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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 2, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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up now. rob: scotty mcyeary coming up behind us. >> go eat donuts today. rob: see you guys later. janice: cheers. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> president trump fulfills a major campaign promise, pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. >> he is not helping the forgotten american. he is hurting them. their kids will have worse asthma in the summer. >> for me this is kind of like groundhog day. do you know what george bush pud out of the kato. we faster. >> while you were sleeping asking the supreme court to revise the executive order on restricted travel. >> excuse tour continues today. >> obviously, i'm particularly concerned about the role that russia played. >> pathetic performance. sort of childish.
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she obviously can't accept responsibility. > >> out don't suck it blow out. >> 12-year-old coming in first place. the 0th scripps national spelling bee. >> narcoin. >> congratulations. you are the the champion. ♪ i'm coming over ♪ if it's all right ♪ watch for me ♪ to pull in your drive ♪ look out the window ♪ see my lights ♪ baby. abby: this might be one of the biggest shows we have had on "fox & friends." >> brian: don't let the empty stage fool you. this is the summer concert
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series. scotty mccreery is not up yet. i ciewld him twice. ains. abby: he didn't answer your call? pete: i told him there is free food. come out to 48th and sixth for the summer concert series. >> abby: i'm in for ainsley. she is down in d.c. for a huge interview with the vice president. hey, ainsley. ainsley: hey. ainsley: i want to be in two places at one time. how cool is this to wake up at the white house and i also want to be there for the concert series. we have this big interview. the president is coming home from foreign trip. he is in the white house. we saw him yesterday in the rose garden. he was there with the vice president mike pence. we will be sitting down with the vice president to talk about that trip, to talk about pulling out of the paris agreement and all kinds of things. we are also going to ask him some of your questions. so we want you to send in your questions to and we'll spend a few minutes with him just chatting with him,
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whatever you want us to ask. send those questions. in we will go through them and we are going to sit down with the vice president. how cool is that? that's going to come up at 8:00. i will be talking with you all morning. brian: whole world reacted to what he did yesterday. the vice president spoke out and he is going to be speaking out with you again today. so the president is anything but every single day is impactful. especially yesterday. ainsley: brian. pete: recall for you. ainsley: have you my email address. can you send it right to me. all you have can. brian, i'm proud of you. you were with the wounded warriors last night. brian: coming up in a little while. i had a chance to stay in manhattan. felt cool for the first time in a long time. see you soon, ainsley. abby: what a perfect time with this interview with the vice president. look forward to what he has to say. brian: a fox news alert. while you were resting, the trump administration asking the supreme court to revive the controversial to some travel ban. abby: if passed it would
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overrule lower court decisions to block that order barring entry from people from six muslim majority countries. pete: this is a big one why the gorsuch decision was so important. part of the reason why. griff jenkins is at the capitol with the details it? >> would take just five supreme court votes to allow the travel order to go back into place, freezing the lower court's decision to block it the justice department arguing in their filing late yesterday that the federal court in richmond made several mistakes in their ruling and this if he it's in place. it holds new visas being issued from people in iran, libya, smommial, sudan, libya and yemen. president trump signing the executive order in january. it immediately faced backlash with protests erinting across judgment blocking it. then in march the judge issuing narrower order but still blocked. hawaii issuing a a lawsuit against the order. the aclu lashed out on twitter
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overnight writing quote we have beat this hateful ban and are ready to do it gotten #no muslim ban ever. but a justice department spokeswoman defended the order saying quote the president is not required to admit people from countries that sponsor or shelter terrorism until he determines that they can be properly vetted and do not pose a security risk to the united states. and finally, the fourth court of appeals in virginia for which this is all about maintains that this is in effect a muslim ban and they say that the national security concerns are an after thought. guys? pete: thanks, griff. brian: that was kind of buried because that came out right after the president got out of paris deal. pete: that could be a big one. early part of his administration overturned around put in place you start to see a number of wins for the trard. abby: what everyone else is talking about this morning is this paris deal. pulling out of it. everywhere else they are in hysterics over this decision
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that was made. president trump gave a strong speech yesterday about why he pulled out. let's take a look at some of that. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. i promised i would exit or renegotiate any deal which fails to serve america's interests. very rarely do we have a deal that works for this country. but they will soon be under renegation. the process has begun from day one. not only does this deal subject our citizens to harsh economic restrictions it fails to live up to our environmental ideals. i cannot in good conscience support a deal that punishes the united states, which is what it does. the world's leader in environmental protection, while imposing no meaningful obligations, on the world's
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leading polluters. brian: we would be writing checks. writing checks to developing nations to develop green technology when a lot of them are just struggling to make ends meet or put food on the table. pete: it was a great speech in my opinion. it was america first speech. i love that line he represents pittsburgh not paris. this is americanism, not globalism. the elites have forgotten that the elites like to collaborate other elites and forget how it impacts real people. tenkd this is not redistribution of wealth the paris accord. redistribution of power. punishment against super powers and saying you have polluted too much now it's time for you to pay up so everyone else can pollute. turns out we have done a lot already. brian: the thing is, other nations say we're in. but no one is sacrificing as much as us because we sore far advanced in our technical and emissions. pete: why should would he be punished. brian: we are not walking away from anything we are
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developing. forget about the electric cars and hybrid. forget about wind and solar. they are saying we are not going to be bound by international agreement which potentially could have some enforcement capabilities that means a global body would potentially putting some restraints on our economy. abby: brian that is exactly right. people are in hysterics saying we have lost our position on the world stage. if we have to be part of a deal to be a leader on the world stage. i don't want to live in that world. we are actually living on an abundance of natural gas right now. we can continue to lead by example in this country. brian: which is clean. abby: which is clean, right? we have to take a real opportunity there to. lead on the global stage. you think about places like china and like india, i spent many years living in that part of the world, there are mornings you wake up you cannot even see outside your bedroom. they are moving backwards in many cases when it comes to energy. brian: they have almost to do nothing right now.
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china is closing down power plants. that's because population is getting older and industry is changing. for the most part china has a 5 year plan to raise coal fire capacity 500 gig was. 500 giga watts. here is what democrats and other world leaders are saying. pete: and the media. >> on a sunny day in the rose garden what could be confined and construed as a dark speech. >> i have such rage and sadness. we just watched a dangerous little man give a very, very scary speech. >> one of the most bleak depictions of america's role in the world is environmental partners. >> he is not helping the forgotten american. he is hurting them. their kids will have worse asthma in the summer and the president who talked about putting america first has now put america last. >> this was full nationalist
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america first damn the rest of the world president trump. >> it was almost like mad libbed for conservatives, the speech. >> it was profoundly sad. he as you pointed out portrayed a very dark vision for the future of the country. >> this will be the day that the united states resigned as the leader of the free world. it's nothing short of that. >> mitt romney tweeted almost the same thing saying it's about america remaining the global leader. in my mind, this is leadership. when the whole crowd is going that way and you are saying i'm going to go this way because i believe it's better for my country and the world, that's leadership. abby: he is also, as he has from day one since he has been president fighting for the american people. do you know who ends up paying the price when company has to pay regulations to increase for what they are doing falls on our back. american taxpayer has to pay for that. brian: marc thiessen best selling author and featured columnist said listen this is deja vu all over again. listen. >> i served in the bush
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administration when george w. bush withdrew from the treaty on global warming. this is groundhog day. i'm experiencing all the same outrage and predictions of apocalypse and the world is coming to the end and the rest of it do you know what happened when george w. bush pulled out of the kato treaty, next four years we reduced our emissions by 18%. faster than the european countries criticizing donald trump. our emotions right now are at 1992 levels. it's not because of a treaty or parchment signed in cyoto. economy, invention and technology. hydraulic fracking and coal technologies reducing our emissions. that is going to continue because of this paris agreement. by the way, we did it while keeping our energy prices half of those in europe. pete: free market state based solutions. brian: heritage foundation going to cost 400,000 jobs.
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by 2040 would cost -- this paris accord was going to cost, according to the heritage foundation, 400,000 jobs, 200,000 manufacturing jobs. and for the average family of four, $20,000. and our g.d.p. over the course of a couple years would lose 2.5 trillion. -- 10 years that is a conservative organization. i will grant that but these are numbers that president trump went with. pete: what you are saying what president trump said u it's a bad deal so we are out. brian: guess who is in. jillian. abby: bright yellow this morning. jillian: happy friday. we needed it it's the end of the week. we still have time to get through. get you caught up on what you need to know before you leave the house. fox news alert. james mattis landing in singapore. meeting with diplomats in japan australia. discuss north korea's growing nuclear threat as well as america's security goals under president trump. this is his second trip to the region since taking charge of the pink.
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dozens are dead after a gunman sets a packed casino on fire. english speaking man storming the luxury resort in the philippines firing shots and torching gambling tables. [screams] jillian: pan enriqueed guest running for theirs lice as you can see at the resort's as it fills with thick smoke. victims dying from suffocation. police do not believe this is terrorism but still a frightening scene. i will see you guys in a little bit. abby: thank you, jillian. brian: sounds good. i know you are hitting outside. talking about the leader of a terror group set to be honored in a parade in new york city. this morning a big update and it's breaking right now. pete: plus stocks surging and the job market booming. why is the so-called mainstream media ignoring this good news? our own stuart varney is not ignoring it but he is drinking coffee from a keurig machine
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it's...been an adjustment, but we're making it work. you know, makes it easy for us to get the right home insurance. [ snoring ] progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto. [ chuckles ] all right. abby: all eyes on wall street this morning as the market gets ready to open after another major milestone. the dow hit an all-time record on thursday closing at 21,144.
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brian: all right. this as a new report from the adp shows the u.s. added 250,000 private sector jobs in may. far surpassing the numbers estimated by economists. so where's this surge coming from? pete: we are going to ask the host of varney and condition stuart varney of the fox business network. >> which question do you want me to answer where is the surge coming from? brian: from jobs. >> absolutely it is. this is the story about jobs, jobs, jobs. you just pointed out a quarter of a million new private sector jobs last month. independent business association reports the greatest hiring surge in about 40 years. and we have had 1 million new jobs created since the trump presidency began. that's a pretty good record. abby: i haven't read those headlines anywhere really. >> no surprise there. abby: that's big news. >> this is success story for president trump. if it's a success for
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president trump, it will not receive wide coverage in the media, period. pete: is it still based on expectations and optimism or are some of the executive orders and things he has done have they already unleashed? >> it's based on the reality now. we are creating jobs. wages are going up. the economy is expanding. and the market realizes it. the market looks at this and says well, that means better profits down the road. that means more jobs down the road. stock prices goes up. brian: it leaked before the 3:00 p.m. presser which was 3:20 this was coming out. the president was going to back out of the paris deal. did the market fully respond to that and digest that? >> yes. the market did react to that throughout yesterday's trading session the market was flat to lower. the afternoon when word leaked out that yes we would be exiting the paris accord at that moment the stock market started to go straight up. and it closed at yet another all-time record high and by the way, it will open higher
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again on top of that record yet again this morning. brian: why were these oil and gas companies all for staying in, rex tillerson, the ceo why were they saying to stay in the deal. >> exxon is being taken to court, being held liable for global warming. they want to assume a defensive position. that's what's goings on there. abby: you said a lot of companies happy about this. >> robert aisler disney dropping out of the scientific. elon musk tesla dropping out. thindustrial america loves what's going on. they want cheap electricity to bring manufacturing back here and that's what we're going to get. brian: you want more of that extra ca ritzema flip the channel to the fox business network. stuart varney is best on his friday. >> at 4:00 in the morning. brian: thank you. straight ahead. the left melting down over out decision to drop out of the paris accord. >> the president who talked about putting america first
3:21 am
has now put america last. brian: oh, good. is this a debate worth having? we'll do it. abby: hillary clinton returned to the scene of the crime yesterday and wait until you hear what she said about the election this time? you don't want to miss this one a ♪ because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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brian: quick headlines now president trump signing a waiver keeping the u.s. embassy in israel in tel aviv. controversial some to some to move to jerusalem in helps peace talks israel and palestinians. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is disappointed but still appreciates the president's friendship. james comey will testify on capitol hill on thursday. he will speak to the senate intelligence committee. that's investigating russia's
3:25 am
alleged election meddling. this will be comey's first public appearance since he was fired by president trump last month. pete? >> obligation is to the american people. the paris accord would undermine our economy, hamstring our workers, weaken our sovereignty. it is time to exit the paris accord. pete: president trump says he put america first by exiting the paris climate accord. but critics say it was america last. >> a dark speech. >> this will be the day that the united states resigned as the leader of the free world. >> i have such rage and sadness. we just watched a dangerous little man give a very, very scary speech. pete: okay. but is this america first move so sad? former world bank special envoy for climate speech andrew fear and political analyst amy holmes. thank you both for joining us this morning.
3:26 am
andrew, i will go to you first. you are obviously a critic that the president pulled out. is he not right that he represents the people of pittsburgh and not the people of paris and he is trying to put their interest first? >> interesting that after he said he represented pittsburgh the mayor of pittsburgh said well actually i do and we're doing very well on green jobs. 65,000 green jones in pennsylvania alone, which is more than in the coal sector. it was interesting just hearing the discussion about these wonderful new jobs over the last month. and it's a real blessing that jobs are growing so rapidly. the sector where they are growing the most rapidly is in clean energy. growing in leaps and bounds now over 2.5 million people working in clean energy as opposed to 55,000 in coal. pete: amy, as many have pointed out it's innovation. it's the free market and things like that that have reduced emissions and brought a lot of jobs to the united states not international agreement. is the president not in keeping with trying to keep more jobs here at home. >> can i talk you about
3:27 am
polling data. consistently polling has shown environmental issues and going green is actually very, very low on voter priority. what they want to see is growing jobs. i appreciate seeing the capitol building with our guest in the background because with the kyoto treaty back in the 1990s when this question was put to the united states senate it was voted down 95 to 0. when it comes to the american people, what they want to see is the economy growing. they don't want treaties that are going to bind us to regulations, that are going to hamstring our economy, not allow it to grow. and, in fact, donald trump campaigned on this. so he is keeping his campaign promises. pete: andrew, over to you. many people have described this agreement as a massive redistribution of wealth from wealthy developing country dries to others. but also redistribution of power. is america not being punished for being powerful and productive in a free market economy under this climate accord and president trump is saying hey, we shouldn't be punished for that. let us determine our own fate. >> well, actually, most recent
3:28 am
polls show that 72% of the american people actually would like president trump to address climate change and to stay in the paris deal. is the united states being punished? he talked yesterday about $1 billion of u.s. money going to help other countries. last year china put $42 billion in to other countries in order to promote low carbon development and is spending currently more than twice what we're spending here on renewable energy. no wonder it is therefore winning the race for export. today as you know china and the european union are announcing a major new pac, technology, transfer, working together in each other's countries. building a faster progress on technology. >> pete, here's what i can tell you gallup had a poll in may just last month that found only 2% of american voters ranked the environment as one of the most important priorities.
3:29 am
when it comes to paris accord, what we know is that in order for us to sign up, we would have to give billions to developing countries to tell them like okay, you can try to catch up with us but you have to go green and we're going to pay you to do that what trump said yesterday we are not going to be involved with this bait and switch. we're going to be involved in making america great again using his own terminology. pete: using the free market and innovation. horizontal drilling and fracking. >> oh, pete, fracking. don't use that word. >> let's stick to the facts. pete: we have to leave it right there unfortunately. >> the paris deal doesn't require the united states to put money in whatsoever. pete: which is why it was a teethless deal to begin with anyway. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, pete. pete: coming up, hillary clinton returned to the scene of the crying yesterday. wait until you hear what she said this time. our own ainsley earhardt is getting ready for big interview with vice president pence.
3:30 am
ainsley, good morning. >> good morning to you, pete. that's right. the that interview is coming up at 8:00. have you hour and a half to get your questions in to us. send us email at send us those questions over. we will go through them and decide which ones we want to ask the vice president. i also have a list of my own questions here in front of me. we will go through those right after the break. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life.
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♪ put me in coach ♪ i'm ready to save the day brian: there you go. it's your shot of the morning. welcome to the club. the supreme court club. judge neil gorsuch is in there taking his first official photo. abby: look at that photo. pete: he is tall. abby: is he tall. showcasing the newest member.
3:34 am
president trump's pick. the nine justices always seated bison yort, not by height. pete: the court at full strength again. judge neil gorsuch replacing antonin scalia more than a year after his death. a lot of cases coming before that group soon. brian: i'm curious to see who is going to be getting up and leaving the room soon. there is rumors that something could happen as far as justice kennedy. abby: even summer recess. brian: the summer shear. i know because pete was wearing his tank top around the office. pete: it's summer. got to stay cool. abby: go to ainsley who is live at the white house. it's a beautiful shot where you are, ainsley. beautiful morning. ainsley: isn't it amazing? all of us behind the camera took a picture when we walked. in we were talking to the staff that works here all the time. all these guys behind the camera. they are here every day. does this ever get hold? this is incredible. what a great job we have to be able to stand here on the lawn of the white house. you pinch yourself when you do walk up and you see this grand house behind you and know that the president is there and we
3:35 am
are going to be sitting down with the vice president in an hour and a half. y'all are showing that picture of the supreme court. you know, the president last night, the administration asked the supreme court to revive that six country travel ban. we're going to be talking to the vice president about that. the fourth circuit of appeal has upheld that decision and have you got five conservatives. have you four liberals on the court. it's going to be interesting to see what they do with that travel ban. the president is basically saying i'm going above the heads of the fourth circuit and i'm going to be talking to the supreme court and i want them to make the decision. brian: here is what is crazy about this. i'm not a legal scholar although i do know the judge. ainsley: you play one on tv. brian: i do know judge napolitano. he talks to me in the hall. i will say this for the first time ever somebody's rhetoric on the campaign trail is figuring into their decision instead of looking at what the -- you know, what the application is about. ainsley: yeah. i know. we'll ask him about that brian. send us your questions if you have specific questions about that. also, pulling out of the paris agreement. we saw that yesterday.
3:36 am
at the rose garden behind us. the vice president introduced the president. we will get his reaction to that and talk further in detail about it. and what we can do to maybe compromise and negotiate. also, terror attack in manila yesterday. tax reform, healthcare, hillary clinton's comments and the negative coverage from the media. pete: yeah, the question i sent you, ainsley, are the republicans in the senate actually going to get their act together and actually pass something? ainsley: i don't even need to check my email. brian: check your fax, ainsley. i don't use email. abby: i left you a phone message, ainsley. ainsley: you are so sweet. thanks for doing that job. i have gotten your text messages this morning. abby: a lot going on this morning. thank you, ainsley. brian: ainsley, thank yous so much. she refuses to talk to jillian so we'll. we will find out what the friction is what w. that later. jillian: i was busy writing her a letter. ainsley: she is overwhelmed with letters this morning. jillian: good friday morning. to you at home as well.
3:37 am
let's start with kathy griffin the comedian who posed with a fake beheaded president trump. you remember. this she is going to to speak ot today. hold a press conference from alleged bullying from the first family. she will explain why she took the photo that is causing her to lose gigs and endorsement deal. veterans of foreign wars the latest group to condemn griffin saying quote her apology is not accepted. hillary clinton, she just can't let it go. she is keeping her blame game going. this time trashing president trump at the same place where she would have given her victory speech in november. >> that is unleashing a level of i hav vitriol and defensiven, hatred that i don't think we should tolerate. jillian: remember earlier this week when she was blaming everyone else? >> nothing from the democratic party. comey was more than happy to talk about my emails but he
3:38 am
wouldn't talk about investigation into the russia -- jillian: now even cnn is mocking her. take a look. >> what do we make of this? [laughter] besides the fact that the 2016 campaign apparently will never end. >> it seems like she is burning bridges with other own party. >> the russians cloaked wisconsin so she couldn't find it on a map to get there and campaign there. jillian: clintons keeping a fundraising going on monday. commencement speech in brooklyn next thursday. we want to warn you. this next video we are about to play could be disturbing to some and hard to watch. freak wind guflt sends the bounce castle flying through the air with children inside. play structures lifting off the ground as parents run to help their kids. you can see the castle slammed to the ground. this is at a birthday party in mexico. another flipping upside down and flying into a parking lot. four kids are hurt. one is in critical condition. newly released leader of a terror group responsible for
3:39 am
more than 100 bombings in the u.s. is stepping afriday new york's puerto rico can day parade. oscar lopez rivera still march declining corporate title after law enforcement local leaders pulled their support. rivera spent more than 35 years behind bars before president obama commuted his sentence. that's a look at your headlines on this friday. time to go outside though where janice dean has literally the best job in the world today. [cheers] janice: guess what? i have a great crowd. scotty mccreery is going to be performing for other summer concert series. guess what? it is national doughnut day. thank you krispy kreme donuts. what's your name where are you from. >> tracy from louisiana. janice: i heard you were more excited about the krispy kreme donuts than you were to meet scotty mccreery. >> absolutely. >> where are you from. >> pennsylvania. >> did you bring a crew with you? >> right here. [cheers and applause] janice: do you guys like donuts? >> yep. janice: take one and pass it around my friends.
3:40 am
national doughnut day. all day long. wave to everybody at home. [cheers] janice: back inside. i will bring you donuts. abby: how are we the only ones without donuts. i love krispy kreme. favorite doughnut of all time. bring in a box. huge show straight ahead. kellyanne conway will be live on our couch. take us inside the president's paris decision. pete: what was brian doing all dressed -- i don't know he knew how to tie a bow tie. or did he have a clip on. all for incredible cause helping our heroes. he will explain that with two special guests next ♪ ♪
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♪ abby: we are back with quick friday morning headlines for you. driven break gone wrong. inmate gets tangled in 32-foot high barb wire fence trying to escape rescue workers. using a cher were picker to get her down. she is not seriously hurt and now back behind bars. religious expression or ridiculous. getting approval to wear a pasta strainer on head for drivers license photo. is he a pasta fairy and apparently it's what it's called and follower of the church of the flying spaghetti monster. the state allows religious headware. this is the latest i'm hearing about this religion. brian: last night i had a chance to host the wounded warrior courage award. i think it was my fifth time. recognizing those who support those heros who fight for us
3:45 am
and all the things they need in every day life. >> wounded warrior project was there for me the minute i was in the hospital. the minute that i came out of the coma, there was an employee there that handed me a backpack and tell me that they got me. >> i had pdsd. i didn't want to be around people. i didn't want to talk to anybody. and wounded warrior put me in an atmosphere where i was with other warriors, like-minded people. >> they got me off the couch. instead of feeling sorry for myself inside my barracks room when i was in the hospital, they got me off that couch and back into society and let me do something bigger than myself. brian: continue to help out the country now in civilian life. joining us now is the chief executive officer of the wounded warrior project. retired army general michael littleton is here. and wounded warrior himself helping out with the project bill geiger. great to see you. quick turn around. >> you are a machine.
3:46 am
i don't know how do you it up at 11:00 with our warriors and here in the morning. brian: such an honor to host and see some of the men and women. it was a mix of corporate america coming together to help out those who serve who are trying to get back into the community. for you, general, this was the titanic task. rebuild the trust in the wounded warrior project. i think you've done that what was your approach? >> really, brian, get back to basics which is focus on borrowiers. if we focus on our mission, we get warriors together in groups. we provide them services that augment what the government does. they do amazing things. they are resilient. they are impressive. as last night, you saw, we got some pretty special warriors out there. giving back and taking care of each other warriors like bill. brian: bill, tell me about your service. why did you get in? what did you do when you were in and what do you need now that you are out. >> i joined after a very short college football career. i wanted to be part of a team. i joined the military. military police.
3:47 am
my entire army reserve career for 20 years. you know, what i needed when i got out was, again, more of that team work. the camaraderie. being with other wounded vets that, you know, i say that you can be that room of other wounded vets and not say a word and completely understand each other. it's really the understanding without really even talking. brian: right. what you needed though, too, in order for this to happen, you need corporate support. >> sure. brian: wounded warrior project i heard about controversy. up comes stanley black and decker and usaa stepped um and they were your underwriting sponsor last night. the room was packed at the hilton. i think the message is pretty clear, general, you are well on your way. >> yeah, it was. we honorable our warriors first last night. that was our first mission. the second was to recognize those passionate companies and individuals that support our mission, support our warriors. so usaa is a presenting sponsor. stanley black and decker and harley davidson video and what
3:48 am
they have done with our rides across the country to raise awareness for visible and invisible wounds of war is something special. brian: tony snow. one of our stars here who sadly passed away to cancer. tony snow award launched on you are our investor ran do. sal gonzalez. he sounds like chris stapleton. hit seven times in iraq. last time he lost his leg. i'm going to segue way into country music. what a song last night. >> wrote the song, produced the song. he has been on america's got talent. he is inspiring. brian: wrote this song about heroes. tell me that this resonates for you, bill. he says i don't like being called a hero. i survived. all those people who lost their lives those are the ones you guys want to salute. >> no doubt. there is no question. those of us that came home with visible or invisible wounds. the guys that didn't make it home and their families back here are by far the heroes. brian: right. i thought that message was sent pretty effectively last night.
3:49 am
52,000 plus wounded in iraq and afghanistan. over 4,000 killed in iraq. over 2,000 in afghanistan. how do you continue to serve this community? >> brian, we do our best. i will tell you as we spoke about last night. the uncertainty and unpredictability of what the future holds for our military, i think and for our country requires young men in uniform on point for our nation around the world. that's why we and others like us have to do what we can to augment what the government does. once those veterans transition into civilian life. we are proud to do what we do. we are honored to do it. we do it every day. we do it one warrior at a time with their families and their caregivers. that's why our mission is so important. brian: the family left behind when you serve and when you come back oftentimes you're different. and had you ptsd and which you are still dealing with today. >> the families, wounded warrior also provides support for the families, which is huge. they are the ones that have to
3:50 am
live with the warriors on a daily basis and kind of put up with them for lack of a better term. they help all faucets of the warrior. brian: did a good job. you picked it up. and i think the program is really ready to blast with success. thanks for what you do. if you want a great project the wounded warrior, all right. good job. >> we're looking forward to number six next year, brian. brian: let's start negotiations right away. >> all right my friend. thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead on our rundown, explosive danger, when you travel, other flights forced to land after a laptop catches fire, how do you keep your tech safe in flight? kurt the cyberguy here ♪ of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection...
3:51 am
banish the burn... with nexium 24hr.
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3:54 am
♪ ♪ abby: this was scary, a jetblue plane packed with people on board forced to land after a lithium battery burst into flames. luckily no one on that flight was hurt. the scare comes just months after the airline banned the samsung 7. the video shows the danger of lithium ion batteries on planes. kurt to cyberguy is here with us to help us better understand. nothing scarier than a fire own an airplane. >> worst case scenario for anybody on an airplane. and this crew jumped into action, they took it to the rear of the plane into the laboratory. one thing you want to do with a lithium fire is really get rid of the oxygen that's going to it. so they tried to smother it. class b fire extinguisher is best for that.
3:55 am
have you so many devices at home that have lithium ion inside of them. abby: you see this story and you say that could have been me. >> it could be you. number one cause of this is a defective battery. that comes from a variety of things. it comes from buying cheap knockoffs, and it also comes frun proven brand names that we're not familiar with that tend to make less quality items. abby: what can you do, kurt? >> what you can do is take preventative things. don't leave something plugged in while it's charging or while you are storing it also, don't ever -- if you see a swollen battery or you dropped it and you know that the battery is damaged, throw it out. just stop using it and dispose of it. and then never ever when you leave it in a hot car that causes the battery to do bad things and it can damage it so that it later creates a problem. abby: you said don't pack things so tight into your carry on bag or backpack that can cause a problem. >> that's a concern as we consider how to handle this new threat with laptops on
3:56 am
board aircraft. they say the alternative is store it in the belly of the aircraft. that is certainly not a good thing either because in the cargo area the only thing a pilot can do at that point is use a fire suppression system to try to remove the oxygen from that area and get that plane to the ground as soon as possible. abby: cheap knockoffs. >> right now what can you do is look at all our technology at home, tablets, computers, virtually anything that turns on that is not plugged. in put in the name of that as well as the word recall and see if you have been part of a recall. you might be getting a battery replacement. abby: scary stuff, curt. appreciate are you being here this morning. counselor to the president kellyanne conway is here on our couch and the vice president, mike pence, is live with our own ainsley earhardt in d.c. cannot wait for that plus, is he one of country music's biggest stars, scotty mccreery is getting ready to rock on
3:57 am
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3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh. not paris. >> president trump fulfill as major campaign pro promise, pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. >> he is not helping the forgotten american. is he hurting them. the kids will have worse asthma in the summer. >> this is like groundhog day. do you know what happened when george bush pulled out of the kyoto committee? reduced emissions. >> while you were sleeping, president trump asking the supreme court to revise executive order on travel. >> obviously i'm particularly concerned about the role that
4:01 am
russia played. >> pathetic performance. it's sort of childish. she obviously can't accept responsibility. >> blow out. now sucdon't suck it blow out. >> 12-year-old coming in first place the 90th scripps national spelling bee. >> she knows what it means. maricain. >> congratulations. you are the champion. ♪ brian: we first heard watched scotty mccreery on "american idol." he is soaring while going to college. he is out of college. back on our stage. abby: brian, he showed up. you tried calling him this morning. no surprise there but he did show up.
4:02 am
he is fabulous. voice is unreal. barbecue on the plaza. pete: ribs. two donuts in front of you. national doughnut day. abby: i grew up having cripy cry kreme in our studio brings it back. brian: the heck with calories, don't worry about sugar high. pete: last time we heard salt is good for you. eat all you want. brian: everyone has their own traditions. pete: don't judge. brian: ainsley is at the white house. ainsley: were you 21, brian? abby: you know that answer. ainsley: story about kids jump not guilty car. your dad takes you to the the bar. brian: he wanted us to know we should get in the business early. ainsley: right. good morning to awful you, pete, abby, brian. good job with the wounded warriors last night, brian. i know you will be talking about that coming up on the
4:03 am
show. coming down to d.c. the vice president said he would sit down for us for "fox & friends." we'll talk to him in about an hour. send in your questions to us we're really excited the. the president and president home from his trip. we saw him in the rose garden. we had that live coverage saying he was going to pull out of the paris agreement. we'll talk to the vice president about that. we will ask him about what you were talking about the supreme court, the president, his administration has asked the supreme court to revive that travel ban. we will be talking to him about the attack in manila and manchester and how we protect our own country, tax reform, heck, hillary clinton. all kinds of good stuff. send your questions in if you have some for the vice president and we will ask him. okay? abby: i don't know if you know this but pete has emailed his question. ainsley: that is not true. i checked my email right before this, because i was going to look for it and i don't have it it's not in here. pete: it's in my draft folder. ainsley: did you not send me an email.
4:04 am
pete: pretty sure in spam. ainsley: you are in my junk mail. abby: i love it we can't wait, ainsley. thank you. ainsley: thank you. pete: white house yesterday in the rose garden about 3:20 the president walked out and did what a lot of his supporters were hoping he would do. he said we're pulling out of the paris climate agreement. this is what he said yesterday. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. i promised i would exit or renegotiate any deal which fails to serve america's interests. very rarely do we have a deal that works for this country. but they will soon be under renegation. the process has begun from day one. not only does this deal subject our citizens to harsh economic restrictions, it fails to live up to our environmental ideals. i can not in good conscience support a deal that punishes
4:05 am
the united states, which is what it does. the world's leader in environmental protection, while imposing no meaningful obligations on the world's leading polluters. brian: the president came out and said it's going to cost us 2.7 million jobs. cost us countless amount of money. the "wall street journal" when the paris agreement was first signed on by 193 nations said it was going to cost the economy $170 billion by 2030. people said it doesn't matter. we very fortunate, very lucky and rich. we have to take the lead there the president said excuse me i got elected because i said we are pulling out of this. it's not good for us. doesn't mean we are stopping with hybrid engines or electric cars. it doesn't mean mean we're moving away from wind. abby: we are leading the world with much of that stuff when you talk about natural clean gas. we have abundance of resource was right here in the u.s. still lead on the world stage.
4:06 am
we don't need a deal to solidify that. pete: especially a bad deal. abby: he said i was elected as you said brian to represent the people of pittsburgh, not paris. that speaks to his message throughout his campaign. pete pete absolutely. this is america first. this is americanism versus globalism. the elites have long sense forgotten about pittsburgh and ohio and west virginia. he said you are not for gotten any longer. i don't care what the leaders of the g 7 think about them. i will look them in the eye and say i'm the president of the united states. this is leadership. you step up and say i'm going to cut against the grain and against the crowd and against group think and cut a good deal for america. brian: did he call around to world leaders and said i' m getting out. the french president said i respect the decision i will invite all scientists to come to france. you are welcome here. pete: still welcome here. is president trump kicking the scientists out? brian: s it a ms. norm. charles krauthammer woke up
4:07 am
saying i'm for a climate deal that is not exporting our coal industry to china. that's what they are doing. they are increasing production. no cut backs for 20 years. pete: this is a massive redistribution of wealth to other countries and redistribution of power. you talked about america's strength? it's like we are being punished for being a super power under this climate accord. abby: i was flipping through the channels to get a sense how it was happening. it was amazing how it was like the end of the world was coming. i had to turn it all off. here is just a sense of how that went. >> on a sunny day in the rose garden, what could be defined and construed as a dark speech. >> i have such rage and sadness. we just watched a dangerous little man give a very scary speech. >> one of the most bleak depictions of america's role in the world is environmental partners. >> he is not helping the forgotten american. he is hurting them. their kids will have worse asthma in the summer and the
4:08 am
president who talked about putting america first has now put america last. >> this was full nationalist america first damn the rest of the world president trump. >> it was almost like mad lib for conservatives the speech. >> it was profoundly sad. he, as you pointed out, portrayed a very dark vision for the future of the country. >> this will be the day that the united states resigned as the leader of the free world. it's nothing short of that. >> wow resigned as the leader of the free world. a dangerous little man is how he was described. pete: global climate change is a religion for the left. religion for academia. elites. global media. for them it's the biggest threat we face. forget islamism and radical islam it'. brian: leonardo decaprio george decould i who was great
4:09 am
in "star trek" in 1970, bette midler all tweeting anti-trump rhetoric because of this. abby: brian, what would the left be saying today a had he stayed in that deal? brian: this would have been the theme today, another promise broken by this president. not good move to come around and be coachable. because the people who hate him want him to stay. in and the people, you know, for example he did make the decision to leave the capitol in tel aviv. aviv.ains. abby: might as well stay loyal. pete: we care more about your tweets than celebrity speak. abby: awesome speech. resounding sound reasoning. this is our man. america first. pete: great move, mr. president. let china and india pay for our own modernization. no one paid us when we were making the transition. ignore the democrats. brian: the president faced the accord like a businessman. the u.s. citizens were not
4:10 am
getting a good return on the investments because we're supposed to be writing checks to developing nations. who knows if there will be any follow-up. this only would increase pressure on us. and i'm not saying we shouldn't. for those who have a lot you should distribute. we have foreign aid. the president does not like the way we give out. we give out way too much foreign aid. pete: he looks at the world like a businessman. we have had politician, after politician, after politician. he said bad deal. i want the free market to be unleashed here. it already is being unleashed. let's let that help us improve our economy. brian: i will do a deal but i want to do a better deal. france and germany said we're not and italy said we're not doing another deal. this deal stands. you're out. abby: not everyone benefits from that. pete: see you later. brian: now to a fox news alert. the trump administration asking the supreme court to revive the controversial travel halt they are calling it. pete: if passed it would overrule lower court decisions to block the order barring entry from people from six muslim majority countries.
4:11 am
abby: griff jenkins is live for us from our nation's capitol with those breaking details. griff, good morning. >> good morning, guys. the administration is confidence freezing lower court's decisions to block it. the justice department argues in their filing late last night that the fourth circuit of appeals in richmond made several mistakes in their ruling, stressing this order makes the nation safer if it's in place. the order halts new visas from being issued from people in six muslim majority countries they are iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria, and yemen. president trump initially signed the executive order in january but immediately faced backlash with protests erupting across the country and federal judges blocking it. then in march, the president issued a narrower order which was then blocked by federal courts and hawaii filed a lawsuit against the order. the aclu lashing out on twitter last night writing we beat this hateful ban and ready to do it again #no
4:12 am
muslim ban ever. sarah flores defended it saying quote the president is not required to admit people from countries that sponsor or shelter terrorism until it determines that they can be properly vetted and do not pose a security risk to the united states. guys, there is no time line on when the court will rule. it will be interesting whether it will be decided by one justice or referred to the full court for a vote which would take five votes to be reinstated. brian: at least he has his attorney general in place and everyone else, all his legal team writing it. it was the president kind of drafting in in the white house to begin with. abby: yeah. finally. let's toss over to jillian for other headlines this morning. jillian: good friday morning to you guys and to you as well. bless' get to a fox news alert. james mattis landing in singapore overnight. is he meeting with diplomats from south korea, japan and australia. north korea's threat security goals under president trump. this is his second trip to the
4:13 am
region since taking charge of the pentagon. terrifying new video of a plane that's packed with passengers. take a look. catching fire mid-air. flames shooting out of the engine after the united airlines flight hits a flock of birds. pilots forced to turn back to chicago o'hare airport just moments after takeoff. passengers landing safely in miami on a new plane. those your headlines. i will see you guys in a little bit. brian: thank you, jillian. 13 minutes after the hour. pete: president trump fulfilling another campaign promise by pulling out of the paris climate agreement. and our next guest calls it a brilliant moment. you won't want to miss katie hopkins next ♪ we will ♪ we will ♪ rock you ♪ we will ♪ we will ♪ rock you ♪ when you have allergies,
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♪ ♪ abby: president trump fulfilling a major campaign pr of the paris climate accord. our next guest says that she saw climate change scare mongering to secure grants. daily global columnist katie hopkins is live for news london. katie, good to have you with us. >> thank you. abby: if you watch any other network this morning, we have
4:18 am
lost our leadership on the world stage. what do you say? >> it's absolutely nonsense. i can't believe these guys are buying in to this kind of fewer roar that this is the destruction of the planet that we are lost forever. that global warming is going to incinerate all of us. the real question we should be putting out there to the public is does the united states want to spend billions of dollars for developing countries to sign up to nothing that obligates them to reducing global warming. there is no other explanation for it but that. all the united states is doing with the paris accord is signing away billions of dollars to developing countries that create most of the emissions and actually those countries there is no binding agreement. the paris accord is just kind of a trust document. it's an honesty document. true leadership is what trump is doing right now. he is standing up.
4:19 am
he is calling out the paris accord as a bad deal. and all that really was was a bunch of global leaders beating against themselves to try to get signatures from the developing countries. when they went in the room to sign it, they knew they were signing it. it's an salute fraud. trump has done the right thing. abby: have you seen the scare mongering. havhave you been in similar meetings like this. help people understand what's really going on behind closed doors. >> yes. unfortunately for my goodself and against my better judgment i did work in the public sector for a while at the u.k. meteorological office. the weather people. i was selling climate change to the traders in the future departments to hedge their bets. i have seen scientists virtually on their knees begging from grants from the eu. grants from climate change funds that you are supposed to be paying into. i have seen them scare mongering. i have seen them using data in
4:20 am
interesting ways to make the problem seem worse in order to secure funding in order to secure their jobs. it's a cyclical thing. they are all buying in to it. the right thing to do if you are liberal is condemn trump. what you should be say something trump has shown true leadership. trump is calling out the paris accord as a complete fraud and trump is determined to make america great again. people should be stopping dressing of polar bears and backing president trump. abby: katie hopkins we have to leave it right there. thank you for being with us this morning. good to see you. >> thank you. abby: as democrats russian narrative are they missing the biggest story of all. kellyanne conway will weigh in on the headline that no else is talking about this morning. plus, hillary clinton piling on the excuses for why she lost. >> go to netflix, the "new york times," facebook, 1,000 russian agents, trump's twitter account, the democratic party. abby: we have heard it all. all of these excuses. is it full-time for the
4:21 am
democratic party to distance themselves from hillary clinton? we will debate that next. ♪ ♪ what's the best way to get
4:22 am
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4:24 am
pete: welcome back. we have news by the numbers for you this morning. first, 36,000. that's how many toyota tacoma pickup trucks are being reasonable doubt. the company says 2016 and 2017 models with v-6 engines can stall without warning. not too good. next, 18 hours. that's the length of united airlines new flight from los angeles to singapore. the 8700-mile nonstop journey really have a journey will be the longest flight from the u.s. to anywhere in the world. wow. and finally, $12.9 billion. that's the price tag for the
4:25 am
navy's new aircraft carrier the uss gerald ford. what a beauty. the world's most advanced warship is the first new designed aircraft carrier delivered to the navy since 1975. let's hope we see a few more. back to you. brian: thanks, pete. hillary clinton going out on an excuses tour this week talking about her election loss. >> i take responsibility for every decision i made but that's not why i lost. brian: right. so what exactly were the reasons? >> go to netflix, the "new york times," facebook, 1,000 russian agents, trump's twitter account, the democratic party, it's very difficult historically to succeed a two-term president of your own party, polling, misogyny, women in the suburbs, comey, wikileaks, voter suppression, fake news and all of that that's kind of what happened. brian: exactly. with all these excuses, is it time for the democrats to back away from her? is this a good thing for the republican party? here to debate this former
4:26 am
director of chief of communications for hillary clinton adrian he wil elle rod. thank you for coming and tammy bruce. adrian, i will start with you. what is behind hillary clinton's approach right now? >> well, look, first of all, she has certainly earned the right to go out there and speak about what she thinks happened in this election and why the results have not turned out in her favor. first of all she was at technology conference when she was speaking. she cass talking about deficiencies of the dnc and talk about how we need to improve our party. at the end of the day she has earned her right. brian: dnc tech department defending what they h the obama administration called out leaving the dnc in the mess they are in. the cia, nsa and fbi we're told according to her by her camp look out, the russians are hacking and they did nothing. so she is blaming all sides, tammy.
4:27 am
i wonder what the approach is here and does that help republicans being that the former nominee is so angry at her own party? >> well, look. we are not surprised, of course. the problem with hillary clinton's candidacy really she was one of the worst candidates i think in the modern age was her inability to engage with reality on the street. she was of course reserved and removed during the campaign itself. look, trump may have just saved us from the disaster of the paris accord. but every time she does go on television and has earned that right, of course, she reminds everyone of the first disaster he saved us from which was her. as a feminist. as somebody who worked on the clinton campaign in 1992 this is in a way heart breaking because this is a problem with girls watching and other women watching. a woman who says she is a leader but will not take responsibility for what has gone wrong. part of leadership is taking responsibility for the successes but also for when things go wrong so you can learn from them.
4:28 am
so when it comes down to your question about good for the republicans, clearly none of the democrats have learned from what happened last year. they will never -- i don't think they will ever accept it and so in that way it will be good for the republicans. but this is a systemic problem not just hillary. other engaging in the fact that donald trump's style is going to help get this nation off her knees it is different and it is working. brian: what do you think about the fact that joe biden came out and had a negative thing to say about the campaign. you had corey booker trying to emerge and bernie sanders clearly the most popular. what do you think the right thing for hillary clinton to do for her party would be, this? >> well, look, i think first of all what she is doing is she has started a new path putting her donor network to good use for the resistance and all the other organizations out there mobilizing democrats for the midterm elections and for 2020. you know, again, i want to go back to something that tammy just said.
4:29 am
hillary clinton has owned this. she has certainly admitted that she had deficiencies that contributed ultimately to the loss but she is also making it very clear outside factors such as the russian influence in the elections, and wikileaks changed a lot of voters' minds at the last minute. >> she is doing exactly what she accused trump of doing if he lost. complete projection. she is refusing to accept the nature of what the american people have chosen because our families matter, our future matters. and this was about recognizing leadership. and every day we have learned that was the right decision in november. brian: she is i wil is alienatig democrats. i can understand you working for her. adrianne and tammy bruce good job. >> thanks. brian: a new look at tiger woods' arrest. >> watch, look. blow directly into that tip until i tell you to stop. brian: i cannot believe we are
4:30 am
seeing this video. we will show you what happened next. as the media keeps their focus on russia. could they be missing the biggest story of all the counselor to the president kellyanne conway is here. how do i know? i recognize her in the hallway ♪ i have been working all week ♪ i'm tired ♪ i'm going home and sleep ♪ and going to have fun ♪ having a good time ♪ hey scout, what's eating you? fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. got any ideas? not all products work the same. my owner gives me k9 advantix ii. it kills all three through contact. no biting required. so they don't have to bite? that's right. no biting required. k9 advantix ii. wise choice. there's nothing more than my so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah.
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4:33 am
♪ ♪ brian: senior counselor to president of the united states. she is in studio. kellyanne conway welcome back. >> good morning. abby: good morning. brian: around 3:20 yesterday. the world changed. earth might not survive. the paris agreement -- we're walking away from that. the president made an announcement like he did on the campaign trail. the backlash has been worldwide. it hasn't surprised you? >> no.
4:34 am
it hasn't surprised us at all i just hope that the president listens to the full statement that he made yesterday. he did exactly what leaders do. many different insights, ideas and inputs. weighed the consequences and made his choice as he always does. he is the president. he was elected to this job. in large part because he promised to protect american jobs, american interests, american workers and frankly america. you know, in four and a half short months he has already done so much to unleash energy investment and to really roll back draconian and burdensome environmental regulations that president obama sneaked in there. this was a very poorly negotiated bad deal accord from the beginning. which i would point out to you when it was first negotiated many of the environmentalists went crazy. they said this will have insignificant impact in a positive way on the environment and carbon emissions and that it let china and india off without having to compel their behavior in such a dramatic way. look, he talks to the coal
4:35 am
miners, the men and women who work in paper and cement and natural gas. and we know that there is energy under our feet and off our shores in this country. and the political left, who is completely hysterical, he is historical, they are hysterical. they are trying to stop us. it hurts american jobs. abby: if you listen to john kerry, he says this is a step back. he is saying this will cause your children to get asthma. take a listen to what he said. >> it's an extraordinary an occasion. it's historical for the united states to walk away from an agreement which did not have any other country requiring us to do something. it was a voluntary program. we design the program. the president was not truthful with the american people today. and the president who talked about putting america first has now put america last. so he is not helping the forgotten amer he is hurting them. their kids will have worse
4:36 am
asthma in the summer. they have a harder time having economic growth. he has made us an environmental pariah in the world. i think is the one of the most self-destructive moves i have ever seen by any president in my lifetime. >> tell us how you really feel. once a politician always a politician. i think it's a very disappointing assessment and tells you why he lost when he ran for president. and why his friend hillary clinton lost this past time because people don't feel in this country that they put america first and american worker first. why in the world should the united states of america absorb the front loaded financial burden for this agreement? brian: you are writing checks to other country. >> literally. brian: we already wrote a billion-dollar check to this and on the hook to write billions more and there is no proof where that money is going. >> in fact, statistically insignificant impact on the environment. if you cared about that piece and one of these ceos crowing today, you would say let's get a better deal. as soon as the president said yesterday he is withdrawing from the paris accord, in the
4:37 am
same sentence, in the same breath he said but we will immediately renegotiate or consider reentering. brian: you know that rex tillerson reportedly wanted him to stay in it, ivanka called ceos reportedly and said please convince my father to stay in it. jared wasn't at the press conference yesterday. what are we to read into it. >> yesterday was a jewish holiday as i understand in the catholic world. i don't want to read into how anybody is spending their time or are not. however, that's the point. this is a president unafraid to listen to many different ideas across the spectrum. and this is a great example of that, brian. in the end, he made the decision, based on the facts and figures that he repeated yesterday, based on the fact that when he made these promises, during the campaign, they weren't -- it's not just a sound bite and ticking off a list of campaign promises. it's making good on fairness, on protecting the american jobs. so much of what the president speaks about goes back to fairness. look what he has done on
4:38 am
immigration. for years the question was what's fair to the illegal immigrant. how can we help them more. what's fair to the american worker. what's fair to the schools, the student trapped in a failing school district because of his zip code. what's fair to the taxpayer that they should be carrying the burden for deals like this? no wonder the rest of the world likes the deal because it put the u.s. in a financial disadvantage. pete: it hurt us. the hysteria around this deal from the left is almost like something we have never seen except we have seen it with the russia stuff over and over again. they don't want to stop. yesterday a subpoena was issued by chairman nunes to three former obama administration officials, including samantha power who is no intelligence official former ambassador to the u.n. president trump tweeted shortly thereafter after that saying the real story about this investigation is in a tweet the unmasking and surveillance of people that took place during the obama administration. do you believe that's the real story, the unmasking and leaking flg information? >> it's one of the real stories. and it's a major story going uncovered by the n med.
4:39 am
where is that on the front pages of america's papers today the fact that these highest ranking officials in the obama administration have now been subpoenaed? i hope that they will cooperate. i hope that they will testify so that we can learn not through insults and insinuations and innuendo but through sworn testimony. this is important because the president has been talking about this for a while. we know through other reports that after the election results that none saw occurred. they are scurrying around desperate to sprinkle around to declassify or put in a lower classification level and sprinkle around intelligence information throughout the government. so it would be there waiting for us when we arrived. we also know because you listened to secretary kelly last week on the sunday shows say you have got these leaks and they either crossed the line of treason or come really darn close to doing it. and those leaks, whether they are coming from the intelligence community or the deep state are deleterious and harmful to all of us. abby: there seems to be real diswucket between what the media is focused on and what the american people care about.
4:40 am
pete and i travel around the country at diners and get a sense how this country is feel. they are sick of talking about russia. there is something there, let's deal with it they want to hear about healthcare and tax reform. where are we on that? >> it's a great question because the fox news poll last week actually asked a question like that. what effects you and your family most? what do you care about? russia was last what doesn't surprise me. if you live in mccomb county. i always talk about my grievance, the biased media that's easy to see. my grievance is the incomplete media coverage. just this week david shulkin the secretary of veterans affairs set up a hotline at the white house veterans can access if they want to talk to someone. if they want to lodge a grievance. just this week elaine chao announced half a billion dollars in infrastructure investment at over 500 airports. you don't hear this anywhere. pete: ryan zinke secretary. >> secretary of the interior. this is important. because it impacts every day lives. tax reform, healthcare reform.
4:41 am
the president feels very confident that those can get done this year. he works with leader mcconnell in the senate very closely. have you got secretary mnuchin and secretary ross. tax reform can happen this year. everybody is working towards those goals. you don't hear about it because it's positive information. i have trust and faith in the american people and their ability to separate noise from news. brian: let me tell you if this is criticism. tirlg respected columnist ripped down all the things that you guys are accomplished and working on including senator thune saying they are starting to put together a blueprint for version of tax reform and senator cornyn saying we can get this done by the end of july. she goes on to say part of the reason that story doesn't get out is because the president is tweeting about russia and these things that he thinks are unfair in the media. do you think the president could understand how he is hurting his own agenda and his own success story by talking about what his detractors talked about. >> if twitter disappeared tomorrow the press still
4:42 am
wouldn't cover the positive information. let's see how they cover the positive jobs numbers today? why isn't anybody talking about the since april of 2008 we have the highest level of people being employed between the ages of 25 and 54. why aren't people ticking off the consumer confidence. homeowner's confess. manufacturers conference. brian: why doesn't he tweet about that. >> he has. but nobody picks it up. not only spiteful and political and partisan, you're really underserving the same people you pretend that you are protecting and that you are informing. but, again, i trust people to go and access the information on their own. and i have to say at the podium every day our press secretary sean spicer at the beginning of each press briefing, he goes through a list of particulars like i just laid out. it gets very little coverage. pete: very little questions about it? >> very little questions and coverage. there are many great people in the white house in the administration putting together that list. again, if you just picked any random day can i tell you three or four things that
4:43 am
happened in departments and agencies that impact real people's lives. brian: "wall street journal" has a story today that you guys are setting up your own russia unit maybe have outside hires so all questions go to that russia unit. much like the unit was put together during the clintons during the whole lewenski mess. abby: is that going to help. >> it will help for people to realize since there is a special counsel now. some questions should be referred to mr. mueller and, of course, other questions should be referred to the outside counsel. i mean, that's the appropriate chain of command here. i know people are obsessed and get $100 every time they say russia, russia, russia. it's all speculative. i would remind everybody the words of former acting and deputy cia director mike more relevant who served under president obama. he very recently said all he has heard is reports in the media. he very clearly said that his experience is that the terrible reporting chain of command because you can't always rely on what you are being told by intelligence officials, let's wait to seat facts. pete: i think there are a lot of americans that love the
4:44 am
fact that they have americans who care more about pittsburgh than paris. abby: good to have you this morning. >> thanks. i kind of blend. in. brian: concert. guess who is playing? abby: scotty mccreery is ready to take the plaza for summer concert series and he is getting all made up. looking ♪ now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently.
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4:47 am
♪ ♪ abby: we still have a huge show ahead, don't we, pete? pete: very much so. welcome back to "fox & friends." we just had kellyanne conway on the couch with us. our own ainsley earhardt not here but in washington, d.c. live inside the white house. good morning. abby: a lot of news to talk about, ainsley. ainsley: we are always trying to get the president and vice president to come on our show. they occasionally do. vice president says i want to come on the show come down to washington and go live. i got on a plane and came down live for "fox & friends." he is going to be live with us in about 15 minutes.
4:48 am
we want you to send sp your pictures we will take one segment of the interview and let him answer some of yours questions because you're thoughts, of course, are very important to us and to the vice president. we're going to be talking -- we just heard kellyanne conway talking about what critics are saying. what john kerry is saying. we will talk to him about that. we will also discuss terror. that's on the minds of everyone. the wall is on the minds of many americans. we will talk to him about the travel ban, the paris agreement. healthcare reform. tax reform. lots of good stuff. pete: you're north going to run out of questions. ainsley: no. pete: i sent you mine. abby: what is your question? pete: i can't give it away and the vice president is ready for it. why is climate change the religion of the left and the elite media is my question. as a staunch conservative that the vice president is, i would love his take. ainsley: pete, you kept saying that yesterday. the environment is the left's religion. we will ask him about that. abby, if you want have a
4:49 am
question. abby: i will email it. pete: send in your questions to ainsley send in your questions. a whole segment where we will let the people ask the vice president questions. abby: most important. he ainsley, see you soon. ainsley: sounds good. thank you. pete: country star and "american idol" winner scotty mccreery getting ready to stake the stage right now for the summer concert series. we will talk to him next. ♪ working hard and living right ♪ friday nights ♪ football ♪ come out when the sun goes ♪ come out when the sun goes down ♪ and is strong enough to stop up to 98% of the sun's damaging uv rays. coppertone. because protection matters.
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4:53 am
♪ coming on over ♪ hope it's all right ♪ listen to me pulling in your drive ♪ look out your window ♪ see my lights. abby: we are excited. one of country music's national stars bursting on the scenes a few years ago. brian: thousand he is topping the charts at three consecutive albums at number one. pete: brand new single five more minutes is available in stores and online. joining us on stage is scotty mccreery. good morning. >> good too see you all what's up? [cheers] abby: have you quite a fan base. >> already this morning. abby: talk about the single five more minutes. close to your heart. >> favorite song i ever written. the day i wrote it i tweeted it out. one of those songs that takes you back and different things you wish you could spend more time with people. yeah, it's important to me. brian: who do you want to spend five more minutes with. >> a couple folks. to me i wrote it after i lost
4:54 am
my granddaddy. he was jumping off the diving board in the pool and eating hershey kisses. he was my dude. i wrote it for him. pete: is that where you get your ideas living life and i want to write this down for other people. >> absolutely. man. a lot of folks can pull stuff out of thin air. i have to live it or know folks that have lived it. pull from that. that's what i think country music is real people talking about real stories. abby: did you this beautiful performance for memorial day brought tears to my eyes and so many people's eyes about our military and how we lose too many people too soon. >> absolutely. for me, it's one of those things. i don't think we can thank our military folks enough. the sacrifice that they know they might have to make. still go out there willingly and fight for us and our country and our protection and our freedom. i thank them every day i see them and glad to be there for that performance. a special night. brian: you emerge on "american idol" and win it. >> sure thing. brian: make the transition to the real world and you make it in country music.
4:55 am
where was the doubt or what where was the hurdle the highest to win idol or to prove to the country music world that you didn't just win a contest you belong? >> i think it was the latter right there. you know, you get the chance to be on tv. i just audition to go and hang out with jennifer lopez. it turned into a lot more. we got to hang out. you know, i wanted to get to nashville and prove i'm not a tv guy. i'm a con true music artist and guy who loves to sing and make songs. that's what i have been trying to do the last six years. pete: have you been named country music's sexiest man. >> they sound check this morning. pete: hottest bachelor. you like those titles? >> i guess it's better than not having it i don't know. i just go with it it's crazy. abby: guys, what was it like waking up this morning? he asked me what time do you wake every up morning for the show? >> i work the night shift. i'm used to working late nights. it's early. glad to do it in nyc. have a great crowd.
4:56 am
[cheers] brian: how do you disseminate this for a guy who stopped playing music in eighth grade. southern rock, rock and new country what's the difference. >> everything is blending together nowadays. for me country music, the core of country music will always be the song. that's kind of what brings folk back. people can relate to the songs. you know, things are kind of blending together nowadays but i love it. brian: we have happening in the middle of country music sometimes. >> definitely differential. i grew up on conway twitter and dolly. selling out stadiums in country music which is awesome. i'm glad to see it. abby: we cannot wait to hear you sing later on in the show. >> thank you very much. pete: come on sing with you. >> come on out. pete: should abby sing with him? >> why not? brian: cannot have a series without you. thank you so much. he will be singing throughout the morning. meanwhile next, live interview with the vice president of the united states mike pence at the top of the hour with this
4:57 am
woman named ainsley earhardt. abby: do you know her? brian: i have met her. she is really nice. don't go away ♪ run out of highway ♪ ♪ remember dad helping you catch your first fish? then tell him he's special with great father's day gifts from bass pro shops. like new mr. steak propane patio grills, for steakhouse quality results right in your back yard.
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>> i was elected to represent the citizens ever pittsburgh, the not paris. >> president trump fulfills a major campaign promise, pulling the u.s. out out of the paris climate accord. >> he is not helping the forgotten american. he is hurting them. their kids will have worse asthma in the summer. >> very disappointing assessment. tells why he lost when he ran as president. why in the world should the united states of america absorb front-loaded financial burden for this agreement. >> while you were sleeping the trump administration asking the supreme court to reinstate the revised executive order on restricted travel. >> would take five supreme courts to allow the travel order
5:01 am
going into place, freezing the lower court -- abby: wake up at the white house, we came down to d.c., vice president will sit down with "fox & friends." brian: last chance i have to host the wounded warrior project courage awards. you buys that served, men and women who served ha our backs. >> can be in a room with other wounded vets and not say a word and completely understand each other. >> marocain. >> that is correct. [applause] you are the champion. ♪ ♪ church not the only thing open on sundays, word travels fast, working hard and living right and it is only life we know,
5:02 am
over midnight,. ♪ brian: now you can hear us. scotty mcceery, great preview what you will hear later on the show. that is water tower town. jo i want to say kid. he is 23 years old. pete: number one hits when you're 23. brian: you know who else had early success, ainsley earhardt. did not go to her head. she is humble and with the vice president of the united states right now. we'll get to scotty mcceery at the end of show. ainsley: we're so honored by mr. vice president mike pence. thanks so much for inviting us
5:03 am
in washington, talking to us live here on "fox & friends." >> you bet, ainsley. welcome to the white house. ainsley: yesterday you were in the rose garden behind this building, the president announced he would pull out of the paris accord. why is that a good move? >> what the world witnessed yesterday an american president putting america first. president donald trump on the campaign trail called into account an agreement that really put an extraordinary burden on the american economy while allowing some countries around the world like china and india to literally go a decade or more without any accountability for reducing co2 emissions. required billions of dollars of investment by american taxpayers in a very real sense t was a transfers of wealth from the most powerful economy in the world to other countries around the planet. yesterday president trump made it very clear we're withdrawing from the paris accord. we're putting american worker, the american economy first.
5:04 am
but you also hold, heard him leave the door open to renegotiating a better arrangement. maybe reentering the paris accord under new terms and new conditions. but i think what is refreshing to have a president in the oval office who is not only keeping his word to the american people but i think as you see on a broad range of issues. whether it is rebuilding our military, whether seeing tremendous growth in this economy, president donald trump gets up every day fighting for the american people. it is already making an extraordinary difference in our security and our prosperity. ainsley: why all the hysterics from the left? if you listened to how unfair from the united states, we'll lose 3 trillion in gdp, six 1/2 industrial jobs, families have less of an income. we will have to end our coal production yet it does benefit china and does benefit india. it doesn't seem fair. we saw wilbur ross, the commerce secretary on our air with neil cavuto after it, he said
5:05 am
this is not an treatment. this is making, we have to sacrifice the united states does. my question why did president obama, why did his administration think it was okay for america? >> it has been long a goal for liberal left in this country to advance a climate change agenda. you saw it back in the days of kyoto protocol. president bush actually submitted that to the senate. it was rejected 95-0. we heard some of the same apocalyptic predictions when kyoto was rejected. from 2000, to 2014, because of american innovation and because of new technologies, we saw an 18% reduction in co2 emissions in this country alone. so we demonstrated real leadership. we demonstrated real progress. but for some reason or another this issue of climate change emerged as a paramount issue for the left in this country and around the world.
5:06 am
through kyoto, through president obama's cap-and-trade agenda, and then through the, in the last year of his administration to have america saddled in an international agreement in the paris accord, i think put a real burden on our economy and our people. it was a bad deal for america. the president said so, he was elected to represent pittsburgh, not paris. i just have to tell you, it is a so refreshing to have a president who just stands without apology for the american people, for the american economy and for america's interests in the world first. ainsley: what was your reaction to john kerry said, more kids will get asthma because we're pulling out of this agreement? >> it is disappointing to hear hot rhetoric. when we first med, i was governor of a midwestern state, the truth of the matter american
5:07 am
industry, heartland, all across america depends on fossil fuel and colburning power plants, what our families have seen is rising electricity, cost of utilities in this country, put a real burden. we've seen jobs leaving this country. what president trump said yesterday is we'll develop the resources of this country in environmentally responsible way. we're going to drive american growth and opportunity all across this nation. and, we will lead in the world, not follow the world. an one of the things that i have been most aus mooed by when i was in europe in february representing the administration and see the president in that extraordinary trip from the middle east to europe last week is, to hear some people questioning, questioning decisions this administration is making i see what is happening is, the world is seeing that we have a president again who is
5:08 am
embracing his role as leader of the free world. he is leading europe back to a stronger commitment to counterterrorism. he is leading our nato allies to to live up to commitments in common defense. in withdrawing from the paris accord, offering to renegotiate in a way that is more fair and more equitable to our economy and every economy in the world, you see president donald trump is being leader of the free world. ainsley: he ran on that. he ran on keeping us safe, our borders safe. the administration last night asked the supreme court to revive the six-country travel ban. is this the only way to get it through? >> first the american people can tell that president donald trump has no higher priority than the safety and security of the people of this country. he has taken bold and decisive action, asserting an executive order to pause immigration from countries that have been
5:09 am
compromized by terrorism or don't have systems in place that we can be confident when people apply to come here, that they don't represent a threat to our families and our communities. the efforts i think the president has taken and homeland security has taken on our borders are dramatic. we see not only criminal illegal immigrants removed from our cities. we've seen more than a 60% decline in illegal immigration on our southern border. american people are heartened by that. equally frustrated by decisions in courts that call into question whether the president of the united states has the ability to control who comes into this country. the ability to come into the united states of america is a privilege, not a right. in the initial executive order we identified seven countries that did not have the safeguards, that we could be confident people applying to come here who they said they were. we amended that.
5:10 am
we worked closely with our ally in iraq to put systems in place that we would be confident people applying to come here would not represent a threat to our people but we're going to continue to drive this pause forward, advance what the president calls policies of extreme vetting. we remain very confident when this matter reaches the supreme court of the united states they're going to recognize the right of the president in the constitution and in the statutes of this country to control immigration in a way that puts the security of our country first. ainsley: we don't want a manchester here in the united states. they are targeting kids in this concert. we talked before you sat down, that the president called the president of afghanistan because terrorists targeted an ice cream shop in afghanistan. what did he say to the president of afghanistan? >> our hearts break for loss of life in kabul. the president reached out with
5:11 am
compassion to president ghani and expressed our support and prayers for the terrorist attack that took place there. manchester continues to break the hearts of people across this country and across the world. in both cases, what we see ainsley, is a grim reminder of the ruthlessness of those who threaten our country and threaten our allies. that is the ran why the president has taken decisive action who might control into this country. decisive action on the border, enforcing our laws. a recent funding bill to begin to make a down payment on rebuilding our remilitary. i spoke at the naval academy graduation a little more than a week ago. i stood up and i said, i said to those midshipmen, navy and marines, who are graduating, that they could be confident that this is, they have a commander-in-chief who will have their back. the ovation was overwhelming.
5:12 am
i said that this is a president who will rebuild our military, restore the arsenal of democracy and give our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guard, finally resources, training they deserve to keep our nation safe and come home safe to their families. that is what the american people elect a president to do first and foremost. that is what president trump is about thank you for remembering our military. your son is a marine i know that meant a lot to hear those words to be there for them. people around the country, even democrats are saying they're sick of russia, russia, russia. they want to talk health care, see health care reform repeal and replace. they want to see tax reform. you served our country as congressman before you were governor and also vice president. so you know what it is like within the walls of congress. how are we going to get the republicans to unite? >> i think we made great guess this year. the truth is because of the
5:13 am
president's strong leadership we supported regulation that rolled back an avalanche of regulations that came out of the obama administration. 14 different bills passed by the house and senate, signed by the president, that alleviated 1billion dollars of cost of regulation on business. you saw the dow close at record level yesterday. you saw payroll report that more than a quarter of a million new jobs were created in may. more than a million since inauguration day. i think that is all a result of policies that congress has been sending to the president's desk. he has been championing an advancing. that is a vote of confidence in this president's leadership and his ability to continue to move forward on repealing and replacing obama care, and passing what we believe will be one of the largest tax cuts in american history. despite whatever, whatever the rest of the media across the country might be focused on any
5:14 am
given day, i will tell you we're very encouraged by the progress that the senate is making, to do its part to repeal and replace obamacare. we're very encouraged by the progress that is being made on tax reform. the president is calling on congress this year to do an infrastructure bill, to rebuild america's roads and bridges and airports in a way that will reflect the most powerful economy in the world. so, whatever it is that washington is focused on any given time, i promise you president donald trump and this congress are going to stay focused on delivering promises made to the american people. you can see it is already making a difference. ainsley: what is your message to the media? >> i think our message to the media is, you know, focus on the results. i mean we, in just a short few months, humbling for me to be part of an administration led by a president that has isis on the
5:15 am
run, driving isis out of iraq. literally had overrun our ral lie in -- our ally in iraq. we're on the verge of driving them out of mosul but we're driving them out of iraq and existence. we've seen recent legislation that provided resources to reinforce our borders. we're taking dangerous illegal immigrants off our streets. law enforcement personnel at every level are standing stall. we see an economy more confident today than it literally been in some measures in decades. we see companies investing in america, creating jobs in america that we're making plans to build factories and create jobs outside of this country. we see a supreme court of the united states and a new justice of the supreme court of the united states who will keep fact with a god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution. you look at those, those are all promises made and promises kept by president donald trump. and the results speak for
5:16 am
themselves. my hope is that as time goss on, some in the media will start to focus as much as the american people are on those good results. ainsley: what grade would you give the president thus far? >> you know what, i would give him an a-plus for effort. i would give him an a-plus for results. look, this is, i mean what's startling to some of the elites in this country and around the world about president donald trump, he is doing exactly what he said he would do. but to know him, is to know that president donald trump is a man of his word. literally he gets up every day and turns his face like flint against the wind and says, what are we going to do today to make america safe again? to make america prosperous again. to make america great again. it is the greatest honor of my life to be vice president to president donald trump. ainsley: wonderful. we asked viewers to write in their questions. i will read a view of them.
5:17 am
phil says, what is the status of the wall and when it will be completed? >> we're very pleased in the short-term funding bill that was passed the president insisted on billion 1/2 to continue to reinforce our borders. and we're absolutely committed to build a wall. when the next round full year funding bill comes, you can expect that president trump, our entire administration will work closely with members of congress. we'll get funding and we'll build the wall. ainsley: gil wants to know are more campaign rallies in the future for yourself and president trump? >> i think so. looking forward to be on the road this weekend. we were in montana. georgia will be up with a special election. i think we'll be headed down that way as well. what the president's focused on is governing. what president trump is focused
5:18 am
on is moving agenda that you see advancing so forcefully in washington, d.c., and advancing principles of america first on the world's stage. we'll continue to take time to be out to support our political team. but, i can also promise, i can losses promise that viewer i am very confident that you will see president trump and a lot of, and a lot of arenas filled to capacity. ainsley: i'm sure we will. one more question, mark says the office of vice president is somewhat mysterious position. what are your daily duties? well it is a good question, the answer is i'm on the 4th vice president and own one one person in the world defines the relate of vice president -- 48th. it is humbling for the opportunities the president has given me and my family to represent the united states on the world stage as we did in europe and february.
5:19 am
as we did in the asian-pacific. a regular day is get up early. i receive a presidential daily brief. i join the president for his briefing. then we go to work. i have an office in the west wing and frequently find myself in that office. occasionally in the oval office or on the carpeting in between. the president and i have developed a close relationship. i'm very fond of it. but i have so much respect for his determination to keep his word to the american people. i'm there so serve in whatever way i can best help him to achieve his goal to keep america great again. answer answer thank you for serving. we have great respect for you. thanks for joining us this morning. >> good to see you, ainsley. ainsley: back to you, abby, pete, brian. back to you in the studio.
5:20 am
abby: i love what he said to the media, focus on results and things actually getting done. i don't think they will listen to him about great advice. pete: i love his focus on flint against the wind. i know what i campaigned to do and will go do it. brian: i haven't heard that expression before. i might use it. abby: breaking news here on "fox & friends." pete: more on president trump keeping his campaign promise to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement? what does geraldo rivera think about that? i'm legitimately curious. he is here to weigh in. abby: here is scotty mcceery performing, the trouble with girls. take it away. ♪
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canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. >> we're back with a fox news alert. moments ago, defense secretary james mattis shaking hands with the prime minister of australia. the pair are in singapore for a key defense summit where they're expected to discuss nuclear risk from north korea. three dozen people are dead when a gunman set as packed casino on fire. an english-speaking man storming a luxury resort in the philippines, firing shots and torturing gambling tables. take a look.
5:25 am
[screaming] frightening scene as you see by the video. panicked guests running for their lives as the resorts of manila filled with thick smoke. police do not believe this was terrorism. abby. abby: ainsley had an exclusive one-on-one with vice president mike pence and weighed in on the decision to leave the paris climate agreement. >> what the world witnessed yesterday again american president putting america first. president donald trump on the campaign trail had called into the account really put an extraordinary burden on the american economy while allowing some countries around the world like china and india to literally go a decade or more without any accountability for reducing co2 emissions. we're putting the american worker, the american economy first. what is refreshing to have a
5:26 am
president in the oval office who is not only keeping his word to the american people? i think as you see on broad range of issues, whether he rebuilding our military, seeing tremendouses does growth in this economy, president donald trump gets up every day fighting for the american people. brian: joining us to discuss is fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera. good morning. >> roaming. i'm not roaming. pete: you're not roaming. >> roaming. rock and rolling. pete: before we get tote particulars of what the vice president said your take on interview as a whole? >> ainsley did a great job. he is a perfect for personal, yin versus the president's yang. i don't agree with many of his ideas. he is hardcore, traditional conservative. he has the president's back. i appreciate that. he is traditional politician. knows how government works.
5:27 am
that is all good. in terms of climate change, particularly, i am absolutely appalled by this decision. i think it is unnecessary, a self-inflicted wound on the president because i love the president. i like the vice president. i love the president. i want him to succeed. pete: he campaigned on it, didn't he? >> he campaigned on a lot of things. you say things in the campaign you haven't necessarily thought out whether it is a good policy. not just the entire world is against us. people i respect in business become successful, jeffrey immelt at ge. elliot musk at tesla. bob iger at disney. mark zuckerberg at facebook. it is virtually every industry but the coal industry is against this decision. i don't understand it. yes, i feel sorry for coal workers but i also, if i lived in the 19th century i would have felt bad for buffalo hunters when the -- pete: what would the agreement actually do? that is the question.
5:28 am
whether it was initially rolled out, those most zealous about climate change said it will not do anything. it will not reduce temperatures. all voluntary, why this hysteria over the fact nope, we said we will go our own route? >> that is fine question. i don't know. i'm not a scientist. i just, i know enough after 50 years of public life, i know enough that you listen to the experts and to generalized consensus. you know, it can't be 190 countries are all fanciful, looking to screw the united states. i just don't believe that. brian: you know we already wrote a billion dollar check. you know we're on hook to write billion dollars more to underdeveloped nations. president basically saying bob iger will be fine and we know, we know that elon musk is going to be fine. he has this tesla car hopes to sell to a lot of people that cost $100,000. but what about the people that work for him? what about the people who work in blue-collar jobs? he looked it those numbers said
5:29 am
this is too much for us to endure. for example, cost our economy over course of 10 years $170 billion. james hanson, the god farther of global warming said this whole thing is a fraud. it's a fake. it is bull blank. for what they say, we'll have 2-c warming target. do a little better every five years. there is no action. just promises. he says the whole deal we walked away from doesn't matter any way. >> then there is awful lot of fuss and a lot of activity over nothing. brian with all due respect i have been in beijing china, where i doesn't see you because of fog. >> is that our fault? >> to deny, delaware sized hunk of antarctica. brian: his speech didn't say global change is not happening. this deal is bad. >> what does this get us, the president of the united states
5:30 am
other than this makes him look as if he is defying the world just for the sake of defiance? pete: or leading world. i campaigned to put america first. we'll not go with just consensus. abby: can't you lead the world getting out of this deal? i heard hysterics on both sides of aisle, the fact we're pulled out of deal we're not leading on world stage. is that true because that is not a world i want to live? >> all i know, abby, i'm a sailor. one of encouraging things, buckeye land sound, martha's vineyard all the windmills. now we have a house in ohio. every place i go in the country i see wind murals turning. pete: a lot of that cost government money. >> 10 areas ago i paid it off already by the money i saved. natural gas is flooding the market. you don't need dirty coal. what is the point of this? pete: solar panels. a lot of that is government funded. >> a lot of people have natural
5:31 am
fast. they don't feel anything by coal. brian: nothing changes. this deal is bad. >> what is this deal for, brian? brian: american sovereignty. >> at what cost, pete? pete: our country. >> you want your kids to live in gas mask. >> i don't want international bureaucrat in brussels telling me what regulations i have. >> i don't want to have to swim when i go to the deli. i want the world to be as, at least as clean as it is now for my children. at least as maintainable, sustainable, i just think the what president has done -- i also think this. 1920, league of nations was going to lead the world to peace. the united states at last minute, world can do it. we're not. same thing with league of nations collapse. same thing with climate accord. united states pulls out the climate accord. abby: we'll have to leave it there, geraldo. the debate will go on. pete: fox news alert. major jobs report due out any
5:32 am
moment for americans to get back to work and the president's agenda. think again.
5:33 am
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abby: back with a "fox business alert." latest jobs report under president trump just into our newsroom. pete: according to the bureau of labor statistics. 138,000 jobs. less than 15,000 expected and less than the 211,000 in april. brian: unemployment rate to 4.3%. down from 4.4 in april. steve hilton, the elephant in the room is the global climate change but reaction to the job numbers? >> the thing good news more jobs created, the percentage rate, 4.3%, it doesn't tell anything like the true story what is
5:36 am
going on in our economy. some people look at that number, look, everything is great, practically full employment, they use that term, full employment, but the number they don't look at, actually the work rate, not people officially unemployed. the people working. that is the lowest for 30 years. we have a jobs crisis in this country. there are millions and millions of people not even looking for work. they have given up because they think the economy is so bad. brian: then they don't count, steve. >> they don't count. so you have people who are so complacent on particularly on the coasts where things are booming, everything looks rosy but actually throughout america there is an economic crisis, a jobs crisis. that is why it is so urgent we do things that were promised by president trump in the campaign, like, cutting taxes. like getting infrastructure going. there is all this stuff that needs to be done urgently to deal with the jobs crisis that is there despite these numbers that on their face look pretty encouraging.
5:37 am
pete: steve, you have you a new show called, the next revolution. you were involved in the "brexit" movement in may. president stood in the rose garden and "brexited" the united states from the paris climate agreement. predictally the media went into meltdown mode. is this something similar when you saw in "brexit"? >> keeps happening. the reaction is completely bizarre. whether you care about the future of planet or jobs or both, which in case of me, that is what i think, the reaction is completely dishe proportionate. people say this is america, not leading on climate change. that is completely divorced from reality. america has been leading on climate change for years in terms of switch from coal to gas, in inventing new, klieg technologies. leadership is coming not from global bureaucrats as you were discussing earlier but from scientists an entrepreneurs, that is already happening
5:38 am
irrespective what goes on in the global summits. when you look at jobs, the real issue whether you have not more jobs in the solar industry or coal industry. we need jobs in all industries. brian: what is the outrage based on? french president coming out saying i'm inviting americans clean scientists, green scientists to come to france. germany, they are using expletive on today's news pap, blank you to the world from america. where is this coming from? >> because what has been happening so much in politics these days around the world is that people just get obsessed with image and messages that they're sending, and what they look like, whether they look like they're good people, virtuous people. they care about much more than the real impact of that decisions on real people in the real world. and actually, if you look at that, all this reaction is completely disproportionate. as i say we're already leading
5:39 am
on climate change. what we've got to avoid doing anything that raises energy prices because that will hurt the whole economy. abby: that is well-said. we buried the lead in interview, steve. the next revolution, with you, steve hilton, debuting sunday june 4th right on this channel. what can we expect? >> well, here i am in this fantastic new set here in los angeles. i'm speaking from you directly on sunday night live at 9:00 eastern. we'll look at failures of the elitist policies that we've seen for so long that have really hurt working people. the climate thing is a perfect example. we have government after government right across the world put obsessions of the rich ahead of needs of working people. we're going to set out an agenda for what i call positive populism. what are changes we need to really help people in their daily lives. that is what we're doing every sunday night, 9:00 eastern. there is one more thing, brian, i know you're very concerned
5:40 am
about my attire for this program. i show you here we have, this is the jacket i will be wearing. i will be smart for this. abby: i love it. brian: no tie, no tie, right? >> no tie. nice jacket just for you. abby: i want to see what it looks like. brian: people don't wear ties. hold on, abby. >> there we are? is this going to work? abby: steve, you're looking good. [applause] >> what do we think? brian: looking sharp. looking sharp. abby: love to see you. steve hilton, thank you very much. you saw ainsley's exclusive interview with vice president mike pence live on "fox & friends." she will join us from the white house live to react. first, scotty mcceery performing, "see you tonight." take it away. ♪
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♪ abby: let's bring in ainsley earhardt who has done a fabulous job this morning. what a great interview with the vice president, ainsley. ainsley: just as he ended interview, let me show you the
5:45 am
desks. all history of the desks. take you out on the balcony. talked about his grandfather, when he was think about getting inaugurated he thought about his grand father. he is pro military, what the flag means to him. it was so amazing. i can't wait to show that and share that with our viewers on monday. brian: will that be pay-per-view? you like to put things on your website to make people premium members in order to upgrade -- abby: ainsley, egg nor him. ainsley: what are you talking about, brian? >> "fox & friends" pay-per-view. ainsley: brian, in case you were doing whatever else, not listening to interview, let me play a sound bite. we asked him a question about the democrats and all their outrage. listen to his response. >> it has long been a goal of the liberal left in this country to advance a climate change agenda. we've demonstrated real leadership. we've demonstrated real progress but for some reason or another
5:46 am
this issue of climate change has emerged as a paramount issue for the left in this country and around the world and threw kyoto, through president obama's cap-and-trade agenda and then through the, in the last year of his administration, to have america saddled in an international agreement in the paris accord, i think, i think put a real burden on our economy and our people is a bad deal for america. it is so refreshing to have a president who stands without apology for the american people, for the american economy and for america's interests in the world first. pete: ainsley, you did did a fan fasttic job. i want to thank you personally for not asking my question. i appreciate that. ainsley: i wanted to, because i didn't he basically answered it in that sound bite. i thought of that, thought of you when he was giving us that answer, your question basically when you talk to liberal, they ask you their religion, they will say environment.
5:47 am
he answered it. pete: he did. abby: his demeanor, he is one of the calmest people, he takes any question, answers it, kind of refreshing to see. brian: between him and rex tillerson no one raised their voice in 25 years. ainsley: that's true. brian: give you input this is from nancy. emailed and said, i'm so proud of the job our president, vice president are achieving. so tired of the constant hate you all endure. pete: jennifer reads or wrote in, i want to tell our vice president and president, thank you, thank you, both for all you're doing for our country and your wonderful leadership. please keep standing firm. abby: abby, you said after the interview, your favorite party what nancy is addressing, i want media to report on all positive things we've done instead of russia, russia, narrative that hasn't been proven. abby: ainsley, do you think they will listen? ainsley: no. i do not.
5:48 am
do you? abby: i think he is exactly right. the american people wish that would be. brian: i wish we have ambassador for russia and have the ambassador start answers questions. ainsley: they do need to pay attention. people are sick of that. you're already hearing democrats they're tired of the russia, russia narrative. pete: people don't care about it. ainsley: media doesn't catch on and start reporting -- brian: ainsley, i think democrat love russia topic. they have never been happier. pete: they're too invested. brian: adam schiff wakes up every morning hoping to be interviewed. ainsley: time for journalists to wake up and report the facts. the american public will make the decision. russia, russia, narrative, nothing has been proven. there are seven, the investigation is going on. people in the intelligence agencies speaking to congress saying there is nothing there. no there there. abby: ainsley, fabulous job. wait until monday to see the
5:49 am
rest. ainsley: have a great weekend. see you on monday. abby: next on the run-down, the moment we've been all waiting for, scotty mcceery performs latest single live on the plaza. brian: janice dean, what songs she will sing on her show. >> don't tempt me. i do a lot of singing. >> don't do it. >> he doesn't want to hear it. i tried. meantime we'll do serious news too. the president vowed to take the fight over so-called travel ban to the supreme court. it is officially happening. how quickly could justices weigh in? we'll break it down. the meltdown over the president's decision to withdraw from the paris climate deal reached epic proportion. interior secretary ryan zinke joins us live. senator lindsey graham is raising red flags. he will be with us to explain.
5:50 am
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>> take a look, everyone.
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we'll take you inside on monday. a brand-new couch and studio. two floors. you've never seen a studio like this. very exciting. a couch built to win. >> it's beautiful. >> bill: making couches great again. the white house going on offense and defense fending off a backlash against the decision to pull out of the paris climate deal as it takes its appeal on the travel ban all the way to the u.s. supreme court. a lot of movement on a friday good morning. >> shannon: any time there is action at the supreme court i get an extra spring in my step. i'm shannon bream. the president made the announcement about the climate deal in the rose garden and pledge to put america first. >> president trump: i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not


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