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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 20, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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tonight. the sworn enemy of lying pomposity and group think. dvr it and stay tuned "the five." that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, jesse watters, juan williams and. greg gutfeld. this "the five." we begin tonight with multiple major developing stories. first, president trump is on air force one enroute to saudi arabia on first overseas trip as commander-in-chief. there is breaking news here on the home front. more bombshell reports about the russia investigation. according to the "new york times" in a meeting with russian officials at the white house, president trump called ousted fbi director james comey a quote nut job. and that has his firing relieved quote grave pressure on the -- relieved
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great pressure on the president. meanwhile the senate intelligence committee announced today that mr. comey has agreed to publicly testify sometime after memorial day. and then "the washington post also out with a report saying senior white house advisor -- i'm sorry a senior white house advisor is now a person of interest in the russia probe. here to break all of this down for us is chief white house correspondent john roberts who is already in saudi arabia. before we get to that breaking news, john, since this is the first time we have had a chance to talk about it, i am wondering if you could set up the trip and expectations for the meeting in saudi arabia itself. >> all right. so the president will arrive here at the:50 local time. just 4:00 a.m. now. he is here in 5 hours and 50 minutes. meeting with king suleman today the deputy crown prince. one of the big days is going to be on sunday where he will have lunch with some 50 leaders. 40 or 50 leaders from the gulf corporation council. he will give a big address there on terrorism. and then he heads to israel and if the schedule holds, dana, it will be the very first time that a publicly
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announced flight has gone directly from saudi arabia to the jewish state. from there he goes to rome where is he going to meet the pope at the vatican and then he travels to bustles for the nato 7 and goes back to sicily for the g 7 summit. he is doing five countries. meeting about 20 leaders or chief dignitaries from a lot of different countries. so this is a very big and very ambitious first foreign trip. most leaders, and you will remember this from george w. bush, they either go south of the border to mexico or they go north of the border to canada. but the president has got a very ambitious trip for first foray abroad, dana. >> dana: it's a very broad choice. let's start with kimberly guilfoyle. >> kimberly: i hope you enjoy that trip. i'm sure it's going to be quite interesting. i wanted to know what level of preparation they have done with the president in light of some of the past things he said about saudi arabia and u.s. relationships and clintons
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and clinton foundation to really streamline this trip so it's one that's very positive? >> well, you know, the president has done a lot of research. he has had meetings for the past couple of weeks interspersed, of course, with the odd crisis here and there. i will tell you something about saudi arabia. they are very happy with this president. particularly in comparison to the last president. the reason why is because they. combating terrorism. he also shares their view that iran is an existential threat to our arab allies in the region. so when you hear al jabier saudi foreign minister talk about trump it is in glowing terms. i know our allies in egypt and jordan and other areas, united arab haven't really had
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much of a chance to discover any differences. one thing can i tell you though. one thing i can tell you though and you remember back to bush 41 and the relationship he had with the saudi relationship. >> dana: yeah, very good. >> relationships with saudi arabia are all about intrapersonal relationships. that's why president obama had such a difficult time with saudi arabia.
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the relationship was fairly chilly. president trump is going to have a similar relationship with king suleman the crowned prince as bush 41 did back in the day. that could potentially bode very well for u.s. saudi relations. >> dana: we thank you in advance for all the work you will do in that trip. as you see in the top left corner it is 4:09 a.m. i don't know if you are eating breakfast or going to back to bed but thank you so much, john. >> i will keep my eyes open for signs of fun here in riyadh. >> kimberly: get back to us. >> dana: toby keith concert you will get to go. toby keith is giving a concert and only men are allowed. i'm surprised the white house agreed to that. i like toby keith. >> kimberly: well, the boys will be able to enjoy a good concert. >> dana: we expect the president to give a pretty significant speech when it comes to saudi arabia and setting the stage for this idea of combating
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intolerance and the arms deal was a part of that which is to say we are come back around to a better relationship with saudi arabia. help you provide the resources you need in helping fight terrorism. >> kimberly: positive platform for the president. one he should seize in terms of media storm around russia and collusion and special counsel being appointed. this is an area where the president excels in terms of intrapersonal relationships. we have seen him have really great meetings with other foreign leaders thus far early in his presidency. and as john predicted, this should be when the forecast is sunny for his relationship with saudi arabia, which should be, you know, a key ally, especially in the fight against terror. i think it's important that his people get out, you know, the good press, the messaging on this. his communication team and those that are with him, you know, to kind of help bring back some stories to make sure they get positive, you know, play here that it's actually really covered by the press versus just some of the stuff that's going on kind of back home,
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domestically, you know, with the investigation. and if you noticed, there was like, as they said on the air earlier, document dump right on a friday, a lot of information coming out just as they were leaving. and, of course, not with their phones and stuff with them but other devices, to try to get around this story. and just real quick, dana, about jared kushner and the person of interest. that's very different than being a target of an investigation. that means that somebody you would just like to speak to but people shouldn't take that to mean any kind of impropriety or the subject, you know, or target of an investigation. >> dana: people are getting ahead of themselves on that. >> kimberly: exactly. >> dana: it is important for americgreat trip for president trump so we can feel like we are back on world stage in sort of a commanding way. what do you think? >> jesse: he looks great going up to the plane with melania. we talked about that yesterday. it's very good to be there with the first lady. air force one looks
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fantastic. i have been there. pretty nice jet. and i'm sure enjoying it immensely. a lot of it is about optics. you want to see the president there as the commander-in-chief and putting vision to the world and selling arms to our friends. want to make sure oil stays low. gas prices could shattered this guy's base. but it comes at a very troubling time. i have been the first one to say, you know, there is a lot of smoke but i don't see any fire. but now i'm getting concerned. a lot of reports out today about targets and some things that were said to the russians. and even i, myself, have gotten to the point where i'm like what is going on here with this situation? i'm a little worried about it. i still don't see any hard evidence yet. the smoke keeps getting a little bit hotter. and they need to do something to really tamp this thing down because it is swirling really fast. >> kimberly: as dershowitz set there hasn't been anything suggesting. >> jesse: not yet. getting hot in the kitchen.
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>> juan: stop the presses jesse watters actually thinks it's news here? >> jesse: i don't know about news. it could be fake news, juan. a lot of anonymous sources. could be a lot of anonymous sources because ton of leaks. a ton of leaks coming out of the fbi and out of this white house. >> juan: i think what's happening now is that you are entering a more active phase of the investigation and mueller is bringing in new people and so they are gathering information and i think when you have the subpoena out of the grand jury in virginia for flynn's financial records. i think that things are getting hotter. >> kimberly: this is leaks from before mueller. >> jesse: financial smantial. fallujah thing is substantial. >> juan: thing about the kushner thing is it's so close to the president. son-in-law. >> dana: we have a chance to talk about that again. let me get greg in here one more time. i wanted to ask you and you might want to talk about the other issue.
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but president obama, when his relationship with saudi arabia really deer at real detd over the iran deal. do you think there is a way to get this back in a good position where we can work also with our nato allies to push back against the iranians? >> i find it really kind of interesting that probably the least holy man that we know ie donald trump might be the guy who unifies all of these different people. maybe it takes a guy who doesn't have a dog in this fight to deal with this. the real issue in this whole trip is extremism. that's what this is about. and it's not jews. and it's not christians chopping the heads off people. so when he goes to the saudi arabia and talks about extremism. it's about radical, islamic extremism. is he a blunt salesman. like i say he could talk a cat off a mice truck. he is -- his salesman like qualities have benefits in this regard. and that he can actually say these things and create
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create a personal relationship. this is related to the comey stuff. when you are a salesman, you -- the whole position is to be liked, is to create trust. and how do you create trust. you deal in these variables of gospel and and tidbits of information. so you sit there and you go, you want the guy from russia to think that he likes you and you like him so you go i just got this nut job off my back. this is the way a salesman talks. and a salesman has the flaw of talking too much. so donald trump's flaw, which is to talk too much and to say these things casually and get them into some kind of superficial trouble, i believe superficial trouble which is. benefit the situation saudi arabia: these people the way obama didn't. obama went and was conciliatory and didn't demand respect. it was just so -- he came across as an academic. trump is going over there
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with his head held high, as a salesman. >> kimberly: no apology tour. >> greg: no apologies. we have problems here. let's settle it. again, with a salesman, everything is a negotiation, which is why he says those things to the russians, why he says those things to comey about going easy on flynn because these are what sales men do. and this is what he is going to do. hopefully abroad, i took smoosh them together like a peanut butter cup. >> dana: perfect way to end the blog. details about isis coming up next. ♪ i'll never let you down ♪
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>> kimberly: the mad dog is unchained. secretary of defense james mattis today briefly reported at the pentagon where he revealed that president trump has issued aggressive new orders to take out isis. >> he directed a tactical shift from shoving isis out of seized location in an attrition fight to surrounding the enemy in their strongholds to we can annihilate isis. there is no escape from isis there to drive isis to its knees. >> kimberly: i can't get enough of mad dog. do you know what i mean? music to my ears. driving isis to its knees. annihilating. do you love it, dana? >> dana: i love taking the fight to these you know what. [gasp] >> dana: you haven't seen
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mattis out there a lot. they haven't done a lot of the dod briefings yet. i think they would benefit from doing more. this stuff is good. it's nice to set it up right before the president's conversations with during the oa administration. national security counsel is he white house wanted to sign off on every operation. now the trump administration has said actually, no. we trust you. we're going to -- in the big stuff, yeah, you will have to come to us. in terms of these type of things if you want to hit them hard, have you our permission to do what you feel like you need to do. trusting them is very good for all of us and really bad for isis. >> kimberly: what do you think about these comments and the aggressive nature kind of doing a different campaign? >> juan: the rhetoric
12:23 am
clearly pleases you and dana. i wonder if it has any strategic consequence when you go to a war of attrition to a war of annihilation. look at the ground how is the enemy responding? guess what in they say they like this rhetoric. they are using it to suggest it's a war against islam. and i don't know if that's real i don't know if that would be effective. i would pay attention. the second thing to say is that president trump has a history as candidate trump of saying that islam was a religion of violence and saying the worst things about muslims. now he goes over there and you guys say oh, he is going to bring everybody together. radical radical islamic jihaddists. very different, terrorists. >> juan: no, no, no. >> jesse: president obama wouldn't say radical islam and the saudis hated him. president trump was pretty hard on muslim jihad and the saudis are embracing him.
12:24 am
i don't know if the rhetoric adds up. >> juan: let's tell the truth. >> jesse: i did. >> juan: saudis have put billions of dollars into spreading wahhabi the most extreme form. >> jesse: go over there and say cut it out or else -- >> dana: stronger than that, saudis are going to commit to paper to say if you fund terrorists you are then going to be in trouble with the saudi government which is something you don't want to do. >> jesse: i think when mattis says we are going to kill the enemy, i'm not scared that's going to make the enemy want to hurt me more. >> kimberly: if they are dead they are done. >> juan: you missed the point there. >> jesse: had you a point. >> juan: i had have a lot of points. it's ideological fight. you can't wipe them out in one fell swoop the internet. greg has made that point on the show repeatedly. they spread this thing like a cancer. >> greg: number one, the argument that they are going to use our defense against
12:25 am
us like if you use that to the end of its reason, we could never wage a war. if you say you know what, you defend yourself, that's only going to make them fight you more. you could never fight a war. we could never have fought world war i and world war ii. we might as well disband the police. if we have the police that will just make the criminals rob and murder and rape more because the police will upset them. if you are in a bar fight, the worst guy to be is the bouncer because you are often most restricted talking about change in procedure. america essentially is the earth's bouncer. good to give us the freedom to bounce. that means to go and to kill. it's not a short-term act. this is long-term. terrorists are the termites of planeteth. you have to go around and exterminate them regularly and never forget about testimony the good thing about trump and why he is different than obama he is less handicapped by p.c. ideology and islam phobia phobia. he doesn't conflate radical islam hating, hating
12:26 am
radical islam with hating islam. he makes a distinction which helps you to fight terror more effectively. called -- i won't it but any way he is less handicapped and more willing to do it. that's a good deal. >> kimberly: he knows the difference between jv and varsity. directly ahead, bullet-proof evidence of media bias against trump. you won't believe how bad it is. stay with us. ♪ ♪ became america's sweetheart when she starred on full house. 30 years later, people magazine says, "lori looks as ageless as ever." lori loughlin i am feeling really good about my skin right now. and that's because of meaningful beauty. announcer meaningful beauty is a powerful anti-aging system that visibly reduces wrinkles, diminishes expression lines and gives you healthier, younger looking skin. lori had always admired her friend cindy crawford's beautiful skin, so she asked her what her secret is. that's when cindy shared meaningful beauty with her and
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♪ won't you take me to funky town. >> jesse: president trump often complaps about media coverage and now he has the stats to back it up. new report from harvard reveals incredible degree of animosity from the press towards the president. the majority of trump coverage from every news organization in the study was negative. on the top of immigration 96% of the reports were negative. gotten so bad that legendary
12:31 am
journalists bob woodward is not phiing to tone it down. >> i think it's dial back a little bit because there are people around who are kind of binge drinking the anti-donald trump kool-aid. >> right. >> and that is not going to work in journalism. >> jesse: speaking of binge drinking, greg? >> greg: i don't know what that means. >> jesse: when mr. watergate says the media is getting too watergatey isn't that a problem? >> dana: watters gate. >> greg: pizza hut coming out against cash carbs. kind of a big deal. i'm wondering of the 2% who isn't negative i'm wondering who that might be. because the media hasn't accepted the reality would you accept the situation. they wanted martin sheen but
12:32 am
they got charlie sheen. they rail against trump. they provide media more content than a thousand kardashians. >> dana: had helped save their jobs. he made journalism great again. >> jesse: that's that's a great point: 93% of the coverage was negative what do you think that's about? >> dana: all media is up across the board. "the washington post." >> jesse: even the failing "new york times." >> dana: we minored everybody read with skepticism, watch with skepticism. watch as much as you want. watch everything with a little bit of a critical eye. i would also mention today had an article about the left falling for a lot of fake russia news and it's clouding a lot of judgment. everyone that is making
12:33 am
against trump tunes in every night for cnn. they think at the end of this rainbow we are going to get trump impeached. so likely to happen. everyone needs to go enjoy your weekend. don't worry about this. no one is being impeached. >> watch my show. >> kimberly: fabulous new promo. >> jesse: which they are working on mine. >> kimberly: don't hold your breath under water. >> juan: let me jump in there. i think you guys are too high in looking at these numbers. >> greg: we are auto too high. >> juan: because it's friday night. trump gets overwhelmingly positive coverage for the missile coverage. a lot of positives. >> jesse: that's the one thing that's a positive. >> dana: let's dive into the numbers. immigration overwhelmingly negative coverage. gee, imagine, he is throwing people out of country who have committed no crimes other than being here illegally. >> greg: being here that was their only crime? >> juan: if you want to raid
12:34 am
families and break up families, go ahead. >> greg: he hasn't broken up any families. >> juan: no gang families. ordinary working people. how about healthcare? >> greg: is ms-13 a family now? like the partridge family? >> juan: what about healthcare? has he delivered for republicans who said repeal and replace? absolutely not? >> yes it dot through the house. >> juan: russia and the coverage. most think russia interfered in our election. >> greg: get kimberly. >> juan: doesn't like what i'm saying. beat meet on the head, jesse. >> jesse: fox news, the most fair and balanced network out there 52% negative. 4 will% positive. what does that say to you, kimberly? >> kimberly: fair and balanced. it depends on you cover the news accurately. fair and balanced. juan referred to week 12. that was when he ordered the
12:35 am
cruise missile strike on syria. air base one week where it was pretty good. it was 70% compared to 30%. but, anyway. the problem is that they don't want to cover the positive news because it doesn't fit their narrative and sort of this, you know, soldier march that they have towards this goal of impeachment. they want to just be able to focus on what it is they don't like about him because they still have this election hangover. and because of that, greg, and they want to kind of hear what they think, what they believe and they i think gravitate towards coverage like that. >> juan: the american people, the polls, and trump no responsibility. he hasn't done anything. >> dana: first 100 days. >> first 100 days. 80% negative and 20% positive. >> jesse: harvard study, juan, you can't argue with
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♪ got two tickets to paradise ♪ won't you pack your bags for me tonight. >> juan: in the last segment we were talking about media bias against president trump. the news never stops on the fox news channel. look at this from cnn tonight. >> i don't care what he says to the russian -- to the russians. i mean, he's the president of the united states. if he wants to say that, barack obama wants to say whatever, if george bush says i looked in his eyes. >> if on desk you would defend it. >> >> juan: he said, just in case it went too quick for you. if trump took a dump on his desk, you would defend it. i would turn to my friend jesse watters. >> kimberly: please, yes. this is perfect for him.
12:41 am
>> jesse: off the anderson eye roll scandal. he definitely does not need. this and then was it katy boudin the other day went ballistic on carl higbie saying they should check the sources. something is going on there at cnn. they are start tog meltdown. >> greg: i got a new name for him. anderson pooper. >> dana: well when you got to go, you got to government its would defensible. >> kimberly: what was happened. >> juan: we're out of control. >> kimberly: turned into south park and bevoice and butt head. >> greg: the conversation has changed. let's be honest in the last 18 months. donald trump introduced the construction worker site way of communicating. it's how he beat everybody. and now everybody is kind of learning it everybody is imitating. that didn't work. >> jesse: anderson cooper is a vanderbilt.
12:42 am
he doesn't speak like that. cnn has been defending barack obama taking dumps for 8 years. so, come on. >> dana: you can definitely get away with that. >> kimberly: take it to a new low. >> juan: to me, he is playing to democrats far left, don't like trump. don't want to hear a defense of trump. but, boy, that's pretty low. >> dana: what would you expect from that guest? that guest has been. >> jesse: that's why he is there. >> juan: that's right. that's why he is there. >> dana: don't have a guest on and beat him up for what he is on to do. >> kimberly: do a set up. listen, anderson -- i don't know. i found him to be much better behaved than that. >> jesse: this is blowing up on twitter tonight. that's why we brought it to you. we were going to do a segment about joe biden saying he is not hillary clints
12:43 am
not a good candidate. >> kimberly: we always knew that's how he felt. and it's true. >> greg: one thing to be armchair quarterback on monday but armchair quarterback on thursday. i mean, he has waited this long? >> juan: can i imagine all of you. >> kimberly: party loyal. >> juan: you, kimberly guilfoyle would have attacked him as uncle joe. every time he said something stupid. >> kimberly: incorrect. >> greg: she loves biden. >> juan: salami on his plate. >> dana: joe biden is setting it up so kimberly go l. get that chance in three years. >> juan: he will be 78 years old. >> dana: president trump will be 74. 70's are the new 50's. >> juan: that's true. >> jesse: best message of all time. >> kimberly: joe biden high energy. he enjoys midnight swims good thing to put on
12:44 am
profile. skinny dipping. >> juan: that's what i thought you were saying. >> kimberly: i always loved joe biden. i really do. i think he is authentic and so cool. >> jesse: whenever you go to a nude beach never naked. >> juan: stay right there. facebook friday is coming up. ♪
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♪ meet georgette son. >> greg: it's facebook friday and we answer your questions. i'm going to start with dana here. this is from victoria e. if you had a theme song, what would that theme song be? get question victoria e. >> dana: i feel like that would be better if i got to choose jesse's theme song from jesse's girl. >> jesse: which i was jesse's girl. that's mine. >> dana: i did love rick springfield and had that poster. >> greg: remember when people had posters? that's funny. >> dana: i had posters. sean cassidy. >> greg: yeah, i have him. [laughter] >> kimberly: dana, you didn't pick one.
12:49 am
>> dana: i'm trying to pick one sunshiny. >> greg: i give you the question beforehand and you don't have the answer. >> dana: jessie's girl. >> greg: juan, how about you? >> juan: takes two to make a thing go right. that's fun. bob dylan talks about like a rolling stone because is he just talking down. just telling her. i like. >> greg: i sense a theme. kimberly what's your theme song? >> kimberly: people would say -- >> jesse: what do they say, kimberly? >> kimberly: legs. >> juan: i have a song. >> greg: stop it, juan. can we move on? >> juan: girls just want to have fun. >> dana: i have one. friends in low places. >> kimberly: i did friends in high places for you. that's not a song. >> greg: i would have picked short people. i picked the fact of like theme song i feel like i'm
12:50 am
like miss garrett if she were still alive. >> kimberly: way to go mrs. doubtfire. >> greg: this is from jean awhat one place would you visit if had you to you could live forever? >> kimberly: what color am i wearing tonight? >> dana: ireland. >> kimberly: thank you. >> dana: i'm surprised because the weather is terrible. >> kimberly: i lived there every summer since i was 5 years of age and then i went to college school at trinity college in dublin, ireland. i loved it. >> juan: what about you, juan. where have you visited? >> juan: just took the grand kids down to the caribbean to boca -- outside of panama. i thought it was the most beautiful place i had ever seen on earth. it was stunning. greg greg what about you. >> jesse: vacation in grand cayman. beautiful island. >> greg: it was planned for
12:51 am
months. your family was already there. >> jesse: they were there already. i met them there. >> dana: can you show us the receipt? >> kimberly: do you have a time stamped travel itinerary from american express can be authenticate authenticated. >> greg: dana? >> dana: i say the low country of sout south carolina. >> greg: everything is low with you. i keep everything on the floor for me. >> dana: place on the bottom shelves. >> greg: if i had to live in a place forever, i would probably pick allen town, pennsylvania. >> dana: really? >> greg: very affordable. live forever save money. i lived there for 10 years. i could live a thousand years. it's like have you got to work on a budget. i can't pick telume or the bahamas. i'm going to be broke. if i live -- you live in allen town, can you stretch a dollar. can you still get a beer for 65 cents. billy joel.
12:52 am
same difference. >> kimberly: italy is good. >> greg: place beer around the world. i don't think it's still there. put a pile of coins put it on the bar and drink all night. >> kimberly: okay, little one, let's go now. >> greg: if i had a dollar for every time you said that to me. this next question was so good. all right. one more thing. >> kimberly: what was it? >> greg: if you were age to be in one conversation in history, which one would you choose? save it for next friday. one more thing next. my daughter is... ...studying to be a dentist and she gave me advice. she said dad... ... go pro with crest pro-health. 4 out of 5 dentists confirm these crest pro-health products... &help maintain a professional clean. crest pro-health... ...really brought my mouth... the next level. go pro with crest pro-health
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♪ >> dana: it's time now for one more thing. mr. greg? >> greg: i have been informed that charlotte ray is still alive at 92. i love charlotte ray mrs. garrett. i got rob o'neill and michael mcdonald great comedian. back to me, please. you know that joke there is always a joke a rabbi, a priest, and imam walk into a bar. well, kind of like that on the show but they walk on my show to talk about donald trump's visit. >> called the bar fight. had been the cause of many of the rise of islamaphobia. antisemitism as well. >> let me say with great respect with-to-imam chauncey. donald trump is the only one who finally punished assad for killing muslims and arabs. [applause] greg dreg it was a fiery
12:57 am
debate. tune in. >> kimberly: have you great promotions. >> dana: jesse, you are next. >> jesse: hearing that hillary's email investigation might be reopened. i checked to see if i could get a statement from the former secretary of state in chappaqua where she likes to hang out in the woods. >> jesse: you guys seen hillary? >> i haven't. >> jesse: okay. let her know i'm out here. "watters' world" is out here. >> jesse: i'm with her. still nothing. that's saturday 8:00 before greg's show. there have you it. >> greg: watch his show and then my show. >> dana: be sure to tune in. little premature celebration going on. this rider crosses what he thinks is the finish line and starts celebrating. he is 6-kilometers from the end. this is the biggest cycling race in europe. the eye tall i can't. it happened on wednesday. and he got swallowed up by
12:58 am
the pell ton right behind him. how embarrassing, right? not good for the slovenia. >> >> dana: all right. kimberly. >> kimberly: my friend has a new book out called the political pope. how pope francis is delighting the liberal left and abandoning conservatives. we talked about this on the show. it's fantastic, greg. the left has tried to politicize the vatican and the pontiff. and now with the catholic church there is a whole battle to try to do that because many feel like this is just eroding the main core values of the catholic church. it's a fascinating read, greg. in fact, i'm surprised you didn't write this book. george did and he is fantastic author. >> dana: great cover, too. juan? >> juan: it's graduation season. vice president pence is peeking at notre dame this weekend. president trump spoke at the coast guard academy this week and yours truly spoke at lewis clark stayed college in idaho. >> greg: who is yours truly?
12:59 am
truly?greg. >> juan: me. sometimes it's you but it was me. emotional for me. i had spoken at lewis-clark 23 years ago. >> dana: did they have a picture? >> juan: they do in the old yearbook, danelna. i didn't pick it out. >> kimberly: yuan is just a speaker. >> greg: no one has asked me to speak at any commencement. >> jesse: berkeley hasn't asked you to speak? >> greg: no. >> jesse: that's shocker. >> juan: thrill to speak in the gymnasium with some students the first in their class to graduate. 70% of the class first in the family to graduate college. >> kimberly: did have you protesters? how were you treated? well received i imagine. >> juan: people who have objection to me and fox. >> juan: i wouldn't have done it in a gymnasium. >> dana: lewis/clark has a great speech and debate
1:00 am
team. >> juan: i could feel better. i just want to say. day deign set your dvrs never miss an episode of "the five." have a great weekend, facebook. 5:00 p.m. bret baier on right now. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am james rosen sitting in for bret baier. president trump is aboard air force one for the first leg of his first foreign trip but a special report is following more breaking news here in washington tonight on the president's firing of the fbi director and widening investigation into alleged ties between the term campaign and russia. "the new york times" reports one day after dismissing james comey that taking that action had removed great pressure on him because of russia. "the washington post" reports the investigation now being led by a special counsel. a current white house official as a significant person of interest. we hav


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