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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 4, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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so you get the sense now that is very different from what we saw in manchester. they are holding this information so much tighter. >> speaking of manchester. the one love manchester concert is underway right now. thank you for joining us today we will be back next weekend. >> the news continues from new york. >> we begin this hour with a fox news alert. in the investigation as it continues at this hour. investigators have been looking into any possible terrorist ties are broad and if the attackers were simply radicalized at home. so far seven innocent people savagely killed and dozens more with it. including many that remain in critical condition. the british prime minister has to work to find these terrorists before they can strike again. welcome to another newshour of
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"america's news headquarters". >> one of the world's great cities is reeling again after a night on the town turns into sheer horror. [video] >> it started with a van running down pedestrians on london bridge followed by a knife rampage. in an area packed with bars and restaurants. the three suspects shot and killed by police within minutes of arriving on the scene. a witness describes the chaos. >> i was over there. two armed -- >> there were people lying on the ground. there was a taxi driver with the window down shouting to run. we ran 400 meters and then it was kind of a period of intense gunfire. >> when i opened the door i see
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three dead people on the floor. >> it is now just after 9:00 p.m. in london. the terrorist attack occurred about 23 hours ago. we are with mike now on the streets there. >> eric the assistance police commissioner said he believes that when actively participated in the attack is now dead. we can also show you know video of the van used in the attack. it is being towed away from the crime scene. spanish authorities moving slowly and methodically through the crime scene. the then went into a crowd of people there out for a night at the pubs. three attackers got out with knives. they were wearing fake bombast and were slashing their way through the crowd. within eight minutes police were on them. 50 rounds prior to british law enforcement on them. they call this unprecedented. >> and i surprised with raised
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with the fear of three suicide bombers firearms offices fired an unprecedented number of rounds to be completely confident that they neutralize the threat of those men. i am humbled by the bravery of the officer who rush toward potential suicide bomber thinking only of protecting others. >> seven victims are dead, 36 hospitalized, 21 still in critical condition. one person was apparently hit by a stray police around, it is not life-threatening. they say the unknown now is the amount of support that three attackers had in planning. rates have been carried out in two london neighborhoods. 12 people have been arrested. our sister network sky news reports an additional four women have been taken in but it is possible they were taken in for their own protection. the united kingdom now in during its third attack in three months. british prime minister theresa
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may pardoning her language saying we cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. the british people hardening their resolve on the sunny day today. there out of the cafcs, out of the pubs saying that if they did not continue with their lifestyle the terrorists have won. >> thank you so much. >> and a fox news alert back here at home the white house keeping a close watch on the investigation unfolding in london. kristin fisher is live outside of the white house monitoring the response there. what can you tell us? >> arthel, the resident is continuing to get security updates from counsel. he is offering the full support of the us government to the british prime minister and is making a renewed push to end political correctness when it comes to terrorism.he said on twitter quote - we must stop being politically correct and get down to business and security for our people.
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if we do not get smart it will only get worse. that is similar to what the british prime minister theresa may said earlier today when she spoke. she said it is time if not past time to have some difficult conversations. mike huckabee really hit home earlier today on fox. >> donald trump has proven that he was right and all of these are wrong. when theresa may made a comment today but we need to have some embarrassing conversations, was embarrassing is that they had open borders for so long and now they act like they are shocked that people have come into the open doors and windows and are killing them. you know, if you keep getting hurt by mosquito bites at some point, you decide to decide to killing mosquitoes.>> the president collusion of keeping the wrong people from coming in through open doors and windows, his extreme betting has been blocked repeatedly but the trump administration asked the high court survey stated. the democrats including the
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former national security advisor hit the sunday shows is that if they believe the travel ban will not make the us any safer. >> i think there's a very real risk that by stigmatizing and isolating muslims from particular countries and muslims in general, that we alienate the very communities here in the right united states is cooperation we most need to detect and prevent these homegrown extremists from being able to carry out attacks. >> the president would certainly disagree with that. he actually spent the day at one of his golf courses in virginia. tonight he will be talking and he could make his first remarks about the terror attack at that time. >> thank you kristin fisher. eric we. >> after the terror attack in britain, the british prime minister is also talent on online veterans to work together against extremism. after last night's carnage in the heart of london the british
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leader today unveiling a new plan she says to fight radical jihad. and she says is is sending her call to arms into cyberspace. >> defeating the ideology is one of the great challenges of our time. but it cannot be defeated their military intervention alone. it will not be defeated through the maintenance of a permanent defensive counterterrorism operation. however skill its practitioners. we need a democratic meant to reach national agreements which regulate cyberspace. to prevent the spring of extremists and terrorism planning.we need to do everything we can at home to reduce the risk of extremism online. >> can the government defeat extremism online as she calls for? will join with the president of the - and the obama
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administration. it is war. i mean it is more! we are at war with islamic medical terrorist philosophies. can this be stopped legally protecting some people's civil liberties? legally, online. >> well eric, these are the moments that really have cactus and societies and there were leaders, this is a deplorable criminal and frankly, an attack that attacks all of us straight to the core last night it happened in london. it was cowardly. we have to call it for what it was. but we need to be resilient, we need to be taught in we need to be smart. we need to make sure that we are striking at the terrorists in a way that is effective. i know i'm not sure we have policies in place and certainly am concerned about the rhetoric that we have in terms of helping - >> about specific concrete issues like online radicalization? we see them radicalized,
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connecting and contacting with libya and syria and isis and other radical terrorist groups. that is what potentially can cause some of it. what do we do specifically? you know online, you have theresa may calling for restrictions. other sponsor restrictions. others within sabal that could impact civil breeze. look at the carnage that is being caused! >> that's right. going talk about getting tough and you are right to identify online cyber interaction between isis for example in homegrown terror. whether is england or france it has to be addressed. and we need partners for that. that means partners in the arab world, partners in europe. and when we work with the united states they will build agreements to share information and data and it will need to be lived up to. i have to say that content in the last week was a way the us has withdrawn from agreements, international agreements as well as the president and nato does undermine some of that confidence.
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it can be problematic when we get information and intelligence shared. >> in your view, clearly supporting it but how does the president policy in your view change that when you're dealing with these guys in the basement somewhere bringing up google or twitter or some encrypted account in order to see these radicalized videos?>> the first line of defense in all of these types of attacks when it comes to homegrown in particular is to have good relationships with any law enforcement professional, they will tell you that.they need to know their community to get the tips from the communities about what happened. it is critical that the communities, the british prime ministers in his of the critical community, it is critical that they are in the know and are aware and comfortable speaking with law enforcement. we need to be engaging with the community.
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>> one thing that has been attacked is the so-called political correctness. in one case there's report that one of the suspects was kicked out of his mosque because he was saying is on islamic supposedly voting in the elections. any what should people do when you see something or say something in the muslim community, and other communities and innocent people can be tagged as being bigoted or unfair. >> we have to call a spade a spade. we have to make sure we are doing in a way that makes people to bring them in and does not push them away.for example, if we are engaging muslim community from a law enforcement perspective, those individuals need to be speaking with leaders of the community and when there are comments being made the leaders of the community are the best today to denounce that. >> the thing there is not being done in our muslim community now? >> i do things at the state and level local but i'm concerned about the rhetoric at the
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national level from the administration and muslims are not the problem here. the problem here is that there are individuals and groups that are radicalized and want to do is all harm the president himself is eloquent in saying that the muslims are the prime targets of terrorism. >> and they mentioned saudi arabia. you have the jihadist view, you also have the palestinian territory, the teachings about jews and - should that stop also? >> it certainly should! we should be having these open conversations and engaging about this. it would you know we have to remember that in those times of war statements are being made that you are sensitive to you point out about the blood bible. we need to recognize that the statements are not made by every single for example palestinian. there are palestinians that make a comment or put that" and they need to be denounced and
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identify them and explain why that is a problem. but we cannot generalize about the society. >> finally i go back to the first radical islamist the techno-country. this was in 1990. -- shot in a hotel. >> i remember that. well -- spoke five days prior and five days later he was shot dead. we were proud of him. he came to spoke with us. for us it was difficult to hear. and it was an exchange to be had even if we don't like what they were saying. after that conversation i think a lot of people are turned off by his language but certainly getting killed for it obviously is deplorable and cowardly act. we have to do now is that all times. >> we are continuing with this
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type of attack. stay -- so many years later. thank you for joining us. >> ariana grande is performing again in manchester. that is happening today as the popstar is refusing to let last night terror attack interfere with her benefit concert for the victim's of the attack at her manchester concert nearly 2 weeks ago. >> and they are telling us what more we can do to try and prevent this type of attack that we've been seeing unfolding in england and france and elsewhere. >> the situation is critical. a matter of life and death. three armed men wearing what appeared to be suicide vests. they had already attacked and killed members of the public. they had to be stopped immediately. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. [whisper: rocket]
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you see her here with one of the victim's. desoto 22 people. many like that little girl. young concertgoers and teenagers who loved ariana grande. more than 100 others were injured. we are joined now with more on the performance. ryan, a show support, defiance and character. >> no doubt. the show has been going on for more than two hours. inspiring a incredible show of unity and love underway by the people of manchester at the old grounds here. 50,000 people right now are singing along, some crying and celebrating, remembering the victim's of the suicide bombings just two weeks ago at the ariana grande concert. many young girls and parents were there. many fans on may 22 are there tonight. these are fearless people who despite last night terror attack in london have shown up tonight in defiance of terror and of hate. ariana grande has performed throughout the night so has the black-eyed peas, perrault
1:20 pm
williams, katy perry, miley cyrus, justin bieber and others. and listen to this rapper will -i-am. >> i do not want to allow this terror and fear to break apart the connection we have with people. that thing that music does for people. to enlighten and inspire and bring joy. >> the greater manchester police have heavily armed police officers and extra security checked out the concert. i will research and people are asked not to bring their bags. the manchester school choir also performed tonight. and they were absolutely beautiful! this is an practicing before tonight's big concert. listen to one of the mothers that and her child talk about their mixed feelings going into tonight. >> i am nervous. at the same time i am proud that manchester is the world coming together. >> 50,000 people i don't know,
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it's a lot of people so - >> in that choir they were part of one of the more emotional knights moments of the night so far. and all proceeds tonight go directly to the victim's families. reported they are expecting more than $3 million. >> is inspiring and shows the human spirit indoors. thank you. arthel. >> indeed. the manchester arena bombing and last night terror attack in london showing what seems to be a trend. terror cells choosing soft targets. and busy public streets. and this causes concern in the us about how vulnerable we are. >> i do think again that you have got some groups that are looking at a big play like
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taking down an airliner. you have that others who need very little support, very little planning and can do incredible damage which is actually in many ways almost more of a terrorism because you go anywhere, do anything you wonder what can happen at any moment. >> michael is here, he is the former new york state homeland security director thank you for being here. and to the senator's point, how do you protect those soft targets? and across the country and how important is the support of the community? >> the design for most of the cities that they tried to develop the security paradigm is what the design basis. what are you trying to protect against? we are seeing a shift he appeared in manchester it was the bomb they cannot track and you can say it has components where they buy the pieces from. you go and grab a knife and jump into a van and then just drive through a pedestrian mall. it is very difficult to protect
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that type of a soft target. there is usually a past preoperational through the area. i looked around to see what i can exploit. for that type of training that you might need. you don't need any of that for these types of random brutal attacks. those two instances therefore limit the ability of security forces to be able to intercept these type of attacks. >> so i understand what you're saying and at this point it is quite difficult to figure out and get ahead of this unfortunate trend here. telling people if you see something, say something. maybe perhaps there will come a time when law enforcement agencies will get together and produce maybe a youtube video of something to inform the public what is it that you are actually looking for. if you're asking us to see something and say something, what is it to see? >> 11 things are being done now. every time there is an attack he re-examined the way you do
1:24 pm
security. at various venues. for example in arena. the more you push out the perimeter, and then you take a look, first we do two things. first you have a better sense of who is coming and at times you can stop them. the others that you prevent people from massing together for that's one of the things that security forces are really focusing on the pier when they see a lot of people together at a particular event. how do they make sure that their people inside the crowds? >> having already have running a lot of concert venues with roping if you they are not in their checking in. have the perimeter for a way from the actual arena and the venue. so they are already starting some of these. but again, some can go like for instance in manchester. where ariana grande had the concert. this guy comes up right near where people are clustered. at that point you have a cluster. how do you avoid that? >> things need to change. a lot of times securities at the front end. when people are massing to coming to the event that's where security is focus.
1:25 pm
and once the show was over, they said okay our job is done. but with manchester with their demonstrated dresses that the job is not done. and anytime you have people gathered together he had to take steps to make sure you cannot have a vehicle born and explosive devices or a suicide bomber or just a truck trying to get into the crowd. it is very challenging but there are ways that we can use undercover officers in the crowd, cameras, barriers to make sure that they cannot do a ramming. one of the things also we are asking is that everybody pay attention to their surroundings. it's not about being paranoid. it's about being aware. is a very difficult message to give to people but it is about understanding where you are. you know we talked about this a lot. the cell phone. we are all on our phones. when you're at an event that you really shouldn't do that. you should be looking around. not afraid but see what's going on around you. >> that is one way because people tend to feel like you
1:26 pm
have the police there and you're doing a great job. especially here in new york city. and many other law enforcement agencies across the country. so you sit there and you feel almost vulnerable and helpless yourself as a normal natural citizen here. just in a natural surrounding. but you know you have the prime minister of you know you have theresa may saying any time - it is time to have uncomfortable conversations. so would you tell somebody about profiling? >> we have to re-examined. we have to take a look at what the threat has been presented to us. you cannot be a blind spot. one of the things we got pushed back about profiling is once you go to a certain type that we use something else. because again, they have been evolving. but at the same time you cannot let political correctness said as he can't take a harder look. it really is about means, methods and opportunities. and so an individual, where the
1:27 pm
trouble be hope for hands. if there is some type of facebook posting. if they are on somebody's terrorist watchlist. these are indicators obviously. but also the local police. when people tend to forget, the police are so crucial to this whole effort. >> quickly, if someone does see something suspicious, a person or activity, who do they call? >> 9-1-1. but really the good thing is to get away from the area.take some not, if it is a package do not go near the package. we saw that. >> me before it happens you know sometimes you see something you said or that guys at the stranger she is acting strange. i don't want to say something because i don't want to profile. michael balboni, very good information. thank you for joining us.>> the latest attack in london in the spotlight. we are reporting right here at home. the attack as you may know coming one day after the trump administration appealed the presidents travel ban to the supreme court. coming up, what this could mean
1:28 pm
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my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it. >> a fox news alert as we continue to track the latest from london. witnesses as in a describing horrific events. they unfolded nearly 24 hours ago. this happened just starting after 10:00 p.m. local time in london. the terrorists plowing a white man on the street into pedestrians and then jumping out before going on a stabbing spree. a bar and restaurant - on a busy saturday night.
1:33 pm
>> i don't know if i will get over this. i will see it for the rest of my life probably. that is the vision i have got. [inaudible] >> you can just imagine the horror and the panic and the fright as the started to unfold. you're out there having a good time. as you know the terrorists then jumped out of the van stabbing people, before they were shot by police. they say this only went for eight minutes is actually a miracle they were able to stop the guys in that short of a time. british authorities now working to learn more about their identities. nothing has been publicly released. >> investigations there taking statements from hundreds of witness. and for anyone to contact police if they know anything.
1:34 pm
they can expect to see additional police out. you will also see increased -- in order to keep people safe on london bridge is. >> we are following this from washington. what is the latest? >> police are trying to find out as much as they can about the attackers. they are quick to designate these attacks as terrorists. they're not trying to determine if where the attackers inspired by terrorist group acting alone or with a part of a terrorist cell by a larger group? that is important to know. if there are additional attacks coming. investigators will be digging into any electronics found on the three attackers to get a lot of the answers.looking at their phone calls, text messages, emails and social media to find out who they were communicating with and who may
1:35 pm
have helped them with the attacks. while the group has claimed responsibility, their printing of the just before the attacks message was posted to dozens of pro-ices channels on the telegram messaging at: four muslims to kill christians during the holy month of ramadan using knives, guns and trucks. at this point we don't know if there's any connection. the us government officials tell us they have been expecting to see a spike in violence during ramadan. particularly in europe where intelligence is shown threats are among the worst they have seen in a decade. date on fox news sunday a senator on the intelligence committee said preventing these attacks is becoming a real challenge due to increasing number of weapons and methods used. >> we hear from our own intelligence community for years now, more threats and more directions than ever before. these guys have a van and kitchen knives. we think other groups are looking at more advanced kinds of attacks.
1:36 pm
so clearly this is from all directions. >> the department of homeland security so they have no information to indicate a specific or credible threat to the us when i spoke with john kerry left things that we continue to be under constant threat of a terrorist attack. the two biggest concerns or threats to aviation and loan will attacks by individuals in the us to become radicalized. eric.>> thank you. we certainly do them in that era. thank you. >> meanwhile the president is making the case for courts to reinstate for the travel ban in the wake of last night's terror attack in london. meanwhile the purity for travelers and airports is being stepped up. we are live from lax with more on the stories. will? >> arthel, this is the second version of the travel ban. the first sparked protests across the country. the second is still controversial.
1:37 pm
now it is in front of the supreme court. with that in mind the president took to twitter a short time after the attack in london tweeting quote - we need to be smart vigilant and tough.the court should give us back our rights. we need to travel ban as an extra level of safety. and he went on to president trump at least seven dead and 48 when did in terror attacks. the mayor glenn lewis as it was quote - no reason to be alarmed! you're getting british lawmakers to tweet in response. cheap, nasty and unbecoming of a national leader can sort of thing that makes me want to quit politics on the daylight this. evil everywhere we look. it comes as the supreme court will decide if the 90 day travel ban on six countries in the middle east will go into effect immediately or stay suspended. at this point there is no timetable on when the highest court in the country will make this decision but it is all playing out as great britain has been rocked by two violent
1:38 pm
and deadly terror attacks. and several passengers from los angeles to london spoke to us. >> we are flying back now and you know it is a little sick. so close to home. teenager start thinking you are afraid to go back. >> the security mechanisms in place you know you cannot live in fear you have to live your life. >> federal authorities here are asking for travelers to remain vigilant. >> think you will. live in lax. as the terrorists hit the uk for the third time in the space of three months, what is behind this? >> the question facing authorities there and home. is it possible to keep radical islamic terrorists from striking out is again? >> i saw the knife and i just ran. i feel sad.
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1:44 pm
saying exactly who or where the people were taken into custody. and if they are part of a broader network were potentially supported the terrorist trio. as we wait for that identities to be released we will likely limit on more about the planning, possible support whether they were returned from elyria or syria or had contact with anyone there. or possibly influenced by the internet. one man says that that we now face on radicalization. >> we need to do today is to recognize we have not stopped radicalization taking place in our schools, prisons and our mosques. and i don't think you can deal with the problem until first you come clean about what you've got. >> now have the director of christians united for israel's project. he is a terrorism analyst and author of the book ices exposed. beheadings, slavery and the hellish reality. eric, last night they unleashed another hellish reality that we've all witnessed.
1:45 pm
and despite the overwhelming wave they have not been able to stop radical islamic terrorism. what you think we need to do? >> number one this is what isis wants to do. this is their strategy and it's coming to fruition more and more. they want to turn western cities into many guerrilla war zones. and this is an insurgency. it is approaching insurgency levels what we are facing right now. think about it. with thousands of british troops, thousands of french troops on the streets. this is what isis wants to do eric. small-scale, low-tech, inexpensive attacks. they are very effective strategies. we do not need to bring them in airplane today although there working diligently to do just that. you have great psychological effects. that is the definition of terror. unabridged targeting people. at a stadium two weeks ago targeting children. it creates great psychological terror. ices, his followers and
1:46 pm
sympathizers are having great success. they are bringing their strategy to fruition right now here in the west. >> isis is calling onto supporters for these type of attacks. and first of all, ready radicalized and second hearing to it is's call. >> i think it's a good bet. ices has been a global phenomenon i'm sad to say. think about it. people from over 100 countries around the world have flocked to syria the past few years and joined up with ices. including thousands of westerners, brits, french, german, swedes and even some americans have been drawn to ices. the big question here think as we get more details is are these returnees? who trade with ices in syria, returned battle, hardened battle or with these kind of the homegrown g hardees who were born in the uk, radicalized in the mosque or in their mom's basement online. that will be the big question. i don't think we can call them lone wolves anymore. all of these terrorists whether they are in london or brooklyn
1:47 pm
or syria, they may not know each other but they are all connected by the ideology. >> is menacing and a vital point. because even if someone is radicalized along the basement there still following the radical jihadist influence and philosophy. quincy is ever there marching to the isis jihadist from feet. they are all interconnected by the belief system, the ideology. they are at war with the west. make no mistake about it. i don't think most western leaders have come to that realization. >> i think maybe theresa may has now. she came out saying that basically let me play something that she said. she admitted that there has been too much tolerance of the radical jihadist extremist language let's listen to her right now. >> there is to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. we need to become far more robust in identifying it and stopping it across the public
1:48 pm
sector and across - that will require some difficult and often embarrassing conversations. but the whole of our country needs to come together to take on this extremism. and we need to live our lives not in a series of separated segregated communities. but the one truly united kingdom. >> so she finally talked about embarrassing conversations. they have to bring it out. no what do they do? >> i think two things here. one, this is encouraging a prime minister talk about this but let's see action and not words. and i think 12 years we are approaching the 12 year anniversary of the original bombings. i think the former prime minister. >> 22,000 people that can be radicalized to 3000 now on the watchlist. should they be taken into custody as some suggested?
1:49 pm
>> i think absolutely that is something that we can strongly consider without a doubt. these 3000 jihadist are ticking time bombs. one thing that upsets me about the attacks in london last night we don't yet know about last night but in manchester and the other tax we have seen here in the west many time the terrorists are on the radar screen of intelligence officials and law enforcement authorities. by the time they react it is too late. >> we are out of time but sadly it may turn out that these three were on the radar. we will find out. thank you for your insight. >> thank you. >> as the investigation widens into last night terror attacks in london, we are going to look into what we are learning about the attackers and where the investigation goes from here. our coverage of the latest terror in london continues at first for fbi director james
1:50 pm
comey preparing to go to capitol hill.we will discuss what we can expect here when he testifies before the senate this week. >> it is important we talk to everybody that should be talked to about this. i do believe that the senate intelligence committee is the most likely place to bring this investigation to conclusion. that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance lowers blood sugar and a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. jardiance is also the only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart- proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adults with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. jardiance can cause serious side effects, including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal.
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preparing to testify before the senate this week where he is expected to discuss his investigation of russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. as well as allegations of the president tried to interfere with that before firing him. we have more not from washington. >> this is the first time james comey is publicly speaking since he was fired from his job as fbi director last month. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have many questions. the chairman of the senate intelligence committee at -- eluded in part quote - he said i am hopeful he will clarify for the american people recent events have been widely reported in the media. seemingly a reference to the widely reported allegation that
1:55 pm
james comey notes of the conversations with the president and in those private notes he claimed the president asked him in - to end the investigation into general michael flynn. they could try to stop this by invoking executive privilege in regards to his conversations with the president. reporters asked sean spicer about this on friday. >> that committee hearing was just noticed and i think obviously it has to be reviewed. to my understanding the date of the hearing was just said. i have not spoken to counsel yet. i do not know what or how they're going to respond. >> at least one republicans are trying to use it would be a mistake.>> antidepressant that better serve by getting all this information out. sooner rather than later. let's find out what happened and bring this to a conclusion. >> there are limits to what james comey can discuss an open hearing like this because there
1:56 pm
is an ongoing investigation. one led by a special counsel also into russian interference during the election. >> allison barber reporting from washington. thank you. >> we are of course following delays development right now i'd of london. an investigation widens into the terrorist attack that happened almost 24 hours ago on the london bridge. you see heavy security at this moment in london. there are questions that now remain over the trio of terrorists.where are they from, who were they? and what a part of a bigger network we and the tri-minister says her country has been far too tolerant in dealing with radical islamic terrorists.>> there are still many questions unanswered. we will continue to get those answers as our coverage continues. because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. all umm...ed.
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>> we have a fox alert on the investigation onto last night's terror attack it is not picking up speed. investigators looking to any possible overseas links and if the trio of attackers were simply radicalizing home. it is 10:00 p.m. reno in london. we are looking live almost 24 hours after this horrible terrorist attack. the streets now quiet and as you can see and security. united kingdom at this hour on edge after several major terrorist attack in the space of as many months. this is a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters".


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