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tv   Happening Now  FOXNEWSW  June 9, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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let's go have a great weekend. >> everybody have a great weekend. >> fox news alert, president trump preparing for his first news conference since the comey testimony. >> all eyes will be on the white house as the president takes questions one day after testimony from the fired fbi director. >> jon: dramatic surveillance video and a string of ghana store burglaries. investigators trying to track down the thieves before the stolen weapons and up in wrong hands. plus, new reaction to james comey's testimony, did it help
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or hurt president trump? and a tragic newpter in the opioid crisis, one state seeing a spike in drug overdoses and vowing to do something about the growing epidemic. it's all happening now. ♪ we begin with president trump firing back after former fbi director james comey makes his case to the nation. welcome to the second hour of "happening now" on this friday. >> melissa: happy friday, absolutely. i'm a melissa francis, the president breaking his silence on twitter, saying he feels vindicated. early today the president took part and other department of transportation round table his new initiative to improve america's new infrastructure. we are expecting more reaction to the fired fbi director's explosive testimony when mr. trump holds a joint news conference less than two hours from now.
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chief white house correspondent john roberts is live on the north line. what are we expecting? >> good afternoon to you, the president will be here at the white house very shortly. we expect they will take two questions aside as is traditional and you can bet the president will be asked about what james comey said yesterday on capitol hill. indications of the president is feeling pretty good about it claiming that it exonerates him of any wrongdoing. the fact that james comey decided to leak the details of the oval office has been a hot topic. the white house is using it to assail his integrity and credibility and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are saying if comey wanted to get something out he should have done a different way. listen here. >> he could have come before the
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judiciary committee and disclosed their existence and turned them over. you chose instead a surprising route for someone who understandably has railed against others who had disclosed government documents. >> i think the director should have come to the public directly himself or come to congress. he should not have gone through a third party. >> the legal team charging that the leak was an act of retribution and that james comey was not truthful when he told the committee about it yesterday. >> although mr. comey testified that he only leaked the memos in response to a tweet, the public record reveals that "the new york times" was quoting from those memos the day before the record to each. which belies his excuse for this
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unauthorized disclosure of privileged information and appears to be entirely retaliatory. >> what is marc kasowitz talking about right there because some people say there is a problem with the timeline. he did not release this until four days after the president released his implement tapes tweet. there were details that were memorialized in one of those infamous memos. the suggestion here is that comey leaked the details of the private dinner which then prompted the president to tweet which prompted comey to release the details of the oval office memos. melissa? >> melissa: very mature. john roberts, thank you. >> jon: on capitol hill, his dramatic testimony had lawmakers
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riveted. republicans coming to president trump's defense, saying he is simply immune to the ways of washington. here is senator rand paul. >> the president's new at this, he is new to government. he probably was not steeped in the long-running protocols that establish the relationships between doj, fbi, and white houses. he's just new to this. >> jon: obviously that is not rand paul, that is the speaker of the house paul ryan. did i get florida right? >> you did. >> jon: it's been a bad day so far. what do you think about the speaker had to say, is it just an experience on the part of president trump that led him to make some of those remarks to the now departed fbi leader? >> i don't know what was actually sad, we have comey's account, the white house
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attorney has disputed that. i think we will just have to find out as more goes on. i come back to the idea that if at the president had in fact said to comey was something that was very inappropriate, comey sure did not do a good job of handling that. he basically decided to write a memo himself, he did not disclose that to the attorney general which is his immediate superior and his reason was that he thought he was going to end up recusing himself in the first place. it is an example of comey coloring outside the lines. the major take away was that comey did confirm that he told the president three separate times of the president was not under any type of investigation and that is important because the media, cnn, "new york times," "washington post" had been doing a feeding frenzy with a lot of innuendo and basically trying to get people to infer that trump was under investigation. i think the president was rightfully frustrated with that,
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comey was very coy about it in public. in private he was very clear to the president that there was no investigation of him. i would be frustrated if i were in that situation, too. >> jon: a lot of this was stoked by this story in "the new york times" based on the memo that comey leaked. >> you've seen this whole frenzy, anonymous sources, sources say, there is a "bombshell," it turns out that when you put witnesses under oath you end up refuting the stories. cnn a few days before comey's testimony says comey will dispute that he ever talk to the president about being under investigation. it turns out comey did say that on three separate occasions. even comey discredited "the new york times" article, he said it was false. you go on and on about media
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stories that have been out there. even though i think we spend too much time on this issue, it is clarifying when people get under oath that a lot of what they are willing to say under oath is much different than what's being reported in the press. >> jon: one of those who seize this issue very differently might not surprise you is chuck schumer, the minority leader of the democrats in the senate. here's what he had to say about comey's testimony. >> after hearing mr. comey's testimony today, america is stunned. the cloud hanging over this administration has just gotten a whole lot darker. >> jon: a whole lot darker, congressman? >> comey clarified that this russia investigation, there is no evidence or even reason to look into the president, whether he conspired with any type of russian actors and that was kind of the cloud let the president was frustrated about.
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if you read "the new york times" or "the washington post" you that there were some type of evidence but it turns out there wasn't. i think on that core russian narrative, which is what both the media and democrats have been talking about day after day, i think comey's testimony was damaging to their preferred narrative and i think in that respect it help the president. >> jon: interesting, the director comey's testimony was that he hoped that the disclosures would result in the appointment of a special counsel which is exactly what happened. we have to say good-bye, we appreciate you spending time with us. >> melissa: the republican bill to replace obamacare is not going over with american voters very well or so we are told. what a new poll reveals about public opinion of the g.o.p. plan and senate lawmaker work on their own bill. plus, a stunning development for british prime minister theresa may as her conservative party suffers a major defeat. how she is planning to move the country forward despite this
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♪ >> melissa: president trump talking health care reform and taking his message to the country this week. mr. trump are making a stop in ohio where he built the repeal and replacement of obamacare as a priority. >> president trump: obamacare as one of the big insurance companies has said it is an adaptive spiral. it is data. data. we are dealing with obstructionists. the democrats are obstructionist. they are obstructionists and they have a health care that is
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a disaster called obamacare. of the insurance companies are fleeing, the premiums are through the roof. >> melissa: it is already so hard to tell how he feels about thing. the majority of american voters disapprove of the g.o.p. health care plan, so where do republican lawmakers go from here? we have the former religiously e and policy director to chuck schumer. six in ten americans oppose the republicans american health care act, they are still working on it. they are still sitting there negotiating that policy. americans know they don't like it? what does that tell you. >> what you got is a situation where people would like to see changes past the house. the key question they have to
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look at is right now they have a system under the aca which will continue to grow government control. whether you want to continue that or move to family patient doctored centered system where families, the patients, and the doctors work out the system they need. that can only be done by getting out of the aca and moving to a different model. >> melissa: jam, dave is basically saying that if you like what is going on at the va you will love government run health care. >> the best thing that has happened to the aca is the election of donald trump. the popularity of obamacare is at an all-time high since its passage. people want to keep it amble republicans are trying to shove down people's throats with this a hca, they just don't want it. i think it is time for republicans to listen to voters and make those small fixes that
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need to be made to the aca and get it to work. >> melissa: i don't know about small fixes. anthem has pulled out entirely. here's what president trump had to say but what they are going to do going forward. >> we are going to get health care done, we are going to get the tax cuts done. we have the biggest tax cuts and great tax reform. we are going to get it done but sadly we are going to have to do it as republicans because we won't get any democrat votes and that is a very sad, sad thing. >> melissa: people are sick of hearing stuff like that, the idea that nobody can work together. health care is a very basic thing, i do know that anyone is happy with either plan, why can't both sides come together and work on something that works? and that everybody can take credit. >> i think that option is there, but the first question is do you want to continue ever-growing
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government control which is brought us over seven or eight years three different things. number one, you were told that you could keep your doctor and you couldn't. you were told you to keep your plan and you couldn't. you were told it will cost less and it cost twice as much more. those are problems of the government causes. if you get out of that and moved to our family, patient-dr. oriented system, if the democrats during the republicans in going there, i think we could work together. but that must be that fundamental change for more government control. >> melissa: this is a serious question. if you have two different sides, one side thinks of the government is the best one to run it and is the answer and the way to get down on paper thanks, and the other side thinks the government gums up everything. how do you get those two diametrically opposed viewpoints together on something like health care? >> difficult but i don't think it is impossible. i don't think the environment is
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exactly right right now. obamacare does leave a lot to the private sector, a lot of people on the left want a lot more government involvement. republicans need to give up the ghost on this repeal and replace and then i think there can be bipartisan solutions to make fixes to the aca, but you've got to give up the ghost of junking the entire thing. talk about a death spiral, put that aside and work on bipartisan fixes. there are a lot of them out there, both parties have joined together but they are not passing them because we are in this all or nothing fight right now. >> melissa: dave, is that true? are there things out there that are in the middle that could be bipartisan that both sides could come to? >> i think there are things you could get 60 votes for. but once again, unless there is a change over to a system that frankly we haven't had a market system in health care any of the
10:19 am
united states since world war ii, that will put back the family-patient centered system, you have to have somebody making the key decisions. right now the government makes those decisions for you. if you want to change over, there is a lot of room to work together and i think you can find 60, 70, 75 votes for a number of different things. some people only want there to be single-payer. some people on the republican side want to go back to an old system. very few republicans want to do that but there are some who want to. the question is, can we join together in moving to a new system which is based first and foremost on the family and the patient and the doctor. >> melissa: we are going to leave it there, thank you. >> jon: up next, a setback they came as something of a surprise for british prime minister theresa may. her conservative party fails to secure a majority in the general election. jeremy corbyn sees the result is a victory for his labour party.
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finally, gig for your neighborhood too. >> melissa: british voters recovering today from a political shocker. prime minister theresa may of the conservative party losing its majority in parliament. she made a high-stakes gamble to call an early election hoping for an early majority and it backfired big-time. >> i have just been to see her majesty the queen and i will now form government that can provide certainty that leads britain forward at this critical time for our country. >> melissa: she will form a new government, she will stay in power but there were calls for her to step down even though
10:24 am
conservatives one more seats than the labour party led by jeremy corbyn, the last of an outright majority in parliament could upset the talk still lead a britain out of the european union. >> jon: the islamic state is limning responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing in iraq. at least 30 people died in the explosion, dozens of others were injured. meanwhile, u.s. backed forces continue taking the fight to isis seriously. also looking to upgrade our military arsenal. i had the rare opportunity to fly a simulator, take a look. >> afghanistan, iraq, syria, the middle east in crisis. flash points the globe.
10:25 am
the u.s. military at war for almost 16 years. now a state-of-the-art warplane could help u.s. forces decisively win the east and future conflicts. >> we've got over 70,000 flight hours on the f-35 right now. the f-35 is here and here to stay. the world is a very dangerous place and that's why we need an airplane like this. >> jon: the f-35 does not come cheap. the pentagon recently announced it will spend $8.5 billion for the engines of these stealth jets i can take on competitors in the air as well as targets on the ground. >> it has been criticized for the expense. >> jon: is that worth it? >> i think it is worth every
10:26 am
single penny. this is the airplane i would want to take to combat with me. because of the stealth and the advanced technology. the stealth gives you the ability to be in a place and nobody knows you're there. >> jon: you think americans should sleep better at night knowing this thing is out there? >> absolutely, i believe this is the airplane that will take us into the future for us and our allies and partners. >> jon: talk about the fact that it is used by all of the services that fly. >> all of the services, the marines, the navy and the air force are all buying different variants but they are all similar. when you do pilot training together, we actually start our training as a f-35 pilots together. we already speak the same language is, we have already flown together before.
10:27 am
>> jon: does any nation out there have like it? >> there really isn't anything out there. of the and russians have prototypes but they are at least five years behind us. that also means that they are trying to catch us and they want this kind of technology for themselves. the f-35 is so far advanced over everything they have, they are scared of it and they should be. >> jon: i was able to get a test of the jets capabilities in the f-35 simulator. ♪ >> show the maneuverability of the airplane. you've now got to ship of enemy fighters on your nose. because of the stealth, you know everything about them and they don't even know you are there. let's take a shot of them. there goes the missile. impact.
10:28 am
>> jon: let's do a loop. >> you got plenty of airspeed, you can do a loop over the top. >> jon: let's go back home. >> looking good, ease the throttle back all the way. nose up to level and it will keep coming down. there you go. >> jon: experiencing the f-35 firsthand, you can get a sense of what a game changer this plane is. but is it worth the billion dollar price tag? >> the most basic cost benefit is it survivability, you can spend a lot of money on a cheaper airplane and you are going to die and that is as blunt as you i can be. war is an ugly business and we want to not only go in and do our mission, we want to bring the airplane and the pilot home alive. >> jon: it's funny to watch my body language there as i am
10:29 am
landing that thing, i really tensed up. it feels a lot like you are flying an actual aircraft. >> melissa: i you the only one that landed it? is that true? >> jon: i hear that's the case. of everyone at fox that tried it. >> melissa: i won't tell anyone, who were some of the other people who didn't land it? >> jon: you might look to the "fox & friends" cast. that's the rumor that i heard. >> melissa: i'm just here starting trouble, i won't be here monday, don't worry about it. that was very cool, by the way, i loved it. a judge decides whether an accused leaker should stay in jail before her trial. prosecutors argue that reality winner should remain behind bars. james comey says president trump pressured him to end the michael flynn investigation but also said that he leaked his notes to reporter. more on the fallout from all
10:30 am
this testimony coming up. >> do you believe this will rise to obstruction of justice? >> that is robert mueller's job to sort that out. 's maiden name or my first concert or - [team member] oh, well, now you can just use your phone. [customer] my phone? [team member] yeah, just open the wells fargo mobile app and request a one-time access code. [customer] that's way better. all set. thanks. they have snickerdoodles! [team member whispers] i love snickerdoodles. [customer] thanks!
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>> jon: fox news alert, secretary of state rex tillerson making remarks. >> we ask that there be no further escalation by the parties of region. we call on quatar to be responsive and of the needs of
10:32 am
its neighbors. the mayor of quatar has made progress in holding financial support, but he must do more and do it more quickly. others must also continue to eliminate factions of support for violent organizations within their own borders. again, that was a commitment made by all at the summit. we call on the kingdom of saudi arabia, that united air emirates, bahrain, and egypt to ease the blockade against >> qatar. there are humanitarian consequences to this blockade. we are seeing shortages of food, families are being forcibly separated, and children pulled out of school. we believe these are unintended consequences. especially during this holy month of ramadan, but they can
10:33 am
be addressed immediately. the blockade is also impairing u.s. and other international business activities in the region and has created a hardship of qatar and the people whose livelihoods depend on the commerce of qatar. the blockade is hindering u.s. military action in the campaign against isis. we support the mayor of kuwait's efforts to bring about the peaceful resolution to disagreement and progress towards eliminating all support for terrorism, military, financial, moral or ideological. the u.s. will support these mediation efforts along with the mayor of kuwait. in the last few days, i have spoken to many leaders in the region and as i said to all of them, we know you are stronger together. it is clear to me based on these conversations that the elements of a solution are available.
10:34 am
they must emerge united and stronger to show the world the resolve in its fight against violence and terrorism and its commitment to countering the strap from extremism. our expectation is that these countries will immediately take steps to de-escalate the situation and put forth a good faith effort to resolve the grievances they have with each other. thank you very much. >> jon: no comment to reporters from secretary of state rex tillerson commenting on the situation in qatar, many neighbors have cut off all relation and have even close their borders with that country. they need to import food and some of that is coming in short supply now as a result of the various fallout from what's going on with their neighbors. more now to the fallout from james comey's senate testimony.
10:35 am
president trump's attorney expected to file a complaint over mr. comey's release of notes on his conversation with the president. while his testimony could be used in the special counsel investigation, he declined to say whether he thought the president broke the law. >> do you think the president was trying to obstruct justice or just seek a way for michael flynn to save face given he had already been fired. >> i don't think it's for me to say whether the conversation was an effort to obstruct, i took it as a very disturbing thing, very concerning, that is a conclusion i'm sure the special counsel will work towards to try to understand the intention and whether that is a defense. >> jon: let's get your take, what you heard of the conversation tween the president and mr. comey. does it rise to the level of obstruction of justice in your
10:36 am
mind? >> it did not seen that way to me, this is not a traditional obstruction of justice case to be brought to the grand jury and eventually prosecuted. the president of the united states is in a different legal standing. the real question is like whether or not something like this rises to the level of being an impeachable offense. there are things that may be disturbing or bad judgment, the question really -- obstruction of justice would never really be what would be the charge here unless it were in the context of an impeachment proceeding. >> jon: there were some negative information that came out about the way the president handled their interactions, how damaging is that? >> i think it is bad politically, a little bad reputation only to be accused of lying. his lawyer has attempted to deny some of those statements. it doesn't change anyone's perception of the president of being a little bit of a bull in the china shop and that he made
10:37 am
heavy on beyond what traditionally president will will go in terms of encouraging comey to have the case let go. i don't think that lies us to the level of obstruction, but it is one of those things that is close enough. that's why you don't have these one-on-one conversations with the director about an individual case. >> jon: also pretty astounding to have the former fbi director saying that he hoped a special counsel would be appointed to investigate all of this and after the release of the leak, which he admitted to, of its own memos, that is exactly what happened. >> looking at the whole hearing broadly, i thought former director comey's testimony established how political these things always are. he received a directive from loretta lynch to use the term
10:38 am
matter rather than investigation in regards to the clinton email scandal, and thought maybe a special counsel will be appointed there, but in his mind he thought that was unfair to secretary clinton for him to recommend appointing a special counsel there, where in this instance he decided it was fair for him to leak the memorandum to "the new york times" in hopes of getting a special counsel appointed. i think it just shows, whether the decisions were right or wrong, politics play a role in this when you are investigating someone that high up, either secretary clinton or president trump. director comey is not a complete boy scout on this, he knows which way the political winds blow. >> jon: his boss directly said to him "you will not call the hillary clinton thing and investigation, you will call it
10:39 am
a matter." with president trump, as he admits, "i hope you can let this go." kind of a difference there, but he took the more recent situation more seriously. >> it was clearly a directive from loretta lynch. it was obvious that using the term matter was to downplay the investigation. i think these are all judgments and they are tough calls. i think in some way all of this is a little bit overblown. you don't need loretta lynch to tell you that people are going to be unhappy if you maximize that investigation. when donald trump is the crosshairs, you don't need to be in a conversation with him to know that there will be some political blowback if you take him on or have negative
10:40 am
implications for his people. the fact that these conversations happened, probably improper and certainly in the culture of the department of justice and the fbi, but in terms of how they would affect anyone's ability to do their job, that pressure is there whether anyone says or not. >> jon: we appreciate your insight. thank you. >> melissa: accused nsa leaker reality winner will remain in jail until her trial. a judge denied her bail. prosecutors argued against granting her bail, suggesting she may have plans to leak more classified documents. she pleaded not guilty to charges but she legally retained and transmitted classified information. the crime carries a maximum penalty of ten years in prison if she is convicted.
10:41 am
>> jon: the media taking some of the spotlight during james comey's testimony. of the former fbi director taking issue with "the new york times" report about trump campaign meeting with russian intelligence officers. plus, a string of ghana store robberies near seattle raising concerns that stolen weapons could get into the wrong hands. >> they are coming in very fast, getting what they need and leaving very quickly. there is a concern that these firearms will get into the hands of the wrong people. only invisalign® clear aligners are made with smarttrack® material to precisely move your teeth to your best smile. see how invisalign® treatment can shape your smile
10:42 am
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>> jon: by now police in washington state are on the trail of a roving band of thieves who are smashing their ways into gun stores. police say the bandits used a stolen car and rammed through the door before ransacking the store and making off with
10:45 am
armloads of guns. it was the exact same ammo at other gun stores south of seattle. smashing the door and taking off with the guns. it appears no arrests have been made, no word yet on damages. >> melissa: former fbi director james comey taking issue with the media during his testimony before the senate intelligence committee. comey criticized "the new york times," saying they were inaccurate and the story about curtis direct communications between trauma campaign associates and the russian government. >> of the american people can understand this, that report by "the new york times" was not true. is that a fair statement? >> in the main, it was not true. the american people do not know this, the challenge -- i am not picking on reporters -- on writing stories about classified information, the people talking
10:46 am
about it do not know what is going on and those of us who know what is going on are not talking about it and we do not call the press to tell them they got something wrong. >> melissa: joining me now for more on this, fox news media analyst howard kurtz. the story ended up being incorrect, what do you make of all of that? >> cnn and abc went pretty hard with the notion that when comey testifies he never said such a thing about telling the president he was never under investigation. he was kind of picking on reporters there. he did single out that "new york times" story.
10:47 am
a spokesman for the times told me they reviewed the coverage and stands by the story and would be happy to hear any details from comey are the fbi. that undermines his criticism, he did not say what part of the story was wrong. >> melissa: we know is reporters that if you report something and you are the first to break it and you have unnamed sources, the punishment for getting that wrong is the idea that when you are proven wrong, you will lose credibility and you are embarrassed. i wonder in this cycle when there is so much flying by all the time, do you really pay a price with back when you run a story and it's not true? >> sometimes you do. this hearing is a perfect example, a good chunk of this hearing was james comey talking about the press but that was not the focus of the coverage at al all. every network outside of espn carried this hearing live, it
10:48 am
was a hearing in which james comey ripped into the media as often being inaccurate, especially dealing with top-secret classified information. >> melissa: there were so many places where he impugned his own integrity. in the next breath, he said "i leaked this huge story because i wanted out there. obviously that is an immediate and direct contradiction of what he has said under oath minutes before. >> by that time he was a private citizen. i am surprised that james comey hasn't gotten more criticism for acknowledging that he was trying to manipulate the coverage, that he was being deceptive, that he used a friend at columbia law school to hand his memo to a "new york times" reporter. he was under oath, i don't think he had any choice but to own up
10:49 am
to it. we also kind of knew because his fingerprints were all over the stories, it shows that he has been directing this shadow campaign against the president without putting his name to it until he was under the lights. >> melissa: a lot of people making the point that it's not just because it was classified information, it was the sneaky sharing of secret information under false pretenses. >> that's what he did, he used a friend, i've seen a lot of associates say that sort of thing, it has driven a narrative in the media that has made the president look bad but finally we got to see comey answer questions under oath. >> melissa: i can't wait to see your show on sunday, i know it's going to be a big one. thank you. >> jon: the opioid crisis is getting worse as wave of overdoses hits one state very hard. where it is happening and what officials are blaming for the sudden spike, next. >> the danger to the community,
10:50 am
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>> hello everyone, in less than an hour we will have president trump's first news conference since the james comey testimony. we will ask former press secretary for his advice to the president. coming up on "america's news headquarters" ." ♪ >> jon: dangerous spike in opioid overdoses in the state of georgia, at least 18 people treated for overdoses and at least one week. live in atlanta with that.
10:54 am
>> investigators say it is a brand-new drug and they believe it is responsible for at least four deaths in central georgia. they say it is a fake street version of the prescription painkiller percocet, but it is more potent than what you would get from the pharmacy. >> it is being sold on the street as percocet, however when it is taken, patients are experiencing severe decreased levels of consciousness. and respiratory failure. >> preliminary results suggest the fake painkillers contain a mixture of two synthetic opioid opioids. 30 to 50 times more heroin but can reproduce at a fit of the cost. >> these are not chemists producing these, these are idiots in a garage manufacturing a drug that is going to be used
10:55 am
and abused. we call it manufacturing death. >> the georgia department of public health are saying they are so potent that they are having to use massive doses of emergency treatment to revive them because the agreements are not yet fully understood, authorities are warning people not to even touch the pill, even doing that could potentially be dangerous. >> jon: thank you. >> melissa: a brush fire burning everything in its path, officials say it is not people or property they are worried about. what is a cause for concern? next, in the final 30. ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons.
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>> the president of romania is about to enter the white house. when he pulls up in the limousine, we expect he will be ushered to that door for a one on one meeting with president trump in the oval office. after ward the big fireworks. that's when we're gonna get the news conference between the two. we expect the press will be asking about jim comey and his testimony yesterday. all right. time for the final 30. a wild fire in hawaii is threatening endangered plants, as well as animals. >> melissa: claims are headed straight for a forest reserve putting tree snails and a rare dry forest in peril. water tankers and helicopters are being used to try to put the fire out. >> jon: sometimes a police dog's life can be rough. especially when you're too cute for the job. this is gavelgerman shepherd. he got his walking papers from queensland australia because he's too friendly with
11:00 am
strangers. the pup landed on his paws. he got a job working for the governor, an ambassador of sort. >> melissa: i bet there's lots of treats that go with that. i love it. thank you very much for joining us. >> jon: "america's news hq" starts now. >> joh >> we are awaiting a joint news conference in less than an hour. it will be the first time we hear president trump's reaction on camera to james comey's dramatic testimony as the administration continues its next move. hello, everyone. we have got team fox coverage. bradley mott, attorney specializing in national security litigation. we're kicking things off with john roberts on the north lawn. we expect to see the president greeting someone important very soon. what's this


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