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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 29, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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you can catch me weekdays on after the bell and the foxbusiness network at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. paul is back next week. we hope to see you back there then. >> this is a fox news alert. a busy day for resident trump as he marks his first 100 days in office. set to sign an executive order on trade before cap enough to date with the rally in harrisburg pennsylvania. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. the president attending attended that rally. instead of tonight's white house correspondent dinner. dating back about a hundred years. he will be the first president to miss it since president reagan back in 1981. the white house karis correspondent is life.
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have you seen any protesters yet. as always nice to talk to you. and you are right. a lot of people. not many. it would be a fair description. they are dwarfed by the thousands and thousands of supporters who have already turned out here. some of them were here as early as 4:30 this morning. it is expected to be a very effective evening. that could top 10,000 maybe even up to 11,000. as for the present he is looking for to the night. looking for to rally in the great state of pennsylvania tonight. a big crowd, big energy. the president is doing a bit of business. signing an executive order. and the trade representative to make a conference of study about the nations trade agreements. you heard rick mention that just a moment ago.
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there was a major step forward. and looking to level the playing field for american business. as far as world trade his concern. tell us more about that. >> it's always interesting. she can still interrogate you and get as much out of you as you possibly can. the president certainly seem to enjoy that. also about the building blocks that he has been able to undertake in his short time in office not just building blocks for himself but also for the usa. i had set the foundations for a lot of great relationships in the future i have tremendous feelings for a lot of the people running the countries of this world. and that's a good thing. you don't measure that in the
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first 100 days but those foundations have been set in the first 100 days. clearly optimistic. he will be reflected on is 100 days in office today in harrisburg pennsylvania. he was here a lot during the campaign and keep in mind a lot of people did not give him a shot at winning. he won the keystone state pain them back a bit tonight in this rally. the house majority leader both signaling that a vote on healthcare. could be imminent. these are great people. i believe they will get it done. i think maybe next week sometime. they're really coming together. this is a new fox pole. 71 percent of voters feel it it should be a higher priority than tax reform. it was conducted before the
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ministration unveiled the details of the tax plan. a partner at firehouse strategies. thank you both for being with us today. overly optimistic is that the new healthcare plan that could be net past next week. i actually do think so. i have to do is look the fact that the freedom caucus this time supports it. it has a lot of moderate republicans. a cuts coverage it eliminates protections for those in increases cost around those folks who had pre-existing conditions they are being removed off of this and the protection has been waived that allows them to get a better coverage. and now there can be folks that fall out of the system. the state will cover them but that's not a guarantee. i want to get into the details of this.
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it is optimistic. if the president of the knights is pushing hard on this. it was the freedom caucus that was objected too. it is very reasonable. and it could be passed as soon as next week. here's what he said. the number one problem with obama care and the people the people hate about it is that the premiums are high the deductibles are high they have narrow dr. networks. this bill provides a path to do that. by allowing states to opt out. this is probably the best we
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can do right now. and i do think we will have a vote next week and i think it will pass the house. we have heard that the president wanted a deal by today. i sent happy obviously. it sounds like maybe there is a chance. there could be a deal. and it's it's better to get it right then rush it through it is great that the republicans are taking the time to get that legislation bright. it's can then go to the senate. the senate will want to make a lot of changes to it as well. healthcare is really comp located. there are short-term problems. short term problems. there's not enough stability in the market place going through. and then there is long-term challenges on how do you bring down costs over the long term. hence, look at us if that will take a while to bring together. the president made it sound like it wasn't as comp located as it turned out to be that he could fix this very easily and
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very quickly and clearly does not get is not to be that easy for the president. i think the regulations that they were referring to our the pre-existing conditions covered with the house freedom caucus and what they got behind. that benefits and takes out some additional cost. it is the most popular provision and even to the point that about 60% of republicans say is not a bill we should get behind in my state of virginia we have the tent rational district. i cannot get behind a bill like that. she is a big election next year. she can be of what for voting for something. it takes away. this was a big piece of president trump's campaign. alex, how important was it
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that he comes up with a replacement for obama care. i can't picture a scenario where he has been to reelection that obamacare is still the law of the land. especially considering that they control both the house and the senate. i think it's absolutely something that needs to be done but it doesn't need to be done next week or even the week after that. they should take the time to get the policy right. they are going to own. how big a deal is it. if he doesn't get the votes next week. he predicted it. what do you think the risks are that he faces. >> it would be wanting if it's a first vote. this is a third attempt. i will say that his resolve.
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the democrats had long said it was interested. they're pushing people off the health care plan. if he comes out especially with having all parts of government, congress and the house senate and the white house and they still can make it happen it doesn't look good for him. well had to leave it here. he campaigned on an american first front. >> julie, here in the middle east there hasn't been any specific reaction. there has been concerned in
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prep predation. obviously peace between the israelis. and here in israel he has had and continues to get strong and vocal support from israeli prime minister. both he and his president. and the threat of isis in particular. now the president on a number of contentious issues in the region. among them is that settlements. they initially supported it. they will go through with more development. the president has also said he supports peace efforts. in an interview earlier this week with the reuters they
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said there is no reason there is not peace between israel and the palestinians none whatsoever. some may disagree with that. president trump is expected to visit israel in late may meeting once again with the prime minister who visited the white house back in february. in among the questions that some people are asking while the president declared jerusalem to be the capital of israel during his visit and approve the u.s. embassies move. they fear many will spark more violence or even another war. that said, palestinian president is expected he is scheduled to meet with the president next week in washington and i think it's safe to say that these issues will be very high up. on the agenda.
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this affects news alert were learning that american service member has died in the fight to retake muzzle. no word so far this is a developing story that we are monitoring. officials recovering a body in the grand canyon two weeks after woman and the step grandson went missing. we will have the very latest on the story straight ahead. they are describing what led to some of his most important decisions. our next guest will be wayne and on what it means going forward. >> anderson what has to be done. i get things done.
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i understand why.
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ice is reportedly claiming responsibly for deadly attack
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on the senior afghan taliban official. the speemac in the first time that they had targeted the taliban in pakistan. the family of two missing hikers now a positive identification the body believed to be that of a 14-year-old boy who was hiking with his stepgrandmother nearly two weeks ago when they lost their footing while crossing creek and were swept away. his stepgrandmother is still missing. another round of heavy rain headed our way. forecasters issuing several flash flood warnings. they're already posted in parts of 11 states. amid persistent rate fall. of six to 8 inches and day. i think i'm a person of common sense. more than anything else. i was a democrat. i came from a place and i lived in manhattan. i started in queens with my parents and then when i started doing better and
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better deals i was able to get into manhattan. the republicans are not exactly flourishing like ronald reagan was also a democrat. over the years your views just change. president donald trump describing how his political philosophy has evolved over the decades. he reaches his 100th date milestone. most and foremost he is a person of common sense. so how does that describe the decision making and thus far and what will we see in the next 200 or 300 less days. in all fairness in the the first 100 days had been proven by history to be very difficult for him not to just be trump but his predecessors. how has his strategy played out if you have a great and
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this president on the first 100 days. >> they have the first 100 days in the hardest job in the world. i thought this is gonna be not as hard as it was to run a business. it's always difficult. besides kennedy neither of those guys really defined. one of the major things he has learned is he has learned to make the calls. and how to bring people together. that is probably the main thing. his style of management which is competing zones of influence and people were very competitive around his staff it doesn't work as well in the white house because your captains leaked to the press and it creates a bad image publicly. i expect that in the next 100 to 300 days. they were quoted as saying
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mean u.s. president is a lot harder than he had thought. he said he thought it would be easier nobody really knows what it's like. none of us can say one way or another yeah i could've done it better. talk about the most legislative effort. probably the highlight that the team got. talk about those two. the biggest achievement is certainly the supreme court. a lot of evangelicals and conservatives are wary of at first. what does he think. he got that list out very early.
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he put a judge who is universally respected on the bench. that is huge. is not that common. in healthcare i think he learned a valuable lesson. republicans should probably be a little happy that they did not jam this through. it was not a really will put together bill yet. i think he learned a lot about the factions that they need to work with. they said zero no he's going after the house freedom caucus. that is not the freedom caucus. i think one of the most significant things that he did as commander in chief in this first 100 days was restore the prestige. he'll be really difficult to actually get that sense of we are in charge. he did not make any promises or speeches he just reacted to it treaty. he did it when they were sitting across from them. and you've seen the entire world realigned because of
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that. there has also been several distractions. there has also been preys on the dealings on foreign policy and is something that a lot of people have questioned his ability to follow direction when it came to these generals and after the successful strike in syria over the use of chemical weapons i think he may have surprised a lot of people and he did surprise in change many minds on the conservative republican front who questioned him while he was running. he did surround himself with a couple of good minds. the people that they show loyalty too. it is about to see the contrast. everything else. it wasn't really working out. people have to resign. and then now.
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the absolute mount rushmore of the leaders. the republicans and democrats has not even comparable to his first 50 days and to get your is a serious accomplishment and in important in this crazy world. christopher bette ford think you so much. present trumpet celebrated his first 100 days with a rally in pennsylvania. our panel weighs in on this just ahead. we were talking about this. there's never been any kind of relationship that we've head. from north korea. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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we always take time getting to know you, so we can ensure you hear what matters most in your world. grandpa! (vo) call, click or come in today to learn how to start your better days. miracle-ear...hear a better day. >> i have a lot of respect and i really like the president.
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i don't know if he's can be able to pull it off. it may have to be a much more difficult indeed i believe he's trying. i really like him a lot. will see what happens. that was president about president on his concerns on whether tyner can disarm north korea. amidst another nuclear test from the north this morning. they respond to the launch on twitter. the launched unsuccessfully. joining us now to discuss. first let me ask you this. it was possible it was not a failed launch attempt. it burned through the first stage. and it could've been just the first stage test. the debris landed on north korea.
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every time that the north korean missiles had fallen into the water we go and look for the parts. if i not some very interesting things. i think it could've been a successful test and that the intended to detonate it over north korea. i don't think we can jump to the conclusion that it was a fail test. it's a very smart. if you want to keep the evidence on your own land. why would you want to share with the rest of the world. this president deals with him on a very different level. he is pushing their buds specifically on twitter. they have this alleged, failed launch and then the president comes out on twitter something that has arced the regime. they head in fact launched verbal warnings against the u.s. against the west. how do you feel about his use of twitter when dealing with north korea.
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this is like the first time that the u.s. presidents had done this. worried about what they would do. getting them off at their game is a precondition. but it can also lead to some pretty horrible outcomes. it will be dependent on trumpet and indeed on his national security team. with the better directions. i think that he can do it but nonetheless this is a high risk game. it has to be. it has taken them a long time. and some pretty bad u.s. policy. he's in a bad position. he is doing pretty well on this. just to put pressure on china. one way of doing that. when they met with them in florida was to go ahead and launch that attack in syria for the asad regime using gas against his own people.
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didn't send a strong enough message to china considering that china is still supporting them. >> i think i think that was a really good move. it talked about unnerving at the chinese and that is also a precondition for getting the glass to be successful. we cut him down to size by doing that. area is a chinese friend. what i think happened is that he really lost his confidence about dealing with trump. i think they talked to the north koreans and said don't conduct that six nuclear test. although i really expected them to. they have the two missile launches but that is not a dip --dash make a big provocation. when everyone was looking for it has not occurred. i think because trump actually went after them and more largo. we can do this without china? >> china is not really that
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helpful. even though they say they are not buying that. they put the call in february, march and april. it is also a violation of security council sanctions trump has to put a lot of pressure on them in that leadership. if he doesn't do that. beijing will go back to the default position. deals are made clinton administration for example and for the back by lifting sanctions. if the talk tough. and putting them in a place where they understand they have no choice. then you talk. and he was not really willing
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to do things with gorbachev and less he said i surrender. trump is trying to do the same thing. i hope they don't start the talks prematurely. but only at the end of the process when we have one. a lot of people are concerned that if he has is pushed too far he has made comments about taking it out on the west in the united states. we do want to remind those that at this point with no evidence that they have trance missile available. and they have not tested one. we think that they head at least three and may be for because they showed off a new one on april 15. but these missiles can't carry a nuclear warhead. that will take about four or five years for them to do. we need to stop it. always fascinated to talk to you. the quick programming note for
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you. we have the national security advisor on a fox news sunday to talk about the crisis. with north korea. that is tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. right here on fox news channel. present trumpet decided to skip the correspondents dinner. and mark the first 100 days with a rally. he is expected to think his supporters and talk to his achievements. it comes amid a presidency clouded by a russian election meddling accusation. that has predecessor tapped the trump tower in an ongoing battle with the press. some of the controversy started long before he took office. he filed this report from washington. >> whether it's because of a rant on twitter or an off-the-cuff remark.
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some of it a byproduct of a hyper- partisan trigger finger. i have no loans in russia. i have any deals in russia. most notable among those controversies. his refusal to release the tax record. and criticism. his insistence on making his son-in-law and daughter major players within the ministration. still, no controversy has been more persistent or activating for the white house than the so-called russia connection. both on stage and online present trumpet view of russia in specifically the leader has been a source of consternation for critics who had accused them of being a desperate and
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a killer. mister trump once said this. do you think our country is so innocent. has the nine nine seems to add fuel to a democratic narrative and that somehow mister trump was just too cozy with the kremlin. of you for the disaster made it. they seem to favor hillary clinton. they would hurt her campaign and were ultimately blamed on russia. the u.s. intelligence agencies did conclude that the kremlin try to undermine the u.s. election process but found no links between the president and moscow. russia is fake news. they have real fallout because of the controversy. the former trump national security advisor lost his job after he allegedly missed last vice president mike pence about previa's contacts he have. they accused the obama
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ministration of wiretapping trump tower before the election. i bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that president obama was tapping my phones in october just prior to election. the president's allegation has yet to produce the proverbial smoking gun it did of course the republican from california to step aside from the panel's probe into russian interference in the election. >> should not be involved in investing in a campaign i was involved in. he twice met with the russian ambassador during the campaign but failed to do close that. even as the investigation continues there still has been no evidence that the president or his team colluded with the kremlin to win the election. and they will continue to be unrelenting pressure to find donald trump's text or terms.
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unlike rumors of the ties. there has been some concrete evidence when it comes to the trump tax controversy. just ahead of a widely publicized report the white house confirmed that the president paid $38 million in taxes for the lit year of 2005. it is still unlikely to go away because the president still refuses to release his tax records.oing audit that to n and of itself does not prevent him to them to do so. another challenge marshall competing interests inside the trump white house. especially amid rumors of constant strike between the strategist. he was once dubbed the great manipulator. he had been credited with the america first messaging. the influence of late seems to be on the decline. still white house officials say it does not make a
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controversy. to add the family members to the white house team. it's still a controversial one. they actually had complicated even intertwined business interests of their own. we've have good presidents made bad decisions and we have bad presidents make good decisions. there are no guarantees whatsoever and when we have someone who thinks out of the box there's all kinds of advantages to that. it has since been revealed that there were some trump campaign operatives. with the incidental medication.
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transporting himself from harrisburg to washington and back to washington. very talented. they look to cut funding. i have, how does the ministration show a new sense of permit downsizing. it is now be called a total disaster. some paid thousands of dollars to have. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast.
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change for the sake of change could be counterproductive.
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i will gather information on what processes should be reformed to do my part to make sure that we are functioning in the most productive and efficient way possible. during the wacko --dash welcome address back in february vowing to make only necessary changes. to trim the fat from the agency and eliminate some 2300 jobs. part of a plan to cut the state department budget by more than 25 percent. including the reduction of the number of those. hoping for the ultimate luxury concert experience but instead they get this. they ended up being quickly disappointed. and what many are calling total disaster. it was canceled after the very first day. and it's a lot more.
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what a mess. that is one way to put it. it was billed as the next coachella promoted by the elite. they were told the event which was put on by billy mcfarland was at once owned by pablo escobar. some of the priciest up to a quarter of a million for that. you are told you could hang out with the models and celebrities and see top bands. you could also dine on gourmet food. and stay in a lavish lodge. does it sound too good to be true it turns out it was. the problem started on thursday when thousands arrived to find their accommodations were intense. the food to people --dash make two pieces of bread a piece of cheese and a salad.
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the performance say they were never paid. they try to get flights back to miami. they decided to literally build a city on the island and evidently that didn't go so well the team was overwhelmed and they plan to reimburse all of the guests for their expenses. i truly apologize that this is not my fault. i'm taking or sensibility organizers also blamed that weather but even after it all they are excited about that 28 team flyer possible. that stinks. i'm going to pass. i would stay in a winnebago somewhere. at least i would have a working toilet. the trump administration
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unveiling the first big details. this is the president predicts the u.s. can get to four or even 5% gdp. house and he thinks i can happen and what it means for your 4o1k. it's all coming up.
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if essentially at 1% gdp and we are supposed to be happy about it. a lot of other things are happening. we are going to be doing trade bills. well have a lot of money pouring into our country in addition to which if we can get it to one and half% i say 4% because i really believe it. were same three i say four. i say over the next few years. present trump striking an optimistic tone. they're getting off to a rough start. as growth fell to a two-year low. for people like myself i'm not an economist i don't really understand all of this. when you talk about economic growth been so small. historically low lease for
1:53 pm
years. the stock market is booming what does that mean. this stock market is looking forward to a. there is a lot of optimism what the future is to look like. negative nest that we've have all of these years. and they are referring to spending. the entire economic growth. construction inventories the entire output of the u.s. economy which is a largest economy in the world. he made some bold predictions. can he deliver on that. we've been plus or minus a 2% economy since the great recession in 2008. they are coming out of washington at the end of the day this has been restrained for almost a decade and we
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will need some significant policy changes to get this economy unrestrained and possibly grow. he ran as his success as a businessman. we have seen some evidence of him doing that. if anybody can improve the gdp it should be present trump. the world's largest cruise ship. it's been tight there for eight years. and now you have to take one line off at a time. if you turn the thing around if the it to start up the motor and get it going. i'm glad to hear that. there is some significant policy changes this is can take a long time and a lot of effort to get it going. some of them would be convincing companies to keep their plants in their jobs here in america. and convincing them to get a better deal all of that is great. but we had have some of the largest tax increases in
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history over the last two presidencies. that takes money out of the economy. if you look at wage growth the average family in the united states has seen no increase in their income over the last eight to ten years. it will fuel it. you brought up taxes. there is also concern that it could balloon the deficit by 6 trillion over ten years. this is all estimates and this is just a proposal. we don't know what the final product will be in congress makes the final decision here before the president gets to sign it. we've a lot of work to do before we know what the details are it's really a 200018 event. if this thing gets past. it won't come back into the economy into later on.
1:56 pm
they spend that money. that is the fuel. the trump administration is counting on that if corporations or individuals had more money in their pocket they are going to spend it. they will hire more. they will create jobs. it adds energy input into the economy. later on this year. and hopefully into 200018. have a great day. that does it for us here. the news will continue at the top of the hour. >> i will see on the fox you on the fox report at 7:00 p.m. easter we will see you then. he's hiding a card! it's time for you and your boys to get out of town. (laughing) left foot. right foot. left foot. stop. twitch your eyes so they think you're crazy. if you walk the walk you talk the talk. it's what you do.
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eric: yes, north korea does it again. yet again defying the world with another test firing of another ballistic missile. we'll have the latest reaction from the white house and america's allies in asia about this.


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