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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  May 21, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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through a blizzard. >> i love colorado! that is one of the reasons why. that does it for us. julie banderas up next with "fox report". >> president trump wrapping up a historic first day of his overseas trip as president and he gears up for a huge speech tomorrow morning. i'm julie banderas. one of the president's first orders of business after landing in saudi arabia to join saudi king and a weapons deal. but this was just part of a very full day and middle eastern circumstance. here are some of the sights and sounds beginning when the saudi's quite literally rolled out the red carpet. ♪
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[singing] >> that's beautiful. that is so beautiful. this is -- >> the president is the first american president to make saudi arabia or any mostly muslim country, this is his first stop overseas. tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern he is expected to deliver a major speech on terrorism and islam. all of this amid a blistering stretch back in washington with the investigation of the russians and the campaign gaining steam. a special counsel has been appointed as you know. senators pay the fired fbi director james comey has agreed to testify in public. it is a lot to cover tonight so stick with us. let's get started.
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garrett tenney with the very latest on james comey. we begin with chief white house correspondent john roberts who has been traveling with the president today getting blown all over the place. those are the wind has finally died down. so john, what is the reaction to the president's visit there? >> just to give you a little context and perspective here we have an epic sandstorm. that they are so famous for in saudi arabia. it has cleared up and the wind is down. most of the sand is out of the air. it really was a day for circumstance but it was also a chance -- the president tonight dancing, this is a traditional saudi war dance. this is used for celebration. other known dances were president george w. bush and prince charles. the centerpiece of the day in
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terms of deals, the arms deal between the united states and saudi arabia. the biggest single arms deal that has ever been put together by the united states. it will include money for border security and counterterrorism, coastal security, modernize the saudi air force, provide air and missile defense including a fad missile battery and cybersecurity and communications.the president today declared that this was a good day for us companies. listen to him. >> was a tremendous day and i want to thank everybody that tremendous investments into the united states military. the community is very happy and we want to thank you in saudi arabia. hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the united states and jobs, jobs, jobs. >> jobs, jobs, jobs as well as weapons. what is the arms deal important? because it will help saudi
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arabia fight terrorism and also serve the greater weight to a ron which saudi arabia sees as its greatest threat. it will also help pay dividends united states because saudi arabia will be more capable of meeting its own defense needs. here's the secretary of state. >> this huge arms sales package reduces the burden on the united states provides the same equivalent to our own military forces. and will strengthen the saudi security forces for the future so that the saudi arabian is more capable of carrying the burden of their own security. >> and saudi arabia has never had any problems buying weapons. the problem is that it just never gets the capability because it forces are not trained properly, they are not willing to fight. in fact, they spend number three on expenditures for defense but truly it was number
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127 interim occasionally. and the deputy leaving this to reform the saudi military, that is going to take time. >> president trump has a very big speech tomorrow which is going to be taking place at 9:00 a.m. which will be karen karen fox. the much-anticipated tell me about it. >> this will be before 50 arab and muslim leaders at the arab islamic american conference. the president will talk about doing away with ideology and instead shared values seeing this as a point of cooperation. even cooperation with israel. basically saying that you have a chance to change the future and will encourage those nations. >> thank you very much john roberts. later in the trip the president will be going to the vatican to make pope francis. one potential topic, the vatican's new ambassador. the president nominating the wife of former house speaker newt gingrich to be the us ambassador to the vatican.
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the speaker converted to catholicism for him. -- previously worked as a congressional it in the house of representatives and is president of the gingrich charity foundation.the position had to be confirmed by the senate. >> the senate intelligence committee announcing form fbi director james comey has in fact agreed to testify in public. the question is whether he will be allowed to or if he will actually get the chance to. the committee moving forward with the investigation into russia and the trump campaign. although at this point have been no evidence of collusion. while nearly a appointed rubber mailer takes over the of fbi investigation. some are expressing concern that the public testimony can make things harder for the bureau he once led.>> there's no upside for molar and special counsel to have james comey testify in a public hearing of this sort.
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it was a closed-door hearing and it was just giving the senators an update of where he left off so they know where the transition is, that is fine. publicly, that may not help muller's case. and while there may ask his good friend james comey to please not do it. >> garrett tenney reporting live from washington. is it possible that comey does not testify before the senate intelligence committee? >> not only is it possible, several lawmakers are saying they would be surprised if he was even allowed to testify by newly appointed special counsel robert muller. last night senator lindsey graham tweeted out a statement saying in part, i very much appreciate james comey's willingness to publicly testify about his conversations with the president and other relevant matters. i am surprised he will do so given the fact we have a special counsel will likely be investigating matters related to the conversations. as special counsel robert muller is heading up the fbi's criminal investigation into russia's election meddling.
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because it could lead to criminal charges, that investigation takes precedents. they could ask him not to testify so as to not jeopardize the case. for now though or at least until we are told that the intelligence committee will likely schedule the appearance for sometime after memorial day. >> if the hearing does indeed happen, hypothetically, there is no shortage of questions lawmakers have for james comey. what do they have up their sleeves? >> not at all! especially given the number reports have come out over the last few weeks involving james comey, the president and russia. they said back in february the president asked then directed james comey to enter the fbi investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn. that report comes from a personal memo that james comey wrote allegedly shortly after that move in.and if it's accurate some democrats say
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that this is obstruction of justice. the white house has strongly denied the president ever asking anyone to end any investigation and several gop lawmakers reported that james comey never mentioned the memo or raise any concerns about the president when he testified last month on capitol hill. but others in the party are saying, these reports need to be looked into. >> we have to get to the bottom of this. find out what was actually said between the two. it could be a he said, he said situation. but we are talking about former director of the fbi who has enormous credibility and as a man to be taken very seriously. >> and fact we learned that this particular memo is just one of many. and no surprise that lawmakers say they're very interested in reviewing all of the documents. >> thank you so much. all of this makes for a can't miss fox news sunday. you have to watch chris wallace talk to secretary of state rex
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tillerson and senator john mccain. at your local listings for times. right now in iran the votes have been counted and the celebrations are underway after a pivotal presidential election in the country. [video] support securing the election for the moderate leader hearing what it means for the future of us relations. plus, a royal affair. kate milton's sister pippa enjoy a quiet moment with her father before walking down the aisle. we have details from today's big wedding that has two likely future kings in the audience. >> new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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>> we have just seen the happy couple. [video] >> it was katie who had the important job of trying to make sure all of the little ones were well behaved. it has been a fairly public event this monday but the rest of the day is going to be very private.[video] >> that is just some of the report on the blockbuster wedding of kate milton's sister pippa and james matthews. it was somewhat of a royal affair. there were two likely future kings in attendance. pippa's brother-in-law prince william and her nephew prince george. for more, we have more from london. >> this is a high-profile wedding in a high-profile guest list.
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even though pippa milton is not a royal result, when he has created a huge buzz. the bride arrived in style in an open top with her father alongside her. pippa middleton were a custom-made lace dress for a formal ceremony to wed businessman jade matthews in a quiet country church this moniker pippa is a sister of kate. amongst them were prince william and prince harry. also heading into the church with several celebrities. all eyes were on the royal children. three old prince george, the son of william and kate with princess charlotte as a bridesmaid. kate acted informally as maid of honor as her sister did at her own wedding to william. there were plenty of public interest as pippa and her husband emerge from the church.
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the sobered with a champagne reception nearby -- they celebrated with a champagne reception nearby. -- certainly no expense has been spared for this special day. >> thank you. you know one of the biggest questions surrounding the question would be harry's girlfriend the american actress. and whether she would attend. she was not spotted at the servant but reportedly did attend the reception. interesting. no special guest list has been released. immigration enforcement releasing new numbers on the president's crackdown. we will look at how we are already seeing impact at the border. find out what i'm talking about next. because iranian voters taking to the streets after reelecting a president. what this means for the us and more importantly, the landmark nuclear deal. >> what we hope for i would
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hope that they now have a new term and that rouhani uses to
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and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to >> illegal immigration has dropped by 40 percent since the president took office. according to new numbers from law enforcement this as the trump administration works to crackdown on illegal immigration. we have the latest from los angeles. >> making good on a promise to overturn obama here immigration policies, new enforcement numbers showing nearly 40 percent increase in illegal immigration. not at the border but in us cities. that is roughly 400 a day. although down from 2014. i.c.e. said 75 percent were criminal aliens.
2:22 am
>> the mission is clear and that is to acknowledge exception of damage by criminal aliens.>> they say targeting ellie that commit crimes are more difficult because of sanctuary policies. >> walking out the door and turns means we have to use resources to go and find these individuals in the community. >> they are encountering more spouses, relatives and coworkers that did not commit crimes but are here illegally. unlike the prosecutorial discretion, used by the obama administration to release them, i.c.e. today does not appear noncriminal alien writer of 150 percent which angers critics like la police chief charlie -. >> this is quote - unquote what makes a successful hit. we get witnesses to come forward and we get victims that come forward. >> back here at a news conference following a crackdown on the ms-13 gang, half of those arrested are here illegally.
2:23 am
yet police commission is considering a proposal to ignore minor crimes to keep the illegals off the radar and to reduce fears that they will be deported. >> the stats show how four-part the trumpet ministration is from many immigrant cities can affect this daily pt officials refused to even show up at ms-13 press conference if i.c.e. attended. even though they are part of the same joint task force. in los angeles, fox news. >> and iran's president winning every election. rouhani there on the left fending off a challenge from hard-line populist candidate. now the president's supporters have taken to the street to celebrate which comes as the president mrs. nearby saudi arabia. the unplanned rallies brought into such a standstill that we are told many drivers left their cars in the middle of major roads! john has more the election from
2:24 am
jerusalem. >> rouhani one his reelection with 57 percent of the vote and an election that drew 7/10 voters to the polls with 70 percent of the countries 56 million voters. it was a big turnout on a big day, a big election with big challenges ahead for the iranian president. rouhani called this a victory for freedom and independence. you can see he is a more liberal leaders of victory is really victory for the moderates and those who are more freedom within the country, better relations with the rest of the world. but he also has any challenges ahead which is reducing the countries high unemployment rate and dealing with iran's hard-line elements. >> today the world knows with the rainy nation is a civilized with international community. our nation wants to lead in friendship. >> other world leaders are certainly weary of that. today in saudi arabia secretary
2:25 am
of state rex tillerson and -- gave president rouhani a to do list if you want to improve relationships. -- >> we hope that he restores the rights of iranians. the freedom of speech. the freedom of organization. so that iranians can live the life that they deserve. >> president rouhani map talked about living with the world in peace and friendship but he also had to address somewhat everyone or at least a tough talk that iranian leaders are known for. saying that the country is also not ready to be quote - belittled and threatened. >> thank you john huddy. hundreds of thousands of venezuelans taking to the streets marking 50 days of demonstrations against their president. at least 46 people have been killed in the ongoing task there. they blame maduro with the
2:26 am
collapsing economy and severe shortage in food and medicine. they're pointing the finger at saying that our president is fueling opposition. >> now they have become sheep of donald trump. have a nefarious government that presides in the united states. the government which despises latin americans. president donald trump has allowed the state department to impose its failed policies that attacked venezuela.get your hands out of here donald trump. get your pig hands out of here. >> okay! maduro making those comments after the trump administration had punishment for sidelining the opposition led congress. it was a date of circumstance and even song and dance from our own president!
2:27 am
this is the video of the day. as saudi arabia welcomes president trump and the first lady on the first foreign trip in office. we will run that would happen on a very busy first day on his first trip as president. plus no announcement yet on who will replace the fbi director. but he may be narrowing it down. many democrats do not like it. >> been in law enforcement >> been in law enforcement professional that testinhuh?sting! is this thing on? come on! your turn! where do pencils go on vacation? pennsylvania! (laughter) crunchy wheat frosted sweet! kellogg's frosted mini-wheats. feed your inner kid
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the bottom of the hour.the president and first lady touching down as saudi arabia. the first stop on their first official trip overseas in office.they received a regal welcome followed by a busy day of meetings, deals, ceremonies and dancing. the president tony $110 billion arms deal with the king and holding meetings. >> it was a tremendous day. i just want to thank everybody. a tremendous investment into the united states and the military. the community is very happy and i want to thank you and saudi arabia. hundreds of billions of of investment into the united states and jobs, jobs, jobs. >> this huge arms sales package it reduces the burden on the
2:32 am
united states to provide the same equipment to our military forces and we will strengthen saudi security forces for the future. so that saudi arabia are more capable of carrying the greater share of the burden of their own security. >> also today, saudi king -- king salman. tomorrow morning the president will make a major speech of fighting terrorism at the arab islamic american summit. [video] there you have it. the president and the cabinet members letting down their white house hair a little bit during a traditional sword dance. the secretary state rex tillerson and wilbur ross were started linking arms with saudi performers during the dance.
2:33 am
all of this just before a banquet for the president and the king. also today, the deal this one by the black steel company and saudi arabia's foreign wealth fund. to invest $40 billion in infrastructure projects. mostly here in the us. blackstone by the way was founded by a tough trump supporter. the search enemy times and wait for the replacement for director of the fbi. president trump may be leaning towards joe lieberman. for that job. he confirmed in fact that the former senator and democratic vice presidential nominee is a finalist. so then why are democrats speaking out against this? >> joe lieberman is leading the pack to replace fired fbi director james comey. that is according to the president himself. the president told reporters that he is leaning towards the retired senator from connecticut. democrats are not exactly thrilled with the.
2:34 am
>> i think is a nominate a mistake to nominate and when that ran for office. this is when we need a law enforcement professional that never campaign for a presidential candidate. never campaign for office. never worn a party label to have the fbi. >> senator bernie sanders is strongly speaking against it. in a statement he said quote - senator lieberman political history and his extreme views on a number of issues would make him a very contentious and divisive nominee. that is not what we need now for the next fbi director. when it comes to picking a new fbi director, many on the left and right have said it needs to be a nonpolitical pack. but senator john mccain told reporters he would be happy with lieberman because he feels lieberman has more experience than most. congressman peter king says the same.>> joe lieberman percival was chairman of homeland security committee and senate. he was also attorney general and the state of connecticut. i do not consider him a
2:35 am
politician which i think both parties felt over the years he was totally independent. >> ultimately it is the senate the votes to confirm the fbi director. other candidates still in the running alongside lieberman acting fbi director andrew mccabe, former governor frank keating and fbi official richard mcnealy. donald trump interviewed all four this week.lieberman served three terms as a democrat and one as an independent. the caucus with democrats but in 2008 through his support behind republican then presidential candidate mccain. you may remember he actually spoke at the gop convention. much to the ire of may democrats. in washington, fox news. >> as tensions between the us and north korea continue to escalate, there is some concern on the west coast. particularly in seattle. with kim jong un could have target the area with a nuclear missile. you can see see i wasn't in a 5000 mile radius for this
2:36 am
decades law that prevents the city from putting together a nuclear contingency plan. we have the story. >> north korea's latest test launch last weekend was its most concerning. the pentagon's is a ballistic missile flew 1000 miles higher than nasa's international space station. we entered the earth's atmosphere and splashed down 60 miles from russia. according to an official" big step forward. while emergency planners in hawaii worriedly prepare a response to a nuclear attack, a possible - on the west coast is barred from taking steps. they have evacuation plans for every disaster scenario is that the nuclear bomb or the former state representative nelson says planning a response only encourages an attack. quincy really sending a message that you're getting ready to do something major yourself. >> law passed in 1980 for seven years before the end of the cold war. it was the opposite approach taken by president reagan whose
2:37 am
peace through strength doctrine - they say the law is irresponsible and nacve. >> i think is ridiculous and silly. it is sort of the head in the sand sort of mentality. >> adequately in the crosshairs if kim jong un ever did the unthinkable. naval base has somewhat - nuclear warheads. an largest stockpile of nukes in the world. it is also home to major army base with a high-tech hub and the closest major us city to north korea. but the state's top emergency planners says the current law is no big deal. >> we do not have a specific plan for attacking her to have a specific plan for a volcano for a number of other types of hazards. >> - says he needs to spend limited resources apparently most likely disasters. there will be some overlapping response for say a major earthquake or a dirty bomb attack. which they have done drills four.
2:38 am
expose north korea is still at least three years away from having the capability to hit the west coast with a nuke. as the attention of lawmakers that introduced the bill would scrap the current restrictions and allow for the planning to save as many lives as possible. in seattle, fox news. >> a frightening scene on american airlines flight to hawaii. a turkish man was arrested after apparently trying to get into the cockpit. during the flight! passengers were able to stop him using a drip cart to block his path. the whole thing because two fighter jets even to escort the flight to safety in honolulu. authorities say think i was also arrested in another incident at lax in los angeles for opening a door that led to an airfield ramp. no word on exactly how he managed to get that close or even inside of the cockpit. usually the doors are locked. it can be tough for veterans to make the transition from military back to civilian life.
2:39 am
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may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> is armed forces day. a day to pay tribute to men and women that serve the united states military. the president tweeting about this during the overseas trip. he was saying, thank you to the brave servicemen and women who have served and continue to serve the united states. our true heroes # armed forces day. and the vice president taking a
2:43 am
trip to wright-patterson air force base. he promised to help rebuild the military which republicans say was left weekend by spending cuts during the obama administration for the vice president also with service members and families and offered thanks on behalf of the president. >> we also recognize that you do not in many cases served alone. and so, allow me to take a moment to say thank you to the family members who serve beside you, stand behind you. let's give thanks to the families of our armed forces. especially those that are with us today. [applause] >> the truth is while our service members and lists, it is a family that serves.isn't it?
2:44 am
the family that makes the sacrifices. and now today that the family members are here. spouses, children, grandchildren. you have the gratitude of our commander-in-chief and every american.>> it is so truth, this families that serve not just the soldier. earlier this monday vice president delivered a commencement address at grove city college in pennsylvania. tomorrow mr. pentz goes to his home state. - while making the transition from military life to the private sector there is one nonprofit that is working to make the process easier. peering them with mentors and major companies. laura is here with the story. this sound like an incredible opportunity for both sides. coming back and getting a job is probably one of the most difficult adjustments that a lot of servicemen and women have.
2:45 am
>> it is. the problem we are going to tell you about really is a beneficial two way street. employers get outstanding employees and the employees get the benefit of having essentially a career coach. as we know, thousands veterans leave the military every year and one of the main challenges as you mentioned, return home and how to land a good job and transitioning to the corporate world can be very stressful for those used to life in the military. which is why army reservist smith jumped at the chance to be mentored and a program provided by american corporate partners for acp. it matches mentors with veterans and skill sets. >> working on district guidelines and also learning how to do more. i would say those of the biggest transitions i've taken from the military and acp has been instrumental in giving me tips and tricks on how to navigate the corporate landscape. and just being the best professional i can be.
2:46 am
>> acp is a nonprofit group assisting veterans across the country.each veteran is teamed up with a mentor at big firms from all areas. from pepsi, ups, ge and even fox news parent company 21st-century fox. >> how does acp actually pair people up? >> it is a very customized. it is cool how they do this. we took a tour of acp headquarters in manhattan. please detail the process is. this is where workers painstakingly go to the skill set while matching up their interests with those of the mentors. when they are put together, they have a lot of common ground. to help them build a relationship that works. the program was created using the big brothers big sisters concepts. except in this case the little brother might be a 250 pound marine sergeant looking for work! it is something both the acp and mentors say it is an idea that is working. >> for every veteran that has applied, the only requirement is you have to have served since 9/11. we've never turned anyone down.
2:47 am
>> we want to hire employees who have skills veterans and body. resourcefulness, performing under pressure, creativity, teamwork. working with teams, working in a situation that may be that all the information is complete. >> currently the program has 2700 participants. the average starting salary in the program when people get out, an impressive $70,000 a year. while the acp has a good list of companies helping to fund the program, they can always use more and hope that those interested will check out their website. this is it www. and also veterans vented services 9/11 can apply. does reserve duty count were just full deployment? >> actually i think you can find all that out on the website. and the website is really cool because they're not only looking for people to partner and they are also looking for
2:48 am
more mentors. they need people to come forward and to pair up with the veterans that are coming back and to really be able to use this service. >> you know the job market is changed. if they have served an entire life fighting in the military and then they come back and the job market and economy are so different. it is the training needed also to help them reenter the workforce. it's pretty cool. >> that's right. they pair them up. when we were spending our time with the mentor and the veterans, they said i needed help learning to ask for a raise. something that she never done before. her mentor helps her with that. they did role-playing and things that can make a big difference. >> great story thank you so much. rescue is underway in southern indiana. after flash floods hit homes and businesses. and how the weather is there any more of the country. plus this, the city of new orleans. taking a monument that has been part of a nationwide debate part of a nationwide debate
2:49 am
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call today. comcast business. built for business. >> there are no fewer reminders
2:52 am
of the confederacy the major southern city of new orleans. [video] >> history the city removed a statue of general robert e lee which stood atop a 60 foot pedestal for more than 130 years. it is a lesson for civil war monuments to come down in recent weeks. even as debate raged over whether the markers represent heritage for racism. >> these monuments celebrate a fictional - and ignoring death, enslavement and terror that it
2:53 am
stood for. and after the civil war, these monuments were part of the terrorism. as much is burning across on someone's lawn. >> i had - a statement of the past has no future. our story is important. all of it. >> this past wednesday bruce took down the statue confederate general beauregard who led the 1861 attack on fort sumter. and that was an event that launched the civil war. the week before confederate president jefferson davis came down. along with another monument. all of these landmarks will be stored in a warehouse until the city decides what to do next. >> southern parts of indiana, rain left businesses and homes, halfway underwater including this car.the heavy flooding prompting officials to declare state of emergency as rainfall continues overnight. it seems the only way to get around there is by boat.
2:54 am
our meteorologist is live in the weather center with the very latest. a lot of rain! >> yes not just in southern indiana although that is an area getting hit particularly hard across the country stressing proportions along the gulf coast public to the northern great lakes. when looking at an area very heavy rainfall in some areas, seeing isolated tornadoes today. other spots just very heavy rain. but we have seen pop-up isolated tornadoes down along the gulf coast running up further to the north. these are just very big thunderstorms. in the nashville area of two portions of kentucky. we are looking at at least a chance of some severe weather. that is a severe thunderstorm watch in place. in front of that we have seen tornadoes and actually the last half hour. we have some tornado storms back up into central indiana. this is a very large system that will continue to sweep
2:55 am
across the country here. later and later tonight, it should back down a little bit. this is being driven by the daytime heating. but this is all falling in a line. we are seeing at least a chance of some severe weather right along that stretch from portion of the ohio river valley and portions of louisiana. it will continue for the next couple of hours until we lose the daytime heating. this is a very large system and it will continue to sweep across the country, eventually bringing more rain to the east coast. sunday and monday morning we will start to see some of the show is building back up in the northeast. it is not just severe weather it is heavy rain. although we are seeing heavy rain right now and portions of southern indiana in the next couple of days, we are looking at a good 6 to 8 inches. this rate will just continue, a very active weather pattern. >> we will be watching it! thank you adam. there will not be another triple crown winner this year. after setting upset today, the horse named cloud computing
2:56 am
played the role of spoiler. run and gun classic empire and taking the victory. it is just the second victory. the winner of the kentucky derby always dreaming battle for the lead early but faded back to finish in number eight. the belmont stakes are up in june but with cloud computing going for two wins in a row. the president is in saudi arabia to pick up his historic nine-day tour abroad. tomorrow he is expected to give a speech. focused on uniting the muslim world on the fight against extremism. will have much more on this straight ahead. our fox fast-forward is next. as soon as i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots.
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2:58 am
julie: a fox fast forward with a look ahead to tomorrow's big, big story. president trump starting day two of his first overseas trip since taking office. live on fox news we will have nonstop coverage. saturday, may 28th. thanks for watching. ♪
2:59 am
♪ ♪
3:00 am
♪ >> tremendous investments to the united state. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> saudi arabia laying out the red carpet. >> the president's first-order business banking $110 billion weapons bill. >> very strong for our common enemies. >> it is substantive. these are investments in american jobs, american infrastructure. >> 9:00 a.m. eastern expected to deliver a major speech on terrorism and islam. >> the ideology and intervention and shared values.


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