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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 28, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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wrong when a man focused on man and mom. the man shaking his head saying that's my mom. he could have given her a kiss on the cheek or something. >> he is not doing it have great weekend. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> there's a chance that that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. >> we put in place a very deliberate strategy, which we are just in the early stages of executing. >> the united states is poised to back up diplomacy with a potential use of force. >> i have got one agenda to help president trump make america greats again. the way we are going to start is going to reform the tax code. >> for the first time since ronald reagan in 1983, president trump speaking at the national rifle association's annual convention. >> i'm signing an executive order those who fail our veterans will be held accountable. >> at least six people arrested at uc berkeley protesting ann berkeley's speech. >> they are a bunch of
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cowards. they're not interested in learning. >> they are interested in disruption, chaos and complete anarchy. >> with the first pick in the 2017 nfl draft, the cleveland browns select miles garrett. defensive end, texas a&m. ♪ living in the hall of fame ♪ yeah ♪ and the world's going to know your name ♪ yeah, yeah. brian: i don't know if he is going to be in the hall of fame but is he going to the browns. ainsley: amazing the world is going to know his name. steve: they will. live. that's a flight simulator the air force brought in. i saw you during the tease behind wheel. brian: i was terrible. it's legitimately they have a real f-35 pilot out there. you will be able to hit targets and bomb the desert. ainsley: anyone know where we can find leah gabriel. she can fly planes.
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brian: she is on the business channel right now. she is busy. steve: today is day 9 the 6 president trump's 100 days. we start this hour with a fox news alert. a terrifying world war iii video mock-up out of north korea again that puts the white house, as you can see right there in the crosshairs. that's an aircraft carrier. ainsley: guess how we are responding? the president trump major conflict could be brewing. brian: dealing with a conflict directly we have been putting off for decades. griff jenkins has the latest from washington. where is this going. >> brian, ainsley, and steve, there is a lot of disturbing brand new anti-american propaganda spewing from north korea. this video released just hours ago appears to be an arsenal of missiles being launched from north korean beaches striking targets unknown. aggressive military drils in a powerful show of force as a gleeful kim jong un watches on. this follows the chilling
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video you mentioned from yesterday. the rogue regime depict ago mock attack on washington,the white house being destroyed. the video declares the enemy to be destroyed is in our sights. now, all of this raising attention to alarming heights in the korean peninsula with president trump ominous warning in the strongest word yet on possible confrontation. >> there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> president trump also telling reuters in that interview, he hopes to resolve the crisis peacefully through new economic sanctions and with the cooperation before a determined china. the use of force was not off the table. america's top commander harry harris in the specific saying our thermal high altitude defense system ored that as or s ready to go until south korea.
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missile defense system causing about a million dollars that he says south korea should pay for. the uss carl vinson group could be ready to strike in hours. steve: the president in that interview said he hopes that kim jong un is are a rationale enough to engage in diplomacy. we are ready in there is trouble. none the less the president made it very clear he would prefer diplomacy. ainsley: he said when we interviewed him and his son eric he said we pray for peace first of all. we are going to have diplomacy that's why we need that relationship with china. that's most important. the next step could be taking military action. brian: kim jong un not insane according to the secretary of state. we don't know if he is agenting ration anily. here is he rex tillerson yesterday talking to bret baier in an interview that aired on "special report" about the role of china. >> we are asking a lot of the chinese, i think in the past the assumption has been the
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chinese would only take limited action. we're going to test that assumption. we're going to test their willingness to help us address this serious threat that it's not only one to the region and us but is becoming a threat to china themselves. so we're asking that they evaluate the situation. steve: absolutely. meanwhile how do you feel about it? a brand new fox news poll out. take a look right here. u.s. taking military action to stop north korea's nuclear weapons program. are you for it or against it? a majority of americans, 53 to 39 are for it at this point. ainsley: what will stop north korea's nuclear weapons program 51% in this fox news poll said u.s. military force. more than half. 36 percent said diplomacy alone. brian: last one what's the greatest threat to america 38% north korea. only 21% isis, then russia, china and iran. the defense system that thad missile system which has the chinese bent out of shape, it's going to be ready to come online in a matter of days.
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no one has the answer to this. china is going through a series of defensive drills and war games. they are game planning this out. are they wondering how they will act? are they expecting a u.s. attack? and what exactly -- what message are we supposed to be getting from this even from south korea who is undergoing an election right now? also, when you look at what is happening in that region, the question is what took place in that briefing with those 100 senators where some people like tammy duckworth said it was a waste of time and others like senator coons said this is sobering and briefed why not donald trump but joint chiefs of staff. wondering if we are in a place we have never been before about a nemesis and problem that's been around for 30 years. ainsley: when you look at these polls what it reminds me of i didn't realize they think north korea is a bigger threat than isis. that surprised me. brian: nuclear program proliferator. ainsley: what i learned is measures are saying we are not
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going to take it anymore. we are tired of other countries telling us how to respond and bullying us. this president is saying you know what? we will try everything we can for diplomacy. this could be the result. military force. brian: it's not iraq. steve: most importantly we have china on our side seemingly this time. let's see what happens. brian: only thing different i would like to add, steve, if i could. it's not iraq. million man army with million man reserves. they have nuclear sites in which we can't identify all of them. nobody thinks we can hit them all right away a preemptive strike. ainsley: with a dictator. brian: even though military parade was full of balloons and military rockets. we don't know for sure what's going on there. ainsley: dictator is telling them god knows what he is telling all his supreme. i'm sure when senator mccain said he was -- what did he say the crazy fat leader or whatever? brian: the iii. ainsley: i'm sure highs people didn't hear that comment. has he total control of the
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newspapers and messaging. brian: 200,000 in what amounts to concentration camps. steve: today is 99 of the president's first 100 days in office. and you know the white house really did want a vote, a second vote on obamacare. and how majority leader kevin mccarthy confirmed last night no vote this week. that's not good news for the white house. the problem is they just don't have the votes. the house republican leadership knows they can afford 22 defections. they have at least 21 against it at this point. and many more undecided. so what they are doing today is they are trying to pass a one week continuing resolution that would give them enough money to fund the government for the balance of fiscal year 2017. ainsley: freedom caucus were on board now. they were all or nothing. if you are going to be part of the freedom caucus we are all on board with this now. the moderates are having a problem with some the changes. brian: 80% of the freedom caucus justin more a conservative out of michigan says i'm not answering rights now.
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a moderate like dan donovan who said i can't get behind this. the tax credit for people, help paying for -- helping pay for premiums. premiums is not there you also have a new york congressman who is not behind it. so you have a lot of people that just won't answer when they're asked go to be -- asked how they are going to vote. too much a risk so they won't put it forward. which means they have got to make it changes if it is indeed possible to satisfy moderate republicans and conservative republicans. it plight not be possible. ainsley: are you okay with the republicans being split on this. brian: they just don't have the numbers. ainsley: do you think they should have gotten together before the first 100 days to try to watch it. brian: we're watching c-span, this whole take place before our ice as things leak out to different outlets who saying we are find this guy is not with it. this woman can't vote with it. this one is on board. one thing is clear not one democrat has jumped the line. ainsley: democrats. brian: not even trying. ainsley: democrats got it right. you probably don't agree with obamacare. they knew how to give their president a win at the time.
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they got that right. a lot of people don't like obamacare but at least they were behind their president. i feel like the republican party is so split within congress that he has his hands tied. the he wants something, the country wants something but the republicans in congress can't get it together. steve: the democrats were certainly unified when it came to passing obamacare. ainsley: even though they didn't read the bill. steve: had you to pass the bill before you could read it meanwhile yesterday, we had been telling you for the last week, ann coulter was scheduled to go to the university of california at berkeley. they cancelled because they he could not provide the. screen right, cops in riot gear were propped for possible violence between her supporters and the people who were anti-court people. she hoe to a lot of people. at least six people were arrested and hundreds gathered. as you can see right there to yell at each other essentiall essentially. brian: i love what this g.o.p.
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lawmakers in wisconsin are doing. students expelled if they are to attack or stop a speaker on different campuses. it's -- the conservative gold water institute addressing these recent problems have put this forward. some lawmakers in wisconsin are pushing it forward. i think it's about time. people of all different beliefs get a chance to do this thing called talk behind the podium. ainsley: you know it's a bad thing whether you have joy behar and whoopi goldberg and bill maher and bernie sanders saying she should be speaking that ann coulter should have been allowed to speak at berkeley. brian: she is talking immigration. oh my goodness. you know what you got. she is already on the record. go out there and interact. maybe they feel as though they can't outspeak her or outdebate her because she will open up the floor and debate you. instead of allowing her debate taking iran you do the cowardice thing of preventing her from going on. ainsley: they don't like her message so they are using the safety thing to prevent her from speaking. can i guarantee if you called
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new york city cops to come out there, they could protects her. steve: free speech definitely not alive and well at beckerfully california. it is 6:12 on this friday. jackie ibañez joins us with a fox news alert. ainsley: hey, jacque. jack jack good morning to awful you at home. fox news alert calls for investigation after the last of four arkansas inmates is killed by lethal injection. murderer lurched and convulsed after being given the lethal drug. last of the inmates to be put to death by the end of the month before injection drug expires. two making the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against terror. the pentagon says two service members killed. isis fighters in northeast afghanistan. it's the same area where the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs in an isis camp there earlier this month killing nearly 100 terrorists. and a big day for president trump as he heads to atlanta
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for historic speech at the nra, a convention there. he is the first sitting president to do so since ronald reagan back in 1983. this comes as georgia lawmakers debate over a new conceal carry law. also happening today, the president signing an executive order to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and gas that could lead to more offshore drilling. those are your headlines. back to you guys this morning. steve: that's another thing off of his bucket list he mentioned he would do it. on day 99 goings to do it. ainsley: thanks, jacque. steve: meanwhile, texas just took a major step on cracking down on major sanctuary cities. message for democrats prepare for a reckoning. brian bine we just told new great detail north korea is stepping up rhetoric big time including video. what should the trump administration do about it? what are they prepared to do? what are their options. julian turner promises to weigh in. steve: come on in. ♪ will things ever be the same again ♪ it's the final countdown
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♪ >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea, absolutely. ainsley: the white house on
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edge this morning as tensions rise between the u.s. and north korea. so how should the trump administration respond to these increasing threats? here now to weigh in is former director of affairs at the white house national security council and current vice president of jones group gillian turner. jillian, good to see you. >> good morning. ainsley: good to see you. what did you think of his response we might have to use military force. >> i think that's something that's obvious. it's been on the table for many, many years. i think during the obama years. folks, officials really shied away from using that kind of language. president trump has decided that he is going to kind of harness all the tools in his toolbox and put it out there as a means of detouring them from doing anything crazy. ainsley: is it refreshing to hear that from a president? >> it is. in this situation with a nuclearized adversary, i think there is particular, as you know, particular risks. so, the president knows. this no one needs to tell him that. for example, he is in constant contact last week with china
3:19 am
and with south korea and with japan on this issue. those foreign heads of state have all been urging caution and restraint and don't escalate anything. and president trump is not listening to them. is he forging ahead. he is blazing his own trail based on what he believes are america's national security interests, which is admirable but it has risks. ainsley: when he ran, i remember the democrats saying you want to put his hand on the nuclear code or put the nuclear code on his hands? he is going to be trigger happy. we are seeing a difference here. first of all, he said we are praying for peace. secondly, we are going to try for diplomacy. work trying to get a relationship with china so we can prevent something from happening with north korea. but, last resort, is he basically saying i'm not afraid. i'm not afraid to maybe if we have to we might have to go war to stop this guy. >> it's smart power i hate to borrow a hillary clinton term to describe what president trump is doing. but it really is it's a combination of diplomacy, hitting the gas pedal full speed on diplomacy but also
3:20 am
using a little bit of military, not taking military action against north korea but like. ainsley: threatening them at least. >> escalating the rhetoric is what he is doing right now. that's the best we can hope for. ainsley: how about these polls? this morning showing a fox news poll. 53% favor taking military action in north korea. they are saying the biggest threat to the u.s. is not isis. 38% said north korea. 25 percent said isis. so there is a big difference. >> in my estimation they are right. north korea, you know, may not have been front and center throughout the whole election campaign cycle the last few years of the way isis and radical islam was. but it's an existential threat. meaning any nuclearized foreign state that is willing to potentially use that against the united stating existential threat.
3:21 am
i think the results of those polls are really smamplet. ainsley: thank you for being here. >> you're welcome. ainsley: this organizer isn't just a terrorist anymore. what she admitted in court is getting her deported. elizabeth warren isn't happy with barack obama for his $400,000 payday. we are going to talk about that. ♪ buy me love ♪ truecar shows you what other people paid for the car you want. you already know that; you've probably heard me say it. but here's something you might not know: after you see what others paid,
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steve: we have got quick friday morning headlines for you. first up, a man sunday aarrest for attempting to fly to middle east to fight with isis. he was cincinnati airport admitted he wanted to fly to turkey citizen of jordan and had been under surveillance since january when he broke into the turkish embassy in washington, d.c. and a convicted terrorist who led the charge in the day
3:25 am
without women strike now now facing deportation for -- pleading guilty immigration fraud for failing to disclose her past. she spent 10 years in prison for bombing a jerusalem supermarket that killed two college students. is that is some the news and now show biz. ainsley: in the new movie called the circle one girl lands dream job only to find out job comes with a cost. >> know something good but knowing everything is better. so, may, is there anything you want to tell us? the possibilities are end also. ainsley: the circle opens everywhere today but is it worth your box office bucks? brian: fox news contributor and founder of nerd kevin mccarthy was forced to see this movie. well, kev, you are not as positive as you would think? >> right. ainsley, brian, steve, good morning to you. i just saw it about 8 and a half hours ago by the way. because they actually didn't
3:26 am
screen the film to critics here in washington, d.c. steve: bad sign. >> when they don't screen a film, it's usually not a good sign, exactly. they are trying to hide the film from critics. so i went and saw it last night. i'm wondering how could this possibly be bad? a great filmmaker who made the spectacular now. a great film. you a great cast tom hanks, emma watson, karen guillen. and then have you a great writer greg edgars and composing danny elken. how could it go wrong? begs the question about social media and technology. the company wants to take away basically all of our privacy and we basically live our lives and overshare everything. it's essentially what we are doing now but obviously times a thousand. social media and what we are doing. but it really does have an interesting concept and really kind of makes you think. that's the thing. i'm wondering how could this possibly get messed up. the problem is it's frustratingly sloppy. you could tell that there were things not written well.
3:27 am
the script is very, very, very bad. emma watson for me, i loved her in perks of being wall flower. very wooden in this performance. tom hanks is always great. bill paxton his final performance he is great in the film. there are some good things that go with the performances but the overall idea is lost because the script feels like out actors are reading the script for the first time when you are watching. ainsley: that's not good. >> i just found the film to be us from straght. this is a film that was primarily shot in 2015. and i know you had some reshoots early this year. this movie -- to me great show on netflix called black mirror that show tawcketdz talks about the idea of social media and oversharing. very similar concept but done in a much better way. if you want to see something like, this just watch black mirror on netflix. this movie i gave 1.5 out of 5. i thought it was poorly overall i found it to be --
3:28 am
ainsley: why did they sign up for a movie that was going to be such flop. >> tom hanks produced the movie u that's why i'm trying to figure out what happened. sometimes you sit in a movie theater and go how could this possibly have gone wrong considering who is behind this film? i found it to be -- my wife looked at me last night and said kevin, this is basically a bad episode of black mirror that show by the way is amazing it's on netflix if you want to check it out there. steve: it's great you were able to turn that to you and able to turn that into an ad-lib on this program. ainsley: that's right. >> that is true. yeah. by the tbla are some great films out right now if you want to see some things in theaters. fate of the furious. definitely one of the ones i love. action movie with vin diesel. i loved it if you are a fan of the fast and furious franchise. i recommend seeing it close to making a billion dollars already. logan and get out two films still in theaters. the fate of the furious largest opening in the history of cinema globally.
3:29 am
insane how well that film did. made like $900 million in the first 10 days. that's a really good film. logan is great. get out is great. and then la la land is available on blue ray if you want to watch that. brian: or stay home and talk to each other. steve: like the olden days or listen to the radio. ainsley: sound like they watch movies together and talk about it. brian: so annoying watching a movie with kevin and his wife. steve: both movie critics. thank you very much. >> steve: have a celebrate weekend. >> i love you guys so much. ainsley: what were you going to say. >> i was saying being married to a film critic is the greatest thing that could have ever happened happened to me. amazing. brian: we already made our choices but i will keep that in mind. >> thanks, brian. [laughter] ainsley: we should have married news anchors? brian: i guess. so let's go home and read the prompter together, honey. [laughter] nothing more romantic.
3:30 am
let's find the misspellings in the process. let's look for the vowel. protests at berkeley erupt after ann coulter was forced to cancel speech amid rising violence. why do liberals only thing free speech are only for them. steve: didn't label the media to label tax cuts as tax cuts for the wealthy. >> someone making $150 million pay less than 50% tax rate. >> mr. secretary as you know a lot of the reports on this says a lot of tax cuts for the rich in congress. steve: a lot went on like that. stuart varney will be on the other side of a quick time-out. ♪ you know it don't matter anyway. ♪ you can rely on your old man's money ♪ you can rely on on the old man's money. it's a bithch girl. gone too far ♪ money won't get you too far ♪ get you too far ♪
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♪ no, no, no ♪ you had to be a big shot ♪ did you ♪ you had to open up your mouth ♪ you had to be a big shot ♪ did you. ainsley: look at that cute picture. it's your shot of the morning. president trump makes a surprise performanc appearance e your child to work day. steve: the commander-in-chief posted this picture online surrounded by all those children we presume belong to staff members at the white house. brian: they are the luckiest children in the world. the press corps got to sit in their parents' chairs for a special briefing with press secretary sean spicer. >> president trump is looking for in renegation. [laughter] >> who are your parents? >> all the kids are sitting in their parents' seats. and normally when you watch the scene, if the correspondents are sit there they just stare at sean spicer
3:35 am
when someone is shouting out a question. all the kids when someone behind them asks a question they go -- [laughter] brian: of course like every kid they are curious about nafta. ainsley: trying to explain nafta to the kids. i don't even know if we all understand it exactly. steve: meanwhile mainstream media has a lot of questions about president trump's tax plan. so far we have only heard principles. as long as rich, you know, it's all about giving benefits to the rich. watch this. >> candidate trump was on this show telling our viewers a year ago that he believed in raising taxes on the wealthy, including himself. would you acknowledge that the reform plan you have laid out does the exact opposite? in fact, it is a dramatic cut in taxes for the wealthy. >> i just want to ask you one more time on this, the principle, this is the principle. should someone making more than $150 million pay less than 5% federal tax rate? >> mr. secretary, as you know, a lot of the reports and
3:36 am
reporting on this says this is a lot of tax cuts for the rich. and if that is portrayed as such, you will have a tough time in congress. ainsley: are any of those journalists curious about what it means for the middle class and for other people that are affected for the rest of us? steve: let's talk to stuart varney he joins us now live it? >> is astonishing the way the media is characterizing the president's proposals a give away to the rich. how many times have we heard that in the last 15 years heaven's sake. let's get it straight. every single person in america who pace federal income tax will get a tax cut. the biggest cut in tax rates goes to the middle class. for example, the 15% maximum tax rate on small businesses. that's down from 39%. ainsley: that's a huge savings. >> that's a middle class tax cut huge and effects ten fers of millions of americans. rich people by contrast they get a cut from 39% to 35%. hardly the same kind of stuff.
3:37 am
brian: flock it out to 25%. have it just go down four points is signature you can't. >> yes, it is. brian: president obama that jacked it up after he won re-election. this is a very tired response to the idea of cutting taxes. give away to the rich. what i noticed now it's not just confined to the pundits who are saying this and to the editorial pages, it's bleeding over into the news pages. look at this, from a "new york times" this morning. this is from the news pages of the "new york times."i'm going . okay? brian: if you can want you can read it? >> the outline mr. trump offered on wednesday less a tax overhaul plan less of costly cut with no price tags attached rushed into the president -- rushed out by the president staring down 100 day mark. that is editorial in a news item. it tells you that they -- they are a johnny one note. tall is a give away to the rich. that's all it is. steve: ultimately the impetus for this is to get the economy going. >> of course.
3:38 am
steve: the more people have in your pockets whether you are a person or corporation or small business or whatever, you're going to be able to put that towards something else and buy something else. that just gets the wheels of our capitalism moving. >> two things. they will say that the rich people who get a tax break, they won't spend that money, therefore, it won't have any impact on the economy. wrong. they may well invest it. and invest. ainsley: that's why they are rich. they know how to make money. >> secondly middle class people get enormous tax cut that goes right into the economy that stimulates the economy. that gives us growth down the road. that's it. now, wait a second, in about 45 minutes, an hour or so, we're going to get a reporter from the government. that growth in the economy, in the first quarter of the year was terrible, absolutely terrible. the left will say oh, that's all donald trump's fault. show me the left's growth plan, please, they don't like the president's growth plan. what's theirs? they don't have one. steve: sure. >> they just don't have one. steve: the same with taxes.
3:39 am
the left and mainstream media may be complaining about the taxes. and his proposed cuts. but what's their idea? i mean, every person would love to pay less tax. >> what is their idea? spend more government money and tax more? tax and spend? that's the old way of doing it. it didn't work. what's wrong with the new way. you cut taxes. especially for the middle class and you grow the economy. brian: i'm curious to seat answer. because without deductions, how can you honestly say the rich are paying 5% in taxes? because the thing they did is eliminate a lot of the deductions and a lot of the loopholes. >> rich people pay a whole bunch of money in state taxes. state income taxes. they are no longer deductible. rich people take a hit. big one. steve: we will be watching you at 9:00 this morning over on fox biz. >> good. steve: 9 to noon. >> all the way through to noon. good show. ainsley: happy friday. >> thank you. ainsley: jacque has headlines for you. jackie: good morning, varney.
3:40 am
good to see you here. attack several correctional officers. caught on camera in national security prison in chicago. those outnumberrerred running for lives to call in reinforcement. both taken to the hospital. one has a broken eye socket but is expected to be okay. texas democrats fighting back after the state house finds a bill to withhold funding for sanctuary cities. they fought for 16 hours trying to block the proposal. something democratic leaders now say was all part of a bigger plan. >> it was done for the purposes of setting this thing up for where we know it needs to go which is the courthouse. somewhere down the line what happened yesterday in some of the votes taken going to be repercussion and reckoning for what happened. jackie: the house must now work with the senate before sending a bill to the governor. and progressives stunned by former president obama's $400,000 payday for a speech on wall street. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren unable to defend it listen.
3:41 am
>> i was troubled by that. the influence of money. i describe it as, you know, as snake that slithers through washington. jackie: despite the outrage the former president just made another 400 grand from a speech a&e. 800 grand all together for two speeches. steve: so far so good. ainsley: that's great paycheck for two hours. jackie: not bad, right? brian: just taking money from the fat cats. thanks, jacque. ainsley: thank you, jacque. a sad day for free speech arrests at berkeley. why do liberals think the first amendment only applies to them ♪ i have found ♪ it's a crazy down ♪ full of knee on dreams ♪ everybody's swings ♪ everybody sings ♪ hollywood with a touch of twang ♪ to be a star
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♪ steve: protests at berkeley erupt after ann coulter was forced to cancel her speech yesterday amid rising threats of violence. the college is blaming the cancellation on security reasons but ann coulter not buying that. >> there are ways of dealing with violence. that's why we have a police force. the police captain's argument was we can't have ann coulter. there's going to be violence. well, i don't know, call a cop. what's your job? steve: why do liberals think the first amendment only applies to them in the president of berkeley college republicans and a correspondent at campus troy warden joins us now with reaction. trey, good morning to you. thanks for joining us today from san francisco. >> thank you for having me on. steve: what do you think about her argument hey, the cops can protect me. there is obviously a double standard to play here. >> that's absolutely true.
3:46 am
it's the job of the university police department to ensure the safety of students and attendees at political events and speaking events such as ours. and the fact that the university effectively told the cops to stand down, that's, in effect, silencing our right to free speech and making our events dangerous. we can't move forward with them if we can't guarantee the safety of the attendees or the speaker. >> troy, explain what i meant when you said the police were told to back down. a couple months ago milo was out there and violent protests and riots as well. if something like that happen, the cops were told just let them burn the place down? >> well, essentially that's what happened on february 1st when we invited milo. to speak. ann coulter was cancelled
3:47 am
because the police department was told not to intervene to protect our attendees unless there was a life threatening situation. in other words, police were told not to do their jobs. steve: another example of how there is a double standard on how berkeley handles conservative speakers versus liberal or progressive speakers is their curfew. explain how that works. >> well, the amazing thing is the university, without even notifying us, in consultation with the university police department and the city of berkeley designed a policy that's unwritten. that's subjective. that's arbitrary that essentially says high profile speakers such as ann coulter can't speak past 3:00 p.m. now, this is being applied unequally because the former president of mexico, an ardent trump critic, vicente fox was able to speak past 3:00 p.m. just after we cancelled our
3:48 am
david horowitz event. in other words, high profile speaker for the university means conservative speaker. so conservative speech is being curtailed at the university through an unwritten policy and we have yet to see the university prevent us with something in writing. something we can actually fight against. steve: whole idea of university, that's where did you go to hear other ideas. universities, troy, are not supposed to takes sides. >> no, they're not. you go to a university in order to hear different points of view. what we wanted to do what the berkeley college republicans wanted to do was to make people understand where trump supporters are coming from in terms of the immigration debate. and we were absolutely unable to do that. i detail at length in my article for campus, exactly all the measures and parameters the university put in place to assure that our event could not go through. quite unfortunate. now students have been
3:49 am
deprived of their intellectual right which is to hear a different point of view. steve: absolutely. it search solid a stain on the legacy of berkeley. troy, we thank you very much for getting up so early out in san francisco where it is 3:48 in the morning. thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me. steve: all right. what do you think about that? please email us meanwhile, take a look right over there. this blue tooth head set and arm band combo is perfect for runners. you can buy it for 70 bucks or stick around for a exclusive mega morning deal. can you get it for 70% off ♪ let's get physical ♪ physical ♪ i want to get physical ♪ let's get into physical ♪ let me hear your body talk ♪ your body talk ♪ let me hear your body talk ♪
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abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. ainsley: president trump now warning of a major, major conflict that could be brewing. >> we put in place a very deliberate strategy, which we are just in the early stages of executing. >> is he going to kind of harness all the tools in his toolbox and put it out there as a means of deterring them. steve: that's a man under breast after attempting to fly to thflyto the middle east to jn isis. >> biggest cut in tax rates goes to the middle class. >> last of four arkansas death inmates is killed by lethal injection. >> ann coulter all she is going to do at berkeley is give a speech. >> quite unfortunate. now students have been deprived of their intellectual
4:01 am
right which is to hear a different point of view. >> pick, i'm joined by t.j. he is 14 years old. he is a cancer survivor. >> the baltimore ravens select marlon humphrey. ♪ that's us ♪ that's right ♪ got to love this american ride ♪ both of the ozone burning ♪ funny how the world keeps turning ♪ look ma ♪ no hands. steve: janice dean behind the wheel of f-35 similarity. you are doing too much. i figured out how to do. it pull up on right hand. ainsley: she is good. steve: she is doing okay. i actually was in the commercial wanted to see what it would look like if i went into the fairgrounds at las vegas. turns out pretty real feel. brian: we have a real f-35
4:02 am
pilot out there. he says this is actually real what you would go through. going to be able to go out there and try it again, something else i do not have the natural ability on. one time i would like to try something and think to myself wow, i'm a natural. i struggled so much with this. it bothers me. steve: cool thing about this particular similarity just like the f-35 itself is there is a little computer screen right there through your windshield so you know to pull up when it hits 150 knots. it tells you when you fly. brian: there is 22 buttons on both those throttles. steve: a lot of things that will fire missiles and bombs. brian: you understand how stuff can go wrong. ainsley: reminds me as the arcade. like when i was a kid this the is thing i would go through. brian: i would show up with worn-out dollar get the change. gone home having never played anything. ainsley: you never played skeet ball. brian: i don't even know what it is.
4:03 am
steve: if this were an arcade you would need a token for a million dollars because it's quite auto ride. it's those kind of flying machines that are great deterrent for a lot of bad people around the world knowing that the united states has such military might. do you know who needs to pay attention to this? the leader of north korea. because there has been some saber rattling. now president trump in an interview with reuters yesterday was talking about kim jong un right there. and the president warns of a major, major conflict. he says it's absolutely possible resolving current tensions peacefully, very difficult the president said. ainsley: it seems that you at home that you agree with him. because, in a fox news poll recommendation most people favor taking military action to stop north korea's nuclear weapons program. look at that 53% are in favor of military action. 39% oppose it. brian: i looked at the big five things that we could be doing possibly to take out north korea and none of them are good or easy.
4:04 am
but some sadly have to be necessary in that every day or every president that we move past they become more and more dangerous. we keep waiting for the next generation of kims to be more sane and more rationale and it keeps getting worse. i mean, the grandfather was an actual war fighter. we now who he crazy kim jong il was. the son takes over totally unworthy. killing his uncle and family and half-brother using weapons of mass destruction. secretary of state tillerson was very telling when he said we are not looking to unify the peninsula. we are not looking to overthrow the regime. we along with china are looking to get nuclear weapons out of that country. but the question is we can't ever believe that they are actually do that. because every time they say they are going to do it, they never do. we can never talking to them has yielded no results. steve: we need the help of the chinese u and the president said he hopes to get help from the chinese premier. the president there referred to him as a good man in hopes
4:05 am
that kim jong un is rationale enough to engage in diplomacy. which is essentially what rex tillerson, ourselves says as well. brian: can you imagine? yes, let's listen. >> we are asking a lot of the chinese u in the past the chinese would only take limited action. we're going to test that assumption. we are going to test their willingness to help us address this serious threat that it's not only one to the region and to us but is becoming a threat to china themselves. and so we're asking that they evaluate the situation. ainsley: not only a threat to us but a threat to china. the president has said is he going to pray for peace. going to try for 2keu7 employee macy. that's why he is going to try to have a good relationship with china so they can influence north korea. but in that doesn't work -- steve: one other thing in the news the president of taiwan called the president of the united states. donald trump and said congratulations. and that caused a big problem with big china. well, apparently now the president of taiwan says he would like another phone call with president trump.
4:06 am
and president trump has made it very clear you're not going to get a phone call because i'm working with big china over here. ainsley: i don't want to do anything to make them mad. i need them more than i need you. brian: just say this for the record. if president obama had broken through to personal terms with the head of the president with the leader of china and obama had broken up personally, everyone would be lauding their personal relationship and how it broke years of distrust. so far have you seen to have broken off years of distrust with a personal relationship between, which was our arch enemy three months ago and not one person has said well, have you got to give president trump credit. we will see what happens a little bit down the line. meanwhile, let's talk about healthcare there was thought and there was a hope for this administration that the -- with the freedom caucus for the most part. two thirds of them agreeing to this new bridge plan that they would have a healthcare vote today or tomorrow. it doesn't look likely because the moderates or the so-called tuesday group are not on board. they feel as though a lot of
4:07 am
people are going to be still locked out of coverage. it's not going to be popular. and dan donovan, the congressman has come forward. he says yeah, i'm a moderate. i'm not signing on to it i have talked to the vice president. and the president have called me. they have not pressured me. they have listened to my concerns. and i appreciate that. steve: sure, absolutely. keep in mind we are at day 99 for the president's first 100 days and the white house really wanted a vote. kevin mccarthy. the house majority leader last night said there will not be a vote this week. because, we simply don't have the votes there. they can afford 22 defections. right now they have 21 that they know of. and a lot of undecideds. there is a lot of peril and republicans don't want the same thing to happen that happened last time. ainsley: if they can afford for 22 to not be on board. steve: 21 already on board. takes one more to sink the ship. ainsley: so they have the votes though? steve: well, no.
4:08 am
because of the undecideds. many undecideds or unannounced. ainsley: they are saying maybe next week? steve: not sailing that. brian: it's aability to. got to change the plan. two things. no one cares about the 100 days. just interesting to talk about. 110 or 120 no one is going to be thinking about testimony the president should not concern himself about. ainsley: he said he's not. brian: you but he is lack of accomplishment bothers him. he is all about winning and all about check the boxes. but, i think one day of euphoria of saying the house passed it is not worth passing a bad plan. so get the plan right. do it right. and then look forward and then we will see. what i think is the most challenging a conservative like justin amass say i can't vote for it moderates saying i can't vote for it a congressman who is conservative like darrell issa in a very liberal district won for hillary said i will commit to it. if you are the president of the united states you will say i don't really know where to go from here. steve: here is the thing.
4:09 am
the stories out there. it's still all in theory because nothing is put on paper yet is millions of people knocked out of healthcare. that's bad politics if you are run are to re-election. also the preexisting condition things, is it in? is it out. depends state to state there is a lot of squishy details that are messy politics. that's why there are so many no votes already and some undecided. ainsley: causing so much division within the republican party a loft republicans are saying get on board y'all figure this out and work together. you have to compromise in some way. many of them are worried about being reelected if they do compromise and put something in the bill that's going to cost some of their constituents a lot of money. i see both sides in this. want to make shiewrst bill is good and affordable. steve: sure. remember when he was running for president, donald trump said everybody is going to get covered. it just makes the way you put this whole thing together much more plaintiff' plaintiff's com. ainsley: democrats were able to come together. they passed a bill like it or not they were able to pass a bill and they were win and that was a big dealing for president obama. obamacare, obamacare.
4:10 am
i'm going to cover everyone. steve: unfortunately it doesn't work well. in the death spiral. ainsley: maybe it doesn't work well because they didn't read it before they passed it. brian: gave the democrats special deals on the side. steve: oh, yeah. brian: in order to get it through. steve: state of nebraska got some special love. brian: absolutely. ainsley: let's hand it over toe jackie ibañez who has headlines for you. hi, jacque. jackie: good morning guys. go to a fox news alert. calls for investigation after the last of four arkansas death row inmates is killed by lethal injection. witnesses say kenneth williams, a convicted murderer, lurched and convulsed after being given the fatal drugs. williams execution the last in the state's effort to put inmates to death by the end of the month before their lethal injection drug expires. two american troops making the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against terror. the pentagon says two service members killed another, injured another engage fighters in northeastern afghanistan. same area where the u.s.
4:11 am
dropped the mother of all bombs on isis camp earlier this month killing nearly 100 terrorists there. big day for president trump as he heads to atlanta for historic speech at the nra convention. first sitting president to do so since ronald reagan back in 1983. this coming as georgia lawmakers debate over a new conceal carry law. also happening today. the president trump signing an executive order to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and gas that could lead to more offshore drilling. fans drowning nfl commissioner roger goodell in a sea of boos as he announces the first pick in this year's nfl draft. >> first pick. [crowd booing] >> in the 2017 nfl pick. in the 2017 nfl draft. the cleveland browns select miles garrett. ainsley: texas a&m defensive end miles garrett this year's first overall pick. this year's 16th pick that's stealing the show. 14-year-old brain cancer survivor living his dream and celebrating on stage.
4:12 am
he had a little fist bump when he announces marlon humphrey. you see that little fist bump there? brian: yeah, did i. steve: i was talking earlier about what the president said during the reuters thing i wanted to clarify. the president said he would consult with china's xi before speaking to taiwan. he doesn't want to rangle them because we need the help before he talks to taiwan. brian: points out they are a democracy and gave billions of dollars for defense and watch their backs being invaded. steve: absolutely. president trump's 100 new year's eve is tomorrow. yobrad thomas author of the trump factor has his grade coming up next. ainsley: ever wonder what a surprise party looks like on capitol hill? here's a hint steve: is that al franken? it is ♪ you want it ♪ you got it,
4:13 am
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4:17 am
>> when you look at the totality of what we have accomplished on job creation, on immigration, on trade, this is unbelievable what he has been able to do. >> you see this president has done a lot in 100 days. >> i look if you look at these 100 days and what president trump has done. president trump has hit the ball out of park. brian: that is what you expect your chief of staff to say. tomorrow marks a big milestone for this president 100 days in office. this morning we are rounding out week long series first 100 days looking at the president's biggest achievements and biggest letdowns. here now to give the grade author of trump factor brad thomas who knows the president quite well. brad, you came in here as a businessman take over. he healthcare is a lot harder than i thought. also in an interview said this job is harder than i thought. how is he doing?
4:18 am
>> sure, look. there is a lot of complexity in the government today, in the world today there is a tremendous amount of complexity. what we are seeing with president trump is he is trying to simplify the world. that's in the form of tax reform. healthcare, everything really boils down to simplyification. that's why he ran on that ticket. frankly, that's why he has a 97% loyalty rating today because of those initiatives. brian: i think even democrats having a hard time understanding why people aren't we thinking their vote because they are happy with the tone. one thing they are happy with judge neil gorsuch got through. does the fact he got in on reconciliation bother you. >> not at all. that's a big deal. that's the reason i'm giving him an a for this today. his voters are counting on that to happen that was one of the big reasons and one of the big things that the voters were really counting on. it's going to survive beyond the -- behind trump in the white house. this is going to survive for years and years and years. brian: obviously conservatives are happy about that a plus. next, cutting the red tape. i know he talks about it and signs things.
4:19 am
what have see seen tangibly. >> all about complexity risk. i wrote about this in the book how complex his deals were he did. 66 of the small deals. has he a lot of singles and doubles in the first 100 days. larger deals are more complex. healthcare is a great example. giving time. those same pundits were saying the same thing when he built trump tower back in the 1980s and 10s, the pundits are saying the same thing. these are very complex issues. it takes time. is he building out the team. brian: one thing he writes about, too. sometimes the deals you don't make are the best deals. and in the beginning signing off on that healthcare plan perhaps the first time would have given him 48 hours of euphoria and when people looked at it and it wasn't effective it could have been disastrous. next you talk about reestablishing our military might. man, he has put people in charge has he gotten the has been yet. >> is he actually using offense now.
4:20 am
i look to use sports analogy. offense and defense wins games. this is what we are seeing now is a president who understands how to use offense to win. and that's, you know, people have a lot -- hard problem with that but you really have to understand. we need offense to win. brian: whether you have general mattis secretary of defense and h.r. master security advisor and utilize him along with dunford. you are using experts in the right way. and i think that's why he has run over mccain and lindsey graham, two of his biggest critics. >> that's what the trump factor is all about. brian: overall first 100 days you give him. >> i give him an a. keep in mind i tell my five kids perfect attends is fine too. he gets a plus for perfect attendance. he is the hardest working president we have ever seen in the white house. i give him an a plus plus fork work ethic. brian: that i can that lynn -- take that, lincoln, you are being out worked for trump.
4:21 am
parents heart broken after the loss of 18-year-old son at the hands of illegal immigrant. also one of the president's priorities. their calls never heard. angel mom wilkerson joins us next. fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
steve: well now time for news by the numbers. on this friday, first, $4 billion, that's how much former president obama imposeness regulatory costs in his first 100 days according to that you study. 141 times more than president trump in his first 100 days which will be tomorrow. next, 8. that's how many irs phone scammers just got busted by the fbi. the group is accused of calling thousands of innocent taxpayers to threaten them about fake deaths. and finally five.
4:25 am
that's the number of states working to protection free speech on college campuses public ones, lawmakers in north korea. west virginia, and vold all working on legs to improve the possibility of why have been talking about what's going on. ann coulter invited to speak at learningly. supposed to do that yesterday afternoon or yesterday around lunchtime. they kept changing the time then they changed the date now any dr. cancelled her appearance clearly. she didn't do it we would be talking about it this morning and playing some of those sound bites. unfortunately she was silenced. this is a school where free speech started and they preached tolerance. tolerance. tolerance. yet, they don't want ann coulter to speak there. many are saying it's gauze he had intreed. brian: so glad she was asked about this question. what about law enforcement? if you think there is going to be a problem. you are cops. show up in new york city. they protected black lives
4:26 am
matter as they went to the streets chanting anti-cop slogans. you are in berkeley, you don't like ann coulter or you do love ann coulter. regardless if you are a law enforcement every law enforcement official i know does their job. how is it okay for them to stand down? ainsley: don't want to start going down this path because once you do, the left has control and the left is able to silence the right. that's why so many people on the right have spoken out against this. you can't silence free speech. it's part of the constitution. steve: what you are looking at right there. there were cops in riot gear prepared for possible violence yesterday because there was a demonstration. there were supporters of ann coulter there were detractors of ann coulter as well. at least six people got arrested. ultimately though, laura ingraham. the analyst says this ultimately is what the protesters want. >> chaos and anarchy is where these folks thrive.
4:27 am
and to demonstrate how cowardly most of them really are. they are a bunch of cowards. is that a lot of them walk around in masks. they put either half of their face covered or their whole face covered or they just spout a bunch of cliches and bureau my. there is no real argument. ann coulter would get up there and make logical allergy. you might disagree or agree why immigration laws are important and are actually bipartisan. she would make that argument. really smart students would get up and ask her questions. maybe challenge her. say well i don't really understand that. why couldn't we do it this way? that's what smart kids do. that's what smart students do. they are not interested in learning. they are interested in disruption, chaos, and complete an arcky. steve: and so what we have learned from berkeley is that if there is somebody you don't agree with, you can threaten to protest and in the case of berkeley, be worried and shut things down.
4:28 am
ainsley: yeah. i feel like if this were happening, like you said, if the black lives matter, the police here in new york, they are so strong. i'm sure the police officers all around the country are and in that city as well. so i don't understand why they don't just say all right. we're going to hire a bunch of officers to come and protect ann coulter so that she can't speak out. steve: they have plenty. brian: here is troy warden with campus he was with us here earlier on "fox & friends." time for the law enforcement to help us. >> it's the job of the university police department to ensure the safety of students and attendees at political events and speaking events such as ours. and the fact that the university effectively told the cops to stand down. that's, in effect, silencing our right to free speech. and making. we'll can't move forward with them. you go to university to hear different points of view. what we wanted to do. what the berkeley college
4:29 am
republicans wanted to do was to make people understand where trump supporters are coming from in terms of the immigration debate. and we were absolutely unable to do that. now, students have been deprived of their intellectual right, which is to hear a different point of view. brian: keep your eye on wink. according to the a.p. g.o.p. lawmakers are pushing a bill that would see students at public universities expelled should they disrupt or prevent speeches and force the universities to maintain a neutral stance on speakers who are invited to campuses. if that's passed in wisconsin, they will get into line. do you believe they have to pass a law to allow -- to make universities allow speakers to speak their mind? steve: what is the definition of disrupt? is it just yelling at somebody? because that would be a slippery slope. ainsley: why are people so angry? why is the left so angry at ann coulter they want to go there with molotov cocktails. we have gotten so angry and violent. martin luther king fought for standing up for what you believe in but not being
4:30 am
violent. and you look at these videos of berkeley recently where have you got people taking gates and barricades and throwing them through the glass. how did we get to this point? brian: also important to point out, too. some people say the tea party was disrupting. but i don't remember them shouting people down and stopping people from speaking. they were just organized. steve: i don't remember anybody throwing a bike rack through a starbucks. ainsley: that's vandalism. brian: most of them drove to those events and you don't need the bike rack. ainsley: everyone needs to breathe and take a step back and realize you are allowed to have different opinions and still get along. brian: this weekend, america, yoga. steve: good idea. let's all relax. breathe, in breathe out. brian: i know we want to relax but someone has to tease us out. steve: i will. democrats taking most election temper tantrum to court suing president trump. desperate times really do call for desperate measures apparently. ainsley: this might just be
4:31 am
one of the most horrific crashes you have ever seen. guess what in the driver after that walked away. brian: janice dean is flying a fighter jet in a jet similarity. that is really cool. we will bring you that in just a moment. steve: look where you are flying. ♪ fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ fly like an eagle ♪ let my spirit carry me ♪ i want to fly like an eagle ♪ until i'm free ♪ fly whoa, this thing is crazy.
4:32 am
4:33 am
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no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ let's go ♪ here we go. steve: okay so it was corey booker's surprise 48th birthday yesterday on capitol hill. did you notice robert menendez the senator hiding behind that person? ainsley: if you don't want to be seen, hide behind another person. steve: i think we have also got from another angle.
4:35 am
we have a lower shot as corey booker walks in to the room and then you see al franken jump out from underneath a table and. brian: by far the funniest democrats you have to say years on snl. by the way this reminds me of a little kid who plays hide-and-seek who closes their is and think you can't see them. brian: i don't want him to know we are having a surprise party i will hide behind somebody else who is trying to hide. ainsley: not hiding. brian: by the way those hats are too small. ainsley: happy birthday. brian: why such a big deal for 48? ainsley: that was like an office room. steve: next year al franken will jump out of cake. brian: shouldn't they be doing stuff? ainsley: they are. they are eating cake. steve: let them eat cake. now it's time for headlines and jacque has got them today. >> every year is a big deal, ryan. it's the day you were born. jackie: of course, ainsley. we have headlines for you this morning.
4:36 am
three inmates facing possible attempted murder charges after they viciously attacked two correctional officers. the brawl ought caught on camera in maximum security prison in chicago. the out numbererred officers running for lives to call in reinforcements. but were taken to the hospital. desperate attempt by democrats who attacked the trump presidency. democratic senator richard blumenthal leading the effort for possible lawsuit over the president's alleged conflicts of interest with his business empire. democrats, even fundraising against themselves to help pay for it you may recall before taking office, president trump handed his business over to his sons to be operated to a trust overseen by an ethics advisor. and terrifying video of a dramatic crash on a packed highway at the height of rush hour. you can see the white jeep right there weaving in and out of traffic in mobile, alabama and crashing into another car, flipping several times, debris sent flying through the air, littering the road. the driver who was ejected. wasn't wearing his seat belt but unbelievably he walked
4:37 am
away without any serious injury. unreal. and two young boys go viral for the best reason ever. this is awesome. the brothers find money on the sidewalk in utah. then debate what to do with it for a little while. their adorable conversation all caught on security camera. listen. >> do you want to do the right thing to do. >> do the right thing to do. >> best to ask someone. >> i grew up in utah. those are my people. great people. boys knocking on neighbor's door and returned the money. that is so sweet. good for them. and those are your headlines. steve: all right. thank you very much, jacque, now we have gone outside. ainsley: can fly faster than the speed of sound and uses more lines of computer code than a space shuttle. steve: it's unbelievable. super stealth technology is revolutionizing the way our air force trains to protect our country. today we are getting a look inside a real f-35 fighter jet similarity. brian: here to tell us about it is the man though runs the
4:38 am
entire program general scott what did it bring that the f-16 didn't. >> technology. people were using beepers. when we got the f-22. people were using flip phones and now we have the iphone 7 and here here is f-35. that technology leap is what we are seeing in airplane. steve: let's walk back here closer to janice. if you would, kind of do a little show and tell. tell us what we see right here and what's going on with these screens. >> one of the things you will first see is that the airplane itself has all kinds of glass technology. what that does is allows the pilot to have unparalleled situational awareness. we have more information coming into the cockpit of an f-35 than any fighter jet has ever had in its entire history. as janice is flying around. she also has the ability with the really cool sunglasses on. steve: what do the sunglasses do. >> sun glasses are not part of the f-35.
4:39 am
ainsley: janice, what's it like? janice: it's amazing. colonel todd canterbury is my co-pilot here. is he doing the handiwork. >> she is doing fantastic job. brian: you say 22 different buttons on these throttles. >> yes. each button has independent that allows me to bring situational awareness into the cockpit. ainsley: if we signed up for the air force, in the training do we start doing this immediately. >> first you will start with one full year of pilot training and go through about six months of introduction training and then we will send to you this airplane and you will spend another 8 months learning how to fly this. ainsley: about a year and a half. >> year and a half of intense training. steve: before you are ever in the cockpit of a real airplane. >> no, you would be in the cockpit of a real airplane probably about a month after you started the fly f-35 similarity. brian: is this very similar to flying in do you guys actually train in this? >> absolutely. this is incredibly high fidelity similarity.
4:40 am
brian: if i can do this, can i fly? janice: do you want to drive this? brian: i want to see a professional do it. you are making me dizzy. steve: janiceics hop out for a second. take a look at todd. >> how am i going to do this grace 234reu. there is no door. >> how much does something like this cost? janice: $97 billion. >> f-35 right now. while i realize that is expensive, i think it's important that the people understand as a fellow taxpayer that every single penny we pay for this airplane will make sure that all pilots come home safe every single day. ainsley: it's worth every dollar. steve: put it through something crazy. first we will start with a roll. janice: i was doing a light those i. brian: actually do that in a plane. >> use it to reposition yourself to get advantage on the enemy. janice: you don't need a sick bag. >> you were telling me earlier on this radar screen right
4:41 am
here this shows you where the bad guys are right? >> correct. what i'm currently doing is chasing down two enemy bad guys. enemy target also designated. brian: have you some missiles. >> correct 2, 2,000 pounds guided weapons and air guided missiles. brian: tell us where the target is and blow it up. >> currently two targets on our nose. we are going to go ahead and hip hematocrit the weapons consent switch. watch the missile leave the airplane. as the missile leads the airplane you will see it shoot off in front of me. and there it goes. now we have got to couldn't down until that missile impacts the target of about 30 seconds just based on the range. steve: how far away was it? >> that was outside of 30 nautical miles. >> how do you know if you hit? >> call up another display as the missile gets closer. clock inside the airplane that tells me when the missile is getting closer. currently closing milwaukee clok point 3. >> doesn't feel we are going fast but we are going fast.
4:42 am
>> absolutely. brian: is it right you have got to be in the vincent and the missil -- vicinityand missi. >> narrow down and focus. the missile just impacted the target. you can see him spiraling down to the ground and smoke billow out there. ainsley: that is amazing. steve: similarities-like this helping make all of us safe. >> the similarity for the f-35 is so far the best similarity i have ever flown in. this is amazing airplane. steve: it's so realistic. our thanks to lockheed martin that brought this out here. brian: for you to give it to us, general was very nice of you. steve: thank you very much. much.find this in brian's office after the show. [laughter] ainsley: thank you so much for serving our country. steve: we're going to switch gears. coming up parents heart broken at the loss of their 18-year-old son at the hands of illegal immigrant. they say their voices are finally being heard.
4:43 am
angel mom laura wilkerson joins us coming up next. ainsley: later because it's friday we have geraldo rivera and judge jeanin jeanine pirro e going to be here live. steve: they are going to come fly with us ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how you like me now ♪ how you like me now ♪ how you like me now ♪ remember you supported him through four years of undergrad... and medical school. it's no wonder he said, "you don't have to pick me up." at lincoln financial, we get there are some responsibilities of love you gotta do on your own. and some you shouldn't have to shoulder alone. like knowing you can maintain your lifestyle, no matter what comes your way. ask a financial advisor how lincoln can help secure your plans for retirement with lifetime income. mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your
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4:47 am
about that. look at this precious child's face. his mother, laura wilkerson. his name is josh. he was killed in 2010 by illegal immigrant from belize. she says, his mom does, that this new program finally gives victims and their families a voice. angel mom laura wilkerson joins us now. good morning to you, laura. >> good morning, thanks for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. for folks at home that aren't familiar with your story, please remind us all what happened to your son, unfortunately. >> in 2010 josh went to school one day and he was asked by a classmate for a ride home. unbeknownst to us then, the classmate's intention was to kill josh. and he beat him in the head with a closet rod so hard that it broke in four pieces. he kneed him so hard in the stomach that his spleen was spliced in two. he tortured him. strangled him, let him go and after death he tied him up, like an animal and set him on fire. ainsley: so many politicians,
4:48 am
i feel like they're in favor of sanctuary cities and in favor of helping the illegal criminals that are here in this country. but what about you? what about the mom? what about kate steinle's family? you know, where are your rights? do you feel that way? >> oh, absolutely, yes. you know, the other side doesn't want to know that it's even happening. it happens every single day. and you just can't get any mainstream media to report it that's going on. and, yes, this is exactly how we feel. ainsley: we heard dhs secretary john kelly saying moms are not getting mother's day cards from these childrens ever again. there will forever be a seat empty at the thanksgiving table and christmas table and you walk by your son's room and is he never coming home. what was your response when you learned that this president, this administration has now come up with an office and it is called voice, victims of illegal immigrant crime office. to support the victims, finally. what was your response? >> i'm so excited about it i
4:49 am
believe it was april in 2015 we started asking for a national program by sending a letter to the governors across the country. then after that we sent them to the g.o.p. presidential candidate. president trump was the only one that responded to us and to see this come -- this voice come to fruition is absolutely fantastic. ainsley: does it mean? laura, i know you have been working on it for a long time. what does it mean for the folks at home that don't know anything about this. >> it means everything to us. i didn't know what an ice detainer was in the beginning. you are faced with questions you don't get answered. there was an ice detainer on josh. it fell off before trial so he could have bonded out. these are questions that we need to know. you know, josh's killer gets out, he gets deported. i want to know about that. where he is headed and what's transpiring. and so this program will allow our families to call in with some questions that we have. some of them will not be able to be answered because the privacy that's standard across the board. some of them will be able to. and if they will direct us to
4:50 am
some re40ss that we may need at the time. we may need emergency funds for burial. resources already in place that they will send us to. ainsley: that's great. well, laura, thank you so much. you are helping to prevent other families from going through this. >> thank you so much. ainsley: you are welcome. god bless you. steve and brian are over there on the couch and i'm going to hand it over to them. brian: nice job, ainsley. straight ahead. geraldo rivera is arriving. >> i thought i would pop in for a moment. brian: abby, would love to know where geraldo is. steve: is he outside in the flight simulator is that okay with you, abby? >> i fly all the time. [laughter] brian: i think geraldo does, too. steve: as he flies that dastardly flight simulator. brian: can i feel his mustache tingling. steve: reporting for duty to help spread the word about the new resource on the other side
4:51 am
of a quick time-out. brian: also the military. steve: good job, abby. ♪ that's what i like about you ♪ that's what i like ♪ that's what i like about you ♪ that's what i like. ♪ unlike pills that don't treat congestion, clarispray covers 100 percent of your nasal allergy symptoms. clarispray. from the makers of claritin. click (male announcer) hit escape with great deals on great gear. like our huge selection of shorts for the whole family. only at bass pro shops. atmore than one flavor, oruch texture, or
4:52 am
a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be.
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4:54 am
ainsley: april is the month of the military child. and sesame street is getting involved by educating families on how to deal with tough topics like deployments, home combings, as well as transitioning from active duty to civilian life. steve: a lot of issues for kids in the military. abby can cadabby is here. and here on the couch sherri westin vice president of global impact and philanthropy the sesame workshop. >> thank you. steve: good morning to you, abby. >> good morning to you, thank
4:55 am
you so much. ainsley: what an honor to have you here with us today. i watch you all the time. >> i would do anything for our military families. i have a lot of friends that are party of those families. steve: that's right. one of the challenges facing the military family with children is the number of da employments. and you keep moving all the time. you are never anywhere very long. >> it can be tough to be a military kid. at sesame work schott shop about 11 years ago we started this program for military families precisely, steve, because we realize thrud were so many families with young children and no tools to help them cope with the challenges of deployment, and we created it, we just kent on going. ainsley: i guess it's been successful. >> and by listening to military families and working with them to your point, we have moved from deployment to transitions to relocation. even those transition to civilian life. because all of these can be challenging for young child. we want to give them tools.
4:56 am
there are so many resources on, you know, sesame street for military steve: have you a new app., right? >> we have a new app. wonderful little game. >> i love that app. >> abby, you know about the monster mood maker. >> it's great. it helps you express how you are feeling. >> yeah. >> it's really nice. because sometimes it's a little bit hard to talk about how you are feeling. so this helps show your mommy and your daddy or your caregiver how you're feeling. ainsley: you don't always have to express it you can use the app. and then your parents know more about what you are going through. >> yeah, yeah it also helps you to create how you are feeling through art and things like that. because you see the expressions and it helps express. ainsley: you know. >> you know the most important thing which a child is going through challenges and stress is then engagement with a caring adult. so that game promotes engagement between parent and child and helps the child expression those feelings. ainsley: how do you go about
4:57 am
it? >> -- >> be ay, it was fun, wasn't it. ainsley: be ay, geraldo is coming in here soon. you know geraldo. we all do. steve: come on, in geraldo. ♪ i found out everybody's talking ♪ liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪...nausea, heartburn,♪ ent. indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
4:58 am
. .
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ >> president warns of a major, major cone flick. >> blazing his own trail based on what he believes are america's national security interests. >> what we're seek something full denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> last four arkansas inmates killed by lethal injection. this is might be one of the most horrific crashes you have ever seen. the driver walked away. >> astonishing the way the media characterized the president's proposals. get it straight, the biggest cut goes to the middle class. >> i'm signing an executive order, those who fail our veterans will be held accountable.
5:01 am
>> two young boys go viral for the best reason. the brothers find money on the sidewalk in utah. then say what to do with it for a little while. >> you want to do the right thing or keep it? >> do the right thing with it. >> best to ask someone. ♪ steve: you don't see that very often, janice dean the weather machine in a flying machine, f-35, one of the most advanced pieces of technology on the planet. janice is driving it. brian: this is what they train in. nothing they bring on morning shows, to help the general public, that is what they train in. steve: we're so thankful for that. ainsley: millions of dollars. brian asked if he could have it
5:02 am
in his office rest of the year. brian: i was terrible. >> i was perfect. brian: you're man of action. >> i don't know about that i own ad helicopter for many years. brian: stayed at a holiday inn last night. >> i stayed at a holiday inn last night. the f-35 is our most advanced fighter, wonderful aircraft. there were scandals of cost overruns or whether it was underpowered. great speaking with the brave men and women of the air force outside asking them, off the record how good is this airplane? it is eight years ahead of anything the russians or chinese throw against us. it is dominant stealth, can't see it on radar. it is fascinating, those simulators are fascinating. steve: during his first 100 days, president trump made it clear he wants to build up the military. today is day 99 white house got bad news from kevin mccarthy, house majority leader.
5:03 am
we were hoping to have the vote on he repeal and replacementment of obamacare in first 100 days. the republicans not able to help the president. >> let me start with the f-35 and go with that. when i met with the president-elect day before his inauguration, in his new york office before he was heading down to washington, aside from the fact he was stomping arnold schwarzenegger in ratings for "celebrity apprentice," and told how he carved $800 million off the tab off the f-35. that was really a great step. in terms of obamacare and the repeal and replacement, think how many times the gop voted to repeal and replace obamacare. steve: seven. >> i think it was more than that. steve: 70. >> more like 70. not to have a bill ready, they had conferenced and committeed, had consensus on, not to have a bill ready to the most glaring
5:04 am
act of political misfeasance, non-feasance that ever happened the. for them to screw president trump, the freedom caucus, when it came down to the votes at the 11th hour, to leave him out there exposed, to desert their own president, i think he has quite a beef. paul ryan, did what he does as speaker of the house ineffectively in my view when it comes to obamacare certainly. i don't think we'll going to see a republican repeal. brian: you don't? they said it could comb next week. here is the thing geraldo, i agree with everything said. what if it is a bad plan, and freedom caucus is right, 80% come along with the new plan, moderates dropped off. maybe the freedom caucus got the perfect conservative plan, moderates don't like the perfect conservative plan.
5:05 am
president wants some plan and maybe the three can't meet? >> one of great things at my 16 years at fox, you can be a republican not necessarily be a conservative. that is the old style way political parties were designed. everybody party had a liberal, moderate, conservative wing. you have to compromise. you can't compromise in public. if you're going to be -- like tip o'neill, they used schmooze and make deals and come forward. i don't know that there is a compromise between those who absolutely oppose socialized medicine in any form, however modest, and those who believe that every american deserves to have the health care that he or she needs. i think that there must be some middle ground that's to the right of where obamacare is but to the left of the freedom caucus that denies preexisting conditions, for example. steve: they have to do something. >> or hiking the health care
5:06 am
differential between elderly sick people and young healthy people by five times. there has got to be a way. ainsley: if you think about it, we read some of the cbo report, it was very extensive, for someone making like $24,000, half the paycheck would have to go to health care. that is it what they were trying to change. they were trying to come to compromise. it is almost making the american people so angry at congress, at those gop members aren't on board. brian: could cost them the house. >> my problem with that, ainsley, how do you go seven 1/2 years and suddenly say, oh, my god, did anyone think of that? ainsley: i agree with that. >> what happens the day after you repeal. steve: during the election, during the campaign, we heard republicans all say we've got a plan. we don't have a plan. we have a lot of plans. turns out they couldn't get on the same page for a plan. >> how can that be, if the republican party is the party of good business, of sound
5:07 am
practices, of fiscal responsibility, how can you go so long and leave people on so dramatically then at the end come up with nothing? ainsley: it does take so long. the president says this is what i want to do. the american people said this is what i want to do. congress takes so long to get anything through. here we are at 100 days, people hope the repeal and replace would happen. they take two weeks off at easter. time off in the summer. when will this happen? >> i think the president should had more modest agenda the first 100 days. i think there were mistakes made. let me say what i think president trump in recent weeks has really steered a course that is much more favorable to his pro prospects and the way people will regard him. what you're beginning to see, for example we saw a clip from rex tillerson. if you have never heard rex tillerson speak, you're thinking oh, exxonmobil, big business, greasy pocket-liner.
5:08 am
you hear him speak, this guy is experienced. this guy is intelligence. this he guy is deeply impressive person. steve: he understands the world. >> he understands the world. he has been there. i think the president should put forth the team he has assembled. brian: you don't you think he has, geraldo. look who did the presentation to the 100 senators. chief of staff, secretary of defense. who wrote tax reform. mnuchin. >> terrific. >> secretary, general kelly. >> what he is doing recent 2 1/2 weeks. showing how deep the bench his. his elections were and he picked everyone. he need to do more of that. steve: all-star cabinet. gorsuch is great. >> gores is such is great. steve: want to talk to you what happened out in berkeley. ann coulter was denied speaking. she signed a contract, everything is fine. suddenly the police and administration says we can't
5:09 am
keep you safe. organization that sponsored her pulled out. at the 11th hour i can't go. >> last time i was on berkeley campus for something academically related when my oldest child, gabriel was accepted there. accepted at nyu and berkeley. wanted to tour it. brian: very conservative. >> i was already deeply on tv. so easily recognizable. i walked that campus. i can't tell you how many snotty little rich kids, hey nice moustache. hey, you know, where did you get the bellbottom pants, whatever. steve: really? >> it is an effete public where free speech is issue of the left where the left was saying anyone should be allowed to say anything. now you have this, i don't use words like liberal fascism or things of that nation or alt-left but i do think the
5:10 am
process of denying someone the ability to speak to a group that has asked her to come. because you are offended by what she or he has to stay, that is anti-intellectual, antithetical what thicstution stands for, to what college should be it is really deep hue minimum ages. brian: what about this law going to be passed there that will expel students for preventing speakers like ann coulter from speaking. >> students who try their best -- i think that, first of all, that disruption borders on criminal behavior. that line was crossed at berkeley as it has been crossed previously in madison, university of wisconsin, other places. you have to crack down. when they put the mask on, i think wearing a mask at a demonstration is should be crime of itself, that is misdemeanor, why are you wearing mask? so you can perpetrate violence. day of the inauguration. back to that.
5:11 am
50, 150 thugs who tried to disrupt inauguration day. they were breaking windows. all mask, helmeted and masked. once you do that, don the mask of anonymity -- they arrested quite a few. i should have followed up before this morning -- ainsley: this cracks me up. you have to read this article. students, grad students at yale are beginning a symbolic hunger strike, which means only eat when you're hungry. one journalist said, i don't call it a hunger strike. >> that is my kind of a hunger strike. ainsley: symbolic collective fast. >> they sit around have dexatrim. when they changed name of calhoun college, i they took the name off the southern senator because he was a proslavery, in
5:12 am
the 19th century. as was george washington and thomas jefferson, all the founding fathers and. brian: james monroe. >> jackson, go through all of the pre-civil war legislators so i think that political correctness and symbolic hunger strike, this particular example, of the symbolic hunger strike is everything wrong with the millenial generation's activism. it is activism without any kind of cost. it is activism without any sacrifice. activism without pride. brian: no smoothie protests for a week until things change around here. >> steve: before you go, people are hanging on where did your sown end up going to college? >> nyu. thank you very much. steve: on friday, president trump is doing something today no other president since ronald reagan has done. a live report on that coming up next.
5:13 am
brian: breaking news. we found out something, you and elizabeth warren have in common. judge pirro is here. she is live, we think. she is flying on her f-35 right outside. try to get that over on your show over the weekend. steve: it facester than a uber! ♪ so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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♪ ainsley: president trump is heading to atlanta today giving an historic speech at the nra convention. he is the first sitting president to do so since ronald reagan in 1983. this coming as georgia lawmakers debate over new concealed carry law. marisa mitchell from fox 5 in atlanta. she is outside of the georgia world congress center with the latest for us. good morning. reporter: good morning. it is a big stay for atlanta and the nra the group expects some 80,000 people to participate in the convention. already hundreds are lining up to take part. many of them excited to hear president donald trump speak later on this afternoon.
5:18 am
now, of course this is the historic visit for the president. it is the first time since 1983 that a sitting president addressed the nra at the annual meeting. the group endorsed trump for his election bid back in may. a spokesperson for the organization says they are expecting president trump to show support for the concealed carry reciprocity bill in congress. now that federal legislation would make any state's concealed carry permit valid everywhere else. so a lot expected to take place today. after president trump speaks here. he will then head to a fund-raiser in support of the republican candidate for the sixth congressional district race. that is karen handle. a lot of excitement and people here at the nra convention. that is the latest from downtown atlanta, marisa mitchell, back to you. steve: thank you very much.
5:19 am
big day down in atlanta. another obama in the white house. big announcement from the former first lady. ainsley: workout gear 71% off and more just for you. the "fox & friends" megamorning deals are back for you. that is coming up next. ♪ my bladder wake me up from my sweet dreams? thanks to tena, not tonight! only tena overnight underwear ...with its secure barrier system gives you.... ...triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you
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>> good morning. fox news alert for you. north korea once again appearing to flirt with nuclear war against the united states. the rogue nation releasing a propaganda video showing white house and congress directly in the cross-hairs. president trump is warning war is a possibility. >> there is a chance we could end up having a major, major
5:23 am
conflict with north korea, absolutely. >> president trump still hoping to find a diplomatic solution with china's help. pope francis making an historic visit egypt. the pontiff's plane touching down in cairo. he is expected to promote peace between christians and muslim nations. ainsley. ainsley: okay, thank you, jackie. time for mega morning deals, exclusive savings on products just for "fox & friends" viewers. right, janice. >> these are mega sales, our spokesperson, extraordinaire meghan meanie. >> we have so much going on the "fox & friends" website. look for megamorning deals icon. talk about the shapewear. this is shape enhancing active wear. you almost don't need to go to the gym because the workout clothes make you look so good. they have high-tech fabric. they hold in your tummy. they give your butt a little boost.
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5:25 am
professionals use them this is tightly-packed fibers. that makes it feel so good, doesn't it, lady. there are 10 of them. you do it in a circular motion or the old-fashioned way. they retail for $99. today $75 off, can you believe this? >> $75 off? >> you pay $28. >> 2dollars for the whole kit that is $99. >> we know it is allergy season. everybody is suffering. this product is air biotics. pollen is the bad stuff. this is your new spring cleaning best friend. you spray it, it has probiotics. you think of it for your stomach. this is external probiotics, chemical based. it kills bad bacteria. chemical products kill good and bad of. they put more stuff in the air, fraying -- fragrances.
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this helps you with pet hair. there is a 10 pack, spray it in the offers, in the house, in the car, on a surface. only $45. 61% off. now we'll get, we're going to need our double our exercise today. these are grandma of new england. so back in 1990, grandma outside of boston made this and it spread like wildfire. she has her own biz. she has all kinds of flavors. >> that is blueberry. that is delicious. >> guess what? she ships free to soldiers? any military address. really nice. you don't get one. two by the way, in today's deal. 61% off. $27 for a cake that goes 69. grandma, i don't know what you put in here -- >> oh, my goodness. that is good. >> i'm not going to stop. >> try the chocolate chip. >> i need the tummy enhancing capris.
5:27 am
>> moderation. ainsley: so rich. moderation. >> not holding back. >> what is moderation. >> i'm going to eat them both. ainsley: these are such good deals. i have taken advantage. gone on the website. friends at ainsley: janice, janice -- where are you going? [laughter]. no fair. >> thank you so much for all of us. ainsley: go to our website. see it up there, see the icon. take advantage of all this. thank you, meghan. >> don't want to talk with my mouthful. ainsley: we hope you're sitting down. we found something you and elizabeth warren have in common. it's a sad day for the constitution after liberal protests shut down ann coulter's speech at berkly. is free speech only free if the left agrees? judge jeanine pirro will not be silent. she is next. come on in, judge. ♪
5:28 am
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and we will be with usaa for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. call today to talk about your insurance needs. ♪ [shouting ♪. brian: cory booker, mayor of new jersey, once mayor of newark. he said every senator says i have nothing to do today. let's run to -- steve: look at senator robert menendez hiding. surprise. here is another angle. that man jumping out from underneath the table, al franken, the senator from the great state of minnesota. ainsley: i love the guy. if we show the or the angle on his cell phone, doesn't even stop texting someone even when he walks. brian: he has a country to run. used to be a lot more crowded with all the democratic
5:32 am
senators. not as crowded as it used to be. ainsley: the guy next to him with the blue party hat. steve: or live tweeting. you never know. happy birthday, cory booker, you are 48 and one day old. brian: very nice guy. ainsley: yes. steve: bring in the host of "justice," judge jeanine pirro. >> two shows this weekend, saturday and sunday. steve: i'm sure you're talking about this. ann coulter was shut down not allowed to speak at berkeley because they couldn't insure their security. they can take care of people on the left but apparently can't take care of people on the right. >> the argument they can't provide security is absurd. anytime there is a problem you have something called mutual assistance where one police department will ask the local police departments to assist them in handling what they think might be a disruptive situation. you know, you've got the state troopers. you've got the county sheriff, local police, the campus police.
5:33 am
what do we know about the berkeley police? what with we know when milo was scheduled to speak there, that or the conservative speaker, there was 12 hours of violence, attempted burning of a building and $100,000 in damage. and, how many people were arrested? one. that tells me that there was a stand-down order. they were not allowed to make an arrest. so what we are see, in terms of the bigger picture, is that the left is creating a scenario where they're not only silencing the right, but what they're also doing is giving the left a weapon, saying, you know, if you threaten someone on a campus, we will back that threat up by saying that it would be too violent, therefore we can not provide is police protection. it is a narrative that i think we're going to see for the next few years. the left has turned --
5:34 am
steve: sad, sad, sad. >> sad exclamation. they are babies. this is totalitarian approach to government, anarchy. everyone of those guys and women in ninja suits in masks should have been arrested the last time. for ann coulter to be shut down they can't protect her, is this the united states or not. brian: the fact that you have bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, speaking out, bill maher,. >> joy behar. brian: you better be able to speak, you better be able to say it. >> the fact on campus you have got these students, so sensitive, snowflakeses that they're called, it triggers this aggression, therefore they have to be protected is the most absurd lunacy i ever heard of. steve: at that same event, there were hundreds of demonstrators apparently yesterday pro and con. then over on the side there was empa he think tent. come tack to us. there is somebody, as you can
5:35 am
see right there, seated in a helmet, getting a massage. >> getting a massage, exactly. i can't wait for these young kids to get in the real world to come into it. they will not be able to survive. maybe they don't want to survive. ainsley: that guy is not young. >> he came in -- steve: there are older people. brian: that looks like the worst massage i ever seen. she is not into it. she isn't even touching them. ainsley: when president won universities were offering coloring books and puppies to pet. brian: puppies are full grown. >> funny and also very dangerous. we're at a very critical point in our society. that is that the left is shuts down the right systematically, and with the support of law enforcement, the sanctuary cities, who don't believe in law and order. brian: some convicted yale students taken to another level. steve: convicted? brian: they believe --
5:36 am
>> convictions. steve: they are grad students who are having a hunger strike because they want better benefits. they currently get their $40,000 tuition waived. they get a 30-dollar stipend. they are having a symbolic hunger strike, they refer to it as symbolic, when they get hungry they will actually eat. >> who cares, number one? how is it a hunger strike if you're eating? steve: its not. >> yale, what is right, is left and what is left is right and right is wrong. everything is backwards with these people. you want to oppose some kind of a policies of the university? get a lawyer. stop with this crazy hunger strike. brian: always promoting your profession. if you have a hunger strike i believe as an american you should actually go hungry. >> that's right. we have a right to demand that. to expect it especially from yale. brian: you would think people
5:37 am
with ivy league education would know-how to pull it off. google hunger strike. ainsley: what do you think about president obama now that he is not in office anymore? now he is accepting these fees, $400,000. elizabeth warren had a problem with it. listen. >> i was troubled by that. the influence of money. i describe it as a you know, a snake that slithers through washington. brian: he was given $400,000 to speak to cantor fitzgerald. steve: he gave a speech last night to a&e networks. >> this is absurd, to call him a hypocrite is really not that significant because you can call him worse things. he actually lied to the american public to our faces over and over, like your doctor and health care. so for him to be hypocrite is no surprise. but i think one much his spokesmen says, well you know, he wasn't bought and paid for by wall street.
5:38 am
what that means is simply, you know, that you can take their money but not be bought by them. no, that is stupid too! you're bought, they bought your speech. paid you 400,000. you are the ultimate in hypocrisy. brian: waiting for hillary's transcripts from her wall street speeches before we get the president's -- steve: remember when president obama said at certain point, haven't you made enough? >> absolutely. steve: they're getting5 million for the book advance. why is are they even charging. >> i absolutely remember that. i think it was 250,000. president said at some point that should be enough. i said uh-oh. i think we're in for trouble. that was right in the beginning. ultimate in hip hypocrisy. are you surprised? brian: can't wait for your show, saturday and sunday. >> saturday and sunday. i'll be there. 9:00. ainsley: jackie has headlines for us. hey, jackie. >> good morning everyone, niece to see you. simulator doing a great job.
5:39 am
liberals finally get their wish of another obama in the white house. [shouting] >> four more years! >> no, no. >> you heard it, she says no. michelle obama said it before she is saying it again at speech in orlando, she will not run for public office. the former first lady added she wouldn't ask her children to go through that again. texas democrats fighting back after the statehouse approved a bill to withhold funding for sanctuary cities. they fought for 16 hours, trying to block the proposal, something democratic leaders say was all part of a bigger plan. >> it was done for the purposes of setting this thing up for where we know it needs to go is the courthouse. somewhere down the line, what happened yesterday, some. votes taken there will be repercussion and reckoning for what happened. ainsley: >> the house must work with the senate before sending a bill to the governor. terrifying video of a dramatic crash on a highway packed at height of rush hour. take a look at this.
5:40 am
it is so frightening a white jeep weaving in and out of traffic in mobile, alabama. crashing into another car, flipping several times. debris flying all over the air, littering the road. the driver was thrown out of the car. he wasn't wearing seatbelt. incredibly no one was seriously hurt. that is unbelievable. wow. god was on their side on that one. brian: who was taping that? >> really good point, brian. you bring up good point. not always. sometimes. brian: thank you very much, jack kim. hope to see you monday through friday. >> you're welcome. brian: it's working. let me tell you what is coming up straight ahead. after years of scandal at va. president trump fulfilling this major campaign promise. >> those who fail our veterans, will be held, for the first time, accountable. brian: what does that mean? who is the man who blew the lid off the va story to begin with? we'll talk to him.
5:41 am
his name is brandon collman. see how he feels what the president did. >> they are the rising stars of fox news around they haven't even graduated college yet. ♪ trapped by your unrelenting nasal allergies? [ meow ] [ sneezes ] try clarispray clarispray provides unsurpassed relief. it's 24 hour, non-drowsy and prescription strength. free yourself with clarispray, from the makers of claritin. z282uz zwtz y282uy ywty
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♪ steve: after years of scandal and negligence under the obama administration president trump promised to clean up the veterans affairs administration. yesterday he started to make good creating the office of accountability and whistle-blower protection. watch. >> with the creation of this office we're sending a strong message those who fail our
5:45 am
veterans will be held for the first time, accountable. steve: that is terrific. president trump just tweeted in the last hour, we're making tremendous progress within the va. there has never been so much done so quickly, and we have just started. we love our vets. joining us to discuss is va whistle-blower branden coleman. he was there yesterday. you've been a whistle-blower. you had retribution meted out upon you afterwards. do you like what the president did yesterday? >> i love what the president did. it was great to the president, vice president, secretary of the va there. even though we've got it this order we have got serious work to do. we have to get teeth behind it. we have to get the va accountability into the senate and get it passed, that way the secretary can remove bad employees he wants to remove. it's a great day. it was a great day for whistle-blowers around the country, but we still got a lot of work to do.
5:46 am
steve: tell the folks what you blew the whistle on? >> i blew the whistle because i'm an addiction therapist, i had suicidal veterans work to the emergency va after-hours and they weren't being watched. totally illegal. the veterans were taking off. nobody knew what happened to them, if they died, lived or anything. until we could track them down days later. i reported that phoenix va, instead of fixing it, sent me home for 460 days of paid leave while they tried to fire me. steve: unbelievable. they have not fired you, have you? >> no. i won my case with office special counsel. i'm back work in the northern arizona va health care system. love my job helping vets. steve: under this executive order president signed yesterday, somebody like you would be protected from the get-go? >> we would be protected, i met secretary shulkin, you i would like one on one. unless they bring
5:47 am
whistle-blowers to the table this is nothing more than a dog-and-pony show. a lot of agencies in the va supposed to protect whistle-blowers, none of them are doing it yet. we need whistle-blowers include he will meet with me and hopefully get some whistle-blowers in this deal. >> brandon, this is your career and job and personal. you have three marines in your family. three of them, your children, are marines. >> correct. i had a really great moment with the vice president. my favorite moment from the whole trip, the vice president was very distinguish gracious. first in line and his son is marine lieutenant. i'm a marine dad. i got three marines. you don't look old enough to have three marines. you want to see their picture. so i showed them this picture, taken last christmas all three of them home on active duty with me for the first time. it was really neat. for just a few seconds, vice president pence was not the vice president and i was not the phoenix va whistle-blower. we were just marine dads.
5:48 am
we shared a really cool moment. i'm grateful to the vice president for being so gracious with me. steve: you raised great kids. congratulations. we glad you got your job back. brandon coleman, whistle-blower for the va. thanks for helping us to figure out the big mess over there. thank you, brandon. i don't think i can hear me there the at end. meanwhile upcoming up, they are the future of the news business. meet the rising stars here at fox news. they haven't even graduated college. yet. they're next. let's check in with bill hemmer. >> i can hear you. steve: you the verizon guy? >> right on. steve good morning to you, happy friday. rex tillerson speaks live at u.n. on north korea. what will he say? you will see and hear his comment live. kt mcfarland joins us live on the threat from north korea and the first 100 days in the west wing. congress still needs a deal to keep the government open and health care deal no longer.
5:49 am
talk about the green shoes. have you seen how the obamas are cashing in this week. we'll see you in a few. top of the hour, "america's newsroom." before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain these feet... jumped into city life as a kid... ...and kept my town moving. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica.
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♪ ainsley: here at fox news we have a one-of-a-kind program for college students to launch their careers in the media industry while they're still in school. this morning we're joined by three student, we're joined by a bunch of them. we'll talk to three of you. if you will start, i will start with you, introduce yourself, bobby. and then be a by, and then vonda. tells your full name, what you did here at fox. >> great, my name is bobby. i am working in ad sales right now. i have had the opportunity to work in both ad sales, production at media desk in the
5:53 am
newsroom and on shepard smith reporting. steve: what did you learn? >> what did i learn? learned so much. in ad sales we learned how to do, work with agencies, getting ads on the spots they want. that is very interesting. and then also working on shepard smith reporting in the newsroom. brian: did he let you anchor? >> never anchored. steve: surprise. >> what happened on the newsdesk. it has been awesome experience. brian: abby. >> i'm from new jersey. i've had the pleasure interning three times. i will be graduating this semester. i interned in employee development and as a business analyst on a team which was really unique experience. steve: did you love it? >> i loved it. i really did. i will miss it a lot. ainsley: vontana. >> i am from queens, new york. i interned at fox news radio. i'm on "risk & reward" on fox business network.
5:54 am
this is incredible experience. being at fbn introduced to politics and business reporting. ainsley: who is your favorite radio host? [laughter]. >> i don't think i will answer that one. brian: don't get me angry. ainsley: eventually you want to be on air. you interviewed chuck schumer before, stoneybrook interviewing him. >> yes. ainsley: what was that day like? >> that was incredible. that was last weekend, sunday at a press conference, i was interviewing him about a million dollars stem scholarship stoneybrook received to study stem at stoneybrook. brian: what about on election night for you? >> on election night. it was amazing. i got to work with abby as well. we were in times square. handing out a bunch of fox news gear. and we were promoting the brand, promoting the social media. fox news was broadcast up on the times square billboards. it was really amazes experience being able to interact.
5:55 am
steve: speaking of amazing, currently camera we're looking at, camera one is being operated by one of our college associates [cheers and applause] brian: is this a hostile takeover? ainsley: what was the best part for all of you being here at fox news? >> i would have to say, having the opportunity to work among some of the best in the industry at such a young age. really having the opportunity to work during this unprecedented election cycle aswell just being able to network with people. steve: see a show of hands, how many of you applied, wound up here, saw the commercial where, hey are you in college, you want a college job? how am of you saw those applied that way. brian: saw that. go online. steve: curious. we're going to open it up for anybody. brian: best thing about the internships you get to do stuff, when you're ready to go, use us for recommendations. but as usual they will choose ainsley. ainsley: anything i can do to help you all.
5:56 am
i was where you were. brian: we all were. ainsley: if you're watching internships, internships, that is how you learn, have a leg up graduating from college. you will be up against a lot of people with the one job. if you have experience helps every single time. thank you you for what you do. if you walk into the newsroom, so many people are so young, putting news on the air every day. it is awesome. brian: and in front of the camera. steve: for you folks watching right now, if you want to be clog associate, brian: guys, congratulations. good job, best of luck. steve: round of applause for yourselves. [applause] ainsley: y'all are both coming back. you have jobs here at fox. we hope all of you do. you're all welcome. all right. more "fox & friends" straight ahead. ♪ ason for continuous relief.
5:57 am
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>> all of our college interns are amazing. i'll interview my best restaurant. you have to hear the story of how chicken salad chick came to be. >> the true story. >> bill: good morning. this is the headline of the morning. president trump warning a major, major conflict is possible the north korea adding he prefers diplomacy the end the growing stand-off over its nuclear program as we say good morning friday. almost there, folks. a lot to get to today. i'm bill hemmer. how are you doing, shannon? >> shannon: we have a jam-packed couple of hours. displays of force continue from both sides. the white house says all options are on the table including military action to rein in north korea's nuclear program. a new video shows kim jong-un overseeing live fire drills.


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