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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 30, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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good night from washington. ♪ >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i am kimberly guilfoyle. along with richard fowler, jesse watters, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. this is the five at 9:00. ♪ thank you for joining us. we hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. on this memorial day, we honor our fallen heroes who made the ultimate ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. we also want to thank the men and women currently serving in our armed forces. we pray for your safety and
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families. we are living in very dangerous and on certain times. but president trump vows america will aggressively confront the threat and warned the muslim world it must as well. >> there can be no coexistence with this violence. there can be no tolerating it, no accepting it, no excusing it and no ignoring it. this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate a human and decent people. drive them out. drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy lands. and drive them out of this eart earth. >> kimberly: we cannot tolerate terror. we must confront it. following the devastating new attack on the u.k. this week, she thinks we must learn to
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accept the barbarity. >> europe is getting used to attacks like this. we have to. we will never be able to totally wipe this out. as isis gets squeezed in syria and iraq it, we will see more of these kind of attacks taking place in europe. europe is starting to get used to that. >> kimberly: greg, people should reject this idea was that we should accept terror and learn to coexist. >> greg: it's an interesting contrast. there's nothing more refreshing than blunt language. whether you like them or not, that's what you get for trump. the most blunt explanation of what one must do to fight terro terror. caddy k, not okay. imagine saying get used to it like other injustices. a bullied child. get used to it. a victim of domestic abuse or rape. >> kimberly: separate sexual a.
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>> greg: as you perpetuated into society, you are not okay but it from an outsider -- or somebody who has a grievance, real or manufactured -- radical islam. adopting the grievance culture. we have to get used to it. >> kimberly: dana, do you think it's kind of attitude that people have, coexisting to accept it -- becoming one with the idea that we live in a world of terror is dangerous? >> dana: i'm not exactly sure that's what she means. i think she was trying to be practical. europe does have a severe problem. all across the continent. that's been because of several decades of allowing basically unfettered immigration and now they can't track them down. the thing is, it's not just month that up causing them problems. it's the children of refugees. the next reservation generatioa sort of revenge.
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i would never accept it. i think that has to be a whole different way of fighting it. president trump met with nato members, the other thing he was doing was making sure they knew they had to pay up. but also he's preparing for a very big decision on afghanistan and a new approach to that. there's a new debate in the white house as to what that should be. this foreign trip that you just took would actually lead him to wanting to do more. i feel like he has this transformation over the past six months. in particular, when he's there in europe -- there's this massive terrorist attack. everyone looks to him. like you are the leader of the free world. what are we going to do? he says we're not going to put up with it. that's on the table for him in the next couple weeks. i think we we will see a stronr position put forward on at least the afghanistan plan. >> kimberly: in "the wall street journal," talking about there with an
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impact on president bush as well after 9/11. a transformative experience. >> dana: for example, nobody campaign they want to go to war. they campaign to be president because they want to make schools better or new taxes. obama, hope and change. when stuff happens on your watch and you become the responsible party, you have a different attitude towards it. you become the decider and have to move forward. >> kimberly: jesse, the president having a very consistent message during the campaign. put america first. make america safe again. now telling the world we must drive them out. terrorists and people who practice jihad. >> jesse: i thought it was terrific rhetorical flourish. he had a great overseas trip. he went there with still an america first attitude. $110 billion. we are getting jobs, cash for that deal. letting the saudis take the lead
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in confronting the iranians and other bad actors in the region. that's one thing. he put the onus on the muslim world. america is not going to be able to seize these islamic fascists on ourselves. also the obama administration, they will have to be the tip of the spirit if we are going to drive these people out. this is not a war on christianity versus israelis versus islam. this is a war of savages versus civilized people. he kind of was uplifting and he said the middle east used to be this is amazing trade route. this access into asia, the bedrock of civilization. let's get back to that, return to that prosperity because the prosperity as they are. until you guys drive out these awful, awful people -- you're never going to have any success. if you aren't going to have families or money. or safety.
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i think the president is very effective in doing that. he came back to israel. the bar a little high by saying he could possibly stop the israeli -- -palestinian conflic. it just shows we will win when we defeat the evil losers. if no one wants to join a team that's losing, i think he really set that up effectively. >> kimberly: he doubled down. people criticize him for saying that. welcome to the show. great to see you. >> richard: i think they are losers. i will give you that one. >> jesse: way out to back to go out on a limb, fowler. >> richard: i think have to parse this. yet the isis fighters in syria and then have those folks were self radicalizing here in the united states and europe. solving those problems are two
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types of things. then we have the syrian war. the three different isolated things. what i would hope to see from this administration is one, how do we solve self radicalizing here in the united states? how do we defeat isis in the middle east and how to become to some sort of resolution with the syrian war and take a sawed out? if those three things aren't there, i'm against it. >> jesse: i don't think he wants to take a sought out in that speech. assad. it's not necessarily been effective. i thought he said let's just kill isis and squeeze those people and then we can maybe come to a political solution. >> richard: i don't think you can. the reason why isis is sprawling is because of assad. he's saying i'm going to gas people and blow people up. the muslim community is saying if we are going to blow us up, we will join these people who are going to blow you up.
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we have to deal with assad and assad has always been a problem. if we don't deal with him, isis will continue to expand. >> greg: this is a first for me, i've changed on my mind based on what someone else said. >> jesse: was it me or fowler? >> greg: no, it was dana. i've been sitting here from 5 minutes thinking i was probably wrong about caddy cave. it was more like a depressed resignation over the event rather than saying get used to it. she wasn't saying get used to it, she was saying sadly, this has become a regular thing. i will retract everything i just said at the beginning of this show. >> jesse: while wow. >> jesse: i think europeans have a different mindset towards terrorism. world war i, world war ii, so much blood and tragedy on that continent. america is not used to that. >> kimberly: let's not get used to that. >> jesse: we don't want to normalize that.
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>> greg: during the ira experience, it was just carry-on. get on with it. the upside of that is you don't let them get the best of you. the downside is just -- stop it. >> jesse: republican moderate rhetoric -- i would say what katie katie said, we have to get used to it. i think that's a very effective recruitment strategy. the british have accepted business as usual. >> richard: here's my pushback on that. i've rarely ever quote george bush but i will hear. he's the one we should never cower to terror. one speech -- go to disney worl disney world. keep living. that is how you beat terrorism.
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when you make them take shoes off at the airport, you have them win. >> kimberly: i think you have to do a lot. it's a multifaceted approach. you have to have the rhetoric there. the action, the military strength to back it up. you have to have a plan. real intelligence being developed. not just thrown everywhere. you don't get the information. memorial day. >> dana: we know that these people that have committed to self radicalization, everyone has been on the radar screen of law enforcement at some point. with this in in particular, you have traveled to libya and a connection to isis. i don't fault a law enforcement. i know they're doing all they can to share information but at some point, can there be
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preemptive measures? >> richard: i agree. >> dana: i don't know how you put somebody into custody before you commit an act but if you know they are on the radar, i think that's a conversation the world needs to have. are we willing to do that? >> richard: the one thing i will say here before we go to break it, we can no longer afford to spend spill our blood treasure in the middle east. period. >> greg: what if you took the evil and removed it from the middle east and said there was this bloodthirsty ward coming from another planet. we went think about it in a political way. we would think about it in a you unifying way like we are fighting this group. a roving band of creatures that destroy and mature young girls. we stop thinking about the middle east. we are thinking about the actual faction. we have to start thinking like that. i guarantee, there will be a group of people who say those people from planet x -- that's their culture.
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we should lay off. >> jesse: that's what trump is saying. they are barbarians and we are civilized people. >> kimberly: absolutely. you can't take anything off the table, can you? >> greg: not the table. >> kimberly: democrats are more determined than ever to win back the white house in 2020 and there's a lot of talk already about who may throw their hat in the ring. we have a list about some of the possible top contenders and our thoughts, next. for 10 years my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape. so i sleep deeply and wake up ready to perform. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic adjustable mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at
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the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere.
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he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. ♪ >> america needs us. >> americans deserve strong, capable leaders. who care about this country. >> that kind of sounds like you and me. i guess we've got to do it. we are doing it! >> kimberly: the rock and tom hanks having some fun in announcing a 2020 run on "snl"'k
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"snl" ." bernie sanders and joe biden. al franken would deafly be on that list, he has a book coming out tomorrow. he said he's not going to do that. do you believe him, jesse? >> jesse: i do, i don't think franken is going to run. i think you will stay in minnesota and make jokes that no one laughed at. i don't think these celebrities are going to work. they are going to do trump ligh light. kind of imitating that -- i don't think that works. i think you need a total contrast to president trump. i remember when bush ran for reelection, they want to john kerry because he had experience in the military. during the iraq war. it doesn't really work. you need someone the opposite of trump if you are a democrat. to fire up the base and run a
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country. >> kimberly: who would that be, richard? >> jesse: elizabeth warren. >> dana: we are glad you are here, richard. >> richard: one contender. in november. president joe biden. >> greg: he's going to be quite old. >> richard: here's the thing, democrats -- there's a lot of arguments about why we lost in the election. i can rehash it but i won't. part of it is we lost working-class americans. there's one guy in the country that really gets working-class folk, that's joe biden. he was one. his father was one. talk about electrifying a crowd. if you put joe biden in the room -- -- >> greg: people are touched, literally. >> richard: in philly, there is more applause during his
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speech. would you vote for him? >> dana: there are some californians on here. >> kimberly: the rumor that i was married to him at one point... >> greg: you win some, it you knew some. >> kimberly: and i knew some. [laughter] >> kimberly: i think he would make a great governor. i think he has always wanted to run for president. i don't know. >> dana: did he tell you that? >> kimberly: secrets out. he's very hard-working. has a passion about what he does. i think his party is very lucky to have him. i disagree with many of his policies, as he knows but i appreciate his authenticity and his passion about it. >> dana: greg, do you think a celebrity could run after "20/20"? >> greg: yes and no, dana. >> dana: could you explain? >> greg: no.
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this is going to blow your mind. everyone at home is going to go, he's absolutely right. the greg gutfeld role of 100. what happened 100 years before 2020? if you don't run on that -- how can you lose? i would go with gabbard. a woman whose name i keep forgetting in california. >> kimberly: , harris. >> greg: 100 years. you already have it built in. he of the slogan. you have the slogan. about time. 100 years. >> kimberly: you can't get better than that. please leave. >> dana: another person on here, governor andrew cuomo. can new yorkers battle it out again? >> jesse: i don't know about cuomo. he was in a great trajectory and
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i think you want really far left >> richard: i disagree. he has major problems with labor unions. >> greg: he hates de blasio. >> jesse: i don't think it translate to the rest of the country. >> richard: i think he has a new york state of mind and i think that's what we are doing in the white house. >> dana: jesse is loving it. >> richard: kimberly said she would vote for joe biden. you missed that. >> greg: what if gabbard runs and gets the nomination, what would you do? if gavin or rand? >> jesse: would you get back together? >> dana: what you have to offer? we have some advice for the class of 2017. back in a moment. recovering
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from his fourth back surgery. i am kelly wright. back to "the five" ." ♪ we are the champions ♪ my friends >> jesse: congratulations to the class of 2017 but welcome to the real world. >> never, ever give up. carry yourself with dignity and pride. demand the best from yourself and be totally unafraid to challenge entrenched interests and failed power structures. >> don't lose a sense of humor. to confront bullies.
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don't procrastinate. >> conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, it that the matter as long as you believe that our common humanity matters most. >> there is no light without a spiritual life. practice being grateful. a lot of people say oh, oprah, that's easy for you because you've got everything. i've got every thing because i practiced being grateful. >> jesse: is become an annual tradition on "the five" test chair our pearls of wisdom. let's start with k.g. >> kimberly: i like all the advice. i think the one thing is no matter how much adversity you face in life, no matter how many times you come up against a roadblock, don't be afraid to be courageous and to never give up. and try again. you will be your own best advocate, to put forward your
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passions, dreams and be able to get people to believe in you and take a chance on you. as a powerful thing inside of you that we all have. that desire to want have a good life. like oprah said. it's a great feeling when you go to bed at night, doing something you're passionate about. >> jesse: richard, what about you? >> richard: believe in the power of your dreams. i say that constantly tell the folks a mentor. the second thing, you will likely fail. but fail quickly. remember when you are failing, if you are looking at your feet -- if you can put 1 foot in front of the other, you've still got a chance. >> jesse: very good. >> dana: didn't you go to chicago recently with eboni williams? what was your message then? >> richard: same thing. i love lady o. >> jesse: i didn't know you guys were so close. enough.
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>> dana: my advice is very practical. get a job. any job. seriously. there's some new parents now, friends of a friend -- i'm sure this happens to anybody. can you help with the best internship ever? can you help with this possible interest? there's not enough to go around. my recommendation is don't wait six or seven months for that perfect offer. it might not come. in the meantime, while you wait for that offered, take any job. and also go away. you're going to work the rest of your life. take this time when you're young and excited, go see something new. it will pay dividends later on. >> jesse: i can't believe i'm saying this but i agree with dana. i was a bellhop after i graduated from college. it was the best job i ever had. i made a lot of tips.
12:32 am
i learned how to hustle for money. i learned that i didn't want to be a bellhop for the rest of my life. >> dana: and now you tip the bellhop as well. >> jesse: i tip them big. >> dana: did you pop your collar? >> jesse: there is an attractive girl it would pull up. i would bring the backup. i would leave them at the door and i would say is there anything else? and then she would say no. and then i would realize i was wearing a bellhop uniform. oh, yeah, no kidding. greg. >> kimberly: while. that was wow. humiliating. >> greg: my postcollege advice? give up. do as little as possible. procrastinate. don't challenge anyone. don't be grateful. don't dream. my point is, it's too late for you. i have advice for people who are in college. if you want to be successful
12:33 am
after college? in college, you have to abandon identity politics. what happens after college creates a visible chip on your shoulder that you can see from space. and no job recruiter is going to want to hire somebody who sees and expresses themselves as a perpetual victim. when you give off the idea that you are a victim, nobody wants to be around you. i want to paraphrase shelby steele. when he deals with someone in the thrall of grievance culture, he always asks them -- what would you say if you weren't a victim? what would you do if you didn't think as a victim? embracing victimhood allows an offramp from testing your abilities and taking advantage of the opportunities by constantly saying i am a victim, you have the world around you that offers so many things but you are angry. you've got to let that go.
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>> dana: i would never hire that person. >> jesse: and don't take greg gutfeld's job. a big remake on the new improved wonder woman, up next. ♪
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♪ >> richard: memorial day, the unofficial start of summer. the most anticipated film, wonder woman. at the 1970s tv classic starring linda carter. ♪ wonder woman
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>> kimberly: so cool. >> richard: in the 2017 movie remake, here is a clip. >> who is this young woman? >> she's my... friend. >> diana. ♪ >> richard: clearly, movie remakes are the new trend because with that being said -- i think superhero movies can be remade all the time. i was in x-men watcher as a
12:40 am
kindergartner. >> kimberly: oh my god. how old are you? >> richard: i am happily 30. i watch all of the x-men remakes. with that being said, there are other remakes coming out like top gun. >> kimberly: yeah, i heard about that. >> dana: i don't like the remake idea. the great gatsby, that was pretty good. leonardo dicaprio. >> richard: let's take a look. >> roger. i got him. 909 closure. >> i feel the need... the need for speed. >> jesse: at the remake looks exactly like the original. [laughter] >> richard: that was the old one. what's your take on it? >> greg: let me just say
12:41 am
something on it. it's not about the sequels are bad. it's that they never do the right sequels to the right movies. for example, they've never done a sequel to seven. which is a great movie. they could call it eight and gwyneth paltrow's head would be reanimated by lightning and wreak havoc in an upscale aromatherapy shop. >> kimberly: i think you actually for real might have problems. at first it was a joke. >> greg: what about deliverance? i want to know what happens to the families. >> kimberly: what's next, hannibal lector? >> richard: dana, how do you feel about reading remakes? >> dana: now that i am older and i make a reference to pretty in pink or fast times at ridgemont high, young people -- we've never seen them?
12:42 am
you can never come on "the five" again until you watch those two movies. >> kimberly: fast times at ridgemont high. >> greg: i think the whole audience needed that information, kimberly. you're the kid they got -- >> kimberly: that awesome bed you have downstairs. >> greg: you don't want to know what's in that bed. >> richard: dirty dancing is also doing a remake by abc. i took a look at the clip. you can put that baby back in the corner. >> kimberly: oh, my gosh, it's bad? >> jesse: this is the original? >> richard: this is the preview for the new one. >> jesse: it doesn't look that dirty to me. >> kimberly: wonder woman to me looks exceptional. she could kill isis. i'm totally into it. also top gun.
12:43 am
>> greg: a sequel to the graduate. what happened after? he ruins the wedding. you know it's two months. they are going to be divorced. i want to see that movie. >> jesse: i would like to see f jaws. what was that shark doing befor before? >> kimberly: it would be by "national geographic." >> dana: getting bigger. >> richard: i think of a lot of people with jaws because you have shark nato. >> greg: i want prequels. what happened before it happened. like die hard. what were the terrorist planning before hand? >> kimberly: do you like prequels or sequels? >> greg: i like nyquil. it's when you watch a sequel at night, when you are drunk. >> kimberly: you are not supposed to mix that with
12:44 am
alcohol. >> greg: i am mix it with pudding. >> kimberly: are you serious? >> greg: i don't know what i'm saying. i'm just moving my mouth. >> richard: a things you don't do because of technology. our robots taking over? stay tuned! ♪
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for 10 years my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape. so i sleep deeply and wake up ready to perform. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic adjustable mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at
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>> greg: technology is making a lot of things in life easier. if you are under 20 like me, you've probably never minimized a phone number, had a cd or record collection, use a real dictionary, we wanted to take a look back at those times when we those things before all the robots now take over the world. dana, what you miss about the pretechnology list? >> dana: i don't miss a lot. the handwritten letter -- i still do. although my handwriting has
12:49 am
deteriorated. things like memorizing phone numbers -- i used to be able to keep a lot of phone numbers in my head in a given that up and i think that has freed my mind to do other things that are really important. >> greg: you will be helpless if you lose your phone. you won't know the number. >> dana: that's why it's really important, you should print out your contact list every six months so you can have those numbers just in case. >> kimberly: who will add them back in? >> jesse: i guess people don't use phones phone bills anymoret for drug dealers. >> greg: apparently don't walk the streets of you nork is much as i do. >> jesse: i use gps when i drive in my own neighborhood. >> dana: even when you know where you are going? >> jesse: my gps will tell me to go to the middle of the train wreck tracks and i will trust it. even if i know where i am going, i will still follow the gps like an idiot. >> kimberly: it doesn't make any sense.
12:50 am
why would you do that? >> greg: there reports of people who do drive until the lakes because they were confused. >> richard: that's not technology. that's just stupidity. >> greg: how about you? you are too young to offer anything of value. >> richard: i missed buying cds. >> dana: why? >> richard: it was fun. >> dana: did you ever go look for albums? >> richard: my first cd was destiny's child. >> greg: i knew you were going to say it. >> richard: trying to open the cd and take the tape off -- 90 just go on itunes and press click. it's just not the same. >> greg: you lose the joy -- i picked college because of the record stores. berkeley. anyway, that's not for me to talk about. kimberly. >> kimberly: he is a thing
12:51 am
that was fun. remember we used to make photo albums? when i was little, i had those little photo albums. then i got married and never made that first one. then i got married and still haven't gotten to that one. one of these days, i will go back to making photo albums. >> dana: i miss cutting things out of the newspaper. >> greg: like hostage notes? >> dana: like i thought of you today when i saw this article. >> greg: don't you remember that in movies? every movie, the bad guy was cutting stuff out from a magazine. they don't do that anymore. that gets to my point. the 1970s was a really crabby decade for a lot of things. the rotary phone was always covered in food because if you had kids -- i had three older sisters. i didn't understand the phone calls that would come in from
12:52 am
mysterious men. which are no longer -- you can no longer do an obscene phone call. no more prank phone calls. >> richard: can you do star 67? >> dana: that still works. >> greg: there's no no more litter. stray dogs. really bad tv dinners. >> jesse: where did you grow up? >> richard: greg gutfeld had a lot of stray dogs and cats and litter everywhere. >> greg: the suburbs were a mess. party line. >> kimberly: i miss mix tapes. i used to get the nicest ones. >> dana: the internet can do it for you. >> jesse: can you make me a mix tape, k.g.?
12:53 am
>> greg: get rid of this segment. right now. "one more thing" is up next.
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>> kimberly: time now for "one more thing." jesse. >> jesse: i want to give you guys a little throwback waters world to a famous beach quiz. roll the tape.
12:57 am
world war ii, who do we fight? >> my teacher watch as this. she will probably be real mad. china? >> the south? >> jesse: that was the last question. we fought the south in world war ii. happy memorial day. >> kimberly: tough job you have there. >> greg: why did i have to see jesse with his collar up. we need to bring those tapes. the phrase i am banning today does not pass the smell test. it's disgusting. to say it's not true. does it pass the smell test? i find that offensive. >> dana: why? >> greg: i don't know. >> kimberly: >> kimberly: i canu have low energy today. >> dana: there is a dog from
12:58 am
virginia, he was shot in the neck during a pursuit of a suspect. the 2-year-old german suffered acted when the suspect was shooting at officers. he was rushed to emergency surgery, hailed as a hero immediately after the accident. he has made a total recovery. it's hard to believe all the things he's able to do now. we want to thank all those k-9 officers. >> greg: it's a dog from spottsylvania. >> dana: it's actually a city. >> kimberly: like a dog has spots. >> greg: remember back in the '70s? they were called spot. >> kimberly: back when richard was in kindergarten. >> richard: this one is for you. from street gang to fashion empire. they used to be a street gang, an lgbt group.
12:59 am
they are now called checkered enterprises. i bought a t-shirt. they believe -- they mentor others and escape bullying by embracing entrepreneurship. >> dana: i love that. >> jesse: check it out. >> greg: i was in a street gang. >> kimberly: i have a nice story here for us. some amazing photos to share on this memorial day. take a look at the bride, her 92-year-old uncle -- world war ii and korean war veteran. i am her something blue. complete with blue pants. great respect and admiration for those in the armed services. congratulations, have a wonderful life. for all of you at home and i'm us here on "the five," that's all. thank you for joining us here on
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this memorial day and godspeed for all our memorial troops. have a great night, everyone. specialistsfnc on twitter and facebook. 5:00 will never be the same. "special report" next. >> on a day dedicated to america's war dead, president trump pays his respects. the turmoil swirling around him takes a personal turn. this is "special report" ." good evening, i'm james rosen sitting in for bret baier. president trump express what he called the nation's boundless and undying gratitude to the americans who have fallen in battle and to the families he left behind. the day of unity comes with the president freshly returned from his first foreign trip to a washington seemingly obsessed with his political troubles. the tension has come to focus on a senior advisor who is married to the president's


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