that's why that's translathed so well passing those values down to my generation and hopefully, you
3:28 am
know, the great grand kids eventually is because we saw the consistency of his life. he wasn't just saying one thing and doing another. he has lived consistently his faith and values throughout his entire life which is what was appealing for us to want to see that lived out in our own lives. ainsley: it's great story. raising kids, we all need to read this book. because it teaches you -- we all want to provide more for our kids than we had growing up. that's probably most of our goals. you have definitely done that it talks about balance. it talks about your faith in christ. it also talks about how every grandchild and child had to do an internship, had to -- you provided the opportunity but they had to prove to you that before they can earn any money. >> yes, yes. that's how we see hobby lobby. we see it as we are the servants and servants of what god has given us. so we want to give our children opportunities and that's what we are giving them rather than great wealth. ainsley: thank you so much. it's so refreshing to meet you and meet your book and shop in your store. i love crafts but i love that
3:29 am
you play christian music too while i'm shopping. thank you for all that you do for this great country. appreciate it god bless you. while congress fights about who should pay for the wall, senator ted cruz has an idea, el chapo should pay. wait until you hear how he plans on to deliver that bill. pete is live at pete's restaurant how appropriate in canton, ohio. pete: i'm just re-pete today. breakfast with friends. jeff and jacque and their son chris. we are going to be talking on the other side. jeff is a former marine. jacque works in healthcare. we will ask questions of the people how they feel president trump is doing on day 97 of his president. stick around for that but, first, we all here at pete's restaurant and on "fox & friends" want to wish the first lady of the united states melania trump a very happy birthday. she is 47 years young today. happy birthday. ♪ it's your chance to wake up
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can-am. the ride says it all. ♪ ♪ >> i was actually during the obama administration laid off three times. so i knew what it was like to come home and say okay, how am i going to pay that house payment? i cashed in 401(k)s i did what i needed to do. i watched friends get laid off. husbands. i have watched friends lose their homes. steve: that was tammy from canton, ohio last night on martha maccallum's first 100 days town hall in ohio. ainsley: gosh, that is such a sad story. remember when everyone was losing their jobs in 2008? i was sitting at a table with like five people and three of them were unemployed. brian: a lot of the economy restructured permanently after that. especially in ohio. they refocused and they regrouped and came back strong. pete hegseth is talking about strong. he is standing strong early.
3:34 am
at pete's restaurant in canton, ohio. pete, noble is open yet, right? pete: it's about to open officially in a half hour but it's already packed. a lot of great "fox & friends" fans here. i will tell you a lot of folks here that saw martha maccallum's fantastic town hall last night. that's why we are here in canton to piggy back on the great conversation started. trump voters have their own opinions. we don't need to hear from the folks on the island of manhattan. that's why we oar here. talking to jeff marine veteran. there is a lot of conversation about the wall and will it be built and who will pay for it? what are your thoughts? >> i think it will definitely get built. and i have no doubt that president trump will get mexico to pay for it at some point. pete: as a trump supporter not deterred by the resistance that he is seeing. >> not at all. i have no doubt he will get through. he doesn't take any nonsense from anybody. i have every confidence he will get it done. pete: facing unprecedented resistance.
3:35 am
>> unfortunately i don't understand why but he will overcome it. pete: you got it jacque, you're in healthcare. you've been working healthcare. there is an effort to repeal and replace obamacare. how important do you feel that. >> i believe it's extremely important. i work in oncology and we see a lot of cancer patients coming in that can't afford their premiums. they can't afford the deductibles and the out-of-pocket. those are the people that need to help most. pete: in the plan to repeal and replace you think bringing down premiums is the most important aspect for customers. >> if you can't afford the coverage then what's the point in having it. >> being able to purchase their healthcare across state lines and have multiple providers. that is common sense stuff. pete: it is a lot of common sense stuff. unfortunately i have to move on to another table. i will take my chicken scramble with me however though, because i don't want to eat too much good morning, guys, how are you. this is mike jr. and sophia in fourth grade and has her own opinions. we will shave it for off
3:36 am
camera. you are in the military family. what do you makes a the president of the commander-in-chief. >> doing a fantastic job showing the world we're all about compassion of the world. protective of people. we are not going to tolerate inhula main treatment to people such as chemical warfare. i think is he doing fantastic job. pete: how are folks in uniform responding to him? >> they are very happy with the way he is responding to the world and letting everybody know that we're not playing games. pete: mike, had you similar thoughts about america in the world after 8 years of president obama. >> i think he is taking care of what obama didn't take care of. the mess was there when trump came. in i do agree the military is behind trump 100 percent. he is behind us and i don't feel olbermann was ever behind the military. pete: you and your son mike jr. both business owners here in canton. >> yes, sir. pete: what do you make of his attempts to create a business friendly environment. >> just the fact he was dropg taxes. he was going to drop the tax 30 some% to 15% for the small
3:37 am
guy that would be great. pete: huge change. >> shame i'm out now but good for the guy who bought it. pete: mike jr. you will be in business going forward. what's most important for you tax reform or repeal and replace obamacare. >> both are important. i would say tax is going to help out the community to spend more money with the small business owners. pete: sure. ultimately more money in your pocket can you invest as you see fit. >> we can all donate to help build the wall. pete: do you think the wall will get done? >> it will get done eventually. that's our goal. that's what we need is trump to push it 100 percent. pete: people may dowckets that he is but it certainly seems like it remains a priority there for sure. what do you make of the chicken scramble. is it pretty good. >> it's the best thing in the world me and my son get it every sunday. pete: best thing in the world. you know he is here with his son every sunday you know you have loyal clientele it the pete's restaurant. i look forward to eating and maybe we have a few more questions this morning.
3:38 am
steve: chicken, eggs, cheese, what else? pete: signature sausage grave on top. everything is better with sausage grave. brian: sausage juice. ainsley: disgusting. brian: sausage sweats in the oven and that's called juice. steve: then you add a little flour. we will back to pete's restaurant in canton, ohio as we talk about president trump's. it sounds like people were encouraged in that episode. ainsley: is cathy a good cook. steve: yes. ainsley: every segment you talk about her food. steve: starving and that looks delicious. didn't that chicken scramble look great. >> looks absolutely delicious. jackie: ainsley you have got to back off that looks good. ainsley: i agree. jackie: how many watch the bachelor.
3:39 am
ainsley: i do. jackie: former bachelor star arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a crash that killed his neighbor. more charges could be coming. >> mar marry me. >> absolutely. >> crystal accused of rear ending. kenneth mosier. iowa police say took off leaving his truck behind. alcohol was found there at the scene. soules was convicted a dui in 2006. he is free on bond this morning. as the debate over the border wall rarps up. former presidential candidate ted cruz has an idea on how to make mexico pay for it tweeting. this today i introduce the el chapo act which reserved billions and forfeited assets to pay for border security. cruz referring to $14 billion in seized funds from imprisoned mexico drug lord el chapo in retaliation for all wall building talk. knew considering charging u.s. citizens a fee to legally cross the border.
3:40 am
we will talk to ted cruz next hour about his proposal. tmz founder harvey levin slamming the mainstream media for bashing president trump. >> what i find unbelievable is the bullying in traditional media when you porten pretend le you're objective but you are not and you are angry and you are trying to kill. and bully, i think that is killing and i don't think they know it yet. but i think. so trusted names in news are not trusted anymore because of this. jackie: seven says bullying celebrities who have met with the president kanye west is the dumbest thing he has ever seen. high school senior goes old school and takes his own grandma to the prom. i love. this nearly left in tiers when they're grandson jed asked her to dance in wisconsin. there she is. she never made it to her own
3:41 am
prom and thrilled to go with him even if she had to follow the rules. >> no alcohol, no drugs. no booze. no drinking. well, i can handle it. i can make it through one night. jackie: how funny is that? pretty tough restrictions there. jet says grandpa made him promise to have her home. ry. brian: tuxedo shirt. doesn't like the drinking policy threw in no drugs either. jackie: said she could do it for one night but no more than that. brian: same department with the weather department no. drinking or drugs. janice: how about no comment? steve: look like the girl on the side of the morton salt canister. janice: i hear that split screen in next weather hit. ainsley: you look adorable. janice: trying to bring
3:42 am
sunshine across the rainy northeast. potential for severe weather not only the northeast. severe storms. this is the time of year where we see the setup for hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. qui got it today not only today but friday as well where we could see the hail possibility, certainly the winds and tornadoes and we see that moderate risk there with the red shaded region across the southern plains and that's the spot we are going to be watching for tornado watches and warnings. be aware and listen to your local weather authorities. all right. i'm coming back inside. signing out from the morton salt girl. brian: we're not endorsing any salt. janice: i'm salty. steve: she is salt of the earth. thank you very much. meanwhile, president trump continues his fight for american workers this time inviting farmers to the white house. our next guest met with the president yesterday and we're going to talk to him about what the new executive order means for growing america's agriculture.
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3:46 am
♪ ♪ brian: all right. president trump taking a hard line against canada signing an executive order aiming to help american farmers compete on a global scale. >> our farmers deserve a government that serves their interest and empowers them to to do the hard work that they love to do so much. and that's what today's executive order is all about. so this is promoting agriculture and rural prosperity in america. that's what we want. and we don't want to be taken advantage of by other countries and that's stopping. steve: a.g. is an orange county california produce farmer who met with president trump yesterday. he joins us from our nation's cap.
3:47 am
ag good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning, everybody. steve: i understand you were encouraged by this meeting at the white house. you are encouraged by the fact that the president understands national security and food security go hand in hand. why? >> well, that's right. we know that any society that is moving towards scarcity it will cause a lot of problems. that's the history throughout civilization. we always say that successful agriculture sustains civilization. the president recognizes that the infrastructure that our nation needs part of that infrastructure is absolute food security as well. ainsley: you met with him days after his agriculture secretary was confirmed his name is sonny perdue. the president asked mr. purdue to come up with a list over the next six months outlining the obstacles in your industry. what would you like to see on the list? >> well, we all agreed that there is no one priority because all of them are part of, if you will, parts of that
3:48 am
infrastructure that we in agriculture need and depend on. immigration and skilled labor is something that we must have. and that was a key part of the discussion. we talked about trade. trade is a very important part. the burden of regulation is another challenge for many of us and, again, the alignment of government along with what we do in agriculture. these are all important components. there's a lot of things that are important to agriculture. it was exciting to heart president and secretary just on the same page together. brian: right. you don't think of washington understanding the life of the farmer. that's been your life in generations of your family. what challenges are you facing that your grandparents didn't or even your parents didn't? >> well, i believe that we can see that in dealing with the same challenge that has affected civilization forever. there are things they want to eat our food supply. dealing with diseases and pests is still a challenge.
3:49 am
we have a better, much more robust toolbox today we get to use. dealing with predictable water supply. even when maybe it doesn't rain. we had a tremendous drought in california but now it's over. but in that drought we saw our vulnerability and the need for, again, more infrastructure there. we see that overnight a food safety outbreak can collapse an industry when suddenly everybody says they're not going to eat one kind of fruit or vegetable or animal product. these are things that, you know, years ago i think when we lived in a country with not as many choices, we had a little bit more of support for agriculture. today it's a little bit tough ir. there is not as much support maybe because we have so much abundance. steve: let's keep it that way. ag who met with the president yesterday. former secretary of agriculture with the great state of california. a.g. thank you. >> thank you so very much. i appreciate it. brian: no more power bars, eat oranges.
3:50 am
eat natural. ainsley: impressive to see the president sit down with people of different industries: west virginia the overdose rate is three times the national average. now one local police chief says he has a solution and it's going to save lives. brian: still to come, i'm going to name drop. judge napolitano, you heard me, senator ted cruz also sarah huckabee sanders. one woman, three names. don't go away ♪ i'm coming out ♪ so you better get this party started ♪ i'm coming out ♪ i'm coming out ♪ so you better get this party started ♪ i'm coming out ♪ you betterer ♪ i'm so if you switch to esurance, saving is a pretty safe bet. auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours.
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3:53 am
♪ brian as the poit epidemic
3:54 am
opiate epidemic stretches across america no more affected than west virginia. three times the national average. highest overdose rate in the country. leaving many to wonder how do you solve this massive problem and should we start here. one local chief may have the answer. he says build a community bond. maurice richards. chief, i know you want to tackle this. you say there is many ways to do it. have you law enforcement. have you treatment. but you think the main thing you can do is go to the schools? >> absolutely, brian. and we realize that this is a problem that we have to attack on multiple levels, enforcement, drug dealers have to go to jail. treatment, you know, penal who are addicted and want help need those options. but also prevention is absolutely key. when you look at the long-term solution to this problem, if we don't reduce the demand for these drugs, will never affect the supply. that's why prevention is absolutely the key.
3:55 am
brian: look at this increase in terms of what martinsburg experienced from 2015, 270, 246 and last year 214 different drug arrests, drug deaths. so you have this challenge coming straight ahead. can i ask you something? do you think the model of the dui in school where a whole generation has grown up knowing no matter what you are and where you are located you don't drink and drive? is that an example of an effective school base program? >> well, you know, here is what we look at and what we have proposed through the martinsburg initiative which is innovative partnership between police, schools, community, and families. is that we realize that these problems of addiction start very early in life. the martinsburg initiative is a preventative program based on proven science of the ace success study adverse
3:56 am
childhood experiences. and what we're doing with our partnership with the schools is connecting with those kids, connecting with those families that are experiencing dysfunction and going in and starting to turn that around. brian: go ahead if they have a problematic family they are more susceptible. also deal with them first also the problem with opioids. oftentimes you try it once you are addicted. one bad decision can destroy a life. thanks a lot, chief. informatior program, where do we go? >> well, you can check out our website at martinsburg we have pages of information strictly devoted. also more information on the ace study through the center for disease control. brian: thank you very much chief maurice richards. appreciate it. >> thank you. brian: coming up next, there is one man that could make sense of that decision out in san francisco that stops the president's initiative to make sanctuary cities pay the price by losing funds.
3:57 am
he's going to make sense of it from a legal angle and then we will have the practical angle. [laughter] ♪ say we always will ♪ well, i've been doing it since i was a young kid ♪ 't have to be painful. now, during "hp savings month" at staples, get up to $180 off hp printers. bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. where's jack? he's on holiday. what do you need? i need the temperature for pipe five. ask the new guy. the new guy? jack trained him. jack's guidance would be to maintain the temperature at negative 160 degrees celsius. that doesn't sound like jack.
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4:00 am
>> federal judge in san francisco has struck down president trump's executive order targeting sanctuary cities. >> if you look at the judge. >> he raised over $200,000 for president obama. >> i love canada, they have outsmarted our politicians for many years, so we did institute a very big tariff. >> the president recognizes that the infrastructure that our nation needs part of that infrastructure is food security. >> the entire senate con vernalling on the white house today as tensions rise with north korea. >> he is not going to let this nut job in north korea develop a missile with a nuclear weapon on top. >> today we get a first look at the white house's broad plan for tax reform. >> when people have money in their pocket, what they're going to do is spend it the
4:01 am
whole idea behind it is to get the economy moving. brian: three terrorists have been killed by wild pigs like these. preparing for an attack when they were disturbed by a nearby herd of wild bores and they killed all the terrorists. good job boars, we salute you. ♪ this is how we roll ♪ we hanging around ♪ singing everything on the radio steve: good morning, canton, ohio. you're looking live at pete's restaurant there. just a couple of miles from where martha maccallum was last night. this morning pete hegseth is in, having a chicken scramble. good morning to you, pete. brian: which one is pete? pete: i'm just re-pete. the real pete own's pete's restaurant and we have invaded it this morning. i'm here is w. sheila and robert. supporters who love "fox & friends." we will piggy bank on what martha did last night. ask folks here in stark county
4:02 am
that went for president trump overwhelmingly after going for obama twice. how is he doing nears the 100 day mark. should he build that wall. what do they think of the executive orders. what grade would they give him at this point in the presidency. forget president pundits except you guyes. we want to hear more. stick around "fox & friends" more great conversations and i will keep picking at my chicken scramble. steve: from the people to the president. the president of the united states has been tweeting. he has sent out four in the last half hour. first up the president just tweeted. ainsley: ninth circuit rules against the ban and now it hits again on sanctuary cities. both ridiculous rulings. see you in the supreme court. brian: of course referring to the fact when it comes to these sanctuary cities now it seems as though they are not allowed to take temporary funds away at least temporarily. does everyone notice that both the ban case and now the sanctuary case is brought by the ninth circuit? which is a terrible record of being overturned. close to 80%. they used to call this judge
4:03 am
shopping. messy system. i think they are still calling it judge shopping. steve: we shopped around for a judge and here's the one we found. [laughter] steve: he answers to andy and he loves to laugh. >> judge: good morning. it's interesting he said that because it is odd that these cases all keep emanating in one of the 15 states. brian: not a coincidence. they know where they will be successful. >> they know they are likely to be successful at the trial court. they are very confident they will be successful at the appeals court. we have a full supreme court to eventually her hear these things. steve: how big a deal is that. >> i don't think it's that big a deal. what happens is when attorney general sessions and kelly said to san francisco county and sane that clara county. have you people in your jails can you hold them for another 42 hours until ice can get there these two counties said no. we are not spending money for you and can you pick these
4:04 am
people off the streets. sessions and kelly said we are going to hold back funds that come to you. when the congress gives money to states and cities it, doesn't come in one check. it comes monthly. general sessions and secretary kelly because you are not cooperating we will hold back funds and that will force you to cooperate. the court said that that is adding a new condition to the receipt of the funds. you must cooperate with ice if you wanted wanted the cities to cooperate with ice that had to be on when the funds started. when did the funds start? the obama administration. is that condition there no these are yearly funds. steve: applies from three different grants from the doj not all federal funds. sound sounds like san francisco wasn't going to lose any money at all. >> i don't think san francisco was going to lose any money. the court interpreted the language used by attorney general sessions as threatening san francisco. and that gave them the basis for the lawsuit. steve: standing. >> the president's defeat, if you will, and i go like this
4:05 am
in quotation marks is a temporary one. because in october the new fiscal year kicks. in. ainsley: all right. >> the new grants will come out. the new grants will be written by the present congress and signed by president trump and they will have in them the requirement you want the money, you cooperate with ice. you don't cooperate with ice, you don't get the money. ainsley: those who support the president feel like the criminals that are living in these sanctuary cities have more rights than the families, the taxpayers. in fact, the white house said. this this is from sean spicer. this decision occurred in the same sanctuary city that released the five-time deported illegal immigrant who gunned down innocent kate steinle in her father's arms. san francisco and cities like it are putting the well-being of criminal aliens before the safety of our citizens. and those city officials who authored these policies have the blood of dead americans on their hands. >> very, very strong language. and i can understand why he feels that way and why a lot of people feel that way. this is not all gloom and doom.
4:06 am
county federal government still enforce federal law? of course. can they send as many ice agents as they want to san francisco, so tan tha santa cla? of course. brian: they will not adhere. if they pick up x illegal immigrant that has a criminal record. nothing will compel them to tell ice they have got them. >> until october 1st. when the new fiscal year. federal government fiscal year kicks. in the new funds start and the new funds have that string attached. do you want the money? you will cooperate with ice. brian: does it bother you that this guy's record is all about president obama. he had bundled money of $200,000. gave personally $30,000 and clearly this goes against an obama -- >> it does not bother me because i think -- i read his opinion. it is well-written. it's well within the mainstream and i think he did the right thing. look, if president trump could change the law retroactively
4:07 am
then president blank who follows president trump could change the law retroactively. we don't have procedures in that in america. we change the law going forward. steve: look at the politics of the judge. >> no question about that. is he a an appointee as you would expect. steve: absolutely. let's not talk about his politics talk about the politics for the president. when the average person watching this morning sees this news, this revs up the president's base look why told you the court system was out to get trump. >> the president knows and you heard heard it from sean spicer how to relay this to the base. i did my thing. i did what i promised to do. it's these judges that are stopping me. i happen to think the judge did the right thing but the victory for the sanctuary cities and the set back for the trump administration is short-lived. brian: let's talk about tax reform. the president is going to be signing an executive order framing out tax reform without going to congress right now to try to immediately get a corporate tax cut. is it going to fly? >> i think the 15% corporate
4:08 am
tax rate is very, very popular. there will be no problem with it flying. here's where the problem will come. the president, i believe, is going to announce a goal, a goal. steve: idea. >> three tiered individual taxes. i don't know what they are. but the top ones are going down 39 to 31. it's terrific. ainsley: if you pay taxes that's going to benefit you? >> correct. the problem is there are members of congress both sides of the aisle believe when you reduce taxes you reduce revenue you have to reduce spending, otherwise you are just going to be borrowing more. president trump said i don't care about borrowing more. i think if i reduce taxes, more people will get jobs, businesses will have more money to spend. the more people will work, more people will pay taxes by reducing the rate, we'll end up collecting more in revenue. he is going to have to persuade some reluctant people that that theory makes sense. brian: including republicans. >> including republicans. i think he can do it. i have think he is very passionate about that. steve: he promised that he would do something for the economy answered just tweeted 14 minutes ago this one.
4:09 am
the u.s. recorded its slowest economic growth in five years for 2016. gross domestic product only up 1.6%. trade deficits hurt the economy very badly. >> one thing on taxes truly revolutionary never happened in american miss industry. he ordered of the irs not to collect the tax penalty for the failure to have health insurance under obamacare. obamacare soon will no longer have that requirement no. president has had the guts to say to the irs thou shall not collect that tax and he did. ainsley: is he a businessman. is he a billionaire. he knows more than most of bus that. >> he certainly knows more about numbers and how they interact than most of us opposition does. brian: judge, would you later talk about all our wheel houses and where our wheel houses are? i'm still looking for my wheel house. >> i need my yankee cap. not my jeter cap my yankee cap. brian. steve: judge, thank you very
4:10 am
much. ainsley: jackie ibañez has the news for us. jackie: thank you. senators converging on the white house as the tensions rise with north korea. the president will be there for part of the briefing. this morning the d.c. area will conduct a full scale terror attack drill. it will involve hundreds of people to prepare for an emergency involving multiple locations with teams of perpetrators. tensions mounting as u.s. destroyer has another close encounter with an iranian ship. u.s. officials say the iranian vessel came within 1,000 yards of the ussmahan in the persian gulf. the destroyer firing a flare as a warning. the iranianship role plunged forward causing the ship to change source. different iranian warship in a similar situation. nascar icon about to take his final lap dale earnhardt jr. announcing he will retire at the end of the 2017 season.
4:11 am
the future hall of famer thanking his late father in an emotional speech to fans. listen. >> to my father dale earnhardt, i would not have been a race car driver. if it were not for him. he believed in me. might have taken a little encouragement from tony sr. but he eventually, dad came around. i appreciate my father, everything he put into my career. jackie: third generation racer losing his father after a crash in the daytona 500. he does seem young. brian: he does. reminds me of somebody who is going to go right to the booth. sounds like he wants to be a dad and have a set schedule without the pressure of satisfying sponsors and everything else. steve: nothing else what a family legacy. ainsley: my mom's name is dale earhardt. steve: were they all lined up to see the other one. ainsley: person called out dale earnhardt? like where? where? my mom is like sorry to
4:12 am
represent you. brian: i still would like off jury duty. ainsley: senator ted cruz is joining us live for his idea to make el chapo pay for the border wall. brian: absolutely. make the criminals pay. race against the clock to keep the government running. next guest says please let's shut it down. steve: dispute over ann coulter on the u.k. berkeley campus has reached a new level. coming up, you're going to meet the student who is now suing the school over ann's appearance. brian: will she speak or will she not? ♪ i'm going to shake, shake ♪ i shake it off ♪ i shake it off ♪ i never miss a beat ♪ stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... you realize the smartest investing idea,
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. ♪ ♪ steve: well, congress returns to work later this morning with a major job on its plate. try to reach a deal to keep the government running. in the next three days or it's going to shut down. our next guest says please. let it shut down. what's he talking about? we will talk to fox news contributor erick erickson joining us now from down in georgia. erick, look your daughter is heading to washington, d.c. for a school field trip. you want her to be able to go to the smithsonian, don't you. >> right. yes, i do. you know, that's kind of the point.
4:17 am
the media is already blaming the president for a government shutdown that hasn't happened. it seems like the media always blames republicans when it's the democrats who are obstructing things right now. yet, they are not getting any of the blame. the reason i think we ought to go through a government shutdown is because the last two times have been run by democrats. and they always made it as painful as possible. i think it would be great for people to see that the government can close down and the world isn't going to end. the smithsonian doesn't necessarily have to close up shop. it's just that president obama made them close up shop to make tourists mad at the republicans. steve: and you know what? that worked. because when you -- >> -- it did. steve: look at history, the republicans get the blame for it. part of it is just the way things work and part of it, as you know, erick is the mainstream media is going to portray guys like you evil conservatives as the troublemakers. >> right. that's the point of highlighting this and the absurdity of the media reporting on the government shutdown. the president is working to actually get a budget passed and the democrats want more and more and more spending.
4:18 am
and they're the ones holding the budget hostage. yet, if you read the "new york times," for example, you're going to see blame towards republicans and the president as opposed towards schumer and the democrats of the senate. i think if the president were to shut down the president and he wanted to targeting closings of government he could make it pay for the democrats. make it painful for them. steve: when you look at what a government shutdown actually means, as i remember, from last time, people still get their government checks. the people who work for the federal government still get paid. they might get paid a week later or something like that. but the main thing is, the national monument is closed and that's the most visible sign of it. >> right. even that's not necessarily the case. only if the president allows it look, most of the government is self-funding and many of them have reserves that they can spend even while the government is shut down. the president likes to close down monuments or at least president obama did to make it really painful on tourists to then call their representatives in congress and tell them to do something. i really think every time we
4:19 am
get to this point people say the sky is falling if the government closes down. i really would like a time when americans want activist government to say you know what? we are not going to die if the government closes for a few days. steve: look at where washington was a week ago it sounds like the president of the united states was willing to fight the democrats for about a billion dollars to start construction on more parts of the wall. but in the last 48 hours or so, the president has made it pretty clear, you know what? democrats aren't going to go for that i'm going to bring it back in september or october. are you okay with that? >> yeah. listen, i am. i have no doubt the president is going to build this wall. personally i think he had 60 million people vote for him. 40 million coughed up 40 for a bring. why don't you start that go start a go fund me page. build the wall. >> i think this is a good idea to build the wall. steve: .com. if erick comes up with that in the next five minutes once he
4:20 am
leaves the camera we will let you know. thank you for joining us today. what do you think about that idea? where we fund it with crowd sourcing or something like that? go fund let us know. meanwhile, of the fight for free speech on college campuses continues. joining us next is one of the university of california at berkeley students suing the university for not allowing conservative ann coulter to speak on campus when she wanted to. and you've heard what the experts and critics think about the president's first 100 days. pete hegseth is at pete's restaurant in canton, ohio to find out what the people think. he's next. ♪ lord, we having a good time ♪ yeah, i've been working all week ♪ i'm tired ♪ i don't want to sleep and i want to have fun ♪ it's time for a good time the strength of your teeth needs to be there in order for that whiteness to last.
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4:24 am
♪ ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. more wing under president trump. nasdaq just hit all-time high closing above 6,000 for the first time. president's tax reform plans and strong tech market fueling those flames. nasdaq future rupp this morning as well. as the stocks rise, illegal immigration is on the decline in the u.s. according to the latest pew research the number is at 10 year low. 11 million people here in 2015. that is down from a record 12.2 million in 2007. brian? brian: thanks, ainsley. ongoing dispute between ann coulter and u.k. berkeley. a lawsuit has been filed against the school by the group of college republicans who say the u.k. berkeley is violating their right to spree
4:25 am
speech by canceling coulter putting her back on the calendar and moving her slot. the students had this to say. >> the dalai lama, the former president of mexico. famous people come to cal all the time to speak and they are allowed to speak and their speech is not barred. their speech is not relegated 1 to 3:00 p.m. not relegated to being off campus and not restricted to only students and their speech is not restricketted to not being advertised. these are all unique requirements being imposed on conservative speakers at cal. brian: unbelievable. should be intolerable. joining me is the former vice chair of the california republican party and thuener for the student suing berkeley. also joining us is the vice president and spokesperson for the berkeley college republicans which is decreasing minority on campus. first off, when you look at this, what's happening right now, the word is out that the cops have been told to stand down unless there is a threat of life -- loss of life at the event. so, therefore, they are backing off the sponsorship
4:26 am
for ann coulter, correct? >> completely you unfortunate what they are doing right now. wish u.k. would do their job and ensure the safety of students and college republicans. every week spit on and punched. destroyed our signs. one of the video posted online of students destroying our sign has 2 million views. yet uc has yet to arrest them. brian: this is ridiculous. not been quite like that. a bastion of liberalism. didn't mean intolerance towards conservatism. what happened? >> well, i'm not sure. one time i walked on campus and i saw fliers on campus with my face on it calling me a fascist. calling me a neo nazi. i don't know how many neo nazis you know are named naweed and have brown skin. brian: good point. where do you go from here. >> i represent naweed's group and foundation that sponsors a lot of groups on campus.
4:27 am
wanted to take a stand here with my friends with the berkeley college republicans. we filed a civil rights lawsuit with four claims of equal protection, due process and two first amendment claims on free speech. we're looking forward to having our day in court. i'm happy to say so many people in the country are on our side here. brian: that's true. guess who else is. bill maher a liberal's liberal as well as bernie sanders. this is ridiculous. since when can't you get diverse views on campus? why do you have to agree with everybody that's speaking to you let alone being won over. this event specifically ann coulter has been told listen as much as you want her there, we can't really protect her. so what's she going to do? >> well, ann is going to make her decision about that. but we have been told by the berkeley authorities and the college authorities that they are going to do nothing to protect her if she comes. so, you under those circumstances, they are virtually inviting violence which is instead e. credit dib buy irresponsible.
4:28 am
we have seen the scenes at berkeley over the last couple weeks with with milo. disgusting for taxpayers seeing them not do their jobs. brian: watch them not do anything when milo didn't show up. didn't see much as bike racks went through windows. did you get a direct quote from the police chief that they have been told to stand down or is this the rumor? >> they would never admit that. this is back channel information we have received. anybody can see with their own two eyes when you have $100,000 worth of damage. rioters wearing masks which are illegal under california law and one arrest, an order was given, no doubt in my min mind. brian: naweed, why do be a conservative at a liberal campus. why not put your head down and get your degree? why does it mean so much for you to stand up? >> well, i do believe there is a conservative movement
4:29 am
growing on campus after the milo incident our manipulate spiked. initially we had 20 members and now we have 60 students. not just republicans. interested in hearing a different viewpoint. they saw what happened that night and leftist agitators completely destroying the school just over the sight of a different opinion being voiced. which is completely unfortunate. i do believe it reflects poorly on the berkeley community. brian: no kidding. the whole world is watching and they are not rising to the challenge but you guys are. thank you. >> we are leading the new free speech movement. >> thank you. >> thank you. brian: thank you so much. we will see what ann coulter decides to do. 29 minutes after the hour. much more show to come. senator cruz with the plan to make el chapo pay for the wall. let's check in with pete hegseth in a diner in ohio eating for free. >> that's right. always. i think this group would like the idea of el chapo paying for the wall. this is jean, mike and scott.
4:30 am
talking about all issues on of the day. breakfast with friends at pete's restaurant in canton. martha maccallum did a great job last night with her town hall. we're asking more questions. that's why we are in canton. what do the people think here on "fox & friends." stick around with us ♪ if you want a little thing in the ying yang ♪ come along ♪ we're coming ♪ a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps -
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4:33 am
mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. ♪ >> i don't believe any of it was true. it wasn't true before the election. i don't understand how it's true now. and the media hasn't been reporting all this fake news. that is true. i talk to all my friends, people i work with. no one believes it i don't know where it's coming from. steve: that was last night martha maccallum's show "the first 100 days" live from ohio. a few miles from that is restaurant pete's restaurant canton, ohio. ainsley: you say you are close to the nfl hall of fame. >> about four miles from the
4:34 am
nfl hall of fame as well. maybe we will make a pit stop there before we head back to new york city. we have been to pete's restaurant all morning long. absolutely fantastic folks opened up early for us. loyal clientele. the reason martha was in canton last night and this morning. this county, stark county was critical in handing the white house to president trump. it went to barack obama in 2008 and 2000 12. went overwhelmingly with a lot of democrats crossing over forepresident trump in 2016. we are here sitting with a table of trump supporters who came out with him on election day. as we have done all the time breakfast with friends get the pulse of people not inside the d.c. or new york media bubble the elites. instead, on the ground and wanting to seat changes from this president that they hoped would come. sitting with gene. you are in real estate and early trump supporter here in stark county. what issues would you like to see him address the most? >> i would like to see limb get the tax reform done because there is so much that we could do as a nation with
4:35 am
more growth in our economy. new businesses, bringing business back to the united states that we have lost is so important to our growth. pete: canton was hit pretty hard. >> very bad. pete: a lot of hope the economy can be revived. >> yes. we need the steel mills back stronger than they used to. that used to be what canton thrived on. even though i'm not originally from this area, i have watched the growth here slow down quite a bit. and we need growth here. our young people need the work and employment. pete: 97 days into his presidency. what message would you have for the president if you had one today. >> keep doing what he is doing. stay strong. stay supportive stay about america. keep america strong like he has been doing. pete: amen. mike we have been talking all morning long. what issue gets you fired up the most. >> well, taxes are a huge issue but security is major. we have to get the wall built. anybody who doesn't think it's a deterrent is just absolutely blind to the facts. so trump has to keep fighting.
4:36 am
thank god he is a fighter. we are 100 percent behind him in that respect. i would also like him to talk to american business people about no longer requiring a college education for jobs, which do not require, period. you are looking for people who can read and write and honest and industriesous. pete: fired up about what's happening on our college campuses? >> unfortunately it's a microcosm of the country as a whole. we are on the verge of an arcky. we have a constitution. it must be obeyed. that's all 24r is to it. in order to fight these college campuses. i think we need to stop requiring a college education for all these jobs that don't need it and that way you can cut off their life blood. that's what needs to be done with them. pete: mike, what do you do for a living? >> i'm currently retired. but i worked as interpreter. i worked at the voice of america at one time and did a lot of contract interpreting with the state department. pete: you were a russian interpreter. >> yes. pete: you met marina you were a police officer.
4:37 am
>> at the time i met him it was in 1988. i worked in soviet union destroyed. pete: you were in the st. petersburg department in the former soviet union and came legally to the united states in 2,000. >> yes. pete: one of the issues that makes you -- you are most interested in is immigration. >> immigration. because of i came here legally. it took a lot of courage. it took a lot of time. it took a lot of money. it took a lot of patience. it took a lot of bravery because my english at that time was very poor. but i came here and in 2000. and my goal was to be assimilated. to be an american. pete: why did you want to couple to america. >> well, because i met him. honestly i never dreamed to go and live abroad. i never thought about that. i had my life. i had my success. professional success. i helped a lot of people during my life, during my
4:38 am
service in russia. but i retired at that time when we were married. pete: so just one quick question. the president has been accused of colluding with the russians. briefly what would you say to that? >> i think people don't have -- it's like a fairy tale but it's weird like a nightmare much more. pete: fairy tale is a good way to put it not a lot of evidence put forth on that. thank you very much. we only a limited amount of time left. scott, you said borders are pretty important to you? >> we need secure borders. it's what keeps us safe and i believe president trump is going to do what he says. we need to get things done. it's been a lot of our talk and tax dollars just sitting there and spinning our wheels. pete: who do you blame for that? is it congress? >> i believe it is congress. i believe they need to get behind president trump and get things done. pete: a lot of folks feel trump needs to get things done. scott is also a barber.
4:39 am
you can tell i need a hair cut. that might be something that gets done here today too. steve: after breakfast. good conversation and great food out at pete's restaurant. pete, thank you. ainsley: thanks, pete. brian: barbershop sports themed nothing but sports television around while you get your hair cut. that's genius. ainsley: why didn't they think of that earlier. brian: i thought it was genius when they started searching people liquor. steve: are you talking about sports cuts? brian: is that what it's called? >> sports clips. brian: is that new? steve: they have one in my town about five years. brian: for some reason just got it now. ainsley: have you heard dry bar for girls? get your hair blown out and drink at the bar at the same time. >> let's go. ainsley: anna ijanice is ready. steve: senator ted cruz his plan to make el chapo pay for the border wall. how would that play out? ainsley: brings headlines on
4:40 am
the fox business network not too long ago she was making sure that you ate your cereal. >> toasted wheat squares stay crispier than bran flakes. >> it is better. i love the wheat squares. >> it's about time the american family got a -- ainsley: how cute. there she is. melissa francis is going to tell you what she learned on iconic show we all grew up watching little house on theet prairie ♪ i'm wearing my one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
4:41 am
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as america's #1 professional lawn care company,ing. trugreen can tailor a plan that turns your ordinary lawn into an extraordinary one. so start your trugreen lawn plan today for only $29.95. ♪ ♪ steve: well, this child star got her big break in the iconic tv series "little house on the prairie." now she is sharing behind the scene stories and hilarious advice in new book "lessons from the prairie." brian: i'm so excited about this author and fox business
4:44 am
anchor got the most diverse background can you ever have. melissa francis congratulations on writing this book. >> thank you so much. i saw you ran that commercial, do you the last break. how did my hair get blonde. brian: darkened your hair as a child that bothers me. >> right. exactly. steve: i read you did 100 commercials when you were a kid. >> i do. i actually really liked doing them. i loved the cereal. i did a frosted flake commercial. i ate so much cereal in the middle you were supposed to entity it out in the bucket and i wouldn't do it. i loved it. ainsley: i love your book. you sent it to me a few weeks ago and i read it. it's amazing. >> did you laugh? ainsley: you sore funny. great writer. graduated from harvard. one of the smartest people at fox. i love the stories you talk about michael landon and how tough he was on the set. >> he was tough. hollywood's first entrepreneur. his cottage industry. he figured out to make a mint in hollywood you had to write, produce, direct, be the star of the show.
4:45 am
he did all of that he was cheap as hell. he had a really small dressing room. he watched the budget really closely. he kept us on track. he called me one take missy. i would do it in the first take. he loved that he was really cheap. he knew how to stick to a budget. we all really learned that we learned the value of hard work. we learned the pride of getting a paycheck with your name on it and i was talking. brian: at that age? you had that pride at that age? >> it was true. i was talking to melissa gilbert. she said none of the kids robbed a dry cleaners or going to rehab. he taught us about hard work. about honesty. about pride in yourself and integrity and we really learned it on that set. it was true. i know he had a lot of ployables in his personal life that's his business. in a professional setting he really taught us to be smart, good workers. steve: they made have called you one take missy but there was one time you really infuriated him because you were wearing your retainer. >> they didn't have retainer
4:46 am
he is back on little house in the prairie days. we couldn't have braces we were on the air. i had a retainer i wore between takes. one time i went out and did a scene and forgot take it off. i had to tell him look in the last take i had my retainer. they had already started taking down. he got very serious. brian: cost him money. >> he got very serious i i felt so bad. i felt like i had let the team down. ainsley: you never did it again. >> melissa had a similar experience she forgot one of her lines once. when you are on the team you have to do the right thing all the time and help the team along. that was important lesson. brian: do you think that helped the show play out so well so much authenticity. >> i thought. so scenes were corny and go back it and watch it i'm not supposed to shae that because that offends people. ainsley: that's what made it great. it was wholesome. >> turns out those scenes are real in life and people still go back and watch and it like to teach their children that.
4:47 am
there are a lot of things about being real. i bring that into news today. i think the audience can tell when news anchors are being fake about they have a liberal opinion maybe and they are trying to hide it. and we talk about this in the book. i think you have to own who you are. i'm all about small government, you know, not a lot of government intervention. i think the free market works best. i'm upfront about that when do i a show from. there i can argue and present both sides. i'm honest. i know where i'm coming from. with a lot of mainstream media they try to pretend they are neutral and don't have an opinion. you know what? if you don't have an opinion you are not engaged and not thinking about the issues. you don't care. you should have an opinion because you care. ainsley: you talk about you are able to cry on the spot and you used that in your audition. can you do it right now. >> no, i'm not doing it right now because i'm wearing way too much mascara and run down my face. ainsley: do you do it in front of ray to do what you want. >> absolutely not. i would never do that i have done it to get out of a parking ticket. or a speeding ticket and they
4:48 am
pulled me over i was laughing historically the guy said you are menace on the road i started laughing. next time i cried and i got out of it. steve: you will be at the villages doing a book signing. show how you did that. >> please come see me at the villages on friday. i can't wait. ainsley: was jason bateman like and what was nellie really like. >> nellie was sweet. jason bateman was so cute. i had the biggest crush on him. every scene i got to hold his hand or hug him. i loved that sorry, ray. tell my husband sorry about that. steve: good luck. have fun in the villages. >> thank you. ainsley: another biggest coming up. brian: his name is senator ted cruz plaining his plan to make el chapo, that guy pay for the border wall. it's going to be exciting. i can't wait to tell chapo himself. we have sean penn mention it to him ♪ because uptown funk give it
4:49 am
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♪ ♪ brian: senator ted cruz had a great idea. he wants to build a wall especially in his state of texas. going to need arizona, new mexico, and san diego. but if the funds aren't going to be there, he has a plan b. ainsley: there he is right there on your screen. we are interviewing him this morning because your plan, senator, is called the el chapo act. what is this? >> well, you know, as you know. the democrats are threatening government shutdown because they are so opposed to building a wall. they are so opposed to finally securing our border. so i have been trying to think about how can we get this done? how can we build the wall even in the face of democratic obstruction. and so yesterday i filed the
4:53 am
el chapo act that provides that if el chapo is convicted, you know, the famed mexican drug lord, the estimates are that his criminal fortune is roughly worth about $14 billion. steve: wow. >> coincidentally the estimates for the cost to build a wall range from 14 to $20 billion. my legislation provides that if those assets are forfeited, though assets from el chapo will go directly to building a wall and to securing the border. steve: that way if you did that, then mexico would indirectly wind up building the wall. that is pure genius on your part. [laughter] >> well, true enough, and, you know, look, el chapo led et drug cartel and these drug cartels are the ones that are crossing the border. they are smuggling narcotics. they are engaged in human trafficking. they are engaged in murder and extortion. and are violent criminals there is a sense of justice. a sense of this is what's right to say the people who are violating the border like
4:54 am
crazy we should use their ill gotten gains to finally build the wall and finally ensure we have the assets to secure our border. ainsley: how can you secure his assets? does he have this like in a bank account, $14 billion? brian: under his mattress. >> they are scattered worldwide but the government right now has extradited el chapo from mexico is proceeding with a criminal prosecution. the first step is to convict him. once he's convicted, the government is seeking the forfeiture of $14 billion and the government will go and prove where the assets are and go forward with forfeiture, following a conviction. and ordinarily, that money goes to the treasury for certain specified uses. border security is not among those uses, so my legislation is very simple. it says el chapo's assets and for that matter any other drug cartel whose assets are forfeited their money would go to building the wall and keeping the border secure and keeping the country safe. brian: senator i know the president has tweeted out still going to build the wall, trust me on that. but he wants $1.2 billion out
4:55 am
of this budget to start it. how do you explain senator chuck schumer saying that's a nonstarter. why does it mean so much to him to not do this? >> well, it doesn't. chuck schumer doesn't care about the issue. but there is a radical left base that right now has senate democrats terrified. it's the reason a couple weeks ago that they filibustered neil gorsuch. the first partisan filibuster of a supreme court justice in history. chuck schumer's left wing radical base is demanding that they oppose everything. i think chuck schumer and the democrats want to shut down. i think they are trying to provoke a fight. and chuc schumer is just tryingo put more and more unreasonable demands trying to force a shutdown to apiece those who want total resistance, total opposition who don't want the trump administration to succeed. steve: senator, i don't know if the wall is a good idea. apparently in the last day or so nancy pelosi said that the wall will take food from babies and cause dirty air and dirty water.
4:56 am
>> you know, nancy pelosi is a whole special kind of -- i'm just going to leave it at that. [laughter] ainsley: have you talked to the president about this plan? what was his reaction? >> listen, we have had very good conversations with the white house. with the president and we're walking cooperatively with the president and creatively trying to figure out how do we accomplish the objectives that the president ran on that i ran on, that republicans across the country ran on and we're working with the white house every day trying to get those objectives accomplished. brian: mexico says they are mad. they might put a tax on americans coming across because they are so mad that this has been brought up before. what's your reaction to mexican lawmakers. >> listen, it has long been good politics in mexico to engage in some an at this americanism. they are there are wonderful people in mexico. we deal with them every day. wonderful people in mexico. politicians are politicians. it's not surprising that there are some who are trying to take advantage of the sentiment.
4:57 am
we have got to solve the problem. steve: we do. >> i have spent a lot of time on the border in texas and mexico. the border is not secure. brian: got what. >> couple months illegal immigration has dropped 50%. ainsley: good news. thank you senator for being with us. brian: next hour coming your way. ger. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem
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>> federal judge isn't san francisco blocked a federal order from president trump seeking to cut off order of sanctuary cities. >> the federal defeat is a temporary one. >> i love canada. they've outsmarted our politicians for many years, so we did institute a very big tariff. >> this is really signaling something to china and something to mexico because don't forget, this president wants to renegotiate nafta. >> congress in a race against the clock to keep the deal to keep the government running. >> it's always the republicans that get blamed. this time it's the democrats. >> today we get a look at the
5:01 am
white house's broad plan for tax reform. >> the whole idea behind this is to get the economy moving. >> high school senior goes old school and takes his grandma to the prom. >> no booze. no drinking, well, i can handle it. i can make it through one night. ainsley: those people are so important. they live in ohio, and that is such an important state when it comes to politics. steve: and when it comes to breakfast. that's why pete is at pete's restaurant this morning. good morning, peter. >> good morning. i'm just pete this morning because we're going to talk to pete the owner. i'm with lori and sherry and rich and wane, and we're talking politics, we're talking what's important to the people and ultimately, it turned out that places in stark county that have gone
5:02 am
from democrats went for president trump this year. why is that and how do they feel he's doing so far? so breakfast with friends as we talk with great folks at pete's restaurant in canton. so we'll be chatting with him later in the hour. steve: that will be great, pete. the president of the united states has been up and tweeting this morning regarding what happened with the blockage from the ninth circuit court of appeals out in california and his executive order regarding the sanctuary cities. he tweeted this. ainsley: the first tweet says first ninth circuit rules against the ban and now hits again on sanctuary cities. both ridiculous rulings. see you in the supreme court. brian: and one of the rulings came out -- here's another one of his tweets. out of our very big country with many choices, does everyone notice the ban case and the sanctuary case has brought in the ninth district close to overturn, close to 80%. they used to call this judge shopping. messy system.
5:03 am
a lot of people are still calling it judge shopping. and what they're saying is since they got this money, all of these cities got this money without any preconditions in i guess was april, you can't put preconditions on there. i'll back up a second. i don't have the burden of a huge legal background, but i will say this. isn't it assumed that you have to go by the laws of the country when you accept money by the federal government? and what other way is there to enforce that you go by the federal government than the federal funds that you're getting? isn't it implied that when you become a city of america you go by the rules of the nation? steve: just a couple of weeks ago we saw jeff sanctions talk about sanctuary cities and if they wanted money from the department of justice in particular, this impacts three programs. if you want that money, you've got to cooperate with ice. but this judge said based on what the president has said in the past, while it may apply
5:04 am
only now, in the future, he may make it apply to everything, so it's going forward. sean spicer put quite a statement earlier. he said this particular blockage was a gift to the gang, and he says this: the decision occurred in sanctuary city that released the five time deported illegal who gunned down innocent kate steinle in her father's arms. san francisco and cities like it are putting the well-being of criminal aliens before the safety of our citizens and those officials who offered these policies have the blood of dead americans on their hands. ainsley: that is so powerful. i sat down wit with the steynly family, and they said they didn't even know it was a sanctuary city and they say now we know. their christmas will never be the same. their easter will never be the same. can you imagine walking by your child's bedroom and knowing you're never going to see them again? it's not that people are
5:05 am
heartless and they don't want to feed families or children but the president said he's not going to rip moms away from their kids. he just wants to get the criminals out. this guy had been deported five times. his rap sheet was so long. steve: shouldn't be in the country. she should be alive. brian: you have a lot of democratic mayors listening to the attorney general, they had meetings yesterday and the attorney general thought he was making progress. not to do a favor for president trump. not political. it's go by the rule of law and not looking for the kids brought here as young kids. they're just asking you to follow the rules of the law. you make an arrest, this person has a history, he doesn't belong here, you call ice. states like california and cities like san francisco don't call ice. judge napolitano says, listen, this is not good for trump, but it's really not that bad. listen. >> the president's defeat if you will, and i go like this in quotation marks is a
5:06 am
temporary one because in october, the new fiscal year kicks in. ainsley: all right. >> and the new grants will come out. and the new grants will be written by the present congress and signed by president trump, and they will have in them the requirement. you want the money? you cooperate with ice. you don't cooperate with ice, you don't get the money. ainsley: everything has become so political. democrats don't want to support this president because they don't like him. but when it comes to the facts, it's going to keep america safe. and they said they're going to cut off funding to eight sanctuary cities unless they can prove that they aren't turning the other way when it comes to undocumented immigrants. so all they have to do is prove that they're not turning the other way, that these criminals are going to be deported and out of our country for good. that's all they have to prove. so i don't know why the democrats and republicans can't meet in the middle and say, yes, that sounds like a reasonable thing. steve: they're the party of know when it comes to president trump in the first 100 days. on this particular day the president of the united states
5:07 am
also tweeted this regarding the economy. u.s. recorded its slowest economic growth in 2016. 1.6 trade deficit murders the economy very badly. why would he put that out today? well, probably because the president will unveil his ideas of how he would go ahead and change the tax system in the country. already heard they're going to cut the corporate tax rate, the suggestion would be down to 15%, that would stir up a whole bunch of money all over the place when it comes to individual rates, there's still as of last night according to the wall street journal, still the number of brackets and what's the highest bracket should be. right now it's 39.6. steve mnuchin the treasury secretary apparently likes the idea of 37%. but donald trump when he was a candidate said 33. so where is it going to be? don't know if it's 37 or 33, nonetheless it's not going to be almost 40. brian: all right. so there's not going to be a border adjustment tax in this roll out.
5:08 am
why is that important? republicans say if you're going to cut taxes, you have to have a paid for element in this. now, in theory when you cut taxes, it's going to grow business and more revenue comes in. but in hard numbers, if you want to get all the republicans onboard, many are saying the rubber hits the road on the no border adjustment tax, paul ryan wants it. paul ryan was not necessarily consulted nor was he taking the lead obviously in this, which is significant, because he did on health care. and this is his -- steve: how did that work out? brian: right and that is the theory why he's not taking the lead now. the story is have you poisonedly well on tax reform by not getting all the republicans, at least onboard because you know how special interests are out there. steve: there is one new thing that had not been mentioned, and that is they're talking about a territorial tax system where u.s. corporations generally you make money overseas, you've got to bring it back at 35%. this would change things so corporations would pay little
5:09 am
or no tax on future foreign earnings because, you know, from 35 to zero, that's a good enticement to go ahead and keep your company here in the united states. will that be part of what we see from the treasury secretary this afternoon? stay tuned. also, we understand apparently it sounds like to ivanka, who had talked about some sort of tax credit for child care, that could be in it. and also to try to get as many democrats onboard. it sounds infrastructure could be part of it. so this is going to be a busy 97th day. brian: will apple and other international companies say. okay. mr. president, we're going to bring back money. if these other companies get in line. ainsley: what's the corporate tax rate in china? do you know? or what do they tax? brian: it's on the tip of my tongue. ainsley: lower than 15%? steve: no, it's lower than the united states. ainsley: right. we know that. but when the new corporate tax takes effect 15%, will it be cheaper for companies to stay here or go?
5:10 am
steve: that's why google was invented. brian: and also ireland is very cheap. a lot of our money is there with the irish with our people, with my people, which i'm only 22%. steve: i'm only 16. ainsley: they left to go to the czech republic, they left ireland because it was so expensive. brian: right and that's why i don't use it. i use plastic now. ainsley: banning. steve: that's right we've got sarah huckabee with us from the white house, all sorts of questions for her. but in the meantime, we've got a fox news alert. ainsley: jackie has that for us. hey, jackie. >> good morning, everyone, at home. intercontinental missile in the pacific according to the military, it traveled 4,000 miles before splashing into the ocean. the test becomes rising sentencings with north korea. u.s. is now installing a missile defense system in south korea after deploying warships. today the entire senate will converge on the white house for a briefing on the north korea situation.
5:11 am
and tensions mounting as u.s. destroyer has another close encounter with a iranian ship. u.s. officials said the vessel came within 1,000 yards of the uss in the persian gulf with the weapons manned. fired a warning but the iranian ship charged forward causing it to change course. in january, the same u.s. ship fired warning ships at a different iranian warship in a similar situation. well, president trump gets tough on trade on the phone with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. becomes amid war on lumber and dairy. the president vowing to stop unfair trade practices that hurt u.s. diary farmers and 20 percent tariff on canadian lumber. the canadian foreign minister announcing this morning there's been progress in the dispute but he says quote we're not there why the. and jeb bush is a winner this morning. >> please clap. [applause]
5:12 am
>> well, jeb is teaming up with yankees legendary to buy the miami marlins. now the price? seat your self here. reported $1.3 billion with a b. the deal needs major league baseball's approval, and it's only april. but this may be the play of the season. look at this. over cardinals catcher touches the plate and scores. never even tagged him. wins 6-5. ainsley: how is that for gymnastics. brian: the chinese called. ainsley: the income tax is 25%. steve: in china. ainsley: could be reduced to 15% for qualified enterprises which are encouraged by the chinese government, which would mean every business. probably get 15% because they're encouraged by the government. so if theirs is 15% and ours
5:13 am
is 15%, and you're an american company, you're going to open your company here. brian: and bring your money back and not leave it in the lockbox. ainsley: well, you wouldn't have to pay for shipping, just sell your goods here. and plus american jobs. brian: and the bubble wrap. we have the market cornered on bubble wrap. ainsley: we do. steve: a gang of killers 10,000 strong and in almost every single state. most of them here illegally. so why isn't anyone else talking about ms13, the gang? and why isn't more being done to stop them? brian: and how is this for justice? isis fighters taken down by wild boars. you've got to hear about this. we owe you one, boars. we're out of ink! ink,
5:14 am
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itthe power of nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. >> in my district on long island, we've had a series of brutal murders just less than two weeks ago, we had young people were slaughtered, their bodies were butchered, videos taken of it, sent to their families. it's horrific.
5:18 am
and there's killings before that carried out by ms13. steve: that is congressman peter king of new york on the spread of ms13, a gang made up mostly of illegally. it has gotten so bad that king's district in new york has asked the federal government for help. so just how bad is it and what can the feds actually do? let's talk to somebody who is familiar with the crisis, former new york city police department dna who is down in florida right now. dan, let's start with who are these guys many s13? >> yeah., steve, these guys are the worst of the worst. if you had a scale of the worst gangs out there based on violence, these guys are number one. this is a gang primarily composed of guerrillas. el salvador literally gorilla fighters who use murder strictly as a tool. there's no moral or ethical firewall for these people at all when it comes to using violence. for them, it's just a tool to
5:19 am
intimidate. they are the worst of the worst and, you know, really shame on some other media outlets for not covering this. i think it has a lot to do with the fact that illegal immigration is the fuel of feeding this fire of gang activity in these areas. steve: well, and when you historically think about gangs, you think of the crips and the bloods and the way it's presented in the mainstream media, it's just another one of those gangs. they don't mention that all of these people are in the country illegally. >> absolutely and ironically the initial purpose of this gang activity and the explosive growth that ms13 gang activity was to quote protect the members of the illegal immigrant community who they felt were being preyed on by other gangs. but the only way to incorporate illegal immigrants is by getting a steady stream of illegal immigrants and the media want to brush that aside. steve: but for the county to ask the feds and say, hey, we are in a desperate situation, you have to help us.
5:20 am
what could the feds possibly do to help that county in new york? >> yeah. steve with i'm intimately familiar with this area, i lived out there forever. first, we need a border wall. without a secure border, the border is just a suggestion. what are you going to do? put a stop cyber there? number two, this is important. the feds have to start using these rack tier-induced corruption organization statue use. they used it to take down organized crime in the '90s. they had been using it on gangs, but they have to use it more. they have to expand the footprint because when you get one member of the gang, you can take them all down foot for a crime, that is. steve: and the wall would stop them because they're from e el salvador. dan, we thank you very much for your perspective live from palm beach, florida. >> you're very welcome. steve: next up on the run down for this wednesday, pete is having breakfast with ohio and guess who he's talking to? two folks who voted for president obama and then this
5:21 am
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> i was actually during the obama administration laid off three times, so i knew how to come home and figure out how i'm going to make that house payment, i watched friends get laid off, husbands, i watched friends lose their homes. steve: that woman is from canton, ohio, and that's where we are this morning breakfast with friends. >> hey, pete. >> hey, good morning, yeah, we're here at pete's restaurant, they've been so great to us all morning long, and we've been asking the patrons what they think. we're piggybacking this morning with even more
5:25 am
questions. we have a tax preparer, a nurse, an auto salesman, and a former teacher, as well as the owner of pete's restaurant. we're going to ask them all on their take of the first 100 days, as well as a quick grade. wade and sharon here are folks who previously voted for barack obama but then voted for trump. why did you switch? >> i like the slogan america first. i'm confident he's going to get things done, and he takes no crap. >> so you switched -- that's true. you switched, we're 97 days in, how would you grade the president right now? >> a minus. >> a minus. >> everyone is giving him a real, hard time. >> absolutely resistance. >> you also switched. what made you switch over president trump. >> i just wanted somebody who happened a business mind that's not political. i'm not saying he's not political but for what he's done in his own corporation in his own life, let's see him do it for america. >> and you know firsthand
5:26 am
working in health care. >> health care, pharmaceutical companies are charging way too much. >> why did you vote for president obama in the first place. >> i've always voted democrat. always. just for the fairness and the democracy. i just wanted to change. >> wanted to change. >> so you want change we're almost 100 days in, how would you grade the president's effort so far? >> i would say b. >> and would prevent the a grade? >> more time. i need to see more time in what he's doing. >> would you like to see the democrats treat him a little bit more fairly? >> absolutely. absolutely. i think they're being very unfair to him. >> well, sharon, thank you very much. he's a tough guy if he's wearing steelers gear in browns country. you're in auto sales on the front lines, why did you support president trump? >> from the moment he came down the escalator, you knew i knew it was about change.
5:27 am
>> so you were there from day one. >> day one. >> right now, it's security. too long we've waited people do whatever they want to do and now you mess with america, and it's america first, so you better watch out. >> so you love bringing america's presence back to the world stage. >> absolutely. we're going to be a world power again. >> and if you had a grade for the president, what would it be? >> it would be an a. >> and what do you hope on the domestic side he can get done next? >> well, i mean, we just need to get the house and the senate behind him. they're supposed to represent the people and right now, they're just representing themselves. >> sure. lori, you've been a trump supporter. what do you like most about what he's done so far? >> for me, the supreme court nomination with neil gorsuch, that was for me. >> absolutely what grade would you give the president so far? >> well, i'm going to give him an a-plus. i think he's delivered on everything that they've allowed him to deliver on, and i expect that he will continue to work for the promises that he tends to keep. >> well, said.
5:28 am
especially in the face of a lot of headwinds. speaking of a plus, i have to give pete and pete's restaurant an a-plus this morning. thank you for hosting us. >> absolutely. >> and as a business owner, what are things you would like to see addressed, if possible? >> a couple of things. the most important thing to me and my employees is i would really like the affordable care act to be affordable. we tried to put in a health care plan in about a year ago and one of my cooks back there, mark, it was $1,200 for him. that's not affordable for me. and about six years ago, we were able to put a health care plan in here, the same plan would have been about $200 a month. >> so premiums coming down, plans coming down has to happen. >> absolutely. >> as you can see here, tons of smart folks. we've had a lot of wisdom and common sense that president trump's trying to bring to washington. and of course the swamp is fighting back. but you can see there's a lot of confidence and standing behind him as he does so. so thanks for sticking with us all morning here. steve: that was great, pete. thank you very much. and what is telling is he was
5:29 am
talking to that woman down the way who was a democrat and voted for barack obama twice, and she says the democrats are standing in the way of president trump from being successful. ainsley: the media has been unfair, the mainstream media and how about the cook having to pay $1,200 a month for his health care. steve: that's unbelievable. ainsley: ridiculous. steve: got to do something about it. meanwhile, it's 8:30 here in new york city, huge day for president trump, new executive orders, a couple of them, and a big announcement on tax reform. and that's not all. deputy press sarah huckabee is going to give us a look at what's happening shortly. brian: and how is this for justice? isis fighters taken down by a pack of wild boars. not kidding. this is a true story. they're all dead. thanks, guys. i owe you one. aleve with direct therapy tens device,
5:30 am
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5:33 am
brian: we found out last hour that most of the music you hear on the white house are coming from inside. thankfully the windows are open, so we're able to hear that. joining me now, deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. welcome, sarah, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having me here this morning. >> well, i understand amongst the things that are going to be taking place today, and we'll talk about the north korea meeting in a while, is going to be the unveiling of the framework after i tax overhaul. what can you say for certain that is going to be in this rollout? >> look, i'm not going to get ahead of the president's
5:34 am
announcement that's coming today, but what i can tell you is that we're going to be extremely focused on exactly what this president complained on, exactly what he has been focused on these first 100 days, and that's creating better jobs, higher wages, and in a environment where there's consumer confidence want to go out and hire new people. you're particularly this president are making sure people have a hand up, not a hand out, and you're going to see that reflected in today's tax roll out. steve: well, the president did campaign on lower corporate taxes and, you know, we've read in the papers that it's probably going to be around 15%. we also heard the president say he would like to lower the highest individual rate down to 33%, so we would imagine it's going to be something on that. but is there going to be something for the democrats? are you going to reach across the aisle and might there be -- you don't have to say yes or no. but might thereby something in the form after i big infrastructure project? >> look, again, i'm not going to get ahead of the announcement.
5:35 am
steve: but there might be. >> but there's always a possibility, but i think better than what's in there for republicans or democrats but what's in there for all americans, and that is a tax policy that's simplified and makes sense and helps the american workers and middle class, and i think you're going to certainly see that today. ainsley: sarah, something that he also ran against was illegal immigrants coming into our country, getting the criminals out. so what was his reaction or or the white house's reaction to this judge blocking this executive order not to fund sanctuary cities? >> look, i think if you've seen the president's tweets this morning, he's made extremely clear his position on this, it is an outrageous overreach by an unelected judge that simply doesn't understand the law, which is frankly sad that he's a judge, i guess, if you don't understand the law, maybe you shouldn't be making judicial decisions. but i think that even my 3-year-old knows if you break the rules there are
5:36 am
consequences, if cities break the law and don't enforce federal law, there should be consequences. and this is a big problem but one the president has been committed to tackling from day one, and we're going to move forward, and we're extremely confident we'll prevail in the supreme court. brian: so one of the things the judge said is the constitution power. the order cannot unconstitutionally place new conditions on federal funds. because those conditions weren't there ahead of time because it wasn't the president's budget, it was the last president's budget, that's what this judge is going on. >> look, again, i think this judge is making an outrageous overreach. there's a reason that people continue coming to the ninth circuit and there's a reason that this circuit gets turned over. i think it's nearly 80 or 90% of the time because they're constantly making judicial overreach. that's the case here and, again, we're very confident that once we get outside of the ninth circuit to the supreme court, we'll prevail. the president will prevail but most importantly, the rule of law will prevail in this case.
5:37 am
steve: well, you were talking about's tweets, and he referred to this judge and judge shopping. we also had on about an hour ago ted cruz that suggested one of the ways the u.s. government could actually pay for the wall and kind of indirectly mexico would pay for it would be to take the frozen assets of el chapo, which total about $14 billion, and use that on the wall because he says right now, there is no appetite in the congress to spend the money on the wall. but listen to this: the wall will get built, according to ted cruz. >> there is a radical left base that right now has senate democrats terrified. and chuck schumer's left wing radical base is demanding that they oppose everything. so i think chuck schumer and the democrats want to shut down, i think they're trying to provoke a fight. steve: nancy pelosi said the wall will take food from babies and cause dirty air and dirty water. >> nancy pelosi is a whole special kind of -- i'm just going to leave it at that.
5:38 am
steve: well, what do you think about that? the president will eventually make sure that the wall is built; right? >> absolutely. i think this has been one of the things you've heard the president talk about as much as anything. he takes the safety and security of the american people extremely serious, and we've got to stop the drug trafficking, the human trafficking, the drug cartels, the gangs from coming into our country, and the president committed to that, and he's going to make sure that that has happened. i haven't had a chance to talk to him about senator cruz's bill but it seems like it could be a pretty good idea. ainsley: mexico would actually be paying for it. >> yeah. and i certainly agree with him that nancy pelosi is a special kind of something. and i think her comment showed just how out of touch she is with the rest of america and the reason that she's in the minority and not the majority. brian: all right. so let's move on to the last topic, and that's lucas tomlinson saying
5:39 am
we've tested an intercontinental missile that would possibly be used if we had to take action, i imagine against north korea. we understand every u.s. senator has been advised to the white house to get a briefing from the chairman of the joint chief of staff as well as our secretary of defense on the threat that north korea brings to the table here in 2017. why now? what happened? why now for this meeting? >> look, the tensions are high, i think that there's no secret about that. but also, i think that we finally have a president who takes north korea seriously and is going to do something about it if necessary. and i think that's a big difference between president trump and the previous administration. but the reason for the meeting today, let me be very clear. this is a senate briefing simply taking place on white house ground. this is something being led by the senate and the white house is simply providing the location for them to do that.
5:40 am
but because of the importance of this event, i think it's a great thing that they're doing and shows the cooperation of both the senate and the white house to work together to make sure that north korea does not continue to be a constant threat. brian: so you expect every democrat and every republican to show up? have you heard that some are not coming? >> you know, i haven't seen a final list, but i would hope that whether it's democrat or republican, people can put politics aside and focus on the safety and security of american lives. again, north korea is one of the greatest threats we face in the world today, and i think that any senator that doesn't show up is a disservice to the state and to the country by not being part of this. steve: we should point out for folks who were watching the tv screen a portion of your answer we actually put up the new video, there it is right there, from vandenberg air force base. this is of the missile test they had just a while ago. brian: i believe it went 4,000 miles. ainsley: also, sarah, ivanka was invited to germany by
5:41 am
angela merkel, she sat down a women 20 summit and all high profile women, including angela merkel. and listen to what happened. the media -- the mainstream's media reaction when ivanka starts talking. listen. brian: in berlin. >> and new reality, from the. >> from the audience, so i need to -- ainsley: the audio is not exactly -- >> officially joining her father's administration, ms. trump appeared in berlin where she shared the stage with some of the most powerful women in the world and face some uncomfortable questions about her dad's attitude toward women. >> finds herself instead defending one man. a handful of hecklers hissing and.
5:42 am
>> she came with baggage. her father's baggage. as those words, some members of the audience away from the microphones began to grown. >> in her first overseas trip as presidential adviser, ivanka trump getting a rough reception after saying her father is a champion of families. steve: well, you know, she handled it with grace in what she said afterwards. so let's be honest. europe doesn't like this president, sarah. >> look, i think yesterday that was just another pathetic example of the left screaming out. they love to talk about the war on women. i've said it before, i'll say it again. the biggest war i see on this country is women that support this president. i think ivanka is a tremendous asset and frankly women around this country who's such an advocate sitting directly next to the president and helping influence that policy, helping us focus on this issue and actually making it a priority,
5:43 am
not just talking about it like past administrations have done. but taking action. i think that's something you're going to see from ivanka, something you're going to see influence her father on, and i think that is something we should be cheering on instead of having any negative impact. whether her last name was trump or not, she is smart, successful, and strong, and i'm glad she's sitting there next to the president. brian: and she said i'm used to it. it's no big deal and angela merkel personally invaded her, she answered the invite. ainsley: she's a mother of three, she's incredible hard worker. just because he's daughter of the president they don't like, then their politics is involved. unbelievable. steve: sarah huckabee sanders, thank you so much for joining us from the north lawn. >> thank you so much for having me. brian: coming up straight ahead, remember when president obama said this about wall street? >> i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of, you know, fat bankers on
5:44 am
wall street. brian: right. but they're helping him out now. have you heard? he's happy to take their money. $400,000. that's not bad, fat cats.
5:45 am
5:46 am
when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... you realize the smartest investing idea,
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isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ >> i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of, you know, fat cat bankers on wall street. >> bankers on wall street need to realize that themselves the tax bankers dime is inexcusable. >> we can't say it's okay to bend or break the rules. >> those on wall street cannot resume taking risk without regard. ainsley: do you remember when former president obama said that about wall street? well, now he's set to take $400,000 for a speech to a wall street firm. so why the change of heart? joining me now contributor to the hill and author of
5:48 am
government on while we have kristen. thank you so much for being with us, kristen. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. so what is your reaction to this? he was a critic of wall street, and now he's taking a lot of money for this speech. >> right. well, first of all, i'm just wondering what obama could possibly say during a one-hour speech that would be worth $400,000. but, yes, this is the height of hypocrisy. obama called wall street bankers fat cats while he was campaigning because it was politically advantageous. now he has turned around and taking $400,000 from those same bankers because it's financially advantageous. it's all about personal gain for obama. but, you know, ainsley, this isn't very surprising. most politicians from both political parties do cash out at the end of their term. but democrats end up looking more hypocritical than republicans because it's the democrats who constantly rail against greedy rich bankers and rich business people.
5:49 am
and for the last eight years, the media has tried tirelessly to portray obama as being better than and more ethical than other politicians. well, obama has come right out and shown the left that he's just like every other bureaucrat and, in fact, he may be worse. he's accepting more than double what the clintons typically receive for a similar speech. ainsley: what do they normally get? 200? >> yeah, around $200,000. and, you know, i think this just kind of speaks to the fact that the democratic party, they say they're for the little guys, the working class people. but they've really morphed into an out of touch party for the rich and the elite. look at what happened in 2016. hillary clinton, she received $48 million from private equity firms and hedge funds. trump only received $19,000 from those same folks, and i think that's part of why people voted for trump. they know he can't be personally enriched by the office of the presidency. he's already a billionaire. and i don't think there's anyone in america who thinks that trump is going to be
5:50 am
giving these pathetic speeches to wall street when he leaves office. it's beneath him, and he doesn't need their money. ainsley: all right. kristen, thanks for joining us. great to see you this morning. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: you bet. coming up next on the run down, people magazine a sexy vet, doctor is here with some big news for you about what your dog is doing while you are at work. and first, let's check in with bill to find out what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> they make cameras for that now, don't they? ainsley: they do. >> white house press secretary sean spicer, who wins in this battle over sanctuary cities, what does the middle class get for tax reform? you've got iran, you've got the spending deadline, it's all coming up live from the white house. all of that and flying cars coming to a parking lot near you. i love this country. we'll see you in minutes. top of the hour here on america's newsroom with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes
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brian: here's a question. answer to yourself. do you know what your four-legged friends do when you're away from home? steve: i just assume watching tv. but researchers find many dogs suffer from anxiety and stress when we leave, which can lead to trouble. brian: right. ainsley: here are some ways to keep your puppy calm is known as the sexy vet according to people magazine. brian: so ainsley earhardt. ainsley: we like sexy vets. brian: so how can cameras help us? how could looking at our dogs help us understanding what they're going through. ainsley: you're so cute, you're distracting brian.
5:55 am
all right. so a lot of people are using these cameras to watch what their pets do at home. but for people who don't have the cameras, how do you know what your pets are doing? >> you just don't, obviously. that's where a lot of the researchers were surprised to see when owners would leave, and they would finally put cameras on, they had no idea how much dogs were doing. steve: but doesn't that make sense? because we know when they're with the dogs, they love us so much and then when we leave, they're sad. >> true dog saddan is. they're pacing, howling, crying, chewing, sometimes destroying. steve: how can we fix it? brian: can we get a life size cut out of ourselves? ainsley: we can try. >> try to limit the amount of time you leave home, try to come home on lunch breaks. ainsley: don't go to work, brian. >> given the distraction when you do leave home because initially you're getting your keys and getting ready to go and that's you can give them a calm or something. steve: i'm going to be gone
5:56 am
but here's a treat. >> something they have to work at that's going to give them time, time to figure out. ainsley: we had a black lab, and she had suffered from anxiety, so she would bite this one part of her arm, and i remember my parents are, like, we're spending so much money and my dog is on antidepressants. do you see some of that? >> we do see some of that and dogs benefit from that. i've tried other methods before resulting to medication. brian: what about a swiffer. how does that play a role in this? because sometimes dogs make a mess. >> exactly and if you're thinking of adopting a new pet, that's a big thing you're going to be working with, so we have a duster to help out with this, and of course the sweeper here. ainsley: these are so easy. do you use these, janice, at home? >> what is it? ainsley: a swiffer. and it's so easy. no longer do you have to get the big pail with the water and all of that. brian: we'll be right back. all of these dogs are adoptable.
5:57 am
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and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
6:00 am
>> see you tomorrow. "america's newsroom." >> bill: good morning, everybody. strong words from the white house saying activist judges trying to change the rule of law and putting the nation's security at risk. after a judge appointed by president obama blocks part of that executive order cracking down on sanctuary cities. reince priebus saying it's the ninth circuit going bananas. that's a quote. packed show today. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to america's newsroom. >> shannon: good wednesday morning. i'm shannon bream. judge william orrick blocking the order as unconstitutional. the third immigration-related order from the president blocked in the first 100 days and the second blocked by a judge within the ninth circuit. fact not lost on the


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