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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 5, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> greg: set your dvr, never miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" is next. watch it! talk about "fake news" and bill mahauer under the fire for using the n- word and latest fallout with kathy griffin posing as an isis fighter with a bleed head of president trump.
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senator warner and vladimar putin to throw cold water on the russia collusion theory. why is it a major story in the media. and first it is time for the world to wake up and time to realize the serious that that is posed by radical islamic terrorist. monologue. after the city of london was rocked by the city of london was rocked by another deadly terror attack. yesterday president trump delivered this very powerful message and take a look.
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i will do what is necessary to prevent this threat from spreading to our shore and work every single day to protect the safety of our country, our community and our people. >> sean: why is that so hard to compreend. president trump renewed his call for a travel ban that is held up in the card because of judge shopping. people in the lawyers and courts can tall're call it whatever we want and i am calling it what it is and is and that is a travel ban. the yesterday department should have sent it.
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and time to do what we can to prevent attacks in europe and in america channel four in england they are reporting that one of the terrorist suspectses appeared in a year long documentary that was called the jihadi next door. others like new york time and british outlets are reporting that the suspect was in the film and this went on a year. it is like live tv and it is crazy.
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they are refusing to confirm if the suspect appeared in the documentary and channel four put a video on the facebook page that features a scene from the documentary. really, real lives of the jihad thes. and it is an isis flag on.
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it >> they are all detained. and you like it. it is part of the group and because he is white he is english he can go. but because we have to stay. this is our reality. that is our reality. we were just praying. >> sean: we'll have more on this later in the program today and destroy trump prop gappeda media and left are ignoring the dangers posed by islamic radical
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terrorist. some in the media are trying to down play. >> is the president trying to provoke a domestic terror attack in order to prove themselves right? there is a risk of under reaction. but is there a risk of overreaction assy we watch all of this live coming in our satellite center in new york and then beaming out to london. is there a point of is that too much. >> i wish someone would change the pass word on his twitter account so he is locked up. he is erratic and dangerous and wrong. >> sean: really, provoking an attack? others questioning if the london police went too far? how else do you stop those people. >> and the mayor of london is
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facing criticism. >> london will see an increased police presence and no reason to be alarmed. one of the police and need to do make sure we are safe. i am reassured that we are one of the safest global cities in the world. we evolve and review to make sure we are safe as we possibly can? >> sean: really? no reason to be alarmed? that is exact opposite of what we need right now. president trump was was quick to call out the mayor of london and refusing to capitulated to the radical islamicist and susan rice said there's not much we can do to prevent these types of terrorist attacks from happening. really? watch this? >> we are battling isis in syria
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and iraq and al-qaeda and afghanistan and we see elements of the terrorist threat from africa to the middle east and south is east asia. we need to remain focused on dealing with that threat. but there will be home grown extremist in all of our countries and there is no easy way to predict and stop every one of them. we have to strengthen or intelligence and law enforcement and work together with critical partners like the united kingdom. >> sean: after eight years of your administration unable to recognize radical islamic terrorism we don't need lectures from you. i don't think so. we'll show this on the top of the screen. they are saying one of the
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london bridge attackers identified as oz. and they showed it on one of the networks. you could see is the black flag of the islamic state saying sharia is coming to the uk and the black flag is going to be be on 10 downing street and you you will face a back lash in this country and if you support or suppress it is going to explode. keep running the tape. this is the same country that has 88 shar why courts. 88. tell me how capitulation and some type of accommodation worked in london's favor. i don't see it. >> i am not here to talk for the authorities in london. i hope it is it a wake up call.
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we've had 800 people injured in the west and 200 killed. if you listen to ambassador rice, it is that attitude of defeatism, and people like rice, ben rhoeds and others covering their tracks for the disastrous policy ps of the last eight years and will tell you, we can't defeat it. but we can now because donald trump is in the white house. we will not put up with it. if you advocate for the over throat of the democratic order and if you say the caliphate of the islamic state has to cover the earth you are a threat to all liberty loving people in the world whether you live in london or anywhere in the the west. >> sean: look at the coverage in
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this country, people on nbc, is trump trying to provoke a domestic terrorist attacks with with his tweets? and asking if the london police overreacted. after you plow down people on the london bridge and come out slashing with kniveses. i do self defense on fire arm training. one of the hardest things to defend against is a blade. how do you stop them? how are woem raising the insane >> they live in a insanity world. i went to cnn in what was supposed to be a three minute hit. 16 minutes the host obsessed about one of the president's tweets. there are seven people dead in london and 48 people, half of them in icu in hospital, and we
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are talking about p tweets? saun>> sean: i appreciate it. speaking as cnn. a host called the president a piece of you know what. and the network caught potentially staging a protest. we have the tape and we'll show it to you. and get reaction from michelle malcan. >> is there evidence of collusion that you have seen? >> we have smoke but no smoking gun. >> and another democratic law maker said no smoking gun and no russia/trump collusion. why are the news spushing this day and out. and geraldo and monica crowley
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just ahead.
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trump and his staff and 11-year-old son and his wife and family. one network that is particularly unfair in their coverage of. there is a massive credibility crisis in the network and that is the monologue. constant trump critic let his true feelings about president trump combouvenlt this piece of [bleep] is not only a embarrassment to america and he is an embarrassment to human kine. he apologized but he said he lost his control. reza a slan is not a cnn employee. and excuse, that means he works for you.
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you are contracting with him. this guy said worse and done it multiple times. apparently a cnn host on a cnn show can call the president of the united states a piece of you know what and get away with it now. let's imagine if i tweeted the same thing about president obama when he was in office. you think the clinton/soros group would call for my head and attack my advertisers. yesterday a cnn reporter crew in london are accused of creating "fake news" after they stage the a group of antiterror muslim demonstrators behin the camera shot in order to create a pro muslim narrative. >> they are staging. the network said the story is
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nonsense. the group of demstators that were in the curtain were allowed through by officers so they could show their signs to the gathered media. cnn simply filmed them doing that. anderson cooper made this disturbing comment on president trump. >> he's the president of the united states he wants to say that and barak obama or joefrj bush wants to say. >> and who could forget kathy griffin debacle. and we'll have the michelle malcan. it is two and half minutes and you see the guy in the white shirt, this is where the mark is and where you stand and where we want to you stand.
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this is 12 protestor and showed up at multiple sites according to katy hopkin and time to put up your signs, but it is like quiet on the set, quiet on the set. ready? "fake news" 3, 21. action, go. you can see them all and it is hilar arous if it were not so sick. >> you know, kret to one of the citizen journalist and did good on the ground reporting by simply pointing the phone camera so we could see the fake production on on the ground. it is striking because it works into the narrative that liberal elite and particularly jihad
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apologyist tried to apply. >> hold it up this high. >> that's right. and they have a human shield there as well and they planted a kid there with preprinted signs. >> sean: now to kathy griffith. horrible as it is, what i see an isis post nothing funny about it. i am seeing more on social media. if you are going to show the president decapitated like that one, we should should show the real one and people need to see it. and if you do this, why do i believe this is a real clear present danger and threat to the
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president. i am convinced that anyone who can post that is unhinged. >> i think so, too. there is a worst aspect. you think of all of the western journalist who are the victim of beheadings because of al-qaeda and isis operatives. do the kcathy griffith and hollywood not remember the head of james foley and nick berg and daniel pearl? ironically enough there was a piece presented on cnn that worried about the violent affects of isis propaganda and yet they have a woman who was promoted as a co-host on cnn's new p year's eve show engaging in the same grisly and violent
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inciting behavior. >> sean: we are just out of time. thank you. breaking tonight on hannity. >> one of the big questions is there evidence of collusion that you have seen yet, is there? >> there is a lot of smoke. we have no smoking gun at this point but there is smoke. >> sean: another democratic law makers admitting there is no evidence of russia/trump collusion. why are the media still talking about it with no evidence. we'll have that next and also kathy griffith sparked outrage over a vile photoshoot. she is not the only one posting them. should they be investigated by the secret service. we'll get reaction.
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>> i am kelli wright in washington, new concerns that russian hackers may have penetrated the voting systems. the just released classified document from the national security agency claims that russian military intelligence infiltrated one voting software supplier. they don't indicate if it had affect on u.s. results. congress returns from a vacation this week and law makers are facing a busy agenda including health care, the top senate republican doesn't see a way to pass a bill soon and avoid
10:29 pm
a government shutdown in september and raise the debt ceiling. i am kelli wright, back to hannity. >> sean: many on the left are pushing the same tired conspiracy theory and that is president trump colluded with russia to win the election. and that led to wikileaks releasing the dnc emaims. how much longer is the left and media going to advance this theory without a shred of credible evidence. over the weekend, even russian vladimar putin strongly denies his country interfered election. >> i haven't seen any direct proof of yushian interferrance in the united states.
10:30 pm
what can be easier than using the intelligence service and organized an attack and pointing the finger at russia. we don't care who is the head of the united states. we know what is going to happen. and so in this regard it would not make sense foritous interfer. >> sean: do i trust putin and what he has to say, no, not really. but there is no concrete evidence that is presented of donald trump and his campaign colluding with russia in the investigation. listen to what the latest democrat, the vice chairman of the senate intel committee. don't believe believe me. believe the democrat. >> one of the big questions is there any evidence of collusion. >> there is a lot of smoke. we have no smoking gun. but there is a lot of smoke.
10:31 pm
>> senator mark warner who admit there is 0 evidence of russian collusion. watch this. >> have you seen going to suggest there is collusion between russia and the trump campaign. >> there is a lot of the smoke there, people who might have said they were involved and what extent or the president know about these people p. but there is nothing there from that stand to link our president to that. >> i asked you if you saw evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russians. you said not at this time. has anything changed? >> no, it hasn't. njust to be clear. there is no evidence. >> no it has not. >> at the time i left, i had not
10:32 pm
seen smoking gun evidence of collusion. >> sean: and so no evidence of coclusion. but the media is giddy because former fbi director will testify. he will formally not. he is a private citizen and so is james comey adding to the fuel of the democrats or join a long list of officialses who say there is no evidence that president trump colluded with russia. let me start with this. this is the problem that comey has. the new york times headline, not
10:33 pm
soros. unnamed sources run the world now. he wrote a memo to self back in january. people interpreted that oh, my gosh, donald trump was obstructing justice and don't go further with general flynn. he testified may 3rd. and he said in may, no one tried to do this to me. there is code four. and if he knew the president was trying to obstruct justice. doesn't that mean he committed a felony? >> yes, according to the sources in law enforcement, he would be required report that. >> sean: required back in january? >> yes, back in january and not before p a committee or a senate intelligence committee.
10:34 pm
i don't knowledge you will get explosive and president will tried to colers me. people following that will be disappointed when they hear his testimony. and i don't think that is it. sean, these are based on anonymous source and spreading rumors without a basis in fact. if there was someone on the trump team colluding with the russians, would the fbi talk about it? they would be building a case and they would be charging them. >> sean: john, yours and sarahs report where he refused to answer the questions, you point it is unusual. >> yeah, i think the senators twoshgs democrats and republicans were surprised that comey would say i don't have to
10:35 pm
answer your questions as i am a private question. brennan, and sally yates and former dna clapper. he may be worried about what sort of questions the judiciary may be asking and maybe looking for a better place to tell his story. >> sean: we have judge shopping and venue shopping from acting directors who said that no one try to obstruct justice. a lot of this is related to his own personal memos to self. the way it was reported. it seemed like someone close to comey leaked it and he has to answer to the memo question, does he not?
10:36 pm
>> you absolutely. based on the way the story was structured, it was someone close to former director comey. and everyone wants to see the memos. this was about the judiciary committee 83. could we look at the memo and was there pressure on you and why didn't you report that pack on january. and let us see them. and comey took it upon himself. i am a private citizen. and i don't have to answer. i wouldn't be surprised if those questioning were not asked on thursday. someone is got to tell him you may be admitting to a felony. he did admit hillary committed
10:37 pm
felonies. >> he said she had had bad judgment. and obviously didn't feel there was intent to forward a criminal case. >> in the end of day. when you see someone leak the testimony. i think his testimony will be nuanced and the really question on thursday, what dew know about civil liberty and unmoofking in the fbi. i think they are>> sean: i think that is the untold story. and we appreciate your updates. thank you both. coming up, kathy griffith sparked outrage with a mock bleed severed head that looked like president trump. she is not the only person
10:38 pm
posting these on social media. we'll ask monica and geraldo to weigh in. >> on the huge. that is good stuff. bill maher using the n word. we'll get the take on it straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ sfx: engine revving ♪ (silence) ♪ home loan, that newly listed,ank mid-century ranch withed for a the garden patio will be gone.
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>> sean: welcome back to
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"hannity." kathy griffin, still embro >> sean: welcome back on o hannity. kathy griffin photograved with a bloody head of president trump. if you have children in the room now is the time to look awayment cleared has been going on for months. we are about to show you yet another photo. we warn you, it's extremely graphic. the person that posted this on facebook and twitter, they apparently have been taken down today. at the photo you just saw has been circulating for a long tim time. this isn't funny. these people need to be investigated. i believe the secret service should investigate this because it's so twisted and ugly and insane, if you can post that? what is your mindset? geraldo rivera, monica crowley. my concern, geraldo, is for the
10:43 pm
safety of the president. a normal person can't do that. your thoughts? >> people kind of snickered when i said kathy griffin was in potential criminal exposure for what she did under the u.s. code, it's a class d felony to threaten to kill, kidnap, or enter the president of the united states. guess what? the secret service has now confirmed they are investigating kathy griffin. she has hired an attorney, who is a fairly well-known criminal defense attorney, he has acknowledged and confirmed that kathy griffin has been contacted by the secret service. it's not unprecedented they would reach out to her, of course. ted nugent was contacted by the secret service a couple of years ago when he said if barack obama was reelected, he would... you know, he made similar but not quite as graphic threats to
10:44 pm
president obama. the secret service takes it seriously. kathy griffin is sweating out this potential investigation. >> sean: monica, what's your take? i am a free speech advocate but it seems to me, for such an evil, dark side to this. and the double standard is so transparent. >> absolutely, sean. 100%. president trump is so anti-fa that they've all descended into a kind of hysterical madness on the left. that is why you get this kind of behavior that in their minds is normal and they are trying to normalize this behavior by going public with these kinds of activities. i also think, sean, the kathy griffin thing in particular demonstrates something really meaningful and significant about the left in general. they are so filled with hate. despite pretending to be
10:45 pm
tolerant and compassionate, they are so full of hate and they constantly put that out there. they are masters of production. what you saw on kathy griffin's original apology was absolute panic and fear because for the first time, she saw that hate coming back at her. this is something that is a really critical point -- >> sean: i thought that apology was ridiculous. she's the victim, it's ridiculous. geraldo, could somebody really be arrested here? could they really bring charges? >> you could use comity or sarcasm as your defense and that would be a factual issue for a jury to determine if indeed the secret service decided but it would not be unprecedented -- there was a threat against barack obama where someone wrote this man must die on an obama poster and he did 27 months in federal prison. this is a real deal. when you take what monica said and i totally agree with her, the hatred and absolute
10:46 pm
obsessive, negative almost cancerous feelings they have towards president trump is in my mind so beyond the pale that it is encouraging crazy people to come out of the woodwork. the press should really be ashamed of themselves. cnn leading with that twitter story? even in the face of the fact that they released the name of the terrorist who struck in london? a much more important story. advancing a substantive story, a major capital of the world disrupted and what did cnn go with? a twitter story and instead. >> sean: i'm a little behind. thank you to you both. up ahead, on the spiffy breaking news night on "hannity"... >> senator, i am a house [bleep]. it's a joke. >> sean: hbo's bill maher, well, he used the n-word on a
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." at the host of hbo's real time, bill maher, has once again come
10:51 pm
under fire. he used the n-word on his program on friday. >> i've got to get him to nebraska more. >> we would love to have you work in the fields with us. >> work in the fields? senator, i am a house [bleep]. it's a joke. >> sean: maher apologized for his comment saying the word was offensive, he regrets using it. joining us with reaction, larry elder. it larry, if you said it, if i said it, if any conservative says that word -- george soros-clinton groups, they go after the management, advertisers, they would demand that the conservative be fired. he claims he's got medium. what's your reaction? >> there's a double standard. sean, and bill maher's defense, what exactly are the rules? you have wrappers, not just
10:52 pm
black rappers but young people of all races, both genders are routinely referring to each other by the n-word. movies i've seen where young people are referring to each other by the n-word. if the n-word is never funny, tell that to richard pryor, kevin hart, katt williams, they all routinely use that word. bill maher has a potty mouth. hpl is subscriber based. it's akin to going to a stand-up act. you know what you're going to get when you see belmar? for someone like al sharpton to weigh in, a guy who is routinely made anti-semitic comments and called the first and only black mayor the? >> sean: i don't want to live in a world where we have police waiting at a moment's notice to fire people.
10:53 pm
you know what? do i think he's racist? no, i actually don't. do i think he is stupid? yes. there's no fairness given to conservative. i am sorry. >> that's right. sean, bill maher had said far more offensive things in his stand-up acts, he once referred to sarah palin with the c word. and made a joke about her special needs son. for michele bachmann, he called her a dumb t word and nobody said a word. what are the rules for bill maher? >> sean: i guess there are no rules. that's the point. these are very interesting times, though. that's why i love this group, they are fighting fire with fir fire. stop the scalping of conservatives. bill maher never says a word when a conservative is under fire or being boycotted. or when calls for conservatives
10:54 pm
go out there, to stop watching them and all this. i'm a little sick and tired. all his career, conservatives like you, me, rush, we've all defended this guy. not a peep out of him when it's a conservative on the line. or a conservative that maybe wants to apologize. >> we ought to talk about how there is a normalization of the n-word. i met up predominately white mall and two black kids are running and one gets ahead of the other one and he says hey, n-word, wait for me. it's cringeworthy what's going on with our culture. we shouldn't single out bill maher for it. >> sean: when we come back it, we have a really, really important question of the day and the "hannity" hotline is back. back. your voice mails. dale. dale! oh, hey, rob. what's with the minivan? it's not mine. i don't -- dale, honey, is your tummy still hurting,
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>> sean: time for the question
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of the day. this unit have any credibility left? by the way, are they proud of their network?, @seanhannity on twitter. the hannity hotline. i can handle it. >> sean: by the way, thank you all. your kind words of support while i am under fire, you're contacting our advertisers with
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support has played such a big role. i cannot thank you enough. it has humbled me. you want to call? 877-225-8587. that's all the time we have left this evening. hopefully we'll see y you back e tomorrow. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" prayed for the third time in as many months, islamic terrorists have massacred british citizens. first, the truck attack outside parliament in march, that killed seven. then, two weeks ago, a suicide bomber murdered almost 2,000 manchester, many of them children, during the ariana grande concert. now come on saturday, three attackers screaming islamic slogans, mow down pedestrians with a van et ceter, then, stabbed and slashed the survivors. seven died, many more wounded. london bridge may not be falling down yet but there's more to it that isis has a plan for