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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 30, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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thank you to them as well. thank you for watching. there are four more to go in the first 100. what is good to be a compass in the next few days. good night everybody.
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the present touching on the populace themes. are still meals close down. and our jobs were stolen away and shipped far away to other
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countries. some of which you never even heard of. they send troops to protect the borders. but left america's borders wide open for all to violate. we had spent billions and billions of dollars on one global project after another and yet at gangs we could not even provide safety for our own people. we go to kristin fisher at the white house tonight. it's almost like it was part of the campaign. that is absolutely right. this is really about. even clashing with protesters.
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the greatest accompaniments. getting rid of regulations. and killing the transfer pacific partnership. present from really making a moment -- a moment of this. his rally on one side. the white house correspondent dinner on the other. >> i could possible -- possibly -- i could not possibly be more thrilled than to be more than 100 miles away from washington in the swamp spending my evening with all of you and with a much larger crowd and much better people. >> president trump then said he would not rule out whether or not he would attend next year's dinner.
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he absolutely will attend. meanwhile for this week what is plant? plant quacks. >> will like going on. present trouble also be dealing with avoiding the threat of another government shutdown and the growing threat of north korea in an interview today on face the nation. resident trump called the country's leader a pretty smart cookie. i will let him explain why. >> and a very young age he was able to assume power. he was able to do it. obviously he is a pretty smart cookie. but we have a situation that we cannot let what's been going on for a long. of years continue. he also said that securing
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china's help in dealing with north korea is his top priority in his talks with chinese president. but massive warfare with millions potentially being killed. as we say trumps trade. the national and global security in the situation really takes precedent over making sure that we get a good trade deal with china. he is going to continue to renegotiate and terminate another trade deal thank you so much. present trump yesterday inviting controversial president of the philippines. to the white house. now since taking office last june he has let a war on drugs resulting in thousands of deaths. many without trials. he has also questioned the alliance and apologize for
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throwing some insults. he said it's all part of dealing with north korea. joining us now our political reporter. betsy, thank you so much for being here on this topic. they admitted actually killing suspected criminals just last year. saying that they did it for example. if i can do it why can't you. in addition to that there is a possibility that thousands of people were killed as part of this war on drugs. what message does it send to this particular world leader and it comes to the white house. it suggests that trump views the role of the white house in handling global human rights issues. we know over the course of the 100 days in office that he has an affinity for tough guy leaders.
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he is reset to the present of egypt who came into power. he congratulated turkish president. on winning a referendum. eye referendum. it is viewed as taking. and away from democracy. it seems to be that view and is not necessarily the united states job to make these countries have better human rights record on their own. they certainly signaled pushing a country there. is not high on his priority list. this is the chief of staff. take a listen. it is a matter of the potential for the massive destruction in asia and the potential at least a quart to north korea of developing icbm. it could at some point down the line reach the united states. this is a different level of problem that we need cooperation among our partners.
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absolutely not. it doesn't mean that human rights don't matter. this seems to be a little bit about priority. and getting things done. when you listen to what they are saying. that they are putting what's happening and north korea first. that said. present trump did not even give the state department had set. my guess is that the president's decision to bring the and is unlikely to be part of some grand plan. they are suggesting. it would be some sort of nuclear escalation. of course speaking more broadly in terms of priorities. it is certainly true that what the white house is focused on right now is much more than the human rights issue.
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do you think the invitation was more of the cuff than a strategy. as a major break from precedent. if you invite another have of state to the white house especially one as controversy like that. you talk with your diplomats about it. he didn't do that. we're all used to him breaking the precedent. and we don't know if they're actually going to come to the white house. other world leaders that had some seen as controversial. they are scheduled to come soon. is this just par for the course quacks they are developing these new relationships. and obviously they are thinking about foreign policy in the united states and its place in the world in a way that's very different when
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merkel visited the white house made a very awkward moment. the way that trump is changing the foreign policy is significant. will see what kind of impact that well had down the line. betsy, thank you. more tragedy in 20 does this we can. at least nine people have been killed. and dozens were injured as a sub your storms ripped through texas, arkansas and parts of the midwest. they occurred yesterday. they are right now looking through destruction for more possible victims. as they worked to try to determine the full scope of all that damage. he is life tonight. one of the hardest hit areas canton texas.
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that's where governor abbott said it was 50 miles and the governor said he have never seen one that wide. as i continued to go across this area we have learned that two people are still unaccounted for. this is a very wide spread rural part of texas is taking them about to go property by property just like they did earlier. it was actually set to host promising when about 45 minutes before the dancing was supposed to start it took a direct hit. there were 15 people that actually got into the bathrooms and a small closet and rode out the storm. nobody was hurt or killed. this is one of four tornadoes that ripped across this area. it stretches more than 30 miles. they just took it to her. take a listen to what he have to say.
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it looked like areas our field --dash mike filled with trees. it had been ripped down as a tinker tour. you saw homes and other buildings that were completely fund. nothing more than rubble. it was large swath after large swot devastation. a nearby car dealership took a direct hit. it is all part of a storm system that swept oppressed texas, missouri and mississippi. 10-year-old girl drowned after being swept away by floodwaters and they had issued a direct -- disaster declaration. very reminiscent of the band tornado that took place just 15 miles from here back in 2015. a little more than 40 were
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injured in that. it ended independent ef three. they are trying to figure out exactly how strong these tornadoes were yesterday. those people certainly very unfortunate where you are tonight. hopefully they will find no more victims. >> lawmakers on capitol hill gearing up for a very busy week. we will look at what is on the top of congressional to congressional to do list. as it renews its war of words with the media. how is it possible and what do we have about a story about intelligence that the intelligence agency said is not true.
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>> us with mountain climber has died after falling into a crevice in the mountain in nepal. he was known as the swiss machine. he set number of records over his career. nearly ten years after the
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parents of madeleine the current the parents a that they are still hopeful that they will see their daughter again. the british girl went missing on a family vacation in portugal back in 2007. the new season of the netflix series orange is the new black online. that after netflix they say ignored demands for unspecified rants my mom. >> a big retirement on capitol hill. she will not seek reelection next year. she was the first cuban-american elected to congress. she'd been a member of the house since 1989. the former chair one -- chairwoman has been an outspoken advocate. has bigger paul ryan said she is a force of voice for the
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voiceless. such a privilege to serve with her. no words on what she plans to do next. >> a republican lawmaker is looking have that president trump has marked his 100th day in august -- in office. they have a weak expansion and they are still working on some weight to repeal and replace obama care. the president promised in the health care reform is on the way you can't compare anything to obama care because obama care is dead. they want billions to go to insurance companies to bail out donors. new health care plan is on its way. we will have a much much lower premiums and deductibles at the same time taking care of pre-existing conditions. lauren blanchard has more on this fight from washington.
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>> congress has just one more week to figure out a spending plan. it's a top priority now but republicans are hoping to take another swing and healthcare. after their own party members think the obama care repeal and replace efforts last month. the president and gop leaders optimistic they can push through another plan. let's not pass something that's not full repeal but at least it gets close and it's the best thing we think we can get out of this. at the house. and it's a much better bill than it was five or six years ago. they said the president has to be able to work across the aisle more. they are telling fox news sunday the president can't run the country as my way or the highway. >> he ought to realize that they are to back up backup repealing obama care. we set up for and over again. if he you back soft repeal. as lawmakers work on health care package the white house also moving forward on tax reform. a member of gop leadership. they are united by two goals
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to simple by the tax rate and close loopholes. this is a once in a generation opportunity to relief the american people of the tremendous tax burden that they currently had. i am thrilled that the ministration has made this a top priority. >> of the present the president's plan to make topper -- taxi from a top issue. hoping for a major win. if he can get his party to rally around the proposal. the annual white house correspondents dinner was held last in washington. but in a break from tuition -- tradition and said holding a rally in pennsylvania. bob woodward and carl bernstein famed reporters. they both spoke at last night's dinner. they talk about the importance of government transparency and the determined press. almost inevitably unreasonable government secrecy is the enemy.
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and usually the giveaway about what the real story might be in one line is combined with secrecy there is usually a pretty good roadmap in front of us. yes, follow the money but follow also the lies. president trump mocked the correspondents dinner at that rally in pennsylvania and called out numerous news outlets by name for what he calls fake news and what he considers unfair coverage of the presidency. the than candidate trump have the idea of trying to change the libel laws. they try to make it easier to suit the media. now the chief of staff said the idea is not off off the table.
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>> i think that the newspapers and news agencies need to be more responsible with how they report the news. i am so tired of that. this is something that has is being looked at. it's something as far as how it gets executed that is another issue. the president of the united states' does not have the power to change libel law. they are the purview of the state courts and state legislators. they put limits on public officials and cases. they would need a new supreme court ruling or a constitutional amendment to override the first amendment which stands for the freedom of the press. as a war on isis continues. questions now surrounded the strategy of his next phase in the presidency. giving us a closer look at our military efforts in the middle east. plus, mister trump issuing a stark warning to north korean
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president trump keeping up the pressure on north korea in an interview he left the door open for military action after the regime once again defied the international committee and lost another missile test yesterday. given his thoughts on north korea's dictatorship. there is life in washington with more. >> this is not an issue that is going to be going away on its own. if that happens he would not be happy in the u.s. would respond though he would not say exactly what that response would look like. national security advisor said without at least having a
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military option on the table or diplomatic efforts they will have a hard time getting through. you need the viable option to help make what you're doing with the sanctions viable. to be able to resolve this problem short would be a major war and humanitarian catastrophe. why the u.s. is calling for new ascension to north korea officials maintain that china is the key to reaching the president given that he is a causal -- closest ally and biggest trading partner. the chinese can put the brakes on this i do not believe that he's going to do that by himself. i don't think he's irrational how think he's concerned about wealth fair of his people to say the least. present trump said that while he has started to increase the pressure more pressure is
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needed to make it happen. in fact he's willing to make a deal with china in order to help get it done. certainly a big concern. thank you. >> we are now into the middle east. in the continuing battle. american troops are advising the fight in iraq to retake muscle -- muzzle. will the trumpet ministration strategy to defeat isis work and when. here is a national security advisor hr mcmaster on fox news sunday this morning. his strategy is to advocate for the security and interests of interest of the american people every day in to ensure that we are doing all we can to advance our security and the interest of the american people. you see that with the acceleration of the campaign against isis. also you see that with a very effective operations
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ambassador jerrod ross is here. and author of the book doomed to succeed. the u.s. is here. good evening always good to see you. of course is there a difference between the trump strategy and at of the obama administration. the overall thrust is very similar. the trumpet ministration is not becoming a substitute and making ourselves the vocal point of the fight. were looking with local parties we want in the case of muzzle. we are backing up in a significant way the iraqi military. in the case of dealing with them. trying to free them again. we are working with what our local or regional arteries are. there are complications there. what is different is that the
3:32 pm
military has a freer hand in terms of defining exactly the character tactics on the forces to be used. and the proximity of our forces to the front lines. there is a freer hand for the military and yes less maker managing the overall thrust is still the same the military is in a position where i can actually do more and do more things more quickly. and as someone with decades of experience why what he think that's important. and it dropped without that. the change as you say from what happened in the obama administration. i think the main benefit is that it allows you to use force in a more targeted way it allows you to use force in a way that changes the balance of power. and it also puts you in a
3:33 pm
position where you can and just what you're doing and the tactics much more quickly. i think that is a positive. the larger question though is how are you working with others on the ground and what is the strategy you head for what comes after. >> in the coming several months we will find in these places that isis will be defeated. but unless there is a strategy in each place for what comes afterwards in a planet can be implemented in terms of reconstruction in terms of governance and security. if all that doesn't take place we run the risk of re-creating the very conditions that produce it in the first place. >> so allowing the military to be for your and less constrained in terms of how it operates is important from a tactical standpoint to defeat isis on the ground but it's not the whole story and it needs to be put in a larger context.
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do you see that strategy now. we looked at what happened in the aftermath of the iraq war. and use the strategy now in place by this administration and the coalition that you think would be a successful successful or are they not there yet. i will say what gives me both hope and some confidence when you look at the secretary of defense and also the security advisor laser to people who have an awful lot of experience on the ground. in iraq. they know what history has shown in the past. they note that there is an imperative there that winning militarily is only part of what is a required. we have not seen the formation of that strategy yet and i'm hopeful that given their experience they recognize what is required and there needs to be a broader graded approach.
3:35 pm
they know firsthand. firsthand witnesses. and then of course what happens then. i think there is a difference between the two. in the case of mosul it is buried the brunt of the fighting with a significant amount of american support. meaningful support that is backing them. if the militia who is not in bozo -- muzzle so they feel like they will be disenfranchised. there will be a reconstruction plan. there will be governance where there are included. and more hopeful about the future of iraq. i think syria is dramatically more, kiddo.
3:36 pm
it is very difficult to have it effective strategy against them if you do not have a strategy for dealing with them. he will remain a magnet for every jihad g hottie worldwide. if they don't take into account what we need to do i'm afraid it will be very difficult to succeed there. and finally when you talk about a sod in the battle. you have to talk about that. what they are doing there. they just bombed the warehouse. there were high-powered missiles. they do not want to fall in that. they build the power through the middle east. what do we do about that. what is your prediction for the way that could go. if there is not an effective counter raining strategy.
3:37 pm
they are using it to extend their power and influence and we can the arab governments everywhere. so long as that is the case here again getting the governments that we need to play an active role. to play more of a role will depend upon them scene that we are doing more to counter the iranians and their use of that. one of the issues you just raised. they are trying to use them to create a new front against the israelis. we should be sending a message to the russians the makes it clear we won't tolerate any new front against israel and syria. and we can be prepared to help the russians deal with what's going on in syria and provided that they are prepared to go back in embrace that. it calls for a cease-fire unencumbered provisions.
3:38 pm
in the transition past process of 18 months. at the russians are prepared to enforce that which they have not been up until now. they will face us insurgency. two in a sense help deal with that. the more the russians are prepared to recognize that. they also need a way out of syria. the more we can work with others to help develop a strategy that can be counter iranian and ultimately work for the region as a whole. and sadly without that ambassadors as you know it all rests with tehran. at the ultimate end. thank you for sharing your time and your insight with us here on the sunday evening. with the special congressional
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>> one man dead at least three people wounded in a shooting rampage in la. a man and woman stolen suv before opening fire. apparently at random people they had arrested two people matching the suspects descriptions they found them in a different car. that is where the congressional seat left vacant by that new secretary ryan zinke he is up for grabs. they squared off in the debate right lesson. just like in a special election in georgia that we sought two weeks ago. with the democrats tried to generate some political momentum ahead of the midterms. brian has more details.
3:44 pm
if the democrats want that momentum they will need upset victories and they will need to win back the representatives. after when 24 seats. there was five or special elections being held between april and june nationally. four of these five seeds seats were held by republicans including montana. democrats are hoping the upset victories will give them that momentum they need for the midterms. and in montana the democrat rob twiss. he is now the secretary of interior and the candidates a representative of the divisive politics. he ran for governor in montana and lost money was a big issue on saturday night's televised debate. also featuring the libertarian candidate. mark wicks. so was russia.
3:45 pm
>> i was disturbed to hear the other day that he has a quarter of a million dollars of stocks in those that are all the sanctions list. they have investments in russia. this is a tiny portion of our portfolio. donald trump junior spent two days campaigning with him earlier this month and national republican groups are buying up tv ads. they are likely to win thisconse in montana by 20 points. the democrats are optimistic. he is expected to visit montana. keep that in mind. the special election is on may 25. >> another scandal in the sky. a pilot takes a swing at a passenger and it's all caught
3:46 pm
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time now for a quick check of
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the headlines. the search for a second missing child. the bottom of it -- the body of a nine euro boy was this after his all found dead last week. they are considered homicides in the suspect is in custody. lesson one minute before lift up to date they canceled a rocket launch. it is now scheduled for 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. they say they lost it. man oh man it has been quite a month for the pr department. we now have delta airlines a pilot caught on camera. it was obtained by tmc.
3:51 pm
we have to bleed a few words out there. you can imagine running into that. i think there could be. as you outlined. there is a pr debacle. although the two passengers started fighting. he was clearly tried to break it up. he stepped in for a matter of a millisecond. he's decided to step back. they did a full investigation. i just hope that this woman doesn't file a lawsuit trying
3:52 pm
to get paid. >> i feel like were going through the exact same thing. there such frustrations they're try to get off the plane. this ruckus starts. they are the ones that sick safely land our planes for the most part. it was quick and easy and he walked away. maybe they just shouldn't. if you opened a can of worms. i also think sometimes they obviously don't want the publicity be bad. they can look at and say i minute pay my lawyers this amount money to take it to court. it may be better off with that value. may we can make it happen. they immediately removed the pilot from duty.
3:53 pm
the local law enforcement was called to see there. they de- escalated the altercation between passengers on that jetway. this is where delta stands on this. is it possible that the two women could actually be in trouble. >> i didn't see anyone anybody else was involved. they did not file any charges. they are friends were related. i think anything will come of it. everything gets captured now. anytime your author anything i do it's can be captured on film. it's can be on the internet and it will live on forever. or is that a good thing when we have had that kind of
3:54 pm
evidence. you see everybody is taking the phones out. it is a good way that we as a society can police each other. the pilot get exonerated from any wrong doing. that looks bad when you report it to the media. it actually helps them because in my opinion it shows he was trained the escalate it. one of the scary things they start the skirmish they run against the wall. there is a poor woman there in a wheelchair our airline passengers disk and get sick of all of this? >> it really had how may times did many times did we see it everywhere and every outlet. i forget certain point there's can be a saturation point where the passengers are alike
3:55 pm
enough is enough. there is delays and whatnot. it's really good to make us angry. we have to just move on. we will see what happens next week. thank you so much for being here. from the air to the seat for at that moment it seemed like the end for three fishermen who capsized. they could not turn on the motor and eventually went under. think fully thankfully they are alive today and are created their iphone seven for that. coming up we will tell you how their lives were saved after that boat went under the florida coast. today for only $29.95.
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>> three boaters in south florida say they owe their lives today to an iphone 7. >> they were in need of help yesterday morning after rough seas caused their 18-foot boat to sink. they had a water resistant iphone but fingers were too cold. they asked siri to call 911. they did not have enough time to put on the life vest before the boat went under. >> life vests save lives. it's important if you want to swim and you can't go out on a
4:00 pm
boat that you have a life vest on. >> the three were eventually rescued by a coast guard helicopter. >> siri doesn't always answer me. >> thank you for being here this weekend. >> that does it for us. >> rick leventhal is here with "fox report." >> tensions escalating on the korean peninsula and the trump administration not ruling out military action. i'm rick leventhal in for harris faulkner and this is "fox report." the white house saying north korea has openly defied the international community after the regime conducted another failed missile launch this weekend. the sixth weapons test of the year as the administration appears to send mixed signals to south korea over anti-missile defense system. president trump would he would make seoul pay one billion dollars for it. here's what national security adviser hr mcmaster said today. >> the last thing i would do is contradict the president of the united states. what i told our south korean


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