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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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@thestoryfnc, using the hashtag #thestory. we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. our good friend tucker carlson from washington, d.c., comes up next. that is that is "the story." we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." kathy griffin has just been bounced from cnn after apologizing for her gruesome donald trump beheading video. in a minute, we'll ask what happened to comedy and my head has suddenly been replaced by pg from dumb people? a real concern. but first, hillary clinton appears to be making a fashion statement by adopting the left's trendiest new no excess of accessory, a tinfoil hat. we'll take your questions at a tech conference at california today, clinton dismissed for scandal over her private email server as a nonissue of zero importance. >> my email account was turned into the biggest scandal since
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lord knows when. this is the biggest nothing burger ever. it was a mistake. i said it was a mistake. obviously, if i could turn the clock back, i wouldn't have done it in the first place. by the way it was used was very damaging. >> tucker: it meant nothing. it was totally irrelevant. which raises the question, if i didn't mean anything, why did it hurt her campaign so much? she is an explanation for that, too. because the right-wingers in the media, "the washington post," the new york time, wouldn't let her go. >> i know you had a "new york times" reporter here yesterday, and they covered it like it was pearl harbor. then, in their endorsement of may, they said, this email thing, it's like a helpdesk issue. so, it was always a hard issue to put to bed. but reported tibet in july and then it rose up again. >> tucker: okay, so, the new york time is biased against
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democrats, a novel defense you say? all, but got weirder from there. a lot weirder. hillary went on to deliver a narrative so complex he could barely follow it but we did. she explained how donald trump and russia teamed up to rob her of her rightful job as president of the united states. >> how did they know what messages to deliver? who told them? who told them? who were they coordinating with or colluding with? there are all the stories about guys over in macedonia who are running these fake news sites. the russians, and my opinion, and based on the intel encounter and tell people i have talked to, could not have known how best to recognize that information unless they had been guided. and here -- >> guided by americans. >> guided by americans. within one hour -- one hour -- of the ""access hollywood"" tapes being leaked, within one hour, the russians, let's say wikileaks, same thing, dumped
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the john podesta emails. >> tucker: the russians, but not just the russians. the guys in macedonia. here's what hillary clinton is asking for her to. campaign had no message or idea what voters wanted. i didn't matter, an event. they were going to win. it was guaranteed. at the last minute, the trump campaign, which had half the money that hillary had, almost no staffers, came up with a diabolical idea to reach out directly to the government of vladimir putin and his army of blogger and hackers, and request emergency help. putin complied, course, because trump was his puppet, perhaps a secret agent of the clumped on my karma and working directly for him. what happens next is history, or is hillary might put it, her story. unnamed members hack to the dnc in the personal gmail accounts of clinton's campaign chairman john podesta. might be the best way to hurt her in the campaign. the emails they exposed found a cozy relationship with the media
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on the democratic party. they showed that the democratic primary premise was rigged. they exposed wall street script transcript that clinton wanted to keep secret. in fact, hillary explains that the emails the russians hacked were boring, and contain nothing worth note. to increase the potency of this scheme, the trump campaign ordered russia to manufacture something called fake news out of the emails and distribute them for their network of bogus news outlets, which by the way, they have. you probably didn't know that. now, researcher the as stanford have discovered that the fake news that hillary discovered was seen by nobody, but according to hitler, it was enough in the end to bamboozle the sad and confused voters of pennsylvania and wisconsin into mistakenly boarding for donald trump. by the way, she feels sorry for them. according to hillary, the trump campaign was so tied to the vast russian propaganda apparatus that they dictated the release of john podesta's emails down to
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the minute in order to achieve maximum effect. they were apparently successful in this, even though according to hillary, nothing bad was in the emails in the first place and i should've had no effect at all. is that diabolical enough for you? keep in mind that hillary commonly asserted all of this today while providing precisely no evidence that any whatever happened, a conspiracy so vast, she doesn't need does need to prove it. no matter how much you may dislike hillary clinton, and some of you may, it was a poignant performance to watch. you almost want to do help her. mark stein is a writer, columnist, and a regular stop for rush limbaugh on the radio. he joins us tonight. did you have the same reaction i did, which is, boy, this is making me uncomfortable? i feel sorry for this person. >> that was my first reaction. my second reaction, tucker, was to say if i ever run for president, i want to say macedonian campaign consultants, who are the geniuses. that is who the russians go to when they want to really sew up a presidential campaign.
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>> tucker: [laughs] that is too good. have you noticed that we are making fun of hillary clinton, and actually my sympathy for her is sincere because i thought this was deranged, what she said today. but she is not the first. she is the third democratic presidential candidate and a rotor loose ends to make the case, i didn't actually lose. john kerry, al gore. do you see a theme? >> in fairness, al gore and john kerry lost to conventional candidates. for donald trump did was unprecedented too. he had never been elected to the school board. he had no ground game. he spent less money than anybody since chester arthur. he veered erotically off message, so, sometimes they'd be talking about make america great again, and 10 minutes later he'd be going on about how macy's stock has tanked since they stopped carrying trump ties. and yet, somehow, he manages to beat to the most qualified candidate ever to run for the presidency of the united states.
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the democrats and the candidate herself just can't accept that this happened. in essence, they are right. if it was a military campaign, they'd be teaching it at colleges across the world for the next two centuries. it's remarkable. >> tucker: fair point. you're making a great point. this is a pretty conventional defense mechanism, psychological reaction. i which we weren't drinking the foreign policy along with her, though. >> i think that is true. if you are putin, at this stage, let's say that trump is a russian agent. if you were putin, you would have to think, you have a twofe twofer. right now, hillary is telling the american people, whatever happens, the russians are behind it. that is how cunning they are, their power is so all pervasive. later in that bizarre performance, she starts going on about how cambridge analytics, this data mining group,
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apparently insisted, and return for providing trump with data, that he higher kellyanne conway and steve bannon. as hillary sees it, kellyanne conway is some kind of soviet honey trap who is at the heart of this campaign. i don't even understand that because cambridge and a lytic, as i understand is, was set up by some british company, so, the plot thickens because now we have double, robe double agents from am i six, probably kim filby, if you remember, the cold war. that's the thing. what you have to ask is, who is behind the russians? well, it's his cambridge analytics. but who was behind the british? at the macedonians. they are behind everything. >> tucker: i guess it is so ludicrous about this, they are blaming the trump campaign's collusion with russia. now, the russians, whatever their skills, can't bold a reliable escalator. i don't think they can pull this
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off. the trump campaign was pure message. that's all they had. they had no money, they were disorganized, deeply, in a lot of ways. there is no way they could have -- if you know anything about how it actually happen, this is insane! >> for fantastic thing about the trump campaign, if you forgive r simulated foreigner on you, tucker, presidential politics, the conventions and gotten so hopelessly boring. hillary ran an utterly conventional campaign. she paid talent lead talentless mediocre people large sums of mo the same things that have done for every other candidate. trump comes along, he has board stuff by all of that, and he just as it his way, and blows all those stupid conventions out of the water. the republicans hated him for doing that. and the democrats still can't actually believe he did it. >> tucker: mark stein, you're single-handedly making me pro-immigration, at least in your case. thank you for joining us. >> more it macedonian emigrants, tucker!
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>> tucker: there already here! [laughter] kathy griffin's isa style beheading them trump was offensive, obviously. even worse, it was totally unfunny. up next, we'll ask a comedian my politics appeared to be running the economy. also, president trump coined a new phrase, chevfefe. how do you pronounce it? what is that? [laughs] what is behind the reaction to it? all of that in the days weirdest stories. stay tuned. ♪ suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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♪ >> tucker: kathy griffin got
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canned by cnn this afternoon, a day after she posted a picture of herself posing isa style with donald trump's blood he severed head. the image itself was appalling, violent, creepy, weird. it was also -- this may be the main problem -- totally unfunny. kathy griffin bills herself as a comedian but this was not comedy, it was a political stunt of the dumbest kind. your eighth-grader wouldn't do this. it's too stupid. it wasn't a departure for griffin. she hasn't been funny in years, assuming she ever was. people clap for her not because they are amused but because they agree with the politics. that is not art. his affirmation. an awful lot of comedy is like that all of a sudden. ever watch a cement to be? if you like. use of righteousness and massive doses, or try john oliver or bill maher or trevor know our stephen colbert. some of these guys used to be funny, but not cement to, she was never funny. now, they are playing to the biases and vanities of their audiences and it's working, which means they are all the
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exactly the same, prisoners of conformity, which is always the sworn enemy of art. step out of line and you pay the price, as dave chapelle, who is a genius, learned when he returned from a tyrant long ago and dared to gore a sacred cow or two. that used to be what comedians did and we were grateful to hear someone tell the truth. now, they are booed off the stage for daring to do that. humor is dead. politics killed it. ben kessel is a comedian. he joins us to mourn. ben, i know we are not on the same side politically, i doubt any comedian agrees with my politics. but i think you'll agree, kathy griffin is just not funny. i know a lot of people who work in comedy, i don't know one person who thinks kathy griffin is talented. she's not. yet, she is hung on all these years because she is a political activist. that's enough. it shouldn't be enough. >> i am not to the core demographic for kathy griffin or her fan base -- her fan base and enjoys her. there's something to be said about that. i think it might be it a misnomer because she is a comedian. he doesn't mean, however, that
5:16 pm
all of her actions, moments of satire, are meant to solicit, solicit laughter. i think she was attempting to make a political point that obviously has angered a lot on the right and certainly, some on the last. i think we do have to address the issue of political correctness and how it has gone completely bonkers in this country and at the right, for the longest time, called the left snowflakes. where i am saying, it is cold in here. the snow was falling, not from the left, but from the right. >> tucker: let me be totally clear. i'm never going to call for anybody's firing for saying on television, as someone who said stupid things on television. it happens all the time and i'm not into it. let's just be totally real about kathy griffin. she is totally mediocre. like, when you say -- just because she is doing this, means she has to be running him if you say you are a surgeon, you have to be able to take my appendix out. there should be a bar for being funny and she doesn't need it. >> i'm not going to go into if she is funny or not. it's a very subjective thing. i want to focus on her
5:17 pm
first amendment rights, for the satire, it should exist, she is a first amendment right to do so, the same way that ted nugent has a first amendment right to shoot an effigy of barack obama in 2012, the same way that that rodeo clown who was fired from the rodeo for putting on a barack obama mask had the right to his performance. >> tucker: the first amendment, which i support, vehemently, doesn't mean anything if you can't exercise it. comedians feel that they have to tow a surge in line and you know because you are in this business. they are not free to deviate from the received wisdom on anything. conformity is enforced. and that -- you can create art of that environment. >> i am not sure if that is true. obviously, kathy griffin has learned that when you put yourself out there, there will be a blowback and again, that is well within the individual's rights to have the blowback of her actions. of course, she can also do those actions. i think we have to look at it as
5:18 pm
a whole. the rat, for the longest time, has been demonizing would last for being politically correct. this is an opportunity for the right to stand up and say, i am not for this, i think it is important but she is a right to do it. >> tucker: nobody i know -- i'm trying to talk to you about art, though, which is more meaningful than politics. it pertains to human expression. what people care about and what they really believe. i'll give you an example, and it is political but is the perfect example. the kid who gave a speech, the suppose it comedy deal, at the white house correspondents dinner, was like -- totally mediocre. he was there because he hates trump. here's a clip from this. watch it. >> donald trump doesn't care about free speech. the man who tweets everything that enters his head refuses to acknowledge the amendment that allows them to do it. think about it. it's almost -- what is it, 11? as of 11:00 p.m. right now. and four hours trump will be tweeting about how bad nikki
5:19 pm
ménage bombed at this dinner. [laughter] and he'll be doing it completely sober. and that is his right. and i am proud that all of us are here tonight to defend that right, even if the man in the white house never would. >> tucker: oh, god. to stop with the preaching. is anybody ever stop with the preaching? i mean, seriously. >> i could go up for less preaching. there is no denying that. again, to hammer home the point, it was her right. ted nugent was dressed recently in the oval office -- >> tucker: whatever. >> he is fortunate because it has been a distraction. >> tucker: i want someone to tell the truth, don't you? dave chapelle, everyone acknowledges that he is really talented. he comes back, he doesn't know the rules have changed and he tells jokes about transgender's or whatever and all of a sudden he is attacked by everyone because that is not allowed. some things are off limits. how can comedians allow anything to be off-limits? i thought that was the whole point. you are brave enough to tell the
5:20 pm
whole truth. you're not. are cowards. >> i completely agree, comedians should be able to push the line. it's what kathy griffin has done. it has caused her monetarily. >> tucker: she didn't cross the line. it was like the nine people in her world were like, go, kathy, that is so brave! but it doesn't tell a truth about anything. it is like crap [laughs] this is an opportunity for the right to stand up for the first amendment, allowing people to do this, allowed to protest kathy griffin all you want. >> tucker: i'm sorry, ben that they have you captive over there. good to see you tonight. kathy griffin's beheading photo op was big news yesterday, you wouldn't be able to tell by watching cnn. joe contra and watching cnn for a living and he writes media for "the hill. he joins us. this was a big story but not over there? >> it wasn't covered as much, nearly. it was embarrassing for cnn.
5:21 pm
granted, she is only on their once a year, but still, that is an employee that they were paying to do the new year's eve special with anderson cooper. but give kathy griffin -- i will give her some credit here, tucker. she is the first person in years to bring the left and the right together and the mic announcing one issue. when you can have keith olbermann, chelsea clinton, mitt romney, and donald trump all saying, that photo is bad, they are really onto something. >> tucker: cnn wasn't part of that. they were sort of standing alone and that is because it wasn't news? nope i don't no one was talking about it? what are the other reasons? >> it was the top trending stories all day yesterday. i thought that they would come out, after you saw this photo, and immediately say, she is not part of our new year's eve coverage anymore. it took them about a full day. they eventually did get to taking her off that coverage. look, we are at a point now where kathy griffin has an endorsement with sqatty potty,
5:22 pm
a great american party. er that photo came out, they said we are denouncing kathy ribbon, ending a relationship. it took see it in another day before they were able to do the same. squatty party is more decisive than the cable not news network. >> tucker: [laughs] the toilet company has higher standards in the news channel, that with you are saying? i don't want to put words in your mouth. >> no, let's move on. >> tucker: [laughs] what exactly does this mean? is a factual matter, which he employed by the channel? where she coming in every year, where they paying her for that? how long has she been doing the nearest thing? >> i would think she was compensated. she has been doing the new year's eve thing since 2007 with anchor anderson cooper from times square, very highly rated special that they do every year, mainly because they got two things out of it. ratings because she did a provocative thing probably or set a provocative thing and they got for reality because the clubs cap moving on and on. that is what delayed cnn's move.
5:23 pm
social media's the great equalizer in 2017, tucker. cnn thought at first maybe this will blow over by december when he announced that she is coming back. but if that happens, you would have boycotts curmudgeon or you don't like, of advertisers, you would have a p.r. nightmare and he would have people screaming about this because that is an image. take trump and griffin out of it. that is an image of an american citizen holding up a beheaded head of a sitting president, making our greatest enemy, you could argue, and isis. that is something that they would not forget. this is our legacy now, unfortunately. see when she was horrible before, just pandering to the elites and their stupid closed minded attitudes. i turn into the channel yesterday to see, are they covering this, and what are they covering? it is interesting to see their alternative reality. this is what i saw. watch. >> being president is not agreeing with the president. he complained that his first trip overseas it was going to be too long, he wasn't looking forward to it. he returns to the white house angry. he's gained weight, according to
5:24 pm
sources, he doesn't trust people around him. he is withdrawing. not a good picture. it's the one being painted by those sources. >> tucker: [laughs] i actually like the anger over there who said that. that line, i have to put it on my refrigerator. "he has gained weight according to sources." >> you know what the number one complaint of "the new york times" is? the overuse of unnamed sources. a reader sitting at home, i am wondering, who has the motivation and the agenda to go on the record with cnn, who trump -- he hasn't appeared on the network since august of 2016 -- what trend of trump is running for cnn to talk about how much of a bad mood he is in and how much weight he has gained? what is the credibility of the source and the first place? motive? agenda, credibility? here's the problem, tucker. after the story comes out, everybody else in media picks up the story as gospel because they believe the source who we don't know who it is and what their agenda is. that is the whole problem with
5:25 pm
these bombshells that we have seen for the first 120 days. >> tucker: almost as his personal physician, i think you would have to say, nobody knows what he weighs. what is that, that is insane. joe, thank you for joining us and for watching all that stuff. president trump's new budget is not simply bad policy, it's a fraud -- he will be here to explain that theory in more detail. ♪ thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. [radi♪ alarm]
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>> tucker: this bishop was a political activist and a self-described social change agent and agitator. any recent rally he said that president trump's recently released budget proposal is a plot for "ethnic cleansing." watch. >> this budget, if i can be honest with you, it's an attempt to execute ethnic cleansing in this nation from people of color, also, for whom the services being caught will be impacted the most. president trump is a surrogate, using dog was a language to speak about race in negative ways and creating fear in the hearts of americans. here is their reality. many poor black families and brown families and asian families and indigenous families will be devastated by this budget. we say to donald trump, hands off our families, hands up our health care, hands off our budget, ham, canned's office, hands off! >> tucker: bishop royster joins us in the studio. thanks for coming on. i was really offended that you
5:30 pm
said that. here is why. you can disagree with the policies, i may disagree with the policies. but you were claiming you knew the motive when you don't. you are using your office, which is as a clergymen, that commands respect by definition, to scare the hell out of people on the basis of something you don't know is true. that is the definition of demagoguery. >> tucker, thanks for having me on. i appreciate the opportunity to come here and share and talk about what happened. i think that what we found in this particular branch of the donald trump is presenting to america is offensive. i find that the budget that he has presented to us, to the american people, to be absolutely abysmal. i found the budget that he presented to america to be an absolute sin. the judgment of a nation is not based on its military might, it's not based on how well its borders is, it's based on how while it takes care of its police, and a struggling. based on the budget that donald trump resented last week, he has contempt for people of color, he has contempt for people who are poor, he has got contempt for people who struggle
5:31 pm
deeply, he has got a good time for anybody that doesn't look like him. >> tucker: i don't want to be in the position of that dumb like defending a budget that i don't like in a lot of ways. but it's outrageous for you to say that he has contempt when you don't know that. it's unknowable. we can evaluate whether the policy's work, whether agree with them. but we don't know. you cast this in racial terms. >> speak it weight is racial. >> tucker: how was it racial? doesn't in effect for white people to? how was it racial? >> if we could go back and look at donald trump as a candidate up through the actions he has made in the beginning of his presidency, the actions that he has taken are very much racially motivated, very much motivated by faith, very much motivated by trying to make america bright again, not just make america -- >> tucker: how the hill do you look at this budget and say ethnic cleansing? >> we are talking about taking 1.4 trillion out of medicaid, making it so that people who struggle the deepest in the country are not going to be able to get the health care that they need. we are talking about -- let me finish.
5:32 pm
they are talking about taking $200 billion away from snap benefits, helping feed people in this country. we are talking about -- >> tucker: how is that -- slowdown. i am asking something very specific. why is it ethnic? a life expectancy is not of the client for black people. it is in decline white folks. how is this specifically racial? >> this is racial. the dog was a language that donald trump and his or his surrogates used while they were on the campaign trail is the kind of like what are they are try to get this budget passed. they try to cut these programs. they are using dog whistle language that goes back to nixon and when he was using the strategies -- >> tucker: i want to have a fact-based conversation. >> this is a fact based conversations. if you look at programs that are being cut, -- the poor white folks out there are being sold a bill of wise. this budget is going to -- >> tucker: you are trying to overwhelm me with the force of your voice. i want to throw some numbers at
5:33 pm
you. under the eight years of the obama administration, the black labor force dropped, black home ownership down 9%. black americans below the poverty line, et cetera et cetera. gun deaths, number of black executives dropped 50%, you can look at that data set and say that is ethnic cleansing. >> first of all, the reason that those things happen had nothing to do with barack obama's leadership, but had to do with his final year of george bush's leadership when we fell into a recession. >> tucker: can i ask you something? i know what this argument -- you'll defend anything. you'll of wow to find anything. >> let me tell you worry about right now. >> tucker: will you stop saying things that are irresponsible, like the term ethnic cleansing, because you are scaring the hill out of people and making it impossiblel conversation? >> i'm not. i want until we get an
5:34 pm
absolutely reasonable budget that is not targeting people who suffer the deepest in this country. not getting a budget that puts profit over people and that really bills us up the misery -- >> tucker: rather than getting to motive, why don't you say, look, the snap program for example, would you support, and i think it is fair to say, we shouldn't got this and here's why. instead of making gross generalizations about people's ethnicity and skin color, and evoking the shared memories of persecution, which you are doing on purpose, say, look -- >> this is persecution. we are cutting the legal services, so people can't have a legal defense -- >> tucker: you are so overstating it. here's what i think you are about a representative for your faith. >> you don't know anything about my faith. >> tucker: i am saying this. a prerequisite of decency is to assume until proved otherwise good well on the part of people who disagree. the people who are reasonable and decent can have a different
5:35 pm
view and they are still -- you don't seem to entertain that possibility. >> i did not attack donald trump, i attacked his policy. this policy is about ethnic cleansing, along with the brooklyn band, what he did at standing rock with the executive orders, leading oil pipelines come through indigenous communities, the white communities in the same area didn't want them -- >> tucker: this is insane. there are plenty of indian reservations that have pipelines through them. are they complicit in ethnic cleansing? >> if there are indigenous -- i wasn't standing rock. there are indigenous folk who said that they we don't want this coming through our land because we are concerned about a poisoning or water, then, they have every right to do that. >> tucker: that's fair but it doesn't mean -- >> listen to them and not retreat. >> tucker: is a fair point. but what it doesn't mean, and what you need to admit it doesn't mean, i said anyone who disagrees is against indians. it doesn't mean that. it's not the same as racism to disagree with someone. >> i am reminded of
5:36 pm
john f. kennedy, ronald reagan, barack obama, talking about america being a city on a hill. i heard mark i heard martin luther king talk about the beloved community. he talked about a beloved community where we battled against racism and militarism and materialism and re-created a community where people didn't see diversity is something that is evil, but instead, something to be celebrated, something that we can learn from one another, something that we can use -- >> tucker: get to the point. >> my point is that this budget goes contrary to the beloved community. this budget to -- >> tucker: you are making another silly generalization. this is an adult world -- you don't have any specific facts. >> if you have a family of four and you are trying to survive out there and all of a sudden, you discover that your medical assistance and food stamps are getting caught, how will that make -- >> tucker: that is a totally fair point. what is unfair is to call anyone who disappears with you a racist. that is what you are doing. that makes reasonable conversation --
5:37 pm
you don't want to show weakness, you ought to be -- this is not prophetic it's irresponsible. you want to bring people together as a clergyman. >> i'm a preacher. this is what i do. >> tucker: not here. >> matthew 25 -- >> tucker: i want to have a conversation about adult things. >> you said -- are you criticizing my faith in saying it is not adult? you, sir -- >> tucker: we got to go. the center for medical progress found another video finding another shocking -- a california drudges ordering them to suppress the hate. antiabortion campaigner lila rose will be here to talk about it next. ♪
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5:42 pm
about abortion. it's not like the rhetoric you here in public. it's raw and it's what they really think. at one point, at planned parenthood employee says "the fetus is a object, taking it apart, i mean, taking it apart on day one is very difficult." elsewhere, a member of the consortium of abortion provider says this, "an eyeball just fell down onto my lap and that is gross." the comment gets laughter from her audience. that is how grotesque it is. we would love to show you the video but we can't because of a man called william orcutt, a federal district judge. he is a massive contributed to my contributor to democrats and he is ordered that the video would be suppressed, saying that the first amendment doesn't exist. it violates a gag order that he plays in the center for medical progress in 2013. we are proud to bring is you tonight and bring you lila rose, she is the founder and president of live action, and antiabortion group. lila, thanks for joining us. it is the allegation that -- the
5:43 pm
only way that it will be legitimate to keep something interacts like this video is to show that they are not real. is there any evidence that these videos are not real? >> i think precisely that because they are real is why there are so much opposition. this is the national abortion federation and planned parenthood's own trade show. they get together and i talk about what they do every day. planned parenthood commits 900 abortions every day in this country. that is 900 little boys and girls killed by abortion by planned parenthood every day. so, the fact that they called, they ask judge for the in judgment, the fact that they so badly want these tapes to be kept quiet, points to -- shows us that they are very afraid of what is on these tapes. the callous laughter about the abortion procedure, about tearing apart a child's legs, taking the legs, around the navel, when they are delivering a child, that discussion by planned parenthood, an abortionist, on the tape. the discussion of the head
5:44 pm
getting stuff in the cervix and complaining about the abortion procedure. i mean, horrific. so difficult to hear. this is exactly with the public should hear, tucker. planned parenthood, the very abortionists that are laughing about what they are doing on these tapes, are receiving a a billion dollars every single year from taxpayers. >> tucker: so, this is very far from the soothing rhetoric of "choice," your body and all that stuff. these are people who are acknowledging what they are doing, which is taking human life. here's my question. because no one contests that these tapes are real, how in the world, and what country could a judge unilaterally decide that you are not allowed to show them? and effect, prevent us from showing them tonight. how could judge william orrick do that and get away with that? >> it appears that it is not just -- you are not the only one not showing it, tucker. youtube took it down over the weekend. twitter just yesterday sent me a notice. we had it up on my feet on my twitter feed, we took it down. it appears that social media companies, as well, are
5:45 pm
fulfilling the order. i mean, this just goes to show that there is a chilling effect right now on journalism that is the opposing piece of viewpoint on abortion. if you don't agree with abortion, if you want to expose what abortion is, and actually use their own words of abortionists, you are going to have to tangle with courts, you are going to have to take north attorney general's, like in california you, you are going to have to tingle a social executives who don't want their stuff on channels, youtube, twitter. >> tucker: i am not advocating for this because i don't think i can in my role as the host of the show, but if there was ever a time for civil disobedience, it seems like some might think this would be the time because you have an absolute right to say what you think is true and to present evidence that is true. is there any place for people who are interested to find these videos? >> right now, i mean, again, it was taken off of my twitter feed. we had put it up after it was released last week. keep in mind, this is on the public record.
5:46 pm
this was put on the public record when attorney general and california decided to prosecute david delighted and sarah merritt, the tapes were entered into the public record and the courts. so, the public deserves to see it. this is a live prosecution happening in california. the public deserves to know. this is a corporation, planned parenthood is a corporation, and they are the ones on many of these tapes, that's receiving a half a billion taxpayer dollars every year. they are claiming to do it in the name of women's health and yet, they are own annual report with just came out this weekend, shows that there are cancer screenings or decline, prenatal care was cut in half, there abortion numbers are going up, their tax money is going up. taxpayers deserve to know this. the whole country deserves to know this. >> tucker: that's exactly right. what it really looks like. don't overdo your grace. face it. lila, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: tiger woods just got arrested which is bad enough. but now espn is accused of photo shopping his mug shot.
5:47 pm
did they do that? why did they do that? is that the we are of the day? our "top that" panel up next. ♪ i never miss an early morning market. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep or get up in time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now. i'm back! aleve pm for a better am.
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>> tucker: time now for "top that." what do you do with a news environment like this, with so much stuff going on? of course you rank it according to the craziest story of the da day. a pollster and a columnist at the "washington examiner" is here as well. kristin, you first. >> if you want to sleep last night before midnight, you may have woken up to discover the news that donald trump tweeted with a typo. yet, this has dominated much of the news coverage for the day. donald trump last night tweeted that he was frustrated about news coverage but misspelling
5:52 pm
the word "coverage" to "covfefe." by the time i woke up this morning and turned into the news, "covfefe" was trending on twitter. throughout most of the day, there were some serious news outlets, wondering what that was the mystery. kind of where to "covfefe"? wasn't some kind of secret two terms administration, a policy codeword, what does this mean? there was a youtube star in singapore who claims she is already had the word tattooed on her arm. very bizarre. >> tucker: it's a hungarian term, someone was telling me. is that how you pronounce it? >> actually, the ap came up with a style guide pronunciation. i believe, before i came on, i wanted to do my homework, "covfefe" was the translation of the tweet. >> tucker: [laughs] i don't even know. >> the merriam-webster urban dictionary, they have an urban version of their dictionary for slang terms, they already added it. it took like an hour. >> tucker: "covfefe."
5:53 pm
>> i believe you are safe doing that. i love it. >> so, no one knows more about golf than me, obviously. so, i'm bringing you a story about tiger woods tonight. you may have heard that he got arrested on monday, very tragic situation where he was found slumped over the wheel of his car a few miles away from his home in jupiter, florida. police pulled him out of the car, he wasn't really able to walk. but he passed a breathalyzer test, interestingly enough. he is claiming that he was under the influence of prescription medication. so, we feel terrible for tiger. we hope that he recovers and gets well. but what i am here to talk about is the fact that there were two very different mugshots circulated on television and online. you can see them right there. pull them up. the one on the left was brought to you by the palm beach county sheriff's department. he looks not amazing. >> tucker: saba amazing. >> sub amazing. on the right, also sub amazing, but much better. turns out, the ones on the right
5:54 pm
was actually photoshopped, doctored up by espn. they have had to issue an apology and retracted it and they are now airing the better -- the more realistic version. if they are claiming come i think we got the quote from them, who want to pull it up. they are claiming that they didn't intentionally photoshop it, all they did was, to make it look better come all they did was formatted to fit their template for athlete head shots. >> tucker: honestly, that is something they do in our makeup room here. let me just say -- he i look much more "covfefe" than i did now. i'm sorry, i love that. "covfefe" wins. "covfefe." >> i understand. >> tucker: "covfefe." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: sad news from the world of journalism tonight. "the new york times" has announced it is denouncing its position of publishing editor. like almost everyone at
5:59 pm
"the new york times" ," she wasa liberal and believed it in honesty, and the free exchange of ideas. during this -- she was unafraid. she said what she thought was true. including in this show. we confronted her with the evidence of a political bias. watch. >> i see the vast majority of journalists who walk in that door every day who work hard to have high journalistic standards. the kind i agree with. but i do agree with you that especially when it comes to political coverage, the guns can get pointed too much in one direction. >> tucker: yeah, that's true. she told the truth. and now she's fired. not surprising, still
6:00 pm
depressing. liz spayd. tune in every night at 8:00 for the show this the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, groupthink. here's "the five" ." >> jesse: hey, everybody i am jesse watters. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." breaking news, kathy griffin won't be attending the same new year's eve party this year. cnn today fired ms. griffin. for posing with a mask designed to look like the severed head of president trump. viewer warning, some may find this photo disturbing. and there it is. disgusting. president trump reacted on twitter writing...


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