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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 4, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> stay with us as a special two-hour "fox report" weekend with harris is starting right now. keep it right here on fox news channel. >> a fox news alert. the islamic state savages now say they are responsible for mass murder in london this weekend. a special early start of "fox report" now. i'm harris faulkner. hate that seems to know no boundaries, the united kingdom rocked by terrorist thugs thousands of miles away. we know how they feel, the british, right here at home. the details on what has unfolded and developed on this sunday. the first crime scene, the iconic london bridge, a van drove down it, attackers from inside that van jumped out and began to stab people. the attackers were reportedly
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wearing fake bomb vests to insight more fear. police moved in at lightning speed and took down the three killers. people who saw it are talking about it. >> yet two armed marked police behind the black x5. get back! >> people lying on the ground and a taxi driver with the window down shouting at people to run. we ran for like 100 meters and there was a period of quite intense gunfire. >> running away and managing the door, and when i open the door, i see three dead people on the floor. >> garrett tenney is in washington, d.c. with the latest on the intelligence around the threats. that's an important component because we know there could be more. first, let's go to mike tobin live in london with the latest from there. mike? >> reporter: and harris, we're watching a crowd of defiant people at the emirates old
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travert cricket ground where, ariana grande took the stage to deafening cheers of 50,000 fans, despite the attack two weeks ago, they packed the grounds to see ariana grande and litany of other pop stars to watch her retake the stage. we saw defiance of people around london, if you went away from the crime scene. the cafes, the pubs were packed on a sunny day. as people say if they alter their lifestyle, the terrorists win, harris. >> i mentioned the first crime scene, the iconic london bridge, we feather out from there because there was more than one crime scene. >> reporter: essentially one large crime scene if you look at the way it's cordoned off in london. the attackers ran with knives, pretty much a location where i am now. what we know from the crime
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scene, they towed away the van used in the attack. police going slow and methodically through the crime scene gathering up all the evidence they can. we know they took what appear to be fake suicide vests, the apparent motivation of the suicide vests particularly in an area where you have a lot of soccer hooligans who would be primed for a fight. they would try to tackled attackers and take away the knife. harris. >> they are trying to get through the 12 people they arrested. some of them women, some they have let go without charging. what is the thinking with the way the attacks were able to get help? support? what? >> reporter: that is the big unknown right now. we heard that from the police on the record earlier today. they believe they have killed all of the people who directly participated in the attack. what they don't really know at this stage is how extensive the
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support network was. as you mentioned a couple of boroughs that were raided, the barking neighborhood and the east ham neighborhood. that's where they picked up the 12 individuals. as you mentioned, some released. our sister network sky news reporting an additional four women were picked up. it's possible they weren't picked up under suspicion, they were picked up for their own protection. harris? >> thank you very much. we mentioned at the top of the hour that isis is claiming responsibility, but always with this investigators want to figure out exactly what happened to trigger this and who was behind it. because they often can take responsibility for whatever they want. as british intelligence works on, that the leaders are racing to stop similar or copycat attacks. terrorists have been going after soft targets, things like concerts. open area with less pinpoint security often like crowded streets or concert halls. those spaces present special
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challenge for police. former fbi special agent in charge ron hoslo earlier about preventing this thing. >> the fbi has spoken for a couple of years in terms of what's the distance between flash and bang? how much time do i have to intervene between the moment you are actually inspired and the moment you take action? that's what the fbi is trying to get in front of and get in the middle to do the interdiction. >> such a special way of putting it, garrett tenney joining us, the idea of flash and bang, between the inspiration and carrying it out. what more are we learning about the investigation? >> british security forces are indicating very early indication suggests the attacks pulled together on very short notice. that's a big reason why police are quickly trying to determine if the attack was a one off or part of a larger plot with additional attacks that could be coming. london police said they are working to confirm the
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identities of the three attackers, but they have already begun digging into backgrounds to learn everything they can. >> we are making significant progress in identifying the three attackers. and confirming the fact that there were no other suspects at the scene when the attack was carried out. work is ongoing to understand more about them. about their connections, and about whether they were assisted or supported by anyone else. >> reporter: as investigators look into the attackers' connections, they are trying to find out if the attackers were acting alone or part of a larger cell that's planning addition willa attacks. that's why additional devices found on the attackers are key to the investigation, learning who they were talking to, getting help from and any connections to terror groups? police have not said if any of the attackers were known, were on the radar prior to the attacks. that's something they're going to be finding out as they fully
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identify the attackers. >> garrett, you're talking about the electronic signatures, looking for human signatures, too. isis is coming forth, we need to know who is behind this to thwart any other copycat attacks. we have to know who's on the ground? >> reporter: exactly, we've seen this before, the terror group will claim responsibility for attacks it wasn't directly behind. that's going to come out in the course of the investigation, whether the individuals were simply inspired by isis or part of an isis cell. counterterrorism analysts have told us, though, that just before the attacks, a message was posted to dozens of pro-isis channels on the telegram messaging app calling for muslims to kill christians during the holy month of ramadan using knives, guns and trucks. we don't know if it was opportunistic.
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>> i wrote down the difference between isis inspired and isis supported. we'll get it because of you, garrett tenney. thank you for your reporting. >> manchester is trying to heal. ariana grande held a concert, raising money for victims of the attack on one of her shows last month. and security was tight. defiant music fans packed the stadium, so many young faces. one particularly moving moment because it was streaming live, the black eyed peas rallied the crowd behind the event's namesake. one love. >> all the people who are fearless and came for love, we will not be separated! >> bryan llenas is reporting for us now. this streamed live all over youtube, a lot of different
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places, the parameters for being able to watch this, and it felt it drew you in more because you had it in your hand. >> this wasn't just manchester, the entire world backed by the world's biggest stars, sending a message of joy, inspiration, and defiance in the face of evil. 50,000 people at this stadium, at the old cricket grounds in remembrance of the 22 killed and 100 injured at ariana grande's pop concert. many moms and girls cried together, others danced with british first responders and really ariana grande spearheaded this concert. days ago, visited injured young fans at a children's hospital. the 23-year-old, she sang her hits, also duets with others in a particularly emotional moment, she embraced and sang with a young girl in a
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children's choir behind her. >> i love you guys so much, and i think that the kind of love that we're playing is the medicine of the world that we really need right now. i want to thank you for being just that. and i want to thank you for coming and i love you so much. >> reporter: justin bieber and miley cyrus were among the stars. bieber was particularly emotional, he sang love yourself and just listen. >> i just want to take this moment to honor the people that were lost or that were taken. we love you so much. your families, we love you so much. put both hands up to honor those people right now. everybody say we honor you! >> we honor you! >> we love you! >> we love you! >> thank you so much for having me, guys. love you. [cheers] >> reporter: in a time of
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darkness music heals and coldplay, pharrell williams and robby gallagher made appearances and all proceeds go to the victims' families directly. we're expecting millions. last time i checked on facebook over $250,000 on the live facebook stream on ariana grande's page. >> it was hard to miss, all the red, white, and blue from here at home and walked out our love, thousands of miles away from america. i caught it justin bieber changing whom we lost to whom were taken, a very different message, they were taken from us. security, there were 50,000 people? >> 50,000 people there. at the same time, there was a manchester united soccer match. we're talking about 150,000 people. this was a big security issue, they had security checkpoints. everyone was checked. lots of armed security officers. they were told not to bring bags. so this was a big event but
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luckily the greater manchester police said there were no major incidents today. >> yeah, so one of the pieces of video that we show because we're going to get into this later in the hour. i want to touch in on it with you. ring around the rosy ring, they were gleeful with the one manchester police officer. when you talk about what happened in london and how fast the officers moved into take down the people who were driving that van and stabbing the people on london bridge and talk about the response in manchester as well. there is a different tone when you see a police officer now and the united kingdom. you see people embracing them. we see this in our own country after things have happened. >> reporter: we felt it here after 9/11 and boston, and it was a beautiful thing to see there. the officers haven't seen anything like this recently. back-to-back in this way. and i think also the fact that the victims were young people, children, in many of the cases in terms of the first concert really hit home tonight. it was interesting and
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beautiful to see the young girls with their parents there tonight. many parents said they were nervous, especially parents of the choir members that were there. they were nervous of going. i wanted to call my son or daughter and text them but it was important they were there. i think that was a great show of strength tonight for the entire world. >> thank you for bringing that. we appreciate it, bryan, always good to see you. right now, sharing intelligence among countries. a crucial piece of the puzzle. why our next guest says leaks, leaks from the white house are hurting the fight against terrorism. and we've seen an increase in using cars and vans and trucks as deadly weapons. how do we protect against these kinds of attacks? i'm harris faulkner, you're watching a special "fox report," stay tuned. all businesr for tech advice. with one phone call,
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. harris: investigators have picked up a dozen people in raids and arrests since terror struck london less than 24 hours ago. >> the investigation is progressing at a pace from the counterterrorism command and the national counterterrorism policing network are working with uk intelligence partners
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relenlessly to piece together exactly what happened last night. we've already made good progress, and, of course, there is much more to do. harris: u.s. officials tell fox news, the threats targeting europe right now are among the worst they've seen in a decade. joining me is a former intel officer and adjunct fellow at hudson institute. good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thanks. >> i want to start off with a comment you made to one of our producers about how the leaks in the white house and those classified leaks then making it into the bloodstream of the press, members of the press not being responsible with the material and leaking classified material further is hurting the fight against terror. >> it is, and thanks for having me on, harris. one of the most important things is, intelligence sharing with our allies, our allies weren't concerned that trump shared a credible threat of isis plan to attack commercial airlines with lavrov. they were upset they were hearing members of our
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intelligence community with top secret clearances leaking information to the press, and then after the manchester attack, our intelligence community and law enforcement leaking salman abedi's name and leaking details about the bomb and the detonator before they had a chance to put the net around salman abedi's people. it's very important. harris: okay, so may 25th, right after the manchester attacks, we saw british police and through their prime minister saying you know what, the leaks hurt our ability to share information. theresa may, the prime minister said she had a word for our president. what changed after that? because i'm thinking now from our reports they're sharing information, something must have changed? >> they got reassurances from secretary keldy of department of homeland secretary. reassurances from mcmaster and mattis and also from the president. it's very important. like you said, the chatter from
3:20 pm
the terrorist organizations has been at a decade high level and we need to be able to share that information with our allies as they face this terrorist scurge in europe. harris: i want to be careful how i word it. these are not my words, the president called certain members of the media enemies because of the information that flows through them to the public. how difficult is it? you're fighting and trying to capture and harness one enemy on one side but also your own homeland press at times is working against you through the leaks, and feathering them out to the public. what are your thoughts on that? >> it seems like there are individuals in the intelligence community that are more concerned about hurting the president than they are concerned about protecting our national security and more important, the relationships we have with foreign allies. you cannot defeat terror, it's hard enough as it is, if you can't share intel with our allies because allies are worried about the u.s. press exposing assets in the field,
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the assets in raqaa, in mosul and other isis-controlled territory. you can't have that rest. there should be no person holding a top secret clearance willing to share information with the press that hurts our efforts against isis and hurts national security and more importantly our relationships with allies. harris: what needs to happen now that isn't happening? i've heard you say we're facing now some of the worst threats against europe than we've ever seen, why? >> we also have to weigh intelligence, turkey's provided intelligence in the past to european allies, because it came from turkey, it wasn't weighed correctly, even though the intelligence was about an attack. harris: why? >> we put more weight on u.s. intelligence and intel from the cia and less weight on something generated by iraqi intelligence service or iranian
3:22 pm
intelligence service or afghan intelligence service. we need to see who's right about an attack. intelligence sharing, if you can't action it, to make it actionable, there's no reason -- you're not doing anything with it. that's one of the biggest problems. we sit on it because between the want to share it and nothing happens. >> that is interesting, the different rating or grade that you give intel based on the country, i have heard about, but to doubt that, that's very interesting. i want to give you the last word on that? >> sure, the abauda bad raid against bin laden. they were the afghan intelligence service, we put a different rate on that. we thought they were being political and telling us what we didn't want to hear because they didn't like the pakistani government. we did that in iraq and we were effective. you have to do that everywhere.
3:23 pm
you validate sources based on the information and you assign appropriate weights based on the percentage of being right. harris: this is so fascinating. before i let you go, quickly, this is time consuming, are we able to and quick enough pace to do the intel vetting for lack of a better word, that it takes to act on the information and prevent what we saw in manchester? prevent what we saw in london bridge and god forbid have to do it time and time again here? >> the issue is even if it's 100% accurate, sometimes they are inundated with intel, they don't know what's right and don't have the resources to find out. a lot of the times we knew the individuals were on the radar and couldn't do anything about it because we can't track anybody.
3:24 pm
we have too many people associated with isis and our law enforcement is not able to keep up with that. that needs to addressed. harris: michael, i could talk with you all hour. thank you very much. >> thanks a lot for having me. harris: you have on another time. >> thank you, harris. harris: we have an opportunity to bring in general jack keane on what michael is schooling us on. we'll be doing that coming up. days after the trump administration asked the u.s. supreme court to reinstate the travel ban, what these attacks could mean for our travel and airport security, coming up. >> we've already bought the tickets for everything and so, you know, you can't stop living, you just have to go and hope for the best. (vo) at miracle-ear,
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growing list of cities where vehicles are used as weapons. a white van plowing into pedestrians on the london bridge killing 7, injuring 50 others. some with life-threatening injuries. we're bracing for updates on that. since last january at a mosque in france, in july bastille day in nice, in november at ohio state university. in december, a market attack in berlin. this january, there was a soldier attack in jerusalem. and last month, the westminster bridge attack which looks similar in the fact that a vehicle was going down a bridge to last night. joining us now to talk about this is general jack keane, retired four-star general, he's the chairman of the institute for the study of war. a fox news military analyst as well. general good to have you along as news is developing on this. it seems like there is a trend that's developing now using a vehicle. why? >> well, it's easy to use.
3:30 pm
you don't have to construct a bomb, you don't have to find an assault rifle. grenades are more difficult to come along with, and isis is onto that. i don't think you need me on here to talk about why they're using vehicles. the major problem we're facing here is strategic issue. and the strategic issue is the failure of leadership in these national leaders who do not have the political will and the moral courage to talk honestly to their own people and also to commit themselves to defeat this threat. we've got a global jihad on our hands. we have, five, six years ago, 3,000 people killed on average by the radical islamists. today it's almost 30,000. we have three, four countries involved. they've declared jihad against the western civilization and they are at war with us, they are committed to it. they've got fighters to it and tens of thousands of sympathizers and supporters. what is happening?
3:31 pm
every one of those european leaders, except when may today seemed to change her tune a little bit, but i'm still skeptic, most of the leaders in the world, the fact is that they're not at war with isis. they don't have their population on the footing. there have been 33 attacks in 8 nato countries and nato is not at war with isis, that's pretty shameful. harris: yeah, and i appreciate what you're saying. we don't need to go to you to talk about the truck situation or the van situation, but we did see something a little different last night, that was like a deployment of these savages getting out of that van and stabbing people, hand-to-hand combat, general! that takes it up a different notch as well, and then you see isis come out and claim responsibility. >> there's nothing particularly sophisticated about it. what's particularly sophisticated is when they can go into someplace and kill 90 or 100 people with bombs.
3:32 pm
that is sophisticated. and wound 400. a truck, why there's no barriers on the bridge like there is in new york city and every other bridge that we have. why there's no police, there is no explanation for it. if you want to get into the tactical situation, i'll talk about it. you have to encourage the population, when the terrorists have knives and guns, fight back, don't hide behind a chair, use it, use a bottle, a knife, fight, fight back, those who are willing to will encourage others to do it. that won't solve the problem. this issa leadership problem, a strategy problem, a commitment of resources problem. the fact we have muslim neighborhoods in european communities that are bona fide safe havens, they are supported by tens of thousands of sympathizers. we have to use good police work, penetrate madrassas, penetrate intellectual centers,
3:33 pm
penetrated and get the good people in the community to work with us. we've got figure out why in manchester is the unemployment rate 12.8% when in the uk it's only 5. why is it 25 to 30% in the no go areas in france and belgium when it's considerably less in the rest of france and belgium? the reason is the mainstream youth cannot get access to education. harris: interesting. so these are some of the same things that were said, and talking about belgium where we saw the paris attackers massing in that community when authorities were looking for them, and right there in open sight some of them. but i want to move onto this country and talk a little bit about what's happening in america, because i visited minneapolis, i was on the air there for many years, i knew about certain neighborhoods in minneapolis and what they've
3:34 pm
done to attack the things you're talk about to get people in the communities to actually work with police. it's very difficult to do. you brought up theresa may saying finally enough is enough. we want to play that and bring you back in. let's watch together. >> since the emergence of the threat from islamist inspired terrorism, our country made significant progress in disrupting plots and protecting the public. but it is time to say enough is enough. everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would. our society should continue to function in accordance with our values. but when it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, things need to change. harris: all right, so she's in the position to change them, what do you think she means? what needs to be changed? >> she needs to have education with the population about radical islam. educate them, what's wrong with it.
3:35 pm
what's the characteristics of it so they can all identify with it, and also commit the nation to the fact that we are now at war because they are at war with us, and as i said something has to be done about the muslim communities. most all of them are muslims. they come from muslim communities and known by the police to some degree. that we have to penetrate them in that area but we also have to befriend the good muslims in that area so we don't let youths be drawn into the radicalization, we have to be involved in those communities if we do that. these communities are failed policies that the europeans have. we don't have them. open borders. mass immigration. harris: the last presidential election they were calling for open borders. okay? it is certainly something that we can talk about in this country and be aware of. real quickly, before i let you go, general. i've not had a back-and-forth
3:36 pm
with you in a while, you are very impassioned, i want to get your thought, we've gone beyond the methodology and strategy of fighting the enemy. we're going down the road this is policy with you, it's a good place to be because i can ask you about the travel ban. do we need 120-day stay to vet better, to learn how to do this better? is it okay to focus on the six muslim majority countries? do we need to add more to the list? your thoughts. >> that depends on the intelligence community to determine that. the reason why the six countries are on the list, we can't do extreme vetting there because there's no way to vet. the problem is either you shut it all down. the problem is we have no embassies in those countries, there's no system, no procedure there. that's why they're on the list, obama had them on the list but didn't call it a travel ban. yes, we have to be able to control people coming into our country that are a threat to us. harris: do we need to broaden out the list.
3:37 pm
you know the 9/11 attackers didn't come from any of the six countries. it gets complicated. >> it's not complicated. no, it's not. harris: can we add to the list. >> of course not. we have the second best intelligence cooperation in the middle east is with saudi arabia, the first with israel. we have a huge vetting system in israel. was it a 9/11 issue, they were in afghanistan, they happen to be saudi arabians who committed to radical islam. we got the issue all mixed up here. that's not the issue. the other thing we have to do from a policy perspective, when radical islamists have a geographic safe haven like they have in syria, and they've had it, harris since 2012. harris: that's a long time. >> five years. we should crush that with a sense of urgency and passion and be very violent about it. it's territory that holding --. harris: can we get it done? >> should have had it done in
3:38 pm
2015, and the arabs in the region offered it to president obama a couple of times and he always said no. why? it would have meant u.s. combat troops on the ground. we should have done that, get on with it now. it was out of that area that came the motivation and inspiration for these attacks. it's from syria they grew into 30 other nations. harris: wow. general keane, thank you very much. we'll talk again soon. >> take care, bye-bye. harris: the white house and homeland security monitoring the events out of london. president trump offering condolences to british prime minister theresa may and pledging u.s. support. kristin fisher live at the white house. deep conversation with jack keane to follow, take it away. >> reporter: harris, keep in mind, this is the third time in less than three months that president trump has had to call the british prime minister and talk to her about a terror attack in her country, and remember, the two of them had just sat down at the nato summit in brussels ten days ago
3:39 pm
to talk about the bombing in manchester. now this. today he's offering her the full support of the u.s. government and so did his national security adviser, h.r. mcmaster about an hour ago. listen to this. >> what i'd like to do is reiterate america's heart felt condolences to the british and the afghan people, and also to reiterate our unshakable resolve to stand with them in the face of recent terrorist attacks. these latest atrocities underscore the urgency of our shared challenges. to our british and afghan brothers and sisters, you're in our thoughts and in our prayers. >> reporter: right now president trump is at the white house, but tonight he'll be heading out to speak at an event in d.c., so he could speak about the terror attack for the very first time in a few hours, harris? harris: kristin, thank you very
3:40 pm
much. we all heard british prime minister theresa may condemning those behind the attacks in london. calling for new action, increased measures to stop the attacks. you heard general jack keane weighing in on what that ought to look like. what more can any government do? of course, we're faced with the threats as well. we're going to talk about it with my next guest. stay close. getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+.
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to refinance your home.eding through financial documents or, you could push that button. [rocket launching] skip the paperwork and get a mortgage solution in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. [whisper: rocket] . harris: let's bring in our political panel and focus on the domestic issues and worldwide issues going on right now. ed rollins, former campaign manager for the bush ticket in 1984. former chief white house political adviser to ronald reagan and a fox news contributor. always good to see you, ed. also judith miller, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research. pulitzer prize-winning author and fox news contributor.
3:45 pm
a horrendous weekend in two senses full. one, british said something was imminent and they were right. the other is these were citizens in a soft target-type situation as these men drove across the london bridge, which is iconic and might be a hard target but into another area. ed rollins, i want to come to you first and talk a little bit about the response last night. >> the response was superb, and judy wrote a wonderful article how effective the police have been and how quickly they responded, but the problem is this potential is there everywhere. terrorism is something we have to learn to live with until we destroy it and have to destroy it over longer period of time. we have to educate people. police in great britain acted very quickly. 8 minutes after the first call they finished off the three terrorists. in the meantime they did a lot of damage to people. terrorism they make everybody nervous and unruly, whatever it
3:46 pm
take for intelligence support, for law enforcement support, we as americans have to support that. harris: judy, you know, ed talked about what you've written this weekend. it is phenomenal in this sense as well, not just recognizing the police, but reading reports they were thin because they're spread so thin, so much going on in the imminent nature of more attacks since manchester and the arianngrande concert left them feeling that way. you stepped up and wrote about it today. some of the details that you want to point out? >> well, this is, harris, as you said and ed was kind enough to mention, the very slender silver lining of this latest terror attack, but an effective response from the police, the fact 8 minutes pasted from the time the van was spotted on the bridge starting to mow people down to the confrontation and killing of three terrorists is an astonishingly quick reaction
3:47 pm
from, as you point out, a group of people who have been very thinly stretched. now they are aided by the presence of 500,000 surveillance cameras in london. existence of surveillance cameras is very, very controversial in our country, but i think in london tonight and in manchester, you will see it rather a consensus developing that this kind of surveillance enhances the police's ability to chase terrorists once they commit their act. everything now depends on the brits stepping up their intelligence as we have done in new york city and throughout the united states to prevent the kind of attacks that we're seeing not only in manchester and london but also throughout europe, germany, france and sweden. that's one of the things theresa may was talking about today.
3:48 pm
harris: one of the things too that we learned about the fake bomb vests they were wearing. you know people -- your response, emotional, panic response goes up. you're thinking even if i can get away, if somebody's got a fake bomb vest, great if it's fake, if it's not, that has collateral damage. we saw that in manchester at that concert. so this was a layering, ed. you're asking people to run, hide and tell. that's what the brits were asking. general jack keane is saying if you can fight, fight! >> first of all, you have to have due diligence, looking, when you send your kids to concerts or graduations, have them be aware of surroundings and always in their head, if something happened, where can i escape, run to and protect myself? sad state of affairs. these are suicide people, the mind-set we don't understand. we value life. idea that you can kill yourself because you think you're going to get to a higher place in the
3:49 pm
world or afterworld is contrary us to and that's what the people do. terror is exactly that. it's a longtime use of a threat and it's a whole different thing for us, they're going to come back here, there's a lot of people in this country already plotting and scheming and doesn't take a whole lot, a car, basically a bunch of knives and they killed seven, probably another 20, 30 will be severely wounded and may die before this is over. we have to basically be on our guard is support our law enforcement and support intelligence. harris: the politics of this at home and the president with his immigration pause that he wants to reinstate, executive order second time around. your thoughts, ed? >> he's not doing this because he doesn't like muslims. he sees this as president obama did before that there's a terrorist activity that goes on and we have to protect ourselves at the border, and no better place. harris: is there a better way to sell it?
3:50 pm
>> he hasn't sold it very well. i hope the court gets this thing through. it's -- they're taking his rhetoric. this is partisan politics at his worst. at the end of the day -- harris: we're caught in the middle of it. >> we're all caught in the middle of it. it's too important to do what's right for the country. harris: i want to give you, judy, the last word. >> i don't think it was appropriate for the president of the united states who should have been offering condolence to the british public and saluting the british police to start out promoting, using this event to promote his muslim ban. i would simply point out the terrorists in manchester was a bomber, a sophisticated attack unlike what happened in london. that man was a british citizen born in britain and the muslim ban would not apply to the uk. harris: first of all, we don't call it a muslim ban, it is a pause in immigration, okay,
3:51 pm
yeah, we'll start there. we'll leave it there as well. >> we'll see what the courts have to say about that. >> we'll see. harris: president trump pushing for courts to reinstate pause in immigration for 120 days to vet people coming into the country better. we'll talk about it. stay close. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. the opioid my doctor prescribed for my chronic back pain backed me up-big time. before movantik, i tried to treat it myself. spent time, money. no go. but i didn't back down. i talked to my doctor. she said: one, movantik was specifically designed for opioid-induced constipation-oic- and can help you go more often. number two? with my savings card, i can get movantik for about the same price as the other things i tried. don't take movantik if you have a bowel blockage or a history of them.
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. harris: with more on the travel ban from the president, will
3:55 pm
carr is live at los angeles international airport. will? the travel ban he wants to see implemented is all about the safety and the security of americans. and with that in mind, he took to twitter a short time after the attack in london tweeting we need to be smart, vigilant and tough. we need the courts to give us back our rights. the travel ban as extra level of safety. the ban would stop people from six countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days. this is the second version of the ban, you may remember that the first sparked protests across the country. the second is still controversial as it lands in front of the supreme court which is now tilting conservative now that judge neil gorsuch has taken his place on the bench. the trump administration is asking to implement the ban immediately. unclear when the supreme court will weigh in.
3:56 pm
what is clear there are groups hell-bent on obstruction in europe and the united states. take a listen to senator roy blount. >> you've got some groups looking at a big play like taking down an airliner. you've got others who need very little support, very little planning and can do incredible damage, which is actually in many ways almost more of a terrorism because you go anywhere, do anything. harris: will carr, thank you very much. >> reporter: they say the ban is racist and -- harris: thank you very much, will. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) the difference has been incredible. she is much more aware. she wants to learn things. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs.
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