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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 4, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... .. ensure. always be you. >> united kingdom refusing to back down in the face of terror. carrying out raids in east london come arrested 12 people and connections with last night's attacks. mr. risa made vows to never give in. welcome to a brand-new hour of the special edition of america's newsroom. i am shannon bream, live in washington. >> afternoon to you. i have no life here in new york city. 21 in critical condition and some of them now fighting for their lives. the third major attack in link on trent england in three months time. one of the great cities really had to get after a saturday night out turns yet again into a
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scene of devastation. this is just part of what we've been able to figure out that occurred around 10:00 last evening in london as this band veers off the road. you hear the shots being fired by police in the background followed by a knife rampage in an area packed with bars and restaurants. the three tera shot and killed by police within minutes of arriving on the scene. it all lasted eight minutes in total. one witness describing what the chaos was. >> two behind the sides. >> people laying on the ground. taxi driver shouting to run.
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we ran for lake 100 meters and it is kind of a period of quite intense gunfire. >> why are you running away? then i see three dead people on the floor. >> and. >> announcing investigations also hang with authorities saying how the terrorists were taken down. >> with what they must have scared the three suicide bombers, they fired an unprecedented member to be completely confident they they had neutralized the threat posed. >> get used to more increase presents as the investigation continues. the white house significant response for kristen fisher is on the north on beginning our coverage live this hour, how does president trump respond to this, now the third attack in england in three months? reporter: well bill, he is responding by using the same rhetoric we heard so much is on
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the campaign trail. at the time political correctness is over. he's also using the moment to push his travel dinner executive order on extreme vetting, which he believes is needed now more than ever. he said on twitter we need to be smart, vigilant in task. we need the courts to give us back our rights. winning the travel ban as an extra level of safety. >> the administration has just asked the high court reinstated. republican senator roy plaut weighed in on "fox news sunday." >> i don't know what the court will decide. i'm not a lawyer. my view is the president does have certainly their right to put in place extreme vetting. it's been four months since they said they needed four months to put that in place. i think you can do that without a travel ban and hopefully we are. >> he believes president trump should implement extreme vetting
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without a travel ban and republican senator susan collins is on another sunday show arguing essentially the exact same thing. ill. >> kristen, president trump appears to have relations with prime minister theresa may. we've heard from are the last hour. he has a bit of beef with the mayor of london. what is that all about? >> the mayor of london who has to be the first muslim mayor said something right after the attack they really didn't sit well with president trump. president trump took to twitter to respond. he said seven dead, 40 wounded in terror attacks in the mayor of london says there is no reason to be alarmed. the one the president trump really had a problem with. the mayor did say that, it was taken completely out of context. the mayor has more important things to do than respond to donald trump's ellen farm tweet that deliberately takes out of context his remarks urging londoners not to be alarmed when
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they saw more police including armed officers on the streets. bill, that is for this bat in the least for now. >> thank you, kristin, for now. shannon: thank you did a live look at the van that was used in this terror attack. a white rental van has gotten a lot of attention because of its simplicity and its accessibility for people to get their hands on it. let's talk about that angle with interpeak. former army intelligence officer. thank you for being with us. most of these attacks is rather crude equipment that most of us can get her hands on. >> absolutely. the only silver lining is it speaks to a lack of isis operational involvement. the manchester bombing was sophisticated. however, in van feminized come in the sort of thing any of us
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could pick up and take to the streets. less sophisticated weapons involved i think reduces the body count somewhat, but also speaks to weaknesses on the islamic part in terms of disseminating operational expertise beyond the middle east. bill: we've seen in some photos and video something that appeared to be on the bodies of suspected terrorists, three of them died. i wanted to at least give the appearance that they had something come a suicide vest or something else. >> what it looks like to me was something similar to the 2002 russian theater crisis were 40 to 50 armed chechens took over a theater and took several hundred people hostage. the only reason in the fake suicide vest would be to take hostages. you saw footage of altercations and restaurants for the terrorist tried to charge into british pubs and stab people. in a few cases they did to keep them out. you could've seen a standoff situation that the police were prevented from going inside by
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the view that if they starve a hostage situation that terrorists would that make their suicide that spirit >> we always do and if attacks have no neighbors or acquaintances or coworkers say after the fact now the conversation i had with them in light of what happened makes sense. one of the neighbor talks about he was moving, had a moving van to one of the suspects came to him in the scene where did you get it. how easy is it to get come asking our kinds of questions. another neighbor talks about one of the suspects being thrown out of his mosque because got into an argument with you mom bear. at what point is there line because none of us want to be portrayed as they get or engaging in discriminatory behavior or thoughts about people, but then they get accounts where people said there is reason by word something went awry after the fact. >> it's even more challenging
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than that in fact because the human intelligence you need to stop these attacks best comes from local preachers ,-com,-com ma neighbors, et cetera. the way you get that is by engaging with them. unfortunately, other types of surveillance, communications intelligence often runs counter to your ability as the authorities to engage local leaders. obviously they don't like you surveilled. 35 to walk a fine line in building bridges to these communities which they been trying to do and at the end of the day relying on the more technical means to capture intelligence regardless of what the people in the groundwater. >> a lot of folks point to the london police say they are very quickly within minutes had it contained. obviously they are in hiler, but would you make make of how european countries and with well-prepared to potentially face these threats on a daily basis. >> a big boulder ability on the london police as part is fewer than 10% are armed compared to a
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place like new york city were virtually every police officer is armed. >> and you can see it. not just armed with a ninth come assault weapons. always look at that enslave that makes every target a soft target. when you have police responded with gunfire they are trained to a high level of operational capability and this was reported that the first appointment of a special team specially created in 2015 that tackled the terrorist attack. bill: what do you make -- shannon: what to make of the president reaction? it's obviously now pushing for the travel ban which we will await action one way or the other. he is now pointing to this to say this is a perfect example of why we need that. would it have made a difference? >> i give the president credit not so much for pushing for travel bans because we don't know whether that would have made a difference. but for not accepting the status
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quo. it is a dangerous narrative think terrorism is just the cost of living in a big city. that's preposterous. it's not. it hasn't always been like this. if the product of very specific historical circumstances that began in 1979 and 1980 and exploded from there. the cause of how they can address those causes. would not accept it and i give the president credit for shifting the conversation. shannon: and repeat, always good to see. thank you for her service and landed mr. expertise as well. >> shannon, many around the world shocked to know the security for travelers also changed dramatically in the past 15 years. will carr is light at los angeles international airport with the latest on what these hearings are many of them. good afternoon. >> while bill, there is real concern for passengers. we're actually here at the international terminal lax in the attack broke out in london
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and were sitting right next to the flight attendant heading to london and she told me she is so much concern about the sheer number of attacks her country is having such a short amount of time. also a lot of discussion of soft target having so many people at airports across the country with little or no protection. take a listen to the passengers we'd heard from heading to london. >> we're flying back now. it's so close to home. we start thinking should we go back? >> in all honesty we have security in place. you can't live in fear. you have to live your life and be prepared for what happens. >> airports and federal authorities asking for passengers to report anything suspicious and you probably heard the slogan they put out there but it bears repeating. if you see something, say
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something. >> worth repeating and tapered will carr at lax talking to passengers and travelers there. thank you. shinning, what is next? shannon: british prime minister british prime minister theresa may reviewing a top to bottom strategy for the war on terror. what more can be done? we'll talk to senator lindsey graham ahead. >> there is defiance in the face of evil. several world recognized musicians about to take the stage in manchester. only 12 days before that massacre took place. what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it!
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>> the public can expect to see additional police both armed and unarmed and have security plans in policing plan in advance are being reviewed. you will also see increased measures to keep the public state fund bridges. shannon: that was the word from scotland yard two hours ago. they said a lot. 21 in critical conditions. some facing life-threatening injuries after seven were killed last night. london is the capital city under siege. authorities ramping up security after the united kingdom suffers a third major terror attack in three months. bill gavin, former assistant
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direct or the fbi in new york miami and denver. bill, good afternoon to you. i certainly wish we could talk at some point on other matters, but here we are. reports suggest the ban is being driven over the london bridge and as shape in order to hit as many people as possible. there was a similar pattern that was used on the refrigerator truck in peace friends on bastille day. hit as many people as possible. to be sinister about it, one of the terrorist shot and killed last night was wearing a manchester united soccer t-shirt. >> you are right, bill. bill: try and stop bad. >> you're right, bill. here we are again. in 1993 they also rented a van. that time they filled it up with a bomb in blood world trade center. now they rented in a doughnut to be so sophisticated. they have a van, drive it down the bridge.
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people can't run off a bridge into stores and buildings and protect themselves. the only way to do it is jump in the tent or get run over these people who are running down the bridge. it is deplorable. then they jump up with their knives and go into the america stabbing people with those belt. that is a little disturbing, too. the reason for those obvious comment either to cost my hobbit or if they're going going to take hostages, a hostage situation at last for a long time. >> here's one of the many messages from the white house. donald trump sending this out. we must stop being politically correct and get down to security for the people. if we don't get smart, will only get worse. what do you think of the pc comment? >> donald trump is right on target. sometimes i wish his wordsmithing was a little bit better, but he is right on target with the concept of what needs to be done.
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we have these powder puff politicians who think every refugee and immigrant is just another potential voter. we are at war with some of these folks who come into our country. the guys in their 20s, 30s, 40s are coming in, forming a mini caliphate within our democratic countries. we have places where police won't even go and they won't assimilate into society. that has to be changed. we need to get out of defensive mode. god bless the brister in a great job on the defensive side of the equation. laws have to change. the terrorists are offensive. they are bringing the war to last. we've got two wars going. one of the battlefields of syria and iraq and afghanistan. the rest of the wars going on in our urban streets and it's a horrifying concept and we've got to make that stop. we look at the police more ability to do their jobs and do it early.
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>> police in england we found out today, eight officers returned fire on terrorists and they fired 50 bullet. they reacted within eight minutes of the entire ordeal unfolding, which in the end could've been my saving as you well know. use the phrase that their producers today. he talked about powder puff politicians. what do you mean by that and who has been too soft in your view? >> a lot of politicians, they want to be politically correct, don't offend anybody. you are necessarily going to offense and that if you go on the offense in this incident. you cannot let this go on. to say these people are all right, we can bring them around to our way of thinking. we are obviously not doing that. we need to do much more than is being done. it's incredible to have a politician thing quite high.
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we have to look at these folks coming in, immigrants coming in, in today's environment, whether they are under, and said it are unguided potentially tomorrow's terrorists. we need to go beyond what we are doing right now. >> listen to me.with this directly with the three years ago. let's reflect on not as he listened to the former deputy campaign manager for donald trump when he talks about intelligence and police following a period watch. >> but we need to give the police come and the intelligence communities the tools, the power they need in order to stop these events from happening before they happen. that is one of the things president trump is going to be going to the supreme court for. his right as president of the united states to order a travel ban. that is a very basic safety
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measure the president wants. one measure of many. tranter we've talked a lot the past hour about the travel ban. tell us what you learned out of the boston marathon bombing. >> well, another things. number one, see something come and say something always important. that could have been somewhat in doing that. the other thing is that the boston bombing, the intelligence sharing. and when the intelligence was gathered, who acts on it, but they act on it? do they have done it correctly in order to get to the bottom of this. it's probably still an unresolved issue dared. >> on the travel ban, do you think about those who killed last night in london. they could've been born and raised there. how would the travel ban prevents something there.
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or is it do everything you can, what is your position on that? >> is certainly has to do everything you can. the travel ban if done correctly is going to prevent them people from coming in and may have prevented people from coming in. on the other side of the coin, if people in the country, citizens can now get radicalized through whatever means they might be, to raid mosques or three madras for the computer systems electronically, those things have to be aggressively address. the intelligence and law enforcement folks have to do 360 scan of everything all the time and it's not easy. to catch the folks in our communities. >> we've got more to talk about. i appreciate your time. thank you for coming back to us. >> thanks, bill. my pleasure. >> prime minister teresa may
10:24 am
strike in a very different tone unveiling a new plan to tackle extremism in her country. what she is saying today. >> more developments as they come here to london as they get ready for a major concert hall days after the manchester massacre. for now, for those who wait as life changed in front of their eyes last night coming year is one gentleman that will not forget this saturday night. >> they've got a bomb. the city's faith. i've been chasing them. he was a poser. could push that . [dong] [rocket launching] skip the bank. get approved in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. [whisper: rocket] trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief.
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>> were having a conversation at the moment. i had a big fan of peter. he's usually very nice, friendly guy. but this time was on a different
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level of nice. it's quite strange, hard to put into words. he asked me where removing two, et cetera then asked me about the van, where did you get it, how much, is it possible to get an automatic, all the specific questions about the man from which obviously now make sense in my hand at a time i didn't think anything of it. >> we have an energy that we can show you in a moment. this these conversations happening all over the u.k. now. doesn't turn into a killer vehicle for terrorists last night and the chilling observation from a neighbor of one of the terrorists who rob amari, editorial columnist for "the wall street journal" is in london. we want to get a sense of what the people are saying and what they are talking about there today. three attacks, three months. it has been significant. >> it is horrific, bill. people have had it up to yours so to speak with islamic
10:30 am
terrorism here in britain and across europe. i think if governments fail to tackle this coming here you've had three attacks in 72 days. then you will see calls and political pressure for a much larger coding and measures. be that preventative arrest of anyone on terror watch lists or what have you. so people, especially among the european only still concerned about civil liberties and civil rights. very important to get security right. if governments first function that when it fails, you can't feel safe, going to a pub, been a tourist in london, paris or brussels, people will react to the political pressure for worse and harsher measures will rise. that includes, by the way, muslim communities here that need to step up and announced the radicals.
10:31 am
>> let's talk more about that in light of an election in four days, the campaigns have been called off work today and observe is. but there will be an election on thursday of this week. teresa may set all the right things earlier today. i thought she was very strong but she said the following. >> they will require some difficult and often embarrassing conversation. the whole of our country needs to come together to take on this extremism and we need to live our lives not in a series of separated segregated communities, that is one truly united kingdom. >> so we'll see if the actions follow the words, but the phrase often embarrassing conversations. what is it about the immigration in england today that this government can or should do now after witnessing what was happening in brussels, paris france, et cetera. >> well, i agree with you. i thought this speech had all
10:32 am
the right notes in the sense that you can have all the survey was. you can have all the intelligence. the fundamental issue here is what someone gives to the stage where they are written in pedestrian, stabbing women and children, at that point you have to go upstream and try to tackle radicalization. they are primarily on the outskirts of large european cities. manchester, birmingham, london, brussels, berlin. you find communities for their values and beliefs, whitecaps between them and the wider liberal european society be that on issues like the lives of people about anti-semitism, the role of sharia law versus civil law and of course whether or not terrorism is a legitimate way to politically express yourself.
10:33 am
there are gaps in those gaps is where young people radicalize and they find these ecosystems that sustain islamism. the prime minister think it's perfectly right. we'll see how she executes it. she is perfectly right in identifying the key issue. it's about identity, belonging, accepting that you're a citizen of britain or france. >> you look back at the irony in how you dealt with that. i know you're american but how they dealt with that for some time. this is an entirely different that. frankly, it can come from any corner it chooses. i think you framed it rather well. the government's primary job is to take care and get security of people that it covers. does theresa may and her government have the trust of the people in the u.k. to do just
10:34 am
that? >> well, the british government has overall done pretty well. these three recent attacks obviously cast some doubt on that, but on the whole, the braves, the brake pads, for example coming between 1998 and 2015 has convicted 260 for terrorism offenses and that does not count all the other instances where there was an investigation in a terror plot was foiled. but it's all classified so we don't even know the government was effective. so that is one fact. the other fact is for its fight alongside united states in the middle east is our closest allies and that shows their seriousness on the anti-terror front or this is a government compared to a lot of european government does quite well.
10:35 am
specifically with them a government, people have to put into perspective what the alternative is. the alternative is a labour party whose later, jeremy corbin calls hamas and hezbollah are friends but repeatedly blames the west for these terror attacks. i think as the election comes up, people will hold the current government, the theresa may government accountable. if they compare the options between theresa may is still a serious person who recognizes a real threat. jeremy corbin is an apologist for terror think we'll see a difference. >> former home secretary as well. thank you, "wall street journal" work in a store in the ground in london. great to get your respect is. shannon, back at >> , back a >> president trumpeted his support for the u.k. last night say whatever the united states can do to help out in london in the u.k., we will be there. we are with you, god laughs. he fired up a few more catching people's attention. daniel halper, editor for the washington three beacon. he now joins us. you know some of the other treats.
10:36 am
let's go through a couple here. we must stop being politically correct and get down to the pit is the security for our people. if we don't get mark, it will only get worse. he was not to be critical of london's mayor. the spokesman has said what he said about the london mayor was taken out of context and this guy had better things to do right now than worry about the president reads. >> substantively presidents trounce critics, but i think on the issues, stylistically they are fine. substantively there's a lot it seems so regular and routine at this point had these terror attacks. at least somebody is running around with his head on fire and trying to prevent or figure out ways in which we could change our policy in order to make some sort of change. that would be welcomed by a lot of people concerned this kind of
10:37 am
terror will come to america and are concerned about is spreading in europe like wild fire. >> so many things they are the millions who supported him in the election and now love about him because he's plainspoken. he says things they are speaking at in the past they could say and they like he's going head-on at this issue. at the same time, the people who did not like him, it affects them as much as it makes the other side happy. >> that's the story of his presidency so far. people don't like it will continue not liking and handed the keys to take this issue further. it's not just saying we need to fight terrorism. he needs to lay out specific ways to fight this and prevent this. what we see in this london attack is not a valid complex attack. anybody has access to a car or some sort of vehicle and driving it into a crowded area in missing people, this is not sophisticated and therefore can
10:38 am
spread more and become more prevalent in the nature of the attack. they are more complex. he needs to figure out a way to do this beyond the travel ban. maybe it is effective in some cases, maybe it's not. we don't know that. by his own admission and these terrorists and spoken in his presidency on not it's on not as opposed to the scandals in washington make a good way to bring other people. >> i want to ask you the things we can confront this week which is a former fbi director. james comey will be testifying on thursday. what is your take on what we could learn. sometimes it's nothing but will he talk about the president put on him to stop investigating general flynn. >> president trump can invoke executive privilege based on the private conversations.
10:39 am
it seems likely he will, that president trump will vote that. either way it's going to be a story. i think he will talk that is the stories that president trump pressure can. i'm not sure he would say much beyond that because there's still an ongoing investigation and he's going to stay low, there's both an ongoing fbi investigation in this robert mueller investigation. he's got to do for a lot of the tougher questions and more interesting things that but obviously will be very political and created not shannon: absolutely will. good to see you. >> thank you, shannon. shannon: we will make sure folks are completely covered and not missing a beat on that. >> hours after a terror attack, ariana grande at a number of high-profile singers and musicians returned to the stage in manchester. security is tight. the lines are long.
10:40 am
senator lindsey graham joins us next to share the latest details he's learning about what happened in london last night. that is next.
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shannon: this is a fox news alert. a live look at the venues to kill nine in a say -- excuse me, seven innocent people. as you can see, but to be towed away by authorities. three attackers killed by police and a dozen people in custody. china south carolina senator lindsey graham to talk about this and much more. >> good seeing you. trade your reaction upon hearing the news. >> and breaks your heart that people enjoying their lives are winless on the based on hateful ideology. third alien muslims in this world, the majority of big guns so we can't go too far. but we've got to have better
10:45 am
defenses against homegrown terrorism. there is a gap in our law. a more likely the cleric over again and commit the american citizen dies as an al qaeda leader in yemen, he is still on the internet recruiting people. so general petraeus and i were meeting today and he says this is a battle space, cyberarena where we are getting are caught cleaned. i left it with my colleagues and find a way to pass the love that will allow facebook and google to sign the these sites. they shouldn't have to do this by themselves. they are not lawmakers. we are. we have to go over al qaeda in cyberspace. we have to take down their networks. we have to look at the fact we are at war. shannon: is that possible? you and i chatted about this. they worry that the first amendment, civil liberties and in the waco tragedies like this, finding the right balance.
10:46 am
>> if you believe you are a bore like i do, i can imagine world war ii with an internet, propaganda videos to come here. more likely an al qaeda leaders he came from grave to recruit people to the jihadist cause. i don't think it abridges first amendment speech rights of privacy to take him down. so when the enemy uses a form to attack our country and turn people against us, the first amendment every other amendment to fight that. our laws have gaps in them. our laws are not on the war footing. that doesn't mean i want to read your e-mail. it does mean that i want to stop terrorists from getting the entire backyard to cyberspace in turn people against us. if we don't deal with this now, it will get worse over time. strange i talked to secretary kelly (-left-paren after the
10:47 am
city says he he does lose a lot of sleep. the enormous burden put it on dhs employees, law enforcement officials put out there. he talked about how tireless they are. we have no idea of the thread. and what they pass to go through every day. >> would someone is willing to die for their cause, you hit them before they hit you. that means you can't turn american muslims are british muslims to give the government. there are cheap source of information gathering, but when it comes to cyberspace command that is battlefield we gave to the terrorists. i want more information from human resources and i want to engage the enemy in cyberspace. google and facebook will give you directions. but was a first amendment right person is a tool of war. i want to make sure the tools that were used to recruit people in the way of life are dealt with as if their tools to work not freedom of speech issues
10:48 am
because the first amendment doesn't give you a right to come to our shores and recruit people to kill us. that's not a first amendment right. >> i want to ask you about some thing about the fact he may have been caught up in differently in intelligence collection possibly amassed. i want to play what farmer ig michael mukasey about the people who were under subpoena about the issue. >> obviously is part of the intelligence community unmasked names. that was part of his remix. susan writes a somewhat stranger because the national security advisor doesn't get involved at that level. samantha power, totally unheard of. although she may be considered in some formal sense a part of the intelligence community, there's no reason she should have been evaluating intelligence. shannon: you're not the only member of congress. you believe you may have been monitored.
10:49 am
how widespread do you think? spin echo explain what they're doing. i meet with world leaders and foreign governments all the time. i don't mind having a surveillance program to surveilled the russian investor because they ain't piece of intelligence operative trying to watch what he says and does. if i'm in a conversation, i don't find it being captured. i just don't want it to be used for political purposes. if susan rice and u.n. ambassador warned fact making a request of the elegance community that i want to listen to lindsey graham's conversation with the foreign person, that bothers me simply because i'm in a different branch of government. what national security value comes from having someone like susan rice be able to listen into conversations with the lyrical opponents and foreign leaders. pat to me would be be a great abuse of intelligence gathering. the question is did the obama industry should politicize
10:50 am
intelligence? we won't know until we find out who made a request from asking how many americans were surveilled. on the 15th demo collections. how many were members of congress, how many requests in their conversations. >> we will see. good to see you, senator. >> more developing from london this hour. scott yards this afternoon is a major concert is about to begin in manchester. how do you keep this event safe today? we are their life in a moment.
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bill: fox news alert. what we are learning about ariana grande. the manchester arena bombing take guns will go on as planned. bloglines is you can anticipate. by with more on that with security. got to be on everyone's mind. >> and ugly so. 50,000 people at the one-month manchester benefit concert and field cricket grounds. they will be heavily armed up as an extra security checks at the concert. everyone will be searched. people were asked not to bring bags, complicating security. taking place today with an additional 70,000 people across the street. today's benefit concert is a
10:55 am
member of the 100 injured in the suicide bombing at the ariana grande concert two weeks ago. among those performing, this into a mother and whenever kids notice about the mixed feelings. >> the same time, i am proud that manchester would come together. i'll definitely give my phone not as if he's okay. >> 50,000 people for it to be okay. >> sold out in just 20 minutes. tickets for all of those that attended her concert initially to make sure they were there tonight. all the money going to the victims. >> the images queuing up at mine over there. there are countless soft targets. >> there are. >> overseas and where does it end. >> lewis are resilient and
10:56 am
defiance and i think this is why they are doing this concert tonight. with got to commend our friends across the pond. shannon: thank you, brian. england as i mentioned another terror attack. keep it on fox for continuing coverage of this very fast-moving story. a cat chow naturals indoor, a nutritious formula with no artificial flavors. made specifically for indoor cats. purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives.
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we will keep people updated on what is happening in london. thousands have lined up and queued up for that manchester benefit concert. as you guys were talking about, boldly saying they will go on with their life. teresa mae has urged them to do this. our. >> details from london as we get there. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern on america's newsroom. our coverage continues right now here on fox. >> the massive manhunt underway for those connected to the united kingdom's latest terror attacks. twelve people arrested so far in the hunt continues. it said that coverage from the ground in london that catherine herridge. >> will piece together the time and about what we know about the three attackers who mow down to the austrians on london bridge before jumping out of their van and finally stabbed innocent victims. >> me while in the north of england, thousands of people gathering for a concert in defiance. thirteen days after a suicide bomber to the live of over 20 people.


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