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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 6, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> jon: we are back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. the >> harris: fox news alert. an attack on one of the most famous churches and all of europe. police investigating it as terrorism near the notre dame cathedral. here's what we know. a man when after a police officer with a hammer before that officer shot and mooted that man. hundreds of visitors were locked on inside the cathedral, tourists outside, whisked away to safety. covering this from london, benjamin hall. >> another day, another attack here in europe. we've seen far too many of them recently. what we know is around four: 40 in the afternoon in paris, a man with a hammer.
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it was only when he attacked a policeman, wounding him in the head the other armed policeman open fire. we know they shot him twice in the chest. that attacker is still alive. he's been taken off to hospital. we've seen the attacks happening again and again. it's a low-tech attack, using nothing more than a household appliance. this was not a soft target, but a very iconic target. the french reported -- this is ramadan. although it hasn't been confirmed that this was inspired by isis or directed by isis, it fits all of the models. the police response again incredibly quick in this case. they immediately evacuated the square. they pushed those who are near the cathedral back inside the cathedral. very quickly, this iconic squar square. they were told to put their hands in the air, weight calmly.
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this event is now fortunately over. france and paris in particular has upped its armed forces in the area, especially around major tourism spots like this. what we saw was -- we are seeing multiple attempts. this threat is very much still out there. the >> harris: after what we saw in london, people are getting the idea that that low-tech may mean hand-to-hand combat if you're caught in that situation. i'm interested to know with the feeling is now in yet another city as -- >> one of the respons political. are the police doing enough?
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a lot of the attacks we've seen have been known. someone was on channel four almost bragging about his allegiance to isis. on the ground, there is very much a sense that the people will move forward. they will go on, they will not be affected by this. the questions being asked of politicians is policing enough, are the counterterrorism groups doing enough, but also was this inspired by terror groups? >> harris: we remind everybody and paris, that nation has come up for a very long time now been on terror alert. thank you. >> sandra: another fox news alert. in the wake of what is being investigated as a terror attack in paris and on the heels of the deadly london bridge attack on
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thursday this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain meghan mccain, gillian turner, and today's #oneluckyguy, the chairman of the house oversight committee, congressman jason chaffetz is here and he is outnumbered. really good to have you. >> jason: glad to be back, appreciate it. >> harris: you been in the headlines. >> sandra: president trump making the most of his muslim ban last night, the president tweeting, that's right, we need a travel ban for certain dangerous countries. not some politically correct term that will help protect our people. this after criticizing his own just a department saying it should have stayed with the original travel ban, not the
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watered-down politically correct version they submitted to sc. our very own one lucky guy is slamming the judicial branch, accusing it of keeping the trump administration from protecting us here at home. explain where you're at. >> jason: the congress is actually increasing the funding, not only for homeland security, but for the department of defense. we have to understand that this nation, the number one thing we have to do is protect our nation. we have done our job and congress has actually made sure that the president has the ability to do his job. >> sandra: are his hands tied? >> jason: we have a handful of people in the judicial branch were making ridiculous decisions. the president has the responsibility to protect our country. i don't like when the president uses the word band because it's not a band >> meghan: everyone is massively confused right now.
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then we have president trump coming out and saying not only this a ban, but we should have stuck with the original one. people are confused and my understanding was that hang up with the courts right now is on this word. is he undermining his own progress right now? >> jason: my guess is the attorneys are looking at this and it complicates what's being done. it doesn't actually ban people, but it does go through extreme vetting. look at libya. give me a case that says in the formation of government, we can't have u.s. personnel there, why should we let anybody and from that country until we've
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actually vetted them? >> sandra: where are you at with this? is there a growing appetite for something here to back up the president's point? will he get more momentum behind this? >> gillian: i think an order for a successful counterterrorism strategy, we need secure borders and airtight vetting procedures for immigrants and refugees. i would argue that we already have both of those things, and i would argue tha from a policy perspective, to try and tie counterterrorism to immigration policy is a little bit of a false dichotomy. much like the right likes to accuse the left of tying shootings in schools to gun violence and gun rights. i think the right pushes back on the left and says you're doing this, i see the point.
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i don't think we need to stop something that has been a core part of our nation's functioning for centuries. in order to accommodate an increased terrorist threat. >> meghan: the problem there is a total lack of faith with those of vetting. this extreme vetting that everyone is talking about. i'm sorry, no one is going to sit here and say things are going great. >> gillian: none of those attacks happen in the united states. >> meghan: that's exactly the point. you're letting a floodgate of refugees. americans are sitting here -- i'm sick of the left, we are not in danger of that happening her here. >> sandra: one at a time. we listened yesterday to some republicans who are already saying, if there's another attack here at home, democrats are to blame because they are stopping things like the travel ban. >> harris: i want to add to what jillian was saying and kind of separate what's happening
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there. those countries that are on the list, it's not that the origin, if you will of the terrorism is coming from there, if you look at europe, what they are doing is they are going and getting radicalized in those countries that have absolutely zero governmental oversight. look at some of the countries on that list. you go there, you got radicalized to make it may be weapon eyes. you get your ideology on. that doesn't mean that that same spirit of ideology isn't going to happen here. there may be fewer of them. the job is bigger over there. >> gillian: to respond, the problem they are, the disconnect comes from the idea that radical ideology, radical islamic ideology comes from everywhere else in the world and is externally imposed.
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850 people have now traveled to iraq and syria to train with isis and return to the u.k. those are british citizens, born and raised. >> jason: the number one obligation we have two americans, i feel no compulsion to feel that i have to make sure that some libyan can come to the united states and for the liberals, it's a totally different paradigm. it was barack obama who is trying to loosen up the ronald reagan ban and make sure that libyans could come to the united states to study nuclear sciences. barack obama wanted them to be able to do that. why should we do that? we had to fight that back in congress, but i feel no obligation to make sure that some libyan, when we can do no
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vetting. by the way, we have to vet them. >> gillian: i'm 100% agreeing with you. we heard them saying we have no ability to check records, background, check schooling. anything. we've had hearing after hearing begging the administration to check their social media. >> gillian: don't you think that that is incumbent upon the executive branch and congress to come up with policies that adap adapt? >> sandra: that's a lot of time. >> jason: is one of the core reasons president trump was elected. [all talking over each other]
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>> gillian: tell me about a libyan terrorist who has executed a terrorist attack. >> jason: how about and benghazi? >> gillian: that's irrelevant. >> jason: are you kidding me? >> meghan: the problem right now, and england, you are seeing with the mayor of london and you're seeing it here as well. i'm saying this with the utmost respect for you. the idea that this is the new normal which a lot of people on the left are basically saying right now is not something americans are going to accept at all. i refused to accept the london mayor saying this is something that's normal, it's fine, london is the safest city. that is not some thing americans are going to accept. whether or not we want to say things on television. there are a lot of extremist muslims out there that don't adhere to the same ideology and religion that moderate muslims adhere to. the fact that we are going to sit back, the pc culture has had a fever pitch and it's why you're seeing people react the way they are. i'm sick of being told that
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having more extreme pause makes me somehow not compassionate to children refugees. that is a load. i'm sorry, sitting here, americans do not want to see what's happening in paris and london and england aren't happening here. i'm sorry, they have let and a lot of refugees, a lot of people into their country, and germany as we talked about many times here the sexual assaults against women were so bad they ran out of pepper spray. there is a correlation between letting people in and the rise are seeing right now. >> harris: breaking news him a situation in paris. the french imperial minister is speaking and here's what he's saying. it's just wrapping up, i should say. he's just walked away. he said that the attacker outside notre dame who went out with a police officer with a hammer was a saying this. he was screaming something as he was outside that church. he said it's for syria. we break and with that news as we learn more details about this
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and let's talk about it a little bit. we've got this list of countries. the point i was making earlier is you don't necessarily have to be a refugee from a country and in order to be -- 30 countries the islamic steak savages are operating out of now. it doesn't have to be the origin point, but it is a place that is where people can travel to and come back to these countries that are borderless. we want to make sure they're not coming from here. it's not always a refugee situation. maybe it's someone coming after their more inspired and radicalized. >> jason: we have to tackle the asylum-seekers. of course we are going to be a generous nation, but this country in the united states has no entry exit program. i go down to my subway shop and they can tell me how may times i've ordered the turkey sandwich. you can't tell how many people
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are exiting and entering the country. yet, it is current u.s. law that that is supposed to be in place. it's been funded. if we are going to learn anything from the boston bombing -- we had somebody who claimed asylum, then went back to the country. i sponsored a bill that says if you come here and claim asylum and go back to your country then you lose all those rights and privileges. we have got to understand who is coming in and out of our country. >> harris: a couple more details from the french interior minister who is speaking. yes, he was screaming it's for syria. he also had other weapons on him, apparently knives on him and he acted alone. that's what the french police are saying that they believe at this point. last we checked, he was wounded, shot twice in the chest, but is still alive. as we learn more, will report it. >> sandra: we will continue to bring all the latest on that attack in paris. republicans about to face a big
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>> harris: more details coming in from paris. the french interior minister just spoke a few minutes ago. we learn to some details that we want to let you know. the man who was taken down by that police officer that he went after with a hammer, we understand that he's still alive. we don't know what condition. he was a screaming it's for syria outside the notre dame church in paris. he had an addition to the hammer that he was trying to attack the police officer with and other bystanders as well, he also had kitchen knives on him. police believe he acted alone. what's the significance of that? remember, authorities have been telling us about the low-tech nature of some of these incidents and they've been monitoring a situation, trying to see what's connected. that low-tech speaks to the number of these that we are seeing and not necessarily the volume or the impact.
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a lot to watch for. we are on it, will bring you the news as it happens. >> meghan: president trump is set to meet with republican leaders today on health care as a new battle looms in congress. republicans are facing a make or break moment over repealing and replacing obamacare. senate leaders are reporting only the president tweeting this morning, big meeting today with the public and leadership concerning tax cuts in health care. while pushing hard, it must get it right. mitch mcconnell is saying the obamacare status quo is unobtainable. some democrats a short time ago not mincing words on how it will betray republicans who repeal obamacare. >> is going to result in higher premiums, and pre-existing conditions not being covered,
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it's going to result in grandma and grandpa in nursing homes with alzheimer's, not getting the coverage for their nursing home beds. by the way, i don't think the republicans at the end of the day want to be seen as voting to kick grandma and grandpa out of nursing homes and our country. >> meghan: i'm going to start with you, congressman. we have to show that we can get 50/52 votes. >> jason: republicans have two jobs. one is to repeal and replace obamacare, and the other one is to engage in meaningful tax reform. we have to get it done. we did get it done in the house. it took a lot of effort to get there, but now the senate has i it. >> meghan: do you see that happening again? >> jason: everybody wants to have their fingerprints on it. we all went to get it right, but
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what we are united behind is the idea that obamacare is imploding. look at arizona. we are more than 100%. people are living it. they know that we have the opportunity to change it we have to get it done. >> meghan: the question remains, how bad of a loss will this be if we end up not making it happen in the senate? we were on this couch during the rose garden photo op. i'm very superstitious. what do you think is going to happen? >> harris: it's tricky because you don't want a situation where you don't make it better and that's why you see senators rand paul and ted cruz calling for, you have to repeal and take this completely off the table. yet they are trying to connect with those more moderate democrats and tried to get their idea about, we'll do a repair with you, but that's what
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they're saying. today, ted cruz is looking at a situation where he and senator cornyn are running a legislation to do that across state lines. if those types of things can make it into a senate bill, if they can agree on some of those things and actually make things better, it's great. if they can't do that, it's political dynamite whether they get it done or they don't. if they make it worse, that doesn't get them anywhere. >> sandra: all differ my time to the congressman. if you don't get it right, every publicans don't get this done, what is the political fallout? >> jason: there is nothing magical that says it has to happen by july 4th, but it is frustrating that we didn't have this all worked out until last year. here we are in june, and now somebody is saying -- it baffles me. i really did support the earlier versions of it. i wish we could have the perfect
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bill, but it does a far far better than obamacare which is destroying people's lives. i have the greatest respect, but come on, grandma and grandpa, that is such sensationalism and it is ridiculous and not with the house bill does. it does provide access -- if they have a better idea and the senate, then come on. >> gillian: what if it doesn't pass out before the july 4th recess? is that the veil in the coffin or can i go forward? >> jason: it has to go forward forward.
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they would still have to get it done. if you go home and you have those town hall meetings, guess what, the situation gets worse and worse. >> meghan: the political capital you're giving to the left is paramount. with the senator, he is absolutely fearmongering by bringing up grandma and grandpa. asking that we somehow want old people to die. you've seen the frustration across the country. fearmongering has been frustrating. if we blow this, the political capital that would have been gone at this point, i don't believe it's recoverable. >> harris: you can't just let this explode or implode, tearing down one side. millions of people are caught in the middle. >> jason: that's where democrats are ultimately failed. they scare people, but they have no solution. that's why i think they lost so
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handedly in the last election from the presidential level down, they did not actually have solutions. >> meghan: the white house saying the president won't stop james comey's senate testimony on thursday. what can we expect when he finally breaks his silence? hi i'm joan lunden.
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dismissal and his conversations with president trump. it is not clear how much he'll be able to say. part of it is public and part is private. the senate intelligence chair is now asking to meet with robert mueller. he wants to talk about what is inbounds and out of bounds at that hearing. also, andrew napolitano says he does not expect comey's testimony to contain any bombshells. >> the last thing a prosecutor wants is a potential star witness in another environment under oath testifying for the prosecutor is not there. that tells me that bob mueller knows what jim comey is going to say. meaning whatever he says is not going to jeopardize any of the investigations that mueller is running. >> harris: there's a song playing any of the democrats are singing along. there is no evidence, there is no smoking gun. this is a dance that everett is
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going to go -- why even to this? >> jason: the first thing is, donald trump did do the right thing and not invoking executive privilege. barack obama invoked executive privilege. they inhibited our ability. number two, nobody has seen the documents. "the new york times" asserted this story, these so-called memos that people are saying are out there, but when i asked director comey, where are these documents? he said, i will not answer that. it really is a question. how are you going to question him about a memo when you haven't seen it? >> harris: it's not like he'll take it out of his jacket and say on producing the memos now. these were memos that he wrote to himself in those moments that he says the president was asking him not to investigate further michael flynn.
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>> sandra: what would be the most important question asked? >> jason: i want to know where those documents are. the oversight committee, which i'm tearing right now, we want to see the other memos. we have asked for the other documents if mr. comey had regularly done this, what about ledbetter lynch? what about all these other meetings? if he is going to produce memos about one specific meeting, then we would like to see all of them. i think we need to ask director comey why is it that you testified, i believe was on may 3rd, and front of the senate judiciary that there was no political influence that was being implemented here and why -- she's going to contradict himself. >> harris: do you think they'll get the answer in open forum? >> jason: come on, that's what
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you're frustrated about is it will be in a classified situation. you can't -- he testified, there is no political influence and the acting fbi director more recently testified that he has seen no evidence of any political influence. >> harris: why do you think they are doing both, a public and private? i understand the protocol of it, but i know you have thoughts about james comey. >> meghan: i can't stand him. i haven't been able to for a long time. i have very little faith that there will be things that we all find out from this. this is already scripted. my number one question that i want to know, i want to say, you are at the white house with president trump and he allegedly said please stop investigating general flynn, ease off this, when this happened, why didn't you alert the fbi?
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why didn't you say something the moment it happened? >> gillian: maybe he wanted to protect the president. >> harris: for not gets complicated because it's political. >> gillian: the other accusation that he was withholding it to use against him later was political. >> jason: if i could ask him one question, it would be when i was chairman of the oversight committee and we sent you a letter wanting you to investigate hillary clinton, did she lie under oath when she testified before congress, we think the answer is yes. he never responded. he said he couldn't do it and they still have not come back. the fbi has to give us an answer to that.
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>> harris: inside the beltway, it has
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