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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 1, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> jon: we are back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> meghan: will the united states stay in or get out? president trump revealing whether or not the u.s. sticks and a rose garden ceremony stat for 3:00 p.m. eastern. what this decision will mean for america and the world. i meghan mccain. here today, harris faulkner, trish regan, mercedes slap and pete hegseth is our #oneluckyguy.
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let's get started. will america stay or will they go? with all eyes on the white house, sources telling fox news that president trump is expected to pull out of the claimant accord. this is seen as a win for economy and jobs by his supporters as well as a blow to president obama's legacy. here's jason miller. >> we are all in the same side here, we want to make sure we have clean water and clean air, but we can't go and got our economy and especially go and fight with both hands tied behind our backs while other countries go and cheat on us. >> meghan: one of the senate's biggest voices on the dangers of climate change says pulling out of the paris agreement would have disastrous consequences and signal americans to retreat as a world leader. >> if president trump announces that he is going to unilaterally pull the united states out of
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this claimant accord that the rest of the world has signed on to with the exception of syria and nicaragua, then it will be an economic, national security, and moral failure for the united states of america. >> meghan: grover norquist believes president trump is in a no-win situation. everybody who hates trump once him to stay in paris. everybody respects him, trust sam, voted for him, which is for him to succeed, wants him to pull out. looks like he's going to pull out of the paris agreement, what do you make of that? speed nomadic >> pete: even though it's voluntary, he effectively is
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giving decisions to international bureaucrats and taking away from lawmakers here. this is a president who sleeves the islamic threat. that's why they panic about this, they refuse to see islam is the problem and say they want to fight the weather. he says this is a bad deal for america, but we don't need to borrow to the climate change. >> meghan: do you agree that this is a no-win situation? >> mercedes: i think it's a win-win situation for the president. i think it's very clear that president obama went too far from a constitutional standpoint. this is a treaty, this is binding the united states, they did not go through the ratification process. 128 countries did go through the process, so what's the message or sending? we have to go through congress.
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what are we dealing with here? you're setting up a situation where several environmental groups could legally challenge the president if he were to stay in the paris treaty and would not get out. that presents problems. in the end, this is all about money. they would have to put in billions of dollars to help other countries reach their goals. for the american taxpayer, it is a win situation. >> meghan: it was noted that ivanka and jared kushner were big components for him to pull out. >> trish: i think all of the troubles that has surfaced, whether any are founded or not with jared kushner has put him in a more vulnerable position. there is a political component to this. he made a promise on the
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campaign trail in the base, think about the base. they want him to fill those promises. the claimant accord, to your point earlier, we are an now where the left has had the most important issue for the entire world is climate change, yet we are dealing with terrorism. i think if he goes out and says i'm not going to be apart of this anymore, what he is doing is sending a message to headspace. it's a political message and it says i care more about jobs dennis claimant thing. >> harris: i'm curious and want to ask the president doesn't have to be mutually exclusive? something happened over the weekend, there was some suggestion that the president would look at staying in so he could change the agreement from within. it would be apparent that that's not going to happen this afternoon.
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what is the alternative? he then has to come forth was some sort of idea of what we will be doing. what will the policy look like? is he made with corporation heads to make sure that whatever can be done at that private sector level will be? i see this president doing that and i wish people would take a beat and see what his plan is because there will be more commentary than just, we are pulling out. there has to be a timetable, and has to look like something. he's delaying so he and get this right. he's been criticized for not rolling some things out right. let's see how he does this time. >> pete: that's a great point. he's willing to be sensible to business interests. >> harris: and advantageous. >> pete: there's a way you can be responsible to climate without questioning regulations and he probably understands that american legislators do it better than someone and brussels will do it. the left will never do it because they were in with
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environmentalists. >> mercedes: the fracking boom has caused emissions to come down in america. china can increase the missions until 2030. they don't have to abide by the rules of the united states is abiding by. >> harris: >> trish: we haven'te benefit that you all have had. you've had both these omissions over the last several decades, we have to get our shot at it too. if you're a donald trump, why not approach this and say let's do better than that. we know or we don't know this is a problem. hey russia, you'll have to cut too. >> harris: he was standing at the nato headquarters assaying 23 of the 28 members and he
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shoots up up and pay their fair share. i don't think it's a coincidence that we are on the heels of that trip having a conversation about those paying their fair share. the president is setting the tone in the narrative, let's see what he says in place of the paris accord and see where we go with this. >> pete: it will happen and pennsylvania and ohio. >> meghan: he is just giving a campaign promise. before the president and announces his decision, already saying they'll uphold the paris agreement, mr. trump decides to abandon it. those cities include new york city, chicago, atlanta, boston, and los angeles. the new york city mayor says he will sign an executive order if he has to. he and the boston mirror speaking out. >> this is a dagger aimed straight at the heart of new york city. donald trump is from new york city, he should know better. it makes no sense, it's dangerous. we in new york city are going to have to take matters into our own hands. by the way, that's what cities
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all of the country in the world are going to do. that's what states and providences are doing, it shouldn't be this way, but it's when necessary. >> no matter what the president decides, i want to make it absolutely clear that the white house and our partners worldwide the city of boston will not back down. i call in cities nationwide to do the same. >> meghan: this reminds me of the sanctuary cities. these mayors are taking matters into their own hands. >> pete: insync shorey cities, you are refusing to enforce the law. now they're saying go above and beyond. if you want to make business more difficult or be focused on green energy, fine. if that's viable for you, do your own thing. do businesses want those regulations that make it less competitive and other cities?
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do what you want. you're only going to hurt businesses. >> meghan: i used to live in los angeles, i used to work for a company that was completely environmentalists. they were asking me, why do people in the middle of the country not respond to us in the same way? part of it is, hang around on yachts, going on private jets, a much larger carbon footprint. i think this debate, we can all want to have clean water in the grand canyon. when you get into this existential crisis telling us as americans is more important than your job and i says, no wonder you lost the majority of support. >> harris: is politicized.
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americans are so divided that they're looking for issues where they can come together. that's why they want the domestic issues like obamacare replacement, whatever they're going to do to come forward before anything like this because they feel the immediate effects of it and they want to take that politics arm out of it if they can. i don't know if you can do that, but this feels other lead to many people. if this releases some regulations, if this empowers corporations to create more jobs because they don't have to meet all of these arbitrarily set gates for us to hop through, then they'll feel it immediately and they will probably have a voice. >> meghan: if you're a taxpayer and new york city, which i am at the moment, and you have the mayor saying it doesn't matter, we'll go on our own regulations, how will people respond? >> trish: you're going to respond depending on how the economy is.
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businesses say, we don't want to be in this area or any particular city that's putting these kinds of regulations on us. we can go somewhere else across to another state, to another city where we won't have -- i like this example in connecticut. g.e. had been there for a number of years. they raised taxes in connecticut so g.e. said see you later and they're moving to massachusetts. is the same thing. you can't over regulate. >> harris: breaking news now. fbi director james comey, we have a firm date on when he will testify and here's what we are being told. he will be testifying both an open and closed door session with the senate intelligence committee next thursday, 10:00 a.m. east coast time.
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we want to talk about this for a second. let me set it up this way. i'll remind everybody of what the stakes are at this point. this is a man who said that our president in no uncertain terms want him to back off of an investigation and general michael flynn. and potential russian connections. he wanted him to back off, however, if he did think that would happen, it would be a crime if he didn't report to people that the president might have interfered and an active investigation. comey never did that. he never reported it. was he in the wrong? we've been waiting to see the memos. i don't know they would help much anyway. that's what we are watching and listening for. next thursday, 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> pete: he is apparently already talked to mueller about what he will -- the question is
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what was the intent of what was said inside the oval office? if you really felt pressure at that moment, wouldn't he have mentioned that? it felt keynoted it as they get out of jail free card. it was likely in the moment where president trump said there's nothing here. >> trish: i think the danger here perhaps for donald trump is that james comey may be a little ticked off. he may not have liked how that went down, getting fired and learning about it on tv. you wonder how much of that does that play into whatever testimony you see? you have to go back -- i think we've seen the worst of the mem memo. if there is more, perhaps it will come out. it will get to tone and what did he mean and it's very
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subjective. how do you know exactly? >> mercedes: j. edgar hoover, former fbi director back in the day, he would keep political profiles of individuals and he would use it against politicians. it really comes to question whether political motivation based on what he was doing and why didn't he report it to the intelligence community and say i'm concerned? there's a lot more questions. >> harris: why did it take so long to produce the memos? testifying, james comey, thursday, 10:00 a.m. eastern. for now, new followed over allegations the obama administration illegally spent on the trunk campaign. three former officials being named in subpoenas sent to intelligence agencies an effort
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to get to the bottom of the unmasking of names. what can we expect? will anybody be held accountabl accountable? is anybody listening? is this on? she's blaming everybody but herself for her 2016 election loss. what happened to take responsibility? it's a theme, accountability and responsibility. after the show, we are popping up online. tell us where you are watching from. and tweet tweet little bertie. we are coming back umbrellas!!
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change your wifi password to something you can actually remember, instantly. add that premium channel, and watch the show everyone's talking about, tonight. and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to >> harris: devin nunes has issued subpoenas to the fbi, cia, and the nsa. he stepping up the investigation into which former obama administration officials requested the unmasking of president trump campaign officials and classified reports which later got leaked to the press. they specifically name susan rice, john brennan, and susan power. none is formally accused of any
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wrongdoing. president trump tweeted this morning, the big story is the unmasking and surveillance of people that took place during the obama administration. while a student soon to tell where this is going, it's too soon the >> if you go further and you unmask and you show that to people who don't have clearances or don't have a need to know, for whatever reason, political or whatever, you've done a very bad and dangerous thing. >> harris: why is it dangerous? >> pete: because reporting sources at risk. we were taking classified information and broadcasting into the world. the president is absolutely right here. it feels like the unmasking and the sharing and the leaking of intelligence is the real scandal here, not at all any sort of
9:22 am
collusion between russia and president trump. democrats are trying to find that russia connection it doesn't exist and republicans are saying we want to talk to former obama officials. what is samantha power doing on that list? i think there could be some there there. >> mercedes: i agree. where there specific people dealing with the trunk campaign? the reason you ask for this information is that an intelligence analyst put this out, she is not an analyst and there's no reason why she should be given this information. >> harris: i see some different information going on. one, you have such a wide list of people who have access. as reporters, we are taught
9:23 am
ethically what to do. we make decisions all the time about not releasing information. we know it's classified and what to do. now it's in the vernacular almost in the bloodstream. >> trish: i think so many reporters aren't really reporters, but sort of people with agendas and they don't like donald trump. they absolutely don't and they still wish hillary clinton had one. if they hear anything that's classified come up there decision is one in which they will move too quickly to release -- they're not triple checking, they just want to get it out there. i find it very frustrating as a journalist because you feel like you're dealing in all this innuendo. this source said this or this and it's like, what's actually there? >> meghan: is not just
9:24 am
journalists. we are at a place where intelligence won't be shared because is not trusted that we won't leak everything. going forth with the unmasking, keep in mind, this is the same administration that targeted tea party members by the irs specifically for being tea party members. this isn't something i would put past them. for whatever reason, this specific story, which i think this is the watergate of our time if it ends up being true. it's incredible the lack of attention and scanning. >> harris: i wanted to ask you about that. it's not the bull's eye that it should be in terms of the focus. >> pete: it's the chattering. is not about patriotism anymore, it's get it out there as quickly as possible. they don't have the same
9:25 am
allegiance to god and country so they're happy to get the story, get the scoop, get the click. then they can undermine president trump. why do we trust to "the washington post"? they're full of leftists who are trying to bring down president trump. >> mercedes: what we have to keep in mind as the democrats are destroying this unmasking narrative. they want to focus on the russia probe. for them, this idea of unmasking, they don't want to ask the question. we have to unravel what's happening with these obama administration officials. >> harris: time for hillary clinton to finally look in the mirror and what will she see? how she blames virtually everybody and anything but herself and her own campaign for why she lost. we're still talking about this because she still talking about it. this is her list of grievances for why she came out the loser
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and it's growing and growing. we're scrolling. ♪
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>> meghan: i'll give you a warning. jesus take the wheel meant select segment. hillary clinton coming out with a list of excuses and there are many to why she lost the presidential election. for starters, the losing candidate suggests trumpeters are racist and then the president colluded with the russians. watch. >> he really understands how to inflame people. whatever resentment or point of anger that you may have that he can get into it, whether it's a race or or xenophobia or anti-islamic phobia. the russians in my opinion and based on the intel and counter intel people i've talked to could not have known how to
9:32 am
recognize that information unless they had been invited. i think it's pretty hard not to. spit hillary clinton also taking shots at her own party, sexism and the media for why she lost. >> i inherit nothing from the democratic party. it was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, it's data was mediocre-poor, nonexistent, wrong, i had to inject money into it. at some point, it bleeds over into misogyny. let's be honest. people who have a set up expectation about who should be president and what a president
9:33 am
looks like, they're going to be much more skeptical and critical. the use of my email account was turned into the biggest scandal since lord knows when. they covered it like it was pearl harbor. >> meghan: she blamed 24 separate things during that interview. this is my own personal version of hell. my personal favorite is blaming the dnc, saying i came in with nothing. that was my personal favorite. >> pete: didn't the dnc break the system so bernie would get beat? she has not and will not leave the denial phase of this proces process. for the democratic party, they're going to be the ones holding this up.
9:34 am
you didn't campaign in wisconsin or michigan. it turned out that comment that you made, you believed. she made it again right there. she called president trump the underbelly. that is the most backhanded compliment you can find. >> harris: can we get back to james comey for a second? we know he's going to testify next thursday. i remember when he last testified publicly that no one had ever strong-armed him. i think his words were more like forced him to her suggested that he not go forward with any investigations. i'm interested with regard to moving on from hillary clinton. she said she was not careless in her email practices back in july. comey said this. >> although we did not find clear evidence that
9:35 am
secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive information. >> harris: at the same time, he's saying this about hillary clinton. >> meghan: i was talking with mercedes and the commercial break because i was a lot more uncensored. i'm not a doctor, but why her family is letting her go on tv -- it's getting worse and it seems big at more erratic. >> mercedes: hillary clinton
9:36 am
needs a closed-door therapy session. the idea of going in public and trying to rationalize why she lost her how she lost is detrimental. the democrats want to turn the page. they want to move onto the next chapter. their chapter right now is resistance, but for the most part, they don't want hillary clinton rehashing the election over and over again. >> trish: the problem hillary clinton has is that she's not not a good politician. she doesn't seem to really like people the way you need to. that is precisely why she lost. >> harris: throwing shade at the dnc. what about the twitter battle
9:37 am
that went on between president trump and hillary clinton? when hillary tweeted this. she is following him. covfefe is that word that president trump tweeted out. >> meghan: she's watching cable news. this is not going to do it. you have to focus on the greater good, you have to focus on what's good for america and your party. >> she didn't go to those battleground states. i think for hillary clinton, it's time to get off the stage, turn off the lights and just move on to charitable organizations, do something els
9:38 am
else. >> meghan: she's talking about their inability to move on for the good of the country. it's unlike anything i've ever seen in my entire life. we have just learned that james comey will testify next thursday. mr. trump could use his executive privilege to block hi him. mmmm.
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>> harris: disses breaking during this hour and we are talking more about it. a former fbi director james comey will testify publicly and it will happen next thursday, june 8th. he'll go before the senate intelligence committee where he will likely be asked about several interactions with president trump including one where he claims the president encouraged him to stop investigating michael flynn.
9:43 am
comey has already spoken privately with special counsel, robert mueller to ensure his testimony does not jeopardize the investigation. "the new york times" is pointing out the president could block his former fbi chief from testifying by invoking executive privilege. what happens if he does that? >> mercedes: then he could not testify. i don't see president trump moving forward on using executive privilege. >> harris: there's no political gain? >> mercedes: it would raise these questions of president trump putting him in a position where he is trying to hide something. it raises the question of this is what happens when you have these intelligence committees. they create this public environment where comey's able to -- that becomes the story.
9:44 am
i think there probably is temptation from the white house to say go ahead, but i don't for see it happening. >> harris: this is a teachable moment for me and that is that the timing might have done that weeks ago. >> pete: to see the memos and see what they have to say. president trump called him a show boater. i don't think president trump has anything to win by invoking the executive privilege. if i made a comment, it was offhand. those types of conversations probably happen more than you know, we just don't have a fbi director who documented in the gets fired which the president has every right to do.
9:45 am
>> harris: this is a double-edged sword. if he documented it, but didn't raise it to intelligence officials, that's illegal. >> trish: you're absolutely right. this is why it's going to be challenging. he said i felt as though the president was trying to influence this or shut down this investigation, then guess what, he didn't do his job. i hope that we can all have more faith in the fbi director than to think of the president is telling him to shut down something that he doesn't say something about it. >> meghan: we don't have faith, that's the problem. he's such a deeply politicized figure on both sides, that it's difficult for me to comprehend something he could say if he does end up testifying.
9:46 am
what is this moment that we think is going to happen? the damage iscompletely self-in. going on the stand, i don't know what kind of clarity we are going to get. as you pointed out, these memos he was making, we have reason to believe that they were politicized at the time because he knew he could possibly be fired. >> harris: i mention twitter, you mentioned instagram. the point is that he was the fbi director of the time, weighing in and out of investigations around a presidential election. corey lewandowski has issued a stark warning to republicans, aligned with the president or lose your receipts in 2018. is he right? that's next. ♪
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>> meghan: more "outnumbered" just a minute, but first, jon scott with more of what's coming up on "happening now." >> jon: we are waiting that rose garden ceremony from president trump. he'll be announcing his final
9:51 am
decision on the paris climate deal. we are also learning james comey will testify before the senate intelligence committee on thursday, june 8th. the house until committee issuing new subpoenas. we've got fox team coverage ahead on "happening now" ." >> meghan: thanks. >> trish: corey lewandowski is issuing a stark warning to republicans, get in line with the president or risk losing your seat in 2018. watch him here. >> president trump was elected to change the country and you can get on board that train or you can lose your next election because i can promise you this, the democrats have a different agenda. they have forgotten about the middle class, they forgot about infrastructure, they forgot about the people who voted for donald trump for change. if you don't want to provide that change, and 18 months, will have another election. what that means is if the democrats take control of the house, the agenda of this president is outlined and it will be gone.
9:52 am
>> trish: moderate republicans are testing that theory. he's keeping his distance from president trump. he speaking frankly about republican shortcomings in washington. now he's faced with a conservative opponent which he admits has made his election were difficult. he's saying if i wanted an easier pass to the primary, then i would line up more with where the president is. it will be a tougher path than i could have had, but i think i'll get there. how challenging is it going to be for flake and others that are running that are not in the trunk camp? >> mercedes: there were about 25 districts where hillary clinton won the district -- both congressional seats in particular. they run a very different message. they have to try to find that balance. they talk about climate change,
9:53 am
they talk about other issues and some of them have been in the never trump camp. they have to win a congressional race. with that said, they also have to show that they can govern. republicans have to show they can get tax reform done, that they're able to negotiate and get something done on health care reform, and also the economic necessity. >> trish: that will be the challenge. people are going to the polls and saying we put trump in and we put you all in and you haven't done a darn thing, then it's going to be very challenging. you may not see the turnout. >> meghan: if you don't get repeal and replace done, i would think by the end of the summer it is going to be no bueno. i like jeff flake, i think he's a great senator. he was certainly highly critical of president trump at the time. there are different factions of the republican party. there are people that are more moderate, people who are more sensitive and they make up one
9:54 am
giant party. it's not so much about supporting trump that it is about not supporting the democrats. the same woman who tried the primary, my dad is primary in him >> pete: the party cannot coalesce behind tax reform, then what does the republican party stand for? this is about ted cruz to jeff flake. if they can't find 51 votes, they will need 60. have 52 and a caucus. if they can come together and say the republican brand is going to be obstructionist, then just disband it, because it means nothing. >> harris: that question stands as does this one, what were they doing for seven years with regards to obamacare?
9:55 am
i agree, where do you stand on these issues that we are supposed to define your party? >> mercedes: it's clear that there are independent voters and a lot of these cases. these moderate republicans are trying to manage the republican basis and these independent voters that they can swing quickly to the left if they feel this repeal and replacement of obamacare -- go >> harris: went out they managed to get something done? >> mercedes: that's critical, but in their minds, that the selling this idea. >> meghan: i'm more interested to see how it goes with repeal and replace with members of the freedom caucus. if they try and ultimately hijack this with their own
9:56 am
ideological win, it's for the good of the party. >> harris: democrats have already said, some of them were more moderate but you may be able to scoop some of them up on the basis of repair rather than repeal. we are going to come right back. stay close we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to?
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are you ready for facebook live. >> of course. i will do that harris set it up. happening now starts right now. >> and a fox news alert two hour away from president trump delivering an announcement from the white house on weather the u.s. will opt out of a global climate deal under president obama. >> reporter: we got confirmation when james comby will testify before the house committee leading one of russia investigations. the form are fbi director heads to capitol hill a week from today. lots to get to this hour we are covering all the news happening now. >> republicans celebrated after their plan passed the house by a then margin. one law make says the senate could vote mid summer. how likely is that? >> i expected go to decision very soon. >>


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