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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  June 3, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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knives from a nearby market. they began stabbing as many people as possible. people fought back and police showed up and shot them. six civilians dead, the attackers are dead and at least 30 are wounded. rosa day healing for the benefit concert and the election is on thursday. >> this is a fox news alert. terror striking in the heart of london. >> six civilians are dead, dozens other century. one police officer was stabbed. his injuries were serious but not life-threatening. three attackers were shot and killed shortly after the attack. >> eight began when a van carrying three suspects plowed into a group of pedestrians on the london bridge that was around 10:00 p.m. local time. you can see images from the scene. earlier images show people
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running from their lives. police blocking off the bridge. they closed it eventually in both directions. >> the van continued on to borough market where witness say they jumped out carrying 12-inch knives. eyewitnesses say it was chaotic. >> i saw local people run away from market people were lying on the ground the taxi driver was shouting for people to run. >> there is gunfire. i hid in a restaurant basement for about an hour. we're down there for a while the police told us to get out on their smoke and fire outside. >> these attacks come less than two weeks after the bombing in manchester arena which killed 22
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people left more than 100 others hurt. >> for the very latest on the 20 are attacks in london is go to greg. he joins us in our london borough. give us an update. >> i hate to say it, here we go again. don is breaking in london. in london is coming to grip with another apparent or definite terror attack which has left a lot of questions. we have been telling the story to our viewers but going over the details and picking up nuances as we go through this. the total, six dead. at least, authorities are saying. at least 30 injured. the three attackers also killed. the central part of the city has been on lockdown for most of the night. he remains closed off to the public to a large degree.
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it started with a white van, truck that rode up on the sidewalk on the southern side of the london bridge, mowing into pedestrians. what i would've said it was traveling around 50 miles per hour. that is very fast when you're going through a crowded sidewalk. this happened around 10:00 o'clock in the evening on saturday night. that bridge is a popular tourist attraction would've been filled with locals out for local attractions. after pedestrians were hits and we seen the image of the white van with the doors open, three individuals hopped out of the van and went to stage two of their terror attack. that was with knives as long as 12 inches long. they started to step people there. they went on a rampage through the area.
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also borough market area where there are a lot of shops, restaurants, markets, a lot of people. they work their way about four or five blocks stabbing people and in some instances going into restaurants until they were fought back by some individuals and then the real fight backing from police. that's when there are rounds of automatic rifle fire. we saw emergency police vehicles, swat team swarming over the area, helicopters in the area as well as boats along the river zeroing in on the individuals. they did get all three, they killed them. in the process they have to empty that area of civilians and citizens. something i have never seen in my 12 years here in london. they have to walk the civilians
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out of the area with their hands of their head presumably so they too without any suspected murders. in these cases the police described this as possible terror and then an actual terror attack. the prime minister saying the same thing. theresa may has been in contact with president trump and president trump had tweeted out his offering of health, condolences and reminder of the immigration laws in america should be tightened further to avoid instances like that. we have no idea of the nature of these individuals. there are reports of the nationalities. there are reports of shouts that would bring the police to feel like this is more than just a random stabbing. this has the hallmark of the
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terror attack. we want those eyewitness reports and descriptions before we go forward. the cobra committee, the committee that they chair in the highest level of terror threat is meeting in the next two hours. the terror threat level in the u.k. was drop-down from the worst to the second-worst level about a week ago. there could be some consideration about bringing that level up again. we're just less than two weeks after that horrendous attack in manchester at the train station. that was an actual bombing and then a few weeks before that we saw something similar to the attack on a bridge for bridges down from london bridge where a man rode up on the sidewalk also killing pedestrians.
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the u.k. is set for parliamentary elections to see who is set for the next prime minister. that is set for thursday. there could be clinical timing to this terror acts. it has london shocked right now wondering and counting up the injured trying to come to some realization about who is behind this. >> live in london, thank you for the update. >> the department of homeland security is closely monitoring the events. greg joins us from the "washington journal". what advice is americans giving in london? >> they are closely monitoring things. issuing a statement that says, the secretary has been briefed on the incidence. at this time we have no information to indicate a specific terror threat in the united states.
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u.s. citizens in the area should he direction from local authorities to maintain security awareness. any u.s. citizens who need assistance should contact the u.s. embassy. no indication that any of the nine killed or 30 wounded were u.s. citizens. secretary john kelly is worried that we are around the corner from having a similar attack. but for the tireless work of the men and women, we are under constant threat of a terrorist attack and after aviation the biggest threat is lone wolf attacks from individuals in the u.s. have been radicalized. he notes this is the fourth time in four months he's had to get on the phone with his u.k. counterparts because of incidents like this. president trump spoke with prime minister theresa may asked expressing his condolences and
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he pledged the full support of the u.s. government. the president tweeting earlier, quote whatever the united states can do to help out in london in the u.k., we will be there. and all caps, we are with you, god bless. he also tweeted a sentiment in favor of his travel ban saying quote, we need to be smart, vigilant, and tough. we need the courts to give us back our rights. we need the travel ban is a next her level of safety. isis has not claimed responsibility of this attack. they're looking at the weapons used. >> they were encouraging attacks during ramadan. thank you so much. >> now more with the deadly terror attacks. a former special agent with the atf and faculty associate, thank
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you for taking the time. multiple witnesses are telling sky news the bbc that the attacker shouted this is for allah. does it really remove any doubt that these are radical islamic terrorists? >> one thing we need to consider in recent history and going back, this is a hijacking of islam, the largest religion on the planet. it is not unlike those hijacking christianity year others. it is an interpretation for the few and justified their acts. i would offer that we have so many instances in the united states particularly where the terrorists had previous contact by law enforcement or work knowledge by criminal intelligence agencies.
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to have some type of intervention with an islamic leader or somebody that is on the conservative side to get these people back off of their quarters using this for homicidal acts it's warmer layer and security. >> are these people so crazed that no amount or attentive rationalization will get them? >> i would argue yes, but it's one additional layer. you have to look that this is sociopathic in nature. no human empathy. these acts are done in the name of god which makes the person potentially feel they had all the justification for doing these. >> but they're not good to change the course of action. >> anything we can do to disrupt it.
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anything that concede the disruption, just one more additional layer. >> the department of homeland security, secretary kelly says he thinks we are right around the corner from having the same thing in the united states. of course we've seen the attacks fic attack at the orlando nightclub. is he right about that? >> i would agree, just for the fact that this rhetoric is particularly attractive they can attribute everything negative in their life to the false of islam. >> vehicle attacks seem to be on the increase. i was looking at the list of my major terrorist attacks over the
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past year and a half, beginning in november 2015. a truck attack in these, the truckers tack in germany. a truck attack near the parliament in march. and now tonight, of an attack. is this the new wave approach of terrorists? >> and is the exploitation of our simple systems. if you look at the attacks of 9/11 that seem complex now with the planning of money involved, the hijackers use the fact that at the time people believe that hijacking would result with potential assault on the ground, not self-sacrifice. the exploitation of mowing people down a traffic, walking into credit centers with assault, these things do not take that much money.
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manufacturing an explosive device is not complicated. the materials are readily available. >> what you make of the fact that these individuals were using fake homicide explosive best #not real ones but real looking vest with canisters attached to them as if anyone looking at them casually with think homicide bomber. why would they use that? >> there thinking it might give pause to them being shot to prevent detonation. the might cause more fear and terror. to them it is a want to be type situation on top of that. to discombobulated the law-enforcement but in this case it did not stop them at all.
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they should be -- >> some of the patrons in the restaurants who started hurling things that the attackers step in the month as well, brave citizens. i want to ask about the use of knives. we have seen another attacks guns, automatic weapons, the november paris attack that wounded 13 and killed hundreds. that involved coordinated attacks, why knives and not guns? >> there easy to access. the one thing here is that it's in exploitation of a person's normal reaction to a fearful event to freeze in place. the more we do as a country and nation in terms of responding to people that commit violent acts
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with either your fleeing, hiding, or fighting if you have no choice. that should be the response across the board. it is something not, so the exploit the fact that people freeze. >> do you think these three were members of a larger cell that will be nabs by authorities there in great britain over the course of the next several days? where pointing out about the loan homicide bomber, 17 arrest took place. >> i would say that clearly the resources in the united kingdom to find all segments in branches are the best. all possible ties to will be found by them. also if you look at the july
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bombings of the subway system in double-decker buses you had three young men self radicalized perpetuating themselves. their connection was one. they made the devices themselves and had simple instructions. it was a detached cell with one pipeline to a greater organization. the u.k. authorities are outstanding and they will find all perpetuate her's of this event today. >> thank you for your insights. >> joining us now is a terrorism expert thank you for joining us. >> unfortunately we are here talking about one of these incidents. isis has not claimed responsibility, how does it look to you? >> it clearly looks like isis. it has all of the homework.
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it occurs to me that both theresa may and the counterintelligence agency gave a warning post manchester attack that they were expecting more, i'll be curious to see if the cell was related to one that conducted the manchester attacks. i'll be interested to see if there are communicating in some way possibly by using cryptology or other secure communication. it's worth noting that edward snowden released to the world the type of software, apps and other programs that the british counterpart cannot penetrate. were seeing them because terrorists have different capabilities that we have not been able to access. >> some of the other attacks were done by lone wolves, this attack involved at least three
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suspects and from your comment so far you believe this was a more coordinated organized attack. >> it could have been. whether homegrown radicals are infiltrated back in from syria it points to the fact that we let a sanctuary fester in syria and in parts of iraq over the past eight years where the groups could plot and plan these attacks and lead to trained bomb makers like we just manchester and they can inspire homegrown terrorists through position of strength. we cannot let them fester. we have to accelerate the effort to take down the isis sanctuaries we cannot let places like afghanistan divulge back into chaos. washington is working with our nato allies where 20 out of 40
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of the world's most dangerous terrorist groups are currently operating. we cannot let that divulge back in. we have to -- we cannot let these groups research. >> the terrorists are trying to bury their targets. london has been targeted three times in as many months, why london? >> you have a couple of things in play, number one you have a large muslim population. history and united kingdom a relatively loose immigration laws were folks come and go. it is an outcropping of the british empire where they had nationalities from all over the world. i am curious that mi five nmi
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six the british domestic intelligence agencies are very good. weather is the ira or other groups, what is going on here that they have not been able to track these? we will see that play out in the coming days and months. >> thank you so much. >> a lot is happening today. stay with us is continuing coverage of the deadly terror attacks move forward. >> police say the attackers have been killed but not before leaving six innocent people dead and many injured. weber4s new genesis ii. weber. for life. go to for more information. remember dad helping you catch your first fish? then tell him he's special with great father's day gifts from bass pro shops. like new mr. steak propane patio grills, for steakhouse quality results right in your back yard.
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>> great britain is rattled by a deadly terrorist attack this time targeting london bridge, killing six people before being shot dead by police. joining us now on the telephone is pete hoekstra, he represented michigan second district from 93 until 2011. thank you for taking the time. >> good to be with you. >> if the frequency of attacks is a measure of terrorist success, are they gaining ground? >> they are. we completed a study with a
10:26 pm
group i'm affiliated with to show that within the last five years, not only the frequency of the attack but there lethality has increased from 3500 people per year globally losing their lives to now 30,000 people per year losing their lives as a result of radical jihadists. >> what are we in other countries doing wrong? >> is your last guest said we provided them safe havens. they view their bases in iraq and syria and northern africa's and specifically olivia, not only to wreak havoc in the region there also use it as a base to expert terrorism spreading into asian other parts of africa and with the ripe environment in europe with a
10:27 pm
large number of radical islamic individuals who have moved into the area's in the past ten to make 20 years. they are now exploiting those conditions. >> we cannot control those borders but you mentioned iraq and syria. what can the united states do there? >> we can do what donald trump tried to do the past 2 - 3 weeks. go to the middle east. we need the middle eastern countries to step up and contribute funding and soldiers and to call on religious leaders to condemn radical islamic behavior. we need our european allies on board to recognize the threat and develop a global strategy to confront the threat.
10:28 pm
we need a global effort that identifies the threat and goes to his court to eliminate it. >> and that means kill the terrorists, right? >> it means kill the terrorists, we've had a number of individuals have left guantánamo bay. they've gone back to do radicalization programs in saudi arabia and we have found those programs have been very ineffective. we have not found a way to counter the ideology to get people to change their beliefs back to something that is nonthreatening. >> thank you for being with us. >> three suspects have been shot
10:29 pm
and killed but the situation is still intense. the country has been targeted by terrorists three times in as many months. more of our continuing live coveragefe is ahead. ved♪ wherever you are.
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>> the suspects have been confronted in shop by police within eight minutes of the first call. the suspects are wearing what looked like explosive best. these were later established to be hos hoaxes. >> hospital are moving quickly
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in crisis mode. dozens taken to the hospital for treatment. six people did not make it. greg is joining us from london. what is the latest? >> more details since we last spoke with you about a half an hour ago. first to that casualty toll, so far at least six dead, but now according to the health authority 48 people are being treated in hospitals across the london area due to this incident. and of course the three attackers killed as well. more nuance about the attac attk action. remember the bridge across the river, it was full of people and with traffic, the white band started on the north side of the bridge heading south. by the time i got to the end of the bridge it was swerving on and off the sidewalk about 50 miles per hour mowing down pedestrians. that's when at the south end of
10:34 pm
the bridge much of the damage and could not get free. the three individuals inside jumped out ran about three or four blocks away and then went on a knife wielding spree in the borough market. if you're familiar with new york city it's kind of like that again filled with them on a warm saturday night and that is when the happen. the latest figures were getting from health officials is that 80 different medics run the scene trying to save lives and deal with the injuries. you heard in the brief quote from the police officer, the police chief that the individuals were wearing fake or hoax suicide vest.
10:35 pm
according to experts you're talking with our sky news affiliate we are not sure their hoaxer fake. what we do know is what they're wearing they did not go off. they could have been the real thing but they were faulty, may be a sign of improper planning for this terrible act. the police got onto this fast, eight minutes from the beginning to the end of the act. they're getting used to this. back in march it was the westminster bridge. or something quite similar happened. remember, it was ramming into the pedestrian so they are used to this. lesson two weeks ago a different kind of attack in manchester at a concert venue with a suicide bomber which left 22 dead and
10:36 pm
many more injured. coincidentally or not tonight there is a benefit concert in manchester for the victims as investigation into this attack goes ahead. >> will be checking back with you throughout the morning. thank you. >> for more on the attack let's turn out to michael, from the hudson institute. thank you for joining us. what is your biggest take away? >> this is much different from the manchester attack. whether the vests were real or fake, it was three layers of what isis tells his followers to do. rent a vehicle, run over people, get out and continue killing. in the third part is secure bar or restaurant and kill as many as you can inside and pledge allegiance to isis and be killed by the police.
10:37 pm
in this case whether they did not go off for they were say, the brits fought back in through bottles and barstools at a would be attacker while the other two stayed outside. that's a good thing. that's my take away. also you have three guys who decided to kill tonight and they were willing to be killed as well. that's very difficult. there's a leader involved in i don't know if he was here tonight. >> so he could be out here orchestrating more problems. >> obviously we are seeing more and more of the soft targets, the ariana grande a concert for example, the concert itself may been secured but they hit right outside his everybody was leaving. how do you secure soft targets? >> is a vulnerable area where
10:38 pm
people amass outside concert venue or airport, it's up to the individuals to have situational awareness and look around. in the military we space ourselves intentionally so a hand grenade could take on a bunch of us. again, it is a soft target and a soft spot for terrorists and their taken advantage of it. >> president trump says this is own argument for approving his travel ban. what you think of that? >> we need to have extreme betting against military from these war-torn countries.
10:39 pm
we need to look at these individuals. on wed military that are traveling from syria to iraq and vet them. doesn't mean you keep them out of the country but you vest them and you frontload iraq you translators that are trying to get to this country, put them in the front of the line, part with dhs in part with -- their best situated to tell us who's good and who's bad. that's how we are able to have success and we need to do more of that. >> thank you so much. >> and great britain attacked the second time in two weeks. >> are special extended coverage continues at a look at the attacks fresh on british minds. the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,...
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>> at this hour the london police are in the middle of an investigation into the deadly london terror attack. these horrific events are
10:44 pm
becoming too familiar to the united kingdom. over the past few months terror attacks have claimed the lives of more than 30 people there. for more on the disturbing trend let's go to marion who is life in our west coast borough. >> as you said, unfortunately folks in the u.k. are too familiar with sudden violent attacks on innocent people. this is the second attack in the past two weeks and the third in the past three months. couple weeks ago bombing at manchester arena targeted children attending a concert. that claimed the lives of 22 people and injured more than 100 others as parents and young kids were leaving the arena. in march and another act of terror, four people were killed and 50 injured in an attack on the westminster bridge when that suspect drove a car into pedestrians and stabbing killed the nearby police officers.
10:45 pm
isis claimed responsibility for those in the wake of the manchester bombings the terror threat was raised to critical with thousands of troops deployed in the streets. last week it was lord to severe. another sold-out concert is planned on sunday, ariana grande day will had a concert to benefit victims of the bombing. security will be tight with concertgoers been warned not to bring any bags to the event. >> thank you. as morning breaks in london details on the city's deadly terror attacks developing by the minute. >> are extended coverage to abuse. the inside into the attacks in the minds of the terrorist is coming up mid-century ranch with
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>> there disturbing reports thas deadly london attack yelled quote, this is for all of. is this another details commend what we know about these attackers and the possibility of a link to isis? joining us now steve rogers.
10:50 pm
thank you for being with us. >> officials are being cautious and isis is not claiming responsibility but what you make of? >> it looks like an isis attack if metrically from the influence of isis methodology. the police will need to find out if they have any connection with the manchester attacker or any communication with anybody in the city with regard to the planning and secretion. >> they are investigating and do believe they have killed all three people involved in the incident. the don't believe others are out there directly involved in this, but still investigating. will we see more rest? >> no question about it. where did the van and the knives come from who are the individuals, they will do a forensic study enemy computers
10:51 pm
or electronic equipment they have. they're supposed to be another concert i think tomorrow. i would hope the prime minister will step in and say we have exhausted our police departments to the inch. it's okay for life to return to his normal but not right now for the concert. very concerned about the fact that police are being stretched to the limit and are very busy trying to track down terrorists. >> it is scheduled for tomorrow. so far it has not been postponed or canceled. the performers are adamant that they want to prove they will not be covered by the terrorists. >> certainly i can understand that. we don't want them to know that our way of life will change but we don't want to set up another soft target for them. we have to be wise. a lot of wisdom on how we should
10:52 pm
approach bring in life back to normal in london. >> what you make of the fact that they were wearing what look like explosive vest. then reported there just hoaxes but greg just reported that they're not saying it was definitively of a a host just that they did not detonate. >> it leads me to believe these individuals, if at the very least are not isis operatives are influenced by them. is the target of opportunity. they were looking for a target meaning there was not careful planning there driving down their street and there's their target. >> and they hit some sort of barricade that stop them from proceeding in the car. they hopped out and is that improvisation? >> yes.
10:53 pm
but what they did not expect a good thing is that people fought back. it goes to the point that we are at war. the problem with the western nations as they have not realized, except for president trump that we are at war i will need to change the rules of engagement with enemy combatants. >> what you think has to happen politically? >> include and here will need to change the way we do business against enemy combatants. we need to be quick will get information we might not have the luxury in time to wait for search warrants. please need to move them very quickly. >> what about the fact that a lot of the terrorist turns out there on investigators rater but
10:54 pm
nothing actionable. how do we preach that gap? >> it is difficult. you can have information but not enough credible evidence that they will commit an attack. we have rights but so do the people who live in this country. we have rights too. the responsibility for government to protect their citizens from foreign or domestic enemies. we might have to change the rules so we can get them before they get us. >> in a case where you looking at someone traveling for cases that are suspect maybe they're getting training you don't know, how far can you go looking into that? >> when i was a street cop your instinct kicked in and you could begin questioning someone and
10:55 pm
use what we call criminal profiling. today that seems to be a bad word. we need to let the police do their job a not second-guess why or how they're doing their job. not suggesting we violate civil rights but we are at war. there's a lot of police based on instinct to question people. because it usually leads to bigger things. >> we call that the sixth instinct. it will never be admissible in court but when you're a police officer long enough you develop this and you know something is wrong so you will take action. today there's always a court saying you're doing the wrong thing. >> what about stopping the senate source? what can be done overseas to shut down the terrorist training camps. >> were gonna have to do what
10:56 pm
president trump said. annihilate them. we are going to have to destroy them on the ground in the middle east. >> thank you for joining us. >> fox news continuing coverage, the investigation has just begun. we know six civilians and three terrorist are dead. we will be right back.
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>> a fox news alert. another terror attack striking great britain killing at least six people as they enjoyed saturday night out. >> the nightmare began when a van carrying three suspects suddenly plowed into a group of pedestrians on the london bridge. this was after 10:00 o'clock on saturday night. police close the bridge but the van broke through heading to borough market where a bunch of restaurants are located. three suspects jumped out


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