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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 9, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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we saw tonight with the conservatives that the town plummeted. >> what happens with the red united states and britain, >> sean: james comey's hearing turning into a major win for president trump. here's a quick recap of what we learned. president trump did not obstruct justice. he encouraged james comey to pursue any and all investigations into the rush of coercion thing, including his campaign associates or satellites. comey confirmed several times that the president and his administration did not ask him ever to end the russia probe. former fbi director said president trump was never under investigation. we also learned james comey
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leaked information of the press hoping it would lead to the appointment of a special counsel, which happened, which raises new questions tonight that we are going to dig into deeply. democrats and the "destroy trump" media have been wrong for nearly ten months, lying to you about trump, russia, collusion. no evidence, as we have been showing you, from democratic congressman. no evidence, smoke, no evidence. sources are telling fox news president trump is very pleased with the developments today. here now with the details, fox news chief white house correspondent, our friend john roberts. on top of what you've been reporting, understand that the fbi, unauthorized leaks against the president, he may be in trouble as it relates to fbi standards and practices in his employment agreement.
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>> it's possible. catherine herridge just sent an email around that a source of hers is saying they may think about filing a complaint with the inspector general's office at the fbi for the fact that comey disclose information about fbi files that he may not have been in his purview to disclose. looking at what they can do because the president's attorney said earlier today that they were probably going to let the subject of the leak and any potential repercussions from that lie with the appropriate authority but it's looking like they may try to take some action. in terms of how the president is feeling about this, i don't think you can say you are thrilled when someone with whom you have an adversarial relationship is on capitol hill testifying that i am told by people familiar with that matter that the president is as happy with comey's testimony today as he could possibly be, given the circumstances in particular because comey finally said in
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public and said repeatedly that the president is not under investigation in this russia scandal. and that is not seeking to shutdown the russian investigation, or at least didn't come in the oval office meeting february 14. even though he suggested, according to comey, they may be good let michael flynn go which the president of course still denies he ever said. he's also very interested by the fact that comey outed himself as a leaker and leaked information to prompt the appointment of a special prosecutor which really does kind of confirm what the president has been saying all along, sean, the very people out there in government who have long held positions in government were out and try to hurt him. the president basically thinking he was proven right in everything he's been saying for the past few months. three questions. being asked around the white house. why was the comey so certain that jeff sessions would recuse himself?
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session student recuse himself until about three weeks after the meeting comey had in the oval office with the president. sessions recuse himself because of two meetings he had with sergey kislyak, russian ambassador. he felt it was an untenable position. comey knew about those meetings, and he alluded to some information he had today during the open session that he wasn't at liberty to talk about in the open session, which we can probably assume he talked about in the closed section. if comey knew about it and knew he was going to recuse himself, people are asking tonight, did comey have something to do with it? that's eight question people are talking about. did the president think it was okay to talk to comey in private because of what happened in their first meeting? on january 6, comey was part of a 4-person contingent who went
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to trump tower to brief the president on his intelligence briefing. that group included james clapper, john brennan, mike rogers from the nsa. at the end of the meeting, comey said, mr. president, i need to talk to you in private. the other folks were ushered out of the room and they spoke privately. did the president who was a neophyte to politics and protocol think it was okay because comey set the precedent for him to later, a few weeks later, say to comey i would like to talk to you privately for a minute after we get everybody else out of the oval office. similar meeting in the oval office to the one comey had with the president on january 6. the other two questions being asked, why did comey think it was necessary to take notes and why did he think the president could potentially lie to him when it was comey who said mr. president, i need to talk to privately and i need to tell you about the sensitive information
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in this unverified document. there is still a lot of unknowns out there as to why comey was feeling the way he was feeling i may be potential explanations for why the president thought that during the february 14 meeting it might be okay to speak privately with the fbi director. >> sean: john roberts, great information from the white house tonight. thank you for being with us. the base revelation was about former obama administration attorney general cartilage pressuring james comey. this is unbelievable. watch this. >> clinton campaign was using euphemisms, security review, matters for what was going on. we were getting to a place where the attorney general and i were going to have to talk publicly about it and i wanted to know, was she going to authorize us to confirm we had an investigation? she said yes, but don't call it that. call it "a matter." i said why would i do that? she said just call it "a
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matter." >> sean: what does that mean for the former attorney general. we continue with sarah carter, john solomon. we often add to that the tarmac meeting with bill clinton and yg were going to learn more about more meetings with loretta lynch and james comey? >> yes, we do know. unlike other news organizations or reporters, -- >> sean: we know but were knocking to tell you? it's an extra hour. >> the anticipation, we want to make sure everything we report is absolutely validated by multiple, multiple sources and we are sure people are going to know more about this about more
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meetings and i think they are going to be quite surprised at what is going to be revealed. >> sean: let me play some of this. how wrong the media has been an even james comey admitting it, getting called out multiple times, "the new york times" and "washington post," cnn, "abc news." let's play some examples. huge indictment on the media that even chris matthews saying the russia collusion thing is dead now but this is a part of it. >> have there been news accounts about the russia investigation about collusion, about this whole event or accusations, as you read the story, and you were stunned about how wrong they got the fax? >> yes, many, many stories for stories reportedly based on information, especially about russia that are dead wrong. i'm not picking on reporters but the challenges people talking
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about it often don't really know what's going on. >> the report by "the new york times" was not true, is that a fair statement? >> in the main, it was not true. >> february 14, "the new york times" published a story the headline was "from campaign aides had repeated contacts with russian intelligence." would it be fair to characterize that story is almost entirely wrong? >> yes. >> sean: i do appreciate that you guys have the story. you need a little more sourcing. wrap it up but i trust everything you're saying tonight is true because you've been so ahead of the curve on all of this. john, what's your reaction? more importantly, for ten straight months, the news media in this country has just gone with, again, comey, john brennan, jim clapper, all of these people, maxine waters and
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mark warner and dianne feinstein and joe manchin. also the same thing up until we could go, no no evidence of collusion. the black highlight copter -- helicopter tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists. they have lied to the american people and a spectacular level. >> this weekend, senator warner said there is a lot of smoke but no fire. i think there is a burning house tonight and it's the media. there has been a lot of overextended reporting and it hasn't serve the public well. if there is a scandal, we should be able to get to the bottom of it. but doing it before the facts are there, doesn't do anything for anybody. i saw story in "the washington post" tonight saying here is the case on how you can prove obstruction from comey's testimony. i called ten prosecutors. not guys with bowties on college campuses but guys have taken on
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obstruction cases and big terrorism cases and i asked them, did you hear obstruction today? would you make a case? and 10 out of 10 said not a chance, no way. not going to happen. even comey himself said i'm not going to make the call on obstruction. i thought i heard him say a direction but he said "i hope." no case a prosecutor would make on a he said-he said case. we would be good for all of us to take a deep breath, go back to facts and provable things and stop the supposition. hasn't served the country well. >> sean: i am not as forgiving as you and i promised this audience i'm going to expose every lie that's been told for all of these months, and i'm not as forgiving. you are right about i hope and no obstruction and it didn't come close to the standard but the fact that a false narrative
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had been advanced to the american people month after month, you know something, sarah, if it was me, i couldn't imagine. oh, it would be "pound hannity," attack his advertisers, silences boys. >> since the russian inclusion stories began, all the newspapers evincing russian disinformation campaign trade botnet, disinformation campaign against the republic, against our election, and they are trying to change the narrative but all in all, it was the media that had a disinformation campaign against the president of the united states. that is something to think about. >> sean: the same media that we learned was colluding with the hillary clinton campaign and again, they didn't cover that aspect of their corruption even during the campaign, the same media that never vetted obama,
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that never thought trump could win, never told the american people the truth about a horrible record we pointed out every night on this program about obama's failures. this runs very deep. you have been amazing all throughout this. i do believe the deep state and investigation, if this is not used as the impetus to clean this up and get rid of every obama holdover and every selectively cure that, as the president's attorney said, is out there to hurt him. the people in the media, this would be the biggest missed opportunity, the deep state which you are investigating, so important. thank you for being with us. back with us now, chief counsel and former white house press secretary ari fleischer. this is a big deal. you have dealt with these people. this is probably the biggest media conspiracy theory lie on
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top of being exposed as colluding with the clinton campaign. this is not funny. >> from a media point of view, one of the biggest developments was, and it was talked about repeatedly, now we know donald trump was never the subject's investigation that many people on capitol hill knew it. i tell you, many people on capitol hill tried to get it to the press. the press willfully and deliberately ignored it because it was not in the interest of the mainstream media. it ran counter to the direction of all the stories, and anti-trump direction. that's why the american people have so much lost faith in the press. >> sean: willingly and what was the word? willingly and deceitfully? >> i said the velocity and the direction of the coverages anti-trump. that's what they accept and that's why they didn't put it in the papers on the network news, the
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the fact that trump was not the subject of the investigation. >> sean: you are saying so many people knew, multiple credible sources, and they didn't print it. that's beyond a media crisis. it's propaganda, misinformation at a level -- forget j. edgar comey. >> this was the collapse of james comey. this was a guy who said that the former attorney general loretta lynch said don't call it a case, call it a "matter." and then he did. he sort of vindicated her. wouldn't do it for the president. marco rubio did a great job. look at the collusion taking place. there is evidently no evidence of collusion with regard to the president prove what is the collusion? it is james comey goes over his testimony with a special counsel
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who is supposed to be investigating all of this. what doesn't seem right? does it not seem right that that took place? does it not seem right that the fbi director leaked a memo of his private conversations, supposedly, with the president of the united states, leaked it to a colleague, friend at a law school who then leaked into "the new york times" and we are supposed to say that's good? we like our fbi director to do that. he said he did that in response to the president's tweet, except the contents of the memo came up the day before to "the new york times." if you look at the timeline, it doesn't seem to line up. what else is new? >> sean: what about an act of revenge? isn't it an act of revenge? >> it is that it fell flat. you know everybody knew today? everybody knew there was no obstruction of justice. everybody knows there was no real collusion on anything. everybody knows today that this
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is a witch hunt and everybody should know this is costing the taxpayers a lot of money, and we have north korea, as i said earlier. >> sean: i want to go back to ari. what about the special counsel that james comey collaborated with the special counsel on his testimony? is that a conflict of interest and does he need to be removed not only because we know the answers at this point and there seems no need for a special counsel any longer, although i know people like -- justify their existence, especially senators. they want their investigations. these special counsel will never give up for 500 years. seems to be a conflict if he stays in place. >> i think there is a series of conflicts. they have to be looked at seriously and i think we james comey also, not just with the dialogue with the special counsel, as he's called, but the leaking of that memorandum is
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very serious, and i think the fbi and department of justice need to -- may well be a crime. he doesn't only have friends there, the fact is if this was a big deal, as you said earlier, and gregg jarrett has been talking about it, the code is crystal clear and when asked about it today, he acted as if he did not know the statute. took him at least minutes to recollect it. then he said i knew the attorney general was going to resign a couple weeks later. how did he know that? >> sean: it was a setup. ari, what is your take? >> look, i think we are at this stage we have to wait for bob mueller to tell us what he's discovered. that's the reality. i have never liked special counsel loss but we have them. they are in place and now mueller has to get to the bottom
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of it. i have faith in bob mueller, i do, and the problem here -- go >> sean: does it bother you they collaborated on his testimony today? >> i don't know if they collaborated. mueller gave him permission to use the memos and it was appropriate. testify based on one he recollected. i don't have an issue with that, but here's the bigger issue. the future of the democratic party relay now lies in whether or not criminal charges are brought against donald trump. the future of the republican party relies on passing laws. i would rather be in the position of donald trump and the republicans and the democrats because the likelihood is mueller is not going to find anything. obstruction is unlikely. we know collusion doesn't really exist. we will find out if it does for anybody who worked on the campaign. unlikely. the democrats of the party that doesn't have ids for the future. all they have is a hope for a criminal charge that i don't think is going to happen. >> sean: let me ask you this. here's a guy who comes from a
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business background. i didn't like paul ryan's original comments but he made the observation if comey initiated the original contact in a meeting along with then president-elect trump, didn't that sort of set a precedent for a guy who never spent a minute and the political world? >> there's not a possibility that a meeting like that would've happened in the bush white house. everybody knew if you are under an investigation by the fbi. >> sean: comey knew, why didn't he say we can't talk about it? >> he should have acted and been strong enough to say it's inappropriate. >> have the attorney general and the chief of staff walk-in. >> but he didn't. this is the problem. james comey -- if you look at the evidence how it is lining up, what was the purpose of the
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leak? i agree with ari that republicans need to be about governing. i was with the president today and he's dealing with a host of issues, not the least of which is north korea and national security issues and domestic issues. the memo leak is problematic and this was a guy who said under oath today that when pressed on why he did not report this, pressed on why he didn't, he said "i wasn't strong enough." i think what ari says sets up the problem. james comey had one goal with getting the memo released. the special counsel let him release it but what did he say the goal was? i thought if i released the mem memo, the special counsel would be appointed. and it did. >> sean: amazing analysis, both of you. thank you. we appreciate it. up next, on this breaking news the addition of "hannity." >> there have been many, many
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stories purportedly based on classified information about lots of stuff but especially about russia that are just dead wrong. >> sean: j. edgar comey testifies that the media is often dead wrong.
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we do welcome back to "hannity." our second hour, the media has worked endlessly to discredit the president with fake news reports and lies about his alleged ties to russia. earlier today, jim comey admitted some of these reports from the media were not only reaching, they were dead wrong. i think i have been telling you that an awful lot. >> have they been news accounts about the russia investigation, collusion, about this whole event or accusations that, as you read the story, you were stunned about how wrong they got the fax. >> yes. there've been many stories reportedly based on classified information about lots of stuff that are just dead wrong. i'm not picking on reporters but the challenges the people
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talking about classified information often don't really know what's going on. >> sean: i am picking on them and i will be exposing all of them in the days and weeks to come. you need to know who's been lying to you. we continue with geraldo rivera, fox news anchor and an attorney, gregg jarrett. geraldo, before i get back to the law, i want to ask about the media. if geraldo rivera, in the course of his 50, 60 years, how long have you been in the business? >> 700. 48 years. >> sean: i want to throw the party for your 50th anniversary. you are amazing. seriously, you get something wrong, i get something wrong or if i don't get something wrong and they lie about it, we get crucified and all of these attacks been so wrong. >> the most damning story,
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"the new york times" story alleging that the contact with the trim campaign and transition team and russian intelligence operatives. that is with "the new york times" said. that's what comey denied ever happening. it's a huge embarrassment for the old gray lady. they got it dead wrong. president trump, , and as much s we love him and want him to have a successful presidency, there is no doubt, however it was not obstruction of justice but it was clumsy and ham-handed. you don't ask the chief of staff and attorney general to leave the room so you can have a private chit chat with the director of the fbi. if you are an experienced politician, you know you have to cover your behind. a very clumsy the president.
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like his tweets. reince priebus apparently wanted, are you sure? are you sure you want me to leave the room? the president has to listen to the professionals about how he conducts his office. like his tweets. god bless them. i love the fact that he talks directly to the people. obama tapped his offices, things of that nature, talking about the tapes. comey better watch his testimony because of the tapes. i believe they are our tapes. everything that happens in the oval office is tapes. once something is taped in that setting it becomes the property of the people of the united states of america. nobody better mess with them.
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nobody can lie to a federal investigator. they will get you, not on the russian collusion that probably doesn't exist but lying about contacts is a big deal and trying to destroy tapes, evidence. that is the peril that still faces donald trump who has been exonerated on the criminal side, it seems to me. >> sean: i doubt very much, saying you better be careful to not lie. just putting a thought in his head. i know him pretty well. he's always negotiating. gregg jarrett, i want to get back to the law. i want to get back to 18 usc 4. i want to get back to what jay sekulow was saying. might have violated his employment contract, james comey. >> there are two federal statutes that make it a crime to leak on classified documents. on classified documents.
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we invite our readers to read them because they arguably apply because comey said i thought these were my personal documents. they are not. you are wrong. you violated the federal records act and the records management regulations at the fbi. anything you do in the course and scope of your employment is government property. it is not your property. the statutes say you may not take and convert government property for your own purposes. what did comey do? he did precisely that, and then he leaks it to a friend of his who, for the sole purpose of then leaking it to the media. think about this. here's a guy, comey, being asked by the president to crack down on leakers and he leaks himself. comey was investigating the mishandling of documents by hillary clinton. what do comey do?
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mishandled government documents. if i were comey, i would go out and get a really good criminal defense attorney because if you are representing yourself, you have a fool for a client. >> sean: i agree with you because we discussed this. i couldn't believe, especially 18 u.s. code 4 that here, he had an obligation to tell the justice department. how did he know when it wouldn't have mattered if jeff sessions was leaving. he had the immediate obligation to do it. i want to go back to the records act and then we will get geraldo 'thoughts. >> violation of the records act is usually punishable by getting fired. and he got fired so that's all that is. he has other legal trouble troubles with those statutes. if you leak something that deals
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with national security, that's a crime punishable by ten years behind bars. does the memo deal with national security? we don't really know but one thing is for sure, the subject matter is part of the overall investigation into russian interference, which is the national security. >> sean: geraldo, what is your take on 18 usc 4. it's important because he thought he was being cute and saying that is bob mueller's job. he had the obligation under the law which he seemed puzzled out when he came up in the hearing. oh, yeah, i think i remember it. it was a bizarre moment. i would've thought he would've consulted an attorney and needed an attorney himself. he would've known and should have known. >> i don't take a strictly legal analysis on the point of view of whether comey did something legal, illegal, something that
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gives him legal vulnerability. records act, this or that. to me, there is a moral issue here. remember, we are prosecuting a 25-year-old reality winner who released some nsa documents are now facing ten years. she didn't get bail. here's the director of the fbi who admits to the world that he is a key leaker to the media. you can bet your bottom dollar this is not the first time james comey has leaked something to the media. that has to, i think, when he called president trump a liar today because he says president trump said he was inapt as a manager and that the fbi was in disarray. it seems to me when you look at the fact that james comey is playing this that can washington game. i'm going to give this to "the new york times." what did he give to cbs, abc, nbc, et cetera.
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he's the director of the fbi and he admits that he's a leaker. what does it do to the moral stature and standing of the man charged with prosecuting people who violate laws? >> sean: i don't know why i didn't leave. i don't know. i couldn't believe what i heard today. you have been amazing tonight. awesome legal analysis. thank you both. i am throwing you a party, geraldo. coming up, more on today's testimony of the fired fbi director j. edgar comey. mercedes schlapp and matt schlapp are here. >> why didn't you say this is wrong? i cannot discuss this with you? >> great question. >> sean: hello, great question? you won't believe his answer. we will have more coming up as we have more reaction straight ahead. geraldo and greg are still with
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>> sean: welcome back to the extended edition of "hannity," fired fbi director james comey testifying today that he was uncomfortable and some of his meetings with the president. okay, why didn't you say something or get up and walk out? he was asked that. >> why didn't you stop and say, mr. president, this is wrong. i cannot discuss this with you. >> that's a great question. maybe if i were stronger, i would have. i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it in. >> sean: so weak, should have been stronger. by the way, i let them go too quickly, geraldo rivera and gregg jarrett. how do we have an fbi director that's not strong? how is that possible? how is the guy who was supposed to be a lawyer and he was around
12:41 am
since watergate days. really? you couldn't say mr. president, this is inappropriate. i know you are new to politics or i can't be part of this discussion. would that have been so hard? >> it's what he should have done. turned out today he is a 6'8" wimp. >> sean: he repeatedly said he wasn't strong enough. or he's a coward. >> i was going to use a harsher term. it's >> sean: no, no, don't do it. >> it is 11:41. i can do it. >> sean: it will be a headline in ten seconds. >> he may be guilty of several things. the other people who are guilty, sean, are the politicians and the journalists, the media at large that leveled these wild
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and reckless and baseless, as it turns out, accusations of crimes by the president. i think through ignorance and malevolence, they laid bare, especially the media, their absolute contempt for the facts and for the law. for what purpose? in pursuit of a political mugging of the president. that should be a crime. if it was a crime, our jails would be overflowing with politicians and mostly the medi media. >> sean: geraldo, it is so well said. gregg. geraldo, this is really important. the same media that wikileaks revealed colluded with hillary and her campaign. i could go back further. they never vetted obama the way for example we did and i was attacked for it. or expose obama's failures in
12:43 am
the war on poverty and food stamps and doubling of the debt. they never focused on those issues. the same media that in so many ways has failed the american people, the level of desire to render this president irrelevant, to delegitimize him, stop his agenda. would be more sinister than that. they wanted to destroy him. and they still want to destroy him. >> the hatred directed at the 45th president is palpable. it is so real. the overwhelming majority of reporters have a loathing, a fear and loathing of this president and something struck me in your first hour when i heard don, jr., saying, just let my father get to work for the american people. it was a plaintive call, request, heartfelt yearning for the president to be able to do his job. they are a couple things, a couple points. anyone who brings up the i word as an impeachment, again, they
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should gag on it. there is nothing remotely approaching a high crime and misdemeanor. we should put that asleep. the most disheartening thing about comey is that his admitted leak, i think it's part of a pattern, shows he's just another player. and then i have this news from our chief white house correspondent john roberts. he has just filed. the trump legal team will file complaints with the doj inspector general and the judiciary committee of the senate complaining about the leaks by james comey. there is a letter of complaint about comey leaking the memo. i think comey is going to have to answer for what he did in terms of the admitted leak and they will have to ask him, as they say, you know, what did you do about this memo? what else have you leaked? when did you start to leak? did you leak during the clinton,
12:45 am
during her campaign? during the obama administration? i want to know everything about how you, james comey, the hero of law enforcement, how you've been a washington political player picking your winners and losers in your own mind and then going about trying to implement your preference. >> geraldo, the attorney. >> sean: let me start with gregg period you've been awesome to stay so long. what is so amazing is that the attorney for the president talking about the selective leaking designed to hurt the president, and that's the deep state. to me, this is now a moment of truth for the president. and also revamping how they deal with the media. totally justified to shut them out, in my opinion, and go directly to the american people. as the deep state goes, if you don't get rid of every obama
12:46 am
hold over and you don't get rid of every leaguer and find every person responsible for doing these things that undermine the elected president of the united states and stop the mugging, to use your term, thenl be wasted. this must be priority one. >> you are right. every beginning of administration has leaking problems but this president has been slow in putting people in place. i will tell you why. he was a businessman. think back to ronald reagan paid he brought with him all of his loyalists from when he was governor for eight years. the whole cabinet, the whole gang was there. these people would step in front of a speeding truck for reagan. they were immense loyalists and he put them in place and they did what he needed them to do.
12:47 am
trump is a businessman, and he doesn't have that same coterie of loyalists. >> sean: he has had such a great growth trajectory. someone with no political experience. we've discussed it, and i would imagine this changes his presidency from here forward. we have 30 seconds. geraldo, final word. >> you i think are more responsible for president trump's election than any other person in the country. from your heart, you did this. but it's incumbent on you and others who are close to him and who love him to tell him no more reckless tweeting. you are causing your own problems. have a white house counsel who has the guts to stand up to you. that never should have happened. never should have been permitted to go one-on-one with james comey alone where comey's account of it. it's on -- it's unprofessional.
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the improvisational side must end. put us back to work. get the infrastructure built. >> sean: hope the forgotten men and women that desperately need help, that the mainstream media, the deep state doesn't care about at all. the people out of work in poverty on food stamps, people who can't buy their first home. that has to be the priority. safety and security, he will get back to it. it's going to be a very interesting, i think we've look back on this night and this moment on this day and this testimony is a turning point in so many ways. you have been amazing. thank you for being with us. geraldo did mention sources to the president's legal team say the president's lawyer will be filing a complaint with the doj office of inspector general and send a complaint to the senate judiciary committee. we will have more on that.
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matt and mercedes schlapp together.
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>> i don't think that's a question i can answer in an open setting. not a question i can answer in an open setting. >> difficult to answer in the
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abstract. i don't know well enough to answer. i can't go explaining how it's nonsense. it's my impression. i could be wrong. i could be wrong. maybe he is saying something that's not true. common sense told me what's going on is he's looking to get something in exchange for granting my request. >> we are all disturbed by the letter which really broke president. i am not challenging mr. comey's motivation but i think it was unwarranted, it was a mistake. >> has a big burden of proof for why he did what seems to be such an appalling act that goes against the tradition of prosecutors at every level of government. >> i found it hard to believe that comey would do this. >> i think he made a mistake on
12:54 am
this. he clearly has a double standard. in these jobs, if you are not in it for a while, you can't take the heat and i think he couldn't take the heat from the republicans. it's unfortunate because i do believe he's a good person. maybe he's not in the right job. >> i am so disappointed in comey. he has let the country down for partisan purposes. that's why i call him the new j. edgar hoover and i believe that. >> do you think he should resign? >> of course, yes. >> sean: welcome back. we continue our coverage from earlier. you have the montage of the democrats. joining us, mercedes schlapp and matt schlapp. the democrats hated him until he went after trump and then james comey, all the "i could be wrong. i could be wrong." my opinions, it could be wrong.
12:55 am
seriously? how many times can you be wrong and speculate? >> democrats using james comey because they like the idea when james comey is calling the president a liar, loosely using the language which is outrageous coming from james comey and the democrats. they use it for purpose but at the same time -- both sides of the aisle, has many missteps and can't be trusted. there is a credibility problem, especially when you go through the testimony then you find out that he was he for example headh and obeyed what she said, whether it was a matter instead of an investigation. didn't suggest a special counsel on the investigation and then
12:56 am
there's a double standard when it comes to president trump because he doesn't trust president trump. there is so many questions i think that we are seeing coming out of the testimony that we need answers to. >> sean: what is your take, matt? and then the democrats hated him but then they started loving hi him. >> so much to say. i will say a couple things. today was a great day because we all got to see the goods jim comey had on the president. there is nothing there. it was interesting that he let his testimony out the day before and today really was a nothing burger. i think the hunter is going to become the hunted. jim comey made some real mistake today. for the first time, he's going to turn the focus more on him. i think he's got some real explaining to do on the leak, explaining to do on the fact that it looks like loretta lynch was trying to chill his actions as an investigator.
12:57 am
all this time donald trump us had to answer these questions, there is nothing there. >> sean: really is amazing. mercedes, you mentioned loretta. i want to go back to this. between the tarmac meeting with bill clinton and then, can you not say investigation and use the word "matter" instead? she capitulated to that. mr. "i should have been stronger." i didn't know what to do. >> i think it shows the indecisiveness of james comey. i think it very much represents his character flaws in a lot of ways where he can't be bold enough and strong enough to saint mr. president, we should not be meeting. it's not a good idea. members of your team under investigation. why not stand up to the president? he didn't want to lose his job. he was focused on that issue. >> sean: and he also wanted, as laura ingraham said, he wanted to keep it in a box to
12:58 am
keep his job for some other reason perhaps. i want to know, what happens to loretta lynch? a lot of explaining to do. >> this is why some people decide not to testify in front of congress. it's a tricky thing. when jim comey did they is open up doors that were pretty much sealed, and people want to know, okay, wait a minute. what does it mean that loretta lynch was chilling your activities? that's the thing you are accusing donald trump of. here's what we know about jim comey. i know this from my white house years because i had to talk to him when he was first hired by the bush administration. he makes republicans feel like he's a republican for he makes democrats feel like he's a democrat. he is whatever you want. the american people got to see that. >> sean: is he deep state in the sense that, he's leaking to the press, you the attorney foe
12:59 am
president goes out and saying about selective leaking designed to hurt the president of the united states. as he fit in the category? i suspect he does. >> i don't think this is the first time james comey has leaked to the press. i think he's part of that deep state. he's trying to be a moralistic character and at the end, what he's doing is, he is saying he's criticizing the media for getting a dead wrong, the coverage on the russian investigation, he's the first one to go out there and leak this government-produced document which presents a problem for james comey. >> sean: last 20 seconds or so so. matt. although mercedes deserves it. >> she is the star of our show. >> sean: i agree. >> i agree. this was a good day for the president because the facts are coming forward and we get to see the information.
1:00 am
there is nothing there. time to get back to the country's business and the trump agenda. >> sean: thank you so much for being with us. that's all the time we have this evening. stay tuned.


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