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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 2, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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i may be back here monday. if fox lets me. have a great weekend. ♪ >> good evening, and welcome to tucker carlson tonight earlier this week as you just saw, kathy griffin released a video of herself posing with a bloody man head made up to look like mannequin head. as performance art it was lame, least creative stunt of the week. it did have the effect of brieflyng making griffin famous again. today griffin elbowed her way back into the news cycle holding conference with lisa bloom. here's part of what she said. >> image that i prettied in the apology absolutely stands.
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i feel horrible. i have performed in war zones. the idea that this, you know, uh, made people think of this tragedy is horrifying and it's horrible. trust me f i could redo the whole thing i would have had a blow up doll and no ketchup. i'm going to make fun of the president, moree now. i'm not afraid of donald trump. he's a bully. i've dealt with older white guys tryingng to keep me down my whoe life, myn whole career. i just wanted to say if you don't stand up you get run over. what's happened to me has never happened in the history of this great country ever. which is that a sitting and his grown children and the first lady are personally, i feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever. this is america and you shouldn't have to die for it. the death threats that i'm
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getting are constant and they are detailed and they are serious and they are specific. today it's me. tooled *f tomorrow it could be you. i don't think i will have a career after this. i think i he, i think he, i'm going to be honest he broke me, he broke me. he broke me. and then i was like no, this isn't right. it's not right. there's a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me and i'm just t here to say that's wrong. >> it's just unbelievable. where to begin? kathy griffin isn't particularly talented or amusing so in a way she does have a point. it's a little disproportionate for all of us to keep attention on someone who probably shouldn't be famous in the first place. why ares we doing this segment? whether she realizes it or not, griffin is an important figure in american life in that she's perfect embodiment of what the american left believes. griffin publicly fantasizes violently abouts hurting the
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president. trump and his family bullied her, so have unnamed older white guys who as a group have oppressed her by giving a series of high-paying jobs. in other words she's the real victim here. of course she is. liberals are always the victim. being the victim is what it means to be progressive america. victimhood has more benefit and it's free. it means never having to say you're sorry. it means being right even when you're wrong. victimhood is the modern equivalent of holiness. do you remember when president obama then the most powerful human being in history used to imply that he was some how the victim of racial bias? catch hillary clinton the other day a woman so rich and pampered she hasn't driven her own car in 30 yearsen complained that sexim prevented her from being richer and more pampered. over paid sports figures make these kind of claims all the
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and now even third rate unfunny comedians. we see a trend here because there is one. if the mostre powerful and richt people on the planet can be victims, who can't be a victim? good question. the most remarkable thing about victimhood is it allows the alleged victims to commit the very offenses they are complaining about. they'll punch you in the face and accuse you of assault or specifically smash you in the head with a bike lock and claim they'reib making - - you're makg them feel unsafe. take overre a college campus forcing spineless administrators to enact one of their demands and claim to be powerless victims in a climate of racism. christian owned small businesses to shut them down if they don't violate their own faith. refugeesee into public schools d call you a biggot for questioning it.
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. b used to be the point of running a country was to make thingsn better for the people wo live there. that has changed. now the goal is to achieve moral superiority. it's quite a trick and victimhood makes it possible. anne colter is a writer and a thinker, and nobody's victim and she joins us now. victimhood is like a magical elixir that makes any kind of behavior possible, justifies any kind ofav over reach or cruelty. it's the perfect tool. >> yes, that was the theme of my book guilty, how victims had turned themselves into the aggressors and there by wander around creating other victims. victims are the biggest bullies in the country now. you have to reach out, leap out ahead and claim who claims offense first wins. it's really gotten so much more extreme, particularly with trump,p, um,
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particularly with global warming. it's just become this religion of the left. although it's great i love seeing the clips from kathy griffin's press conference. fox news carried it live. >> it was just, i mean, parts of it was you couldn't turn away. it had a car crash quality to it. it was so revealing of a mindset and a world view and a lisa bloom kind of standing behind her of course needless to say because her mom wasn't available, i guess. she betrayed no sense of self consciousness when at a news conference to apologize she all sweeping about herself. >> yes, and said this is the first time anyone's been attacked by a president. no, of course people attacked by
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white house and i don't think it's an attack for trump to comment that his 10 year old son had seen that disgusting image. >> one of ourus favorite reports here, james rosen got sur veiled by the last administration. the person i felt saddest for in addition to 325 million americans having to watch this was kathy griffin's mom. apparently she has a mom and she's not in step with her daughter. here's what kathy griffin said about her. >> fox news got nothing on me. i think you should know my mother who thinks fox news is real is not speaking to me because she's in love with carlson. don't worry, everyone hates me. >> you think that's the real reason herer mother's not speakg to her? >> i couldn't hear that. >> she said that her mom watches this show and it's made her so mad. >> your show? >> yeah. >> everybody watches your show. how about m that. >> imagine if you were kathy griffin's parents, not her parents, i don't want to be mean. someone around kathy
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griffin you would say you're a good person, i like you, don't continue to humiliate yourself in public. >> i'm particularly doing that we were all wondering i mean, she must have had now we see there's a whole video of photographers, make-up artists and there was no one to say this isn't a good idea? it's not funny, it's really disgusting we have actual beheadings going around. who pioneer video taping beheadings,- mexico of course right along our southern border but we can't talk about that. the left has really, we need a new word for orwelian. >> lack of self awareness. here's the example jumping out all day. president announces the withdrawal from the parisou climate agreement, got so over heated that fire alarms likely went off all over the city of new york. here's a representative selection of what happened. watch. >> what happened yesterday on
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the climate issue is an embarrass. to a country and should be an embarrass. to how heto answers to his grand children. >> people are going to die, seas will rise, insects will spread. >> this psychologically troubled in this way since at least richard 96. >> some of the most successful people in the world are upset about this. and none of them have bothered to edge plane what's in the paris deal. rising levels of atmospheric co2. they're dead serious about that. you can tell about the outraged looks one their faces. hold on a minute, can we really be sure that these people take carbon emissions seriously? to find out we compared what they say to how they live. the rule being don't watch, listen. or don't listen, watch, it's always much more revealing. richard branson says fossil fuels are dangerous and calls
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trump's decision america first - - branson olds a falcon 50ex private jet that burns more fuel on a single flight to maui than you're going to go in a lifetime of trips to the shore. elon musk flies around in a gulf stream g6-50er. bill gates says he's deeply concerned yet he still commutes with a bd700 global express. can you imagine the gas mileage that gets.? leonardo dicaprio flew a private set 4,000-miles from cannes france to new york to accept a climate award and then flew back privately. hillary clinton said the mistake leaves american families and workershi behind. speaking of workers and their families there probably weren't a lot of those on board last year when hillary used a private jet to fly 20-miles for a fundraiser, a critical fundraiser. it's a little rich on the very
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same day today that a new e-mail wasod revealed showing she once requested a separate private plane from michelle obama to fly to betty ford's funeral. and barack obama who for whatever reason never gets the credit the awesome hypocrisy he displays so deserves. obama told us just yesterday could quote crush future generations and yet, here's some of what he has done since january. balm uh took a marine - - . he flew a helicopter across the country to palm springs, california. after a few days of relaxing and an 11,000 square foot manage mansion can you image than air conditioning required for that, the electricity bill. he flew on richard branson's private plane, then got on a private boat to a private island, left on a private jet, to tahiti. after that trip wrapped up he tookok another private jet to milan for a 14-car caravan to escort him to conference he
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spoke about global warming. how much do any of these people really care about carbon emissions, anne coulter. >> that's fantastic. >> how can that even be? >> i know. no, i know, and it isn't like the hypocrisy that conservatives can sometimes be caught with. we know we're all sinners. sometimes christian conservatives aren't going to live up to that. these things you can't say i slipped. >> when a telescratch last gets caught doing something immoral they cry and apologize. >> this would be like your christian conservative running a brothel as his job. >> and then apologizing for it. we've been being told since al gore, 1992, that if we don't instantly 24 planet will be over. this shows how long ago was that movie the day after tomorrow? that has to at least be a decade
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old when jake gyllenhal was in it. we didn't do any of this stuff. it's 30 years with al gore, ten years from the day after tomorrow and nothing seems to happen. that's why lots of us don't believe in it. >> but they don't believe it either. so what's it, look, i'm not questioning climate science i'm saying if you believe that co2 emissions are destroying the world and you're flying a private jet, what is it really about?y >> power control, keepingg the lit people down. ritz part of their religion because they don't have a real religion.'t >> hm. >> for those of you who follow my twitter feed closely you know that i really care about donald trump building a way, the paris accord yesterday. i was watching tv because i was packing and it was so hilarious. i realized it really is a religion for them. he has challenged their
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religion. >> they want to burn him. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> the paris meltdown seems silly but not everyone is laughing. we'll talk to someone who says the president is going to kill us all kind of a mmmoderate position. and the nation of macedonia the size of maryland has fewer people than the city of houston and hillary clinton says the people of this nation subverted the election. we're getting forensic on macedonia. we'll be right back. . let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+. new carrabba's trios starting at only $14.99. choose one of three pastas... and we'll pair it with homemade lasagne and manicotti. that's three pastas on one plate! new trios starting at $14.99 won't last long! carrabba's. italian worth talking about.
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>> so much for america as a leader of the free will, we are out of the paris climate accord. >> media reaction is that it's an ex drawer abdication of leadership. it is aou shameful moment for te united states. >> right now they're weeping, they're sad that the union is with drawing from their leadership role. they know it means a less stable world. >> the great madness over the paris agreement consumes all in its path. thousands of celebrities are crying out all at once proclaiming a supreme importance they for the most part virtually know nothing about. also the founder of shadow, an anti-trump cabinet. that cabinet has been particularly unhappy about the paris pull out tweeting quote this is not anh democracy, trump is like a lethal spreading virus either he kills us or we stop him. >> that's a pretty good metaphor. >> it's a grotesque metaphor. let's get specific rather that
8:19 pm
metaphorical. >> i'd love that. >> the paris agreement is what people are upset about right now and i'm justgr wondering why if you really cared about co2 emissions you would back an agreement thatt doesn't hold china or india two of the biggest polluters in the world to reducing those emissions? why would you be in favor of hyat? >> the un realized after the kyoto agreement they couldn't have binding standards and so they decided with john kerry among them to have voluntary standards. how do you make sure china was up to its voluntary standard oars germany, or america, or russia? peer pressure around the world, we live in one lifeboat, or plan b. it's not about hypocrisy. anne cowlerr' - - . we're all sinners. on the one side is donald trump who's a guy quite ill equipped, inexperienced and without knowledge about issues like
8:20 pm
this. >> really? because he made a mistake in characterizing the agreement because i wonder how tmuch you know. >> let me finish. it's voluntary. >> the whole thing is. >> the statement at the rose garden said this non-binding agreement is so draconian. is it coercive and draconian? on the other side, a majority of voters in every state wants to stay in paris. >> okay. >> afr majority of. >> you're not answering my question. >> the whole world wantsin to stay. >> everyone wants it. you're a smart guy, i want you to talk about the agreement itself, not the politics. >> okay. >> i want you to tell me why, if you're concerned about co2, you think that's causing global warming, why would you back an agreement that does not require two of the biggest polluters in the world to reduce their co2 emissionss until 2030 and allows china to continue using coal for the next five years. why is that good? >> um, you can't make the
8:21 pm
perfect - - enemy of the good. something we would agree with in the abstract. the un and the world can't have an entity that would challenge our sovereignty. or china's sovereignty. they came up with something, tucker, that 190 nations, kim junge un to putin, to george w. bush said it's the best way to continue the b acceleration of less carbon. so you know the more - - . >> that's not what it says. >> it says it's non-binding and every countryseats its own standards. >> why should we support something that doesn't even set voluntary limits on co2 emissions for china and india and call that environmentalism? it's the opposite. >> then why all of our environmentalists, scientists - - . >> i'm asking you. i want to know your view of it. >> my view is identical to 98% of scientists all world leaders
8:22 pm
and the majority of voters. staying in paris would help reduce carbon over time because china, india, and america all three have been the biggest carbon emitters in the last few decades. have said okay, we're not going to shut down our coal plants now. none of that's required as you know. >> you're going into crease coal usage in china. increase it. >> the charge shows it here, and now - - . >> no, that's - - that is not aat it says. >> china is choking on its city. >> of course we agree on that. my point is you guys are selling this agreement, you're lying about what it says. it doesn't actually promise or even hold them to a non-binding pledge that they will reduce their co2 emissions any time in the near future. why don't you just say that out loud? >> hold it.t. it requires the united states to do it. you know that's wrong, please.
8:23 pm
>> requires the united states to pledge that we will do it in a non-binding way. >> we'll try. >> by the same criteria that applied to india and china. co2 itself was a poison as you believe it is, then why the hell would we get behind something that allows the biggest co2 emitter in the world to increase its emissions. why wouldn't you have an agreement that says we pledge to reduce itld now? not a generation from now? >> we do pledge to start reducing it. >> they don't. nd. they have said voluntarily that we are aiming to reduce carbon over time. so unlike you i agree with the world scientists, businessmen, - - you can laugh. >> so stupid. i'm asking you specific questions you're not giving me specific answers and you're appealing to people who aren't here, whose name use don't know. that's not an answer. >> the answer is with paris countries have a moral suasion to keep progress.
8:24 pm
>> he said learned traits could be inherited. why do all scientists - - . >> i asking question. it's not a religion it's science. >> facts are facts. >> keep the faith you're not dealing with facts. macedonia has 2 million people - - . >> mara lago's going to be under water when barren's grand children are born. >> we'll look into this tiny republic citizen subverted a super power. stay tuned for the macedonia update. constipated? trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes.
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>> the former republic of macedonia have a small mountain us country in eastern europe. alexander the great was from there, by thele way. according to hillary clinton this tiny nation has destroyed america's democratic tradition. stories's all these about guys in macedonia who are running these fake news sites. >> quite a feat for a nation with a population smaller than houston, is clinton right? did sneaky macedonian hackers lay low the mightiest super power?
8:29 pm
we found out from the macedonian embassy in d.c. here's what happened next. >> we're standing outside the embassy of the republic of macedonia right now. we wanted to get their take on what they thought about being blamed for hillary's loss in the election. it's a holy di day of obligation and they're not in work so i guess the answer is no comment for now. we decideed to hit the streets. >> what do you think about blamingclinton macedonia for her loss in the election? >> i'm not sure i have much of an opinion on that. >> blaming macedonia? >> i just think, like, that's just like a scapegoat. there's lot of different reasons. >> sweetheart, i religiony don't follow all that. >> you're one of the most intrepid reporters i know you couldn't find a single macedonian in d.c. >> we hit the embassy and they
8:30 pm
were observing a holy day so none of the employees were yaround. giving the balkan restaurant a shot. at that point i was determined for answers and hungry, too, so we figured why not just ask anyone that was in my way. >> did anybody know what you were talking about? where macedonia is, the language of macedonia? >> um, i think that i enlightened them a little pit once i got going. you know, there wasn't anything really surprising about what they were saying. but, you seem to know somewhat of what was going on. if those that didn't, i, you know, told them and they had an opinion after that. >> boy, you arer a beacon of truth in aha dark city. thanks a lot for joining us. >> thank you. >> it took awhile, but we finally tracked down a representative from macedonia, president of united macedonian
8:31 pm
diaspora. what was your reaction to senator clinton's remarks the other day? >> well, first macedonia is an important ally to the united states and every time the u.s. has askedte for support it's delivered in bosnia, kosov o, afghanistan andnd iraq. it's kd of absurd to believe that these macedonian students that are trying to make some extra cash by creating fake news sites from macedonia were the cause of were the down fall of a well-funded, um, well-staffed campaign here in the u.s. >> okay, so you're denying that macedonia tanked the hillary campaign. t just theoretically if macedonia was to under mine a presidential candidate in 2020, who would it be? [laughter]
8:32 pm
well, thanks for putting me on the spot. i don't know who's going to be on the ticket in 2020. let's be honest, uh, hillary clinton hasn't visited or had not visited macedonia while she was secretary of state. macedonia was left on the sidelines during the entire obama administration. i mean, you haven't seen a seb secretary of state visit since 2003 nor a president since 99 or a defense secretary since 2007. there's wide target macedonia during this time when macedonia's facing some obstacles internally. >> yeah. >> particularly with a change of government that just happened yesterdayve and so there's tonsf websites created all over the world by many people. >> why target macedonia, home of mother teresa, a noble country anewly freees country. i apologize on behalf of our
8:33 pm
entire political system for the slur. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for joining us tonight. high school in pennsylvania has a gay-straight alliance. clubs that won't let kids start a pro-life club because it would be too, quest quote, political. the student who tried to start it will be here nex toot explain what happened. ♪
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8:38 pm
iowa, where towns of immigrants have been reported to work at a local meat packing plant. they were brought in to keep wages low and avoid hiring local workers who might want to unionize. one worker in the study has been receiving the same 16-hour dollar wage for 37 years and the exunion is long gone. the citys wedget is strained by hiring translators for citizens who speak more than a dozen languages. schools are packed witho kids wo know very little english and the schools have not improved, not surprisingly, as a a result. the hospital in town is besieged by people who come in for medical care but never pay for it, raising costs everybody else. newcomers are apparently showing some muscle. whenever a white worker is hired to work at the plant, the workers complain they don't want white people around. under normal circumstances, the newspaper would be calling for justice department civil rights investigation, text book civil rightsts violation, but not this
8:39 pm
time. instead the times all but endorses the intimidation suggesting that locals simply aren't willing to work at the plant. as telling as that is what the times piece does not include. quotes complaints about crime and drugs, entering the town, utbut never says anything about the actual crime rate which is weird since it's easy to check that stat. so we did check it, actually. it turns out that storm lakes crime rate is well above the state average and more than double that of similar towns just a few miles away. the newspaper doesn't care. they have a narrative to push the message that other iowa towns should copy storm lake or else they'll die out. evft unasked by the times and everyone else in power in this country is why these small towns are dying out in the first place. nobody seems to have any curiosity about it. there is one big winner, though, in the story, the employer which reaps the benefits of cheap labor while transferring the many costs on to tax payers.
8:40 pm
not surprisingly, tyson food stock prices more than tripled what it was five years ago and that is fine with the supposedly new york times. liberals have changed, that's the lesson. students at a high school in allen town, pennsylvania say they are being blocked to start a pro life club. when about 20 kids sought to found a chapter of students for life they werepo denied and told it would be too controversial. lize castro is a student at hawkins high and they join us tonight. thanks a lot for coming f on. >> thanks for having us. >> so, liz, you brought this to the administrators at your school and what did they say to you? >> they told me that we couldn't have our club because it was too controversial and too political at the time. >> just anything other people disagree with is not allowed. do you think they singled you out for that? >> i think they were definitely
8:41 pm
discriminating against us because we were, um, pro life. >> kristin, that kind of club, anan anti--abortion club is singularly offensive to the kind of peep wool run schools, isn't it? >> yeah, you would think that public institutions, free speech, would be a no-brainer. aese are tax payer funded institutions. yet, this is what we seeee time and time again in high schools and colleges across the country. >> so do you, um, do you suppose, liz, if there was a club, i don't knowke a feminism club, a women's rights club, women's empowerment club that supported legal abortion they would be allowed to organize on campus? >> i feel like they may have allowed them to have their club. >> so what are you going to do? have you given up? >> no, not at all. >> are you going to try again, do you think? >> um, try again in what sense? >> try to start the club again this coming year in. >> um, i'mhi a senior so this is
8:42 pm
kind of it for me, but my friend grace who is also trying to start the club is definitely not giving up and she's going to try again. >> good. i hope they're all watching tonight. kristin, have you seen thiso before? >> yes, we have. we've seenn this in dozens of high school and college campuses across the country. right now we have a lawsuit, colorado state, fresno state, and colorado we just had a victory for free speech case, we have another lawsuit, california state san marcos. this happens across the country where a few administrators who do not like pro-life speech feel that they have the right to censor it. and that's ann example that they're setting for all the students at their school, that it's okay to silence pro-life speech or to vandalize pro-life displays on campus or bully pro-life students. and that's just wrong. >> is that the standard legally, that if you're a school administrator and you don't agree with an opinion you can prevent the student from expressing it? >> absolutely not. that is not the standard.
8:43 pm
that's not legal. we have first amendment rights in our nation. liz and grace have the first amendment rights to start a students for life group. because the school has other clubs like the gay-straight alliance, like the fashion club, they should be allowed to have the students for life club. >> have you learned any lessons from this? >> i definitely learned with hard work and persistence you can achieve anything. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you.ev >> thank you for having us. >> well, the show viewed on abc comparing christians in this country to the taliban. the basis for that claim, we'll tell you in the segment that finds the strangest stories of the day. day, top that. ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites.
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>> time now for top that. too much news, too few segments with the weirdest story of the day. we have a remarkable panel tonight. mcdowell from our sister network, fox business. also kennedy the star of kennedy. >: hot freedom. >> hot freedom. >> use the hash tag hot freedom. >> what have you got? >> let's go to that well spring of liberal lunacy, proclamations from the view. where the ladies were discussing the contraception mandate and how the administration wants to reverse that part of obama care where employers must provide free birth control through their insurance and they compared christians who are against this kuntz rough sing mandate to, listen to this, - - . >> do what you need to
8:49 pm
do for your family. >> right. >> let me do what i need to do for mine and we'll all beo fine. y'all just need, look - - . >> how is this different from the taliban? >> that's the difference ditween us and the people we're fighting. >> nothing. >> what's the difference? >> that's what i'm saying, ritz door keep women down. >> so how are christian ownservatives who don't like being told if you're an employer you have to provide free birth control. they're like terrorists. they're like the taliban, mas mas u massacacre. >> i can't even respond to it. >> it's even better if you read the transcript. >> i was on the show once and was struck mute by the dumbness. that's right, whoopee, good point. >> it make mis do this. >> can you beat that?
8:50 pm
>> i think i can beat that, tucker. we're b going to the other deni of liberal lunacy and that is your former employer, cnn. pointing out all the president's failing, moral, and intellectual byal discussing the most famous hash tag of the week, covfefe. as they were making fun of the president's grammatical ineptitude some how he found an override for they had a misspelling on the screen and gloria was the. he knows it was going i before e, except after c. >> except after h, i thought. >> the h was after the c, and so was the e and the i. like that snicker's commercial t with the kansas city chefs.
8:51 pm
great gobbley, hobbley. >> the message of the segment was he misspelled something therefore he's dumb. >> ho-ho-ho. no one likes him, his team has abandoned him because he's tweeting alone at midnight with no spell check. then there they are. >> i never do this. we're in new york tonight, - - i must choose heads or tails? >> heads. >> tails never fails you win. those are fantastic. >> that's what my spin coach says. for different reasons. >> you don't live in new york, spin is biking. thank you, both, very much. >> thank you. >> somean people become titans f industry and some people become leaders in politics? finance. some people develop after cane unusual talents. up next we'll introduce you to a man who found time to become the world's best whistler. he's unbelievable and he will
8:52 pm
whistle for you.
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8:56 pm
>> tucker: is a pretty big deal in washington, cheap press spokesman for the sec, currently manages global communications for a private equity company with hundred $60 billion in assets. he has written a book on whistling. if he is the four-time champion wessler of the world, he is literally the best whistler on planet earth, he is the author f the book find your whistle, we tonight. thanks for joining us. as i was trying to explain to our producers, you are not just a whistler, you are the best whistler in the world.
8:57 pm
does this bring you extra credibility at work or in your neighborhood? >> absolutely, whether it's at work or in the neighborhood, thankfully i work at the carlyle group on investment firm and they have fully embraced my lip lips. it's been an integral part of my job, i whistle at events, i whistle foree the founders of birthdays, i go to parties and whistle for people. it is a joyous part of my everyday job. it's still not secured. ♪ >> a little grateful dead for you. >> tucker: do you want your whistle? >> it will make your draw mouty if you drink too much water or drink too much, what's your favorite thing to whistle?
8:58 pm
>> i love to whistle a-train by duke ellington. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: amazing, i can attest that there are no hidden devices making those no hidden sounds, you're doing it all. so good.ou're doing it all. what's your book about? >> my book is called a find your,? people say is it about whistling? it's about joy, love, making it the world a better place, through whistling. i have determined that everyone has a simple gift, mine happens to be whistling, everyone has a simple gift. the key is how do you use your gift to make the world a better place. >> tucker: it take us out on a tune it closing the segment.
8:59 pm
♪ >> tucker: that's "belle" from beauty and the beast. he continued whistling on our studio, caught it on camera much to the delight of everyone watching, you can see that on ourg. facebook page, search "tucker carlson tonight" on i facebook. tune in every night at eight to the show that's a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink, don't forget to dvr it if you haven't already, good night from new york city. we live you from the national anthem the, an enemy of the state, republic of macedonia, nice people though♪
9:00 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello everyone, i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld, this is "the five" ." ♪ kathy griffin intended to create a national firestorm with her bloodied beheading stunt this week, she did. it backfired. public scorn, the loss of sponsorship, and gigs. even her new year's eve o post a job on cnn. president trump and the first lady voiced their discussed and even griffin admitted she went too far in a video posted onlin


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