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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 30, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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whoever approved this creation of spicy skittles and star burst, god will deal with you. like the apocalypse. people are very upset. rob: jumping the shark. heather: if it works, just leave it alone. >> if it ain't broke, don't fix it. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. we will see you later. heather: bye. >> the president freshly returned to his fresh foreign trip to a washington seemingly obsessed with his political troubles. >> the controversy surrounding jared kushner is taking up a lot of oxygen here at the white house. >> we have had the back channel connections with adversaries for generations. this happens all the time. i don't quite understand where's the crime? >> tiger woods said he didn't do it. golf great said duui arrest in florida was unexpected reaction to his medication. >> g.o.p. lawmakers call to ice sparking a fight on the house floor in texas. things getting physical over immigration bill.
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>> we honor the noblest among us, the men and women who paid the ultimate price for victory and for freedom. >> they were all angels sent to us by god. ♪ you make me want to roll my window down ♪ and cruise. ♪ down a back road sign through the middle ♪ brian: we were the ones who told florida georgia lines and record it and perform it on our show proximate result people thought they were good. now we know they are great. and we told them to stick with the song. ainsley: that song is so popular they fill auditoriums of you, brian. pete: is that real or fake news? pete: that's real. they explained the whole story. couldn't be more humble. they played cruise and we are just setting there and we thought this is unbelievable. next thing we know they were going to break up. and next thing you know we
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said stick with this music thing and now they are the hottest country band around and they have not been back. ainsley: you think about it, there is one moment in time that will change your life. a split second and you helped do that for them. now sean hannity plays it every single day on his radio show theme song. brian: which he actually checked with me first. ainsley: glad to have you here. steve is on vacation. pete: great to be here. ainsley: happy memorial day thanks for serving our country. pete: as well as everybody out there. brian: you went back and visited a town and we'll talk about that shortly. meanwhile, we have a story to advance. ainsley: mainstream media has been in a feeding frenzy over jared kushner's alleged back channeling with russia. brian: now, a source tells fox news they got it all wrong. joining us live from the white house with the brand new details this morning our own kristin fisher. good morning, kristin. >> hey, guys. good morning.
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a couple things over the last couple hours. a source close to the matter saying it was the russians who first proposed the idea of secret communications channel with the kremlin not kushner. it was only discussed to be used for a single call about syria. and not as a permanent back channel as some other reports have alleged. now, president trump, he is defending his son-in-law, telling the "new york times" yesterday, committee on saturday night that -- that he has total confidence in him. that he is respected by virtually everyone and is working on programs that will save our country billions of dollars, in addition to to that and perhaps more importantly he is a very good person. the homeland security secretary john kelly is also defending kushner saying each if kushner did try to set up a secret line this russia it's normal and not that big of deal. republican senator john mccain doesn't see it that way and here is why. >> i don't like it. i just don't -- i know that some administration officials are saying well, that's standard procedure.
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i don't think it's standard procedure prior to the inauguration of the united states by someone who is not in an appointed position. >> democratic congressman adam schiff is calling for kushner's security clearance to be reviewed. he also wants him to testify before the house intelligence committee and kushner is reportedly eager to do so and share his side of the story with congress. brian, ainsley, pete? ainsley: all right. thank you, kristin. brian: there was contact. the russians did want back channel contact and that's why he responded hey meet you in the embassy. let's make private phone calls from there before my father-in-law gets in office. ainsley: everyone is so upset about this. lit the investigation go on. if you have questions about what really happened, ask jared, hear from jared, and then we will discuss it. but the mainstream media is making this such a big deal, we don't even know the details. pete: yeah. you want to turn to the "the washington post" and the failing "new york times" and say can i have my edition back?
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can i have minus back? because i'm having to read about this every single day inquiries turn on why kushner met a putin ally. they want this headline kush, putin. an i had huntsman made a great point. there is very little difference between the national enquirer and "the washington post these days. no sourcing. brian: three unnamed sources. reuters started with the story. i also thought -- here is charles krauthammer last night on "special report." we have heard all. this we can't verify all this. there is a lot of people in the senate and in particular saying i don't even believe this took place. here is charles krauthammer. >> i don't trust the story. the russians are leaking it clearly on a channel they know we're going to pick up. the russians are masters of disinformation. they already had washington with its knickers in a twist over the a russian conspiracy. we have had the back channel
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connections with adversaries for generations. henry kissinger had them with the russians and the chinese. hillary had a back channel to establish the opening of negotiations with the iranians and what ended up in the iranian nuclear deal. this happens all the time. i don't quite understand where's the crime other than it's another piece that has russia in the headline, trump people in the headline and thus it's supposed to be scandalous. show me. brian: kim strossel said this on meet the press. on 2008 candidate barack obama, not even gotten the nomination came forward and established a back channel using a guy named william miller to iran. he traveled to an millimeter in killing our people in iraq by the way. and as he says if i get elected, i want to establish a back channel and i want to let the iranians know should we win an election, they will have a friend in the white house. let me ask you something. candidate obama going behind
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the scenes to an enemy of america since 1979 who have infiltrated into iraq, killing our guys with efps i believe worse than ieds. pete: yes. brian: destroying our guys, eviscerating humvees, candidate obama without the nomination goes behind the scenes in 2008 to do that. can you please explain where the outrage was back then? pete: where was the back channel scandal? we didn't have diplomatic relations with iran. ainsley: something done regularly to make sure that things are handle properly like in syria. they are saying that his conversations about back channeling might have been just about military operations in syria. pete: they are not say just saying that the white house and report something saying. he wanted a channel for michael flynn the national security advisor. ainsley: that can only help us. pete: coordinate on syria. brian: i understand what mccampaign is saying they should be punished for trying to infiltrate on our elections. ainsley: totally different issue.
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brian: go the to embassy and use your phone in order to set up a back channel for father-in-law. that would be disturbing. there is also a chance it didn't happen. first push back ever was yesterday through fox news catherine herridge and then the other part of this, which i think is important is, jared kushner called the chairman of foreign relations, senator corker and said i cannot wait to explain my side of this story. let me know when i can come in. when they tried to grill senator corker on one of these sunday shows, he said can we possibly find out if that story is correct first rather than you asking me what would happen if it is correct? ainsley: what were you talking about with your family on memorial day? were you talking about this story? it's been all over the mainstream media. people in middle america don't care about this. they care about remembering our veterans. they care about jobs. keeping our country safe after we had that terrorist attack we saw that in manchester last week. dana loesch was asking nina turner what if people in ohio, which is where she lives, do they care about this?
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listen to what she said. >> no one in ohio is asking about russia. i mean, we have to deal with this. we definitely have to deal with this. this is on the minds of the american people. but if you want to know what people in ohio, they want to know about jobs. they want to know about their children. every day americans are being left behind because this russia, russia, russia. do we need all 535 members of the congress to deal with russia? come k. some of them deal with election issues? pete: can you state any better? that's a democrat from ohio. brian: when they answer like that. the anchors on other channels get panicked. when a democrat says can we please talk about things that matter in flint, michigan they can't drink the water. our veterans have got to get service. we have afghanistan, iraq, tax reform, all these things that need to be legitimately debated and excellent arguments on both sides to all of it. pete: of course. brian: we can't get back in the game. pete: no. because of the headlines are dominated by this. brian: flying on the house floor in texas after g.o.p.
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lawmaker calls ice unhinged liberal protest. listen to this. ainsley: things getting physical over sanctuary cities legislation. pete: griff jenkins in d.c. on the violent allegations. good morning, griff. >> fist that cuffs breaking out between lawmakers and texas legislature over the new sanctuary city law. look at this what happened yesterday. it's unbelievable. the protesters also joining in. hundreds of them. unruly, disrupting the house session with chants, yelling, many of them bust in from outside. get caught up in the emotion pushing and shoving each other. issuing dire threats. one lawmaker matt ren naldy.
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after rennadi says this i recall. there was a threat made from represent detective rinaldi to put a bullet in one of my colleague's heads. >> did you what? he said yeah, i called ice. then he said f them. >> he says things to insight people. >> this is the first reaction to texas' new law that you cracks down ton sanctuary cities it goes in to effect in september. >> we may sophomore. brian: you would think a state would have no problem enforcing a central law. evidently that's an issue these days. griff, thanks so much. pete: it's where we have come. ainsley: let's hand it over to
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jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: in just a few hours, dash cam video of tiger woods arrest expected to be released. officers telling tmz you'll see him acting belligerent and arrogant refusing to take a breathalyzer. woods says he wasn't drunk when he was busted in jupiter, florida at 3:00 in the morning. he said he had unexpected reaction to his medication. the 41-year-old releasing a statement saying quote i would like to apologize with all of my heart to my family, friends and the fans. i will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again. back in april he had his fourth back surgery. those issues have cost him most of the last four years of his career. today the white house will test americans' ability to defend north korea's growing threat. the pentagon will fire off a long range intercepter over the ocean. capabilities to shoot down a missile.
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kim jong un vows to sandy bigger gift package to the u.s. after a series of launches. the latest landing off the coast of japan. breaking overnight, former and pan maniac nor relevant noriega has died. one time cie informant from power invasion in 1989. he served 17 year drug sentence in u.s. before facing time in u.s. and panma. he was 83. those are your headlines. brian: a lot going on. 13 minutes after the hour. coming up, controversial way to put an end to the leaks coming out of the white house. should staffs have to take lie detector tests and we will take a closer look at the legality of that. pete: that might clear it up. how do somali refugees living in america feel about president trump? >> i think all militaries are
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terror groups. >> the u.s. military? >> when did you go to war that is terror. pete: i went back to the somali community in my home state of minnesota, what i found out pretty -- opening.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. >> you i believe when you leak the kind of information that seems to be routinely leaked, high, high level of classification. brian: it's unbelievable.
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homeland security secretary john kelly blasting those leaks playing the whit plaguinge okay these leaks also be putting american lives at risk. let's ask garner berntsen. gary, people died because of these leaks. >> let me ask you this. when you have a leak, if the information began with human source that person can be at risk. also understands there is a big argument out there, politically people are talking across all the networks and saying these leaks are going to cost american lives because our allies are not going to share with us. that's not true. our allies wouldn't dare not share with us because cia's programs, the cia is a super power intel organization. its budget is probably largener relationship to all these other intel services around the world than the u.s. military. the u.s. military spends more than the next 10 cias and intel spends more than the next 20. these people wouldn't dare share with us. these leaks are designed to damage the presidency of
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donald trump. they have got to cease these leaks. i don't think that republican chiefs of staff like jim baker, andy card or john sununu would put up with this stuff. i would ask as a precondition white house start there that you agree to be polygraphed and have cia people over there if you suspect somebody, polygraph those. those leaks came out of that circle of jim comey. if mr. mccabe as a new fbi director can't figure who that is he needs to be fired, too. they have got to end these leaks because they are damaging the presidency. and the president is losing blood by the pint on this. brian: i will tell you what, i have infinite amount of respect for the fbi and cia. sadly it's clear someone is leaking right to the "the washington post" and the "new york times." >> you bet they are. brian: telling things to cut out the president's legs. >> without a doubt. look, this is an effort to undermine the credibility of this president. they have got to act to defend themselves. this is domestic political war on the president.
3:20 am
it's not about being unfair. they are trying to destroy him. he has to act in a way to stop this and to recognize. this. brian: do you think he knows it? >> i think he is getting it. i think i knows it now. brian: gary, thanks so much. gary berntsen, go ahead and polygraph everybody immediately. something has to change. the country is at risk. gary, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. brian: coming up straight ahead, a big boss with veterans affairs fired this morning. is he back on the job. how does that happen? even some democrats admit it's time to move on from russia. >> if you want to know what people in ohio, they want to know about jobs. they want to know about their children. every day americans are being left behind because this russia, russia, russia. brian: so what do americans really care about? stu varney is here. he is an american ♪ rock in the u.s.a. ♪ rock in the u.s.a. ♪ rock in the u.s.a.
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♪ rocking in the u.s.a. ♪ i joined the army in july of '98. i did active duty 11 years. and two in the reserves. our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. it actually helped to know that somebody else cared and wanted make sure that i was okay. that was really great. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. call today to talk about your insurance needs.
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ainsley: here's some quick headlines for you. this blue suitcase could help bust the manchester bomber's terror ring. british police releasing in this photograph showing salman al bedy showers before his deadly terror attack. it's unclear what is inside the luggage. police are asking anyone who sees it call them immediately. families run for their lives when a tiger maul as zoo keeper to death. one of the big cats enter the enclosure she was working in at u.k. park. witnesses heard a blood curdling.
3:25 am
zoo is calling kingmaker's death a freak accident. brian: many of you turned off the news over the last three days. sorry, pete. now we are back in action. pete: nobody watching. brian: when it comes to issues on the minds of americans, russia just doesn't seem to be top of the list. >> no one in ohio is asking about russia, i mean we have to deal with this. we definitely have to deal with this. it's on the minds of the american people. if you want to know what people in ohio, they want to know about jobs. they want to know about their children. every day americans are being left behind because this russia, russia, russia. do we need all 535 members of the congress to deal with russia. could some of them deal with some domestic issues? pete: if you weren't watching this weekend like brian we will catch you up this morning. what should congress care about and tackle today. here to weigh in is stuart varney. is she right? >> good morning, all. that young lady is absolutely right. americans want news that is a
3:26 am
part of their everyday lives. they want news about their jobs, their money, their mortgage, their careers. that's what they want to hear about. instead, they are hearing about as the lady said, russia, russia, russia. what possible relevance to everyone's every day life is whether jared kushner met with this person or that person. what relevance are all these leaks anonymous leaks apparently coordinated with the media to undermine our presidency? that's what we're returning to work to today. it's tuesday morning. back after a long hollywood weekend. the summer is about to begin. what have we got? oh russia, russia, russia. get out of here. brian: just a report now on another network that they have some unverified sources that tell them that there is some financial leverage over the trump administration and they also include in that story that they -- this could be news coming out of russia put out to deceive. what are you wasting our time for? >> it might be this. it might be that from an
3:27 am
unnamed anonymous source. always coordinated to leak, leak, leak, undermine the presidency. that's what the media wants to do. brian: there is good news. >> let me give you a positive which is not being concentrated on by the media this morning. credit scores. the average american's credit score is now 700. by the way, that is the cut off point as to whether or not you get an auto loan or you don't get an auto loan. best credit score average since the dark days of the financial crisis. that means we are now primed to borrow more and grow more. i think that's a positive. pete: people paying off personal debt and getting back to a place. >> foreclosures we saw so many of them so many agos 9 and 10 years ago, being written off the books and people's credit worthiness rising. the average score again 700. again, that's a very important level to reach. that is the cut off point. meanwhile, the number of people with 600 as a score or
3:28 am
less is going down dramatically. ainsley: this is what we need to be talking about. most people don't even know where russia is on the map, probably. they know it's an important story, but they have all checked their credit scores. >> the media is interested in bringing down this president. it's not interested in pointing out the positives in our society as the summer rolls on. they are not interested in that. brian: you know what the problem is. i think you have the lawmakers also getting distracted. you you have the senate judiciary committee fighting for the intelligence committee in order to have the right to have these witnesses -- no. you have got to do tax reform. you have to do healthcare reform. you have to get some sort of infrastructure plan done. what are we going to do about a new budget? >> politics has become a total turnoff. you can't do anything that we really need. we do need tax reform. pete: democrats want investigations because republicans can't be legislating. >> that is basically a it. it has basically stopped things from moving forward at all costs.
3:29 am
that's the position of the media and the position of the democrats. the republicans, i'm sorry to say, are fighting amongst themselves and preventing real progress on what we need desperately in america today. brian: people have their ideology but they don't know how to govern. republicans are showing every day they don't know how to govern. sometimes you have to compromise. you can't even compromise with your own party let alone reaching across the aisle. >> sorry to say you're absolutely right. brian: you don't have to be sorry when i'm right. why do you always say sorry when i'm right. >> you are right. pete: i will check my credit score. check out varney and company today and every weekday 9 to 12 noon on the fox business network. >> thank you, everyone. pete: coming up, how do solely refugees feel about our military. >> i think all militaries are terrible. pete: including the u.s. military. >> when you go to war that is terrible. pete: i went back to the somali community in minnesota to get their take.
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what i found it, may blow your mind. brian: liberal mayor trying to shut down a pro-trump rally because it's too dangerous. really? ♪ move over ♪ [radio alarm] ♪ julie is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor- positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ♪ ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective
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♪ down the highway ♪ let it roll. brian: it's your shot of the morning secretary of state rex tillerson jumping on a harley joining half a million bikers for the rolling thunder ride through washington, d.c. ainsley: that is awesome. shaking hands, posing for photos. biker, of course, were thrilled to see him at the 30th annual event. pete: when is the last time you saw the secretary of state in a leather vest.
3:34 am
ainsley: he is from texas. pete: every mohammed ride from the pentagon to the national mall: brian: if i didn't take the secretary of state job my wife told me to take i could be doing this every day. instead i'm traveling the globe. ainsley: in a few years he can. homegrown terror in the twin cities. since 2007, dozens of somali men have left minnesota to join al think bob and other terror groups. very scary. brian: pete went to talk to somali refugees about asimulating in america. what is the mood now in the age of trump. pete went back to find out. pete: we went back a couple days ago to the seat of riverside to speak to residents there. mostly young people. first and second generation of somali reef gees to get their
3:35 am
thoughts on president trump. take a look. ♪ pete: what do you think of president trump and his policies? >> not good. >> pretty messed up. >> your own president saying we don't want you guys here, but i'm guessing one of those things have you got to live with, i guess. pete: a lot of the people say because of his let rhetoric hee anti-muslim. he goes to saudi arabia two of the holliest sites in islam and very well received by muslim leaders. >> a better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. pete: why is that? >> i don't know. i'm guessing it's more about money. i feel like when money is involved, they put all religions aside, basically. he cares more about his business than anything else. >> it's all about the money,
3:36 am
man. pete: what do you think of his rhetoric, he uses phrases like radical islamic terrorism. >> we are going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. >> just a bunch of kids that are confused, being manipulated, but then a lot of people here are just good people, you know. >> he would not support the president's efforts to limit refugees from certain places radicalization. >> i know where is he coming from because is he trying to protect the country at the same time i think he is doing too much. pete: asking people what they think of president trump. >> for me in my mind i think is he doing great. >> would you talk to us really quick. >> he taps into people's fears. once do you that take advantage of gullible people that have never been around muslims. >> these kids when they feel marginalized and greatest nation in america and they don't feel like they can be a part of something, do you blame them for wanting to go halfway across the world and joining an army that. pete: yes, that's our enemy.
3:37 am
>> i think all military are terrorists. pete: including the u.s. military? >> i mean, when you go to war that is terror. brian: how do you stop terror? pete: that's right. we spent a long amount of time in that neighborhood talking to people. some conversations we could not air. we had nasty stuff that was said. ultimately we asked questions about assimilation. unfortunately a lot of the older generation there doesn't speak english even though they have been here for a long time. talk to young people and get where their heads are at. sometimes questionable rhetoric you would rather not see. brian: sometimes people catch up to people who obviously aren't educated. those look like well-educated well thought out answers there needs to be push back from the white house on what they really mean because the president is has gone out of his way to say islam is not the problem. radical islamic terrorists are the problem. pete: of course. brian: they are not getting that message. those seem to be educated people. pete: very educated.
3:38 am
some said their imams say at a away from the radicalism. some say it's not talked about at all. ainsley: last guy basically calling anybody in the military. pete: you don't want to hear that it was a long conversation. brian: great job. pete: thanks. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: corrupt v.a. manager fired by president trump is back to work duane hamlin was dismissed from his job as the puerto rico hospital director in january. after filing a civil service protections appeal, v.a. officials welcomed him back. hamlin was in trouble for attempting to fire a whistle blower who told officials he was arrested for drunk driving and found with unprescribed pain killers. but the rules keeping him around could soon be changing. the house recently piecing a bill that would make it easier to fire corrupted v.a. workers. in the wake of the deadly train stabbing in oregon, portland's mayor is calling on the government to cancel a free speech rally.
3:39 am
this as suspect jeremy christian faces a judge today. police say he went on anti-muslim tirade before murdering two men. holding a rally across from city hall monday. the mayor is worried it will breed more hate speech. >> my main concern is they are coming to pedal a message of hatred and of bigotry. i'm appealing to the organizers of the alt right events to cancel the events that they have scheduled. jillian: rally organizers tell the mayor they won't cancel. this was the thing everyone was talking about yesterday. a base brawl by the bay. get it featuring one of the game's biggest stars. >> and the pitch. and he hits hartford. and hartford is going to go out. and now we have got a beef. so national slugger brace harper charging the mound after being hit by 98 mile-per-hour fast ball from giants pitcher strickland.
3:40 am
both players throwing punches, the benches pouring onto the field. they were both ejected. could be suspended. brian, i heard you talking about this in the sound bite. some of the punches were missing. some things like the helmet throw what was that. brian: helmet throw goes out to the right. >> standing there doing nothing. brian: catch everywhere has to do something for the most part. ainsley: it looks like they didn't like each other. brian: this goes back hundreds of years. >> that helmet throw what is he doing? >> heft hand he threw the right hand. >> they both can walk away feeling good. i love how guys are. they throw some punches and the whole team run out. opportunity to fight. brian: a lot of stress in the clubhouse. the guys are so biting their nails with the owners. they paid a lot of money those hands not to be broken don't want to break it on somebody else's head unless you are ian
3:41 am
who is behind camera one. ainsley: the two of you, you need to like hang out more. brian: yomore.brian. pete: you know who doesn't throw punches is janice dean. janice: my am not going to show my kids that video. hockey that regularly happens out there on the ice. take a look at current temperatures. a hot of peopl lot of people cog about the last weekend was not warm enough for them. cooler temperatures across the eastern half of the country and northern plains as we are kind of stuck in this troughy pattern where we have thunderstorms and cooler temperatures. i'm confident in the next couple of weeks we are going to feel warmth and that is my forecast. back inside. brian: keep it big. i like general. we are dressing warmer it could mean anything. coming up straight ahead, incredible memorial day moment. a little boy dressed like his fallen father in arlington
3:42 am
getting a high five and handshake from the commander-in-chief. that boy and that boy's mom here live to share their story. ainsley: we already know what the mainstream media thinks about jared kushner. take a listen. >> the president's son-in-law and advisor jared kushner is now at the center of a crisis. >> jared kushner in crisis. >> new word kushner is being warned to lay low. ainsley: is there any truth to that crisis? judge napolitano on the case. come on in, judge. brian: lay low, judge. ♪ nobody can drag me down ♪ your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. z282uz zwtz
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♪ ♪ ainsley: well, the mainstream media hyping another so-called crisis in the white house. this time about the president's son-in-law. >> the president's son-in-law
3:46 am
and advisor jared kushner is now at the center of a crisis. >> jared kushner in crisis. the president now weighing in on the allegations against his son-in-law. >> total confidence president trump publicly defends son-in-law jared curb kushner. privately new word kushner is being told to lay low. brian: could this be the biggest crisis since watergat watergate? >> [laughter] brian: judge napolitano here. this is based on a reuters report that said jared had a private source -- had a back channel with the russians and recommended they go into the russian embassy and go directly with this line of communication. this as reuters said they had three undisclosed sources that told them this story. >> i was laughing at your question and not at the seriousness of this. however, it is ridiculous that the mainstream media keeps calling this a crisis. all we know is, all we know is jared kushner has hired a lawyer. and he has probably.
3:47 am
brian: jamie. >> correct. jamie gorelic. very good lawyer. a democrat, a liberal democrat. activist in the democratic party. she knows the justice department. she knows the mentality of the people that are probably seeking documents from jared kushner because of his interaction with general flynn who is probably the target of the justice department. again, i say probably because there is no formal charges or allegations against either of them out there. question: is it a crime for jared kushner to speak to ambassador kislyak when jared katyusha neuropathy is representing his father-in-law and the father-in-law is the president-elect of the united states? answer, no. is it a crime for them to speak to each other in some private and secure place when they know that the transition is being surveilled by the intelligence community? answer, no. it's the smart thing to do. the only thing that could be criminal would be if jared
3:48 am
kushner held himself out as representing the government of the united states of america. extremely unlikely. kislyak is no drop. that is a potential crime. if he held himself out and if the russians took action in response to what he said. that would be the eequivalent of a private person conducting his own foreign policy. the other potential problem and i'm really, really looking between the lines here is when the fbi did their background check on jared kushner, they asked him, did you meet with any foreign officials in this time period? if he did not tell them about ambassador kislyak, well then he would have a problem there. if he did tell them then we will never know. ainsley: go to congress and talk about it. isn't this something that is pretty common? didn't we see hillary clinton do this? didn't we see president obama do this. brian: when he was candidate oklahoma? pete: isn't it something -- >> it is very common for representatives of the incoming administration to
3:49 am
start getting their feet wet with foreign government? brian: true. >> donald trump, according to the version leaked by the people around jared kushner this weekend basically said to him i want you and like, meaning general flynn, to find out what's going on in syria. are the russians really using military hardware there? they go to kislyak saying mike flynn wants to talk to some russian general. can you set it up? talk to. not conduct foreign policy. not discuss national secrets but talk to. when ronald reagan was first elected president, bill casey ran his campaign and then became the director of the cia negotiated with the iranian gonchts with respect to the release of the hostages at the same time that the real cia was negotiating. brian: jimmy carter is still complaining about that and also today about the "new york times" contact with a bank with the kushner -- with the russians.
3:50 am
>> if i were jared i wouldn't say anything. you shouldn't deny until have you been accused. mike flynn is doing the right thing by remaining silent. neither have been formally accused of anything without being charged. ainsley: without the facts. mainstream media says major overhaul of white house staff, they say that is coming today. is that true you? kellyanne conway is going to join us live to eaten it. brian: tiger woods under arrest. how could someone with so much going on travel so far down. dr. ablow has a theory. he is next ♪ it's the eye of the tiger ♪ it's the thrill of the fight ♪ rising up to the challenge of our rival ♪ and the last known survivor ♪
3:51 am
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3:54 am
brian: tiger woods driven into the rough again so to speak. legendary golfer busted yesterday after cops smelled alcohol during a traffic stop and then he refused a breathalyzer. ainsley: he says alcohol was not involved, that it was a reaction to prescription drugs. brian: how does someone with everything going for them at one point fall down so far? they go down a destructive path from his personal life and his decisions to what he is dealing with right now. fox news medical a team psychiatrist dr. keith ablow joins us. does this make sense to you and remind you of any other case have you dealt with? >> brian, you know and ainsley, i will tell you it does. because what's my work? it's about figuring out what is the back story? why would it be that somebody would seem so successful. whatever it is as a politician, as a father, as a husband. whatever it might be. and then fall down again and again? juxtapose the mugshot of tiger woods at about 3:00 a.m. on
3:55 am
memorial day versus him winning 14 major championships? something keeps dragging this fellow down. and it's always the same in my business. it's an unaddressed internal conflict, pain from the past. questions about whether you are worthwhile that keeping coming up. can come up in the board room and public domain. that picture he should look at it. wait, what keeps dragging me down into the rough, just as you said, brian? ainsley: dr. ablow, it's so sad, these are the headlines. this picture is mugshot is on the front page of all these newspapers. a, how embarrassing for him and he has children. you think about that. but also all the young kids that look up to him that followed him for so long and followed his career. first, you have the women. now you have this problem. what's to blame? is it usually something about -- i mean, i know his dad, they say he pushed and pushed and pushed but he became such a great legend and such a great golfer. what's to blame for something like, this usually?
3:56 am
>> listen, everybody has a human story. and pain can come from many sources. sure, questions about whether am i lovable or just worthwhile because i can golf? that can haunt a man. this is a human story. so for the kids out there who consider him a hero. wait for another chapter. you know what? people resurrect themselves all the time. brian: listen, i'm not diminishing the fact if he did drink and drive i understand the danger. big picture people like come back stories. people take you down and like come back stories. hoping to have that after the last surgery. it didn't happen. i think his piers are rooting for him at this point much different than five years ago when it all fell apart with the ladies issue. thanks so much dr. ablow. >> take care, guys. brian: coming up straight ahead there are stories of a shakeup to the white house. is that true? kellyanne conway at the top of the hour. ainsley: little boy dressed like fallen father getting handshake from president
3:57 am
trump. that boy and his mother here live with their story ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ and crowned thy good ♪ with brotherhood ♪ a did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the semi-annual sale going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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♪ ainsley: the mainstream media has been in a feeding frenzy over jared kushner's alleged back channeling with russia. >> source close to the matter is saying that it was the russians who first proposed the idea. not kushner. >> we've had the back channel connections with adversaries for generations. i don't quite understand where's the crime? >> russia, russia, russia. ife isossible relevance to whether jared kushner met with this person or that person? >> journalists in washington, d.c. als participates in a leak campaign. >> they have got to end these leaks because they are damaging the presidency and
4:01 am
the president's losing blood by the pint on this. >> tiger woods says he did not do it. the golf great claiming that his dui arrest in florida was because of an unexpected reaction to his medication. >> 6-year-old kristin jacobs stole our hearts and it would seem the president's as well this memorial day ♪ thank god i was an american child ♪ an american child bawz dreams can grow wild inside of an american child. pete: photo of a really neat story we are going to highlight later in the show from memorial day. that child dressed like his father who was lost serving his country. they were at arlington. there was the president to greet him a pretty neat story. brian: the president has been pro-military from day one. even his greatest detractor would say that. and the other thing is he finds himself talking on memorial day.
4:02 am
he was brilliant yesterday. whoever wrote that speech deserve as raise. he authentically went down there and met with families. another story about a meeting with a family where the mom says my son knew he wasn't coming back from afghanistan and she said buy i hope people remember i lived. now he goes -- he said that the president -- she said that to the president. the president said we are going to remember him forever. she said you are the first person who actually say that. pete: section 60. section from iraq and afghanistan. a crowded place yesterday on memorial day. ainsley: let us know what you did yesterday. were you thinking about your loved ones? did they fight in the military? did they fight for your service? pete: all about guys who didn't come home. ainsley: my grandfather was on a ship out in the pacific during world war ii and come my cozy plane was coming toward the ship. they said this is it. this is the end. the cami cozy did a peace sign
4:03 am
and drove his plane into the ocean. next top ship. pete: i watched the movie midway. something like you never seen. suicide bombers of world war did. ainsley: came home from the war and had two children and one is my mother. glad that that come an cam lot t take him. jillian: dash cam video of tiger woods' arrest expected to be released. officers telling tmz you will see him acting belligerent and arrogant refusing to take a breathalyzer. he says he wasn't drunk. he said he had unexpected reaction to his medication. 41-year-old releasing a statement saying quote. i would like to apologize with all of my heart to my family, friends and the fans. i expected more from myself. i will do everything in my
4:04 am
power tone sure this never happens again. psychiatrist dr. keith ablow joined us discussing what could be his fall from grace. >> something scenes dragging this fellow down. it's always the same in my business. it's an unaddressed internal conflict pain from the past, questions about whether you're worthwhile. jillian: back in april he had his fourth back surgery. those issues have cost him most of the last four years of his career. take a look at this. fists flying as g.o.p. calling ice on protesters. things getting physical on g.o.p. legislation. disrupting the chants many of them bust in from outside of the state. [yelling and screaming] >> undocumented? unafraid. >> disruption causing members on the floor to get caught up
4:05 am
in the emotion pushing and shoving each other. >> there was a threat made from representative rinaldi to put a bullet in one of my colleague's heads. >> he did what? he said yeah, i called ice. and then he said f them. >> you say things to insight people and that's exactly what did i. >> this the first reaction to a new state law cracking down on cities trying to protect illegal immigrants. it goes into effect in september. isis claiming responsibility for a deadly explosion outside of an ice cream shop. at least 15 people are dead. and two dozen hurt after a targeted attack on families in baghdad. surveillance video showing the car bomb lighting up the night like a fireball. chaos and panic in the busy streets. many muslims out late breaking fast for ramadan. hours later another car bomb exploded nearby during rush hour killing nine. so far no one has claimed responsibility. this is amazing story. 19-year-old u.s. army soldier
4:06 am
gets stuck in texas airport withstand by ticket unsure if he would make it home for the holiday weekend. that's when a complete stranger decides to shell out $350 to send keaton home for illinois. the exchange as can you imagine emotional. >> just shook hands at first and then he walked away and then he came back and asked if he could hug me. and i think we both had to fight back the tears after that. it was pennies on the dollar compared to what i got back after getting that hug. >> tillson says he feels if it wasn't for that man he would still be at the airport instead of with his family. he hadn't been home since christmas. jillian: that gives me chills. makes you realize how wonderful people can be. >> it's very cool. brian: have you that spirit of patriotism as well. that's why have you that reaction in my humble opinion. meanwhile, yanks, jillian. six minutes after the hour. one of the big stories over the last four days. people are running with a reuters report which had undisclosed sources that may
4:07 am
or may not be true that jared kushner did something extraordinary. went up to the ambassador of russia and said not only do i want to set up a back channel i would like to do it from the russian embassy. that on its face of course is story. the problem is the white house is pushing back on it. pete: anonymous sources. brian: jared kushner says i can't wait to tell my side of the story but i happen to be caught up in the first presidential road trip. ainsley: what are the facts. was back channeling ever discussed. was it russia's idea? mainstream media is having a hay day with this. most people at home, they can't keep it all straight. pete: fox news did push back as did the president he is defending his son-in-law defend to the "new york times" saying this i have total confidence, is he respected by everyone and working on programs that will save our country billions. brian: let me tell what i catherine herridge found out. during the meeting with the russians the idea of using a
4:08 am
secure line between administration and russia not kushner -- was russia's not kushner's. a source with the matter told us. that follows a recent report for "the washington post addle alleges that kushner. ed to set up his own one to. set up a back channel people say what does that mean? i don't do this for a living. what it means like what do you with almost everybody, like hillary clinton did with oman in creating communications. setting up communications with iran, who killing our guys. how about the story wrought forward this weekend by kimberly strossel of the egg egg "wall street journal" 2008 candidate obama -- william, i forgot his last name sent him over to iran to say if candidate obama becomes president obama in person on an enemy's foreign soil -- not foreign to them -- if i become president expect to have a friend in the white house, just to paraphrase. where was the scandal? where was "the washington post headline? pete: iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism at the time, still. indeed today. interesting.
4:09 am
well, president trump up early this morning, also tweeting about some of the news about russia as well. he just tweeted this three minutes ago saying russian officials must be laughing at the u.s. and how a lame excuse for why the dems lost the election has taken over the fake news. and doesn't it feel like this is taking over the news? ainsley: kellyanne conway joins us live from the white house this morning. good morning, kellyanne. >> good morning. ainsley: president clearly defending his son-in-law. set the record straight for us. what are the facts. >> the facts are that jared kushner has said from the very beginning he is willing do go and share any information that he has with congress, with the fbi. and as you heard general mcmaster, as you heard secretary kelly over this weekend say they are not concerned. back channels like this are the regular course of business. and that's really all that we know. i think it's very important to recognize that the president has expressed full confidence in jared kushner and also went
4:10 am
on to note considerable progress and very large important portfolio that jared oversees here at the white house. at the end of this month he will be hosting another major meeting with the heads of tech companies, for example, to really try to figure out how we can improve issue in is i and cost savings in the government. obviously, the relationships that jared was able to establish during transition helped develop this phenomenal international trip that they just came back from. i think one of the great americans that we have is how successful this trip for the president really was is how little talk is getting still by the mainstream media. that's usually a measurement that i put forth it's true. jared. he says he will be fully cooperative with any information that he has. brian: do you back up the fox news report that says it's the russians that reached tout to jared kushner and not the other way around so the
4:11 am
reuters report being wrong and what about today's "new york times" report saying kushner reached tout a banker named gorkav who is on a u.s. back list. >> i cannot comment on any of that because there is no reason to, frankly. we know that there are been many news reports very recently that had the facts wrong. if you go back to a couple weeks ago, you will notice that one paper in particular three times in a row relied upon information that was immediately batted down as false. this entire thing is just a rush to judgment. we have been talking about this for about 8 months. brian: i know. >> yet, have you senator feinstein saying she has not changed her position that there is evidence of collusion. you have senator graham saying as much. you have former cia director mr. brennan in testimony last week refusing to make that leap that conclusion. so i know people want -- i know, look, it's a lot easier
4:12 am
to scream russia, russia, russia every day and add hillary clinton talking about the election. brian: i think the push back specifically would be to the white house advantage. you did it through our catherine herridge yesterday. meanwhile other stories. pete: kellyanne conway, there is reports in shakeups in the white house. this morning pretty specific ones that white house communications director mike dubke could be on the way out. could you give us any information that's available things change not guilty white house. >> i went back and looked at some of my notes. the very first time i was ever asked about somebody being pushed out of the white house january 23rd. we had been here three whole days there has been a story a minute about that. easier to cover that than learning the finer points of healthcare reform and tax reform and infrastructure and isis and retreat. having said that the president has always surrounded himself with people who are able to work together in a collaborative fashion, are able to deal with the news of
4:13 am
the day will yous about think more long term strategically. did i not know mike dubke before he came on as communications director. i know he has worked hard here. people leave on their own volition. they find working 18 hour days in different environments are maybe what's not best suited for them. in terms of quote staff shakeups, i always read things that simply aren't true. i work here every day. it's much more collaborative than people realize and we're constantly being told by people who have never worked in any white house let alone this white house what's going on here. ainsley: we have on the bottom of the screen that mike dubke is out as white house communications director. can you confirm that yes or no. >> what i will say is he has expressed his desire to leave the white house. and made very clear that he would see through the president's international trip and come to work every day and work very hard through that
4:14 am
trip because there is much to do back here at the white house. i also would note because many people, again, misreported this that showers is expectedred this that sean spicer is expected back at the podium today for 2:00 p.m. brian: will there be less briefings? >> there will always be white house briefings. as have you seen we have had cabinet secretaries and other administration officials going to going up to the podium. the issues they are working on are actually part of the news of the day. and that's going very effectively as well. not every briefing has to be on camera, either. there are many audio briefings that many press secretaries in the past. brian: we are up against a hard break. thanks so much. >> thank you. 2s, pay stubs and bank statements to refinance your home. or you could push that button. [dong] [rocket launching] skip the bank, skip the paperwork, and go completely online. securely share your financial info and confidently
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. ♪ ♪ >> we're going to shatter their sense of inconvincibility. they are until physical calipha. that's only one sense of this. virtual caliphate they use the internet. obviously we will have to watch for other organizations going up. we cannot go in to some kind of complacency. brian: the trump administration vowing to crush islamic extremism on the ground and on the internet.
4:19 am
here to weigh in is professor and national security ryan morrow and fellow with the clarion project. i was struck with what homeland security secretary kelly said. he said if you knew what i knew you would have trouble sleeping at night. and secretary of defense noticing that there are more and more attacks around the globe. it's not just about march. what are we doing? >> well, the big thing we have to really focus on is the social media. it's not just dismantling the infrastructure going in and taking down twitter and facebook accounts. there is covert stuff and overt stuff going on with that what we also need is essentially a political campaign infrastructure. we are very good at political warfare in the u.s., we just use it on each other. if we applied it to foreign policy in fighting the war on islam. rapidly responsing and putting out tons of conflict that tell the truth about the enemy, why would have a very positive impact. i just don't see it happening. brian: you don't see it happening. what would convince you if there was an section of the defense department that did
4:20 am
this, do you want this at state? where do you want it. >> the state department has had an operation and it was pathetic it got barely any views. it was not captivating or type of thing that could go viral. you need to hire people. video editors, writers, comedians that know how to catch attention and go viral and have lots of accounts distributing it. when isis does something they would have thousands of accounts pushing it all sorts of directions to create their own universe. we need to break that universe and have our own messages getting out there. has to be three levels. one on the battlefield so we can humiliate isis. second for the broader war against radical islam and third pro-american messaging to combat the anti-american propaganda that goes out there. brian: the government's response is? >> so far not much. ryan mauro thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: understands the multi-faceted need on the battlefield like general mattis. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, has hillary clinton gotten her groove back? seems like the mainstream
4:21 am
media is ready for her to run in 2020. is america ready for her? we will discuss that with the woodhouse brothers in just a moment. ♪ ♪ e do, we see wonder waiting. every step you take, narrows the influence of narrow minds. bridges continents and brings this world one step closer. so, the question you asked me. what is the key? it's you. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better.
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♪ ♪ pete: welcome back to "fox & friends." some quick headlines for you. this afternoon the pentagon will fire off a long range intercept ter over the pacific ocean. testing capabilities of shooting down a missile it comes as kim jong un vows to send a bigger quote gift package to the u.s. after a series of launches. i'm sure it will be a wonderful gift. the latest launch that they connected landing off the coast of japan. our second story, a massive volcano erupting in alaska, triggering the highest aviation warning. look at that massive cloud the volcano sits under the path
4:25 am
many flights heade headed from a to north america. the eruption happened 50 minutes. ash cloud reached 35 to 45,000 feet that will mess with some flights. ainsley, over to you. ainsley: new reports this morning, the resistance is not embracing a hillary clinton 2020 run but the mainstream media already appears to be backing her. watch this. >> hillary clinton doing something that she probably does best, which is sort of encourage people to do more. >> she is trying to reflect the sense of humor that people had found appealing when she was in office in the early months of the campaign. >> i think secretary clinton is sort of finding her groove post election. >> finding her groove post election is her presence keeping the democrats stuck in the past? joining us americans united for change. brad woodhouse and his brother director of the north carolina
4:26 am
g.o.p. dallas woodhouse. good morning to you both. >> good morning. ainsley: brad, i will start with you as the democrat on this panel. is it true that you think she will run again in 2020? >> i don't think there is any real indication she is going to run again in 2020. other democrats are emerging. i will say this though. i think the person that got the most votes in the last presidential election, an election that people were captivated by, i'm not surprised that the media is paying attention to her when she speaks out. and i think she has every right to speak out. but i went through her twitter feed and i looked at her activity most recently. she is not out bashing president trump. she is not planting a flag as a future presidential candidate. but i think her voice can be heard, will be heard and frankly, given her performance in the last election, she got more votes than the current president, i think her voice should be heard. ainsley: dallas, she didn't win. she has run twice in the past. do you think we will see her run again for the third time and if so will she be successful? >> i don't know.
4:27 am
but ainsley as a republican, i'm just telling you we need more hillary clinton. we need a hillary clinton cable channel. hillary clinton on xm. get them xfl football helmets with a camera in it to tune in to see what she is doing out in the woods. more time. more hillary. look, she only had a half a century to make people believe in her. she just hasn't had enough time. a half a century wasn't long enough. she needs a little more time. please keep putting her out there for our benefit. ainsley: brad, who should would he be watching? who do you think would step up to the plate? >> i think there are a lot of really talented democrats. remember, there are two versions of this. there are new generation of democrats. and then there are potentially just new faces. i mean donald trump was not a new generation of republican. but he was a new face. but i look at people like camala harris new senator from california.
4:28 am
adam schiff leading the house intelligence investigation of donald trump. corey bookery new jersey. i think we are blessed on the democratic side with a very deep bench and very good crop of young, young generation of people who could potentially run for president or be on vice presidential ticket. so, i fell like we're in pretty good shape. i still -- i encourage hillary clinton. she is out there. she has started a seat. she started a political group. she is funding groups that are involved in the resistance. ainsley: you say she is not bashing president trump. but no now you are saying she is part of the resistance. >> what i'm saying is she is helping progressive groups find their voice. you know, find their voice to oppose efforts to repeal obama. find their voice to equal pay for equal women. ainsley: dallas, republicans would say she is part of the resistance trying to take down this president.
4:29 am
when she has spoke recently she is out there taunting this president. dallas, what's your response to the way she is handling this? your brother says she is not out there bashing but at the same time, she wants to be part of the resistance. >> well, let me just say. this from our perspective, it's probably helpful. because it reminds everybody that so much of these russia allegations and everything else is political, political, political. >> ridiculous, dallas, there has been a special counsel appointed. >> a reminder of that that they want to keep relitigating an election they lost. i'm in favor like i said of the hillary clinton cable channel, xm. the helmets so we can watch her in realtime. ainsley: we have to leave it there. >> dallas took this from hillary clinton to russia. there is not a special counsel at the justice department because the democrats one happy with the election. it's because something happened. >> political, political, political. >> it's because something happened, dallas. >> political. >> it's the fbi, dallas. ainsley: brad and dallas,
4:30 am
thank you for joining us this morning. have a good one. is there another explosive out there? what cops are saying about that picture right there. and an incredible moment a little boy dressed like his fallen father getting a handshake and high five from president trump. that boy and his mother are here live with their memorial day story. ♪ it's been a long hard ride ♪ gotta a ways to go ♪ but this is still the place ♪ that we all call home ♪
4:31 am
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4:34 am
thankful for the things i've done ♪ i can rest in peace ♪ i'm one of the chosen ones ♪ i made it to arlington. ainsley: special day after memorial day shot of the morning. that little boy right there. his name is christian jacobs. he's 6 years old getting as you can see a high five from president donald trump. brian: boy and mom got the surprise visit at arlington national cemetery yesterday. pete: they were there visiting the grave site of christian's father marine site of christopher jacobs died in train accident in 2011. christian was just 8 months old. we have the honor this morning, opportunity really to speak to both of them today. one of them looking particularly sharp. again, this is gold star wife britney jacobs and 6-year-old christian jacobs in full replica marine uniform from virginia beach. good morning. >> good morning. pete: if you would, tell us about your husband, of the man that you loved who ultimately
4:35 am
lost his life in service of our country. >> he was a very outgoing person. he loved life. he loved to hunt. he loved to fish. he enjoyed riding his -- he loved riding the edge when it came to his 4 wheeler. weighs a very loving person. ainsley: britney and christian we are so sorry for your loss. tell us how -- you were obviously there at the cemetery yesterday. how did you end up meeting the president? >> this little guy right here pretty much just ran up to him. [laughter] ainsley: what did he say to you, christian? >> well, he said. >> what did you say to him? >> i said that do you want to come see my dad? and he says sure. and he came over there. and asked that. and then i said hello.
4:36 am
this is the pillow that a lady made me. and i started o started startede pictures to him. >> he started showing him all the pictures. ainsley: and you said he had a pillow with him that a lady made for him? >> yes. >> yes. pete: christian, did you recognize the president? you have probably seen him on tv. was it pretty cool to meet him? >> yes. brian: what did he say to you? >> he said this is great. brian: that sounds like president trump. christian, let me ask you something. why is it important for you to wear a uniform like your dad? >> well, my mom make me wear it. [laughter] [giggles] >> you look great and look a lot like that guy you would see on the monitor. >> he says that [inaudible] >> i'm sorry, we didn't hear
4:37 am
that. brian: we were splitting the screen with a picture of your dad. you guys look so much alike in uniform. >> no, i do not look just li i look like christopher my daddy. >> that's what he said you look like your daddy right there. >> like your daddy on the screen. >> we are so proud of your daddy, christian. he is a hero. what was it like for you to see your child, your son. you have been through so much. what was it like to see your son being greeted by the president? >> it was surreal. it was crazy. we didn't expect it. we were hoping we would get to see him there that day. and it was just amazing. it just lit -- it was amazing. because seeing him so excited to just carry someone over to see his daddy. he told him is he like do you want to meet my daddy? and he is like he is right here. is he buried over here. he just went for it. and it was such. it was sweet. it was innocent. and he loved it he was so
4:38 am
proud. >> what she means. pete: go ahead. >> what she means is it's awesome. [laughter] pete: your interpretation. i love it christian, have you captured the hearts of lots of americans. what do you want to be when you grow up? >> a marine. brian: you got the uniform. just keep taking it out until you are full grown. [laughter] brian: britney, real quick, how important is it for you to keep the husband alive and in your son's mind? >> very important. chris wouldn't want it any other way. i wouldn't want it any other way. his dad loved him. he wanted to be a father and he was excited and he looks forward to the days of getting to taking him hunting and fishing and now i'll be the one who will do that for him. >> and he was fighting for freedom. >> that's right. >> so, yeah. it's important.
4:39 am
pete: what a wonderful example of what should be done on memorial day. thank you for keeping the memory of your husband alive and little christian, you look good, buddy. i'm quite sure you will be a marine. >> i'm sure i will, too. [laughter] ainsley: god bless you both. thank you so much for sharing your story. pete: there said occasional fund for christian where the family is taking donation for support for more info on that go to the "fox & friends" website. brian: please do just that because marines don't live a wealthy life. count on everything being paid for especially when you lose your life in battle. ainsley: that's right. we thank you all who have fought for our country. pete: great reminder. we will toss it over to jillian mele. jillian: hard to follow. he was so adorable. take a look. this blue suitcase could help bust the manchted bomber's terror ring. british police releasing photo showing abedi with the luggage
4:40 am
hours prior to terror attack. unclear what's inside but they don't think it's dangerous. police hoping it leads to new clues as they work to trace his steps in the days before the bombing. right now 14 people are in custody in connection with the attack that left 22 people dead. driving into the ditch after the. denver post columnest terry fry tweeted quote nothing specifically personal but i'm very uncomfortable with a japanese driver winning the indianapolis 500 over memorial day weekend. the tweet was delivered. he is now fired by "the denver post." the paper calling his tweet disrespectful and unacceptable. so, remember the grumpy face that the pope made when meeting president trump? it turns out he makes it all the time. just yesterday the pontiff giving canadian prime minister justin trudeau the exact same frown as the pair posed for pictures at the vatican.
4:41 am
president obama got the same look in 2014 with then secretary of state john kerry. he doesn't make exception for royalty. check it out. prince charles and camilla getting a scowl there kwre7 along with belgium king if a leap in 2015. and mass don't that president ivanoff. you won't get that face when you watch us in the morning. >> no you won't. that's good, jillian. those who want to run with two that the president wasn't listening to translation using other ear got that wrong. the pope didn't like the president. i'm sure he likes everybody. he doesn't look as though he likes anybody. pete: never get those two days back where they reported on the fact. brian: unbelievable. pete: it was. ainsley: very serious. doesn't want to smile. okay. really funny. keep your mouth closed on that story, what's coming up. pete: another school opening up to teaching islam while eliminating christianity at
4:42 am
every turn. now family fighting back with a lawsuit do. they have a case? brian: latest so-called bombshell against the white house. russian ambassador told mass cow russia wanted secret back channel to kremlin. if it's true is it really that big of deal in the history lesson that's coming your way ♪ and that's and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. we can't stay here! why? terrible toilet paper! i'll never get clean! way ahead of you. charmin ultra strong. it cleans better. it's four times stronger... ...and you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin.
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only new tena intimates has ♪ it'pro-skin technologyiend designed to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample, call 1-877-get-tena. ♪ pete: the president's son-in-law and one of his closest advisors jared kushner caught in the so-called crosshairs of another so-called bombshell. courtesy of the "the washington post" with unnamed sources. here is the headline, russian ambassador told moscow that kushner wanted secret channel. secret channel with the kremlin. but is that really true? because we're seeing some very new reporting from fox news as well this morning. if it is, is it even a big deal? here to break down some of
4:46 am
those answers is presidential historian doug weed. doug, it turns out back channeling is something that's happened many times for a long time in u.s. history. including with relatives as far as back as teddy roosevelt. >> it is so common. it's as old as diplomacy itself. your consumers can xyz under john adams. teddy roosevelt had a daughter named alice and she was the first female celebrity that's how history sees her. number one hit song in america was about alice. they named a color after alice. she was a hoot. she was on a trip to the pacific rim and the whole world watched every stop when she met the elm per ross of china. she was also on a secret mission and we only learned about it more recently. she was carrying private messages to the japanese government on behalf of her father teddy roosevelt. he won the nobel peace prize using that back channel to end the rousseau japanese war
4:47 am
which is very common. pete: the way the old school way of doing back channeling. jfk and r.f.k. brother robert also used back channels? >> absolutely. i think this is interesting to me. jonathan carl of nbc actually tweeted this was a rare break in the monolithic media, national media, there is fake news and then there is fake history. some journalists are not willing to lie for fake history. so jonathan carl referred to that connection. john kennedy used his brother r.f.k. to connect with anna totally de brennan it helped end the cuban missile crisis. nixon used the back channel to end the war in vietnam. obama used a back channel to touch base with the iranians before he was president of the united states. pete: those who forget history in this case are doomed to indict it you mentioned barack obama and also hillary clinton. far more sort of touching ways
4:48 am
to trying to establish back channels? >> back channels can be bad. there is iran contra. there is a lot of scandals. hillary clinton. these stories don't get a lot of attention. we all know the story of the russian government giving $2.6 million to the clinton foundation and getting uranium one in return. what you never hear, pete, is that the clinton foundation got $2 million from scovula university. she arranged to have an exchange with silicone valley and sculva became the silicone valley of russia in a great irony she may have given the russians the snake that bit her. pete: back channels are also part of a pay to play or quid pro quo that's a big problem. if you are pursuing diplomacy or things in america's interest. history shows it could be effective. >> absolutelily. pete: thank you for your background. >> thanks, pete. pete: another school opening
4:49 am
its arms to islam. how about religion? families fighting back with a lawsuit. do they have a case? we will collect that out. first, on this day in history in 1980, lips inc was topping the charts with their hit singing one of ainsley's favorites. funky town ♪ why don't you take me toe funky town ♪ ♪ there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room,
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4:52 am
ainsley: the san diego unified school district now facing legal action over its new campaign to help combat islamophobia in schools. pete: yeah. plans include ensuring muslim holidays are marked on school calendars.
4:53 am
creating safe spaces for muslim students and adding additional lessons about islam. brian: what about students from other background? jesse weber is an attorney and host of law he joins us with whether there is indeed a case against the school district. jesse, great to see you. >> amazing. brian: is there a case here? >> not only is there a case, there is a very strong case. no one wants bullying of any religion group. when you mix religion with schools government entities. you are calling into question the establishment clause of the first amendment. congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion. what does that mean for schools? they can't institute any program that enforces a religion or even appears to endorse a religion. brian: what about when we get off for christmas or easter or jewish holiday. >> those are a different situation here. in this situation that we have with this school district, they are saying we are not endorsing islam but they are putting all the muslim holidays in the calendar when there is no other religious
4:54 am
holidays on the calendar. pete: find a public school teaching the bible as owe poised to the quran. double standard at play here. bible and christianity was long ago stripped from our public schools rightly or wrongly to. insert islam seems like they are gaming the field. >> separation of church and state for a reason. i want to touch upon what you said. you can teach about religion. you can teach about the historical cultural significance of it but you can't teach the practices of it you can't celebrate it in schools. this school district is in dangerous territory doing unconstitutional policy. ainsley: interesting the board were asked to vote on having more christian or jewish holidays on the calendar they would say absolutely not because they are going away from that when it's a campaign to teach against islamophobe i can't then they all voted unanimously yes, we will do this. we will support this. because that's the pc thing to do. now parents are fighting back. they are saying we are tired of this. it's not fair. >> they want to have secular purpose. we are trying to combat bullying. better comprehensive anti-bullying campaign about
4:55 am
religious tolerance. brian: cair says this, that is the council of. pete: american islamic relations. brian: thank you very much. i always say cair. attempt to have the court's enforce growing islamophobia in our state and nation and to strip away much needed protection for muslim who face increased bullying. pete: cair san organization l, has ties to the islamic brotherhood. has agenda. take it with a grain of salt. a big one. >> that's a great point it wasn't mentioned in the lawsuit there are connections. but it will come out. whether you have a religious organization in a partnership with a school, a government entity, this is what raises these questions. i hear what their criticism is, the problem is it's not about that. this is about separation of church and state which is enamoured in our constitution. ainsley: what's happening now? six parents suing. what happens next? >> either this goes to court or they will settle. this such way to change this.
4:56 am
brian: by the way we have to really address this by 2050 they say islam will be the number one religion in america. pete: not america in the world by 2015 but double in america. this is something we are going to face more and more. secular purpose great point. bullying the gateway for inserting these type of things. give me evidence mass bullying is occurring in these schools. >> here's the problem. they say there is rampant islamophobia in the school districts. not that big to justify use of this policy. but, yes, under the law, if they can show a secular purpose saying this is what we are trying to do. not trying to do religious indoctrination have a case. brian: great to see you. not likely to have nicer suits than i do. thank you so much. huge show ahead. laura ingraham. ed henry and former deputy campaign manager to this guy president trump david bossie live. ainsley: you know her as co-host of "fox & friends
4:57 am
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new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment.
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new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at >> president trump standing up to the back channel backlash. personally defending senior adviser jared kushner. >> sources close to the matter say it was the russians who first proposed the idea. not kushner. >> we had back channel connections with advisories for generations. i don't understand. >> is it a crime for kushner to speak to ambassador kislack? no. ainsley: out as the white house communications director. can you confirm that? >> he has expressed his desire to lead the white house. >> just a few hour, dash cam video of tiger woods arrest
5:01 am
expected to be released. >> says wait, keeps dragging me down. it's always the same in my business. it's unaddressed internal conflict. >> 6-year-old jacobs stole our hearts. it was sweet, it was innocent, and it was just -- he loved it. >> what she means is it's awesome. brian: that is a look at the white house right now, and that is where the president is where he met with our youngest marine yesterday. but the president is going to have a full slate, he doesn't have anything on the agenda today, but we do know this. he's back out and has a domestic agenda to move forward after many say was a home run overseas. ainsley: absolutely. spent more than a week over there, had a great visit with world leaders and then the memorial visit yesterday with our troops. we're going to bring in laura ingram.
5:02 am
>> hey, guys. it's always a better tuesday with friends. ainsley: i like it. i like it. brian: so we dove some news coming out of the white house. mike is out as communications director, he's a hire on a department that needs a lot more. what's your reaction to that? >> i would say it's not all that surprising. in the first six months of an administration, you see a shakeout. it's like a baseball team. you put someone as shortstop, it turns out they might be better at third or minor leagues or off the team. it doesn't surprise me. i don't think it's that big of a deal. i think they're learning about how they need to hone their communication skills. marry policies with events. so, for instance, last week we learned that 30,000 criminal aliens, including ms13 members had been deported from the country since trump took over. that's great news. you know, i would like to see trump go to virginia and sit with a family for 15 minutes that had
5:03 am
to deal with the ms13 violence and go visit a police station and say, guys, thank you for everything you're doing. that's the kind of work i think they're going to start doing at the white house. you saw it in the foreign trip. it worked fabulously. and it's -- i don't think it's a big deal, these kinds of shakeouts are routine, frankly. and this is a high intensity -- the high impact, you know, four or five months here. >> yeah. we've heard they want to take the show on the road. he believes he has a lot of power with the people bringing those kinds of messages straight to them. we're also hearing possibilities of a war room to take on all of these russia things, more of a separation. brian: it's happening. clayton: the separation between the coms department, long-term, and the press secretary in the day-to-day knife fighting. do you think they're getting it right? do you think they're on the precipice to where they need to be? >> i think they're getting closer. i think all the dumping on sean spicer has been absurd
5:04 am
and ridiculous and overblown. look, the media are going to salivate every time the word russia is mentioned. i know we do get into that. but what they did last week in that foreign trip and what we saw the extension of trump and such a positive, patriotic and hopeful, yesterday determined manner yesterday in arlington. that is what we want to see from our president. these investigations should go forward. i hope they're going to be expeditiously handled. but they need to stay on message. and from my sense and my sources in the white house, that's what they're in the process of doing. it's not goop overnight. nothing does. but that's all right. ainsley: we played the sound byte earlier from a political commentator from ohio. brian: she's actually a democratic congresswoman. ainsley: democratic congresswoman. okay. and she's saying people in ohio -- she's a democrat. people in ohio don't care about russia, russia, russia,
5:05 am
administrated care about jobs. >> not at all. i was in las vegas week and dallas and houston and florida. i do a lot of appearances across the country. and the number one thing that people come up to me and say is when is congress going to put itself in gear and push through the trump agenda? and i think that's where the pressure needs to be put now. the white house has done unbelievable work already without the help of congress. but now the pressure needs to go to paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to push this agenda through. that's what's going to drive this economic renewal, and that's going to make all of these investigations i think in eventuality relevant. because the economy's going to get going, and that's going to be the best thing for the country and the president. ainsley: what do you think of senator graham and mccain? they're constantly commenting against this president. >> they're not for trump and still not for trump.
5:06 am
trump has a lot of barricades to jump over. has the press, barack obama valerie jarrett and the never trumpers and the caucus. brian: i would have to say i separate mccain and graham. listen, he wants to stay in the paris agreement. that's an honest agreement. you should do that if that's your feel. but he actually sees the problem with the comey memo story. he saw the -- >> yeah, he was good on that. brian: he saw the jared kushner story. and i think he's been calling it as he sees it. and john mccain, let's see what happens because i think his wife could be working for the administration shortly. let's talk about this. nato. the visit. after he leaves, the president feels positive about it. and now it turns out angela merkel running for reelection comes out and essentially says this about the u.s. relationship and germany. the times in which we can rely fully on others, they are somewhat over. this is what i experienced
5:07 am
over the last few days clearly about the meetings with trump. we europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands. >> good. brian: your reaction. >> yeah. i mean, i for one am ecstatic that the europeans are now having to face this bizarre concept, this unusual concept of actually paying their fair share of their own defense. i think it's about time that we had an american president that said we love our alliance, which he said, but you can't put it all on the backs of the american taxpayers. we are $20 trillion in debt. this is not 1986. we have an enormous financial burden for the next generation. and i think the fact that merkel said that is a great sign for donald trump. that speech he gave where he stared down the europeans -- and, again, this is tough love for our friends. you guys have got to pay your fair share. merkel's reaction is the
5:08 am
typical reaction of an individual who realizes that, oh, wait. no longer are the people going to be played for suckers. oops. we actually have to pay our fair share. especially 60 billion-dollar trade surplus with the united states. they have a lot of money to spend on defense, and it's about time they start doing it. >> and part of the reaction was fear and the president of the united states as a result may pull out of the paris climate agreement international regulatory agreement. >> that's going to hurt our economy. clayton: yeah, that's where he focuses on the economy. where do you think he comes down this with a lot of eyes on what he does there? with paris. >> my sense is that the administration will pull out of the agreement but perhaps, you know, maybe they'll take under consideration new negotiations down the are a road. but right now, he has to be focused on what is going to be a drag in the economy, get rid of it, and move forward with economic rere: annual. that's what he has to do. and when you look at how this treaty will affect the united
5:09 am
states versus asian countries, india, which will not have to live up to the obligations that we do, it's going to be albatross around the american economy next. you can't let that happen. you cannot. brian: some of the highlights we're supposed to be writing a 3 billion-dollar check to third world countries to incentivize them to do things that are green friendly. also, we're going to have to get down to the carbon emissions that have to be dramatically reduced in a unreal way, perhaps, than any other country that's going to affect our economy. when you have secretary of defense staying in, when you have jared kushner staying in. >> he's not going to do it. he's not going to do it. brian: he's leaving? >> he's not going to do it. it would be a complete betrayal of his base and message. which is the american sovereignty first, american economy first, america first. maybe in the future we can renegotiate it in a way that would be actually beneficial to the united states and
5:10 am
sensitive to, you know, climate concerns. but this treaty, the way this was negotiated is a drag on the u.s. economy. i think he should give an address to the nation. i magician he would. to explain this, which i think would be really important. i actually think it would galvanize more support for him if he laid it out very clearly. and, again, it's a positive for us. we are reasserting america's role in the world and america's focus on the home front. that is a good thing. it's across the board a good thing. >> the agreement was written by barack obama and globalists who want to use this to further their agenda. >> it's like what the iran deal was the foreign policy. ainsley: let's talk about religion. because there's an article about how islam is on track to overtake christianity as the world's number one religion in 2050. >> yep. across the globe. islam is even looking at making gains in central america. i was down in central america
5:11 am
last year and talking to a lot of folks in guatemala about the rise of islam converts from previously catholic localities and even central america, south america. i think where there's a retreat of christianity and even judaism, there is a space for other ideologies, other political movements. sometimes it's environmentalism is a new religion. sometimes it's atheism. but in some regions of the world we're seeing a real rise and spike of islam conversion. i think we all have to have a conversation about what that means for our own faith and own adherence to our own religious tenants. but as we see christianity retreat in europe, marriage on decline, birth rate, people look for absolutes and comfort in absolutes. and i think that will have a -- in some cases, an affect on what we understand to be the european culture and the
5:12 am
american culture. clayton: so what you're seeing across europe in some ways is a preview for things to come. >> some people call it cultural genocide, and we have to have an honest conversation about that. i don't think anyone voted for that. brian: that's how we started, that's how it ends. ainsley: you are our friend. you're always welcome. >> thank you, guys. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. >> good morning to you guys. dash cam video of tiger woods arrest expected to be released. and officers telling tmz you'll see him acting belligerent and arrogant reducing to take a breathalyzer. woods says he wasn't drunk when he was busted in jupiter, florida thursday morning. he said he had an unexpected reaction to his medication. the 41-year-old releasing a statement saying quote i would like to apologize with all of my heart to my family, friends, and fans. i expect from myself too. i will do everything in my
5:13 am
power to never insure this again. back in april, he had his fourth back surgery. and will test america's ability to defend against north korea's threat. firing off a long range over the russia testing its abilities to shoot down a missile. it comes as kim jong-un vows to send a bigger gift package to the u.s. after a series of launches. the latest landing off the coast of japan. and japan planning to retaliate. all right. thank you, jillian. clayton: coming up, they called it president obama's drop the mic moment of the 2012 campaign, mocking mitt romney on russia. >> a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat of america, you said russia. not china, russia. and the 1980s are calling for their foreign policy back. >> it turns out mitt romney was right. but you won't hear that from
5:14 am
the so-called mainstream media pointing it out. ed henry, next.
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
testinhuh?sting! is this thing on? come on! your turn! where do pencils go on vacation? pennsylvania! (laughter) crunchy wheat frosted sweet! kellogg's frosted mini-wheats. feed your inner kid brian: who ever heard of a back channel? has it ever been done before in the history of this
5:18 am
nation? ainsley: it's not illegal, and it has been done. brian: how do you know? ainsley: well, because we asked. let's bring in ed henry who is our reporter at the white house this morning. good morning to you, ed. >> good morning. well, i'm in washington, ainsley, and, yeah, what's interesting is when you talk about that, yes, it's been done before. of course it has been done before. there have been back channels, there have been front channels, if you want to call them. how do we know this? because it's on tape. when i was covering president obama, remember, that he was sitting down with demetro, this was in the heat of the 2012 presidential campaign and barack obama said this. >> my last election -- i had more flexibility. >> that was early in 2012. tell vladimir after i win this election, i'll have more flexibility. now, that's not a back channel.
5:19 am
it's at least a front channel saying i want to have this direct pipeline to him. fast-forward to later in 2012, the last presidential debate. remember how the president mocked mitt romney when he said this. >> governor romney, i'm glad that you recognize that al-qaeda's a threat. because a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia. not al-qaeda, russia. and the 1980s are now calling to ask for their person policy back because the cold war's been over for 20 years. >> so you have the republican presidential nominee saying we need to worry about russia. it's a big threat, the media, the democratic president mocked him. now fast-forward five years later, here's what john mccain is saying about russia. >> i think he is a premier and most important threat. more so than isis. we have done nothing in response to the election last november to respond to vladimir putin's attempt to change the outcome of our elections.
5:20 am
so way to go, vladimir. we haven't responded at all to it. >> so he's saying that he think so russia is a bigger threat right now than isis. a flip from what president obama was saying a few years ago. and now you have people running around saying jared kushner may be in criminal jeopardy here because he wanted to have a, quote, unquote, back channel with russia when we had the last democratic president on tape saying he wanted to back channel. brian: and now we go to fox, and it turns out it was the russian ambassador approached jarod about a back channel. one single phone call, by the way. brian: by the way, also in 2014 according to bloomberg, president obama reached out behind the scenes to set up a back channel with russia, despite the fact that they invade the ukraine and done nothing to even warrant this type of communication. >> i am sure, brian, there was a lot of outrage about that at the time.
5:21 am
>> pull it up for us, ed. that was sarcasm. ainsley: president trump setting up a war room in the white house to deal with the russia investigation. david bossie may soon be working in that war room, and he is live next do you need the most trusted battery in your flashlight? maybe not. maybe you could trust your own eyes to see in the dark. ahh! ow. or you could just trust duracell. ow. how if guests book direct ater, and stay twice they'll get a $50 gift card? summertime. badda book. badda boom. got you a shirt! ...i kept the receipt... book now at
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change your wifi password to something you can actually remember, instantly. add that premium channel, and watch the show everyone's talking about, tonight. and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to >> welcome back. a couple of quick headlines for you. taxpayers no longer have to pay for a public school board's louisiana lavish dinners. calling out university of california president janet for spending more than -- get this. $225,000 on expensive meals. but the gravy train is over to the board will have to pay for themselves from now on to avoid questions. and corruption at the va.
5:25 am
fired day one january 20th is now back on the job. former hospital director duane attempted to fire a whistle-blower that was under his chain of command who outed him for a dui arrest. the president gave him the boot on day one of his administration. but after filing a service protections appeal, the corrupt hospital employee director has returned to work. yet another example why the va needs the ability to fire employees. right now, they can't. they put them back to work even if they're as bad as it gets. brian: let's go to a fox news alert. ainsley: go we're going to bring in former deputy campaign manager for donald trump mr. david bossie, good morning to you, david. >> good morning. ainsley: breaking news this morning. we were just speaking to kellyanne conway. we heard keith under president trump was stepping down, resigning, we asked her about it. listen to this. >> in terms of quote staff shakeups, you know, i always
5:26 am
read things that simply aren't true. we're constantly being told people who work in this white house what's going on here. >> we have at the bottom of the screen that mike is out as white house communications director. can you confirm that yes or month? >> so what i will say is that he has expressed his desire to leave the white house and made very clear that he will see through the president's international trip. ainsley: all right. so, david, what's your reaction? >> you know, i don't know mike very well. but he has done a good job in trying to put together a communications staff at the white house, and it looks like it's his time to move on because the campaign -- the white house looks like it's going in a little bit different direction. clayton: david, you've been on this program multiple times saying we need different personnel, more personnel. is this the extent of what should change or should we
5:27 am
expect to see additional changes? >> i look at this white house as a nucleus of a good team. i think they're very dedicated to this president and the president's agenda and getting it through congress and in facting all of the policies that he got elected on. i think it's more addition than subtraction, in essence. they need to fill their ranks. they've been a spartan crowd at the white house. they need to beef it up and bring in talent who are dedicated to the president's agenda. brian: so we understand there's going to be a war room set up immediately to rapidly respond to all the media outlets that run with unnamed sources, for example. and among the names brought up, david, are you and cory lewandowski. i guess you can speak for yourself. is that something you're considering? >> i hate to speak to myself, brian. through a spokesperson. you
5:28 am
know, it's an honor and a prehistoric to consider the president of the united states your friend. he's somebody i've known for a long time. i worked on his campaign and the transition. for me to talk about opportunities that present themselves at the white house is kind of a hety thing for a little guy like me. so i just -- i don't know what's going to happen. but the white house needs good people who mean well for the country. and who want to do the right thing for the country and so they talk to, you know, many people, including me. clayton: david, is that a "yes"? have you been asked? >> no. i'm not going to say that there's a -- something sitting on the table for me to pick. that would be a little -- i think that's -- there's -- it's an ongoing conversation, and i think that's a fairway to put it. brian: when you say there's spartan ranks, how short are
5:29 am
they in terms of machine power? >> well, it's an incredibly hard job. the hours is like nothing you've ever seen. so you need as many people locked to help the president every single day because that's your job is to get the president's agenda through. >> about 1,000, david. there's about 1,000 people that need to be appointed. >> brian, i think it's probably more than that cardio the government. but inside the white house staff, that's what i'm talking about is just the fundamentals of trying to bring in some folks who can hepa leave th help alleviate the stress on those who are there and make it easier and cleaner. clayton: david, the media has been unresidentialing as you know. there have been questions. it's confirmed that's going to happen. that's part of it.
5:30 am
but daily briefings have been in question from both the president and otherwise. we had speaker grig on this program this weekend asked him about should they cancel the daily briefing? this is what he had to say. >> i said to you, oh, there's a lion eating a zebra. you wouldn't go, oh, my gosh i thought they would become friends. it's a lion and a zebra. the left-wing media hates donald trump. they want to destroy donald trump. this is why they should cancel the daily briefings. ainsley: all right. we had kellyanne conway on, as you know, earlier on the show. and she did confirm that sean spicer is going to do that brief meeting at 2:00. what do you think? >> i think the mainstream media is in to destroy this presidency and for the first time nullify an election. and the american people need to stand up and say enough's enough. and that is part of the problem that i see is once we won, you know, we get a little complacent, our side gets a
5:31 am
little complacent. no president has ever seen a permanent obstruction campaign like president trump. clayton: we're just not going to do this anymore. we're not going to submit ourselves to this every day because it takes so many hours to prepare for it, and then you have to deal with the backlash. >> first of all, only in the last 15 years or so have we seen the add haven't of the celebrity press conference. that's what it has become. and for 220 years, the american people didn't have to deal with that. so i'm not -- my position isn't that the white house should put out less information. it should be maybe done differently. so sean spicer and the communications team, maybe the war room, can push back in different ways without having to take this daily beating mainstream media, and i find it to be really offensive. brian: all right. david, thank you very much.
5:32 am
good luck with your decision. >> thanks for having me. clayton: coming up, how do somalia refugees living with our military feel? get their take on current affairs. what i found may concern you in some ways.
5:33 am
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5:36 am
president trump. his refugee talk and rhetoric and talk on radical terrorism. take a listen. >> what do you think of president trump and his policies? >> not good. >> pretty messed up your own president saying we don't want you guys here. but i'm guessing this -- one of those things you have to live with, i guess. >> a lot of people say because of his rhetoric, that's the view. but you go to saudi arabia, and he's very well received by muslim leaders. >> a better future is only possible if your nation drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. >> why is that? >> i don't know i'm guessing it's like more about money because when money's involved, they put all things aside, basically.
5:37 am
he cares more about his business than anything else. >> it's all about the money, man. >> what do you think his rhetoric? he uses phrases like radical islamic terrorism. >> we are going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. >> just a bunch of kids that are confused who are being manipulated. but then a lot of people are good people, you know? >> you would not support the president's efforts to limit refugees from certain places where there's been radicalization? >> i mean, i know where it's coming from. he's just trying to protect the country. but at the same time, i think he's doing too much. >> let's ask the people what does he think of president trump? >> for me, for my mind, i think he's doing great. >> all he does is tap into people's fears and once he does that, you can take advantage of people who have never been around. >> these kids when they feel marginalized in the greatest nation in america, and they don't feel like they can be a part of something, do you blame them for wanting to go
5:38 am
halfway across the world? i think all military are terrorists. >> including the u.s. military? >> when you go to war, that is terror. i am the. brian: how did that change year to year? we showed what we could. there were instances where it was such an explicit tirade, we cannot put it on camera. good people. the challenge is will that community go fight with isis and al al shabaab. so here to help us answer that question is the president for the american reform of democracy. the battle for the soul of islam. dr. zuhdi jasser. you saw that video. first of all, your reaction. >> well, i have to tell you, imagine this: you talk to them, and you find out what the ideas are that are brewing within. it's not that hard. and yet the last hamburgers has been focused on violent extremism.
5:39 am
and yet we wonder why 40 to 50 jihaddists have been in the manchester area and then we look at the mosque where they came from and what are we hearing from? these aren't just political ideas. that equates our moral military with terrorists. that says america is after money. all of those is part of the islam brotherhood, islamists global platform. and until we muslims -- you know, there were some positive messages there. i think what strikes me as an american muslim is why aren't you hearing more contrition? why aren't you hearing more about we want to decimate isis along with our country america. why is that? because all of what they're marinating in is this anti-american islamism. not violence but that's the precursors to the violence. brian: don't they go to school?
5:40 am
and in public school, isn't that unacceptable? >> like the boston bombers. they were normal. they went to normal american schools. the ideologies comes from the families and the mosque and the islamic communities. there's a segregation of consciousness, despite where they go to school. ainsley: what do you do about that? >> well, listen, we're losing this campaign because the islamists globally are marinating in the mosques and elsewhere. we have pro american, pro freedom antiislamist campaign domestically and abroad. and until we start to engage, muslim organizations that are part of our muslim reform movement that are contrite, that are willing to take on these ideas and defend our american troops, defend our policies and we're going to continue to see this type of idea logical precursors. >> doctor, i appreciate that commentary. is some said they discouraged radical islam.
5:41 am
some said it wasn't defined at all. >> they will define it when you ask them as violence or wanting to the strap on bombs. everything you got on the mic there was radicalism as far as i'm concerned because it was anti-american. it's not pro freedom, pro liberty, and it doesn't show leadership that are precursors. >> thank you very much for your expertise. we appreciate it. >> any time. thank you. brian: coming up, homeland security secretary kelly says those white house leaks are treason. and could they also be putting american lives at risk? ainsley: and you know her as former cohost as fox and friends on the weekend. now she's living down under in australia but she's back this morning with a big announcement ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em.
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brian: all right. president
5:45 am
trump has been plagued with leaks since his inauguration and now starting to impact our allies. following the british attack in manchester, the stopped giving the u.s. intel for a few days like showing the bomb. homeland security kelly says these leaks are a threat to our country. >> i believe when you leak the kind of information that seems to be routinely leaked, the high, high level of classification, i think it's close to treason. brian: so are these leaks potentially putting american lives at risk? and what about the future? lieutenant colonel michael wall much joins us now. special forces and author of warrior green berets to washington. colonel, let me ask you. it looks like some of these leaks are coming from inside the white house. how do you deal with that? >> well, that's incredibly tough to deal with it. and the administration needs to clamp down on it. look,
5:46 am
brian, i can't overstate operationally what a problem these things are, you know? i remember back 15 years ago when the fact that osama bin laden was using a satellite phone was leaked to the new york times and guess what? he stopped using that phone and his trail went cold to bore abore a. and of course we all remember the snowedin leaks, and we see terrorists using these same programs to bomb paris, london, and all kinds of places into europe and operationally planned. we have to clamp down on this, and we also know that isis, al-qaeda, and these other groups have english-speaking cells that scour american newspapers to look for leaks so that they can react and change their tactics. it is something that's absolutely detrimental and puts lives at risk.
5:47 am
brian: colonel, remember when porter was hired at the cia, they didn't want him and started leaking about president brush bush's administration. they made a change. i mean, some of this stuff is coming from our most trusted, respected people inside the cia and fbi and man the nsa. how do you help america? do you have a recommendation going forward? a real one? >> well, i think, look, you need to see some prosecutions. we need to see some folks tracked down and, you know, regardless of their motivations, oftentimes they think they're helping people or they think they're helping a cause or their own agenda or they're frustrated. but i'm sorry. there are igs, there are internal mechanisms to voice your concerns. there's a dissenting mechanism within the state department. but at the end of the day, i think when folks see that this isn't just kind of a haha, and it's shrugged off, you know, by senior leadership that there's actual prosecutions, i
5:48 am
think it will stop. because at the end of the day not only is it operationally putting lives at risk, it also makes for bad policy. i saw when i worked for vice president cheney, the circle's getting smaller and smaller and smaller that are making these decisions and our best talent out in the assessing are cut out of the decision-making loop because everybody's afraid of leaks. so it does a a lot more harm than good, and i want to see some prosecution. brian: and it never would have happened under the vice president. cheney knows the channels, and he would make sure it didn't happen. >> it didn't come out of his shop, i can tell you. brian: i can tell you that for sure too. it's damaging. thank you, personal great to see you. >> thank you, brian. brian: next in our run down, you know her as the cohost fox and friends weekend. but now she's living down in australia. she's back with a big announcement. but first, let's check in with bill for what's coming up on your show. >> nice to see you. ramadan has begun. another deadly strike. back at home now, president
5:49 am
trump starts the week in the white house. how did that overseas trip change the course of his administration? what's the truth behind the russia matter? full details and what we know today. and what will the republican congress get done? big questions today on tax reform, on health care. we'll talk to one of its members coming up live. we'll see you in ten minutes here on america's newsroom top of the hour
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
ainsley: well, we all know our friend anna, she moved to australia with her australian husband, and she's back with a special announcement. >> that's right. she's back to join us from down under. anna.
5:53 am
ainsley: hey, anna. >> hi. can you hear me? can you hear me? can you hear me now? ainsley: what time is it there? it's dark. >> yes. it's almost 11:00 p.m. so i can tell you how tuesday went. i can tell you the future. brian: wow, that's fantastic. >> here's the big announcement. i've been teasing it on twitter, instagram. we are so proud to announce that i'm going to be hosting the #proud america coverage for july 4th this year for fox news channel. i can't wait. you know the deal. you know how it all works. so this is the fourth year that we've done it. we've been in ohio, in nashville, tennessee, and now southport, north carolina, because southport is right where i used to go to college. it's where i did a lot of my first reporting. and also last year the governor of north carolina crowned me as the north carolina queen there in wilmington just outside of port. so i can't wait to selfishly
5:54 am
go down there and see my buddies and my friends and my family and meet a lot of viewers. so i can't wait. there are going to be military ceremonies, parades, all sorts of festivities. we want you to be part of it too. use the #proud american. tells what makes you proud to be an american and share pictures. brian: how does being outside america change your perspective on america, if at all. >> well, brian, what you know? watching the news here in australia, donald trump is the headline on pretty much every newscast. so it let's you know just how important, you know, we really are to the rest of the world and how important our alliances are. that's one thing that makes me proud to be an american is the strong alliance we have around the world like australia and at fleet week there in new york city where you guys are. the military coverage made me
5:55 am
so much more of a proud american, i'm proud of my time there at folks. ainsley: i know your parents are happy-to-you home. you took your dog on a cross-country trip. i know we have pictures from that. you went from new york to fran, and you're going to share some of the pictures right now? >> yes. yes. ainsley, it was a bucket list kind of trip. it was from sea to shining sea. that's what i called it because it was from new york city to san francisco. i have some pictures to share with you. we have our kicks on route 66, the mother road there, america's main street. that was a ton of fun just to be part of history there. went to the cadillac ranch next, baxter and i put if you eat a 72-ounce steak, they will give it to you for free. give you a t-shirt and put your name on the wall.
5:56 am
a lot of big things happening in texas, i'll let you know. next up, we were in the grand canyon, that did not disappoint. we went to the south rim to watch the sunrise, i would definitely recommend that. the painted desert didn't disappoint either. you see a lot of red rocks. i've never seen the purposelies and the blues. and finally, we finished in san francisco, and i think i have a picture of my husband and i in front of the golden gate bridge and, yeah, it was an epic trip. it has made me so proud to be an american and one day i want to take my kids on a rv trip all 50 states and then fly to hawaii. ainsley: wait, did you just say kids? not yet; right? >> no, not yet. brian: that would have been a big announcement. ainsley: you better do that right here. brian: that buried the lead. >> more fox and friends moments away you always pay
5:57 am
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>> this is the shot of the day. it's still so special. >> special little boy, christian jacobs, shaking hands with the president. go on our website to give to his educational fund. >> bill: two bombings in downtown baghdad killing 42 and wounding dozens earlier today. a busy street before that first explosion hit an ice cream store. the fireball covering the building as nearby cars try to get away. hours later, a car bomb explodes during rush hour just days into the muslim holy month of ramadan. we'll have more of this inside "america's newsroom." more on that. first the president starting the new week back at the white house. a source telling fox news it was russian officials that had suggested establishing a back channel of communication with jared kushner


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