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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 23, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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specialist, herman cain and elvira salazar, and we thank you all for watching. follow us on social media. remember, 5:00 will never be the same, "special report" is next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. bret baier will be reporting from the border between saudi arabia and yemen in a few moments, but we begin with the latest on that horrific bombing in manchester. lights afternoon, the british government raised the threat level and deployed armed forces to help with internal security. i had about potential attack. last night, it left 22 people dead, 59 people wounded, many of the victims chiller. they were all attending a concert by pop singer ariana grande. we have the latest from u.s. intelligence agencies on the attack. john roberts, traveling with president trump.
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we begin with our senior correspondent who is on the ground in manchester and going. good evening, rick. >> >> 24 hours after the deadly bombing, no screaming kids, no parents frantically searching for their loved ones, but there is a big police presence here, and the forces here on orders from the prime minister who is clearly concerned about another terrorist attack. >> throughout the day, it has been revealed that it is a possibility we cannot ignore. there is a wider group of individuals linked to this attack. >> and incredibly challenging time for a stunned nation trying to make sense of a senseless ac act. >> manchester police serving to search once, when and for holding a explosion, and the hunt for clues after the worst terror attack in the united kingdom animals 12 years.
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it was a scene of chaos and panic at the largest indoor concert venue in the u.k., after a suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosive device. just as a ariana grande concert had ended. there were reports of nuts and bolt, and a detonation timed for maximum carnage. >> it was chaos. just terrifying. >> i was just really nervous about what was happening, and as soon as i heard the bang, i started to run. >> screaming. from the back, towards the front. >> i saw a flash, like an explosion flash, and then i remember running up the stairs and panicking, screaming, shouting. >> at least a 22 are killed by the blast, and dozens more wounded by flying shrapnel. >> 18-year-old student georgina
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callander was among the dead. she posted the picture on their instagram feed. another victim, 8-year-old saffie rose roussos, described simply as a beautiful little girl. her mother and sisters among those recovering in local hospitals. the prime minister visited the wounded. >> it was absolutely barbaric attack that took place, to cut off young lives in this way, and it is absently devastating. prayers must be with their families at this horrendous tragedy has taken place. >> manchester police have identified the bomber as 22-year-old salman abedi, a brit with libyan origins, a 23-year-old also arrested in connection with the investigation just be getting. >> security partners, is to establish whether he was acting
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alone or whether it was part of a larger network. >> tuesday evening, thousands of mourners sure their lives for the victims at the vigil, holding signs and candles and observing a moment of silence. the more briefings expected tonight from manchester police, who say the identities of the rest of those killed likely won't be released until late wednesday at the earliest. james? >> wreck, covering the worst terrorist attack in great britain in over a decade tonight, rick thank you. here at home, we've been working that since the bombing. >> thank you, teams. direct mentation to go to the highest level of alert came from britain's joint terrorism analysis center. they work directly with u.s. military intelligence. more significant, the decision is based on evidence gathered in the last 24 hours. >> it is now concluded on the basis of today's investigation
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that the threat level should be increased for the time being from severe to critical. this means that their assessment is not only an attack remains highly likely, but that a further attack may be imminent. >> a u.s. government official tells fox news that the evidence strongly suggests the 22-year-old suspect was trained online or in person to carry out the attack. investigators are focused on the possible support network, and whether it was inspired by or enabled by a foreign terrorist group. the republican chairman of the house homeland security committee is getting regular updates. >> is a foreign fighter trained that has come back to europe to conduct terrorist attacks, or is it the other individual who has been radicalized over the internet then told, syria, the mother ship, to conduct attacks? either way, it sees the same result. >> this morning on capitol hill
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the man who oversees the nation's 17 intelligence agencies said that they are working to verify the claim of responsibility by isis. he added -- >> this threat is real. it's not going away. it needs significant attention to do everything we can to protect our people from these types of attacks. >> investigators are building a picture of the suspect, his travel, as well as who communicated with. the bomber's electronics will likely play a significant role in the case, with the u.s. counter terrorism investigator telling fox news that up luminary review of online postings linked with that name come up dry, adding he appears to be a ghost on social media. a forensic review of the improvised explosive devices underway, and the shrapnel used to deadly effect is considered a vital clue, because investigators can trace it to a manufacturer and point-of-sale, think sale, think security camera video from who purchased the bomb parts. >> you so much.
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president trump is set to meet with pope francis at the vatican in a few hours. what had been a largely by the book first foreign trip has now been eclipsed somewhat by the terrorist bombing in england. chief white house correspondent john roberts is traveling with the president, and reports tonight from rome. good evening, john. >> james, good morning from vatican city here in the heart of rome. president trump meets with a pop tomorrow, a common concern over acts of terrorism, like the manchester bombing, may override the sharp differences between the two men. in the middle east today, the bombing appeared to bring an old adversary somewhat together. >> as he moved to establish a foundation for peace in the middle east, meeting with the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas, president trump today sought to emasculate the manchester bomber, and anyone who would follow in his wake. >> president trump: somebody young, innocent people, living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers.
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i won't call them monsters, because they would like that term. they would think that's a great name. i will call them from now on "losers," because that's what they are. there losers. >> the bombing served as a tragic exclamation point what president klumpp had been looking to build and see touched on the middle east and saturday. a coalition to illuminate terrorist and the extreme ideology that drives them. >> president trump: the terrorists and the extremists that give them aid and comfort must be driven out. this wicked ideology must be obliterated, and i mean completely obliterated, and the innocent life must be protected. >> president trump already had buy-in from the palestinian president, who assured him that
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at sunday's saudi arabian summit that he would join the battle. >> allow me at the beginning to condemn the horrible terrorist attack that occurred in the british city of manchester. >> but the israeli prime minister was accused of a double standard. the support all depends on who the terrorists are. >> he condemned the horrific attack in manchester. if the attacker had been palestinian, and the victims have been israeli children, the suicide bombers family would have received a stipend from the palestinian authority. that's palestinian law. that law must be changed. >> president trump laid a wreath at the holocaust missing, and believes that the stars of a mideast peace deal may be aligning. many of their neighbors are finding, because in the dual threats posed by iran and isis. the president today promised an
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unswerving personal commitment on both those fronts. >> isis targets jewish converts, synagogues, and arends leaders routinely call for israel's destruction. not with donald trump. [applause] >> the president offered similar assurances to bring us prime mr. teresa may. anna phone call this morning pledging u.s. resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism. >> the manchester bombing is also certain to change the tone of the president's last two stops on this nine-day trip. a leader summit in brussels, terrorism will no doubt take center stage, which may give a tough talking president new leverage to seek some of the reforms on security and trade that he's really after. james cuesta mark >> john roberts, traveling with the present. john, thank you. as great britain embraces, u.s.
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forces targeted a compound in yemen today. the first own bret baier texas inside -- >> deep inside a saudi airbase on the outskirts of riyadh, saudi officers run an operation more than 20 miles away. this is -- their neighbor to the south. it seen here is a serious threat to the kingdom, because they are backed and funded by saudi arabia's number one enemy. i run. iran. >> they are funded by the iranians, the missiles come across the border from yemen and strike at our towns and cities are a rainy and made, so at the next essential threat. >> absolutely.
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we cannot have iran involved in yemen, it is strategically important country, 28 million people on our doorstep. and it sits at the entrance of one of the world's most critical spots, which connects to another critical waterway. >> about two hours by prop plane from riyadh to the southern border of yemen, where in recent days the saudis have used artillery fire to repel militia attacks at watchtowers along the border. >> saudi artillery positions.the rocky borderline state, and the command of this brigade says that they have been active. >> they are attacking the civilian people, they are attacking the school, hospital, it will cause loss of life, injury, loss of material in our infrastructure. >> but the battle is not only being waged along this border. since march 2015, when they
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forced control after humans then president resigned, and the transition government wobbled, the saudis and the mris took auction. bombing positions inside yemen, and putting in troops to control key areas in an effort to reinstate, or to reinstate a new government. >> our job was to respond to requests that a legend mcgovern cap, to free yemen from takeover by a militia. we will not allow yemen to be taken over by a militia. >> what's needed is to respect the constitutional process that can resolve some of these differences peacefully. >> the obama administration never fully approved of or supported saudis efforts against them, and support brindled even further at the end of president obama's term. >> many experts believe that protecting his legacy iran nuclear deal may have heavily factored into that policy move,
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as it hadn't other decisions decisions in the middle east. but now, under president trump, the u.s. is dancing to a different beat. a new u.s. relationship with the kingdom, affirmed last weekend's summit. now the saudi led operations are fully u.s. backed. trying to bring stability to yemen, but the u.s. has its own fight in that country. >> is the saudis are manning the actually positions here along the border against the militia, further inside yemen, today u.s. navy seals rated and al qaeda compound backed by significant u.s. airpower. it's likely that it was the terrorist group that was most likely to attack the u.s., and president trump said that seven terrorists were killed in that raid. but it's a significant threat, so much so that since president trump has been in office, there have been 80 air strikes against aqa
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positions. >> years of war, militia contro control, and overall instability has taken its toll. the u.n. estimates that 19 of the 27 million needed some sort of aid, and u.n. secretary general says yemen is facing a tragedy. with a child under five dying of profitable causes every 10 minutes on average. stats that make aid relief from around the world critical. the biggest contributor of medical and food aid to yemen, the kingdom of saudi arabia. with caravans of trucks packed with supplies. but even that can be difficult. >> the supplies the coming to the port, they sell it in order to fund their war machine, thereby denying it to the people who need it most. it is a direct result of the malicious stealing the aid, or laying siege on the towns and villages, and stopping it from coming in. we had to in some cases drop
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humanitarian assistance from planes, under tremendous pressure from brutality and politically and economically, and we believe that we are beginning to enter the final phase of this conflict. >> which brings us back to the command center in riyadh. a watchful eyes hundreds of miles away. organizing a conflict, the saudis say they hope to end soon. >> as president trump continues his foreign trip through europe, the saudis here are still relishing in the shift in tone, the shift in policy, the shift in relationship with the u.s. and a new partnership over yemen is a big part of that equation. james, back to you in the studio in washington. >> are bret baier reporting from the mideast. more on that raid. the pentagon says that at least seven militants were killed with only minor injuries reported among the americans aimed at gathering intelligence. the mission is said to be the deepest u.s. special operators have ever penetrated inside of yemen.
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the pentagon says it's still assessing the results. police in new delhi say that lease 15 hindu pilgrims were killed when a bus riding in a mountainous northern part of india plunged 300 feet into a river. wrestlers are looking for more victims. the cause of the accident was not immediately known. >> south korea is believed to have fired warning shots at a north korean drone today. the south's news agency says that about 90 machine gun rounds were sent into the air towards north korea after an unidentified object was spotted. drone flights across the border or unusual, but not unheard of. no comment just yet. what led the obama administration to believe the russians were interfering in last fall's presidential election? first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 29 in philadelphia, where more jurors have for the upcoming bill cosby sexual assault trial. that brings the total to ten. all but one are white. cosby is charged with drugging and molesting a woman at his home near philadelphia 2004.
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he says the encounter was consensual. dozens of other women have made similar accusations against the 79-year-old actor and comedian once known as america's dad. fox 40 in sacramento were state experts had that a california build to provide government funded health coverage for everyone would cost $400 billion, and require a significant tax increase. the measure would aluminate traditional insurance companies and establish a medicare-like system for all californians. estimates that it would increase spending by up to $100 billion a year. and this is a life look at phoenix from fox ten, one of the big stories there tonight, volunteers lacing 10,000 flags at the university of phoenix as a memorial to americans killed in military service. 50 people are planting the flags, which spell out, it is visible from above, the words "honoring our heroes." the place to be removed prior to memorial day and donated to local veterans cemeteries. that's tonight's life look outside the beltway from special
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>> and this is a fox news alert. we have breaking news on the investigation into possible russian influence on last fall's election. ox business network correspondence charlie guess bruno is reporting that president trump has hired attorney marques woods to deal with independent counsel. in the capital, here is a correspondent with the latest. and compare. >> thank you, james. we aren't that two businesses owned by the former national secured advisor michael flynn are getting subpoenaed by the senate intel committee because the ranking democrat, senator mark warner, says a business can't plead the fifth like flynn has. and this news comes a few hours
3:23 pm
after the former cia director john brennan was on the hill to say that russia did interfere in the election, he's just not sure if everyone in the states helped him. >> the man in charge of the cia during the 2016 campaign testified for the first time since president trump took over about what he saw last summer that made him so sure the russians were interfering in the election. >> i encountered and i'm aware of information intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons involved in the trunk campaign. >> he said he told russian officials not to meddle in the process, but he has no concrete proof that when they did, anyone from the trump campaign conspired with them. >> when you learned of russian efforts, did you have evidence of a connection between the trump campaign and russian state
3:24 pm
actors? >> i don't do evidence. >> all he says he really knows is that they reached out to some people associated with the trump campaign. but, he said, he doesn't know why. >> is it fair to say that those contacts might've been consistent with that age-old russian recruitment methodology? >> share. a contact that may be total the innocent and benign, as well as those that might have succumbed somehow to have suppression efforts. >> a white house statement reads in part, "this morning's hearings back up what we've been saying all along. despite a year of investigation, there is still no evidence of russia trump campaign collision collision." also today come on the senate side, director of national intelligence dan coats danced around questions about a washington post report that president trump asked him to publicly deny a russia conspiracy. >> it's not appropriate for me to comment publicly on any of that. >> that story, coats didn't want
3:25 pm
to talk about is based on something that leaked out, and president obama's final spy chief said that these leaks, damaging to the trump white house, must stop. >> these continue to be very, very damaging lakes, and i find them appalling, and they need to be tracked down. >> tonight we learned that the next high-profile hearing on the hill may feature the recently fired fbi director james comey. a source close to call me tells fox news producer that he is ready to talk to the special counsel, and that's the only thing that needs to happen for him to testify. again. >> peter, think it's much. the justice department is suing chrysler, alleging some of its diesel trucks are using special software to cheat on a missions test. does this sound familiar? it is similar to allegations that led to allegations towards volkswagen's that them paying penalties. speak to mike but unlike vw,
3:26 pm
they are not admitting it. >> the dow gains 43, the s&p's i had four, the nasdaq is up five. >> the 2018 budget delivered toy by the trump administration is already dead on arrival. it includes a steep type tonic cuts to intima program's, and not enough military programming for some. it is a balanced budget in ten chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel gets thoughts from capitol hill. >> this is the president's 2018 budget. the name on the cover is the new foundation for american greatness. >> president trump's $41 trillion budget blueprint arrived on capital. it would include $200 billion for infrastructure, $2.6 billion more for border security, and $19 billion for a new parental leave plan. this proposal suggests more than $600 billion in cuts to
3:27 pm
medicaid, although candidate donald trump pledge not to touch entitlements. while some lawmakers would like to know if they have the power the purse, house speaker paul ryan praised some of the points. >> at least we have some common objectives. we are on that common ground, and we will have a great debate about the detail on how to achieve those goals. >> it would keep a campaign promise to boost spending for the military, but the chairman of the senate armed services committee isn't satisfied. >> my reaction is it's probably dead on arrival. it does not rebuild the military, it doesn't give us the ships in the numbers of personnel we need and the capabilities we need. >> oregon democrat ron wyden said that this is where the trump budget belongs, in the recycling bin. other democrats jumped on its proposed reduction in food stamps over the next decade, almost 30%. >> the trump budget is comic book villain bad.
3:28 pm
and just like comic books, it relies on a fantasy to make all the numbers work. it's the kind of budget you might expect from someone who is openly rooting for a government shutdown. >> other critics noted that by cutting medicaid, food stems, and other domestic programs, president trump is actually hurting a lot of the people who voted for them. >> this budget exposes all of that verbiage for what it really was. just cheap and dishonest campaign rhetoric. it was meant to get votes, nothing more than that. >> it subscribes to their philosophy that medicare should wither on the vine. social security, medicare, medicaid, this is a killer for the american people. literally, a killer. >> today, senate majority leader noted that this was not the
3:29 pm
final package. >> it's a recommendation, we will take these things into consideration and we will move forward. >> now lawmakers will battle it out over the respective key priorities, and there'll be plenty of hearings and negotiations over the summer before this is a done deal. james? become mike emanuel and capitol hill. mike, thank you. one of the agencies taking a big financial hit in the president's budget is the state department. correspondent rich edson has that story. >> in the middle of an eight day international trip, building relationship's across the middle east and europe, president trump has released up budget cutting by nearly a third, the state department and foreign aid programs. the administration proposes that about $28 billion to fund the display deferment and the usaid, and $12 million and supplement the funding mostly for work in war zones. in a statement, secretary of state rex tillerson says that the budget supports the president's commitment to make the government leaner and more accountable to the taxpayer while maximizing our -- it cuts aids prevention, developing, and the united nations. he proposes shifting some
3:30 pm
military aid from grants to loans. and, produce funding for organizations that do not advance our foreign -- this budget still allows the u.s. to remain the global leader in assistance, while asking other nations to step up. >> the bank for the buck we get for this 1% is disproportionately large in terms of creating american jobs. we're doing is crating stable markets overseas for american goods. he had more than 200 business leaders have written a letter. "to voice our strong belief and return on investment on advancing america's economic interest overseas and supporting truck jobs at home." in congress, bipartisan to these cuts. >> we will work with the senate to develop a more serious proposal of the coming months.
3:31 pm
one that safeguards and promotes american interests in the world. >> this budget if fully implemented would require us to retreat from the world diplomatically. or put people at risk. you have a lot of benghazi's in the making if this thing became law. >> state farm officials are confident that this provides enough funding for security aberrations. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he expects congress to largely ignore the president's proposed cuts to the state department and foreign aid. james was marked rich edson, stocking foggy bottom force tonight. thank you. republican congressman tom macarthur of new jersey is resigning as cochair of the tuesday group. that's the cluster of g.o.p. moderates who helped push the health care reform package to the house. macarthur said that some of the group seem unwilling to copper mines. two american astronauts completed urgent repairs has had the international space station today. veteran commander peggy would sing and rookie jack fisher replaced a backup system that failed three days earlier. the equipment provides redundancy for the systems that
3:32 pm
operate the solar panels, radiators, and robotic equipment. sir roger moore has died. moore, was known as the swap star of seven james bond films, including the double of seven classic live and let die. his family says the pop-culture icon died in switzerland after a short battle with cancer. sir roger moore was 89. ♪
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>> responsible for duties such as guarding key sites will be replaced by men within the armed forces. which will allow the fleet to significantly increase the number of armed officers on patrol in key locations. >> so many young, beautiful, innocent people. living and enjoying their lives, murdered by evil losers. threats
3:36 pm
not going away. >> there's gotta be a rejection of the sort of ideology, and that's an ongoing effort, and i think part of what the president is endeavoring to do on this trip beginning in saudi arabia. >> in the wake of this horrific attack at the ariana grande concert in manchester, england, some of the kinds of sentiments would become sadly all too accustomed to a hearing. let's bring our panel, tom rogan, colonist for national fear. g.o.p. pollster and columnist for the "washington examiner," olivier knox, yahoo! news chief washington correspondent, and seneca to colonist charles krauthammer. tom, let's start with you. aside from the horror that this visits upon us all, do we learn anything new about the phenomenon of international terrorism from this incident? >> well i think the main take away today is the escalation in terms of what the british government had done. so the movement earlier this evening towards a critical alert
3:37 pm
status, which is very unusual. and carrying with it functional changes. for example, we've seen the mentioning of armed force deployments from combat infantry units across the country, that will be much greater than, perhaps, the american viewers might perceive it to be. it speaks to the notion that they suspect this individual was aligned with some kind of support cell, or operational cell, because of the scale and construction of the explosive device and the fact that went undetected. so i think that the concern there reflects that this is not necessarily a lone wolf situation, but there's more to the picture. >> two republican lawmakers with jurisdiction over terrorism issues spoke out today and in essence located the origin for this problem elsewhere in the middle east with isis and the syrian conflict.
3:38 pm
>> it's terrible and tragic, and another reason why we need to expedite liberating, to drive them out, because there are plans and operations that began in -- >> as we squeeze and broken isis isis, us i were dealing with them in iraq and syria, i think you're going to see them sort of scatter out of sight to other countries, you are being a prime target. >> olivier knox, making his fox news debut, were very fortunate to have you. are these lawmakers correct? the road out of this terrorism from for our age takes us through the middle east and through syria question work >> it certainly wouldn't hurt to dampen the ability of the islamic state, if you're talking counterterrorism experts, they will tell you that as officials and gear up start of the islamic state of foreign fighters, they've really cut down on the flow of fighters from the west
3:39 pm
into. those folks are now looking at home to carry out attacks. at the possible expo nation, we just don't know yet. they may have responsibility for the latest attack. >> and when they claim credit for attacks it is a lot of times propagandizing. i want to read you a tweet, it's ariana grande, who is a victim in all of this. she wrote earlier, this is last night at 10:51 p.m., simply, "broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so-so sorry. i i don't have words." what do you anticipate, if anything at all will be the political impact of an event like this, especially coming as it did when president trump was overseas? >> the uniquely horrifying nature of this tech, i mean, all are terrifying, but in this case you have a man walk into a crowd of young women, girls as young
3:40 pm
as eight have been killed in this attack, and the idea that you as a parent can't allow a child attend a concert, that they are at risk of being killed by someone who is affiliated with isis or a pledged allegiance to isis, or someone trying to create terror in public. this is something that i'm concerned people are beginning to wonder. is this the new normal questar is just something we need to accept? and maybe it is for some folks. but i think the political impact will be that people are yet again reminded that we are not safe, that we need to remain vigilant, and will be looking for leaders to do the sorts of things that sometimes here in washington we say will be potentially unpopular or bold move, but a lot of voters become more comfortable with in the aftermath of attacks like this. >> do you happen to think that the election results of 2016 wasn't part in some measure, perhaps preponderant lay ultra beatable to concerns like this about events like this, and that's what drove voters in key battle ground states to donald trump? >> one of the moments i remember
3:41 pm
being very struck by was actually during the republican primary, during the attacks that occurred in paris. wondering, during their public and primary, excuse me, i was thinking in that moment, would this be a moment that donald trump falls in the polls or will he writes? how will people view donald trump within his own party in response to a situation like this? in his numbers went up. people were looking for someone who projected strength, and spoke about the sorts of things in a different sort of way. today we heard him say evil losers. not something you would normally expect from an american president. yet, after terrorist attacks, his numbers, there've been moments where they have increased as people look for someone to channel that frustration and anger. >> no question the president has an ability to communicate in a way that normal citizens understand. charles, is there a way, and the comments we heard from president trump, when he was in saudi arabia, on this trip and
3:42 pm
in essence, saying to what we call the muslim world, in essence, not so many words, this is your problem, we need to fix this. >> a lot of presidents have been saying that, but i thought the dramatic effect of the president saudi visit was the leading of the 50 nations at the summit, mostly, overwhelmingly, sunni. essentially what he did was put together posse, a coalition. the first objective is to oppose the iranians, the threat to fight the civil war. within islam, and the sunni's, but there was a secondary message, and that is to fight the sunni radicals among them. al qaeda and isis are sunni radicals. i think it's time, after 50
3:43 pm
years of the saudis using their wealth to spread their radical ideology throughout the muslim world, and thereby radicalizing people throughout the world. we're now seeing the generation later than that. the saudis understand the irony of what they've done. and i think this could be the beginning of saudis and other sunni radical nations, radical, and the sense that they spread this radical ideology. raining it back. and that would be a major thing. >> about 15 seconds, real quickly, the campaigning in great britain for the general elections was suspended after the spirit how do you see this event, if at all, impacting on that process question >> it will absolutely play well for teresa mae. she was declining slightly in the polls even though that she was stating very clearly that she was to find counterterrorism. this proponent is not. >> we want to play a little bit from bret baier's travers on the
3:44 pm
saudi, yemeni border, let's take a look. >> it's a existential threat. absolutely, we cannot have iran involved in yemen. yemen is a strategically important country. 28 28 million people on our doorstep. and on the doorstep of one of the most important waterways in the world, which also connects to a another critical walkway which is the canal. >> is around an x essential threat for saudi arabia? >> original rival, the destruction of saudi arabia. but certainly they are regional rivals, they would have been, in the aftermath of the iran nuclear deal, the saudis are under some pressure. >> sit tight, panel. what did they know and not know in the 2016 election? will be right back. everything in it. liberty did what?
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>> former director of the fbi said today that russia presently interfered in our 2016 election. to both of you agree with that? >> i agree we have high confidence from all of our sources that there was a significant involvement. >> you agree with that quest mark >> i do. >> i encountered and i'm of information intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons involved in the trunk campaign. >> i don't know whether or not such collusion, that's your term, such collusion existed. i don't know. >> all right. more of the smoke but not yet any fire on the whole trunk campaign collusion story. we are back with our panel. olivier knocks, you've covered a
3:49 pm
lot of white houses, your student of the presidency, when you look at hearings like these and the implement of the special counsel, does your gut tell you this presidency is in trouble question >> in a fair amount of trouble. i got my start reporting covering bill clinton's impeachment. some when i hear special counse counsel, it stiffens, the response, sure. one of the most important phrases in his appointment said that he would be empowered to not just look into the questionable tonic question of whether or not the interfered, but all the issues that arrived from that. so ever go back to the attorney general to seek approval for expanding the investigation, he actually has it already and his opponent. and that cannot be a comforting thought at the white house. >> we want to hear from senator graham once again. he had some words of advice for president trump who may or may not be inclined to take them. >> gotta be more disciplined in terms of respecting the process.
3:50 pm
i don't see a man, he's frustrated and needs to get a grip on it. this whole trip has been well executed, i appreciate what is doing in the region, and it's been very helpful for our policy. but these domestic issues that dogged him, he is to be more disciplined. >> do you agree? >> i absolutely think that the number one thing this president needs to do is take the advice of those around him who are need to just not take the bait. don't tweet about it. don't take the bait and bring -- >> don't call the fbi. >> don't pick up the phone and try to make this go away, because everything you are doing is making it worse. but because of the scope of what the special counsel will be able to do, is it so often the case, the cover-up is often worse than the crime, and so to the extent that there is no evidence that there is collusion with russia, but if there is then action to try to prevent looking into whether there was collusion with russia, that's a big problem.
3:51 pm
and many of these issues are self-inflicted wounds. during the campaign, many of his advisors would tell him not to tweet, but as a private citizens when you do those things, it may affect whether or not you get elected or not, but it's not necessarily whether or not you will come as a public official, have this new burden, this new level of care that you need to take in your statements. i think around this issue, he'd be wise to listen to those who advise them to maybe knock off some of the loose talk. >> charles. >> i think the issue of a cover up in a crime is really quite remarkable. i don't think i've ever seen the a situation where no one can look at the crime. there are all these accusations, collusion's throne on all the time, we had a year of investigations, we had an opportunity after opportunity for some people to say here's what happened. and there's been none of that. now there may be. we could get an avalanche of evidence of collusion. but so far there is none. he insists that there is no they are there, but he acts as if that they are is everywhere.
3:52 pm
and that, i think, is the origin of what is happening here. he's trying to get people, i can understand the motive. he says i didn't do anything, so let me get people who are in charge and some of these agencies to come out and say we have no evidence. i don't see that as obstruction, but i think it is improper. it's something you shouldn't be asking these people to do. and that creates this firestorm. up until now, it's entirely self-created, and we could end up within a enormous issue. and it's going to dog trump and all of his associates who are now lowering up, even the president himself. until the end of time. as you say, he has an endless mandate, and he cannot be fired. that omnipotence and omniscience at once. he's got like >> omnipotence and omniscience is generally good work if you get it. charles, do you see a parallel with the hillary clinton investigation, where, again, you
3:53 pm
had a probe that went on for a long time, for over a year, and then ended without the filing of any charges. as one property draw those kinds of parallels with the current investigation? >> to express's empathy comey, which is not popular, he has a unique historical situation. the question is, what you do, because no matter what you do it's going to have an effect on the election, and you do when it to have an effect on the election. so i think that was a special case, because it was happening during the election. we are now not in an election, so i think we will see a more normal approach, meaning more like watergate, more like whitewater, more like the clinton-lewinsky trial. >> he commented on the testimony we were hearing, and he said today's testimony by former cia director john brennan, that the russians brazenly interfered in our election, and that he became
3:54 pm
aware of interactions between trump campaign officials and the russians that warranted referral to the fbi further underscores the importance of our investigation. that from congressman schiff of keller forney. tom rogan, what you make of all this? >> i think the functional issue here is, why do we see smoke but not fire? one of the reasons is that the people in the intelligence committee no if they go on the record in the congressional hearing in contrast to giving a leak, they place in indictment of an obstruction of justice on them cells. what will foreign intelligence services, specifically allied with the united states, have played in the backdrop of that? that can be the protection of that intelligence information, this one intelligence area where even if someone like john brennan has a gripe with the president, they would be hesitant to leave that. >> it does seem to be a bipartisan commitment to investigating this fully.
3:55 pm
here is the republican chairman of the senate intelligence committee on that committees something to make subpoenas on this issue. >> if, in fact there is not a response, we will seek additional counsel and advice on how to proceed forward. at the end of that option is a contempt charge, and that said everything is on the table. that's not our preference today, we would like to hear from general flynn, we would like to see his documents, we would like them to tell his story. because he publicly set up a story to tell. >> charlie gasper and i was reporting a short while ago that president trump has hired a personal lawyer to do with infinite counsel. a smart move. >> absolutely. i think in this case, because president trump is, again, has had so many of these self-inflicted wounds, i think he and some of the folks that he's been close to are going to think flynn is target number
3:56 pm
one. the allegations that he had texted flynn, stay strong, these are the sorts of things a lot of folks are going to want to dig into, and makes this potentially personally potentially challenging for the president. >> when we come back, you think washington is a circus? let's talk about the real circus. guess what, it's not coming to town anymore. we will be right back.
3:57 pm
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>> finally tonight, the said triumphant and for an american institution. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus brought down big top after 146 years of family entertainment. photojournalists at miller capture the final show at long island's veterans memorial coliseum where performers and fans alike wept as ringmaster jonathan lee iversen, nine year veteran pronounced the disbanding cast of people and animals forever more the greatest show on earth.
4:00 pm
thanks for watching special report. i'm james rosen. bret baier is back tomorrow. good night from washington. the story with martha maccallum is up next. >> martha: breaking tonight, british prime minister teresa mae has just raised the threat level in the united kingdom. >> they've now concluded on the basis of today's investigation that the threat level should be increased for the time being from severe to critical. >> martha: 's are critical that another attack is highly likely and could be imminent. that's the description of the level that they are now at. british law enforcement race against time to find others who may be linked to last night's bomber. this home, the scene of a raid police now out in force. now in the middle of the night there. trying to root out killers as we speak.