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tv   The Fox News Specialists  FOX News  June 6, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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they are not the problem, mr. president. like i said, these days, you ar are. good night. >> eric: i am eric bolling with kat timpf and eboni k. williams. we are "the fox news specialists" ." terror on the european continent as france falls victim with a jihadist yelling "this is for syria," a tax police at the notre dame cathedral. terror in australia. a somali born man killed one person and took another hostage. three police officers injured. the gunman had pledged allegiance to isis before he was shot dead by police in the third jihadist in the lodging terror attack is identified as youssef
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zaghba. terror every few days, no coincidence it's just a few days into ramadan. can't imagine what the next 18 days might ring. every day seems like we are talking about another attack. >> eboni: it's insane. what happened with paris this morning, certainly also questions. what is sad is that none of it seems surprising anymore. it's almost expected at this point, not to confuse that with comfortable or condoning it but it's almost expected that this is a way of life. >> eric: kat, every day, everyday we are opening the show and talking about either a terror attack that happened today were a couple days ago. ramadan. isis had said find your 72 virgins during ramadan. we have 18 more days of this. >> kat: if you ask nato list what's happened, i might miss one. it's a horrific thing. we have to get a handle on it. at the same time, keep the civil
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liberties concerns in mind. there is nothing to say other than that it's horrific. >> eric: let's meet our today's specialists. reported for "the wall street journal," covers politics from the united states to asia and africa and hosts weekly segments for barons and specializes in business and politics. shelby holliday. president of judicial watch, uncovered the hillary email scandal and is a "new york times" best-selling author and his specialty is being a government watchdog. we need more and more of tom fitton and he is here. to follow up on everything today, the war on terror must be waged as a real war with the real enemy, the enemy must be named. it is radical islamic terrorists. it's all hands on deck. see something, say something. some libertarians, hold your noses. we can't let the slime creep into the american streets. surely our lawmakers get this right. they want to fight terror, right? not lay down and rollover.
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let's hear one of those elected officials. >> it's very hard to prevent something like this in a free society. the only way to be fully secure is to lock everybody down, and i don't think any of us want to live in north korea. >> eric: let's not lock everyone down. let's not tighten up our security. congratulations, senator. you take the prize for the dumbest comment from a lawmaker in a very long time. kat, you may take umbrage. >> kat: i don't like the idea that civil libertarians want terrorism. we have a different view on how to protect against it. you can't keep everybody perfectly safe in a free society. that's true. that's true. >> eric: your thoughts on what the independent senator has to say. >> shelby: i don't think he's wrong but i think coming from a
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lawmaker, an elected official, you want to hear more resolve, more of a strength position. acknowledging what kat said is right. it's impossible to prevent. these lone wolves in many cases are known wolves, they are known to intelligence. if these guys are on the radar, u.s. intel, u.k. intel, they are flagged. how are they able to commit acts of terror? >> eric: i don't know. eboni, this is an important comment. we talk about the -- one of the jihadists who pulled off the attack in london was in a documentary called "the jihadist next-door." >> eboni: sometimes people aren't seeing something and saying something and nothing is being done about it. that's a different issue. this is where we can ramp up, as we were talking about yesterday, ramping up our ability to
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identify these people and capture them. >> eric: let's turn to our judicial watch guy. tell us how safe, how good are they at vetting the people coming into the country. >> tom: well, there is no vetting of people coming into the country, practically speaking. his instincts and the tweets are right. we need to broaden the list of countries of which we are asking countries of people coming in. we are not asking them, are you a believer in islamic supremacy is on. that is basic information we need to know. they could live but at least we are in record of knowing what they are coming in here for. if they come in here and begin agitating and begin doing abdication of violence, we have them on record as telling as otherwise. >> eric: your group specifically makes a lot of requests. you go to the government and say we as a people want to know what the government is saying. we want to read some of these things. talk to us about how much we don't know about some of the
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people coming into the country. >> tom: we know more than we want to let on. we ask, remember the orlando shooting, we asked for documents from local law enforcement there. they asked the fbi about omar matin and the fbi said he was not a terrorist. fbi director mueller, his fbi were telling people don't focus on islamic extremism, the three why? >> tom: because you have a politically correct attitude dealing with the threat we face in its uncomfortably -- uncomfortable because you have to focus on people. it's a world field that's political the wanting to overthrow our country and system. >> eboni: isn't true in the case of omar mateen, he was known. we watched him for a long time. i think maybe over ten months
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and ultimately he was let go. that's a separate issue. how do we address that issue? >> tom: if necessary, we've got to broaden the loss to allow for the picking up of people like this who are advocating violence or may be advocating violence. i wish they were -- there were terrorists we didn't know about. almost everyone of them we do know about. >> shelby: much like the terrorists in london, as atrocious as their acts were, donald trump's travel ban would have never prevented them from coming to the u.s. one of them was a british citizen. >> eric: isis directs jihadists if you want to follow what we want you to do, get into the american system through the refugee program. they instructed their people to do this. i think it's important that yes, see something, say something. there are going to be ones that
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are going to be homegrown but you have to at least lock up the borders. if you watched the show yesterday, aaron: hit the nail on the head about the type of crackdown we need to do to stop the terror threat here. >> if i was leading this operation, i wanted terrain warrants, terrorist warrants lia kick down every door of every possible terrorist. in israel, if you had knowledge of a terrorist attack, we are going to destroy your house. you don't deserve to live here if you have knowledge of a terrorist attack. >> eric: you change the dialogue, change the pc culture. >> shelby: of big challenges resources the fbi does not have the resources to put dozens of guys on one suspect who is saying crazy things online. at the end of the day, it comes down to money and personnel. if the fbi has a hiring freeze.
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>> eboni: it sounds hawkish, and people get excited. aaron is right and it's not even an extreme thing. i wish it would rain warrants. things required for a warrant. there's nothing wrong with a warrant if you have that in place. >> kat: warrants, that's fine. what's missing in this discussion which can create fear, and i'm not saying you shouldn't be afraid of terrorism. you should. we are doing a better job in this country than they are doing in europe. our vetting process is already better. it's chaos, the vetting process in europe. muslims do assimilate better here. whenever i say that, people go bananas. i'm not saying it's perfect. i'm saying it's a fact that they
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integrate better here. it's not fair to say. >> eric: here's the point. we are different and we still are different but you understand the donald trump was elected president. if hillary clinton was elected president, she planned for four times the amount of refugees to come in. we left in 116,000 last year. she was looking for 400,000 or 500,000. are we going to be safe if we let 400,000 or 500,000 refugees in? >> tom: no, and the obama administration admitted the vetting process was susceptible. president trump wants to put a pause on the refugee program so we make sure the vetting system will keep us safe and secure. that's why he's angry. he knows these guys are out there and there's no practical way of stopping them. they have a pathway in thanks to these recent court rulings and the lack of any secure vetting system to keep them from coming.
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we outsource the vetting to the united states and -- united nations. >> eric: let me address eboni's concerns. donald trump is trying to keep the place safe by executive order and we have two circuits who are saying no, not so fast. all he is trying to do is make the place safe. it's not as easy as one might think to do it aaron: : cohen suggested. >> eboni: you lay out perfect arguments to why president trum president trump's ban should be permitted, if only he would get out of his own way. the president's own words are holding up his ban. >> kat: not just during the campaign, after the campaign. saying we need a stronger ban.
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>> shelby: when you talk to legal experts, they will say it candidates a lot of stuff. they can get a little crazy. they played two extremes. but now that he's on the record as president. >> eric: is not a muslim ban. we can ban them over origin. >> shelby: president trump wanted to put a 90 day pause on travel. had the ban been implemented and executed, we would be at the end of 90 days and nothing's happened. >> eric: do we not get the mayor of london who said trump is not welcome here. just the mayor of london, i guess if trump is not welcome in london, also talking to 50% of americans who may be traveling to england or throughout europe, he would not want those as well. we're going to leave it there. the u.s. defensive to take the isis capital raqqa underway.
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in this very important news, "abc news" reporting that james comey will stop short of saying president trump obstructed justice when he faces the senate on thursday. we will break it all down in a few minutes.
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>> eboni: the u.s. backed offensive to take raqqa is finally underway. syria, kurdish, and arab rebel forces are reporting to breakthrough in the cities eased with prices launching attacks across the globe in recent weeks. will this battle marked a decisive turning point against the terror group? tom, i will start with you. we opened the show talking about how every single day it seems to be something worth coming from this terror threat. we have to do something different. do you think this is the difference? >> tom: this is a big remaining hold out for isis. if we knocked them out there, it would be significant. the question is, who is "we"? it's mostly kurdish but you have other groups involved.
2:18 pm
we don't know whose side we are on. if they are good guys are bad guys. we pretend to know but we really don't because i don't think many of our leadership understand the nature of the battle there in the middle east where you've got one group of terrorists who want to see us destroyed battling another group of terrorists and once as he is destroyed and we are taking sides. i hope we are on the right side. isis is a menace, but it's only a flavor of the month when it comes to islamic extremists. >> kat: that's what makes this different where any other war where the enemy is clearly defined. there will be people who both hate us fighting each other. we pick one or try to take on a leader and another group takes control, it's much more complicated. >> eboni: conventional wisdom would tell people the enemy of my enemy is my friend. >> eric: we got burned in syria by backing what we thought were the anti-assad rebels. ended up being a faction that evolved into isis.
2:19 pm
there are pictures, i think they are legit, with senator mccain standing with someone who he thought was a rebel but ended up being an isis fighter. let me explain some big about raqqa. for five years, we have known raqqa with not only the headquarters of isis but their training ground. for five years, we have known this and why haven't we gotten leveled raqqa? the pushback is that there's a lot of innocent people. give them three months. if you are innocent and you are not a supporter of vices, get out of raqqa. if you are still there in three months, we are going to make that place out parking lot. >> kat: wouldn't the bad guys also know? >> shelby: washington journal reported they have been preparing, isis has been preparing for this battle for a year. isis is known to trap civilians in cities when they know there will be a battle. it is tough to get them out. i will say there is some glimmers of hope in this speech
2:20 pm
when one battle. not only are we squeezing one of the last troubles but we seem with these attacks they tell their supporters to commit lone wolf attacks. they are getting slower and slower at responding and taking credit for the attacks. the communications have been disheveled. they are slow to respond. >> eric: what is different this time? >> shelby: a lot of them have been taken off the battlefield. >> eric: my point is, what are we waiting for? why was this not done years ago, months ago? >> shelby: you have to do it tactically. the u.s. is making a statement by backing forces rather than going in as american forces. >> eboni: president trump jumping into a dispute, threatening the coalition against isis. he is taking credit paper pushing seven arab states to cut off diplomatic ties with the country of qatar. they have been accused of supporting terror groups tied to iran. further complicating this, i want to go back to something
2:21 pm
eric said. the issue of civilian casualties. it is delicate and sensitive and people get feelings about it. you are right, shall be. is it just the cost of keeping us safe? >> shelby: if you talk to security experts, they say there are big issues that non-western societies have and one of them is we allow free speech. we allow people here to say anything they want about muslims, muslim majority countries and communities. that is part of living in a democracy. it's defensible. on the other hand, when you are in these war zones and killing civilians with groans and bombs, that's a lot less defensible. it >> tom: we are not targeting civilians. enemies pretend we are targeting civilians but the facts are we are targeting the bad guys and sometimes mistakes are made. no one is doing it intentionally. >> kat: if you are a dead
2:22 pm
civilian, you don't care if you are dead on purpose or not. >> tom: so we shouldn't bomb anyone because there's a danger of killing an innocent? we should defend ourselves. sometimes we use allies to go after them and my concern is we don't know who the allies are. we are worried about qatar being associated with the iranians. we have been playing footsie with the iranians for year. >> eric: may be less so now in the last five months. >> tom: probably more so than we want to be, even now. really troubling. >> eboni: the final note on this, kat i would like your tak take. even president obama making some news around circles of people criticizing him for the number of civilian deaths that came under his leadership. is it ever testified? >> kat: it should be a consideration. the fact that they are not our people doesn't mean they are not people. a lot of these conflicts may have gotten into for no reason.
2:23 pm
it's not like it's not understandable why people would be hesitant to get more involved in conflicts. this attack, they will use as a recruiting tool. >> eric: no one here is suggesting we indiscriminately bomb places that we think are isis strongholds. we are talking about the headquarters of vices, self-proclaimed headquarters of the caliphate and training ground. >> eboni: and give them an opportunity to get out. james comey set to face off on thursday. reporting that he will stop short of saying that president trump tried to stop the michael flynn probe. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit.
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>> kat: we are two days away from james comey's testimony to that senate intel committee. abc news out with a report this
2:28 pm
afternoon that says comey told associates he will not accuse the president of obstructing justice in the michael flynn probe. the report cites a source familiar with comey's thinking. charles krauthammer has laid out why that might be the case. >> if it were obstruction, then he's indicting himself. for not making a statement, for not bringing it out in the open. he can't say it's obstruction which is what everybody who wants to see trump destroyed is waiting to hear. what we will hear is something navigating in between saying it wasn't pressure. he was speaking on behalf of an associate, a friend. it could be interpreted in various ways. that's what i think is going to happen and that's why i think it's going to be a bust. >> eric: explain a little bit further. here's why charles is 100% right. 18 u.s. code number for talks about if you are a federal authority and you know of a felony and you don't report the
2:29 pm
felony, and here's the code. punishable by a fine of up to three years in prison. what he is saying is if he did say "i knew trump obstructed justice" and under oath a month or two later i didn't report the felony, he would be indicting himself to open himself to -- >> eboni: the day this all broke. you said if that's what he saying come he's got a serious problem because he testified to something very different than that a couple months back. and also, why didn't you say anything when it happened? >> shelby: eboni knows this, to obstruct justice requires intent, and i don't know if james comey could tell donald trump's intent. maybe he was joking. donald trump is certainly there to shake up washington and he says whatever is on top of his might and it's hard to say i
2:30 pm
know what you intended to say when you said that and maybe that's why james comey, i doubt that it's possible for james comey to say he obstructed justice. >> kat: do you think that's going to change anybody's mind? >> tom: we are talking about a democratic talking point. they have nine is president trump's president and he's allowed to doctor the people who work for him, including the fbi director, who answers. he's the top guy when it comes to press a prosecutorial decisions. he is the top guy when it comes to making prosecutorial decisions. he could have called the fbi director and the justice department, don't pursue it. >> kat: not if it's an investigation in him. >> eboni: he can't, no president can. >> tom: he can. >> eboni: he can't. >> tom: he is running the government. the answer to him. we are paying him to make these types of decisions. this is a lot of noise.
2:31 pm
>> eboni: he doesn't run the justice department. >> shelby: >> tom: the attorneyl reports to the president. he could direct the attorney general, don't waste your time on the flynn prosecution. >> eric: it happened. president obama. do you think it was coincidental that bill clinton boarded loretta lynch's airplane in arizona or do you think -- is there at least chance obama said why don't you meet with clinton? u2 are going to be in arizona. >> kat: this is what i don't understand. you are saying there's a chance when it comes to lynch but no chance when it comes to russia. >> eric: the attorney general still works for the president. >> eboni: the attorney general works for the american people. you have to get that right.
2:32 pm
>> eric: if the president points to the attorney general, even the president does something corrupt, the attorney general can bring charges. congress can impeach. >> shelby: with the president can do -- >> eric: hold on. the attorney general is independent from the president. >> shelby: the fbi director is but he can be fired by the president. it's becoming a huge problem for president trump. people look at the firing of comey as a red flag. that's why we are where we are and we have a special prosecutor and we are turning it into must-see television on thursday. people can't stop talking about the firing of james comey. >> eboni: i don't want anyone watching the show to walk away thinking any president, not barack obama, not donald j. trump, not a lincoln, can decide who was prosecuted. >> tom: he can direct the attorney general to prosecute
2:33 pm
people or investigate and then prosecute. obviously the attorney general has obligations to follow the law and not do anything inappropriate but the president could have a say. >> eboni: he can have a say. >> tom: he was expressing concern that the flynn investigation was going nowhere and they should give him a break. the fbi director didn't take it any other than evidently as his opinion. >> eboni: i don't think president trump obstructed justice. jim comey is not in the position to make the judgment. >> eric: kat, on thursday, whatever comey is going to take the stand, he's not going to say trump obstructed justice brady's not going to say there's any collusion between the trump organization in russia. he's not even going to say that russia affected the outcome of the election. can we move on? is it time? >> kat: not until it's complete. we haven't heard from flynn. flynn submitted a whole bunch of new documents.
2:34 pm
we should just wait until this is done. the best thing that can happen for trump, as you are predicted, there is nothing. people still have questions. if it were something the left were doing, you would have questions too. >> shelby: abc is reporting that comey will come to the fact that president trump is saying comey told him three times he was not under investigation. if comey disputes that, it will be big news. eric, you saw that the market reacted severely last time comey testified. this could be a big day not just politically but also in terms of the market. >> eric: tomorrow there are four intel heads that are going to testify as well. we are getting lost on waiting to see on thursday what comey is going to say. i think there is going to be a lot of news coming out of tomorrow's testimony. >> tom: i encourage president trump to release all the information so we find out what went on with obama spying on him, take the wind out of the sails of what these
2:35 pm
congresspeople are saying. >> kat: pressure is growing on justice ruth bader ginsburg to recuse herself from the trump travel ban case.
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>> eboni: welcome back to "the fox news specialists." our specialists today are shelby holliday and tom fitton. calls growing louder for justice ruth bader ginsburg to recuse herself from the trump travel ban case. in an interview she said this "i can't imagine what the country would be like with donald trump as our president. it could be four years for the country, for the courts, well, i don't want to contemplate that."
2:40 pm
those remarks have critics claiming that her personal bias would tilt her decision on the travel ban. gregg jarrett has a piece talking about why he feels she should recuse herself. i predicted this would be a problem when she came out and spoke politically about the election. here it is. >> eric: you did. a lot of jaws dropped when she did that. as you well know, the only way she's going to be able to be taken off the case is if she recuse yourself. she can't be told to get off. when she did that, didn't she open yourself up to judicial activism, judicial bias on everything that she decides that's a far right, far left debate, like this? trump travel ban, it's got his name on it. she already said i don't trust them, i don't like it. >> kat: she didn't think she would be in this position, which is why she said it.
2:41 pm
there was a couple people at the network that predicted it. i wasn't one of them. she clearly didn't think so. >> eboni: even if you thought trump was a long shot. >> kat: bad move on her part. people love her. she's a pop culture icon. the kids walk around in brooklyn with the little shirts. look at me and my cool shirt. she is very popular. i don't see any defense of her staying on. she has already shown. >> eboni: i think she has a serious problem. here's what her argument i think will be, i did say that. i did feel that way. i still don't like donald trump but i am such a supreme court justice that i can elevate and lift myself above my own partisan politics and still remain fair and impartial. >> shelby: she could argue that and once you become a supreme court justice, you get there because people trust your
2:42 pm
impartial decision making. i do think these statements undermine the trust we have. >> eric: don't go anywhere. i've got to call my girl. eboni, if donald trump said something as a candidate and you want told them to that standard with the executive order on immigration on the travel ban that he said when he was a candidate, aren't we saying the same thing about ruth bader ginsburg? >> eboni: let me answer this. if it were up to me and i got to make a decision, i would take off the case. i would. >> eric: recommending that she stepped down? >> tom: by her recusing herself, it doesn't mean i am saying i'm biased. it means i have said these things that pass my understand is the judge, as a justice, i can put it aside and decide the case indefinitely but i recognize if i were to participate in this, people would think the system is rigged that i am biased i don't want to
2:43 pm
undermine the judiciary. don't want to undermine the supreme court. for the sake of the rule of law, i'm going to step back even though i know i can decide the case fairly. frankly, i don't think she can decide the case fairly. given what she said, i would caution her that she stepped back. >> shelby: i have a question bread when president trump attacked the courts, the judiciary, when he attacked, as he did with the travel ban that the courts are being slow and political. does that make it tough or impossible for justices to be impartial because they are already -- >> eboni: i'm going to defend president trump your. he doesn't have a presumption of impartiality. he didn't run that way. we don't elect residents for their ability to be fair and impartial. the supreme court, the almighty highest court of the land is supposed to be apolitical.
2:44 pm
i think she stepped in it, eric. i set it at the time. this was going to come back to haunt her. >> eric: what she did versus what justice scalia would do as a conservative justice, he would talk about ideology, about "i believe in this or that." she went one step further and pointed at donald trump specifically, the man, not his policies. therein lies one opportunity for her to say hat tip to impartiality and i will step down. >> shelby: it makes it tough for her. if she recuse herself from this one case, that sets a precedent for other cases. >> eric: one can only hope. i have a better idea. ruth bader ginsburg, it's time to retire. go relax and hang out in florid florida. >> eboni: one of the country's biggest news organizations now
2:45 pm
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>> eric: media bias against president trump is run wild the days since the london terror attack with the president's blonde reactions on twitter provoking hysteria and the press. the president have back on twitter, writing: "the fake mainstream media is working so hard trying to get me not to use social media. they hate that i can get the honest and unfiltered message out." a report from the associated press about his response to london, saying "president donald trump can't be counted on to give accurate information to americans when violent acts are unfolding abroad." the media isn't attempting to hide its disdain anymore. the mainstream media doing it, and we saw the mayor of london saying donald trump, you are not welcome here. >> tom: you see the media,
2:50 pm
they obviously don't think the democrats are doing a good job so they they are going to be the opposition party to president trump. everything he says and does is met with derision by the media. they disagree and everything is an argument. there is always someone trying to catch him suggesting he said something wrong. he got something wrong -- he tweeted out it might have been a terrorist attack. he was wrong. but he's also right fundamentally on the issue of terrorism. >> eric: let's stay on -- >> kat: come on. are you saying he deserves no blame whatsoever in terms of people saying he can't be trusted to report accurately on terror when he hasn't accurately reported on terror. >> tom: conveying media links.
2:51 pm
it >> kat: so he deserves no blame for someone saying you can't trust him on how to report about terror when he himself has inaccurately reported about terror. >> tom: he has made one mistake reporting about a terrorist attack for the idea that the president of the united states therefore can't be trusted on any reporting or confirmation of terrorist activities. >> kat: i'm not saying he can never be trusted. you are saying he deserves no blame? >> shelby: he did not tweet about the times square car crash. that looked like it could be terrorism. he didn't say anything. that was an incident in the u.s. >> eric: what's the big deal if one thing he called something a terror attack that happened not to be. in the meantime, he reaches out when he tweets or hits social media 110 million people get the message. >> eboni: i like the associated press. it is one of the few i think remaining trusted news sources. i don't like that they did this. i don't like -- they can have the opinion.
2:52 pm
i do think the president is to blame for some of this presumption but to come out and say it. that he cannot be trusted on any of these issues related to terror. >> eric: do we hold the ap at the same standard, that if they make a mistake, that they will never be trusted again. >> eboni: they are perceived to be objective. this is too strong and broad. >> kat: i agree but it's also too strong and broad to say he deserves no blame for this reputation when he does. >> eric: he made a mistake. >> kat: he did. he made a mistake in the speech. when he talked about london, when he said the mayor said there was no reason for alarm one when he was referring to was the police presence.
2:53 pm
shelby, you pointed out there is is -- there are times when he has waited and there is times when you haven't. >> shelby: luckily we haven't had anything happen in the u.s., god forbid. but if and when, i would hope he could be trusted. i would hope americans can look to the president. i will say i've been talking to a lot of club supporters recently to get their temperature, see what they are thinking, and they cannot stand that the media keeps talking about president trump's tweets. they think it is overblown. >> tom: compare and contrast this honest mistake with the lies of the obama gang about benghazi. >> kat: why do you have to compare it to benghazi? there is nothingelevant. knowing lies is worse than a honest mistake. >> eboni: what do you mean,
2:54 pm
obama's gang? >> tom: hillary clinton, obama, susan rice. >> eric: susan rice went on five separate talkshows. >> eboni: i resent that, it has a racial connotation. >> eric: we will circle back with our specialists shelby holliday and tom fitton. don't go away.
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>> kat: time to circle back with our specialists shelby holliday and tom fitton. tom, what did you think of the leaks and all that happened today? >> tom: 4.5 million people have security clearances and it's no surprise that someone like reality winner -- it's a serious issue. too many people have access to sensitive information in the casual approach to leaking classified information just because you hate trump can be used to justify a lot of lawlessness that can put our law enforcement and risk. >> eric: how did she get classified clearance? >> tom: how do you track 4.5 million people's security clearances? it's an absurd process pray they
2:59 pm
can barely figure out the names and addresses of people who have security clearances, let alone investigate their social media. >> eboni: it's been a bit of a heavy day with our news. it is being reported that less american teenagers are working summer jobs. in the spirit of that, what was your first summer job, shelby? >> shelby: i worked at a frozen yogurt shop and then i was a nanny. >> eboni: tom. >> tom: retail, before macy's. >> eboni: oh, that's a retail shop. >> eric: i had a paper route. >> kat: i worked at a pizza and sandwich shop. >> eboni: i had so many. i sold chicken wings. >> kat: thank you to our fox news specialists shelby
3:00 pm
holliday and tom fitton and we thank you all for watching. make sure to follow us on social media at specialistsfnc on twitter and facebook. 5:00 will never be the same. "special report" is next. >> bret: republicans huddle up at the legislative session begins. they controlled the white house and both chambers of congress. why is moving the president's agenda so hard? this "special report" ." welcome to washington. i am bret baier. president trump and republican congressional leaders are trying to come up with the plant tonight to get the president's agenda flowing through the legislative pipeline. the legislative calendar closes and for the fiscal year and they are running out of days. main issues: health care and tax reform. the main challenge, getting g.o.p. lawmakers to come to


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