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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 12, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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see you back here monday. >> tucker: good friday evening. i'm bill m for tucker. this is t my first time at this hour so let's see how this goes together. jeanine pirro sat down with the president today in topic number one as you would guess was jim comey. >> i was surprised because all of the democrats, they hated jim comey. they didn't like him. they wanted him fired or whatever. and then all of a sudden they come out with this report. i think we are doing very well with that. that's before they senate and i think the senate is going to come up with some really, really great additions and changes and we are going to have a plan.
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obamacare is dead. it's dying. i've been saying that for a long time. >> in order to get your agenda accomplished that same kind of hands on has to apply to democrats and across the aisle. they're obstructionists. they want to object instructs and delay. when we have the press conferences, i said we should account have them... >> for 100 years we have been having them. >> but there has never been action like this. this is craze agree there was a lot more in the interview. see it in a minute and judge jeanine will be here in 20 minutes to talk about that. president trump talked about his plans for border wall. these two do not see eye to eye, allo that coming up. first a a few words on russia. during his interview on nbc news, president trump saides he was planning on firing james comey all along. >> regardless of recommendation i was going to fire comey knowing there was no good time to do it. >> so trump called comey a show
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boat and argued the russian story should just go away. >> russia thing with trump and russia is a made up story. it's an excuse by the democrats for having lost an election that they should have won and the reason they should have won it is the electoral college is almost impossible forge a republican to win. very hard because you start off at such a disadvantage. everybody was thinking they should have won the election. this was an excuse for having lost an election. >> so now most reporting today is focused on a changing story and timeline from the white house. in the end the timeline may or may not be important but sloppy reporting will not be rewarded on the story. case in point. less than 24 hours after the termination of comey, "the new york times" reported the fbi director wanted more resources. "the washington post" nbc, cbs, cnn all ran with the same headline. that was until the acting director was askedam about it duringti thursday's hearing. >> do you feel like you have the
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adequate resources for the existing investigations? >> if you are referring to the russia investigation i do. i believe we have the adequate resources 2k0eu9 and i know we have resourced that investigation adequately. >> so much for that. granted the president is not your typical commander-and-chief. he does and says things that create confusion. it is entirely possible that none of this really has anything do with trump directly yet he has been a human smoke making machine. there is truth to that. the president knows how to get attention. one could arg eye he enjoys the chaos but keep your eye on the leaks. they will be the bread crumbs that lead us somewhere or to dead ends. if mr. trump is trying to cover up anything, firing the fbi director is a lousy way to do it. such a public spectacle will make details more likely to leak if agents feel their evidence is
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being sat on. that's a critical point. mr. trump has plenty of haters. if there is evidence that damages his presidency, that evidence will go public and we will follow it as is our duty. if there are few leaks if any in the coming weeks, this story may go up in its own smoke machine. if we have seen anything over the past four months, washington has proven time and again it cannot keep a secret. meanwhile plentyre of detractors will argue this is water gate and this presidency is already over. >> you can feel the thread being pulled. you can feel the clothes starting to come off the emperor. i believe that is the beginning of the end. case.t is not the follow the facts, watch the leaks, see if they lead anywhere and you can ignore pretty much the rest i of it. where are we tonight? guy benson and caitlyn burns of real clear good evening to both of you. in the spirit of mothers day
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weekend. let's start with the ladies. a lot was said today. there wasn't a whole lot of action one could argue but there were a lot of words. where are we going into the weekend? >> a lot of words coming from the president. first we have a fired fbi director. there are interviews going on under way recommendations being made to fill that void. you have a week in which you had conflicting reports, sometimes at odds with one another, reports from white house staff and the president. that's something we have to keep an eye on. also keeping an eye on how congress w is absorbing this kid of news and what reaction they'rebs calling for. we have democrats and some republicans calling for the need for an investigation. i don't think that is going to have much... republicans at large are not going to have much that.te for i was at a town hall this week in a republican district and this kind of news is permeating outsideis of washington and new york. paying attention. >> where were you?
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>> new jersey. >> what was your sense there? >> a lot of people are upset about healthcare wanting to know more, wanting republicans to have something to show for their efforts in washington. and this is as the news of comey firing was being broken. so just goes to show people are interested. >> guy where do you think we are tonight? what is important? i gave you a few ideas, you know, about the leaks, et cetera. where are you? >> well your counsel about following the facts is exactly right and it's more important than ever because there is just a whirlwind of hypocrisy and hysteria on all sides. the white house is contradicted itself. the media has gotten some stuff i don'the think. to me the most important two things right now are this: number one, will the russia investigation continue unabated and unimpeded despite this upheaval at the top of the fbi. we heard from andrew mccabe that yes it will with adequate
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resources. if that's the case, that's good. we can ratchet down the panic. second, this is the biggest one. who will get the job? who will president trump nominate? if he gets someone in there who hasmi a very good reputation for being fiercely independent and pro and law enforcement respected figure, then i think a lot of this starts to look silly and overwrought. if he picks someone who can be credibly cast as a yes man, then that looks really bad and senate republicans have to step in and say no. >> so you are arguing the credibility of the next nominee could do a lot towards advancing this story or... >> absolutely. >> calming it down. >> exactly right because the theory at least, and there is no evidence of this yet but the theory is that trump fired comey because comey was getting too truth.o the he wants to unravel the russia thing and it's a coverup i don't know if that's true or not. i have some suspicions maybe
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it's not. but if trump puts someone to replace comey who has unimpeachable credentials and people on both sides have the sense this is an honest broker who tells the truth and follows 9 facts, the teeth of the conspiracy or at least the ales as they start to get filed down. >> it's an interesting point. good one, too. as wee go through this, watch this as it develops and judge jeanine was talking about this very point. earlier today there was a question about whether or not the president asked james comey for his loyalty. this went back and forth this afternoon at the white house briefing and the president said this earlier on that. >> people suggest that the question that apparently "the new york times" is selling that you asked comey whether or not you had his loyalty was possibly inappropriate. could you see how people would think that. >> i don't think it's inappropriate. >> did you ask that question? >> no, i didn't but i don't
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think it would be a bad question to ask. >> some people throughout the entire day were offended by that and others would argue he has the right too answer the questin oror pass. what is your view of that? >> the reason this is important, this loyalty question is because as we know the fbi director as do other government officials, take an oath to the constitution, right? there is a reason that an fbi director is a non-partisan figure. he serves a 10 year term, transcends the presidency and presidential politics. that's important. donald trump does not have experience in politics or governing. that's fine. perhaps he's learning about some of these things. that's's fine. there are questions though about whether t he has people around m who can tell him why these things are important and whether he is listening. i also want to speak to the credibility issue that the white house is facing which i think is really important. even if t you take the russia issue out of it, the fact that you have his spokespeople saying one thing. his vice president saying another thing and then the president coming out and contradicting some of those
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arguments i think raises a question about credibility. that really should matter to people because it's not just about this issue but it's if the president wants to negotiate on other issues, domestic or foreign, thehe credibility of te white house is really important. >> he mate be debating soon the press briefings because guy, you may want to get out of denver because if this happens, what you are about to hear, this is goes to be must see tv. roll this. >> you moving so quickly that your communications department cannot keep up with you. >> yes. that's true. >> so what do we do about that in. >> we don't have press conferences and we do... >> you don't mean that. >> unless i have them every two weeks and i do it myself. we don't have them. i think it's a good idea. >> i think some of the press are looking for i that. guy, final word from denver tonight? >> the press should be able to ask the white house questions every day in a public setting. that's something i believe no
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matter who is president. but if donald trump wants to come in and field the questions himself more frequently, i think that's terrific and i would love to see it. >> i fully endorse that as well. >> thanks to you both. have a great weekend. don't miss judge jeanine's full interview with the president tomorrow night 9:00 eastern time right here on the fox news channel. meanwhile, there isri breaking news tonight james comey's departure does not end the controversy of thes fbi. the president has to pick a replacement for comey who will have to be confirmed by a deeply divided senate. who are the frontrunners? we have an idea tonight for that answer we turn to our chief intelligence correspondent working that story in washington d.c. >> according to a white house official there is a short list ranging from ray kellie, former deputy attorney general larry thompson, former assistant attorney general alice fisher who served under bush and the career fbi agent in the mix.
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assistant director for the criminal andwhh cyber divisionsn the bureau. a second bucket of potential nominees. congressional picks in this case mike rogers former house intelligence chairman, former fbi agent and republican. congressman tray who led the probe into the benghazi attack and the senate minority whip from texas. and john pistol 27 years at the retired as a deputy director before serving as tsa administrator. fred townsend widely respected here in washington who served homeland security adviser from new hampshire. and the acting fbi director andrew mccabe is in the mix as well. but there are two congressional committees that are looking at mccabe. one is looking at political donations to his wife in 2015
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and whether any ethical lines were crossed with that and the other is his correction to the russia probe and this anti-trump dossier and p the payments to te british intelligence officer who was responsible for that dossier and whether they crossed any lines there, bill. >> you reported earlier that comeyte is invited to testify before the senate next week and that will not happen. catherine thank you for your work late tonight. fox alert this news is breaking around the world literally thousands of computer systems in dozens of countries have been ravaged by a massive worldwide cyber attack. trace gallagher tracking that from the west coast tonight what did you find out? >> we are told the goal wasn't to hit any particular country but to strike as wide as toes make moree money. so far it is believed 45,000 attacks in 74 countries. thee hacking tool was actually developed by the u.s. nationa aa group called shadow brokers. thatou same group released it on
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the internet last month. experts say the tool is ransomed where it exploits vulnerability in microsoft systems. apparently it comes across as an email and once clicked on scrambles data, locks out the user and demanded a ransom in this case between 300 and $600. if your computer was targeted, here is what you saw on your screen, a message saying oops your files have been encrypted and goes to tell you what happened, how to recover your files and how to pay the ransom. attack was a major disruption on britain's public health system targeting numerous hospitals and medical facilities. investigators say patient information was not compromised but patient files were blocked forcing emergency rooms to turn people away in some areas ambulances were backed up trying to get in. hospitals have become common targeted because they're susceptible to attacks and willing to payar the ransom. last year a hospital in los angeles paid $17,000 to get its
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computers unlocked. experts believe the attacks today from profitable but likely a dry run for much bigger attacks on major corporations which could result in much bigger paydays. >> what aic development. trace thank you and still on going. trace gallagher in l.a. tucker is not hosting tonight as you know by now. but he is still here. he just spoke with jorge ramos about building that wall. going to see that debate in a moment. you will see more of judge jeanine's exclusive interview with president donald trump. i . the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now. i'm back! aleve pm for a better am.
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welcome back. the u.s. congress is not in a rush to fund it but in his, in her interview with jeanine pirro, president trump insists the wall will be built. >> are you going to build the wall? >> absolutely. there is a question aboutut tha? there is no question about it. >> that from just a few hours ago. that same issue came up with tucker and univision anchor jorge ramos. >> the president's border wall, you have basically implied that the presence of such a wall is an tack on all latinos everywhere and in effect racist. my question is why is the idea of a wall illegitimate. why is protecting the border big on thed? >> i think every country has the right to protect its border. it's an economic issue supply and demand and we are responsible for that immigrants
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are not coming because they want to go to disney land. they come here because there are thousands of american companies hiring them and millions of americans who benefit from their work. we are partly responsible for that. the wall is useless because almost 45% of immigrants come by plane or with a visa. but that wall won't stop immigration. >> 50% don't come by airplane. that's a majority. it is not insane to think if you cane get a ham on that, people come from the southern border, they're not all mexican. a lot are. that would shut that down. walls have worked in a burch of different countries including israel whose wall we helped pay for. maybe the real fear is that it would be too effective. >> absolutely there is no... the undocumented population has
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remained stable at around 11 million fors the last half decade. that hasn't changed. as a matter of fact more mexicans are leaving the country than coming to the united states. there is really no invasion. in other words whatever we are doing at the border somehow is working. some of the safest communities in the united states are along the border. so i don't think a wall is really going to help and the last time i checked we are not at war with mexico. mexicans by the way are not going to pay a single cent for that wall. there is no way they're going to do that. >> do you adopt this attitude at home. do you have locks on your doors at home? >> i do, of course. >> are you at war with your neighbors? >> i'm very civil with my neighbors. >> then why do you have locks on your doors? >> efer country and-- every country has the right to protect its borders. however, immigration is a really complexx issue. immigrants are here because of us. >> hold on. wait just back up for a second.
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you said. you had locks on your doors. you like your neighbors but you still lock your doors at night. you may have a wall around your house. i don't know. why do you lock your doors? >> what you are suggesting... >> just a question. >> but what you are suggesting tucker is that we got to be fearful of immigrants because they're criminals and if you listen to donald trump they're gang members. >> nothing about trump. i'm asking you why you lock your doors. >> to be secure. but again if you are trying to imply that accepting refugees and immigrants means that they are criminals and rapists and drug traffickers that is absolutely not true. >> that's not... hold on. you are debating someone who is not here. i'm not suggesting that. i didn't say that. i merely said that the attitude and my implication is what you thought it was. your attitude is the one that we should have about our country. if you care about something, you want to secure it.
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doesn't mean you prevent anyone from entering but you decide who the guests are and you don't want people to come into your house you didn't invite. why is a country any different from that? >> wetr did invite them. you are making a mistake. you are telling them please come here because we need you for the service industry and the agriculture industry. >> who is we? >> you and iom and everybody listening right now. >> i don't remember sending that invitation actual will. >> i let me tell you something. the lunch that you had today, it harvested by immigrants, the house or apartment where you live was built by undocumented most likely. immigrants babysit our kids, they pay taxes. >> you are missing the point. you are arguing something... (all talking at once) >> what you are doing is arguing a parallel argument. i'm not saying that illegal aliens in america don't do useful work. i'm not saying they're bad people or all criminals because they're not. i'm just saying as a theoretical
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matter and as a practical one a country has the right to determine who comes in. not big corporations profiting from it. not wal-mart or ag interest. in a democracy the voters. voters want a wall because they want to know who is coming in and who isn't. so why would you deny them that? >> well, iy mean you can say tht about the wall and i can also give you another poll by the pew research center that most americans even republicans want immigration reform, in other words that we want to make sure that the 11 million here have the possibility to legalize their situation. >> again that's a very different point. by the way immigration reform is whatever you want it to be. it doesn't mean anything. it's a term that could mean anything or nothing. it may or may not mean that. depends on the deal they strike. i'm talking about border security which is something very specific and which the overwhelming number of americans want. a your argument appears to be because some big company benefits from cheap labor the
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population of the united states doesn't have a right to stop people at the border and ask what are you doing here? >> i'm not saying that. what i'm saying and probably the same thingay you believe is that the immigration system right now does thought work. >> that's obvious. >> the way it is right now does not work and we need to find a better way. the best way, i think, it would be a legal way in which instead of having half a million people coming in illegally every single year we could come them come in here legally. that's why you have immigration reform. why you have agreements with mexico and canada. that's what i support. what i'mhat's not hearing from washington or president trump. >> does it bother you as a progressive, a man of the people who represents your viewers and i've heard you describe yourself that way that you take your immigration cues purely from big business in america, from the chamber of commerce. you are basically saying exactly what they want you to say. you are a lackey for the capitalist class here. does that bother you here at all? >> what i'm saying is immigrants come here partly because of us.
8:26 pm
they come here to work. >> who is us? >> it is again it is you and it is me and millions... >> it is no the me. >> i don't employ anyone here illegally and i don't care to? >> indirectly you do. every time you go to a restaurant and you are paying bill, you are paying partly to undocumented immigrants who are in the kitchen you do not see. every time you go to a hotel, you are paying your bill to the people who help with you your room and cleaning the hotel and help you in that hotel. yes, do you. >> what you are arguing is... >> you are paying indirectly every singleou time. really... i don't want to pay... >> we are supporting immigrants. >> (all talking at once) >> so until i stop eating in restaurants i can't criticize it? what if i don't want to live in a system with a permanent illegal serf class that is being taken advantage of by employers, a burden on our social welfare
8:27 pm
system all of which is true. why can't i say that or can't i say anything if i ate at arby's. >> the undocumented situation is so linked to the system it is almost impossible to take them away. there is a movie a really interesting movie, a day without mexicans, it would be impossible here in the united states. >> so... the point is we can't have a wall. just to be w totally clear. nobody is attacking the nobility and decency of the overwhelming majority of immigrants who come here legally or illegally. a lot of them are great people. probably most of them are great people but it doesn't change the fact... i believe that actually. it does not change the fact that they're breaking american laws voted on by representatives that we voted for and subverting our democracy as a result. it is not what the majority want. >> we are all complacent here. they're breaking the law becaue of us, tucker. >> i'm not complicit.
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you may be. >> they're negotiating round two so stay tuned when that happens. more of presidentng trump's interview with jeanine pirro. the judge is next to talk about what she learned today. stay tuned. allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist experience to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist changes everything. click (male announcer) hit escape with great deals. like redhead rock bridge cargo shorts for under $15. only at bass pro shops.
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back to our top story and the laiftest interview with president trump. he sat down with judge jeanine where she asked him how he might handle press briefings?
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>> the media is in a frenzy and so given that some of these congress people thought he should have been fired, they called forom an investigation et to you that it isn't about comey. it's about anything that you as president... >> number onebo the hypocrites t beyond being a hypocrite you have these tremendous, the level of hatred toward him, especially during that period of time with hillary clinton where he gave her a free ride. he gave her a free pass like nobody has ever gotten a free pass. during that level of time the level of hatred by the democrats and republicans to be honest first he got a free pass and came out with comey two and comey three andnd gave her a fre pass. they should have liked him. but because he did what he did for her was unbelievable with all of the guilty guilty guilty and then but she's not guilt agree your agenda is no the
8:33 pm
getting out because people are caught up on the comey issue and... >> i agree. >> how do you get rid of comey ... who in your press office says one thing, the vice president says another thing. how do we resolve that? >> that's an interesting situation. i actually said today let's not ever do anymore press briefings. they're getting tremendous ratings especially the fake media, they're going crazy. and they will be in the room and have you to see the way they ask questions. i want, im i want, screaming and there has never been anything like this. to getcr like a question out. and in all fairness to sean and in all fairness to sarah huck bee and to anybody who stood up there, they don't know me. i'm aup very active president. i'm dealing with china, i'm dealing with japan. i'm dealing with north korea, all of these different things. russia came in to see me, the foreign minister the other day but righty after that the foren
8:34 pm
minister from ukraine came in. iin said fellows you have to mae peace. they only talked about russia coming in and we took pictures, they took pictures. we t released the pictures they made a big deal out of it. everybody knew he was coming. he wasew scheduled to come. they didn't talk about ukraine. the point is this. when we have those pbs i said we shouldn't have them because sarah huck bee... >> we have been having them for a hundred years. >> never been action like this. we are getting higher ratings on those press conferences... >> would you seriously consider stopping... >> we do it in ald different wa. >> how? >> through a piece of paper with a perfectly accurate beautiful answer. i'll give you an example. they're asked 100 questions or 50 questions or 20 questions. ifce they get one out of 50, jut a little bit off, 5%, 10%, 20%,it's the next day it's a front page story in every
8:35 pm
newspaper. >> so. >> press conferences weren't even covered for obama. they were on c-span and there was nothing going on. >> here to talk about her exclusive interview with the president, judge jeanine. your timing was good. if you give the president a briefing room every two weeks it will be must see tv. just so our audience knows. what time did you do that interview? >> well i think that we did the interview shortly afternoon time today. >> that might have been before the spicer briefing because spicer took al: lot of questions about the potential for recordings in the white house. now you are a lawyer, prosecutor. what... >> judge. >> what did you get from that today? >> well one of the issues, having is whether or not the president can record someone and the truth is that dc is a one party could be sent state. if the president wanted to, he could. there is nothing illegal in the criminal sense.
8:36 pm
the issue is whether or not that's actually being done and by the president tweeting what he tweeted saying jim comey better hope that there are no recordings off our conversation, hasf got everybody in a tizzy t at the same time the president is just trying to say look everybody, i just want people to tell the truth and to be bound to what they've said and of course we think it was after water gate that, you know, they stopped recording in the oval office or on the phone but we don't know. >> you don't have a firm answer on that then. >> no. >> you've known him a long time. i think a lot of people on the outside believe this is a west wing in chaos. what was his state of mind? how would you characterize what you saw today? >> well, you are right, bill. i've known the president for almost 30 years. i didn't see any chaos in the sense that, you know, you suggest. but i know the man and this man runs 100 miles per hour. and i even said to him, you
8:37 pm
know, isn't it hard for even your press staff to keep up with you because you are always moving? he said yes. >> yeah, he did. he admitted it. but i see him as someone who wants to deliver for the american people, who is working extremely hard. there is a frustration level with all of the focus on things that don't address his successes and i talk about that in the interview. and then at the end of the interview i talk about some of the personal things in his life and obviously we are going air that. >> was there a headline you heard today, anything that surprised you? yeah when he said he might stop the press briefings. i was like whoa. and the truth is that, you know, they have been incredibly open to the press but i think the president... he came inhe on his staff's behalf to, you know, to his credit he was backing them up saying if they get 2% wrong it's front page. he said i'm done with that. >> all right. we'll get it all this weekend. thanks. the judge in washington d.c. for
8:38 pm
that entire interview join her saturday night 9:00 eastern time right here on the fox news channel.ti thank you, judge. remember the old rules, respect your elders is apparently dead in america today. we'll talk to radio host tammy bruce who about the boy who demanded an apology from the vice president. and he described what it is like being president. zeke miller was at the table. he was there as well.
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question our feelings. are feelings in peril across the united states. is our youth fragile. you tell us. the s charming young man visitig the white house was near the vice president and depending an apology for that. apparently he was bumped. you make the call. >> thank you all very much. god bless you and god bless these wonderful kids. thank you all very much.
8:43 pm
god bless you and god bless theseon wonderful kids. >> well, it did not end with a high five. the young man then followed the vice president and demanded an apology. tammy bruce is a radio host based in new york. how are you? >> i'm good. thank you. >> seems like a nice young man. are kids these days, they're telling their parents what to do. they'reds telling their teachers what to do. >> yep. >> and i guess they're telling the vice president. >> i guess we are giving birth to snowflakes now it looks like the kid need aid safe place in the room. is this a different time or not? >> it is a bit. i mean look an eight-year-old pretty much stalked the vice president afterwards. he wasn't... the headline said he was hit, he was struck, smashed, bumped. like the fabric on his sleeve touched hisma nose maybe. he stalked the vice president and said you owe me an apology. he was channeling melissa click wanting to get some muscle into
8:44 pm
the room. he saw it either on television or at home perhaps but he felt aggrieved because, i don't know, the vice president maybe slightly touched his nose. amazing. >> my feel is someone told him... i have another question for you. it is mother's day this week. in the past week "the washington post" put out a piece and here is the headline. mother's day is awkward and suggesting incentive because familiesth with two gay parents are excluded from the holiday all together. it concludes with the quote from a woman in san francisco saying we will make our own tradition. you're openly gay. >> i am indeed. >> is this a new tradition that's coming to america? i mean do you, once you hatch this idea, do you give birth to the possibility that a mother's day or father's day is folded into a a parents day or is thata step too far. >> it is clear we might be headed that way.
8:45 pm
"the washington post" decided in a real twisted way to try to make this an issue but american families have always been complicated. people raised by a single parent, by just a mom or just a dad or maybe they're adopted. maybe they're orphan. i'm a product of an affair. i just had a mom. never knew my father and when there was father's day stuff at school and you made your crafty things for your dad, i made mine for uncle ed and when you do this, you realize you are different. kids realize thatt things can be different and you can adapt that everything, not everyone is the same and that's a good thing. for the complaints here gays for some reason it might be genetic we love judy garland. you don't have to be gay but have you to i think realize that not everything has to be tragic. not everything has to be awful or where have youou to forge yor new way. everybody is the same. kids are kids and one of the stories was well, if my partner
8:46 pm
gets the best dad in the world frame that means i'm not the best dad in the world. well get two best dad in the world and everybody can have a happy father's day. >> you are not buying the premise? >> i think thiss is the only reason for this to come up is to strike at the traditional framework of what the super majority of americans enjoy. there will always be moms. there will always be dads. these kids are not dropped in my martians and it's okay to admit that mother's day exists for a reason and so does father's day. if you goat do double on the same day, great! embrace it. we love being different. >> thank you tammy. happynk mother's day to my mom n this weekend. >> president trump recently spent a two-hour dinner describing the experience of what it is like to be president. in a moment we'll talk to a reporter who was at the table about what he learned. that's next.
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the difference between me and another president. another president, i won't use names but another president doesn't do what i'm doing. i'm not saying that in a bragging way or any way. another president, will sit in thent oval office and do practically nothing all day. i'm doing every minute of the day i'm doing something. i'm cutting prices, this nation has such unbelievable potential. >> so there is president trump with judge jeanine a few hours ago. a few days ago he also had a sit down with time magazine where he talked about the experience of being president among many other things. political reporter forr time was at the meeting and joins me live tonight from washington d.c. good evening to you. i read the whole piece. it's great. insightful, very telling.
8:52 pm
give our audience a sense of how much time you have first? >> thanks bill for having me. we were with the president for about three hours monday night starting in the oval office going to the private dining room and ending up in the blue room for about a 100-minute dinner. >> that's a fair amount of time. the reason i ask you that, you get a pretty good sense of where he is r. what didse you take away? >> you know, there were a lot of takeaways one of them is the president is a gracious host. he loves to show off the white house, the oval office, where he works, how he works. we see that when he brings in c.e.o.s and business leaders and politicians and now journalists. that was an illuminating thing for us to see how much he loves to show off the space. the other thing coming from the interview, you know, the disconnect he is having between just how combative can he be in office and also, you know, and struggling with why he can't connect often with all americans
8:53 pm
or democrats or the media at times. he wants to be moved. he wants peopleh to like him and sometimes you know, he is struggling with, i'm trying to cut taxes trying to get healthcare done but for some reason the attacks keep coming in and he is struggling with all that. >> trying to figure that out. important distinction here. what did you go there to talk about? >> we were going there to of that tension within the president, how does he handle deciding whether or not to be combative or not and the other thing was to get a sense of what he is like behind the scenes. he spends 10 hours a day in the west wing and then 10 hours in the residence. he, doesn't sleep very much. we wantedte to get a sense of wt the other side of life was. he was gracious to show us where he works in the residence and things like that. >> he likes do that. he talks about that quite often. the reason r i ask you that is u go in there with is a reporter with one idea and your interviewee goes in there with another idea. what dider he want to talk abou?
8:54 pm
>> he wanted to talk about the things he accomplished whether it be getting healthcare through the house, his efforts to reform military procurement, his efforts on foreign policy, saying, you know, people are giving him an a and a plus and he wanted to tell stories. in a certain sense it was the donald trump show for three hours. >> you were in the blue room, right? >> yeah. >> last question. you may have heard me with judge jeanine a moment ago. did you get a sense of chaos in the white house because i think a lot of people on the outside believe that is the case. what was your view? >> we didn't see a lot of chaos certainly in the oval office there were a lot of people. it's not something you are used to seeing. that's more of his style with this president compared to barack obama who treated the oval office as a place where only a few people ever got into. around president trump there is always action, always movement.s that's different than chaos but certainly it's a different flavor than we are used to seeing in the white house. >> that's for sure. i encourage all of our viewers
8:55 pm
to check it out in time magazine.we zeke miller with us tonight we'll be right back. . more people than ever are making the move to nissan. because of rogue, the best selling suv in america. titan, with america's best truck warranty. and the most advanced safety features on alitma and our best selling models.
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>> we are coming to the end of an eventful week in washington. there's been many of those already this year. the president at times has shown he can remake the entire political landscape almost daily. on tuesday, he shocked everybody by firing james comey. on thursday, he offered his explanation. today, he suggested his private meeting with director comey was secretly recorded. tomorrow, the interview for the next f.b.i. director begins in washington. until then, have a great weekend. that's about it for us tonight. "tucker" is back on monday 8:00 eastern time. check him out then. we'll see you again on monday morning on america's news at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. don't forget judge jeannine's interview with the trumps saturday night 9:00 eastern time. good night from new york.
9:00 pm
happy mother's day for all the moms out there and especially to my mom, happy mother's day. the five is ready go live from new york. that's next. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm jesse waters. welcome to the five on this busy news day. we'll bring it all to you throughout the hour. we begin tonight with president trump's headline-making sit-down interview with fox news's jeanine pirro. jeanine talked with mr. trump about his decision to fire mr. comey, whether the democrats will ever cooperate with him. here's what he said about his threat to cancel the daily white house press briefing. roll the tape. >> when we have the press conferences, i actually said we shouldn't have them, because sarah huckabee. >> 100 years we've been doing that. >> no. no. no. there's never been action like this. this is crazy.


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