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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 16, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> it was a jampacked hour, stephen hayes was here, thank you for being here, "happening now" starts now. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert, president trump about to deliver a joint statement at the white house with president erdogan of turkey as the white house reacts to bombshell reports claiming president trump shared classified intelligence with top russian diplomats. >> jon: the president's top national security advisor strongly defending the president saying that the information he shared was "wholly appropriate" as president trump meets with the reader of turkey, that key nato ally. we are covering all of the news "happening now" ." just days after north korea testfired the most sophisticated missile in its arsenal, new clues suggest pyongyang may also be linked to that global cyber
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attack targeting more than 150 nations. also, how far might the g.o.p.-controlled senate to go to repeal and replace obamacare? why the so-called nuclear option might be back on the table. it is all "happening now" ." we begin with this fox news alert, awaiting a joint statement by president trump and president erdogan of turkey at the white house after more fallout from allegations that mr. trump shared classified information with top russian diplomats in that very office. welcome to the second hour of "happening now" on this tuesday, i am jon scott. >> heather: i am i am heather childers in for jenna lee. another busy one on tap. the white house hosting, as we said, the president of turkey, an important nato ally in dealing with isis in syria, meanwhile reaction pouring in, the admonition circling the wagons after the blockbuster report on the russian visit. national security advisor
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h.r. mcmaster strongly defending the president an hour ago when he was asked point-blank if he denies that the president revealed information given to the u.s. by intelligence partner. >> reporter: are you denying that he revealed information given to the u.s. by an intelligence partner? >> what we do not do is discuss what is and is not classified but in the context of that discussion, what the president discussed with the foreign minister was wholly appropriate to that conversation and is consistent with the routine sharing of information between the president and any leaders with whom he is engaged. >> reporter: was it received from an intelligence partner? >> i'm not going to be the one to confirm that sort of information that could jeopardize, could jeopardize our security. >> jon: we have life fox team coverage, mike emanuel on capitol hill with reaction from lawmakers but we begin with kevin corke who is live right now at the white house. >> real frustration faintly on the part of white house officials because they feel like
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every time there is a story thrown out there whether it is "the washington post" or elsewhere, they have to chase the story, refute that accusation even if it turns out to be untrue. he heard the national security advisor h.r. mcmaster say within the hour at the press house briefing room, this is a nonstory, at no time in that now famous meeting between the president and the russians did he jeopardize intelligence assets, by the way, that is a meeting that mcmaster himself attended. he said at no point did the president compromise national security. >> what the president shared was wholly appropriate. the story, the story combined what was leaked with other information and then and then and then insinuated about sources and methods. so i want to make clear to everyone that the president in no way compromised any sources. >> you hear the word they are, "insinuated," probably hear more of that as the week goes on here at the white house. for his part, the president took
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to twitter to try to explain what happened. "as president i wanted to share with russia -- at an openly scheduled w.h. meeting -- which i have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. humanitarian reasons, plus i want russia to greatly step up their fight against isis and terrorism." he goes on to add: "i have been asking director comey and others, from the beginning of my administration, to find the leakers in the intelligence community." obviously, the white house contending the president's conversation not only within his right, the real story is figuring out who in the intelligence community continues to float stories come in their opinion, false stories to "the washington post." democratic lawmakers meanwhile are laying in. here is adam schiff from california. he says the following: "the russians would be potential
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recipients of this intelligence and may be able to determine its source is all the more problematic since the russian interest in syria and elsewhere is in many respects deeply indefatigable to our own." but he's basically saying there is you have to be extra careful when it comes to the russians and anything that can be misconstrued or in some cases misused by them could lead to major problems. all this happening on a day when the president as you see thereby those pictures is prepared to walk with that the president of turkey, a key nato ally, back to you. >> jon: that should begin in a minute and a half or so, thank you very much. it is the story that continues to boil washington, did the president share, whether appropriately or inappropriately, some intelligence information with the russians? russian ambassador in foreign minister when they were in the oval office last week. that is the question that we are all seeking answers for. we might hear something when the president steps to the microphone along with the
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prime minister of turkey. we going to stop for one moment to let our fox stations join us. this is fox news coverage of president donald trump's joint statement with the president of turkey from the roosevelt room of the white house. i am jon scott in new york. turkey obviously a key nato ally, especially when it comes to the fight against isis, but president erdogan has been criticized both internally and externally through seizing power in a country and making turkey less of a secular democracy and turning it i'm more toward the islamic world. so the president in the prime minister are expected to issue a joint statement after their meeting, the question is will there be questions about the report that first broke in "the washington post" late yesterday suggesting that the president inappropriately revealed classified information. classified information about,
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well, information that is believed to be about the challenge of explosives being smuggled on board aircraft and laptop computers. the information supposedly so sensitive it came from another country, here now, the president and the prime minister of turke turkey. >> president trump: a lot of press, a lot of press, i am shocked. it is a great pleasure to welcome president erdogan for his first visit to the white house in years. the american and turkish peoples have been friends and allies for many, many decades. turkey was a pillar in the cold war against communism. it was a bastion against soviet expansion and turkish courage in
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war is legendary. that is so true. turkish soldiers fought bravely alongside american soldiers in the korean war, and we have not forgotten what they did. in some ways, when we look at their great bravery in the fight of korea and in korea, it was just something that our soldiers and our great generals still remember. supreme commander general douglas macarthur singled out and praised the exemplary valor of the turkish soldier. said some of the great soldiers of the world. today, we face a new enemy in the fight against terrorism and again we seek to face this threat together. two turkish people, they have faced horrible terrorist attackn recent years and even recently. we offer our compassion to the
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victims, and we offer our support to the turkish nation. we support turkey in the first fight against terror and terror groups like isis and the pkk and assure that no save corridor for terror groups. we also appreciate turkey's leadership in seeking an end to the horrific killing in syria, the syrian civil war shocks the conscience of the whole world, and all you have to do is look at the front page of the papers today, and you'll see exactly what we are talking about. we also support any effort that could be used to reduce the violence in syria and create the conditions for a peaceful resolution. president erdogan and i are also discussing the need to reinvigorate our trade and commercial ties. these are areas where we can build our relationship that will
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benefit both of our countries. military equipment was ordered by turkey and the president, and we have made sure it gets there quickly. i look forward to working together with president erdogan on achieving peace and security in the middle east when confronting this year threats and on working toward a future of dignity and safety for all of our people. mr. president, thank you for visiting our country and joining us today at the white house. it is a great honor to have you with us. thank you. >> president erdogan: thank you. [speaking foreign language] >> president erdogan: riends, establish members of the press, i would like to say this to all.
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i would like to take this august opportunity to thank president trump and his team for the generous hospitality they have shown us upon arrival not only to my personal stuff but the entire member of my delegation on behalf of the entire turkish nation, thank you, mr. president. and once again in your presence, i would like to congratulate president trump for the legendary triumph that he has garnered in the aftermath of the election. quite recently, we've had bilateral discussions with president trump.
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and we have the opportunity to focus on the outstanding relations between turkey and the united states that date back a long time in history which are very well rooted and are quite happily reached a level of strategic partnership. the relations between turkey and the united states have been erected upon common democratic values and common interests. keeping our outstanding relation stronger than ever it will be very important not only for our common interest but also stability of the globe and peace around the world. the close cooperation between
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both of the countries shall demonstrate in the region that is currently in turmoil will be very important for the rest of the world. and primarily, we are alongside by each other as turkey in the united states under the roof of the united nations, nato, and the g20. we have been enjoying a close cooperation and all of these platforms and all of these groups around the world and in the future to come, we're going to focus on making sure we are going to expand our close cooperation and build on the outstanding strength we enjoy. we continue to expand our relations and i believe my current position with the president will mark a historical
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turn. whether it be through our bilateral discussions or the discussions that we shall have between the delegations, i think we are going to enjoy some further gains in terms of the future of our relations. we seem to agree on expending further relations -- expanding our relations in the field of economy, trade, investment, energy and defense industry. it is going to be very important for us to forge close solidarity and cooperation in the field of fighting terrorism, primarily
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with all of the terrorist organizations in the region. and we are committed to fighting all forms of terrorism without discrimination whatsoever, that pose a clear and present threat on our future. there is no place for the terrorist organizations in the future of our region. taking the region into consideration, it will never be accepted and it is going to be against the global agreement that we have reached.
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and we should never allow those groups to manipulate the religious structure and ethics structure of the region making terrorism as a pretext or excus excuse. those who are willing to turn the chaos in syria, yemen, and libya are bound to lose eventually. they will never be able to turn that chaos in that part of the world into an opportunity and the terrorist organizations will have blood in their hands and are bound to fail. and as i have previously done so, i have been very frankly
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medicating our expectations with regard to the terrorist organizations which we have notified our friends of their involvement in the failed coup of july 15th in turkey. and we have taken into consideration the joint steps we can take forward in syria and iraq. of course, president trump's recent election victory has led to the awakening of a new set of aspirations and expectations and hopes in our region. and we know that by the help of the new u.s. administration, these hopes will not be lost in vain.
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and we find that it was the most serious answer to be given to the syrian regime especially the aftermath of the recent chemical attacks that took place. and we know that in terms of keeping up with the principal and committed fight against the terrorist organizations, all around the world, we will not repeat the mistakes of the past and continue down this path together. and the restoration of the establishment of stability and security of the region in question, the alliance and partnership and cooperation between the united states and turkey is a vital -- of vital importance. i hope and pray that both of us
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will be committed to expending further error cooperation in the future along with consulting each other more frequently. we are laying the foundation of a new era between the two countries in terms of our relations. i hope and pray that this new administration will bring forth a specious results for the relations. and i would like to thank president trump for his very kind and cordial invitation, and i'm looking forward to hosting him in turkey along with his entire family. >> president trump: take you all very much, appreciate it. we are going to go to meetings now.
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we had a very, very successful meeting with the foreign minister of russia. our fight is against isis as general mcmaster said, i thought he said, and i know he feels that we had actually a great meeting with the foreign minister so we are going to have a lot of great success over the next coming years, and we want to get as many to help fight terrorism as possible, and that is one of the beautiful things that is happening with turkey, the relationship that we have together will be unbeatable. so thank you all very much, i appreciate it. we are going to meetings now. >> jon: 's are no other questions to be answered from the press after that joint statement involving president trump and president erdogan of turkey, so the fight against isis front and center, but of course this comes against the backdrop of a number of
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papers writing on a story broken in "the washington post" late yesterday, accusing president trump of revealing classified information, sensitive classified information to the russians during a meeting last week. the president team is denying anything of the kind have been to, but the arguing goes on in washington. this is fox news coverage of president donald trump's joint statement with the president of turkey. please stay tuned to fox news channel and his fox station for continuing coverage of this story. i am jon scott in new york. so our coverage of what you just heard from the president of turkey and the president of the united states continues in just a moment. "happening now" will return.
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>> jon: fox news alert, president trump sharing sensitive information with the russia just the latest in a string of controversies to dog bit trump administration. with contradictions emerging in the statement offered by the president and his senior staff. many lawmakers and strategists from both parties suggest the white house has lost control of its message and that something has to change. let's talk about it with leslie marshall, syndicated radio host and fox news contributor, brad blakeman served at deputy assistant to president george w. bush. we know you have to run a tight ship in the white house. is this president contradicting his own advisors and statements about this russia information? >> no, i think he is clarifying it and doing it quickly. what he's saying is that nothing untoward went on with any release of information he gave to the russians, and i can tell you by experience many times
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presidents will disclose classified information to adversaries as well as allies in an effort to try and get them to do what's in the best interest of the united states or in this case not only the united states but our allies in those affected around the world. there are two things as a lawyer that really are important to me, one is intent and the other is motive. the intent of the leaker was to get this information out in public, in the motive was to hurt the president. this is an anonymous person, and if he really was aggrieved by the top-secret information he alleges the president released to an enemy then why didn't he follow the intelligence communities own review internally? he didn't do that, the meeting was barely over it he went to "the washington post." i say that the leaker did more damage than what he is alleging the president had done, the president did nothing wrong, and by the way, the problem we are having is with leakers. they need to be brought to justice. >> jon: you get agreement on that from the president's national security advisor
10:27 am
h.r. mcmaster, he was just in that extraordinary news conference about an hour ago asked whether he stood by his assertion that the story in "the washington post" that was first published is false. here's what he had to say. >> i stand by my statement i made yesterday. what i'm saying is the premise of the article's fault that in any way the president had a conversation that was inappropriate or resulted in any kind of labs and national security. so i think the real issue is, and i think what i would really like to see debated more is the national security has been put at risk by those violating confidentiality, and those releasing information to the press that could be used connected with other information available to make american citizens and others more vulnerable. >> jon: leslie, where'd you come down on this? i have a feeling i know, but the argument is it is the leaking of the information that matters here, not necessarily what the president told the russians. >> i don't agree. i think it is dangerous when
10:28 am
people are leaking especially anything revolving around national security. the problem is what is the president leaking, if you will, and feels he has complete carte blanche to do so on any topic with anyone and although technically correct, who he speaks to and about what and when is very much an issue. if he speaks to russia, which we are not clear is truly an ally, is not an ally with syria, not an ally with north korea, and when we have an ongoing investigation that was headed up by an fbi director who was just dismissed by this very president, i think that those in washington both left and right are accurate to question this, to question the accuracy so many people running to the microphone to say this is what happened, then the president tweeting things that contradict that. we need a transcript, not we, congress needs a transcript so that our elected officials can put americans minds at rest and ease and tell us the truth because we don't feel we are getting that with all the
10:29 am
contradictory information that seems to come out of the white house and twitter. >> jon: and that news conference with h.r. mcmaster, he said the president was very tough on the ukraine and crimea and some of those other issues that have bedeviled the relationship between the two countries for some time but that he then toward the end got into an area where both countries pretty much see eye to eye, and that is on the battle against isis. he says whatever information was released was open source information, basically the kind of stuff you can read in newspapers. >> absolutely, we've been talking about laptops not being allowed on planes bound for the united states from certain countries. the russians were victim most recently of an airline being blown out of the sky, so it is in our interest to try to get the russians to cooperate more. isn't that what the president is supposed to be doing in the war on terror is to is to gain support, not lose support? if this was a way of getting the russians attention to step up and do more in their interest in
10:30 am
ours, why wouldn't the president do that? it is not up to a bureaucrat who is not elected by the people to release top-secret information, codeword top-secret by the way which is our most vital, and then release it to the public. by the way, i think the leaker did more damage to our security then what is alleged to have been done by the president. i think the president has every right to use whatever he deems as necessary within his constitutional authority which this is in order to keep americans safe. i know that is what his intent was. >> jon: he just had a meeting with the russian foreign minister, he is hosting the turkish president right now. he's going to be meeting with the leaders of saudi arabia and israel and the palestinian authority in the coming days. it doesn't seem that peace and security is very much is a central right now. >> the problem with that is not only who he is meeting with when you look at turkey that is
10:31 am
becoming less of a free society and democracy which is something that we pride ourselves and wanted to lead the world in when you look at some of the actions of this man and the questionable, some would say come accounts and the votes of that election, and it is also to me very questionable when you have the president saying one thing and trying to institute travel bans on certain countries and then meeting with leaders of muslim nations, so quite frankly, i don't know how much peace we are going to get when there has been a lot of nonpeaceful rhetoric over the past year during the campaign and even since the president took the oath of office as commander in chief. >> jon: just a note for our viewers, this is footage just fed into the fox news room of the president, vice president, secretary of state and other administration officials meeting with their cross table counterparts. the president of turkey and his delegation obviously in the white house today, for some high-level discussions.
10:32 am
going to have to say goodbye there, leslie marshall and brad blakeman, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us today. >> heather: on to something else, the healthcare debate heating up in the senate, while some senators may want to use the so-called nuclear option to repeal obamacare. up next.
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>> there is some information within this code that is cybersecurity research affirms that i looked at that might indicate north korea however it is very simple for someone to
10:36 am
also plant some markers that would indicate somebody other than them. they are the guilty party, the speculation is certainly stunning from the fact that if these were criminals behind this attack, they are not very good at crime. they're not making any money off this. they are not keeping it quiet. this is a huge, loud attack. >> jon: that during our first hour of "happening now" today, that cybersecurity reporter for "the wall street journal" pro, the online service discussing the cyber attacks linked to north korea. joining us now, admiral robert, retired navy four-star admiral, former commander of the seventh fleet. just what you know of this attack suggest that the north koreans could be behind i? >> i think it is possible but it is too early to start pointing fingers. the forensics of this event have got to run its course. it's going to take a while, so i
10:37 am
would not jump to conclusions right now. i just think it is a possibility. >> jon: you say there is some finger-pointing in this story that needs to stop. what do you mean by that? >> industry, silicon valley pointing at their customers about not getting the up-to-date microsoft service, pointing at a government for not sharing all of its secrets on how it deals with cyber events. silicon valley and the government need to work together here. i would argue that certainly the government has a responsibility to defend americans and the united states of america, and i would say silicon valley does as well. instead of pointing fingers at one another, let's sit down and figure out how to this work. >> jon: speaking of defending the united states of america, this north korean missile launched over the weekend is a very disturbing development,
10:38 am
isn't it? >> it certainly is. there is no doubt that there is inexorable march on the part of north korea to develop a nuclear weapon and to put it on the long-range missile. there is no doubt of that. >> jon: as has been pointed out, they would not even have to land a missile or nuclear weapon if they simply exploded one in the air over the united states that would cause massive problems. admiral robert notter, we have to leave it there. thank you very much for sharing your expertise with us. >> unfortunately, we are four months into this new administration and so far, president trump has only put forward policies that would be enormous setbacks to state and local efforts to turn the tide of this crisis. and the greatest threat that we are seeing comes from the so-called american health care act that was passed by the hous house.
10:39 am
>> so of the republican attack on obamacare absolutely turned its back on the opioid epidemic, and we need to turn that back around. they need to come back to being serious about this. >> heather: senate democrats today in an event addressing the opioid epidemic, criticizing their g.o.p. colleagues and the trump administration over concerns that repealing obamacare would have a disastrous effect on the opioid crisis as the senate is now working on health care bill, a headline from reince priebus caught our attention saying that republican senators ted cruz and rand paul want to use the nuclear option to repeal obamacare in the senate. joining us now, ned ryan former speechwriter for george w. bush and isaac, former director for a proclaimed in super pac, think you both for joining us on this very busy day. we will get started right away, i will start with you, the nuclear option, be good idea or bad idea? >> the whole thing they're trying to do so listeners can
10:40 am
understand, the whole process trying to pass this new health care through reconciliation, fast-track budget approach, if you will. the only thing is that the bill has to adhere and every provision has to address some sort of budget aspect to it. what ted cruz and rand paul want to do is say hey, we would like to have potentially mike pence in the chair presiding over the senate to overrule the parliamentarian who might say this provision that you want to deal with may be getting rid of every last aspect of obamacare may be adding on new policy like buying insurance across state lines, mike pence would be in the chair to say you can actually do this. it would go outside the reconciliation rules which of course republicans want to do because then it would only take 51 votes to pass the bill. here's the thing out look at, first of all, republicans have now embraced this hope healthcare mass, they own it. what they need to do right now is actually address what a lot of the american people want to see happen. they want their premiums to go down. they don't want to have to pay tax on their insurance plan. they want pre-existing
10:41 am
conditions to be covered. they want to be able to buy insurance across state lines. they want to say, if they don't figure how to pass the bill that lowers premiums by 2018, they will have to swallow it. >> heather: isaac, we don't have a lot of times that we will let you ask do not explain, premiums of an average of 24% across the country under obamacare. >> republicans past a bad bill out of the house that does not address those issues of premium expense, and instead, they took away things like the pre-existing condition exemption and they sent it to the senate, in the senate now instead of looking to fix those problems it's actually going to make it worse by gutting medicaid by taking away things like prenatal care for poor and working women. >> jon: we have to wrap you up, very short segment today buf big news, thank you both for your time. >> jon: the ford motor company is making cuts to try to boost profits. automaker planning on major layoffs. how many jobs are incompetent due to my jeopardy? plus, the presence upcoming trip
10:42 am
to the middle east and new details we are learning about his plan to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> the president will then deliver remarks at the israel museum and celebrate the unique history of israel and of the jewish people. while he will try to mark the strongest bond with our ally in the middle east. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name.
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10:46 am
>> the folks at fort may be about as popular as the white house press corps with the trump administration after this if what is being reported is true, could be as many as 10,000 jobs cut at ford. take a look at the statement from ford they gave to us. they did not confirm this but if you read through the lines of the statement, maybe you get a confirmation, reducing cost and become as lean and efficient as possible says afford remains a part of creating value and driving profitable growth. mark fields, the ceo come has been under some pressure even though they had their second most profitable year in history last year. as you point out, since he became ceo, the stock is down big time, double digits, so about 37%. and sales have been down, too, across the board of all the automakers but ford in particular down 7% last month and the month before, 4% the month before that. but the stock is the big thing that has investors concerned. if you look at ford compared to gm and fiat chrysler which makes jeeps, fiat chrysler up in the last year by 39% and ford stock
10:47 am
down about 18% in the last year alone. they've been investing in a lot of other things, making them a mobility company, electrics, self-driving cars, but that investment has taken away from profits and has concerned investors job loss, not job creation for ford. >> jon: just flock, >> heather: right now, three children from tanzania will be getting some much needed medical attention here in the united states as they were on a school trip with their seventh grade class in their home country when the school bus skidded off the road, falling and crashing into a ravine. 33 students were killed as well as of the teachers and driver. but some missionaries, christian missionaries who passed by it at just the right time, some american missionaries with the stem group were able to pull the three surviving children from the wreckage. rescuing them from almost certain death. now the boy in the two girls who survived will be flown to the
10:48 am
mercy medical center in sioux city, iowa, this weekend for further treatment. >> jon: some new information out on a reward being offered for information leading to the shooter of a rare white wolf at yellowstone national park. this 12 year old female had 14 pups and was the famous alpha female of a group of wolves dubbed the canyon pack. her injuries when she was found so severe that she had to be euthanized. hikers found her. she was injured in the northern edge of the park back in april. the reward for whoever killed her now set at $10,000. >> heather: beautiful animal. some brand-new information on the president's upcoming trip to the middle east. this coming as there is word of an offer from the arab states to israel. we are live in jerusalem with those details. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve.
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>> hello, everyone, i am melissa francis, the senate intelligence committee about to meet after new questions about what president trump told russian officials. we are live on capitol hill with the new reaction from lawmakers. plus, new clues indicate the possible involvement of north korea in that massive cyber attack. we are going to talk to geraldo about that one. and a healthy teen dies of heart issues after drinking three caffeinated beverages. what you need to know about this when "america's newsroom hq" ." >> jon: fox news alert on the story that continues to royal washington, president trump is said to have disclosed previously secret intelligence with the russians. now new reports from "the new york times" that israel was the source of that secret intelligence. this is a release for their part
10:53 am
do not seem to be terribly concerned. the israeli ambassador to the united states released a statement saying, "israel has the full confidence in our intelligence sharing relationship with the u.s. and looks forward to deepening that relationship in the years ahead under president trump." it was just disclosed -- not disclosed, but we just heard more about the president's upcoming meeting with benjamin netanyahu and israel whom you just saw on the screen. we will continue to keep our eye on this developing story. >> heather: another fox news alert for you, some brand-new details from the national security advisor, h.r. mcmaster, about the president's upcoming trip to the middle east. as it comes amid word of a new offer coming from the arab gulf states to israel. life for us in jerusalem with maurice conor powell. >> president trump will visit the region later this week and a time of growing uncertainty and
10:54 am
fear of iran's military and nuclear ambitions in the region, and that fear by sunni arab states and israel has not only bent directly talking behind the scenes but mulling publicly of a bigger role in relationship between the two. of course, countries like saudi arabia and the uae have long opposed israel and in support of the palestinians and the conflict here. but in recent years, israel and these gulf arab states have begun to share intelligence information about iran, particularly in places like yemen and syria, much of it came about as iran was gaining a foothold in syria and as the obama administration was pursuing the nuclear talks, this angered sunni arab countries and obviously israel as well. sunni arab states are now proposing better relations with israel and prime minister benjamin netanyahu will make a significant effort to restart the middle east peace process. one of the things that they are potentially offering is a new relationship and a willingness to allow israel to use sunni
10:55 am
arab airspace if they were to launch air strikes on iran's nuclear facilities. but it should be pointed out that as this growing relationship is starting to develop, it is still a very frosty relationship. the government here in israel and across the middle east, they do not really talk about this publicly, certainly do not in their own native languages. this is something that is an increased relationship, but it is still a very frosty relationship. there is a lot of wait and see about what president trump is going to ask the palestinians and israelis in the next week or so about what they are willing to do in terms of a peace process, but we are seeing and have been hearing this for the last several months that there is a willingness on the part of some of these sunni arab states to engage with israel if the israelis are willing to make some concessions on the palestinian peace process with the israelis and if they do that, then it will be willing to work even more publicly to combat iran's military ambitions here in the region.
10:56 am
>> heather: all this coming as we were just told possibly that israel was the source of the secret intelligence that trump was speaking about with russia. thank you so much. >> jon: a colorado school district wrestling with a difficult topic of teen suicide facing criticizing 's criticism, the briefly pulled the book "13 reasons why" from its library after seven of its students took their own lives. the story follows a high school girl who commits suicide. it is the basis of a popular netflix series of the same name. >> i'm about to tell you the story of my life. more specifically, why my life ended. and if you're listening to this tape... you are one of the reasons why. >> jon: critics say that story romanticize his suicide, but school librarians in the district called the order to pull the book censorship. the district rescinded the order to pull the book along with the netflix series, it has started a
10:57 am
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>> jenna: thanks for joining us. >> jon: america's news hq starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert. the white house playing defense after reports that president trump shared classified information with top russian diplomats. hello everyone, i'm melissa francis. president trump meeting with turkey's president earlier today and his national security adviser h.r. mcmaster saying president trump's disclosure to the russians in no way compromised intelligence sources and methods. listen. >> there are no such things in terms of me, you or anybody who's been with the president through many of these engagements. he shares information in a way that is wholly appropriate. i should just make maybe the statement here that the president wasn't even aware where this information came from. he wasn't briefed on the source and


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