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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 28, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> jon: that story about the jfk documents in our next hour, we'll see you back here then. >> jenna: fascinating. happy anniversary, "outnumbered "outnumbered." >> harris: fox news alert. day 99. we are one day away from president trump hitting the 100 day mark as new fox news polling shows has voters strongly believe he is sticking to his promises. president trump was speaking from the heart on how his life has changed. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith, meghan mccain, former national security staffer, gillian turner, today's #oneluckyguy, fox news political analyst, chris
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stirewalt. >> chris: i was told there was cake. as magnificent of a privilege it is to sit with you ladies, the fact that there was cake got me, the fat american, on the plane and up here. >> harris: will throw hands end. >> chris: happy birthday, guys guys. >> meghan: you're giving it away, all the fun. >> harris: let's get started. it appears the white house will avoid a government shutdown after all. the house has already passed a one-week funding bill and it is now in the senate. the gop's plan to replace obamacare, a top priority for president trump, won't likely happen before tomorrow's traditional milestone. some republicans are opening the door for their first votes to be held next week. the chairman of the house rules committee, pete sessions, says they want to get it right.
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>> what we are trying to do is allow the time to do it right. we've not set x next week, it's not sweet, were not trying to set a deadline. a lot of people out there are trying to get me or someone else to set a deadline, but we're not trying to do that. you're trying to say let's let things go. >> harris: also on this eve of his 100th day in office, president trump is speaking personally about the challenges of the white house, saying in an engine for you that he thought his new job would have been "easier" than his own life. six in ten voters believe that president trump is sticking to his promise. it's closer for whether he is keeping his campaign promises. sticking to the promises, that's one column, getting stuff done,
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that's another. how's it working out? >> chris: part of the misunderstanding about this hundred day stuff, the purpose of the hundred days is and that you are a failure of success within the hundred days. >> sandra: they just approved the funding extension. >> chris: now they have one week. they have the spending plan to cover the remaining fiscal year which runs through the end of september. they've got one week to finalize the plan and the tax plan now becomes, will it reflect which of the president's priorities will reflect? which of the republican priorities on spending, they'll need both the the senate to get it done. >> harris: it's interesting with this push in time. with the house and senate now voting for that extension of the week gets us beyond the 100 day mark and puts that off-the-shelf, so he got something done, and essence because we'll still be talking about it, but does it also may
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beget obamacare into the conversation too? they might be having some early votes on that? >> chris: many, many words have been said. byron york had a very smart piece on this today which is in the end, there is a substantial amount of republicans who don't want to repeal obamacare or at least right now don't want to have to deal with that because you have to replace it with something. you have to fix it with something. when that consensus is not there -- as i was saying earlier, arbitrary dates to maintain campaign promises are bad ideas. good policy is good idea. opposing networks, policy that americans like, will make them happier, healthier, insurance costs less -- it's a bad method
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to say volume is the scorecard for good legislation. >> harris: we should point out that i does not necessarily specific to this president or this time in history. >> meghan: harris, you and i were speaking yesterday that no moderate has changed from no to yes. i have no reason to believe that paul ryan, that any success has been made trying to get both the same page and that's justcaucus getting through congress, not even getting to the senate, i agree with you, chris, i would like everyone to stop with this overreaction of we're going to get this done now. i need some verifiable proof that were making progress and beyond that, it's teasing the american public and it's teasing people in arizona who are suffering so badly. >> harris: that's what you also didn't like about the whiteboard presentation because it was obvious on that very early on that there were parts they were in agreeing on. to some, and for legatees.
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maybe pete sessions, his caution is so healthy for people in the country and let's let's take a step-by-step. >> gillian: that's a good point that you make about the whiteboarding and the objects of that. i would say on the matter of health care and particularly in the first hundred days, this has been a really hard and fast lesson that everybody can't have everything, there is compromises that need to be made annually of their buckle down and make them, or you're not going to get what they want. obamacare will persist, that is now the de facto way that we move forward as a country. if you can live with that, then fine, you don't have to do the hard work. >> harris: sandra, i want to ask you, with the news of the senate and house are on board, does that indicate that you might scoop up the democrats now? you've taken the wall payment off the table for this specific round of discussions. we don't know if it will come back. i would defer my time --
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>> chris: i think that there is broad consensus, bipartisan consensus behind a plan that continues funding the government at current levels through the end of the fiscal year. here's a secret, here's what they don't need to know, the game's over. no cuts or changes or anything substantial is going to happen. >> harris: why do you say that? >> chris: because the money is already spent. we are talking about the last five months of the year. as soon as the appropriation comes out, you know what they do? they spend that sucker. you don't pave the parking lot five times just to get the money in the budget. >> harris: that's so disheartening. >> harris: >> chris: since 2007e had a government that doesn't budget. we have a government that runs on resolutions, it's a disservice to the voters and the
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tax -- everyone who just paid all their thousands of dollars, all their money in taxes and then, we'll have a shutdown, no spend all the money you can, and this binge and purge approach that they're taking is the wrong way to govern. maybe they can get through this year and make a budget and move forward. >> harris: that was such a bull's-eye. april 18th everybody is coming to grips. meanwhile, president trump will mark his first 100 days in office with a rally in pennsylvania tomorrow night. it will take place in harrisburg where he won. the president's decision to hold that rally instead of attending the white house correspondents dinner might resonate with his supporters. according to a national poll, 88% of his voters agree that the media are the enemies of the people. that may news when he said it, and now, we've heard it so much
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it's like, it's over. it's been announced as part of the conversation. the media doesn't understand us, the media has betrayed us over and over and over again in the last three administrations and this is the new way of the world. i could not give a hoot about the white house correspondents dinner and his decision to not attend. i don't think it's good or bad. i really don't think it matters. on the optic of doing a rally, what i worry about, i know it's great for the base, it's very respectful and a nice way to commemorate the base, but since we are now getting into the three plus month mark, what is he doing to try to unify the country? it's a little bit thumbing your nose at the folks who didn't vote for you. >> meghan: i didn't vote for trump, i did not.
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this is why i love it because of the three things donald trump has done the first 100 days, president trump, excuse me. i know people don't like that. neil gorsuch, foreign policy, and the fact that he hates the media so much. i'm living through all the actions he's making by pointing out what jerks many people in the media are and what bias they have had and what paths they got for 8 years under obama. i hate the correspondents dinner. he said i give it back to you, the people. that was part of his inauguration speech. he says i'm not going to go drink and have champagne and martinis with elitists were going to write nasty things about you. he got the selection totally wrong, i'm going to celebrate with you in harrisburg, pennsylvania, . if someone like me enjoys it, i think it's in your face. >> harris: kind of piggybacking off of what jillian
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said, is making nice with certain members of the media the same thing as resonating with the rest of the country question i think that's assuming that the rest of the country all agree is with more liberal members of the mainstream media. maybe they don't all. >> chris: it's a dozy dough. trump is doing a lot of media interviews right now. he's doing a lot of mainstream media interviews, the outreaches there, the white house is conducting itself in a much more hospitable, open way, vis-a-vis the press briefings. at the same time, he is moderating his position. he's saying, nafta, we are going to nuke nafta, but maybe we like it. he thought originally he was going to go to pennsylvania and announced that nafta was dead, he is going to go there and say -- into those things, but simultaneously, you do other things, like the ones our colleague described what the base know i'm still with you.
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i think it is significant that you want to spend or hundredth day with the voters in the state. that's awesome. it is about the union and the yang of having to be president. >> harris: harrisburg, i like that. anyway, we'll move on. martha maccallum has a very special exclusive interview tonight. she sits down at the white house with president trump as he is said to mark his first 100 days in office and you can watch. the wide-ranging interview tonight in the first 100 days, the show, that's at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. new urgency in the standoff with north korea. secretary of state, rex tillerson is calling for action before it's too late. is the united states headed for a military showdown with that rogue regime? or can it be avoided? we'll talk about it.
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>> sandra: this is a fox news alert. secretary of state rex tillerson addressing the security council this morning on the growing threat from north korea. this after state intelligence leases video showing kim jong-un overseeing live fire drills. at the u.n., secretary tillerson's warning world diplomats the time for action is now. >> for too long, the national community has been reactive in addressing north korea. those days must come to an end. failing to act now on the most pressing security issue of the world may bring catastrophic consequences. additional patients will only mean acceptance of a nuclear north korea. the >> sandra: in an interview, president trump warning that a major, major conflict is possible with north korea. adding he prefers diplomacy to end the standoff. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major,
9:18 am
major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> sandra: meanwhile, a new fox poll showing 53% want the u.s. to take military action to stop north korea's nuclear program. that's where the appetite is for american people. >> chris: if you can do it, and i would defer to my much wiser colleague, jillian on this, but north korea -- the military options when it comes to north korea are all bad. it is not like they are good. there is the reactor, hit it, no, this is buried in an is complicated and of course, the overwhelming fear is that there are auxiliary batteries that can nuke seoul. this is not flinging tomahawk's off of a missile boat.
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>> sandra: as far as the fox news polling, which country poses the greatest immediate threat to the united states? north korea sits at the top of that list, 38% followed by isis, 25%, of course the islamic state, russia, 18%, china and iran at five. >> gillian: i think north korea number one is realistic and people are shooting to key into that. we are not in such a different situation from a few months ago and all anybody wanted to talk about was radical islam and isis. that's all very good and well because i think the american people need to have intelligent, thoughtful conversations about terrorism, but north korea has been there all along. this is not new, this is something that has been kind of simmering and boiling over the last three and half years now, and as chris mentioned, there are certainly no easy options, but there's also no good options. anything we do, vis-a-vis
9:20 am
north korea is going to have to be very multidimensional. i think second tillerson and his remarks at the u.n. were speaking to china more than anybody else and what he's trying to say as we understand that you're the the gateway to the north koreans when it comes to security, when it comes to propping up their national economy and we are taking a harder stance now. we're not going to help you in this endeavor anymore. i think that's really important for them to hear, more than north korea, there is no reasoning with north korea. i also want to say -- the president is a little bit "pulling a hurry clinton" which is not something i never thought i'd say, but this is a smart power, what he's talking about. i'm going to try to do all in with diplomacy and if it doesn't work, i maintaining the option to use military force against these people. that's an important tool in my toolbox. he's already started not using military force. >> harris: that's opposite of what we saw president obama because he would often take
9:21 am
boots on the ground or ground troops, i should say, or firepower against a zombie off the table as if to say that means are going to exhaust all the diplomacy and you should feel like a safe space to come and talk to us now. but it's completely opposite. the other thing you haven't heard this president say was a phrase for over eight years. i don't think there is a saber and north korea. any time some thing happened with this rogue regime, saber rattling. i don't know if that meant they take it less seriously or literally, there are that many sabers. >> sandra: they got our attention. as you heard from president trump, a major major conflict with north korea as possible. >> meghan: there really aren't any good options, we have made agreement after agreement, going back to the clinton administration for the past 20 years. i think obama tried to ignore it and all the chickens are coming home to roost. i don't know what the right option is, but it does seem like
9:22 am
at a certain point, the rubber is going to hit the road and military intervention of some kind is going to be where we're at. what's scary is i think everyone kind of knows that's what we're leading up to. i have great faith and general mattis and i think president trump is surrounded by absolutely brilliant people who understand diplomacy and what a complete and total maniac kim jong-un is. when you're dealing with someone like that who can't be reasoned with things the world is a toy that he can just play with, that's why i think they're on the list of being the largest threat to the united states. >> sandra: texas cracking down on illegal immigration. the first two band sinks weary cities. what other states follow suit? president trump about to become the first sitting president to speak at the nra convention since ronald reagan. the nra went all out for trump during the campaign, so is this
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what's your body of proof? >> sandra: this just happening moments ago, vice president mike pence. you'll remember he lewis confirmed with a vote in the senate, he will be the 27th labor secretary. remember, he is the son of cuban immigrants and he is going to be leading a big charge there. he is the only latino and trump's cabinet, but here we are approaching day 100 of president trump's time in office in the new labor secretary being sworn in by the vice president just moments ago. >> meghan: the lone star state is opening up a new front on the crackdown of so-called sanctuary cities after hours of emotional testimony, texas house of representatives passing a bill along party lines that would
9:28 am
expectedly ban. people will be asked about their immigration status like a traffic stop. secretary john kelly says he finds pushback while trying to remove illegal aliens baffling. >> it is inconceivable to me that you would ignore the law and just as inconceivable that an elected official would not want a criminal taken out of the community for free by the federal government, taken out of the community, pay their debt to society, taken out of the community and sent home. i can understand it. >> meghan: chris, he's asking a legitimate question, why would you want a criminal in your community? >> chris: there is that point. for those people who are proponents of century cities, they are against any effort because they see this as a struggle with donald trump. when you see what a good job kelly is doing in that post and
9:29 am
how he is measured as he is calm, he talks about things not in a passionate way, he's not talking about blood, he's speaking in these pragmatic tones. at is a former general, he knows how to do this stuff. he is my surprise stand out of the trunk cabinet. i knew mattis would be good, we didn't know how kelly would go going from the marine corps over to what is essentially a police function and boy, he's done a great job. >> meghan: do you know if porter can border security's morale is up? >> harris: border agents and people who live on our side of the line, as we call it, they've told me that they see there is an effort by this president to focus on what's important to them for the first time that
9:30 am
many of them have ever lived there. many people who live in these border communities for their whole lives. it is interesting for them to feel heard. i will say this to kind of segue out of what you were talking about and that is, this is the same secretary, general kelly, who is the first to take responsibility for how it didn't roll out well. and how, yes, there were some problems at airports. he took accountability for the rollout. it was interesting to hear him do that in a very measured tone in that accountability, i think has made it better. >> gillian: he is slowly but surely establishing a base of trust with the american people. he was not a terribly public figure before he was appointed secretary. most civilians had never heard of him before. incredibly, high profile in the
9:31 am
marine corps, but outside of that, not so much. it's nice to see somebody emerge from the shadows on issues like this, and get some good policy going. i agree with him. for somebody who doesn't have an iron in the fire in the sanctuary cities issue, it a little bit defies logic, the idea that you could have civilians averting the law so flagrantly. it empowers criminals if you think about it. from that point of view, it is a little shocking. i'm emotionally in tune with what he's saying. >> sandra: who else might follow suit? >> chris: we'll see how the challenges go. texas is doing something -- speaking of arizona, we remember the arizona law about being able to question immigration status
9:32 am
status -- they have that component in there as well as sanctuary cities. one thing that is clear, that state has the power and the right to dictate the policies for the community within it. >> harris: we probably won't see this in california. >> sandra: touting his first 100 days in office, president trump would be hard-pressed to find a more supportive group than the one he speaks to in atlanta this afternoon. the national rifle association, a group that went all in for the president in 2016. mr. trump will be the first sitting president to address the nra's convention since ronald reagan when he speaks to the nations largest gun rights organization then the next hour. although he favors strict gun control in 2000, president trump made second amendment rights a key campaign issue. you'll remember this.
9:33 am
>> i take a lot of heat. i'm a big, big, big second amendment person. we are going to 100% protect our second amendment's. >> sandra: this is a big day, a big group that did throw their full support behind donald trump on the election. how big is this moment? >> chris: they supported him to a degree greater than any prior republican president. they got in the game. when a lot of republicans were light, trunk, i'm not sure. they were all in because they knew that they hated hillary clinton like god hates sin and they were going to come right out and they were not going to take any chances on that. they're going to be excited to see him, number two, this is the
9:34 am
key component because remember with conservatives, yeah, trump is going to change on that, he's going to do things that there's going to bell the coverage, he is betraying his base. if he's solid on guns, and immigration, then he's solid on the supreme court, they'll give him a lot of latitude on other things. >> sandra: so far, all indications are that he's sticking to his promises on gun rights. >> gillian: he's a sticking to his promises. my query if i could speak to the president for a few minutes, a quick analogy. on foreign policy, he's changed a lot of his position. i've gone to bat many times on the air here and defended that and said this is really not flip-flopping like we can accuse some politicians of doing, this is more of an evolution because he delineates that. he has verbalized and included americans in the process. this is why i'm changing my
9:35 am
position on china. this is why i'm changing my position on all these other issues or nafta and the foreign policies, but he hasn't done that on gun issues. the fact that harris brought up that in 2000, he was completely on the other side of this issue, how did he then picked up for the presidential campaign and do a 180? what happened? >> harris: part of the segway and i wouldn't call it necessarily a 180, part of the segue is where cities had such strict gun control. when you look at places like chicago and other areas in indiana where they have stricter gun laws, it's a non sequitur that you have such starkness with guns. that's been important to this president and i think it's been a journey rather than a flip. >> sandra: let's bring this to now and what he may tell this
9:36 am
group today because there's going to be a bill that they will want him to throw his full support behind. the concealed carry permit, they are looking to have the permit work in states other than the state in which it was issued. a big test of the president early on. >> chris: good luck. that courts would allow the kind of reciprocity -- now states can agree to reciprocity. you've got a gun permit in arizona, there is a compact with other states. other states aren't part of that. the idea that the federal government is going to crack down say reciprocity is universal i think would let face some legal challenges. >> harris: it didn't work for gay marriage. >> chris: it did not. in 2000, he was running for president on the reform party ticket. in 2016, he was running on the republican party. you cannot get the republican nomination unless you are in
9:37 am
favor of a very strict reading of second amendment rights. it might have expedited the process. >> sandra: the nra awaits the president. you saw president obama heading straight to the bank as new reports reveal he has already catching in a second $400,000 check. is this a bad look for democrats? will discuss. ♪
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the >> meghan: some liberals are not happy with president obama right now. the outrages building former president continues cashing in on a lucrative post-white house speaking circuit. president obama excepted yet
9:42 am
another $400,000 check for an appearance he made with any network advertisers yesterday. this after spokesman's confirmed he exhibited a 400 grand gig dr. wall street. former first lady michelle obama aching her debut as a private for higher -- the news not going down easy for liberal democrats. here's what senator elizabeth warren had to say. >> i was troubled by this. the influence of money, i describe it as a snake that slithers through washington. the influence of dollars on this place is what scares me. i think it ultimately threatens democracy. the >> meghan: are not a psychic, but i called up before it happen. i said elizabeth warren is going to get really bothered. >> sandra: what did they say in the south? bless your heart. >> meghan: in all sincerity, i
9:43 am
do believe the base of the democratic party, the socialist base, second for bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, there's nothing dirtier than taking wall street money. what will this have? >> chris: not much because we expect former presidents to go get rich, that's -- no one has done it to the degree of which the clintons did it. former presidents go and get rich. george w. bush gave speeches, barack obama is going to give speeches, the question for democrats is if she is troubled by this, why was she troubled -- maybe she was, by the policy that barack obama followed when he was in office? he did not govern when it came to the economy and wall street like that socialist base you described. he was pretty cool with goldman sachs, he got cool with the idea of working with wall street is to believe the
9:44 am
economy, doing all that stuff. he ended up not governing that way and there's probably some sour grapes there. the speed and i think yes and yes and yes, but, it's going to be an insufferably long four yearsf we're going to have to cover evd michelle obama give. by which i mean, we're giving is equal time as we are a nuclear threat from north korea. i think at a certain point, it's like, it's worthwhile to mention, it's worthwhile to discuss, but it's not worthwhile to drag this every time he gives a speech. >> harris: journalistically speaking, you cover the first. primarily because we are approaching the 100 days of his successor and we were not sure if you would by name mention president trump. what we did here was a little peripheral.
9:45 am
if that were to happen, if he takes on the current president, then it becomes news. >> meghan: this is why it's news because there's nothing dirtier than doing anything with wall street in terms of this socialist base, which i believe is the future of the democratic party. i think it is bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. who is their new leader? you have your ex-president ticking dirty wall street money, that is something -- i don't expect ex-president to get wealthy, yes, of course. from the impression of people like elizabeth warren -- i'm a red-blooded capitalist american, from the perspective of people like elizabeth warren -- >> sandra: this is why it matters, follow the money. what is he going to say for $400,000? were they saying he was horrible for businesses and banks and overregulated and overtaxed?
9:46 am
what is fitzgerald going to say to that? >> harris: is a good question. >> gillian: i would then say, that is a much less important issue than it was three months ago. he's a former president. >> meghan: it's a bad thing to do by the base of the party. i think it's worth covering. bill nye, who is also worth covering, he is the science guy, talking about his new netflix series, but wait until you hear who he's blaming and who he wants to punish. you always pay
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first let's get to jon scott for the second hour what's happening now. >> jon: we are waiting the speech from president trump to the national rifle association, the first sitting president to address the group since ronald reagan. we'll carry it live. plus howard kurtz on how the media are judging is first 100 days. a discussion on the tricky road ahead for the passage of the tax overhaul and alarming comments on the stand up with north korea, are we getting closer to war? that's all ahead of the next hour of "happening now." >> sandra: all right,
9:51 am
thank you. >> harris: how does the left want to tackle climate change? bill nye the science guy suggests penalizing americans were having too many children. he floated that idea on his new netflix series, bill nye saves the world. here's the bit. >> should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world? >> i do think we should at least consider it. >> at least consider it is like do it. it >> one of the things we can do that is least policy -- is we can increase our norms. >> harris: it's good that he is like, do it. that exchange is taking serious heat from the twitter community. one user said bill nye saves the world, paid for and sponsored by by the clinton of foundation. did you tweet that, meghan mccain? >> meghan: i did not, but i
9:52 am
think bill nye probably thanks my family is ruining the world. i'm not an environmentalist doomsday are. i don't think the apocalypse is coming because i have six brothers and sisters. he belike bill nye take it to in a stream that if you have a concern -- i love the grand canyon, i wanted to say beautiful for millions of years. until the sun burns out, but the problem is you have people like bill nye who is saying, you have too many kids and i'm going to penalize you in one way or another. you take it to such a degree that it automatically makes any rational person tune out. >> chris: i've done a very good job of ignoring the march for science because science doesn't -- i've ignored most of this stuff because it seemed pretty stupid. he knows that birth rates in the
9:53 am
west are declining. he knows that europeans and americans in the developed world are having too few children that the problem is we are not able to maintain the birthrates necessary, we need the numbers where they are so that social programs works of the economy continues to grow. we have a birth rate shortage, not an excess. in china, and india, where birthrates are way, way up, >> gillian: if you put aside the moral implications, it's more misguided because it's actually the underdeveloped parts of the world that have overpopulation issues. >> harris: you can't penalize them.
9:54 am
>> gillian: i'm not saying that, but the point being, if you are trying to help the environment, it would not be helped. >> harris: you said economy, talk to me. >> gillian: if a scientist is going to propose something like this, they might want to give two sides to the story. the benefits and the downfall to make in this proposal, it might go to his credit to get two sides of the story. otherwise, the guy is just out there. >> meghan: are not actively watching all of it, but i've seen a lot of clips from it. it's a very radical show. if he does want to win over people like me, he's the wrong spokesperson to do it because he's so extreme and all of the issues, don't waste your time watching it. >> chris: what i've noticed, it's not about that stuff, it's about virtue signaling and
9:55 am
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today marks three years since our first invited "outnumbered" in your homes, and we got cake, people. >> we were saying, three years went by really fast. chris stirewalt was like. >> it seems like it's been part of our lives a long time now. it's one of those things i can almost not remember the time before it happened. it sounded so crazy when it came out, i thought that is crazy. it was just as natural. >> you know who our first one lucky guy was? tucker carlson. >> look what you did for that guy. >> before we scoot, we want to say some things in terms of gratitude. we want to say thank you to our viewers for being loyal from those early days when we looked at each other and would say, we've got an hour, guys. >> we let our viewers, so loyal. all of the control room, production staff. >> keeping the frames moving every morning. >> on no sleep. >> i'm the rookie, the newest
10:00 am
host, it is the most fun show on fox news, such a good time everything a day. i went to the getting to cohost with you guys. >> we won the lottery. thank you for letting us do what we left. >> happy birthday. >> now it is "happening now." >> jenna: very happy anniversary from us as well, and a fox news alert. president trump statute address the national rifle association's convention in atlanta a short time from now. we will bring you the president's comments alive. >> jon: he's the first sitting president since ronald reagan to address the nra. and this comes amid new developers in our washington capital to try to keep the federal government from running out of money. we will cover all of the new "happening now" ." >> there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> jon: a dire warning from the president, but could the solution come from china? >> we were told by the


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