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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 19, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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8:00 p.m., the sworn - - don't forget to dvr it, and stay tuned for the five, that's next. >> hello, everyone i'm dana perino along with greg gutfeld, kimberly guilfoyle. this is the five. we begin tonight with multiple major developing stories. president is on air force one en route to saudi arabia on his first over seas trip as commander in chief. there's breaking news here on the home front. more bomb shell reports about the russia investigation. cording to the new york times in a meeting with russian officials caat the white house the presidt called james comey a quote, nut job and that has his firing relieved great pressure on the
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president. mean while the senate intelligence committee announced today that mr. comey has agreed to publicly testify some time after memorial day. then the washington post out with an article saying a senior white house adviser is a person of interest in the russian probe. before we get to the breaking news, this is the first time we've had a chance to talk about it, i wind far you can set up this trip for us and the expectations for the meeting in saudi arabia itself. >> the president will arrive here at 950 local time. he's here in about five hours and 50 minutes, going to meet with the crown prince the deputy crown prince. one of the big days is going to be on sunday. where he will have lunch with some 50 leaders, 40 or 50 leaders from the gulf cooperation council. he'll give a big address there on terrorism. and then he heads to israel. if the schedule holds, it will
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be the very first time a publicly announced flight has gone directly from saudi arabia to the jewishta state. from there he goes goes to romee he's going going to meet the pot the vatican, and then to sicily for the g7 summit. he's doing five countries, meeting about 20 leaders or chief dignitaries from a lot of different countries. so this is a very big and very ambitious first foreign trip. most leaders, and you'll remember this from g. w. bush, ,they either go south of the border to mexico or north of the border to canada. the president's got a very ambitious trip for his first foray abroad. >> i love thes concept of the trip terms of combating intolerance. >> i hope you enjoy that trip and i'm sure it's going to be quite interesting. i wanted to know what level of preparation they have done with the president in light of some of the past things he's said about saudi arabia, the clintons
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and the clinton foundation to streamline this trip to be one that's very positive. >> the president's done a lot of research. he's hadse meetings for the past couple of weeks interspersed of course. i tellhe you something about sai arabia, they are very happy with this president, particularly in comparison to the last president. the reason why is because they think he is on the same page not only with combating terrorism, but he also shares their view that iran is an existential threat to arabs in the saudi region. they talk about president in glowing terms and i know our allies in egypt and jordan and other areas, oman, they all talk about him in the same way. they are toa real put it bluntly thrilled that he is the president and they're thrilled that he's coming here. if you go up and down the boulevards here, you see a big posters of president at along
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side king - - so it's a real red carpet welcome for the president here. >> jesse waters. >> yeah, kimberly just brought up the arms deal, a big package, $110 billion or something like that lockheed martin's going to get paid a lot of money. apparently there was some controversy because the president's son in law got involved last minute trying to knock the price down. what arere the arms deals for america and saudi arabia? >> i don't necessarily think althat's controversy. i think it really impressed saudi leaders when they came toughies w-t him. they want what's called the thad missile system. terminal highh altitude area defense, and the necessity for it was shown earlier today when rebels in yemen fired a ballistic missile toward saudi arabia. antimissile systems here took it down about 120-miles south west of riad in the middle of an unpopulated area of the desert. it's lot of money for our
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defense corporations. what jared kushner did was when saudi officials were at the white house they said they wanted theus thad system. he was worried that they were worried about the price so he called up the c ceo of lockheed and said is there something we can do about the price here. we don't know what lockheed is doing about the price, but they want to really over haul their entire armed forces and the aited states is goingan to help them do that with this 110 billion-dollar package. >> juan williams, what do you have? >> john, very interested in these reports coming out of washington that the investigators have now identified a person of interest who is close to thef course eves thinking who could this be? you know, who in the white house is this person that has been identified. do you have anything to say? >> uh, nobody knows, uh, in the united states the independent newspaper and the guardian
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apnewspaper have identified that person as jared kushner. there's nothing to suggest that it is jared kushner, but do remember during the than - - . inauguration happened and took over as president you didn'tt have to start from scratch here. we do know jared kush ner talked to russian officials. and lieutenant general michael flynn was in that same meeting. there's nothing to say it is jared kushner and nothing in the report to say investigators have identified a person of interest. it's interesting, though, to me juan, that this little piece of information was dished to the washington post just as robert muller is taking over the investigation and will kind of gobble up everything himself and he is well-known, uh, for running a tight ship. one that will probably be
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reasonably leak-proof, i would think. >> all right, greg gutfeld. >> hello, john. i just wanted to point out - - . >> hello, greg. >> cnn is reporting that donald trump isn't really in saudi arabia but on a sound stage in russia. it's being directede by putin? it's uh, this is all a big sham much like the moon landing. hey, i just have a question for you fellas. >> a real question. >> as a reporter to a journalist, how is the alcohol situation in saudi arabia? [laughter] the only alcohol that i have aund in saudi arabia was on our airplane when we landed and i don't know what the disposition of the alcohol has been since we embarked from the air craft. i really couldn't tell you. there's a lot of near beer here, i can tell you that, and a lot of near wine as well. >> oh, sorry to hear that. >> john, before we let you go, i wanted to l ask since you've ben to saudi arabia several times in your career and one of the princes who has taken upon himself to try to open up and
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provide for moree tolerance and kind of even some more fun for the saudis that are living you and your limited yotime that you've been there in tthe past 24 hours, do you note a difference? >> now, i've actually this is my first time - - i've been to saudi arabia. i've been to kuwait. i lived in kuwait for six weeks just prior to the 2003 war, but this is the first time i've actually been in saudi arabia. we arrived at 8:00 p.m. and it's now 4:00 a.m. so i'm afraid, dana, as curious an individual as i am, i haven't really had much of a chance to discover any differences. one thing i can tell you, though - - . >> i thought you were there. >> no, no. one thing i can tell you, though, you remember back to bush 41 and the relationship that he had with the saudi leadership. >> yeah, very good. >> relations with saudi arabia itare all about interpersonal that's why president obama hadps such a difficult time because the relationship was fairly
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chilly. president looks like is going to have a similar relationship with the crown prince as bush 41 did back in the day. so, you know, i think that could potentially bode very well for u.s.-saudi relations. >> we'll just thank you in advance for all the work you'll do on the trip. you can see up there in the top left corner it is 4:09 a.m. we'll let you get back to it. i don't know if you're eating breakfast or going back to bed, but thank you so much. >> and i'lll keep my eyes open for signs of fun here. >> okay. >: yes, get back to us. >> i guess you'll get to go. >> thanks. >> all right, toby keith above giving a concert only men are u allowed. >> what are you gonna do? at least he's there, and well, the boys be able to enjoy a good concert. >> um, we expect the president to give a pretty significant speech when itre comes to saudi arabia and setting the stage for this idea of combating and tolerance. the arms deal was also a part of thatt which was
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to say we are coming back around to a better relationship with saudi arabia, we're going to help you provide the resources we need, but we need your help in fighting terrorism. >> i think this is such a positive platform for the president. this is one he should really seize especially in terms of this media storm around russia and collusion and a special council beingng appointed. this is an area where the president excels in interpersonal relationships. we've seen him have really greats meetings with other foreign leaders thus far. as johnhn predicted this should be the forecast is sunny for his relationship with saudi arabia, which should be, you know, a key ally, especially in the fight against terror. i think it's important the good press get out, his communication team, and those thatha are with him to kind of help bring back some stories to make sure they get positive play here. that it's actually really covered by the press, versus just some of the stuff that's going on kind of back
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home domestically with the investigation. if you notice, as they saide, on the air earlier, a document right on a friday, a lot of information coming out just as they were leaving and of course not with their phones and stuff with them but other devices to try to get around this story. just real quick, dana,, u jared kushner and the person of interest. that's very different than being a a target of an investigation. people shouldn't take that to mean any kind of im proprietor the subject, you know, our target of an investigation. >> people are getting ahead of themselves on that. >> exactly. >> it's important i think for america to have a great trip for >>the so that we can sort of feel like we are back on the world stage in sort of a commanding way. what do you think? >> yeah, i mean, he looks great going up in the plane with melania. it's very good to be there with the first lady. i've beenwestere there. pretty
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nice jet and i'm sure everyone's enjoying it immensely. a lot of this is about optics and putting forth the american vision to the world and selling lot of arms to our friends. we want to make sure oil prices stay low and high prices could just shatter. it comes at a very troubling time and i've been the first one to say there's a lot of smoke but i don't see any fire but now i'm getting a little concerned. a lot of reportsor todayts about targets and some things that were said to the russians and even i, myself, have gotten to the point where i'm like what is w going on with itthis situation? i'm a little worried about it. i still don't see any hard evidence yet, but you know the smoke keeps getting a little bit hotter and they need to to reallyng clamp this thing down because it's swirling really fast. >> there isn't anything that he's suggesting. >> noter yet. asit's getting pretty hot in the kitchen, though. >> i want to say stop
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the presses jesse waters actually thinks there's news here? >> i don't know if it's news but i've reading a lot of points from the mainstream media. i'll hedge could be a lot of anonymous sources, but a ton of leaks. a ton off leaks. out of this white house. >> i think what's happening now is that you're entering a more active phase of the investigation, and mullerti is bringing in new people and they are gathering information. i think when you have the subpoena out of the grand jury in virginia for flynn's financial records, i think the things are getting hotter. >> these are leaks from >>before. >> financial shimancial, that's not that big of a deal. the colliding thing is the concerning issue. >> the thing about the kushner thing isr it's so close to the president. >> we're going to have a chance to talk about that again. let's get greg in here one last time i wanted to ask you and you might want to talk about the othereo issue.
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president obama when hisre relationship with saudi arabia really deteriorated over the iran deal. do you think there's any way to sort of get this back init to a good position where we can work also with our nato allies to try to back? >> i find it really kind of interesting that probably the least holy man that we know might be the guy that unifies all of these different people. maybe it takes a guy who doesn't have a dog a in this fight to deal with this. the real issue in this whole trip is extremism. that's what this is about. it's not jews, and it's not christians chopping the heads off people. so when he goes to this saudi arabian and he talks about extremism, it's about radical islamic extremism. he's a blunt salesman, he can talk a cat off a mice truck. his salesman-like nqualities have benefits in this regard in that he can actually say these things and create a personal relationship. this is related to the
9:15 pm
comey stuff. when you're a salesman, you -s - - the whole position is to be liked. is to create trust. how doo you create trust? you deal in these idriables of gossip and tidbits of information. so you sit theren and you go you want the guy from russia to think that he like use and you like him so you h go i just got this nut job off my back. this is the way a salesman talks. and he talks - - and the salesman has the flaw of talking too much. so his flaw, which is to talk too much and say these things casually and gets him into some okind of superficial trouble, i believe superficial trouble, is the benefit of these situations abroad at saudi arabia in the sense that he can talk to these people the way obama didn't. obama went and was didn't demand respect. it was just so he came across as an academic. is going over there with
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his head held high. >> no apology tour. >> no apologies just to say we've got problems here, let's settle it. again with the salesman, everything's a negotiation. which is why he says those things to the russians, why he says those things to comey about going easy on flynn, because these are what salesmen do. and this is what he's nggoing to do hopefully abroad. i took those two issues and pushed them together like a reese's peanut butter cup. >> coming up the military is tactic about tactics that will annihilate isis, details up next. >> i love it. you down ♪ you found the love of your dreams...
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>> kimberly: the mad >> the mad dog is unchained. secretary of defense james revealed that the president has issued aggressive new orders to take out isis. >> he directed a tactical shift fromut shoving isis out of locations in an attrition fight to surrounding the enemy and their strong hold says we can annihilate isis. there is no escape for isis. with their drive isis to its knees. >> i can't get enough o the mad dog. you know what i mean? kokay, music to my ears. driving isis. >> i think they would benefit
9:22 pm
from doing more because this stuff is good and it's nice to set it up right before the president's conversations with the different religions to say we've got to fight extremism together. there's nothing more extreme that isis, well al qaeda which is al qaeda 2.0 is isis. i think we forget the changes to operational procedure has given the pentagon a lot more flexibility. during the obama administration, the national security council at the white house really wanted to be able to sign off on every operation. and now the trump administration has saidis actually, no. we trust you, we're going to on the big stuff you're going to have to come to us, but in terms of these type of things it you wants to hit them hard you have our permission to do what you feel needs to be done. i think trusting them is really good good for us and bad for isis. >> what do you think about the aggressive nature doing a different campaign? >> i think the rhetoric clearly
9:23 pm
pleases you and dana but i just wonder if it has any strategic consequences. you go from a war of attrition to a war of nilation. when you lookk at the ground you say wait a second how is the enemy responding? guess what they say they like this rhetoric, they're using it to suggest it's a war against islam. real, iknow if that's don't know if that would be effective, but i pay attention. the second thing to say is the president has a history of saying islam is a religion of violence and the worst things about muslims. he's going over there and you guys think he's going to bring everybody together. >> he talks about radical islamic jihadists, which is very different, terrorists. >> no, no, no. >> well, president obama wouldn't say radical islam and the saudiss hated him. >> right. >> president was prettyn muslim jihad and now the saudis are embracing them. i don't know if the rhetoric
9:24 pm
really adds up. >> let's tell the truth. >> i just did. >> the saudis have put so much money, billions of dollars into spreading the most extreme form - - . >> and he's going to go over there and say cut it out. >: actually the saudis are actually going to commit to paper to say that if you fund terrorists you are going to be in trouble with the saudi government. >> i want them to stop. >> i also think when says we are going to kill the enemy, i'm not scared that's going to make the enemy want to hurt me more. >> yeah, because if they're dead, they're done. >> you missed the point there because this is a war. >> you had a point? >> i got a lot of points for you, but i'm just telling you this is an ideological fight. it's not like you can wipe them out in one fell swoop. because the internet. greg has made this point on the show immediately. they spread this thing like a cancer. s >> okay, number one, the argument that they're going to
9:25 pm
use our defense against us, if you use that to to the end of its reason, we could never fight a war. we might as well just disband the police because if we have the police that will just makeis ifthe criminals rob and murder d rape more because the police will upset them. if you're in a bar fight, the worst guy to be is the bouncer a because you're often most restricted. america essentially is earth's bouncer, and it's good to give us the freedom to bounce. and that means to go and to kill. it is this is long term. terrorists are the termites of planet earth which mean use have to go around exterminate them regularly. the good thing about trump is he's left handicap by pc ideology and islam o phobia phobia. he doesn't conflate radical islam, hating radical islam with
9:26 pm
hating islam. he make as distinction which helps you to fight terror more effectively. it's called the less - - i won't get into it. anyway, he'sny less handicapped, he's more willing to do it, that's a good deal. >> he knows the difference between jv and varsity. directly ahead, bullet proof evidence of media bias against. you won't believe how bad it is, stay with us. handling the unexpected ... ...doesn't happen by accident. [hissing]
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uh- i- [sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues]
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9:31 pm
journalist bob woodward is warning his media colleagues to tone it down. >> i think it's time to dial it back a little bit because there are people around who are kind of, uh, binge drinking the anti-kool-aid. >> right. >> and that is not going to work journalism. >> when mr. watergate says the media is getting too watergatey, doesn't that mean they have a problem? >> that harvard study, that was harvard. >> yes. >> harvard is admitting bias, that's like pizza hut coming out against carbs. it's kind of a big deal and the negativity reaches 98%. i'm wondering the 2% who isn't negative who that might be. dei gotta tell you, the media hasn't accepted the reality of the situation.
9:32 pm
they wanted martin sheen, but they got charlie sheen. he had some problems, but and also they rail against the president, but he did provide the media more content than a thousand kardashians. and they know it. >> it helped save their jobs. >> he made journalism great again. >> that's actually a great point. cnn coverage lead the negative tone, 93% of the coverage was negative. and, you know, the cnn's ratings have been up. what's do you think that's about? >> i think allha media is up across the board, even the new york times and washington post they have record subscription. >> even the failing new york times? >> apparently so. he's been good for everyone. i think this is a reminder that everybody read with skepticism, watch with skepticism, just watch everything with a little bit of a critical eye. i would also mention ran article about the left falling for a lot of fake russia news and it's clouding a lot of judgment. everyone that maybe is against
9:33 pm
him tunes into cnn because they think at the end of this rainbow we're going to get him impeached. don't worry about this, no one's getting impeached. >> fabulous new promo. >> that's right. i they're working on mine. it will come. >> don't hold your breath. >> let me jump in here, because i think you guys are too high and looking at these numbers. >> we are too high. >> are we? >> yeah, yeah because it's friday night. but look at this, it says here he gets overwhelmingly positive coverage for the missile strike against syria which was support. so a lot of positive. >> that's the one thing. >> hold on, so let's go to, then, let's dive into the numbers,o dive into the numbers, immigrationio overwhelmingly negative coverage. uh, gee, imagine, he's throwing people out of the country who committed no crimes other than being here. >> illegally. >> okay. okay. >> just being here? that was their only crime? beingy here? >> if you want to raid familiess
9:34 pm
and break um families go right ahead. >> he's broken up gang families. >> ordinary working people. how about health care? >> the family now? >> what about healthcare? has he deliverd for republican whose have said repeal and replace? absolutely not. what about russia and the election. most americans think russia interfered in our election. >> let's get kimberly in here. >> it just doesn't make sense. >> beat me on the head. >> let's not get hostile. we don't know where that's going to end. fox few news, the most fair and balanced out there, 52% negative 42% positive. >> fair andd balanced? you cover the news accurately fair and balanced. juan b b referred to week 12 and that was when he ordered the
9:35 pm
cruise missile strike on syria and the air base. that's one week where it was pretty good, right? it was 70%, um, compared to 30% but anyway. the problem is they don't want to cover the positive news because it doesn't fit their narrative andd sort of this soldier march that they have towards this goal of impeachment. they want to just be able to focus onn what it is they don'ts like about him because they still have this election hang over. and because of that, or cranky greg, they want to just kind of hear what they think, what they believe, and they i think gravitate towards coverage like that. >> so the american people and ope polls and he no responsibility. he hasn't done anything. he's not. >> president obama had 65% positive coverage. >> yeah, maybe there's the difference? >> the first 100 days, 80% negative and 20% positive. >> it's okay. >> that's so skewed.
9:36 pm
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and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. ♪ got two tickets to paradise ♪ won't you pack your bags for me >> in the last segment we were talking about media bias against the president. the news never stops on the fox news channel. look atx this from cnn tonight. >> i don't care what he says to the russians. i mean. >> okay. >> he's the president of the united states. if me wants to if he wants to say that, barack obama wants to say whatever, george bush - - . >> he took a dump on his desk you would defend him. >> wow. >> whoa, baby. he said just in case that was too quick for you, if he took a dump on his desk you would defendnd it. i turn to my friend jesse waters. >> this is fresh off - - . >> this is perfect foror him. >> no cheap shots. >> this is fresh off anderson's
9:41 pm
eye roll scandal so he definitely does not need this. i think you had katie bodine the other day went ballistic on carl higbie saying they should check the sources. they're starting to melt down it seems like. >> i've got a new name for him, anderson pooper. >> when you gotta go, you gotta go. it would be defensible. >> what has happened here? >> we're out of control. >> it's turned into south park. >> think about it. this the conversation has changed let's be honest in the last quan months. - - . introduced the construction worker side way of communicating, it's how he beat everybody and now everybody's kind of learning imitating. sometimes it doesn't work. like that probably didn't work. >> because andersonim cooper's a vanderbilt. he doesn't sell that, he doesn't
9:42 pm
speak that. cnn's been defending barack obama taking dumps for eight years. so i mean come on. >> i don't know about that. >> you can definitely get away you're no vanderbilt. >> taking it to a new low. >> you know what, k just, i mea, to me he's playing to democrats, far left, don't like the president, don't want to hear defense of him, but boy, that's pretty low. >> what would you expect from that guest? that guest has been - - . >> that's why he's there. >> don't ask the guest on and then beat him up. >> it's a set up. anderson don't know, is, i don't know. i found him to be much better behaved than that. >> this is blowing up on twitter tonight. we were going to doo a segment about joe biden saying hillary's not a great candidate, he is. >> let's do that one. >> well, go ahead. >> it's a little late. >> no, i love it. good for him. he's telling the truth. we always knew it.
9:43 pm
>> it's one thing to be an arm chair quarterback on monday, but an arm chair quarterback on thursday, he's waited this long? >> i could imageland of you - - . >> he's party loyal, i think. >> you kimberly guilfoyle would have attacked him as uncle joe every time he said something estupid. >> incorrect. incorrect. >> you would have salaamy on your plate. >> basically what's happening is joe biden is setting it up so that kimberly will get that chance in three years. >> he'll be 78 years old? >> the president will be 74. when you're in your 70s, 70s are the new 50s. >> yeah, that's true. >> biden and - - . >> very highse energy, he also enjoys midnight swims which i think is a a very good thing to put on your profile.
9:44 pm
>> isn't it weird how it's called skinny dip but they're kinney. >> you go to a nude beach - - . >> stay right there, facebook friday is coming up. k label? there's two?! now this is a delicious dilemma! introducing new beggin' strips premium edition. twwwoooooo?!?! with real meat as ingredient one. everything to your liking? mmm mmmmm... new beggin' strips premium. becaussssseeee beggin'! brtry new flonase sensimists. allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist experience to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist changes everything.
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♪ meet georgette >> okay, it's facebook friday we answer your questions. this is from victoria e., if you had a theme song, what would that theme song be? great question, victoria e. >> hm, oh. >> come on. >> i feel like that would be better if i got to choose jesse's theme song. >> theme song for me? >> i wish that i was had jesse's girl. that's mine. >> i did love rick springfield and had that poster. >> remember when people had posters? it was funny. >> i hadop posters. >> i still have posters. >> sean cassidy. >> yeah, i have him. anyway - - . >> dana, you didn't pick one. >> i'm trying to think of something appropriate and sun
9:49 pm
shiny. >> you guys say you don't want the questions before hand and then you don't have the answer. >> i have the answer. >> jesse's girl. >> that's the song that you - - . >> that's my theme song. >> juan, how about you? >> i like it takes two to make a thing go right. that's a lot of fun. i like bob dylan, when he talks about like aun rolling stone because he's just talking down. >> a sense of theme. kimberly? >> i don't know, people would say, you know - - . >> what? >> what do they say kimberly? >> legs. >> i got a song. >> stop it, juan. can we go. >> girls just wanna have fun. >> i have one. >> what? >> friends in low f places. >: i said friends in high places for you. >> that's not a song. >> i thought you would have picked short people. i picked the facts of life theme song because i feel like i'm mrs. garret if she will still
9:50 pm
alive. >> the facts of life were all about you. >> this is a great one, i'm going to start with you kimberly, this is from gene a. what one place have you already visited that if you had to could live there forever? >> what color am i wearing tonight? >> ireland. >> thank you. yes. >> interesting. >> i'm surprised because the weather's terrible. >> but i love it. you know, i live there every summer since i was five years of age. and then i went to school at trinity in dublin, ireland. lunched it. >> what about you, juan? >> i just got back, just - - everybody down in thehe caribbean to boca outside of panama. i thought it was the most beautiful place i'd ever seen on earth. >> oh wow. >> i mean, it was stunning. >> i want to go there. >> what about you, jesse? >> i was at a pre-scheduled vacation in grand cayman. it was a beautiful. it was planned for months your
9:51 pm
family wasa already there. >> they were there already. >> i met themem there. >> do you have a time stamped travel itinerary preferentially - - . >> i say the low country. >> everything's low with you. so you can read things. the high country you can't get the stuff off the shelf. i know that feeling, i keep everything on the floor for me. >> on the bottom shelf. >> if i had to t live in a place forever,g: uh, i would probably pick allen town, pennsylvania? >> really? >> if you're going to live forever you gotta save money. i lived the for ten years, i could live a thousand years. but i mean it's like you got walker on a budget. i can't pick tulum or the bahamas i'm going to be broke. you live in allen town, youiv cn stretch a dollar. you can still get a beer for 65 cents. >> probably like the - - . >> isn't there a song - - .
9:52 pm
>> billy joel. >> italy's good. >> there's a place called beers around the world, you could take a pile of coins, put it on the bar, and drink all night. >> okay, little one, let's go now. >> if i had a dollar for every time you said that to me. this question was so good. all right. >> what was it? >> if you were able to be in one conversation in history, which would you choose? >> hm. >> save it for y next friday. >> one more thing, next. ♪ that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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word to your wallet. >> it's time for one more thing, mr. greg. >> i've beene informed that charlotte ray is still alive at 92. mrs. garret. greg gutfeld show tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. i got rob o'neil and michael mcdonald, a great comedian. back toal me, please. you know that joke there's always a joke, a rabbi, a priest, and an imom walk 92 a bar? kind of like that on the show, but they walk on my show to talk about the president's visit. >> this is called the bar fight. >> had been the cause of the rise of islamophobia. >> let me say with great respect, he is the only one who finally punished assad for muslims and arabs. >: yes. [applause] >> oh, geeze. debate. it was a fiery
9:57 pm
tune in. >: and you have great commercials. >> yes. >> jesse, you're next. >> well, um, we're hearing that hillary's e-mail investigation might be opened so i went to go check too see if i can get a statement from the former secretary of state where she likes to hang out in the woods. >> you guys seen hillary? >> ni haven't. >> okay. let me know i'm out hero kay? tell her - - . >> i'm with her. still nothing. >> that's funny. >> that's saturday before greg's show. >> watch his show, then my show. >> that was it. >> we will be sure to tune in. check thiss out a little pre mature celebration going on. this rider crosses what he thinks is the finish line and he starts celebrating. okay? but he's six kilometers from the end. the biggest cycling race in europe. it happened on wednesday. and he got swallowed up by right
9:58 pm
behind him. >> howow embarrassing, right? >> yikes. >> not good for the slovinian. >> so bizarre. so my friend george newmar has a new book out called the political pope. we talked about this on the show, it's fantastic, greg. so the left has tried to politicize the vatican and the pontiff on and now with the catholic church there is a whole battle to try to do that because many feel like this is just erroding the main core values of the catholic church. so it's a fascinating read and i'm surprised you didn't write this book. but george did, and he's a fantastic author. great cover, too. >> juan? >> it's graduation season. vice president pence is speaking at notre dame this weekend. and yours truly spoke at lewis clark state college in idaho. >> who's yours truly?
9:59 pm
>> me. t sometimes it's you, but other times me. it was really, i'm going to say this in all honesty emotional for me. i had spoken at lewis clark 23 years ago. >> wow. >> did they have a picture? >> they do actually in the old yearbook, but i didn't pick it out. >> juan is such a winner. >> no one asks t me to speak. >> oh stop. >> it's true. >> anyway, the school's bigger, stronger, and it was a thrill to speak in the gymnasium with so many students who were the first in their class to graduate. 70% in the class first in their family to graduate college. the were people who had objections to me and fox. >> i wouldn't have done it in a gymnasium. >> lewis and clark university has a great speech and debate team. i went to a smaller school in that region. >> maybe juan should have taken
10:00 pm
some lessons. >> anyway, i just wanted to say happy, happy graduation. >> episode of the 5, great frieo >> sean: thanks so much friends on "the five" another great show. traveling for his first overseas trip as commander-in-chief. we'll check in with dr. sebastian gorka. he'll have reaction. juan williams, jay sekulow, byron york. joe concha, lisa boothe and au austtan goolsbee all coming up. the past two weeks, they've been nothing like we've ever seen before in american history. president trump has been attacked with andlis innuendo, breathless hyperventilating reporting. i'm going to explain what the president is up against. this is important. we put it altogether in tonight's opening monologue


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