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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 7, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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so 93,650 families, 93,653 families paid $6.3 million in penalties instead of purchasing unaffordable obamacare health care plans or did not needs. obamacare is in a total death spiral and the problems will only get worse if congress fails to act. obamacare is a dead, i've been saying it for a long time. everybody knows it, everybody that wants to report fairly about it. the house of representatives has done its job, it's sent a plan to the senate and the senate's looking it over, i spend a lot of time yesterday with mitch mcconnell, a lot of great senators -- they happen to be republicans because we are having no help, only obstruction
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from the democrats. the democrats are destroying health care in this country. we have had no help, we will get no votes no matter what we do. if we gave you the greatest plan in the history of the world, you would have no democratic votes. it's all going to be republicans or bust. and the republicans are working very hard on getting a great health care plan. so now it is the senate's turn to act. and again, i hope they are going to act in a very positive manner. i can tell you the republican senators are trying very hard. the democrats are really in our way. we want millions of americans like raya and dan to have the quality and affordable health care that they deserve. they've been unfairly penalized for too long. lack of time.
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i want to thank you very much and to these great families, i want to thank you very much. >> president trump on the ground in cincinnati, making remarks regarding obamacare highlighting the effects on a couple of families who were no longer able to afford their obamacare premiums and as a result -- one lost a doctor, one was not able to continue to employ the numbers of people that he hoped to do so. because of the expenses of that particular program. you might have heard of that other large insurers are pulling out of the obamacare exchanges and a couple of states. it has really led to questions about the future viability of the program as it is now. of course the republican plan has passed the house and it is in the senate's court right now.
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i am jon scott, this is a fox news alert. president trump on the ground in the hawkeye stage, the state that voted for him in the election. he is set to address the nation's infrastructure. his plan is to improve it. >> melissa: that is after the quick remarks at the cincinnati airport where he addressed the affordable care act. we are covering all the news happening now. >> to the best of my recollection i have never been directed to do anything i believe is illegal, immoral, unethical and inappropriate. i do not recall ever feeling rushed her to do so. >> melissa: high drama and capitol hill as the nation's top intelligence officials face questions on russia and more. plus -- >> we are working very hard on massive tax cuts and we are working very hard on health care. i think we are going to have some very pleasant surprises.
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>> melissa: president trump laying out his legislative agenda. topping the list is health care. can republicans push through their plan? >> it's what we campaigned on and we have to deliver. >> melissa: and the mother of one london attacker now speaking out, she says her son was radicalized. it is all happening now. >> jon: we begin with this fox news alert as president trump visits a key swing state that helped him win the white house. trump is in cincinnati, ohio, have you ever been there? >> melissa: yes, absolutely. >> jon: he will talk about efforts to update america's infrastructure. welcome to the second hour of "happending now" ," the first hr was covered up by senate hearings. >> melissa: we were still here though. >> jon: we were ready for you. >> melissa: i'm melissa francis. >> jon: i'm jon scott. >> melissa: the president is expected to speak in a few minutes in cincinnati.
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he is trying to put the spotlight back on policy including health care reform. >> the last statewide insurer in the great state of ohio is leaving. they don't have any insurers, that means another 20 counties in the state of ohio will have a "no" health care plan. >> melissa: the name of the insurer he was talking about is anthem. >> the president is making his way back here to the buckeye state, you may remember he kicked off his big thank you to or after the election right here in the ohio river valley. he is coming back today to talk about a major initiative that would overhaul him infrastructure in our country, certainly one with america's heartland in mind.
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the president will talk about that needs to really revamp america's transportation system and in that spirit, he is talking about taking $200 billion in federal spending and leveraging that into a trillion dollar public-private revamp into the roadways, runways, railways, and rivers. rivers are essential in traffic and transportation in american commerce. white house economic advisor laid out why this would be a focus of the president's remarks today as well as the important to streamline the process to benefit us all. >> we want to cut the time frame from a 10-year approval process to two ears. the time delay really is an awful process. american citizens deserve something better. >> 12,000 miles of inland
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waterways in the u.s. the white house is also talking about infrastructure including a plan to privatize the nation's air traffic control system. that is obviously something that will get a great deal of attention as well, probably not a great deal on the remarks today. we expected to talk a great deal about these rivers. i will have those remarks are you coming up shortly, now back to you. >> jon: the first of two major hearings on capitol hill got underway this morning. today some of the nation's top intelligence officials testified before the senate intelligence committee. tomorrow, the highly anticipated testimony by fired fbi director james comey. earlier today, the director of national intelligence refused to confirm whether president trump asked him to push back on the russia investigations. >> we have reports of not once but twice the president of the united states asking you to
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either downplay the russia investigation or to directly intervene. >> i do not feel it's appropriate for me in a public session in which confidential conversations between the president and myself, i don't believe it's appropriate for me to address that in a public session. >> jon: let's talk about it with guy benson, fox news contributor. you could tell the knives were out, especially among democrats on the committee. they really wanted these national intelligence officials to say that the president pressured them. when admiral rogers got up and said never have i been pressured or asked to do anything unethical or unlawful or even inappropriate, that seems to kind of take the air out of that balloon. >> i think this is sort of a preview of what we are going to
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see tomorrow, trying to get out the distinction or the difference between what was asked, what was pressured by the president to these officials. from what i could gather watching the testimony earlier today, the two major officials, dan coats and admiral rogers, they did not concede or admit that the president asked them to try to intervene in some way with that investigation. they did deny any pressure from the white house or any orders or direction to do so. that's a distinction that viewers and i think citizens will have to make. was it inappropriate for the president to ask questions of comey, of rogers, dan coats, and is that different from pressuring them to do so?
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it's more of a great area on the former point. >> there is a report from "the washington post" that got a lot of play today suggesting that director coats told his associates that the president was pushing him to essentially go easy on the investigation of former general and formal national security advisor mike flynn. that's a big story in the post today. coats would not talk about his conversations with the presiden president. >> he wouldn't go into more detail about the talks that he had. that said, coats certainly didn't do much to help bolster the white house's position about this. by saying he wasn't comfortable talking about it, he left the door open for people watching that hearing to potentially conclude that there was a
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conversation that could be troubling. even though they both afford that they didn't feel like they were ordered or directed to pressured to do anything wrong, the fact that they aren't disputing or commenting on of those conversations happened is itself something that is going to disturb people. there is a long-standing protocol that the president is not supposed to ask about ongoing investigations that the fbi is conducting. as of now, there is very little evidence -- not any i know of that will counteract the reports we see that the president had these conversations are going to be troubling to so many people. >> jon: we will get answers tomorrow from former director comey? >> it's possible, it's likely tomorrow that he will say that he had conversations that made him uncomfortable. however, just looking at the public report that his
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associates are putting out there, it's pretty clear that comey is going to be open about the fact that president trump had conversations with him that he that violated these long-standing protocols and then the ball is a sort of in congress' court the fbi's court regarding what to do about that. >> jon: there is a difference between legality and propriety. they may say he pushed the envelope by asking them to do these things in a way that was an appropriate, maybe he didn't realize the implication of what he was asking him given the power dynamics at play, but did it ever cross into a scenario where people felt like they were being ordered to do something that might have obstructed justice, that is an important question. last point, the acting fbi director testifying and reaffirming his testimony from a few weeks ago that the russia probe continues unabated with no
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pressure and with adequate resources. that is an important piece to this as well. >> it is worth noting. we are going to have to say good-bye. thank you both. >> melissa: we are awaiting remarks from president trump now in ohio hoping to give get us n track despite the ongoing destruction of the russia investigation. we will take you live when the president steps up to the podium. plus, we were telling some employees to hit the road following companywide investigation. the troubling details revealed in those probes. and we are learning more investigation about the london attackers including the fact that two of them were on the radar for british authorities. how did they slip through the cracks? meanwhile, the mother of one suspect is talking about how her son changed. >> from his face, from his look i could tell there was a
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>> melissa: this just in on the london terror attacks as we now hear from the families of some of the suspects. one suspect mother trying to figure out what sparked her sons radicalization. >> with respect to my son, this is what i think. i don't know why, this is something that is constitutional. he demanded a lot of himself, he was very rigid with himself. but he could not succeed in being what he wanted to be, he needed an external structure they gave him security and that in post something on him that he would only have two -- i think this is what pushed him. >> david lee miller is live in london with more on all of this.
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>> melissa, this is rush-hour here in london, we are standing on london bridge, it is extremely busy. thousands of people now headed home, the bridge reopened on monday and you can see now in place behind me are barriers to prevent the type of accident that took place this weekend. as you point out, questions persist here in the u.k., how law enforcement failed to prevent this attack in spite of warnings about at least two of the three attackers. italian authorities say they alerted their british counterparts that she youssef a zaghba. u.k. authorities say he was not on their radar despite italian officials saying he was placed on a european watch list. the head of italy's police essays they issue the appropriate alert.
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>> we have our documents and because we are responsible people, we can understand the concern and suffering and the difficulty of those who were called to manage a complicated situation. >> more reports have surfaced concerning 27-year-old attacker khuram butt. a british police not confirming he actually took place in the documentary. >> jon: this fox news alert, thank you for that last report. president trump is making remarks on u.s. infrastructure in cincinnati, ohio. let's listen in. >> we love ohio. we remember ohio, oh, boy. it was supposed to be close, it wasn't close. so wonderful to speak on the shores of the very magnificent ohio river. we are here today to talk about rebuilding our nation's
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infrastructure, isn't it about time? spending money all over the world except here, we spend our money all over. we will do it using american labor, american energy, american iron, aluminum, and steel. [applause] we believe in the dignity of work and in the greatness of the american worker. i want to thank secretary purdu purdue, zinke secretary, and administrator for joining us today. we will keep our nation so strong and we will never have outside forces telling us what to do and how to do it.
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[applause] that would have been huge anchor for our country. i am also grateful that the governor could be here along with the lieutenant governor from kentucky. a great place. and the lieutenant governor from ohio, thank you very much. we are also very excited to be joined by top labor leaders of the united states, i have negotiated with these people for so long. they get the job done, right? together we are going to put our skills back to work. sean mcgarvey is here with us
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today, president of the north american building trades union. shawn took part in one of our very first meetings of the white house, that was a great meeting. he was there with us when we issued the long-awaited approval for that keystone xl pipeline which has started after years and years of stagnation. they said it would never happen. we are going to start it, it is going to happen, about 48,000 jobs. and that's just the beginning, we have many other things happening including the dakota pipeline which will also be happening very rapidly. we will also welcome the president of the united states iron workers and terry o'sullivan of the laborers international union of north america. i will probably say to you all today what i told our labor unions two months ago in
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washington. as long as i am president, america's labor leaders will always find an open door at the white house, we had a great day. we love our workers. we are also pleased to be joined by executives from marathon petroleum, see if industries, peabody energy, a.k.a. steel, nucor steel, scotts miracle grow, and many others who are ready to help us build the roads, bridges, tunnels and water raised of tomorrow. they are currently working very hard. a couple of the greatest builders in america. where are you guys, come here? come up here.
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these people aren't used to this, they like to build, they don't know about this. get up here. two of the great builders of our country, come here. [applause] >> i have to do this. >> do you want to say anything? they are not big talkers unless they are behind a desk. >> we are all fortunate to have the greatest builder in america, donald j. john. [applause] standing behind an infrastructure program which america sorely needs and is ready to implement. president trump, thank you. [applause]
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>> president trump: come here, get off the stage. that was a good job. these are great builders and we are watching and they are looking over our shoulders, believe me, they do not need the money, they are not doing it for that. i said make sure it's going to come in on time, under budget. ahead of schedule. on time, under budget and they are going to be watching and looking over some of the big jobs we have planned so it gets done properly. not these jobs that take 14 years to build, you've been hearing about them a little bit. that won't be happening, not in this administration. the american people deserve the best infrastructure anywhere in the world. we are a nation that created the panama canal, the transcontinental railroad, and the dash the great highway system, the interstate highway system. we don't do that anymore, we
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really don't. we don't even fix the old highways anymore. we are going to get them going again like it's never been before. these projects not only open new lands of congress, but inspire the immigration and of the dreams of millions and millions of people. we crafted monuments to the american spirit. it's time to recapture our legacy. to create new lanes of travel, commerce, and discovery and we are going to see all the way into the future and of the future is going to be beautiful and bright. in my campaign for president, i traveled all across the nation. i saw the crumbling infrastructure, i met with communities that were desperate for new roads and new bridges, bridges were so dangerous. they couldn't use them, they were worried they would fall
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down. you've seen that happen. i heard the pleas from the voters who wanted to know why we could rebuild foreign countries, we spend trillions and trillions of dollars outside of our nation, but we can't build a road, a highway, a tunnel in our own nation. we watch everything falling into disrepair. it's time to rebuild our country to bring back our jobs, to restore our dreams, and yes it is time finally to put america first and that's what i've been doing if you haven't noticed. [applause] while it's very early in the administration, i think everyone has noticed, right? we have noticed. people are noticing like they have never noticed before.
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we are already making historic progress. last month unemployment fell to its lowest point in 15 years. thank you. [applause] right now, more small businesses are planning to hire than at any point in the last decade. last week, the stock market soared to record highs, highest ever. your pensions and/or retirement accounts and those of hard-working americans have just returned from a trip overseas that secured more than $350 billion of military and economic investments into the united states. that means millions of jobs. [applause] and i want to tank the king of saudi arabia, we spent a lot of time together and they are doing a great job, going to be doing something very special.
10:29 am
you see it with terrorism, it's going to stop the funding. stop the funding of radical islamic terrorism. if they are to stop. they hosted over 50 all muslim countries, they said there has never been anything like it in our history, in the history of this world there has never been anything like what just took place two weeks ago in saudi arabia. i am very proud to be a part of it, and hopefully that can be the beginning of the end to this horrible situation that the world is suffering right now. we are going to put an end to it and we have to be very tough and a very, very vigilant. we are going to end it. [applause] in my meetings with foreign leaders from many countries, i
10:30 am
sent a clear message that america expects fair trade, a level playing field, and so many other things that we are demanding for our workers and our companies. every other company looks out for their interest, it's time that we finally start looking out for our interest in the united states. [applause] no longer will we sacrifice american jobs, factories, and wealth. the death of american prosperity has come to a screeching halt. a new era of american greatness is about to begin and you see it, it is already beginning. we are going to restore america's industrial life. the barges have been waiting for us to say hello. hello, captain. put up that big, beautiful
10:31 am
american flag. creating the jobs and space to put new infrastructure all over our country, it's happening. to achieve our full economic strength, we must repeal and replace obamacare. [applause] since obama cares implementation began, premiums have increased by an average of 75% in kentucky and 86% in ohio. it just yesterday, we learned that the last statewide insurer in ohio is leaving, you heard about this. bye-bye, wave good-bye. what a mess. that could mean another 20 counties and 19,000 people will have no plans. the house of representatives has done -- house of representatives has been working very hard,
10:32 am
passing along an obamacare replacement bill. now it is time for the senate, mitch mcconnell working very hard to act and save americans from this catastrophic event, because obamacare is dead. obamacare was one of the biggest broken promises in the history of politics. remember you can keep your doctor, keep your plan? didn't work out that way. you end up paying not to have insurance because it was cheape cheaper. but there is another major promise that washington has repeatedly broken and that is the one where we are here today, a promise that has gone unheeded, called restoring america. restoring our country. the promise of a safe, reliable and modern infrastructure has not been kept, but we are going to keep it.
10:33 am
american lives and livelihoods depend on our actions. that's why i am calling on all the democrats who honestly have really been obstructionists. a boy, have they tried. every single thing. i won't get one vote on health care, obamacare is crashing, it's dead, it is in a death spiral as the head of one of the biggest insurance company said, it is in a death spiral. we are coming out to do good. we won't get one democrat vote. they are just obstructionists, every single thing is obstruction. i don't think -- honestly, if i were in that party, i wouldn't be doing it that way. i would be doing positive things. that's why they lost the house and the senate and the white house. people don't want to see what's going on, they want to see us all come together but i just don't see them coming together. they are obstructionists.
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i am calling on all democrats and republicans to join together if that's possible in the great rebuilding of america. america's industries, businesses, and jobs depend on rivers, runways, roads and rails that are in dire and even desperate conditions. and millions of american families rely on the pipes, pumps, they are on the verge of total failure and collapse. we are pleased to be joined today by representatives from many industries that depend on a truly critical component of our nations infrastructure. for 12,000 miles of inland waterways. we have farmers, coal miners and by the way, those coal miners are happy. they liked trump, they like
10:35 am
trump. we are going to have clean, beautiful air, clean, beautiful water. you will have your jobs also. you're going to have your jobs. may be more ever before. i want to salute each of you for the work that you have done and maybe more importantly for the work that you are about to do because it is going to be a beautiful thing. these citizens know firsthand that the rivers like like the beautiful ohio river carry the lifeline of our heartland. i am very proud that behind us today are those 12 barges, west virginia, do we love west virginia. west virginia filled with west virginia coal and next week
10:36 am
we are opening a big coal mine, one in pennsylvania. a new one, that hasn't happened in a long time, folks. we are putting the people and the minors back to work. the contents of 19 barge boat like the one behind me carries the equivalent of 1,000 semi tractor trailers. people don't realize it but they do now. roughly 60% of united states grain exports travel down these waterways to the gulf. more than half of all the american steel is produced more than 50 miles of where were standing right now and the production depends on the inland waterway system and wait until you see what i'm going to do for steel and/or steel companies. we are going to stop the dumping
10:37 am
and all of these wonderful other countries from coming in and killing our companies and our workers. you'll be seeing that very soon. the steel folks are going to be very happy. up to 25% of the nation's cargo relies on these channels and the refineries are along their shores. these depend on a dilapidated system of dams that is more than half a century old. their condition as you know better than anybody is in very bad a shape, it continues to decay. capital improvements of the system, which are so important have been masterfully underfunded. there is an $8.7 billion maintenance backlog that is only getting bigger and getting worse.
10:38 am
last december up the ohio river near pittsburgh, one block built more than 50 years ago had to be shut down for five days due to hydraulic failure and you know what that means, five days means everything comes to a halt. we simply cannot tolerate a five day shutdown on our major thoroughfare for american coal, american oil, and american stee steel, which is going to give more and bigger. america must have the best, fastest, and most reliable infrastructure anywhere in the world. we cannot accept these conditions any longer. a few years ago broke from its hinges on the ohio river in kentucky. it took nearly five months to repair. do any of you know about that? it wasn't a pretty picture, right? i don't think so.
10:39 am
in 2011, a massive section of canal wall collapsed near chicago. delaying everything and it seems like forever. great american businesses like land o'lakes witches here today from minnesota -- where are you, stand up. good stuff. the lock and dam systems they rely on are no longer dependabl dependable. i am here with a message for you. and for all of the great businesses that are gathered with us and maybe more importantly because that is what it's ultimately about, those businesses workers. together we will fix them, we will create the first class to infrastructure our country and our people deserve. my new vision for american
10:40 am
infrastructure will rebuild our country by generating $1 trillion in infrastructure investment. our infrastructure program, as of a few months ago, we spent $6 trillion in the middle east. along with the death of so many incredible people. along with all of the other problems that you've been watching every night on television and reading about. $6 trillion and yet if we want to fix a road or fix our school or make sure that a bridge doesn't collapse, forget about you are building new ones, we don't ever seem to have the money.
10:41 am
that's got to change, folks, that's got to change. if something wrong. [applause] our infrastructure program will be based on forging new partnerships and demanding new accountability for every federal taxpayer dollar. under this vision, the federal government will drastically reduce burdens and regulations which we have already been doing, we have more to go but it is growing rapidly. i think when people tell me i am doing the largest tax cut in history. people are more impressed with the fact that i've cut so many regulations. if they had their choice, nobody would've believed it. we are getting rid of the regulations and we are massively streamlining the approvals and the permitting process. already, my administration has expedited environmental reviews and critical energy projects all
10:42 am
across the country. we've been getting approved so fast, thousands and thousands of big jobs, big jobs. i am talking about project type jobs, thousands of them. are being approved rapidly. they are not going to be approved if they are not environmentally sound but we will tell them. thousands of jobs are being approved all over the united states. i am very proud of it. [applause] it hasn't been that easy, has a? but he likes it, he likes to see people go back to work. and he likes to make sure that the environment is perfect and clean, i want to add that, too. i am pleased to announce that the dakota access pipeline which i just mentioned is now officially open for business, a
10:43 am
$3.8 billion investment in american infrastructure that was installed and nobody thought any politician would have the guts to approve that final leg. i just close my eyes and said "do it." [applause] think of it for a company's standpoint, they build this massive pipeline, and they are stopped. and i said "that's not fair." and you know what, i approved it, it is up and running and beautiful. everybody is happy, the sun is still shining, the water is clean. when i approved it, i thought i would take a lot of heat and i took none. people respected that i approved it.
10:44 am
i take so much heat for nonsense that it probably overrode it. [applause] like a decoy. america built the golden gate bridge in just four years and of the hoover dam in five years. it should not take ten years to get approvals for a very small little piece of infrastructure. and it won't. because of under my administran it will not happen like that anymore. we will work directly with state and local governments to give them the freedom and flexibility they need to revitalize our nation's infrastructure. at least $200 billion of the $1 trillion plan will, from direct federal investment. working with states, local governments and private industry, we will ensure that
10:45 am
these new federal funds are managed by significant additional dollars for maximum efficiency and accountability. i have people watching over each one of these jobs and every penny will count. taxpayers deserve the best results for their investment and i will ensure that this is what they get. the stimulus package, of which only a tiny 7% went to infrastructure. and much of that was just wasted money, you folks up front know what i am talking about. the great infrastructure plan, nobody saw any money. shovel ready wasn't shovel read ready. we are not going to repeat that mistake, that is not going to happen again. instead our plan will help states and local governments prioritize their most pressing infrastructure needs, building
10:46 am
transformative projects that create a flood of wealth and opportunity for every part of our country, especially rural america. the companies here today are prepared to work with us, and these are great companies today. they are going to work with us to make sure the right infrastructure gets built and funded quickly and it is going to be in the right location, everything about it is going to be right. businesses like these are ready to invest and create jobs, we have been waiting for a responsible partner in the federal government. you've been waiting for a long time. now you have one. [applause] i want to thank all of the great workers for being here today, i want to thank all the great business leaders, you have some business leaders that are legendary people in the audience. running massive companies and being slowed down, but now they will be able to speeded up.
10:47 am
not only are we going to repair much of the depleted infrastructure, but we are going to create brand-new projects that incite and inspire, because that is what a great country does, that is what a great country has to do. america wants to build. across the nation, our amazing construction workers, steelworkers, i am workers, electricians and so many others are just waiting to get back to work. with the talent and skill they represent, which believe me, i grew up in the building business, i know the talent end of the scale and of the courage and everything else that they have, there is no limit to what we can achieve. all it takes is a bold and daring mission and the will to make it happen. two centuries ago, one american governor had a vision and a wil will, his name was governor
10:48 am
dewitt clinton. he dreamed of a way to connect the atlantic ocean to the west. he wanted to place in new york city at the very center of worldwide commerce. he took the idea to washington but president thomas jefferson-great president-didn't agree and dismiss that concept is total madness. i'd like to thank and -- all the people that helped, so much at that incredible event and i think that jefferson simply understood who he was and who he was dealing with. if you want a new yorker to do something, just tell them, like our great past governor, that
10:49 am
it's impossible to do. the governor didn't give up and new york state achieved what they thought was the impossible. and when the erie canal opened in 1825, he was on the first boat. he personally deposited a bucket of water from the great lakes into the new york harbor. the new canal exceeded even the governor's bold mission and dramatically reduce the time and cost required to transport goods from the heartland. as a result, new settlers rushed into the midwest, including two right smack here. probably some of you, indirectly. definitely some of you. just as the daring dreams of our ancestors open new paths across our land, today we will build dreams that open new paths to a better tomorrow.
10:50 am
we will see new jobs leading to the heartland into new products and new produce. we will buy american and we will hire american. we will not be content to let our nation become a museum of former glories. we will construct incredible new monuments to american grit that aspire wonder for generations and generations to come. we will build because our people want to build and because we need them to build. we will build because our prosperity demands it. and above all, we will build because that is how we make
10:51 am
america great again. thank you, god bless you. go out there and work, you are going to see some amazing things happen over the next line period of time. thank you everyone, it is a great honor to be with you. thank you. ♪ >> jon: while much of washington is roiling with rumors and discussions about president trump and other members of his administration and former members, the president has gone back to the part of the country that gave him the election, in this case the state of ohio. you heard his speech there, talking to folks in cincinnati about his plans to continue to lift the american economy. new coal mines are opening in places like pennsylvania, a big supporter of american steel, iron, and aluminum.
10:52 am
touting the dakota access pipeline that is just been completed and he is now pumping oil. the president has delivered to the folks of the midwest on his promise to make america great again. it seems like a day when leaving the problems of washington behind is probably good at tonic for the president, a very hearty welcome from the crowd there. there are of course new and other accusations bedeviling him. at some of which we are going to hear about tomorrow when the former director of the fbi who he just fired, james comey is going to testify in front of a committee. also today there was testimony in front of another senate committee, the senate intelligence committee by some of the leaders of the nation intelligence service. melissa? >> melissa: british voters go to the polls tomorrow to choose
10:53 am
their parliamentary leaders. after two attacks in two weeks, prime minister teresa mays conservative party is favored but the polls are tightening up. >> this is looking like -- i'm trying to think of the appropriate metaphor. it's looking like the blitzkrie blitzkrieg. jeremy corbin and the labour party have put up much more of a fight than anybody was anticipating, they may even surprise themselves to be quite frank. >> melissa: senior foreign affairs correspondent design in london. >> terror and security have been major issues and tightening up parliamentary election here in the u.k. putting that issue at front and center in this campaign, whether in fact the government should have done more to stop them.
10:54 am
prime minister theresa may taking a lot of heat, it did happen on her watch, she called today in the last day of campaigning for new strict antiterrorist measures. jeremy corbin is piling on, criticizing her for cutting police levels, but he has been criticized on the terrace security front for being too soft on terror. president trump is being injected into the campaign, he had knocked it via twitter the london mayor in the wake of the attack, corbin another people in the labour party are criticizing that. prime minister may is staying far away from that.
10:55 am
there have been stumbles on the campaign trail, corbin has been a little bit better. in fact, it is a tighter race. the white house and others probably are looking very closely at what is going on here right now. back to you. >> melissa: thank you. >> jon: now this fox news alerts, we are getting our first look at fired fbi director james comey's testimony in front of a senate committee that is due to come tomorrow. his written opening remarks released moments ago in advance of his impairments in front of the senate intelligence committee. some interesting stuff in these remarks. >> fascinating, we are trying to digest it as a just came in. about a minute and a half ago, . this is the opening testimony for james comey. what he does here, this may not be publicly what he says, it is
10:56 am
for the record, and it looks like he goes chronologically according to this document that has been released about his meetings and interactions with president trump. the thing that jumps out at first is that his first meeting is january 6th before the inauguration at trump tower, something we had confirmed on background that they had met and talked about that dossier. and the fbi director saying the personal sensitive aspect ofinfy thought it was important he stayed behind by himself to detail this material, not that they found that it was verified. they said it was unverified and salacious but they that the president should know about it. of the director of national intelligence asked him to do this portion of the briefing, they stayed behind to brief the president directly on that. from there, he goes chronologically onto all of the meetings with the president that
10:57 am
he has recollection of. as we are sifting through this, we hope to get to the part where he discusses that meeting or those meetings where president trump has said that the fbi director told him he was not a target or a focus on the investigation and also whether there is any indication in here, and we haven't seen it yet, that president trump pressured him to give up the michael flynn investigation. just getting through this right now, as this hour comes to an end, we are sitting and waiting for those bombshells. >> melissa: if i can jump ahead, i am reading as you are reading, i got to read the document while you were trying to talk. at the very beginning, he talks about the fact that he decided on his own to let president trump know that he wasn't the target of the investigation, they decided
10:58 am
ahead of time that they wanted to reassure him. before he even asked the question. he gets to the michael flynn part, and he says that the president began by saying he wanted to talk about michael flynn. he goes in and says "he is a good guy and i hope you can let this go." "i did not say i would let it go." the president returned briefly to the topic of leaks, he said he went outside and started making the memo afterwards. another thing i notice before we got to that point in the document, i think it's around page two, we talk about the fact that when they sat on a dinner, president trump said to him "have you thought about whether or not you want to keep your job." and he replied "we'd already talked about this, i already said it, i thought of this is a
10:59 am
way of him opening up the line to patronage." there is a lot in this document. >> jon: also noting that he said he is creating records as he is talking to ensure accuracy, i began typing on a laptop in an fbi vehicle outside of trump tower the moment i walked out of the meeting. creating written records after my one-on-one conversation with president trump. >> melissa: obviously, we are going to be drilling down on this document and looking at everything. i would say this is his recollection, he is going to be testifying, president trump has disputed some of these facts as they have been in the news, it will be interesting to see what he says now. the last time comey testified, he came out afterwards to take back some of the things he said. this is going to get ugly.
11:00 am
we've got to go. >> jon: we do, we are going. we'll have more here. >> going to be a fascinating day tomorrow. testimony from a former fbi director. >> melissa: thank you for joining us. >> jon: "america's news headquarters" starts >> we begin with president trump in ohio making a personal push for health care reform. our commander in chief >> premiums have exploded by an average of 86% in ohio and 75% in kentucky just yesterday we learned that one of the largest insurers is pulling out of ohio. in kentucky, seven carriers have exited the state since obamacare was


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