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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 24, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> this is a fox news alert, an hour ago the most powerful men in the world meeting in vatican city. heather: donald trump sitting down with pope francis in his private study for 30 minutes. rob: the president and first lady touring the sistine chapel in st. peter's basilica. heather: you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: the preside beginning his
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foreign trip's next leg. heather: very exciting today. >> reporter: pope francis is already back at work giving his general audience which is why donald trump's meeting with his holiness is so early this morning because the pope would never jeopardize as his wednesday audience, hands were shaken, gifts were given, the pope gave trump a metal by a rome-based artist and the olive, a symbol of fees signed by the pope that he gave donald trump three books, one about religion, one about family and one about the environment and the president gave pope francis some books, first vision by martin luther king jr. and those are significant because pope francis quoted martin luther king jr. in some of his most poignant parts
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of his speech. very beautiful procession through the apostolic palace this morning that got underway and there was the private meeting between pope francis and donald trump. great smiles and finally an expanded audience with members of the first family and also members of donald trump's staff. rob: interesting to watch this go down. a lot of people nervous how that meeting would go between the pope and the president after back and forth each year during the campaign, the pope said anyone who would want to build a wall instead of a bridge is not christian in his opinion and candidate trump firing back on that. good to see them embrace and
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have a warm interaction. heather: a lot of people talking about the body language between the two. we don't know what they spoke about. they spent 30 minutes together and the first lady was there along with ivanka and jared kushner. as they have for this entire trip they look spectacular. >> an important one for the president and it did hard off a bit tight, we have had a bit of a conflict. heather: i have been to vatican city, overwhelming no matter what in the square to hear the pope speaking, really something else. rob: that architecture is beautiful. heather: britain bracing for another possible terror attack raising the threat level to critical. rob: new details about the
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killer who turned the area of the concert into a bloodbath. heather: the hunt for more accomplices. >> reporter: the uk on high alert, a horrendous attack monday night in the arena, we are seeing police presence as the toll continues to mount, 52 injured, many of those people young carried out at the ariana grande concert, prime minister teresa may addressed the nation in a dramatic statement saying a new attack is possible and could be imminent. some of them are ready being deployed today. the 22-year-old born of libyan refugee parents, a conservative
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muslim family, radicalized in the past couple years, had contact with extremists and was on police radar. here is more of what she had to say last night. >> we cannot ignore a wider group of individuals linked to this attack, the threat level should be increased for the time being from severe to critical. this means their assessment is not only an attack remains highly likely but a further attack may be imminent. >> reporter: as the search does continue for any accomplices, the big home of the attacker, his brother being arrested, the nature of the bomb packed with
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shrapnel, and something like 59 people remain in eight area hospitals, several of them are fighting for their lives, several of them are children, teenagers, young people, identification of the dead continues as well. nine of the 22 have been identified and this is the saddest part of all, and 8-year-old girl, and 18-year-old just starting her life as a teenager, young couple just showing the brutal and cowardly nature of this attack as officials described as we have seen. individual for the city of manchester. manchester united on this, united against terrorism. >> the british prime minister raising the terror threat to critical. heather: joining us for more on
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the aftermath of the manchester bombing is steve rogers of the terrorism task force. thank you for joining us this morning. taking a look at the images of the victims and just to read through as they continue to search before discovering the worst news of all and in terms of searching, we just heard about a possible accomplishment in the horrific terror act. do you think other people were worried? >> without a doubt. this threat level has increased conducted a raid and the prime minister, by saying attack may be imminent tells us other people out there may be part of a larger sell and their efforts are to capture these people. rob: they have their work cut out for them in that part of the
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country. am i too negative, i can't imagine -- until you get this ideology under control or people to stop believing you can do something like this and win some sort of praise from god, how do you stop somebody from blowing up or firing into a crowd when all you have to do is kill 10 or 15 people to do serious damage to the psyche of a population of people. >> reporter: you can minimize attacks with human intelligence sources, the key to this is intelligence and unless we are going to increase intelligence capabilities worldwide, i say worldwide because this is a world war, this is a world war of civilized nations against
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these terrorists and until the world comes together and we see now what the president did in the middle east, ringing a lot of people together to engage the war on terror. heather: focused on bringing these countries together, the muslim countries as he began his tour committed the correct tone he has been using? >> that mission was to bring those middle eastern nations together and make them realize we cannot do this alone but have to drive them out, drive them off the face of the earth. we are there to help. in reality they have to take the lead. martha: rob: isolating iran -- calling them evil losers, that
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got my attention. we were listening to a press conference, he said that. >> he absolutely gave them no credibility by doing that, that was a brilliant move on his part. they are nothing but losers, and perhaps that is what people identify them now as evil losers. heather: better to call them losers which they are than a jv team. >> what have a won? nothing. we are america, the british are resilient. heather: ten minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump is asking right now. >> father john with more how to achieve peace among the world's three major religions. ♪
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heather: democrat slamming donald trump's $4.1 trillion budget, unfairly slashes benefit programs in order to boost the literary spending. >> reporter: democrats are blasting it, even some republicans calling it dead on arrival. mick mulvaney vigorously defending it. >> not a single thing in here touches social security retirement or medicare. that is what the president said in his campaign. he would not change those things. we won't measure it by the amount of money we spend with a number of people we help. rob: medicaid spending cuts, welfare spending cuts, key
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proposals and increases to border security, to it have billion dollars in infrastructure investment. and current levels to rebuild armed forces, democrats are demonizing it. >> the trump budget is comic book villain bad. >> the budget will be dead on arrival but also reflects the priorities of this administration which is very problematic. >> this is a killer for the american people, literally a killer. >> reporter: paul ryan praising the proposal as a good start saying it is time to balance the budget. mick mulvaney will head to the hill to appear before the budget panel. heather: air force one arriving at the vatican, donald trump meeting with pope francis.
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father jonathan morris is here to talk about it. thank you for joining us. and early morning, events at vatican city, what were your observations? >> great to see the vatican, amazing images, to see the president going and meeting with the pope. who would have guessed donald trump would be representing the united states of america, meeting with the holy father. it was a big moment in his life personally, a sobering moment to realize he is on the world stage like this and recognizing this is somebody he can work with even if he disagrees on some social issues, some political issues, the world is a big place and there are dangerous things out there and we need to work together and find common ground.
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heather: the 13th president to visit the pope. the agenda of his foreign trip you can see where he pointing out different religions, and effort to get along. >> donald trump was not known as a religious person. here he is going on his first international trip, religion and taking in world peace and recognizes it, going to change him. heather: you mention the differences that have been mentioned between the pope, this particular pope, those differences, do you think they can move forward, did you get anything from that? >> these guys are so different
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this is the odd couple, yes and no. they have their differences but donald trump is strong about protecting christians in the middle east, very strong in stopping isis. what was going on two years ago? two years ago saying the world needs to come together to stop isis, pope francis speaking through his ambassador to the united nations, why isn't anybody doing anything about isis. they have a lot they can work together on. heather: how do we get to this point? this meeting on the heels of the horrific terror attack in manchester, how do we get beyond that? >> i don't have the perfect answer but pope francis and donald trump recognize this
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doesn't have anything to do -- anyone who says in the name of god kill the innocent, that is not god. people by the god-given gift of human reason can come to the conclusion it is always and everywhere wrong to kill innocent lives. heather: these people don't have the ability to reason. >> we have to isolate them and religious leaders must stand up and say if you interpret the core and this way i don't care, that is wrong. we saw great example of that this morning. heather: we really appreciate it. rob: donald trump delivering a powerful anti-terror address. >> terrorists and extremists,
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obliterate this evil ideology and protect and defend our citizens. rob: the major networks ignored this, the next guest says they didn't have anything to criticize. finding time to get things done isn't easy.
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but we've got the digital tools to help. now with xfinity's my account, you can figure things out easily, so you won't even have to call us. change your wifi password to something you can actually remember, instantly. add that premium channel, and watch the show everyone's talking about, tonight. and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to rob: donald trump strongly condemning the terror attack in manchester. >> so many young beautiful innocent people living and enjoying their lives, murdered by evil losers. heather: if you were watching
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abc, nbc or cbs you would have missed the entire thing because none of those major networks took his speech live and later in the day the media blackout extended to ms nbc and cnn. rob: editor of the daily caller foundation, >> i don't think these networks wanted to cover, a major terrorist attack and us ally, any news site has an obligation, the fact they didn't go on is amazing, the reason for it is it doesn't fit the narrative. a lot of what they have been talking about, your hearing about russia, michael flynn, the
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president is on a major foreign-policy tour, to get any good punches in, they decided it wasn't worthwhile to carry the second half of donald trump's comments and that is dereliction of duty. >> from fake news to not reporting actual news at all and that is a disservice to their viewers. >> i got a phone call from someone who chose charlie rose, if you were watching the day before, the run up to the saudi arabia speech and how much coverage barack obama's speech in egypt got, the religion of love, the religion of peace, they were not even talking about donald trump's saudi arabia speech, they were talking with the breaking news banner, billy bush and the old tape that came out months -- how that was breaking news is beyond me but if you are a viewer in america
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sitting in this bubble they created of a mixture of what they want to cover, you will have a different idea what is going on and what you need to know and the rest of your fellow citizens, to make a good decision. rob: a greater crime committed by cnn and nbc because they are 24 hour news network, and that is unheard of. they don't take everything because obviously they have better programming and are not news 24/7. >> wake up early and slowly ease into the day with nice interviews. cnn and msnbc bill themselves as 24 hour news, especially cnn, msnbc has been doing it less but cnn doubling down, this is where you come for news, to turn on your television expecting to see what is "happening now" and be
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denied that because it doesn't fit the world view of where they are going with coverage is terrible journalistic ethics. heather: we are out of time but one of the other things is the terror attack in manchester. there was some effort to wait as long as possible to call that a terror attack. thanks. the time is 30 minutes after the top of the hour. while you were sleeping donald trump meeting with the pope. rob: the latest on the president's historic trip coming up next.
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heather: it is wednesday, may 24th and this is a fox news alert. an hour ago two of the most powerful men in the world
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meeting in vatican city. rob: donald trump greeted by pope francis, sitting down with him and his private study for 30 minute meeting. heather: live look at vatican city, donald trump expected to meet with the italian president in rome. rob: the third leg of his first foreign trip a. heather: amy kellogg live in rome. >> reporter: parting words to pope francis were i will not forget what you said. it was a morning of pomp and ceremony in the vatican, first a procession through the apostolic palace and we saw president and mrs. trump led by the swiss guard and the honor guard of aristocrats, the gentleman of his holiness and the cardinal
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who tabloids called gorgeous george because of the dashing figure they say he cuts. a personal secretary to the pope. the meeting the 1-on-1 didn't appear particularly cordial at the beginning. the photo up the pope wasn't smiling, trump said it is an honor to meet you. we understand the pope didn't respond to that but when we saw the extended audience at the end, the trump family and some of his staff, there seemed to be a lot more warmth, gifts were exchanged, books by martin luther king from trump to the pope and the pope gave trump a sculpture of an olive tree saying i hope you use this for peace and trump said we could certainly use it. rob: thanks so much. britain talking about another possible terror attack, raising threat level to critical.
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heather: the killer who turned ariana grande concert into a bloodbath was a known isis fanatic. rob: the hunt for any more accomplices. >> reporter: their could be some. the uk remains on high alert as the search continues for anybody who might have helped the person commit the terror attack in the arena monday night which left 22 people dead, 59 injured. as we all know by now many of those young people, teenagers, children, teresa may making a dramatic address to the nation last night raising the threat level and saying a new attack might be possible and might be happening soon. put on alert 5000 british troops already beginning to show up on the street at main events as we
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learn more about the debt attacker, his name, salman abedi, british-born of libyan refugee parents, from a conservative muslim family but according to reports this morning was radicalized in the last couple years, might have had contact with extremists in the manchester area, was to some degree on police radar and had just come back from a trip to libya according to reports. here is what teresa may had to say. >> reporter: we cannot ignore there is a wider group of individuals linked to this attack, the threat level should be increased for the time being. this means their assessment and attack remains highly likely but a further attack may be imminent. >> reporter: 59 people remain in hospitals in this area.
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many of them in critical condition, young children and teenagers. the victims identify and 8-year-old girl, 15-year-old girl, and sadness all around of the attack. >> the fbi joint terrorism task force. this is a terrible moment and shows how low this group can go, is there any bottom. >> something that raised my interests is the target, >> the venue was predominantly
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populated, isis does not, and with regard to targets. >> a targeted concert venue. a safe place, they expect to have a fun and good nights, you mentioned the women his, one woman died, 32 years old and she died flying over and protecting her sister and her niece. do you think this is a trend we will see targeting specifically women? >> it is possible. this is the first this is the first time i can remember that a target was mainly populated by women. you had a woman sing or, a lot of women from different ages, this may be a trend but something we can now learn from and we are looking at potential targets, may be populated by females for the most part.
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>> is there any way to prevent something like this, first time in my life, working into a busy place. could it happen here? how do you keep yourself safe? >> best thing we can do is take the advice we have given people since day one, if something say something. a lot of people are reluctant to say anything because i don't want to bother the police or look foolish, you will not look foolish, the best way to handle this, if you see something that is suspicious, say something immediately. >> the homicide bomber killed 22
1:38 am
people, is that something to learn from moving forward during the break. and the nail bomb, from the boston bombing. >> and change security procedures, it is impossible because of security measures, the second-best thing was to wait outside, when there were large crowds, long chain link fences, through those fences and continuously flowing, masses of people. >> could be a reality, they are avoiding security where they
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can. thanks for coming on this morning. donald trump calling on world leaders to obliterate terror. >> are we seeing the new age of a global fight against evil? the independence party, nigel for raj joins us live.
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>> terror investigation in manchester just beginning as teresa may raising the nation's terror threat to its highest level. mahmoud abbas fox news contributor nigel farraj joining us. rob: the suspect was on your nation security radar, surveillance ran out before he pulled the crime before surveillance could get to him.
1:43 am
>> it is worse than that. the information we now got coming out is this individual was known to be linked to somebody else in manchester who was an isis recruiter and was on the police radar. and yet he was allowed to leave the country to go to syria, libya, to be further radicalized and learn how to make bombs. my question to the british government this morning is if you have 31/2,000 people on your suspected terrorist list, why have you not taken their articles away, why have you not stopped them going to these war zones, and learning how to make devices such as the bomb that was exploded outside the concert? >> family members of the 22 people who died, many of them women and children.
1:44 am
a number of injuries up to 119 and just give us your overall feeling, go back to that, this happening in manchester. >> i was in manchester that evening. for those who don't know it is now britain's second city, a thriving, growing place, very well known place for rock concerts and that kind of thing, a real happening place, very much a young people city. i always get that feeling when i go there. for an isis terrorist to have targeted young girls at a concert marks a new low in the barbarity we have seen. i think the nation has been very upset, shocked, but i think this is now turning to anger. we learned the name of the
1:45 am
terrorist through us intelligence sources and it is through french intelligence sources this morning that we learned this individual traveled to syria. there is a feeling the british government tells us how dreadful it is but where is the action? i look at donald trump's administration and i see somebody determined to stop radicalization in america and we have in our schools and prison too much of this going on. the british people are going to demand action. rob: let me play the antagonist, anti-refugee policy, some would even call it what our president has done was anti-muslim in some way, might push people that are in your country further toward radicalization. what is the response to that?
1:46 am
>> nobody in this country has been warning more publicly or loudly than me over many years that unless we get a grip, careful about who comes into our country, terrible things would happen but i have always emphasized that we need to get the vast majority of the muslim population on our side against the bad guys. i heard yesterday people saying why don't we round up the 31/2,000 terrorist suspects, i say no, you don't do that. if you do that you alienate some of the good people. we need balance and proportionality but the very minimum we should be doing is taking away their passports and stopping them going to syria.
1:47 am
>> if you have the heart of a terrorist murderer contemplating in any way this is taking a stand for something do these isis terrorists, al qaeda as well, do you believe political policies will push someone to murder if they already have that ideology and set on doing that? the possibility? >> that begs the question, where do they get the ideology from? where have problems in the school and radicalization is taking place right now in our prisons which is something we could deal with. the bigger problem is the internet. there is no doubt there is radicalization going on by the internet. that is a tough thing to deal with but we have got to try.
1:48 am
rob: the president making his way to brussels, i went to change gears, to know what you thought of this, the french, there was -- would have been the third chapter of the story with donald trump winning, what happened in france? nobody has been more affected by isis terrorism then the french. >> look at the first round of the french presidency and what you see is 46% of people voted for candidates that were radical bureau skeptics and the difficulty was marine le pen because of the associations of her father and anti-semitism the dog the party wasn't able to get those skeptics together. many on the left simply opted to stay at home. he is very pro-eu, very pro-free
1:49 am
movement and refugee policy across the mediterranean but please don't think that just because marine le pen didn't win in france that the revolution of 2016 is over. it is not. heather: an incident like manchester will push other countries to take similar or attempt to take similar action by what donald trump attempted to do in the united states with the partial muslim been? >> donald trump's speech in riyadh was inspiring, and active global statesmanship to work with the muslim countries against the bad guys but in europe, hungary and poland and the czech republic have told brussels they will not accept migrant quotas for those who come across the mediterranean. this has been brewing in europe, former communist, east european
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>> raising concerns, and a supervisor for the district attorney, i guess it doesn't take a genius to figure out you can't get into someplace with a bomb, a good place to go next is the most populated area when
1:54 am
looking at a concert hall, right after an event, security is lax and all of a sudden you can get in almost anywhere because once ariana grande is off the stage you need security to get into the venue. is a new trend? >> not necessarily new but the genesis where isis is going to go because they continuously examine a business model where we are weakest and they get a return on their investment. we don't invest in soft targets, hospitals, sporting venues, we simply don't. the end of the day if they want to make a big impact, they want to make a big impact, minimal risk maximum terror. rob: it is all over every news station and your agenda is accomplished and that is the point. how do you secure a world full of soft targets? in new york city there are 100 people checking out in line.
1:55 am
>> it is not going to be a situation we can't control. we change the way we look at things. he wasn't strapped, an entirely different thing. when you talk about what we can do, the basics, how many times has someone looked in a bag? that is more -- a better job fine-tuning the manner in which we exercise and deploy security as well as pushing it back. there are things we can do. rob: are any organizations doing it better? places that need work? >> most need work but it comes down to what we are investing. we have a super bowl here, people pushing the perimeter
1:56 am
back, vendors complain because it will take longer to get there. did anything happen? and no. did they have threats? yes. are we willing to compromise convenience for safety? that is the question. rob: we will be right back.
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>> the president met with pope
2:00 am
francis. >> meeting with italian president sergio but the rela, "fox and friends" will have more on that. heather: thanks for joining us, see you tomorrow. >> the threat level should be increased from severe to critical to further attacks may be imminent. >> an attack may be imminent, tells us -- >> this threat is real. it is not going away. it needs significant attention. >> the 22-year-old suspect was coached online or trained in person to carry out the attack. >> breaking news on the investigation into possible russian influence, donald trump has hired attorney to deal with the independent counsel. >> never seen a situation where nobody can locate the crime. >> the first time in eight