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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 18, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> good morning live at fox news studios in new york city. you are watching "fox and friends" first, it is thursday. rob: donald trump slamming the russia collusion investigation is a witchhunt. colin kaepernick heather: but they are appointing a special counsel to take over. rob: we start the day with breaking news. >> reporter: robert mueller will be the investigation, special
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counsel appointed by rob rosenstein to investigate alleged russian ties to the trump campaign and meddling in the 2017 election. the decision is, quote, not finding crimes have been committed but requires independent from the normal chain of command catching the white house off guard with little advance notice. the president issuing a defined statement that says, quote, as i stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we know, there was no collusion between my presidency and a foreign entity. i will never stop fighting for the people and issues that matter most to the future of our country. bipartisan reaction on capitol hill, democrats like adam schiff, ranking member of the house intelligence committee supports the move. >> you have a body truly independent and also has all the resources it needs and a single
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focus on the oversight. >> republican house oversight chairman questions the appointment. >> they are feeling the political heat, watching too much television and reading too many newspapers was where is the actual crime they think they need a special prosecutor to prosecute? heather: 7 they will brief the full house tomorrow. this is being compared to the 90s. how is it different from special counsel? >> different in a couple ways, the law is different than the 90s. we saw can start with whitewater investigation. we expect this to be more narrow. it is taking over. >> i hope it doesn't last four
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years. >> thanks so much. this could be beneficial for donald trump. >> could be good news for the trump administration, the only way donald trump could clear his name after his own comments and controversy, would be someone beyond reproach and beyond question, this was almost inevitable when the comey memo hit. the deputy attorney general gave the country a dose of tylenol to bring the fever down. that also tends to prolong the sickness. it is measured not in weeks or months but years, they tend not to be the most efficient way to go about something but they are the way to do it if you want to
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make sure the results are accepting. heather: tucker carlson says the independent counsel crushed the democrats hopes for impeachment. >> maybe democrats will stop posturing if only for a second, they called for an independent investigation and they got one. and administration accused of being fascists. mussolini would never have appointed a special counsel. what is there play going forward? how can we be impeached at this stage? how could the president go on trial before the independent investigation is complete? someone tell maxine waters her dream has just died. heather: will be independent counsel help or hurt the investigation? send your comments on twitter, facebook or email them to rob: james comey might head back to capitol hill, requested to
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testify and allegations against trump and stop the russia collusion investigation. lawmakers demanding to see comey's notes, warning against jumping to judgment. >> an obligation to carry out regardless who is in the white house, russian judgments, we get all the pertinent information. and if this happened as he described why not take action at the time? rob: brings us to dennis kucinich saying the leaks we are seeing from the white house are putting the country at risk. >> the politicization of the agencies resulting in leaks from
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anonymous, unknown people, very dangerous to america. a clear and present danger, way of life. he who is putting these leaks up, why would someone make a charge and put their name and reputation behind it instead of attacking through the media and not substantiating their position. heather: a tulsa police officer found not guilty in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. she feared for her life when she opened fire on terrence crutcher. he refused to put his hands up as she investigated complaints about an abandoned car in the middle of the road. the doj will open a civil rights investigation. what shock and sadness for the
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music world, rocker prince cornell has died. ♪ heather: the lead singer passing suddenly and unexpectedly away hours after playing a concert in detroit. the cause of death still unknown. he was just 52 years old. rob: a plane packed with people told to brace for impact, the pilot forces an emergency landing, the jetblue flight leaking fuel after possibly hitting the bird 15 minutes after takeoff. emergency crews meeting the plane on the tarmac, spraying it with foam to contain that's bill and put out concerns of fire. nobody was hurt, passengers put on another plane in new york.
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>> dangerous gang members thrown behind bars in a massive ms 13 bust. police, 21 new suspects, raids around the city, 20 others are in custody. murder, extortion, drugs and weapons related crimes. cracking down on ms 13 blamed for horrific violence around the country. donald trump keeping his promise to keep criminal illegals out of the country. the government data shows 40%, immigration arrest since inauguration day. deportations under donald trump have fallen 12%, new arrests are more likely to be in the interior of the country, not the board which creates more complicated cases. rob: a presidential photo bomb.
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heather: george w. bush jumping up behind the reporter live on camera. >> what is the difference? >> former commander-in-chief shouting hey! as he walked by. heather: he is a regular and part owner of the team. the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour and out for blood, the mainstream media escalating their calls for donald trump's impeachment. >> are we getting closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment process? >> now we are talking impeachment. is this a bridge too far? >> what do you think of these impeachment possibility? heather: the president just fired back. rob: amazon setting its sights on a brand-new industry. what you may soon be able to order right to your front door. ♪
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>> donald trump slamming the mainstream media for unfair coverage as they ramp up call for his impeachment and they are not the only ones. the same request on the house floor. >> i rise today, mister speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america for obstruction of justice. heather: the president's reaction. >> reporter: those calls for impeachment for numerous mainstream media outlets as they grill the president over the comey memo claiming he caused
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obstruction of justice. listen. >> did donald trump try to block the russia investigation image and impeach the able offense? >> are getting closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment process? >> reluctantly i have to say yes. >> if this impeachable that the president obstructed justice? >> is a bridge too far? >> what do you think of this impeachment possibility? what is need to prove obstruction of justice as the guy fires the guy who asked him to drop the case. heather: the president fired back at the coast guard academy saying this is the worst any president has ever faced. >> no politician in history, and i say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly. >> those in the president's corner are brushing it off telling him to forget the press. kelly even joking what to do after the commander-in-chief was
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presented with a favor. hot like moment. the president unphased by impeachment talks going on to say he was elected to serve the washington media, he is serving the forgotten men and women of our country. heather: we can take that. a strong bias against the white house refueling the rash of hateful and 1-sided headlines. mainstream media and liberal left will do anything to take down donald trump. >> reporter: good morning, the mainstream media hate donald trump and so do the democrats and the establishment republicans. they are seeking with rage and now that there is a special prosecutor involved you can expect trump derangement syndrome on steroids. understand this, the mainstream media wants to bring down this presidency by any means yesterday even if it means writing fake news stories, using
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anonymous sources. that is not to say donald trump is a choir boy. i don't know what is going on in the white house but it is a mess and the buck stops with the president was we have got to t dumpster fire, stop the leaks, come to jesus moment, i don't care. but knockoff the nonsense and get to work for the american people. build that wall. 's for james comey and the alleged memo detailing private conversation with presidents, if mister comey is the proficient memo take her people say he is i would like to see the memos he wrote about private meetings involved. heather: 7 the part of justice naming robert mueller as special counsel to oversee the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. what does this mean for the trump administration and will
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expose the source of these white house leaks? a member of the fbi joint terrorism task force steve rogers. thanks for coming here. a trump appointee, the person that threw me off, didn't want to happen and now it has. rob rosenstein, what did he have to do. >> i have spoken to law enforcement officers across the country, rob rosenstein was angry, upset that the president suggested he made his recommendation based on his memo to the president. there is no need for a special prosecutor, you have enough people investigating but the concern, the country with law enforcement officers, he to this really appeared to be a witch hunt where they tried to manufacture evidence. there is no evidence of collusion.
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heather: 7 at is what chaffetz said. these things take years to do, the midterm elections coming up. this administration is under the cloud of possible impeachable offense. does that further midterms to the democrats? >> this is a political witchhunt and that is why it is dangerous. james comey if he thought his memo was so critical, why now? why not when he took the memo in february. trying to manufacture evidence, never watched an investigation based on nothing, there's no evidence of collusion. evidence of them doing this in france, anybody on the left, why would they need donald trump's administration. >> there was interference, no evidence.
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the president has a big job to do, he wanted to drain the swamp. now the swamp is flailing. heather: 7 democrats, all the hoopla around this will the silence a lot of the posturing and craze going on? >> i worked on this campaign in new jersey and i said this is the beginning of a four year battle, it is not going to end. hopefully it will end 5 people removing from office the individuals who are really disrupting this government. i don't know how they can sleep at night because truly disrupting the ability of the president -- heather: 7 wild world, cannot imagine being in that game. how long could this take? >> this could be years. the fact is if there is evidence we could follow this is rumor,
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propaganda, innuendo, unnamed sources, there is nothing there for them to say we could follow this lead. i am concerned are they going to manufacture something? i have seen things happen in 38 years as a police officer, this is a dangerous road for america. heather: no one can keep this up for four years, no one can take it, 20 minutes after the top of the hour and the pc police out in full force, why officers no longer allowed to use the term criminal. tell us how you really feel, barack obama just revealed what he really thinks of donald trump. ♪
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rob: these are toys kids have is one mom sounding the alarm after her daughter chokes on part of these things. look at that, showing a piece of metal stuck in their 10-year-old throat. broke apart one side of it. and you see it. >> the pc police on patrol, the seattle police department, filling out reports, now be referred to as community members instead. the city police officers guild thinks part of an effort to make sure reforms are politically correct but some officers are offended by the change since the suspect may be launching violent attacks against the force. the seattle police chief says
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the changes are purely for accuracy. talk about this. to stop crime or encourage criminals, logon to "fox and friends" first facebook page for live debate and use the hashtag keep talking. >> united airlines apologizing after charging a soldier $200 for an overweight bag, serving two years in afghanistan defending the country. the airline allows military members to travel with up to 5 bags for free. first lieutenant john rader's bag was too heavy, a couple hundred pounds. >> not looking for sympathy but some form of empathy in the situation needs to become a discussion, course of action to solve the issue.
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heather: 7 corporate united reimbursing him for that fee. heather: use some common sense. chelsea manning firing off on twitter hours after the disgraced soldier was released from prison 28 years early, posted first steps of freedom with a picture of her feet wearing converse sneakers, then tweet theed i'm already enjoying my first pizza, a glass of champagne, cheers to freedom and new beginning. >> 26 minutes after the hour, donald trump meeting with four candidates to fill the shoes of ousted fbi director james comey, this was coming up. >> corey lewandowski pushing their a narrative. >> guilty before you have anything and that is what the mainstream media has tried to
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do. nothing took place. >> the former trump campaign manager says the president has nothing to worry about. ♪ you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon.
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>> rob: beautiful sky. heather: like a painting. rob: all those colors. halfway through the hour. heather: thank you for joining
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us. donald trump blasting the russia collusion investigation as a scavenger hunt for democrats. good morning. the man in charge is in robert mueller. alleged russian ties to the trump campaign. as it is not a finding that crimes have been committed but some an independent for the normal chain of command, off guard with little notice. the president responding with a statement saying, quote, as i stated many times an investigation will confirm what we already know. i look forward to this matter concluding quickly and i will never stop fighting for the people and issues that matter most to the future of our
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country, a lot of bipartisan action on capitol hill, chuck schumer saying former director mueller is the right kind of individual for this job. i have significantly greater confidence that the investigation will follow the facts wherever they lead, the house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz said his credentials are impeccable but he questions the appointment. >> they are watching too much television and newspapers. where is the actual crime they think they need a special prosecutor to prosecute? >> reporter: rosenstein start briefing the full senate at the capital and house. rob: he is an accomplished person. tell us more about him? >> reporter: under presidents bush and obama, he became director shortly before 9/11.
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turning into a counterterrorism force and you heard about james comey threatening to quit over surveillance in, mueller was there with him, used to back up his version of the event. >> that does bring us -- former top campaign manager corey lewandowski raining on the democrats victory parade thing an independent counsel will help the president prove what he has been saying all along, there was no collusion. >> the way the system works, in the mainstream media, proven guilty before you have anything, that is what the mainstream media has tried to do, accused him of things there is no evidence of whatsoever. what we have now is the opportunity to have a clean slate and show that nothing took place and that is when the president wants. he said time and again nothing took place and this is the opportunity to prove nothing
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took place. people work in that building who don't support the president's agenda and if that is the case, you have a chief of staff or person who answered the telephone anywhere in between, if you don't support the president 100% of the time you should not be in that building, you should be in the government. heather: 7 rob: he will interview four candidates to replace james comey. among those candidates joe lieberman who suggested he should be reported for reporting on classified documents. also under consideration acting director andrew mc caleb, former oklahoma governor frank keating and richard mcfeely, former fbi executive assistant director. >> the president wasting no time replacing james comey, before leaving on a 9-day overseas tour tomorrow, the commander-in-chief visiting the middle east and europe, a stop in saudi arabia,
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israel and the vatican to meet with the pope. donald trump will attend the nato summit in brussels and the g-7 summit in italy. >> the jury finds police officer not guilty in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. >> speaking of your fans -- rob: betty shelby said she feared for her life when he refused to put his hands up as she is investigating an abandoned car in the middle of that road. the family says the officer got away with murder. the doj with a an investigation into the case. heather: back on capitol hill after a major scare collapsing during a 5k race in dc. >> i want to thank the first responders, good samaritans and
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people at the hospital, did a wonderful job giving me a clean bill of health. heather: he was unconscious after -- an ambulance taking him to the hospital where he tweet theed a video thanking him for all the well wishes. rob: record heat, and another part of the country -- >> complaining. >> 76, we did hit 90 ° yesterday, look at cool temperatures across the west, part of the ingredient we will need for severe storms and we think we will have a severe weather outbreak into tomorrow. storm reports, 200 of them, several tornado reports in the midwest. heavy snow across the rockies
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and all this golf moisture, unstable air here, this is a pretty rare scenario here. that is a high risk, you don't see that very often. that is something to let folks know oklahoma and kansas all the ingredients will come together for large destructive potentially deadly tornadoes so you need to be aware of that. the slight risk, you are not out of risk for texas towards the great lakes. elevated threat, extreme threat in oklahoma and kansas, severe weather outbreak, tornado outbreak is likely tonight. your highs today, 93 today, tomorrow 85, the weekend upper 60s. i am glad there is no complaining in the studio.
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the time at the top of the hour, impeachment fever now sweeping the left. >> i ride today, mister speaker to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. >> our next guest says democrats should not be looking forward to an impeachment if it were to happen. rob: return of the mac, burger king putting mac and chito's on the menu. a little early for all that. ♪
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heather: impeachment fever after breathless coverage of the comey memo. >> i rise today, mister speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america for obstruction of justice. >> did donald trump try to block the russia investigation commit and impeachable offense? >> are we getting closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment process? rob: amy holmes, thank you for joining us. impeachment impeachment impeachment. why do we keep hearing this? >> almost congress to this we went to get to the next chapter because all these scandals and hysteria and meanwhile is there even a crime we know about?
2:43 am
rob: it is difficult to prove obstruction of justice and way beyond impeach the label anyway at this point. >> i would want democrats i don't think you want to walk down this road. republicans did it during bill clinton's term. and start impeachment proceedings and they did impeach the president but you know what happened? they lost seats in the house. newt gingrich lost his position and republicans were damaged for a long time. heather: nancy pelosi saying wait a minute, take a couple steps back. why are we hearing both from the democrats at this point? is that the strategy? >> it is the strategy. they are using this to get money from the midterm in 2020 and it is great for the base but not necessarily great for the
2:44 am
democratic party and certainly not great for america. heather: will it benefit them in the midterms? and putting a stop to any republican agenda getting more work being done at all. >> it depends which democrats you are looking at. and narrow district, they might be on board with this but joe mention who i sired the network yesterday, he was being very careful from west virginia which trump won by 20 points. look at the scoreboard to see where democrats are. focus grouping to find out about impeachment. it is not about principles but politics. heather: there's always something behind it. to find out if it will help or hurt, not will it help or hurt
2:45 am
america. >> and the republicans, crossing over that line. >> using the i word. for republicans, very tricky question because they want to get their agenda through. republicans need to have points on the scoreboard, do tax reform, infrastructure and even build a little bit of that wall. follow through on their campaign promises if they want to see rewards in 2018. heather: the the agenda doesn't match what donald trump's agenda may be and the administration. we heard paul ryan trying to pivot around tax reform. the media will not let them do
2:46 am
it. >> donald trump is going over the heads of the media talking to the american people, something he tweets too much. i might be in that camp. he wantss to stay on message but he has been great about talking to the american people directly from his voice to them. >> we will see if this softens the impeachment voices a little bit. thank you so much as always and check in with brian kill need for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> the whole special counsel, what it means with robert mueller back in charge after 12 years, a brand-new budget, be able to handle brand-new staff to look at any type of russia/trump collusion, where it could go and so many people are supportive of him, break it down on what it means, judge andrew napolitano will be here, and administration under attack, doctor bill bennett, congressman louis gohmert, why so many on the right feel the agenda could be in jeopardy because of democratic attacks and so much
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♪ rob: my best to you if you live on the east coast, 90 ° today. shocking news, how does president obama feel about his successor? not that good. former president friends telling people magazine he once said donald trump is nothing but a bser. the comment shortly after donald
2:51 am
trump won the election, telling people the obama's opinion is donald trump has not gotten any better since he took office. >> preaching diversity and equality under fire, online reviews many call offensive. apologizing for falls critiques like this one, and this is the perfect night out for you. another one about a rude employee saying, quote, i don't care if he would lose your job, i am sure mcdonald's would hire you. the comments were wrong and insensitive but will not face punishment. amazon embarking on a brand-new adventure. heather: cheryl casone he with what we may be able to order online. >> reporter: amazon hired a new general manager, we don't know
2:52 am
his or her name to explore the idea of amazon becoming an online pharmacy selling drugs, generic drugs, prescription drugs, all of that. this could be a $50 billion market for amazon. you can go to cvs and other online pharmacies now but amazon may be getting in the game, that could change the dynamics of pricing with pharmaceuticals and make it better for consumers. >> amazon will be the one company in the world. what is automated screening at jfk. >> reporter: ahead new screenings, they view them at jfk, they are automatic, you go up and there is a large been and no matter if the person in front of you and their family and five children are taking up an hour, once your bag is on the conveyor belt you can go around them and go through the body screening.
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the faster process would get you through the tsa line. they hope by the end of the year to have 17 of these at jfk, expect to see these in other places around the country. heather: they make you stand there until it gets to the part. burger king, mac, back in the studio. these start on may 18th, 5 pieces in a box, $2.69. debuted these last summer in june 2016 and very popular and discontinued them. so they have them on the menu. mac & cheese and spaghetti are my downfall. >> part of a balanced breakfast.
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>> that is why our brother matt 5:53 in the morning. it looks like a chicken finger and the cheetos dust around it. you can buy something similar from frito-lay. rob: i will take a whopper. >> little orange fingers too. heather: forget the coffee shop, how you can brew coffee with your cell phone case. rob: we will be right back. ♪ ♪ campaign ♪ i will get some ♪ there is --
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♪ heather: time now for the good,ed bad, and the ugly. first the good. forget the coffee shop, all you need is the phone for morning expresso. italian company new phone case that can heat hot drinks at your finger tips in seconds. they are trying to get their invention approved on kick starter. i don't know how that works. >> next the bad. a brawl breaking out of a high school graduation in tennessee. argument over saving seats
2:59 am
causing parents to throw punches. even pour water on each other. one woman hand cuffed. unclear if anybody was arrested. heather: finally the ugly, man's trip to the geech take pictures of his lavish suv doesn't go as planned it started sink into the sand in new jersey. frantically trying to dig it out a tow truck saved the car thank goodness. that's a nice car. >> earlier we asked you if you thought an independent council will help her hurt the independent investigation. your comments pouring in online. >> cammeron says i thought the democrats should have been care of what they wished for. this investigation is going to blow everything wide open. >> sinsdly on twitter says i just want the truth, for that truth to be accepted and for stuff to finally get done. heather: we will see if that happens. liz says so fed up with the constant investigation of this russian connection. isn't this the fourth investigation on the same thing? thanks to all who responded.
3:00 am
yes, it is, by the way, i think the fourth one. rob: isn't politics fun? heather: it gives us a lot to talk about though. rob: endless cycle of news. "fox & friends" starts right now. we will see you later. heather: bye. >> news breaking moments ago from the justice department. the appointment of a special counsel to oversee the fbi investigation of russian government efforts to influence the 2016 election. >> i have not seen any evidence of actual collusion. where is the actual crime that they think they need a special prosecutor to prosecute? >> it is obvious there are some people out there who want to harm the president. we need the facts. >> i rise today, mr. speaker, to call for the impeachment of the pet of the united states of america. >> what is the motive of these people? who is putting these leaks out? this isn't about democrat, republican. this is about getting what's going on in the moment and understanding at


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