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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 1, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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scott mcqueary will reform. >> come down. the first 100 people spend the morning hanging out. >> see you friday. >> bill: good morning, everybody. big decision today with the u.s. stay or get out of the paris climate pact. world leaders are waiting that call from president donald trump. it will happen in a rose garden moment today. here at home two rivals slinging mud as if we were still in the middle of a campaign. very interesting as we say good morning on a thursday. big day ahead inside the west wing. i'm bill hemmer, good morning at home. >> shannon: i feel like we're in a time machine. we've gone back into the campaign. we're awaiting president trump's decision, though he and hillary clinton are renewing their rivally on twitter with hillary clinton blaming everyone and everything except
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herself. >> the other side was using content that was just flat out false. and delivering it in a very personalized way. i get the nomination. so i'm now the nominee of the democratic party. i inherit nothing from the democratic party. the comey letter, which was -- now we know partly based on a false memo from the russians. so for whatever reason and i speculate but i can't look inside the guy's mind, you know, he dumps that on me on october 28th. i immediately start falling. >> shannon: president trump reacting to that and breaking developments around the unmasking of trump advisors by the obama administration. john roberts joins me live from the white house. >> the president going back and forth with hillary clinton a little twitter war going on over her comments yesterday.
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the president tweeting crooked hillary blames everybody but herself. hillary clinton promptly replied people in -- there is a reference to the mysterious tweet the president sent out the night before. he misspelled coverage and went to bed. he tweeted about the issuance of the subpoenas in the unmasking investigation by the house intelligence committee saying the big story is the unmasking and surveillance of people during the obama administration. it's a combination of not surprising and surprising. first of all the not surprising that they sent subpoenas to the f.b.i., c.i.a. and n.s.a. requesting documentation regarding susan rice, the former national security advisor of the obama administration and john brennan, the c.i.a. director. what is surprising is the
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request for information regarding samantha powers. she was the united nations ambassador and served as a foreign policy advisor to then senator barack obama in his senate office before joining the administration. it's pretty clear that the house intelligence committee or factions there believe she had much greater involvement than previously suggested in the unmasking investigation. and that she actually had a greater involvement than did either susan rice or john brennan. those subpoenas among seven that were issued by the intelligence chairman. two issued by the ranking member adam schiff. those subpoenas are seeking information about michael flynn and michael kohn. president trump's long time personal attorney in the trump organization.
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kohn said he he would work with the attorneys to follow the subpoena. >> shannon: so what do we expect to hear from the president on the paris climate deal this afternoon? we are waiting. >> that's open to debate and speculation. yesterday we were getting indications the president would announce the u.s. was pulling out of the climate deal completely. then we started to get indications because he hadn't made a final decision, that maybe he would do a piecemeal approach to it. withdraw from certain parts of u.n. conventions while staying in the overall framework of the agreement. yesterday when he was appearing in the oval office with vietnam's prime minister, the president was giving nothing away. listen here. >> president trump: very soon. [inaudible question] >> president trump: you'll find out very soon. >> we'll find out this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. when the president will hold a rose
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garden event. a lot of competing interests here at the white house and outside the white house as well. manufacturing, environmental groups want the president to stay. a lot of people want the president to pull out as well because staying in there will cost the u.s. jobs. shannon. >> shannon: as you're saying this i'm getting emails talking about demonstrations they'll hold at the white house. we don't have a decision. we know you're on it. john roberts live at the white house. >> bill: great point he makes at the end. hillary clinton unloading about her election loss again. here is more from the postmortem regarding november's results. >> the use of my email account was turned into the biggest scandal. it was the biggest nothing burger anywhere. i didn't break any rule. i was very responsible and not at all careless. >> bill: this is getting a lot
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of reaction. byron york, good day to you. i'll show you this in a moment. weigh in. you call this performance extraordinary. in what way? >> it was. hillary clinton has not been exactly quiet about her defeat in the last few months but she has never revealed the extent of the blame and resentment she appears to feel about it until this performance yesterday. and she went through a long list of things that she blames for her defeat. she blames the russians. she said americans colluded with them. she blames the press for covering the email question. she blames big republican donors. she blamed the dnc for not giving her a good data operation. she blamed republican voter suppression efforts she calls them. they blames sexism. she blamed everybody except herself. >> bill: we have a list, byron.
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here it is. there were dozens here. f.b.i., vladimir putin, third from the bottom content farms in macedonia. hit them all. >> she really did. what it suggests -- she is writing a book about this and she referenced that she will be discussing this at greater length in her book but what it suggests is that she is definitely not moving on. she is deep into the weeds of the russia investigation. this was something we know, by the way, from the only and best book published so far about the clinton campaign. a decision to blame the russians on the defeat was made the day after by the defeated clinton campaign. and it ignores so many of the actual political reasons for her loss. as a matter of fact, when she blamed the democratic party's data operation, the people who
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ran that data operation are now pushing back saying wait a minute. we did a good job. >> bill: that's to be debated, too. she was also asked why she was not in wisconsin and she blames scott walker the republican governor there. a bit more about how she forecasts into the future and how she sees power in congress in 2018. >> if we can flip those, if we can go deeper into where i did well, where we could get good candidates, i think flipping the house is certainly realistic. >> bill: we'll have a lot of coverage on that. 18 months away from now, byron. put it on the back burner. the same day she makes this address joe biden will form a political action committee. you start to see the gears in motion for democratic possibilities now 3 1/2 years from now. >> absolutely. it's not rare for democrats to be pouring pro democratic organizations and trying to win
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elections. for a lot of democrats winning the house is 2018 is important. they would have subpoena power, the power to impeach the president if they choose. they would have the power to pursue donald trump in a way that they cannot do now because they don't chair any committees in the house or senate. the senate doesn't look really good for them in 2018 but they believe, as you just heard, that they can take the house and then they can really go after the president. >> bill: thank you, byron. nine minutes past the hour. >> shannon: on top of the house intelligence committee expanding its russia investigation and issuing subpoenas, we're learning james comey may testify as early as next week. robert mueller signed off on his appearance for a public hearing. our panel weighs in on this a little later. >> bill: appears to be
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coordination between mueller and comey to make sure he doesn't step on what's going on with the special counsel. >> shannon: speculation on what he is going to say. >> bill: we'll be watching that for sure that day. crunch time on the climate deal. world leaders want the u.s. to stay. and many here are divided. which way should he go? grover norquist says everybody who hates trump wants him to stay. also stunning video out of texas. >> shannon: bullets flying as a pair of bounty hunters corner a fugitive at a car dealership all caught on camera. >> bill: just released dash cam video of tiger woods' arrest from the other night. more coming up.
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new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at >> shannon: russian president vladimir putin says his country has never been involved in hacking. putin says some rogue patriotic russians could be carrying out hack attacks but the russian government is not and rejected the notion that hacking could change the outcome of any
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election in the west. u.s. intel agencies have accused russia of hacking into or using phishing to access the democratic party and publicly releasing them before election day. >> bill: did he weigh in on the content farms in macedonia? >> shannon: it's on the list. >> bill: president trump will announce whether the united states will exit the paris climate accord. grover norquist, a lot of strong feelings on this. thank you for being here today. good morning to you. what do you think he will do? >> i think he will pull out. he said he was going to do that when he ran for office. china will stay in. they promised not to do anything until about 2030. then they promised to maybe do something. they're building 350 coal-fired plants right now. so this -- >> bill: you're saying no nuance here. get out of it.
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>> it's clear. this disadvantages the united states and advantages china and india, both building coal plants and the europeans, which have bought into the subsidized corporate welfare, green energy that needs to be subsidized and they've raised the price of their own manufacturing and energy so high they need the united states to put on the same restrictions so that they can compete with us. then they want us to spend hundreds of billions of dollars subsidizing third world dictatorships because it's how we bought their votes in the u.n. to say they would agree maybe someday to do something about global warming. first they want money. >> bill: go inside the west wing for a morning. bannon wants them to get out. many of those who voted for donald trump feel the same way. you have the ceos that donald trump aligns with most of his adult life on the other side.
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internal disagreements within his own family that you know he respects and honors and listens to. so no nuance or caveat, just we're out and done for now? >> that's what he should do. this is a treaty that will hamstring us for years to come. if we're going to do anything, we ought to go to the senate and say obama did this by executive order all by himself said we're in, you can tell us what to do. if we're going to have an agreement like that it needs to be voted on by 2/3 of the united states senate. >> bill: should he kick it to congress? >> yes, he should. i believe he will. there are a lot of democratic senators who want to vote with the left wing but who cannot survive in their states if they continue the war on energy, coal, natural gas, fracking that they've been engaged in. >> bill: two things quickly. you were quoted in the "new
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york times" the following way. everybody who hates trump wants him to stay in paris. everybody who respects him voted for him wishes to him forsucceed wants him to pull out. there is a love/hate relationship. >> completely correct quotation. it is true. the people who are telling him that he should do this, they may have some hope that "the new york times" and "washington post" and the three networks will say something nice about trump. but there isn't an editorial that won't be bashing him halfway through the first paragraph. if he gives the paris folks, the chinese government, and the european greens what they want and third world dictators who want more money, if he signs to that there will be a moment where people will say nice of him to do that. we still hate him. the rest of the editorial will be how awful it is. he won't get 30 seconds of
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politeness to the folks who want to see him fail. >> bill: you know elon musk tweeted this. don't know which way paris will go. i've tried to advise that we remain. he has a big part in this as a business decision. my expectation is if he follows what you are explaining here, then he is going to be in that category that says trump screwed up. >> follow the money. follow the money. there are whole industries. the solar industry where musk has gotten billions of dollars of your tax dollars in subsidies to fund quote, unquote, corporate welfare for his industries which he then uses to shoot things up into the sky. shooting things in the sky is cool. i wish he would do it with his own money instead of taxpayers money recycled through corporate welfare. there is a lot of corporate
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america that gets money, billions, because they make imaginary energy that doesn't create energy unless you spend more money to put it in than you get out and that's unfortunately the wind folks and the lot of the solar people. there are a lot of corporate welfare here. they think that if we get into the paris, then the corporate welfare spigot continues forever. >> bill: thank you. i'm hoping my app can predict the weather this weekend. for a change that would be nice. grover norquist is washington >> shannon: another story we're following this morning a deadly shoot-out inside a car dealership. caught on camera. check it out. shot ringing out between two bounty hunters and the person they were hunting. >> bill: a deadly explosion
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>> bill: at least one person dead. two missing over more than a dozen others injured after an explosion at a corn milling plant in central wisconsin an hour northeast of madison. the blast happened while workers were inside that plant last night. the fire contained. the building was destroyed. >> we were trapped inside. a big explosion happened. everything just collapsed. the warehouse. we're a small town. so it's scary. we're all close. we hope everyone is fine. >> bill: the cause is still unclear at this hour. >> shannon: caught on camera a
6:25 am
deadly shoot-out inside a car dealership just outside dallas. shocked bystanders going for cover as two bounty hunters confront a suspect. walk us through what happened? >> in is insane. it happened in greenville, texas, 50 miles or so to the northeast of dallas. it was just after 7:00 in the evening at a busy nissan car dealership. listen. [gunshots] >> police say 20 gunshots fired in of six seconds. in the upper right-hand corner of your screen you can see it down before the camera goes to the floor. guns drawn. two bounty hunters attempting to take a suspect into custody sitting in the glass office with another person. police say the man who was wanted on a felony drug charge out of minnesota drew a weapon.
6:26 am
a scuffle ensued as frightened people called 911 from hiding spots. >> when it was all said and done three people were dead, the suspect and two bounty hunters. it is amazing no innocent bystanders were even hurt. >> shannon: you can hear the fear in her voice in that phone call. it breaks your heart. the next question then did the bounty hunters have legal permission or permission to be there in that dealership? how does this work? >> this is where it gets interesting and where it could kind of shape up over the next day or so. the owner of the dealership says that the bounty hunters told his staff that they were federal agents and that they were there to serve a warrant. but the company who employed
6:27 am
the two men fng security and investigations in el paso, says that his workers would have never misrepresented themselves. however, of course, many questions are being raised about whether going into a public place like that at that time of day with innocent bystanders present, if that was the right move in the first place, shannon. >> shannon: casey siegel on that surprising story. thank you very much. >> bill: amazing video. stunning video inside of in us news inside the carnage and chaos of the orlando terror attack one year ago and this is graphic. wow, what this new video could tell us what happened inside as the questions remain about the most deadly mass shooting in america's history. there is this today. >> do you recall any u.s. ambassadors asking that names be unmasked?
6:28 am
>> i don't -- i don't know. >> shannon: just days after congressman trey gowdy alluded to it. subpoenas have been sent out focusing on three former obama administration officials. >> bill: new reaction on hillary clinton's election loss. blame game as that continues. >> i think short of getting 5:00 shadow and wearing wing tips on the beach her transformation into full nixonian bitterness is complete.
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>> bill: opening bell on wall street went off a moment ago. traders keeping a close eye on a 3:00 announcement later today from president trump in the rose garden. he will announce whether or not the u.s. will remain in the paris climate accord.
6:32 am
many world leaders, major corporations urging him to stay. others in the west wing say keep your campaign promise and get out. more on that coming up shortly here on "america's newsroom." >> shannon: big news today the house intelligence committee issuing subpoenas in the russia probe. michael flynn and president trump's lawyer michael kohn being called to testify. three major intelligence agencies also being subpoenaed. they are seeking documents from john brennan, susan rice and samantha power. those subpoenas related to allegations the obama administration improperly unmasked names of american citizens. joining us now to talk about it marie harf, and pete hoekstra. former house intelligence committee chairman. welcome to you both. all right. so we have two different sets of subpoenas. a group of them were pushed by
6:33 am
the ranking member schiff, those are more toward the russia probe but the three that go to the intelligence agencies. the first question i have marie, to you, why would ambassador samantha power, a diplomat, be asking for unmasking? >> we'll see what the facts are here. i don't know why these people are sub aoen add and we'll see what that information shows. policymakers and national security officials, foreign policy officials need more information about these intelligence reports in order to do their jobs defending the foreign policy of the united states. i don't know the facts behind this. but i feel fairly confident when i served in the administration people were not improperly unmasked. let's get to the bottom of that but focus on the russia probe, the main goal of the committee's work. >> shannon: i want to play a little sound between trey gowdy, a republican congressman
6:34 am
and former c.i.a. director john brennan. he was trying to get at something just days ago. >> do you recall any u.s. ambassadors asking that names be unmasked? >> i don't -- i don't know. maybe it's ringing a vague bell but i'm not -- i could not answer with any confidence. >> shannon: trey gowdy is a former prosecutor and very methodical about these things. there is already evidence in hand that supports the subpoenas that have gone out. >> trey would not have asked the question if he didn't know the answer. that's the first thing you do going through a questioning process. you ask only those questions where you know the answer. i think where this goes is -- you have to remember, these are members of congress who are asking the question. and for the last 10, 15 years as we've known about what the intelligence community does
6:35 am
when it surveils americans, every five years when these authorities get renewed, congress has a question of how far do you guys go? i think that there will be real concerns now. the intelligence community continually says we were doing this all the time. unmasking is not that unnatural in these types of things. people like senator ron widen, rand paul are very concerned about this. they think the intelligence community has gone too far. when you get people like samantha powers and susan rice, who were consumers of intelligence. they're not analysts. and they're asking for unmasking. i think it raises lots of red flags in congress and raises lots of red flags with the american people about how far has surveillance of americans gone and how it gone too far? >> shannon: we're told one of the reasons we've gotten the subpoenas here. the nsa was initially somewhat helpful in getting to the bottom of some of these things.
6:36 am
the f.b.i. and c.i.a. no so helpful and now the nsa has clammed up. what do you think shouldn't everybody cooperate? >> they should. it is true that consumers of intelligence have a reason to have names unmasked. every five years or so we have a debate about intelligence and looking at american citizens. that's a debate he was part of in congress and i'm confident we'll have again not limited to the obama administration. we want people to be cooperative here. i also want the trump team to be cooperative and the reports over the last few days his lawyer won't cooperate with the subpoenas. mike flynn isn't willing to cooperate. the trump team says they want to get to the facts. their people need to play a role in that, too. >> shannon: former national security advisor michael flynn has said he will turn things over at least in part and some of the others have said through
6:37 am
legal counsel they'll work with congress to get to the bottom of these things. i want to ask you both about hillary clinton. she had a lot to say and we have made a graphic of all the things just in the one appearance she had yesterday that she blamed for her loss. netflix, wikileaks, bad polling numbers, people assuming she would win. misogyny. low information voters. congressman, do you think it's time to move on or is analysis good? >> i said it was time to move on but she wants to go back and relitigate this. i'm not sure exactly why she wants to bring this all up. this opens up the door for the special counsel, mueller to take a look at all these types of things. i thought she broke the law back in july and there was plenty of evidence to prosecute her. if it gets relitigated i think she may be looking at asking president trump for a pardon rather than getting an excuse as to why she lost this
6:38 am
election. i don't know why she wants to go back there. >> shannon: let's play a little bit of what dr. charles krauthammer had to say about her constant explanations. >> i don't think she is capable of discussing anything about the election in a way that makes anything other than sympathy for her. she has made herself pathetic. >> shannon: what do you think, marie? your response to the doctor? >> as a democrat i would say i would like to hear a little less from hillary clinton and i hope my party isn't doing this kind of blame game and is looking in a really serious way at how we win voters back. that's what i'm focused on. not relitigating 2016. no one in america wants to, i don't think. i'm happy to hear from new leaders in our party and look at what democrats will be in 2 years, 4 years or 10 years. >> shannon: we should take a look at how the government is
6:39 am
surveilling all citizens. we'll leave it there. good to see you both. >> bill: penguins taking charge in the stanley cup finals. game two last night. >> he scores! >> bill: game was tied third period the pens score three quick goals yet again in the second game against the predators out of nashville. going on to win game three. 4-1 final. penguins 2-0 best of seven series. good series, very fast and aggressive. you're a pens fan. i like the nashville team. i like the way they play. >> shannon: can you really be rallying against carrie underwood >> bill: i hope we get a little bit of a boost.
6:40 am
>> shannon: we now know that 11 americans were hurt in the deadly bombing in the heart of afghanistan we covered this week. all while the trump administration mulls sending more troops overseas. what should the president do? adam kin singer joins us. plus this. >> do you remember what happened when my partner came up behind you? >> bill: a confused tiger woods. dash cam video of his arrest. police releasing that. the arrest of the golfing legend, tiger woods, what this tells us about his condition in a moment. >> what were the instructions? >> not to sing the national anthem backwards.
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>> shannon:the faa fieng
6:44 am
united airlines $400,000 for allegedly flying a plane not in air worthy conditions. it replaced a fuel pump pressure switch on a 747 and resumed flying without having an inspection. united flew the plane 23 times before that inspection was performed. for somebody who doesn't love flying, those are the stories i don't need to read. trains don't leave the ground. if only they went everywhere. >> bill: 44 past the hour now. a pair of massive bombings in kabul highlighting the security challenge we face in that country. it killed 90 people inside the diplomatic zone. 11 americans injured among them. illinois republican congressman is with me now.
6:45 am
this doesn't happen unless you get help from the inside. >> this came from a sewage truck. kabul doesn't have sewer systems and they have these trucks all over the place. you see them everywhere they filled this thing with explosives. how did it get in? afghan security forces prevented it from getting all the way into the diplomatic zone. important to note. when you talk about an environment where people want to kill people and they're willing to do anything to do it, you can push out checkpoints as far as you want but ultimately there will be people at the other end of checkpoint. it's a sad situation. yesterday everybody spent more time talking about a tweet than they did about the 500 people killed or injured in afghanistan in a very real war that has very real implications. >> bill: can james mattis and the general change the course of this war in afghanistan? >> i think so. you can stabilize the afghan
6:46 am
government. keep this in mind. there are 150 or more of afghan soldiers giving their lives every month to defend their country. the afghan people are stepping up. our job is to advise and consent. to hit terrorists where they don't have the ability to and we do. i think we also need to go after taliban targets again. i think the thing the american people need to keep in mind is this. if you think the devastating truck attack was bad yesterday and it was bad yesterday, these are the kind of people that would love to be able to do this on the streets of the united states of america. and what is stopping them is we're fighting them over there versus relaxing and letting them do that over here. so this is a very important war but it is important to keep in mind, too. when you are fighting an ideology. you aren't fighting the nazis with a standing army. when you're fighting an ideology it will be a generational war. i wish i had better news. i think we'll be in a fight against radical islamic terrorism for the rest of my life. >> bill: you're probably right
6:47 am
about all that and right also about wanting to do it here. in terms of killing more people and killing americans. 2,000 to 4,000 is the proposal for american troops to join the fight. will it make a difference? >> i'll leave that answer to the generals who know better. whatever troops are necessary to accomplish the mission is what we need to do. the problem under president obama, i can't remember a single time he made the case for the war in afghanistan when he was president. he did a lot when he was candidate using it to go against the iraq war. as president i never heard him make the case to the american people. the other thing he would put in 9800 troops. why 9800? four figures instead of five figures. what we need to do is the amount of troops necessary, which nato involvement, by the way, to actually accomplish this mission which is stabilizing the iraqi government, pushing back and ultimately driving the taliban to the negotiating table, how
6:48 am
most wars end. not just because we like the number 2,000 or 5,000. we need what's necessary. >> bill: the shifting alliances in afghanistan, right? isis, al qaeda and on and on it goes, taliban. they are always trying to pick a winner and jumping from one side to the other depending how they survive. that's really a toxic mix. general nicholson earlier said we're at a stalemate. do you think that's the case? last word. >> i do think that's the case. i think we can break that stalemate. as you mentioned there are shifting alliances. the key is let's try to change the view that this is a stalemate. let's go on the offensive. some of these people you can bring onto your side or neutralize them through negotiated solution when the time is right. look in columbia what they've done. we prosecuted special forces along with the columbian government a war against the
6:49 am
farq. now they have a peaceful reintegration we hope that lasts. that's the model for afghanistan. the fight in columbia took a very long time with very good results in the end. >> bill: thank you from your hometown in illinois. thank you, sir. talk to you real soon. >> shannon: breaking news from the white house whether the u.s. will move its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. desantis would send a signal that america is back. he joins us next hour to explain.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
>> shannon: well, we have got some new information for you. shocking dash cam video of tiger woods just released by the police in jupiter, florida. >> bill: the toe of your left foot.
6:53 am
all right, make your right foot heel touch your toe. >> shannon: it is tough to watch. he is unable to walk alone. his slurred speech and after police found him asleep at the wheel along a highway over memorial day. he is facing charges of driving under the influence. we have more. fresh details. good morning. >> as if that mug shot wasn't embarrassing enough he is facing another round of shame. this video a hole in one for law enforcement providing it proves just how incoherent the golf pro really was when police found him pulled over at the side of the road at 3:00 a.m. monday morning sleeping at the wheel with the engine still running. here is what he looked and sounded like after cops woke him up and did a field sobriety test. let's say he didn't pass. >> recite the english alphabet in a slow manner, you won't sick it. do you understand the instructions? what were the instructions?
6:54 am
>> not to sing the national anthem backwards. >> not to sing the national anthem backwards? okay. >> you can see him hear trying to tie his shoes. he wasn't driving at the time police found him. he denied the charge in a statement released on monday. tiger apologized to his family, friends and fans but spoke about how inebriated he was but says he wasn't drunk, which reads in part i want the public to know that alcohol was not involved. what happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. i didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly. here is how he is being asked to say the alphabet. >> a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h. >> police described him as
6:55 am
slowed and slurred and confused. he said he had taken several prescription medications since undergoing back surgery, the reason why he has been unable to play golf. there was no alcohol in his systems. he didn't know where he was at the time of his arrest and scheduled to be in a florida court in july. >> shannon: julie, thank you very much. >> bill: a couple things to point out here. it's a good thing he didn't hurt anybody behind the wheel. >> shannon: or himself. >> bill: he has been going through a lot of physical and emotional pain. when you have four prescription medications in your body it can do a lot of damage. we've talked about the opioid addictions affecting hundreds of thousands of americans every day. here is an opportunity for someone with the stature of tiger woods just to be a face and a name for the suffering of so many across the country. you talk to senator rob portman out of ohio, this is an epidemic affecting everyday americans and now we have this
6:56 am
case and it's hard to match the two but tiger woods is in trouble and he is lucky that he or someone else was not injured or worse the other night. >> shannon: you were quick to point out there would be much more we would learn about this and we have. the details make a difference. >> bill: so we have president trump and hillary clinton at it yet again after hillary clinton talks in detail about her election loss and a lot of details. the president also weighing in on the flurry of subpoenas for the house intelligence committee. david bossie is here live on all of that. mraus the countdown is on over the u.n. climate deal. will president trump keep the u.s. in or will he get us out? all that coming up. who's the new guy? they call him the whisperer. the whisperer? why do they call him the whisperer?
6:57 am
he talks to planes. he talks to planes. watch this. hey watson, what's avionics telling you? maintenance records and performance data suggest replacing capacitor c4. not bad. what's with the coffee maker? sorry. we are not on speaking terms.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> shannon: president trump
7:00 am
shining a spotlight on surveillance, unmasking and leaking as three members of president obama's inner circle are named in subpoenas from the house intelligence committee. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm shannon bream. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. the investigation now focusing on three key people as the house intelligence committee issues subpoenas to three of the country's top intel and law enforcement agencies. it wants documents relating to susan rice, former c.i.a. director john brennan and former u.n. ambassador samantha power. the former chairman of the house intelligence committee last hour on "america's newsroom" took this position. >> when you get people like samantha powers and susan rice, who were consumers of intelligence. they aren't analysts. and they're asking for unmasking, i think that raises lots of red flags in congress and it raises lots of red flags with the american people about how far has surveillance of
7:01 am
americans gone and has it gone too far? >> bill: reaction in a moment from david bossie. first chief washington correspondent james rowsin. they have an issue with -- democrats are making it clear to fox news the unmasking subpoenas were sent by chairman nunes from the russian collusion investigation where he stepped aside april 26th. the democrats maintain that should constrain his involvement. he told me recently he is an active chairman. >> what i've done. i thought it was appropriate as long as there would be bogus charges against me. until it got cleared up i was going to set the russia investigation aside because i
7:02 am
didn't want to become the face of this investigation. but everything else i'm still in charge of. >> including the unmasking >> especially the unmasking. >> judicial watch has also asked to look at schiff's discussion on classified material. >> bill: come back to samantha powers marks a new development in the probe. how come? >> the former u.n. ambassador had not previously figured in the unmasking controversy. house investigators are intense filing their focus on ambassador power. she seems to have been the subject of a cryptic exchange at a house hearing last week with john brennan, himself named in these unmasking subpoenas. >> do you recall any u.s. ambassadors asking that names be unmasked? >> i don't -- i don't know. maybe it's ringing a vague bell
7:03 am
but i could not answer with any confidence. >> the subpoenas targeted michael flynn, president trump's former national security advisor and michael cohn. cohn has denied colluding with the kremlin. the issuance of the subpoenas was first reported by the "wall street journal." >> shannon: it's a matter of intense interest inside the white house. reaction from david bossie. former deputy manager of the trump campaign and president of citizens united and fox news contributor. good to have you with us this morning. a score of subpoenas. some go to unmasking and some go to the russia probe. what do you make of the names that bubbled up in the obama administration? trey gowdy and others have some information that led them in this direction very specifically. >> i applaud chairman nun
7:04 am
nunes. we know there may be criminal acts by any individual. let's make sure we separate the two things. the unmasking is a dangerous thing for political operatives to have done if that's what ends up happening. that was part of the obama administration and their operation. not anything to do with russia or any of these bogus claims of collusion between the campaign and russia. which there has been now seven months people looking at this. seven months of investigations and there has been no evidence. not one shred. not one piece of evidence. but we have evidence here and that's why i applaud the chairman in taking the first step to say enough is enough. let's get to some facts about what happened and what makes this dangerous for the american intelligence community. >> shannon: there have been denials by former ambassador rice.
7:05 am
she said as recently as april 4th accusations regarding her and unmassing were absolutely false. she sounds pretty confident. >> and she may be. but others may not be. i think that these subpoenas will get to the bottom of whether any illegal activity or any political shenanigans went on with sharing classified information. this is what makes it dangerous for ongoing american intelligence and counter intelligence operations. people don't want -- this is dangerous for america. this is why president trump has been adamant in saying that what is -- what does barack obama and hillary clinton for that matter know about the unmasking at the time? >> shannon: speaking of hillary clinton. she had a lot to say yesterday. we put together a graphic of all the things she has listed as the reason she did not win. of course we have the f.b.i. and comey. we know those kinds of things.
7:06 am
anti-american forces. she blamed obama for winning two terms. misogyny, netflix, facebook. i want to play a little sound bite what she says the reason you guys won and how you put this together. >> bannon, who had been running the breitbart operation supplying a lot of the untrue, false stories. we know. they married content with delivery and data and it was a potent combination. now, the question is where and how did the russians get into this. i think it's a very important question. >> shannon: she went on to say she believes the russians were being guided by americans and how to use the information they were uncovering and when pushed she said i'm leaning towards trump. she is connecting the dots there. >> first of all it's pathetic. hillary clinton is blaming everyone. she blamed data analysts at the
7:07 am
dnc yesterday. she did blame everybody but herself. one of the reasons that donald trump is the president of the united states today is because the democrats nominated hillary clinton as their nominee. let's make no bones about that. president trump ran an incredibly good campaign and was an incredible campaigner but it was helped by the fact that hillary was an inept campaigner. she wants to blame and cast dispersions on everyone. the real person responsible. even her own staff said yesterday she wants to blame everybody but herself. the democrats need to move on from hillary clinton first and foremost. i don't care that she wants to cast dispersions on president trump. everyone knows inside of our operation how incompetent she was in that she wants to be desperate in blaming others. >> shannon: somebody else who doesn't think she did a great job days ago former vice president joe biden said the
7:08 am
same thing. not a great candidate. i would have been a great candidate. we have him out there and her out there and former president obama out there. is there a new bench for the democrats? it seems like pretty old school is doing the representation right now. even we had marie harf earlier saying she wants to hear from new voices within the democratic party. where are they? >> the problem the democrats have and continue to have is the voices of younger people inside the caucus are further to the left. they aren't mainstream voices. and they don't have any solutions. look, the agenda of president trump was the winning agenda for the american people. more jobs, fixing the economy, getting the government out of people's everyday lives. cutting taxes. tax reform is an overall effort. the democratic party. the problem with their party is they want to move further to the left. that's not an answer for the future to the american people.
7:09 am
in future campaigns. that's really what their problem is. when bernie sanders and joe biden are your answers, you really haven't identified the problem yet. s- >> shannon: what goes into the decision making process about whether we stay in the paris climate agreement? >> it's the president of the united states answering the call of the american people through his campaign. during the campaign they asked him to get out of the paris accord. he decided he was going to. he campaigned on it. now he would, i hope, fulfill that promise. secondly, he campaigned as being president of the united states first, not president of the world like barack obama was. and so when you're president of the world, you don't put america first when you are making these negotiations, making these deals. i think president trump is going to get -- i hope get out
7:10 am
of this paris accord and decide to put american jobs, american workers and the american economy first and create new agreements with the world that puts america first. >> shannon: we have no time left but i have to ask you. do you know what confafa means? >> i do not. >> bill: clearly he is not in the circle. president trump revealing his big decision on the paris climate agreement 3:00 in the rose garden. likely to withdraw from the international pact. we'll see if that's the case. everyone is still guessing. we shall see then coming up here live at 3:00 on fox. >> shannon: grover norquist made an interesting point. even if he stays in it which the critics want him to they'll be nice to him for 30 seconds. applaud them doing that and 30 seconds later he will be back to criticizing everything he does. >> bill: we'll see if there are
7:11 am
any leaks in the white house. that has been the pattern as you know. >> shannon: it sure has. breaking news on president trump's promise to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. our next guest what it means on what it could mean we relations to a key ally. a deadly terror attack. from the inside. >> bill: stunning stuff. police, body cam footage released in the pulse nightclub shooting. what we're learning about the deadly attack from those cameras. >> shannon: a bomb scare grounds an international flight minutes after take-off. the suspect's takedown caught on camera.
7:12 am
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7:16 am
the new justice of the supreme court neil gorsuch. >> president trump: when the united states stands with israel, the chances of peace really rise, and rises exponentially. that is what will happen when donald trump is president of the united states. [applause] we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people, jerusalem. [applause] . >> shannon: that campaign promise unfulfilled now. deciding to keep the u.s. embassy in tel aviv in place instead of moving it to jerusalem. he discussed the issue with president netanyahu during his recent trip to israel and signed to waiver today. it leaves the embassy in tel
7:17 am
aviv. tom desantis has some opinions on this. you've been advocating for this move. something the president promised. we're getting the statement from the white house. they say the president made this decision to maximize the chances of negotiating a mideast peace deal and why they're delaying this. but as he has repeatedly stated his intention to move the embassy. it is not if the move happens but not when. >> a few things. the 50th anniversary this year. they celebrated in israel a couple of weeks ago at the liberation of jerusalem. the reunification, 50 years it was the eternal capital of the jewish people. this would have been the perfect time to fulfill that promise. second, the law does not say you can waive it for the peace process. the law says you can waive it for national security concerns. i think you have to analyze it and say is it more likely the palestinian arabs will get the message if we move the embassy or if we don't? i think if you move the embassy you send a message to them history is passing you by. they still fund terrorists and pay salaries for the families
7:18 am
who murder israelis so they haven't changed their behavior. moving the embassy would have gotten them to realize israel is not going anywhere. you won't drive them into the sea. if you want to deal with that reality constructively, fine. by keeping the embassy where it is sends a signal to the palestinians they can keep playing these games. >> shannon: he will have a chance every six months under the 1995 law passed by congress that they want the move to happen. unless he keeps signing the waivers. what do you think will be at the timeline. we've been at the mideast peace process a long time. i don't forsee it getting involved in the next six months? would it be a justification six months from now? >> no. it's the basic thing that you have to get around. what will happen in the next six months to change that outlook, i don't see things changing. if the peace process quote, unquote, is the reason for
7:19 am
this, unfortunately i think you may see more waivers in the future. >> shannon: we have a statement in part from the israel allies foundation with an online petition. now is the time to keep faithful to our allies in deed and word to reflect the overwhelming will of the american people. congress and your own campaign. move our embassy to its rightful location in honor 50 years of united jerusalem. israeli officials say they made it plain to the president they want it to happen. >> i took a trip in march to look at embassy sites. talked to the prime minister, the mayor of jerusalem. they want the embassy. it means a lot to the people of israel and a lot to people here in the united states. it is not just limited to american jews. this is the sight of historic christian and muslim sights. when the arabs were con controlling that before 67 you didn't have religious freedoms. the israelis is the only country in the world we don't
7:20 am
have our embassy in their capital and one of our best friends. we have to change this. >> shannon: quickly also. you have many other things going on. there are promises that healthcare reform, tax reform get done by the end of the summer. you are back to work next week in washington do you foresee that timeline as a workable one? >> whatever th votes for i think the house will pass it. the ball is in their court on that. once that is done, you can then do the new budget resolution which gives us the pathway to do the tax reform. i would like to have that done. first of all we don't have it done by august. should we really leave for five weeks? i think we should stay and finish the job. the economy depends on us getting the tax policy right. >> shannon: the issue of the debt ceiling as well. a number of gop colleagues have said we have to stop giving it away. they want something in return for raising that number again. >> when you say clean, clean for who? not for the taxpayer and the
7:21 am
next generation if you do it that way. that's passing the buck going forward. a lot of us want to say we're $20 trillion in debt and claimed we would change it. let's show how to put reforms together with this so we aren't playing the song and dance with adding more debt. >> shannon: congressman ron desantis from florida. thanks for your time. >> bill: 21 past the hour now. new footage released inside the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. this is disturbing. >> we can check this one? >> no pulse. >> bill: police body cameras searching for survivors in realtime in that horrific attack last year. a live report on all of that in a moment. >> shannon: a tanker crashes and catches fire in a busy interstate. the story behind this incredible video and a good samaritan. you won't believe. >> continue to get bigger and
7:22 am
black smoke, really black billowing smoke and kept going higher and higher. ♪
7:23 am
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>> shannon: a fuel tanker crashed and burst into flames. it happened in denver. look at the thick, black smoke rising from the wreckage. the driver made it out of the burning vehicle but appeared to be hurt. you could see him rolling on the interstate. extent of injuries is unclear. the stretch of i-25 was shut down due to the crash. local train service was halted in that area. you saw a lot of cars go by. that one person stops and runs up to drag the driver away. no word yet on what led to that crash. >> bill: one lucky guy. fox news alert.
7:26 am
a new perspective on the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. the attacker killed 49 on june 12 of last year. the most deadly mass shooting in u.s. history. we're live in miami. what new do we learn from watching this video, steve? >> you get a firsthand sense of the chaos of that night. almost one year ago. there are 30 different videos all from the body cams of police officers on the scene. more than 10 hours of material. you can see the police rushing to the scene really flat out heroism going towards where the shots are being fired. they enter a dark nightclub, sometimes through broken windows. there is dead and wounded all around them. they're facing a killer with an assault rifle and they immediately return fire. >> you get some quieter, more personal moments from police body cam videos.
7:27 am
at one point an officers says a quiet prayer to himself asking jesus the look over him before he enters the battle, bill. >> bill: there has been some criticism that it took three hours to finally breach the building and kill the gunman. what about that now, steve? >> this is an operation that changed over that three hours. initially it was an active shooter. then it changed into a hostage situation. things were made much more complicated by the fact the killer made a number of phone calls during that three hours. at one point claiming falsely to have bombs around the building and wearing a suicide explosive vest as well. it made things harder for a breach. you can tell how complicated things got when the officers were trying to rescue some of the wounded to pull them to safety. they were frisking them at the same time. there were concerns the killer might not have been acting alone. >> bill: remarkable stuff. steve harrigan on that from miami, florida. >> shannon: hillary clinton says the email scandal was a
7:28 am
nothing burger and she did nothing wrong. f.b.i. director comey disagreed. >> i didn't break any rule. nobody said don't do this. i was very responsible. not at all careless. >> there was evidence they were extremely careless of very sensitive, highly classified information. >> shannon: clinton blaming everyone and everything except for herself for the election loss. more details and reaction next. >> bill: nasa is gearing up for another space rocket launch. what's so special about this one? we'll tell you in moments. ♪
7:29 am
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>> shannon: hillary clinton unfiltered and sounding off yet again on her election loss. after former f.b.i. director james comey said it was extremely careless for her to use multiple private servers she is saying it wasn't that big a deal. >> my email account was turned into a biggest scandal since lord knows when. and, you know, in the book i'm just using everything that anybody else said about it besides me saying it was the biggest nothing burger ever.
7:33 am
>> shannon: good morning, jennifer. seems that mrs. clinton chose new reasons to blame for her election loss yesterday. >> for the first time we heard her turn her sights on the dnc blaming it in part for her loss. she had a stark assessment of the state of its organization. >> i inherit nothing from the democratic party. >> what do you mean nothing? >> it was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor. non-existent, wrong. >> she raised nearly a billion dollars and had one of the deepest coffers in american campaign history. she fails to mention that congressman debbie wasserman schultz was running the dnc for several years and was accused by the bernie sanders campaign of tilting the primary toward clinton. the former head of the dnc's data operation pushed back last
7:34 am
night tweeting some choice words for clinton. dnc data folks, today's accusations are blankenship and i hope you understand the good you did despite that nonsense. the tweet has since been deleted. i'm not willing to let my people be thrown under the bus without a fight. clinton went on during that speech yesterday to suggest that no one in the obama administration would listen to her campaign's concerns that the russians were interfering in the election. c.i.a. chief john brennan, however, said he called the russians during the campaign and told them to cut it out. >> shannon: she also went further than we've heard her before linking and accusing trump & associates of colluding with the russians. tell us about that. >> she describes how the trump campaign quote and in her words weaponized data to tilt the election using their data team to marry up content provided by
7:35 am
the breitbart website and rebecca mercer whose fortune funded the analytics to affect the outcome of the brexit vote and turn the trump campaign. they approached jared kushner in august and offered their analytics firm if they hired conway and bannon to run the campaign. she suggested that trump supporters like the mersers helped the russians. >> the information i've had, could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they had been guided. and here is -- >> guided by americans. >> guided by americans and people who had polling and data information. >> shannon: she said the investigation into her private
7:36 am
email server was a nothing burger as you played in the introbut was reported in the press as though it was pearl harbor. shannon. >> shannon: jennifer griffin live in d.c. thank you. >> bill: want to bring in john sununu and former chief of staff to president h.w. bush. i don't think she blamed you. you were the one. >> i feel hurt. >> bill: what do you think you were just listening to there. >> mrs. clinton, like moses, is in denial. she is just thrashing about trying to excuse what may be one of the worst-run campaigns in history. but there is a second motive here, i think. this shoving of problems to the republicans in terms of the russians i think is also an effort to hide the relationship that her campaign directly and indirectly had with the
7:37 am
russians. remember the russians were pumping millions of dollars into john podesta's brother's lobbying firm through the whole process. the clintons were related through their foundation's $100 million gift to the guy that owns the company that was the beneficiary of selling 20% of our uranium assets to the russians putting them in their control. so the relationship with the russians is really quite deep in the clinton campaign and i think a lot of the reasons you are seeing the liberals and democrats playing the russian card now is to really cover a lot of what happened with the clintons. >> bill: interesting. a couple tweets going back and forth. i don't think we'll lose that topic, by the way. it will keep going on and on. >> the gift that keeps on giving. >> bill: it will go on for at least four years. president trump sent this tweet.
7:38 am
also hit the content farms in macedonia. she responds: here is my sense. the more you talk about this, the more money you raise for the dnc for 2018. she commented on that as well. what is your view on that? >> that whole thing is part of it. this is a battle to capture the minds and hearts of the voters out there right now. and the democrats think that they are going to steal voters away from trump by trying nigra trying to link him with the russians. the trump people are trying to defend themselves. i think the interesting question will be whether mueller has the courage and the fortitude to recognize that if he is looking into russian links in the campaign he has to look into the russian links associated with the clintons as well. and that will lead, i think, to
7:39 am
the distribution issue of intelligence information that i am sure mrs. clinton had access to when the president obama allowed the 17 intelligence groups to share information. and then -- >> bill: and then what. finish your sentence. >> then i think you'll find out why the house committee issued those subpoenas on the outing of americans in the process. i think this thing has a long way to go. and i think at some point in about three or four weeks or a month the democrats will find that it might be going down a path that they really are concerned about. >> bill: it's interesting you make that point. the president tweeted this earlier today. the big story is the unmasking of people that took place during the obama administration. that's what you're saying, too and the case you're making. >> that's where illegality is. even if mueller finds the worst thing that one can possibly imagine in terms of contacts with the russians in the trump
7:40 am
campaign, there is no illegality. this illegality does exist on the democrat side with the outing and the unmasking and frankly the financial collusion that one can identify through the podesta links. >> bill: will it take a year, two years? >> it may take a lifetime. >> bill: come on. >> look, the conspiracy theories take a long time to unravel. >> bill: thank you, sir, governor john sununu. we gave you monday off. thanks for being here today. nice to have you. >> shannon: three democratic heavy weights, hillary clinton, former vice president joe biden and former president barack obama all out crisscrossing the country and the world slamming trump and their election loss. when is it time to finally except the results and move on? we'll have a fair and balanced debate about that. >> bill: a scary moment for a lot of passengers in the air. what one passenger did that
7:41 am
caused police to storm that plane. >> unlucky he was on our flight. genuine fear, you know? very unique situation. something we hopefully don't experience again. if you have medicare
7:42 am
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7:44 am
>> bill: police storm a malaysian airplane in response to a bomb threat on board. the suspect tried to enter the cockpit minutes before the flight for australia to malaysia. he was carrying an electronic device that police said wasn't dangerous in the end. the plane returned to melbourne and landed safely. >> it's pathetic. hillary clinton is blaming everyone, she blamed data analysts at the dnc yesterday, okay? she did blame everybody but
7:45 am
herself. one of the reasons that donald trump is the president of the united states today is because the democrats nominated hillary clinton as their nominee. let's make no bones about that. president trump ran an incredibly good campaign and was an incredible campaigner but it was helped by the fact that hillary was an inept campaigner. >> shannon: former deputy campaign manager david bossie sounding out about hillary clinton's comments yesterday on all the reasons she lost the election. former president clinton advisor doug schoen and matt schlapp. welcome to you both. doug, i want to start with you. is there a statute of limitations in rehashing the election or not? is this the analysis democrats have to go through? >> there should be a statute of limitations. on the second one i wouldn't think that you would have to go
7:46 am
through this much soul searching over and over and over. but i guess it's therapeutic. hillary clinton lost because she was a weak candidate. i don't particularly like to have to acknowledge that david bossie was right but he is right. you can't blame everybody else for your own foibles and then sort of say it's them and i'm part of the resistance and by the way i have a new organization and look forward to my coming on the stage in 2020. i don't think it works. i don't think it's credible. i don't think that the whole argument or rationale makes any sense. >> shannon: i suspect mr. matt schlapp might agree with you. president obama is speaking his mind and doing his thing. we've been talking about vice president joe biden who criticized hillary clinton saying she wasn't a great candidate coming out with his own pac and we have an email linking to the pac. he is tired of the negativity
7:47 am
and small mindedness of politics. it drives me crazy. it is not who we are. the history of our nation is ordinary people doing extraordinary things. get on board with me to help elect a new round of leaders. who are the young up and coming democrats? it seems like the old guard is carrying all the weight right now. >> shannon, as i come close to the threshold of turning 50 years old i'm really parole the idea that all these old geezers want to run the democratic party. truly do agree with doug a lot. the fact is this. i am tired of relitigating the last campaign. hillary clinton lost for some pretty obvious reasons that all your viewers understand. her email was central to that. the fact is the democratic party has made a decision, they've made a decision for #resistance. everything is resist trump. don't give him votes for anything on anything even if he picks a competent person to run an agencies, fight it. do everything you can to delay it. and that's where they are. the center of their movement is
7:48 am
all about being hard left. i don't think america is hard left. i don't think they will have electoral success with that path. i think they will have slight congressional success next cycle with the resistance. america is a center to center right country and i think they're making a strategic mistake. joe biden and hillary clinton aren't the leaders the resistance wants. they want elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and young progressives we don't even know yet. >> shannon: we talked earlier this week about bernie sanders the senator and nearly the democratic the nominee. he was down to the final wire with former secretary clinton. just about every race and every issue he has gotten involved with in the last few months has lost. while you do have part of the party pulling far left and want to go very progressive, socialist doug, where do you see the party going? where he has gotten involved
7:49 am
hasn't translated into the ballot box. >> two problems. shannon. first are the candidates. we don't exactly have a stellar group. i would like to democrats to win. i would like fresh faces to emerge but the other problem we have is a message problem. matt is right. it is a center right country. i was a new democrat back when that term was in vogue. i helped bill clinton in the mid to late 90s from the left to the political center. welfare reform, balanced budget, crime bill and the like. this crowd of democrats are far, far left. i frankly see that the problem the party faces is not only weakness for 2020, but at the gubernatorial left and congressional and legislatureively level the party is at its weakest point in many years. >> shannon: we can't believe he is almost turning 50, matt schlapp. >> i'm a strong conservative and strong republican. i don't think the country is totally in line with the republican party, either.
7:50 am
the republicans have their greatest success when they see the radical nature of where these progressives and democratic party want to go. if that's what they want to show the american people despite our mistakes we'll do a lot more winning. >> sadly so. >> shannon: people were upset with both parties. that was clear. >> definitely. >> bill: baseball mascot in a bit of hot water this morning. relations between mr. met and fans might be at an all-time low. they might go higher in new york. they might like this move. ♪
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>> six minutes away on
7:54 am
"happening now" new developments into russian medalling in the 2016 election with reports james comey will testify next week that president trump told him to drop the investigation and new subpoenas issued in the probe including some sent to former obama administration officials. the war of words between president trump and hillary clinton over the election. you won't believe all the things being blamed for her election loss. we have the list coming up "happening now." >> bill: a new mission goes off today. spacex conducting a launch for nasa as the company tries to get us off the reliance of russia. kennedy space center. weather dependent. how does the forecast look today? >> today is the first day of hurricane season in florida on the space coast. that means daily thunderstorm potential. today's 5:50 p.m. launch currently a 70% go. live out there on launch pad
7:55 am
39a seven hours out. everything else looks great. 6,000 pounds of supplies, hardware and 200-plus science experiments are on board spacex's cargo dragon. a group of mice are on board to see if bone can be grown in space to combat bone loss, a major concern for astronauts and humans on earth older than 50. a potentially groundbreaking new solar array will be tested going up in a coil and unfurls in space like a party favor. that has the potential to increase kilowatt production in space by 30 fold. a key step to getting humans to mars. >> bill: where are we on america's crew capsule plans to end the reliance on the russians, bill? >> everything is on target for next year and no more 70 million per astronaut payments to the russia. spacex and boeing are the companies that nasa picked to fly astronauts in space.
7:56 am
the first uncrew demo flight is targeted in this decision. next june from boeing and two astronauts next august. seven hours out from the launch today. the 100th launch. >> shannon: a big reveal at 3:00 p.m. today. president trump announces his decision on the paris climate deal. will it be yes or no? a live report just ahead. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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>> shannon: mr. matt apparently making an obscene gesture to fans during last night's game. the team later apologized saying that person is not going to wear the custom again.
8:00 am
by the way, that's not an actual person, it's a person in a costume. he only has three fingers on a thumb, so how do we know what it was? the >> bill: i think the mets approval rating in new york just went sky high. have a great day, bye-bye now. >> jon: is the u.s. in or out of the global agreement to address climate change question are great now, we are waiting president trump's decision. good morning, welcome to "happening now" ." >> heather: i am heather childress and for jenna lee. >> very


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