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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 16, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> reporter: did the president reveal -- this pin is that the president renamed dominic revealed the name of a city and that undermined an ally. >> general mcmaster: all of you are very familiar with the threat from isis. you are all familiar with the territory. if you say, from where you think a threat might come from territory that isis controls, you would be able to name a few cities. it had to do with operations that were already ongoing and it had been for months. >> reporter: was this information that was shared also the same content that was shared with our allies and is specific
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to the threat the president's house was relation to airlines. it is this an imminent threat, was there justification in that moment? >> general mcmaster: i don't want to get into the specifics about what information was shared with which allies, but information on this topic of the threat to aviation was shared with multiple allies. as you know, many policies have been put in place to protect against that threat. you and many others have reported. >> reporter: i'm saying our allies did not. >> general mcmaster: i have no basis for comparison of what was shared with which country. i will tell you it was the impression of all of us in the meeting that was shared was wholly appropriate given the purpose of the conversation and the purpose of what the president was trying to achieve through that meeting. >> reporter: when you came out after the story broke, you said that the president did not
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disclose any sources, he did not reveal anything about military operations. why are you denying things that were not even reported? the report said that the president revealed classified information that had been shared with our allies in the middle east. the question is simply a "yes" or "no" question. did the president share classified information with the russians in that meeting? >> general mcmaster: as i mentioned already, we don't say was classified and was not classified. what i will tell you again as i with the president shared was wholly appropriate. the story combined what was leaked with other information and then insinuated about sources and methods. i wanted to make clear to everybody that the president, and no way compromised any sources or methods during the course of this conversation. report mike did you say national security would be put at risk? do you have any idea how this got out and what steps are you
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taking by virtue of discovering this to try and limit the potential for any more leaks? >> general mcmaster: i think national security is put at risk by this weekend leaks like this. there are a number of instances where this has occurred and i think it's important to investigate these sorts of things and to make sure that we have trusted organizations plus our government that allows for the free sharing of information and collaboration. in terms of national security, what is critical is that you can assemble the experts you need. you want a bigger group for any of these policies because you need their expertise, you need the tools that they bring from different agencies and apartments. all we have to do is make sure we have a very high degree of confidence in all of our organizations and our systems and processes so we can do what we need to do for the president does give him our best advice
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and give him options to deal with these complex problems. report mac you can't have that confidence by virtue of what happened yesterday. do you have an idea of how this got out and how can you tighten up the ship to ensure from your perspective that this doesn't get out? >> general mcmaster: is incumbent upon all of us to bring in the right authorities and mandates to take a look at how this leak occurred. >> reporter: is there now an active investigation into how this information was leaked and can you tell us about who's running the investigation? also, given that president trump will now be meeting face-to-face with dozens of foreign leaders, is there sensitivity to discretion and what group of information is classified? how are you advising him about that? >> general mcmaster: there are no sensitivities and terms of me or anybody who is not the
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president and many of these engagements. he shares information in a way that is wholly appropriate. i should make the statement here that the president wasn't even aware where this information came from. he wasn't briefed on the source and method of the information. i'm sorry this is the last question. with the president from turkey coming momentarily. thank you. >> jon: you can hear the consternation in the voices of reporters were covering the national security advisor, h.r. mcmaster there. he response to the allegations that the president somehow released sensitive information to the russian ambassador and the russian foreign minister during a meeting in the oval office last week. and the words of the national security advisor, the president and no way compromised sources or methods during this
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conversation. the arguing will go on. please stay tuned to fox news channel and this fox station for continuing coverage of this story. on jon scott in new york. as we continue to cover the words of the national security advisor and the reporting of various papers that broke the story, it first broke in "the washington post" yesterday. other stories and papers picked up on this, our coverage continues and "outnumbered" search right now. >> sandra: firing back, the white house fiercely defensive conversations that president trump had with officials saying that he leads classified information on those talks. h.r. mcmaster saying nothing the president did was inappropriate as he took a shot at the leakers behind the report. watch. the >> general mcmaster: i stand by my statement i made yesterday. what i'm saying is the premise of that article is false.
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the conversation was not inappropriate. i think the real issue and what i would like to see debated more as our national security has been put at risk by those violating confidentiality. those releasing information to the press that could be used connected with other information available to make american citizens and others more vulnerable. >> sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, cohost of after the bell on fox news business, melissa francis, and today's #oneluckyguy, the editor in chief of the weekly standard and fox news contributor, stephen hayes is here and he is outnumbered on a huge day. breaking news coming out of the white house. h.r. mcmaster saying he stands by that "washington post," the premise of that story being false. what more did you learn? >> steve: i thought there were a lot of shifts in what he said today versus what the white house said yesterday.
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yesterday they said the story was false as reported. yesterday, he said the story was false, today he said it's doing potentially tremendous damage to national security. there were a number of other things that i thought suggested that the white house was shifting at story. >> harris: one important part that we reacted to, i want to make sure. mcmaster said that the president did not know where this information had come from. was the the significance of tha that? >> steve: "the washington post" reported that this came from a third party service. therefore the president was not able to share. the senior intelligence official, former that i spoke with last night as this is one of the biggest red lines u.s. national security. you don't share information that is provided by a third party intelligence source without
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getting permission. today, mcmaster said that the president wasn't aware of where this information came from. thus on a confirmation that it came from a third-party source, but it suggests it. >> sandra: let's get to john roberts and hear what he heard out of this. he is standing by in the briefing room were h.r. mcmaster just ended. very important words. what did you hear from him? >> good afternoon. it is not what we heard, it's what we didn't hear. we didn't hear any confirmation of the president had discussed classified code worded information with the russians. he only would say that the information shared was wholly appropriate to the fight against isis and the type of information would share with a partner who you were trying to enlist in the fight against terrorism. he reminded that back on octobes lost in airliner by a russian bomb. he's suggesting that the
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russians share exactly the same threat that the united states as when it comes to bombs on aircraft and of course, we do not have laptops available on flights and that looks like it could expend to europe and beyond. again, no acknowledgment that the president discussed information that was classified. he is saying we do not discuss what information is classified in one information is not. getting a lot of reaction from capitol hill on all of this as you can imagine. most recently, senator john mccain of arizona said regrettably, the time he spent sharing sensitive information with russians was not spent. what the president is doing here is all of that aside and you can
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ignore that and i don't think the president did during his meeting with lavrov. he was trying to recruit them further in the fight against terrorism and thought it was appropriate to share this information and again, it's in for dominic dominic dominic he does not know where it came fro from. >> harris: the president spoke with the king of jordan by phone this morning. when he talked about leaking out of the white house, you talk about previous calls with leadership around the world that the president had first ever the inauguration. i would put that into the mix here. and about 20 minutes, he's set to meet and welcome to the white house the president of egypt. i wonder now if -- turkey, excuse me. i wonder where it mcmaster said, all this could be affected by these leaks. what's being talked about now?
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>> the reason the conversation with the king of jordan is interesting is that there has been speculation that this intelligence instrument of the president discussed with the foreign minister of russia may have come from jordan. jordan is a very good ally on the war on terror. as a country that's very close to syria and may have better information, better human intelligence on the ground in that region than anyone else. there is speculation of the president may have included the conversation some talk about that. in terms of the leaks, h.r. mcmaster was quite clear when he said at the very beginning that what jeopardizes national security is when information like this begins to get out. i asked him directly that there was some electronic communications about the meeting. meeting.
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weatherby email or a readout or description of the meeting to a small group of people, most likely at the nfc and somehow the information got out. the white house i could tell you is very concerned about this leak. to say it's apoplectic is understating the case and they want to get to the bottom of this. general mcmaster also said that they want to have confidence they could share information like this broadly. >> harris: and those leaders who talked to our president >> melissa: i want to follow that theme because that's what the trump team has been saying this morning that what the real concern as there are people inside the white house or trying to sabotage the president and his agenda by floating stories like this one so that we are all standing around and his credibility is undermined.
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you are talking about asking h.r. mcmaster who that leak might be, what about inside the white house? what are people saying about who they think it might be? >> i've talked to people here at the white house who say they believe they know where this is coming from, but people are reluctant to point fingers because nobody wants to be the one to do it and potentially be wrong. to say this leak originated in the white house or very close to it is probably a safe bet in terms of the degree of sharing with electronic munication. it was shared with officials outside of the white house as well. people who used to work in government. if you start to connect some dots, you can lead to a path that might take you to an individual.
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it's clear from what the national secured advisor told me in answer to my question but there are very interested in getting to the bottom of this. >> sandra: john roberts liber the white house for us as the national security advisor, h.r. mcmaster just wrapped up a press briefing. stephen hayes is on the couch with us today. let's get back to how we started this out. he said goodbye, the fact that this was false, he stood with her today, although one difference was he said the premise to that story was false. you want to say the president was meeting with the foreign minister about a terrorist threat. he decided to share info in the context of fighting isis. when he discussed was wholly appropriate and routine. >> steve: interesting to go
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back to your first point, there was a shift from mcmaster's rather categorical statement yesterday. he said i was in the room, this didn't happen. today he said well, the premise of the story is false. >> meghan: he's saying i'm adding to what i said yesterday. >> melissa: he said i was there it didn't happen, he said maybe it didn't happen. >> steve: the fact that it was distributed, that bossert distributed -- certain aspects of the reporting that president trump disturbed of this information. this definitely a shift and when he said from last night to today and at the end, i thought he shifted even further when he confirmed some of these details. >> meghan: i'm having a very
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hard time with this. i got incredibly upset. all of you know how important i believe syria is in the idea that president trump could have intentionally or unintentionally reveal classified information, which is the key point here. it makes me upset in ways i can imagine. watching mcmaster do this, i trust him or i did up until yesterday. he's one of the main people i really trust in the trump white house. i don't think is entirely appropriate for him to be standing up there during the sean spicer dance right now. he didn't do anything wrong so far. the president needs to answer to whether or not he did. he's getting caught up in so much language. i just want to know did you reveal sources or methods? >> melissa: he said know specifically that he didn't. >> steve: he said he didn't
9:18 am
discuss sources and methods. he can reveal sources and methods. >> meghan: this is what's exhausting. i challenge anyone to not politicize this. i just want to know what's going on here and i don't trust anyon anyone. i don't trust a lot of the pundits from different sides who want their agenda. we are talking about gast children. this is at the root of all of this and we have a bunch of politicization on all sides and i want to know what the truth is. >> harris: when the president says that he may have talked about certain things in the context of trying to find common ground with russia in regards to the islamic state -- is that enough for you, apparently not, to pull back from this thought?
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>> meghan: this is a policy pinpoint that i get stuck on with people like geraldo who got excited about this on the couch. they think we should be doing business with russia to fight isis. my argument is that aiding and abandoning the state-sponsored terror and all these things was a big old to go on the internet and look at what it looks like, no we don't have the same interests. we have a long history of trying to reset with russia and it doesn't work. by the way, this entire mess wouldn't have happened had he just been a little more careful with his relationships with russian leaders. >> sandra: for now, the answer and that briefing room two was classified information shared or not? h.r. mcmaster implied, we don't say it was classified and was not classified, but he said over and over again, this was part of routine information sharing. this story continues to break, we'll have much more on the other side of the break.
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converted over 200 people in october 2015. this was the context of the conversation in which it was wholly appropriate to share with the threat was as a basis for common action and coordination. >> sandra: that was general mcmaster just a few moments ago briefing reporters on this. as he went to break, stephen hayes, i pointed out that he was asked very simply and that briefing, was classified info shared? 's response, we don't say was classified and what's not before he went on to say this is routine information sharing. what does that tell you? >> steve: there are a couple of different things that least suggests. one was later in the meeting when mcmaster was talking about this information source not being known to the president, not knowing where the information came from, i think it suggests that there was a
9:25 am
sensitive information shared with the russians. if you look at the president's tweets this morning, he said he had an absolute right to share this kind of information with the russians. you wouldn't say that unless you shared at least sensitive, potentially classified information. in part because nobody's questioning president trump's ability to share unclassified or nonsensitive information. >> harris: i don't know about that. >> melissa: he's caught in the same trap that we are where he's responding to the latest charge against him. when you look at an argument, even coming, what is the bottom-line argument question rick that he shared classified information that he shouldn't. he's responding to that argumen argument. if i did, i have a right to do it. he's not saying -- >> steve: -- >> melissa: it's an argument
9:26 am
where everybody dives into the fight. we could all sit here >> meghan: i take deep offense to that. we're trying to figure out whether or not president trump president trump -- melissa, i understand this is highly politicized. my first reaction when i first saw the tweet yesterday, i don't trust "the washington post." i've were not to trust "the washington post," but i also can't sit here and be someone who can't look at this and say if something happened, if you reveal classified information to people that shouldn't be in the white house to begin with, these are rational questions to be asking. >> melissa: i do care about that question! >> meghan: you just said it was a personality test. >> melissa: i'm saying that the conclusion that you reach we
9:27 am
just heard reflects our preconceived notions about what's going on. i think we all have the same objective that we would like to know, did he share something that was inappropriate? we all want to know that. i'm not assuming if he did or didn't. other people are getting -- >> harris: can i ask the one piece. did h.r. mcmaster just damage and already sticky situation or did he help? >> steve: i don't think he helped. the shifts that we've talked about suggested that the white house is a being truthful. >> harris: now we're talking about a premise being wrong, we're not focusing on the facts, we are dealing with what was or was it not about syria. >> steve: i get megan's point, o understand what melissa is saying. the problem is that someone keeps jumping into the pie here.
9:28 am
>> steve: at the lingo from the white house was more straightforward, it would be easier to follow. there's a way for the white house to clarify this. you her john roberts report earlier, the notes from the media, there are copious notes sometimes including exact quote quotes. it was distribute to a small group, a couple of dozens of people. the white house believes that's where the leak came from. the white house who should share that, disclosure, make. if what "the washington post" is reporting is not supported in that memo, put it out there. >> melissa: i'm asking this is a genuine question -- >> steve: talk to mike pompeo, talk to the democrats and republicans on the senate and house intelligence committees, find a way to disclose what you can disclose then put it out there. >> harris: that speaks to the
9:29 am
broader issues of leaks. regardless of how we go forward in the next 24 hours, the president is talking to kings and leaders of other countries. i want to know that the white house is okay in terms of the sieve that -- >> sandra: mcmaster address that out of the gate. he said i stand by my statement and he went on immediately to say that the real issue here is our national security has been put at risk. do you think that we heard from the white house just now that they're on that? >> steve: no, i think he's right. again, there is some tension when he said yesterday with that claim. if what he said yesterday was this story is false, but there's not anything to it and now he saying we are at grave risk by the exposure of this informatio information, those are directly contradictory. >> meghan: all "the washington post" sources are anonymous. i'm personally sick of an entire
9:30 am
article being written with just anonymous sources because i don't know how credible those sources are. we are being caught up in the weeds in this. i think there are very baseline questions and i agree with you that general mcmaster, i cannot emphasize enough how credible he is. he is literally one of the top three people i point to why i have faith in the trump administration. at this point in time, i can only continue to have my faith in him. but if it does come out that he has covered or misrepresented, it will break my heart in ways that i cannot express. >> harris: stephen just said said -- look at this opportunity that's coming up that's already on schedule. the leader of turkey is arriving at the white house shortly to meet with the president. they are expected to make joint
9:31 am
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>> harris: we are now right on time target so it can happen at any second now. the arrival of the president of turkey at the white house to meet with president trump. after meeting privately untied the white house, they are expected to go and make a joint statement. the typical photo op that we see with two leaders. now the big point with those statements because there are media in the room, will the president, president trump take questions about all that's gone on after learning that he said something to russia now and political reactions as well.
9:36 am
it was a top was it coded? as we learn more about that, we can only imagine that the press might try to push for the issue and asked the president to answer the question. we are watching that. we'll bring it to you from the white house. >> meghan: rod rosenstein set to brief the full senate in a closed-door hearing thursday on the firing of fbi director james comey. chuck schumer demanded the hearing, vowing the democrats would push rosenstein to make way for a special prosecutor. now nancy pelosi also calling for rosenstein to address. they include calling for president trump to release his taxes and enforcing a vote for a commission and the russian probe. the letter also says a special prosecutor needs to be appointed.
9:37 am
she demands the prosecutor be appointed by a doj official who is not appointed by president trump. what do you make of all of this, steve? >> steve: on the one hand, are glad that the briefing is taking place. on the other hand, we have the same problem. do you want to provide this information to make people? should we do this in a public setting so people can evaluate the information for its own sake? you've got trump supporters believing that the media is full of fake news. they believe it most enthusiastically. trump critics don't believe what's coming from the white house. the best way to handle all of this is radical transparency. put this stuff in front of the american people, by the people who have said it. >> meghan: what's the likelihood that that will actually happen?
9:38 am
>> steve: i think it's important in the circumstance. it's important what we just saw a man from mcmaster, put out the notes. >> meghan: the biggest issue american should be concerned with is what happens to our national security in general with all of this? what kind of implications will end up happening? >> harris: it's difficult to know without the transparency. it's difficult to know what we are arguing about without resorting to political corners because we don't have any information. the whole time we are talking, i see melissa nodding. >> melissa: i think there is a zero trust on the side right no now. that's something we can all agree on and it's very detrimental to the process to americans faith and their country. no one trusts anyone else to talk about anything, to investigate anything. and a normal circumstance, a president coming with foreign leaders and he wouldn't be worried about what's going on or we wouldn't know about it.
9:39 am
there is a magnifying glass and there is no trust on either side from anyone. i think it's deserved. i'm not saying anyone's wrong, i just don't know how we get to the point where we can all start working together again. this is unproductive for anybody and it's frustrating for americans and frankly is a little bit scary. >> harris: we are waiting turkey's president to arrive at the white house. president trump are waiting for that arrival. this fox news alert, this arrival is imminent. when it happens, we'll take you there life. the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire.
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serious allergic reactions may occur. see me to know... ...clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. >> harris: fox news alert. president trump moments ago welcome to the white house the leader of turkey. the flags were going up as we hit the commercial break and in just a couple seconds, we saw
9:44 am
the arrival of the car pure and now we can watch this brand-new video together into fox news. there is so much going on which has to do with leaks out of the white house and something that crosses your mind, as you see leaders showing up. you know the president has already spoken with the king of jordan today. those are big issues. the backdrop of the last visit to the white house, sergey lavrov and what might have shared between the president and that man. was it appropriate question right now they enter the white house. they will go in and have a private meeting and then, moments are now, we are expected to see a live, the joint statement. news media in the room, likely will ask about the situation with the comments that were made to russia. top-secret or not? all of that comes to bare of the president decides that that is the moment he wants to answer. steve hayes, what should we hear? >> steve: more transparency.
9:45 am
the president can tell us in his own words what happened with sergey lavrov. i think all of that is to the good. i also expect questions of air to one about his increasing authoritarianism in turkey. he is attacked political opponents, consolidated power. this is someone who has been an increasingly authoritarian with his islamic background. president trump said he's not paying foreign foreign policy based on touchy-feely ideas anymore. he is going to deal with people as they are. >> sandra: where will he take the conversation today? >> steve: i would love to be a fly on that wall. there a thousand things they can talk about. i don't expect the president will ask about those things. i expect he will talk about syria and the nato alliance. >> meghan: this is the problem
9:46 am
right now is that we have now committed to arming syrian fighters that turkey has bombed and is continuing to do so. when we are talking about foreign policy, president trump is sending missiles into syria to allegedly help after he saw the images of children being gassed. as we just said, turkey has invested interest and taking out turkish fighters. >> harris: turkey was, i don't know if you want to call it consolatory, but there was certainly some sort of understanding were isis was on the ground in turkey. they got hit. then the relationship seemed to change. >> melissa: that changing is what makes the story so hard to follow. who's on one side and one
9:47 am
conflict and it switches when you go to the next conflict. that's why the relationship with russia is so dicey. some people say we need their help in different spots, that's impossible based in other situations and i think with turkey, it's a similar thing where we are on opposite sides. i don't know that that's possible. that's one of the main point is that it's not possible because you can't trust them anywhere. >> harris: one of the things i've been following, you can see it in the poll from what you've been seeing on social media, just the concern of some of the american public that not enough is being coordinated. with the leaks and all these other stories, nothing is being coordinated to make it clear what our foreign policy is. we saw north korea to deal with. that's not to indicate that the government can multitask. today is a big distraction with what's going on in russia. >> steve: it's a very big distraction.
9:48 am
we've seen this over the course of the first several weeks or months of the presidency. one of the things, there are problems that exist outside of washington. the more the will to mac to my stomach >> sandra: >> harris: amid all e tension of the presidents comments, we remember years of investigation over hillary clinton's handling of classified information. are we seeing a serious double standard from the left? will talk about it, stay with us four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. whattwo servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go.
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>> sandra: charles krauthammer accusing democrats of being critical over there talks with russia. the administrator denies that he revealed classified information to the foreign minister and russian ambassador but democrats are piling on, despite the fact that the fbi director accusedillary clinton of being reckless with classified information. >> they have no idea the gravity of it. it can become a perhaps it's no not. it's a reflex reaction and
9:53 am
particularly since the candidate for the presidency was spreading classified information. the democrats pretended it wasn't a problem or it should be ignored. >> sandra: we have seen the media pile on. >> steve: there's been a double standard on three different things. number one, on russia. the obama administration was pushing the pentagon to work more closely on what was happening in syria. two, classified information. we had a whole debate about that in the campaign. most of the media pooh-poohed would hillary clinton had done. republicans had been arguing to make the war on terror an issue yet again. >> sandra: it really was amazing and if you scroll down different channels last night, as the news was breaking, the
9:54 am
different ways it was covered. >> melissa: i had that experience this weekend when i was walking around manhattan and people are coming up to me and talking to me and you could tell, i could tell what channel they were watching. you end up in an echo chamber where you are only hearing back the opinion that you already believe in and that's dangerous. i shouldn't say that because i do want people to flip around on the channels. stay right here, but it kind of gives you -- if you're only watching msnbc all day, you're watching rachel maddow last night, you have completely different thoughts on what's going on right now. >> harris: this because some of it is editorial and commentary. >> steve: it's a huge point. it is really important to get information from a bunch of different sources. what people should be seeking is information not affirmation.
9:55 am
>> harris: some people are looking for that entertainment. in the eye of the beholder, is the responsibility to try and get a plethora of sources. it's good to be accurate. you talk about hillary clinton versus how donald trump is president. one was being covered as a friend and the other was being covered with the predispose notion of a criminal. that's a filter that you can see. one is posed with different types of questions. if anybody wants to challenge me on that, i would love to hear it. just watch the difference between the initial coverage of these software to stomach >> meghan: we've had tht conversation so many times on the couch about the media and their impression of what
9:56 am
happened with hillary clinton and her private email server. whatever, huma abedin seems to be immune. i want to play this both ways. yesterday when the news story broke, people are automatically saying this is all fake news. we should all be responsible. >> harris: very fair. where watching the situation, president trump, we her turkey. this is that photo op i was telling you about. it happened moments ago. as they talk, we are monitoring it and will bring it to you as it happens. stay with us. ♪ fun in art class.
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>> it was a jampacked hour, stephen hayes was here, thank you for being here, "happening now" starts now. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert, president trump about to deliver a joint statement at the white house with president erdogan of turkey as the white house reacts to bombshell reports claiming president trump shared classified intelligence with top russian diplomats. >> jon: the president's top national security advisor strongly defending the president saying that the information he shared was "wholly appropriate" as president trump meets with the reader of turkey, that key nato ally. we are covering all of the news "happening now" ." just days after north korea testfired the most sophisticated missile in its arsenal, new clues suggest pyongyang may als


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