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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 9, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> jesse: hello, everybody. i am jesse watters. with juan williams, greg gutfeld, dana perino and kimberly guilfoyle. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." we begin tonight with our top story, president trump on offense. mr. trump gave his first public reaction to yesterday's explosive testimony from his fired fbi director. he tweeted... this afternoon, he explained why. >> no collision, no obstruction, he is a leaker. frankly, james comey confirmed a
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lot of what i said. some of the things he saids just weren't true. >> jesse: the president didn't stop there. watch this exchange with carl from abc. >> one of the killer networks that treated me so badly is big news -- should i do that? go ahead, john. be fair, john. remember how nice he used to be before i ran? such a nice man. always fair. >> reporter: i want to get back to james comey's testimony. he did say under oath that you told him to let -- he hoped the flynn investigation -- >> i didn't say that. >> reporter: so he lied about it? >> well, i didn'tig say that. >> reporter: did he pledge loyalty from you? and there would be nothing wrong if i did say that, according to everybody that i've read today.
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>> reporter: did he pledge loyalty from you? he said those things under oath, would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version? >> 100%. i? hardly know the man. i'm not going to say i want you to pledge allegiance -- who wouldo do that? under oath? think of it, i hardly know the man. it doesn't make sense. no, i didn't say that.dl >> reporter: if bob mueller wanted to speak about it? you seem to be hinting that there are recordings of those conversations. >> i am not hinting anything. i will tell you about it over a short period of time. do you have a question? >> reporter: are there tapes, sir? >> you are going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer. >> jesse: it seems like the president has his mojo back. i love how he speaks like he tweets. no obstruction.
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no collusion. he's the leaker. it looks like he's back on offense. >> kimberly: no collusion. he's a leaker. a leaker. he feels confident about what's happening. it was a good day in terms of his statements. he was consistent. he was toldit three times and then, there you heard it from the fbi director saying yes, it told the president on three separate occasions that he's not the subject of an investigation. where do they go from here? where's the conspiracy, collusion, obstruction of justice or investigations we've been hearing about over and over again? what are they going to all of a sudden magically get -- what came to life after comey was fired? are they going to get some evidence? that's what i'm curious about. i don't see how they can sustain this at this point and keeping it going. >> jesse: chris matthews also agrees that this trump-russia
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conspiracy theory is dead and that should tell you a lot. >> kimberly: the tingler. >> jesse: trump is now floating the idea there may be tapes. what is the strategy there? >> greg: it's interesting, it's an interesting strategy. jim comey. it's time we show some compassion. he is now a stay-at-home dad, we value our stay-at-home dads. don't we? >> jesse: we do. >> greg: the same kind of mentality, if the russians know anything about hillary's emails, let us know. everything is being recorded -- doing something or another. it's kind of just a joke on his part. i think that's what it is. that's why when he said i think you're going to be really disappointed when you find out. how the story is shifting is really interesting right now. i read a headline from "the washington post" that said
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there's no indication comey violated the law. the story has shifted and now everybody is looking at comey because they realize that straight-a student that was jim comey is now -- when all the other students went to play hooky and swim at the creek, he called the principal. my favorite part of the press conference was we heard the clearest explanation of nato and the defense payment sharing by the romanian president. that's not even his primary language but when heng explained it, h everybody got it. i don't know if you guys saw that part. itit was great. >> jesse: i missed that part. >> greg: go romania. >> jesse: can we talk about the shift in the narrative? you were right, as much as it
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pains me to admit that, dana -- >> dana: why? >> jesse: i am kidding. you said the left was going to pick something up from the testimony and the right was going to pick up something from the testimony and they will plant their flag afterwards. it looks like trump wasin exonerated. comey called trump a liar. that's what they are grasping onto now. is this russia thing over in your opinion? >> dana: you have the bob mueller investigation. hopingin to wrap it up in three months. the president can benefit from being in the bully pulpit. he was able to basically fueled the weekend. everyone will be able to talk aboutek it. but it depends on what theye are talking about. >> jesse: was that not a good idea? >> dana: let's have it. we are the media. that would be great. i don't know if his lawyers
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would b agree. you get in there under l testimony, the issue with the fbind is they've talked a lot me people that you don't necessarily know. when they say we've talked to mike flynn and l he said this -- now we are all in this question. i don't think there are tapes because t if there were, i don't think he would have said that. now you actually have to suspend the belief that the president is saying he didn't say any of that to comey. he didn't ask for a loyalty pledge. you have to believe the fbi director left and decided to write a creative story on his laptop that would be the most epic perjury in the history of the country. i don't know if that's necessarily going anywhere but that something that the media is going to chew on. i feel like there's possibly -- comey will be called back up to testify. one of the questions swirlingng
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around -- the question would be and there might not be a good answer but when you are in the oval office and the president makes you feel uncomfortable, and he's getting up to the line of leading to an obstruction of justicele thing, why don't you y "mr. president, stop. stop right there. can we get the attorney general back in here?" i think president trump would have said "sure,. whatever." he didn't do that and i don't understand why. that's something he could actually clarify. >> jesse: he came out as quite cowardly in this hearing. very humiliating for "the new york times" -- trump campaign staff members were in constant contact with russian intelligence agents. was true asked if that and he said not true at all. that was the crux of this whole collusion narrative. based off this "new york times" report. it's not there anymore.
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>> juan: i don't think that's true. what comey said was, the story was inaccurate and "the new york times" responded saying that the definition of intelligence officials is unfindable because it's banks for example, jesse. state owned. they act on behalf of the russian government but they are not officially intelligence officials. or you have the way the russian spies work to recruit people. sometimes it's people who are not members of the kgb but in other roles. let me speak broadly in terms of what we have been discussing -- >> jesse: "the new york times" did say they tried to contact the sources and they never responded back. all of a sudden, they were nowhere to be found. >> dana: they probably know the justice department is onto them.. >> juan: i don't know but i'mnd so interested that you say it's over. they are going to join trump in saying oh, nothing happened
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here? who saw anything? jim comey, a leaker. greg, the whole issue -- this hasn't changed any narrative. the white house said he leaked the document and that's some kind of crime. did jim comey commit a crime? >> greg: that's so funny. >> juan: that's manipulation by a white house on the defense. trying to point a finger at somebody. it's not a shift in >> greg: it wasn't just the white house. that was "the washington post." >> kimberly: the media is covering it. >> greg: the bully media. >> juan: you know who the big bully is? president >> greg: we spent eight years of being bullied w into submission. >> juan: i never heard a word from greg gutfeld that was negative about obama.
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>> greg: confirmation bias. either you see him -- i live in the middle. >> juan: i don't see him as evil. i see him as a bully, rude, offensive and incompetent. >> juan: i want to make one more point to greg. whose credibility would you trust? president trump or jim comey? oh, boy, look at the number of lies told by -- >> greg: great question. you are dealing with somebody who tweets versus somebody who leaks. the most transparent thing you can do is tweet. he is the most transparent politician on earth. you know everything about him and what it we find about comey? he has a folksy demeanor that he uses to deflect from the fact that he did this wormy thing.
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>> juan: what is wormy about leaking? how about this -- >> jesse: you are saying he cost to hillary the election months ago. >> juan: let me go back. >> jesse: now he has credibility? >> juan: that has no relevance to what's at stake. >> kimberly: all the name-calling you are doing about the president, you don't want to talk about what's in the a block. the substance of his testimony and the memo. the reason why the press is covering the narrative of whether or not there is implications for what jim comey did is because it's irrelevant. he prepared documents based on a meeting with the president. that is work product. >> juan: he's a private citizen. >> kimberly: and he leaked it.
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>> jesse: in the next segment, loretta lynch tried to influence the fbi investigation. we are going to talk about -- >> juan: get out of here. >> jesse: will james comey get in trouble for leaking to the press. should he? that's next. ♪ that's next. ♪ that's next. it's the simple things in life that mean the most. boost® simply complete™. no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, plus 10 grams of protein and 25 vitamins & minerals. it doesn't get better than this. boost® simply complete™. it's ok that everybody ignoit's fine.n i drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate.
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xfinity mobile. ♪ >> dana: more on the fallout of jim comey's testimony yesterday. republican susan collins was a lawmaker questioning the former fbi director when he revealed who leaked his trump memo. it was him. she was stunned that he slipped it to the press instead of to congress. >> he chose, instead, a surprising route for someone who understandably has railed against others who have disclosed government papers... >> was comey's credibility damaged when he admitted he leaked information to a friend
9:18 pm
in hopes it would lead to a special prosecutor, which it did? >> i think it was enhanced. he was honest about it. >> comey created himself a serious problem. he is damaged goods. the leak does matter. at the fbi web site has specific rules about how you can handle fbi documents. in my view, he violated all those rules. maybe even federal law. >> dana: kimberly, last night we heard it your opinion and that you feel strongly that its work product. theredo is a question that president trump sometimes threatens he's going to file a lawsuit and it doesn't actually come. will they pursue it? >> kimberly: they might pursue it.ct a violation, when you work for the fbi and as a prosecutor for the government, we have to know a lot of rules -- let alone as an attorney, when you prepare a document like that -- contemporaneous with it in the interview or discussion with the president of the united states, that is absolutely - work produ.
9:19 pm
privileged. and the fact that he made it and went and made a conscious decision to leak it to an outside civilian, a professor, in order for that personea to ge it to the press? it's just mind-boggling. there's no question whether he did or didn't. he was very specific in terms of how it was created and how it came about. >>er dana: juan, he specifically wrote it so it would be classified. >> juan: yeah, that's what he did. >> dana: do you believe his credibility was advanced, do you agree with bob woodward? >> juan: he wasd, honest, very straightforward. he didn't need to be -- >> kimberly: well, he was under oath. >> juan: this all came about because the president of the united states was going after himab on twitter. he's making suggestions that
9:20 pm
there are tapes. comey better hope there -- all this kind of stuff and then -- >> greg: that timing is in question but -- >> juan: it came from the deputy attorney general, oh, no, the fbi was just out of control and comey is a bad guy. oh, my gosh. and then he said it's the russia thing. that's the reason i fired him. comey had a reason to say hey, let's get this on the record and if there's tapes, let's hope so. if there's work product, those tapes would be work product. or it's a big bluff by the big bluffer. >> greg: can i respond? number one, about the russia thing, what trump is talking about is come out and say i am not being investigated on the dossier or whatever because that's what you said and you are not saying it. i am meeting with you and saying you are doing a good job and i want your loyalty because i'm
9:21 pm
actually trying to see if you are going to do exactly what i'm hoping you're going to do. to support me. my reputation is being spoiled. this investigation and dossier, why don't you go out and do something about it? he didn't, so he fired him. you can't trust comey and trump realized that. the leak proves that he can't be trusted. comey always had allegiances elsewhere. i'm not sure where, i don't know if it was schumer. who knows. >> dana: it doesn't bother you at all that you would be fired for something -- they say you are fired because of this memo and then it turns out no, you are actually fired because of the russia thing. the president always says he will counterpunch. ist you have, jesse, comey saying i can counterpunch too. everyone has egos and reputations and a story they want to tell. comey is not a doj employee anymore.
9:22 pm
you get a lot of media attention but i don't know where it goes. >> jesse: what's the appropriate method you want to counterpunch? do you do this the right way or do you leak it? >> dana: he could have given it to the congress. >> jesse: i think it muddies the waters for the bob mueller investigation.n. mteth here's the deal was comey. he treated hillary clinton completely different. he was concealing the fact that they were under investigation. all of a sudden, he went public with it. trump wasn't under investigation and he didn't go public with that. he also was told by loretta lynch to downplay the seriousness of the hillary clinton email probe and he complied with that. all president trump said was, "just listen, i'm not under investigation." >> dana: the same argument -- >> juan: oh, gosh, called as a matter not an investigation.
9:23 pm
she shouldn't have said that but that's only different than saying why don't you let this go and not investigate? >> jesse: he admitted he was influenced by the department of justice. >> dana: it backfired. it backfired because then he goes out and eviscerates hillary clinton and her reputation. the democrats were devastated and the republicans were praising him, including president trump. >> jesse: he called it a matter instead of an investigation. >> juan: nobody in the press treatedd it different. >> greg: his words were "this hill i was going to die on."t. he complied. he obeyed. he has allegiances. >> juan: it's not equal when the president is telling the director of the fbi -- >> kimberly: i think it's all bad. >> greg: why did he say that?
9:24 pm
it was more of a personal thing about flynn. it wasn't a cover-up. >> juan: no, just a moment ago you said he wanted him to w sto. >> jesse: he said under oath, juan, he was -- obstruction of justice -- >> juan: he said he would leave that up to mueller. >> jesse: there's never been a prosecution with the word "hope." i think we need more hope and change. >> dana: that's not what the president meant and that's why we have bob mueller. >> kimberly: in three months, they will figure it out. what we do know is the illustrious careers of loretta lynch and james comey, not so much after
9:25 pm
>> greg: this is a replay of the media always embracing the hero narrative because it matches the same tv shows they watched. scandal, west wing. madam secretary. somebody stands up and is honest. businessman.he always the businessman that is the evil person. the bureaucrat that is the hero. often times, it is the reverse. >> kimberly: now it's okay to leak? noted. >> dana: we have a lot more to get to. bizarre behavior from some democrats over president trump. we will see that next. ♪ .
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9:30 pm
with her words. >> are you concerned about the president's health? >> i think he should be concerned about his health but the fact is, this is hopefully not repairable.e. he is the president of the united states. >> we hope it is repairable? >> yeah, yeah. >> yeah, it's not irreparable. [laughter] >> kimberly: interesting.t' the house minority leader also said -- >> first he tries to charm you. president bush -- sorry, i meant to say -- it's hard for me to say it. >> kimberly: and then there was this abomination this morning from new york senator kirsten gillibrand. >> has he kept any of these promises? no. [bleep] no. instead, sorry, i understand
9:31 pm
this is a younger audience. okay. fundamentally, if we are not helping people, we should go the [bleep] home. >> kimberly:o unhinged. losing it. what's going on there, greg? >> greg: the shallow ease at which you can please liberals. swearing.o comedians do this. they just say "f trump." if they actually sat down and wrote a decent joke -- the ones that are actually funny don't rely on trump humor but with pelosi, people in glass houses shouldn't throw botox. she has the charm of a rug burn. >> kimberly: she might be having a serious problem. >> dana: she has said she thinks the democrats are getting way too far out calling for impeachment. s she also knows in order to keeps
9:32 pm
that money flowing into the side, she has to throw a little red meat out thereey into question the president's mental stability. that's probably a good way for him to do that. it gets those people that are emailing to try to respond. >> kimberly: she's not the best messenger. >> dana: the swearing on stage, this isn't the first. a month ago, it was the dnc chairman tom perez. hech basically foulmouthed at an event. and a recent event in silicon valley, if you listen to the audience -- they are all clappingen and applauding. they are laughing and greg has pointed out so many times, politics is downstream from culture. it becomes more acceptable. we can complain about it. i'm sure she wouldn't like it if her children saidpt something about it but the democrats are getting that kind of response. >> kimberly: feeding the beast.
9:33 pm
>> jesse: i think trump brings out the best in people and the worst in people. he's made a lot of people rich and tv stars but he makes the left become so self-destructive and so vile. he has driven the media to push fake news stories. it has now ruined their credibility. democrats, they lie, cry, and put on their little tinfoil hats. he's had celebrities use the n-word and behead -- the safe spaces. on the swearing, democrats are supposed to be about protecting the children. the party that is sophisticated. they are doing the exact opposite. the trump news cycle, we have to say explicit things or else you won't get any play. they want to show that i am just as angry about president trump as you are. >> kimberly: all fired up. juan, what do you think about it? >> juan: i'm just stunned. >> greg: you are alwaysim stunned. >> juan: i want to make sure i
9:34 pm
don't disrespect the importance of your argument but... >> jesse: try a little harder. >> juan: he said hillary clinton got blanked byim president obama. and the people overseas, they should go f themselves. obama wiretapping, he was in deep -- you know, something. i know this is the guy -- his republican colleague ted cruz, he said he's a pathological liar but also a profane man. he dirties up the place and other people come in and emulate him because i think jesse is onto something. they want to have the same impact and engage him on his terms. >> greg: he has broken the sealt of swearing. bull in a china shop. it has affected everybody in the way they think. you can get away with more now. maybe it's a good thing.
9:35 pm
>> juan: oh, no. this is what i said the other day. civil discourse in our country is at such low levels. it pains me that you can't have a real discussion anymore. >> greg: go to hell, juan. [laughter]ns >> greg: i am joking. g >> juan: i'm hurt. >> kimberly: rosie o'donnell is defending a leaker who says she wants to burn down the white house. details ahead. ♪ details ahead. no need with thending app when on the lot, scan a vin to pull up all the info you need to help get the price you want. start scanning today.
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9:40 pm
say to him, nyet, sir. nyet! nyet! nyet! we have seen what you have done, sir. we have seen you're with russia. rules.ernet >> juan: rosie had so much animus with the president, she's now donating money to the defense fund for the s first person charged by the trump administration with leakingo classified information.e what'd'd you say? we are talking about reality winner [laughter] a contractor named reality winner. she has written about joining the taliban and also said she wants to burn down the white house. this was all on her email or whatever. in a tweet, rosie o'donnell referred to reality winner as a "brave patriot." >> dana: i feel very strongly about this.
9:41 pm
you want to ruin some more younv women's p lives? go i ahead and egged them on. they will end up in jail. 25 years old. she made a huge mistake. she said some terrible things on facebook but you know what? a lot of people have. the secret service can check that out and say she's going to be fine. please h don't say that anymore. but if rosie o'donnell thinks egging them on is going to improve the country one iota -- you want to ruin her life andhe others? gogo right ahead and do that. this is a huge consequence with obama pardoning chelsea manning. reality winner thought "oh, i will get pardoned too." she didn't call the chinese or the russians, asking to bail her out and if she could live in their embassies. i think it's terrible what rosie o'donnellhe did. >> juan: that's interesting if you think she's been a role w model. we will come to chelsea manning in a second, but realityju
9:42 pm
winner -- the argument from her lawyer is look, she's a millennial. computer savvy. she's a brilliant student. in high school, a star student. she chose to go to the u.s. military. six years in the air force. speaks farsi and arabic. the government is scraping and crawling to make a case out of nothing. >> jesse: i don't think a good strategy is to call her a millennial, juan. [laughter]ut kimberly: that will get her an extra ten years. >> jesse: why does the left lionize traitors? you're chelsea manning, then you get clemency. top killer, celebrities love you. jane fonda celebrated in hollywood. >> dana: mayor de blasio is going to march with a terrorist from puerto rico. >> jesse: i don't know why the left does this but they put you on a pedestal. ifon benedict arnold were aroun, he would have his own hbo show.
9:43 pm
get your act s together. >> kimberly: this winner, i mean, loser -- she said i'mct going to braid my hair and cry in court and put on this whole act. the whole thing is outrageous and she shouldn't be treated any differently than if that was a 55-year-old man who committedle the s crime. she's a leaker. she's not even any good at it. they caught her in two seconds. >> dana: they shouldn't have young people that don't know what the heck at -- >> kimberly: what about the background checks here? you look at this trail, she wants to go fight on the side of the mullahs in iran? she wants to burn down the white house? >> juan: in support of your argument, the judge -- the reason the judge didn't release her was he said, "the fact that you're talking about burning down the white house concerns me." he didn't alloww her family to put bond down.wn >> greg: she said her dream
9:44 pm
was to pledge allegiance to the taliban and move to kyrgyzstan. we should get her there as soon as possible. let's see how her strong feminist outlook survives the taliban. i'm now boycotting this show. we've had two maroon 5 songs one we are never supposed to play maroon 5, okay? why are wero playing maroon 5 on this show? >> juan: kimberly -- >> greg: this is "the five," not maroon 5! new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: oh, my god. >> greg: greatest song ever. that's one of the greatest songs ever written. and no words. take that, adam levine. or adam latrine. if you could start and one blockbuster movie from the last five years, what would it be,
9:49 pm
juan? >> juan: past 25 years? clint eastwood in "bridges of madison county." and... >> greg: you can only say one. one for juan. >> kimberly: "wonder woman." >> juan: i like that. >> kimberly: now i have to get the new one. >> greg: did you know the creator of wonder woman was totally into bondage? >> dana: you just ruined it. >> greg: i tried. >> jesse: i will go with "waterworld." that was aed bomb, wasn't it? >> greg: you would be underwater, talking to the fish. [garbled talking] media matters would apply. >> dana: what's the name of
9:50 pm
the movie where she's the lawyer? >> kimberly: "election." >> dana: "legally blonde." either one of those. >> l greg: "evil dead 2" or frank booth in "blue velvet." he plays a homicidal maniac. i was going to say zodiac but thatt. might offend people. if you are asa dog -- >> kimberly: you haven't done it yet tonight. >> greg: what breed of dog would you be, dana? >> dana: vizsla. >> greg: what about you? >> jesse: shih tzu is the obvious answer. >> kimberly: that's what i have. >> greg: you need to go to the doctor. oh, you mean the dog?
9:51 pm
juan, what kind of dog would you be? barbara walters question. >> juan: greyhound. but they torture those dogs. >> dana: no, they have good lives. the ones that are taken care of appropriately. j tho >> juan: they have people in foster care take them from the track. >> greg: way to bring this down. >> kimberly: i have one shih tzu and one shar pei. >> greg: i would like to be a prairie dog. dig little holes and just hang out. i would find the right place. i would be in a gun free zone. this is a good question. do you cook and what is your best dish? oh. quickly. kimberly. >> kimberly: you know what it is. salami. >> greg: you don't have to cook salami. >> kimberly: so? slice it. juan: i used to make bread. >> dana: wow. >> juan: fresh bread. hot bread.
9:52 pm
>> greg: that's amazing.. jesse. >> jesse: i don't cook, i grill. when i do cook, it's a chicken surprise. >> greg: because you are surprised? >> jesse: everyone is surprised i can cook. [laughter] >> dana: i don't really have time to cook but i make a good blue cheese salad? a lot of different vegetables. and you put blue cheese crumbles on top of that. you take sourdough toast and put a thin layer of horseradish. >> kimberly: you are a slow cooker but you are very good. >> greg: saltor and pepper pork chops. i call china king and i say, "i would like salt and pepper pork chops well done" and they send it to me and i put it on a plate. sometimes i eat over the kitchen sink because i am lonely. "one more thing" is up next. >> kimberly: oh, my god. so sad. ♪ next.
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9:57 pm
senior and captain of the team. yale lost to oregon state buta thef whole team came to kennebunkport to have their picture taken with the president. i love it. >> jesse: greg gutfeld. >> greg: saturday, 10:00. another great show. i have some great guests. time for this. i hate these people. put up this quote i saw from "the new york times" two days ago. i wouldn't be surprised if i took half days or the day off. this is about the comey hearing. if i had a normal job, i don't know what i would be doing. the assumption that people were taking the day off shows you how remote you are from the rest of america. everyone who wasn't in the media was at work. >> jesse: and even some of us here were working. kimberly guilfoyle. >> kimberly: patriot alert.
9:58 pm
the little baby boy is very sweet. only seven years old. during his play time, he stopped to recite the pledge of allegiance. he was thinking about all the people that died for our country and the troops. he once saw a isis and burning our flag and he got really mad. if they have to fight isis, they can have some support. 7-year-old f boy. wyatt warner is his name inor salt lake city, utah. >> jesse: excellent. i was off yesterday. some of you may or may not have noticed. >> greg: what did you do this time? >> jesse: that never gets old. i was raising some money for my children's school. i was useless out there. >> kimberly: because you were drinking? >> dana: is that sean fox? >> jesse: no. no one is going to be identified in that picture.
9:59 pm
we have the family member of brian terry, the agent that was shot and killed. they reopened an investigation into fast and furious. t some alarming evidence. check this out. juan williams. >> juan: high school graduation season is in full swing. we have one here at fox news channel. our colleague brit hume went to his granddaughter's high school graduation and you can see her with the head of the school. brit, my man, he prepared a special surprise for her. the key to his 2011 white sedan. what a great gift. there he is and she was ecstatic but no one beaming more than ebrit hume. we wish claire all the best in the world. a tip of the hat to brit for being such a great granddad. a model for me, brit. >> jesse: food court today?nd there were cupcakes or doughnuts in the other room? >> kimberly: he wanted to do
10:00 pm
the rose. >> dana: update your game next week, k.g. >> jesse: never miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" is up next. >> sean: thanks to our friends at "the five." welcome to "hannity." fox news alert.. president trump comes out swinging hard and s absolutely hammers james comey, calling him a liar and blasting democrats and the destroy-trump-media -- take a look at the president from earlier today. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he is a leaker. yesterday, he showed no collusion or obstruction. we are doing really well. that was an excuse by the democrats.s. james comey confirmed a lot of what i said. and just saying things that weren't true. can i take one of the killer networks that treat me so badly as


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