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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 27, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> jon: we expect to see you back here in an hour, but there is a press conference scheduled for 1:00 p.m. >> jenna: "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: republicans appear to have braved new life. a top priority for president trump as he gets sent to mark his first 100 days in office. we can see a big movement in the house as soon as today. after a revised plan got backed by a group of conservatives. will the party's moderates on board? i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, fox news legal analyst, judge jeanine pirro is here and today's #oneluckyguy, the former chief strategist, he is the host of the upcoming fox news show, the next
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resolution. steve hilton is here. >> steve: this is all good. >> harris: it's friday eve, people! space expect of elements in the push to repeal obamacare. they are now backing giving the states more leeway to force their insurance plan to cover. fox news was told a vote regarding rules on repealing and replacing could take place today in the house. conservative jim jordan explaining why he is on board now, even on the bill is in the full repeal of obamacare. >> this bill that may be voted on this weekend doesn't repeal obamacare, but it at least give the states the options to get that waiver to get rid of those regulations that drive up costs.
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>> sandra: meantime, tom macarthur who helped broker the deal said he and his fellow lawmakers must compromise and hear both sides if they are to reach 216 votes. >> what i've heard from people in more conservative districts, districts that are under a lot of stress because of rising health care costs as we got to fix that. people in districts like mine who are concerned about pre-existing conditions, we've got to hear that too. we either do both or we don't get a bill passed. >> sandra: democratic leader, nancy pelosi blast the latest push true replace obamacare with harsh words for president trump just a short while ago. >> what you see in the g.o.p. haste to pass the bill, i think president trump is making fools of the members of congress of his own party. he's asking them to vote for a bill that is wildly unpopular in the country.
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it's the wrong thing to do, first and foremost. it's going to be stuck to their shoe for a long time to come, and with terrible consequences to the american people. >> sandra: your thoughts? >> steve: tom perez the other day said something much worse than that. >> harris: maybe she's trying to clean it up and still play the game. >> sandra: let's get to the words of the republicans. we did hear from paul ryan just moments ago sounding very optimistic. >> steve: i don't know how popular this will make me around here, but to be honest, i hope that they don't revive this. you talked about breathing new life. i hope it's the kiss of death because i do believe that what's being discussed in the bill that was put forward would actually -- was not what he
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promised, it's not what he argued for in the campaign. the fact that it sold bureaucratic, it causes anxiety for working people, it's corrupt with insurance companies getting all these favors from the lawmakers who keep making donations. the whole thing is completely broken. he said everyone's going to be looked after and protected. what's coming out now is too much of an ideological fit. it doesn't fit the needs of working people and what they need to do is focus on the big job. which is getting the economy moving, the tax plan and so on, give people jobs and really take time with health care because you need to do this if it's going to last and a bipartisan way that actually understands the reality for people who don't have teams of people who deal with health care, for people who are really struggling. i'm talking about the members of congress. there are so out of touch with how health care actually impacts real people.
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>> jeanine: what do you suggest? what are you looking for? >> steve: what i'm looking for is for people to not have to worry so much. >> jeanine: i worry all the time if i'm sick. >> steve: to not have to worry so much about health care. >> jeanine: what would remove the worry? >> steve: what were remove the worry is having real health care choice. not the kind of a fix that we have at the moment, the choice argument i totally believe in, the competition and choice is the way you get things done. at the moment, the whole discussion around health care is about having choice of insurance and that's the wrong place to have the choice. if you want to choice of >> sandra: when you talk about that worry, when fox news asked registered voters, what is a
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higher priority? look at this. 71% said fixing the health care system. it is the higher priority a higher priority than tax reform in this country and you know how popular that is. >> meghan: part of the problem is president obama already achieved -- the american public believes that it's a right that the government should provide for you. that's the problem right now that there are 24 million people who they think it's the governments right to provide it to you. you can't give the american public something and then remove it which is part of the problem that president trump is having. part of the problem that paul ryan it will have is that not one moderate has switched. >> harris: that's specifically what i want to talk about. we got news that freedom caucus was going to be on board, but if you look at the 60 people or so who are against us in the house
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house, -- >> sandra: this is just moments ago. >> we are making very good progress. will make the decision we have and something tells me he'll be the first to know when that happens. i would argue that this is a bill that immoderate would more likely want to support. >> meghan: i don't trust him at that. >> harris: he had seven years to work on this. >> jeanine: the fact that they haven't figured this out in seven years when they now have the house, the white house, and the senate is ridiculous. i don't trust what he says either because he's the one who wanted to rule out health care. i'm not sure he knows. >> meghan: he also is in utilizing the talent
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president trump has as a dealmaker. when this is all done, i'm not going to meet with one, i'm not making with the tuesday group, i'm going to chemist down your throat and you have to do this now or it's over. it's harmful to the american public. i'm a fan of paul ryan, but if i'm at the point where i'm a national television saying i don't trust that what you're saying is true, and he is in deep deep deep trouble. >> harris: what about all the other things and fit into the economy. reaction is pouring out to president trump's long awaiting tax plan. they're focusing on lowering tax rates and a simpler code for individuals. steve mnuchin played up the potential benefits for the american economy, especially the middle class. watch. >> this is a bout a middle income tax cut. this is about having sweeping tax cuts, the largest tax cuts in history. the largest tax reform in
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history to create american jobs. this is all about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> harris: many democrats are already barking at him. the house minority leader says the plan is short on details and long on giveaways to the wealthy. >> the handful of specifics overwhelmingly cut taxes for the riches and those aspiring to the middle class and slowly the deficit $5.5 trillion. tax breaks to the rich, same old same old. it's trickle-down economics. >> harris: brand-new fox news polling shows americans have confidence in president trump's economic policy so far. 37% say they believe his policies are helping the economy compared to 25% who say they believe they are hurting it. >> jeanine: every time she talks about something, you don't trust paul ryan, i don't trust what he says. the economy needs to be moving.
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the president is the person who can do it, but the issue is paul ryan is at 20%, the president is at 50% for that corporate tax rate and i think it has to be something that is big, that gets people fired up that says there's a chance for me. i'm not even going to discuss her saying this is all for the rich. first of all, how does she know? then again, she passes bills and doesn't know what they are. >> harris: sandra, i want to ask you specifically about the differences in the numbers but the judge just laid out between paul ryan and the president. i thought the magic number was 15% for corporations. even barack obama has done that. >> sandra: by all measures, that is big. right now, you can make all these calculations to project with that is going to do the, but guess what was asked in the fox news poll, how people felt
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about the economy, what they feel this is going to do the to the economy. that's really important. for small businesses to feel like they have a president that is in their camp that understands what they have gone through with taxes and regulations that have stifled their ability to grow their business. just that feeling that someone is trying to help them can go a long way. >> jeanine: it's all about animal instinct. >> harris: can we talk a little bit about feeling? this is really interesting. they're going to pull people, they're going to ask how they feel about the economy. do know that right now only 19%, thus the lowest ever, or at least in many, many years i should say, not ever, feel that the economy is in poor shape. look at how many people above that line, maybe it's only fair, maybe it's good, you add that up, that's a huge shift in how people have been feeling. >> meghan: we have a president
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in power who doesn't think capitalism is a dirty word. that and myself makes me feel more confident. i think the question that i and so many people have is i am not an economic expert like sandra is on the couch, we are already drowning in debt in this country and my understanding is this would increase the deficit. steve mnuchin is a brilliant person by anybody's standards, you don't get to that level without being brilliant, he is not eloquently conveying to me exactly why this is so great and i continued to have problems with president trump's surrogates because quite frankly, nobody is better spokesperson for that. >> jeanine: what risk is involved with this type of reward and how will success be measured? we have heard many times from the trump administration, they are projecting three or 4% growth in the first year of presidency. these are really big goals. >> steve: this is a big plan and it's great.
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it's a great plan. he should have started with thi this. i totally agree with what you said. this is exactly what we need. if it goes through, you will get a big impact. i think this argument about the 15 or 20% is crucial. it's not just a negotiating position and it doesn't matter where you end up because the whole point of this is more jobs, higher incomes, and to do that, you need businesses. the speaker doesn't understand policy. paul ryan is a policy expert, no he is not. he understands theory. in the real world, what needs to happen is that businesses have the confidence to invest and create jobs and that will only happen if you have that human impact. >> jeanine: what about the idea that the economy is good, those animal instincts that go out, they buy, they start up a business, they think
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donald trump is in charge of it, he knows what he's doing. >> harris: you brought this up. in the real world, where is the messaging? it >> meghan: that's what i was about to say as it is absolutely vital and critical that they don't scrub this rollout like they did. i'm not kidding. i'm not impressed. have president trump do it, have you do it. it's important that people don't get confused. it's a very dense topic, tax reform in general, and this should have been right out of the gate. he can't afford to have another legislative failure, you just can't going forward. >> harris: interesting. i want to know your last though thought. >> sandra: i was just told to wrap. >> meghan: it's an interesting conversation. >> harris: all right.
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the white house is holding what's being described as a sober briefing on north korea. after the regime watches in their proper location along the west. the latest on the efforts to de-escalate what's happening there. president obama formally accused of hypocrisy presently for agreeing to a wall street speech that reportedly paid him $400,000, a big payday. now, the former president is pushing back because people in his party, do they love capitalism? stay close. you don't let anything
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with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> harris: right now, the president is at a working lunch with argentina's president. the importance of this as they are talking trade, the nafta agreement, and so much more. the president of argentina has said some colorful things about our president including calling him crazy and he openly bashed hillary clinton. how is this meeting going to go? trade and business. let's watch. >> i'd like to start by welcoming my very good friend to our country. we've been friends for many years and it's a pleasure to have him here with us today at
9:20 am
the white house and to work with him furthers the interests of both our countries. he has done a fantastic job in argentina. we've been watching it very, very closely. under his leadership, argentina has taken a growing role. the president has also implemented economic reforms and improved the environment for investment trade and long-term economic development. a lot of people are talking about the great things that are happening in argentina. he is sharing the summit, i think i'll be going. i think i've been invited. we look forward to being there. the incredible economic path
9:21 am
from argentina is something for the world to watch. i know that an important part of his campaign was a promise to increase security and argentina. i promised him we are going to strengthen our partnership to fight crime. we have agreed to launch a new bilateral cyber working group which will help the security and economic interests of both of our countries. we will be working on that very hard. the global cyber community will all be working together. we will be working diligently. it's a great day when two friends, friends and have known each other for many, many years, i knew him when he was young.
9:22 am
it's a great honor to have you here with us. >> harris: there they are at this working lunch. we've got a little bit of video coming from there and they'll pull out and we won't be able to watch anymore and they'll do their business. you saw the vice president sitting to the president's right, vice president pence and on his left, secretary of state, rex tillerson. others in the room jared kushner and many more. the topic of trade and business with argentina, very important today. i mention some of the colorful things that came up. the election from the president. it will be interesting to see how this unfolds as the day goes on. it will continue to cover this. >> meghan: the armed services committee are just wrapping up its hearing on the standoff with
9:23 am
north korea. the administration is hoping to take the regime off a nuclear alleged. according to ricky democrat, -- ranking democrat, that is far from happening. >> he is willing to risk starting his own population to achieve his dream of becoming a nuclear state. there are military options, but they are risky. a strike on facilities may precipitate catastrophic retaliation. a surgical strike -- it runs the risk of upsetting kim jong-un. >> meghan: all 100 senators were invited to the white house last night for a rare briefing. >> ed was a sobering briefing.
9:24 am
there is a lot of thought and planning going into a military options of called forward. i think the north koreans will take action, we might return to talks with them. as long as north korea continues to take provocative action, if they take additional nuclear tests, as long as i keep making threats to attack the united states, as long as they keep developing and test launching missiles, i don't think we ought to be at the table talking with them. >> meghan: meanwhile, north korea holding what's being described as its biggest ever live fire drills yesterday. kim jong-un looking on. we obviously see those warships right there. what is the likelihood that china will play ball with
9:25 am
president trump and end up putting economic sanctions and pressure on north korea? >> steve: i'm fairly confident about that . i'm confident generally about this, not because it's not very scary to think of the threat, that's certainly true. the way the administration is handling it shows how seriously they take it, but actually, what you're seeing is a pattern of this president really handling international relationships and security matters and a strong, capable, reasonable way. it's the opposite of what everyone said in the campaign. you'll have this crazy guy, rampaging around the world, it's exactly the opposite. he's handling things really competently. i think there's a connection between this and the serious strike. he is showing america he's not going to be pushed around. is not going to be impulsive and impetuous, is going to take a strong position and see it through. the way he is now making sure that the chinese understand that north korea is the priority and again, the negotiation isn't saying okay, i'll give you something on the economic side,
9:26 am
the currency manipulation thing if you help us with north korea. i think this shows strong leadership from him. >> harris: i'm curious to get your opinion on how much different it is to launch 59 tomahawk into syria. >> jeanine: there's not any question, but when the president orders that, he made it clear to the world that he is focused, he can calculate and he can send a message and it was so strategic that there was no other damage other than the damage intended for the 94 isis fighters who were killed. the serious part of all of this is the fact that this president was trashed for so long as someone, you couldn't let him near the nuclear code, god forbid, what's going to happen? yet, we hear the criticism of
9:27 am
president trump by the support of the president of argentina, he supported hillary, there you have our president saying we've been friends, i'm happy to have them at the white house. this president understands the deal, he understands power, he knows how to use it, he knows how to negotiate. of all different levels, he is communicating that. >> sandra: you look at who he surrounded himself with, mattis, kelly, tillerson. these are extreme they calculated people when it comes to making these decisions. >> steve: it's clear that he has confidence in them. they're working really well as a team. it's exactly the opposite from what everyone said. >> meghan: people aren't emphasizing enough the bipartisan element of this, bringing democrats and republicans, highly unusual, highly unprecedented to get them all in a room and say keep your mouth shut about the intelligence i'm sharing with you. i think it's fantastic. >> jeanine: i agree with you.
9:28 am
one of the things i thought of was 100 senators on the bus going to the white house. we finally can do something together. >> meghan: takes the ammo away from the left. we have to move on. the trump administration saying it is gearing up for a fight after the judge blocks the president's executive order on immigration and sanctuary cities. how the president and his attorney general are striking different tones on the path forward.
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>> harris: attorney general jeff sessions says the white house won't let up on sanctuary cities. this after a judge blocks an executive order that would allow the government to withhold federal funding from those communities. session said this. "the american people demand a lawful system of immigration. this is the trump era. progress is being made daily and it will continue. this will be the administration
9:33 am
that fully enforces our nation's immigration laws." meanwhile, president trump is take another shot at the judicial system. "there are many people want to break up the ninth circuit. it's outrageous. we have a big country, we have lots of other locations, but they immediately run to the ninth circuit. what's going on in the ninth circuit is a shame." >> steve: we both were laughing. first of all, to the president's remarks, these are people who have the conversation about whether he should tweet or not. i think some of the tweets have not been helpful. when you make the point so clearly about that and put his own view out there, i think that's really good, that's helpful. he makes a very simple point in a very simple way that seems to be completely fair enough. what you're seeing is the
9:34 am
opposition that is resorting to just frustrate -- >> jeanine: it's called forum shopping. you get a judge from the ninth circuit who says i'm going to stop the president from doing this across the country read first of all, i read the decision, i don't understand it. here's the issue. it's very simple. when i was at d.a., i used to get federal grants all the time. the justice programs would repeatedly say are you complying with the grants? it's a contract. nothing more than that. the condition of the grants is you must agree to comply with the article that says you must prohibit information regarding immigration. i'll make it that simple. now you have the sanctuary cities, chicago, san francisco, that are actually crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and crime and you've got these mirrors and these
9:35 am
governors and they're saying oh, no, we need to protect these criminals. make no mistake, their criminals. not just illegal, but they have committed crimes and we don't want our locals to turn them over to the feds. >> harris: do you think we'll ever get to the point of seeing a referendum in the town or city or district or jurisdiction that you're in question with the people aren't getting a vote. i saved on twitter all the time. i'm in a century city, but i don't like it. >> jeanine: if we don't get to the referendum, what people do, they want enforcement of the law and this requirement that you comply, no judge can prevent. this is a contract. you cannot prevent someone from withdrawing money at the condition of a contract that both parties agreed to. >> meghan: i want to ask a question of something i was reminded about yesterday. president obama threatened to pull federal schools that were not complying and people on the
9:36 am
left applauded this. the same people are being hypocritical. where is this disconnect that it's okay with noncompliance schools, but it's not okay with century cities? >> jeanine: the main part of this is the compliance with the bathroom stall at transgender stuff, there's no contract. that's absurd and it's a vindication of the left is more interested in destroying the right. forget about the rule of law. my biggest concern is a former judge myself is that when you have judges becoming so political who want to ignore the issues of contract law, it frightens me for this country. >> harris: can we talk a little bit about this on this number here. let's pop up that pole that shows despite low approval ratings, 80% of voters want to see the president succeed. this is one of those key issues that really moved people pre-election.
9:37 am
>> sandra: this is the trump era as you heard from jeff sessions and he will continue to put pressure on the cities. tell me where this goes next. >> jeanine: the attorney general said he will continue to litigate this. that doesn't necessarily mean it will go to the supreme court. what it does mean is there are other options. make no mistake. between general sessions and done a general kelly, these states will lose that funding. >> harris: all right, let's move on. can the former president obama remain true to his populist values while also taking a big cash? a reported $400,000 speaking fee from a wall street bank. capitalist don't have a problem with that, but his party may. the former president is pushing back against the criticism from both the left and the right. stay with us.
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>> sandra: after criticism from the right and even some on the left, former president obama pushing back over accepting a fee from a wall street bank for his speech later this year. his spokesman issuing a statement that reads in part "president obama will deliver speeches from time to time. some of those speeches will be paid, some will be unpaid. president obama will be true to his values." in 2008, he raised money from wall street -- i'll ask you the question i asked eric bolling yesterday, what is at first of all that they are pairing paying him $4o stay up there? >> steve: they think they'll
9:43 am
get some sort of secret insight into something that went on. i don't know who they can invite to the dinner that can get clients in. i think it's really interesting. the interesting thing about this with president obama, you think about the way he spent some to a lot of effort on his way out trying to craft his legacy with the exit interviews, the speeches, setting things up. with one act, he destroyed all credibility. >> jeanine: these people are saying thank you for letting us pay you $400,000. >> harris: i just know how much he got a reputation for lecturing the nation. we got to listen to him for free for so long that what are you
9:44 am
going to get that we haven't heard? >> sandra: the mainstream media isn't pulling their full support behind this. this is a washington post blake saying why the speech was a bad idea. he said it continues to set a devious precedent. it's also retroactively cashing in. democrats trying to be the anti-wall street party. >> meghan: the left filleted hillary clinton for doing wall street speeches and taking large amounts of money to speak in front of corporate america. the great irony is that saint obama who is supposed to be representing everything that is good and utopian on the left is actually a dirty capitalist like there asked of them. he probably wants to buy a yacht of his own. i would like to pay money to not have to sit through a speech because i find him that boring and i say that over and over again.
9:45 am
this will hurt him ultimately with people like elizabeth warren, people like bernie sanders who think i'll think capitalist, wall street involved is awful and evil and i love it. i hope they fillet him and the same way they did to hillary clinton. >> harris: don't democrats have to be a little careful her here? i think he's still the face of the party. we still see chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. >> jeanine: he is the head of the party. he has gone on that unity tour with that potty mouth. i do believe that he may have to pull it back. he is not running. >> meghan: if he shows himself to be the classic politician
9:46 am
that we always knew he was. the left still puts him up on a pedestal and a status that i have always felt was saint like. the idea that he is in front of wall street, excepting $400,000, that's his first wall street speech by the way. he's a dirty capitalist just like the rest of us. >> steve: he's done his time. >> sandra: will she show up or not? what ann coulter is saying now after her top at berkeley was canceled. what has become a furious battle over free speech. plus, the unlikely folks coming to her defense. you do all this research
9:47 am
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>> sandra: more outnumbered and just a moment, but we catch up with jenna lee to see what's happening on the second hour of "happening now" ." >> jenna: sean spicer is going to be speaking. little issues that he'll be talking about during a press briefing. plus no questions about michael flynn. katherine harris has the latest at that at the top of the hour. >> sandra: all right, jenna,
9:51 am
thank you. >> harris: this is a big talker. new showdown on free speech. ann coulter says that though her speech was canceled, she may show up today to say hello to her supporters. officials are bracing for a trouble whether she decides to show up. intelligence and online chatter suggests that violence is a definite possibility. coulter telling sean hannity that colleges like berkeley are trying to stamp out conservative speech. >> what's going on with berkele berkeley, it shows how radical universities are generally. i agree that they want to destroy and squelch conservative speech, but there is a separate issue. when you have bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, bill marr, joy behar, when there are saying get over yourselves, we have first
9:52 am
amendments. >> harris: for its part, the universities says they have to balance the concerns over free speech with keeping students safe. >> the university read about it in the newspaper. we spent an enormous amount of time and resources. we have 50,000 people here. ms. coulter in speakers are welcome on this campus. our commitment to the first amendment is unwavering and unshakable. >> harris: meanwhile, ann coulter has some unlikely liberal allies in her corner. in addition to the likes of bernie sanders and belmar, she has the acu on her side. we are all in this together. more words, not fewer.
9:53 am
>> jeanine: you cannot -- ann coulter had a contract. she was supposed to stick there today, april 27th. they all of a sudden decided there's a security problem. you have to go back to know what's going on today. you go back to what happened with milo. 12 hours, $100,000 in damages when there's another conservative speaker at that same university. do you know how many people were arrested? one. what does that tell you? there's a stand down. they don't want campus police arresting, they don't want berkeley police arresting, they do not want conservative speech. to make an excuse now, from now on, we're worried about your safety, they can shut the write down totally. >> sandra: what is the legality of ann coulter showing up anyway? >> jeanine: she can show up wherever she wants unless they want to file a trespass charge against her.
9:54 am
the biggest issue is her safety and they are being totally disingenuous by saying we cannot protect you. of course you can. if the ku klux klan said we are going here, they are, and everybody decides let's shut down and let them do whatever they want, no. this is the reverse. what you've got is free speech that people died for and endorsements saying that the university is using that as an excuse. we've got mutual assistance with police and law enforcement agencies. you call in the state police, you call the local. whatever it takes. >> harris: this is interesting because liberal and people who are left-leaning speak on campuses every day. we never hear anything about it. >> steve: the good news here, if there is any good news, is that you are seeing the left get behind the argument that we would be making.
9:55 am
the >> harris: if their canceling speeches. >> steve: it looks like we could be seeing a turning point. not just the fact of they have bill maher, also other universities stepping up. chicago putting out a few months ago, a very strong statement about free speech. it feels like it's turning and that's great news for everyone. >> harris: i want to get you in. >> meghan: i echo everything everyone is saying on this couc couch. my personal experience, i used to speak a lot on college campuses about being a young conservative, pro-life woman, and i got to a point in my life where i won't do it anymore because i'm uncomfortable going to college campuses. i was treated so badly so often by so many students at just the idea of being a conservative on a college campus, god love people that continue to do it. for me personally, the bad far outweighed the good.
9:56 am
were getting to a point where conservatives like me feel silenced and is not even worth going and speaking. i wish you would continue to speak there. i wish they could make this work because they think it's important. by the way, i don't agree with her and ann coulter have gone toe-to-toe for years. i don't like her, but i think every single person has a place to speak on all colleges in america at any time. >> harris: will be right back. why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. hi dad. no. edon't try to get up.
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>> sandra: many, many thanks to steve hilton for joining us today. >> harris: we didn't even get to talk about brock said. >> steve: we need lots of exits. >> sandra: "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: we start with a fox news alert. we are awaiting the start of the daily white house press briefing. the two press secretary sean spicer will speak to reporters any minute from happening now. >> we think we've made this bill a lot better. we think it will drive down ways to get the waiver. >> jenna: health care back on the congressional agenda. there could soon be a vote. >> we don't want to put an artificial deadline on this, we learned that a few


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