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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 31, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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runaway horse racing through new york city during rush hour. it got loose from nearby stables, offering care drives to tourists. heather: that wraps it up for us, "fox and friends" starts right now. >> american interceptor missile successfully destroyed and intercontinental ballistic missile just in time. >> we are reaching a point in history that we are susceptible to a rogue state. heather: an explosion ripped through the afghan capital. at least 80 people have been killed. 350 injured. >> kathy griffin put this picture of her holding masked bloodied head depicting donald trump. >> the same vein we have seen with american journalists
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killed. >> anything donald trump does -- >> i went too far and beg your forgiveness. >> the white house standing firm defending jared kushner over back handling with russia. >> if there had been a collusion conspiracy there would be back channels. >> the late-night tweet as the internet going crazy. >> covfefe is trending on twitter earning its own hashtag. ♪ . pony antonio teb test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test that's a great song. that is america. avenue of the americas. flying in front of fox news channel. if you go all the way up that street.
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prettiest park in america. this is our backyard here in new york. one of our favorite. >> they renamed the park the president tweeted out and instead of saying coverage he missed spelled a word. >> good thing we have never ever mistypes something on 2. clayton: jillian is standing by with a look at the headlines this morning. >> funny responses to that in a second. first, we have to start with breaking news. a fox news alert. at least 80 people are dead and more than 350 hurt after a car bomb explosion at the height of rush hour in afghanistan. the blast happening steps away from the german embassy in kabul killing guard. doors blown off hijs. taliban said they have nothing to do with it. comes weeks after a car bomb wept off u.s. embassy in
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kabul injuring three u.s. troops. growing tensions with north korea. the uss ronald reagan warship now in the sea of japan. it could begin training with the uss carl vinson as early as this morning. this comes as the white house sends a strong message to kim jong un if you fire a missile we can block it. the pentagon successfully intercepting a rocket over the pacific. the technology so precise it's like trying to hit a bullet with another bullet. president trump is ramping up his search for a new fbi director. the commander-in-chief meeting with two new candidates weeks after firing james comey. under consideration former cia chief and former assistant attorney general under president george w. bush chris ray. the white house says the president will continue to interview candidates until the right leader is found. and this is what they were just talking about, president trump's late night
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tweet has the internet freaking out. just after midnight our commander-in-chief posting, quote, despite the constant negative press covfefe. the number one topic trending on twitter earning its own #. brought the own license plate his daughter tweeting it out. peoples makinmemes making it arp trying to make covfee happen: media typing covfefe on russian translate to see what it means in russian. what makes me sad i know i will never write anything funnier than covfefe. the famous tweet was deleted you can see a lot of people are reacting to that one. i'm sure the reactions are going to continue rolling in. clayton: took six hours to be deleted.
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patty pete the president doesn't sleep all that much but he deleted it i don't think anyone tells what the president what to do. clayton: mr. president wake up there is a covfefe out there. ainsley: he doesn't drink. like we probably make those mistakes when we are tweeting at midnight after a few glasses of wine. pete: speaking of mistakes, the press loves to cover no matter what it is if it has russia in it, they will get to the bottom of it. there are new developments this morning that throw wrenches into their narrative. first, we want to remind you how dedicated the press is and the left has been to getting to the bottom of this collusion scandal. take a listen. >> >> he wants to know what happened here. let's get to the bottom of this. >> this investigation needs to continue. they need to get to the bottom of it. >> i think the independent commission is the most comprehensive way to get to the bottom of that. >> only way to get to the bottom of it? >> shows he doesn't want to get to the bottom of it? >> we need to get to the bottom of this. >> it would be in everyone's
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best interest to get to the bottom of this. >> maybe the republicans don't really want to get to the bottom of this thing. >> if anything, i think it's going to want them to get to the bottom of this. >> we have to get to the bottom of what the heck happened here. clayton: let's get to the bottom of it. carter page former advisor to the president in 2016 on foreign policy, hot democrats wanted to testify before congress, got to hear from carter page. now not going to be allowed to testify right now. being pulled back not temporarily. we learned it was going to be a temporary stoppage of his testimony. now looks like permanent postponement and now written a letter. ainsley: he wrote this letter to the house intelligence committee saying hey, i really want to testify. i have learned from your committee staff on this memorial day holiday that i might not be immediately afforded the opportunity to address the false or misleading testimony by james comey, john brennan, et cetera, as per our previously scheduled
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pointment for next week in the interest of finally proving the american people -- or providing the american people with some accurate information at long last. i hope that we can proceed with a straight dialogue soon. pete: here's the irony of this our own catherine herridge has done great reporting on this. his testimony postponed indefinitely at the request of democrats. the democrats on the house intel committee have requested that they postpone his testimony. the question is exactly that, clayton. why? either they don't have the evidence or what he is going to say is going to undermine their argument which is exactly what carter page says in that letter. it's been nonsensical lies about him. smoke and mirrors tactics from the clinton obama. democrats wanted him so bad and now they don't want him at all. there is there there. ainsley: if you are going to let the other side he is saying that comey and brennan they testified and what they said was false information about him. they don't really know the truth about him. so he wants to testify in front of the committee and say let me give you my side of the story. you want to get to the
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bottom of this, then hear from me so you can be fair and we can hear both sides. they are postponing it. clayton: you have got to have 100 percent. you can't have 70% of the people involved in this testifying. get all of it out there. pete: it's then it's not an investigation. it's a witch-hunt. the investigation includes all sides. ainsley: then the jury can make a decision. pete: turns out the democrats in the house intel committee not that interested. clayton: every year a few years she does something crazy cathy griffin at cnn we are not going to allow her to do this anymore and she comes back and does it again. now she has done something outrageous. if you saw the photo that she posted, holding up a dismembered head of donald trump. i mean, it's just crazy. pete: looks like isis photo. this is the president of the united states of america. and what do you think of when you see this? you think of isis. you think of the worst of the worst. evil. and she is doing this to the
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president. what if the roles were reversed? what if that were a republican holding up the head of president obama? the outrage. people would get fired or hillary clinton. she did apologize after she went through this whole photo shoot doing this and preparing a long time to do, this she did apologize. listen. >> okay, everybody. it's me kathy griffin. i sincerely apologize. i'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. i'm a comic. i crossed the line. moved the line and i crossed it and i went way too far. the image is too disturbing. i understand how it offends people. it wasn't funny. i get it i have made a lot of mistakes in my career. i will continue. i ask your forgiveness, taking down the image. going to ask the photographer to take down the image and i beg for your forgiveness. i went too far. i made a mistake and i was wrong. lay clay she is fully aware of it this is what i don't get. this photographer usually comes up with an idea for a photo shoot. going to put new a field of
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lilies and it's going to be all afternoon and going to meet there at 3:00. you are going to be there. i mean, you had to plan this. here's the idea that i have. and you are self-aware. have a dismembered head of the president and hold that up. this is how we are going it do it. meet at 3:00 on this particular day. okay, sounds like a great idea. pete: talk about it beforehand. behind the scenes footage of this photo shoot. they were aware of what they were doing. take a listen. >> call your dad, apologize. mexico today. not surviving this. okay? ainsley: we're going to mexico. we're not going to survive. we will go to prison. ainsley: somebody had to buy that head. put the blood on it buy the hair. put it all together. they knew what they were doing. i will say if anyone asks for forgiveness, i want to
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forgive. pete: fine, if this was a republican. find that forgiveness. secret service all over this. calls for the secret service to be all over this. this is a death threat. you know, if this was someone from say fox, you know where they would be all over it. cnn, this is a fair question, brian stelter who is all over coverage all over the place. where is he on this. you know something pertaining to trump he would be jumping on it all day long. where is the outcry from others. ages ains have you been on two tours. you think about the americans who have lost their lives to isis in this very brutal way and you think about their parents. pete: journalists ultimately at the very beginning. people should know better. i don't know. it's a terrible image. ainsley: what is wrong with our country. clayton: she is a comedian first of all. ainsley: that's not funny. clayton: absolutely nothing funny about it. pete: that's the images of a
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trump derangement syndrome. ainsley: write us what you think about it we want to hear from you. coming up, forget this. >> she doesn' he doesn't give a] about healthcare. ainsley: democrats have a new plan to take down president trump. house parties? seriously? clayton: like tupperware parties? bring your tupperware. there is immigration program that gives illegals a special status to stay in the united states. critics call it a free pass. our next guest is trying to fix that congressman louie gohmert is up next. ♪ a dream so far away ♪
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3:17 am
of texas. great to see you this morning. >> great to see you, clayton. thank you. clayton: historical context here. this goes back to the george h.w. bush presidency 1990. we have been dealing this 27 years. at the time trying to give amnesty for those facing war in home countries and temporary status. where did this thing run afoul? >> it was born out of good intentions but it ran afoul when you started having radical islamists that would destroy their country just having upheaval, put it into civil war and then claim that gee, they need to come to america to avoid their war torn country. they get this temporary protected status as you pointed out. then they come over and they would get temporary, again and again and again. and it becomes a way to come into the united states illegally but permanently. and it's got to stop. mo brooks saw that and the rest of us are going why, why didn't we stop this before? this is a great idea.
3:18 am
we have got to stop it. clayton: they keep getting renewed. >> exactly. clayton: how do they keep getting renewed. i understand in 2002, 2003 this move to the department of homeland security after september 11th. now the attorney general gets to sign off on this. how do these individuals keep getting renewed over and over and over again? who is looking at this? >> well, the obama administration had muslim brothers advising them. we know from the muslim brotherhood they bragged about people being in homeland security and in each department. and, in fact, they were. and so their advice was keep renewing these people. so that's exactly what the obama administration did. they took a good program started under george h.w. bush for humanitarian purposes, and they turned it in to a program that could be a way to hurt our country. and so it has to stop. we have got to force these countries to take them back, no matter what. and it should not -- it ought
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to be a temporary program, if it's going to be. but this bill will force that to be reviewed and send people back that shouldn't be there. the bottom line, clayton, is, if you are coming as a radical islamist from a country that you tore up with war, don't plan on staying to celebrate 9/11 in the united states. you will be out of here quicker than you can get here. clayton: good luck on this bill. we appreciate it? >> thank you. clayton: coming up here on the show olivia newton john in the fight of her live the greece star is revealing the cancer fight is back. remember when president obama said closing gitmo wouldn't be a risk on the war on terror? one detainee says isi he is a is recruiter. and he is not the only one. ♪ bad bad bad bad
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pete: welcome back for quick headlines much the manchester bomber may have acted alone. british police saying overnight salman abedi bought most of the deadly parts on his own. they are not ruling out the possibility of a terror network as well. this as we learn mosques are refusing to bury the isis recruit. good news. arianna grande will return to manchester this sunday for a benefit concert to honor those who were killed and injured. plus, another former gitmo prisoner returns to terror. former detainee sabier lamar under arrest suspected in isis recruiting network. we handed him over to france under the obama administration.
3:24 am
is he at least 1 of 121 detainees returned to the battlefield to jihad. thank you. ainsley: devastating diagnosis for actress and pop icon olivia newton john. she just revealed to all of her fans on facebook that her breast cancer has relapsed decades later and spread to her lower back causing her to postpone her tour. her daughter turning to social media asking august of us her fans for healing prayers. here with us is radiologist dr. nicole saphier. my heart breaks for her. we love grease and olivia newton jon and her daughter asking for prayers. of course we will all pray for her. 25 years after her breast cancer has it metastasized for her after 25 years. >> devastating news for olivia newton john and her family and friends.
3:25 am
only surmise by what she tells us, not being directly r50e89ed in her care we don't know exactly what is going on. however, she has said that her breast cancer from her original diagnosis has rio kurd in her lower spine the sacrum. that means it is stage four or metastatic disease. olivia olivia meaning spread to her lower back. it was originally breast cancer. if she were your patient, what would you tell her to do at this point? >> we all talk about screening and early detection of breast cancer, extremely important. because the far majority of women who undergo what she did 25 years ago, surgery, sometimes chemotherapy, sometimes radiation have amazing chance of survival. our survival rates are over 90%. however, we have a very large population in the united states right now living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. our breast cancer survivors live in anxiety every day worrying about this recurrence. unfortunately this has rekurd.
3:26 am
all we can say to these patients are, live your life. do everything olivia newton john did. be healthy. do everything you possibly can you may do everything and it still may come back. at that point there is no cure. we don't have a coul cure for it now. ainsley: nowadays as a women you hear all these stories of women getting the mastectomy early on because they have that gene and this makes me wonder should we all be looking into that so it doesn't get to this point? she is a mother. >> she a mother. she is a friend. she is a wife. so, you know, everything shows us though, having mas mastectom. there are women at high risk we do recommend. s have there is no increased or decreased chance of survival there. everything is the exact same. it's more of a mental -- to make yourself feel better to think that it's not going to happen. can you still have a mastectomy and still recur in your chest or even restataize.
3:27 am
ainsley: do we know what causes it? >> a lot of it is being a woman and getting older. some lifestyle changes with our genes. she did everything right. she did everything she could. here she is and she is in the fight against her life. and she joins about 150,000 other women in the united states right now. while we are talking about healthcare and you have all this disgusting rhetoric back and forth on the legislative floor and the media, you know, mess static cancer is costing $160 billion in healthcare dollars right now. so anyone not helping to move forward with this healthcare and what we're trying to do is just obstruction. while these people are in the fight against their lives. ainsley: gosh. thank you for that reminder. dr. saphier, great to have you here. >> thank you. ainsley: terrifying warning for travelers, did you fly on the plane that the faa says was not air worthy condition. message from our military to north korea.
3:28 am
the pentagon successfully intercepting a missile. what does this message send to our enemies? general jack keane is here. first we want to wish happy birthday to clinton eastwood. he turns 87 today. >> being this is 84 magnum the most powerful gun in the world blow your head clean off. can you ask yourself a question. do i feel lucky? well, do you, punk? you love them together, but you've never had 'em quite like this. at red lobster's lobster & shrimp summerfest, the lobster and shrimp you love are teaming up in so many new ways. like new coastal lobster and shrimp, with a lobster tail with butter and herbs, sweet, smoky bbq red shrimp,
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afghanistan. clayton: the blast happening steps away from the german embassy injuring several employees and killing a security guard. pete: windows left shattered and doors blown off the hinges. 13 deep crater left in the road no. terror group has taken responsibility. no better guest to get insight on this than vice chief of staff of the u.s. army chairman forever the institute of war and fox news analyst general jack keane. thank you for being with us this morning. have you spent a lot of time in afghanistan as have i. this is not the outskirts. this the is inskirts of kabul the so-called ring of steel where security is at its highest. yet a bomb goes off. what does it tell us about the state of the war in afghanistan right now? >> well, first of all, it is a devastating attack. in the diplomatic zone at a time when the enemy, the taliban, isis knows full well that the united states and
3:33 am
nato is considering increasing our forces in afghanistan. clearly what they want to do is demonstrate to the people in a diplomatic zone that the government of afghanistan, the security forces can't protect them. where we are in afghanistan, it's outrageous. 16 years we have been there and this war is not winnable. of the taliban actually had the momentum. they have the operational initiative. u.s. policies have largely brought to us this point. failed policies. premature withdrawal of troops. the first five years of 2003 to 2008, afghanistan was on a diet because we were preoccupied with the war in iraq. it turned out to be more than we had expected. and we never put troops back in there until 2009. then obama put them out 15 months later. so here we are. clayton: we heard from the obama administration before that these special forces, the afghan special forces have been trained up.
3:34 am
they're ready to go and protect. obviously these pinprick attacks happen which end up devastating and they swoop up and try round up these people. is this sufficient? are they trained successfully or do we need to step it up? >> they are not going to be able to do it by themselves. that's clearly what's what's been happening the last two years. the taliban has taken back considerable nor territory. at any time since 2001, when we invaded the country and removed the taliban. so, everything is on their side. what it will take is more than the advisors that are being considered. what the president has got to ask the people coming forward and say let's put 3 or 4, 5,000 advisors back in there here is the question. is that a decisive force? is that really going to make a difference? if that's not a decisive force, then what is? that is what should be on the table. ainsley: general, nothing is off limits, too. i was waking up with the news of what happened in baghdad where have you an ice cream
3:35 am
shop that was blown up, a huge blast where children were killed. moms were killed. we saw the concert in the u.k. last week with all these teenage girls. >> clearly that's the weapon terrorists use. this is salute raw intimidation of all of our human values and feelings. they are trying to undermine the very way of life, the sense of normalcy that people have in this life. it's an intimidating weapon to be sure. it succeeds for a period of time. pete: absolutely. general, we have to get your thoughts on important news. the united states successfully intercepted intercontinental ballistic missile in what is being deemed historic test. experts will say this is like a bullet hitting a bullet in the middle of the air and it's an important defense development, especially in light of what is happening in north korea. how significant is this test and what does it say about our defenses? >> it's remarkable technology and thank those that some 30 years ago recognized that a rogue state who cannot be
3:36 am
persuaded by deterrence could possibly shoot a nuclear weapon at us in the form of a ballistic missile. it's taken us a long time to get here. 50% of these tests have failed. this one has succeeded. it's got a new intercept on it and it is stunning technology. but it is a weapon of last resort. let's be honest about this thing. if north korea is going to shoot at us. they shoot multiple weapons at us. this with a 50% failure rate, this is not something we're going to be comfortable about. yes, this succeeded and we want the next test to succeed as well. what we have got to do is we are largely dependent on china to get north korea to stand down their nuclear program and ballistic missile testing program. i'm not confident about that. i'm sure people in the administration have a healthy dose of skepticism about whether china is really going to be able to do this or not. certainly they have tolerated nuclear weapons in the past and tolerated all this ballistic missile testing up to now. they will change their behavior. we welcome that change of
3:37 am
behavior. we will see if they get some results. to date, not much results. ainsley: all right. general, the week of memorial day, we thank you for your service and what you've done for our troops. god bless you. >> glad to be here. pete: general mentioned 30 years ago that was the reagan administration. we are still on the backs of the reagan build up and when they did for us. ainsley: amazing intercept a missile. like a bullet hitting a bullet. pete: amazing technology. some said it couldn't be done. we did it. pretty cool. clayton: jillian is standing by and more news. jillian: tiger woods was asleep at the wheel before his dui arrest. shocking update as we learn the golf legend didn't actually have any alcohol in his system but was on four medications, including vicodin. the police report revealing woods didn't know where he was. he failed four sobriety tests before blowing a .0 on the breathalyzer. this all happened in jupiter florida. his mercedes had two flat
3:38 am
tires, damage to the rims and taillight was out. they claim he also took off his shoes and put them under the police cruiser. the dash cam video is expected to be released today. overnight a jetblue plane packed with people forced to land when a laptop's lithium battery burst into flames. the pilot touching down in michigan after smoke started pouring out of a carry on bag. no one on the flight from new york to san francisco was hurt. the scare comes months after airlines banned the samsung galaxy note 7 as a fire hazard. the phones also have lithium batteries. united airlines produce a major fine for using unsafe plane. the faa wants them to cough up $435,000 for operating an aircraft that was, quote: not in air worthy condition three years ago. mechanics replaced a park on the boeing 787 didn't complete inspection after that repair. united claims they took action after identifying the problem
3:39 am
and are now working with the faa. well, the democrats have a new answer to stopping president trump. house parties. the dnc is launching the resistance summer where they will travel across the country and throw parties raising cash and support. the first one is saturday. and will feature dnc deputy chairman keith ellison and some surprise guests we're told. vice president mike pence is also hitting the road this summer helping g.o.p. members in swing states get elected. those are your headlines. clayton: bring the onion dip. >> should i play sam hunt right now house party? i love that song. clayton: is she outside in the pouring down rain? janice: depressing. when is spring going to arrive? i guess you guys are going to be asking me that question. clayton: isn't spring always like cold showers? janice: raining across the northeast. been really unsettled the last couple of weeks. a peek ahead to june looks
3:40 am
like it's going to remain cooler than average but let's get to the forecast in a second. i want to show you a very cool video. satellite imagery from nsa. you can see this is volcanic eruption that we can see and pick up on satellite and actually noaa helps to forecast how far this ash plume gets into the atmosphere and how far the wind will carry that ash plume. if we have a big volcanic eruption that can change weather patterns. this is the kind of imagery we get fro nasa. let's take a look at our forecast. we are dealing with cooler temperatures across the northeast as well as the northern plains and the you were midwest and the potential for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast unfortunately for the next 12 to 48 hours at least. so we will continue to monitor that. i'm hoping that the sky also clear for our boat
3:41 am
demonstration later on in the next couple of hours. we have some beautiful looking yachts and boats here. clayton: and pontoons. ainsley: that's the party boat. you can't ski behind it but can you party on it. clayton: hold 30 people. ainsley: boats in new york city. i love it. pete: big boss with the v.a. fired by president trump on day one. now he is back on the job. how does that happen? a va employee who blew the willful on corruption is here to react next. ainsley: president trump wants tax reform passed and passed now. will the republicans in congress get him there? senator mike lee is here on that. come on, in senator. clayton: and he has a new book. ainsley: yes. ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now i no longer live with the uncertainties of hep c.
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ainsley: president trump calling for the end of the senate filibuster in order to accomplish his agenda tweeting this out. the u.s. senate should switch to 51 votes immediately and get healthcare and tax cuts approved fast and easy. dems would do it, no doubt. so will it happen? pete: let's ask utah senator mike lee sits on the judiciary committee and author of the new book "written out of history, the forgotten founders who fought big government." welcome this morning. >> thank you. pete: county house get legislation passed and on the desk of the president tax reform and on the repeal of obamacare where are we and where are we going. >> on tax reform and repeal of obamacare we can accomplish both of these things with existing rules with 51 votes. we use a rule called budget reconciliation. on both of those we can get
3:46 am
past the 60 vote vote cloture. there is no need to change the senate rules. the rules allow for us to do what we need to do with 51. clayton: "wall street journal" had a damning piece on the front corn cover, tax reform on life support to. try to come together one of the biggest sticking points border adjustment tax. the house wants it. senate doesn't want it. how do you reconcile those two things. >> the white house doesn't want it. a number of us in the senate have real concerns with the border adjustment tax. i think that part of it is dead. i don't think that part can move forward. i do think tax reform as a whole can make it despite the doomsday predictions by people at the "wall street journal" and elsewhere, i think this can still happen. doesn't mean it can be easy but i think we can make it happen. ainsley: we have one of the highest tax rates. we are 35%. president trump wants to lower that to 15% e which is what china is. is that doable? >> i think it's doable. i just think we have to do it. having something be doable and doing it are two different things.
3:47 am
i do think it's important to get there the corporate taxes actually fairly regressive means that it passed down higher cost to the end consumer. it looks like something that's just being charged to big rich corporate fat cats. it's not. it's being paid for disproportionately by middle class americans. clayton: what's the holdup. republicans run the show. have you written a book on getting rid of big government, the forgotten founders who fought big government. republicans are supposed to be anti-big government. what's the hold up here. take us through the history why this is such a sticking point. >> the hold up and the reason why i wrote this book written out of history emphasize the fact that our modern institutions have taught to us embrace government. to accept big government as just a fact of life. but i focus on 8 different forgotten founders in this book. men and women who had a major role in america's founding. but who have been written out of history, neglected because their narrative wasn't compatible with our modern progressive mind set. for example, otega annual
3:48 am
indian chief the father of american federalism. this idea most of our government is supposed to be at the state and local level and not at the national level. but the idea of a native american chief being an american founder isn't compatible with the way we think about the founding fathers. so he has been forgotten. steve: you are in the middle of the l. yocan conservatives recapture that idea? >> yes, they can because americans can. i believe in something winston churchill used to say american people can be counted on to do the right thing after they have exhausted every other alternative. we have big government thick. washington, d.c. as the center of the universe thing, very long, hard college try it hasn't worked. it's hurt america's middle class a and we need to get back to the foundational principles upon which this country was built. that's why i wrote this book and want everyone to read it even if they don't buy it. borrow it from a neighbor. pete: you want them to buy it, too.
3:49 am
>> if they want a copy i want them to buy it most importantly i want them to read it because the american people need to know the stories behind our founders. ainsley: they were forgotten no longer though. clayton: good history book for the summer. pete: we don't do story telling well. the left story telling human interest right here. >> puts it in the form of a story. easy, quick read engaging. ainsley: do you have a website where can you buy it? >> yes, buy it at anywhere books are sold. ainsley: thank you. clayton: good luck with the book. pete: big boss with the v.a. fired by trump back on the job. ainsley: democrats may have a new secret weapon to battle republicans in 2018. [chanting] >> jerry, jerry, jerry. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief
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♪ pete: you remember on the campaign trail president trump promised to fix the corruption at the v.a. he kept that promise by firing some of the most corrupt employees the day he took office including puerto rico v.a. hospital director duane hamlin who tried to fire a whistle blower and found with unprescribed pain killers. basically stealing opioids for himself. after firing a civil service protection appeal he is back to being employed by the v.a. joining me now with his reaction to this is v.a. whistleblower scott davis. scott, you look at a guy like, this president trump on day one said you are fired, you are out of the v.a. for obvious grievances you have committed. but now he has been reinstated due to a process called the merit systems protection board. basically civil service appeal. what dogs it say about the
3:54 am
culture that still remains at the v.a.? >> i think it's -- thank you for having me, pete. pete: um-huh. >> i think it says that the president is trying to move v.a. in the right direction but unfortunately he doesn't have a lot of support from the leadership who should have handled the firing process better so that the president's wishes would have been properly executed. remember that president trump inherited this mess from president obama and secretary shulkin who was over the hospital i hav v.a. and should e fired this guy a year ago. pete: i have to push you on that a little bit. one instance not handled properly or system toll defend corrupt. sharon was fired but still could be brought back on through the same process because she appealed her firing. so what needs to happen, what can secretary shulkin do to make sure that someone like sharon helmand isn't brought back through the same process? >> i think what the secretary needs to do is he needs to work with the department of
3:55 am
justice so that these people can be prosecuted. right now he is treating them like h.r. issues which is why they are going through the merit protection board system. that's not how they are supposed to be treated. whether you have a corrupt government official who abuses his or her authority like the director in phoenix, the department of justice should prosecute them as they have basically engaged in activities that put veterans' lives at risk and in many cases some veterans have died. pete: of course. >> i think that's the difference. and i think the president is doing the right thing but he can't do it all by himself. dr. shulkin in some of the emails that i have seen has actually been sympathetic with some of these people not willing to hold them accountable. pete: what we have heard from secretary shulkin he is pushing for more stringent veterans accountability first act. they have made example of some employees, one who was watching pornography at work at the v.a. they fired him. but you are still critical. you don't think they have gone
3:56 am
far enough in taking out some of the corrupt employees? >> exactly. for example, many of these cases where the secretary is tough is because whistle blowers like myself have gone to fox news and other media outlets and put these stories out before the veteran community. so the v.a. had no choice but to respond. but the only real champion that most of us feel at v.a. that we have in washington for accountability is the president. we have got some support from senator rubio and senator isakson. congress needs to do more. the legislation that you mentioned leaves some room for a pier review so that executives like this get fired, they can take this to a pier review and say look at it by piers. i shouldn't be fired. and the same people engaged in that bad activity are going to decide whether or not the punishment should go forth for these people. pete: scott davis and the government unions have their hands in it too trying to protect employees. scott davis, thank you for your time this morning. appreciate it?
3:57 am
>> thank you, pete. pete: it's the midnight tweet from president trump that blew up the internet. the typo covfefe. the president just responded and we have a big interview. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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4:00 am
>> an american interceptor missile successfully destroyed intercontinental ballistic missile. >> it's a big deal and just in time. >> 80 people dead and more than 350 hurt after a car bomb explosion at the height of rush hour in afghanistan. >> this is absolute raw intimidation of all of our human values and feelings. they are trying to undermine the very way of life. >> cathy griffin has done something outrageous. holding up dismembered head of donald trump. ainsley: what if that were a republican holding up a head of president obama? >> it's disgusting and so much worse than anything that the left is claiming donald trump does. >> i went way too far.
4:01 am
and i beg for your forgiveness. >> the white house defending jared kushner over alleged back channeling with russia. >> if there had actually been a collusion conspiracy, there would already be back channels to russia. >> president trump's late night tweet has the internet freaking out. >> covfefe the number one topic trending on twitter earning its own #. ♪ suddenly i see. ainsley: rainrain day out there. we can glad this week for our freedoms that's the avenue of the americas. clayton: theme from devil wears prada. ainsley: who knew that information? from. clayton: thank you, gavin, my producer for telling me that in my ear.
4:02 am
i appreciate that welcome to "fox & friends" on this wet wednesday here in manhattan. we have a boat show on the plaza. i'm excited about that i keep trying to convince my wife year after year after year a upon to an boat. ainsley: i think you should buy a yacht for your wife. clayton: she keeps telling me no. ainsley: until you get one, there is always geraldo. geraldo has some boats. pete: friends of geraldo. clayton: meanwhile talk politics this morning. ainsley: let's give you background about carter page. you know him. he was an advisor to president trump. he was monitored by the fbi to see if trump -- see if there was any collusion between president trump and russia. he says the fbi and the cia are not telling the truth about his role. so he has requested that he can testify in front of the house intelligence committee. pete: they have wanted him to testify in front of the house intelligence committee. one of the many russian investigations going on on capitol hill and in washington, d.c. he was going to testify in front of that committee. clayton: right.
4:03 am
full transparency. pete: over the memorial day weekend suddenly that changed and he is not testifying. carter page wrote a letter to the committee and we are going to play a small quote from the letter he wrote. he wrote to them after is he learning that is he no longer testifying. he said i have learned from your committee staff on this memorial day holiday that i might not be immediately afforded the opportunity to address the false or misleading testimony by james comey, john brennan and others as per our previously scheduled appointment for next week. in the interest of finally providing the american people with some accurate information at long last, i hope that we can proceed with this straight dialogue soon. clayton: so our own catherine herridge in her great reporting have said it's democrats that have ultimately delayed this indefinitely. so it's not just a temporary delay like oh it's a holiday weekend. no, it's indefinitely delayed. pete: democrat. same democrats that have been wanting to get to the bottom of this collusion scandal at the beginning. clayton: wait a second we have to pull this back. and president trump this morning up early tweeting
4:04 am
about this already saying this. so now it's reported that the democrats who had excore rated carter page about russia don't want him to testify. he blows away their case against him and now wants to clear his name by showing the false or misleading testimony by james comey, john brennan. and then he labels it witch-hunt. ainsley: which is what you said at the top of the last hour. you said if it's not -- if you don't hear both sides it's not a true investigation. that is called a witch-hunt. pete: that's exactly right. you investigate both sides when you are trying to get to the truth or bottom of it. if you think -- and the democrats have been breathe e. breathless about we have got to hear from carter page. here is he. very democrats on the committee. you ask yourselves why. either they don't have the evidence or what he is going to say is going to blow up -- ainsley: they want to hear from the people who president obama appointed. but they don't want to hear from carter page who is affiliated with president trump. clayton: it's sad it means our american history in the last 50, 60 years is riddled with these type of investigations, these commissions, warren commission and others that
4:05 am
have just ignored evidence from one side, just for political reasons. even though people presented evidence to the committee was ignored, walked away and pulled back from. pete: carter page says in that letter what he would say would expose the nonsensical lies and smoke and mirror tactics of the clinton, comey and obama camps. he believes he could finally have his day in court effectively because he has been drawn in the court of public opinion by the fake news media and others who want to point out any angle they can to make it look like president trump colluded with russia. he could finally get his opportunity to speak his side and democrats vague no, we don't want that it's really really troubling. clayton: get him on the record. when you go in front of the committees perjure yourself by providing false or misleading testimony. have you got to be true and stand by your testimony. they don't want him to talk at all. ainsley: we showed you this in the first hour and we're warning you if you have kids in the room you might want to shuffle them out just while we talk about this. kathy griffin, the comedian, she thought this was funny.
4:06 am
and she made a video and posted a picture of her holding up president trump's head, look at that like it had been decapitated like isis does. and we are hearing from all of you, you don't think this is funny. we're not going to keep it up for too long. do want you to see it we want you to see how far this has gone. pete: looks like isis photo. the horrible part of it is who are the people being beheaded in iraq and syria? journalists? beheaded for trying to cover stories. we go with this? clayton: i don't understand it. here is my problem beyond just the graphic nature of this is that it was planned. when a photographer kathy griffin and said i want to do this photo shoot and have you a run up to it. she is a busy person. no doubt. not just something she dropped that afternoon and did. she had on her calendar and-to-do this photo shoot. she knew what it was going to be ahead of time. there talking about it, thinking about it here is
4:07 am
video from tmz that they released the behind the scenes of this looking at it saying we knew this was going to be bad. watch. >> right? >> yeah. we're going -- mexico. we're going to go to prisoner. >> yeah. yeah. >> call your dad. apologize. mexico today. not surviving. this okay? ainsley: we're not going to survive. this. pete: high five each other. look how cool we are. we are tough. clayton: put it out there. and asking for an apology later. that's what she has done. she has released an apology yesterday online. take a listen to see if it means much to you. >> hey, everybody, it's me, kathy griffin. i sincerely apologize. i'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. i'm a comic. i crossed the line. i moved the line and i crossed it. i went way too far. the image is too disturbing. i understand thousand offends people. it wasn't funny.
4:08 am
i get it i have made at love mistakes in my career. i will continue. i ask your forgiveness. taking down the image. going to ask the photographer to take down the image and i beg for your forgiveness. i went too far. i made a mistake and i was wrong. clayton: some of our viewers pointed out of she rolled the eyes when she gave the apology. look for body lang. i understanding some people are offended by this she rolls her eyes. pete: eye roll. you hope it's sincere seeing what happened before. it's just a reaction. almost like she is talking tough with the photographer. gets the feedback and wants to save her job. works at cnn does the new year's eve stuff. imagine this is a republican or conservative or holding the hand of president obama-it would be treated so differently see what happens with her. ainsley: even saying they are not sure how they are going to be handle. this not sure if she'll do the new year's eve special going on. shendorsement by squatty potty
4:09 am
they dropped her. clayton: you know it's bad when a potty company drops you. [laughter] ainsley: here's the thing, when you see that photo you know it's shocking. she is smart woman. she knew she was going to get this reaction. she probably knew in advance hey i'm going to have to apologize. do you do it? if you know you have to apologize. we are all always careful. try to be careful of what we are going to say we know we will make mistakes. we do whatever we cannot to make a mistake. she knew it was a mistake and came out and apologize. pete: take a slow on fox and it's a tape and have hours to decide. if you do something like that, it doesn't make the tape. ainsley: if you watch this video, we have seen what isis is doing. that is what is so hard to see to see the president. the president of the united states of america who is fighting this, who is fighting to prevent, this and we have had americans that have died in this brutal, brutal disgusting way. so when you see those images, it just we minds you of daniel pearl, the journalist. we have had american
4:10 am
journalists who have died this way and their families are suffering and it is so brutal. so to do this, it just -- it crosses the line. it's too much. pete: so right. number one rule of being a comedian be funny. it's not funny. clayton: we asked for your comments. keep them coming. email us. your thoughts are pouring in on this. go over to jillian who has other news. jillian: good morning. get to a fox news alert. 80 people are dead a and more than 350 hurt after a car bomb explosion at the height of rush hour in afghanistan. the blast happening steps from the german embassy in kabul killing a security guard. injuring german and japanese embassy employees. jack keane says the attack is meant to instill dare. >> i clearly what they want to do is demonstrate to people in the diplomatic zone that the
4:11 am
government of afghanistan the security forces can't protect them. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. the u.s. navy bolstering presence amid growing tensions with north korea. the uss ronald reagan warship now in the sea of japan. it could begin training with the uss carl vinson as early as today. this comes as the white house sends a strong message to kim jong un. if you fire a missile, we can block it. pentagon successfully intercepting a missile over the pacific. designed to prevent a war head before it hits america. so precise it's like trying to hit a bullet with another bullet. president trump is ramping up his search for a new fbi director. the commander-in-chief meeting with two new candidates weeks after firing james comey. under consideration, former tsa chief john pistol and chris ray, the former assistant attorney general under president george w. bush.
4:12 am
the white house says the president will continue to interview candidates until the right leader is found. all right. now, president trump is joining in on the coug covfefe . the internet is going wild u despite the constant negative press, covfefe. some think he meant coverage. covfefe going viral with its own #. what does it mean? this morning president trump is keeping us guessing. moments ago he tweeted who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe? enjoy. world of social media you can't delete the tweet and go back and joke about it. but is he president. he can do whatever he wants. clayton: he was tweeting after midnight. my thought he was probably tweeting and maybe fell asleep halfway through the sentence. ainsley: right. he doesn't tweet. not like us who tweet in the middle of the night and fall asleep after wine.
4:13 am
pete: let us know what you think covfefe means? clayton: president called on world leaders to take ownership of their own security and pay their own share. now seem to be turning their backs on the commander-in-chief. next guest says they are making a mistake. ainsley: could this soon become a campaign slogan? [chanting] jerry, jerry, jerry. ainsley: democrats eyeing a possible new secret weapon to battle republicans in 2018. ♪ you had to a big shot ♪ did you ♪ your friends were so knocked out ♪ you had to have the last word last night ♪ know what everything's about ♪ you had to have a ♪ remember dad helping you catch your first fish?
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♪ ♪ clayton: welcome back. the mainstream media hammering president trump following his first trip as commander-in-chief. >> the president is back in washington after his lengthy trip abroad. and even though his team feels confident the trip was successful, he returns to plenty of controversy. >> the president is riding high from that big foreign trip. but as he arice back here at home. is he going to face a bit of a reality check. >> the entire world is watching.
4:18 am
of course, most importantly vladimir putin's watching. >> the fact that our president does not respect those allies. actually shows more warmth to putin and his cronies, more warmth to the saudis where, of course the 9/11 terrorists came from. that's really disturbing. clayton: not just the mainstream media acting out. leaders seem to be turning their backs. here to weigh in former policy advisor to at the present time franks and fellow at the hudson institute rebeccahs. >> good morning. >> angela merkel one of those who seemed to turn her back on the president even before he landed back on u.s. soil. she had this to say about germany becoming more self-reliant. listen. >> our trans-atlantic relationship is one of the utmost important the statement i made recently is due to the
4:19 am
fact that in the face of the present circumstances we have additional reasons for us to realize that we have to take our fate in our own hands in europe. clayton: president tweeted about this. he said that's very bad. this is going to change. they owe us a lot of money. they a big deficit with us. what do you make of this move by angela merkel. >> donald trump is very, very unpopular in germany. environmentalism has become the state religion there. and he doesn't subscribe to that religion. and he wasn't going to, you know, commit the united states to maintaining the paris accord there. so, you know, part of it is a political calculation. part of it is donald trump is representing, he is the president of the united states. he is not the president of the world. he is not the president of europe. he is not trying to win a popularity contest in europe. is he going to say and do things that the europeans don't like. is he right. nato has become anemic. poisoned by the liberal pass schism and contribute more to collective security if they want the help of the united states. clayton: our inbox is blowing
4:20 am
up this morning around here. the president just tweeted moments ago about that kathy griffin photo that i'm sure you saw this morning on the show. ewe we're not going to show it now. the president tweeting moments ago we wanted to get your take on this. is he outraged on this. kathy griffin should be ashamed of herself. my children my 11-year-old son barron are having a hard time with this. sick. kathy griffin holding the head of president trump in this photo shoop. she apologized. what is your take on this? >> it's terrible. we have gotten to a point in our civil discourse in the united states where penal are saying and doing things that are just appalling. you don't treat one another this way. there are consequences to the things that we do, the things that we post online. the things that we say. and you can't take them back once do you it it's truly appalling. i'm glad she apologized. i hope she is insear. we need to all take a minute and reevaluate how we are treating one another. the left has become so hysterical about the president that they are doing stuff like
4:21 am
this. it's a shame. clayton: rebecca line rick's, thank you sore joining us this morning. coming up on the show, democrats looking for military might to take back congress in 2018. their plan to recruit veterans. grew up you a democrat and says this doesn't work. >> a little civil. sizzle and some hop. cooking with friends. brought to you by nutrition california walnuts. get recipes at
4:22 am
excuse me, are you aware of what's happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports.
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we can identify threats 50% faster. you can do that? we can do that. then do that. can we do that? we can do that.
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♪ ainsley: now for news by the numbers. first, three. the insurance institute for highway safety revealing the deadliest cars in america. the most dangerous? the hyundai accent with 104 deaths per million registered vehicles. the kia rio and the help me out on that the sciontc. that takes second place to kia and third place to scion.
4:25 am
nasa announcing first mission to touch the sun today. next summer they will spend a space craft directly into the sun's atmosphere to learn more about the solar system. keep asking how they do that. that's why they are scientists and we are not. finally six, that's the age of the youngest competitor at this year's scripts national spelling bee. elitani fuller is facing an elimination round today. the finals are tomorrow night in washington, d.c. she is 6 years old, pete. pete: unreal. i don't think my 6-year-old -- >> she will be a scientist. pete: democrats have a plan to take back the house in 2018. recruit veterans to run on the democratic ticket. can they find veterans to stand behind the liberal ideals that the party currently stands on? here is his take missouri governor eric who says he grew up as a democrat and of course is now the republican governor of missouri.
4:26 am
he joins us now. governor, thanks for joining us this morning. really appreciate it. >> great to be on with you, pete. pete: you got it the veterans, we have a graphic of how veterans voted in 2016. 61% of them went for president trump. 34% went for clinton. you and i know veterans those who serve are usually a little more conservative. how successful do you think democrats will be in recruiting veterans to run on their ticket this time around? >> well, look, i respect every veteran. i respect their service. we honor it. and i think that we do need to have more people in office who aren't clear politicians. but the problem with liberals is not who they've got spouting their message. it's their ideas. it's their message. liberals are out of touch with the american people. when we travel around missouri we hear very clear messages. people support law enforcement. they don't want welfare. they want to bring back american jobs. they want to see a thriving economy rooted in the hard values of hard work and personal responsibility.
4:27 am
that's what we see in missouri. pete: governor, your own conversion is delegate here as someone who was a democrat and decided to leave. it wasn't just -- part of it was an attraction for what conservatism stood for and also what you saw happens happening in the democratic party. do you believe turned off in the direction that party was. >> i was born and raised a democrat. the experience of serving my country overseas as a navy seal, the experience of running my own business, and then also the experience of watching the v.a. bureaucracy destroy the lives of my friends. all of those things made me a conservative, not by birth but by conviction. and, yeah, i think that you see it's not just veterans but the american people are attracted to strong, common since conservative values. pete: absolutely. of course the v.a. a perfect example of how the left says just spend a billion more dollars and everything will be fixed and it never is i have got to ask you about a bill you recently signed in missouri called the steel mill bill. you say it will get missour
4:28 am
missourians back to work again. tell us about the bill. >> we had the ability to bring a steal mill with hundreds of quality jobs to missouri. politicians failed to do their job. what i did was cancelled their vacations. i called a special session. i brought them back to work. and they passed a bill so that now we can bring a steel mill with hundreds of quality jobs to missouri. the message that we heard from people around the state of missouri was really clear. they said we don't want welfare. they say we want to work so help us to bring back american jobs. and that's exactly what we did. pete: governor, quick question in washington, d.c. they take a long summer on capitol hill. the president has ambitious agenda to bring jobs back. do you think we should cancel vacation in washington, d.c. as well? >> absolutely. we did this here in missouri and people said that's right. cancel their vacations. bring them back to work so that they do their job. my job is to fight for the jobs of the people of missouri. and we need to cancel the
4:29 am
politician's vacation and bring them back to get their job done. pete: they get enough vacation anyway. governor, thanks so much for joining us this morning and for your service. we appreciate it. >> thanks, man. pete: it's the narrative democrats cannot live without. >> what do the russians have on president trump politically? financially? and personally? pete: but, is that what american families really care about? how about jobs? taxes? healthcare? defeating isis? our panel of moms weigh in next. and democrats may have a secret weapon to battle republicans. it's really secret. 2018. [chanting] jerry, jerry, jerry you always pay
4:30 am
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4:32 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: it's the story line democrats are obsessed with. watch. >> what do the russians have on president trump
4:33 am
politically, financially, and personally? >> there is no reason, no reason whatsoever for the congressional investigation to slow down or stop. >> i become incredulous thinking about the ongoing fbi investigation into russia's interference with our presidential election. ainsley: well, the democrats can't stop talking about russia. is this really the issue that american families care most about? here to help us answer that we bring in our panel of security moms, we have beth in the back in the pink, we have lisa next to her. we have cathy in the front in the white dress, and we have courtney here, too. thank you, ladies for being back with us. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. let's get first to russia and then we will goat kathy griffin. do you care about russia and if not -- you are going to say no. we already talked about this in the commercial break. >> all americans care about a foreign body hacking into a our systems or tampering with our elections but none of that think that's happened in this case. >> after seven months we still
4:34 am
have no credible evidence, so i think it's time to move on. what we're experiencing is just too much and it's unbalanced. ainsley: cathy, if there were evidence you would want to pursue it? >> of course i would be interested in it. after seven months, we as americans our country we are facing real and grown up kinds of problems right now. instead of democrats and most in mainstream media acting like adults and coming to the table with real solutions, they are behaving like crazed animals. ainsley: beth, what do you care about? >> well, and just to back up what cathy said, it has been seven months and hasn't been any evidence. as an attorney, i know evidence is key. without evidence, then this narrative that the mainstream media was talking about mentioning our president of the united states, it just needs to stop. let's just give an example of the manchester terrorist attack. this was the only station that reported continually on -- had coverage on it. ainsley: we were. you are right about that.
4:35 am
>> every other network whether it was cable or regular news networks. weren't reporting on it. they were still reporting on trump and russia. can i just tell you as a mom, i'm concerned about national security. that's a huge concern for me. i think that the mainstream media is doing a disservice and really is negligent that they are not reporting on what the real issues are. ainsley: leisha, you are a mother of two. what are your concerns. >> we are concerned. security is domestic and international. we want our children to feel free. that's at the top of any list of any american or anywhere in the world. of course you look at what's been going on with the elections there, san active investigation. let's let them do their jobs and put that on the back burner. obviously we are concerned with the economy and jobs. and healthcare. and we want to see some of these promises during the election come to fruition. and there seems to be a tremendous amount of gridlock and a lot of it, i really think, has to do with leftover election bad feelings.
4:36 am
and this is kind of the catalyst going forward. >> i think most americans, just to chime in on that, most americans believe this is the typical left reaction. they lost the election. they are a bunch of big babies, they are crying about it and now this is a big distraction. we lost the election now we are going to distract you with this russian collusion nonsense and on top of that, we are going to try to take trump down by all means necessary. somewhat probably illegal. >> and what they fail to understand is that we are all on the same boat called america. if my side of the boat goes down, then your side of the boat is going to also go down. they will salivating over the idea of doing harm to this president. ainsley: comedian kathy griffin released a photo of her holding up a decapitated head of our president with blood coming down that reminds us all of isis. we will show the picture. if you have kids in your room, you might want to get them out so we can talk about this. we want to hear from the perspective of parents. we're going to show -- can we put up the picture really
4:37 am
quickly. this is the picture of her. it's disgusting. it's hard to see. the president has reacted to this. and this is going to touch your hearts as moms. the president said kathy griffin should be ashamed of herself, my children, especially my 11-year-old son barron are having a hard time with this. sick. beth, what's your reaction? >> well, as a mom of three kids, it's disgusting. and you look at the picture, and it reminds me of the images that we see in the middle east of what isis is doing. not only to christians beheading christians but they are beheading their own. they are beheading other muslims. and it really is disgusting. you know, we had talked about it earlier, it's almost like a form of domestic terrorism. she needs to be ashamed of herself. ainsley: did any of you all not vote for president trump? you all voted for him? >> yes. ainsley: if this were flipped. >> oh, come on. >> >> everyone would get called a racist.
4:38 am
>> not only should she be ashamed of herself. she should be arrested. this has -- i mean, this has to fall under the statute of inciting if nothing else. ainsley: there is national intelligence investigation. >> it is basically anti-american the set up of the picture. ainsley: she said she is sorry we all teach our kids. >> she needs to have that reaction. >> we saw the video while they were actually doing it she said we need to leave and move to mexico because we are going to be arrested. she is fully aware of what she did. so thank you but no thank you to her apology. >> i think social media has provided access to so many people on such a grand scale and there is a serious lack of accountability and who it will reach like we were talking about trump's son. no son should see a picture like that of their father. >> heart breaking. ainsley: should cnn continue to allow her to do the new year's special a block away. >> absolutely. but we are talking about cnn.
4:39 am
the bar is really low on them stepping up to be accountable. but much of what we are seeing with kathy griffin and so many others on campuses and throughout the streets is being inflamed by democrats as well as many in mainstream media who are just -- who are foaming at the mouth, salivating over the idea of president trump going down. >> accountability and she should be sanctioned. ainsley: you nice to see you all again. and kiss those babies. they have 9 children among the four of you. lots of hard work. all right. jillian, we are going to hand it over to you. >> good morning. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. tiger woods was asleep at the wheel before his dui arrest. shocking update as we learned the golf legend didn't actually have any alcohol on his system but was on four medications including vicodin. the police report revealing woods didn't know where he was. he failed four sobriety tests
4:40 am
before blowing a zero on the breathalyzer in jupiter, florida. police say his mercedes had two flat tires, damage to the rims and a taillight was out. the dash cam is expected to be released today. 49 people are shot in chicago over memorial day weekend and get this: it's being hailed as progress? five people killed and 44 wounded in shootings between friday and monday night. that's a drop from 7 killed and 61 injured last year. officials are crediting new technology that helps detect gunshots and predict shootings. 947 people have been shot in chicago so far this year. well, democrats may have a new secret weapon for 2018. and he already has the perfect campaign slogan. take a look. [chanting] jerry, jerry, jerry. jillian: business insider reports democrats are pushing tv legend jerry spring tore run for ohio governor in 2018.
4:41 am
springer ran once and failed in 1982. and briefly served as mayor of cincinnati before becoming one of tv's most notorious daytime talk show hosts. so far springer says he will think about it he will keep you posted if we get another answer on that. those are your headlines. pete: crazier things have happened my home state had jesse ventura. clayton: that is crazier. janice: hoping to do something with the showers in the northeast. something more fun to look at. do you know congressman kevin mccarthy of bakersfield, california? because he has another career, i think as a tv weather man. take a look at this clip. so cute. >> it's going to get warmer as the day progresses. as you notice we will peek around 5:00 around 92 degrees and we will start trimming down a little lower and that will be a good time to go through the drive-thru doors
4:42 am
get ice costa rica cream. >> what's better ice milk or ice cream? >> ice cream. >> really? i'm an ice milk. janice: oh my gosh, congressman, you need to come to my green screen my friend. we need to do that here on "fox & friends." clayton: i love it second career. pete: much more difficult than it looks. janice: green screen is tough. i know pete you have asked me to give you lessons on this. pete: it is tough. janice: congressman mccarthy come see me my friends. weather maps cooler than average. we are going to be dealing with showers and thunderstorms really from new england down towards the gulf coast. that's going to be the ongoing situation weatherwise. and later on this afternoon or later on this morning we are going to be dealing with yachts, forecasting on yachts. stay tuned for that back inside. clayton: thanks, janice, appreciate it. ainsley: president trump looking to change the senate rule book. stuart varney is here.
4:43 am
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ainsley: this is a fox news alert. john roberts our correspondent in washington has one source that is telling him and is he working on a second source that the president, president trump is pulling out of the paris climate change deal. stuart varney joins us from the business channel to tell us what this means for you and your family. >> first of all, it's an unequal treaty. it's not a treaty. an unequal agreement. for example, china doesn't have to do anything about its emissions until the year 20030. it can pollute up the wazoo until then and then he its pledged to try to reduce its emissions meanwhile we in america we have to cut our emissions even more according
4:47 am
to president obama by the year 2025. it's unequal. pete: you called it anti-western. >> it is. you take money and resources off europe and america and you give it to other countries. for example, in the year 2020 under the paris accord, president obama has agreed to supply part of a 100 billion-dollar payment every year from europe and america going to other countries to emile rate the effects of global warming. 100 billion a year. we are on the hook for part of that. clayton: yet those in their administration that don't support pulling out of the climate accord even his own daughter ivanka trump. rex tillerson. the current ceo of exxon mobil saying we can be part of the paris climate accord but also dismantle the obama era climate regulations. he has a good push back. >> he will get push back. i mean, look, outside the
4:48 am
argument as to whether or not the planet is warming, outside that argument, you have got a diplomatic argument as well. do we mortally offend germany, for example, by pulling out of this paris accord. pete: because they are obsessed with climate change. >> they are obsessed a state religion in germany. the climate is changing. it's a state religion. we upset them vigorously if we pull out of the paris accord. and, of course, there are people who in good faith believe that the climate is changing that we must control that and we must reduce carbon emissions. that's a good faith argument. so they say don't pull out of the paris accord. but it appears, according to john roberts, we are going to pull out. pete: can you do that through conservation without international scheme that globalists designed to pull away our sovereignty and make decisions ourselves as a country. >> if everybody did what they're supposed to do under the terms of the paris accord, we meet all of the agreements which we have made, it would reduce the temperature of the planet by a fraction of 1
4:49 am
degree by the end of this century. is it worth it? some people say no. some people say yes, it is worth it. that is the argument. john roberts says we are out of that paris accord. remarkable stuff. clayton: stuart varney. pete: i'm sure you will be talking about that in your program. ainsley: go rewrite your show. clayton: have the show planned tear the whole thing up. >> don't do that. ainsley: he has one source telling him that. >> we got it. clayton: late night tweet from president trump shaking up the internet. this typo, covfefe sparking jokes from both sides. carley shimkus here is what the president himself is saying about covfefe ♪ finding time to get things done isn't easy.
4:50 am
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go to ♪ all right. welcome back. before we show you this picture. parents, if you are watching right now. if your kids are in the room: send them out of the room. pictures are horrifying. pictures sparking nationwide backlash. comedian kathy griffin posing with a picture of the beheaded president trump at a photo shoot. ainsley: outrage is mounting this morning. fox news headlines carley shimkus is here with the growing backlash. our viewers are writing us like crazy. >> that comes as no surprise. kathy griffin is facing major backlash. many saying this picture we just showed reminds them of isis photo.
4:54 am
of isis propaganda. kathy griffin has said she went too far. here is a portion of her apology. >> i sincerely apologize. i'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. i'm a comic. i crossed the line. i moved the line. i crossed it. i went way too far. the image is too disturbing. i understand how it offends people. it wasn't funny. i get it. now the president has responded to this. he makes a really good point. take a look at this tweet. he says kathy griffin should be ashamed of herself. my children, especially my 11-year-old son barron are having a hard time with this. sick. can you imagine being an 11-year-old and seeing that of your father. pete: she didn't apologize to, president trump. >> that's a good point. she certainly did not. some of her friends, anderson cooper specifically is also reacting do this saying this crossed the line. he tweeted for the record, i am appalled by the photo shootk.
4:55 am
it is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate. all this twitter blow back could be the least of her concerns because the secret service has gotten involved. they also sent out a tweet saying that they are investigating. ainsley: good for anderson cooper though. you do associate the two of them together because they do the new year's eve thing. good for him calling her out. clayton: a little after midnight president trump is on twitter as he is want to do. it seemed like he stopped halfway through the tweet and with a random word that popped up covfefe. >> he made up a new word. he is a very busy man. he has time to make up new words in the english language. right around midnight he said what was the tweet that he said. despite the constant negative press covfefe. so that covfefe is now the top trending #across twitter nationwide. and the president also has a presidenty good sense of humor about it he tweeted a follow-up saying who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe? enjoy.
4:56 am
so there are so many memes and tweets pours in with reaction. take a look at this people, stop trying to make covfefe happen. it's a quote from, of course, mean girls. and i hear that you are a fan. clayton: huge mean girls fan. >> i'm sure you get that joke. jimmy kimmel tweeted what makes me sad is i know i will never write anything funnier than covfefe. media frantically typing covfefe translate what it means in russian. wow. this is my favorite. this guy actually already secured a license plate. covfefe. you are going to start seeing this on shirts and caps. clayton: we still don't know what it means. pete: every year the dictionary introduces new words. it could be a candidate. i wonder if he fell asleep. he didn't even finish the sentence it was like supposed to coverage. >> if anybody needs a nap it's him.
4:57 am
clayton: thanks, carley. corey lewandowski, lawrence jones and former speak speaker of the house newt gingrich. pete: we have boats on the plaza janice picked out her own. great pick. ainsley: the price is right ♪ i'm coming out tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. mattress firmness? enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $700 on the temperature balancing i8 bed. ends sunday. go to for a store near you.
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>> this is a fox news alert. president trump is pulling out of the paris climate change deal. >> an american intercepter missile successfully destroyed an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> it is stunning technology, but it is a weapon of last resort. >> dozens of people dead after an explosion rips through the afghan capital. at least 80 people have been killed. 350 injured. >> president trump calling for the end of a filibuster. >> on tax reform we can accomplish both of these things with the existing rules. cathy griffin has done something outrageous. holding a six-member head.
5:01 am
>> not only should shebaa shamed of herself, she should be arrested. >> it is basically anti-american, the set i happen of the picture. >> i went way too far, and i beg for your forgiveness. >> everyone is asking what does it mean? so this morning president trump is keeping us guessing. we tweeted who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe. enjoy. ♪ ♪ >> we are totally out of covfefe this morning. >> can we get more covfefe here? we're going to be looking at more pontoon boats and the boat show. ainsley: summertime. it doesn't really warm up here until july. most people come here in summer because they're out of
5:02 am
school. if you're going to come here, and you want warmer weather, come here in july. >> well, then we have our own swamp here in july. ainsley: summer is unbearable here. >> it's a concrete jungle. >> you also smell the garbage. i shouldn't go there. sorry about that. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to fox and friends on this wednesday. julie is there with the headlines. >> about six weeks, and you've officially scared me. ainsley: the beach isn't too far away. >> yes. i will be looking forward to that. a massive car bomb explosion at the height of rush hour and afghanistan. at least 80 people are dead and more than 350 are hurt. the blast happening steps from the german embassy in cabo killing a security guard and
5:03 am
embassy employees. retired general jack keane says the attack is meant to instill terror. >> clearly what they want to do is demonstrate to the people in a diplomatic zone that the government of afghanistan and security forces can't protect them. >> so far, no one's claimed responsibility for the attack. a tense hour-long standoff at an airport coming to an end last night. after reports of a gunman near the rental car lot panicked passengers as cops surrounded the suspect with guns drawn. a former marine had a fake gun and tried to submit suicide by cop. he will undergo a mental evaluation. no one was hurt. president trump is ramping up the search for a new fbi director. the commander-in-chief will meet with two new candidates. under consideration, former
5:04 am
tsa john and chris ray, former assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. the white house says the president will continue to interview candidates until the right leader is found. corruption at the va. a manager fired by the president is back on the job. former puerto rico hospital director dwayne hamlin attempted to fire a whistle-blower who out the him about a dui arrest. the president gave him the boot. but after filing a civil service protections appeal, he returned to work. a whistle-blower joined us earlier to react. >> you have a corrupt government official who abuses his authority like the director in phoenix, the department of justice should prosecute them as they have basically engaged in activity that put veterans' lives at risk. in many cases, veterans have died. >> new va accountability legislation is now being introduced in the senate. a look at your headlines. >> that's what people hate about the swamp. you try to get something done
5:05 am
and then unions and bureaucracy block it. >> terrible. well, we want to bring to you this morning former campaign manager for donald trump, cory lewandowski bringing you today's news. >> hey, good morning. >> the democrats have been long asking to get to the bottom of this russia scandal over the past few months. they want to get to the bottom of alleged collusion between the trump administration or the trump campaign and the russian government. carter paige was one of the targets, they wanted him to testify. they had been calling for carte paige, a former adviser to president trump to testify. and now we're learning this morning according to our own catherine herridge that democrats have slammed the breaks on him testifying. and they don't want him to testify anymore. what do you make about this? >> what i know is that when i ran the campaign, our reaction with carter paige was very, very minimal. he was listed as a volunteer on the advisory board and the board met one time, and he didn't show up to that meeting. almost no interaction with carter paige. but more importantly if there
5:06 am
was any information that he had which was relevant, which there isn't, obviously the senate and other inquiries would want to have that conversation with him. but the bottom line is there's no collusion, but this is something they continue to look into. there's no evidence that anything took place that was inappropriate or wrong. not by the president. not by the candidate, the campaign, or anybody else. so it sounds like their case is already starting to fall apart before it begins. >> point taken. i know he wasn't part of the campaign at all. but it's part of their narrative to investigate. they really wanted to hear from him. what reason would house democrats on the committee to say no. no. we wanted you but now we don't. >> had a conversation with other people who looked for more information, and it clearly shows there's no coordination, no collusion, no interaction between the campaign and anybody from the russian government or russian officials and any information that carter page could have potentially provided would continue to prove the narrative that there is no
5:07 am
collusion, no continuity of any information that was ever shared that never took place, so they said, look, we don't want to be embarrassed by that information of having nothing to show for it, so we'll just put him aside. ainsley: that's what it sounds like. because the letter he wrote to the house intel committee, he says the fbi and the cia aren't telling the truth about their rule on this, and he wants to set the record straight, but they don't want to hear from him. they want to hear from the appointees by, but they don't want to hear from him because he used to work for president trump. >> well, that's exactly right. and, again, it's a agenda that the media continues to push, we know that there was nothing that went on that was wrong. there are more of these investigations that are giant waste of taxpayers money because there's nothing to waste. i sat at that campaign for almost two years and undercover ever did somebody say let's get in touch with the russians and have a conversation. ever.
5:08 am
>> you said you were going back to work at the white house, but you like your life in new hampshire. you would be hard-pressed not to turn it down. now there's a communication at the white house and mike has resigned as president trump's communications director. what do you make of this? are you in the mix at all for this job? >> look, you know, that's a decision for the president to make and his team. if i can be helpful, you know, i've made it clear that i want this president's agenda to get done, which is tax reform and health care reform and all the things that he pledged during the campaign that he gets to execute. it's very important to know that i can be helpful on the outside, if they want me to be helpful on the inside and the right role is there. i would be willing to consider that but you have to have people around the president who support his agenda. and they have to have that
5:09 am
relationship with the president to understand how he communicates. he's better than the staff. he knows the media. >> do you think he didn't have a good relationship with the president? >> no. mike is a very capable guy. the difference is he was brought into a job not having a preexisting relationship with the president. and when you have a president who is so active, so articulate, so good at communicating with the media, sometimes you get staff who have to keep up with him, and it's much easier i think if you ask people who had a preexisting relationship to understand how the president functions. that makes it much more cohesive. so just getting up to speed in a very difficult environment when you have so much negative media attention is a hard thing for anybody. ainsley: you're so loyal to him, so tough, you supported him, he supports you. it seems if you were part of that original group, you all stuck together and remained so tight, even if you're not working in the white house. now, yesterday, rush limbaugh said this: he said i don't get how people don't get tits
5:10 am
it's not just the democrats in washington roadblocking donald trump. he talks about the republicans that are roadblocking him, that congress can't get together, it's time for them to all mesh and vote for tax reform, vote to repeal and replace. if you were sitting in front of congress that are on opposite sides, what would you say to those republicans? >> it's very simple. president trump was elected to change the country. and you can get onboard that train or lose your next election because i can promise you this. the democrats forget about the middle class and infrastructure and if you don't want to provide that change in 18 months, we're going to have another election and the agenda that this president is going to implement will be gone. to get the final conclusion done on the repeal and replace of obamacare, get the massive tax cut, the largest tax cut in the history of our country, get that done. get the infrastructure bill
5:11 am
done. get the wall built. if you do those things, you will get reelected. if you don't do those things, it's because you have failed the american people. they want change. give them the change they deserve, which the president is trying to get done. >> cory, the senate republicans, the most notoriously body in washington, they're the key group here that have to come together. there's 52 of them. they need 51 votes. they can barely afford to lose anybody. what is going to be the strategy on tax reform and obamacare repeal with that group? because you need them all united, and they're pretty fractured. >> well, you do need them all united, but you also have to remember there are ten incumbent democrats serving right now in states that donald trump won last year that are up for reelection this year in places like west virginia, montana, the dakotas, in missouri. these states are going to be very competitive -- >> besides mansion, who is that? >> well, look, you have terrace in montana, a state like florida, which is very competitive, particularly if governor scott gets in that
5:12 am
race. you know, what you have is you have to remember this have to go back to their and say i didn't want to put a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending. that's a hard thing to do in states. >> their base is refuting. so it's hard to say. >> donald trump's base is more tight than ever. ohio is a great example. brown wants to stop's agenda. he's putting coal minors back to work, you can go and campaign and be helpful to happen. i think job, who's the state treasurer will go there and win that election. >> cory lewandowski. thank you for joining us. >> yes, cory. >> appreciate it. >> all right. coming up, cathy griffin thought this was funny.
5:13 am
we're warning you. but no one laughed at her disgusting beheading of the president's stunt. now she says she's sorry. but not to happen. is it too little too late. ainsley: plus the bombshell re blew up and not in the way that the mainstream media was hoping. newt gingrich on that coming up you always pay
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ainsley: breaking overnight, a huge explosion rocking the afghan capitol. >> at least 80 people dead, 350 others injured after a powerful car bomb ripped through cobble. the blast hamming steps from the german embassy. our own kyle powell is live in jerusalem. >> good morning. just to put into perspective how big this explosion was, and it was gigantic. it left a crater 13 feet deep in a concrete floor on the main road there. also more than a mile away windows in buildings were
5:18 am
completely shattered. this was a gigantic blast for a city that has seen a lot of big bombs. more than 350 people injured, 80 at least killed. this happened right in the downtown center of cobble. it was an area where there are a lot of embassies. not too much from the u.s. and british embassies but very close to the turkish and german embassies. this is an area in the morning where there's a lot of traffic going through. u.s. and afghan centers are trying to paint this as a positive situation where afghan security forces stop this large tanker full of expresses. but it should be noted that this security checkpoint was the last in the area. it had to get through many areas of the security and that's a fail of the afghan security forces. and that's one of the problems we're seeing consistently right now in afghanistan is that the security forces are struggling to cope. nobody has claimed
5:19 am
responsibility. but all eyes point to afghan offshoot or even potentially isis for carrying this out. >> all right. connor live for us in jerusalem with the story out of cobble. thanks so much, connor. >> not good news. and when they get that far in, maybe it's an inside job, unfortunately, of the afghan security forces as well. ainsley: you know that area. how long did you live there? >> i was there for a year more or less. the problems big then in 2011 have only won't bigger now. it's a tough fight and just adding a few thousand isn't necessarily going to change. ainsley: he was saying president obama pulled out too fast. >> as he did in iraq as well. retreat doesn't work too well. he was released from gitmo under president obama and guess what? ache's up to now. ainsley: and what's the right way to battle america's addiction crisis. is it treatment or is it jail? the discussion you're not going to want to miss. the surprising view of our own l
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
>> welcome back. some quick headlines now for you. the united states navy as tensions with north korea intensify. the uss ronald reagan warship now in the sea of japan. it could begin training with uss carl vincent as early as today. and this comes with a strong message to kim jong-un. if you fire a missile, we can block it. the pentagon successfully blocking a missile over the pacific. under arrest suspected in a isis recruiting network. we handed him over to france about eight years ago.
5:24 am
he's one of 121 released detainees who have gone back to jihad and the battlefield. ainsley. ainsley: thank you, clayton. a prison system packed with inmates experience substance abuse. 65% of all inmates are addicted yet only 11% receive treatment. how do we tackle this problem? dr. mark siegel and former dru drug addic, allen. jeff sessions wants to put everyone in jail, get these drug dealers off the street and put them in jail. and you're saying wait a minute, let's not do that. let's treat them. why do you say that's more important than putting them in jail? >> well, i would say drug traffickers, which are only 14% addicted to substances like opioids. 84% are just addicted to
5:25 am
patients. those are patients. i mean, opioid addiction is a disease. and a lot of this is enabled by doctors like me who prescribe opioids. but we need to clamp down on the borders, get the drug traffickers. but the actual opioid addicts, listen, are war heroes. 70,000 of them are addicted to opioids. do you want them in jail? i don't think our viewers want them in jail. the good news is that treatment programs work that if we put them in 12-step programs with peer to peer counseling and give them a reason to live. in prison, you're stigmatized. in prison as you said at the beginning, ainsley, only 11% are even receiving treatment. that's a mistake. and studies have shown that the way to cut down on addiction and on criminality is actually to treat in rehab programs. that's what physicians should be talking about. ainsley: i'm proud of you for turning your life around. you're the congressman for
5:26 am
faith-based coalition. former drug addict. what's your story? >> drug addicts hit the bottom and sometimes jail is the bottom they hit. in the community, it is the drug addicts and dealers that are committing crimes. going to jail under a court system supervision and the threat of going back to prison or going back to jail with a bad drug test is absolutely what many of these drug addicts and dealers have to have. no way possible treatment, wonderful. but sometimes treatment just doesn't work. and an addict is not going to just walk into treatment. they never have. >> you know, i want to honor
5:27 am
you, bishop allen because of your recovery. and it is an honor to be on with you. but i want to point out there's 200,000 inmates right now up from 20,00 20,000 30 years ago. half of them are drug addicts, and they're not getting hepta cost of over $30,000 per inmate. in the community, it's expensive too. but there's better hope getting them better. 70% response rate. and, again, you have to have a reason to live. let's keep the addicts with our families, rather than taking them away. >> well, we have 60% of all addicts relapse. we know that. go back to a system whether it is treatment or jail. it causes them to have super vision. obviously, doctor, you've never been -- and i do respect you. you've probably never been an addict, and i clearly
5:28 am
understand that. but drug addicts, we need to be forced in this treatment to help our families so that we can have the proper help. and jail, unfortunately, is the two that is absolutely needed to get them on the street and narrow because of the system that's in place. i needed that. when i was on drugs, crack cocaine. went to jail one time. it was a wake-up call that this could absolutely be permanent. and that turned my life around. >> it worked for you. but i know one patient who only recovered by helping his seven-month old child recover from a major intentional illness. that got him to quit. as you said, there's a high recurrence rate. you had that reason but other people can't do it in jail. ainsley: dr. siegel, bishop allen, thank you so much for joining us. both have valid points. what do you think? send us your comments. coming up, that bombshell report on jared kushner just blew up and not in the way
5:29 am
mainstream media had hoped. newt gingrich is going to talk to us about that coming up. and remember when the chair of the dnc did this? >> he doesn't give a (bleep) about health care. this is a (bleep) budget. and president trump -- ainsley: well, now democrats have a new plan to take down president trump. they want to have house parties. listen to this song. ♪ ♪ we can't stay here!
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why? terrible toilet paper! i'll never get clean! way ahead of you. charmin ultra strong. it cleans better. it's four times stronger... ...and you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin. whattwo servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. . >> let's bring in the former speaker of the house and fox news contributor and author of the new book understanding trump. mr. newt gingrich. speaker newt gingrich. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. nice to see you. >> the book assigned
5:33 am
predicting trump, it's understanding trump. very difficult to do. >> well is. >> i don't think anybody can predict trump. including trump, by the way. >> mr. speaker, we want to talk to you about carter page, he was monitored by the fbi to see if there's any collusion between president trump and russia. and he wants to speak in front of the house intel committee because he says his voice isn't being heard because the fbi and the cia when they were asking questions, they were talking about carter paige, and he said they got the story wrong. i want to tell my side and now we're learning today that democrats are saying what you know? we're not going to let him speak. we're going to postpone that and we don't even know if we're going to let him speak. what are your thoughts? >> well, look, i think the democrats and the news media have a one-sited false story. everyone who comes out tells the public all you need to
5:34 am
know that carter paige might blow up their story because their story's false. and i hope carter paige will be allowed to speak. if they refuse to let him speak, i hope they find a forum and speak without him. but the republicans who run the committee ought to run this committee. this nonsense of letting the democrats define everything when the republicans are supposedly in charge. i don't understand it, and i think the republicans ought to get a grip. if he wants to speak, bring him in. >> well, that's right. republicans are in charge of that committee. ultimately they could make that decision. i have to ask you on another angle here. >> look, let me -- >> yeah, go ahead, speaker. >> i was just going to say. if the democrats want to boycott it, let them boycott it. for them not to run over the left wing antitrump wing fashion, that's why the base is frustrated with republicans in congress. provide leadership.
5:35 am
take decisive action. be in charge. >> well, speaking of frustration, there's obviously a lot of frustration about how the media's coverage of this so-called russian narrative. the washington post scooped this idea that jared kushner colluded or tried to find a back channel. but it was based on a enormous and some are asking now where is this anonymous letter and why won't the washington post publish this if their entire story is on this physical existing document. shouldn't it be on them to at some point prove they have evidence? >> you know, that entire story tells you how hysterical and deeply antitrump the elite media has become. the fact is, first of all, that informal communications is a deep part of diplomacy. folks tend to forget in the cuban missile crisis, it was an abc correspondent meeting with the head of the kgb in washington, which created the back channel that helped us avoid a nuclear war. nobody thought that was bad.
5:36 am
the elite media wants to forget that obama created back channels to iran. at the time, of course, they all thought obama was wonderful, so it must have been a good idea. richard nixon created a back channel to communist china. you can go down item after item like this and say to yourself surely the washington post has somebody with a sense of history who understands how stupid the stories have become. they use language like bombshell. was it a bombshell when john f kennedy did it? was it a bombshell when barack obama did it? this is just one more symptom of the pathology of the left and the fact that they've frankly lost all touch with reality. >> mr. speaker, i want to get your take on the writer of the national review says about all of this. it's an interesting theory because, look, this just blew up in a democrat's face. the fact that jared kushner was trying to set up a back channel, and we now know it didn't happen, and it was happening around december, then doesn't that shoot a hole in the narrative about russian
5:37 am
collusion months ahead of time that if there was no back channel, it was not set up, then where was the back channel during the campaign? what do you make of the national review's piece? >> well, i have the same conversation with a reporter the other day who said to me isn't this if russia affected the election? and you can see his brain going, oh, yeah, that's right. isn't it? his whole thing -- the elite media wakes up in the morning, they know donald trump is guilty and what he's guilty of today. they know something terrible happened for donald trump. they just don't know what it is today. and that's how they start. they've already written the horrible thing happen today, and now they have to put in some fact as the anchor for the story. >> last week the president tweeted a decision whether the united states would be in or out of the paris climate accord. there's a lot of chatter this morning of what he may or may
5:38 am
not do. from your decision understanding consequences like this, where do you think the president comes down on this? >> well, i hope he comes down on pulling out? he just got a letter from 22 senators led by mitch mcconnell asking him to pull out. if you say something is terrible when the other team does it, then when you're in charge, get rid of it. don't say it was terrible and now we have to be responsible and do this. he has the power to pull out. it will be a real signal to the world that, in fact, we have changed. we are putting american interest first. there are things we can negotiate, but we don't need to be involved in gigantic multinational projects in which more money is spent by diplomats traveling. >> you wrote a book to trump, ivanka trump is not onboard with that. she has wanted the united states and other members of his administration have wanted
5:39 am
him to remain in the paris climate accord. rex tillerson among them. what do you make of that? >> look, i think it's perfectly healthy to have an argument over policy. reagan had different people in his administration arguing and at times his secretary of defense and secretary of state were deeply in disagreement. ironically usually the secretary of state more interested in using force and the secretary of defense being more cautious. but i think it's perfectly natural to have these intentions. it's good for a president to listen to everybody. he shouldn't just blindly go ahead. my haunch is once he's done listening to everybody, he's going to stick with his gut instinct and pull out. that is not a prediction. that's a hunch. ainsley: i'm sure you've seen the photo but for this at home just tuning in, there was a photo that comedian kathy
5:40 am
griffin has a head. if you have kids, get them out of the room. but we want you to see how horrific this is. she's holding this picture of a bloody face of our president. and the president tweeted this morning saying she should be ashamed of herself but his 11-year-old son is really having a hard time with this. what are your thoughts? >> i know it's true. on in my career, it's the people that love you or who are close to you who are the most hard hit, and we tend to forget in the blood lust of the left right now that barren, for example, is a young child. he himself has been attacked, which i think is unbelievably despicable on the left. but we're in a period where you have to understand the palatology of the let of. and i find even more offensive than what she did what's happening at evergreen state college where there's an effort to resegregate an
5:41 am
antiwhite model, and they apparently have a president who is totally out of touch of american values and to adopt policies that are endlessly brutal. there's a wall street journal piece today who is forced to teach her biology class outside the campus because the campus police have been told by the president they could not protect her. now, i think what was done by the comedian by the left has grown into pathologies, its radical values are so great that i think they literally becoming dangerous. not just for the president or the family, but the entire american system. imagine if somebody on the light had done that with a head of barack obama. imagine the cause for that person. how can she still be on television?
5:42 am
how can the networks allow her to be on tv? that will not have happened if somebody on the right had done that with the head of barack obama. >> very good point. mr. speaker, thank you very much for the clarity this morning. ainsley: thanks. >> good to be with you. >> all right. coming up, forget this? >> he doesn't give a (bleep) about health care. this is a (bleep) budget and president trump don't give a (bleep). >> well, forget that approach. democrats have finally come up with a new plan to take down president trump, and it's house party. i'll bring the it u tupperware. and thinking about buying a boat? stick around. we have a boat for every budget. janice dean.
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>> we're back with a fox news alert, we can now confirm with a second source that president
5:46 am
trump has made the decision to pull out of the paris climate accord and the end of a long debate inside the white house. confirms pulling out. >> and, meanwhile, democrats taking aim at the president's agenda to build resistance summer. the democratic national committee announcing the events will feature house parties with dnc keith being beamed in from rere: moat. now also being beamed in from remote, the host of the blaze lawrence jones. thank you for joining us this morning. first of all, resistance, resistance, resistance. now they're going to do it with house parties. what do you think of this? >> yeah. this is what i call the liberals double or nothing strategy. they tried this messaging system back in the past election, and they lost. but these people, they don't care about working with the president. they care about destroying him, impeaching him. we've got hollywood celebrities from snoop dogg
5:47 am
all the way to kathy griffin actually calling for the death of the president through their artistic expression. >> now, you want to say this doesn't work. maybe their current messaging doesn't work, but it seemed to work back in 2004 when john kerry got his hat handed to him by then george w. bush. there were a lot of house parties popped up. howard dean and people were hosting those things in their living rooms and howard dean would beam in via satellite or skype and talk to these groups. what's different from that? because then barack obama went on to win in 2000. what's different from that era to now? >> well, right now, people are broke. and all of this emotional stuff isn't working when people are living paycheck to paycheck, all of this emotional stuff isn't really playing with them. people just want to get jobs and good health care and a great education for their kids. so when you have democrats using this tactic right now
5:48 am
when people are struggling, i don't think it's going to work or connect with me of. i think that's the whole reason why you got donald trump. they thought everything was a game or party, but that's not the case for many americans. >> these house parties will be led by expert resistance facilitators. what does that mean? >> yeah. that means people who hate the president and want him impeached. i know i keep going back to this, but this is what this is all centered around. to get young people fired up, to protest at college campuses, all across the country and guess what? they're forgetting the people in middle america, the people that they lost. these are the same people that voted for barack obama that now voted for donald trump. so they got the young people. can they get the people paying taxes? >> and those who switched over to president trump as well. which is the key reason he's sitting in the white house right now. lawrence jones, thank you very much. >> i appreciate it, brother. >> you got it. . >> so are you like me?
5:49 am
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ainsley: well, summer is almost here and summer is a great time to hit water and have some fun with your friends and family. it keeps the kids out of trouble, you're on the water with family. here are some tips with boating with any budget is ellen hopkins, who is the vice president of discover boating. thank you for being with us, ellen. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: girl power. i love that we have a woman talking about boats. this is a seadoo, and it looks like fun. >> when you think of summer, you think of vacation and boating is truly that vacation on demand. there's no better way to connect with family and friends and really get out and escape and relax. and if you're not a boater, how do you get started? that's where discover boating comes in, and we have a ton -- we have four boats out here today for people just getting started, what kind of boat am i looking for? ainsley: who would want to buy the seadoo?
5:54 am
>> so this is a great way to figure out how to get started in boating. you can get a feel of the sun on your face, the wind in your hair. and this model here is a seadoo spark tricks, it's super cool. it has these step wedges here, an adjustable handlebar. so this is someone looking for a little bit more adventure. >> if you fall off, the key comes out; right? >> yes. incredibly safe. ainsley: and it's easy to take to the beach if you live two hours away. >> easy to take to any body of water and super fun to ride around. you can do cool tricks on this one. ainsley: how much is it? >> $7,300. ainsley: good deal. >> you can't beat the party barge here. this is a pontoon. >> this is a party barge and nearly 75% of boat owners have a total household income under $100,000 a year. and most of boats on the water today are under 26 feet or less. that means you can trailer them really easily to local
5:55 am
waterways. they're easy to store and more affordable than people. this is the ultimate. >> it starts at 17 # 95. you get 20 people on here, have beers, let the kids swim underneath the pontoon. i did that with the kids last year. >> it's one of the most popular boats you will find, and it's a great boat for those getting started. >> we're going to move over to clayton. >> i'm reading on this one. what is this? >> this is a grady white. this is a classic american brand and 95% of the boats sold in the u.s. are made in the u.s. so boating is a american-made industry and a great example of that. >> it says welcome aboard the world's easiest boat to operate. >> this is a super incredibly easy boat to operate. known for its fishing boats and this is the ultimate fishing boat, but you can see it has an open floor plan, so it's perfect for families too. so it has rod holders, it has
5:56 am
coolers. this is the boat that you're going to take out on the water for the ultimate kay fishing but also spend an awesome day on water with family. >> all right. hope you're watching at home. i'm going to be bringing this boat home a little bit later. janice, over to you. >> we've got the best. we saved the best for last. the i can't tell you. tell us about this beautiful boat. >> last but not least, this is a regal 23obx. this is that quintessential family boat. you can definitely enjoy a day out on the water. it's perfect for entertaining. perfect -- this actually is 89,000. you can actually finance this for around $499 a month. it's an incredibly easy boat to operate, and it has some really cool luxury features too. it has a sports car helm. >> we'll be right back. >> all right.
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6:00 am
jealous. one word from president trump has the entire country talking. ains ains watching "fox & friends" and enjoying my morning covfefe. >> >> covfefe. >> thank you, guys, we have a lot of breaking news now. another breaking day and another horrific terror attack. at least 80 are dead. more than 360 are injured in what is considered a highly secure area in kabul, afghanistan. there are several western embassies in that area. security remains on high alert. it is ramadan. no claim yet of responsibility. more details as we learn them minutes away from back inside of america's newsroom. first though there is more breaking news from the white house. moments ago fox news confirms president trump is expected to take the united states government out of the paris climate agreement. a lot of this has to do with jobs and the economy and so much more. let's get after it. it's


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