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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 9, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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finally, after many, many decades, on its way. we are given control back to the cities in the states. you know best how to plan your communities, analyzer projects, and protect your local environment. we will get rid of the redundancy and duplication that wastes your time and/or money. our goal is to give you one point of contact to deliver one decision, yes or no for the entire federal government and to deliver that decision quickly, whether it's a road, whether it's a highway, a bridge, a dam, to do this, we are setting up a new counsel to help project managers navigate the bureaucratic maze. this council will also improve transparency by creating a new online dashboard, allowing everyone to easily track major projects through every stage of
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the approval process. this counsel will make sure that every federal agency that is consistently delaying project by missing deadlines will face tough, new penalties. we will hold the bureaucracy accountable. we are also creating a new office in the council of environmental quality, to root out inefficiency, clarify lines of authority, and streamline federal and straight local procedures so that communities can modernize their aging infrastructure without fear of outdated, federal rules getting in their way. this massive permit reform, and that's what it is, it's a permit reform, doesn't sound glamorous. they won't write stories about it, they won't even talk about
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it, but it's so important. it's only the first step and renewing america's roads, rails, runways, and rivers. as i discussed in ohio recently, my new vision for american infrastructure will generate $1 trillion in infrastructure investment, which we desperately need. we spent as of a few months ago $6 trillion in the middle east. think of it. $6 trillion in the middle east. if you want to build a little road in one of your communities in pennsylvania or ohio or in iowa or north carolina or in florida, you can't get the mone
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money. state and local leaders will have more power to decide which projects get billed, when they start, and how they are funded. investors will have a much more predictable environment that encourages them to invest billions of dollars in capital that is currently stuck on the sidelines. together, we will build projects to inspire our youth, employee our workers, and create true prosperity for our people. we will pour new concrete, lay new brick, and watch new sparks light our factories as we forge metal from the furnaces of our rust belt and our beloved heartland. it's been forgotten, but it's not forgotten anymore. we will put new american steel into the spine of our country.
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american workers will construct gleaming new lanes of commerce across our landscape. they will build these monuments from coast to coast city to city, and with these new roads, bridges, airports, and seaports, we will embark on a wonderful new journey into a bright and glorious future. we will build again. we will grow again. we will thrive again. we will make america great again. thank you, god bless you, i appreciate it. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] >> harris: president trump touting his plan to overhaul infrastructure and this has been a week long course of public speeches on this. you may recall earlier in the week, he started with overhauling our air traffic control system in this country. he went to ohio and talked about tax reform, obamacare, and some
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infrastructure there as well. today, this is a focus on the $1 trillion infrastructure plan that he wants to put into place. that was the roads, rails, and regulatory roundtable that he was attending there. of course, he was standing in front of the backdrop of the department of transportation. it's interesting timing now because it comes on the heels of the president going on the offense, on the record, firing back after james comey's explosive testimony. the president says he feels total vindication as he blasts the former fbi director for being a leaker. we expect more heat from the president when he holds a joint news conference at the white house later this afternoon. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, meghan mccain, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy herself. anchor of the intelligence report, bring us intelligence, trish regan. that never gets old. today #oneluckyguy, veteran reporter and correspondent at large, fox news >> geraldo: ge.
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the president driving home his narrative. >> geraldo: i wish he started with infrastructure and some of the kamikaze mission known as health care. he would have gotten bipartisan support. he is a great builder, a legendary builder. when i met him, he was taking over the commodore hotel, filled with junkies and prostitutes. he made it the grand hyatt, remade 42nd. >> harris: my mom says it's never too late for success. let's get to the news. the president is not holding back and perhaps a preview of what we can expect when he holds a joint news conference later today. president trump took james comey to task in his first response to yesterday's hearing. he tweeted early this morning, despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication. and while matt, comey is a speedily seven according to fox news sources,
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the president's personal attorney plans to file a complaint. kevin corke is here alive. this story just gets more and more interesting hour by hour. >> curious here and curiouser. it turned out, as we all learned of the various laden time that the former fbi director is in fact a leaker to the press. that admission, obviously meant to hour and 40 minute hearing on capitol hill yesterday, riveting stuff. comey admitting he shared his memos with a former columbia professor and hope to create a special counsel. it has the white house up in arms, as you can imagine. a few lawmakers and questioning comey's judgment. >> he could have come before us or a judiciary committee and
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expose their existence and turn them over. he chose instead a surprising move for someone who understandably has railed against others who had disclosed government documents. >> he should have come to the public darkly himself or come to congress and made those statements and clarify the record and not gone through a third-party. >> bipartisan ridicule of the former director's decision. meanwhile, the president's attorney laid out a pretty forceful and compelling case that if anything, comey's hearing proved what they've been saying all along. the president is not a subject of the russian investigation, another stomach it's also important to point out that the formal complaint that the team is expect to do file to the doj ig could come as early
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as next week. that's our expectation based on what sources are telling fox news. don't forget, we'll hear from the president himself. his first on camera comments since the expose of hearing yesterday. that's coming at 245 in the rose garden. >> harris: we would never forget that we will see that. thank you. a few hours ago, we didn't know what the options might look like that they would maybe go for. now we do. >> geraldo: a formal complaint to the department of justice, as there should be. here we are, we are prosecuting reality winner for leaking an nsa document. at the same time, the former director of the fbi admits that he was a leaker and believe me, if he leaked, this is one big bombshell. he is not a at this. is he just another player?
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he is just another washington player, another guy in the slum slump? >> harris: part of the criticism today comes because comey didn't just give us to a friend, he gave it to a friend who is a professional communicator in this regard. he was a consultant for the doj. this is not just a buddy that he met at the university of columbia. then he went on ahead and told the media. >> kennedy: lordy, jim. what a sanctimonious fool. he really undermined his entire story, his entire narrative without one admission yesterday and i didn't take a lot to get that out of him. the most curious thing for me was that he felt obligated to spur the special counsel. he thought it was incumbent upon him to use the surreptitious method which he had criticized
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in front of congress in the past. he is the one who condemned leakers in every arena. he himself had no problem laying out exactly how he did it. he didn't see anything wrong with it, yet he continues to take the moral high road and every other aspect, including essentially calling the president a liar. >> harris: i'm writing down these names. sanctimonious, fool. not too long ago, the democrats had their own name for him because they wanted him out. now it's turned into such a political dance. it's so untoward for you to want to push them out. >> meghan: is not clear to me why he didn't go to his superiors when he thought president trump's behavior and comments were inappropriate. if you work at mcdonald's and someone says something inappropriate, you're talking to your supervisor about it. in regards to him leaking his own personal information through this weird channel with his friend that works at colombia
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university, it's not only bizarre, but it raises a lot of red flags. this is not his first rodeo. this can't be the first time he's leaked. i've been very skeptical about this entire thing, but one thing we do know is, president trump was under investigation by the fbi for colluding with russia. secondly, we have not been given a reason. if president trump knew that comey was a leaker and it was known within the white house, we now have reason for his firing which at the time, it looked like it was questioning. not only do i think he didn't do as great of a job as people think, he's also given people like me reason to understand why president trump ultimately fired him. >> harris: it is a problem when you consider reality winner is facing charges. she broke the law. noticing she shouldn't be. >> meghan: by the way, that is
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her real name. >> trish: basically, this gave average americans real insight into how the swamp looks. the idea that a guy who is head of the fbi wakes up in the middle the night, thinks he needs to call his buddy at columbia who can then leak all this information to the press, i think it is very disturbing and it shows you what our president is up against. the other big thing that i find interesting in all of this is all this information got leaked, but we didn't get leaked, the fact that the president was not under investigation. i think it's very telling that all the other sides to the story comes out. i do think he is in more trouble because you have so many holdovers in the fbi, people who like to james comey a lot, people in the intelligence community that are not on this president side and there can be hauled out more with or less came from.
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>> kennedy: also that he leaked to his other friends. what else is out there? he had no problem giving this to his -- >> meghan: it all depends on what robert mueller finds. >> harris: we could expect the president to have more to say. he might. at a joint news conference today where we could -- he could give his first reaction to the testimony. i would imagine reporters will ask about it. this follows a lengthy break from twitter, although he tweeted a couple times today. going nearly 48 hours with no tweet. we'll talk about the strategy. despite all the buzz surrounding comey's testimony, the white house says it's business as usual when it comes to their agenda. will they get it done or will the comey snag a room and a question mark stay with us you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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track your pack. set a curfew, or two. make dinner-time device free. [ music stops ] [ music plays again ] a smarter way to wifi is awesome. introducing xfinity xfi. amazing speed, coverage and control. change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> meghan: we are waiting comments from the president. the vice president spoke as silence on twitter. the official response came
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courtesy of the president's attorney. did i miss something or did he just say he leaked information to the press? when he orders her tells you to do something, there is no ambiguity. you'll know exactly what he means. the american public at large knows that president trump does not mince words. he is not a hard man to read. >> geraldo: the big scandal over the leak, we are overlooking the lead. what's the lead? there is no way, shape, or form that president trump obstructed justice as that is defined in the federal statute.
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he has no guilty intent. he was trying to get comey to go easy on my clan, a war hero who got savaged in this whole deal. he did not ask comey. this is not obstruction. from this moment on, anyone who utters the word impeachment is recklessly irresponsible. there is no way that this is a misdemeanor as defined by james comey. donald trump is vindicated from obstruction. >> meghan: i didn't think it was a great idea to have mark on air yesterday. most of the public aren't lawyers, they don't follow all this legal analysis.
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>> harris: democrats were eager to get infrastructure spending and get a bill passed and get people to work on these big projects. that's not the important thing. what i do think the president did which was very smart is that 48 hour hold he had on twitter. i don't know whose idea that is, but it was very smart. it allowed comey to stand the front burner. there's nothing the president himself did yesterday. his lawyer made news -- the comey story, that's what people were talking about, so the white house needed from the senate committee hearing.
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>> harris: people kind of move on a different direction from what he's saying. >> trish: the advantage he has now as there's a little empathy for him. anybody looking at this says this guy really is up against it. he is not perfect, but you can see just exactly how the system works. you can see that the director of the fbi can call up his body and leaked the story to the media and is going to be completely one-sided. now, i think your average american sees all this and says president trump is onto something when he's talking about this biased media. there is a little more empathy which i think a lot of people had a hard time mustering up for him. now they know what they know.
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there's a chance people will say he is and for a battle. >> meghan: i've been very skeptical about this whole thing. james comey made me entire jump to president trump. president trump was not under any investigation for quitting with russia. that's all i wanted to know for months and months and months. with the comey testimony in the rearview mirror, what one high level assistant is saying about going forward. plus high drama across the pond. teresa may suffer as a stunning election defeat. what this may mean at home if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years.
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>> harris: will get to that in a minute. the white house expected to
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questions on whether the follow-up from james comey's testimony could impede president trump's agenda. kellyanne conway says no way. she tweeted this. it was business as usual at the white house today. the president hosted an infrastructure summit and gave an amazing speech. she also told martha maccallum at the administration is moving forward with his agenda. >> nobody there -- we've been hearing this for 4 and a half months. it is completely ridiculous. the president continues to move forward with his team every single day. >> harris: the senate is considering the hospital to replace obamacare. the house yesterday replaced a bill.
9:29 am
a lot to talk about with this administration. that's what you wanted them to be able to do all along, not just the president, but republicans too. >> meghan: yesterday we talked about some of the responses saying the president is not a liar. i have thought for a long time they need to get some better communication experts and teams in the white house. now is a better time than ever. i think president trump was helped with james comey's testimony. you need to get some new people in place. >> harris: i'm purdue time and time again refer to the president as your friend. have you talked to him about communications? he's gotten rid of some people. >> geraldo: one of the reasons the president follows me is that i tried to give honest advice on
9:30 am
the whole twitter thing. i thing a couple of things. even though he has absolutely exonerated on the objection of justice, there is no doubt that that was clumsy of him to meet with james comey james comey one-on-one. it was sloppy, it was unprofessional. he put himself in peril. i blame his staff. if he had someone like corey lewandowski, he would say you can't do that. what are you doing? some of these tweets also. he needs someone to say, you don't tweet out about wires being tapped unless you have cold proof of it. he creates so many of his own problems. i agree that this is the time to shake it up. now is the time where you have
9:31 am
to go to reince priebus and the other guys around him. he should not have to go to steve bannon and all that drama. he should have a regular person around. like my wife says or my brother craig says. >> trish: we see this in business all the time. entrepreneurs are gifted in many, many ways and they generally have big personalities and defined ideas on things. there's a difference between being the entrepreneur and then being the ceo. you answer to shareholders, you answer to your board. you build consensus. the difference in what he has done and he's done it amazingly
9:32 am
well. he's been the guy in charge the entire time. there is a shift in a learning curve and you are absolutely right. he needs a team around him. he needs a management team that can put all his ideas into place and get it done. >> harris: i have a twitter editor in chief. >> kennedy: we are going to talk about this a little later. he's got melania come again, we'll talk about that a little later in the show. kellyanne conway is putting up a day he had yesterday, the white house has been through so much and in a short amount of time, there are more battles than any administration. because of that, it allows you to develop new stronger muscles.
9:33 am
they do exist. i've said that from day one. a brilliant communication. a beautiful communications expert -- brilliant. excuse me. when you're under fire, not having your talking points. we've got an election shocker across the pond. >> kennedy: let's switch gears gears. british prime minister theresa may announcing plans to keep her job and cobbled together a new coalition after a brief meeting with the queen this morning. this after her high-stakes gamble calling for a snap election. that backfired causing her conservative party to loses majority in parliament. all this ahead of critical talk
9:34 am
talks. a headline reading u.k. election has democrats hoping they can send trump a strong message. the piece goes on to say the left would love to see what happened in great britain happen at home. democrats are looking for some mojo as we get closer to next year's midterm. not to mention, the georgia special election that's happening in less than two weeks. some see it as a bellwether, but now the big question, is there a message in this for the president? there were so many parallels to be drawn between the election in the u.k. and what's happening at home. there are a lot of republicans in this country saying not so fast. theresa may is essentially a british hillary clinton and she blew it. what say you? >> geraldo: what a build up. i think it is a stretch to try and translate what happened in
9:35 am
great britain to what's happening here. when i was there filming shark nato of all things, my hotel right there, right by the big wheel, i forget what they call it. it was staffed almost entirely by people from eastern europe. there were romanians, bulgarian bulgarians. the whole staff, all of those people will be barred under brexit. this is buyer's over brexit. i think this was as close to a re-referendum on brexit as are going to get. theresa may is not very charismatic. she makes the queen -- she's kind of dull.
9:36 am
>> trish: where are those -- >> kennedy: who is the next prime minister going to be because it seems as though theresa may is so politically damaged and will that person work with president trump to make the most out of brexit? >> meghan: people need to pay more attention -- it would be the same as if bernie sanders were elected president. >> harris: you have heard going to the queen to help galvanize her party. that says a lot. the queen is not an elected official. our correspondent over there benjamin hall was reporting earlier today. i asked him about, what does this mean for brexit? he said it looks like we'll get brexit light.
9:37 am
what would that be? that's like no brexit. there are certain things you don't do. >> trish: the european union has been a disaster. i remember back when the whole currency shifted. it used to be able to go to italy on vacation and you pay in layers and it wasn't so expensive. i remember talking to factory owners and portugal who is said to me we can't compete anymore. effectively, this has not worked out well from an economic perspective or political perspective. unless you decide to get an alexander hamilton in there who says this is the way we are doing it, it's never going to work.
9:38 am
>> harris: best explanation i've ever heard. >> geraldo: and new york, you can be a new man. that's from hamilton. >> kennedy: melania trump will be officially moving to the white house next week. as she makes her new home in washington, can she become the president's secret weapon? we will debate coming up next. ♪ we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons
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>> harris: new questions over whether first lady melania trump's official moved to the white house could be a game changer as president trump looks to push forward with his agenda. the first lady is getting good reviews and she's been appearing at more public events. is reporting that she and baron will be moving permanently next wednesday. the white house has not confirmed that date. the report also says that melania trump is taking on greater influence behind the scenes. melania is quietly but carefully following the day-to-day business of the west wing. she keeps tabs on which aids she believes are loyal to the president, expresses her unvarnished opinions about personnel, and shares her husband's interest -- anger around cable news coverage. you have been through your family with the issue of loyalty, what you think about
9:44 am
this? >> meghan: the time is now for her to move to the white house. she's very high approval ratings. most americans have a high impression of her as a first lady. we haven't given her enough credit. she was shocked -- and we talked at the time during the convention when she gave that speech which was 100% a staffing issue that they did not invent and understand that it was plagiarized. that is not melania trump's fault. she has reason to be protected. the power of the spouse, when it comes to political families cannot be estimated -- underestimated. she helped to change the agenda and the direction of the
9:45 am
white house. >> harris: do we know anything in particular about melania trump that will have a specific impact right away? >> kennedy: she's a quiet, subtle, and loyal person. that is so necessary. having a child there, the president will feel so much more protected of him. melania's greatest job may be the twitter goalie. she may be the one blocking him from reaching for the device at six in the morning because she's only one who can do that. when he's got something that's been ruminating all night long long -- >> meghan: never underestimate the power of morale. i was 100% used is that when i was in my early 20s my father's campaign. really, having family members around, they can make these days
9:46 am
a little easier, a little more levity and i think that cannot be underestimated right now. >> geraldo: she's stunning. she is fabulous, she did a great job in the middle east. she's a bombshell, she is so intelligent. she went to italy to see those kids and spoke italian to them. she is very sophisticated. more importantly, she grounds him and a real way. i think it's great. it's perfect timing, baron has finished school in manhattan. >> trish: she makes him look good. hopefully we'll see her bring out the best in him. to your point, people feel better when you're surrounded by family. i don't like it when my husband travels. for donald trump to have his wife there, his child there in the white house, it adds a sense of normalcy. it adds a sense of support.
9:47 am
i think it will only make him better. he has had a tough few months there. hopefully, this will calm some of that down. >> harris: just because we talked so much about prn messaging, she becomes the one who can take the focus off him. michael moore is taking his hatred for president trump to a whole new level. he's launched a website which encourages whistleblowers to leak information damaging the trump administration. does this go too far? we'll talk about it. ♪ those who suffer from lower back pain
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. ♪ >> meghan: michael moore ramping up resistance efforts against president trump. he's launching his own version of wikileaks. the website dubbed "trumpileaks" encourages whistleblowers to release damaging information about the trump administration.
9:52 am
the website reads i'll start with you geraldo. i'm against leaking as a general rule. i don't like it. i think i think information should say classified for a reason. what do you make of him setting this up? >> geraldo: i despise wikileaks. in terms of "trumpileaks," it's a gimmicky thing. whistleblowers can go anywhere. james comey found someone at the columbia university. you can call a reporter and dump anything you want whenever you want. the thing about michael moore, however unusual he looks, he is one of the few people in the far
9:53 am
left to have the kind of personality and affect where he can get things done, where he really is a fighter. he's not a wimp at all despite his physical appearance. i admire him. as much as i disagree with his position, i think he's feisty, he's direct, he is willing to get into a scrap. he's also easily defeat a bill, because no one will vote for him. in most regards -- >> harris: my understanding of a whistleblower. he used james comey, but he wasn't blowing the whistle, he was leaking material. the point that i wanted to make, a whistleblower is someone who might be endangered by what they are telling. their position, their lives,
9:54 am
something is jeopardized by coming forth so they need cover. i don't know that "trumpileaks" offers the cover. >> kennedy: look at reality winner who was inspired by the same passion and urge that michael moore is trying to stoke and she could be the one person that actually spends time behind bars. michael moore could be encouraging her. they're going to find out all that happened with the intercept posted, the documents she had given them. they've been through everything with edward snowden. the one thing i don't like about this, it is so incredibly politicized. it doesn't have anything to do with the political philosophy of constraining the power of government where it is too concentrated. it's really just about one party. if someone did this to one of michael moore's associates, he would freak out.
9:55 am
he would throw a tantrum. >> trish: he wants to get the information. he wants you to break the law and submit classified information. people should not do this, they should remember and respect the position that they have. you can't be putting out classified information. >> meghan: michael moore is a moron who hates freedom in america. i hate michael moore, he's a jerk. more "outnumbered" in just a moment over here! over here! no! (dog barking) whoever threw it has to go get it. not me! somebody will get it... ♪
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>> right here on fox news we will bring this to you live. president trump expected to have a joint news conference with the president of romania. they will be meeting for that, they will undoubtedly give each statement like they always do, the traditional photo op and of the begin. while the president he asked about getting on the record following james comey's comments on the hill yesterday. two: 45 eastern.
10:00 am
let's go have a great weekend. >> everybody have a great weekend. >> fox news alert, president trump preparing for his first news conference since the comey testimony. >> all eyes will be on the white house as the president takes questions one day after testimony from the fired fbi director. >> jon: dramatic surveillance video and a string of ghana store burglaries. investigators trying to track down the thieves before the stolen weapons and up in wrong hands. plus, new reaction to james


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