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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 28, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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host, it is the most fun show on fox news, such a good time everything a day. i went to the getting to cohost with you guys. >> we won the lottery. thank you for letting us do what we left. >> happy birthday. >> now it is "happening now." >> jenna: very happy anniversary from us as well, and a fox news alert. president trump statute address the national rifle association's convention in atlanta a short time from now. we will bring you the president's comments alive. >> jon: he's the first sitting president since ronald reagan to address the nra. and this comes amid new developers in our washington capital to try to keep the federal government from running out of money. we will cover all of the new "happening now" ." >> there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> jon: a dire warning from the president, but could the solution come from china? >> we were told by the chinese that they inform the regina if
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they did conduct a nuclear test, china would be taking sanctions actions on their own. >> jon: plus, tomorrow is the big milestone, 100 days, and both sides are ready with opposing views of what transpired. >> this has already been a very active first 100 days. >> the swamp is murkier than ever after his hundred days. >> but what does the white house think of it all? the deputy assistant to the president joins us. and the pentagon investigating whether the president's former national security advisor mike flyn tried to hide payments from foreign governments. it is all "happening now" ." but we begin with a fox news alert on a historic address, the president subject become the first sitting commander-in-chief to make remarks to the national rifle association since ronald reagan. welcome to the second hour of "happening now" on this friday, i'm jon scott. >> jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. the president expected to take the stage at the nra annual
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convention in atlanta and about 30 minutes brady can be sure fox news will bring you those remarks when they begin. in the meantime, back in washington, big develop men on the use of your tax dollars, a short time ago, congress approved a one-week stopgap spending bill, averting a government shutdown on day 99 of the trump presidency. our chief white house correspondent john roberts has the latest details. >> good afternoon, that senate and house agreed to keep the government running for another week with a resolution but the battle is far from over. the reason why they got the agreement on the continuing resolution today is because last night it became clear that republicans do not have the votes to pass the healthcare bill that the president thought might be able to get into the house and out of the house that toward the senate by sometime on saturday. that is not going to happen now. the battle is not over because the president still wants to get the vote on healthcare, and it could happen next week. democrats are saying they are not going to do another temporary spending measure,
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stating further the minority whip saying that today. kevin mccarthy, majority whip said we are not going to need another continuing resolution, that if the white house pushes to have the vote on healthcare, democrats are going to push back on that by threatening spending. so again, this is far from over. the president just a few minutes ago signing the 29th executive order of his presidency. that now puts him at a post-world war ii record, surpassing lyndon johnson who had 26. of course, fdr still holds the record with 99. the one he signed it just a little while ago opens up more areas to offshore drilling including the arctic and the mid atlantic so that process will take place over a course of five years. despite the frustrations of not getting a vote on healthcare, the president gave himself good grades on his first 100 days, listen here. >> we are moving awfully well, getting a lot of things done. i don't think there has ever been anything like this. it is a false standard, 100 days, but i have to tell you, i don't think anyone has done what
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we've been able to do and 100 days. we are very happy. >> president also talking in ominous terms about north korea in an interview with the readers news agency this morning, acknowledging that this could go down a dangerous road, listen to the president here. >> there is -- there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> those sentiments were backed up by the secretary of state rex tillerson at the u.n. security council in new york this morning. the secretary of state urging the council to do more with the sanctions and diplomacy terrain and north korea again, he issuing an ominous warning, listen here. >> failing to act now on the most pressing security issue in the world may bring catastrophic consequences. >> one of the keys is china here, the president and rex tillerson both leaning on china to do more to reign in north korea after the president's meeting with
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president xi, he believes he does have a renewed commitment to china. a fit and contact according to the secretary of state with the pyongyang to say do not test any more missiles, don't test anymore nuclear weapons or china will unilaterally impose sanctions on you. of course, the chinese had to stop peddling that to date to say they cannot confirm they are doing that but according to the secretary of state, they are. >> jenna: a lot to watch and talk about, thank you very much. >> jon: as we await the president's remarks in atlanta, there is no reaction to his tax plan as the administration touts sweeping cuts for almost everyone. critics, though, say the wealthiest americans are the clear winners under this plan. let's talk about it with our political panel. liz smith is a former deputy campaign manager for martin o'malley, adam goodman is a republican campaign strategist and edward r merle fellow at tufts university. adam, i'm going to start with you for the republican view first of all. there is not a lot of detail in this plan, we do not know at
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what level of these tax cuts start. we know it know it sympathized the tax system, but will they drive economic growth, and what will it do to the budget? >> we have a problem. under the last president, we've had eight years of tepid economic growth, gdp was 2.1%, our debt is up to $20 trillion, and we were not really going anywhere. this has a dose of reality to i it. we have to understand as americans, we cannot bluff our way out, talk our way out or protest our way out of this hole. we've got to grow our way out. i think this plan is the beginning of a conversation that is long overdue in this country. by the way, very reaganesque, which is cut spending, cut taxes, cut regulations and give the masses of reason to believe again. >> jon: we have the highest corporate tax rates and basically the industrial world. while democrats go along with the idea of cutting them down to 15% like the president wants to? >> i think we need to see a lot
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more details on the tax plan. as you said, it is very light on details. it is not a tax plan, more of a press release. when donald trump ran for president, he said he would be looking out for the forgotten man, the working men and women who have been left behind by the elites in washington. what this taxpayer looks like is more of the same from the republican party. it offers huge giveaways to the wealthiest americans and problems for middle-class families if republicans are truly concerned about the debt and deficit, there is no proof that this would taper any of these tax cuts. if anything, it would blow a hole in the budget. >> jon: how do you answer that? >> the only proof we have is the reality we are coming out of, $20 trillion in debt. i don't know how we can look our children in the eye to say we've got a good job in the last eight years of securing your future. i think this plan has the opportunity coming giving opportunity to the american people to say let's push the reset button, try something that again has been tried in the past, has been successful, and i
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think this is a starter. there is also something with that mnunchin rule, making sure that this is not seen and is not ultimately just a stop to get the wealthy to get wealthier, that is important in terms of the public relations of this issue up your but the reality is we have to do better than we have done. >> jon: the president's supporters say if you cut corporate taxes, the corporations are not just going to hide that money in the hole. they are going to do something with it, spend it, hire people, buy cars and trucks, that's going to fuel economic growth. >> we have heard this myth about tax cuts for decades. there is no actual proof that tax cuts drive economic growth. the evidence shows that in fact, it drives economic inequality. back in the '80s, george bush senior referred to this type of economic policy as voodoo economics, and the same holds true today. there is example after example. look at kansas, they tried this recently and illuminated the state income tax.
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but it led to what's financial ruin for the state, cuts to services and a huge budget deficit, downgraded credit ratings, so we need to dispel with this myth that tax cuts generate economic growth once and for all. >> jon: a state is not a national government. >> it is a microcosm. >> if you're looking for early evidence about whether or not people believe this is the right way to go, the stock market is about record highs, the dodd johnson is over several thousand, google the other day hit 1,000 which i invested, but i think these are early signs that those who are job creators find this is the way to go. >> jon: therein lies some of the criticism. i'm sure this would give it to you, this is a president who is finally with the corporations and wealthy and not necessarily middle to lower class. >> i agree with liz on one thing she put on the table which is the details have to be worked out. just like the healthcare reform that they say is republican, we have to get this right. this is not first to market,
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it's best to market, get this one right. >> jon: will democrats be inclined in any way to go along? >> everything we've seen out of the administration is that we are not working with democrats on it, and administration official said that yesterday pray that is a troubling sign. they do need democratic support at some point for some of these because they are not going to have monolithic support from the republican party. if they can make it so it is more favorable to middle-class americans and less of a giveaway to wealthier americans, then sure, you might be able to see some democratic support. >> jon: liz smith, adam goodman up from florida, right? >> brought the weather with me. >> jon: good to have you in the studio as we continue to await the president. thank you. >> jenna: almost to the hour, 99 days president trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. tomorrow is the symbolic 100 day. critics say not much has gotten done including some in the media. is it a fair assessment? we're going to talk about that. were also awaiting
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president trump's address to the national rifle association annual convention in atlanta. mr. trump is the first sitting president to address the nra since ronald reagan. we will bring you those were marksmen they they happen live.
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>> jon: fox news alert, president trump will wind down his 99th day in office in atlanta, addressing the national rifle association convention. we understand that air force one is not on the ground yet, but the president is scheduled to speak about 50 minutes from now, he might be running a tad late. when he begins, we will have those remarks for you live. >> jenna: the trump administration alarming sum with its consideration of an executive order that could lead to the u.s. withdrawal from nafta. "could" should be underlined, the president saying he's willing to renegotiate the terms of that agreement. >> the president of mexico, who i have a very, very good relation with, called, and also
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the prime minister of canada, who i have a very good relation to brett and i like both of these gentlemen very much, they called me. they said rather than terminating nafta, could you please renegotiate. i like them very much. i respect their countries very much. their relationship is a very special. and i said i will hold on determination. let's see if we can make it a fair deal. >> jenna: howard kurtz is joining us now. he was asked by the others to renegotiate. that is how he is putting it out there. you say this symbolizes something the media does not really understand about donald trump. what is it? >> the media default setting when it comes to donald trump is that he is erratic on foreign policy, bounces around, takes unrealistic positions, makes threats he does not carry out. this is kind of contrast to the way most politicians speak in carefully calibrated faces, but this is the message of this man, donald trump the dealmaker, and
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we saw this in the weight nafta played out particularly with the early weeks to "politico" and cnn that not only was donald trump ready to terminate the agreement right now with the executive order signed within days. >> jenna: right, in we never saw it. right, as you point out, the whole even question about nafta came out because of leaks out of the white house, it seems. >> very orchestrated leaks in my view which resulted in the leaders of mexico and canada calling the white house, getting the president on the phone, please don't terminate. okay, now we are going to renegotiate. but in these talks, trump has the leverage because he shows he's willing to walk away. this is what you do a negotiation come you try to spook the other side. it striking to me that even though trump said he was ready to terminate right then, i think he was testing how far he could push this before getting down to negotiating. >> jenna: what do you think he learned based on what he saw by what you described as
10:17 am
orchestrated leaks by his own administration, the press making something of it, leaders of sovereign nations calling him, what do you think is the lesson? >> i think the lesson is that it worked from his point of view because he now has the upper hand. the equivalent of when he was a real estate developer to say, i'm only going to pay $100 million for those buildings as opposed to $200 million, then you spook the other side. so it may be a dangerous game to play with north korea, but in this particular instance, i think it works. >> jenna: very interesting, so focused on the 100 days, in respect to an amazing historian during our first hour of "happening now," and i was asking person historical context where we got them 100 day mark and also how well the first 100 days of any presidency has informed the public about what the entire presidency would be like. here is part of what he had to say. >> lbj had a spectacular, maybe the best first 100 days, but by the time his term was over, there were tanks in the streets,
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neighborhoods and 120 cities burned to the ground. he was so unpopular come he could not even run for office. jimmy carter had a spectacular 100 days, nobody wants to go back to 15% inflation. so sometimes the metrics of the cosmetic than they are real. >> jenna: that seems like important context to consider when we are looking at a new president for his first 100 days. why do you think the historical context is so absent from the media coverage? >> everybody has amnesia, i guess. we heard president trump say it moments ago that this was a false standard, and he is right that it is an arbitrary thing come around number picked out of the calendar appeared a year from now, who's going to care whether president trump got things done by april 29th or not? at the same time, during the campaign, he talked about his 100 day action plan. they have a blitz now with the president giving a number of interviews, top white house officials being out there, i will talk to sean spicer on
10:19 am
sunday. they are playing the game as well. it happens with every new president. it is a media obsession, but i've never seen it, it's like on steroids with this president. >> jenna: i have a question for you and the first 100 days. do you think the press has learned anything in the first 100 days that they did not learn during the campaign? or is it more or less the same media? >> i am sad to say i don't think the press has learned much. we covered donald trump, underestimated him badly during the campaign and mistook his frenetic twitter trigger finger style, did not viable that one, for a guy that was not quite sure what he was doing. yes, he had some learning curve as president and does not have a major legislative accomplishment so far, but he's done a bunch of other things with executive orders, regulatory rollback, getting neil gorsuch on the supreme court. i'm not seeing much difference in the way the press covers the president.
10:20 am
the relationship is as hostile as it has been. i hope it comes down at some point, but so far, it is not happening. >> jenna: interesting perspective, for our viewers to consider, not that they watch anything but fox news which we appreciate, but just the headlines that are there. great to see you as always, thank you. >> jon: fox news alert and some good news out of houston, former president george hw has been discharged from a houston hospital. doctors come you might know, were treating the president for a mild case of pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. in a statement, the president and his wife thinks they are doctors and their outstanding care. it is the former president second hospital stay this year. coming up, new information on the president's former national security advisor, the defense department launching its own investigation into general michael flynn. did he break the law? what could that mean for the
10:21 am
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>> jenna: fox news alert, going to take my ticket to atlanta where air force one just landed safely there and we expect that president to disembark and head over to the big event by the nra, the leadership forum taking place right now. in fact, we have a life picture of that as well. the president is set to speak around 1:30 eastern time. since he is just landing right now, taxiing a little bit now, we expect him to be a little delayed but more or less on schedule to see that our where the president will be the first president since ronald reagan to speak in front of this group. we will bring you their life when he arrives.
10:25 am
>> jon: there are new concerns right now over former national security advisor michael flynn and his ties to foreign government. newly released documents suggest flynn may have skirted federal law by taking a paid speaking engagement in russia. so what could the investigation into general flynn's activity mean for that trump initiation in the months to come? let's talk about it with christopher swift, national security studies adjunct professor at georgetown university. he made these speeches, paid for some $20,000 by an arm of the russian government. is that necessarily against the law? >> in this case, it might be. here is why. u.s. criminal code prevents current military officers from taking any kind of paid work or receiving any kind of payments or other benefit from a foreign government, and there is another part of u.s. federal law that
10:26 am
applies that to retired military officers like general flynn. there is a way to do this and do it right. you have to get permission from the army in the case of general flynn and permission from the secretary of state, but in this instance, it looks like, based on the documents we have seen from the pentagon's inspector general that general flynn was aware of the need to do this, did not get permission and went to russia, provided the speech at the "russia today" annual celebration, was paid $45,000 then failed to report this when he came back to the united states in connection with reapplying to renew his security clearance. so there are some emoluments issues here, some federal criminal law issues here, some security clearance issues here, and this is on top of the difficulty that general flynn has already been having with the turkish consulting he was doing and the failure to register under the foreign agents registration act. a whole bunch of legal problems. >> jon: based on what you have seen come you think he simply
10:27 am
flouted the regulations? >> if the pentagon tells you not to do something without getting their permission first, and you go and do it, that usually means flouting. if you have a legal duty to report that income to the pentagon after you receive it, from an agency of the raj back russian government, then you do not do it, that is flouting as well. the question that the present do not government will be considering in the next several weeks is whether general flynn did this negligently, did not pay attention to the rules or whether he knew what the rules were and decided to ignore them. the first is problematic for him personally and from a business perspective. the second, if he ignored this deliberately or chose to ignore it, that could lead to criminal charges. >> jon: it calls into question not only his judgment, but the judgment of those in the trump campaign who were making the decisions as to who's name to put forward for national security advisor. >> it does. look, we are coming up on the end of the academic year at
10:28 am
georgetown. i tell my students were going into the national security community, if you want to govern in washington, d.c., come you first need to learn how to govern yourself. following the law is just about the easiest thing that a public servant can do. when you have a public servant that is not following the law, regardless of whether they are republican or democrat, you have a lapse in judgment, and if someone has a lapse in judgment and it becomes apparent to the people who are their superiors, they need to take swift action to deal with that both under the law and in terms of managing the kinds of people that are advising people who make the decisions that control our security and protect to keep people safe. >> jon: are you surprised in some respect his career as an essay advisor came crashing down so quickly? he was only in the administration for six weeks or something like that. >> i don't want to make any comments about general flynn and -- >> jon: i'm not asking that, but typically, the wheels of
10:29 am
government grind pretty slowly. for him to be jettisoned as quickly as he was with some thing of a surprise to me. >> i think it is indicative of a pretty big problem. former national security advisor who was dining at the elbow of the russian president, united states and russia are not in a good phase in their bilateral relations right now. we have a lot of conflicts of interest. even in the absence of these legal problems, i think there was a judgment call that needed to be made here for the sake of u.s. national security, and for the sake of maintaining quality control at the national security council. but look, the problem with washington, d.c., is there are some folks on the left and on the right to think that they are beyond the rules and that their contributions are so special they do not need to follow the rules. the rules are there to ensure transparency and clarity, especially when dealing with potentially hostile foreign governments. if you do not follow those rules when it is your job to secure
10:30 am
the national security of the united states, you're going to have a legal problem and a professional problem. >> jon: we are watching the commander-in-chief as he gets into that brand-new limo, nicknamed "the beast," he will be heading to the national rifle association annual convention in atlanta. becoming the first sitting president to make remarks they are since 1983, ronald reagan did it. christopher swift, georgetown university and a former treasury department official. we hope your students take those lessons you've been imparting to hurt. thank you. >> jenna: we talked a lot about this serious decisions that confront the president and here is a really interesting when the has some real repercussions on whether to block the release of more than 3,000 secret government files related to the assassination of president john f. kennedy in 1963. in 1992 law says the cia and fbi documents can be made public this year, unless the president
10:31 am
decides that otherwise. the white house has acknowledged that the president is aware of the deadline paid many of the documents are believed to detail government surveillance of president kennedy's accused assassin, lee harvey oswald. we will see what happens. >> jon: trump administration accused of saber rattling in some circles as the president warrants there could be a major convict ahead with north korea. why our next guest says the u.s. is finally on the right track in that regard. and we are awaiting the president's remarks to the national rifle association convention in atlanta. you saw he just departed hartsfield airport, not sure how long it will take him to get down to the event, but again, when he begins to speak, we will have it for you live. and two in the reserves. our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?"
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>> jon: a fox news earlier it, president trump is on his way to the national rifle association annual meeting, this time in atlanta. he will be speaking there, first president to do so since 1983, and when he does, we will have it for you live. >> jenna: >> the success of detn missile tests, north korea pushes northeast asia and the world closer to instability and broader conflict. the threat of a north korea nuclear attack on the city of seoul or tokyo israel. it is likely only a matter of
10:36 am
time before north korea develops the capability to strike the u.s. mainland. >> jenna: that was secretary of state rex tillerson at the u.n. today. president also expressing serious concerns about north korea in an interview with reuters. >> well there is -- there is a chance that we could end up having a major major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> jenna: former financial analyst for the treasury department among other roles, joins us now with more on this. morgan,urious in your expertise at the treasury department to talk to you about sanctions and what we can do when it comes to north korea. first, your affection on what donald trump had to say, president trump had to say. some are saying it is big news, but others are saying that this is consistent with what he's been saying over the last several weeks. how do you see it? >> i think it is consistent and important to know that over the past 20-30 years, both parties have got it wrong when it comes to north korea. we put sanctions on them under
10:37 am
the clinton administration, and we have seen them actually develop the capability to have a nuclear weapon, to have one now. now the real question is will be allowed them on president trump's watch to get missile capability to actually deliver that nuclear weapon either to the u.s. or our allies? i think the president has indicated that is totally unacceptable for him, and i think that is why he's working so closely with the chinese to prevent this from happening. it is a real threat. this is not made up. our admiral in the pacific command has talked about this, secretary tillerson has talked about it, the entire u.s. government is being very realistic about what an immediate threat this is to the u.s. and to our allies. >> jenna: going back to your expertise at the treasury department, why haven't think she's worked in the past and what can we do different? >> sanctions are a great tool in the toolbox, they should never be relied on totally on their own to prevent a broke actor. the problem with sanctions like
10:38 am
any other consequential is without the threat of force they do not work so what you are seeing that is very important yesterday and today is we saw second tillerson at the united nations asking the members of the security council to help with this current sanctions that exist appear we have sanctions right now on north korea for what they have done not only as it relates to nuclear missiles, but what they have done with their human rights violations in north korea. it's important what you see with the chinese, they are threatening additional sanctions. they are really the linchpin of all of this. i think what is most important is that they now see that there is a credible threat of force from the united states. the chinese -- the north koreans are a nuisance for them, they never thought we were serious until now. that is why you are seeing them take action. i think it is also important to know that it is not this president being provocative, it's not the president raising the sanctions, it is the
10:39 am
north koreans. they are the ones trying to have nuclear capability to deliver a nuclear weapon to harm our citizens and allies so i really think it is time for us as a country to step back and stop blaming our president's rhetoric and start blaming the real enemy which is the north koreans. >> jenna: an interesting observation. you have seen that through several administrations, haven't you? republican and democrat often the focus of the tone and tenor of our president whoever it may be, rather than the tone and tenor of north korea. >> and it is north korea come if they get this muscle capability to deliver a nuclear weapon, this is going to be a problem like what we are seeing in pakistan for example on steroids. it will completely change that geopolitical calculation in asia for the united states. the policy as we all know now goes out the window if they get the capability to harm us with a nuclear weapon. i applied the president and his team for working so aggressively on this and for realizing that they have inherited quite a mess around abroad, but this is the
10:40 am
most imminent threat. >> jenna: i'm curious what you think about this, who does the negotiations if there are negotiations to be had with north korea. we were speaking with ian bremmer yesterday on a program. >> i saw that, it was great. >> jenna: thank you very much, he has his words that ricochet around the foreign policy road quite a bit, so he said to send trump, send president trump to do the negotiation, why not try it? what do you think about that? >> i think it is a great idea appeared i wash your brilliant interview yesterday and really enjoyed it. i am a fan of his. and of years, of course, because you always do a great interview. when he suggested president trump yesterday, i thought that was a great point, but i would say before we get to the point where we bring out our all-star mvp quarterback to the negotiating table, i think we are in a good place in the moment and that we are letting the chinese take the lead. you have to remember in the minds of the north koreans, the korean war never ended. it certainly ended well before
10:41 am
you or i were born, and it is a distant memory for most americans, but that minds of the north koreans, they think we are still gearing up but the south koreans to take over the entire peninsula. this is laughable to us, i think none of us are very interested in taking over north korea, but that is the political calculus of why they want to have this weapon, why they want to have leverage with the united states because they do feel that there is this big bogeyman coming to get them and taking over their peninsula. so step one i think is a positive step, we've applied appropriate pressure to the chinese. the chinese are now interned threatening sanctions and taking other economic measures in north korea to rein them in which i think is incredibly important. second tillerson and nikki haley have been leading the charge for the administration on this. i think they've been very positive at the u.n., demanding our security council members comply with existing sanctions. i don't know whether we actually need new sanctions are not, but we need people to actually adhere to the sanctions that are
10:42 am
on the table. i think if the big gun needs to be brought out with president trump, we can bring it out, but right now the appropriate action is for the chinese to say, cut it off and that is what they are doing. >> jenna: interest income one of the things we've learned on the program is that sometimes for real diplomacy to happen you have to have a real threat of force, and we know that's not the direction anyone really wants to go. thank you for the compliments to our program, we always appreciate your insight as well, look forward to having you back. >> jon: another day of protests at berkeley over the cancellation of an appearance by ann coulter. the battle over free speech rages on. what the mayor is saying about the protest in his town next. and we are awaiting president trump's address to the national rifle association's annual convention in atlanta. mr. trump, the first sitting president to speak to the nra since ronald reagan. at angie's list, we believe
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>> jenna: fox news alert, back to atlanta and the nra leadership convention that is taking place right now. we expect the president any moment now at this venue as he is set to address the crowd there. when he heads to the podium, we will bring you back there. >> jon: some new information out on the trump administration plan to crack down on gang violence. earlier, attorney general jeff sessions made the announcement from central islip, a town that has seen a rise in crime. just weeks ago, the bodies of four men were found after being brutally beaten. brian joined us now from central islip in long island, new york,. >> while the attorney general was asked to come to long island, new york, by congressman peter king because they've experienced a spike in brutal violence from the transnational gang ms-13. president trump and the attorney general have a said fighting gang violence as well as illegal immigration are top priorities, and ms-13 is a symbol of both.
10:47 am
this gang now has 10,000 members nationally, more than 200 of them here on long island. made up primarily of immigrants from el salvador in central america. many are undocumented immigrants, and sessions measured demand message today is years of open borders and lacks immigration enforcement has allowed the gang to thrive nationally. sessions promised more resources to local police and more deportations of criminal and unmanaged immigrants. >> i have a message for the gangs that target our young people. we are targeting you. we are coming after you. we will identify these networks, investigate and build cases against them, and dismantled them through targeted prosecutions. then criminals who are convicted will be deported. >> there have been 11 murders of young people tied to ms-13 in brentwood and central islip alone since the school year began. two weeks ago, the bodies of
10:48 am
four young men, 16-20 years of age were found at a park, murdered with machetes by gang members. in march, gang member tommy alvarado ventura was arrested after police say the 31-year-old sexually assaulted a 2-year-old and a brutally stabbed her mother and another woman. he had been deported four times but returned. the suffolk county executive's office says it needs more funding to fight gangs and to keep kids out of ms-13. the county says they need more resources to help with unaccompanied minors, those undocumented children who have arrived here and are at these schools and are susceptible now to being recruited by ms-13. there have been protests here by some immigrant activists who believe that sessions message here was really political and could actually induced fear here in the immigrant communities. >> jon: bryan llenas on long island, thank you. >> jenna: the debate over is a free speech rages on as the university of california berkeley has hundreds of people
10:49 am
show up to protest after canceling the appearance of speaker ann coulter. unlike most protest, this one has been peaceful, will is there with more. >> it has become a political flashpoint this year, even in ann coulter's absence, hundreds showed up yesterday to voice their disapproval over what they said was her first amendment right to -- rights being smothered. things were calm this afternoon, some showed up again like they were ready to do battle, wearing helmets and provocative gear. in total, five people were arrested, but there were not any confrontations. this morning, the mayor released a statement which in part reads "we were prepared to put our foot down against the extremists and provocateurs who sought to turn our city into fight club and i am extreme glad there is a protest that took place with the exception of a small handful of arrests without incident." yesterday's protest was certainly different than other things we've seen and berkeley this year which raises concerns about what could have happened.
10:50 am
there is still a lot of finger-pointing going on about exactly why coulter's speech was canceled, she said all she wanted to do was come to campus to talk about immigration. >> obviously, it was going to be a searing and brilliant speech on immigration, but the main point of which was federal written law on the books about immigration developed over generations by both democrats and republicans should be enforced. >> coulter is not going to modesto for a speech now, law enforcement there says they are ready in case any trouble goes along with them. >> jenna: thank you. >> jon: we know president trump is on the ground in atlanta. any minute now, he will be stepping up to the podium to address the national rifle association convention there, the first sitting president to do so since 1983 and ronald reagan. those remarks when the president arrives at the podium. i feel this electrical pulse grabbing at my muscles.
10:51 am
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>> hello, everyone, on a busy and fright [boos] fine friday, i am harris faulkner harris faulkner. are awaiting president trump to take the stage at the annual nra meeting in atlanta. we will carry it live. and we will have full analysis of that along with how the president is doing on day 99 today with former white house press secretary ari fleischer. "america's newsroom hq" at the top of the hour. >> jon: fox news alert, there is wayne lapierre, the president, ceo of the national rifle association. he is speaking to the leadership convention. the next believe, is going to be the president himself, president trump will be the first sitting president in 34 years to address the group. ronald reagan did so in 1983. interesting, we just noted, it was a couple years after he was
10:55 am
shot by the deranged gunman john hinckley junior who was trying to impress the actress jodie foster. that is when reagan spoke. donald trump will be speaking shortly, and when he does so, we will take you there live. >> jenna: after years of decline, the u.s. steel industry is surging and jobs seem to be coming back, many in the industry credit the president's america first strategy for this. mike tobin is live in indiana with more. >> hey, businessman and trade groups in asia are now using the word protectionist referring to president trump's backing of the american steel industry. people here working in the steel industry believe they now have a business friendly president in the white house who had their back. business is booming in the steel industry as soon as the business-family president was elected, companies like this saw their stock price jumped and the company is melting, rolling and moving more steel out the door. >> i think the focus this
10:56 am
administration has put on manufacturing and an industry as important as steel and particular creates some bumps for us also. a speaker this month, president donald trump said the commerce secretary to investigate complains that foreign competitors were dumping steel into the u.s. market them into believing the price. he promised to higher tides american steel for federal projects and promised to develop a robust and domestic steel industry that would not depend on foreign suppliers for national defense. this company has a pay incentive program that goes all the way down to the production lines or actions at the white house that increase the purchasing of american steel have a direct impact on the lives of workers. >> the more we produce, the greater the bonus, so it makes a huge deal to me. >> and the workers here at the plant were encouraged by today's executive order that seeks to overturn restrictions that president obama put on offshore drilling. that directly impacts the energy sector, but someone has to make the fight. >> jenna: thank you.
10:57 am
>> jon: roughly 80,000 people expected to attend the nra convention in atlanta. one of those attending, president trump. he will be speaking momentarily, and we will take you there live when he does. yeah, i just saved a whole lot of money by to geico. we should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico insures way more than cars. boats, motorcycles... even rvs! geico insures rvs? what's an rv? uh, the thing we've been stuck on for five years! wait, i'm not a real moose??
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making it a reality is the hard part. from the b-2 to the upcoming b-21, northrop grumman stealth bombers give america an advantage in a turbulent world. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. >> jon: have a great weekend. "america's news hq" starts now. >> president trump is about to follow in the footsteps of ronald reagan, becoming the first sitting president to address the national rifle association in more than 30 years. hello. let's get right to it. jonathan serry is live in atlanta. what does this crowd want to hear from president trump? >> reporter: they certainly want to hear strong support for the second amendment. that's something trump talked about during his campaign. something they got the nra's early endorsement during his campaign. we're getting advanced word that the president's


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