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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 29, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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dvr. good night from washington. m wa. ♪ >> kimberly: >> kimberly: i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 9:00 in new york city. and this is "the five." thank you for joining us. we hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. on this memorial day, we honor our fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. you and your families are in our thoughts and prayers. we also want to thank the men and women currently serving in our armed forces. we pray for your safety and for your families. we are living in very dangerous and uncertain times with waves
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of terror gripping the globe, but president trump vows america will aggressively confront the threat and warned the muslim world recently it must as well. >> there could be no coexistence with this violence. there could be no tolerating it, no accepting it, no excusing it and no ignoring it. this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people. drive them out of youries! drive them out of your holy land! drive them out of this earth! >> kimberly: we cannot tolerate terror. we must confront it bbc commentator has a surprisingly different perspective offering to on air following the devastating attack on the uk last week. she thinks we must learn to september barbarity.
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>> -- lern to accept the barbarity. >> we're never going to be able to totally wipe this out. as isis gets squeezed out of syria and iraq, we'll see more of these attacks taking place in europe and europe is starting to get used to that. >> kimberly: greg, people should reject this idea we should accept tare andor learn to coexist? >> greg: -- terror and learn to coexist? >> greg: there's nothing more prefreshing than blunt language at times. whether you like it or not, that's what you get from trump. that's the most blunt explanation of what one must do to fight terror. caddie kaye, not ok. imagine saying get used to it to certain other injustices like to a bullied child. you just have to get used to it. or victim of racism or domestic abuse or spousal abuse. >> sexual assault. >> greg: there's separate levels
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of judgments for injustice. acts perpetuated into society are not ok but if it's from an outsider or if it's from someone that has a grievance, real or manufactured in this case manufactured, radical islam, but they're adopting the grievance kind of culture, we have to get used to it. >> kimberly: dana, do you think this kind of at thetude that people have to coexist -- of this attitude that people have to coexist, accept it that we live in a world of terror is dangerous? >> dana: i think she was trying to be practical. the truth is europe does have a severe problem. they're infested with terrorist as cross the continent. that's because it's been because of several decades of allowing basically unfettered immigration. now they can't track them down. the thing is, it's not just refugees who just arrived last month that are causing the problems. it's the children of refugees. it's the next generation that have some sort of vengeance they want to exact. i don't agree with the defeatist attitude.
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never accept it. i think there's got to be a whole different way of fighting it. when president trump met with nato members, the other thing he was doing is not just making sure they knew they had to pay up so we can all work together on this but also he's preparing for a very big decision on afghanistan and a new approach to that. there's a debate within the white house as to what that should be. i think this foreign trip he just took will actually lead him to wanting to do more because i feel like he had this transformation over the past six months and in particular when he's there in europe, there's this massive terrorist attack and that he is -- everyone looks to him like, you're the leader of the free world. what are we going to do? he says with very strong language, we're not going to put up with it. on the table for him in the next couple of weeks, i think you'll sigh a stronger position put forward on afghanistan. >> kimberly: that's interesting. i was listening to an an interview and listening to a piece in the "wall street journal" and they were talking about how there was an impact on
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president bush after 9/11 and these transformative experiences. you were there? >> dana: for example, no one campaigns because they want to go to war. they campaign for president because they want to make schools better or reduce taxes. president trump's was make america great again. obama, hope and change. when stuff happens on your watch and you become the responsible party, you have a different attitude toward it. you become the decider and you have to move forward. >> kimberly: all right, jesse, the president having very consistent message during the campaign, put america first. make america safe again and now telling the world we must drive them out for terrorists and people who practice jihad? >> jesse: it was a rhetorical flourish. drive them out. drive them out. drive them out. he had a great overseas trip. he went there with still an america-first attitude, the saudi arms deal, $110 billion. we're getting jobs. we're getting cash for that deal. then we're letting the saudis take the lead in confronting the iranians and other bad actors in
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the region. that's one thing. number two, he put the onus on the muslim world. america is not going to be able to defeat these islamic fascists by ourselves. we've recognized the limitations of doing that during the bush administration and then also in the obama administration. they're going to have to be the tip of the spear unless we're going drive these people out. he put pressure on the clerics. this is not a war on christianity versus israelis versus islam. this is a war of savages versus civilized people. he kind of was uplifting saying the middle east used to be this amazing trade route, where there were shipping plains and the acsfres asia and europe -- lanes and the access from asia to europe and bedrock of civilization. let's return to that and return to prosperity because the prosperity there. until you drive out these awful, awful people, you're never going to have any discuss. you're not going to have families. you're not going to have money. you're not going to have safety. i think the president was very effective in doing that.
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he came back to israel with a little -- set the bar a little high, i think, saying he could possibly solve the israel israeli/palestinian conflict and called the people losers. i think calling them losers sets them up, because he's very effective at branding and it just shows we will win when we defeat them, because that's going to stop recruitment. if no one wants to join a team that's losing -- so i think he's really set that up effectively. >> kimberly: he doubled down and called them losers again. people criticized him for saying that. welcome to the show, great to see you again. >> great to be here. i think they are losers, i'll give you that one. >> jesse: way to go out on a limb there. >> here's the thing. i think there's a couple -- i do agree, i think we have to drive them out. you have to parse this, right? you have the isis fighters and syria and iraq and then you also have those folks who are self-rat radicalizing here in the united states and in europe. solving those problems are two different things. the third problem we have here is the syrian civil war. you have to parse the syrian
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civil war different from isis expansion. you have to see them as three different things. what i help to see from this administration is, one, how do we solve self-radicalizing here in the united states? how do we defeat isis in the middle east? how do we come to a resolution in the syrian civil bar and take assad out? if those things are not there, i'm against it. >> jesse: i don't think i heard from president trump that he wanted to take assad out in the speech in saudi arabia. i got the sense that he says i'm going to impose our values and enact change that's not been effective. i think he says let's kill isis and squeeze those people and then we can come to a political solution. >> i don't think you can. the reason why isis is growing is because of assad primarily, right? he's saying i'm going to gas people. i'm going to blow people up. and the muslim community is saying, well, if you're going to blow us up, hell, we're going to join these people who are going to blow you up. we have to deal with assad.
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assad has always been a problem. if we don't deal with him, isil will forever expand. >> greg: this is a first for me on the show i changed my mind based what someone else said. >> jesse: was is me or fowler? >> greg: dana. i've been sitting here for five minutes saying and thinking we're probably wrong about caddie kaye. what she was saying was more a depressed resignation over the events rather than saying just get used to it she wasn't saying get used to it. she says sadly this has become a regular thing. so i'm going to retract everything i just said in the beginning of the show. >> jesse: wow. you know what? a big win. >> kimberly: exactly. >> greg: i think europeans -- . >> jesse: i think europeans have a different mind-set toward terrorism. europe won world war i and world war ii. there's been so much bloodshed in that continent. america is not used to that. we don't want to get used to that we don't want to accept that and normalize it.
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>> greg: during the nra experience, the whole thing was carry on. get to with it. stiff upper lip. the upside of that is you don't let them get the best of you. the down side is, does it stop it? >> jesse: i don't think it does stop it. i would say to the people who say republican rhetoric is increasing recruitment for isis which we've heard for the last eight years. i would say what she said about we have to get used to it. if isis plays out on a loop on youtube, that's an effective recruitment strategy. the british have accepted business as usual. they've accepted the fact that we're going to be successful on the european continent. >> i rarely ever quote george bush i will -- but i will here. he said with we should never cowher to terror. you have to -- cower to terror. you have to continue to live your lives. go disney world. take your vacation. that's how you counterterrorism.
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>> kimberly: it's got to be measures richard that make sense and aren't arbitrary, right? there's something that makes sense. i think you have to be multifaceted. multifacet add approach. you have to have the rhetori rhetoric -- multifaceted approach. you have to have the rhetoric there. you have to have realtime intelligence being developed. you don't get the information back -- it's memorial day. >> dana: also because we know that these people that have committed these -- the self-radicalization, every single one of them has been on the radar screen of law enforcement at the some poin point -- at some point. you have travel to libya and a return -- the connections to isis and it's -- i don't fault law enforcement. i don't -- i know they're doing all they can to share information, but at some point, can there be preemptive measures? >> i agree.
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>> dana: to basically -- i don't know how you put someone in custody before they committed an act. but if you know they're on the radar for self-radicalization, that's a conversation the world needs to have. >> richard: the one thing i'll say before we go to break, we can't put our treasure on the middle east. we can't afford to spend any more blood and treasure in the middle east, period. greg gregg what if you removed it from the middle east and said there's this blood-thirsty hoard coming from another planet, we wouldn't think about it in a political way. we would think about it in a unifying way, we're fighting this group a roving band of creature that has destroy and butcher young girls. we could actually -- we stop thinking about the middle east. we're thinking about the actual faction. we have to start thinking like that. but i guarantee you we'll be a group of people that say,, those people from planet x, you know, that's their culture. we should lay off. that's what trump is saying.
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they're saying they're barbari barbarians and we're civilized people and we need to fight them no matter where we come from. >> kimberly: exactly. can't take anything off of the table, can you? >> greg: not even the table. >> kimberly: especially the chairs. ahead, democrats are more than ever determined to win back the ghous 2020. there's a lot of talk already about who may throw their hat in the ring. we have a list of some of the possible top contenders and our thoughts next. thoughts, next. isn't this fun, living like the pioneers of olden times? i hate the outside. well, i hate it wherever you are. burn. "burn." is that what the kids are saying now? i'm so bored, i'm dead. you can always compare rates on oh, that's nice, dear. but could you compare camping trips? because this one would win. all i want to do is enjoy nature and peace and quiet! it's not about winning. it's about helping people find a great rate even if it's not with progressive. -ugh. insurance. -when i said "peace and quiet,"
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i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. ♪ >> america needs us. americans deserve strong, capable leaders, leaders who care about this country and care about its people. >> that kind of sounds like you and me i guess we got to do it, come on! let's go. >> dana: the rock and tom hanks having fun announcing a run in 2020 on "saturday night live". it may sound far off. there's a lot of buzz about possible contenders.
9:18 pm
here are i few on politico's early guide to 2020. bernie sanders and joe biden are on there. i had a prediction at the beginning of the year al franken would definitely object that list. he's got a book comin coming -- definitely will be on that list. he's got the a book coming out tomorrow he says he's not going to do that. do you believe it, jesse? >> jesse: i don't think frank len run. i think he'll be in minnesota making jokes people don't laugh at. i don't think the celebrities are going to work. i think what they're trying to do is do trump light. you have a celebrity, businessman. i don't think kind of imitating that works. i think you need a totalka contrast -- a total contrast to president trump that could be more effective. i remember when bush ran for reelection, they want john kerry because he had experience in the military and it was during the iraq war it doesn't really work with. you need someone -- and i hate to say -- you need someone the opposite of trump if you're a democrat to fire up the base and run contrast to. >> dana: who would that be, richard?
9:19 pm
>> jesse: elizabeth warren, someone like that. she doesn't pull punches. she would mock him. >> dana: richard, glad you're here. who do you think? >> richard: i've got one conte contender. >> dana: only one? >> richard: one contender, vice president joe biden. >> jesse: he'll be quite old. >> dana: only four years older than president trump if he were to run. >> richard: there's a lot of arguments on why we lost the reelection. part of it is we lost working class americans. one guy i would argue in the country that really gets working class folk and it's joe biden. his father was an automobile salesman, i want to say. talk about electrifying a crowd, right? you put joe biden in a room -- . >> jesse: people are touched >> kimberly: gentle massage. >> richard: in philly, during the speech, we were all there and saw it. during that arena, there was more applause during his speech than on hillary clinton's speech. i'm all in for joe biden.
9:20 pm
>> dana: governor jerry brown and also someone you californi california -- also california lieutenant governor newsome. >> kimberly: wildly rumored i was married to him at one point. >> greg: you win some and you knew some. >> kimberly: i knew some. i think he'd make a great governor. i think he's going to win. he's always wanted to run for president. >> dana: did he tell you that? >> kimberly: secret's out. he's hard working, super passionate about what he does. his party is very lucky to have him. i disagree with many of his policies, as he knows, but i appreciate his authenticity and definitely his passion about it. >> dana: greg, do you think a celebrity could run after 2015? -- 2016? >> greg: yes and no, dana. >> dana: can you explain? >> greg: no. this is going to blow your mind.
9:21 pm
everyone at home will go he's absolutely right. the gutfeld rule of 100. what happened 100 years before 2020? the right to vote for women. if you don't run on that, i mean you -- how can you lose? a woman -- i would go with gabbert. i think she's a possibility. a woman whose name i keep forgetting in california that we talked about. >> kimberly: harris. >> greg: yes! but the fact that -- . >> kimberly: she's on the list. >> greg: 100 years, you already have it built in. you have the slogan. it's like, you know, it's about damn time. it's 100 years. how can you go wrong with that? 100 years! >> kimberly: that's a good poi point. you can't get better than that, please leave. >> dana: another person that's on here that i wonder what you think, jesse, is governor andrew cuomo. what do you think? because new yorkers battling it out again? >> jesse: i don't know about cuomo. couple of years ago he was in a
9:22 pm
really great trajectory. he went too far left. >> richard: i disagree. >> kimberly: he's not left enough. >> richard: he's got major problems with labor unions. he's got a $1 million fight in new york. i don't know if he translates to the rest of the country. i think he's got the new york state of mind. we're living the new york state of mind in the white house right now. >> dana: jesse is loving it. new york state of mind is in jesse's world. >> richard: breaking news is kimberly said she would vote for joe biden. we missed that. >> kimberly: i loved the platform, right? >> richard: we have one more vote. >> greg: if gavin ran against president trump, what would happen? >> jesse: do you think you would get back together? first lady? >> kimberly: what do you have to offer? >> dana: directly ahead, we have advice for the class of 2017. we're back in a moment. moment. baa baa black sheep,
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with 2 times the cooling boosters enjoy the comfort of the #1 selling coldest air. nothing cools like a/c pro. >> i'm kelly gli washington. tiger woods says he didn't do it he claims he wasn't driving drunk when he was arrested early monday in palm beach county, florida. the 14-time golf champ blames his hardest hardship to unexpected reaction to prescription medicine. woods hay fourth operation last month for back pain that kept him off the links recently. he says he understands the severity of what he did and takes full responsibility. authorities in rural mississippi plan to charge the suspect in the shooting death of eight people with one count of capital murder and seven counts of first degree murder. but those charges could change as the investigation continues. the victims include two children
9:28 pm
and a cop. the 35-year-old suspect was nabbed just hours after the deadly rampage. investigators believe it was triggered by a domestic dispute. i'm kelly wright. now back to "the five." ♪[ music ] >> jesse: congratulations to the class of 2017, but welcome to the real world. big names have been dishing out advice to grads around the country. >> never ever give up. carry yourself with dignity and pride. demand the best from yourself and be totally unafraid to challenge entrenched interests and failed power structures. >> don't lose your sense of humor. do confront bullies. don't procrastinate. >> what are your -- whether
9:29 pm
you're a conservative, liberal, republican or democrat, it doesn't matter as long as you believe our common humanity matters most. >> there is no life without a spiritual life. practice being grateful. and a lot of people say, oh, oprah, that's easy for you, because you got everything. i got everything because i practiced being grateful. >> jesse: it's become an annual tradition on "the five" for us to share our pearls of wisdom. let's go around the table starting with kimberly. >> kimberly: i like all great visses. all great speeches. no matter how much adversity you face in life, no matter how many times you come up against a road block, don't be afraid to be courageous and to try again and to never give up. i mean, you all ultimately will be your best advocate to put forward your passions, dreams, desires and represent yourself
9:30 pm
and be able to get people to believe in you and take a chance in you. it's a powerful thing inside of you we all have and that desire to want to have a good life, to have a grateful life, like oprah said, it's a great feeling when you wake up in the morning and you go bed at night and you are doing something you're passionate about. it's worth fighting for. >> jesse: absolutely, richard, what about you? >> richard: i have two things, one, believe in the power of your dreams. i say that constantly to the people i mentor. if you believe in the power of dreams, you will success. if will likely fail, -- if you can put one foot in front of the other, means you still have a chance. >> dana: didn't you go chicago recently with ebony? what was your message to them? >> richard: same thing. i love lady o. one of her quotes that literally sits on my office door, gratefulness is the the greatest prayer anyone could ever have. >> jesse: lady o, i didn't know you were so close. dana? >> dana: my advice is very
9:31 pm
practical. that is get a job. take a job. any job. no, i'm serious. there's so many parents now wh who -- a friend of a friend -- i'm sure this happens to everybody, can you help with the best internship ever. can you help with this possible internship? there's not enough to go around at any one place. my recommendation is don't wait six or seven months for that perfect offer. it might not come. so in the meantime, while you wait for that perfect offer, take any job. and also go away. move. go do something different. go work at a camp. go do something fun and interesting. you're going to work the rest of your life. take this time when you're young and excited, go see something new. it'll definitely pay dividends later on. >> jesse: i can't believe i'm saying this but i agree with dana. >> kimberly: great advice, journal. >> jesse: i was a bellhop at a hotel for a few months after i graduated from college. it was the best job i ever had. >> kimberly: a lot of tips? >> jesse: i made a lot of tips. i learned how to hustle for
9:32 pm
money and learned i didn't want to be a bellhop for the rest of my life. >> kimberly: bet you're nice for all the bellhop s now? >> jesse: yes. you have to tip them big. i leave them at the door and say is there anything else? and then she'd say, um, no, and then i'd realize i was wearing a bellhop uniform and said, oh yeah, no kidding. greg? >> kimberly: wow, that was humiliating! awkward. >> greg: my post college advice, give up. don't be courageous. do as little as possible. procrastinate. don't challenge anyone. don't be grateful. don't dream. my point is, it's too late for you. because i have advice for people who are in college. if you want to be successful after college in college, you have to abandon identity
9:33 pm
politics, because what happens after college is it creates a visible chip on your shoulder that you could see from space and no job recruiter is going to want to hire someone who sees and expresses themselves as a perpetual victim. when you are -- when you give off the idea that you're a victim, no one wants to be around you. i want to paraphrase shelby steele. he said when he deals with someone in the thralof grievance culture, he asks as them what would you say if you weren't a victim? what would you do if you didn't think as a victim? embracing victimhood allows an off-ramp from testing your abilities and taking advantage of the opportunities in your world by constantly just saying i'm a victim. you have the world around you that offers so many things, but you're angry. you got to let that go. >> kimberly: turns into planned resentment. if you're a victim, you operate from zero.
9:34 pm
>> dana: i would never hire that person. >> greg: i wouldn't hire you. >> jesse: really? >> dana: i don't need to you hire me. i create my own jobs. >> jesse: our thoughts on the new and improved wonder woman up next. d wonder woman, up next. ♪ their experience is coveted. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of. researchers of technologies that one day you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team.
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♪ >> richard: memorial day, unofficial start of the summer that means big blockbuster movies will be dominating theaters. one of the most anticipated films of the summer is wonder woman. you may remember the classic starring linda carter.
9:39 pm
2017 movie remake. here is a clip. >> who is this young woman? >> she's my -- um. >> diana. >> richard: clearly, movie remakes are the new trend because theaters run out of new ideas with that being said, i think super heroes, they could be remade all the time. case in point, i was an x-man watcher as a kindergartner the
9:40 pm
there. i actually -- . >> greg: make me feel old! >> richard: 30. i'm 30. i watch all the now x-men remakes because i was a big x-men fan to begin with. with that being said, there are other remakes coming out like "top gun" which i don't want to see. >> dana: i don't like the remake idea very much. great gatsby was pretty good with leonardo dicaprio. >> richard: we have a clip of the new "top gun" remake. >> i feel the need, the need for speed. >> that remake was exactly like the original! >> that is the old one. they're currently producing the new one. what's your take on remakes? >> greg: can i just say something? >> kimberly: maverick and
9:41 pm
iceman. >> greg: it's not that sequels are bad. they never do the right sequels to the right movies. for example, they never did a sequel to "seven" is a fantastic movie. they would call it "eight" and in it, gwyneth paltrow's head would be reanimated by lightning and reek havoc in upscale aromatherapy shops in soho. she'd end up being killed by brad pitt. >> kimberly: you must have problems. >> greg: i want to know what happens to the family. >> kimberly: it's getting worse by the minute. what's next, hannibal lecter? freddie kruger? >> greg: yes! >> richard: dana, how do you feel about remakes? >> dana: not the biggest fan of them. if i make a reference to "pretty in pink" or "fast times at ridgemont high," young people have never seen them.
9:42 pm
we played charades at your house and i guessed "fast times in ridgemont high." >> i guess the whole audience needed that information, kimberly. you're like the kid that got invited to the birthday party and had to tell everybody. >> plus the awesome bed, you know, downstairs. >> you don't want to know what is in that bed. >> oh. >> richard: dirty dancing is doing a remake by abc. i took a look at the clip and i got the to tell you, that -- you can put that baby back in the corner! >> kimberly: oh my gosh, it's bad? >> richard: it is bad. >> greg: this is the original or the new one? >> richard: this is the preview for the new one. >> greg: doesn't look that dirty to me. >> kimberly: wonder woman looks exceptional. looks like she can kill isis. i'm totally into it. also the top gun one.
9:43 pm
>> greg: what happened after? they are going off, he ruins the wedding, right? he's going to be married. you know in two months, you'll be divorced. i want to see that movie. >> jesse: al gore is doing a remake -- . >> greg: i would like to see a prequel of "jaws." what was the shark doing before? just swimming around. >> kimberly: it's on national geographic. >> richard: i think you do have a lot of sequels to "jaws" because you have "sharknado. ". i want prequels. i want to know how it happened before it happened. like "die hard." what were the terrorist planning beforehand? like hans gruber. >> kimberly: you like prequels and sequels? you just don't like. >> greg: i like nyquil. that's when you watch a sequel at night when you're drunk. >> kimberly: you're not supposed
9:44 pm
to mix that with alcohol. >> greg: you put if it in pudding. >> kimberly: are you serious? >> greg: i don't know what i'm saying at the this point. it's just a mouth moving. >> richard: up next, we'll talk about some of the things you don't do anymore because of technology. are robots taking over? >> kimberly: yes! >> richard: stay tuned. things t do because of technology. our robots taking over? stay tuned! ♪
9:45 pm
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♪[ music ] . >> greg: technology is making things in life easier. if you're under 20 like me, you've probably never memorized a phone number, used a phone booth had a cd or record collection and use an actual dictionary. we wanted to take a look back at the times when we had those things before all the robots now take over the world with. ok, dana, what do you miss about the pretechnology era? >> dana: i read this list. i don't miss a lot. the handwritten letter i still do and i still like to receive although my handwriting deteriorated. things like memorizing phone numbers, i used to be able to
9:49 pm
keep phone numbers in my head. i've given that up. that freed my mind to do other things that are important. >> greg: you'd be helpless if you lost your phone and you need to call someone. >> dana: you should print out your contact list like every six months so you can have those numbers just in case. >> greg: very good. >> dana: little tip. >> kimberly: who will add them back in. >> jesse: people don't use phone booths anymore unless you're a drug dealer. >> greg: not just for drugs bu but -- . >> jesse: what else would you use a pay phone for? >> greg: apparently you don't walk the streets of new york as much as i do. >> jesse: ok, i don't want to know. i use gps when i drive in my own neighborhood. >> dana: even though you know where you're going? >> jesse: i'll take the gps. it'll tell me to go to the middle of the train tracks. i'll sit there on the train tracks and i'll trust it even if i know where i'm going, i'll follow the gps like an idiot. >> kimberly: doesn't make any sense! >> jesse: it doesn't!
9:50 pm
>> greg: there are reports of people that drive into lakes and stuff. they were refusing to -- . >> richard: that's not technology. that's stupidity. >> greg: richard, how about you? you're too young to -- offer anything! of value! >> richard: they did had the internet. i miss buying cd's. >> dana: why? >> richard: it was fun. my first cd was destiny's child. that tells you how young i am. trying to open the cd and take the tape off and now you just go on itunes and you press two clicks. it's not the same. >> greg: you lose the joy -- i picked my college because of the record stores. i went to berkeley because tower records on durant and channing -- that's not for me to talk about kimberly? >> kimberly: ok, perfect. that was boring. here is the thing that was fun. remember when we used to make
9:51 pm
photo albums? i'm behind. i did -- when i was little, i had the nice little foal photo albums. then i got -- little photo albums. then i got married and never made the first one. then i got married and i still haven't gotten to that one. one of these days i'm going to go back to the making photo albums. >> dana: i miss cutting things out of the newspaper. >> greg: hostage notes? >> dana: no. like i thought of you today when i saw this article. >> greg: do you remember that in movies? in every movie, it was people -- the bad guy was always cutting out stuff from a magazine. they don't to that anymore. >> kimberly: do you? you do, though. >> greg: that gets to my point. 1970's was a crappy decade for a lot of things. the rotary phone was always covered in food because if you had kids, the food was always in there. i had three older sisters. i didn't understand the phone calls that would come in from mysterious men. they're no longer -- you can no
9:52 pm
longer do an obscene phone call. no more prank phone calls. no more -- . >> richard: star 67 before you call to block a number. >> kimberly: that still works. >> greg: there's no more really bad tv dinners. there's no more litter. you don't see as much litter or see stray dogs. i remember in the 70's, there were stray dogs all over the place. these are things of the 70's. the world has gotten so much better. >> richard: a lot of stray dogs and cats and liter is everywhere in the suburbs. >> greg: the suburbs are a mess. you had to walk everywhere. >> jesse: remember party line? >> greg: oh. >> kimberly: that was a lot of fun. i miss mixed tapes. >> dana: now they'll do it for you. >> kimberly: yeah. >> greg: can you make me a mix tape? >> kimberly: i'll get to you in five years. >> dana: [ indiscernible ] >> greg: one more thing is up
9:53 pm
next. now. "one more thing" is up next.
9:54 pm
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it's the simple things in life that mean the most. boost® simply complete™. no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, plus 10 grams of protein and 25 vitamins & minerals. it doesn't get better than this. boost® simply complete™. >> kimberly: time now for one more thing. jesse? >> jesse: in honor of memorial day, i wanted to give you guys a little throw back waters' world to a famous beach quiz. roll the tape. >> world war ii, who'd we fight there?
9:57 pm
>> i just learned this, too. >> jesse: you did? >> you're putting me to the test. my teacher watching this, will be mad. >> china? >> jesse: that was the last question. that's right, we fought the south in world war ii. happy memorial day. >> kimberly: tough job you have there. greg? >> greg: i thought we moved past that period. we need to burn those tapes. let's ban a phrase, shall we? the phrase i'm banning today does not pass the smell defendant. it's disgusting. say it's not true. doesn't pass the smell test? i find that offensive! >> kimberly: why? >> greg: i don't know. >> kimberly: you sound outraged. >> greg: i don't have the passion for one more thing today. >> kimberly: i can tell. low energy. >> dana: eight months ago there's a dog named k-9 ducks from spots, virginia, he was
9:58 pm
shot in the neck in pursuit of a suspect. a suspect was shooting at officer in an attempt to save them from being harmed. he was rushed to emergency surgery, hailed as a hero immediately after the accident. he's made a total recovery. it's hard to believe all the things he's able to do now. he's right back where he was. just want to thank all of those k-9 officers. >> greg: it's a dog from spotsilvainia. it's a city? >> dana: it's a city. >> greg: didn't dogs used to be called "spot" back in the 70's. >> kimberly: back when richard was in kindergarten? >> richard: from street gang to fashion empire this lgbtq group is called check it enterprises opening up their first store in
9:59 pm
washington, d.c. i bought a t-shirt. they believe -- oh look, the t-shirt is there -- they go onto mentor others and help them escape bullying by embracing entrepreneurialship. >> kimberly: checkit. check it out! >> greg: i was in a street gang. >> kimberly: not your turn anymore. amazing photos to share would you this memorial day. take a look at the bride, allison farrell. she had her 1992-year-old uncle as her something blue during her we hading on may 13th. he was a korean war veteran. billy lee came down the aisle. he carried a sign saying "i'm something blue." allison said it meant everything coming from a famly with great respect and admiration for those in the armed services. congratulations. have a wonderful life. for all of you at home and from us here on "the five," that's all. thank you for joining us on this memorial day. god speed to all of our troops. we'll see you back here tomorr tomorrow.
10:00 pm
have a great night, everyone. gd for all our memorial troops. have a great night, everyone. >> breaking tonight, international outrage with president trump back in the united states after his first foreign trip sent should be on waves -- shock waves through europe and beyond. i'm sandra smith in for martha mccallum. this is a special edition of the story, america first, home and abroad. over the weekend during the g7 summit, the president appeared to make good on promises made on the campaign trail. and once he was sworn into office. mr. trump putting allies and enemies a-like on notice by bringing his america first doctrine to the world stage. but that did not sit well with some european leaders, especially german chancellor angela merkel who now says the united states is not a reliable partner to germany and the rest of europe. those comment


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