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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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democracy. crazy, you say? no crazier than hillary clinton's three. that's about it for us tonight. tune in every night for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. dvr it. stay tuned for "the five" ." >> greg: hi, i am greg gutfeld greg gutfeld. we are "the five" ." yet again, after the latest attacks in the u.k., we find out the one of the terrorists has been reported to police at least twice before. this is crazy. he was reportedly in a documentary on jihad -- british jihadists. at the attack still happened. how could that be? we know the answer. no one wants to go after these goals and be wrong because then you are suddenly labeled a bigot.
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lessee to go up to them and you are right? if you stop this latest attack it, would know? your prevention of the threat would remain invisible and so does the threat. it's the worst catch-22 ever. the travel ban insights debate for a similar reason. our media doesn't send the urgency, lightning is more dangerous, they always tell us. so they target president trump, not terror instead. you could say donald trump is a crude messenger. you would be right. if he is wrong on the little things, what if he's right on the one big thing? that's better than being eloquent on all things but wrong on what matters. we had that for eight years. the next step, treat terrorist not as fighters but as deadbeat deadbeats.
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anti-scare tactics must be unbending in the future. no motion, no politics as methodical as a garbageman on his morning run. he doesn't stop to ponder the empty egg carton or referred to coffee grounds as extremist coffee grounds with different beliefs. he just chucks it. the scum are the same. garbage deserving no confrontation. one need not be eloquent when taking out the trash. it just right. dana, i mean, a guy unfurled on isis homegrown terrorism. you would make me think -- >> dana: the catch-22 is right. what was illegal about that? if there is nothing illegal, then how do you stop somebody from doing something if they haven't done anything illegal up until that point? you can get some from drunk driving and prevent that but the problem is -- >> greg: assigned someone to him. >> dana: do we have enough resources to do that?
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>> greg: yes, you do. >> dana: okay, i'm not -- they don't have enough resources for health care because it's in shambles. >> greg: all their money goes to the social programs. there was talk about how tight they are when it comes to this sort of stuff. it's time they reprioritize. they know that we will be there. >> dana: we can't be there to help them with this. we are not on their streets. we are not that good unless they want us to be. we can't help them. we are not in their communities. one thing about the travel ban, even someone like -- whatever his other nameless -- he was born in the u.k. the travel ban, if you think about it, it's long-term thinking. these are people who are grieved because their parents were refugees.
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how do you round them up, i don't know. >> greg: k.g. >> kimberly: it's all where you want to allocate your resources. you should do your level best to make sure you put forth the amount of manpower and hours and commitment to intelligence gathering and working with agencies to be able to stop this so that you are not thrown off by thinking oh, these guys are okay because they bought some kids some ice cream and had a barbecue before they decide to get there jihad on. we have to do a better job because they can't afford not t. that's what's so frustrating when you see a situation like this. united states and the u.k., these are wealthy countries. there really should be no excuse for not getting this right. i am not saying it's easy. it's very difficult. but you have to be smarter, more well-funded and more determined in your cause and they are. right now, they are showing more
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determination and that's the problem. that's why the president is frustrated. >> greg: do you think the president, jesse, is right? to exercise his rage or focus it on the other leaders like the mayor? >> jesse: yeah, that was a tough call. you are thinking it's our biggest ally and he's the mayor of the city of the biggest ally and they suffered a devastating terror attack again and you're picking a fight with him. on the other hand, is making a point. this guy has been going after him for quite some time, wasting his breath on attacking donald trump where he should have been using his breath to talk about the threat he faces in his own city. he said trumps travel ban was ignorant and the wall was a dumb idea. he said trumps red rhetoric was causing more terrorism. the attack happened in your city, not washington, d.c. it's a soft target over there. they've imported so many of these radicals.
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there's so much enemy within they can't keep track of all them. what a president bush used to say? they can only be right once. now they have 400 people from great britain that have gone to syria and iraq, training and they've come back and can't keep tabs on them because these left-wing civil liberty groups have chipped away at the authorities. when trump says he wants a travel ban, he knows it's open warfare across the sea. he just wants an extra level of security not because he loves hs muslims but because he loves america so much. >> kimberly: protecting the country, based on the intelligence he is getting, this is the means by which he is entitled and lawful to do it. it's a frustrated businessman saying i've a business plan, i want to implement it. >> dana: however, i will let
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juan say something. >> juan: >> greg: do think terrl solve the travel ban? >> juan: given the terror activity in great britain, it explained why he needed a travel ban here. to protect the united states against terrorism. there's so many flaws in it. where did we start? even george conway, kellyanne conway's husband said -- if he's trying to hurt his own case, he couldn't have done a better job. >> greg: the specific tweets saying it's a watered-down version? >> dana: what george conway was trying to do was help the president. to try to be successful. asking for an expedited review of it. part of the problem has been comments about the ban being religious. that's what the issue was. >> juan: sean spicer said that that, john kelly over at the department of homeland security said oh, no, the president isn't talking about a ban.
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>> jesse: the president's words against him on this. then ruth bader ginsburg, she was scared of she was going to be president. she would move to new zealand. >> juan: you can say that about anybody. hold on, hold on, give me a shot here. what should we have said about antonin scalia? it's a public act. >> jesse: >> greg: juan, respons this. whether or not ginsburg should have to recuse herself -- >> if she were a federal trial judge and had said about the president what she did, she would be compelled by a higher court not to sit on a case in which the president was personally involved. if she sits in the case and her
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animus towards him as a person and human being is manifest in the questioning or the decision of the case and will damage the representative representation of the court. >> juan: by justice scalia that favored a conservative point of view -- nobody thought that. you asked me, what is the analogous situation and i'm telling you it doesn't hold water. let me finish up with what i was saying. >> kimberly: have you ever make comments like that about president obama? >> juan: if you befriend people in the administration, how can you render a fair verdict to your friend? >> jesse: the code of conduct is not about being friends, jua juan. >> juan: you can't associate -- let me just say -- when he went on this twitter rant and goes after the mayor of
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london, imagine if people in london or great britain had gone after mayor giuliani after 9/11. >> greg: we would flip out. we would. >> juan: gee whiz, no problem here. if they had guns they would have done a better job of stopping this. everybody said wait a minute, if those terrace had guns, they would have killed more people. the police got them within 8 minutes, greg. >> jesse: the billy club was fighting the guy off for a long time. he would have been able to catch him if he had a gun. >> greg: you know what stopped them? guns, juan. >> juan: if they didn't have guns -- -- >> greg: no side can have guns, everybody works. >> juan: keep them out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. >> kimberly: can our law enforcement here keep their gun guns? >> juan: in this country, it would make sense.
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but they don't have guns like we have guns in great britain. >> greg: certain groups of police officers do. that's how they died. they killed the three guys with guns. >> juan: theresa may, the prime minister -- >> greg: she said enough is enough. >> juan: we have too high a tolerance for tolerance terrorism in this country. we have to review the law. both in terms of how twitter and google allow people but secondly, the loss of the police operate under so they can be stronger in the police can take action. >> jesse: it's about time. >> juan: i think the people are trying to figure this out in a way that does not antagonize. that's the problem with greg's approach. >> jesse: maybe we should start antagonizing these people. >> juan: he says just go get them. you know what? you have to have a rational approach. you can't save them every muslim and country in the world, we don't care about you and expect them to help us. >> kimberly: no one is saying
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that. >> greg: do think there's actually going to be a difference between a travel ban and extreme betting? >> dana: actually, the president's team said in january, we need this travel ban for a temporary basis through july 16th in order to get in place our extreme vetting plan. can you give us an update on how that extreme vetting plan is going? they referred to the state department. they don't answer. they are for them to the cod. they don't answer. there's a question as to -- are you using a travel ban as a political tool? the other thing i would say is, another tool in the box there is twitter. it's very effective for him if he wanted to be. every reader gets to choose how they will respond to something. imagine burying the hatchet with sadiq khan. going after him was antagonistic in a way that we can't afford
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for western civilization. the war is against our way of life, not individual countries or cities based on whoever your political background is. >> greg: what's interesting is even when he does these kind of rough misses in the middle of the night, the next day when you talk to people who are british, he has the sentiment down. maybe you shouldn't do it. i talked to a friend of mine who is a brit. he goes, that's how everybody i know deals. they feel let down by the mayor. >> dana: he says there is a backlash coming. okay? that doesn't mean your political leadership has to fuel it in a way for something that happened 13 months ago on twitter. that's ridiculous. >> kimberly: he's talking about the diplomacy and working together cooperatively. we have a shared enemy to be other. he has to work with theresa may. >> greg: the issue is -- the
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u.k. has a big problem with this and their media. they refused to filter out the pro-islamists from everybody else. if you go out there, whatever brotherhood, it's like you're going after all muslim. >> jesse: why is there an extreme muslim group allowed to parade around the city? >> greg: the parades are insane! >> kimberly: >> dana: the docums called "the jihadist next door." 130 mosques have said they will not perform funeral rites for these terrorists. there is a to try to get -- >> juan: part of what theresa may by the way, they have to have difficult, uncomfortable conversations with the muslim community about the extremists but greg, it's not stigmatizing people and not proposing a ban.
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in fact, you have to remember, most of the attacks in the united states since 9/11 -- they have been done by people who are u.s. citizens. >> greg: i agree. >> jesse: it's an extra layer. >> kimberly: extreme vetting or travel hiatus or travel ban, it's still constitutional. >> greg: we've got to go. some on the left are trashing trumps attack on terror with ugly rhetoric. next. phone with our allstate agent,
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♪ >> kimberly: in the wake of the london terror attack, president trump is renewing his call for a travel ban. with its currently on hold with the supreme court deciding whether it will hear the case. that didn't sit well with cnn host raza a salon -- reza aslan, tweeting... things weren't any better over on msnbc with one host suggesting president trump actually wants a terror attack to happen on u.s. soil.
6:20 pm
speak of the president doesn't want us to be politically correct so let's not be pc about this. is he trying to provoke a domestic terror attack with this twitter rant? only to prove himself right? it seems like he's trying to provoke something that he can politicize more for his own gain in america. do you feel that way? >> kimberly: greg. >> greg: i think mr. roberts is a victim of projection. it's the left that often uses tragedy for political means. if there's global warming, they say oh, my god, they wanted to be real so they can be right. we see lots of that. i don't see that much on the right. and about reza, he apologized. he swears all the time. he also explores the fringes of religion on a show with religions that embrace death. and cannibal sex.
6:21 pm
the most biased show you could ever watch. he's never gone after -- i've looked at his show. he goes after everybody from scientology to other unusual religions but he never touches islam. he won't go after it critically. >> kimberly: lying aslan. >> greg: nicely done. >> dana: i find that twitter and cable news in particular -- everybody gets a choice of what they are going to say. if you want to be per provocative and delete a tweet, you can be adults but president trump's nato presence. he didn't say article five which, i agree, he should have said it. his national security team said he was going to but he didn't. fine, why don't you say president trump, nato needs to
6:22 pm
do more to fight terrorism. the message to these people and their madness is that they are driving themselves crazy because of president trump rather than try to focus on the fact that what they really want -- it's trying to fight terrorism together to save western civilization from these radical islamic terrorists. instead they don't. they are tweeting comedy on twitter. think about what you are saying before you say it. it >> greg: i wouldn't have a job if i did that. >> kimberly: we like you just fine, greg. >> jesse: i want to pick up on something greg just said. this guy, asked lon, he's not going to respond in a derogatory fashion -- he called trump a pie of blank. he said go f yourself. he said of cory lewandowski, you are in a in and a hole. the crazier the left is
6:23 pm
becoming, i think it shows how effective president trump is being. he has had a beheading situation, chelsea handler saying crazy stuff. all this goofy stuff over at nb nbc, i think president trump is doing it to them. he's driving a stake right between the heart of the left and he's peeling the fringe left out this way. now franken has to distance himself from people like kathy griffin but he's also driving a real wedge between the mainstream media and american public. they are getting so loopy and crazy and the public is just tuning them out. >> juan: i don't think the public is tuning them out. i'm just telling you, the ratings -- i think this is true across liberal or conservative outlets -- the thing that strikes me -- you don't like it when donald trump, our president, says things that are per provocative, insightful, rude --
6:24 pm
and if someone strikes back and says why did you say that? why did you use language comparable to what he saying? he's a president. he is the president. >> greg: how many times have i gone after trump? >> juan: you said the left -- >> dana: do you remember last year. >> juan: who on the right uses the flag like a symbol? who on the right uses -- >> dana: i don't understand. why are you not allowed to embrace the u.s. flag? >> juan: no, i said to use the u.s. flag as their private symbol. >> kimberly: oh, my god, it belongs to everybody, juan. why all of a sudden -- >> juan: the bigger point to me is, it seems to me you have a lot of people who decided they
6:25 pm
are going to engage with donald trump on his turf and his term. >> kimberly: with these people did here, i assume you denounce it? it >> juan: i don't speak that way in general. donald trump's behavior and actions, kimberly, they invite this kind of response. >> greg: juan. this kind of response has been involved in progressive humor forever. this is not new. they would demonize bush, romney, bush was hitler for the longest time. trust me, i'm old. >> juan: i am older than you, buddy. >> greg: [laughs] >> juan: he has everything to say about this latest terror attack. what about portland? kansas? >> greg: he did mention portland. >> juan: he did mention it a week later after people --
6:26 pm
>> kimberly: you are objecting to his rhetoric but nevertheles nevertheless, he was elected. he is the president of the night did states. perhaps don't vote for him for reelection. it directly ahead, more wild claims from al gore about climate change. you won't believe this. details in a battle, up next w'n mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. ♪ >> dana: president trump outraged environmentalists with pulling out of the paris climate accord. al gore is so upset that he has taken to citing the bible. >> we still are not changing fast enough because -- it's not just the scientific in communiy warning us. it's like a book of revelations.
6:31 pm
>> dana: he also appeared on fox news sundays where chris wallace challenged him on one of his more controversial claims. >> you made the following comments, unless we took drastic measures, the world would reach a point of no return within ten years and you call that a true planetary immunogenicity. 11 years later, what's going on? >> on a global basis, for the first time they have stabilized and started to decline. some of the responses in the last ten years have helped. unfortunately and regrettably, a lot of serious damage has been done. >> dana: i thought chris wallace was very restrained in the interview. >> greg: who was he interviewing? that was al gore. that wasn't al gore. that was al gore junior. his hair looks like a mini
6:32 pm
windfarm. a lot of stuff in my movie wasn't true but some of it was? that's an old psychics trick. knowing america will only remember one or two predictions that are right. he was wrong about mount kilimanjaro, the storms to get worse due to climate change, he said there would be no arctic by 2013. it's there. there's ice. the polar bears are doing great. imagine if this were a different topic and he was a lying about terror. the media would be all over him and they wouldn't be calling him out. you can lie about climate change because the media's assumptions match those lies. they don't call him on it. >> dana: asset -- did you see the tweet that nasa tweeted out? they said it may become it's not as bad as we thought? >> jesse: it's never as bad as we think it is. >> greg: that's a windfarm.
6:33 pm
>> jesse: i thought he got a nice haircut. he looks quite dapper. the guy has made millions being a climate change preacher. he saying this is where you have to send your money. to the right people. send your money to the right industries. he's preying on people's guilt and fear and doing very well. i love the 60 minutes expose about how actually green al gore lives. i'm not quite sure -- >> kimberly: can we roll that sound bite? >> president trump has gone after you directly and talking about this issue of climate change. this is what we hear from conservatives all the time. you or elon musk or leonardo dicaprio. you have a large carbon footprint yourself. >> i don't have a private jet. what carbon emissions come from, my trips on southwest airline are offset. i live a carbon free lifestyle to the maximum extent. [laughter]
6:34 pm
>> kimberly: he saying he doesn't own his own private jet. >> dana: but he borrows them to fly them. >> kimberly: he flies private. has he been on commercial? he's not hurting, okay? to the extent possible, he lives a carbon free life, whatever. i'm sorry, your predictions were way off. >> greg: and he's telling you how to live. >> kimberly: i'm still wondering if he did really create the internet. >> dana: does al gore bear any responsibility -- for questioning the science or the outcome? >> juan: no. talk about inconvenient truth here. al gore legitimately has engaged in hyperbole. he makes you think the sky is falling at times. yeah, that's right. we don't say that about something else who tweets every morning, do we?
6:35 pm
hyperbole, excessive, offensive at times. i will say this -- >> jesse: people are dying from terrorism. nobody is dying from climate change. >> juan: we see the pentagon saying that maybe this causes war and instability in our nations. >> greg: why isn't there more in california with the drought? there has been a drought in california forever. where are the ices cults in california? >> juan: the fact that we are having droughts and have had five or six years in the highest temperatures -- >> greg: margins of error, juan. you know the facts. our audience has a memory from the last show. >> juan: you need some facts. >> dana: we need an entire show on climate change. some prominent voices on the left are saying that democrats are going way too far with all
6:36 pm
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>> jesse: there are a few subjects democrats love to discuss more than rush in collusion with's campaign. now some people think the left is gone too far. >> i think democrats are making a mistake going in russia, prussia, russia, all the time. i think democrats have to have a bold, inclusive populist agenda. fight on health care, jon scott. don't let it overtake it. i think that's about a party that needs to be one of proposition, not not simply -- resistance is not enough. >> jesse: she might be onto something. the head democrat on the senate
6:41 pm
intel community says he has yet to see any evidence. >> we haven't seen any smoking gun but there's a lot of smoke. the bipartisan approaches we will follow the patterns. >> jesse: juan, can they run a midterm election strategy on a russian conspiracy theory? >> juan: there's a lot of talk in fact what they want to do is something you suggested earlier -- run against the media. the problem for the republicans -- they can run against the media, trash the democratic whatever -- but then the democrats are saying you've got the white house, the house of representatives and the senate and what happened to tax reform, repeal and replace? infrastructure? that's supposed to be a big deal but i don't see it coming now. again, this is the problem. i think that's a smart way for democrats to run against the party of trump. >> jesse: that's right.
6:42 pm
kimberly. if i hear russia will more time -- i can't believe it. as in the country sick of hearing about it? i hear people in the street, they are fed up with it. >> kimberly: it doesn't seem to be playing well for a large part of obviously the electorate and people that support trump. there is the abstract obstruct- for me so far, where's the evidence of any of this? there's a lot of big headlines and buzzwords being thrown around but there's no to suggest there was anything improper or illegal dumb between the trump campaign and anybody -- foreign agents -- in russia. the problem for them is, when this is in fact put to bed and to rest hopefully soon, what will they say? >> jesse: what will they say, dana, if some of these investigations come back?
6:43 pm
>> dana: let's say the investigations don't come back empty-handed -- what will people on the right say? they will say it's baloney. even if it's nothing, and the left will say it was something and it was hidden. i do agree with katrina vanden who goal. >> jesse: have you ever set up before? >> jesse: never. >> dana: the next six weeks, a health care vote in the senate. they will try to move on infrastructure and there will be iran sanctions and there is vote coming up. we're only talking about russia and not making your point for what you are for in those arena arenas? you are giving all that ground to. >> jesse: gragg. >> greg: i said this before but i think it's such a good point that i'm going to say it again. 30-40 years ago, the left had no interest in the ussr. they felt the cold war was a
6:44 pm
joke and they were hyper focused on american evil. now it's 2017 and they are finally caught up. they are focusing on russia when the new threat is not russia, its islamism. maybe in 2057, they will finally catch up and say what about this radical islam thing i am hearing about? we will all be wearing burqas. >> juan: you think islam is as big a threat as russia? >> greg: about ten times as big. it's an ideology that wants to destroy us. in a popped up in apocalyptic . they are idea of heaven is killing all of us. they want to be competitive but they are not a party -- -- >> jesse: the '80s called, they want their foreign policy. you can't get in trouble for anything on hbo, unless you are
6:45 pm
bill maher. we will tell you why he is in hot water, coming up next. ♪ he'd say i'm gonna be like you, dad ♪ ♪ you know i'm gonna be like you ♪ ♪ and the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon ♪ ♪ little boy blue and the man in the moon... ♪ ray's always been different. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water. so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways. china. oh ... he got there. that's the power of and.
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♪ >> juan: comedians bill maher
6:49 pm
has made a career on pushing limits. >> we would love to have you work in the field with us. >> senator, i am a house [bleep]. it's a joke. >> juan: in a statement, hbo called the joke completely inexcusable and tasteless. maher apologized for using the racial slur. >> greg: sorry, the dirty secret of white liberals is that they assume they are exempt from these kinds of controversies because they've already embraced the liberal platitude. they have a get out of bed get jail card. shelby steele's book, he talks about how he had a white friend that made a racist joke in front of him because he assumed shelby was a black prop. here is my black friend, therefore i can use the n-word or say something. i think bill maher has talked enough on equality and being a
6:50 pm
progressive that he feels he has carte blanche. he can make these jokes but the fact is, the joke is real. house. he was making a joke about some kind of suffering. >> juan: the thing i don't get, k.g., we hear all these complaints about bill maher. why not about these black rappers who use these words to access? they are equally degrading. >> kimberly: if you are saying there's a double standard -- it's a word inappropriate to use. it should not be used by anybody. i think what bill maher did is absolutely reprehensible. i'm shocked somebody like himself would do and say something like that. i don't know. if he thinks he's above it and isn't going to be held accountable, that's really sad. >> juan: i agree. jesse, what do you make of the fact that this comes on the heels of kathy griffin? it seems like the provocateurs are running wild. >> jesse: i think the left and the media have become the ones
6:51 pm
that are deplorable's. they warned everybody else against them. when it comes to offensive speech, it seems like liberals don't really care what is said, it only matters who says it. if it's a conservative says anything close to this, they would be off the air in a second. he's not really paying a price for this. i guess if you are bill maher, you are allowed to say that word on hbo and not get in trouble for it. i also haven't seen a lot of other people stand up and really condemn him that strongly. they did with kathy griffin. i respect that. i didn't hear anything about bill maher. >> juan: al franken, a senator from minnesota, he said he's not going to appear on bill maher's show. >> dana: you're basically carrying a liberal torch, give a book out that's getting all these great reviews and within five days, you have to cancel your event with kathy griffin and your event on the maher tour. it's basically like liberal cannibalism.
6:52 pm
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to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at ♪ >> greg: time for "one more thing." let's do this. greg's guide news. the true measure of a man. take a look at this photo. this was taken on friday. this is -- you can see him.
6:56 pm
he's mowing his lawn as a tornado approaches. a small town in canada, and alberta. his wife was watching him and thought, he's interesting. don't you notice there is a tornado? he said yes, i am aware of it. i've watched a lot of tv about them and i am monitoring it. this is how you measure your manliness. i go inside. >> dana: or your marriage. [laughter] >> greg: i go inside when i see a b. >> kimberly: maybe that should have been like, jessie's? >> greg: that's called irony. >> kimberly: clever and manly. >> juan: as you guys know, my kids think i am the least hip person in america. this weekend, i was introduced to this song and i want greg to tell me about it. play the music. ♪
6:57 pm
>> juan: the number one song in the usa and it has been that way for four weeks now, despacito. at the first spanish song to hit number one in the usa since the macarena. >> greg: it's no macarena. when the macarena comes on at a wedding, things go crazy. >> juan: that's the thing, this song by daddy yankee and justin bieber and luis, guess what? i think something is changing when you have this on number one. -- >> greg: remember mamba whatever? that was a hell of a song. i don't care. wait, dana. >> dana: i listened to some music last night. in jersey. it was a great way to start the summer. it's a great show if you have a chance. patriotism, lots of fun.
6:58 pm
he was a surprise national anthem singer at the national predators game. even though he's been under the weather with a little bit of a cold. >> greg: did he get freaked out by you? >> dana: i'm kind of embarrassed. >> kimberly: i think you guys are best friends now. kind of cute. it bloomed. all right, it was a concert that brought so much hope and healing to a country that has been torn apart by terror. arianna grahn day, one love manchester. i'm sure a lot of you saw different clips of it. take a look at this. >> i love you guys so much. i think the kind of love and unity you are displaying to the world, it means so much to me right now. i want to thank you for having me back. i love you so much. >> kimberly: role model to
6:59 pm
young women, ariana grande. it reads more than $30 million to victims of the attack there two weeks ago. >> greg: it raised a lot of money. 13 million? >> jesse: it would make you a believer. >> kimberly: >> greg: i admiredt that they raised money for this. >> jesse: while greg gutfeld was doing his monologue, i was playing golf today. i hit the lakes to raise some money at the golf classic at mill river club. that was my caddy, al de blasio on the right. i never lost a ball and then that is steve on the left. another great patriot. >> dana: what was the big news today for you at golf? >> jesse: i did not cheat. it still didn't break 90. >> juan: trump -- i'm glad you
7:00 pm
weren't golfing. >> greg: set your dvr is, never miss an episode of "the five" ." "hannity" is next. watch it! >> sean: thanks for our friends on "the five." welcome to "hannity." a fox news alert on this very busy news night, europe is on the edge following yet again anr brutal attack and cnn facing other credibility crisis when a host calls trump a piece of -- well, you know what. talk about big news. liberal comedian bill maher under fire for using the n-word and we will also have the latest fallout from kathy griffin posing like an ices fighter with a muddy head looking like president trump. she's not the only one doing this. should the secret service be investigating?


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