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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 8, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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[laughter] >> kimberly: we love you just the way you are. >> chris: thank you so much for having me here. that's it for us. coverage of today's testimony continues right now with sean hannity. >> sean: many thanks to our friends on "the five." welcome to "hannity." we are live tonight until midnight. former fbi director james comey's testimony is a huge victory for donald trump today. and a massive defeat for the democrats and of course, the propaganda media. there are also some legal aspects to say james comey may have broken the law. jay sekulow low will weigh in later tonight. also donald trump jr., laura ingraham, john solomon, sara carter, all join us but the truth and the biggest takeaways from today's congressional hearing. this is information you will not get anywhere else in the media. it's important and it is tonight's opening monologue.
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here is what we learned today from james comey's testimony. the president of the united states never obstructed justice and in fact, the president actually encouraged the fbi director to go forward with any and all investigations into campaign associates and involvement with russia. james comey confirmed several times that the president in the white house did not ask him to stop the russian investigation. comey said multiple times that president trump was not under investigation and why did he only save us today? why couldn't the fbi director come out sooner? we will answer that question tonight. we also learned that james comey selectively was leaking information to try to damage the president, so-called champion of law and justice -- who would ever do that to the president of the united states? the district from media and democrats were all proven to be
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completely wrong about their russian clues and areas and they were exposed to the be lying to you for almost ten months. at the indictment of the obama administration and former attorney general, loretta lynch. comey admitted that she was able to pressure him into toning down his own language when speaking publicly about hillary clinton's email investigation. wow. we will do a deep dive into that. i want to go back to several things i said about james comey right here on this program on may 9th, the night he got fired. the reason it's so necessary to do this is -- you cannot look at today's testimony as some of the media are as this little bubble. equal justice under the law. comey failed you, the american people, at every single turn. he disrespected our constitution. he didn't care about equal application of the rule of law.
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he created a two-tiered justice system. one for hillary and bill clinton and one for the rest of america by ignoring the many, many crimes we know she committed. remember when comey laid out everything that was found on hillary clinton's private email server, that she stuffed in a mom and pop shop? bathroom closet? that had top-secret classified and even special access program information on it? take a look at this. >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of classified information. several email chains concerned matters that were top-secret special access program at the time and were sent and received. anyone in the position of those with whom she is corresponding about those matters should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. none of these emails should have been on any kind of unclassified
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system. but their presence is especially concerning because all of these emails were housed on unclassified personal service, not even supported by full-time security staff like those found at eight seasoned departments of the united states government. >> sean: comey literally explained that hillary clinton broke several laws and committed several felonies but then what we saw him do what he started to play politics instead of doing his job. for the record, if you or i set a fraction of what hillary clinton did, we would be sitting in a jail cell like the guy behind bars for a year -- he took six pictures inside the submarine he was so proud of working in? the pay to play scheme, the uranium one deal. hillary clinton gave away 20% of america's uranium. by the way, here's a real russia scandal.
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why didn't comey bother to investigate or look into any of these things? the answer is simple and continues to be exposed. sadly, james comey is nothing more than a partisan and political hack as i said on the ninth. his testimony proved that. let's start with comey's motives. from the very beginning, it was clear he was seeking revenge and was only out to create smoke and confuse people and confuse the issues around all of this. comey admitted he was bitter and upset about being fired, disgruntled and being called out by the white house for failing miserably at his job. and then there is this exchange which shoots down any narrative of obstruction of justice. it's gone. finished. take a look. >> he said i hope. like me, you probably -- and hundreds of cases -- charging people with criminal offenses, you acknowledge the thousands of cases out there were people hav. do you know of any case where a
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person has been charged for an obstruction of justice or for that matter, any other criminal offense where they said or thought they hoped for an outcome? you may have taken it as a direction but that's not what he said. he said i hope. >> sean: wow. amazing. we are putting the law up on the side of the screen and as we noted last night, if comey thought they were crimes being committed, he had a legal duty to come forward immediately but comey did not do that. there's the obvious question everybody is asking. during this conversation with the president that comey was so apparently troubled by, why didn't he just get up and say mr. president, i think this is inappropriate? i think this is wrong? watch this exchange. >> why didn't you stop and say mr. president, this is wrong, i cannot discuss this with you? >> great question. maybe if i were stronger, i
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would have. i was so... stunned by the conversation that i just took it in. >> sean: it may be if i was stronger? that's his job. if comey was so concerned about the president and told the attorney general that he didn't want to be left alone in a room with him? why did comey continue to take the president's calls after all this had allegedly happened? there is this revelation from comey, watch this. pretty amazing. >> director comey, did the president at any time ask you to stop the fbi investigation into russian involvement in the 2016 u.s. elections close to mike >> not to my understanding, no. >> did any individual working for this administration including the justice department asked you to stop the russian investigation? >> no. >> sean: so many lies told to
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you by the media. comey admitting nobody asked him to stop the russia investigation. let's move onto the next major point. after comey was fired,d to leako the press. this is so unbelievably inappropriate. and maybe a violation of law. we will ask that question later. >> did you show copies of your memo to anyone outside of the department of justice? >> yes. >> to hume did you show copies? >> the president tweeted on friday after i got fired that i better hope there's not tapes. it didn't dawn on me originally that there might be cooperation for our conversation. there might be a tape and my judgment was, i needed to get that out into the public square. i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. i didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons but i asked him to because i thought that my prompt the pointman of the
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special counsel. i asked a close friend of mine to do it. >> who was that? >> a good friend of mine who is a professor at columbia law school. >> sean: the fired, disgruntled ex-employee linked details of his memo hoping thatl counsel? this is beyond ridiculous and inappropriate and by the way, it shows you how calculated and political this guy really is. what else did comey leak before or have others leak? the only thing that wasn't leaked in all of this is the fact that president trump was not under investigation. he was told three times. this is likely to have been done on purpose. and finally, the biggest bombshell revelation from today. the former attorney general lynn loretta lynch was able to influence call me in the clinton
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investigation. watch this. >> the campaign was using all kinds of euphemisms, security review, matters, things like that for what was going on. we were getting to a place where the attorney general and i were going to testify and talk publicly and was she going to authorize there was an investigation? she said yes, but don't call it that. call it a matter. i said why would i do that? she said just call it a matter. >> sean: not an investigation. it's a matter. what about the meeting bill clinton and loretta lynch had on the tarmac at a private jet? what'd they talk about before she made her decision? that's a huge scandal here in abuse of power by the clinton administration. how is that not obstruction of justice and why didn't comey come forward and report that? that he may break the law?
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we will ask our legal experts throughout the show. why didn't comey create a detailed memo about this conversation? there's a massive double standard. comey let something like that happen with lynch but is now trying to go after president trump. his biases are so extreme, so many other examples. comey testified he took detailed memos of all of his conversations with president trump. he didn't trust him and thought he might live but he didn't do the same thing to president obama. comey also never put hillary clinton under oath when she was being interviewed by the fbi and never demanded that her conversation be recorded. comey was desperate to come out in clear hillary clinton's name but he refused to do the same thing for president trump. he told the president three times he wasn't under investigation. finally tonight, we have been saving this one for you on purpose. after so many months -- not ten
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months -- of endlessly pushing back all of these black helicopter tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, what did we learn today? there is no such thing as a trump-russia collusion. the media has been endlessly, breathlessly lying to you night after night after night, day after day. they even had to admit it today. of course, the big network of black helicopter theories and tinfoil hat conspiracy is nbc. even their own chris matthews, listen to this admission. >> the assumption of the critics of the president, of his pursuers you might say, is that somewhere along the line in the last year, the president had something to do with colluding the russians. feeding their desire to effect the election in some way. some role they played or some conversation he had with michael flynn or paul manafort but what came apart this morning was that
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theory. in two regards, the president said, go ahead and get any satellites to my operation and mail them. i'm with you on that. he also -- comey said that basically, flynn wasn't central to the russian investigation. >> sean: a moment of enlightenment, even for chris matthews. it all came apart today. in any admission about trump trump-russia collusion. we were the only ones in the media that cared about looking into this deeply and telling you, the american people, the truth and not going with lies and innuendos and propaganda and misinformation. because they were advancing a political agenda. the same media that colluded with hillary clinton in the last election, as exposed by wikileaks. we have been right night after night after night. these idiots in the media,
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almost all of them, have been flat out wrong. all conspiracy theorists, time in and time out -- guess what? it's time for those so-called journalists, the superior attitude -- maybe they should take off their tinfoil hats and put their black helicopters back in the hangers. it's over. we have been exposed for the liars you are to the american people. it is sad, all of you have been doing all of these months without any evidence that we have been showing you. a person after person saying no evidence of collusion. he still kept running with a false narrative. joining us now with reaction, president donald trump's son, on a twitter rampage today -- donald trump jr. welcome back. give me your general thoughts. i obviously said a lot there. >> you probably covered it all in that monologue. >> sean: gee, thanks a lot [laughs]
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>> this has been a ten month witch hunt. this is what they did to distract him. now, he can go back to doing what he promised he was going to do. no clouds. nothing getting in his way. he can go back to doing the things he said he was going to do for the american people. putting americans back to work. putting america first. and getting us out of these stupid deals that america pays for and everyone else seems to benefit from but us. >> sean: don, maybe you are a bigger man than me but politically, they have been trying to take him out. there has been so many lives here. not only did he not encourage comey to stop, he encouraged him to go forward with the investigation. even satellites around him, the people that are close to him and his campaign and elsewhere. he never was being investigated.
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comey would never tell anybody. >> he would never mention that. that's literally the only thing that has been leaked in d.c. during this time period. he was never under investigation. never a shred of evidence he did this. this is what they hung their hat on for this long. that's scary and sad to me. >> sean: three specific cases i think comey was a political hack. incontrovertible overwhelming evidence about multiple felonies committed. he never pursued it. he said we don't have the intent. meanwhile, you have a server in a private mom and pop shop, a closet bathroom? that is intent -- that's mishandling of classified information. then the uranium one deal. a real russia scandal. and then this loretta lynch issue, meeting on the tarmac with bill clinton before she makes her decision and then the bombshell today, please, don't
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call it in investigation. call it a -- what's the word she used? material, whatever she said. >> the double standard between he handled that with loretta lynch and the way he handled my father, that shows you how politicized this has all been. his credibility in d.c. has to be shot because that shouldn't be happening. this is the head of the federal bureau of investigation. the head of the fbi says it well, i was a stronger man -- who are we kidding, sean? what kind of response is that? this is the head of the fbi and that is his response? not hey, maybe i should follow the law and procedure and say i should let him know that this was happening. instead he does this. he has to leak it through a friend because he doesn't have the guts to do it himself. where does this stop? it's nuts but i'm glad it's all out there.
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even the left as you pointed out with chris matthews saying hey, guys, it's over. move on. let my father do his job. let him do with the american people elected him to do. >> sean: i would love to say that was going to happen. it's even deeper. when you think of the level of vitriol, hate, it's been directed at you, your brother. attacking your sisters and your 11-year-old brother. and the president's wife and anybody close to him or anybody that expresses a like towards him and agrees with him. to me this is about undermining the will of the american people. and so delegitimizing and damaging and distracting at the least he doesn't fulfilled the addendum of the people elected him for. that's a serious problem in the country. >> i think it is. the good thing is that the left has overplayed their hand so much, it's been so ridiculous. so over the top. so extreme. half the things that we are reporting -- even comey in his
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own words -- >> sean: she wanted to hire the guy. >> even he is saying it. all these things they tried to take him out with, i think it's pushed reasonable people -- you are never going to get the fringes but it reasonable people in the middle are seeing this has been one big witch hunt. you see how disgusting the swamp really is. the people that are there. give the guy a chance. it let him do what he was elected to do and he will do a phenomenal job. when the dow hit another all-time record, right during the testimony, you know he has been exonerated. the market is basically saying this has been nonsense. we broke another all-time high today because based on how phony all this d.c. nonsense is -- this is what the people voted against last time. i'm happy for them to keep doing it. it's going to make 2020 that much easier. >> sean: i want to go back to the media in particular.
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all of the conspiracy theories that have been advanced. we are talking about thousands of hours of coverage. "new york times," "washington post," cnn, abc, all these networks proven wrong and now all of a sudden, they are writing their retractions. something i said back in 2007, journalism in america is dead. it's over. >> the real problem is even when they know it's wrong, as long as it fulfills their narrative, they will leave it up there. they will leave it up for a couple hours. the retraction is somewhere in the middle. it never really goes away. they can't let go. it's not about reporting the truth anymore. it's not about journalism. even when i was born, hey, we report the news. and then just going to craft narratives and run with it. it would be an important profession. he's going to play monkey in the middle because they are not
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going to be honest. if they are only going to report what they want to hear and not what he actually says, he's going to go right to the people and that's how we got elected. >> sean: i am a convert to him being on twitter. it's got to bypass this corrupt media. after all the exposure and this will pan out in the next number of days. you are a bigger person than me. >> i've been going pretty hard all day. >> sean: i actually enjoyed your tweets during the testimony. i was retreating a lot of it later. up next, on this busy breaking news night, a two hour life edition of "hannity"... >> did you say anything to the president about that not being an appropriate request? someone needs to go tell the president that he can't do these things? >> i didn't, no. >> sean: marco rubio is emerging as a big star today. his grilling of james comey. laura ingraham will join us. jay sekulow, monica crowley and
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so much more. also, to our edition until midnight eastern. on "hannity" " z282uz zwtz
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>> did you say anything to the president about that not being an appropriate request? someone needs to go tell the president he can't do these things? >> i didn't, no. >> why? >> i don't know. the circumstances were such that i was a bit stunned and didn't have the presence of mind and i don't want to make you sound like i've captain courageous. i don't know what i would have said to the president sir, that's wrong. >> sean: wasn't strong enough, wow. welcome back to "hannity." marco rubio and james comey. the senator totally disclosed -- joining us now, laura ingraham. i want to give you a big picture. i think i was the second-longest
7:27 pm
monologue i've done in my history. >> sean hannity, i was like what time is it, dude? wrap this up any time soon? >> sean: i spent all day doing this. >> we have popcorn, ice cream, so does here. great. >> sean: [laughs] all right, let's let's get your take. >> he sounds a lot like hamlet there. he was tortured about what to say and what not to say. to dianne feinstein he said maybe if i were a stronger man and with rubio he said i don't know, i don't know if i would have said it if i had the presence of mind. as a matter of observation about jim comey -- he is a man who has been a u.s. attorney -- he was deputy attorney general. he was director of the fbi and a practicing attorney. all of those things over years and years and years. and yet, he somehow could not gather himself to gather himself
7:28 pm
sufficiently and say sir, no offense but this interaction one on one could be perceived as inappropriate. the appearance of this could be inappropriate so for your sake and mine, i suggest either we bring someone in or -- he could have said that but instead, he is the kind of guy who runs to the car and starts packing out a memo to the file. i've been in washington a long time. i'm sorry, those are the kind of people who are always in cya mode. they are trying to instead of being a straight shooter -- i understand it's their constitutional authority to direct investigations but i don't feel right about this. i'm happy to tender my
7:29 pm
resignation because this is maybe the way you will do business but i don't feel comfortable. he didn't do that, sean. in my view after watching him today, he wanted to remain as director of the fbi. and he thought he could put this little ace in the hole away for a rainy day. at this little memo. he got back to the justice department and showed it to all the other hens. should we show it to rosenstein, the deputy ag or not and in the end, they kind of just waited. at 6'8"? with this much experience? >> sean: go ahead. >> at 6'8", he is bullied by a 70-year-old boss of his who said he hoped he could speak about
7:30 pm
the investigation? >> sean: this was a really good point you made. i retreated marie tweeted it. we will get opinions but we have talked about 18 u.s. code 4. he said oh, it's not up to me to decide obstruction. meanwhile, he went back and basically said it. here's where he might have gotten himself into more legal trouble -- cognizable by a court of the united states and is not as soon as possible -- as soon as possible -- make known the same to... all right, you are right here. he has an obligation. if he thought there was
7:31 pm
obstruction, she had to report it. he didn't have to speculate. he had a legal bound duty to do it. is he in jeopardy? >> i think he could be. i'm stunned or wasn't made of that at this hearing. the question was asked and then they kind of moved on. he is a sophisticated player on the legal scene. when he was asked about u.s. 18 section 4, he was almost not ready. i thought it was the strangest answer. he shuffled away from that question but he had spent all this time going out if this would rise to obstruction. but then he made such a big point of saying it was awkward, shocking. he felt pressured, he told sessions don't leave me alone with him.
7:32 pm
he was so unnerved by the president, exercising his constitutional prerogative under article 2 to ask about investigations, direct investigations -- all of that was permissible and jim comey was petrified of it. it was a strange colloquy that i don't think got settled and it was odd in my mind that he wasn't ready for that question. very strange. >> sean: i was wondering who his lawyer was. laura, there is no investigation but he didn't tell anybody. also when you get into this, the president not only encouraged him to stop. he encouraged him to go forward as it relates to the investigation with russia. there was no collusion we learned in any way shape matter or form and as one senator pointed out, no one has been indicted for obstruction for saying well, i hope so.
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>> yes, he nailed it. yeah. that was senator riche from idaho. an unsung hero. a couple of them had really good moments. in the end, it seemed to me that this was an fbi director who was spurned. his scorn was then directed into this memo. and then he discussed with his little clique of confidants. and then linked to a professor at columbia. who he knew would leak it to the media. the man is a leaker who is trying to salvage his own reputation. he had his feelings hurt and his ego bruised. she had some chivalrous view of the way the department should be discussed and treated? if he was so worried about the integrity of the department, why did he go to that second meeting and not stop it if he thought it
7:34 pm
was so inappropriate? he's the one who put the department in jeopardy. not donald trump. >> sean: laura, i will pay for the popcorn and you are not really drinking ice cream sodas on the rocks -- >> we've got it all set up here, sean hannity. gotta come to the d.c. >> sean: one of the most remarkable things i've seen. what an unbelievable day. thank you for your analysis. joining us now, jay sekulow. monica crowley. jay, in the lead up to this, 18 u.s. code fortune -- that was a big issue. i want your legal take. and you mentioned to me in a text today, another legal issue. i would like you to bring it up for our audience. >> we know that james comey, the leaker in chief -- let's think about this very moment moment. the fbi director took contemporaneous notes on the president of the united states. put them in a drawer.
7:35 pm
if he was not fired, he would have used them to what, embarrass the president? that doesn't sound like someone you want to be your fbi directo director. talk about the fact that -- >> sean: jay edgar comey. >> takes notes. leaks them to a friend of his at columbia law school who then calls "the new york times." if you are the president of the united states and that's your fbi director -- do you know what you do? fire him. the fbi director is incompetent. now we have this witch hunt going on. the former fbi director said today -- of course i'm looking at 18 u.s. code 4 -- i think james comey needs to be looked at by the fbi and the department of justice to see if the leaking of the information may in itself be in violation of the law. i believe what we have here is a
7:36 pm
colossal waste of money of the american people. the president is dealing with north korea. he's dealing with a troubled middle east. working on health care reform. we've got this distraction that the network media has broken into to cover what? three points. one, the president was never under investigation from the onset. number two, the president never attempted to or obstructed the russian probe and number three, he hoped that general flynn was a good guy and things would work out for him? that's called human compassion and the fbi director did not -- if you thought it was such an intimidation, and fbi director said he was basically intimidated by the president and should have been stronger? is that the guy you want running your fbi and going after the terrorists? the guy that says i can be strong enough? no, that's the guy you fire.
7:37 pm
>> sean: that same compassion jay is talking about looks to my chagrin -- he went on "60 minutes" and said oh, they are good people. i don't really want to pursue this. and a lot of concern of those were like really? equal justice under the law. my next point to you is -- i want your reaction to the media's double standard and the media conspiracy theories and black helicopter theories and also the double standard as it relates to the treatment of hillary clinton, never took notes about obama and the big bombshell, vis-a-vis loretta lynch. >> this whole crafting of james comey image -- by mr. comey himself and also his enablers in the media and those around him for years, sean, this whole image of a political straight shooter has been nonsense.
7:38 pm
go back and look when he was deputy attorney general. he allowed that investigation to expand so they could go after scooter libby as a way to go after dick cheney. time and again, his handling of the hillary clinton case, his handling of this investigation and the fact that he leaked memos. he leaked memos to a columbia professor friend of his. to settle a score with the president the president of the united states? this idea that james comey was somehow a boy scout was never true. that became particularly evident today. as far as the media goes, the left -- the establishment, and both parties and the media need to take down donald trump. as we have clearly seen today and over time, there is nothing to the russian probe.
7:39 pm
no wrongdoing whatsoever. they will soon find something else. donald trump is so alien to the system. >> sean: monica, i will hold them accountable. they will find something else. >> sean: i will hold them accountable for every lie they told the american people. >> let me finish one quick point. this is why i wrote a column a couple weeks ago, i said that nixon's advice to donald trump would be do not give your enemies the story. understand that you pose such an existential threat to the establishment on both sides. the media, the left, the international community. you could not so as sneeze in the white house without someone ordering an investigation. you better have all of your ducks in a row and do not give your enemies anti-ammunition. >> sean: he was never under investigation.
7:40 pm
he encouraged and not discouraged the investigation with james comey. no evidence of collusion. a great piece about that. and now comey is running his testimony by the special counsel here. his good friend, bob mueller, i am sorry, i'm not countable about any of this. >> you shouldn't be comfortable about any of this. the fbi director's -- he's a witness. running his testimony by the special counsel. while he is also previously leaked a memo as monica just said to harm the president. that's his side of the story. and the whole discussion that james comey -- the whole loyalty thing? the president said i want your loyalty and then he responded honest loyalty and james comey responded yes, honest loyalty. this is not a case.
7:41 pm
even if he did say it, so what? here's the fundamental issue for the american people. this was our director of the federal bureau of investigation. he is supposed to be catching the bad guys. and leaving the charge on counterterrorism. he was afraid of the president. "i was weak. i was stunned." >> sean: he wanted a chip for later down the road. >> question about it. last thing on this. the president, when he fired the fbi director -- he knew that that was going to extend this investigation that's actually going nowhere anyways. he knew he was going to extend it so he took the higher road and said this will cost me but i'm doing this because james comey should not be the director of the fbi. >> sean: should the special
7:42 pm
counsel have to be removed now? >> there's a whole series of issues there. the whole idea that we have a special counsel on this is absurd to me. loretta lynch went on an airplane with president bill clinton while his wife was under investigation and james comey and his selective disclosure diseases that he's not going to bring charges against hillary clinton but wouldn't link to anybody or say president trump wasn't under investigation until it was put in that written testimony yesterday. >> sean: jay, monica, thank you. j. edgar comey's special counsel. this is now a big problem. bob mueller needs to be removed. i don't know what they have talked about. he seemed to run his entire commentary today and everything he was saying by bob mueller before him. he only gave him the notes. a lot of problems here that seem highly appropriate. i am sure we will be discussing
7:43 pm
that in the days to come. up next on this busy breaking news night, information you won't get anywhere else, right here on "hannity"... >> you are willing to say now that while you were director, the president was not under investigation, is not a fair statement? >> that correct. >> that's a fact we can rely on? >> sean: the fired, former disgruntled fbi director said that trump was never under investigation. gregg jarrett and geraldo rivera join us with reaction. sara carter and john solomon are here on this busy breaking news night. stay with us. ♪ man #2: what if a tree falls on our garage? woman: what if a tornado rips off our roof? flo: you're covered. and you've bundled your home and auto insurance, so you're saving a ton. come on. you don't want to start your new life in a dirty old truck. man #3: hey. man #1: whoa, whoa. flo: sorry.
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>> what it was literally true, there's not a counterintelligence investigation of mr. trump. >> i gathered from all of this that you are willing to say now that while you were director, the president of the united states was not under investigation. is that a fair statement? that's a fact we can rely on? >> yes, sir. >> sean: that was the disgruntled fired j. edgar comey, the former fbi director admitting president trump was not under investigation during his tenure but if you listen to the democrats and the destroyed trump propaganda press, the proven liars -- you would think
7:48 pm
the president is on his way to prison. why all the hysteria going on month after month after month on the left side of the aisle and the lies being told? joining us now, geraldo rev a a and gregg jarrett. geraldo, we will start with you. i want to get your full take on this and also, comey's total complete, mishandling as it relates is breathtaking to me. and i want your legal take. >> let me give you my opinion of the president's current legal situation. today clearly laid out for all the world to see that they did not come close to getting an obstruction of justice case against the president of the united states. obstruction of justice requires corrupt intent. it's clear to any fair observer that there was no corrupt intent when the president spoke with
7:49 pm
director comey, assuming that everything comey said about their private conversation is true. still, it doesn't lay out a case for obstruction of justice. the president in that regard is in the clear. he never asked director comey to stop the probe into alleged or purported with russian collusio collusion. he asked for compassion for a war hero, general michael flynn whose life was destroyed and can't make a living now. having spent the time, six weeks with donald trump -- i saw his compassion especially as it was directed towards me. he could have said i was fired. instead he said -- he's a compassionate guy. he was being nice to general flynn. trying his best to be good to general flynn. he didn't have a guilty conscience otherwise he would have said i want you to stop this probe into russian
7:50 pm
collusion. he was not under investigation and i am utterly stunned that comey admitted leaking. i wonder what else he leaked besides his own memo. >> sean: wow. that goes to something i care very deeply about. trump's attorney addressed this today. the selective leaking against this president to hurt this president. that is the deep state and i will probably bring that in. you've been really dead on in terms of your analysis of the legal traps that we were facing comey today, gregg. i am shocked about how he didn't seem aware of what you had been talking about for some time. 18 usc code 4. >> he was asked don't fbi agents have a duty to report crimes and
7:51 pm
unbelievably he said i don't know. everyone fell off the chairs and got up. you are unsure whether they would have a legal duty? answer, that's a good question. i've not thought about that before. pause. there is a statute that prohibits miss prison of a. taking steps to conceal it. but that's a different question. well, no, mr. comey, that's not a different question. thus the question you and everyone else who is a government official has a legal duty to report it to your superiors if you think someone like the president or anybody is obstructing justice. he could not have answered the question today by saying yeah, i thought it was obstruction. because comey would have been incriminating himself on miss prison of felony and accessory after the fact aiding and abetting a felon.
7:52 pm
>> sean: the great news is we are doing two hours tonight. such a small tease. great analysis by both of you. geraldo, gregg jarrett. to stay with us. they will be with us in the next hour. we have to check in with sara carter and john solomon. at sara, we will start with you. or take on all that has happened today and will be touched on slightly is the deep state. what no one mentioned today was the leaking of intelligence. raw intelligence. the unmasking against general flynn. which never should have happened. that's a felony reno was committed. >> yes, sean. one of the things both john and i talked about was that we had reported and i think we were the only people that did report this -- michael flynn was not under investigation in connection with the russian collusion or probe. and trump himself was not under investigation so, there is
7:53 pm
evidence out there and people wanted to look for it. i think marco rubio said it best. he said this is the only thing that really did not leak and there were so many leaks in the media that were just patently false. it does a big piece of information that came out of the hearing today and also loretta lynch went as far to approach the fbi director and go ahead with its investigation. please don't call it an investigation. call it a matter. he listened to her. >> sean: and he did. john, i've got to have you take a victory lap but i lost audio for a second. you guys are way ahead of the curve. why don't you tell us. >> became on your show may 11th, we reported james comey had told
7:54 pm
both the president and congress that the president was never under investigation. he was never the subject of the russian investigation. a lot of our media friends ignore that. some of my colleagues said it's way too soon to be reporting that. two things happen today. one, there was proof of collusion. it just wasn't between russia and the trump campaign. it was either misinformed or malicious sources and reporters who who recklessly reported. and comey carried out his revenge by leaking that memo. there's probably more interest that should be focused on what happened between james comey and attorney general loretta lynch after what we heard today. comey may have had other meetings with lynch that may come to light in the next few weeks. >> sean: wow. i just heard you correctly?
7:55 pm
listen. on 18 u.s. code 4, jay sekulow mentioned he may have another problem as it pertains to leaking the information. sara, give us a headline on that follow-up and we will carry both of you into the next hour. >> john could not have said it better. there's going to be a lot more coming up that will be in regards to comey and his meeting with lynch and also the investigation into russia and hillary clinton's email server. we will go back to that. there will be a lot more revelations. i have one more point, sean. there were people within the fbi, fbi agents that were so frustrated with him -- >> sean: and they were frustrated today when the hillary clinton issue -- stay with us. sara and of course john, we have another hour. thank god, i can do ten hours of
7:56 pm
"hannity" ." john roberts will have a full report about how the president is reacting to what happened today. j. edgar comey's testimony and more reaction. jay sekulow, ari fleischer, mercedes and matt schlapp. or visit this scarf all that's my left to rememb... sayonara. what. she washed this like a month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. when a fire destroyedwith us everything in our living room.
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trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. >> sean: james comey's hearing turning into a major win for president trump. here's a quick recap of what we learned. president trump did not obstruct justice. he encouraged james comey to pursue any and all investigations into the rush of coercion thing, including his campaign associates or satellites. comey confirmed several times that the president and his administration did not ask him ever to end the russia probe. former fbi director said es