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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 9, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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i'd. >> [music playing] >> it goes on a little bit longer and is on my twitter account to at @sean hannity. that is all the time we have tonight and we'll see you back here on monday at. >> tucker: good evening and . good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight.. president trump was watching yesterday a nd renderedd his murder that former fbi director james comey's testimony on the hill is a major victory to the administrationti side, a complee dedication. >> yesterday no showed no collusion or obstruction and was an excuse by the democrats who lost an election who some think they should not have lost and is impossiblele for the democrats o lose the electoral colleges, as you know and have two run up the whole east coast and when everything as a republican and
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is just what we did and is an excuse. frankly, james comey confirmed a lot of what we said. here is what is true as of 8:00 p.m. eastern to tight donald trump is still the president of the u.s. and on the most basic level, comey's testimony failed to make it goal. there was collusion, imperils our way of life, you hear those all the time and hear them every night on the show but nobodyob n dc believes that and cannot explain how it happened or what the effects were. no idea and don't care, they just want trump gone and anyone who is in the way. they tried racism, remember hillary clinton based an entire presidential campaign on that
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idea. it didn't work and he got a higher percentage than four years before with the mitt romney. someone came up with the idea as trump as trader with a russian agent posing as a 70 -year-old real estate developer. it kind of worked with half the country bought it and 100% of cmmnc viewers were in. mike lost his job and others might follow and know are trying for jeff sessions who is not only the attorney general but the smartest and principal person in thaton administration. he has to go and of course is a russian spine also. afterwards if you went behind closednd doors and was supposedo be secret, the entire point of a closed door meeting. apparently, comey suggested that jeff sessions might have interacted with the russianin
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ambassador in the spring of 2016. those are h the things, may have or suggested and even if it is true, who cares, what exactly does it mean. nancy pelosi never wanted to wait for facts and demanding that sessions resign. i did say on march 2 that he should resign as attorney w general. waith the a second. whatat is the crime. is there evidence he worked with russia to elect president trump? never has been any evidence and what he is accused of doing meeting with the ambassador and the senate office and was one of the 25 times he met in 2016 with the ambassador in session's duties and then during the republican convention he spoke at an event called global parkers and democracy with dozens of ambassadors attending
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that event. after the speech, he, a pparently, spoke with the ambassador whose job it is to talk with senators. sessions never hitit those that simply said they took place in hisnd capacity as a senator. zero prove he is lying about that and came under pressure. you think that would end the matter, but, of course it didn't and it's not about truth or fairness that is about a democratically elected government that the permanents and washington does not like. collusion with the foreign government is tantamount to treason and definitely a moral crime and would never defend it and no evidence it actually h happened with the full story a hoax and the lies they tell it are beginning to believe and is deeply hurting our country with
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otherwise smart people press forward as if it was real despite mounting evidence it is not real at all. comey will senate that a major new york times storyy that pushd a russian collusion narrative was w garbage. >> that report by the new york times was not true, is that a fair statement? >> itru was not true. people talking about it often don't know what is going on and those of those who do know what is going on don't talk about it and do not call the press that you got this wrong about this sensitive topic, we just have to be that there. it was based on anonymous sources and after comey made the remarks they admitted they could not find those responses dash people for a response. america's's rulings has gone crazy. where does this and? a retired professor and fellow
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at the hoover institution joining us now. watching the hearings, are you more or less convinced that donald trump and his associates worked with the russians? >> james comey is a tragic figure in the more he tries to salvage his character the more he denigrates it and everything he said was not logical. all of the information about the collusion came from the fbi and on three occasions am commenting on the status with hillary clinton and did not make sense writing a memo and said after tromp it was such an extraordinary conversation andpr felt so compromised he might have to record on a government computer and, yet, testifies loretto lynch did not suggest they gave a direct order on
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which semantics to use but did not right a memo. there are in lot of things that to not corroborate with each other. loretto lynch is at the core of all of the ears when he was shocked that he hinted he would like to see flynn treated well, loretto lynch did not hint, she gave him a direct order. with trumpth he resisted. he was very resistant about tromp's suggestions but had no effecthi on the investigation ad did not object to tromp in a way that he did not back down to lynch. the february article was the signature moment that developed at thes trump collusion story based on anonymous sources but
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comey was using euphemisms based on the sources and are all about the euphemism for unmasking and now the subject of a subpoena by the house intelligence committee. >> subpoenas are the power were susan rice or john brennan were using surveillance to find information. unmasking those names and then leaking them to the press. they cannot find the original sources because they are on -- under sabina or their subordinates willan be and comey doesy not want to get anywhere near that story. . i would never claim that the trumpam administration is blameless, it is frustrating to watch but does seem to me that he is dead of -- democratically
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elected and a group of unelected peoplehe are trying to undo the results, not a conspiracy not, do you see that happening? >> barack obama in the middle of an investigation said there was nothing there and know that president say all sorts of things in confidential conversations. this is, sort of, a narrative that is political in origin and tries to delegitimize trump with no evidence of collusion and puts pressure on purple state house members aligning themselves on key issues if they calcify or ossify the house that trump seems to be week and a narrative that is very, very foreboding which is, did the obama administration on mask and
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leak names of american citizens? if that were true, we don't know much aboutut it and would have been absorbed with this non- story. i would like to finish that by saying these people make the necessary gymnastics to survive aal change in administration and before trump came into office, there were leaks about collusion and then comey assures him he is not the subject of an investigation, which it was leaked that he was with timing surreal making adjustments to fit the next administration and massage themselves in a way that would be .suitable. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. a news conference today, the president president denied asking for a loyalty oath.
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>> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version like. >> 100%. >> if robert mueller wanted to talk with you-- >> iem wha would be happy to tem what i told you. >> director >> director comey's interview was hardly t the impeachment information they were looking for. >> not often you have him think he could not trust the p resident. >> and honest man under oath that does not focus much attention on telling the truth. >> he wanted the case against g his friend, michael flynn, to go away and hounded the fbi director. >> brief found resolute testimony detailing the frightening reality of president trump's pattern for contempt on justice.
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>> donete calloway is a strategt and former representative. thank you for coming on. this describes the hillary campaign and the aftermath. within 24 hours of the concession speech assembling the communication team to engineer thegi case that it was not entirely on the other end up with the russian hacking the centerpiece of the argument. this was a strategy devised in the ashes of the clinton campaign to delegitimize trump and has been far more youth active than anyone expected. >> it should matter to everyone and confirmed by 22 different independent agencies and confirmed by director comey is the russians interfered in the process and to the benefit of now president donald trump andwt don't know w if there was
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collusion and based on the evidence we have now, there was no collusion and the interfered in our election, that we should be troubling to everyone. no one is saying that didn't happened. >> i am saying it didn't happen. not one person who has ever made that allegation to me as how they affect it the outcome, at all. they did not hack it or alter it. >> we know that it was hacked with director comey saying there is no doubt, whatsoever. >> we doe not know that effecti am willing to give you that. what we do know is there was hacking andol involved exposing secret e-mails, internal workings of the democratic p arty. >> we don't know that. >> we do know that. >> it is not up for debate.
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>> everything is up for debate to, because nothing is settled. you havey mindless people that o not know any details nodding ind unison. l if you look at the details, the dnc servers were never examined because the clinton people would not allow that. by the way, no evidence, at all. >> all we can say, tucker, is you say hacking did not happen. the director of the fbi yesterday, under no said it happened. >> who did it is the question. >> yesterday he was asked and said i have no doubt that russia interfered with our election process. >> what does thatbody mean? they do not want to get involved and do not know what the answer.
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it has been decided. did it happen, and what effect? in't an act of bipartisanship, e do noten know that you fat. >> not a meaningful claim unless we can explain what it means. >> it happened. we do not know that you that, we just don't know how it happened. the attorney general of the u.s., jeff sessions, i think it is legitimate, you do not agree, that is a fine, but they are trying to take him out of commission on the grounds he is somehow collaborating with the russians with the comey saying that in a cowardly and disgusting way on the floor yesterday. this guy, the attorney general brushed elbowsmb with the russin ambassador. does that make him a collaborator with the russian government? >> two times last summer during
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an advocate andv surrogate for the trump campaign, then s enator, knelt attorney general sessionss met with russian individuals with one probably being the russian ambassador and did not properly disclose that during his senate confirmation hearing list entering actual testimony. >> i am not even going to call it a crime. we know he met with them and did not disclose in it. yesterday, the washington post reports that director comey said there was a third contact. >> he said he did not know. >> the washington post is reporting -- lets to drop the partisan crap for a second. >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> he recused himself. >> let's be totally real and stop the innuendo.
8:17 pm
>> you and me, let's do it. >> if you speak to the russian ambassador at an event organized by the obama administration as a u.s. senator, there is nothing wrong on that and is not lobbying on behalf of of russia and now people are claiming that he should resign. >> i heard you disclosein that n your preamble and do not know those public events at the dnc worth thea. limits of his contat with russia. even if they were not, he should have disclosed it, and he failed to. >> you are actually wrong. he needed to disclose it if he met with them in his capacity as aa trump campaign surrogate. >> he was asked anytime during the course of last year--
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>> explain n why you did it. you are impudent the reputation of decent men forget politics, and it is wrong. >> if you met for totally a knock use purposes, say, yes, i did. it should have been up for question in front of the committee. >> are you familiar with the mccarthy era? do you think this is degrading our standards of justice? >> i don't. >> call people names because they talk to people at a party. nancy pelosi saidr she said he should resign. >> he did not disclose contact with russians and asked under oath.ot whether or not you did itdidn't innocent purposes or not, he did not disclose it. >> thank you, don for sitting to
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withtthat's why at comcast,t clickto be connected 24/7.hin. we're always working to make our services more reliable. with technology that can update itself. and advanced fiber network infrastructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. president trump is pretty pleased with the gemma comey show yesterday. >> no collusion, no obstruction, he is a leaker and was an excuse by the democrats. james comey confirmed of what i said s and some of what he said are not true. should i take one of the killer
8:23 pm
networks that treat me so badly as they can news? >> wewe will get back to jamesrm comey's testimony. did he ask fore a pledge of loyalty? >> no, he did not. >> would you be willing to speak under oath? >> 100%. >> if robert mueller-- >> i would be happy to tell him what i just told you. ann coulter was kicking back with a glass of chardonnay and joins us tonight. i am really glad that donald trump threatened james comey with those. what he had to say changed quite had tocally when he worry if they might have been taped. when trump sent out that tweet saying he better hope it was not taped, when he tweeted that, the big story that comey was leaking
8:24 pm
was that trump tried to obstruct justice by interfering with thee investigation of w a crime which was michael's when contacting the russians during the transition and what hewh did is really irrelevant and comey admitted it think i want to know about and should know if any of my satellites were having improper contact and was talking about the firing of flynn being billed as proof of the collusion between the trump campaign and russia and then turns out it was perfectly appropriaten t for hio be talking with the russians and the only reason he fired him is because he allegedly misled vice president pence him when he says go easy on him he said go easy on him then you have on me and don't let these lies continue with it being illegal, evidence of a crime, something that james
8:25 pm
comey, we did not know until the testimony that he had, in fact, as trump said, three times told president trump he was not under investigation and what were his grounds for refusing to tell the public that? utterly outrageous -- it private citizen under investigation by police and the police refuse to you? >> we might declare you guilty in the future? >> for of months because i am a little man was taking this seriously. it has finally dawned on me is it is performance art and a hoax and who would be the russian agent next, this is not about russia or national security, it
8:26 pm
is all a lie. >> you are absolutely right about that. as if it is a nice day to day. >> is it a nice day? >> i cannot tell you because it would be a duty to correct and is the most insane way to not answer it and will not even say that het is not being investigated because if i make a statement about reality, there is a future, and then what will i do? >> i want to correct you with one thing with your last best. there is russia trying to influence the election and colluding with americans with the tha declamatory trump dossi. that was a russian-produced .ca them dot fbi and broadcast, hysterically, by cnn. that is the only evidence.
8:27 pm
>> that was a really good point, a high water mark. thank you for joining us. >> thankin you. muslims in australia are demanding taxpayer funded state spaces and time for those safe spaces in the u.s., as well. stay tuned. when you have allergies, it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony.
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well, some recent high profile events in europe indicate that islam anddi some of it form coud be hazardous to people's health but in australia muslims are saying they need safe spaces with the islamic council of victoria representing 200,000 muslims are calling on the government to fund state spaces were muslims can safely express inflammatory views that would cause trouble c if voiced p ublicly. this is part of the the- radicalization process. state spaces would be a good idea here and joins us tonight. what exactly would a safe space for muslims look like? >> we need to start by understanding everybody misunderstands what a safe space means talking about them being the somewhere where you can be who you are without having violence committed against you or harassed and is a good idea
8:32 pm
to have everywhere with america builds on the idea we can express our religious freedoms that you believe in and is a necessary thing. we need to recognize we have been surveilled for a very long time where i converted to islam two years ago and for those living in america is a crisis and are being surveilled and watched and children are being affected. >> why do you think law enforcement agencies would put muslims under surveillance? >> obviously because of counterterrorismou efforts. >> why would there be counterterrorism efforts aimed at muslim. >> you are a smart guy, you know why thaton is. >> ist am asking a question abot the statement you just made. >> acts of terror committed in the name of the allah that do nott reflect the muslim community. >> you will concedeel it is not
8:33 pm
random that they are looking for something for him religious group to persecute. >> i am saying that. >> they have been in the business of doing that for quite a long time. >> why don't they do it to the amish or the jews? i do not see a lot of terror attacks committed by those groups. >> it is not profitable to be talking against these other groups that is profitable to be speaking againstee muslims becae it is feeding into the wartime effort to. debate the details but is important to acknowledge a baseline with an awful lot of attacks were actual people died in the u.s. and europe committed by people saying clearly, we are acting in the name of islam and some are saying you do not act in my name, but there are people who have killed a lot of other people in the name of islam and is not a mass fantasy that law
8:34 pm
enforcement is acting out of and is a real thing and don't know why groups like yours will not acknowledge the reality. >> i don't know why they want to acknowledge something that is exclusive to the muslim communityy and is not exclusive to islam or my religion, which r is islam but people are targeted in a way that is unfair and how whiteis supremacists and violene at being committed. >> that is too dumb. >> you cannot ignore that it is not happening. maybe you have been convinced of that that there are hard numbers kept by the u.s. government that show exactly the number of people who died and how in terror attacks in the u.s. and no comparison and is a problem with people self identifying as muslims murdering other people and don't think you are implicated in that and don't know why you are not more upset
8:35 pm
at them. >> who said i am not upset, tucker? >> you are lecturing the u.s. government for being racist. there is a real problem and we are trying to do something about it. instead it is always the fault of the larger society and that is just silly. >> well, it is ridiculous that the idea we cannot have safe spaces that is something out of the question becomes muslims are being targeted and truly are communities that need safe to spaces like black communities and spruces-- >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> i feel like'm i am harassed online, we are all victims here. what would muslims say in safe spaces that they would not say in public. i am a black career woman
8:36 pm
converted to being a muslim and from my mouth own experience when i go to the airport and untangle a pair of hair felons and getm visited by someone fr tsa, it is not, necessarily. >> so you untangle headphones? you are asking for someone, not you, to pay for a safe space then i wants examples of the thing is that muslims believe they can only say in a safe space and not on the show or street corner, what would they be saying? >> not something they cannot say elsewhere but internal community dialogues to h happiest for complicatedef discussions and in the fork front in collaboration is talking out against theai violence against women acknowledging there is an issue of violence against women.
8:37 pm
>> in muslim communities? >> in allr: communities. and they all converge about muslims and the lgbtq. >> some of us exist in all of those communities. >> also, don't you think primarily you are an american, first and foremost americans. >> i am black, first. >> end of conversation. thank you. sued by abortionists after secretly taping their conversations. they will tell us why the judge say they should not be ruling on abortion-related matters. americans - 83% try to eat healthy.
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willing to say behind closed doors and sued the group over the videos and in response importing a gag order. it ordered the group not to release additional videos. is he a fair judge and rule on something like this? strong personal ties to a planned parenthood affiliate and ought to recuse himself think of the center for medical progress' founder joins us. thank you for coming on. one of the reasons it piqued our interest is because it is a clear violation of free expression. we cannot show these videos, which we believe are real on-air which is un-american to me and raises questions, who is the judge who would make such an order andu you have information to help explain that. >> the judge, tucker, is someone
8:43 pm
who used to run a planned parenthood clinic in san francisco, i california. when he was a longtime keyboard a decisiony made while he was on the board of directors to host and embed are plannednt parenthood clinic inse of their own hot this headquarters based in sannate francisco. the judge never disclosed that to the senate judiciary committee and never to the defendants in these lawsuits. >> how do you know it is true? >> we know it is true because of the 99090 forms filed by the family resource center that the judge was a longtime keyboard member ofsa and had only said to the senate judiciary committee he was a member of the board of directors of that organization that to this day is having a clinic embedded in it office space and said he was on the board of directors until 1999 and died them up and he was on
8:44 pm
the board until 2003, long after they had invited planned parenthood into their space and hosted an embedded them in theit >> is seems like such an obvious conflict of interest. is there a way to use that fact, and i am assuming it is a fact, to get him off this case? >> that is why the defendants, myself in my individual capacita and have filed motions to disqualify the judge from hearing the case. there is a clear case with long-standing personal and professionalsi relationship with planned parenthood who is a named plaintiff in a lawsuit in the courtroom and membership in the national abortion federation suing me for almost two years at this point, the judge has a long-standing personal and professional ties to planned
8:45 pm
parenthoodti and the abortion industry and a pre-existing personalf bias and prejudice in paper of them and conflict of interest that at the t end of te day, a judge should not be hearing the case of his brother or someone he is related to or doing business with. >> preventing the public from seeing something that is real and true. >> these are fake videos, but they are not fake videos and no longer even claiming that an preventing news organizations fromor b broadcasting them publ. as the aclu come to your aid? it is in their name. >> maybe they well, i hope so. planneden parenthood, the bigget abortion business in the country who senior leadership was caught on camera harvesting and selling bodyud parts, they are colluding
8:46 pm
with the organs of power in the state of california to silent citizen journalists because of our viewpoints. >> it is exactly what you never think could happen here, and it has. you can identify as a man and can identify as a woman. can you identify as a hippopotamus? is happening. is happening. top that, next.let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+. it's not just a car, (work sfx) it's your daily retreat. the es and es hybrid. lease the 2017 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ >> tucker: time now for top ofer time now, you know how it goes, so much a weird stuff going on. the panelistsey are roommates ad were friends in college.
8:51 pm
to prevent any problems they will win on the story and not presentation. first we have the woman who thought sheu was black even though she was born white and now, unsurprisingly, we have a doctoral student at theth university of arizona that self identifies as a hippopotamus. >> the animal? >> the sub saharan animal. that is not even the craziest part. begin diversity of arizona is thrilled to have this teacher teaching undergraduates on animaly studies. >> if i were in a canoe and this person surfaced next to me, would i be in danger of being killed?d? >> there is, obviously,
8:52 pm
something not right. >> white >> white is that out of m bound. you are a bigot to suggest otherwise. can you beat that? >> i willl identify right away s the winner of this competition. i am from wisconsin and we'll talk about beer with a brooklyn brewery is offering a craft beer called gender-neutral to promoto pride month and is a pale ale and is a few different things with the liberals and then brooklyn and craft beer and the rejection of the gender binary, very important. >> you get to deny basic biology and get drunk at the samesa tim. >> everything i like some do in the whole world. >> how can the hippo story notbe win??
8:53 pm
>> there is no way that cannot be allowed. if you are what you say you are, okay, hippo lady. >> she said she felt sexy as a hippo. to you both. to you both. >> we will be right back. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it. new carrabba's trios starting at only $14.99. choose one of three pastas... and we'll pair it with homemade lasagne and manicotti. that's three pastas on one plate! new trios starting at $14.99 won't last long! carrabba's. italian worth talking about.
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>> tucker: you may have remembered lauren duca after something called teen vogue. i was a little snappy with her and she has been milking that appearance ever sense. she gave a college commencement address and became a lot more famous than her talent would suggest it's possible. hillary clinton herself sent a t personal letter to lauren saying excellent work for teen vogue. along with her courage and poise. the internet is not a friendly place for women, clinton's note says. especially for those that want to speak their minds and challenge systems of power. hillary clinton is from a
8:58 pm
different generation. give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she's never been on the internet before. otherwise, how can she write that? the internet is unfriendly to everybody. that's what happens when people get the comment anonymously. irony of ironies, lauren sent a tweet about donald trump dying in a plane crash. to hillary, that's challenging systems of power. for a writer, lauren duca can barely write. even for someone paid to produce propaganda for a kids magazine. weai need to stop donald trump from threatening the sovereignty of an entire religion she wrote at one point, she beganon anothr piece this way -- the white house vortex of scandal has ratcheted to new heights. never in the history of language
8:59 pm
of metaphor is been treated so poorly. the frustrating thing is there are impressive liberals out there who can think and write clearly. lauren duca is not one of them. hillary loves her because she thinks duca is a victim. she gets more and more famous and more revered on the left. maybe she will be honored by the pope f and dalai lama. she could get the nobel prize for literature. we could be making fun of president lauren duca, assuming that's still legal by then. we better stop. we are making it worse. that's it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 for the show that's a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and htgroupthink. have the best weekend. our friends at "the five" -- no matter what we do, we watch "the five." it is that good. share the experience. next, live from new york. ♪
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>> jesse: hello, everybody. i am jesse watters. with juan williams, greg gutfeld, dana perino and kimberly guilfoyle. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." we begin tonight with our top story, president trump on offense. mr. trump gave his first public reaction to yesterday's explosive testimony from his fired fbi director. he tweeted... this afternoon, he explained why. >> no collision, no obstruction, he is a leaker. frankly, james comey confirmed a


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