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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 2, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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doctors say they are more stressed out than any other generation and stress can lead to hair loss. clayton: could be all the gel they are putting in their hair. heather: or the protests. clayton: "fox & friends" starts right now. have great day. everyone. heather: bye. >> a big threat to the world. i don't like drawing red line. i have to act. >> he has syrian policy in place squeeze the chinese. >> rocky in the 250. cities across the globe. [shouting] >> revolution in the united states. >> hours from now a pair of turbulent hearings as united and american airlines face out music following violent cabin confrontations. >> five days away from having a budget. >> isis could be coming for
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you. >> remember, there have been six attacks since june of last year. >> "fox & friends" in the morning, their ratings have gone through the roof. much more than any morning show because people find that it's honest. ♪ the boys are back in town ♪ the boys are back in town ♪ the boys are back in town. steve: thin lizzy tuesday at the white house as we play the music over 1600 pennsylvania avenue. welcome aboard folks live from studio e. it's the program the president was just talking about. brian: do you ever think about doing a show, less news, more music. we just toss to different videos? steve: i think that's called mtv. ainsley: used to be. ainsley: isn't that just a reality show now? steve: pan dora. do you have it on your phone? brian: i don't know what mtv is doing. ainsley: reality shows. brian: for young kids.
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steve: no kidding. brian: north korean standoff to deal with you about first things first. ainsley: fox news alert. violent rioters attacking police officers, destroying businesses in a nationwide or in several nationwide may day marches. steve: that's right. that's just in this country. several self-proclaimed anarchists are under arrest. brian: a trend that's continuing. griff jenkins in d.c. with the latest. hey, griff. >> hey, brian, ainsley and steve. good morning from coast to coast may day protests turned violent. attacking police officers and destroying businesses from the pacific northwest to chicago to new york city in what is traditionally a labor march. portland, oregon, self-proclaimed anarchists setting fires and smoke bombs and molotov cocktails at law enforcement. a rioter seen wearing a ski mask. throwing a flare into a police cruiser.
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25 people dressed head to toe in black now under arrest for assault there in chicago thousands of protesters marching through the streets. in new york city there where you are, more than 30 people arrested for refusing to disperse and take off those masks which is illegal in new york city. and here in washington, protesters gathered at the white house demanding donald trump has got to go. even dnc chairman tom perez addressed that unruly crowd. several officers across the country, guys were, injured in these riots. so far all reports are that they are going to be okay. these demonstrations are held annually to celebrate international workers day. but yesterday it was anything but a celebration. and i should point out just a note having covered a lot of these protests, those folks are black are phone as annual if i fascists and they continue to continue this for the of protest against donald trump. brian: they have been starting this around the world
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another one that i thought was interesting. it protects the sanctuary cities. brian: did the environmental roll backs and e.p.a. by the new director of the pda. e.p.a. of mr. pruitt. >> we talked to the pga about it. >> i really think they should stay out of it. because golf has no place in this budget. i think you should golf with your own money. steve: i think the president loves to golf. ainsley: that way the democrats will block it. brian: fund planned parenthood and medicaid for puerto rico. they get another 350 million to bail out their medicaid system. the question is what did the president get? he got some money for defense. i believe that helps the country and does get some
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money for border security. symbolic denial of the wall because the president ran on it and to see nancy pelosi revel in it is. ainsley: we'll allow to you have more money for border security and more money for drones just not the wall. as long as you don't get what you wanted, then we are okay with it. steve: the white house says this is their strategy getting the best deal they can right now in the same week they are going to try to take on healthcare. here's the thing. the democrats are actually celebrating in a big way, they say what they have gotten in this particular omnibus appropriation is they are confident going forward they are going to be able to block all sorts of donald trump's agenda for years to come. because here's what happened. >>.>> the republican leadership in the house knows they are not united. they have got to work with the democrats. when you bring the democrats in, you wind up getting a whole bunch of stuff they want. you get some stuff. they get some stuff because there simple display minorities republican members
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of congress unwilling to support any sort of spending. and so in a spending bill, there is going to be money. so rather than be at loggerheads with your own party, the republicans have dealt in the democrats. and now the democrats are so excited that they got so much stuff out of this thing. brian: the republicans are scared of shutting down the government. steve: scared of getting the blame. brian: they don't think they can make effective argue. even though they have one of the finest communicators in the last 10 years in primp. just look what happened in pennsylvania. i think at some points they have to shut it down and reconfigure the spending. already overbudget. $500 billion annually. every time we go to reign in some budget costs, we end up adding to it. so, here we go. here we go again. leading up to healthcare, have you a situation where the democrats got a lot for considering they are flat on their backs politically. ainsley: government is not shutting down though.
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this is the good news. steve: republicans were desperate for a win after the struggle with healthcare. they regard this as a win. even though it's a very low bar. this week they would like to vote on healthcare again. the problem is at this point they do not have the votes. donald trump sat down yesterday morning at:330 with eric bolling for the new show "the specialists" right here on fox news channel. and they talked a little bit about what's going to happen this week with healthcare. >> we are either going to is a great plan or i'm not signing it i don't want to set deadlines. i think it's going to be approved. it could be soon but it could be not so soon. it's going to happen. but, remember this, i have been really focused on this for like seven weeks. that's 17 months. brian: 19 republicans are currently owe poised to the bill. 17 are undecided. that according to a "wall street journal" survey. overall i think they are within five. the question is do you just get out of the house and let the senate work with it.
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get to phase ii with tom price health and human services secretary to shape it more towards overall more profitable view. a lot of moderates say wait a second, we are not covering. the question is are you covering preexisting conditions in the mcarthur amendment allows states to opt out of it. that allowed the freedom caucus to get into it the moderates say i'm out of it. the question is, the president says if that's not in it i'm not involved in it. so there is a little bit of confusion. ainsley: president is realizing all the red tape you have to go through to get congress to pass something. he is saying is he not going to sign this bill if he doesn't like it. brian: right. steve: that's right. according to the in their morning edition they say 21 republicans opposed to it. maximum number. one more it doesn't go anywhere. brian: meanwhile, let's talk about the president and how he ended his interview with john dickerson. they had dinner together. flew on air force one and went to a rally together. they didn't end well together. want proof? watch.
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when dickerson was using follow-up after follow-up when it came to surveillance. >> i just wanted to find out you are the president of the united states, you said he was sick and bad. >> you can take it anyway you want. >> but i'm asking you because you don't want it to be fake news i want to hear from president trump. >> you don't have to ask me. >> why not? >> because i have my own opinions. you can have your own opinions. >> but i want to know your opinions you are the president of the united states. >> that's enough. thank you. thank you very much. ainsley: is he like you are right i am the president of the united states, get out, i'm done. steve: he had asked just before that he had asked, so when you bombed syria, did you call president obama for advice? it started out okay but then we found out they were watching us with the surveillance. meanwhile, yesterday, as i mentioned a moment ago eric bolling sat down with the president and they were talking about news coverage. and there is some good news and some bad news in there. listen to this. >> i give the media an f. other than i will say there are certain -- and i must-i'm
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not doing this because i'm on your show. i don't care. fox has been very fair. not perfect. i mean i get hit sometimes on fox pretty hard. but fox has been at least fair. "fox & friends" in the morning -- i just read a fantastic story that their ratings have gone through the roof. much more than any morning show because people find that it's honest. not because they are good to me or bad to me. they find it's honest. because there are great people on "fox & friends." ainsley: that's so nice. we try to be fair. i think we are nice people. we do thank you for the ratings. the ratings are through the roof. he is right about that. that's because of you. why do you choose to watch us? maybe because we want this country to succeed and we care about america. brian: i know why people watch. i found out on friday. i red politico we use 1980s. they have us as cartoon characters and 1980s psychological method which we all work on since the 1980s to
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convince people and hypnotize them to watch us. ainsley: like in the store the music you are listening to makes you buy more? ainsley: look into my eyes. steve: reminds people of "star trek." thank you very much for watching this on this very busy tuesday. coming up, senator chuck schumer stumped. why can't he answer this question? >> lots of people. >> lots of people. >> lots of people. >> one name? >> i'm not going to pick a name. but if he continues. >> who is the leader of the democratic party. you? >> well, we have a bunch of leaders. steve: so who is positioning themselves for a potential run for president in 2020? that's ahead. ainsley: michelle obama's healthy school lunch initiative is about to get tossed out, well, like one of healthy school lunches. >> delicious. ♪ mean old dog is coming in
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♪ ♪ >> lots of people. >> lots of people. >> one name. >> i'm not going to pick a name. but if he continues. >> whose the leader of the democratic party you? >> we have a bunch of leaders. i'm the leader of the senate. i try to help represent the democratic party.
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we have a lot of voices. it's much too early to handicap 2020. brian: may not be as early as he thinks. joe biden was at a rally in new hampshire he might have unofficially kicked off the 2020 race. >> even though i know it causes a lot of speculation guys i'm not running. [laughter] brian: however the former v.p. continues to keep his name 0u69 hat. several other candidates keeping busy campaigning. going on book tours to get some face time with the voters. joining us to sort out the possible field terror rosen controlleterror.>> i think schun he says too early to handicap 2020 yet. anything is possible. everybody is focused on 2018. that's going to play out and really be a determining factor as who we get in 2020.
3:18 am
brian: weird if you book "shattered" he wasn't taken serious by his own white house as a candidate. elizabeth warren doing a book tour. she is about the same age as hillary clinton. >> i don't think hillary clinton is testing the waters. i think she is out there talking to the american people. she has got a book out. she is a senator. she is a national leader and voice for the democratic party. she is out there and she is talking and that makes sense. i think by any means, anyone who is going to get into this race in 2020 is going to be someone who has a wide national appeal. brian: you look to her as regional. >> i know i'm saying that she is out there and talking across the nation, and i think anyone who is going to get in is going to have to be out there talking to the nation so they know who they are and make sure they are listening. brian: benders everyonare. brian: bernie sanders, what about the thoughts him
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heather: we are back a fox news alert. urgent new warning for americans traveling to europe. isis could be coming for you. state department now says that terror groups have the ability to execute attacks using explosive guns, knives and vehicles as ramming devices. we have seen that well, this follows a deadly year in europe where 120 people were killed in attacks. the warning ends on september 1st. no motive yet in a stabbing spree at one of the nation's largest universities.
3:25 am
police say 100-year-old kendricks attacked students with a large hunting knife. one person killed and three others wounded at the blood path at the university of texas in austin. police tackling white to the ground within two minutes. steve? steve auto steve thank you, heather. president trump vowing to put an end to illegal immigration. >> if you try to illegally enter the united states, you will be caught, detained, deported, or put in prison and it will happen. steve: with congress failing to fulfill the president's budget proposals on border protection, now the states, some of them, are stepping up and taking matters into their own hands because they can't trust washington. let's talk to somebody from texas, texas state representative max shaffer helped the state house pass a bill taking on sanctuary cities this past week. he joins us now from austin. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, steve. steve: tell us about the bill that you helped pass. >> well, in texas, we have
3:26 am
passed a strong sanctuary cities bill. it's about public safety and the rule of law. we are not going to tolerate local law enforcement officials who refuse to honor detainer requests from immigration officials for criminal illegal alien or who prohibit their deputies or police officers from inquiring about a person's immigration status when they believe it's necessary as part of a criminal investigation. steve: okay. so you are part of the legislation, which you actually added an amendment to it amendment 9 to the bill did what? >> well, the bill as it had come over from the senate, and then moved through the house. out of the house committee, it lacked some of the strong provisions that were needed to make the bill enforceable. so, my amendment essentially put teeth back into the bill where necessary in order to send the strongest possible
3:27 am
bill to governor abbott for him to sign. >> part of amendment 9 allows cops to ask immigration status. why do you -- you know, you would think that that's a no-brainer if somebody is pulled over or something like that, you are going to ask them some questions why are you going? why are you going that fast? where are you from? give me your drivers license. this particularly says cops can't ask about immigration status. i know you are from tyler, texas. do most of the people in your neck of the woods feel that should be something police officers should be able to ask? >> we believe that's already the current law. what we are concerned about is about a police chief or county sheriff who had actually set a policy that tells their deputies or their police officers that they cannot inquire about a person's immigration status. if they believe that that is necessary, as part of a criminal investigation, so, the law already says that if a police officer or deputy, that
3:28 am
they cannot pull someone over for the sole purpose of checking immigration status. that's not what this is about. but if they have lawfully detained someone for an investigation of a crime, and that police officer believes they need to check that person's immigration status, we want them to have the ability to do that. steve: sure. >> unfortunately, there are law enforcement officials in texas and around the country who want to prohibit that type of cooperation with our federal immigration officers. steve: absolutely. i believe you are sitting in a county in austin where the sheriff feels exactly that way. before you go, i want to ask you about what's going on in washington, d.c. this morning our top story is the fact that it looks like the lights are not going to go off in washington, d.c. they are going to fund the government for another six months or so. however, some of the things the president had wanted is not winding up getting even though his own party, supposedly was writing the bill. no border wall money.
3:29 am
no deportation force, no e.p.a. roll backs. it will actually protect sanctuary city funding. funds obamacare subsidies. funds planned parenthood, things like that. what's your observation from out there in texas 20 what's going on in washington, d.c.? >> well, we have been fed up with congress' inaction on this issue for many years. i support the wall. we support president trump's request for funding for the wall, for more resources down on the border. if you think that there is not a problem with the border, you simply haven't been paying attention to what's really happening down here. we have been dealing with this problem for years in the state of texas. we're tired of inaction. we want something to finally be done. and i think that's one of the reasons that president trump was elected because people in texas and people around the country have said it's past time to really do something about what's happening on the border. it's time to put up or shut
3:30 am
up. we are ready tore serious border enforcements to happen in the state of texas. steve: the president insists that wall will be built. just not getting any money this time from congress. state representative matt shaffer from tyler, texas. sir, thank you very much for joining us live today from austin. >> thank you. steve: you bet. it's 6:30 in new york city. straight ahead horrified parishioners watch they're church crumble around them. however dozens of them inside unhurt. they think they know the reason why. you will hear from one of them next. tom perez has not been shy when it comes to using four letter words like. this my momma taught me you shouldn't do potty talk. i hope you don't mind because this is a [bleep] budget. steve: put a quarter in the swear jar, tom. turns out there is one word he will never say but we will.
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headlines coming to your tv right now. hey, heather. heather: good morning to you. to everyone at home, happening today, president trump set to talk with russian leader vladimir putin. it is their first call since russia announced the u.s. air strike against syria last month following a deadly chemical attack by the assad regime. moscow continuing to stand behind the syrian leader afternoon phone call is the third since president trump took office. fbi translator with top secret clearance married the isis fighter that she was asked to investigate. brutal terrorist known as david custard appearing in propaganda videos holding human heads. cnn reports danielle green fled to syria to tie the knot within weeks she realized the marriage was mistake. she was arrested in the u.s. and served two years in prison for making false statements green was released last summer. rolling back strict lunch standards championed by michelle obamama.
3:37 am
the schools no longer have to adhere to sodium and whole grain requirements. 1% milk allowed back in the cafeteria. delays a controversial calorie count rule. we have required restaurants, gas stations and sports stadium to list calories for their food. dnc chairman tom perez is known for his colorful language attackintacking republs at the podium. >> my mom that taught me you shouldn't do potty talk but i hope you don't mind this is a [bleep]. president trump don't give a [bleep] about the people they are trying to hurt. heather: apparently there are a few words that perez think are too offensive to say in public. >> our most important power is not the mister in the white house. i can't even mention his name. our most important power is the power of all of you.
3:38 am
>> perez refusing to say the president's name during a may day rally speech outside the white house yesterday. and those are a look at your headlines. steve: thank you very much. heather: you're welcome. steve: meanwhile texas governor greg abbott asking texans to help rebuilding each other's lives during the deadly tornado outbreak. >> we, as texans, especially the folks here in east texas, we come together and respond to challenges like this and help our neighbors. now is a time for us texans to come together and help our fellow texans rebuild their lives. brian: one building in need of repair is the st. john evangelical church in emery. ainsley: but the real story is about what the twister could not damage. the faith of the people who found shelter in the hallways of the church. janice: joining us now monica hughes, a church volunteer who was in that church that night. thank you so much for being here, monica.
3:39 am
>> good morning. so grateful to be here. steve: great to have you. you knew there was a big storm outside but generally i grew up in tornadoes alley, i know monica, they always say you know, a church, a big school, one of the safest places you could be. you just kept your meeting, right? >> that's correct. it was actually a special dinner honoring the graduating seniors from our community. ainsley: i know 50 of you survived and we're understanding that the walls of the church were ripped down. what do you give credit to? >> oh, there is no doubt. christ was leaning over us, protecting us, helping us hold the doors closed to the hallway that we were in. and telling us that it was going to be okay, that he had us. brian: describe the damage. >> oh, it was -- when the storm hit, when we were in the hallway, you could -- the pressure dropped, your ears
3:40 am
popped, the air got very thick. it was difficult to breathe. and the roof -- it came off in one big sheet and things were flying and smashing into the doors and the walls. and all of the walls of the building from the front of us to the back of us we could see were gone and only. janice: monica, was there a warning? as a meteorologist we try to make sure people are aware of the situation with watches and warnings. did you hear a warning? were there sirens going off. >> we don't have a siren system in our little town. several people did get warnings on our cell phones. more of it's possible not -- i guess watches versus warning. it was a phone call from a friend that made us go take cover. ainsley: monica, when you got that phone call from the friend, what happened after that. y'all were in the sanctuary when that happened.
3:41 am
>> we were actually in the fellowship hall having dinner with some guest speakers. i almost didn't answer the phone when she called because we had some speakers. i knew she knew what was going on so i knew she wouldn't call unless it was important. so i took the call. and she just encouraged us to look at the radar and decide what to do. and, of course, when we tried to pull the radar up on our phones it wouldn't come up on our cell phones at that moment. we had been watching it throughout the evening but at that moment it wouldn't come up. so, i just made the decision, told my husband, i think we need to move everyone into a safer place and i just asked the room to move into the hallway. steve: that was a great decision. monica, when you look at the images of the roof torn off the sanctuary and all the debris and all the devastation. how did nobody get hurt? >> it's the grace of god. it's simply the grace of god. you know, we were in the one space in that building that
3:42 am
was not fully exposed to the outside when it was over. janice: ef 3 tornado. 130 to 160 miles per hour. steve: unbelievable. ainsley: thank you for sharing that story that is unbelievable. nearly 50 people were spared. steve: not a scratch. ainsley: meanwhile 13 people died as a result of these tornadoes. so god bless you. thank you for sharing that story with us. >> and our prayers are with them. ainsley: yes. absolutely. steve: there you have got monica hughes a church volunteer at st. john's church in emery, texas. all right. ainsley: all right. coming up, is this the future of crime and punishment? >> distric district of columbia. steve: precrime. ainsley: how a secret algorithm could put people in jail before they commit crimes. brian: good. ainsley: judge andrew
3:43 am
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if that's all, i'd like to get back to my chai tea. don't you mean tai chi? you tell me, greg. you tell me. what's in your wallet? steve: well, you first saw the technology in the movie minority report. remember this? >> look at me. positive for howard marks. >> mr. marks, my mandated district of columbia precrime division. i'm placing you under arrest for the future murder of sarah marks to take place at 0400 thundershowers. >> steve: cuckoo determine guilt vs. innocence? brian: i thought that was live. one wisconsin man sentenced six years in prison denied appeal after computer
3:47 am
algorithm created by a private company concluded he was a high risk to the community. ainsley: what does this mean for the future of our judiciary system. here to weigh in on this is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> let's set the record straight. this guy was not arrested on the basis of a prediction and he was not convicted on the basis of a prediction. and he was not sentenced on the basis of a prediction. he was denied an appeal on the basis of a lot of pieces of information. one of which was the the prediction. what is the prediction? information fed into a computer, defense counsel does not know the software and the computer says on the basis of everything you told us and what we know about this guy and where he lived and his back ground is he more likely to than not to commit this crime again. this is the first time this has been used and being appealed to the supreme court of the united states. this guy's picture you just
3:48 am
put up there has filed an appeal and the supreme court has agreed to hear it the issue is this. since the constitution says everybody has a right to be confronted with and challenged and evidence against them use of computer algorithm kept secret by a judge? sentencing or re-sentencing a violation of the constitution in my opinion it is. the supreme court of wisconsin said it's not. brian: judge, happy with this. never want information fed to a computer to decide my future. i don't care how sophisticated or how well the code is written. am i wrong to feel this way? >> no. you are right to feel this way. and the way you feel, the same way i feel, is the way most of the legal and judicial community feels because of this confrontation clause. the right to be confronted with the evidence against you there are no secret trials in
3:49 am
america and no secret evidence. brian: humans against humans. >> correct. if the government wants to predict. -- most wouldn't pay attention to a government prediction. the defendant is entitled to know what went into that prediction. meaning the defendant's lawyers and experts can examine the software. steve: this was one element in the judge's reasoning for determining but then again, maybe it's just so coincidently agreed with what he was going to select anyway. >> in my prior career as a judge in new jersey, i sentenced well over 1,000 people. for every one of those sentencings, you get a very, very thick report, like this. all kinds of information about that person. and you read everything that's in there a lot of it has nothing to do with the crime. but it's background information so that the sentencing will be fair. should there be something in there in which a computer predicts? brian: judge by the way, i'm just getting reports, all thousand are getting out today and angry. >> don't tell them where i am. brian: they know exactly where
3:50 am
you are on cable. steve: saw him on a couch somewhere. >> only you would come up with that. brian: all true. brian: have you seen disturbing images man dragged off a plane and one mom crying over a baby stroller. congressman set to grill those ceos on capitol hill. bill shuster. ainsley: later, stuart varney, laura ingraham, he had mcmahon, ed henry coming up @ @
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: just hours from now united and american airlines on the hot seat on capitol
3:54 am
hill over a pair of violent passenger confrontations. do we need more laws to keep us, the passengers, safe in the skies? joining us now is the chairman of the house transportation committee congressman bill shuster, good morning, chairman. thanks for joining us. >> good morning to you. thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. why are you having these hearings today? >> to find out exactly what happened in these incidents that we you a saw that were terrible incidents. even more important than that is what is the airline industry doing to change their rules, to change the way they operate in the customer demands to be treated with respect. we, in congress, have an obligation to make sure we get those answers to find out what's going on. ainsley: how receptive are these ceos? my friends -- i don't really have friends that work for united i have interviewed several people since the dragging incident, all the people we have interviewed when they go off camera they say we like this ceo he is a great guy. the whole country is supporting him. when you hear those sound bites it sounds like is he not blaming the company he is blaming the security guards
3:55 am
that came on and dragged the guy off. are they easy to work with? have you talked to the ceo of united and ceo of delta. >> i have talked to the ceo of united oscar munoz. he has been on the job a year. i think they had a real wake-up call. although those planes weren't directly under their control they do business with them. so across the unio united spectm or delta or whichever one you are talking about the customer comes first. that's the golden rule in business. i was in business for 20 years myself. that's the goldible rule you have to take care of your customers. today in this hearing we're going to ask some tough questions and we want some real answers and want take action. if they don't act then congress will act. that's something i don't like to do. put new laws and regulations in place. this one size fits all never seems to work. we are looking for answers today. it's going to be a tough hearing. ainsley: i agree with you, the customer is always right that is the golden rule of doing business. sometimes when you fly you are nervous to talk to the flight attendants. for the most part they are amazing.
3:56 am
scared get that one that is in a bad mood that day and something like this can happen that would be embarrassing. what can we as passengers do? >> be on time. be patient. make sure you are checking your ticket. simple things like that. i travel quite a bit myself. those are things that have helped me. it's a stressful situation. all all of us want to do is get on the plane and get where we are going safely and efficiently. again, working with the airline folks is important. now, these airlines have had tremendous consolidation the last 10 or 15 years. but customer service just hasn't kept pace with that. again, today, those are the tough questions we will be asking. ainsley: thank you for doing that and representing us, the people and making schuyler they are not overbooking, they are pligh piety to their paying customers and flying is not cheap these days. thank you very much. we will be following it? >> thank you very much. ainsley: still to come ed henry, laura ingraham, david
3:57 am
bowlsy linda mcmahon here to join us on the curvey couch. come on, in david. ♪ ♪ n. that wasn't fair to any of us. i was covered. i tried lots of things over the years. but i didn't give up. i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. that still works. now? see me. see me. i found clear skin that lasts. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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4:00 am
♪ >> yes, under the right circumstances i would absolutely -- most political people would never say that. >> that offer to meet with him, i think is not serious and shouldn't be taken serious. >> on the surface, it seems like why would you meet with him? but, maybe there is something else going on here. >> from coast to coast may day protests turns violent. tens of thousands of protesters attacking police officers, flooded the streets, setting fires and throwing smoke bombs and molotov cocktails. >> the dinner on saturday night was basically an extended middle finger to the president. >> totally disagree. >> you were you there. >> was i there? you just played my clip. >> you were sober and watching. >> make no mistake the wall is going --
4:01 am
>> put up or shut up. congress' action for many years. >> you are jengt for americans traveling to europe. isis -- >> r-o-c-k in the u.s.a. >> r-o-c-k in the u.s.a. >> r-o-c-k in the u.s.a. brian: get the sense that everyone is going to dance the day away? steve: no. brian: going to have a great time today. ainsley: if we show a picture of the capitol and play music that means they are definitely going to have a dance party. brian: in my world, yes. ainsley: i like the way you think we need to hang out more often. brian: okay. i'm open. let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead. we have a fox news alert. violent rioters attacking police officers and destroying businesses in a nationwide may day march. ainsley: ains self-proclaimed anarchists launching led balls, smoke bombs, molotov cocktails and glass bottles at
4:02 am
the police officers. brian: what a led ball. steve: so inappropriate. griff jenkins in d.c. with the latest. >> steve, ainsley and brian good morning. at least 77 arrested across the country and may day protests turn very violent. tens of thousands of protesters in more than 200 cities in 41 states. attacking police officers and destroying businesses from the pacific northwest to the midwest and to new york city. in what is traditionally known as the labor march celebrating international workers' day anything but a celebration. in oregon self-proclaimed anarchists dressed head to toe in black flooded the streets setting fires and throwing molotov cocktails. toss ago live flare into police cruisers. 25 people under arrest there for arson and assault. in chicago, thousands of protesters marching through the streets. in new york city there where you are more than 30 people arrested for refusing to disperse and take off their masks. something that is illegal in new york city.
4:03 am
and here in washington, d.c., protesters gathered at the white house demanding donald trump has got to go. dnc chairman tom perez even addressing the unruly crowd. now, several officers across the country were injured. they are told to be okay. guys. and for all indications, they are going to continue these protests as why go forward. steve: indeed. griff, thank you very much. a live report from our nation's capitol. brian: are we going to run out of zip ties more with all these protest was? steve: we will make more. brian: i guess we will. steve: joining us in our nation's capital he is in new york city. david bossie former campaign manager for donald trump. david, let's talk about this. the democrats are actually celebrating over the fact that they feel like they got so much over this new funding bill to get keep the government open for another six months. >> unfortunately it's not surprising. they have broken the appropriations system over the last 8 years. there is no regular order. there is no regular appropriations process in
4:04 am
place in washington right now. so the president goes with a 1600 page cr, continuing resolution that he is forced to do. he has been in office 100 days. he is coming in to a situation that is fundamentally broken and is he trying to manage that while manage repeal and replace obamacare, tax reform, dealing with all of these foreign problems that he is having to deal with because, again, barack obama leaves it all on the table for him. brian: this is the framework that he put out, president obama put out. and up to the president each shut down the government or compromise. this is a severe compromise no. border wall no. deportation force no. e.p.a. roll backs. no sanctuary city funding or crackdown? >> first of all, there is $1.5 billion in there for the southern border security. for a host of issues. ainsley: as long as it's not a wall. >> the democrats don't want to call it a wall. so the president is starting with 1.5 billion in this current cr.
4:05 am
think will have the fight in september on the border wall. it is imperative that the president stand tall on that because he got elected on it. ainsley: explain to the folks at home why if republicans have the house, republicans have the senate. and he is the president, how does this happen? >> because everyone in america thinks just snap your fingers. the republicans have it all so why can't we get it done? it's because of 8 years of breaking the system you can't get it back overnight. speaker ryan in the house and senate leadership must take control of this process and get back to what we call regular order so that the president can have appropriations bill done throughout each agency as it is supposed to be done. as it's been done historically. steve: sure. the strategies on the white house's part this is the best deal we can get right now because we want to do healthcare. >> that's right and tax reform. government shut down today would harm both of those initiatives and i think the
4:06 am
president decided to swallow, you know. steve: didn't get anything he wanted really. >> we can hearing. he obviously got spending increase. $21 billion for defense. a big deal because. steve: he really wanted the wall. you know he wanted the wall. >> our military is depleted. whether it's boots on the ground or ships or our air wings are depleted and have been for eight years. this is imperative to get our men and women the best so they are ready to go. brian: we are looking at the numbers and seeing what he got and what he didn't get. we are saying he must be disappointed. from what you know from the sources you have, is he or is he just like listen, i'm not worried about this now, i'm worried more about september 30th when i get another shot at this fresh. can you give me an idea of his mind set? >> you know, i have not spoken to him about this, but i can tell you that i expect that this was a process for him. this was not an overnight thing. i would have believed that the
4:07 am
president is very frustrated by this process. that he is looking forward to september. he doesn't -- he is a decisionmaker and a leader. and he wants to instruct his people, whether it's the speaker of the house or the senate majority leader let's get this gone. and when they come back and they give him, this has to be a continuing resolution and we have to get through a short-term cr before we can get to the long term budget process. brian: the freedom caucus, so therefore the democrats -- >> there are some issues here. he is doing the best he can. everybody has just interstated this 100 days. he has only been there 100 days. steve: good point. >> is he deciding what to do every day. he is in the man in the white house who makes all of these decisions. i think he is doing an incredibly good job in incredibly difficult circumstances. ainsley: it makes sense now when you say he doesn't want the government to shut down so now going forward can he focus on big issues, healthcare, possibly the wall in september and tax reform.
4:08 am
>> the tax reform policy is the engine for the future of america. we have to kick start our economy with tax reform. his tax reform policy or plan. brian: it's a one pager right now. >> , which by the way, is what it needs to be at the beginning so that congress, congressional leaders can get in there, mick mulvaney get in there and figure out what's best for our economy. steve: this is where we start. all right. meanwhile, the president told eric bolling yesterday regarding his first 100 days he gives the media an f for the most part because they have not been fair. meanwhile, tucker had on last night jeff mason who is the white house correspond association president. tucker was taking exception to the tone at the dinner on saturday 23450eu9 which the president did not attend as you know he was out in harrisburg, pennsylvania. here is mr. mason talking about how the press can never be biased, despite the fact that the president thinks they are. listen.
4:09 am
>> the press in washington hates donald trump. now, he based them. it's a two way deal. he doesn't like them them. he goads them. they rise to the debate every by time. you have so see this because we are marinaded in it. >> i think having bias is not acceptable. i think it's important, however, also to know when you're consumer of that news whether you are looking at a program that is biased or is not. and there are avenues, as you well know, at places like fox, at places at other networks where if you watch tv you are going to get a certain angle. you are going to get a certain opinion. know what you are watching. know what you are reading. correspondence report for those organizations need to stay in their lane as well. steve: one of the things is, if it's a newscast the should be just it facts and no opinion. >> that would be terrific. that's a great concept.
4:10 am
i wish they would teach that in journalism school. steve: they used to. >> they did use to. the president understands one thing, the media has a liberal bias. it is -- even though people want to argue with it on the left, the average american understands this. and the average american understands that the media that they are getting, they are consuming it has a liberal bent to it. we put up with it all throughout the campaign. we couldn't get a story about hillary clinton published. and they would publish story after story. the front page of the "new york times" and "the washington post every day was attacking the president. brian: and the north korean situation the president said yesterday would be an honor to meet with kim jong un if he had the option. do you think it's right to use the word honor? >> you know what? his words. >> what is he doing is psychological gamesmanship one hand moving our military on the other and our ambassadors our state department is fully involved as well.
4:11 am
he has all the chess pieces on the board. i think he is doing a great job with north korea. ages ains thanks david. david bossy. great to have you here. steve: 7:11 in new york. heather: we begin with a fox news alert. an urgent new warning for americans traveling to europe. isis could be coming for you. now, the state department now says that terror groups have the ability to execute attacks using explosives, guns, knives, and vehicles as ramming devices. now, this follows a deadly year this europe where more than 100 people were killed in attacks. 9 new warning ends on september 1st. and no motive yet in a stabbing spree at one of the nation's largest universities. police say the 21-year-old kendricks white attacked students with a large hunting knife. one person was killed and three others wounded in the blood bath at the university of texas in austin that sent people running for their lives.
4:12 am
>> he grabbed him by the shoulder and stuck the knife in his back. and so then i turned around and started running away. heather: police tackling white to the ground to arrest him within two minutes. and th headlines so far. back to you. steve: all right, heather. >> you're welcome. steve: as democrats recover from the 2016 election, they are taking a page out of president trump's playbook. will middle america actually buy it? democratic congressman tim ryan represents the rust belt. he joins us live next. brian: this just in palestines are so stressed out they may need more empathy because they risk losing something major. it isn't their minds ♪ we only get what we give ♪
4:13 am
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4:17 am
trump's playbook and focus on rallying small town america. but will these working class voters really right the ship in strategy. joining us from our nation's capital. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. steve: these are the things you were talking about when you were running for speaker against nancy pelosi a couple of months ago that the democrats blew it because donald trump was talking about jobs, democrats were not. he won, game over. >> and he showed up to a lot of those small towns. and i think members of congress have a pretty unique perspective on this because this is what we do every weekend when we're home when we are not in washington. small meetings and small towns talking to people. you have got to be there. they have got to see u kick the tires. people want to know you. you are never going to get elected unless you show up in places like that. we have good candidates like joe manchin and sherrod brown and joe donely elm people who slow up in towns not just around election time most importantly when it's not election time. steve: why don't the big shots
4:18 am
show up in the small towns. >> well, you know, we are moving on from a different strategy. i think that we had in the last few months. steve: pardon me, congressman. what was the previous strategy by the way because it didn't work. >> it clearly didn't work. but, you know, that was more we are going to focus on our base. we are going to drive up our turnout. and we are going to spend less time with quote, unquote, persuasion. and that was the strategy of the last campaign. but i remember being on a bus tour in ohio in rural ohio with president obama where he was hitting these small towns. it does work. you have to show up and let people know you care about them. steve: i'm kind of curious. who is the leader of the democratic party right now? >> well, i mean, clearly our house and senate leadership are the leaders technically of the party. that's yet to be determined. i think we have a lot of voices out there right now. we are a party that is rebuilding itself. much like a football team. i'm a cleveland browns fan so i know a lot about the
4:19 am
rebuilding effort. but, you know, having other voices heard and then that eventually shakes itself out with who has the best ideas and who is connecting best with the voters. steve: one of the loudest voices right now is elizabeth warren senator from the great state of massachusetts. she was taking shots at president obama. she said that he doesn't understand the lived experience of most americans. and number of democrats are saying is he tone deaf when it comes to $400,000 speeches and stuff like that. so it's curious that the most powerful democrat in years, barack obama, suddenly a number of up and coming democrats are taking shots at him. >> well, they bury the bodies warm here around washington. [laughter] it's hard to say and to judge. clearly, we have not done well in the last 8 years. we got completely wiped out with our state legislators, the congress, the senate. obviously the presidency. we are in a rebuilding phase. we need candidates who are
4:20 am
going to connect and candidates that are going to represent working class people whether they are white, black, brown, gay or straight. if you are a working class person have you got to see the democratic party as an advocate for you. in my estimation we are the best party to do that. steve: congressman tim ryan joining us from statuary hall in the u.s. congress building. >> thanks for having me. steve: the u.s. is grappling with a deadly gang crisis. 11 murders since september alone. a man tasked with taking down ms-13 next. plus, he led the most highly decorated special ops unit during the iraq war and now he is lighting a fire under america. retired navy seal, if you ever really retire, jac. >> >> i'm not going to do any of that i'm going to stay in bed today.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> time for news by the numbers. $38 million. that's how much north dakota wants the feds to pay follow months of pipeline protest. the government is asking tore disaster regulation to pave the way for federal aid. parishioners now praying for a miracle to help save the church from closing after that recent spike. and finally 42%. >> that's how much college freshman consider their politics as middle of the road according to a new study. that's the lowest number in 51 years. the figure showing the extreme politicization on college campuses. brian?
4:25 am
brian: all right. thanks, ainsley. we have a deadly gang crisis on our hands and it's right in our backyard. federal authorities are stepping it up big time. the attorney general's office says ms-13 has 10,000 members spanning 40 states and largely recruits young immigrants, many illegal from central american countries. linked to 11 brutal murders since as i want on long island alone. right in my my backyard personally. joining us now is police commissioner timothy, over in suffolk county. he has his hands full now, 11th largest police department in the country. joining us to talk about three wronged approach to bring these guys down. first off tell me ms-13 new to a lot of people not new to you. >> that's right. so ms-13 has been in this country since the 1980s, approximately 10,000 strong in our country. 30,000 strong worldwide a very violent gang. they engage in violence for violence sake and when they do engage in violence brutal.
4:26 am
brian: people think and people i was talking to yesterday say when those unaccompanied minors, they got stuck into school systems. many on long island. and now these classes were overcrowded. and many of them turned out to be gang members. >> there is no doubt that ms-13 preys on immigrant communities. ms-13 prey on the vulnerable. folks coming here not with their parents. who are here in this country the first time. they don't have the social network or as large of a social network as you or me. they are going to certainly be prime targets for gang like ms-13. brian: so brutal. the brutality of murders don't want to discuss people. go online if you are curious. this is what they're capable of. you have a three-pronged approach bring them down. about collecting intelligence and identifying ms-13. signing our officers to hard working men and women of the suffolk county police department to target those
4:27 am
known gang members. make those street arrests and collect as much intelligence as possible. we have made over 170 ms arrests since december of 2016. all the while working with federal law enforcement partners, particularly the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office for the eastern district of new york to build these ricco cases against this gang. ricco is a great federal statute that allows us to dismantle a gang like ms-13. brian: can you to do proactive policing. >> that's right. brian: you can't wait for a crime. cops being aggressive you guys have been forced to pay the price these days. >> well, it's absolutely imperative that our police officers nationwide are proactive and do what it takes to keep all the residents safe. i can tell you that the hard working men and women of the suffolk county police department do exactly that and we have their back for it. brian: brentwood high school might not mean much to you around the country. not the most high knock area as well as central islip have
4:28 am
been infiltrated by gang members. what can do you to empower them. >> that's a great question. we need to be making sure that there is no safe haven for gang members. we have to make our presence known. we have to be targeting known gang members and we have tomorrow power educators and administrators. we do seminars. we do outreach. we give them information that can help them do their jobs. brian: they have got to be able to communicate with you. >> absolutely. that's imperative. sharing intelligence among different agencies. not just law enforcement agencies but governmental agencies. >> i hope to come out with you and see what exactly you are doing to take them down and hopefully this will be in our rear view mirror soon. >> i appreciate the spotlight you are putting on this issue. >> coming up straight ahead. brian: a may day meant to celebrate workers' rights. we are asking stuart varney what message these protesters are sending to our working community. he led the most highly decorated special ops unit during the iraq war. now is he turning wimps into warriors navy seal jock jocko
4:29 am
willink joins us to explain what he is doing to help people on the west coast ♪ you got to stand up for what you believe ♪ let me hear you say yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ oh, yeah ♪
4:30 am
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>> how do you wake up in the morning with all these opportunities in life in front of you and decide, you know what? i'm not going to do any of that, i'm just going to stay in bed today. how do you do that? no. don't do that. the opportunities are there. life is there. get up and live it. steve: that is a podcast from today from the man who was the
4:33 am
commander of the most decorated special ops unit during the iraq war and in a brand new book that comes out todayful, he is using everything he learned overseas to inspire young children to become more confident. ainsley: joining us with more about the motivational story is former navy seal and author of "way of the warrior kid" jack co-willink. thank you sjack -- jocko for beh us. tell us about your new book. >> well, you know, being a seal team i learned a lot of stuff and having four children. you know, actually three girls, one boy. and i learned a lot there, too. at some point i realized i should take the lessons that i learned in the seal teams and teach those to my kids as they were trying to overcome challenges and it was effective for them. so, eventually i said you know what? maybe i should try to teach some other kids some of these lessons. brian: were you born strong, courageous and bold? >> certainly was not. you know, i was born weak and wimpy like all children.
4:34 am
and i had to work and train and study to learn things and improve myself and get in the seal team. when you in the seal team it doesn't automatically mean you are strong. everybody that's in the seal team you work, you train, you work out. that's how you get strong. people think you are just. >> men doesn't have much gone can't do a pull-up or anything like that. and then it turns out a navy seal comes into his life and changes everything. >> yeah, uncle jake who just got out of the seal teams comes to stay with him for the summer. his uncle finds out that he is getting picked on in school swim and doesn't know his times tables. we know that's a disaster: and the kid is really bummed out his name is mark. and he kind of explains this to his uncle. his uncle says, listen, you don't need to worry about these things.
4:35 am
what you need to do is do work. so they get busy over the summer. they study hard. they train hard. they learn how to swim. he learn jujitsu so he can defed himself. getting picked on by evil kenny in the book. ainsley: tell us about yourself and how you became a navy seal and what you did to serve our country. >> well, i grew up in a small new england town. and ever since i was a little kid i wanted to be some kind of commando. and so as i grew up, when i got done with high school, i joined the navy and went in the seal teams and i had a great career working with great people. and was lucky enough to serve overseas and fight against our nation's enemies. brian: when did you realize you had what it took to become a navy seal. everyone can want to be a commando. when did you realize you had it? >> i don't know that there was ever any doubt in my mind. you know, when you go through seal training people say everybody thinks about quitting sometimes.
4:36 am
i can tell you right now i didn't think about quitting. whatever they told me to do did i it. brian: reading ad admiral mcraven book. one of his podcasts one of the most popular podcasts in the country. >> the weakness, is like a little demon in your head. it's going to tell you nice little things to try and steer you down the wrong path. but the demon is a liar. don't listen to the lies. instead, crush the demoniac. brian: that's the instagram account. do you scare yourself because i'm a little scared. >> there are funny ones too. i don't always act that crazy. a do sometimes though. we have to give that up. steve: sure, that's a good strategy. is it true you take a picture of your watch every morning so you can tell your podcast audience what time you got up
4:37 am
and started the day to be an inspiration to people. >> i started doing that when i was on tim ferris' podcast a long time ago. he asked me what time i got up i said early. he said i needed to get a twitter account. i didn't understand twitter. i signed up to twitter thing what am i going to put on this. i'm up. let's take a picture of that i have done it ever since then. steve: what time did you get up today? >> 4:10. ainsley: don't stay in bed. on vacation you are up at 4:30 in the morning. >> what do you mean by vacation? can you expand on that. ainsley: feels so lazy. this is what separates the men from the boys. your best friend is leif. jenna lee. we congratulate you on first book extreme ownership. it did so well. you sold a quarter of a million copies. >> we sold more than that we sold a lot of copies and still selling really well? ainsley: how many did you sell? >> i don't know it's over half
4:38 am
a million at this point. ainsley: that's great. brian: something else that hasn't stopped is the war even though you are not in camouflage anymore. we still have a long haul in afghanistan. what's the best way forward there knowing they are training in afghanistan, pakistg into afghanistan and killing our guys. >> first thing we have going to for success a guy like general mattis one of the most respected people in the military that the military has produce sod long. brian: he has been empowered by this president. >> he has been completely empowered by this president. we are in a really good position. they are going to come up with a good strategy and press. our forces, american forces they are -- if we give them what they need and we as the people have the will to back them up, they will get the job done. steve: the book is called "way of the warrior kid." it's a novelvel. jocko, thank you for your service. >> thanks for having me on. steve: looks fresh as a daisy
4:39 am
despite getting up 4:00 in the morning. ainsley: how do you like being called a daisy. >> i just love that we'll talk later. [laughter] ainsley: let's hand it over to heather who is over there and has headlines for us. heather: good morning to you. we begin with united and american airlines. they are on the hot seat on capitol hill after wints passengers. you will remember last month united a settled a lawsuit and vowed policy changes after violently drag this passenger off a plane. and then an american airlines flight attendant in trouble with a scuffle with passenger over a stroller. ceos will be grilled including house transportation chairman bill shuster who joined us earlier this morning. >> you have to take care of your customers. so today in this hearing we are going to ask some tough questions and we want real answers and want to see real action. if they don't act, then congress will act. that's something that i don't like to do. put new laws and regulations into place because it's one
4:40 am
size fits all never seems to work. heather: that hearing set for 9:30 this morning. fbi translator asked to investigate an isis terrorist ends up flying to syria to marry him. cnn report says danielle green fled to syria years ago in order to tie the knot with a brutal terrorist named david can yoonceappeared in videos hog heads. she realized the marriage was a mistake. she returned to the u.s. where she was placed under arrest. green served two years in prison before she was released last summer. a crazy crash caught on camera. group of cyclists who go down like dominoes. stop what you are doing and take a look at this. >> oh. >> oh my god, no. heather: one after another. all those riders slamming right in to each other. this was, yep, at a bike race in new york city.
4:41 am
some of them even flipping over the handle bars you could see. this pileup happening just moments into the event. amazingly no one was seriously injured. wow. and college kids these days you know, they really have it hard. when they aren't protesting conservative speakers they are getting free massages and empathy tents. but for some the stress is building so much they are going bald. experts say they are seeing more people, some as young as 18 with thinning hair. doctors claim that millennials are more stressed out than any other generation and that that stress can lead to hair loss. and those are a look at your headlines. jocko, what do you think about that are they more stressed out? >> i was never a big advocate of hair in the first place it makes life easier you don't have to worry about it. steve: what's your advice for destressing yourself. >> go do dead lifts and squats and get stronger. ainsley: no bubbles and coloring books for you. >> no. that's not going to help you out.
4:42 am
steve: thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. brian: setting mailboxes on fire may not be the best way to fight for workers' rights i wouldn't think. it appears to be the strategy going forward. stuart varney has never done anything like that but can talk about it is he here for giving some advice to the anarchists. steve: michael moore has a new plan to force president trump out of office. a one-man broadway show. how much would you pay to see that? brian: michael moore on broadway. pinch me ♪ just what i needed ♪ i needed someone to please 12340e♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr.
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iit's where we end up.t, expedia. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better. steve: quarter before the top of the hour, back with extreme weather on this tuesday morning. death toll rising to 18 after a deadly storm system with tornadoes, flash floods and
4:46 am
gusting winds pushed through the south and midwest. in the last 24 hours. down in texas we telling you about how 45 people survived a tornado by taking cover in a church. they were there at a ceremony. earlier one of theories sur reifers recalled the terrifying storm. >> christ was leaning over us protecting us. helping us hold the doors closed to the hallway that we were in. and telling us that it was going to be okay that he had us. steve: not a single person wound up with a scratch out of that church. meanwhile the governor of the state of texas declaring a safety disaster down there in three counties hit by multiple tornadoes over the last day or so. all right. ainsley: day to celebrate workers' rights turning into higg about a celebration. violence breaks out in protests around the world with anarchists throwing molotov cocktails and fires in the streets. 25 arrests in portland alone.
4:47 am
brian: a lot of protesters think this is effective way to voice their concerns. here to weigh in from the host of varney and company the host stuart varney. is this as crazy as it sounds? are they getting their point across? are people understanding what they mean. >> no. this has nothing to do with workers or workers rights or trade unions. nothing to do with that at all. this is the violent left taking to the streets to oppose everything that donald trump, president trump wants to do. this is the violent anti-trump left. they've taken to the street. that's what they are doing. ainsley: is it effecting the markets. >> the stock market, no. not at all. zero, no. absolutely nothing. no impact on your money whatsoever. period. steve: may first, traditionally may day, that's historically been the opportunity, also known as international workers day. but you are saying this year international workers day has been hijacked by the anti-trump he is not my president people. >> totally so. steve: who is funding this group. >> i don't know. steve: clearly organized. >> i can't point the finger to this group or that group or individual.
4:48 am
you can't do that all can you say is that the anti-trump left has come together staging violent street demonstrations all across the country. they are proclaiming immigrant rights or lbgt rights, other kind of issues. other than workers' rights. this is supposed to be international workers day. and it's supposed to be all about workers. in fact, what you've got is this violent anti-trump stuff. i think the workers will be much better off going for trump's pro-growth policies. if you can get this economy growing, if you can get it going again, you have more jobs and better wages. isn't that in workers' ainsley: why aren't they working? i don't understand we have protest after protest. how are they affording to take off of work? >> that's another question which i cannot answer for you. brian: will this budget deal help the economy. >> this budget deal help the economy? no. i don't think it has any direct impact on the economy. brian: democrats or republicans? >> this is a huge win in my
4:49 am
opinion, for the democrats. it is a cave by the president. this is accepting the reality of a divided republican party. they are divided. brian: and a fear of a lockout. >> not together on taxes, they are not together on spending. they are divided. in the absence of a unified republican party, in come the democrats to pick off individual items in this spending plan. steve: we have talked ever since president trump became president is because he is a negotiator, if you come to the table, is he going to wind up with something. they're going to wind up with something. what it says today in the "wall street journal" is what the strategy is give the democrats something today to get taxes done in a month or two. in a couple of months. >> it's gamble then, isn't it on the part of the president. it is a gamble. explain to me why this week at this point we do not have a vote on healthcare? we do not have a united republican party. because you don't have the votes. it remains divided. have you got the government shutdown out of way but you still haven't cleared the way to do something on healthcare
4:50 am
this week or in the immediate future. brian: have you a lot of decisions to make on what you are going to discuss on the show and you have a right to do that and we have a sim mull cast to do on radio. >> yes we do. lucky you. brian: is what i'm wearing okay? >> i'm not sure about the three piece suit. if you try to bring it back into fashion it's uphill struggle i think. brian: wow, oh my goodness but . >> but have a nice day. steve: meanwhile, democrats are patting themselves on the back over the partisan spending bill because it's packed with left wing handouts. how did that happen? laura ingraham is going to break it down for us coming up. brian: michael moore has a new plan to force president trump out of office. a one man broadway show. how much would you pay to see michael moore on broadway? carley shimkus has some extra money. we'll find out what she would do. ainsley: let us know if you like a 3-piece suit. brian: i guess not. ♪ don't let me down, down,
4:51 am
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♪ ainsley: director michael moore has a new plan to force president trump out of office. and it is a one-man broadway show. steve: yeah, that's going to do it. here with today's top other trending stories is fox news headlines, 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. okay. so michael moore is going to take the stage. >> sure. he is starring in a one-man anti-trump broadway show called the terms of my surrender. tag lines to the show can a broadway show take down a sitting president. is he trying to start a revolution of sorts. take a listen to this quote from him saying why don't we see if every night and twice in the afternoon for 12 weeks
4:55 am
if a piece of theater can raise enough of a ruckus to discombobulate the man sitting in the office. i don't know i would like to find out. stranger things have happened in the last year. steve: this is brilliant because the people of new york for the most part don't like donald trump. he might have a lot of people. >> he might have audience but the most obvious question is he going to create change by criticizing the president in a very liberal city in front of a liberal audience. steve: he will make money. >> it's always about the bottom line. ainsley: did you see terms of endearment? brian: best show on broadway was magic and larry bird. steve: you didn't go to cats? brian: not really. doesn't it hurt your back cats? ainsley: i liked wicked. >> jersey boys was my favorite. steve: johnny depp. >> yeah, johnny depp is asked to undergo get this mental evaluation for compulsive spending disorder. former management company is accusing him of spending, this
4:56 am
is unbelievable $2 million a month. how do you spend that kind of money. brian: how do you have that type of money. >> according to the management company he spends it on 14 residences including a chain of caribbean islands, multiple houses, a chat toe in the south of france. also spends $30,000 a month on wine. steve: that's a thousand dollars a day on wine. >> i feel guilty when i spend $15 on a bottle. brian: see how much. ainsley: the kind of guy you want to date. fun for like a month but you don't want to marry them. >> don't want to take them home to mom. steve: thousand dollars a day in wine. apparently he hasn't heard of two buck chuck. >> very good tasty wine, too. brian: or need it in a box. put a spout on it, i'm all in. steve: fantastic. >> or a box. steve: all right. coming up, laura ingraham, linda mcmahon, and ed henry. ♪ i get a feeling
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> it's a big threat to the world. i don't think drawing red lines, but i acted. >> we're at this point right now because all the smart people, all the elites in the foreign policy establishment have failed. >> urgent new warning for americans traveling to europe. isis could be coming for you. >> may day, got rocky in 250 cities across the globe. >> this is the violent left taking to the streets to oppose everything donald trump, president trump, wants to do. >> we have not done well the last eight years. we got completely wiped out. we're in a rebuilding phase. >> we're five months away from a 2018 budget. president's priorities would be reflected much more. >> i would believe the president is very frustrated by this process. steve: parishioners watch their
5:01 am
church crumble around them. somehow every single person survived. >> the grace of god is simply the grace of god. >> "fox & friends" rating gone through the roof, much more than any morning show because people find that it is honest. ♪ steve: our thanks to president trump for the shoutout yesterday with interview with eric bolling with his new show, the specialists. brian: i'm going to florida georgia line this summer as tribute to them coming on the show. my way of saluting them. ainsley: i love them. i want to go. brian: no. they will be at jones beach in the middle of june. ainsley: the problem with jones beach, when you go to a concert you would love to have a few beers. you can't drink at jones beach.
5:02 am
they don't sell alcohol. i went to jimmy buffet concert there, big mistake. steve: sober? ainsley: you can't do that! steve: speaking of alcohol, my wife told me because of inflation it is three-buck chuck. ainsley: it doesn't rhyme as well. steve: joining us laura ingraham made the cold open talking about the smart people failed in washington. >> can i talk about two-buck chuck? my surrogate dad, 85, great person, loaves fox, he introduced me. so chuck introduced me to two-buck chuck. i drank it. he likes it. but it gave me a little headache. so maybe at three bucks no headache. ainsley: you buy it at whole foods, right? trader joe's. >> got it at trader joe he's. chuck introduced me to two-buck
5:03 am
chuck. i call him two buck. brian: talking about saving money, drinking well. let's not talk about saving money. talk about the bipartisan spending package. steve: this is the headache. brian: it will get us through september. cost us a trillion dollars. more pages than the 800 million-dollar stimulus package. i can not see victories for republicans. can you? >> "the washington post" is "the washington post." can you zoom in on the headline? brian: joel, can you do it. ainsley: read it to us, laura. >> democrats claim win on spending. that is chuck assume every and nancy pelosi sell it braking. they're celebrating. you could say that is just spin but, my friends it is not. here is what we have going on. people really get this. we do not have a republican party on capitol hill that can get its act together. they can not agrow on basic points.
5:04 am
they can't agree to support the initiatives that were very popular last year, that donald trump campaigned on, whether it is the funding of this refugee program that is out of control. whether it is the wall. whether it is defunding planned parenthood at $500 million a year. all these priorities that it campaigned on, defund it or planned parenthood is funded. that is a few of the choices. let me say one other thing that has gotten a lot of spending h 2 b visas for localed workers. restaurant workers, hospitality workers, so forth, the kinds of stuff we did growing up, they actually upped the number of those visas. donald trump did all these speeches -- steve: wanted other way around. >> foreign workers coming into the united states taking american jobs. i understand guest workers at
5:05 am
resort communities, and some at mar-a-lago, to increase the number? don't we want workers -- kids to be workers in high school and college? this is so demoralizing and disappointing. they will have hell to pay for this budget. they will not get handle on spending in the fall contrary to republicans saying. freedom caucus workers last night. they will be brave before the midterm elections? this is crazy! steve: glad you talked about the disunity in the republican party. paul ryan says all my republicans are not on the same page. some people are not going to vote for anything, i have to make a deal, play monte hall with the democrats, you wind up with stuff like this. you wonder who wrote it? >> special interests wrote it. steve: no money for the wall obviously donald trump ran on, there is specific language in the deal that explicitly prohibits money from border
5:06 am
security to build the wall. not only they say there is no money, if you take the border security money can't use it on the wall. >> where you need people with some experience helping out in advising here. we have really smart people in the west wing but somehow that is no the translating to capitol hill. they shouldn't be cowering in the corner sucking their thumbs afraid of shutting down the government. that entire approach to negotiations is antithetical to what donald trump is about and has stood for. you don't give up your number one bargaining chip off the tap. mitch mcconnell, we'll not shut down the government. paul ryan, we won't shout down the government. if they didn't build the wall and ran on it, they should have shut down the government and democrats and republicans did things fiscally responsible to do. we're upping the defense budget $15 billion. can't spend billion billion on down payment on a wall?
5:07 am
are you kidding me. brian: you know why. they didn't want to make president trump to check a box. >> they're resisting him. brian: that is true, laura. there are five votes, according to some from getting this health care, whatever it is passed over to the senate. are you personally, are you pulling for them to get their act together in order for the house to get their act together to push it to the senate to see if there is phase two? >> businesses, individuals need lower premiums. this is always the goal. coverage doesn't mean care. a lot of people aren't going to get care, coverage and out-of-pocket, et cetera, premiums are too expensive. this bill had to address that i understand. i talked to freedom caucus people last night. it is better than it was before. so that is very positive. i think it will be a real problem for this president to have no obamacare repeal and a really bad, continuing resolution until the fall.
5:08 am
i think that is setting him up for real problems. so i think they do have to get something passed. i'm still not thrilled what they have done on this again, paul ryan, at some point, if you can't you put points on the board, you're taken off the team. brian: sounds like you think somebody else should be speaker of the house? >> somebody else has to lead the negotiation. it is nothing personal about paul ryan. when the house and senate and presidency, you better start taking the field and charging down the field with the ball, either pass it or run it to the end zone. i don't think, we're not seeing that happen. there are good things in the continuing resolution. there is some good stuff on border being done. we need more spending on defense. we do have to figure out a way not to add trillions of dollars to this debt along the way. no one really wants to talk about that either. it is not easy i i'm not saying it is easy. when you have the house, senate, the presidency, this should not be the end result. ainsley: republicans are extremely frustrated with that,
5:09 am
you're absolutely right, laura. president trump is frustrated with fake news, mainstream media. he was interviewing with john dickerson on "face the nation." he called it deface the nation. that interview played out. president said i had enough of this. watch out, laura. >> i just wanted to find out you're the president of the united states. you said he was sick and bad because -- >> you can i can it any way you want. >> but i'm asking you, you don't want to be fake news. >> you don't have to ask me? >> why not? >> i have my own opinions. you kahn have your own opinions. >> i want your own opinions. you're the president of the united states. that is enough. thank you. thank you very much. >> ainsley: reminding him the president of the united states. >> i have to say about that interview. i don't know why they're doing these interviews. what was the purpose of the john dickerson interview? john dickerson, i'm sorry. brian: wakes up in the morning, how can i make this administration look really bad.
5:10 am
i'm sorry that is the goal of most of these people. i will get a lot of youtube clicks. i will get media attention, i stand face-to-face with the president in the oval office, i will push his buttons so much. we'll create some scene played over and over again on television. i don't knowwer the message discipline is in the interview. i don't know why they're doing those interviews. it is not helping the president. brian: white house gave entire morning show access to the east room. one of the hosts was on vacation with president obama. >> again. why is the communications director i imagine running this. why are they agreeing to give these big fat gifts to media outlets that were grossly unfair and wrong for the last year? and have no interest in this other than making him look really bad? ainsley: isn't that his style, laura? doesn't he like to sit down with leaders of other countries we don't get along with, find out what they're thinking or maybe convince them otherwise? >> i'm not talking about the substance of it.
5:11 am
i'm talking about the approach. in the reagan administration we had this thing called message discipline. one message a day or a week. craig shirley written about this everyone in the administration on own way was on message. if the point we would take new approach to north korea, if that was the point, spell it out. what would that mean and with is at stake here. everyone needs on same page. mattis saying this. mcmaster says this. donald trump says this. rhynes priebus has to go on television. i don't think that gets him anywhere. that is not how i would organize these interviews. i'm on the outside. it is easy to be critic pointing inward. i don't think that interview helped donald trump at all. steve: laura, you are not first person who told us today, there is message problem with the white house. too many messages. >> conflicting message don't help clarify things in very distressful time for americans. brian: thank you very much, laura.
5:12 am
levens minutes after the hour. heather chilleds with breaking news. >> this fox news alert for you. urgent warning for americans traveling to europe, isis could be coming to you. the state department says terror groups have the ability to execute attacks using explosives, guns, knives and vehicles as ramming devices. we've seen that. follows a deadly year in europe where more than 100 people were killed in the attacks. the warning ends on september 1st. illegal immigrant crackdown. i.c.e. arresting 200 violent illegal criminal immigrants in five states. the operation happened five days. 97 were arrested in texas alone. including an ms-13 gang member wanted for murder. another 76 in florida, many on weapons and sex crime charges. arrests were made in new york, you new jersey, puerto rico. happening today, president trump has a talk with russian leader vladmir putin.
5:13 am
it is their first call since russia deannounced the u.s. air strike against syria last month, following a deadly chemical attack blamed on the assad regime. moscow standing behind the syrian leader. the phone call is the third since president trump took office. those are a check of your headlines so far. back to you. come on over, brian. brian: i want to stay active. i want to see if any news is breaking outside. we're okay. steve: thank goodness. fox news alert. self-proclaimed anarchist turning day of celebration into all-out mayhem, smashing mailbox, supposedly in the name of workers rights. a live report on the may day riots next. ainsley: michelle obama says the school lunch initiative is about to get tossed out. students across the country suddenly got their appetite back. brian: what is that? my goodness. i think it is cabbage. ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
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5:17 am
>> no mask covering your face. you will be subjected to arrest. this is the new york city police department. ainsley: fox news alert.
5:18 am
violent rioters attacking police officers and destroying businesses in nationwide may day marchs. brian: real proud of my city. self-proclaimed anarchists launching lead balls, i didn't know what that was, molotov cocktails, pepsi cans, you know what they're talking about -- >> company dell jenner. brian: one of my favorite jenners. hey, give grif. reporter: thousands of protesters took to the streets. protests turning violent from period of time land, new york city, chicago. destroying businesses which is traditionally a labor march celebrating international laborers day. in portland, self-proclaimed anarchists dressed head to toe
5:19 am
through smoke bombs and molotov cocktails at police officers and 25 arrested for arson and assault there. in new york city more than 30 arrested. some for refusing to remove the black masks. in washington d.c., protesters gathered at white house demanding donald trump has got to go with dnc chairman tom perez leading chants. scores of officers across the country injured in riots, pelted with rocks and other objects. they are expected to be okay. no life-threatening injuries. about these black masked anarchists this is largely anti-fascist resistance movement. their goal is to resist donald trump at every opportunity. this began on inauguration day when i was out there with them. they will do it mixing into any kind of protest and cause chaos. their battle plan they told me was the battle for seattle. 1999 riots in the wto. they will try to recreate that again and again. steve: i remember that.
5:20 am
thank you, grif, very much. brian: that was a different president. they are billing president trump's tax plan a scheme to make rich people richer? is we'll ask the head of the small business administration. linda mcmahon will join us. steve: a refugee came to america, taught himself english and will run for office in the predominantly liberal state of connect you cut. everyone there loaves him. only problem? he is a republican. brian: oh, no. steve: we'll meet that man coming up. ♪ so tell us your big idea for getting the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong.
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♪ brian: quick headlines now. not a good way to start. where is my mark? right there. horrifying moments a plane
5:24 am
packed with people fills up with smoke. skywest flight heading from chicago to cedar rapids iowa. landing ten minutes after takeoff. the smoke appeared to come from the cargo area. the official cause, unknown. heart-stopping moment a eight-year-old boy falls out after moving school bus, tumbling outside the emergency door. he was not hurt seriously. his backpack caught latch on the door, causing it to open. that is happening in the news. steve: a refugee who came to the united states found his own way by flipping burgers and teaching himself english while putting himself through college is now thinking about a run for office. in the liberal state of connecticut of all places. everybody there seems to like him. only problem? he's a republican. attorney, small business owner, peter lamaj joins us live.
5:25 am
good morning, peter. >> thank you for having me. steve: when you were 20, you an. why? >> we had to escape from albania. it was communist country. anybody thinking about escaping would be executed or imprisoned a long time. so my brothers and i decided to search for freedom and opportunity. pretty much the government was running our lives. we believed we had certain god-given rights we should search for. we eventually made to the united states and did find the american dream. steve: you did and we'll find that. because you left albania, your family suffered there. >> because we left, government agents rounded up my parent, my parents, brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, took them into a concentration camp. my father passed away out of the camp. he never made it out of the camp. i firmly believe he sacrificed his life so his sons could live in freedom. you i appreciate that every day.
5:26 am
steve: you came from to the united states from albania you had nothing. you realized you could have the american dream. what did you do? >> i started working at burger king. i didn't speak word offing like. steve: you worked at burger king. you did not speak english. >> not at all. steve: how did you know what to make? >> we didn't make things. we cleaning place and flipping burgers, taking orders. that was the job i did. that was the first job in the united states was a minimum pay, minimum salliry i was making. i was happy with it. steve: you have a job. you started to go to college. where you went to college, you went to law school. you became an attorney. you worked for the giuliani administration as well, toward what? >> when i graduated from college i majored in political science. after that i started investigating white-collar crimes. eventually wept to law school, passed the bar, start ited my own practice.
5:27 am
i've been doing very well since then. i have a a small business i run on my own. i employ people. american dream, refugee many could to the united states, becoming an attorney, employing americans. that is great. steve: that is a great story. you've thinking about running for governor if very liberal state of connecticut and you're republican. isn't that a problem? >> no it is not. i think that the state of connecticut right now is devoid of leadership. we have no leadership whatsoever. all the policies implemented in hartford, which are liberal policies are driving residents of our state out, are driving businesses out. what is happening, we have approximately 8,000 families leaving the state every single year. that is a disaster. we have one-party system in the state. congressman, all of them are democrats. the two senators are democrats. the governor is a democrat. it is one-party system. it is not working. i believe conservatism, if
5:28 am
implemented properly does work even in our state. steve: taxes in your state are sky-high. people would love to do something about that. before you go, given fact you're immigrant to this country. >> yes. steve: what do you make of president trump's immigration ideas, the wall, making it harder for people to come in illegally? >> he is enforcing the law. he is becoming a leader. washington was devoid of leadership the past eight years. he is doing exactly what a leader should be doing. he is upholding the constitution. he is upholding the law. people may disagree with him. he should be doing what a leader should be doing. steve: peter lamaj may run for governor. >> still exploring. appreciate it, thank you. steve: fbi translator with top secret clearance was asked to investigate a terrorist. then she turned around and married him. we're going to tell you that story. she created a business and turned it into an empire. she runs the small business
5:29 am
association. linda mcmahon is in the house. ♪
5:30 am
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y286ny ywty ♪ steve: things about the program and this network, since the get-go we tried to explain to you how there is a media bias in this country. brian: so then you sue that front and center, white house correspondents din, sr. old news the i'm doing my old thing. jeff mason was in charge this year. they have done this before. white house correspondents dinner. he sat down with the president on friday before the dinner. so you know, he did say the trump administration gives him great access. when he sat down with tucker, tucker carlson last night at 8:00 pointed out that you guys
5:33 am
are not giving him a fair shake. >> the press in washington hates donald trump. now, he baits them. it's a go-way deal. he doesn't like them. he go aheads them but they rise to the bait every time. in so doing they reveal politically that undermines their credibility. you have to see this, we're marinating this. do you acknowledge that happening? >> i think having bias is not acceptable. it is important to know when you're a consumer of news whether you're looking at a program that is biased or is not. and there are avenues, as you well know at places like fox, places like other networks, if you watch tv you're going to get a certain angle, you're going to get a certain opinion. know what you're watching. know what you're reading. correspondents report for those organizations need to stay in their lane as well. steve: bias is never acceptable when you're a reporter. jeff mason said. but also when you watch some of
5:34 am
the coverage once the principles of president's tax plan, tax cut plan were revealed, they really hated those too. ainsley: they hate everything the president does it seems. bring in linda mcmahon. she is the head of the small business administration. good morning to you, linda. good morning. steve: with the trump administration. >> yes. ainsley: herolled out the tax plan, small businesses paying 35%, it will lower to 15%. i imagine you're hearing from small business owners, that is you wonderful. >> what you think puts more money if their pack coats. when small business owners put more money in their pockets. they hire new people, grows the economy. they create more jobs. steve: sure, president trump is counting on a tax deal and they feel that that is going to just stimulate the entire economy. he would also like vote on health care maybe this week. sounds like the republicans are
5:35 am
not all on the same page yet. >> you know, fingers crossed. i hope we are going to get there with that. because when i was traveling around talking to some small businesses, health care premiums, health care cost was a big, big issue for small business owners. premium costs were doubling at least, sometimes tripling year-over-year and it was really hard for them to provide health care. so we've got national small business week this week. so we're really focusing and saluting our 28 million small business across the country. brian: you think is important, especially with community banks going to the white house yesterday, adjust or get rid of dodd-frank. whatever was intended to do, smaller banks that lent to small businesses really got a raw deal in this. >> what happened with that is that the regulatory environment was so strict on the community banks. now community banks knew their customers. they knew when they could take a little bit of a risk on that customer. when the new regulations came in it really handcuffed the
5:36 am
community banks. i spoke to the community banks yesterday a little over 200 of them, at the white house. they really are hoping to see this regulatory reform rolled back because they will be able to help small businesses more. steve: i'm confuses. are you saying washington put too many regulations on business over last number of years? >> that's right. president trump is changing, that. he is changing that direction. you see optimism with entrepreneurs starting you small businesses. we had a decline past three to five years. we have more businesses starting. steve: why is that? >> they feel they get the right kind of tax program, right kind of regulation. they don't mind the right kind of regulation but this overburdensome volume of regulations they have to contend with, makes it so hard. ainsley: so great to see a woman, powerful woman traveling the country. you were with the wwe. you were been in politics. you're traveling country with small businesses finding out
5:37 am
what they want, what they need. you're reporting back to the president. what is their message to the president? what do they really want? >> they really want what we've been talking about. they really want tax reform, regulatory reduction, and access to capital. those are the three main things you will hear from small business. >> have they been ignored the past three years? >> they haven't had the wind beneath their wings they need. brian: they salute you for that. they owe you some money. economy grew at.% last quarter. do you think that is on the trump administration or previous administration? >> i think we're seeing lag effect. even though consumers optimism is coming back they're holding on a little bit. tax reform hasn't gone through yet. health care reform hasn't gone through yet. i think you will see that change. i think that is a kind of a lag effect. steve: you used to run the wwe, the wrestling company, did that prepare you for a job in washington, d.c.? >> it did.
5:38 am
tell you vince and i started the company, the two of us. everything that i have learned, that i brought in, that i can walk the walk, talk the talk with small businesses everywhere, how do you manage your cash flow. we went you bankrupt once. we lost everything. so how you come back from that? so, when i'm really talking to small business, i can advise them through experience. brian: you have respect of the small business because they know it takes tremendous risk and personal sacrifice to do it. >> schwecsweat equity. ainsley: how did you get involved with wwe? >> i married vince mcmahon. brian: i remember him when he was a commentator. i used to fear for his life. i thought guys would hit him, i didn't know he owned company. i was naive child. ainsley: do you say wratling. >> it is entertainment. steve: thank you for being here. >> thank you so much.
5:39 am
ainsley: heather has headlines this morning. >> big wwe fan. we begin with this story. fbi translator asked to investigate an isis terrorist ends up flying to syria to marry him. cnn reports danielle green fled to syria years ago in order to tie the knot with a brutal terrorist, david cuthbert, who once appeared in propaganda videos holding human heads. within weeks she realized marriage was mistake and returned to the u.s. where she was placed under arrest. she served two years in prison before being released. no human being is illegal, from chairman tom perez, getting heated at immigrant, workers rally at may day outside the white house. he slammed president trump but refused to mention his name. >> our most important power is not the the mister in the white house, i can't even mention his name. the most important power is you
5:40 am
power of all of you. >> perez continued switching between english and spanish nor the crowd. rolling back strict lunch standards championed by michelle obama. department of agriculture says schools don't have to adhere to sodium and whole grain requirements. i don't know what that is. they need to tell you what that es. want to have milk with that, whatever that is. 1% milk will be allowed back in the cafeteria. the trump administration reportedly ending mrs. obama's education program, called let girls learn. it was created to help empower girls all around the world. finally this story, jimmy kimmel taking a break from comedy to open up about his personal life, his tearful monologue. kimmel talking about his newborn son's heart surgery. >> my wife molly gave birth to a baby boy. his name is william. he appeared to be a normal healthy baby, until three hours
5:41 am
after he was born. my wife is back in the recovery room. she has no idea what is going on. billy was born with a heart disease. dr. starnes opened his chest around fixed one of the two defects in his heart. the operation was a success. it was longest three hours of my life. >> that is heartwrenching listening to him. the baby is home, doing well. that is the good news. kimmel joking even the atheists were praying for him. glad he will be okay. steve: he also joked his son was born with a bad heart and also a with jimmy's face. [laughter] we're glad that they are -- ainsley: so glad that had a happy ending. brian: thank you, heather. white house is ready to vote on health care. could be this week. the gop might not be the president's biggest hurdle. chief correspondent ed henry
5:42 am
reports next. steve: everybody said her seat was untouchable. nancy pelosi may have met her match. the candidate who could sneak up and steal her seat from the left joins us next. ♪ what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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♪ steve: the white house says they're ready to vote on health care this week, but the house republicans may be the president's biggest hurdle. ainsley: more on renewed effort to repeal and replace obamacare, fox news chief national correspondent ed henry. hi, ed. reporter: this is fascinating. not about chuck schumer or nancy pelosi. it is about the president's own fellow republicans on capitol hill. this is major gamble. white house saying we're pushing for a vote. we want house republicans to
5:46 am
move forward as early as thursday to try to pass this repeal and replace on health care. they failed obviously in first 100 days this is round two if you will. it's a gamble, you her laura inghram talk about this a few moments ago. conservatives are upset that the president had to cave on some of his big initiatives to get the budget deal through. the white house calculation is look, get that out of the way, delay some of those budget fights for the fall, so we can get not just tax reform or health care reform in this bite. if they don't get it, this would be two straight defeats on health care. that will ablow to the mt. obviously, number one. number two, big picture for the republican party, i hear a lot of republicans saying give this man a chance. he has only been in office just over 100 days. it is not just the president. it was house and senate republicans for over six years campaigning on idea of repealing and replacing obamacare. if they now take a second bite of the apple and can not pass it even through the house, let
5:47 am
alone the senate which is much trickier, this will be a failure for congressional republicans, and it is going to look really bad for them, guys. steve: one of the things, ed, a number of moderate republicans say, okay, while in the language of the bill that they would vote on it says you will have preexisting conditions coverage. there is this amendment, the macarthur amendment which says that the states can throw that out. so they're worried about their own self-preservation. reporter: sure. you have some republicans worried about the idea that the president wants some insurance companies to be able to charge higher premiums if you have a preexisting condition because obviously if you have a preexisting condition it will cost more money for health care. more republicans saying why will we do that? there will be political backlash. hang on a second. there are skyrocketing premiums without any changes. think about obamacare in the state of arizona without any changes, current law, over 100% increases in premiums. this thing is already imploding. brian: the president has
5:48 am
continuing resolution funded it. it is funded. it will no-go bankrupt before our eyes. the big picture, with these different states being controlled with the mark macarthur amendment. will he on on to it? he said on sunday i will not sign anything with preexisting reporter: the president's idea it will change and go into senate and conference and change yet again. get the ball moving forward. they can't even get past the first step. ainsley: pass it. change things you don't like along the way? reporter: exactly. ainsley: thanks, ed. reporter: good to see you, guys. ainsley: everyone said her seat is untouchable. this morning word that nancy pelosi finally might have met her match. that candidate that could sneak up and steal her seat from the left joins us next. brian: first one no one will ever steal bill hemmer's seat. he never gets up. >> because i weigh a lot. morning to all three of you.
5:49 am
a lot of tough talk out of north korea. john bolton will tell us where this matter goes next. president donald trump talks today with vladmir putin. this could get sticky. we'll tell you what is on the line. you were talking about this. can republicans in the house forge a deal in coming days on obamacare. it is crunch time. they meet in 11 minutes. we'll tell you what that is all about. it is an important day. busy day. see you 11 minutes top of the hour right here on "america's newsroom." what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. come close, come close. fun in art class. i like that.
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♪ brian: house democrat nancy pelosi meant to criticize president trump in weekend interview but embarrassed her party saying this. >> they are not what president bush, so sorry. president bush. i never thought i would pray for
5:53 am
the day that you were president again but -- >> praying for the stay president bush is again? >> so you asked the question, how would i work with republican president. the way we worked with president bush. brian: that went so well. pelosi known as her party's top attack dog. is that role really working for her? our next guest is fed up with the democratic leadership. challenging nancy pelosi for congressional seat. joining us attorney and bernie sanders supporter stephen jaffee. why do you think that she has to go? >> well, i think that miss pelosi who has served long in congress as we you all know has become disconnected from her constituents and the voters. my read of what the wishes of the voters are here in san francisco is that her positions are different from what the people here really want. i think the folks here are entitled to be represented by someone in congress who shares their values and wishes.
5:54 am
brian: you're a big bernie sanders supporter. now, you believe that maybe he has the template for what you believe in? so you think the people of san francisco want more socialism? >> well, it depends on how you define socialism. i think that word has been slander didded a bit. socialism is not an evil thing. the country runs on socialism, on many of its programs. medicare is socialism. fire departments and police departments are socialism. i think, i think what you're referring to is my advocacy of single-payer health care and, that i feel very strongly about that. i think it is time for the united states so join the rest of civilized world and provide for universal health care of all of its citizens. brian: but i'm sure nancy pelosi wants single-payer health care but she knows she can't get it? >> no, i don't think she does. i don't think she does.
5:55 am
when she is asked on that, she has equivocated not directly answered the question. in a town hall, last one she had out here in san francisco, march 25th, she did not say she was for single-payer health care. she made a statement which causes me great concern. she said that he actually, her words were, actually obamacare is to the left of single-payer health care. brian: right. that is why republicans are so outraged by it. steve, real quick, there is divide in the democratic party. seems like you have, dnc chair who seems very different. he seems very different from what you and bernie sanders believe. >> well, i think there's probably less of a divide than maybe currently perceived but the problem is there is a very well-entrenched elite and establishment at the top of the democratic party which has worked the rules of the party in such a way, such as for example,
5:56 am
superdelegates, to insure their continued control of the party. i think superdelegates have to go. i think they are undemocrattic with a both a little d and a big d. that is for example, i think the grassroots of the democratic party is quickly becoming more progressive and more like bernie sanders. brian: right. >> as am i. brian: he says he is not officially a democrat. are you not officially a democrat? >> oh, i'm very much officially democrat, pretty much my whole life. brian: stephen jaffee, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for your time. brian: we reached out to the pelosi camp. they declined to come on. that is really nice. more "fox & friends" in a moment. don't go anywhere. ♪
5:57 am
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a cockroach can survive submergede guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch.
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pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >> good news is people apparently like the three-piece
6:00 am
suit. >> i didn't know. >> i like it. >> a different color tomorrow maybe? >> no, same suit. >> different tie. >> every day this week. >> bye, have a great day. >> bill: word from north korea warning the world it's inching closer to the brink of war. a training mission in the area is an act of provocation according to them. president trump warning the united states will act if it's forced to act. important topic. welcome to "america's newsroom." how are you doing, shannon? >> shannon: president trump drawing fire saying this morning he would be willing to meet with leader kim jong-un but stands ready to use force to rein in the rogue regime. >> president trump: you see what's going


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