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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 1, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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depressing. liz spayd. tune in every night at 8:00 for the show this the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, groupthink. here's "the five" ." >> jesse: hey, everybody i am jesse watters. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." breaking news, kathy griffin won't be attending the same new year's eve party this year. cnn today fired ms. griffin. for posing with a mask designed to look like the severed head of president trump. viewer warning, some may find this photo disturbing. and there it is. disgusting. president trump reacted on twitter writing...
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first lady melania trump also expressed outrage, releasing a statement that said in part... the fellow, senator al franken said he will still appear with her at an event in july. >> kathy is a friend. she's a terrific comedian. this had no business being in our public discourse. >> can she recover from this? >> well, i think she did the right thing. asking for forgiveness and acknowledging -- this was a horrible mistake. i think she can. >> you will still appear with her? >> yes. >> jesse: wow. still appearing with kathy griffin. >> kimberly: guess who is not? anderson cooper.
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he canceled his big new york plans with her. i think he should have. we talked about this last night on the show. the fact that cnn acted decisively is good. and it's a little bit of a pushback on people that think they can just take shots, be disrespectful. it's fine to be able to disagree but to do something like that is so offensive and outrageous. this wasn't by accident. no. she planned this out. she knew it was going to be problematic. dana mentioned last night, you hear her on the tape ahead of time talking about we will have to move to mexico after this. she knew exactly what she was doing. good. she deserves to be punished for it. >> jesse: this absolutely backfired. yesterday the apology was already in motion. do you think kathy owes the trump family an apology because as we saw, it has a huge impact on the sun. >> dana: only if she meanst.
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if it was insincere then no, i wouldn't do it. i think i would never recover if melania trump or any first lady of the united states said they were disappointed in me. i personally would never recover. i would be in a fetal position under the table. feeling like a kicked dog. >> kimberly: true. >> greg: >> jesse: do you buy a griffin's apology? cnn, anderson cooper doesn't buy it. it was a stunt and it blew up in her face. >> greg: as dana pointed out, she lost her endorsement deal. which was funny because her career was already in the toile toilet. i do think this was a way for her -- i think she did it on purpose to catapult herself from the 2b list.
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if you lack talent the way she lacks talent, the best way to go forth is to take that express train to political relevance. in this case, the worst thing you can say about trump will make the best friends in hollywood. now madonna will call her back. now she will be able to say yeah, i am crucified because of trump. i have a bigger problem with the media saying this is a nonstory because they find trump as an acceptable villain. if you done this with anybody else, it would have been dealt with differently. the media calls the conservatives and republicans and right-wing hypocrites because we are the ones that always call people out on being too politically correct. we call people out on being snowflakes, a stupid word. however, unlike the left, we didn't actually call for her jo job. no one is rioting. we are not trying to ban her from speaking at colleges. at that something at the left
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does when they find somebody they deem to be evil. we think she's wrong, stupid, we think she's about as funny as syphilis. i don't really care if she keeps her job. she wanted to get out of the kathy griffin world and go to a different kathy griffin world which is the one of anti-trump political relevance. and she did it. >> kimberly: b list. >> juan: i don't think she's getting any book deals. i disagree on so many levels. >> greg: you are like a parking ramp. so many levels. >> juan: oh, it's the office of the presidency. what happened when conservatives and republicans were going so harshly against president obama? what happened with ted nugent? >> greg: exception proves the rule. >> juan: i could keep going with my examples. i could keep going.
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>> kimberly: did admin one to hold up a severed head of any other president? >> dana: they banned the rodeo cloud for life. rodeo clowns use the mask of every president. there are bush, clinton, obama masks. >> greg: he doesn't have transferable skills. when you are fired as a rodeo clown, where do you go? >> juan: in the case of ted nugent, you go right to the oval office because president trump will invite you in. >> jesse: president obama invited black lives matter to the white house and they chant for killing cops. >> juan: black lives matter has never called for killing cops. >> jesse: they say fry them out, pigs in a blanket. >> juan: that's how real
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debate in this country gets diminished because people say ridiculous, outrageous things. am i in the same world? >> kimberly: juan, the problem is you don't understand. no one would say it's acceptable if somebody did it to a liberal or democratic president. the conduct is unbecoming. i am telling you it's outrageous conduct. it's not acceptable to do. >> juan: i agree but i think republicans, especially some on the trump side, are reveling in this. we are so resentful of the hollywood elites and the kathy griffin's. this is our opportunity to tell them off. >> greg: i agree but maybe we deserve it. maybe you are right. maybe people are reveling in it because we've been through it ourselves for for so long. >> jesse: sarah silverman says she wants an armed overthrow of the white house.
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there has been a lot of violent threats directed at this president in the last 100 days. you can name may be person said something. i think this is what ted nugent said. if barack obama becomes the president, i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. >> juan: no, no, i will tell you what ted nugent said. jesse, you have just underinformed on this issue. ted nugent said the man was basically a subhuman mongrel. >> jesse: that's disgusting but that's not threatening his life. >> juan: jesse, look. he said here is my machine gun, put your mouth on it. that's pretty horrible. >> kimberly: nobody is saying -- here's what i'm trying to say. we get that that is not appropriate and is offensive. so is this. >> juan: i agree! >> kimberly: what's your point? >> juan: when this happened on the other issue, i didn't hear outrage on the right saying mr. nugent, that's unacceptable.
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>> kimberly: we did. we talked about carl paladino and we said it wasn't appropriate. sorry, sorry. >> dana: i wonder what kathy griffin really thought was going to happen. she said i'm going to go to mexico. the short-term pain of this. >> greg: cnn fired her for this. apparently they haven't watched the previous new year's eve. it's her performances on new year's eve that are actually worse than this one picture. >> dana: i remember that one thing she did. >> juan: she is no k.g. >> jesse: kathy griffin also -- sarah palin put those targets on the map of districts she wanted to flip. kathy griffin blamed sarah palin
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for the arizona shooting of gabby gifford. now, look what happens. she is holding the severed head of the president. will she ever be responsible if anyone takes a swing at president trump? by her very logic, she would have to hold whoever made a threat -- responsible. >> greg: democrats use that with the montana -- the guy shaking up the reporter on trum trump. >> juan: this is reprehensible. chelsea clinton said today "vile, wrong, not funny." i don't see democrats somehow supporting kathy griffin. >> jesse: i think democrats finally woke up to the fact that what is going on in their party is unacceptable. >> kimberly: kathy griffin on one side with our president and on the other side, isis. there you go. >> greg: how much you want to
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guarantee that because she has insulted the acceptable villain in hollywood and the media, how long will she be down? >> dana: she will be presenting at the oscars in february. >> greg: if it was reversed, your career would be over. >> jesse: some shocking statement from a bitter hillary clinton, that's up next. ♪
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♪ >> dana: hillary clinton spoke at a tech conference in california where she had quite a bit to say about her loss in november, including her email scandal and russian meddling. >> the use of my email account was turned into the biggest scandal since lord knows one. this was the biggest nothing burger ever. they covered it will like it was pearl harbor. the russians ran an extensive information war campaign against my campaign, to influence voter voters.
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they would talk about my emails but not about the investigation with the russians. people went to vote on november 8th, having no idea that there was an active counterintelligence investigation with the trump campaign. >> dana: president trump weighed in on twitter. writing... i feel bad for her because she's got grandchildren, a long career. she could move on and enjoy life but instead, she seems very bitter. she's really raking over some old ground and coming up with fake news herself. >> kimberly: this is where you are with a best friend -- you
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talk to her and you say, listen. you are better than this. rise above it. someone who is on her team, on her side, saying it's really not a good idea. be presidential even though he didn't win. show that you are the bigger person. inspire people that believed in you and supported you, you are a class act, someone who will have relevance based on the issues you want to propel forward and not based on your grievance. >> dana: to think anyone in the democratic party is telling her? joe biden will announce tomorrow that he is having his own pac. democrats are trying to move on but she is kind of not letting them. >> juan: i don't think that's a problem at all. i think her base celebrates hillary clinton. that's like telling president trump to stop tweeting. it ain't happening.
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there's an audience for what hillary clinton says. dana, i don't know why you said that thing about the the dash dana: all of >> dana: all of a sudden president trump got command thousand twitter followers. it was very specific. >> juan: that's different. i think what was going on during the campaign -- i don't think there's any question -- i think when john podesta got hacked, it was just hours after the tapes were released and he said hey, there's some collaboration, collusion going on here. >> dana: chelsea clinton, jesse, said she doesn't know how she will explain president trump to her grandchildren. >> jesse: they will be living in an america that will be great again. hillary says this scandal was a nothing burger.
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dan why did everybody plead the fifth? she's also blaming "the new york times" for losing. that's like when you lose a baseball team for fans not cheering loud enough. and she also said just weeks ago that the russians -- that means america was not sexist on the 27th and then became sexist on election night. she's also been claiming russia -- she was telling everybody in saying that no one would listen to her. the most powerful people in america and no one is listening to you hillary? not a very good look. >> dana: she did more in arizona than in wisconsin. >> greg: someone to tell her that people see the harlem globetrotters play, not the washington generals. this is a traveling roadshow.
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the fact that she said nothing burger, which is the washington deep equal word, stop using it. especially in that "star trek" chair. you know what? she was speaking at a tech conference. isn't that hilarious? she was speaking at a tech conference. it was tech that caught her at the election. she blames misogyny? she's an expert. i'd this is from ted nugent. he says i never threatened the president. >> juan: after the secret service investigated.
12:21 am
now they claim i shot an obama effigy. it never happened. i believe this over to the 30-40 million viewers that are watching the show right now. >> dana: what you think about the joe biden pac? i love a name dropper. >> juan: i just saw him yesterday. >> kimberly: you rode in together? >> juan: i think joe biden is popular. i think he has an ability to do something that so critical for the democrats right now which is to reach out to the working, white americans. and remind them that the democrats are their party. not this populist ideologue. >> dana: if that is true, then wouldn't the democrats prefer hillary clinton to focus on
12:22 am
bigger picture issues? rather than treading on ground over and over again? >> kimberly: yeah, but it's all about her. she won't let it go so she has to take him down again. she will do it. that someone who completely is not thinking about what's in the best interest of her party. if she thought about that, she would have let joe biden run last time. she felt cheated out of the last time. it's like oh, it's me again. >> jesse: hillary is behaving exactly how she said trump was going to behave if he lost. conspiracy theories. the media. >> kimberly: she is blaming waters where
12:23 am
jesse watters. >> greg: she should start her own little shadow government. she could create a little white house somewhere. she could have press conferences and invite people over. she couldn't think in her own little mind that she's running the country. >> kimberly: and how to delete and destroy evidence. >> dana: beat that horse. >> greg: by the way, that's a metaphor. >> kimberly: >> dana: trump twe, >> kimberly: >> dana: trump twe, including this word -- if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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>> kimberly: oh, yeah. just after midnight,
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president trump put out the following tweet... despite the constant negative press "covfefe." the media like most of the country spent a lot of time figuring out the pronunciation of the word covfefe. >> what you right, george. >> that tweet word covfefe, covfefe -- >> covfefe, covfefe. we will let you make the call this morning. >> covfefe. >> yeah, good morning. i am not sure what the meaning is. i'm still figuring out how to pronounce it. i will go with corncob. >> kimberly: asked about the tweet, sean spicer said the
12:29 am
president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant. jesse, care to decipher question marks before it was a typo, obviously. i think everybody knows. they covered his typo more than his beheading. i am a little bit of a grammar nerd. he doesn't drink so i don't know why he misspells things. >> kimberly: haven't you ever tried to type on a phone? autocorrect? coverage? >> jesse: what it shows is that he does have a lot of power on his fingertips. he can send out a typo and send the media on a wild goose chase. next time the russian subpoenas start coming up, send some emoji's. >> kimberly: all right, jesse. that was a good one. juan, did you find this funny?
12:30 am
>> juan: initially it was funny. it was funny how he was saying they were getting negative press coverage but to me at midnight, this is a lonely guy watching tv. he wakes up early and watch as more tv. he's got nothing else to do. >> dana: how do you know all this? >> juan: people then buy into this as this correction distras entertaining. this is the way the media has gone these days. it's all about entertainment and personality. lighten >> greg: that's true and beautiful because at least all the problems they are talking about have to do with words and not deeds. we are talking about a tweet. usually the things that he says, it's not like he's going around killing people or making
12:31 am
horrible deals. >> kimberly: just bad guys. >> greg: he's not doing things that bring shame to the oval office. i mean sure, he says things that your eccentric uncle might say. but they are to sayings. i don't worry too much about it. the media who spent so much time on the story -- it's so low. it's just a tweet. you can go crazy on it forever. the mistake is that we find it so meaningful because it so easy. >> kimberly: the chief communicator. dana perino. >> dana: he handled it well. he was funny. who among us hasn't spelled something wrong on twitter? the media was having fun with i it. we criticize him for something and then have having fun for it? what i don't like -- when the press secretary sean spicer said
12:32 am
well, actually, the president and a small group of people knew what he meant. he already made it funny, can't we all laugh about it? he violated one of my rules. no twitter after midnight. nothing ever comes that is good out of that. and no hats on tv. i also think it's top strategic. >> hillary clinton tweeted... >> dana: now that's not funny. let him be funny and let the press laugh about it. >> jesse: it sounds like a nothing burger to me. >> kimberly: your champ right there. >> greg: covfefe sounds like the two twins that bill clinton is dating.
12:33 am
>> juan: 1:00 in the morning, the whole world is paying attention. it's crazy. >> kimberly: i think it's good we have a president who has that stamina, awake at midnight. >> greg: covfefe. >> kimberly: covfefe. president trump might pull out of the paris climate accord. good idea? >> >> ♪
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♪ >> greg: president trump may have us pull out from the paris climate agreement. the question isn't why we pull out but why we pulled in and in the place. obama, it was his choice.
12:38 am
it's a bad decision but you can't stop him. that's what the paris accord is. the world's worst lottery ticket. where the prize is way smaller than the price of entry. a ticket that cost ten grand and get to five bucks in 100 years. that is the accord's most optimistic prediction. let that sink in. in scientific terms, it's trivial. in human terms, it's homicidal. it would be no difference if it turns nothing. the things we might have done instead with all those trillions of dollars. you could solve everything from malaria to malnutrition. for $75 billion a year, you could give education, basic health care, sanitation, clean drinking water to every person
12:39 am
on earth. that's what this is really about. guilt, the climate accord is fueled by a lie that the west is so foul that only chucking trillions at a problem will absolve us of our exaggerated sins. the paris deal makes life a whole lot worse. kill it and let's dance on his you know who signed the accord? north korea. even north korea is doing it. >> dana: they might have nuclear powers in it. >> greg: they would prefer to spend trillions of dollars on this day and leave north korea alone read >> dana: we were making fun of them for saying that president obama deserved all this credit because it actually will achieve nothing. if you look at the massachusetts mit assessment, it was something
12:40 am
like global temperatures will be reduced by 2200. i think he can explain it either way. it doesn't matter because it doesn't really have any teeth in it. he can say this is important for diplomacy. he can say doesn't matter. either way, it doesn't matter. >> greg: jesse, what you think he's going to do? >> jesse: it's worthless, like a piece of paper. i actually read what it said. it set goals and then every year, they meet at a fancy plac place. they talk about whether or not they have met those goals.
12:41 am
it's nonbinding and there is no penalty for not reaching a goal and you can plot a bit and there's no penalty for that thing either. the whole thing is worthless. under trump's current policy approach, by 2025, our carbon emissions will be going down 19% lower than they will have been in 2005. they are already projecting lower emissions significantly if we just continue down the path we are going. much better than china. >> greg: this is about five-star hotels -- they get to go to the best places in the world, hang out and meet leo dicaprio. >> kimberly: and then elon musk. fine, get back to doing your fancy cars. basically a transfer of wealth,
12:42 am
developed economies to the less fortunate. you give them grants so that they can then say we are fighting climate change, right? the u.s. -- this is about -- we are going to be penalized? we are actually doing the right thing here. we want to continue to do that deal, punish ourselves and lock ourselves in climate handcuffs? for what? >> greg: you just don't know what you are doing here, juan. >> juan: this is unbelievable. wow. i will give you a bunch of facts. you are talking about 0.5%. >> kimberly: that's from mit, that's not from dana. >> juan: oh, so that means it's not rising? it's not continuing to rise?
12:43 am
oh, okay. you talk about things like scarcity, floating cities? don't talk about that. you know how ted nugent tweets you? al gore is in mine. i see, that is your conservative quote -- the usa and nicaragua, the only countries in the world, saying nothing is going on. temperatures aren't changing. this is steve bannon and make america great again. >> greg: you've been talking talking about this for years. >> kimberly: why are you
12:44 am
blaming this on the nationals? you want this country to be dry of money and resources just to say we support climate change? >> greg: the good things are the things that they are neglecting. good water, hygiene, malnutrition. >> kimberly: wrap yourself around us. we will spend at least $100 trillion in order to reduce the temperature by the end of the century by a grand total of three tenths of 1 degree. >> juan: to keep the temperatures from rising is essential for us. >> greg: if you have a slight increase, that helps with education which helps with lifespan. >> dana: president trump can reverse president trump's to make's mistake.
12:45 am
decisions that it's not willing to make legislatively. >> greg: exactly. and on that note, you could have put that in your journal and i'm glad you didn't. >> dana: you will be out tomorrow. >> greg: md congested. i am d congested. ahh. where are mom and dad? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up!
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♪ >> juan: president trump hasn't signed any major piece of legislation into law yet. one person is blaming the republicans for that. >> the republican party, which is the party of the president, they owe their majority to him. particularly the senate. they are road blocking donald trump more than the democrats are. >> juan: wow. this fits with something corey lewandowski said. if republicans don't get behind
12:50 am
donald trump, they will lose the 2018 midterm. >> kimberly: yeah, i think he ought to know. he was making sure he was as successful. a lot of people owe their seat to the president. and those districts, to be able to secure victory and prevail on the election. i don't think based on what's going on it would be a good idea to try to just ignore that and not pay attention to the the constituents. >> juan: there's a lot of dysfunction inside, the president needs to admit he's the root of the problem. is it his? >> jesse: i don't see that happening. they have to ride the guy's coat tails. they are in there for a reason. 12 years being out of power in the white house, then trump came along.
12:51 am
it's a small window. it can change. two years now. it changes very quickly. we have to get everything done. if you don't get it done, then you will have the democrats have the house. and then what? impeachment. then they want to impeach your guy. >> kimberly: they are not going to really do that. >> jesse: build a wall, cut taxes, get people back to work. >> juan: would you agree it's republicans blocking trump? >> jesse: >> dana: part of the m is, the president made promises on health care the bill that he endorsed does not meet. it's hard to go out and sell those things until those fundamental questions are answered. there is no one who can sell this like the president.
12:52 am
>> juan: what you say, greg? come on donald trump? >> greg: the answer is somewhere in the middle. you have these joest men. they give you support but they also indulge your worst instincts. yes men. then you have critics who are a pain in the neck but they bring out the best in you. i don't like when people say you better get on the trump train. shut up. then you have other people saying i am a never trump person. both of you are almost the same. >> kimberly: a lot of similarities. >> greg: trump haters or trump trainers. have some croissants. >> jesse: there won't be any croissants on the trump train. >> juan: video of tiger woods dui arrest is coming up
12:53 am
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...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round... ...brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to... ...gently remove more plaque and... ...oral-b crossaction is clinically proven to... ...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro. ♪ >> jesse: time no further "one more thing." juan williams. >> juan: the multicultural media correspondence selectively at their 2017 broadcast journalist of the year! here i am receiving the award but here i am talking about the good of "the five" and fox news. it has dominated not only cable
12:57 am
news but how we hear and understand politics in america. not under pressure by a committed news team, that's one of the highlights of my career. thanks so much to the correspondence and i've got to tell you, it was a thrill. >> dana: well-deserved. after hurricane mathew hit south carolina, it was a very devastating hurricane but eclipsed by the election. she wanted to see how many women had become pregnant during their vacation. she found all of these women. all residents of south carolina coastal towns and they are all due to give birth very soon. she took them to all sorts of different places in south carolina on the coastal areas. >> juan: where are the guys? >> dana: they don't need their pictures taken.
12:58 am
>> kimberly: here's something you don't see every day on the streets of new york city. >> greg: i will be the judge of that. >> kimberly: a carriage horse broke loose yesterday. it began running like the wind. from its stable and went through midtown manhattan in the middle of rush hour. look at her go. people were stunned to see her running through the streets. no one was hurt, this is real. after 8 minutes or so, she found her way back to the stable. it's not so cute? there's no grass. >> greg: you know what he says when he is trying get a cab? hay. >> jesse: here is a video of tiger woods dui arrest. >> say the alphabet in a slow,
12:59 am
nonrhythmic manner. to understand the instructions? >> yes. >> what were the instructions? >> not to sing the national anthem backwards. >> jesse: poor guy. >> greg: that is definitely ambien. it always makes you confuse things and you end up eating a jar of peanut butter in your underwear. >> jesse: one more thing, greg. >> greg: snowflake. it started out people were using it to describe sensitive safe spacers but now it's a name we call everybody. you know a word is over when people are using it too much. let's stop using it. >> jesse: if hillary uses it, then it's really... >> greg: it was that or nothing burger.
1:00 am
>> kimberly: out of time. >> juan: it's getting hot in here for snowflakes. >> kimberly: good old glassy eyes over there is about done. >> jesse: never miss >> bret: this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington, i am bret baier. breaking news on the house intelligence committee's investigation into the unmasking of american swept up in government surveillance. there are two tracks to the investigation into what the term campaign did or didn't do, and also with the obama administration did or did not do with surveillance. breaking tonight, new details on the second tract. chief washington correspondent james rosen is here with details. good evening. >> fox news has confirmed that the fbi and cia and national security agency were all served today with subpoenas issued by the house intelligence committee. sources said


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