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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 31, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> secretary bennett, thank you for being here. it's very nice to have you. that's going to do it for us. we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. for now, "happening now" ." >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert and breaking news as we get reports of a malaysia airline flight bound for koala lump or forced to turn around after a passenger tried to enter the cockpit. >> jon: officials say the flight was only in the air for about 20 minutes before turning around to melbourne. president trump expected to withdraw from a major deal aimed at combating climate change. what it could mean for america's economy and leverage on global environmental issues going forward. plus, the white house communications director resigns following weeks of unrest within the department. >> hopefully the best messenger is the president himself. he's always proving that. >> jon: as the president weighs major changes within his
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cabinet. and a scare in the air. a laptop explosion causing an emergency landing. how this could impact the federal government's decision on whether to allow computers through security checkpoints. it's all happening now. but we begin our second hour with news from the white house. a source is telling fox news president trump is expected to announce that the u.s. will pull out of the paris climate accord. welcome to "happening now." i'm nunez jon scott. >> heather: and i'm heather childers. the president is weighing his options and has yet to make a final decision concerning the landmark agreement. so, what impact will this potential move have on america's foreign partners? >> jon: let's go to kevin corke live on the white house lawn. >> even as we continue to await
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word from the president that he in fact intends to withdraw the united states from the paris climate agreement, there is a new reporting now even done right here across from our colleague john roberts it may not go as cut and dry as some critics of the deal may have hoped. you may have read this today. "i will be announcing my decision on the parents accord over the next few days. it make america great again." that the idea of getting behind it. if the president follows through on his threats to leave the deal, he will once again be making good on a campaign pledge by severely weakening the 2015 deal that committed some 200 countries to take action to curb some warming of the planet. but as i mentioned, president trump may choose in fact to limit u.s. involvement rather than withdrawal altogether. >> the president is spending a great deal of time on, and when he spoke to the g-7 members
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about their meetings. ultimately he wants the fair deal for the american people. >> fair deal for the american people. now, president obama signed the climate deal back in 2015. since then, coal miners and coal executives in states like kentucky and west virginia have been asking president trump to reverse all of president obama's climate change policies, which i seemed to be aimed at primarily coal, which is seen as a large contributor to climate change. just for the record, china remains the largest contributor to global particulate matter. that's what happens when you have lots of coal plants over there in china and not as much regulation. we are told by their officials that they intend, regardless of what the u.s. decides to do, to stay in the climate accord. if the president wants to make an announcement today we will break it here on fox news. >> jon: thank you kevin. >> unbelievably qualified
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cabinet and we have utilized them a ton in the past. we continue to do that on key issues. we're going to continue to do that. ultimately the best messenger is the president himself. i think he's very pleased with the work of his staff. i think he's frustrated like i am and so many others to see stories come out that are patently false. to see narratives that are wrong. to see fake news. >> jon: it that's presidential spokesman said sean spicer on yesterday's white house checkup. after mike dubke stepped down as director of communications. now as more news of white house staff changes lingers in the air, there are reports that the president might face some challenges in recruiting people to join his staff. it let's bring i bear, chief wan correspondent for politico. >> good afternoon. >> jon: good afternoon to you. you get a call to go work at the white house, that's pretty hard to turn down. the suggestion is some potential
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positions are going unfilled because -- >> job of the white house is always a great offer, but in this white house it's one that has been complicated by the realities of working the day-to-day r. people being somewhat reluctant to go in and join in the trump administration, and in terms of the president's circle that was with him from the campaign, being wary of people who are not with them. being wary of people who are not loyalist that they can't trust. that's slowing down some of the hiring as well. as the questions about the russian investigation and other things have ramped up that have slowed the process down even more. >> jon: will talk about loyalist. cory lewandowski is one of them. then he got shoved aside as the campaign got bigger. he was on "fox & friends" this morning and is talking about a possible return to the
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white house. he also talked about the kind of people who should work for the president. listen. >> when you have a president who was so active, who is so articulate, who was so good i communicated with the media, sometimes you get stuff that has to keep up with him, and it's much easier if you have people who have a pre-existing relationship to understand how the president functions. that makes it much more cohesive. >> jon: a pre-existing relationship. at donald trump values loyalty above all. speak out that's true for any president. you come into the white house with the president. the world changes in a moment. when you take the oath of office. when you're in that bubble. it was true of obama, and bill clinton, and bush. that being said, the president campaign was so small that adjusting to the much bigger staff responsibilities and staff positions and the west wing and the administration overall has been a challenge for president trump and the people he took with him from the
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campaign. >> jon: there are more than 352400 positions that have gone unfilled. positions that require senate confirmation and they are still unfilled at this point. >> not nominated and, by the way, that goes from the under secretary jobs in various departments to ambassador jobs all over the world. we have a lot of holes in the trump administration still. it's early, on the one hand. we are only about 130 days end. but we are also at the point where many previous administrations had nominated at a much higher rate than what the trump white house has done. >> jon: so you can't blame all of this on democrat obstructionism. they tried to slow walk as many of the president cabinet nominations as a good. >> they tried, although they have very little power to do it because they couldn't stop any of those from happening. the president complained about that, for example, the agriculture secretary not been
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confirmed at a pace that he wanted, but he was slow to nominate the agriculture secretary. he didn't do it until very late in the process. it was the last thing that he did in terms of the cabinet nomination. >> jon: what about the rumblings of russian collusion with the trump campaign? is that having any effect on hiring? >> certainly. they are questioning that people who were opposed to donald trump being president had about going to work for him in the first place. that's been added by every one of these reports and new revelations that have come out that have led to questions both about what day-to-day life in the white house is like and what they might be getting themselves involved in, both in the immediate and long-term. if they fear that there will be bad consequences for having worked for donald trump. >> jon: all right, edward, from political, thanks so much for the information. as we were talking to at edwart
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just broke that james comey is willing to testify to his predecessor who is heading up that investigation into the russian the situation as counse counsel, appointed by the deputy attorney general. so, james comey is testimony could come as early as next wee week. speak to that information to this. investigations between the trump administration in russia taking a new turn. former security advisor michael flynn will provide documents to the senate intelligence committee. flynn initially declined to hand over documents to senate investigators. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us live from the washington with more.
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hi, catherine. >> the national security advisor michael flynn said he will provide records under subpoena to the senate intelligence committee, adding this committee recently narrowed its request. there are also subpoenas for his business records, which do not have the same protections as personal documents. he emphasized that he wants to cooperate with congress and is grateful that the committee narrowed its request and its scope. where hearing about this now after flynn's team faced the deadline yesterday and now a june 5th deadline to begin sharing the records. the long time personal attorney for donald trump says investigators want his testimony into whether there was collusion between moscow and trump officials. he says requests are overly broad, and at this time he has declined to participate.
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also boris epstein has also been approached by house investigators. his lawyer said the request was broad, and they also want more clarity in determining whether he is able to recently provide the information that congress is seeking. >> heather: all right, thank you very much. >> jon: we will have more on the flynn investigation just ahead. and multiple russian investigations broaden their focus. why donald trump is accusing congressional democrats is trying to block one key witness from testifying. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income...
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ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. >> heather: a fox news alert, these debt hole in a massive truck bombing and kabul, afghanistan, rising to at least 90 people people officials say 11 of those injured were american citizens.
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just steps from the german embassy in kabul. one afghan guard is still missing. nine guards working for an american contract security company were killed. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. >> when i ran the campaign, our interaction with carter page was very minimal. if there's any information that he had which was relevant, which there isn't, obviously the senate and other inquiries would want to have that conversation with him. but the bottom line is there's no collusion, there has never been collusion. this is clearly something that, as they continue to look to, there is no evidence that anything ever took place that was inappropriate or long. not by the president, not by the candidate, not by the campaign, or anybody else. >> jon: that's former trump campaign manager lewandowski, blocking a key witness from testifying in the investigation. we are talking about carter page. he was an unpaid trump campaign
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advisor, whose interactions with brush or are under scrutiny. it president trump responding to the decision on twitter, calling the investigation a witch hunt. we talked about all of this with robert driscoll. he is a former official. the democrats are saying they do not want carter page to testify. if that's the case, why would it be? >> there could be a number of reasons. there obviously one reason, if he had nothing relevant to say. i think that's what the president is assuming. it also could be because they want to coordinate his testimony or take his testimony in a certain order, or just not have them testify now. i think you could read it in a number of different ways, but the president is interpreting it in a way that's favorable to him. >> jon: the president is suggesting that the democrats don't want him to testify right now because what he says might essentially clear mr. trump of colluding with russians or clear the trump campaign from
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colluding with russians. he suggesting that carter page helps bolster his case, and he says the democrats do not want to hear that. >> i'm not sure that that necessarily works. i think mr. page has been on tv quite a bit and has had an opportunity to clear the trump campaign. i think he said they haven't done anything wrong. i think he has served his purpose for president trump on that sense. the question of whether or not he testifies before the committee is more another question. there's nothing stopping him from shouting out from the rooftops today, giving that notwithstanding all of the investigations, he has shown no hesitation to go on tv and talk about this matter. >> jon: both gentlemen in this matter have described this as a witch hunt. i guess until the investigations are concluded, we are not going to know the answer to that, are we? >> i think it's the president's attorneys, both white house counsel donald mcgahn and his
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private attorney have got to be a little bit frustrated. you want your client to just stay quiet until the investigation is concluded and have a stock praise while the investigation is underway. but i'm not going to talk about in the till then. but i think having the president weigh in on the blow-by-blow every time there is a decision on whether or not a witness get called or what it witness says, it certainly an unusual way to handle it. of course, the president has been successful handling social media the way he has come about from an attorney's perspective, i suspect there is a little bit of indigestion on his legal team about this approach. >> jon: so your legal advice to the president would be to stay off of twitter when it comes to the russian investigations? >> my legal advice to anyone would be to stay off of twitter when you are under any type of investigation. but lawyers are, as i am, by nature, cautious. i'm sure the president has spent a lot of time with lawyers and his real estate career, and has spent a lot of time overruling
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lawyers, so he may or may not listen to that. at this time, given the multiple investigations, all looking at the same set of facts, i think any lawyer in town would encourage their client to say as little as possible until the time comes when they are under oath and can really have their story laid out in detail. >> jon: a couple of recent developments. michael flynn, a former national security advisor who was just on the job for a few weeks, has agreed to turn over some documents to the committees, the congressional committees investigating this issue. at the same time, we are also getting worried that james comey has agreed that he will testify to his former -- while the former director of the fbi. these investigations do seem to be gathering some steam. >> i think they are, and they are proceeding fairly typically. there typically has got to be a
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negotiation for the committee to narrow that request is much as possible, both to relieve the burden of search for too many documents, and to make sure the right documents are there. it's no surprise at all that comey is willing to testify, it's just a question of the order of when he testifies and who he testifies to first. that shows that the investigation is moving quickly right after his appointment. >> jon: i guess that we should stress that this could all be much ado about not very much. there is no hard evidence yet of collusion between the russians on the trump campaign or anybody on that campaign, is there? >> yeah, and i think the classic washington investigation and that there is a an overlapping political and legal case here. i think that one thing that is tough is no one really has identified the underlying crime of vis-a-vis the white house or trump. certainly with general flynn,
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there could be a violation of the foreign agents registration act. there are some collateral issues out there, but it is strange that there is really no underlying crime in this term collusion, nobody seems to be pointing to the statute or the part of the code that that would violate even if it were proven. clearly it would be a big political bombshell, but i'm not sure the legal side of that has been fully explored. >> jon: robert driscoll, a former deputy assistant to the attorney general. thank you sir. >> heather: still ahead on "happening now." this flight was set to make history. we will tell you why it was not meant to be. plus homeland security weighing options on a new ruling that could impact it key item in most people's carry-on luggage. how a recent incident could have made matters worse for travelers everywhere. that's up next. you always pay
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>> jon: a fox news alert, and breaking this hour, we told you earlier about a comedian kathy griffin who was seen in a photo holding up what appeared to be a mask of president trump as if it were a severed head covered in blood. well now, cnn announced it has broken its relationship with kathy griffin, saying that the network has terminated their agreement with kathy griffin to appear on its new year's eve program. that is one job lost for kathy griffin who has apologized for what many saw as a vulgar and tasteless representation. we will keep an eye on that. >> heather: and now for a fox news alert. malaysia airlines flight heading from melbourne to kuala lumpur
10:26 am
forced to turn around after a passenger reportedly try to enter the cockpit. officials say that the flight was only in the air for about 3. malaysia airlines releasing the statement. "malaysian airlines would like to stress that at no point was the aircraft hijacked. the disruptive passenger has been apprehended by airport security. we will investigate the incident." we will keep an eye on the story for you. >> jon: well, it was supposed to be a landmark trip, promoting icelandair's first ever flight from philadelphia to reykjavík, but the plane was diverted to boston after the pilots noticed an unusual's smell. the airline ceo was on the flight and were pictured earlier today touring the philadelphia before takeoff. all of the passengers on the flight have been forced to stay
10:27 am
in boston for the night. >> there wasn't anything typically weird about the plane except it was a little bit hot. otherwise it was a very relaxing normal flight. >> jon: well, icelandair says there is no timing for when that flight will take off again, or if a new aircraft will be sent to boston to accommodate those passengers. >> heather: sticking to aircraft the news right now, some terrifying news aboard one flight last night as one laptop caught fire, causing the plane to make an emergency stop in grand rapids, michigan, on its way from new york to san francisco. live at jfk airport here in new york city, here's more. >> we've all heard of lithium batteries blowing up on cell phones midflight, but last night it was actually a laptop that burst into flame while stored in an overhead up compartment. you can imagine how scary this
10:28 am
could have been, but fortunately it was put out before this emergency landing you just mentioned. but a statement from jetblue says the following, quote flight 915 from new york's jfk to samford cisco diverted to grand rapids, michigan, following reports of smoke emitting from a carry-on bag holding an electronic device." passengers, while surprised, remained calm. >> i i knew something was going to happen. you can't help but think that you've got to do something, so, i was prepared for. last nights incident happen to find on the same day that secretary carey's statement came out that plans to ban laptops from flights are still on the table. obviously a laptop and would be meant to rule out the possibility of a terrorist to trying to use one as an
10:29 am
explosive device, but last nights incident, serving as an example of why laptops on board planes could also be dangerous for other reasons. officials are saying raising the bar on security could also include prohibiting large electronic devices for the passenger cabin, if "intelligence warranted." as for this jet jetblue flights was certainly a scare in the sky, but certainly no alarm and no injuries to report. >> heather: all right, thank you so much, julie. appreciate it. >> jon: president trump with an update on his health care and tax reform bills, as both are awaiting senate approval. how he wants to speed up the process in the upper chamber. our political panel weighs in.
10:30 am
plus a fox news exclusive, top diplomat nikki haley sitting down with correspondent eric shawn presenting plans to withdraw from the paris climate agreement as we await the announcement from president trump. that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy.
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meanwhile, the polls show a majority, 55% of the public, disapprove of congressional efforts to repeal and replace obamacare, with 55% of americans think they have an unfavorable view of the house passed him it had american health care act. so where does that leave us? joining us now to discuss is david morey, he's a national security expert, and former advisor to president obama as president of campaign specializing in international affairs and global munication, also joining us as john hart, he's advisor to one nation health advisor, and he's a -- thank you for joining us. let's start with john. not only do we have to accomplish health care reform but also tax reform.
10:35 am
>> obamacare didn't become law until 14 months after his inauguration. so this time the house passes its bill in may, but in 2009 the house didn't pass the until october. what we have to do is shift focus away from the details and the minutia, and talk about a narrative for health care. people don't understand the details unless you explain what you are for and explain our narrative. the narrative simply as we have a better way to provide health care for everybody, and that's the purpose on you the individual. by creating a patient centered system, you can create a system that provides care for everybody. >> heather: but according to the polls that we had right before he started speaking, 55% of americans say they have an unfavorable view of the health care act. so, david, what do you think? is it moving along quickly enough to get anything accomplish? >> no, they were moving too slow before the comey firing. it is now glacial. i disagree with john that they
10:36 am
are on pace with the calendar. they have to get this done before seven august. they really need to get this done before november. they shifted too much distraction, disconnection, even dysfunction in terms of the political system. they're going to have to move faster. the g.o.p. is going to have to reunite on the issue and the deficit ceiling probably before a lot of the stuff gets done. there is peak division between defense spending in the g.o.p. they have a lot on their plate to get all three done, tax reform, health care, and infrastructure. the wall street pressure to get tax reform done is going to get more intense. wall street expected something to get done for 3% to 4% growth. >> heather: we did learn within the last hour, speaking of the debt ceiling, that second steven mnuchin will be meeting with house republicans and that will happen thursday on june 8th. and no doubt, that, along with tax reform will be discussed. but, john, i want to go back to you.
10:37 am
president trump calling for, in the legislative filibuster, so he can tax health reform. >> well, look, i don't think that a legislative filibuster is a good idea, the that's the best way to get to single-payer health care. so if republicans have won that election, and then were historical standards, we have an uphill fight. if republicans stand to lose the seat after a win, if we do that, it's going to be easier for the democrats to pass single-payer health care. i disagree with that strategy. i think we need to focus on what we are for, which is a consumer directed system, putting patients at the center not government bureaucrats. not politicians. that will help the numbers go up if we talk about it in those terms. >> heather: so what do we tackle first? budget resolution before tax
10:38 am
reform, or health reform. what gets tackled first? >> i think tax reform in some ways need to be tackled first. in some ways you have to deal with it that ceiling. he's got to get tax reform done. if that is critical. as john points out, it took 14 months or more, 17 months by some copulations for obamacare to get put in place. there is a hybrid solution, as john is perhaps adjusting. as you can see, ryan care is not doing so well right now. i think that's going to take longer. i think they have to deal with tax issues first, and then with health care, and eventually infrastructure. >> heather: john west and mark >> i think they have to do tax reform, and they have to do regular order with the budget, but we can't lose sight of the big picture. when republicans talk about sequence, they talk about how things have to go in the process, they take the focus off of people. the reason president trump one is because he had a narrative
10:39 am
that connected, which is to make america great again. people knew what that meant. they knew that it meant their lives would be better, they would have a material improvement on their day-to-day, and that's the shift in focus we have to have. all of the details will be much easier to accomplish and pass if the public understands where the republicans want to take the country. >> heather: all right, and perhaps the mainstream media needs to focus on some of these things versus all of the, as david mentioned, distractions. thank you both for joining us. appreciate it. >> jon: breaking now, u.n. ambassador nikki haley speaks to fox exclusively on climate change and what a u.s. withdrawal from the paris climate accord with mean. eric shawn, life at the united nations in new york city. >> hello, john. it is in america's interest that the u.s. withdraws from the agreement. so says u.s. ambassador nikki haley. we met just moments ago for a
10:40 am
sitdown interview here at the united nations mission. she did acknowledge that if the u.s. successfully did that, that it would potentially upset many in the international community. but in her words, it is meant to balance out the regulations of the obama administration. she says president trump's number one goal is american jobs and to help our industry, and she reassured environmentalists that even if the u.s. does bow out, the planet will still be protected. >> what would you say the supporters of it who think it would be disastrous to pull out for the human race? >> look, we care as much about the climate as we do about jobs. where there's a way to balance it. you don't have to have one of the other. i think that's what everyone internationally needs to know. were not going to start polluting and creating all these problems in the world. what we are going to do is balance it out. >> we met on the heels of her
10:41 am
foreign trip also to deal with the catastrophe of syria. she went to refugee camps in turkey and jordan. that's where almost 3 million syrian refugees are being cared for. as haley pointed out, $6.5 billion to help those people in american aid. when she met w one-on-one, they told her to her person that they do not want to come to the u.s., but instead want peace and eventually return home. >> i had one refugee man, and stop me as i was walking through the camp. he said, "please keep talking about us. we want you and we don't need your money. we don't need food. we just want you to keep talking about how brutal he is. and we don't want you to forget us" and they want to go home. >> the ambassador has been keeping a very busy schedule. she will soon be in geneva where she will address the council.
10:42 am
critics said it's the long bashing of syria given other human rights violators like cuba and iran a pass. she is expected to visit here israel to meet with officials and also to meet with palestinian officials. >> jon: thank you for that exclusive interview. >> heather: former national security advisor michael flynn agreeing to hand over documents dealing with his dealings with russia. and the secret service tipped off to a possible threat leading to an arrest at the trump international hotel in washington. >> i was very concerned about this circumstance. a very peculiar circumstance. i believe that the officers and our federal partners in particular, the tipster coming forward, averted a potential disaster here in our nation's
10:43 am
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>> jon: a fox news alert, a tip given to the secret service and d.c. police leads to the arrest of an armed man at the trump hotel in washington. 43-year-old brianna moles, as physician from pennsylvania, now in custody after officials discovered a rifle and a socket in his car. >> the best way to prevent a disaster is to when you see something, say something. i think this illustrates how see something say something actually works. >> jon: at the investigation is still ongoing, we are told at no time were any secret service protect these at risk. >> heather: new developments from the alleged ties between the trump campaign and russia. the president's lawyer refusing a request from congress for
10:47 am
information, but michael flynn, the president's former national security advisor changes his mind. he now says that he will hand over documents. for more i am joined by gregg jarrett, fox news anchor and attorney. so he changes his mind. what change? >> over initially, the request was for everything he had. which is very broad, and the supreme court said he can't do that. so the committee then narrowed what they were asking for. no negotiations took place, nowe is handing over documents relating to businesses with turkish companies and his appearances in russia. however he is refusing to hand over any documents that shows his contacts with russians, which is part of what the committee really wants to see, and his attorney probably told him don't do it. because overzealous prosecutors may try to use those documents
10:48 am
against you. >> heather: speaking of overzealous prosecutors, does the fifth amendment right against self-incrimination applied to these documents? >> that's a good question, because most of the history of this country, you could invoke the fifth as to documents. all of that changed in at 2000 with the infamous hubble case. now, you cannot invoke the fifth as to documents except when the documents themselves are testimony in nature, that is their existence and authenticity might be self-incriminating. so for example, if you have a document that shows a meeting you had that the government doesn't know about and turning it over might implicate you in some way and put you in legal jeopardy, then you can object to it. sometimes it goes all the way to a judge, who then takes the document, it goes into his chambers, and holds an in camera examination and decides for
10:49 am
himself whether you can invoke the fifth. >> heather: so what about the president's personal attorney, michael cohen. he is also being asked for documents. where does that sam? >> it's a request right now. being a good lawyer, he said send me a subpoena and i will comply. what does that mean, i will comply? it doesn't mean that he will hand over everything. it means that he will comply with the law as it applies to the fifth amendment. and other privileges. for example, if any of it is legal advice to trump, that is it attorney-client privilege. he cannot ethically handed over. only trump can waive the privilege. if it his advice, privilege, and strategy, that is privilege as well. he too has a fifth amendment privilege against
10:50 am
self-incriminating. >> heather: so finally, going back to michael flynn. he will turn over some documents, but will he testify? >> i tend to think he will not, because given the overheated political environment, just about anything he says can and will be used against him. he is looking for use immunity, the use of his words, when he testified can't be used against him. i kind of doubt that the committee is going to grant him that because it appears as though he is the premier target, though he hasn't been named officially. >> heather: things seem to be moving quickly. thank you so much for that. >> jon: powerful storms could be heading towards millions of americans today. we are live from the fox extreme weather center.
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>> jon: well, millions of americans could be in for some severe weather today. pockets of storms possibly popping up from new england to texas, with the possibility of flash floods and even tornadoes. adam has more from the fox extreme weather center. >> you can see a lot of those scattered showers already moving across portions of the eastern half of the country, really running up to the mid-atlantic and new england area. of these so far, yes they are still thunderstorms, yes they are showers. hasn't really been severe weather as of yet, but eventually, as we continue with this meeting, here's your weather watches and warnings. everything highlighted in yellow running up the northeast, stretching out some cases to the mid-atlantic and parts of upstate new york. this is a severe thunderstorm watch, which means conditions
10:55 am
are going to be in place where we could see some big weather activity this afternoon. here's your future radar. really beginning to come together here, five to 6:00 p.m. you have all day today with all that sunshine, where you begin to see this heating up a little bit, eventually fading out as you get into the overnight hours. this is something that you're going to be seeing in the evening hours, maybe that evening commute. this isn't the only spot we are paying attention to, but it is running you back there into the plane states. there is a small chance of seeing some isolated thunderstorms there, and again this section across the northeast, we are looking at at least a chance. if we begin to think about it as a tornado threat, that's actually on our lowest level. just a slight chance of seeing an isolated tornado, doesn't mean it can't happen. but maybe the conditions are strongest for that particular event to be taking place. as we begin to look toward tomorrow, we are focusing back on the center of the country. may be coming down a little bit for us tomorrow. at least here for a couple of hours, >> jon: this is something that we are going to
10:56 am
be paying attention to. it >> jon: it happens every spring. >> heather: this also happens. the national spelling bee begins today. as america's top scholars began to face off to find out who was the best of the best, we take a look at the words the rest of us spell the worst. trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief.
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suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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>> time now for the final 30. in honor of the national spelling bee starting today, we have a new state by state breakdown of the words americans don't know how to spell. >> jon: google tallied up the most how to spell searchs. the most misspelled words, beautiful and pneumonia. they tied in five states each. be sure to check the rest of the list and the national spelling bee. it's later today.
11:00 am
>> they left off kofecee. thanks for joining us. >> jon: "america news hq" starts now. >> jo >> jenna: news comes just days after leaders at the g-7 summit pressed mr. trump to stay in that agreement. the president himself saying he will announce his decision soon. our chief white house correspondent john roberts has some of that breaking information. >> reporter: you just want to point out there's a particularly noisy group of protesters outside the white house. the vietnamese prime minister will be here very soon. they want to express their displeasure with him over several issues. so if you hear some yelling behind me, that's what's going on. now to the task at hand. the president on climate change. we were expecting that the president mayak


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