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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 4, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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vote on health care this afternoon. it's on the schedule, we'll see if it happens. of our great beloved constitution. >> shannon: she said it would yet for too long, the federal be tattooed to the gop's government has used the power of warhead. love it or not, we'll find out. the state as a weapon against >> bill: we have to run, have people of faith. a great day everybody. bullying and even punishing see you on friday. americans for following their >> jon: effects news alert. religious elites. it's been happening. a big day in washington. that is why i am signing today, we are waiting on two events that could affect millions of an executive order to defend the americans. the replacement of obamacare and a signing ceremony on religious freedom of religion and speech liberty. welcome to "happening now," i'm in america, the freedoms that we jon scott. wanted, the freedoms that you fought for so long and we will >> melissa: i melissa francis. do it in just a little while great over here. president trump plans to sign an executive order allowing tax-exempt religious organizations to take political positions. house republicans get ready to vote on a republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. vice president pence told antiabortion activists that it's think he all, thank you. time.
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no american should be forced to >> all the promises of obamacare have been broken and tomorrow we choose between the dictates of the federal government and the begin the end of obamacare once and for all. [applause] tenants of their faith. faith leaders explained that they were prevented from from the day obamacare past, it speaking their minds because of was a day of disappointment for the sanctity of life. a 1954 rule known as the johnson hope is finally shining through. amendment. i spoke about it a lot. >> jon: we have live docs team under this rule, if a pastor, coverage. peter doocy is following the vote on capitol hill. we begin with john roberts who priest, or e man speaks of is in new york city with the issues of product -- public or uss intrepid where president trump will meet the political importance, they are australian prime minister later today. threatened with the loss of their tax exempt status. >> good morning to you. president trump will be here today for a speech at 7:30 as a crippling financial punishmen part of a dinner commemorating the 75th anniversary of the punishment. very, very unfair. battle. no longer, i promised to take the intrepid, not part of it. i was the yorktown. action, if i won, i didn't win, here to commemorate the i gave you know promise, that's long-standing ties between two for sure. countries. he will meet with australian if i didn't win, i guess i'd be
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prime minister. gone. i'd be out enjoying my life, i we are waiting for the media to be escorted into the rose garden think, but it would be helping behind the west wing of the you with the johnson amendment. to this end, this financial white house. the president will sign his freedom of speech first amendment and religious threat against the faith freedom executive order. community is over. this is something that religious organizations have been clamoring for, the president promising he was going to do whatever he could during the election campaign. this morning, he will do it. in just a few moments, i will be signing an executive order to this is part of this executive follow through on that pledge order will do. and to prevent the johnson it will further that the admin's amendment from interfering with ration protects vigorously promotes religious liberty. your first amendment rights. you're the people i want to listen to. other people are allowed to tell it will direct the irs to ease me and everybody what to do, i want to hear it from you. so do a lot of other people. enforcement. you are now in a position or you can what you want to say and i for example, your pastor of your local church cannot get up to know you'll only say good and you'll say what's in your heart the pulpit on sunday and say i think you should vote for x, y, and that's what we want from yo or izzy or you should vote you. you are a great, great. against x, y, or z. thank you.
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the johnson amendment is likely this executive order directs the to draw some opposition. he also wants to use obamacare mandates for religious objectors irs, not to unfairly target churches and religious to prevent services. you might remember the case of organizations for political the little sisters group who did speech. not want to provide no one should be censoring sermons or targeting pastors. contraceptive coverage in their medical benefits. this would allow religious organizations, nonprofit organizations, some businesses as well as educational institutions and hospital to not provide based on religious belief. he says it's a first bite at the apple, he expects more to come. i know one thing, it never what religious organizations are not getting from a president that they really wanted was stopped dr. ben carson. something like the religious freedom law that was passed in he said to heck with the johnson indiana, then later challenged in which people who have a amendment. i've been with him and he's done what he is wanted to do. flower shop or something like not everybody will do that, you that would be okay under the law if they do not provide flowers know that right? in america, we do not fear for same-sex marriage. people speaking freely from the the president did not go that far, . pulpit. we embrace it.
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america has a rich tradition of social change, beginning in our it's at least a start. pews and pulpits. perhaps there is no greater example than the historic role of the african-american church >> jon: beautiful day here in new york city and in washington as the ancient forest social as well. john roberts, thank you. progress, sparing our nation to >> melissa: back on the hill, the house is expected to vote on greater justice and equality. the health care bill a few hours from now. we must never infringe on the noble tradition of change from the third attempt, they are now the church and progress from the confident they have the votes. peter doocy is watching it all live on capitol hill. pew. peter? >> we got some intel that the members only meeting of republicans that just let out. if g.o.p. leaders are nervous at all about the american health care vote failing, they sure are not letting on. thank you. i was told that at one point, free speech does not end of the the majority leader, kevin steps of vacant cathedral or mccarthy, was cracking jokes at the front of the room. basilica or any other house of a lot of the members were worship. smiling. they did not show much anxiety we are giving our churches their voices back. throughout. the joke was, let's not make it
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this close if we try to do tax reform next. with this executive order, we also make clear that the federal after the actual web account or government will never, ever the number of republican members that can be counted on to vote penalize any person for they are affirmatively for the hh ca, the religious beliefs. magic number is 216. if they get that, the republicans have their own version of health care on the that is why i am directing the books to go to the senate. the feeling is, before the big department of justice to develop vote, the tally is going to run a lot higher. new rules to ensure these religious protections are a congressman told me he doesn't afforded to all americans. think he will be unanimous, but he thinks most of the party is there are more than 50 religious going to end up voting yes which americans and groups sued and is something completely different than what we've been you've seen that. hearing for the last few days. some other republican members say they seem excited to have for violating their religious the opportunity to vote on their own health care package because freedom. the abuses were widespread. this was item number one, still the abuses were all over. is item number one on the ambitious 200 day plan laid out by republican leadership in ine just one example, people were house and the senate when they took control of the entire forbidden for giving or government.
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i spoke to congresswoman who receiving religious items at a military hospital where our brave service members were being says it's incredibly important to go home to recess, which treated and where they wanted starts with afternoon until constituents that they just did those religious item. something that they have been promising to do throughout this these were great, great people. entire process, they have been able to make it better. these are great soldiers, they wanted those items. they also said it was nice to be able to read a bill that was they were precluded from getting less than 200 pages because as far as these things go, that is them. we know, all too well, the very, very short. attacks against the little it's something no one has been able to read yet. sisters of the poor. the congressional budget office has not had the opportunity to score this bill with all the new amendments on it like the one added yesterday that adds $8 billion for pre-existing incredible nuns who cared for the sick, the elderly, and the condition coverage. forgotten. where are they, by the way? where are they? no one knows how much ed's actually going to end up costing could you stand, sisters? come on up here. or how many people may lose coverage or gain coverage as a come on up. result. back to you. >> melissa: at their predictions have not been so spot on in the past. there is that as well. peter doocy, thank you.
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>> jon: house majority leader, [applause] kevin mccarthy, had this to say. >> daniel hopper had this -- it congratulations. they won a lawsuit, that's very good. that's a good way of doing it. i want you to know that your seemed like the attempts to long ordeal will soon be over. repeal and a place obamacare had died a quick death in the house. are you surprised that they are at this point? it's been a long, hard ordeal. we've all been watching, some of >> yeah, i am a little surprised. you have been very much i will like it was dead just a involved. a lot of us have been watching the news for years. couple of days ago and it miraculously came up and appeared to get some background you had good lawyers? deals and they appear to pass it today in the house. there are still long, long ways to go. where are your lawyers? it will then go to the senate, the senate will likely change stand up. it, pass something, if it passes good job. something, then it will go back and everybody will vote on the new bill once again. do you mind if i use your lawyers? i could use some good lawyers it's a very long process. too. great job. i think, we've been talking about it for a long time, this is the beginning and it will be with this executive order, we are ending the attacks on your
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very difficult. religious liberty and we are this is one of the biggest probably reaffirming america's issues for the next presidential leadership role as a nation that election and the next congressional election, the 2018 protects religious freedom for election. this health care for the everyone. democrats to repeal the. over 60 years ago, the irs when this is a huge deal, there's no after one of the greatest question about it. leaders in history. reverend martin luther king jr. >> jon: the speaker of the house and the president, during it is a sobering reminder of the the campaign season, didn't seem need for vigilance. to have a great love for one another. the words of reverend king and is this assignment those two can other religious leaders have awakened the conscience of work together? paul ryan kept the door open for millions and millions americans. some kind of legislation and the and inspired us to act in the president, especially yesterday, weighed in and twist it if arms. name of peace, justice, freedom, >> very merry welby and charity. every president must work to there was no significant protect, and we have to do this, legislation that passed and a we have no choice to do this, we lot of people, especially trump have absolutely no choice, we supporters were blaming paul ryan, that he wasn't able to get his house in order. have to protect these hard
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fought gains. maybe he will be able to use they have been hard-fought. this and gets momentum in order. they have been fought for so and will think this will last many years to through so many decades, through so many very long, but this could be a centuries and this is a very sign of a new relationship. special day for that reason. when trump won, it looked like that's why we are here today, to he could have moved on from defend the rights of all paul ryan. americans to honor our great we need new leadership and likely he had some within the constitution and to protect the sacred liberties given to us, caucus to be rid of paul ryan, not by any earthly power, but by he didn't do that. he doubled down on paul ryan our creator in heaven. appeared as a consequence, speaker ryan owes president trump, and i think that's the relationship i'd like to thank all of you president trump wanted. >> jon: one of the criticism great, great religious leaders is that nobody knows of this for being with us today. legislation is going to cost. we have some of our political >> imagine if it were the other way around. republicans would go nuts of leaders. democrats were about to pass a piece of legislation that affected a fit of the economy and we didn't know what it cost. they know. today is a very big day. we have a big vote coming up in we are going to find out what it a little while and i thought it cost, it will be sometime after
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was very appropriate that it these people vote on it and turned out to be you folks and they're going to have to support then i have to deal with those politicians, but they're good. it regardless. i will tell you, they work very it's a very risky endeavor. hard and hopefully will have a the only thing they can rely on wonderful day and a wonderful vote and we will take care of a is there are going to be more changes, there will be a lot of lot of people. changes from the obama administration, the health and from this country with their human secretary will be able to health care and their health care needs. we hope to be able to do that and we've all thought very hard make regular changes that to be able to do that. obamacare itself allows or has defined in the law. i want to say to everybody in again, this is such a huge, attendance and everybody in our country and everybody in the world, god bless you and complicated process. in a way, we are at the god bless america. beginning. thank you all very much. surprisingly so. you would think that republicans thank you. come after so long, advocating thank you very much. for repeal that they would have had some sort of replace strategy. to me, it's astonishing that they obviously didn't. >> jon: want to turn your attention to a politician you know well, hillary clinton. >> jon: president trump and the rose garden with a number of the fbi director, james comey, was grilled yesterday by the religious leaders proclaiming the national day of prayer, senate judiciary committee for hosting an event there and also, hours and he reacted to the he is about to sign this suggestion that he impacted the executive order on promoting
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free speech and religious liberty that would allow campaign. political speech from houses of >> this is terrible. and makes me mildly nauseous to think we might have had some worship to go essentially impact on the election, but unpunished. this would be something we honestly, it wouldn't change the should listen in. decision. >> jon: daniel, your thoughts on the pronouncement of the fbi director and the heat that he took, especially from the democratic members of that committee. >> i think it really highlights the perils of nominating someone who is under fbi investigation to be president of the united states. you just don't know it's going [applause] to come about from it and there's always a x factor from a presidential campaign. it reared its head at >> who is getting this pen? inconvenient times were hillary clinton and perhaps the most inconvenient time was very close to election day. in honor of anyway, there is criticism to be dr. martin luther king. directed at james comey. he does make a valid point if you put yourself in his she was,
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this is promoting and the what would you have done given promotion of free speech and this new information? would you keep it quiet and risk religious liberty, that's a big the criticism that would come one. that's as big as it gets, right? from people knowing that you kept it quiet or would you go public with it and he went public with it and maybe it had some sort of impact on the campaign. we'll never exactly know, we won't be able to prove one way or another what happened. it's a very difficult situation when you nominate somebody under fbi investigation. [applause] >> jon: senator feinstein under california, she did and fired the director's claim that if he didn't share the information when he did, that somehow after the election, there would have been all kinds of constructional probes and hearings. thank you very much everybody. listen to her complaint. fantastic to have you, we really >> that argument in my view is appreciate it. very special, these are two baloney because if you have a doubt, and there is reason to very, very special executive have many doubts, you get a orders and we are honored to have everybody here. thank you all. search warrant and you say, we appreciate it. let's see what we had before we go out and indict.
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if they looked at what they had, they'd have to say, there is nothing new. >> jon: a rose garden ceremony we looked at all of this before. for the president to sign the ergo there is no case. religious liberty executive order. as i started to say before, and and then, two days before the election, he came back and essentially said that, but it prevents, would prevent the prosecution or loss of was too late then. >> jon: it was too late. tax-exempt status to any what do you think about that? faith-based organization that >> i don't think that's quite makes political proclamation and right. inside their of worship. comey himself said that the the president and heads to new york a little bit later on today to me with the australian chairman of hillary clinton's prime minister and a big event on board the uss intrepid on the campaign was passing information west side of manhattan. we will see you back here in an to her husband, anthony weiner. hour. "outnumbered" search right now you can argue with that one way or another, sure. i think comey is right. >> sandra: a big test for there is probably no right republicans on capitol hill today where the house right now answer, certainly no perfect is debating. answer and this is what the revamped bill to repeal and happened, this is what he did replace obamacare, i have a and there's a lot of bitterness on the democratic side and a lot vote, expected in the next hour. of excuse making, trying to this may be a nail-biter, but
8:14 am
blame james comey when ultimately, you have to say, republicans believe they can pull out a win and deliver on a this person was under fbi top priority for investigation. president trump. you knew this for months and this is "outnumbered." months and months. i'm sandra smith. you run that risk and this is here today, harris faulkner, one of the consequences. >> jon: as i put it all meghan mccain, former deputy spokesperson for the before, director comey would not state department under have been in a position had president obama, marie harper, and today's #oneluckyguy, the hillary clinton not set up the opinion page editor for private server. "the washington times," charlie hurt is here and he is >> that is the biggest point. outnumbered on a seriously busy that often goes unsaid. news day. comey didn't go there and create let's get started. a server, she did it herself. the magic number, 216. >> jon: thanks very much. that's how many votes republicans need to send the we are awaiting a signing replacement for ceremony in the rose garden at the white house on this national day. religious liberty topping the president's agenda. he will sign an executive order that will protect the taxes and status of religious organizations if they endorse a political candidate. also we are alive on the house floor awaiting that vote on the g.o.p. health care bill. if it passes, the house is expected.
8:15 am
what happens in the senate? we will talk about it next. >> and the business of predicting here, i've been pretty accurate so far, i will predict for you that this will go to the senate and certainly certainly -- ♪
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♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here.
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>> jon: fox news alert, we take you to washington, d.c. the rose garden ceremony where president trump will sign that executive order promoting free speech and religious liberty on this, the national day of praye prayer. that's steven curtis chapman who is offering an opening song. the president will be signing that legislation momentarily and when he does, we'll take you back there live. >> i've been pretty accurate so far. i'll predict for you that this will go to the senate and certainly that we won't see it anymore.
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>> jon: that was alcee hastings of florida saying that even if the g.o.p. health care bill passes in the house, it will be unrecognizable by the time it works its way out of the senate. joining is now, south dakota senator . it is said that senators are not exactly gleeful that the house is sending this legislation over to them. what's your take? >> good morning. actually, we look forward to getting a product from the house that we have a chance to work on in the senate. we think the repealing and replacing obamacare is a big priority for this congress, for this administration, and for the american people who have been suffering under obamacare to the seven years or so. the house is going to act. i suspect there will be able to get the votes necessary to report a bill. that product will come to the senate and the senate has its own process. we will undertake work to try and produce a bill through the senate that we can go to
8:20 am
conference with that in the house or get back to the house and be able to put something on the president's desk. >> jon: not far from your home state is the state of iowa where most of the counties are about to have no insurance coverage at all under obamacare. are you convinced that this legislation will entice insurers to go back to some of these markets what they have abandoned? >> that is certainly what we have to make happen. as you pointed out, there are a lot of states around the country where the insurance markets have literally collapsed and you have these skyrocketing premiums and deductibles and co-pays come out of pocket costs that people are experiencing right now and dwindling choices and options and insurance markets that are in total collapse. something's got to give. we think we can put reforms in place that will create more competition, more choice out there and that will have a positive impact, start bringing
8:21 am
prices down, start getting insurance companies to compete in a market that is functioning and working again. that is ultimately the goal. i think the house legislation, the action that they are taking takes the first step in that direction and hopefully will be able to build on that and the senate. >> jon: it's been a squeaker getting this thing through the house. are you convinced that whatever changes your body makes will be palatable to those house members who are so close to not passing this legislation? >> the legislative process is a lot of give-and-take. of course, we understand the house has a different process and a different composition of their members voting over there. we have a very narrow majority in the senate, 52 votes and we'll have to get at least 50 and vice president pence sitting will have to pass us and get on the president's desk. we want to make sure in the end that we get this right rather than getting it fast.
8:22 am
the senate will take its time and we will look at the house product and look for ways that we can strengthen it and improve it and ultimately get something to the president that will have a desired effect and that's a more competitive insurance market. >> jon: senator, thank you. will be right back. feel less hungry with the natural fiber in clinically... ...proven meta appetite control. from metamucil.
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>> jon: a fox news alert. a little more than two weeks from now, we have learned that president trump will be heading on his first overseas trip as president, heading to riyadh jerusalem and to rome. it is part of the effort to find a long-term fixed to the israeli palestinian problem as well as to try and crackdown on religious extremism and the
8:26 am
muslim world. that just amounts from the white house, the president will be heading to those three nations on his first foreign trip. he will also meet with the pope. >> melissa: a fox news alert as we await a house vote on, a number of moderate republicans will -- were against this bill. they were won over with an amendment to cover americans with pre-existing conditions. >> i talk to the president yesterday afternoon. i told him i cannot support the bill as it was then moving to the rules committee. based on our discussion and the agreement on this amendment, i can now be in a place right can support the bill with such amendment. >> melissa: we are expecting that vote to begin around 1:00 p.m. eastern. let's take a look at the bill with philip klein.
8:27 am
he is also managing editor and columnist to the "washington examiner." thanks so much for joining us. let's start with this most recent amendment. $8 billion in order to pull the cost of those with pre-existing conditions. that is a challenge in health care. they have these expenses and paying for that. you think $8 billion is the right number? >> what's clear is that this isn't the only amount of money. the 8 billion is on top of $130 billion that was allocated in previous variations of the bill. with that said, the $140 billion is earmarked for various differences that states can use it for, stabilizing insurance
8:28 am
markets and covering people with pre-existing conditions. a lot of people say that even with all of it, it's not enough. it's more than $8 billion we should say. >> melissa: do we have any idea what the cost is? that's one of the big questions is trying to figure out if that's a cost we have to pay for, what does that look like? i haven't seen many figures, do you know? >> it's a difficult number to pin down because a lot of people with pre-existing conditions have employer health care right now have of the country gets their insurance through employer health care. you have to estimate how many people would leave their jobs and then go without insurance for a while and then have to be uninsured with a pre-existing condition. another provision of this bill would say that you can't deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions if they maintain continuous coverage.
8:29 am
if you look at people who aren't currently uninsured and who develop a pre-existing condition, that number starts to narrow down. it's always a difficult target. >> melissa: states can ask for waivers to do all kinds of things. that doesn't mean it will be granted, but a lot of critics are pointing to this as a way for them to get out of doing a lot of basic things. what is that -- what do you think of that provision? >> i think that the provision and the way it works as it allows states to wave to big obamacare requirements. one that says you can't charge sick people more, which everyone likes. they want to say we cover people with pre-existing conditions and they don't have to pay anymore. the results of that is it drives
8:30 am
premiums up for everyone else because everyone else has to pay those costs. that's one reason why we're seeing insurers lose money. why were seeing premiums go up. another one is the essential health benefits. obamacare identifies categories of benefits that must be in every insurance policy. again, it's something on the surface, people like, but on the trade-off, if you are a healthy person with low medical costs and needs, you know longer have the choice to buy a cheaper plan that might fit your needs because you have to buy the most expensive plan. and a very comprehensive plan. that's not often talked about in these conversations and the trade-offs involved. what this would do is give states the option of saying we're going to choose lower premiums as opposed to a more
8:31 am
broad comprehensive coverage. >> melissa: how many people do you think will take advantage of health care savings accounts? that challenges whether you can roll over any costs. >> with health savings accounts, there are people who are using those and i find them convenient because there a way to pay for routine expenses. if you are living paycheck to paycheck, you don't necessarily have money to put into a health savings account, so it's not necessarily a solution for everybody. for some people, they may prefer to buy a cheaper plan with a higher deductible and then put money into a tax-free health savings account and pay the routine costs. >> melissa: we have to go. thank you for your time, appreciate it. >> jon: supreme court justice neil gorsuch's already breaking a tradition on the bench.
8:32 am
we'll take a look at the impact he is having on the highest court in the land. plus greg abbott talks about the law that punishes sanctuary cities. gregg jarrett weighs in
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8:36 am
it will provide greater protections for religious liberty and relaxed restrictions on religious organizations, involvement and politics. it could it violate the first amendment which calls for the separation of church and state? gregg jarrett is an attorney and he is a fox news anchor. seems like it's going to bring a lawsuit. >> oh, yeah. you can count on it. there would be more lawsuits but for what happened on the most controversial provision that has now apparently been deleted. it would have allowed government contractors allegedly to discriminate against lgbt people based on religious regions. ivanka trump walked into the oval office and convinced her dad not to do it. we have to look at the language in there. if there's anything in there at all that would allow the aclu -- they tweeted out this. if president trump signs in order that would allow religion to be used as an excuse to discriminate, we will sue.
8:37 am
it also is supposed to scale back the johnson amendment which bans churches and other tax-exempt -- >> melissa: i hate to stop you. we see president trump right now hosting a national day of prayer. let's listen in. >> it is the national day of prayer and on behalf of the president of the united states and the first family, welcome to the white house. [applause] to pastor paula white, pastor jack brown, and to all our distinguished guests, the president and i are grateful for your prayers. from the founding of this nation, americans have claimed that ancient promise, that if his people were called by his
8:38 am
name, will humble themselves and pray and seek his face that he will hear from heaven and heal the land. in 1775, the second continental congress established a day of fasting and prayer. president abraham lincoln urged americans to praise that in his words, the united cry of the nation will be heard on high and answered with blessing. in 1952, president harry truman and the congress formally established this national day of prayer is a time to set aside each year for the american people to turn to god in prayer and meditation. every president has issued a proclamation and honor of this day ever since. not every president has done so in the rose garden at the white house. [applause]
8:39 am
today our president will continue that great tradition to continue the importance of prayer and to reaffirm the vital role that prayer plays in our life. our president as a believer. he loves his family and he loves his country with an unshakable faith in god and the american people. with gratitude for that faith, and for the actions that he takes today and every day, it is now my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to all of you the president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [applause] >> thank you everyone, thank you very much. thank you very much.
8:40 am
thank you. thank you very much to vice president mike pence. and i am very fortunate to have mike with me. he's a man of very deep faith, i can tell you tt. great character and conviction and mike, thank you very much for making this journey with me. and with all of us, believe me. been great to have you. i also want to thank pastor jack graham, carlo donald and rabbi higher for leading us so beautifully in prayer. thank you. [applause] i also want to mention, as you know, all of the great faith leaders that we have, i see franklin graham, so many great friends, so many great supporters and we very much
8:41 am
appreciated, because we are a nation of believers. [applause] faith is deeply embedded into the history of our country. the spirit of our founding in the soul of our nation. it is a beautiful thing to see these three faith leaders from three very different faith traditions. come together to lift up our nations in prayer. it is great to do it at the white house, isn't it? isn't that great? [applause] not only are we a nation of faith, but we are a nation of tolerance. as we look at the violence around the world, and believe me, it's violent. i get to see it perhaps better than anybody. we get to see how truly blessed
8:42 am
to be are to live in a nation that honors the freedom of worship. today my administration is leading by example as we take historic steps to protect religious liberty of the united states of america. we will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied, or silenced anymore. we will never, ever stand for religious discrimination ever. that's why i'm proud to make a major historic announcement this morning and share with you that my first foreign trip as president of the united states
8:43 am
will be to saudi arabia, than israel, and then to a place that my cardinals love very much, rome. these visits will take place ahead of the nato g7 meetings and will begin with a truly historic gathering in saudi arabia with leaders from all across the muslim world. saudi arabia is the custodian of the two holiest sites in islam and it is there that we will begin to construct a new cooperation and support with our muslim allies to combat extremism terrorism and violence and to embrace a more just and hopeful future for young muslims in their countries.
8:44 am
our task is not to dictate to others how to live, but to build a coalition of friends and partners who share the goal of fighting terrorism and bringing safety, opportunity, and stability to the war-ravaged middle east. we all pray that we can make a difference. we pray for peace. just over 150 years ago, president lincoln called for a national day of prayer. after he feared that we were becoming a nation to proud to pray to the gods that made us. today we recall president
8:45 am
lincoln's words as we sign a proclamation designating today as national day of prayer. that's what we want, a national day of prayer and it's so great to be doing it in the rose garden. how beautiful is that? it was looking like you never get here, folks, but you got here. thank you very much. so true. we remember this eternal truth. freedom is not a gift from government. freedom is a gift from god.
8:46 am
it was thomas jefferson who said the god who gave us life gave us liberty. our founding fathers believed that religious liberty was so fundamental that they enshrined it in the very first amendment
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