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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 3, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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abby: she would not reveal relationship man not a couple but prepared for the consequences. after riots with uc berkeley. city come batting officials setting up blowing bubbles, singing and quiet conversations. not sure that is going to work. heather: that will help. "fox & friends" starts right now. abby: have a good day. heather: bye. >> this bill is a clear win for the american people. >> the president delivered on his promises and got his priorities funded and that's what the democrats don't want you to know. >> i take full responsibility. but i was on the way to winning until the combination of jim comey and russian wikileaks raised doubts. >> the clintons have taken sim hood to sort of a new scientific height. >> it's hike watching a car wreck in show motion. she can't come to gips with reality. >> she started by saying i take personal responsibility for it and proceeded to
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blame everybody shul imaginable including her gender. >> two mis miss men policemen a. >> a hot of detailed exchanges. we will see where we go from here. >> major airlines encountered turbulence on capitol hill. >> we will do better. >> hillary clinton said she is very aware of the short falls of her campaign that caused her to lose the election. specifically short falls michigan and short falls wisconsin. ♪ don't stop believing ♪ hold on to that feeling ♪ street life ♪ people. steve: where is everyone? it's 6:01 in new york city. ainsley: it's a dream right there. the beauty of waking up at 3:00 a.m. and working as early as we do there is no traffic. brian: people take advantage of the fact that we don't
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attendance. everyone supposed to be at work started reading off role call. ainsley: best part of being an adult you get paid, you don't have to take any more tests and you can be a little bit late. steve: we can't be late. brian: maybe not in this jo job. [ buzzer ] steve: this is like surveillance cameras. surveillance cameras for three hours they know exactly where we are. ainsley: you can't lie and tell your wife you are coming to work and not. steve: live from new york it's "fox & friends." let's start by talking about what's going on down in washington, d.c. it is really interesting these days. it sounds like the giant spending bill is probably going to be passed later this week. of course, there is no money for the wall. no deep cuts to spending that the president wanted. no draining of the swamp. and so yesterday, the democrats started gloating a little bit. and it really started bugging the republicans. ainsley: senior white house officials saying that the president was not happy with it he was really baffled by
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the democrats claiming they could claim a victory on this saying we can work together. brian: he says we got more funding for the military. we got more funding for border security. the most in a long time. he said we wanted both opioid money to fight the opioid epidemic in this country and i guess the administration felt as though they were outcommunicated by the democrats. and, therefore, there was a blow back yesterday. maybe right after our show with the president, with mick mulvaney joining us a little bit later. and with the secretary of the homeland security secretary general kelly. he came out and said how offended he was that the administration was taking -- excuse me, that the democrats were gloating by not giving money for the wall. ainsley: listen to what the president said. >> after years of partisan bickering and gridlock, this bill is a clear win for the american people. we brought lawmakers
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together from both sides of the aisle to deliver a budget that funds the rebuilding of the united states military. makes historic investments in border security and provides healthcare for our miners and school choice for our disadvantaged children. very importantly, there is no long-term bailout for the insurance companies that the democrats desperately wanted to subsidize, donors, the badly failing obamacare. steve: the republicans do have some stuff to celebrate in this. the republicans are happy that they have broken that olbermann era rule where for every dollar spent on the military extra dollar spent on domestic spending. that is not going anywhere this time. the republicans though probably could have gotten more. they know in their caucus on the republican side in the house, there are simply a lot of republicans who will not vote for any spending. brian: it was mick mulvaney contention that the democrats wanted the
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republicans to shut down the government and they would make him look like they didn't know what they were doing and disaster on them because they are the party in power. here he was yesterday complete with maps and pictures. >> the dems have been trying to claim victory on this, which i think is a very strange way to look at a bipartisan discussion. if you are in a bipartisan meeting, i think it's very unusual for one group to walk out and start spiking the football and say we won we killed the other guys. it doesn't bode well for future discussions. they wanted a shutdown. they were desperate to make this administration look like we couldn't function and couldn't govern. we know a large part of their base, especially the left wing base wanted a shutdown and certainly didn't want them to cut a deal with us. ainsley: presser at the briefing room. joined by general kelly as well. he makes a good point. he says if the democrats want to take credit for it this time then we are not going to work with them in the future. if they are going to continue to take credit.
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doing a business deal at work and your partner how worked on it for a long time takes credit. they are saying that's not fair. we're not going to work with you if you continue to do that. steve: "wall street journal" writes on editorial page today. we need to go back to where they used to do it where the way they used to do the budget 12 different separate appropriations bill. each one would land in front of a subcommittee. they would have debate on it and go ahead and pass it, you know, up through the house and up through the senate and it would get worked on. instead we wind up with this great big casserole of cash so big 1700 pages, nobody has read it nobody really knows what's in it. ainsley: i love cash in casseroles. steve: cheesy, too. they make the argument go back to regular order and the whole thing about the filibuster thing and a number of people have already made, this where did that come from where it says to pass something appropriation wise you need 60 votes. where did that come from? that's where we are now. maybe 51 as the president
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said yesterday maybe that makes sense. ainsley: mick mulvaney coming up at 7:30. you had something else. brian: president said maybe have a shutdown in september reorient government it is not working the way it is. obviously the democrats outcommunicated the white house again. they have to build up communications division. i don't care if you voted for donald trump or not, they are not strong in the communications department. if they come out, they did not like the way this was played out yesterday. tried to correct it yesterday morning. if they got it right in the beginning, they wouldn't have had to do that. steve: i think the communication though is clear one of the number one reasons people voted for donald trump was the wall. everybody on his team has made it very clear. one way or another, that wall is going to get built. brian: when john says i think it means a lot and he was offended that people were taking a bo bow by saying we didn't build it. steve: general kelly was
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shocked some politicians celebrated the lack of border wall funding. ainsley: president said you should be celebrating the fact this is the most money gone to border security in the last 10 years. hillary clinton was speaking at a conference. it was women for women international conference. it was here in new york. and she was on stage and she was talking about why she felt like she lost. listen. >> i take absolute responsibility. i was the candidate. i was the person who was on the ballot. and i am very aware. but i was on the way to winning until the combination of jim comey's letter on october 28th and russian wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off. wrinel brian that is like donald trump say federal government had lost i'm upset at nbc. you are on tape saying stuff that was offensive.
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it almost cost you the presidency but he never blamed nbc. she is blaming the exposure of the communications about what she did and the exposure about using a server that reflects on her judgment. and then her chief of staff takes these emails home i think 29 of which end up being top secret, confidential, just came out a couple weeks ago. well, if all of this didn't come out at the same time, she is the one that put comey in that spot to begin with. steve: if the election were held on october 27th she would
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and she came out and said she didn't have a server ant didn't have more than one device. turned out all of that was false. people didn't trust her. they didn't like the remarks on the bus but they did like how candid and honest it was. brian brine she had no theme for her presidency. if you read the book shattered, the recent example, citing hundreds of sources. she had no theme. she didn't know if she was bill clinton's third term or barack obama's third term or what she stood for. she didn't have introductory president. steve: she didn't have a message. donald trump had a message, the wall, we know that now. new analysis i heard in this morning the problem was her base did not turn out and trump's did. in fact, it says two thirds, 70% of the reason she lost the high number of obama voters who wound up voting for trump.
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ainsley: it was interesting, too, white women did not vote for her. brian: college educated. ainsley: as a woman, of course, people are all for a woman being president or at least most people are. it's just got to be the right woman. and most didn't think she was. lead us know what you think. we were talking about this downstairs. why do you think she lost? we will see your emails on this and read later in the show. brian: somebody who never loses abby huntsman. abby: always a winner. are you getting tired of winning? so tired of winning. aren't we all. happy wednesday. i do want to start with a fox news alert. two chicago police officers targeted and shot in yet another deliberate attack on the badge. police confirming three persons of interest now being questioned. the manhunt is still very active. [radioactivity] shots fired islam shots fired! >> chilling sound of one
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officer's voice just moments after two cars drove off the side firing indiscriminately. both officers are expected to survive. vowing to take on syria and north korea together. the two world leaders speaking on the phone for the first time since u.s. missiles blew up a syrian air base last month. >> it was a very constructive call that two presidents had. very, very wholesome call. detailed exchanges. we will see where we go from here. >> president trump and putin also agreed to meet face to face in july at the g-20 summit in germany. police bracing for riots today as the doj is expected to announce no federal charges against police officers in the fatal shooting of a black man. alton sterling was shot and killed by two baton rouge cops last july after he appeared to reach for a gun during a confrontation with police. officers responding to calls sterling with threatening someone. his death sparking protests across baton rouge. and those are your headlines
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this morning. i will be back shortly. steve: you will. ainsley: thanks, abby. violence breaking out in progressive protests around the world. silence from m med. is the left's silence trying to cut down conservative speech. eric erickson weighing in on that next. brain brian paying library fine too stressful for college students. now one of our nation's top universities is taking action to fix this horrible problem for those kids. ainsley: another reason it's great to be an adult. no library finesç ♪ go your own way ♪ you can call it ♪ so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine,
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♪ ♪ brian: violence breaking out in progressive may days around the world. resounding lack of coverage on the violence monday night. in his recent op-ed next guest says through violence and threats of violence the left would prefer we all shut up. those who disagree will be harassed, off the airways, are these protesters using violence to silence free speech. the media's refusal to cover it making it complicit. author of resurgent eric erickson. why would they take pictures story being told off the major networks. >> because it's not conservatives doing it.
3:18 am
since it's their side doing it and much the med does identify with the so-called resistance and sympathetic to it they cover it up. these are people giving awards to first amendment journalists asking donald trump tough questions. they completely ignore conservatives shut out of speaking engagements across the country. brian: take a look at how abc did no minutes. nbc 17 seconds. cbs swing and a miss. we look at the way they covered that can you imagine if this was, i guess, tea party protests from six years ago and they resulted in violence and the burning of police officers like the ones in europe, what would the coverage be like. >> we know, for example, back in 2009 during the august recess meetings seven arrests. all union members except for one much the med played up the arrests and down played the fact they were union members and tried to connect them to tea party activists. whenever there is violence they come out and hoping to get racist coverage or violent coverage of tea party activists when the
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left goes on riots and burns down a starbucks they would prefer not to report it. brian: although i was the elliptical yesterday i was watching all three networks two of the three led with hillary clinton's explanation about how she lost. are they missing the story? where was the mitt romney declaration that he was with the resistance? john mccain with the resistance, al gore with the resistance? no, they faded away because they lost. >> the democrats have left to come to terms with hillary clinton losing. they can't. there is a psychological break right now with reality on the democratic side as to why she lost. the fact of the matter is she didn't campaign in wink. she completely wrote off a large swath of the country. when her husband pointed out they need to go after these voters her campaign manager ignored him. brian: true. the fact is, too, she says it's very tough to be the third term after two terms in the same party. tell that george bush 41. i don't think that was that much of an issue. she had 240 electoral votes
3:20 am
when she got theç nomination she wenjh backwards. >> right. this is the problem. how bad was hillary clinton she won the popular vote and lost the electoral college larger margin than anybody who won the popular vote and still lost. she got california but couldn't got a whole swath of people incapable of relating to. brian: worse things to happen for democrats is for her to not go away. do you agree? >> i think second worse thing is for chelsea to start being the next candidate. britain brian she is getting a lot of awards these days. she might be on the on deck circle. we will see. i know she likes to tweet. eric erickson congratulations on "the resurgent" now up and running. >> thank you. brian: can we trust the polls now? hillary clinton strategist and bill clinton strategist says no. in honoring a hero, the viral moments you won't want to miss right here: [chanting]
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[cheers] . .
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♪ ♪ ainsley: quick headlines for you serious threat against americans. driving force behind electronics ban. mike mccaul says the feds have specific and credible information about terror plots when they made that call back in march. the ban on large electronics and carry-on luggage applies from certain flights from the middle east and north africa bound for the united states. lawmakers working hard to continue the massive va overhaul. the senate veterans affairs committee set to unveil a new bill speeding up the appeals process from five years to less than one year for our veterans. steve? steve: thanks, ainsley. the trump administration with
3:25 am
a reminder about polls. >> i hate to tell you. >> polls actually suggest. >> the same polls that said he was going to loads and he won? hang on. >> these polls are rigged. [laughter] >> they were rigged. steve: we now know the polls were wrong about the election. but are they wrong about the president's approval ratings right now? our next guest says so and he is an expert at this. he is a former clinton strategist. joining success mark pence, president of the sagwell group answered owns the harris poll. mark, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> mainstream media in the runup to the first 100 days talked a lot about donald trump's approval rating and it was low. but you say that number is just not right. >> well, look, i think educated consumers of polls have to be pretty careful in reading polls. during the election season, they are likely voters. they now switch to u.s. adults. steve: what's the difference? >> adults are anybody living in the united states. citizen, registered to vote or not.
3:26 am
steve: a lot of people who don't vote then. >> very different. if did you go back and say do these polls represent the american electorate? i say do simple math. they all show about 95% of trump support holding. he got 46%. that means that's 43% right there. steve: gotcha. >> about 10% of the remaining. that's 5 or 6%. that puts his approval rating really about 48% when you talk about the american electorate as turned out last fall. steve: that is interesting. also, you say the way during this campaign this past campaign the way the pollsters asked the questions, that the narrative about donald trump always seemed to be pejoratively how do you feel about the muslim ban? well, you know, when you call it that, everybody is against something like that, you write. >> well, as i say the whole value of polls is understanding what you don't understand. the most important thing is questions that look at both
3:27 am
sides of message or issues. what do people think about sanctuary cities for example? most people think it does not make sense. what do they think about the wall? most people don't think it makes sense to have a wall. you have to understand both sides most of the time a lot of the trump issues, rhetoric are never even polled. if you are sitting in new york or los angeles or washington and you are reading those polls, you would never understand what he was tapping into. steve: okay. so why didn't they ask those questions? >> it's a mystery to me. i put together the harvard harris poll. doing 2,000 interviews every month. and we look at things from both sides. we saw there were a lot of problems on healthcare. he has a lot of promise on tax reform plan. tremendous amount of support for tax reform in the country right now. steve: i think we have got that poll and put it up on the screen so folks at home can see what you are talking about right now. 44.
3:28 am
ununfavorable 51%. 5% no opinion. >> 48% job approval. country is still divided. i think that's a realistic assessment where the electorate is. it's not add bad as people think. nobody neither him or the democrats have crossed 50% yet. that's what they should be fighting for. steve: what do you think his approval rating is right now given the fact that you have access to all this data. >> i place it around 48%. i think he is about where he was on election day. slightly 2 points because there were a lot of libertarian votes. people talk about the popular vote republicans took the national congressional vote and 6,000 libertarian votes as well. he hasn't crossed 50 and the democrats haven't crossed 50 either. steve: sounds like the way you describe things, if pollsters want to get it right in the future they should look at what they did wrong the past time because there is a lot of it. >> look at what they did wrong. a lot of pollsters got it
3:29 am
close by election day. but in their own imreptions, interpretations because they didn't ask the question about the trump message, issues, border security, tax relief, jobs, trade, immigration from his perspective, they missed the real story and the real electoral phenomenon we saw among working class voters. steve: all interesting stuff. mark penn we thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that? email us at meanwhile late night stephen colbert goes on a vulgar rant about our president. >> you have more people marching against you than cancer. the only thing your mouth is good for is being vladimir putin's [bleep] holster. steve: oh my. now after a nationwide backlash, will there be an apology. we will tell what you we know on this wednesday morning. and some snowflakes, perhaps too stressed out about overdue library fines. now one of our nation's top universities is taking action to fix that problem.
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♪ you're still my sunshine ♪ ♪ steal my sunshine ♪
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brian: here we go. no doubt about it the king of late night these days is stephen colbert it happened three months ago when he started opening up his verbal arsenal on president trump. not the way johnny carson did. certainly not steve allen or jack parr or jay leno but just flat out killing him almost in teary eyed on show time special his ratings began to rise. he overcame "the tonight show." steve: although now it looks like jimmy fallon is doing better in the demo. here's the story today. it's on the cover of the "new york post."
3:34 am
i for an there is cbs. we played for you yesterday where president trump caught off john dickerson doing off interview with his sunday morning chat show. and stephen colbert has apparently gone to the defense of mr. dickerson in a 12-minute rant that is he a comedian. the big question is this funny when you take on the president of the united states in this way? >> mr. trump, you're presidency, i love your presidency. i call it disgrace the nation. he doesn't stand by anything except the dressing room door at miss u.s.a. pageants. let me read this presidential briefing. yeah, i'm the president i got the briefing right here. you attract more skin heads than free rogaine. have you more people marching against you than cancer. the only thing your mouth is good for is being vice president's [bleep] holster. ainsley: president trump said
3:35 am
when he was in that interview i call your show deface the nation. that's why cbs was mad. the executives probably went to him and said you need to defend our channel. you need to defend our network. brian: i don't think so, ainsley. ainsley: you don't think so? >> i watched it. steve: that's what he does. brian: he does it every night. this is very severe but it's not very different from what he d ainsley: it's extremely disrespectful. brian: it's vulgar. ainsley: it's very disrespectful. it's the president of the united states. even if you didn't like him or vote for him. come on, it's the president. aren't we all americans? steve: ari fleischer started out in case you thought the dialogue in our country couldn't get worse or more crude it's awful. let us know what you think email us, tweet us or facebook us at "fox & friends." brian: jimmy fallon is closing the gap. when he saw what stephen colbert was doing he changed all his dialogue thes. 95% of what he said is ripping donald trump in order to get the wind back.
3:36 am
demo league until the fans react nothing is going to stop stephen colbert because he was on a respirator until he found out that he could beat up on donald trump in a severe way and his ratings soared. nothing is going to change. ainsley: what if hillary clinton had won and did he this about hillary clinton? how would that work out for him? >> brian: he wouldn't. steve: i don't know that he would do that to her and that's the point. brian: he almost cried when hillary clinton lost. ainsley: is he going to say i'm a comedian and say anything i want. that's not funny. that wasn't a comedy routine. brian: maybe we are missing it. steve: let us know at one of our friends is here with headlines. abby: i want to take to you a fox news alert. this coming into the newsroom. the u.s. air force firing as long as range missile test in one week as tensions run high with north korea. brand new video just coming in to our newsroom as i said as the unarmed nuclear capable missile is blasted from a california air base overnight. it's expected to splash down in the pacific more than
3:37 am
4,000 miles offshore. on friday north korea launched yet another ballistic missile furthest can a lating tensions in that region. and stop what you are doing and watch this dramatic video of a plane plunging into the ground exploding into a huge fireball. drivers on a busy road in washington state watching the chain of events unfold in horror. the plane first hitting power lines then a traffic pole sending sparks flying before a mushroom cloud of flames filled the air. incredibly no one was hurt. authorities say engine problems caused that terrifying crash. one of the nation's top universities gets rid of overdue library book fines because they say it stresses students out. harvard library releasing a statement saying this in part we have witnessed firsthand the stress that overdue fines can cause. eliminating overdue fines should help students focus on their scholarship rather than worrying about renewed library books every 28 days. students were paying 50 cents every day the book was late.
3:38 am
aren't they supposed to be preparing for the real world. 64-year-old air force veteran beat out over 1200 nominees nationwide for that title. look at him. the new town pennsylvania man receiving the news to the cheers of hundreds of students. >> what a surprise. i'm so overwhelmed. and i just can't believe that had t. happened. >> he does all this stuff. and he does it with a smile on his face. abby: believe it or not, he knows the names of all 850 students. obviously so well deserved. how great is that? steve: that is awesome. abby: makes your morning to see that see you soon. steve: thank you. as is the tradition at "fox & friends" on an intern final day they get to do the weather, the sports, and kyle mckee who is behind janice who is a very tall young man it's his last day and doing the weather. brian: is he a college associate. janice: yes.
3:39 am
has brian been nice to you, kyle? >> everyone has been so nice. janice: that's not even in the prompter. he just said everyone has been so nice. do you know what brian typically takes in his coffee in the morning? >> oh, jeesh. steve: bailey's. >> milk and sugar. janice: two. take a look at the maps and show you the temperatures across the u.s. there you go. there are some temperatures right now. what do you see? >> so we have got 54 in raleigh. 61 in atlanta. 73 in tampa. 66 in new orleans. over on the west coast, 64 in l.a. 58 in san francisco. 55 in seattle. midwest 70 in dallas. 75 in houston. janice: so far. so good. let's take a look at the radar. >> we have got some rain moving to the east coast. kansas city being pummeled right now so east coast watch out rain headed your way. janice: let's look at the future radar and see we will zoom in to the midwest where we have the potential for
3:40 am
flooding today, kyle. but then our future radar what's that going to show? >> storms moving into the northeast and they are going to dissipate around, you know, virginia, pennsylvania, eastern virginia, getting pummeled right now. but future forecast. janice: looks good. you have even got the hand gestures. >> i do. janice: can you go up to the green screen. you are hired, kyle. >> oh my god. janice: do you want to be a. >> i go to fordham university. i want to be a producer some day and move on air. janice: brian kilmeade might retire some day. >> some day. janice: sorry, brian. good job, kyle. everybody give a round of applause for kyle. [cheers] ainsley: great job, kyle. you are so nice too. we wish you all the best. steve: lucky we have had a great crop of college associates. meanwhile president trump vowing to take the 9th circuit all the way to the supreme
3:41 am
court after they blocked his immigration orders. arkansas senator dan sullivan calls it fast food justice. and he joins us live next. brian: and jam packed show. we've got straight ahead ed henry. mick mulvaney and tucker carlson. i don't know which is which. ♪ i can see obstacles in my way. ♪ dark clouds that had me blind ♪ it's going to be a bright ♪ bright ♪ bright ♪ sunshiny day ♪ going to be a bright ♪ kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life.
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♪ steve: we have got some quick wednesday morning headlines for you right now. first up incredible video shows the moment a stranded surfer is rescued after holding on to surf board for 32 hours. crews searching the water for hours eventually plucking the
3:45 am
man to safety 13 miles off the coast of scotland. authorities say his wet suit probably saved his life. and another life saved as an officer leaps into a lake to rescue a drowning toddler. steve: oh my goodness. the topeka, kansas officer quickly pulling the boy from safety. the boy wandered away from his house and police were looking for him. wound up there in that pond. good news this morning the boy is okay and that cop is a hero. all right, ainsley. ainsley: yes, he is the president is fired up about the ninth circuit of appeals taking to twitter to save. this first the ninth circuit rules against the ban and now rules against sanctuary cities. both ridiculous rulings. see you in the supreme court. the ninth circuit terrible record of being overturned close to 80%.
3:46 am
they used to call this judge shopping. messy system. brian: now says senators have a plan to help fix the issue seen in the u.s. largest court of appeals split into two different circuits. will this work? one of those senators got experience with this very district. senator dan sullivan who was a clerk. there is a there a way out for the ninth district besides breaking it up? >> well, look, i think, you know, brian, when you go in front of the u.s. supreme court, above the entrance is a saying that says equal justice under law. and if you are one of five americans, one of five, who are covered by the jurisdiction of the ninth circuit, you don't get that you get delayed decisions and often sloppy legal reasoning and we think breaking the circuit up, splitting it up so it's not so huge, unwe wouldy is long overdue and that's what my bill would do. ainsley: it is a huge district, the largest one. what do you and senator danes want to do. what does the bill say?
3:47 am
how would you divide it? >> the bill would make it so the circus would be split. california, hawaii, and the american territories would be their own circuit and the rest of the nine states in the ninth circuit would be their own circuits. the reason this is so important, ainsley is, that the court is so big and as you mentioned, i was a law clerk on the ninth circuit for a great judge 20 years ago judge klein if he would, conservative judge in fair banks, alaska. it's so big they have undertaken these what i call fast food justice procedural shortcuts that no other court uses, no other court in the country, and it produces these decisions that as you mentioned get overturned by the supreme court. when i was a clerk, 27 out of 28 cases that went in front of the u.s. supreme court were overturned. brian: there is two issues that donald trump paid the price for. of course the six nation ban. they said no, that's not constitutional. you cannot take six nations and give them extreme vetting. and the other thing they had a
3:48 am
problem with is when he wanted to crack down on sanctuary cities and deny them federal funds because they are not adhering to the law. and these are brutal losses and guess what? it turns out the protests came from people within from district attorneys within that court system. so it's a big victory for democrats. ainsley: how does everything end up going to the ninth circuit? >> i think as you guys mentioned earlier, sometimes attorneys forum shop. but, again, what we are focused on is access to justice. so whether you are a democrat or republican, you should not want the people that you represent to be in a circuit that, let's say, is 40% in terms of the delays, 40% longer to get justice for your constituents. and, again, these fast food procedural shortcuts, no other courts use because it's so big because it's so unwe wouldy and you get these decisions that you are talking about. ainsley: are you going to be
3:49 am
able to do this because the dems are saying you are trying to tip the courts in your favor, in the conservatives' favor. >> this is a real key issue. this is not a radical idea. if you look at the history of our republic every time a court gets too big the congress acts to split the circuit and give more access to justice for americans. so, there has been commissions. there has been supreme court justices for decades now that have said the ninth circuit is too big. we need to split it. we think we have the strong arguments. we have the president's support and we are hopeful to get it done this congress. brian: you are going to need eight democrats. do you have that? >> not yet but we are working on it because we think the arguments in terms of equal access to justice, whether you are from california to alaska are very compelling. brian: senator dan sullivan, thank you very much from alaska. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you, senator. brian: all right, coming up straight ahead, the opioid epidemic exploding nationwide. up next the brand new medical break through that could actually cure the addiction. ainsley: wow.
3:50 am
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ainsley: as opioid use continues to plague america, one company is offering hope if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. california based biocorrects
3:54 am
is using a revolutionary technique to combat addiction. it is truly amazing. joining us now to explain how this all works is biocorrect ceo, his name is brady granye. thank you so much for being here. how does this work. >> drexel has been around for a long time. approved since 1985. oral and injectable form. blocks the receptors in the brain that give that you craving. it attaches to those opioid reseptemberrers. block cravings for alcoholism and block certain evenings of alcoholism and opioid abuse. ainsley: if it's been around for so long why are we just finding out about it? >> people didn't take it last four to six hours in a pill form. decide whether i want to take this or best friend or drug of choice. cut to today many sustain release forms injected or implanted that takes away that compliance issue. now because of the opioid epidemic as well we are
3:55 am
searching for answers and solutions. ainsley: it really works? not addicted anymore? there is no cure to this. >> no cure to addiction. chronic disease of the brain it is a disease. that's a debate. a disease of the brain so needs to be managed. this is just a tool to help someone get through the rough patch of those physical cravings or actually protect them from overdose as well while they go through psychosocial treatment causes of the addiction. not a cure. just another tool in the tool kit very effective one. ainsley: brady, i know you brought a video for us to see. for the folks at home how it works. >> implant implanted in the lower right quadrant. ainsley: does it hurt. >> relatively painless. inserted in a few hours and a few hour-to-hour later the medication starts making its way into the blood system and it can stop -- people report that after two to three hours they stop craving alcohol and the effects of opioid abuse. ainsley: how long does it work?
3:56 am
>> there is various implants in the market. this will last several months. it varies from patient to patient. we like to say it lasts typically long enough to get through a lot of psychosocial treatment so that person can have a better chance at long term sobriety by dealing with the underlying causes. again, this is just a tool to help you get through the rough patch. ainsley: how much does it cost. >> some insurance is starting to pay for it that's why we need a lot of help it really does work. it ranges from coast to coast, depending on the treatment provided. they are incident grating this into their own program. we like to say it's probably a third or a half of the cost of a traditional 30-day stay in a rehab for a program that last as year. ainsley: if you want to do inject it to she how it works. >> injectable on the market approved for quite a few years. it's a once a month injectable. we are also developing our own version of that injectable called right now. preclinical development and waiting for the f.d.a. to respond to it. ainsley: we're out of time i want to say name for the drug.
3:57 am
>> what's the name of it. >> naltrexon. ainsley: thank you so much. you are saving lives, jobs, families, it's awesome: ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> i think the president is frustrated with the fact that he negotiated in good faith with the democrats and they went out to try to spike the football and make him look bad. >> i congratulated donald trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. >> well, i'm now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance. [applause] >> there is a psychological break right now with reality on the democratic side as to why she lost. >> air force firing second long range missile test in one week as pension tensions run high with north korea. >> major airlines turbulence on capitol hill. >> two police officers ambushed when gunmen pull up beside their squad car and open fire. >> make no mistake we are going to catch them.
4:01 am
>> they represent not only the future of our air force, skilled, dedication, loyalty and patriotism represent the very best of america. ♪ i've been taking care of business ♪ everyday ♪ taking care of business ♪ every way ♪ we've been taking care of business steve: what are we up to about day 105 for president trump live from his house. got a feeling he is up and at them already. thank you very much for joining us, ladies and gentlemen. it's "fox & friends" live from studio e. the number one cable morning news show in the world. brian: it's great. the president works from home. steve: he does. brian: when he gets up he just goes downstairs. steve: kind of a super home office. ainsley: kind of like you. this is where you live. brian: i might as well. ainsley: come to brian's house to do work every day. this is not actually sixth avenue we are out on liflted in brian's house. brian: ring doorbell. ainsley: i saw a commercial for and i thought of you. brian: absolutely.
4:02 am
steve: somebody falling asleep at work once was tucker carlson. ainsley: what? steve: tucker once fell asleep on the set. ainsley: in the middle of the show? steve: it's a long time ago. >> darn youtube. those things just live on forever. steve: tucker, let's talk a little bit about what's going on down in washington. the republicans and democrats are talking about the big budget bill. sounds like it's going to get passed later this week. it's gigantic. a lot of republicans are steamed because it doesn't look like there is much swamp draining there. >> that's right. steve: meantime the democrats are saying we have got a really good deal. so we were wondering what your observation is regarding that. >> oh, i thought you were going to play a tape. steve: almost sounded like a good set up for sunday bite. >> not clear blat strategy is why they would want to brag about it i think they are right. millions of americans voted for the current president in the hopes of repealing and replacing obamacare and building a wall, among other things, those aren't in this.
4:03 am
and democrats, the leadership as you know are bragging that they're not. you know, we didn't fund the wall. it does raise the question is the republican leadership on the same page policy wise as the president? why didn't this happen? i mean, you know, the election was just six months ago not even, and you would think legislative victories consistent with the campaign platform of the president. brian: right. >> they are not. somehow the minority in the congress, the democrats seem to be driving the agenda. at least that's the way it looks from the outside. why exactly is that happen is the question. brian: i have a different take. do we have time? steve: i will throw to a sound bite. brian: okay. good. tucker, i believe that the actually the republicans made it clear yesterday and the more of my research reveals through my staffers that they actually did get a lot in this deal. and maybe the democrats got a little bit more than a minority should get. but they had no interesting communicating what they got. there was no movement to say we got this for defense.
4:04 am
wgot 1.5 million for border security. they have got to learn this. to get the word out is actually as important as doing things. >> you are absolutely right. you do need to explain and sell your program it is a democracy. the communications part isn't just p.r. it's more than that it's building consensus and support for what you're doing. so, yeah. i think that's absolutely right. all of this is so complex, budget negotiations that sometimes it's really hard, you know, for the average person following at home, for me to know exactly what's in it. ainsley: you bring up an excellent point it is p.r. 101. whoever comes out first and starts to take credit for it that's the one that the media or the rest of the public. brian: do you like my point, too? steve: it was really good. ainsley: let's talk about something that our viewers are really fired up about. fire colbert is trending nationally after the comedian made some pretty distasteful comments about our president. listen to this and then we
4:05 am
will talk about it. >> mr. trump, your presidency, i love your presidency. i call it disgrace the nation. he doesn't stand by anything except the dressing room door, miss u.s.a. pageant. let me read this presidential briefing. yeah, i got the president. i got the briefing right here. you attract more skin heads than free rogaine. you have more people marching against you than cancer. the only thing your mouth is good for is being vladimir putin's [bleep] holster. ainsley: what do you think funny or disrespectful? >> well, i mean it's not really comedy. it's something else. i mean, this is what happens when you start off at the very beginning even before the election comparing someone to hitler. where do you go from there? do you know what i mean? how much more radical can you get? no more subtly this is primal scream and distressing thing about it is his numbers have risen as he has become more intensely political and less funny. it shows that the left right now is really just completely
4:06 am
out of control. completely out of control. looking for just the emotional reward of hearing someone express hate rather than tell jokes. what's the effect on comedy by the way after a while? there is not even a pretense. i think colbert is a talented guy and funny guy. this is not showing any of it. it's just i hate you basically repeated over and over. who would want to watch that? people do though. steve: tucker, two years ago, if a conservative comic had said that about president obama, what would have happened to them. >> there would probably be a justice department investigation. that would be hate speech which the left is always telling us is not protected by the first amendment. and, you know, there would be, of course, an advertiser boycott and the person out immediately. the problem is when you decide you can't be unfair to someone, that there is nothing you can say that's out of bounds and you can't go too far and the left has decided that about president trump. brian: right. >> there is really no limit at all on what you say or do. i mean, how long before
4:07 am
somebody just gets up there and starts threatening violence. i'm not saying colbert is going to do that. that's the direction it's moving. obviously. ainsley: he does have the right to say what he wants and you can change the channel, too. >> i absolutely. i would never contest anyone's right to say a political opinion. things are really changing this is not comedy as we understand it this is not normal late night television. the intensity of the left right now, i think, is scary. again, where is this going? where are we going to be six months from now? brian: think about this. johnny carson was actually friends with the reagans. he would mock president reagan for seven years. he would somewhat balance it out. if you look on the left between schumer and nancy pelosi and hillary's come back you could go after aggressively in a creative way the president. obviously there is a lot there still, at the same time, not take off 48% of the country by going after the other side. and makes you think, you know, i'm going to look forward to the monologue. the whole country used to look
4:08 am
forward to johnny carson's monologue. are you telling me the country is looking forward to that monologue? >> some people are. that's the thing. 3 million people a night are looking forward to that here's the question though. what would happen if jay leno came back or johnny carson came back and did a kind of bipartisan light political take like they did for decades? they would be immediately denounced by their piers in the business as collaborators with trump. brian: like when jimmy fallon asked questions of trump and let him talk, he was vilified for months. >> exactly. there is enormous peer pressure on these guys to just go as far as they can and, again, you just sort of wonder where we are going to be a year from now. how can you get more intense than this? i don't really want to find out. do you? steve: oh, man. great points. let's go out to the west coast. we know it is impossible for conservative speaker to appear at the university of california at berkeley. just given the fact that ann
4:09 am
coulter was cancelled and the melee with milo. meanwhile berkeley plans to fight left wing violence, tucker, with laughter yoga, singing and bubbles. because this went out from the town. envision wavy grave bubbles singing laughter, yoga ache pella, buddhist peace meditation, fencing with sponge noodles, edwin set up the empathy tent. how about a volleyball game in the middle of the park and/or a square dance? will code pink please bring peace symbol cookie tolls pass out and daises as well? so that is from the city of berkeley volunteer commissioner fee buy ann sorgen. this just made me sad. i grew up in california in the 70's where people did things like this. that was a different kind of liberal. they are describing the parking lot at a dead show where people are selling ty
4:10 am
dies and avocado sandwiches. getting high. that's easy to mock. i always did. i always will. that's not the profile of the person throwing rocks through windows at berkeley or shutting down conserving speakers. these people aren't liberals. they are north going to be moved by yoga or sponge sword fights, they are absolutely authoritarian. they are committed to violence. they want to crush you by force and drive you out of the public square. these are not kind of smelly furry peaceful liberals that we grew up with at all. totally different variety. so they're not going to participate in any of that stuff. it's like a joke, actually. brian: if someone was losing their temper in the protest, that might be something that you address, but this is scripted violence put together and organized. they even dress the part before doing it. many of which aren't even students there. >> well, exactly. the whole thing watching this makes you really miss the kind of dopey give peace a chance liberals. at least they were interested in peace, i guess. or at least they were sort of passive.
4:11 am
this is a completely -- completely different group. these are grandchildren of those people. brian: you are not on for a while. will you wear this outfit tonight? >> are you kidding? waste not, want not. do you know what it cost to dry clean a shirt, brian? brian: so the answer is yes. >> yes, it is emphatically. brian: we did break news. steve: i think. so tucker we will be watching you 13 hours from right now. >> i will be right here. steve: thank you, sir. ainsley: thank you. congratulations on your success, tucker: you are the best. brian: i guess we are just here, steve. steve: 7:11 in new york city. abby huntsman has the news today and we start with a fox news alert. abby: we do start with a fox news alert. straight to that fox news alert. the manhunt is still very active at this hour for the taro police officers.
4:12 am
abby: chilling sound of one officer's voice after being am burned in cruiser. three now being questioned. brothers in blue vowing to bring the gunmen to justice. >> no mistake about it we are going to catch them. we are going to get these individuals responsible. abby: good news is both officers are expected to survive. also breaking right now three servicemen hurt and 8 afghans are dead after a car bomb explodes steps away from the u.s. ambassador in afghanistan. a homicide bomber taking aim at naval convoy at the rush of height hour. showing cars completely destroyed. nearly 30 civilians were hurt in that blast. isis claiming responsibility for the attack. all americans are expected to survive. president trump and russia's vladimir putin vowing to take on syria and north korea together. the two world leaders speaking on the phone for the very
4:13 am
first time since missiles blew up a syrian air base last month. >> very constructive call that the two presidents had. very, very wholesome call. a lot of detailed exchanges. we will see where we go from here. abby: president trump and putin also agreed to meet face to face in july at the g-20 summit in germany. those are your headlines. good update for just so much unsettlement going on now. at least they're talking. steve: there is a lot of news. abby: a lot of news. i'll be back soon. ainsley: thanks, abby. brian: hillary clinton says she takes full responsibility for losing the election and then she said. this had the election been on october 27th i would be your president. i'm now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance. [applause] brian: the white house already firing back. ed henry weighs in from washington next. steve: plus an entire university put on lockdown claims gunman on campus. you will never guess what the so-called weapon turned out to be
4:14 am
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4:18 am
>> i take full responsibility. i was the candidate. i was the person who was on the ballot and i am very aware but i was on the way to winning until the combination of jim comey's letter on october 28th and russian wikileaks raised doubt in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off. steve: okay there have you got hillary clinton coming out of the woods for the afternoon and still playing the blame game for why she lost last november. ainsley: chief national correspondent ed henry is here to weigh in on this. ed, you probably watched the whole thing like we all did. what was your reaction? >> what about that part where she said i'm very aware. i don't know what that means i'm aware that i lost after six months have you finally come to terms with that? i mean, what's really baffling is how she says i take personal responsibility but then basically. brian: doesn't. >> blames the kitchen sink.
4:19 am
it was james comey. it was wikileaks. it was the russians. remember, have you got this book out "shattered" have all these clinton advisors saying the problem was she didn't have a clear message. then you had the "the washington post" a couple of days ago come out with democratic focus groups privately conducted in battleground states where they are saying well, there was a message but hillary clinton was too pro-wall street and too rich and that back fired obama voters went to donald trump. then what's fascinating is over the past weekend had you vice president biden saying it's because of her gender. that's why she lost. he was in new hampshire saying that you know what? hillary clinton said the same thing. watch. >> were you a victim of misogyny? why do you think you lost the majority of the white female vote? >> well, you know, the book is coming out in the fall. [laughter] >> just to give you a tiny little preview, yes. i do think it played a role. >> the president responding on twitter you see kellyanne
4:20 am
conway say wait a second. here is all these excuses but what about you ignored wisconsin. you called us deplorables irredeemable. all of the money you had and no message. you lost to a better candidate. that from a woman in the white house. so a little burn and sij there from kellyanne conway, guys. ainsley: i guess her message there is you are still blaming it on everyone else and missing the point. you are the lied about having one device and about the server. deplorable and middle america. >> didn't show up in wink. you sore right, ainsley. at another point what i was stunned by hillary clinton said you know what in the debates were awful, too. our own chris wallace was there asked great questions. she claimed falsely, yesterday, that they never asked me about jobs. we checked the transcript. the first debate with lester holt, the first question went to hillary clinton, it was about jobs. she was asked about it. ainsley: ed, i think she was referring they never asked donald trump about jobs. but they did.
4:21 am
he asked her the question and then asked donald trump the question. >> both sides had a chance, exactly. steve: they did. ed, thank you very much. what's going on on capitol hill with that big budget bill? management and budget joins us next or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy... this is big. a chance to live longer with opdivo (nivolumab). opdivo demonstrated longer life and is the most prescribed immunotherapy for these patients. opdivo significantly increased the chance of living longer versus chemotherapy. opdivo works with your immune system. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work. this may happen any time during or after treatment has ended, and may become serious and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you experience new or worsening cough; chest pain; shortness of breath;
4:22 am
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the shlike a bald penguin. how do i look? [ laughing ] show me the billboard music awards.
4:24 am
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4:25 am
in on the freebies until may 19th. that's my mom's birthday. next, 10. that's how much months fox news has been the most watched cable network in a row. not just talking about news, all of cable. "fox & friends" on track to our v. our best year in the program's history. ainsley: woo hooh. brian: john, that was a loud scream. ainsley? ainsley: our viewers are the best. thank you all. thealings exciting news. she is known as the conservative plinch and millenn. sending shock waves with tough talk. this time she takes aim at blinking college students. >> since when did college become a place ship their kids off to be indoctrinated and brainwashed. since when did geaugas stop teaching critical thinking. getting their feelings hurt than preparing them for real life. because here's the deal college students, there are no safe spaces in real life.
4:26 am
there is no room in the real world for perpetually hurt feelings. ainsley: joining me now is the author of the conservative millennial blog alli beth stucky. good morning. good to have you on the show again. >> goo good morning, ainsley. thanks for having me. ainsley: why did you feel the need to post that blog? >> unfortunately this kind of oversensitivity is happening all over the country. we have students, for example, at pamona college truth is racist and free speech is oppressive. students at uc davis who think that the american flag is offensive. and we are seeing these perpetually hurt feelings all over the country and the scary part about it is that you can't reason with these social justice warrior college students not because they have a good argument but because they don't have one. because their protests and riots are largely based on feelings and on a subjective interpretation of what's right and wrong. and in so doing, they are donning the same refuse righteous bigotry that they
4:27 am
actually condemn conservatives for having. they are becoming the totalitarian fascists that use physical violence to shut down violent speech. and it's extremely hard for me to understand how they don't see their own hypocrisy and their stance. ainsley: did you go to college with some people that did believe that, they were very in touch with their feelings and what was the problem? were their parents setting them up for failure? is it the college's problem? >> you know, i think it's probably more the college's problem. in my experience, when i was in college there was also an election that happened in 2012, there weren't riots, there weren't protests there was no one who wanted to skip class and go to safe space the next day because we bucked up and said this is reality. unfortunately, colleges aren't in touch with reality anymore. we have professors who are indoctrineating students into believing that safe spaces actually exist. and the essential question that colleges now have to ask themselves in 2017, unfortunately is: are we a
4:28 am
preschool or are we a center for higher education? ainsley: good point. >> if we are a preschool then by all means let us sit in a circle and hold hands and sing consume by yaw and not say anything that afends or challenges anyone but in preschool fashion what you are going to generate is intellectual 5-year-olds who believe that safe spaces exist and here's the news for you college students, safe spaces don't exist in the real world. the only safe space that exists in the real world is your mom's basement. if you want to go there, that's perfectly fine. don't drag the rest of the generation down with you. ainsley: what was your reaction to berkeley? now they are saying have laughing yoga and fencing with noodles that kids swim with in the swimming pool. bubbles. and harvard doing away with the late fees for library books because kids can't manage their library books and they are racking up all these bills. >> oh so, stressful. it's almost like we are supposed to be challenging students to think for themselves.
4:29 am
but, unfortunately that is not what is happening. college is supposed to be a place of actually intellectual danger where your presuppositions should be under attack and the best ideas should win. that's how you create innovation. that's how you actually progress. it's completely regressive to take students back to a time where consequences didn't exist. ainsley: alli beth stucky, thanks for joining us this morning. have a great day. >> thank you. ainsley: democrats taking budget deal as an opportunity to gloat. mick mulvaney the director of management and budget is going to join us next. reports of a weapon put entire college campus on lockdown. it wasn't the case actually. you are not going to believe what the student was actually carrying that they called a weapon. ♪ all right now ♪ baby, it's all right now ♪ i know i know ♪ all right now
4:30 am
♪ baby it's all [ male announcer ] imagine what you wear every day
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4:33 am
>> hillary clinton today said she is very aware of the short falls of her campaign that caused her to lose the election. specifically short falls michigan and short falls wisconsin. [laughter] steve: funny stuff. meanwhile, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are claiming victory on the upcoming government spending bill vote. but did democrats have another plan? >> they wanted a shutdown. we know that. they were desperate to make this administration look like we couldn't function like we couldn't govern. brian: a sign of things to come? joining us now is mick mulvaney the director of the office of management and budget. seeing how the democrats reacted after this budget c.r. was going to be signed going to be signed officially today, does that make you rethink how you are going to communicate when things like this are done in the future? they seem to have beaten you to the punch?
4:34 am
>> yes. it absolutely does. i was -- that anger that you saw yesterday, not anger maybe that determination. brian: passion? >> passion, thank you very much. my wife strikes it as being mean and nasty but i will take passion. that was real. i have never been in a negotiation with another party where they walked out of the negotiating room and ran to the press and told everybody how badly they had mistreated the other side. that was actually quite stunning to me. so maybe i still have a little bit of my my nast naive left. steve: people in your own party, there are a number of conservatives who have looked at this and from what they have seen in the news reportage they have gone, you know what? there is not just much of donald trump's agenda in it. there is not much swamp draining so far. and that disappoints and
4:35 am
frustrates them. brian: one of them is rush limbaugh in terms of priorities that's my job that's what the budget director does. can i tell you the entire omb and the west wing, oval office very excited about the money we did get for the president's priorities yesterday. keep in mind, $21 billion for the military. additional money for border security. we can talk about the wall here in a second. more money for school choice. did i an interview with y'all in new york a couple of months ago when the budget came out. and what were our priorities at that time? more money the defense, for money for the border and school choice. if you go down the list what the president has been talking about since he got elected we got those priorities funded yesterday. steve: okay, mick, explain the money for the wall the democrats are saying and some of the big newspapers down in washington are saying there is specific language in the bill that says you can't use the money to build the wall. the wall you were showing yesterday, was that a replacement for what's already there. >> yeah. actually the language in the bill says you can't use bring
4:36 am
and mortar for new wall. i wish i had my picture here today. the picture i showed yesterday was this 20-foot high steel, what they call a bollard wall. prefer wall of choice for general kelly. what the border patrol folks want. most effective type of wall they have. safest they have to work with and the one that's the most cost effective to build. steve: there is more money in there. >> there is some 350 odd million dollars to build that type of wall here in just the next five months. ainsley: people are saying that congress is so divided. the president said yesterday we brought lawmakers together from both sides of the aisle. but you can't really win if you listen to the democrats because the democrats are saying we passed the budget bill and we are going to take credit for it if you hadn't passed the budget bill the government would have shut down and blamed republicans for that. >> listen, that's the big untold secret here is we knew going in to this that the biggest democrat win would have been a shutdown. they were desperate to show
4:37 am
like i said in the clip as you came into the segment, they were desperate to show we couldn't govern. desperate to show we were unreasonable people had made a bad choice in president trump. what we're hearing today everybody recognizes today is he cut a really good deal. he worked with democrats because we have, to we need 60 votes in the senate to do. this people forget that. we do need democrats. we had to work with them. he did. he kept the government functioning did he so in a reasonable fashion. yet, he was still able to get money for his top priorities that is a good deal and that's what the president delivered yesterday. brian: right. two republicans came out senator corker and senator mccain and said they didn't like the fact the president tweeted out is he going to shut down the government. maybe what the government needs is a shutdown in september. you also said that wouldn't be a bad idea. who is right? >> i think the president and i are right on that as much as i enjoy senators corker and mccain. no, i think what the president actually said is this town might need a good shut down to help fix it he might be right about that i think what he is speaking to there is. this every couple of months we
4:38 am
have a discussion about a shut down. have discussion about omnibus bill the 1600 page monstrosity. that's not the way washington is supposed to work. the appropriations process. the power of the purse process we used to learn about in school that hasn't stungs functioned here for at least a decade. we need to get back to that so that the house and the senate pass 12 separate smaller funding bills that people can look and see and participate in in the creation of. we have moved away from that i think that's what the president was talking about yesterday. steve: isn't that dictated by the house and that the leadership? i mean, have you got republicans in charge, you would think that would be an easy fix. >> yeah. and it works in the house. in fact, i fully expect that for the 2018 budget process which will start now that 17 was put to bed this week. you will see the house pass some really good republican centric funding bills in the house. and everything will break down in the senate because they have the filibuster rules or they have to have 60 votes over there. i think you saw the president talk about that yesterday. maybe something we need to look at going forward is whether or not those filibuster rules need to be tweaked on appropriations
4:39 am
bills. brian: headline in the "the washington post" is the g.o.p. healthcare bill on shaky ground as it tries to get passed the house. and it a lot of it has to do with preexisting conditions moderates and other republicans like fred upton says i'm not buying into this. he is a powerful guy. where are they at with this? because the president seems to have a different take on preexisting conditions and what's guaranteed in this bill and what's not with this mcarthur amendment that allows states to opt out. >> and what i heard this morning driving into work that mr. upton will be offering an amendment, i think today, that will tweak the funding in such a fashion that may bring the moderates over. so you may be seeing a break through this morning on the healthcare bill on the hill and you may see a vote, i don't know, as early as saturday. steve: but right now you don't have the votes. >> that's a really good question. i think it's really really close. it's hard pressed if i were the speaker of the house and i'm not. by the way i'm thankful i'm not it's a miserable job. i would probably go to the floor because it is that close. brian: you would go to the
4:40 am
floor for a vote? >> oh, yeah. ainsley: "new york times" says this morning the failure to get the repeal bill to vote this week would be the third time that speaker paul ryan could not rally his considerable house majority around the legislative priority that republicans have promised for seven years. so who is to blame here? is it the speaker? >> i think there is some -- this one do i have a little bit of insight on because i was in the house for six years. there is some deep seeded divisions within the house republican conference that predate paul ryan's speakership. conservatives feel marginalized on one hand and the moderates feel like the conservatives get too much attention on the other hand. conservative, for example, are shut out many of the best committees. there is all sorts of internal discussions about the dues that you have to pay to the nrcc. this is way down in the weeds and i'm sure i just put half of your audience to sleep. the truth of the matter is there is structural deficiencies within the house. i do think it's up to mr. ryan, the speaker, to fix it but those are not easily done. brian: jimmy kimmel had heart breaking monologue where he
4:41 am
talked about his son and born with a heart condition. he said the way the republican plan looks, the indications are that, you know, if he didn't have money, he would not be able to get the healthcare he needed. and people are making -- putting a direct line this what you guys are working on. opting out of preexisting conditions coverage would cause people like jimmy kimmel's son to not survive. what is your reaction to that? >> we always -- i saw the clip, it was very emotional. i have 17-year-old triplets now. when they were born they were all in the neonatal intensive care units for weeks. i have seen the agility of having a premature baby or sick baby. everybody i think agrees with jimmy kimmel. we have enough money in this country to provide care for those types of folks. i don't think the logical conclusion is oh by the way the republicans are going to kick these people off of healthcare. that's not the point. the point behind the state waiver program is the state governments know how to treat
4:42 am
children like the kimmel baby better than the federal government does. one size fits all washington somehow we magically get smarter when we come here from back home that's not true. if we give more control to the states they can figure out a way to best provide for children like mr. kimmel's baby. ainsley: with or without healthcare, would that ever happen? would a high school actually allow a baby not to have a heart surgery that they need so -- >> -- no. >> they will survive. >> we have had care for that for a long time. i used to be on a small hospital board in lancaster county, south carolina, and one of our largest line items is what we called charity care. care the hospital did for folks that didn't have coverage because it's the right thing to do. steve: mick mulvaney you have a busy day at the white house. thanks for dropping by "fox & friends." >> thanks, y'all. ainsley: nice to see you. like the y'all from south carolina. steve: 17-year-old triplets. man o man. he does have his hands full. ainsley: tough early years. failed diplomacy against north
4:43 am
korea. the white house keeping all options on the table. michael waltz is here to break down the military strategy. brian: and an american hero. the viral moment you won't want to miss. [chanting] [cheers and applause] mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months.
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our 18 year old wase army in an accident.'98. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life. r. ainsley: some quick headlines for you. autopsy results show u.s. marine veteran and girlfriend strangled in b b b in belize. bodies found dirt road i sugar cane field. he was enlisted in the marines after 9/11 and served several tours in iraq. been in belize since september and due to arrive home in atlanta on friday.
4:47 am
school wide lockdown after a student carrying glue gun. investigation is now underway at colgate university after someone reported a black man with a gun on campus. it turns out that student was working on an art project. colgate's president says that they will review the role of implicit racial bias in the incident's reporting and response. steve? steve: all right, ainsley. thank you. with tensions growing between the united states and north korea, president trump is not ruling out military action. but what would that major, major conflict, as the president referred to it look like. here to break it down former green bray commander and author of attorney mining call waltz and fox news contributor. >> good morning. steve: good to have you. we have north and south korea. what's stunning is how close seoul is to the dmz. >> so have you 26 million people in seoul.
4:48 am
roughly double the size of manhattan within artillery range of north korea. where typically the north koreans have pushed down over 20 to 30,000 artillery pieces down along this dmz border. aro. >> right along there. a number of them can hit. can you imagine artillery flying in to manhattan and starting to impact a city the size of seoul. that's key to the military planning. steve: because it's only 35 miles away? >> that's right. steve: let's take a look. they have been waiting for this day for 50 years. >> that's right. steve: in our column, the good thing is a lot of their equipment right here is 50 years old. >> that's right. it's absolutely obsolete. how this thing would roll out if diplomatic option fails and north koreans continue to march toward intercontinental ballistic missile or shorter range strike japan and south korea. first you would see our
4:49 am
stealth capability come, in b 2 bombers, f-22 fighter goes after the north korean regime. try to decapitate right here in pyongyang. steve: this depicts all of their assets. >> that's right. steve: meanwhile these are our assets in south korea? >> you will see that stealth capability penetrate their air defenses which, again, they have been building up for 50 years. they can't detect our stealth bombers, try to take out the leader himself. try to take out his key commanders. take out that air defense capability and his nuclear capability. i'm confident we can do that. that will be followed by hundreds of cruise missiles between our submarines, the carl vinson, the destroyers and at the same time cyber attacks, covert attacks, special operations attacks. steve: so that's what we would do. >> that's what we would do. steve: what about china over here? what are they going to do? the president would like some help from them. >> that's right. i think before the chinese respond, then i'm worried about the day after. if we don't get all of their mobile missiles and we don't get the leader himself, you're
4:50 am
going to see that artillery start deploying against all of our folks along the border here, which is the majority where our troops are located over 30,000 u.s. troops and then start firing on seoul. steve: it's got and got to be clean. >> that's absolutely right. you can also see we have 40,000 troops down in japan in the seventh fleet. can you see missiles starting to hit down at our air bases and our naval bases there. at that point, we could take the regime down or does a protracted warren sue and that's where you will see the chinese involved. if we have a collapse of the north korean state, then that's a real problem with 25 million starving north koreans. steve: no kidding. colonel, thank you very much for laying it all out. making it easy to understand. straight ahead. they say laughter is the best medicine but sometimes it's music ♪ for i ♪ can't help ♪
4:51 am
steve: the viral video of the veterinarian singing to a nervous puppy on his lap about to go in to surgery. carley shimkus about that and the other trending headlines for this wednesday morning ♪ don't you know that ♪ you're some kind of wonderful ♪ than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper dry mouth can affect how your mouth feels and how you feel. discover act dry mouth, specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. and try new act dry mouth spray for relief when you need it. and try new act dry mouth spray there's nothing more than my so when i need to book a hotel room,
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♪ ♪ for i ♪ can't help ♪ falling in love with you ♪ ainsley: that's the song i sang to hayden when i was on maternity leave. i love that moment. the viral moment going viral, obviously. that is serenading that dog
4:55 am
before she heads into surgery. brian: fox news headline reporter 24/7 reporter carley shimkus does not like this at all. why, carley? >> that's a gift to the ladies. not only sea talented and vet he is also pretty good-looking too. steve: not looking at the dog. that was the guy. >> part of the reason why this is going viral. guy who plays a guitar so attractive. ainsley: so many people are sharing this video. >> marriage proposals start flooding in 3, 2, 1. i agree with you there, greg. lynn writes beautiful, small kindness, huge difference. doctors take a lesson. steve: who knew dogs loved elvis? >> the dog was falling asleep on his lap. ainsley: that's why guys get dogs. if you walk in central park. there are guys out there. no wedding rings. they have their dogs. every girl is going to come up to you and say that's the cutest dog. >> i have to say that doctor did not have a wedding ring on his finger i did check it out. brian: that's not why steve
4:56 am
and i got dogs. okay? ainsley: just got go of them. >> another amazing moment going viral online 66-year-old air force veteran named 2017 janitor of the year in this national contest. he actually secured a record-breaking amount of votes. look at him right there. he is treated like a rock star. isn't that amazing. is he a janitor in buck county, pennsylvania. here is what he won. this is amazing. he brings his uniform in on veterans day every single year and talks to children about his service and each year he gives plants that he grows personally to the entire staff and student body. and he also knows the name of all 850 students. steve: that's unbelievable. >> i just love the reaction from the kids. i mean, that must have brought tears to his eyes. ainsley: it did. it did, actually. i played one of the sound bites earlier. >> got a little choked up. great for him. steve: thank you. brian: 24/7, 115.
4:57 am
ainsley: huge hour. andy brady from texas. wayne allyn root. brian: six years after the u.s. hunted down bin laden could the u.s. be stronger than ever? rob o'neill weighs in next hour ♪ and it was life in the fast lane kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. come close, come close. fun in art class. i like that. [ music stops suddenly ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve can stop pain for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill.
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thank you. ♪ come on everybody. you can't quit, neither should your pain reliever. stay all day strong with 12 hour aleve.
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brian: one of the people more talented than me. ainsley: one of many people. he is only one more talented than you. than you. . ainsley: when is he coming to new york? can three of us go? steve: if he watching, be part
5:02 am
of our friday concert series, please. steve: receiving word, october 4th, madison square guarden. we're going. ainsley: october 4th. put that own your calendar. ainsley: we'll not work on oktoberfest. steve: that is not my imaginary friend. there is big fight in washington, d.c., over who, republicans and democrats are winning budget battle. looks like a vote later this week. to the average conservative you look at it, doesn't look like according to early news reports there is much swamp draining, that president got much stuff. after that observation made clear, what are you talking about? democrats are spiking the ball. we got a lot ofç stuff in the deal. brian: have to do a better job
5:03 am
communicating. president did it in the rose garden. mick mulvaney did it in press conference to further clarify what the cr actually included. >> big untold secret here we you knew going into this the biggest democrat win would have been a shutdown. they were desperate to show that we couldn't govern. that we were unreasonable, people made bad choice in president trump. everybody recognizes the fact he cut a really good deal. he worked with democrats because we have to. we need 60 votes in the senate. people forget that he had to work with them. he did. he kept the government running in reasonable fashion. yet he was able to get money for his top priorities. that is a good deal. that is what the president delivered yesterday. steve: he made very clear there are and millions of dollars to build a wall. not the brick-and-mortar wall, you about a steel and fence wall there. is money, despite with we heard in the past.
5:04 am
keep in mind, there is 17 pages long. most people on capitol hill have not. ainsley: the government did not shut down. republicans he prevented from shut down, if it had shut down, democrats would have said oh, my gosh, the government shut down the government. if it passes democrats say we take all the credit for it and we got everything they wanted. brian: said they said there was no money for funding obamacare. there was health care money but not to save obamacare. yesterday hillary clinton, who president obama was certain would be president and continue his legacy, wasn't and yet she is still coming to grips why she lost. had her own analysis and self-introspection, as much as she says she takes the blame for the loss, the more you hear her talk she doesn't take blame for the loss. steve: she says if the election would have been october 27th, i would have been the president.
5:05 am
here is hillary uptown. >> i take absolute responsibility. i was the candidate. i was the person on the ballot. i was on the way of winning until combination of jim comey's letter on october 28th, and russian wikileaks raised doubts in the mind of people who were inclined to vote for me and got scared off. ainsley: a lot of people are saying thank goodness everything came out after october 27th, whatever the date was, that is when america learned she had a secret server. she lied at the u.n. press conference, she didn't have secret server. only one device. she mad more devices. she can blame comey and blame wikileaks. that was a result of her wrongdoing. she had a secret server and wasn't supposed to have that. brian: give you two quotes from
5:06 am
shattered. one speechwriter said it was unholy mess, tangled lines of priorities and petty jealousies. nobody was in charge. that is indication what kind of president she would have been had she won. steve: you're discounting narrative right now, you're discounting the fact that donald trump had better message. he will do something about our sovereignty as a nation, with the borders, with immigration and with jobs be jobs, jobs. somebody with a job with donald trump is kellyanne conway. after she heard what hillary rodham clinton said. she tweeted this. ignored wisconsin, called us deplorable, slash irredeemable. had oodles of cash with a no message, lost to a better candidate from, a woman in the white house. ainsley: didn't even campaign in wisconsin and michigan and ohio voted to donald trump. he got out to the people. i don't think people trusted
5:07 am
her, as female i listened to her yesterday. refreshing to see her. i'm glad she came out of the woods. i wanted to hear interview. i watched the whole thing. i think it is great to hear from her. i'm glad she is out. brian: really? ainsley: i want to support her as a woman, but i don't trust her. she lied. you don't know what. brian: tradition is out the window. mitt romney lost did a few interviews. when al gore lost did a few interviews. john mccain went back to work. steve: mitt romney first time we saw him was line at costco. brian: he didn't walk out say i should have won, could have won, i was right about russia. never said that. so bizarre to see her still making excuse, i will be part of the resistance. so i will be part of the problem. ainsley: she wants to sell her book. i write about it in the book. you have to read about it when you come out in the fall. steve: want to know what you thought. donna on email machine, wrote for me, it was her own actions
5:08 am
revealed she was never fully focused on america during the four years as secretary of state. ainsley: pat emailed, hillary lost because she failed to appeal to the forgotten, dwindling middle class, american worker, president trump might be rich but he is a hard worker. brian: josh said this, she lost simply because the american people are tired of lying politicians, not seeing any results. ainsley: yeah. brian: so far you see as mark penn told us earlier, a clinton pollster for years, the people that voted for donald trump, 96 back their vote, would have voted the same way today. rasmussen has approval at 41%. steve: mark penn was here because he wrote an op ed for "the hill" newspaper down in washington, d.c., talking when you see donald trump's approval ratings, and they're in the low 40s or upper 30s or something like that, they're wrong. because the pollsters have not really figured out how to poll america regarding trump.
5:09 am
the narrative even the pollsters is biased towards democrats. ainsley: rest of america, middle america, those folks are tired of elitists, they're tired of new yorkers and l.a. trying to tell them how to live their lives. we're trying to put food on the table. maybe hopefully send our kids to he related to the american people that way. steve: do the american people relate to this? this is stephen colbert, he host as show on cbs. the headline, eye for an eye. he is holding a roll of toilet paper there. you will see that in 12, he talked for 12 minutes last night, went on a rant about the president of the united states after he dissed john dickerson earlier in the week when he did a little tour of the oval office. ainsley: called "face the nation" deface the nation. steve: he did. anyway this sound bite has a lot of people up in arms today. listen. >> mr. trump, your presidency, i love your presidency. i call it disgrace the nation. he didn't stand by anything except the dressing room door at
5:10 am
miss usa pageant. read the presidential briefing. i got the briefing right here. you attracter more skinheads than free rogaine. you have more people marching against you than cancer. only thing your mouth is food for is being vladmir putin's pole [bleep] pollster. brian: i'm all for come moodians. are you comfortable with a late night host on major network talking like that? i don't see the humor there, even though everyone in the audience was laughing. i want to bring this up for cbs to be angry at this white house, john dickerson spent the whole day with him. flew with the event to him. flew back. toured the oval office. on monday morning, you know where cbs morning show was in the east room for three hours. talked to everyone except the president because he spent the whole day with his sunday show host. why does the president, donald trump deserve that type of treatment from a late night host when he gave the network much different treatment. ainsley: he doesn't. colbert, he is democrat, he is
5:11 am
comedian, he hates donald trump. most of these democrats are doing, going -- congress. they're going after every single thing the president ran on. they don't want to pass. no compromise. brian: not traditional late night. ainsley: extremely disrespectful. my mouth was open couldn't believe he was saying that about the president of the united states. steve: we talked to tucker carlson asked him if conservative comedian had said that about president obama what would have happened? tucker had these observations. >> this is what happens when you start off at the very beginning even before the election comparing someone to hitler. where do you kind of go from there? the distressing thing about it, his numbers risen as he becomes more intensely political and less funny. it shows that the left right now is really just completely out of control, completely out of control. things are really changing. this is not comedy as we understand it. this is not normal late-night
5:12 am
television, intensity of the left right now i think is scary. where is this going? where are we going to be six months from now? brian: same attitude with of people with stocking caps throwing bike racks through windows? colbert has been february 3rd. but the gap is closing. he only beat jimmy fallon by 6thousand viewers. 2.7, 2.6 this week. ainsley: country is divided. people didn't vote for the president. brian: telling 48%. country, watch something else. ainsley: he has a right to say what he wants, freedom of the press, or freedom of speech and you have the right to change channel not watch his show. what is the hashtag? fire colbert is trending. steve: washington is polarized. so apparently late-night tv. tweet us or facebook us. ainsley: incredible video of a plane crashing near a busy
5:13 am
highway, bursting into the a massive fireball. steve: whoa! ainsley: miraculously everyone survived. brian: that is incredible. steve: president trump making a push to overhaul the tack system. >> will be much easier to get approved than health care. steve: we'll see how easy that push will be with house ways and committee chairman, kevin brady. talking to brian. coming up next. ♪ then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica.
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♪ >> it's moving along very well. we'll be much easier i believe. it is a major tax cut for the middle class. it is a major tax cut for small businesses and businesses generally. it will be tremendous job producer. i think it will be much easier to get approved than health care. brian: wow, president trump still pushing forward for tax reform, after unveiling his plan the biggest tax cut in history but where exactly do we stand
5:18 am
getting congress on board for this? here is the to weigh in chairman of ways and means committee, congressman kevin brady. congressman, i right now i imagine all your attention is on tax reform. your ice on the right to see if republicans can come up with a repeal and replace plan out of the house, right? >> really is. we need to repeal rand replace and deliver on our promise. boy, there is a trillion dollars of tax hikes we cut in that repeal bill that really is important to getting the economy going and clearing the way for tax reform. so that is why i think, look i'm optimistic, about where we're going to get. we have to get this repeal done. brian: you have to get it to the senate to see what it looks like. back to the house and conference. a lot to go. how fast can you go if you don't know what you're doing for health care? are you plodding along waiting for the numbers to roll? >> no. but that is a great question. we've been running a parallel
5:19 am
path on tax reform since the election. trump team is engaged on every step. the best news last week, when people were paying attention to president trump's principle, what they may have missed the president will work with the house and senate to get on one page with one approach on tax reform and move it forward this year. this is for americans, this was the first time in 30 years you have seen that commitment from the president, the house and senate. brian: in terms of messaging, i saw bill mcgurn of "the wall street journal" column today, republicans are making a mistake. talking about tax cuts and allow democrats to say only for the rich instead of talking about prosperity for the american people and messaging does matter. >> this is about growing jobs and growing paychecks in a big way. we go bolder than that. so us did the president. the concept most americans could file their taxes on a postcard is really exciting, and, the thought that we could leapfrog
5:20 am
america from 31st in the world in competitiveness in that top 3 and stay there. which means we're the best place on the planet, for that next new company or job. that is even bolder. that is where the president wants to go as well. brian: somehow you need revenue in the short term to not run up the deficit. one would be the border tax. one would be a gas tax. are you for either? >> so, border adjustability is a very key principle because it says for the first time, all products will be taxed equally in america. we take the made in america tax off our products. so going forward there won't be huge tax breaks for foreign products over made in america. that is really critical. so at the end of the day here is my point. if we want the greatest growth for greatest number of years, which we all do, tax reform needs to be bold, needs to be balanced in the budget, needs to be permanent. brian: chairman, exciting times in washington. thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: remember when president obama made these claims?
5:21 am
>> al qaeda is on the run, osama bin laden is dead. brian: six years later is al qaeda really on the run? we'll ask the man from see team six, rob o'neill, next. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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the shlike a bald penguin. how do i look? [ laughing ] show me the billboard music awards.
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show me top artist. show me the top hot 100 artist. they give awards for being hot and 100 years old? we'll take 2! [ laughing ] xfinity x1 gives you exclusive access to the best of the billboard music awards just by using your voice. the billboard music awards. sunday, may 21st eight seven central only on abc. ainsley: we're back with a fox news alert. breaking new details in a targeted attack on two chicago officers. a police source telling fox news the gunmen of two deadly rival gangs turning at each other before turning their the officers. >> shots fired. shots fired. shots fired. ainsley: chilling call for help, you can hear how viciously the officers were attacked.
5:25 am
both are expected to survive. one female suspect is in custody and very active manhunt is still underway. also breaking right now, three american servicemen are hurt and at 11 people are dead after a bomb explodes steps away from the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. a military source telling fox news, a bomber pretended to be construction worker taking aim at a nato conso i at the height of rush hour. isis claiming responsibility for that attack. all americansed are expected to be okay. steve over to you. steve: thank you very much, abby. remember when former president obama said this. >> because of the sacrifice of our brave men and women the war in iraq is ending. al qaeda is on the run and osama bin laden is dead. steve: six years after usama bin laden is dead, al qaeda boasts groups around the world s the
5:26 am
group more powerful than ever? joining us the man to called osama bin laden. rob o'neill. >> thanks for having me. steve: one of the things we're noticing me, state department issued a travel alert for all of europe, highlighting the terror threats during the summer travel season. they're trying to scare us. obviously the terrorists are. the state department is saying they're out there and you should be worried about. >> they're doing the right thing. we don't need to worry about it, but you need to be aware of it. a lot of this radical extremism reached parts of europe. you saw the attacks in westminster and france and parts of europe. the terrorists necessarily haven't gone anywhere. there is a definitely a threat. i wouldn't discourage people to travel to europe but i say be afraid or aware of what you're doing. be your own best friend. look around. steve: we've seen maps, we had one up where al qaeda's influence is.
5:27 am
we've also seen maps where isis is located and it looks like their territory is diminishing. which means if the isis land is getting smaller, they're going to have to go somewhere and worry is here. >> they are moving somewhere. with help from our coalition partners we moved, we taken out places, not taken out raqqa, syria yet, which is their defacto capital, leadership from isis moved out of there. we took a lot of their major places so they are moving. it is interesting, because al qaeda and isis are talking about talking. steve: teaming up? >> they might team up because same ideology. even ayman al-zawahiri said the jihadis need to get together against westerners and alawites and shiites, invaders basically. steve: al qaeda has always been good at hiding. you've been in your career finding them in hiding. >> yes.
5:28 am
steve: how do we find them? >> they you call them fronts. they have thousands of fighters already in syria. they're smarter about it. they're better not attacking turkey, because turkey is gateway to the west. waiting for larger attack where isis calling for people not to come to the caliphate, stay where you are. use a knife or a vehicle, which we've seen them do, both most of the time. al qaeda they can lull you into a sense of complacency. that is where they get you. they want the big attack. steve: they do. al qaeda is historically the big attack. they love it when it is gigantic and a lot of bloodshed unfortunately. to your point, it could be a guy with a knife.ç it could be afy with a car. we've seen sadly over the last year. >> that is what they want too. that is why threats are put out. be careful where you go. steve: it is so easy. >> it is very easy. proves the point not the gun that is the problem, it is intent. it is radicalization of form of islam. big problem in a lot of places. it is spreading too.
5:29 am
the caliphate might be shrinking but the jihad is growing. it is spreading into india. spreading into southern asia. steve: why the state department wants you to be careful. >> always be careful. steve: rob owe neil, his brand new book, "the operator." >> one of operators. life of the operator. thank you, steve. steve: ahead, incredible video. dash-cam video. holy cow, look at that! a plane crashing near a busy highway. a massive fireball. everybody survived. how is that possible? we'll tell you the story behind that plane after it hit the power line. the economy making a comeback under the new administration as businesses become more optimistic. former labor secretary nominee andy puzder, what needs to happen to keep that up. ♪ nd green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo.
5:30 am
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♪ >> i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i tell you that. [applause] steve: that is what he said about a year ago. former nominee for secretary of labor, former chief executive officer of cke restaurants, member of the job creators networks andy puzder joins us from nashville. >> good morning. steve: 105 days into the added administration but is president trump the best jobs creator? >> he has done a very spectacular job in that respect. if you look at the unemployment numbers, unemployment rate numbers for february, for example, for march, we createdded 472,000 more people were employed. 326,000 fewer people were unemployed. 200,000 fewer people had part-time jobs.
5:34 am
which means he is creating full-time jobs. the labor participation rate didn't go down. unemployment rate did. the first two months have been very good. we didn't have a great job creation number in march but, but every other number was wonderful. he has done a very good job so far. brian: andy, why is growth so small? it was .7%? how does that make sense. maybe from your level you could break it down for us? >> you have to remember, in the comparable report for president obama in march of, in april of 2009 was negative gdp growth of 6.1%. nobody blamed president obama for that and they shouldn't have. that was a carry overfrom the bush era. the same thing with president trump. this .7 of a percent. this isn't his number. this is carryover from the prior administration. by the end of the first quarter he had only been in office for 80 days. he wasn't in office for the first quarter. we need to get capital investment going.
5:35 am
that is what is holding us back. capital investment and consumer spending were down. capitalç investment and will go up if we have a tax plan that encourages capital investment which is what president proposed. consumer spending goes up. our tax plan does that, and we need to repeal and replace obamacare. because the increase in premiums will take money out of consumers hands. he is doing what he needs to do to get economic growth happening you but it will not happen in the first 80 to 100 days. steve: andy, you know regarding the health care plan, the president, his hands are tied. he can only do so much. up on capitol hill, you have a number of republicans, right now, they don't have the votes to pass it. so it looks like they might bring it up again and it might get voted down again. >> republicans better come together to learn how to govern. they have been making promises to the american people for seven years. if they can't get it together and govern, we'll see a big
5:36 am
change in the house in 2018. i'm very supportive of republicans but very disappointed we can't come -- back when obama care was passed, you don't think joe manchin and bernie sanders both thought that was the best possible plan you could come up with to reform health care. they didn't. but they did understand this was the plan they had. they came together as a team. they both voted for it. republicans need to come together. we need to get a bill passed. we need to unify so we can govern. brian: what about speaker pelosi? >> i'm sorry. brian: or it will be speaker pelosi. >> or it will be speaker pelosi, exactly. ainsley: or chuck schumer. they brought lawmakers together from the both sides, talking about the budget bill, that deliver as budget that funds rebuilding of the united states military, makes historic invests in border security. he goes on and on about the good things that happened in the bill. if you listen to the democrats, this is bad thing for the republicans, we got everything we wanted. we're the winners here and they're the losers. >> when you go into a deal as a
5:37 am
business person, let's say there are four things you're negotiating for, point, a, b, c and d you really want points c and d. which would in this case is increase in military spending and border security but you argue like being for point a and b. because you want other side to feel like they left a winner that is exactly what happened here. the president got a deal done which the democrats didn't want to show the republicans couldn't govern. increase in military spending. the lowest number i heard was $15 billion. got it without without increase in domestic spending which was requirement in it obama years. got 12 billion to secure the border. so he got a lot. he got exactly what he wanted. people ignored the fact that he reduced funding for the epa by $81 million. it is back to 2009 levels. brian: that's right. >> they took 250 government problems and consolidated -- brian: they should have said
5:38 am
that yesterday or day before. shouldn't be andy puzder on "fox & friends" at 8:37. why are you against raising minimum wage? as a restaurant guy, working class helped president trump put in office is he working against the working class working against the minimum wage increase? >> i'm really glad you asked that. during this confirmation process my position on that was really distorted. for the last two years i've been trying to get the international franchise seals and restaurant association behind an increase to the minimum wage. we should increase, but shouldn't increase it past the point where it destroys entry level jobs. working class americans need entry level jobs. we can increase it, but talking about $15 an hour, that will kill a lot of jobs. congressional budget office said increase to $10.10 would kill 500,000 jobs. imagine what happens at 15. we should increase it. working people need a raise but not taking jobs away from them
5:39 am
to make it look like we're doing something political which is exactly what the democrats are trying to do. the president should increase it. feds should increase it. states should increase it but not a point hurting people we're trying to help. steve: exactly the point that is a business you know. thanks for joining from us mashville. >> thank you. >> a lot of news, guys. serious an imminent threat against americans. the driving force about the airplane electronics ban, mike mccaul said the feds had specific information about terror plots when they made the call back in march. the ban on large electronics on carry-on luggage applies to the flight from middle east and north africa bound to the u.s. feud between debbie wasserman schultz and bernie sanders got just even hotter. disgraced former dnc chairwoman defending president obama for accepting $400,000 giving a wall street speech, setting a
5:40 am
new double standard on you howe to treat fellow democrats. >> with all due respect on anyone chooses to comment publicly what barack obama, hillary clinton or anyone earns as a member of the private sector, it is just like mnyob. an. none of your business. ainsley: obamas are waiving a 600,000 doll fee on updating community for a plans for library museum out of kindness of their hearts. plane plunging into the ground exploding into a huge fireball. drives watch the chain of events unfold. the plane hitting power lines and a traffic pole sending sparks flying before a mushroom cloud full of names filled the air. incredibly no one was hurt. authorities say engine problems caused that terrifying crash. those are the headlines. out to janice dean for some weather. or you guys. go to you guys. brian: i prefer you toss.
5:41 am
>> janice, toss you to the weather. >> you can do it in unison. steve: three, two, one. janice, dean. >> like a b-minus. we'll try ben in the break. how is it going? it's a beautiful day here in new york city. gorgeous. the sun is out. i mean you're going to need a light jacket. feels like springtime. cooler air though to the north of this boundary that we are watching the potential for these low pressure coming out of the west, ride the boundary, bring potential forç heavy rain and threat for severe weather as well. flooding concerns for parts of oklahoma, kansases missouri and arkansas. here is the setup. here is the future radar. all the gulf moisture getting in on the action. that storm system moves eastward and bring risk for flooding. not only severe threat. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes for the deep south and parts of gulf states. be aware of that. later on today the tornado
5:42 am
threats exist across regions. in louisville, kentucky, kentucky derby is happening you know what? i'm going. i got my hats yesterday. they're big. they will take up most of the camera when i head to the kentucky derby on friday. the temperature is going to be cool. we are expecting rain in the forecast though. ainsley: oh. >> that is okay. i will take rain or know. i have never been to the kentucky derby. it is on the bucket list. i'm so excited. steve: mint julip tastes the same whether sunny or rain any. >> i like your attitude. >> hello. steve: thank you, mr. ed. ainsley: every hat so so pretty. ladies dressed in bright colors. then you might see a horse. steve: it is historic. coming up -- ainsley: made it the centerpiece of his>> i will build a great, t wall, on our southern border and
5:43 am
i will have mexico pay for that wall, mark my words. ainsley: democrats continue to fight the building of the wall. wayne allen root says he has a sure fire way to guaranty it gets funded. brian: rachel cruz is here from the ramsey solution organizations answering your financial questions, if you have any. steve: who doesn't? ♪
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you seek audience. yes, wise man. i'm confident in my credit score... just not about protecting it. confidence is a state of mind. find it in the free creditwise app from capital one. by providing your credit report, and alerts to changes, creditwise can give you credit....wiseness. if that's all, i'd like to get back to my chai tea. don't you mean tai chi? you tell me, greg. you tell me. what's in your wallet? ♪ ainsley: she gives the best financial advice that money can by but this morning for "fox & friends" you viewers it is free. brian: sometimes we get an invoice later on. to answer your questions, ramsey personal financial expert, one of the best, author of, love
5:47 am
your life, not theirs, rachel cruz. >> hey, guice, thanks for having me on. steve: whole bunch of questions. kevin in marylander says i make $45,000 a year. i have $150,000 in student loan debt. holy cow. i can't afford to move out of my parent house. i feel trapped. do you have any advice? what is your advice for kevin. she is taking it worse than kevin. >> kevin, i feel trapped for you. listen, you need a plan. have a plan to move out, even a year from now. may 2018 i'm moving out. that will give you the motivation to get this ball rolling. look to pay off the debt. have a plan for your money. live on a budget, cut expenses with what you can. honestly, 45,000-dollar a years to pay off the debt isn't a lot. you have a really big hole of debt. so i need you to have a bigger shovel. get a second job for short period of time to clean this up. ainsley: we have roughly $42,000 inç debt.
5:48 am
our eight-month-old son was recently gifted $5,000. should we use this to pay off some of our debt and pay it back later on invest the money for him. >> if you take this money from the 8-month-old to pay off the debt, technically you're indebt to the 8-month-old. you're shotting it around. leave the money for 8-month-old and pay off your debt. work off smallest to largest regardless of interest rate. pay of the smallest debt first. ainsley: my son's name peter and your husband paul? >> i was going to say the same analogy. brian: lori in florida says i loaned my sister, i loaned money to my sister which she agreed to pay back in months installments. she said she can't afford to pay me back. she finance ad car. should i just let it go? >> the reason you don't loan friends and family money, it changes the relationship, right? listen, chalk it up as a huge
5:49 am
mistake. let it go. giving that as a gift. financially emotionally, step away. brian: shaking your head. >> it will change the relationship. what you learn this is huge mistake. i advice people give friends and family money, give it to them as a gift, if you financially can. don't loan, you go from two sisters to banker, borrower, everything changes. chalk it up as a mistake. brian: uncle bill, here is $10,000, a loan book. ii want a coupon a month ant pay me back in organized fashion. ainsley: give a sibling a little bit, and gift the other half of the money and teaches them and not enable them? >> if you want a matching program. whatever money give you it to them as a gift, with no strings attached. changes relationship when you go from friends and family to banker and borrower. brian: there is a loan-shark if worse comes to work. steve: rachelle, thank you very much. brian: let me tell you what is coming up straight ahead.
5:50 am
president trump says he will get his wall built. is there a way to go around congress to get it built? wayne alan root says there is plan. he has it next. steve: let's check in with shannon bream what happens on the channel in ten minutes. >> the man in charge of whipping the vote congressman steve scalise joins us live. congresswoman marcia blackburn. what about the spending deal, conservatives say the president got rolled they will not vote for it. we'll talk to senator roy blount about that. in over an hour, fbi director james comey takes the hot seat on capitol hill. we'll take you there live one day after hillary clinton says comey cost her the white house. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax.
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♪ brian: the democrats are bragging the budget doesn't include money to build that wall and they're happy about it. president trump says not so fast. he will get it done beginning in the fall. our next guest says he has another way the president can guarranty he will have the funds for the wall, go to the people. here to explain conservative radio talk show host, author the power of theç relentless, wayne allen root. wayne, what is your plan? >> go to the people. that is how donald trump got elected in first place. he went over the media's head, establishment republicans head, went over liberal democrats head. he talked with the people and resonated with the people. average person and middle class people want the wall. go to the people. go over congress's head. laugh in their face. we don't need congress anymore. remember this number, brian. 63 million. that is how many voted for donald trump. if everyone averages $10 for the
5:55 am
wall. that is 630 million. that is a great start. average $100, 6.3 billion. we can fund the wall without congress. you're halfway there with 100 per person. i give everyone an offer. put in $100. contribute to five owe one 3 c. it is tax deductible. for $100 more get your name on a brick. that part of the highway was cleaned by a certain company, you get publicity. same thing. the average trump voter would do it for their kids, their grandkids. point to the wall and say, daddy, grandpa has a brick. we helped build this wall for donald trump. brian: wayne, do we have an actual site set up? >> it is in the works. i think you might call it root for the wall. [laughter]. because i'm wayne root and i'm rooting for that you wall. which need it. forget about the money. forget about the welfare. forget about the crime. forget about the gang bangers, a lot of we need a wall but the main reason, brian, is that the
5:56 am
country is overflowing with drugs, with heroin, with cocaine. you name the drug, the problem starts a the border. the we have such a drug epidemic in this country. can any liberal say that they want drugs to keep coming across the border? why would anyone be against a wall -- brian: you know the counter argument, doesn't work, not effective around it is ugly. >> yeah, would i say that is ridiculous argument because israel had 10,000 terror attacks a year until the wall was built in israel. once the wall was built, it went from 10,000 the next year to under 100. walls work. by the way, most liberals i know live in grated communities because walls make for good neighbors. brian: root for the wall goes up we'll have you back. we'll talk about how much money you can raise. you never know if the president is watching. wayne allen root, thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: more "fox & friends" in just a moment, don't go away. ve. then the chronic, widespread pain
5:57 am
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>> well, tomorrow breakfast with friends pete hegseth is going to dubuque, iowa. >> is that a sports bar or diner? >> bill: good morning, everybody, we could be in for fireworks on the hill. the f.b.i. director james comey on the hot seat this morning. the likely focus russia and the election. adding fuel to what was already expected to be a fiery hearing new comments from hillary clinton blaming comey in part for her election defeat. that's not all she said. interesting. welcome to wednesday here on "america's newsroom." >> shannon: i'm shannon bream, president trump firing back at clinton saying the f.b.i. is the best thing that ever happened to her. clinton reflected on the election yesterday. did take some of the blame herself but also pointed the finger at comey and russia. listen. >> i was on the way to winning until a combinatio


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